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Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Republic or Empire: A National Intelligence Estimate on the United States [1], Chalmers Johnson [2]
Specials: Busted Economy, NK Bribe, Iran-In-Waiting, Iraq Disaster, Democracy Now!, Bush Watch compilations

Our Contributors: Uhler (2), Collins, Mickey Z. Floyd (2), Weiner, Ross, Samples, Pringle, Bosworth, Miller, Fisher (2), Wokusch, Brasch, Direland (2)
Death In Amsterdam, Pt. 4:
How Muslim Women Are Indoctrinated To Hate (excerpts), Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview
Dem Turncoats: What's Wrong With David Brooks' Analysis Of A Dem Anti-Populist Position, Christine Tomlinson
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 3: Bush Uses Dishonest Budget Assumptions To Screw Average Citizen (excerpt), NYT
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 2: How Your Taxes Get Sucked Up By A Massive Bush Spoils System (excerpt), Paul Krugman
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 1: Bush Plan To Lower Deficit: Take Our Social Security Funds (excerpt), Rattner
Politex News Wire: Taxes

War and the Economy: Snapshots From BushWorld, Kent Southard
Home For The Holiday: The Super Bowl: Just Say "No", Jerry Politex
1944-2007: Molly Ivins Tribute, Kane, Politex, Texas Observer
Bush Jive-Capital: Pretend Money Is Killing The Middle Class, Running Up National Deficit, Jim Kunstler
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman
Daffy Dick: Puppetmaster Cheney "Has Turned His Perversity Into Foreign Policy" (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex

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News Roundup

Once the Most Beloved Country in the World, the US is Now the Most Hated, Jan Morris
High Time for Voting Reform, Coco
Repeal the Military Commissions Act and Restore the Most American Human Right!, Thom Hartman
Leaked Letter Reveals Conservative Strategy For Iraq Debate: Don't Talk About Iraq, TP
A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues
12 Republicans Break Ranks on Iraq Resolution
Douglas Feith: The War Pimp, Kwiatkowski
For Liberal Bloggers, Libby Trial Is Fun and Fodder
Saying He Was Misled by Defense, Judge in Libby Case Puts Some Evidence Off-Limits
Daimler may dump Chrysler along with 13,000 jobs and US plants, Harrison
Frontline: NEWS WARS - Secrets, Sources & Spins (3 parts), Documentary
Conservative groups take to college campuses to bash Eve Ensler and 'reclaim' Valentine's Day, Friedman
How To Shave The Modern Male, Mark Morford
Valentine (Cartoon), Mark Fiore
Obama makes a clean hit, Jackson
Giuliani Says He Is Running for President in '08
Promising 'new American dream,' Romney launches White House bid, Helman
E.U. Report Faults 16 Nations in Probe Of Secret CIA Flights , Molly Moore
India, China, Russia form partnership to challenge US world order, Page
Specials: Busted Economy, NK Bribe, Iran-In-Waiting, Iraq Disaster, Democracy Now!, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Madrid train bombings trial opens
SKorea sets talks with North
Bush defends policies on Iraq, Iran, North Korea
Iraqi and US troops step up Baghdad security operation
Sadr 'on short visit to Iran': aide to Iraqi PM
US autoworkers greet job cuts with resignation
Euro-area experts raise 2007, 2008 growth forecasts: ECB poll

Common Dreams | News & Views

National Security Experts Grim on Terror War
Study: Prison Population on the Rise
Lebanon Slides Towards Civil War as Anniversary of Hariri's Murder Looms
Britain and US: Worst of Wealthy Nations for Children
US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line
Doubts Raised on Linking of Iran to US Deaths in Iraq
Korea Deal Marks Big Victory for Realists
Greenpeace Try Eating Whale to Stop Whaling

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Busted Bush Economy

The nonsensical quality of our budget debates, Reich
Bush's new budget is predictably bad for mass transit, Adler
US Plans China Hotline As Deficit Soars, Globe and Mail
The US As Leading Currency Manipulator, Asia Times
China's Bank Assets Rise 17.3%, Asia Times

Special: Bush NK Bribe

Accord Allows North Korea to Keep Nuclear Weapons, Johnson
North Korea: Nuclear Roulette Spins - No Regime Change , Bezlova
China Wins Praise Over N Korea Deal , Financial Times

Special: Bush Iran Disaster-in-Waiting

Bush steps back from claims about Iranian government in Iraq, Cornwell
Doubts raised on linking of Iran to US deaths in Iraq, Stockman + Cambanis
Once again the drums of war are roaring in Washington DC, Al-Ahram
Israel, Iran and the Bush Administration, Palestine Chronicle
US's smoking gun on Iran misfires , Asia Times
How the US is doing Iran's killing in Iraq, Asia Times
Last weekend marked the start of the new 'marketing campaign' on Iran but It won't work on the public , Tomasky
Russia calls for similar US 'flexibility' on Iran as on NKorea, The Hindu

Special: Bush Iraq Disaster

Iraq War Plan Assumed Only 5,000 U.S. Troops Still There by December 2006, Thomas Blanton/Joyce Battle
'Desert Crossing' 1999 Assumed 400,000 Troops and Still a Mess, Roger Strother
Iraq's death toll is far worse than our leaders admit, Roberts
Frontline: THE LOST YEAR IN IRAQ, Documentary

Today's Alternative Special

Democracy Now!

Vermont Becomes First State to Call for US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq, DN
Craig Unger on How the Neoconservatives Are Pushing For An Attack on Iran, DN
New York Times Trumpets Pentagon's Claims Over Iran Sending Bombs to Iraq, DN
News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin, DN
Exclusive: Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail After Over 170 Days Behind Bars, DN
Attorney Martin Garbus on "The New Supreme Court and What It Means for Americans", DN


United States

New York Times

Editorial: Not Supporting Our Troops with protective armor
Editorial: Minimum Wage, Minimum Tax Cuts
Editorial: Needed Fixes for No Child Left Behind
Disconnect, Not Antidote: The New Congress Confronts Iraq in 12-Hour Swatches
Help Not Wanted by wealthy nondemocratic regimes
An Outsider's Murder Trial Shakes a Southern Town
Debate Over Children and Psychiatric Drugs
As St. Paul Goes ...: In State Legislatures, Democrats Are Pushing Toward Parity
Anti-Bosnian Backlash Feared in Utah
Flu Spray Most Effective for Children, Study Finds
Few Encounters in Sweep of Baghdad, the Americans' First Under Bush's Surge
Russians to Vote, but Some Parties Lose in Advance
Canceled TV Speech Points to Hamas and Fatah Split
British Court-Martial Drops Charges in Iraq Abuse Case
> Bush Declares Iran's Arms Role in Iraq Is Certain

Washington Post

Iranians Aid Forces in Iraq, Bush Alleges , Peter Baker
Armed Iraqis Wary of Security Plan , Ernesto Londoño and Joshua Partlow,
Skepticism Over Iraq Haunts U.S. Iran Policy , Karen DeYoung
Quest to Heal Iraqi Boy Became a Final Mission , Ernesto Londoño

Christian Science Monitor

Sunni rebels claim deadly terror attack in Iran, Arthur Bright
Astronomers hunt for 'exoplanets', Robert C. Cowen
Despite loss of his child, Palestinian ex-fighter remains dedicated to peace, Amelia Thomas
Bush defends stances in foreign-policy hot spots, Peter Grier
Where US is helping to make gains against terrorism, Simon Montlake
On US-Mexico border, illegal crossings drop, Faye Bowers

Chicago Tribune

Iraq war debated in House, Madhani
Big questions left in N. Korea pact, Fang, Osnos, + Silva

Los Angeles Times

11 more Republicans get behind Iraq rebuke, Richard Simon
Bush: Redeployments to Iraq don't hurt troop morale, Peter Spiegel
Tehran's Iraq role unclear, U.S. now says, Borzou Daragahi

San Francisco Chronicle

Congress' Iraq move may yet constrain Bush, Carolyn Lochhead
Bush delivers rebuke to House Dems, Marisa Lagos
U.S. Reports 6 Military Deaths in Iraq, AP

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Iran: Skeptical fears, Editorial
GOP breaks rank to oppose Bush, AP


Experts Fear Afghanistan Could Become the Next Iraq, Hutcheson
Staffing Shortage Holds Up World's First Cellulose Ethanol Plant, Heller
Bush Sends Ambiguous Signals About His Intentions on Iran, Hutcheson+Talev
Students Relive Key Chapter of Brazilian Dictatorship, Chang


Toronto Star

Showdown Kyoto vote today, CP
Bush insists Iran arming Iraqi rebels, AP
Terrorist blast in Iran kills 11, AP
NKorea diplomacy under fire, Tim Harper
Canada `mediocre' in child welfare - 12th out of 21 nations, Olivia Ward
Attack Canadian oil facilities, Al Qaeda urges, Reuters
U.K. soldiers cleared of Iraq abuse, AP
EU countries helping CIA secret renditions violating human rights laws, AP
11 arrested in French Al Qaeda raids, AP
Iraq unveils sweeping security plan, NYT
Cheney won't be asked to testify, Staff
Harper and Charest launch gamble for votes, Chantal Hebert
B.C. unveils plan to cut gas emissions, Staff
French ad disses Dion as a cut-out, Susan Delacourt

CBC News

Al-Qaeda calls for attacks on Canadian oil facilities, Staff
In Depth - Afghanistan: Is the country collapsing?, Staff
NKoreans must 'prove themselves,' Bush says , Staff
European countries helped the CIA move terror suspects, Staff
Militants post video of kidnapped Iraqi-American translator, Staff
U.S. military reverses position, confirms helicopter shot down, AP
Bush dismisses criticism, urges Congress to OK funds for Iraq war, AP
Into Africa: Is China becoming a superpower in Africa?, Michel Cormier
UN: UK, US kids worst off in industrial world; Canada 12th out of 21, Josh Ward
We aim to … passably suffice, Heather Mallick
Opposition MPs pass Kyoto bill despite Tory resistance, Staff
Passionate Eye: ENEMIES OF HAPPINESS, Documentary
Passionate Eye: ER BAGHDAD, A DOCTOR'S STORY, Documentary

Globe and Mail

Baird says he didn't misrepresent Gore, CP
Bid to kill Kyoto bill fails, Alexander Panetta
Officials rate threat level low despite al-Qaida call, James Stevenson
Alberta will pay millions to pick the world's brains, Dawn Walton
Bush: Iran providing weapons for Iraq, going to do something about it, AP
Kansas schools dump 'intelligent design', AP
Legalize poppy trade to counter Taliban, think tank urges, AP
NATO air strike targets Taliban leader, AP
Harper admits he's picking judges to advance Tory 'objectives', CP
Why did China paint the mountain green?, AP



EU endorses damning report on CIA, BBC
CIA flights controversy here to stay, Stephen Mulvey, BBC
Top US general says 'no proof' Iran has directly armed Shia groups in Iraq, BBC
Bush maintains pressure on Iran, BBC
US 'to take 7,000 Iraq refugees', BBC
US military recruits more felons, BBC
Hope for end of climate deadlock, Roger Harrabin, BBC
Will the North Korean deal hold?, Gordon Corera, BBC
French police in 'terror' swoop, BBC
Nato 'kills Taleban commander', BBC
Five UK soldiers cleared of Iraq abuse, BBC
Dow Jones closes at record high, BBC
DaimlerChrysler cuts 13,000 jobs, BBC
Katrina homeless hit by tornado, BBC
Can Chinese coal industry clean up its act?, Nils Blythe, BBC


Bush backtracks on claim that Tehran is providing arms to insurgents, MacAskill
Mahdi army commanders withdraw to Iran: will lie low, return later, Howad
Throwing away the key: California prisons overflow with human misery, Abramsky
Increasing polio in Pakistan: extremists clerics say US vacinnations a plot, Walsh
Britain and America: West's worst places to raise children, McHugh

Times Online

Bush tones down 'Axis of Evil' rhetoric-- take that, Tony Snow!, Baldwin
Murders in Iran: US accused of supporting bus attackers, Theodoulou
McCain: responsibility for Iraq, but no power to control the outcome, Baker


ABC, news

Latin America

Terror threat against Pemex lacks ‘veracity’, El Universal
Migrants rely on accounts, El Universal
Calderon using drug war to pass himself off as Bush-like 'War President', El Universal
Zapatistas Condemn Drug Trafficking and Illegal Vehicles, Narco News
Therapeutic abortion: Nicaragua taking a second look, nicanet
El Salvador Still Seeks Missing Children, Prensa Latina
India, Cuba team up in drugs, oil and wind energy, Caribbean NN
The Killing of Alexandra and Stéphanie Lubin, Haitianalysis
Going somewhere, nowhere fast, Jamaica Observer
Ecuador Poised for Radical Change, Prensa Latina
Popularity of Colombia's Uribe up despite scandal, Reuters
Chavez threatens supermarket sweep, Al Jazeera
Fidel and His Buddy Hugo, Exporting Revolution, Venezuelanalysis
Fox News and Rep. Connie Mack vs. Joe Kennedy and Venezuelan Heating oil, Venezuelanalysis
Venezuela Expands Regulation of Food Production, Venezuelanalysis
Zero Tillage: Why the Grass Is Greener on Brazil's Side (Roundup ready Brazil), Brazzil
Morales-Lula Have Upbeat Meeting, Prensa Latina
Chile's National Architecture at Risk, Santiago Times
Nationalization Blues in Bolivia, Rock and Roll in Venezuela, Bolivia Rising

Upside-Down World



Putin Says U.S. Invented Russian Threat to Boost Defense Spending, MosNews
Saudi Arabia Ready to Cooperate With Russia on Nuclear Energy Program -- Top Official, MosNews
International Group Denounces Fresh Turkmen Elections, MosNews
Lithuania Urges EU to Speak in One Voice With Russia on Energy Questions, MosNews

Inter Press Service

Latin America: Celebrating 40 Nuclear-Weapon-Free Years , Cevallos
Rights: NGOs Campaign for New U.N. Women's Agency , Deen
Cuba: Snail's-Pace Internet Is Washington's Fault , Acosta
Mexico: Law on Violence Against Women - Necessary but Not Sufficient , Cevallos
Finance: IMF Quits Sri Lanka - May Return , Samath
Japan: Leading Biodiversity Conservation , Kakuchi

Der Spiegel

Radio Paris (WNN)

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Erdogan: Israel agrees to Turkish inspection of J'lem dig site, Amiram
Talks on 3-way summit falter over final status issue, Avi Issacharoff
Israel is conducting an intensive international diplomatic effort to increase sanctions on Iran, Benn
Jordanian MPs: Jerusalem dig violates peace pact with Israel, Jonathan Lis
Mitt Romney, blood libel, and that old time Jew hate, Bradley Burston

Al Jazeera

Cracks appear in Palestinian unity, Agencies
Iraq imposes border closures, Al Jazeera
US to take 7000 of the 3.7 million Iraqi refugees we have created, Agencies
Scores killed in Yemen fighting, Agencies
Egypt holds 56 Brotherhood members, Al Jazeera
Nato strike targets Taliban leader, Agencies
Kyrgyz ex-PM denounces president, Agencies
Turkmen leader's election 'unfair', Agencies

Arab News

Despite Denials by His Supporters, US Insists Moqtada Sadr Has Left Iraq, Qassim Abdul-Zahra
Saud: No Barriers to Nuke Cooperation With Russia, Raid Qusti
World passivly watches US conquest of the Middle East, energy resources, Hsu
Victory cannot come by using terrorist tactics, Ed
The Method in Olmert’s Madness, Uri Avnery
Voices of Jewish Dissent Break Cover, Neil Berry

Middle East

Review of Arab Editorials, MET
The agreement between the US and North Korea are being studied in Teheran, Ynet
Israeli privatization served to whitewash the corrupt, Ynet
How many were killed in Najaf last week?, Al-Ahram
Egypt and the US: Still allies, more or less, Al-Ahram
Black Hawks down in Iraqi quagmire , Asia Times
Our Iraq: Militia fighters and insurgents fill humanitarian vacuum, IRIN
Our Iraq: risk of being shot or arrested in a hospital, IRIN
Our Iraq: Neglected nurses fight their own war, IRIN
Terrorist bombing in Zahedan , Tehran Times
Israeli Occupation Abduct Dozens Residents In Jerusalem And W. Bank, IPC
Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied territories, IMEMC
The bombing of the Golden Mosque: Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth, uruknet


Daily Star



Rot in private schools, The Times of India
'India has failed to safeguard Dalit rights', The Hindu
Ban orders at Singur set aside, The Hindu
Sec 144 in Singur illegal: HC, The Times of India
Goa SEZs nothing but realty deals, says Left, Deccan Herald
Inflation scare leads to wheat export ban, Hindustan Times
India struggles on health front: survey, Hindustan Times
Need for water reform, Deccan Herald
The Baglihar settlement: It's a win-win situation, Kashmir Times
Pak media critical of govt on Baglihar verdict, The Times of India
India-China Year of Friendship launched, The Hindu
India, China and Russia for multi-polar world, The Hindu
India, Russia, China agree cooperation holds the key, The Hindu
Russia signals end of strategic retreat, The Hindu
E.U. report condemns CIA rendition flights, The Hindu
A welcome agreement, The Hindu
Pyongyang could set precedent, Hindustan Times
'Tainted' recruits in US Army, The Times of India
Australia not considering troops withdrawal from Iraq now, The Hindu
Britain: Worst place for children, The Hindu
'At least 64 people killed in past 2 days in Guinea', The Hindu

Daily Times

'Prevention of Anti-Woman Practices' bill considered; would change legal code, Irfan Ghauri and Zulfiqar Ghuman
Bill would improve women's status, DT
MMA to stay in assemby, Mohammad Imran
World Bank: Pakistan, India reforming, Khalid Hasan
Concerns raised about lack of US-China talks, P Parameswaran
Hindu hardliners threaten valentine's celebrators, DT


Bill seeks to end anti-woman practices, Amir Wasim
Azad welcomes dam decision, Dawn
Pakistan, Iran to share info on common problems, Dawn


India, China, Russia Call for Fairer World Order, Boston Globe
Beijing Condemns Taiwan's Removal of Word 'China' from Company Names, Chosun Ilbo
Knocking Out China's Knock-Offs, Asia Times
Malaysian Media Mogul's Big China Bet, Asia Times

Asia Times, opinion


Technology-Africa: A Rural-Urban Digital Divide Challenges Women , Mulama

Mail and Guardian


Tom Paine

Embrace Our Differences, Kofi Annan
Nightmare On Alms Street, Burk
A Billion Here, A Billion Where?, Dubro
Discovering What Democracy Means, Moyers
Explosively Formed Distractions, Heitner


An Appeal to Conscience to Those Who Would Bomb Iran, Ann Wright
Virgin, the Dynamo, and the Prize, Wilson
US Energy Secretary Opposes Caps, Profits From Emissions, Leopold
California Crime and Punishment, Sandronsky

The Smirking Chimp

The Docile American: The Nexus of God, Labor, Health Care and the Fear to Strike, Zbignew Zingh
The Washington Post Disses the Dixie Chicks, Robert Parry

Drug Corp Watch

Merck to Pay $2.3 Billion in Tax Case, Bob Fernandez
Drug Lawsuit Bills Advance in State House, Tim Martin
The Diabetes Conundrum: What Physicians are Teaching You may be Killing You, Dr. Joseph Mercola
Shocking Documentary Will Convince You to Stay Away From Vaccines For Good, Dr. Joseph Mercola
Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion Before ANY Health Procedure, Dr. Joseph Mercola
Why Take a Contraceptive to Treat Your Acne?, Dr. Joseph Mercola
Mammograms Offer No Health Benefits Whatsoever, Doctors Conclude, David Gutierrez
Ketek Antibiotic to Carry Black Box Warning, New Use Limitations by FDA, David Gutierrez
Trail of Paxil Suicide Leads to GlaxoSmithKline, Evelyn Pringle
Texas Governor's Order of Anti-Cancer Vaccine for Schoolgirls Worries Some Parents' Rights Groups , Liz Austin Peterson
Whistleblower Says FDA Approves Drugs Too Quickly, The Associated Press
FDA Issues Notice On RotaTeq Rotavirus Vaccine, Catharine Paddock
FDA Blows Zyprexa Whistle, Daniel Haszard
FDA Staffer Urges Scrutiny of Lilly Drug, Reuters
AIDS Group Moves to Stop Viagra OTC Sales, UPI
FDA Investigators Search Ranbaxy USA Offices , The Trentonian

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Robert Scheer:
Before the Invasion, There Was Feith
George Lakoff:
Escalating Truth
Anne Miller:
Yes, Hillary, We Do Need Moral Leadership
Thomas Schaller:
America's View of Republicans Crumbles in Iraq
Susan Van Haitsma:
A Valentine to Newlyweds Separated by Their Country
Les Roberts:
Iraq's Death Toll is Far Worse Than Our Leaders Admit
Joyce Marcel:
Dear Hillary
John Nichols:
Obama's Race a Factor in Howard's Attack?
Ted Rall:
How America Marginalizes Millions

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