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Weekend Edition: Friday, January 19, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

Iraq Is Lost: Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Jerry Politex, Matthew Parris, Patrick Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Shetterly, Antony T. Sullivan, Joe Galloway, Mark Morford, James Carroll, John Graham, W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern, Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Gary Olson, Tariq Ali, ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Sick Puppy Watch: Bush's Idea Of "Sacrifice" for Iraq War: Watching TV, PBS News Transcript
Sacrifice? How The American People Will Pay For Bush's Ego-Driven Fantasy (excerpt), Paul Krugman
Specials: Art Buchwald Dies, Dems Deliver, Dictator Bush, Bush Iran War, U.S.-Brit Poodles, Truthout, Bush Watch compilations

American Idol: Don't You Wish You Had A President, Just Like Me? Jerry Politex
Birthright: Fantasy Life In The 'Burbs and In Bush, Kent Southard
Op-Eds: Fisher, Partridge, Wokusch, Miller, Pringle, Fisher, Collins, Ostroy, Jones, Weiner, Kane
The Bush 1% "Surge" Economic snapshot for January, 2007, Christian E. Weller
Patriot McCain? Two Reasons More Americans Will Die In Iraq:
Republicans and Democrats (excerpts)
, Frank Rich

Bush "Surge" Speech: Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd, with Jerry Politex
Politex News Wire: The U.S. War Against Iran (edited news), Dan Froomkin
Analysis: The U.S. War Against Iran, Jerry Politex
Attack On Iran: Hardball Post-Speech Transcript Redacted, Transcript and Politex
Attack On Iran: Scarborough Country' for Jan. 10, 11 p.m., Transcript

News Roundup

Politics-US: Democracy Languishes, but Neo-Con Strategy Lives , Lobe
Our Delusional President Preferring Yes-Men, Yes-Women, Yes-Generals, Gallagher
Bush mouth Charles Stimson should be disbarred for his attack on detainee lawyers, Ed
Commanders can't 'stomach' telling troops they're staying in Iraq, Ed
Bush's Iraq Debacle Overshadows The GOP Looting Of Social Security, Hanchette
Whither all the war protesters?, Brad Knickerbocker
Bernanke warns deficits will require 'severe, draconian, difficult adjustment', Weisman
The most powerful country in the world is an impotent failure in New Orleans, Ed
For years, Big Tobacco has been deliberately increasing the nicotine in cigarettes, Harris
Ministers launch petition to stop Bush library, AP
Liberals seek to restore Fairness on the air, Hinckley
Middle East Hasn't Turned Out the Way Bush, Rice Predicted, Strobel
Israel transfers $100 million in frozen tax funds to Abbas, Agencies
Taliban plot new offensive against NATO , Graeme Smith
China destroys satellite in test signalling defiance of Bush's space policy, Broad and Sanger
Chavez Appeals to Trade Bloc to Reject Privatization, Chang
Specials: Art Buchwald Dies, Dems Deliver, Dictator Bush, Bush Iran War, U.S.-Brit Poodles, Truthout, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

US denies NKorea nuke deal but expects more talks
China says space programme is no threat
Gates visits Iraq as US troops seize Sadr aide
Devastating storm leaves 40 dead across Europe
US to allow hearsay, coerced testimony in Guantanamo trials
US sees important progress at free trade talks with South Korea
Toyota recalls 544,000 autos, mainly in US

Common Dreams | News & Views

Poll: Most Oppose Troop Buildup
White House Resists Calls for Carbon Emission Caps
Congress Unleashes Antiwar Proposals
Washington 'Snubbed Iran Offer'
US Offers Scant Help to Fleeing Refugees
Nicotine Boost Was Deliberate, Study Says
Hawking Warns: We Must Recognize the Catastrophic Dangers of Climate Change
Internet as Political Force Grows, Poll Finds

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Art Buchwald Dies

Art Buchwald, 1925-2007, WaPo
Art Buchwald, Whose Humor Poked the Powerful, Dies at 81, NYT
Archives: Art Buchwald's Columns, WaPo
From Paris to D.C., He Lived by His Wit, WaPo
Goodbye, my friends: Buchwald's final column, Buchwald

Special: Dems Deliver

Democrats complete 100 hour push in 42 hours, Hulse
House Democrats Celebrate the Passage of Their 100-Hour Agenda, Talev
Senate Passes Ethics Package , Jonathan Weisman and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum
House rescinds Big Oil's $14 billion tax break, will spend it on green fuels, Andrews Congressional support building around a rejection of Bush's Iraq escalation, Baldor
Resolution isn't a solution, Editorial
Iraq war cost to hit $8.4 billion a month, Reuters 'Soft on defense' label no longer scares Democrats, Charles Pope
Senate moves toward a clash with Bush , Carolyn Lochhead

Special: Dictator Bush

Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus, Parry
The Bush way is to bow to surveillance critics, then turbo-charge the offense, Johnston and Shane
Shifty Gonzales plays the Bush shell game to avoid scrutiny on surveillance, Liptak
Gonzales Faces Sharp Criticism by Senators, Gordon
24? Hearsay, Coerced Testimony OK for Detainee Trials, Clark+Rosenberg
The administration that cried wolf on spying, Editorial
An unfortunate return, Editorial
U.S. attorney general lambasted over Arar treatment, CP
Transcript of Gonzales-Leahy exchange on Arar, Staff
U.S. 'knew damn well' Arar would be tortured: senator, Staff

Special: Bush War On Iran

US congressmen seek to stop possible Bush war on Iran, BBC
Report: Cheney rejected Iran's offer of concessions in 2003, Tom Regan
Bush administration 'snubbed Iran offer', BBC
Iran condemns US 'kidnap' in Iraq, BBC
Washington lacks leverage to negotiate with Iran: US Defence Secty, Robert Burns
Iran ready in nuclear standoff: president, AP
Politics-US: Democracy Languishes, but Neo-Con Strategy Lives , Lobe
Bush will expand war to Iran before Blair resigns in May: AT, Carmichael
Israel's Plans to Nuke Iran, Carmichael

Special: U.S., Brit Poodles Meet, Pant

Two Poodles: Blair and Rice pay lip service to the Middle East, McCarthy
Rice and Blair: More window dresssing to appease the Arabs, Beeston
Poor Condoleeza..she'll go down in history as a Bush gun not a statesperson , Shanker
Listen up, Condi: UK Minister says 'neo-con mission' has failed, Knight
Hain outburst overshadows Blair-Rice talks, Settle

Today's Alternative Special


Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions, Briggs & Briggs
Democrats Move to Counter Bush Surge, Leopold
Where Is the Energy for Freedom?, Wilson
Ethical Capitalism: A Fragile Principle, Le Monde
The Lost Voice of Protest, Herbert
Impeach Disney and General Electric, Swanson


United States

New York Times

There are ethical and unethical ways to conduct stem cell research, Levin
Educating urban teens requires alot more than heroic teachers, Moore
Bangor, Maine bans smoking in cars with children, Belluck
War and poverty combine to make life hell in Somalia, Fathi and Slackman
US: 'democracy teacher' killed in Baghdad; Iraqis dreading troop surge, Cave
Gen. Hoar says even if surge succeeds, Iraqi gov can't make political changes, Gordon
Iraq signals changes in protocols with Iran, Glanz

Washington Post

The '08 Races Gets Serious ,
Identity of Edwards Home's Buyers Veiled , John Solomon and Lois Romano
GSA Chief Scrutinized For Deal With Friend , Scott Higham and Robert O'Harrow Jr.,
Prosecutor Firings Not Political, Gonzales Says , Dan Eggen

Christian Science Monitor

More evidence of Taliban leader hiding in Pakistan, David Montero
White House backs down on wartime powers, Peter Grier
Spike in gang murders prods L.A. toward action, Daniel B. Wood

Boston Globe

Patriots in defense of the 'enemy', Coquillette
Nicotine boost was deliberate,study says, Smith
Clinton toughens stance on Bush war plan , Milligan

Chicago Tribune

Generals: Don't blame us for Iraq, James

Los Angeles Times

Shunning Iraq's refugees, Editorial
House Democrats take on global warming, oil issues, Nicole Gaouette
Senate approves major overhaul of ethics rules, Richard Simon
Iraq's planned budget divisive too, Borzou Daragahi
Military planners in Iraq may soon be seeing 'red', Julian E. Barnes

Seattle Post Intelligencer

All classes should share war's sacrifice, Anne Morse
Senate overwhelmingly passes overhaul of ethics, lobbying, AP


Congress' Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Caucus, Meyer
Illegal Acts In Africa, Judid/TNR


A 22-year-old Marine on why he wants Congress to bring the troops home, Ephron
Elite scientists and evangelicals put aside their differences to save the Earth, Henig


The Toronto Star

Bush to focus on fewer issues in State of Union, AP
U.S. criticizes Chinese anti-satellite weapons test, AP
Canadians deliver supplies to Afghan school, CP
Dozens of U.S. storm deaths reported, AP
Hope fading among Afghans, Maryam Akrami
NATO captures Taliban leader, Murray Brewster
U.S. legislators to see file on Arar, Tim Harper
Pressure mounts on Olmert - Calls for Israeli PM's resignation, Joshua Mitnick
A year later, Harper's promises not worth much, James Travers
Tories scramble to play green game, Allan Woods
Poll not good news for Tories, CP
Green party turns its focus to poverty fight, Susan Delacourt
Tories pave the way to '07 campaign trail, Richard Brennan
Saskatchewan discovers a harsh truth, Ed.
Methodist Ministers oppose Bush library at SMU, AP

CBC News

Tories to spend $300M on renewable energy, Staff
The Fifth Estate: Cracking the Toronto Terror Cell, Documentary
US allows hearsay, coerced statements in Guantanamo trials, AP
Spate of attacks kills at least 19 people in Baghdad, AP
Canada voices concern over Chinese missile test, Staff
Rice to talk to Blair about peace plans in Middle East, Staff
U.S.-North Korea talks stretch into 3rd day, Staff
U.S. could cut troops if it better armed Iraqi forces: al-Maliki, Staff


NKorea says 'agreement' reached in talks with U.S.; no details, Burt Herman
Nothing illegal in Khan loaning himself campaign money: EC, Joan Bryden
CRA commissioner resigns on reports of privacy breaches, Gregory Bonnell
Dion names shadow cabinet; committees to tackle major issues, Joan Bryden
Federal Tories soaring in Alberta, stalled everywhere else: poll, Bruce Cheadle
US criticizes Chinese weapons test, destroys satellite, AP
Al-Maliki government says 400 Shiite fighters detained , AP

Globe and Mail

Pentagon manual details rules for terrorism suspect trials, AP
Chile goes for the throat in bid to cut energy use, AP
Israel releasing $100 million to Abbas, AP
China launches effort to cut energy waste with greener buildings, AP



Iraqi PM seeks US weapons boost, BBC
New US rules on terror detainees, BBC
US soldier to plead guilty to rape of 14-year-old Iraqi girl and murder of her family, BBC
Huge storms sweep northern Europe, BBC
US condemns China 'space weapon', BBC
US must reform benefits 'soon' warns Federal Reserve, BBC
UK supermarket giant Tesco unveils green pledges, BBC
Your PCs forecast climate future, BBC


Runaway global warming: It's worse than we thought, Adam
Giant UK supermarket chain to introduce emissions labels, Finch
Two Republican rebels defy White House as Snow threatens the others, Goldenberg


Iraq's children: no sterile needles, no incubators, no oxygen masks, etc., Brown & Cornwell
Better off? Iraqi children left to die in hospitals without the basics, 100 UK Physicians

Times Online

Iraqi Ghost Soldiers: US dollars pay for phantom soldiers, Parker
Wake up and smell the cordite: China breaks US monopoly on Star Wars, Beeston & Evans
US won't equip its 'trusted' partners (the Shia) for the War on Terror, Brown


10 feared dead after storms lash Britain, MacDonald


ABC, news

Latin America

Calderon: the United States is 'a fundamental cause' of the drug problem, El Universal
Calderón signs deal to set cap on corn prices, El Universal
Pemex predicts production drop, El Universal
Texas lawmakers seek drug funds for Mexico, El Universal
Guatemala: This is What Development Looks Like, UDW
Sandinista Government Takes Power in Nicaragua, UDW
Ortega signs ALBA trade agreement on first day as President of Nicaragua, nicanet
El Salvador: the ideal country in which to observe the effects of massive emigration, Le Monde
Haiti:Building Confidence in a Desperate Nation, ZNet
Haiti: Mysterious Prison Ailment Traced to U.S. Vitamin Free Processed Rice, UDW
Ecuador to Realign Energy Sector, Prensa Latina
Colombia: New UNHCR field offices open as 2007 declared 'Year of the Rights of Displaced People', Reuters
Foreign investment projects cost Afro-Colombians their land and their lives, ZNet
Colombia This Week, Oxfam et al
Chavez set to rule by decree, Al Jazeera
Chávez Says in Brazil His Socialism Will Help All of South America, Brazzil
Through Globo TV Lenses Brazil Is a White Dreamland, Brazzil
Argentina: MERCOSUR Must Fight Poverty, Prensa Latina
Bolivia Blames Governor Reyes for Cochabamba Violence, Prensa Latina
Oil prices continue to slide, Merco Press

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

Ex-Detainee Murat Kurnaz Describes Torture in Chains, MSM/Speigel/AP
Turkey Concerned as Kurds Take Control of Northern Iraq, Grossbongardt
Storm Wreaks Havoc in Northern Europe, MKP/Reuters/DPA
A Small Fish Becomes an Indicator of Global Warming, Gutsch


Russian Security Forces Remain on Alert, MosNews
Putin's Aide Says Recent Murders of Dissidents Are Plot Against Russia, MosNews
Theater Siege Victims Say Russian Authorities Block Investigation Into Recent Terrorist Attacks, MosNews


US president orders military to begin jailing all civilian protestors to war, Faal
Iraq: Some home truths, Bancroft-Henchey
Paradoxes doom Bush's new strategy in Iraq, Nassar
Putin: Russia will remain reliable energy supplier, Pravda
Turkmenistan's interim leader pledges to stick to gas pipeline contract with China, Pravda
Cuba's future without Fidel: US style of democracy again?, Pravda
Four Northeast nuclear plants alerted after problem found at Minnesota plant, Pravda

Inter Press Service

Canada: Native Land Treaty 13 Years in the Making , Johal
Health-Iraq: What They Asked For, They Did Not Get , Chatterjee
Somalia: The New Frontier in the War on Terror , Nduru
Politics-US: A Mea Culpa, But No Habeas Corpus , Fisher
Niger: 'The Capital Does Not Only Belong to the Rich' , Issa
Europe: World Bank Promotes 'Circular Migration' , De Ron
Politics-Japan: Iraq War Gets Military More Teeth , Kakuchi

Radio Paris (WNN)

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Abdullah: Jordan will develop nuclear power, Akiva Eldar
Peretz freezes plans for new settlement in Jordan Valley, Amos Harel
Min. Bar-On: First Muslim minister might not get a portfolio, Mazal Mualem
Israel has annexed Jewish areas of West Bank, Meron Benvenisti
Rice' trip was for show, neither Olmert nor Abbas have the power to make big decisions, Aluf Benn
Govern or quit, Editorial

Al Jazeera

Israel releases Palestinian funds, Al Jazeera
US terror trials to allow hearsay and coerced testimony., Al Jazeera
move to block attack on Iran in US House of Representatives, Agencies
Baghdad hit by six car bombs, Agencies
'Invisible hand' of Israel in Gaza, Laila El-Haddad


Mission accomplished: Condoleezza Rice's four-day tour of the region, Dina Ezzat
Bush's new Iraq strategy was met with scepticism, Salah Hemeid
A 'surge' in US occupation troops is likely to make matters worse, Khaled Dawoud
Bush and Maliki assure Iraqis that more violence is ahead, Nermeen Al-Mufti
When the world is silent amidst American aggression, Curtis F J Doebbler
The recent histories of Latin America and the Arab world share many features, Gamil Mattar
Lebanon's new battleground, Lucy Fielder
Seeds of inter-Palestinian conflict have still to be uprooted, Erica Silverman
Fatah and Hamas fighting each other only helps the Israeli occupation, Khaled Amayreh
Israel seems poised to impose its Zionist character using the force of the law, Jonathan Cook
The Islamic militants of Somalia are still a power to be reckoned with, Gamal Nkrumah
Muslim Brotherhood's measured responses to the regime's latest clampdown, Jailan Halawi
If Iran gets the bomb, Mustafa El-Labbad
Egypt has gone down hill since the socialism and pan-Arabism of the 50's and 60's, Galal Nassar

Middle East

Review of Arab Editorials, MET
Time for Israelis and Palestinians to admit failure, Danny Rubenstein
If Ahmadinejad curbs his rhetoric the US may have to manufacture another 'new Hitler'. , Asia Times
A blueprint for chaos in Iraq , Asia Times
America's Opium War , Asia Times
US lacks 'explosive' evidence against Iran , Asia Times
A desperate attempt to salvage some kind of 'victory' from the Middle East morass. , Asia Times
Negev Bedouins fight to stay on land, IRIN
Kurdistan, low in violence but lacking services, IRIN
655,000 Iraqis and 3,000 Americans are now silent witnesses to greed for oil, Zaman Daily
U.S., UK trying to create “phantom enemy” in Mideast, Tehran Times
Somalia: The U.S. intervenes again, Tehran Times
Protesting government mismanagement and sell-outs to international corporations in Lebanon, Tehran Times
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad: Boosting ties with Latin America a priority, Tehran Times
Ten Arrested, One Wounded In W. Bank incursions, IPC
White-Washing War Crimes at the Washington Post, Uruknet



Politicians fail to inspire citizens worldwide: Survey, The Hindu
Custodial death highest in India: Arundhati Roy, Deccan Herald
'Do not shortchange Indian farmers', The Hindu
Medha slams dedication of Sardar Sarovar Project, The Hindu
Many promises broken: CITU, The Hindu
SEZs: CPI (M) hails Centre's decision, The Hindu
The paradox that is Rajasthan, The Hindu
Vidarbha crisis: Replying with bullets , India Together
Community radio: Mouthpiece of change , India Together
Gujarat riots: Still suffering, five years after , India Together
Intellectual Property: Traditional knowledge receives a boost , India Together
Elite activism: can't vote, can vet , India Together
Is it too late for Jharkhand's adivasis? , India Together
Are new teaching methods working? , India Together
Training the millions left behind , India Together
Struck by fluorosis , India Together
Sex ratio: Keeping fingers crossed , India Together
Realistic talks with Pakistan, Kashmir Times
Hurriyat leaders arrive in Pakistan, Hindustan Times
It’s official, Musharraf will seek re-election, Deccan Herald
Thirteen soldiers injured in LTTE fire: Military, The Hindu
Third of fish species lost in China's Yellow River, Hindustan Times
Democrats not to block funding for additional troops, The Hindu
White House rejects plan to limit Iraq troops, Hindustan Times
'Iran is ready for any possibility over nuke row', The Hindu
Doomsday clock moves forward 2 minutes, The Hindu
UN warns of mounting violence in Darfur, The Hindu
Saudi Arabia to boost oil production capacity, The Hindu

Daily Times

Presidential election set for autumn, DT
India considers Siachen proposal, Iftikhar Gilani
Security up to avoid Waziristan backlash, Shahzad Malik
Media watchdogs to evaluate Pakistan's press freedom, Iqbal Khattak
Pakistan Airlines to revamp fleet , Naveed Siddiqui
Islamic Council seeks alternative to hanging, DT
India, China optimistic on border talks, DT


Assemblies to re-elect Musharraf, Ahmed Hassan
Pakistan rejects charge of shelling India, Dawn
Contempt of court filed against Musharraf, Amir Wasim


China Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon, Unnerving US, New York Times
Tourists to Pour into China, China Daily
China to Tackle Pollution and Curb Use of Energy, The Herald
China Says Trade with Taiwan Soars, China Post
China Implementing Harmonious Diplomacy, China Daily
Auto Makers Hunt for US Key, Asia Times
Another Chill for Property Sector, Asia Times

Asia Times, opinion


Congo rebels said to kill, eat gorillas, Pittman/AP
Violence Down Sharply in Sub-Saharan Africa, Greve

All Africa

U.S. Official Sees 'Credible and Capable' Force As Key to Peace in Somalia, Cobb
Somalia: UN Calls for Immediate Re-Engagement, UN
US denies Somali Islamist report 10 troops caught, Abdulle/Reuters
Congo rebel Nkunda says his men to join government army, Bavier/Reuters
Nigeria: Oil Workers Threaten to Shut Down Production, Abuja

Mail and Guardian



Bush blinks on illegal spying , Lindorff
Carter doesn't tell the half of it , Cook
Steady march to war on Iran: What it would take to stop it , Tilley
Barack Obama: The mania and the mirage , Ford

Editor & Publisher

Buchwald's farewell column, written to be released at death , Buchwald

Dissent Magazine

Watching Genocide, Doing Nothing: The Final Betrayal of Darfur, Reeves

Lew Rockwell

Making Sense of the Senseless: The Bush Doctrine, Kwiatkowski

Online Journal

Is Iran being baited?, Heard
John Murtha: "It's a whole new ballgame", Whitney
Why the US is not leaving Iraq, Hossein-zadeh
Bush escalates war against Sunnis -- al-Sadr wins again!, Davies
When will this nightmare end?, Whitney
Is Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism?, Martillo/Friedemann

Tom Paine

Energy Control And Political Power (Pt. 2), Klare
Non-Binding, Slightly Chafing, Dubro
Doublespeak On Student Loans, Scher/Poole
The Trial Of Saddam We Never Saw (video), Lando

Drug Corp Watch

Health Officials Crack Down on Gifts from Drug Salespeople, Zinie Chen Sampson
FDA Feeling the Heat, Evelyn Pringle
FTC Says Drug Company Agreements are Delaying Cheaper Generics, Barger Brian
FDA Warns Doctor Over Stem Cell Implants , AP
Nicotine Study Re-ignites Call for FDA Regulation of Cigarettes, SA
FDA Cuts Cattle Material in Latest BSE Precautions, Anna Lewcock
The Bush Administration's FDA , Evelyn Pringle
Schering is Fined $435M by Feds, Denise Lavoie
Schering Sentenced for Making False Statements To Hide Illegal Marketing, PRNewswire

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

George McGovern:
An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush
Bob Herbert:
The Lost Voice of Protest
Bill Moyers:
Life on the Plantation
Larry Beinhart:
Failure is Not an Option! It Comes Standard with Every Bush Model!
Kathy Kelly:
"We Have Tasted War"
Robert Reich:
Only Appearing to Clean House
Nancy Pace:
Fair Negotiations with Iran. NOT.
Daniel Coquillette:
Patriots in Defense of the 'Enemy'
Garrison Keillor:
A Whale of a Challenge
Jay Bookman:
US Official Terrorizes Atlanta Firms
Mikhail Gorbachev:
History is Not Preordained: A New Cold War Can Be Averted
Katrina vanden Heuvel:
The Triad
Jon Wiener:
Iraq: Counting the Dead
David Bacon:
The Population Bubble
Karen Horst Cobb:
The Truth Shall Set Us Free

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