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Weekend Edition: Friday, February 09, 2007

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 3: Bush Uses Dishonest Budget Assumptions To Screw Average Citizen (excerpt), NYT
Specials: Bush Budget, Bush Wars, Prez Dispensers, Online Journal, Bush Watch compilations

Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 2: How Your Taxes Get Sucked Up By A Massive Bush Spoils System (excerpt), Paul Krugman
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 1: Bush Plan To Lower Deficit: Take Our Social Security Funds (excerpt), Rattner
Politex News Wire: Taxes

War and the Economy: Snapshots From BushWorld, Kent Southard
Our Contributors: Uhler, Floyd (2), Soderstrom, Partridge, Hirschhorn, Hall, Mickey Z. (2), Marple, Brasch, Weiner, Direland, Guests: Krugman, Rich, Dowd
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The Super Bowl: Just Say "No", Jerry Politex
1944-2007: Molly Ivins Tribute, Kane, Politex, Texas Observer
Bush Jive-Capital: Pretend Money Is Killing The Middle Class, Running Up National Deficit, Jim Kunstler
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman
Daffy Dick: Puppetmaster Cheney "Has Turned His Perversity Into Foreign Policy" (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex

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News Roundup

War Plunder: Bush's Uncle Profits From "Illegal" Options Scheme, Say Feds, AP
Iran: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq, Unger
A war tax: support the troops by putting our money where our bumper stickers are, Henderson
Making democracy credible: Feinstein beards Bush coup e- voting in its Florida den, Ed
While the S.E.C. looks for insider trading Congress should regulate hedge funds, Ed
The A.B.A. won't get away with watering down decades-old judicial ethics code, Ed
Illegal immigrants slain in another mysterious attack, Archibold
Libby prosecution rests: will defense call champion of truth, Dick Cheney to the stand?, Lewis
New Jersey at Top of List for Children with Autism. Why?, Laura Bruno
Pentagon report rebukes Bush's warhogs for bogus Qaeda-Saddam link, Cloud and Mazzetti
Dems war resolution is 'training wheels for the real thing': getting us out of Iraq, Zeleny
Under Saudi auspices, Palestinian factions pledge to stop their feud, Fattah
Another bad idea from the Kremlin: can Russia learn to play by the rules?, Ed
Massive culls of poultry in poor countries must be compensated, Fadden, Duggan, Karron
US set for embarassing North Korea climbdown, Watts
Friendly fire report says US pilots ignored basic procedures, Norton-Taylor
Poverty and Inequality Remain the same in Mexico after 12 years of free market growth, Prensa Latina
Bush administration pushes for 'free trade' agreement with Colombia and Peru, Merco Press
Specials: Bush Budget, Bush Wars, Campaign '08 Online Journal, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Clashes at Jewish-Muslim holy site in Jerusalem
Palestinians to form unity cabinet
NKorea says ready for deal on nuclear weapons
Suspect charged over British plot to kidnap, kill soldier
Autopsy set for US pop celebrity Anna Nicole Smith
G7 finance ministers meet amid discord over yen
DaimlerChrysler agrees to sale of 7.5 percent of EADS

Common Dreams | News & Views

Mistrial Could Be End of Watada Case
Billions and Billions of Dollars Just Disappear in Iraq
Iran Says It Will Target US Interests if Attacked
US Faced with a Mammoth Iraq Refugee Crisis
One Million Women Could Sue Wal-Mart in Sex Bias Class Action
Blogger Josh Wolf Behind Bars 171 Days and Counting
NYPD Held 2004 Convention Protesters Longer
Activists Warn UN on Downgrading Disarmament

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Bush Budget

Closer Look at Bush's Budget Finds Unadvertised Tax Traps, Hall
Weapons that aren't ready dot Bush's war budget, Bender
Bush Uses Dishonest Assumptions In Budget To Screw Average Citizen (excerpt), NYT Ed

Special: Bush Wars

Corruption, Incompetence Plague Iraqi Forces, Reporter Finds, Lasseter
Sadr City rebuilds and thrives under the wing of the Mahdi Army, Cave
Iraq's No.2 health official held by US, accused of financing Shiite militias, Cave
Iran: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq, Unger
Iran Will Strike U.S. Interests if Attacked, Landay
Iran shakes a well-armed fist back at Bush as it secretly confers with Russia, Fathi

Special: Campaign '08

'Passionate', 'provocatve', 'freewheeling': Edwards stands by his staff bloggers accused of bigotry , Broder
Supporters push Gore to run , Elliott
Clinton, Edwards, and Obama make their pitches to the DNC, Meyerson

Today's Alternative Special

Online Journal

Why are we in Iraq? ... So much depends upon the red wheelbarrow, Gray
US Congress needs to grow a backbone, Heard
Delusion destroys democracy, Hirschhorn
The "R" word: Reparations for Iraq, Davies
Nobel Peace Prize nominee's freedom of speech trial concludes in a "democracy", Fleming
Israel's double nuclear standard is no standard at all, Mazza


United States

New York Times

Swift-jetting Pelosi: doesn't the Pentagon have better things to do?, Hulse
Swift-dogging Russia: these dogfights are gentle compared to our pit bull horror shows, Chivers

Washington Post

Official's Key Report On Iraq Is Faulted , Walter Pincus and R. Jeffrey Smith
N. Korea Talks Resume With 'Fresh' Hope , Edward Cody
Officers Charged in French Riots Case , Molly Moore
U.S. Says Airstrike Kills 13 Insurgents , Ernesto Londoño
White House On Sidelines In 2008 Contest , Peter Baker

Christian Science Monitor

Boston Globe

Italian court set to try US soldier in absentia, Falconi
5 indicted in contract bid-rigging, BG

Chicago Tribune

NBC's Russert grilled in CIA leak trial, Apuzzo

Los Angeles Times

On Iraq rebuke, House aims for concise, direct approach, Noam N. Levey
Pentagon aide's prewar work faulted, Julian E. Barnes
Iraqi health minister arrested in raid, Louise Roug
Electric company nationalized, Times Wire

San Francisco Chronicle

Big Oil cautious about clean-energy spending, David Baker
Libby Lawyers Grill NBC's Russert, AP
8 Killed in U.S. Airstrike Near Baghdad, AP

Seattle Post Intelligencer

U.S. Attorney: Ideology vs. Justice, Editorial
New Orleans residents fed up, leaving, AP


Rival Palestinian Leaders Agree to Form Coalition Government, Nissenbaum
Envoys Optimistic on North Korean Nuclear Talks, Johnson


Toronto Star

Iraq's deputy health minister arrested, car bomb kills dozens, Reuters
NATO girds for push on Taliban, Murray Brewster
Arbour moves to stop Saddam deputy's execution, AP
Khadr lawyers criticize U.S. new tribunal rules, AP
N. Korea agrees to take first steps to disarm, AP
Far-off war injures politicians at home, James Travers
Newest Liberal - Turner takes on Tories, Susan Delacourt
Liberals plan women-only nomination races, Joan Bryden
Justin Trudeau mulls political future, CP
Back and Forth: Poll gives Tories the edge, CP

CBC News

Fatah, Hamas agree on unity government, Staff
NATO pressures allies for more troops in Afghanistan, Staff
Defence lawyers question NBC reporter in CIA leak trial, AP
Iran could retaliate against U.S. 'all over the world': Khamenei, AP
Wanted: military doctors for Afghanistan, Staff
Hacker drops a bomb on nuclear watchdog's website, Staff
Environment hurt by Quebec separatism: Suzuki, Staff
No carbon tax, international carbon trading, Baird says, Staff
Khan report won't be made public: Harper, Staff



Tehran warns US against attacks, BBC
Top Iraqi official held in raid , BBC
Prosecution rests in Libby case, BBC
The low-key US campaign against Iraq's Shia militias, Andrew North, BBC
Diplomatic standoff over Iraq's insurgency TV, Sebastian Usher, BBC
Marine withdraws Iraq murder plea, BBC
EU to get tough on 'green crimes', Alix Kroeger, BBC


Americans shrug off killing people: mistakes happen, no blame, Chancellor


Iraqi insurgents offer peace in return for US concessions, Robert Fisk
Sunnis demand disbanding government, nullification of elections, Cornwell
US Iraq policy like Baath Party policy: both antiI-Iran, Cockburn

Times Online

An Iraqi doctor bribes his way out of Iraq, Farrell


ABC, news

Latin America

APPO Followers Protest in Front of Mexican Senate, Prensa Latina
Costa Rica Rejects Thousand Immigrants, Prensa Latina
Ortega strongly criticizes neoliberal policies but also asks for flexibility from international institutions, nicanet
One of Each Five Dominican Children has no legal identity, Prensa Latina
Five men shot dead at gambling shed, Jamaica Observer
Ousting of Aristide started ongoing human rights disaster in Haiti, UDW
Ecuador Says Massive Colombia Herbicide Spray Along Border Hostile, Prensa Latina
Hugo Chávez and RCTV: Censorship or a legitimate decision?, Venezuelanalysis
Venezuela and US energy corporation reach understanding over nationalization, Merco Press
'Never Again Supplier of Raw Material.' Vows Brazil's Lula, Brazzil
Brazil Sees Biotecnology as Panacea for Economic and Ecological Ills, Brazzil

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

Those Who Wage War Should Call it War, Malzahn
Lawyer for Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Sues US for Release of Vital Documents, SMD/Reuters/AFP
Gloria Steinem figures out how to answer reporters who ask Clinton or Obama: just say yes, Steinem
Castro's Last Victory, DSL/Spiegel
German Far-Right Crimes Up 19 Percent in 2006, CRO


Russian Foreign Chief Meets Iranian Diplomats Over Nuclear Standoff, MosNews
Russia to Build Up Number of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles -- Defense Minister, MosNews
Putin's Envoy Says EU Should Keep Away From Ex-Soviet Areas, MosNews


U.S. says NATO must launch offensive in Afghanistan, Pravda
Iranian official: U.S. seeks to mask failure in Iraq by scapegoating Iran, Pravda
Olmert asks Britain to protect Israeli officers from war crimes charges, Pravda
France's Chirac hints he will not stand for third presidential term, Pravda
Lukashenko takes pro-Western turn for Belarus, casts Russia aside completely, Novostei

Inter Press Service

Politics: Arabs Less Worried About Iran, Poll Finds , Lobe
Portugal: Graphic Leaflets Backfire on Anti-Abortionists , de Queiroz
Cuba: Versatile Sugar Provides Food, Fuel, Electricity , Grogg
Grenada: Death Sentence Thrown Out for Bishop's Killers , Ischyrion
Health-Indonesia: WHO Feathers Ruffled Over Bird Flu Vaccine , Macan-Markar
Politics-US: Reprieve for Officer Who Denounced 'Immoral War' , Glantz
Climate Change: Deforestation Main Challenge for UNEP , Mulama
Australia: Catholic Church to Give 'Impartial' Abortion Advice , Seneviratne
Media-Iran: Self-Imposed Sanctions , Sanati

Radio Paris (WNN)

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


How much American money should Israel ask for?, Shmuel Rosner
Police hurl stun grenades at Temple Mt. protesters, Jonathan Lis
State Dept.: New PA gov't must meet int'l demands, Avi Issacharoff
New PA government creates a real problem for Israel, Avi Issacharoff
UNIFIL confirms Israel's version: IDF troops didn't enter Lebanon, Amos Harel
Al-Aqsa Mosque is good for the Jews, Bradley Burston
Israel plays role in sparking anti-Fatah bitterness, Amira Hass

Al Jazeera

Clashes erupt at al-Aqsa mosque, Agencies
Gaza celebrates unity deal, Al Jazeera
Iran to 'hit back' if US attacks, Agencies
Iraq official held in ministry raid, Al Jazeera
Afghanistan focus of Nato meeting, Agencies

Arab News

Palestinians Sign Unity Deal, Siraj Wahab
Saudi Arabia Denounces Excavations Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Agencies
Khamenei Warns Washington, Nasser Karimi
To US Media, Iraq War Is a Misadventure, Not Catastrophe, Norman Solomon
A Referendum May Hold Key to Lebanese Debacle, Mariam Al-Oraifi
The Struggle for Africa Between US and China, Hassan Tahsin
Limited Health Options for Saudi Women, Maha Al-Hujailan
US interference has increased Middle East problems exponentially, Lubna Hussain

Lebanon Daily Star

UNIFIL steps up presence after border clash, Iman Azzi
Shiite leadership bans sectarian violence, issues a fatwa, staff
Lebanon's tourism takes heavy blow from 2006 war with Israel, political tensions, AFP
Russia's new standing can help Putin buttress Middle Eastern stability, Editorial
Hizbullah demands army return weapons, Rym Ghazal
Lebanese University students sign 'code of honor' pact to reduce political tension, Maria Abi-Habib

Middle East

Review of Arab Editorials, MET
Israel intensifies military flights over Lebanon, MET
Iran's drive for energy cooperation with its neighbors will weaken sanctions, Asia Times
How the 'security' charade plays in Baghdad, Asia Times
Thanks to Israel Long-term environmental challenges ahead in Lebanon, IRIN
Our Iraq: “Stealing is the easiest job in Iraq today”, IRIN
Our Iraq: I was raped by an Iraqi soldier following a raid at my home, IRIN
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Palestinian-Palestinian battle a conspiracy, Tehran Times
Taking a stand for what is right:Jimmy Carter Entered the Lions' Den, Palestine Chronicle
No More War Crimes in Our Name, Palestine Chronicle


Daily Times

Palestinians sign unity government deal, DT
Funerals monitored to ID bombers, Iqbal Khattak
Students seek a day to consider govt. assurances, DT
Older PIA stewardesses might be terminated, Mohammad Imran
Should foreigners be banned from Balochistan?, DT
Russia urges 'good will' in nuckear dispute, DDT


Dams' height to be raised, Khaleeq Kiani
Electricity from Iran for Gwadar port, Dawn


Nuclear Negotiators Start Mulling China-Drafted Deal on N. Korea, Yonhap News
China Sees Risks Of African Resources, Guardian Unlimited
China Moves to Trade Carbon Credits; Korea Moves Backwards , Chosun Ilbo
Gore: Global Warming Fight Needs China , Houston Chronicle
Innovation the Name of the Game , Asia Times
China Gets Postgraduate Blues, Asia Times


Bill seeking citizenship for 'West Pakistan refugees' rejected, The Hindu
Manmohan, Sonia criticised for raising spectre of violence, The Hindu
Nithari and the system of governance, The Hindu
Satyagraha and its preversion, Kashmir Times
The other India we forget, Kashmir Times
Disinvestment back on track, The Hindu
Now, Goa’s beaches are being ‘sold’, Deccan Herald
Inflation touches 6.58 pc; Left threaten to launch stir, The Hindu
Flattering but of limited value, The Hindu
51 pc FDI in electronics, sports goods retail on anvil, The Hindu
Prices storm upwards, Hindustan Times
China allays India's concerns on anti-satellite missile test, The Hindu
India wants cooperative ties with China: Navy chief, The Hindu
India-Iran: A friendship in the pipeline, Hindustan Times
Pak to get USD 300 mn for war on terror , The Times of India
N-talks: N Korea willing to compromise, Hindustan Times
N Korea to dismantle nukes, Deccan Herald
How Iraq welfare funds vanished into thin air, Deccan Herald
UN assesses Iraqi refugees’ plight, Deccan Herald
Backing despotic regimes is no answer, The Hindu
US seeks Indian cooperation to break Doha deadlock, The Times of India
Indian docs lose case against British govt, The Times of India

Asia Times, opinion


Mail and Guardian



Countdown for Iran , Baroud
It only takes 41 Senate votes to end the war , Walsh
Watada beats the government , Cohn
The Salvador option in Beirut , Schuh

Beyond Chron

Bush Declares War on Homeless, Low-Income Tenants , Shaw

Consortium News

Will the Dems Finally Play Hardball?, Parry

Lew Rockwell

Deck Chairs on the Titanic?, Kwiatkowski

American Prospect

What Haggard's fall from grace proves , Posner

Tom Paine

Finally, A Hot Seat For Bremer, Poole
Energy Research For All, Dubro
James Inhofe Has Finally Lost It, O'Donnell
Worse Than The Disease, Poole
Give Us Your Well-Off, Burt


Mistrial Could Be End of Watada Case (video), TO
The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened, Simpich
Progressive Democrats Aim to Cut Iraq War Funding, Renner
US Doesn't Sign Ban on Disappearances, ANCOSO Development GmbH
Libby Testimony Points Directly to Bush, Cheney, Leopold
Human Rights, Le Monde Ed
The Saudi Game, Le Figaro

Drug Corp Watch

Arkansas Receives Nearly $1 Million from Drug Company Settlement , Arkansas News Bureau
China Launches Review of Drug Industry, Joe McDonald
Children's Drug Trial Program Gives Boost to Medicine, Profits, HealthDay
Angry Lawmakers Demand Texas Vaccine Order be Rescinded, David Gutierrez
Medical Tyranny in Texas Turns Teenage Girls into HPV Vaccination Profit Centers, Mike Adams
Gemzar: Update Questions Omission of Information About Drug ,
Pharm-Free, Press Telegram
AIDS Healthcare Foundation Bans Pfizer's Drug Reps From Its Clinics, PRNewswire
Doctors Say ‘No Thanks’ to Drug Makers , Mary Engel

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Amy Goodman:
Bang Pots and Pans for Molly Ivins
Richard Zitrin:
Secrecy's Dangerous Side Effects
Rosa María Pegueros:
"This Country Is Just As Corrupt As Mine!"
Matthew Rothschild:
Pathetic Senate, Timid Reid on Iraq War
William Greider:
Mike Gravel's Campaign
Christine Ahn:
A New Fast Track For Unfair Trade
Roy Ulrich:
Cheney's the One
Matthew Miller:
The "Fast Food" Moment
Paul Findley:
Carter Enters Lions' Den
Mia Farrow:
Your Investments Might Be Financing Genocide in Darfur
Col. Daniel Smith:
The Self-Destructive Logic of War
Bruce Dixon:
Does the Congressional Black Caucus Really Represent Black America? And What Should We Do About It?
Dave Lindorff:
Truth or Consequences: Some Questions for President Bush

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