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Weekend Edition: Friday, February 02, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

Iraq Is Lost: Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Jerry Politex, Matthew Parris, Patrick Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Shetterly, Antony T. Sullivan, Joe Galloway, Mark Morford, James Carroll, John Graham, W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern, Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Gary Olson, Tariq Ali, ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Home For The Holiday: The Super Bowl: Just Say "No", Jerry Politex
Specials: Global Warming, Libby, Ivins, Iran , Iraq Tom Paine, Bush Watch compilations

1944-2007: Molly Ivins Tribute, Kane, Politex, Texas Observer
Bush Jive-Capital: Pretend Money Is Killing The Middle Class, Running Up National Deficit, Jim Kunstler
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman
Daffy Dick: Puppetmaster Cheney "Has Turned His Perversity Into Foreign Policy" (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex
Our Contributors: Jones, Fisher, Weiner, Uhler (2), Hirschhorn, Eland, Soderstrom, Pringle, Ostroy, Hirschhorn (2), Samples, Robertson, Floyd, Mickey Z., Baker, Kane
Hagel Anti-Surge Resolution:
Americans Die In Defense Of No-Show "Democracy" (transcript), Hagel
Warner Anti-Surge Resolution: Senators Want To Talk Politics, Not Strategy (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
State of the Union Speech: Bush Bull About Economy Rejected By Dems (transcript), Jim Webb
Killing America: Bush SOTU Health Plan Completes One-Two Punch Against The Non-Wealthy, Politex
Killing America: Bush Health Care Plan Rewards Wealthy, Penalizes Workers [excerpts] , Paul Krugman
Killing America: Up To Half U.S. Credit Card Bankruptcies Health-Driven [excerpts], Bob Herbert

News Roundup

Leading Scientists: Warming 'Likely' Man-Made, Unstoppable, Borenstein
And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to ... Al Gore?, AP
Surge Could Cost Triple Bush Projection, CBO says, Rosen
The holocaust we're running in Iraq costs money...charge it to Medicare, Pear
Senate passes wage rise but not without a GOP tax claw, Zernike
A Budget for the Middle Class, Bernie Sanders
Real economic security depends on finding a way to keep oil prices stable, Minsk
Now that Dems are back they can save American workers from Bush's depredations, Ed
Now that GOP judge-haters are out, the House can provide physical protection for federal judiciary, Ed
Florida, which brought us the nightmare of George Bush, renounces touch-screen voting, Goodnough and Drew
Blacks feel that Obama shares their skin color but not their experience, Swarns
Specials: Global Warming, Libby, Ivins, Iran , Iraq Tom Paine, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Warming to drive droughts, flood, storms in 21st century, says UN panel
China and Sudan cement economic ties, sideline Darfur
Thirteen dead as Palestinian truce in tatters
UN envoy avoids talk of Kosovo independence
Iran denies blocking UN nuclear inspectors
China forex agency to have more money than world's biggest mutual fund
British union demands talks with Tata amid plan to revamp Corus

Yesterday's News Roundup

US urges scientists to block out sun, SMH
No electricity,no infrastructure, no oil; Iraq sinks in a sea of fraud & wasted US $billions, Glanz
Iraq: US Money Is 'Squandered' in Iraq, BBC News
Bolton: US has 'no interest in a united Iraq', DT
Threatened with a subpoena, Consigliere Gonzales will turn over surveillance files, Mazzetti
Lawmakers Receive Details of Government Surveillance Program, Gordon
House Panel Will Probe President's Use of Bill-Signing Statements, Douglas
Sen. Warner finds Senate afraid to exercise its power to challenge Bush , Hulse
Judith Miller gives damaging testimony against Libby while Cooper names Rove, Lewis
Fed, leaving rate at 5.25% is optimistic on inflation, Andrews
Bush Administration Proposes More Specialty Crop Spending, Doyle
Bill Would Create Trade Prosecutor Post, Rosen
Large toad leaps from Biden's mouth as he unwraps his 2008 bid, Nagourney
Comedian Al Franken to Run for Senate in Minnesota, Hotakainen
Germans issue warrants to arrest rendition/torture team as Europe defies the CIA, Landler
Another theatrical terror 'plot'in UK softens Brits up for attack on Iran, Cowell
North Korea may conduct second nuclear test, Hindustan Times
Chavez to rule by decree, says legislature, Hindustan Times
Majority of blacks in France suffer race bias: Poll, Deccan Herald
Specials: Molly Ivins, Impeach Bush, Iran War, Democracy Now!, Bush Watch compilations

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Global Warming

Even before its release,world climate report is criticized as too optimistic, Dean
American Enterprise Institute offered cash to scientists to undermine climate report, Sample
Leading Scientists: Warming 'Likely' Man-Made, Unstoppable, Borenstein
Leading scientists: 'Act now or suffer climate disaster', MacLeod
Climate change: why economy is key, MacLeod
Leading by example, ED
Humans 90% to blame for warming, Morgan
Carbon dioxide released from flights on the increase, Chiesa
href="" target=new style="text-decoration: none">IPCC group gives us 10 years to avert climate catastrophe, Connor

UK Education Minister calls for curriculum change to include climate study, Johnson
Warming 'very likely' due to man, report to say, AP
And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to ... Al Gore?, AP

Special: Libby

Libby's F.B.I. interviews directly conflict with reporters' accounts, Lewis
Did Cheney, aide Libby talk of leaking CIA name?, AP
The Libby Trial: Time Magazine Reporter Testifies Karl Rove First Revealed Identity of CIA Operative Valerie Plame, DN

Special: Ivins

Remembering Molly Ivins
Molly Ivins, In Memoriam
Adios Molly Ivins: Populist journalism and never dull , Healy
Molly Ivins: Right on Iraq -- and not happy about it , E&P Staff
Molly Ivins: Fire And Light, Poole
Treasuring the Wit and Wisdom of Molly Ivins, Goodwyn

Molly Ivins, 1944-2007: Legendary Texas Journalist Dies After Long Bout With Breast Cancer, DN

Special: Iran

Iran - the top ten questions, Dr. J
US State Dept. sends mixed message: To strike Iran or not? , Maddox
Stepped up US preparations for war against Iran, Symonds

Special: Iraq

Veterans say Pentagon is trying to conceal rising toll of troop injuries and illnesses, Grady
Iraq at Risk of Further Strife, Intelligence Report Warns , Karen DeYoung and Walter Pincus
This timid Senate rebuke to Bush escalation will just embolden him, Hulse
Endless bombs butchering Iraqis; no one seems to know who is doing it or why, Glanz
Fleeing One Bomb, Iraqi Shoppers Die In Blast of Another , Ernesto Londoño and Saad Sarhan
Mahdi Army Gains Strength Through Unwitting Aid of U.S., Lasseter
Senate Prepares to Debate Opposition to Bush's Iraq Policy, Talev+Schoof
CDC Develops System to Gauge Severity of Pandemic, Pugh
Did 'Rogue' US troops knowingly bomb British in Iraq ?, Watson Steny Hoyer at the Brookings Institution lays out Democratic position on Iraq, Grey

Alternative Special

Tom Paine

Molly Ivins: Fire And Light, Poole
Fact-Checking The President (video), Olbermann
Bush On Makin' Money, Dubro
Invoking Tom Paine To End The War, Poole
Empire Vs. Democracy, Johnson
Paying A Fair Share, Waldman
No Defense Against Persecution, Shields


United States

New York Times

This is Ian Paisley's last chance to bow gracefully to Ulster's historic changes , Ed
Bush cultivates, uses, encourages Afghan ally then deceives & arrests him, Risen
Gen. Casey gets a ritual raking over the coals in the Senate, Cloud
Bolivia's only ski resort faces snowless future, Romero

Washington Post

Two Men Acquitted of Conspiracy To Fund Hamas Activities in Israel , Dan Eggen
Border Policy's Success Strains Resources , Spencer S. Hsu and Sylvia Moreno
Senators Challenge Gen. Casey On Iraq War , Thomas E. Ricks

Christian Science Monitor

Chirac plays down nuclear-Iran threat, then changes mind, Tom Regan
Washington takes aim at CEO pay, Mark Trumbull
Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan, David Montero
China's film furor draws attention to changing mores, Peter Ford

Boston Globe

Somalis linger on edge of despair, Husarska
US audit found more problems at crime lab, Saltzman
Iraqi agencies can't perform basic functions, report says, Stockman

Chicago Tribune

'Articulate' Obama forgives Biden, James
Hat in ring, foot in mouth, Zuckman
U.S. oversight of food safety called flawed, Alonso-Zaldivar

Los Angeles Times

No more renditions, Editorial
Senators castigate general on Iraq strategy, Julian E. Barnes
U.N. says there's no stopping global warming, Thomas H. Maugh II
Marines battle their past in an Iraqi city, Tony Perry,
Bombings kill 45 on market street in Hillah, Louise Roug
Iraq plans summit with Iran and Syria, Paul Richter

San Francisco Chronicle

State won't drop auto industry warming lawsuit, Bob Egelco

Baltimore Sun

Truth has consequences for soldier of conscience, Rockwell


Two Senior Iraqi Generals Eyed in Brazen Attack on U.S. Soldiers, Fox News


Exxon Valdez oil persists off Alaska coast, AP


Study: air pollution brings heart risks, UPI
Analysis: 13 CIA agents wanted in Germany, UPI


Iraq war protesters step up pressure to bring US troops home, AFP
Mary Cheney says her pregnancy is not a 'political statement', AP


CDC Develops System to Gauge Severity of Pandemic, Pugh


Toronto Star



Global warming 'very likely' human-made Intergovernmental Panel concludes, Richard Black, BBC
France turns 'lights out' nationwide to raise awareness of global warming, BBC
Exxon Mobil sets highest-ever profit by a US business, BBC
Royal Dutch Shell reports record $25bn profit, BBC
Putin hits back at energy critics, BBC
Senate grills US Iraq commander, BBC
UK to send 800 more troops to southern Afghanistan, BBC
US presents first consignment of new military equipment to Afghanistan, BBC
Toyota sales up as GM, Ford fall, BBC


Citizens who dare to challenge the untouchables, Rowat
Police told Blair to stay quiet on second interview, Settle
A tale of two police interviews and the dots joining them, Settle


American Enterprise Institute offered cash to undermine climate report, Sample
Wal-Mart boss says he will press suppliers in race to go green, Finch
Blair quizzed again as cash for honours consumes Labour, Wintour
An inspector calls: Cash-for-honours scandal will end badly, Ashley
Science forward, Bush backward: His climate proposals are woeful, Pitney
Wolfowitz: Would you take fiscal advice from a guy who can't buy $3 socks?, --


Inquest on friendly fire by US pilots continues;UK Ministry stalls on evidence , Judd
Chance for Israel-Syria peace if US stays out of it, Editorial

Times Online

Afghan warlords give themselves amnesty for murderous acts, Albone


ABC, news

Latin America

Mexico Defends Food, Social Rights, reject Calderons economic policy, Prensa Latina
Tortilla price rise unites Mexicans, Al Jazeera
Chávez lashes out at Mexico, El Universal
Law aims to protect women, El Universal
A Letter from Guatemala, Upside Down World
Free market Panama: Poverty despite Economic Growth, Prensa Latina
Haiti's top 2007 priority is judiciary reform, Caribbean NN
UN's 'collective punishment' of the poor in Haiti, Haiti Action
Crime: no pat solutions, Jamaica Observer
Rights groups decry Colombian leader's murder, Reuters
Power of the Venezuelan Media, Venezuelanalysis
Chavez Highlights ALBA Humanism, Prensa Latina
Chavez sets oil takeover deadline, Al Jazeera
New Plan to Make Brazil Grow Will Only Help Those Already Grown, Brazzil
Condom Machines Won't Solve Brazil's Sex and Pregnancy Woes, Brazzil
Six Youngsters Massacred in Brazil, Again. Police Are Suspect, Brazzil
Paraguay Ex Bishop to Be Presidential Candidate, Prensa Latina
How climate change will take its toll in Chile, Santiago Times

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

China's Poison for the Planet, Lorenz/Wagner
Cheap, Cheerful and Chinese?, Lorenz/Wagner
Munich to US: "Don't Send Your CIA Thugs out into Europe's Streets", Smith
EU Environment Minister Plans to Buy Japanese Car to Spite Germans, DSA/AP/ Reuters/DPA


Putin speaks about successor, Litvinenko, Politkovskaya and gays, Sudakov
Putin: Russia has no plans to build gas OPEC, Pravda
Putin says U.S. missile defense sites would threaten Russia, warns of retaliatory steps, Pravda
British police question Blair fro 2nd time in cash-for-honors probe, Pravda
German Foreign Minister heads for U.S. in wake of decision to arrest suspected CIA agents, Pravda
Global warming makes stronger hurricanes, Pravda

Inter Press Service

Politics-US: Lawmakers Move to Restrain Bush on Iran , Lobe
Mexico: Government in First Dialogue with Social Forces , Cevallos
Dominic Republic: Thick Smog on the Caribbean Coast , Pina
World Social Forum: Dying, or More Alive than Ever? , Osava
Politics-US: Iraq War Opponents Follow the Money , Glantz
Climate Change: Catastrophes Inevitable, Says New Report , Godoy
Trade: High Stakes in Attack on Indian Patent Law , Bidwai
Nepal: Revolution Within a Revolution , Logan

Radio Paris (WNN)

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


17 killed since collapse of Fatah, Hamas cease-fire, Avi Issacharoff
'And Israel looks on with glee', Suhail Ahmed
IDF kills two Fatah security officials in 'mistaken' raid, Amos Harel
Down playing Arab-Israeli conflict:: Should America follow the linkage theory?, Shmuel Rosner

Al Jazeera

Ceasfire crumbles in Gaza, Agencies
Najaf put under curfew, Al Jazeera
Cairo book fair sets religious tone, Agencies
Yemeni soldiers killed in attack, Agencies
Afghan army receives US boost, Agencies

Middle East

Saudi Laws Are Good, but Enforce Them Please!, Arab News
Why Problems Within Families Are So Common in Saudi Society, Arab News
US administration colluding in the murder of Lebanese civilians, Lebanon Daily Star
Pity Iraq's Shiites, caught between justice and retribution, Lebanon Daily Star
Iran's diaspora can have more of a say in US-Iran relations, Lebanon Daily Star
Review of Arab Editorials, Middle East Times
The words 'civil war' are on everyone's lips in Lebanon, Al-Ahram
Some prominent Americans are courageously speaking up against Zionism, Al_Ahram
Ahmadinejad held hostage to bazaar politics, Asia Times
A political curtain-raiser for the Taliban, Asia Times
A massacre in Najaf and a new civil war, Asia Times
Iranian diplomats to be released soon, Tehran Times
Iran’s energy deals stymie neocons , Tehran Times
Precondition for nuclear talks not constructive: Rafsanjani , Tehran Times



Hu's Trip to Sudan Tests China-Africa Ties, Christian Science Monitor
China Braces For A Bubble, TIME
Let's Prevent Arms Race in Space: China , The Age
Lenovo's Quarterly Results Show Revenue Increase,

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


South Africa: Fallen Anti-Apartheid Icon Leaves Behind Inequality , Nduru
Economy -Zambia: Maize Production (Almost) a Success Story , Chimangeni

Mail and Guardian


The Smirking Chimp

Like A Rat Running for Daylight: Bush and the Politics of Perpetual War, Peter Lee
Mad Libs, Brian Morton
The Confederacy of Dunces: A Nation Reaches Out To Fools At Our Peril, Alan Bisbort
Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead, Bill Quigley
A New Manifest Destiny, Robert C. Koehler


Art Panic in Boston! , Warfield
Cruise missile diplomacy: Bush targets Iran , Cohn
Jailing the artists, not the executives , CCR

Defense Tech

Breaking: Double the Troops in "Surge", Defense Tech

Democracy Now

Battle in Najaf: Is US-Iraqi Claim of Gunfight with Messianic Cult Cover-up for a Massacre?, DN

Online Journal

Judge in Zyprexa secret document case invites New York Times reporter to hearing, Pringle
Have Arabs fallen into a divide-and-rule trap?, Heard
The corporate media cover-up of the Najaf massacre, Whitney
Olmert moves the Separation Wall 5 kilometers eastward from the 1967 borders, Mar'i
Iran, Israel, the big lie, and the real threat, Scott
Sleepwalking towards war, Heard
Bush sacrifice, Merica

Tom Paine

Molly Ivins: Fire And Light, Poole
Fact-Checking The President (video), Olbermann
Bush On Makin' Money, Dubro
Invoking Tom Paine To End The War, Poole
Empire Vs. Democracy, Johnson
Paying A Fair Share, Waldman
No Defense Against Persecution, Shields


Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair, Leopold
"We Can't Say We Weren't Warned", Le Neuvel Observateur
Midwives Decry Fearful Trend in Birthing Practice, Women's eNews

Drug Corp Watch

Drug Company Gambles on Super Bowl Commercials, Without Mentioning Drug , Shelley Wood
HPV Vaccine Mandates Risky and Expensive , PRNewswire
Zyprexa Injury Clock Keeps Ticking Away, Evelyn Pringle
HPV Vaccine Won’t be Made Mandatory, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Amy Goodman:
Resistance to War Cannot be Jailed
Eric Klinenberg:
Local Media Content Shouldn't Be a Luxury
Bill Quigley:
Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead
Diane Farsetta:
An Army of Thousands More: How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters
Ed Harriman:
US Troops Will Stay in Iraq, and the War Will Get Worse
Dave Lindorff:
This is like Hitler's Suicide Order from the Bunker
Paul De Marco:
Please Listen Carefully As Our Menu Has Changed
Sam Graham-Felsen:
Obama Steps Up on Iraq
Peter Dreier:
The New War on Poverty
Paul Rockwell:
Truth Has Consequences for Soldier of Conscience
Carl Conetta:
No Good Reason to "Grow" the US Army and Marine Corps

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