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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

Iraq Is Lost: Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Jerry Politex, Matthew Parris, Patrick Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Shetterly, Antony T. Sullivan, Joe Galloway, Mark Morford, James Carroll, John Graham, W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern, Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Gary Olson, Tariq Ali, ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

It Really Was About Oil: Bush Surge Aimed at Securing Iraqi Oil, Chris Floyd
The Manly Thing: The Seventies, Then and Now, Kent Southard
Specials: Blood For Oil, Bush Death Spiral, American Prospect, Bush Watch compilations

Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated? Dem Survey Suggests Party's Backing Dictator Bush, NYT Ed Shows Concern, by Politex, Parry, NYT Ed
Screw We The People: Bush Plan To Escalate Lost War = More War Dead (excerpt), Frank Rich
Op-Eds: Froomkin, Wokusch, Lendman, Jenkins, Uhler, Elich, Taylor, Hirschhorn, Hall, Ireland, Velvel, Kane
Marketing That Troop Surge In Iraq, Jerry Politex
Op-Eds: Miller, Wokusch, Samples, Floyd, Weiner, Partridge, Brasch
Top Cultural Experiences:
My Personal Best List of 2006, Jerry "Politex" Barrett
Top Ten: U.S. Political Events of 2006 , Jerry Politex
Read This: Rigged Elections By GOP? Is There Any Doubt? , Jerry Politex
Bush Theft: Dems Need To Save, Then Spend, Since GOP Will Just Squander Savings (excerpts), Paul Krugman

News Roundup

US launches killer air strikes in Somalia As Bush Prepares "Surge" And "Terrorism" Speech, Agencies
U.S. "Nightmare Future": An Iran Takeover Of Iraq's Oil, NYT Ed
What America must not do now, Carmichael
Don't Allow Impeachment of President Bush to Fall off the Table
British TV puts Tony Blair in the dock: could it really happen?, Sands
Schwarzenegger's health plan would provide coverage for all Californians, Steinhauer
House Democrats' brave security bill draws scares neocons, Lipton
Democrats to Take On Big Pharma, Marc Greilsamer
Judges look to new congress for changes in mandatory sentencing laws, Clemetson
Bush Picks Reagan White House Counsel Fielding to Succeed Miers, Peter Baker
Some Illegal Immigrants Arrested Repeatedly, Report Finds, Taylor
Rash of killings has New Orleans reeling, AP
Life at America's bottom wage, Mark Trumbull
For airport screeners, more training about Muslims, Alexandra Marks
House Bill Backs Additional Reforms From 9/11 Report, Dan Eggen and Spencer S. Hsu
Jimmy Carter and Israel: Don't play with maps, Ross
U.S. Strike in Somalia Had Gvt. Permission, American Troops Reportedly On Border, Karen DeYoung
Throughout Oaxaca Communities Continue to Organize Themselves in Resistance, Narco News
Torture and Tourism in Oaxaca, UDW
Steve Irwin's kid: "Would benefit from a childhood out of the spotlight", Marks

AFP - Wire stories

Bush pushes for support ahead of Wednesday unveiling of Iraq plan
US air raids target Al-Qaeda hideouts in Somalia
Firefight rages in Baghdad as new Saddam video surfaces
Japan launches first defense ministry since WWII
Israeli PM kicks off China visit with Iran, trade on agenda
Britain's BP sees oil output fall for sixth quarter

Common Dreams | News & Views

US Twists Civilian Arms to Fill World's Largest Embassy in Iraq
Activists Demand an End to War Funds
Iraq PM's Stand on Saddam Death Reminds of Former Regime: HRW
Activists Hope Cuba Sanctions Are Eased
Gates Foundation Money Clashes with Mission
Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Says
War Could Last Years, Commander Says

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Bush Trades Blood For Oil

Iraq to give Western companies control of oil: report , Staff
Iran threatens to block strategic oil strait, DT
U.S. "Nightmare Future": An Iran Takeover Of Iraq's Oil, Ed
Belarus cuts off Russian oil to Europe, Fred Weir
Iraq's oil: BP,Exxon,Shell at the ready, Fortson
West to exploit Iraq oil with 30-year lease contracts, DT
It Really Was About Oil: Bush Surge Aimed at Securing Iraqi Oil, Chris Floyd

Special: Dirge For Bush's Surge

Iraq War: We're all ears, Editorial
A flawed cure, Editorial
White House gears up to sell troop increase in Iraq, Stolberg
Bush's task: thrusting 'new strategy' on a 'sovereign nation' (Iraq that is), Cooper
Citizen soldiers may be the key to Iraq buildup, Julian E. Barnes
Lawmakers get private surge pitch, Maura Reynolds
The lynching of Iraq, Carroll
Pelosi vows no 'blank check' on Iraq funds, Klein

Patrick Cockburn:
Some Advice for George Bush: A 'Surge' in US Troops in Iraq Will Not Bring about Peace
Gary Younge:
Many More Sons Will Die While the Democrats Do Nothing to Stop the War
Paul Krugman:
Quagmire of the Vanities
Jeff Leys:
The Occupation Project: A Campaign of Sustained Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to End Iraq War Funding
Jay Bookman:
Military Knows Troop 'Surge' is Not the Answer

Today's Alternative Special

American Prospect

Basque nationalist group ETA is flailing, Wildman
Beyond PAYGO, Kuttner
Benigni goes to Iraq in his latest movie The results are atrocious, Thrupkaew


United States

New York Times

At universities, the plum post at the top is now shaky, Arenson
Hussein's voice speaks in court in praise of chemical atrocities, Burns
Belarus and Russia dispute cause of oil cutoff, Myers
Chavez moves to nationalize two industries, Romero
Bolivia and Venezuela strengthen their military relationship, Romero
Iranian leader vows to resist U.N. sanctions, Fathi
Reagan lawyer ready to return to White House, Rutenberg
Democrats explore ways to get control of Perpetraitor Bush's Iraq fiasco , Zeleny

Washington Post

Schwarzenegger Proposes Universal Health Coverage, Sonya Geis and Christopher Lee
Bush Works To Rally Support for Iraq 'Surge', Michael Abramowitz

Christian Science Monitor

Third round in Iraq to test US troops, Patrik Jonsson
Israel denies planning nuclear attack on Iran, Arthur Bright

Chicago Tribune

Terroristan is thriving, ED
Young vet once gung-ho, but no more, Kass

Los Angeles Times

No more Middle East crusades, Dimitri K. Simes
Iraq offensive bogs down in mud, Alexandra Zavis
Human Rights Watch calls on Baghdad to cancel two hangings, Louise Roug

San Francisco Chronicle

A starting point on health care, Editorial

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Iraqi forces battle gunmen in Baghdad, AP


Interim Leader Rejects U.S. Approach in Somalia, Bengali
Accomplice in 9-11 Attacks Gets 15-Year Sentence, Schofield


Toronto Star

EU calls for low-carbon 'revolution', AP
Wacky weather wake-up call: Baird, CP
Kyoto key to Tory deal, Layton says, CP
Bush to outline Iraq plans on TV, AP
Bush readies last-gasp plan for victory, Tim Harper
U.S. targets Al Qaeda suspects in Somalia: Reports, Reuters
Bombs delay MacKay's takeoff from Kandahar, CP
MacKay sees 'progress' in Afghanistan, Oakland Ross
Stem cells in amniotic fluid show promise, Rick Weiss
Darfur: Never again means never again, Ed.
Saddam's hanging deepens divide, Olivia Ward
Harper's new recruit urged to clarify views, John Goddard
Harper vows action on environment, Jim Brown

CBC News

U.S. attacks al-Qaeda suspects in Somalia: reports, Staff
These are 'daunting' times: new UN leader, Staff
China claims 18 killed in terrorist training camp, Staff
MacKay to raise border problem with Pakistan's president, Staff
Climate change forecast limited to weather, not politics, Heather Mallick
Stephen Harper's political morality , Larry Zolf
Bush poised to unveil plan for more US soldiers in Iraq, Beth Gorham
Concerns about security follow MacKay on Afghanistan trip, Bill Graveland
Power-wielding NDP to work with Tories 'issue by issue', Staff
Canada goes to WTO over U.S. corn subsidies, Staff
Canada's Radio Kandahar goes to air, Staff
CBC Newsworld: PLANET EARTH - Ice Worlds, Documentary
Passionate Eye: EARTH REPORT, Documentary
The Lens: WITHOUT GOD, Documentary
CBC NewsWorld: SELLING SEX IN HEAVEN, Documentary


National Affairs: In praise of Rona, Philippe Gohier
Starting the revolution without us, Aaron Wherry
Environment Minister John Baird: Mr. Congeniality?, Kady O'Malley
Layton: any deal with Tories must respect Kyoto Protocol, Dennis Bueckert
Afghan National Army fearless, needs mentoring by Canadian troops, Bill Graveland
Handful of voters, trio of issues, key to Tory and Liberal fates, CP
Harper says action needed on environment, offers no quick fixes, CP
New Orleans gropes for ways to deal with a surge in bloodshed, Mary Foster

Globe and Mail

Canada challenges U.S. farm subsidies, Steven Chase
Husky Energy mulls nuclear option in oil sands, David Ebner
White House confirms Khalilzad as Bush's UN choice, AP
Layton won't commit to preserving Tory minority, CP
Suicide bomber targets Afghan soldiers, Noor Khan
Surging crime turns the Big Easy into Big Sleazy, Alan Freeman
Mild weather makes some rethink Canada's identity, James Keller
Canada will be off Kyoto targets by 50% in 2012, Harper says , Bill Curry
Green campaign up in smoke after focus groups reject 'childlike' logos, Bill Curry



Baghdad airport ambush kills at least nine, BBC
At least 12 dead in Sunday of Iraq violence, BBC
Democrats warn Bush on Iraq plans, BBC
Man jailed in US for 30 years for preliminary steps in NY bombing scheme, BBC
Germany jails man as accessory to 9/11 attack for 15 years, BBC
Russia oil dispute hits Europe supply, BBC
Is Bangladesh heading towards disaster?, BBC
Khalilzad to be new US UN envoy, BBC
Guantanamo Five years on – black hole or vital tool?, Paul Reynolds, BBC
UK summit aims for 'greener' housing, BBC


False allegations from MI5 lead to Guantanamo imprisonment, Mickum
Homophobia fires the religious: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Toynbee
Dems in Congress: As the clock starts ticking on 100 hours, McEwan
Carry on flying, says Blair - science will save the planet, Nicholas Watt
What needs to change in Britain's foreign policy, Glenys Kinnock


Five Years on: No end to horror in Guantanamo, Buncombe
Irq admits 23,000 civilians died in 2006 of sectarian violence, Cornwell
End of old boys' club? Harvard may pick a woman president, Usborne


ABC, news

Latin America

Healthcare program for infants launched, El Universal
Tortilla price hike sparks complaints, El Universal
large swaths of Mexicounder under the de-facto control of criminal organizations., El Universal
Opposition Leader, Lopez Obrador, Touring Mexico, Prensa Latina
Panama Begins Stint on Security Council, Prensa Latina
Honduran Prez to Protect Trees, Prensa Latina
Chavez: 'All of that which was privatized, let it be nationalized', Merco Press
Chavez Announces Nationalizations, Constitutional Reform for Socialism in Venezuela, Venezuelanalysis
Chavez pushes nationalisation, Al Jazeera
Brazil Can't Wait! It's Time to Take On the Terrorist Animals, Brazzil
New gold rush threat to Amazon jungle, Al Jazeera
Bolivia Marches to Support Morales Government, Prensa Latina

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Politics: Latin American Elites More Doubtful of U.S. , Lobe
Rights-Argentina: Justice for Victims of 'Triple A' Death Squad? , Valente
Brazil: Cell Phones - Democratising Communications , Osava
Politics-US: More Subpoenas Come Down in Watada Case , Glantz
Iraq: Terrified Soldiers Terrifying People , Jamail+al-Fadhily
Politics-Iran: Defiant but Weighing the Cost of UN Sanctions , Sanati
Chile: Mapuche Indians Want Response to Their Demands , Estrada

Radio Paris (WNN)

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Prime Minister: Unilateralism policy has been a failure, Aluf Benn
Peretz halts work on separation fence (wall) in Judea desert, Zafrir Rinat
The correct map: the Green Line does exist, Yehuda
Number of yeshiva students seeking draft deferrals rises sharply, Amos Harel
Cowards at the top, Editorial

Al Jazeera

Fierce clashes rock central Baghdad, Al Jazeera
Beirut protest opposes tax reform, Agencies
Olmert seeks China support on Iran, Agencies
Kazakh prime minister resigns, Agencies

Arab News

Palestinian Tension Rises With Hamas Warning, Hisham Abu Taha
Iran Threatens to Block Key Shipping Lane, Agencies
Bush’s ‘New Way Forward’, Linda Heard

Middle East

Seven Children die worldwide after seeing Saddam hang, MET
How the Taliban keep their coffers full, Asia Times
The Taliban's fire spreads, Asia Times
Iran's Holocaust cartoon winner doesn't question Holocaust, Asia Times
Khamenei warns of plots to foment disunity among Muslims, Tehran Times
Somalia: New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism, Palestine Chronicle
'Leave now or you will die like a dog.', Palestine Chronicle


Daily Times

India's PM wants 'lasting peace' with Pakistan , Iftikhar Gilani
US, Canada ask for end to Pakistan border mines, DT
Tribal unrest could destabilize region, Khalid Hasan


Longstanding issues need resolution before peace, Qudssia Akhlaque
Action taken against money laundering, Dawn
Rare Marco Polo sheep found, Farman Ali Baltistani


China Claims 18 Killed in Terror Training Camp,
French Presidential Candidate Says China Must Meet Rights Obligations, International Herald Tribune
China Sales Lift GM's Gloom, Asia Times
Buoyant Year for Real Estate, Asia Times

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


U.S. airstrike aims at Qaeda cell in Somalia, Cloud

Mail and Guardian



Are Bush's wars winding down or heating up? , Roberts
Meet the Democrats: Party of invertebrates , Lindorff
Same as it ever was: The Democrats' first day , Taylor
Baghdad cockfight ends in snuff film , Block

Editor & Publisher

Columnist pays tribute to nephew who fell in Iraq , Halone
More troops for Iraq: Bush's next 'flight from reality' , Galloway

Drug Corp Watch

Business Booming for SSRI Makers, Evelyn Pringle
Fewer Freebies, More Patient Time Since Doctor Said No to Drug Reps , Dr. Benjamin Brewer
Decision to Vaccinate Girls is Up to Parents, Not Government , Oakland Press
Protecting Drug Trial Participants, CNW Telbec
Animal Cloning: FDA Safety Call Not Enough, Gregory Jaffe

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

James Carroll:
The Lynching of Iraq
Kelly Rae Kraemer:
Jon Stewart's Gandhian Struggle
Robert Weitzel:
Cure For Yellow Ribbon Patriotism
Kassie Siegel:
Don't Wait to Save the Polar Bear
Nick Turse:
Baghdad 2025: The Pentagon Solution to a Planet of Slums
Sean Gonsalves:
Profiting from the Prophets

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