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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

Iraq Is Lost: Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Jerry Politex, Matthew Parris, Patrick Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Shetterly, Antony T. Sullivan, Joe Galloway, Mark Morford, James Carroll, John Graham, W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern, Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Gary Olson, Tariq Ali, ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

State of the Union Speech: Bush Bull About Economy Rejected By Dems (transcript), Jim Webb
Specials: Bush Economy, State of Disunion, Iran Strike? U.S.-Israel, Iraq Disaster, Democracy Now!, Bush Watch compilations

Killing America: Bush SOTU Health Plan Completes One-Two Punch Against The Non-Wealthy, Politex
Killing America: Bush Health Care Plan Rewards Wealthy, Penalizes Workers [excerpts] , Paul Krugman
Killing America: Up To Half U.S. Credit Card Bankruptcies Health-Driven [excerpts], Bob Herbert
Clueless: Bush Knows Little About The State Of The Union, Tarri Hall
Addendum: Hey, What About Books?, Jerry Politex
Sick Puppy Watch: Bush's Idea Of "Sacrifice" for Iraq War: Watching TV, PBS News Transcript
Sacrifice? How The American People Will Pay For Bush's Ego-Driven Fantasy (excerpt), Paul Krugman
American Idol: Don't You Wish You Had A President, Just Like Me? Jerry Politex
Birthright: Fantasy Life In The 'Burbs and In Bush, Kent Southard
Op-Eds: Fisher, Partridge, Wokusch, Miller, Pringle, Fisher, Collins, Ostroy, Jones, Weiner, Kane
The Bush 1% "Surge" Economic snapshot for January, 2007, Christian E. Weller
Patriot McCain? Two Reasons More Americans Will Die In Iraq:
Republicans and Democrats (excerpts)
, Frank Rich

Bush "Surge" Speech: Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd, with Jerry Politex
Politex News Wire: The U.S. War Against Iran (edited news), Dan Froomkin
Analysis: The U.S. War Against Iran, Jerry Politex
Attack On Iran: Hardball Post-Speech Transcript Redacted, Transcript and Politex
Attack On Iran: Scarborough Country' for Jan. 10, 11 p.m., Transcript

News Roundup

Five Reasons Why I'll March on Jan. 27 (and You Should Too), Rahman
More Danger from Terrorism on Afghan Border than in Iraq, Landay
On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%, A New Low, CBS
Defense Dept. officials have laid off most of their case workers who help severely injured soldiers, Jowers
Libby: His Lawyer says he was the fall guy and sacrificial lamb for Rove, Apuzzo
A healthy, well-regulated Wall Street, Ed
Return of the drug company payoffs, Ed
Barak Obama - the anatomy of a smear job, Neil MacDonald
Canada: Nation's pundits weigh in on Harper's first year, Kady O'Malley
North Korea agrees to halt its nuclear program in return for energy aid, Timoshik
U.S. Stages 2nd Airstrike in Somalia; Ethiopians Leaving Capital, Karen DeYoung and Stephanie McCrummen
Specials: Bush Economy, State of Disunion, Iran Strike? Israel-U.S., Iraq Disaster, Democracy Now!, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Embattled Bush pleads for patience with Iraq
Israel president pressured to resign in face of rape indictment
Lebanese PM blames Iran, Syria for deadly protest
Russia, India hold arms talks on eve of Putin visit
Vietnamese cardinal sees 'no obstacles' to Hanoi-Vatican ties
China may have world's largest online population in two years
U.S. Companies see silver lining behind cloud of deficit with China

Common Dreams | News & Views

Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
UN Climate Panel to Project Wrenching Change
Menopause at 30 for Millions in Poverty
Israeli Separation Barrier is Cutting off Palestinians from Their Livelihood
Tuna Stocks Close to Exhaustion, Says WWF
New Coalition Aims to Keep Dems in Check
Vermont Resident Aims to Impeach

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Bush Economy

Bush's Whitewashed Economic Report, Bernstein
America's financial power wanes with shift to London and Asia, McRae
Pound close to $2 exchange level against falling dollar, BBC
State of the Union Speech: Bush Bull About Economy Rejected By Dems (transcript), Jim Webb

Special: Bush SOTU Speech

Analysis: Bush Can't Reclaim Bipartisanship That Never Existed, Thomma
No Iraqis or Afghanis sitting next to Laura at the State of the Union, Adams
Who buys last night's tepid, prevaricating drivel? , Ed
The real state of the union, Newman
The bloody horror of Iraq drowns out every word Bush says, Rutenberg
A long fall from the brazen,lying chest-banging of past State of the Union speeches, Toner and Pear
No amount of pomp and courtesy could hide Bush's nakedness, Zernike
Bush“completely silent” on energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 , Barringer
State of the Union: Neglected topics, Editorial
Dems choose Jim Webb to tell Bush that no one trusts him as Commander in Chief , Zeleney
Bush's State of the Moron address, Ed Text of the 'State of the Union' Speech, Associated Press
Democratic Response to State of Union, Associated Press

Special: Bush's Pollution

Evidence of global warming is here, Peter Dorman
Climate change and Bush: still no serious proposals, Cornwell
CEOs urge Bush to fight global warming, BBC
Hot air on climate change: Bush's ideas are comical, Maddox
Experts: Alps glaciers will melt by 2050, Kole/AP

Special: Bush Iran Strike?

What Does Bush Have Planned for Iran?, Hoppe/Mascolo/Zand
U.S. ships headed to Mideast called a warning to Iran, AP
Iran planning nuclear test with N. Korean assistance, staff
3 U.S. experts believe that the U.S. must consider striking Iran to eliminate its nuclear threat., Yossi Melman

Special: Israel-U.S. Relations

Wes Clark caught in the rigged rules for discussing Israel-related issues in America, Yglesias
A Syrian-Israeli peace could ignite a clash between Israel and Washington, Oren
Carter responds but doesn't back down from his criticisms of Israel, Belluck
Israeli AG says president should face rape charge, AP

Special: Bush's Iraq Disaster

US political crisis mounts over Iraq war escalation, Martin
If Warner opposes the surge, will Republican lemmings follow?, Cornwell
Bipartisan Iraq resolution will be a major embarrassment to Bush, Hulse and Zeleny The Iraqi political process is broken but we're feeding our troops into it anyway, Gordon
Iraqi parliament, rife with absenteeism, is impotent in face of sprawling chaos, Cave
US occupation turns 3.7 million Iraqis into refugees, Cogan

Robert Freeman:
Bush's Iraq "Surge": The Fraud Exposed
Helena Cobban:
Iraqi Millstone Round Bush's Neck
Jane Bright:
When Will We Know That Enough Americans Have Died?
Jesse Jackson:
Bush Ignores True Cost of Iraq War

Today's Alternative Special

Democracy Now

Legal Scholars: Congress Has Constitutional Power to Limit Scope of Iraq War & Block Escalation, Goodman
Peace Activist Bert Sacks Challenges U.S. Fine For Bringing Humanitarian Aid to Iraq in 1997, Goodman


United States

New York Times

Clash pits Hezbollah against rule in Lebanon, Bakri and Fattah
Israel to indict president on sex charges, Myre
Chechen police under scrutiny in journalist's killing, Chivers

Washington Post

Russian Court Backs Closing Of Chechen Rights Group , Peter Finn
Petraeus Expresses Confidence In Buildup , Ann Scott Tyson
Defense Portrays Libby as Scapegoat , Amy Goldstein and Carol D. Leonnig
Bush Urges Congress, Nation To Give His Iraq Plan a Chance , Peter Baker and Michael Abramowitz,
Analysts See A Chance for Maliki Success , Walter Pincus
Obit: Ex-Spy Crafted Watergate, Other Schemes , Patricia Sullivan

Boston Globe

Making Bush listen to reason, ED
Social Security storm clouds, ED
Can the general save the day?, Greenway

Christian Science Monitor

America's new round in Iraq, Peter Grier
For Best Actress, a year for the 'silver foxes', Daniel B. WoodGloria Goodale
Lebanon's political crisis deepens, Scott Peterson
Can a 'leaky' levee save the Louisiana coast?, Patrik Jonsson
Poll: Global image of US deteriorates as Iraq conflict worsens, Tom Regan

Los Angeles Times

Speaking on demand, Editorial
Bush seeks compromise, except on Iraq strategy, Doyle McManus

San Francisco Chronicle

The next 100 hours, Editorial
Opposite Land (Cartoon), Mark Fiore

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Bush: Give Iraq plan a chance, Charles Pope
Iranian leader dismisses U.S. power, AP

Navy Times

Service members rally against the war in Iraq, McMichael


Despite Administration's Euphemisms, Iraq's Similarities To Vietnam Hard to Deny, Engelhardt
Ins And Outs Of The Libby Defense, Cohen


Bolivia's New U.S. Ambassador Faces Tough Assignment, Bachelet


The Toronto Star

'America must not fail in Iraq': Bush, AP
'We have delivered,' Harper says, CP
U.S. keeps Arar on terrorist watch list, Tim Harper
Harper lodges complaint against CBC, CP
Canadian MPs miffed at Afghan travel curbs, Murray Brewster
Rebuilding countries, and trust, Olivia Ward
MacKay takes aim at Iran, Joshua Mitnick
China confirms missile test, AP
Team Harper undergoes liberal makeover, Richard Gwyn
Mideast Policy: MacKay's muddled mission, James Travers
Liberals unlikely to back Tory budget: Goodale, Joan Bryden
Rejected TV ad sparks debate, Bruce Campion-Smith
Harper, Dion slam remark on Quebec, Whittington, Gordon

CBC News

Iraq, healthcare, energy top Bush's state of union address, Staff
China says it tested weapon but still opposes arms race, Staff
'Stand together' against Hezbollah, Lebanese PM urges, Staff
Ethiopian troops begin withdrawing from Somalia, AP
Canadian troops involved in civilian shooting incident, CP
Bomb attacks kill 100 in Iraq: police, Staff
Hamas warns Canada making enemies of Palestinians, Staff
Tories 'frantically trying to imitate' Liberals: Dion, Staff
Vote Liberal for local largesse: Conservative MP, Staff


MacKay manages to stay out of trouble in the Middle East, Chris Selley
Onus on NDP as Liberals unlikely to support Tory budget, Joan Bryden
Canadians still asking Tories to prove themselves: Harper, Bruce Cheadle
Canada not pushing to have Arar cleared from US watch list: Day, CP
Dion giving himself two months to get ready for federal election, Martin Ouellet
Libby: White House sacrificed him to save Rove in CIA leak case, AP
Bush plays to tough Congress in latest state of union address, Beth Gorham
Israel-Palestine conflict has prompted needed discussion: Carter, AP
Bush to seek sharp cutback in gasoline consumption by Americans, AP



Bush asks for another 'chance' on Iraq, BBC
Excerpts: State of the Union 2007, BBC
Democratic response to Bush speech, BBC
CIA trial under way in Washington, BBC
Baghdad diary: How technology has changed conflict in Iraq, Andrew North, BBC
Ford joins US 'green' car trend, BBC
Canada acts to protect rainforest, BBC
Seized Palestinians freed in Iraq, bBC
Blair under attack on Iraq debate, BBC
Taleban 'to build Afghan schools', BBC
More UK diplomats for Afghanistan, Frank Gardner, BBC
'Ten die' in Afghan suicide blast, BBC


Home-grown crops the answer to our addiction to oil, Bush tells Americans, MacAskill
Religious Right tries to ban Dakota Fanning movie, Pilkington
'There is no war on terror' - UK is fear-driven by Blair government, Dyer
Strike turns to riots as Lebanon is 'shut down' in struggle for power, Chassay


On the ground: Demonstrations turn Beirut into a violent battleground, Robert Fisk

Times Online

Petraeus: Iraq so dire he cannot guarantee success, Reid
Is Beirut burning? yes, as national strike turns violent, Blanford


ABC, news

Latin America

Calderón asks for salary cap, El Universal
Federal strategy to preserve the very sovereignty of regions most threatened by organized crime., El Universal
Is Mexico ready for federalism?, El Universal
Mexico, Food Fight Goes National, Prensa Latina
Mexicans Call Calderon US Lackey, Prensa Latina
The High Price of Violence in Guatemala, IPS
Ortega Fulfils Promises to Nicaragua, Prensa Latina
New National Assembly leadership voted in for two year period in Nicaragua, nicanet
Haitian gang members gun down freelance photographer, Caribbean NN
Dominican Republic increases Funding for Health, Prensa Latina
Attempt on the Life of Key Witness against Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, Periodico 26
Miami: a Refuge for Terrorists,
Small, resource-scarce states are not taken seriously in Washington, Jamaica Observer
Minimum wage up 14%, Jamaica Observer
Top Colombian rebel involved in talks gets freedom, Reuters
Ecuador's unknown president, Le Monde
Just what is 21st-Century Socialism?, Venezuelanalysis
Brazil Keeps on Building Its Arab Economic Ties, Brazzil
Contrary to Myth, Brazil Is Ashamed of Being Mestizo, Brazzil
A Year of Evo: The Challenges of Governing a Revolution in Bolivia, UDW
Chávez, Morales seek transformation of MERCOSUR trade bloc, ZNet

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

Bush Faces an Unhappy Nation, CGH
Washington's Missile Strategy for Europe Provokes Russia, MKP/AP/Reuters/
Germany and Russia Try to Smooth Over Energy Tensions, DGS/Reuters/AP
Storms Devastate Germany's Forests: 40 Million Toppled Trees, SMD/DDP
Far-Right MP's Join Forces In EU Parliament, Kraske/Schlamp


Russia to Prevent Space Militarization -- DM, MosNews
Russians Investigate Chechen Police Link to Politkovskaya Slaying, MosNews
Russia Will Not Supply Arms to Palestinian National Authority -- Official, MosNews


Baghdad drowns in blood and tears as more US troops arrive in Iraq, Sudakov
South Korea blocks North Korean websites, Pravda

Inter Press Service

Guatemala: The High Price of Violence , Munaiz+Mendoza
South Africa: UN Terror List Hangs Over Two Cousins , Nduru
Colombia: Women Suffer Abuse Behind the Front Lines , Martínez
Environment: Multimillion-Dollar Study of Polar Ice Thaw , Leahy
Media-Zimbabwe: From Turning Pages to Downloading Them , Johwa
Worl Social Forum: Long Fight for Justice for Homosexuals , Mulama
Europe: What Comes First, Chicken or Africa? , De Ron
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood In the Dock Again , Morrow+al-Omrani

Radio Paris (WNN)

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Justice Min. Livni joins calls for president Katsav to resign after rape inictment, Gideon Alon
IDF troops kill Palestinian trying to sneak into Israel from Gaza, Avi Issacharoff
Carter defends 'Apartheid' book, says attacks on character hurt, Agencies
Occupation: It's horrid, but it's not apartheid, Bradley Burston
'Anyone who wants to become acquainted with Israeli society should go to the checkpoints.', Amira Hass

Al Jazeera

Iraqis 'indifferent on Bush speech', Al Jazeera
Six dead in wake of Lebanon strike, Al Jazeera
Ahmadinejad dismisses US 'threats', Agencies
US: Hundreds of al-Sadr men seized, Agencies

Arab News

Strike Paralyzes Lebanon, Agencies
Petulant US Rules Out Direct Talks With Iran, K.T. Abdurabb
Frustrations in Iran, Editorial
Palestinian Factions Set to Resume Unity Talks, Hisham Abu Taha

Lebanon Daily Star

One day was more than enough for general strike, Rym Ghazal
Reactions to strike split: 'great success' or 'barbaric bazaar?', staff
Lebanon's politicians have pushed its institutions beyond their limits, Editorial
The new cold war in Lebanon and Palestine, Rami G. Khouri
The US is taking us for a ride on the peace process, Ali Jarbawi

Middle East

Don't ignite the Shiites, MET
The state of the (dis)union , Asia Times
Debunking Iran's nuclear myth makers, Asia Times
The winter of the Taliban's content, Asia Times
Rice in Egypt: The price of hypocrisy, Asia Times
No end to violence in Saddam’s home province, IRIN
Kirkuk’s time-bomb could explode at any time , IRIN
100,000 people walked through İstanbul yesterday to bid farewell to slain journalist Hrant Dink, Zaman
Breaking the cycle of violence , Tehran Times
U.S. biggest obstacle in Iran’s nuclear standoff, Tehran Times



Gender Imbalance in China Could Take 15 Years to Correct , Guardian Unlimited
China Could Surpass US in Internet Users, BusinessWeek
China to Control Coal Production, BusinessWeek
HK's Development Action Plan, Asia Times
M&A to Increase Sharply , Asia Times

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


All Africa

Ethiopian Troops Start Leaving Somalia, Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)
Somalia: Islamists Invited Back for Dialogue, East African Standard (Nairobi)
Somalia: Govt Says Top Islamist Leader in Kenya, The Nation (Nairobi)
Somalia: Tentative Hope and Little Else, Cobb
First African Peacekeepers Will Reach Somalia in Three Days, Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

Mail and Guardian



Lebanon: On the edge of civil war, Schuh
Israel and apartheid , Avnery
In Iraq, all foreigners are targets , Cockburn
Iraq through the lens of soldiers' memoirs , Soldz
The politics of cheap oil , Bryce
Was the war a blunder or treason? , Lindorff

Consortium News

The Plame-gate Plot Thickens, Parry
Rev. Moon's Anti-Obama Agit-Prop, Parry

Online Journal

Should a president undergo mental health, IQ, and political science/civics exams?, McCray
Looking for a Gulf of Tonkin-like iincident, Tremblay
Two presidents, Scott
Bi-partisan unity on "reforming" Social Security?, Sandronsky
Condi's Middle East junket; a new dose of cynicism, Whitney
America's shadow, Mazza

Think Progress

Libby Destroyed Evidence Prior To Testifying, Cheney 'Deeply Involved', TP

Tom Dispatch

The State Spies on the Union, de la Vega

Tom Paine

State Of The Apocalypse, Ford
Our State Among States, Pemberton
Creating Green-Collar Jobs, Jones/Wyskida


The Social Security WMD Story, Baker
Mexico: Corn Feeds Discontent, Liberation

American Prospect

HRT is dangerous to women, Gullette

Drug Corp Watch

Iowa To Get Share Of Drug Company Settlement, KCCI
Cell Therapeutics to Pay $10.5 Million to Settle Drug Inquiry, Luke Timmerman
China Stops Blood Drug Over Hepatitis C Fears, Reuters
Vermont to Share in $8 Million Settlement with Drug Company, Burlington Free Press
CDC Adviser Arrested for Urinal Incident , AP
Bitter Pill , Cincinnati Post
FDA: Pill Not So Trustworthy Anymore,
Court Postpones Sentencing of Former FDA Chief , Jurist
Panel Starts FDA Probe, David Willman


US: New Scanners for Tracking City Workers, Chan
Indonesia: Indonesia Newmont boss says no complaints on mining, Reuters
Iraq: Helicopter of U.S. security company shot down in Baghdad; 5 reported killed, Gamel

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Peter Flom:
A Victim's Response to 9/11's Aftermath
George Monbiot:
If Tesco and Wal-Mart are Friends of the Earth, Are There Any Enemies Left?
Tony Norman:
Bush Has Little to Fear at Press Corps Roast
Bill C. Davis:
In Harm’s Way
Karl Grossman:
China's Test and War in Space
John Dear:
The Trials, and Blessings, of Peacework
Martha Rosenberg:
Biotech " Solutions " for Factory Farming Worse than Problem
Barbara Crosby:
Consider a Truly Universal Draft
John Buell:
Slavery's Bitter Residue Proves an Enduring Legacy

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