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BUSH WATCH...The Sam Alito Supreme Ct. Nonimation

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Alito is "a grand-slam home run." --Gary Bauer

"There will be no one to the right of Sam Alito on this court." --Jonathan Turley

These Dem Senators Don't Care If You Dislike Bush's Alito

(Unless You Live In Their States)

These Dem senators, all failures as Dems (percentages below) who feel that keeping their jobs are more important than their party beliefs, gave up their right to filibuster and approved Bush's far-right judicial nominees last May, and there's no reason to believe they won't do it again in the case of Bush's Alito:

Robert Byrd (West Virginia, 55%), Daniel Inouye (Hawaii, 55%), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana, 25%), Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut, 50%), Ben Nelson (Nebraska, 20%), Mark Pryor (Arkansas, 45%), Ken Salazar (Colorado, 35%).

If you live in any of these states, please write to that Senator, identify your political affiliation, and indicate your willingness to work toward his/her defeat if Alito is supported or a filibuster, if it should come to that, is rejected. --Politex

This DINO Should Be Defeated For Supporting Alito

(Attention Citizens Of Nebraska)

Dem Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska votes with the Republican majority 80% of the time on crucial votes. In a recent TV interview, he said Alito will be voted a Supreme Court seat and he would vote against a Dem filibuster if one is attempted. (41 votes are needed for a filibuster. There are 44 Dems.)

If you live in Nebraska, please work to defeat Senator Ben Nelson when he's up for re-election. --Politex