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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

Iraq Is Lost: Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Jerry Politex, Matthew Parris, Patrick Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Shetterly, Antony T. Sullivan, Joe Galloway, Mark Morford, James Carroll, John Graham, W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern, Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Gary Olson, Tariq Ali, ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Killing America: Bush SOTU Health Plan Completes One-Two Punch Against The Non-Wealthy, Politex
Killing America: Bush Health Care Plan Rewards Wealthy, Penalizes Workers [excerpts] , Paul Krugman
Killing America: Up To Half U.S. Credit Card Bankruptcies Health-Driven [excerpts], Bob Herbert
Specials: State of Disunion, Hillary, etc., Nuke Watch, Smirking Chimp, Bush Watch compilations

Clueless: Bush Knows Little About The State Of The Union, Tarri Hall
Addendum: Hey, What About Books?, Jerry Politex
Sick Puppy Watch: Bush's Idea Of "Sacrifice" for Iraq War: Watching TV, PBS News Transcript
Sacrifice? How The American People Will Pay For Bush's Ego-Driven Fantasy (excerpt), Paul Krugman
American Idol: Don't You Wish You Had A President, Just Like Me? Jerry Politex
Birthright: Fantasy Life In The 'Burbs and In Bush, Kent Southard
Op-Eds: Fisher, Partridge, Wokusch, Miller, Pringle, Fisher, Collins, Ostroy, Jones, Weiner, Kane
The Bush 1% "Surge" Economic snapshot for January, 2007, Christian E. Weller
Patriot McCain? Two Reasons More Americans Will Die In Iraq:
Republicans and Democrats (excerpts)
, Frank Rich

Bush "Surge" Speech: Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd, with Jerry Politex
Politex News Wire: The U.S. War Against Iran (edited news), Dan Froomkin
Analysis: The U.S. War Against Iran, Jerry Politex
Attack On Iran: Hardball Post-Speech Transcript Redacted, Transcript and Politex
Attack On Iran: Scarborough Country' for Jan. 10, 11 p.m., Transcript

News Roundup

World's view of US's global role 'worse', BBC
'Listen more' is world's message to US, BBC
To the Democrats: Words alone will not stop Bush's folly , VandenHeuvel
A petulant and inadequate Bush will not change in the next two years, Tomasky
Hillco spurns public financing and with it any hope of clean elections, Kirkpatrick
Wake up and reject Bushcult's anti-Arab,anti-American mesmerism, MacFarquhar
A massive bomb surge welcomes new US troops to Baghdad, Santora
Bush's new plan makes our soldiers sitting ducks in gruesome civil war, Santora
Senate sends 'strong messages' to Bush while he sends more G.I.s to die in Iraq, Zeleny and Hulse
Why isn't Libby charged with high treason for outing Valerie Plame?, Lewis
Lawyers in Key Death Penalty States Often Fall Short, Henderson
Congress must put our safety ahead of Big Chem's bottom line, Ed
Politics, Not Economics: Springtime for ethanol, Barrionuevo
Reprehensible, basically criminal, Big Tobacco has to be shackled, Ed
The energy watchdog turns out to be a weasel, Ed
FBI Faulted for Inaction in Foley Scandal , Dan Eggen
China Seeks New Ways to Spend $1 trillion, Asia Times
Doctors' Sloppy Handwriting Kills 7,000 a Year, Jessica Fraser

AFP - Wire stories

Ethiopian troops begin Mogadishu pullout
600 Sadr fighters captured in Iraq
Opposition protests paralyse Lebanon
Bush to defend unpopular Iraq policy in annual speech
Thousands at funeral of slain Turkish-Armenian journalist
Global warming bubbles to the surface in Davos
Royal Dutch Shell increases bid for part of Shell Canada

Common Dreams | News & Views

Lobbyists Find Dem Congress is Open for Business
Czechs Give Go-Ahead for US 'Son of Star Wars' Base
US Urged to Ramp up Geothermal Power
Global Warming: the Final Verdict
Programs Let Homes Produce Green Power
Blue Monday: The Most Depressing Day of the Year

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: State of Disunion

Bush To Face Skeptical Congress , Peter Baker and Jon Cohen
For State of the Union 2007, a leaner agenda, Linda Feldmann
When will we get that Bush doesn't work for us, he works for Bushco?, Rutenberg and Pear
'Lame duck' Bush faces struggle to push through new agenda, MacAskill
Bush will have to greet the Madam Speaker Repugs called 'poisonous' , Baldwin
Clueless: Bush Knows Little About The State Of The Union, Tarri Hall

Special: Hillary, etc.

The Big Question: Could Hillary Clinton really become the next US president?, Cornwell
Clinton Bid Heralds Demise of Public Financing , Dan Balz and Matthew Mosk
Hillary for president? No thanks., Sheehan
Casino Executive Contributes $1 Million to Gingrich Group , John Solomon
Which American presidential candidates are best for Israel?, Shmuel Rosner
Edwards: Southern charmer smoothes way for first-round upsets, Maddox

Special: Nuke World

National outlook and nuclear stability, Kashmir Times
More Russian reactors for Koodankulam, The Hindu
Satellite Killer Really Aimed at Taiwan, Asia Times
How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack - Or be Complicit in Nuclear War Crimes
Growing Up In The Shadow Of A Mushroom Cloud . . . Again

Special: Today's Alternative Special

The Smirking Chimp

Bush revives Lyndon Johnson's Great Society ... in Iraq, Weldon Berger
No way in - no way out, Sheila Samples
GOP Senator Still Linking Iraq To 9/11, Bob Geiger
Hillary's Primary Challenge: Shattering The Prism Of The Right., Dave Johnson
IRAQ: Clinton Says 'Let's Talk', Taylor March


United States

New York Times

More appalling legislation from Beijing will cause more suffering for babies, Russell
Keeping up with Nigeria, Lissakers
50 coastal oaks defended from chainsaw by elderly tree-sitters, McKinley
Supreme Court limits judges' sentencing power, Greenhouse
Dissident clerics in Iran seek to muzzle rabid President Ahmadinejad, Fathi
Many Israelis and Palestinians seek peace not endless bloodshed, Myre
Thanks for the $billions in aid, from Pakistan, with jihad , Ed

Washington Post

General May See Early Success in Iraq , Thomas E. Ricks
Internal Rifts Cloud Democrats' Opportunity on Warming , Juliet Eilperin and Michael Grunwald,
Warner Backs Resolution Opposing Troop Increase , Jonathan Weisman


Boomers' big inheritance: Is it enough?, Mark Trumbull
China's growing blogosphere turns on US coffee icon, Peter Ford
Gazprom: rising star of new Kremlin capitalism, Fred Weir


Cheaper Oil Appears Certain this Year, Hall
FBI Criticized Over Handling of Foley Matter, Clark - Editorials and Opinions

Dems: Revealing the Bundlers
Hillary Is In
Iraq's Refugees
Energy Independence vs. Global Warming
A Retreat on Wiretapping?
Why Job Churn Is Good
Throwing Their Blogs into the Ring
Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Indefensible
How Obama Vs. Clinton Shapes Up
Rice's Rhetoric, in Full Retreat

Boston Globe -- Op-ed columns

Calling an end to oil alarmism
The ups and downs of being Madame Speaker
Can the general save the day?
Sigh for America
Our duty to war detainees


Toronto Star

Killer: 'I was gonna do one more - make it an even 50'
Is a $10 minimum wage really bad for business?
U.S. keeps Arar on terrorist watch list
Rates need to fall for growth to rise
Personal data in peril
Tory green blitz fails to convince



More than 130 people killed in Iraq's bloodiest day this year, BBC
Warnings of Iraq refugee crisis, BBC
US helicopter that crashed killing 12, may have been shot down, BBC
US brings in new passport rules, BBC
Al-Qaeda deputy 'mocks Bush plan', BBC
S.African dentist 'not al-Qaeda backer' as US accused, BBC


Republican opposition to Iraq grows as Warner (kind of) joins in, Espo
America's home-grown terrorist protests sale of his writings, Pilkington
Los Angeles tackles growing gang violence, Glaister


Zawahiri challenges Bush to send the 'entire army' to Iraq, Doyle
Serbia faces political paralysis after vote shows Extreme Right's strength, Zimonjic

Times Online

Looking for Libby jurors in incestuous Washington DC, Reid


ABC, news

Latin America

Mexican Food Prices Up, NAFTA at Fault, Prensa Latina
Lopez Obrador criticised Felipe Calderon's economic policies, Prensa Latina
Mexican Leader Tough on Drugs (At least for now), COHA
The Maya Survivors vs. Los Genocidios, UDW
Salvadoreans want gun control amid an epidemic of violence, Prensa Latina
Cuba Gives Medical Center to Guatemala, Prensa Latina
Negotiations resume at OAS on indigenous rights, Caribbean NN
Violence Decline in Haiti Confirmed, Prensa Latina
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA): Justice in Deeds, Periodico 26
Are we on the eve of a class war?, Jamaica Observer
Constituent Assembly Stirs Ecuador, Prensa Latina
Ecuador plans to restructure debt with 60% face value cut, Merco Press
Chavez’s Weekly Show Returns, Gas Price Rise Announced, Venezuelanalysis
Chávez, Morales Seek Transformation of MERCOSUR Trade Bloc, Venezuelanalysis
Co-ops and Leases Make Doing Crime More Affordable in Brazil, Brazzil
Morales Features Sovereignty in first State of the Nation address, Prensa Latina
Bolivia’s Government Faces Right-Wing Offensive, boliviarising

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

POLITICS : As NGOs Multiply, Study Urges More Public Scrutiny , Deen
Environment-US: Industry Hops on Climate Bandwagon , Lobe
Politics: Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him , Lobe
World Social Forum: Latin American Groundswell In Motion , Chávez
Politics: U.S. Soldier Speaks Out From Baghdad , Glantz
Health: Deadly New Strain of TB May Require Quarantines , Leahy
Mideast: Hebron Occupied, And Deserted , Barrows-Friedman

Radio Paris (WNN)

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Olmert, Peretz agree on choice of Ashkenazi as IDF chief, Aluf Benn
Switzerland says it mediated in informal Israel-Syria peace talks, Assaf Oni
Blast rocks Al Arabiya television office in Gaza City; no injuries, Reuters
Palestinian militants in Gaza fire three Qassam rockets at Israel, Mijal Grinberg
Peretz: Abusive settler renders gestures to PA meaningless, Avi Issacharoff


Netanyahu, Barak say little of substance, adopt non-campaign strategy, Baruch Leshem
Supplier of the bombs that did the damage, US will be 'substantial' donor to Lebanon, Reuters
On tape: Palestinians harassed in Hebron ‘cage’, Ali Waked
Settler violence in Hebron continues (video), Ali Waked

Jerusalem Post

IDF builds fake Muslim city to prepare for war, Shelly Paz
Criticism of Israel is a 'cancer' that has spread to the United States, Haviv Retig
Edwards beats the war drum: Stopping a nuclear Iran is 'the greatest challenge of our generation.', Tovah Lazaroff
Peres says Israel won't fall, Iran will, staff

Al Jazeera

Scores killed in Baghdad blasts, Al jazeera
Al-Qaeda deputy mocks US Iraq plan: send 'the entire army', Agencies
Crashed US helicopter 'shot down', Agencies
Struggling to survive 'Bomb Alley' in Kandahar , Al Jazeera

Middle East

Force Alone Can't Win the War on Terror: Musharraf interview, Arab News
Siniora Cabinet girds for rough ride as opposition launches general strike, Lebanon Daily Star
As usual, both sides are to blame for Lebanon's latest brush with chaos, Editorial
New Israeli visa imposition splits Palestinian families, MET
Review of Arab Editorials, MET
Interview with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Al-Hayat
Iran being hit in the pocket, Asia Times
Southern tribes add to Iraqi resistance, Asia Times
The great games over Iraq: Shi'ites betrayed again? , Asia Times
Rafsanjani: Privatization key to Iran’s development (?), Tehran Times
Bush's 'New Plan' , Reza Mousavi



Trinamool women storm Tata office, Deccan Herald
A forest road less travelled, The Hindu
Sachar report flawed, The Times of India
Grocery bill goes through the roof, The Times of India
A common minimum programme for the nation, The Hindu
Policies suggested to achieve environmental sustainability, The Hindu
Greening the computer industry, The Hindu
Q&A: 'Humans have the responsibility to protect habitats', The Times of India
Hurriyat, Hizb call for strike on Republic Day, The Hindu
Putin visit: chance for course correction, The Hindu
Russia set to offer MiG-35 fighters to India, Hindustan Times
Islamists to oppose Mush's re-election, The Times of India
Large number of LTTE cadres killed, claims Sri Lankan Army, The Hindu
Transport strike ends, vehicles ply in Nepal, The Hindu
Unabated violence in Nepal, Deccan Herald
Pakistan and West Asia: Answers within, Deccan Herald
Taliban vow to open schools denied, Hindustan Times
Militants bomb television bureau in Gaza, Hindustan Times
US image around world sharply worsens: poll, Hindustan Times
World should aim at reducing weapon stockpile: Ban, Deccan Herald
`Little Napoleon' or French neocon?, The Hindu

Daily Times

Iran plans military maneuvers, DT
Hindus, Muslims clash in Bangalore, DT
Afghan Taliban plan 'jihad schools', DT
Mosque demolition creates dissent, DT


Musharraf, Saudi King talk about Palestine, Dawn
Opposition slams detention of political activists, Dawn
India to buy 6 US planes for special forces, Dawn
Schoolgirls, teachers told to wear full-coverage burqa, Munawar Afridi


China Welcomes Vatican Move to Mend Ties, Boston Globe
China Will Step Up Enforcement of Laws Against Sex-Selection Abortion,
Economic Engine Faces Growing Pains, Asia Times

Asia Times, opinion


Media-Zimbabwe: Last Independent Voice May Disappear , Nduru

Mail and Guardian



Brazil: Tailings dam failure in Brazil, Water Power Magazine
US: US Farming Watchdog Accuses Wal-Mart of Mis-selling, Foley
Papua Mew Guinea: Ok Tedi Villagers Sue for $5bn Damages, The Australian

Drug Corp Watch

Brooklyn's Bitter Pill, Austin Fenner
Mental Health Patients Overdosed with Prescription Psychotropic Drugs, Jessica Fraser
Cold Medications Proving Deadly to Infants, Jessica Fraser
Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer Faces Legal Action Over Its Viagra Ads, Julie Farby
Antidepressants May Raise Bone Risk , Lindsey Tanner
Pfizer to Lay Off 10,000 Workers to Cut Costs , Andrew Pollack
A Convenient Decision Not to Find Out, Dave Peyton
FDA Scrutinizes Birth Control Drugs, Matthew Perrone
Former FDA Chief Fined in Stock Case, Andrew Bridges
FDA Commissioner Announces Important Personnel Changes, FDA

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

James Carroll:
Sigh for America
Cynthia Tucker:
Speaking Out Now against the Iraq Disaster is Too Little, Too Late
Dexter Kamilewicz:
No Escape from Accountability
William Hartung:
Looking Forward: A Model State of the Union Address for January, 2009
Jeff Cohen:
Can Indy Media Stop the Corporate Media’s Hillary Bandwagon?
Ira Chernus:
A War of Stomach Versus Spine...or Heart?
Norman Solomon:
The Pentagon vs. Press Freedom
Louis Freedberg:
The Art of Abu Ghraib
Debi Smith:
The Dump, a Soldier Called Name, and Butterfly Wings: Changing the Course
Dave Zweifel:
Yes, Bush Has Failed This Country
Gary Younge:
The West Persists in Using Race to Decide Who Can Cross its Borders
John Nichols:
Sarah Olson and the Struggle to Save Journalism

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