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Weekend Edition: Friday, February 23, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Stop Presidential Dictatorship: American Liberty at the Precipice, NYT Editorial
Specials: Iran Slam, Cheney Hides Out, Endless War, Endless Campaign, FindLaw, Bush Watch compilations

New Rule: How Did We End Up With The Chimp?, Bill Maher
Our Contributors: Fisher (2), Partridge, Mickey Z. (2), Weiner, Floyd, Ireland, Uhler, Ross, Hammond, Kuntsler, Miller, Jones, Kane
The Iran Distraction: Liar Bush Is The New Manchurian Candidate (excerpt), Frnk Rich
SAIC: Contractor That Benefited The Most Cooked, Investigated Intel Info On Iraq (excerpts),
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 3: Bush Uses Dishonest Budget Assumptions To Screw Average Citizen (excerpt), NYT
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 2: How Your Taxes Get Sucked Up By A Massive Bush Spoils System (excerpt), Paul Krugman
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 1: Bush Plan To Lower Deficit: Take Our Social Security Funds (excerpt), Rattner
Politex News Wire: Taxes

War and the Economy: Snapshots From BushWorld, Kent Southard
Bush Jive-Capital: Pretend Money Is Killing The Middle Class, Running Up National Deficit, Jim Kunstler
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex

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News Roundup

Scramble for Iraq's oil begins as troops start to pull out, Shah
In corporate Bushworld hospitals dump homeless paraplegics in the road, Archibold
Trapped on an airplane: Congress must stop profit-driven passenger abuse, Ed
Damaged and adrift in the shadows: this is how Bush 'supports our troops', Ed
We need a crackdown on profiteering colleges that bilk students & government , Ed
Take a tour of The People's Debt and Deficit Walk-Through Memorial , Ed
The dilemma for US car workers, BBC
Where Bush would steer energy R&D, Mark Clayton
Senate Dems work to overturn 2002 resolution giving Bush authority to attack Iraq, Hulse
Right-Wingers Repent, But Not The Times, Conason
Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib (Synopsis), HBO
Reacting to December UN resolution, not Bush threats,Tehran is split over enrichment, Sanger and Broad
Anxiety sends Arab leaders running to the arms dealers, Fattah
Polls show anti-American feelings at all time high in Muslim countries, Tom Regan
Rice's Middle East visit: Bullying and intimidation dressed up as diplomacy, Shaoul
Mexico's shocking, appalling justice system, El Universal
Nobel Peace Prize winner Menchu to run for president in Guatemala, Merco Press
Specials: Iran Slam, Cheney Watch, Endless War, Endless Campaign, FindLaw, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Cheney warns on Chinese military rise
25 feared dead in Latvia disabled home fire
Italy's Prodi set to return as prime minister
Huge search for 120 missing in Indonesia ferry blaze
Thousands gather to support Afghan warlords
Merkel, Chirac call for 'fair division' of burden on Airbus
British economy grows by 2.7 percent in 2006

News Bullets

  • Army Commanders Wanted Bigger and Faster Troop Pullout
  • UN 'Underestimated' Sea-Level Rise Threat to South Pacific
  • 48 Countries to Meet in Oslo in Bid for Global Drive against Cluster Bombs; US Snubs
  • Gore's Rock Star 'Buzz' Pushes Agenda
  • Great Barrier Reef Polluted by Pesticides
  • Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe: Elliot Abrams
  • Vaccine Meeting, Merck Donation to Texas Governor Coincide
  • Shopkeepers Protest as Wal-Mart Checks out India

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

    Special: Iran Slam

    There is a principled solution to Iran problem, boring as that would be for Bush warhogs, Milani
    US intelligence on Iran does not stand up, say Vienna sources, Borger
    Rice Warns Iran It Risks Further U.N. Sanctions , Colum Lynch and Dafna Linzer
    Speculation Rages: Is Iran Bush's Next Target?, Hutcheson+Strobel
    Bush full of 'red-hot baloney' on Iran, Helen Thomas
    Raided arms 'factory' had gas canisters, U.S. says, Peter Spiegel
    Global drive to ban cluster bombs, BBC
    Protests greet Wal-Mart in India, BBC
    What is behind Russia's delay of Iran's nuclear reactor?, Symonds Iranian official offers glimpse from within: A desire for U.S. ally, Amanpour

    Special: Cheney Hides Out

    The Prosecutor points at Cheney in Libby trial, Blumenthal
    Is Cheney Next?, Rood
    Dick Cheney: What a Man!, Brent Budowsky The People V. Richard Cheney, Hylton

    Iraq War Protests Greet Cheney's Australia Trip
    Peter Hartcher:
    Cheney Down Under: Visitor is Just a Blast from the Past
    John Nichols:
    Cheney: Thanks for Cutting and Running

    Special: Endless Campaign

    Edwards Swipes at Hillary At Nevada Democratic Forum, Marc Cooper
    For Clinton, New Wealth In Speeches , John Solomon and Matthew Mosk
    Not a pretty sight: Hillary's attack dogs baying for Obama, Nagourney
    Barack Obama is a phenomenon but is doing what American politicians do: support Israel, Amira Howeidy
    Why Guiliani, McCain & Romney no longer support gun control laws, Clarke

    Special: Endless War

    Scramble for Iraq's oil begins as troops start to pull out, Shah
    Constant redeployments to Iraq are destroying military families, Alvarez
    US forces persist in bombing towns and cities as Baghdad's new security plan continues, Nermeen Al-Mufti
    Security in Baghdad is impossible: Iraqis are loyal to Iraqis and not to us, Oppel Jr
    Iraqis killing Iraqis for America, Curtis Doebbler
    Insurgents Broaden Arsenal in Battles With U.S., Iraqi Forces , Ann Scott Tyson and Joshua Partlow
    Ghosts of Abu Ghraib , Wes Enzinna

    Today's Alternative Special


    Europe's Investigations of the CIA's Crimes, Mariner
    The Need for Continuing Congressional Scrutiny of Credible Claims that Bush Administration Hiring and Firing of U.S. Attorneys Has Been Improperly Politically-Based, Tobias


    United States

    New York Times

    New houses in New Orleans Lower 9th are 'an island of hope in a sea of ruin', Nossiter
    Palestinian universities consumed in the conflict between Hamas and Fatah, Myre

    Washington Post

    Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization , Shailagh Murray and Jonathan Weisman
    Rice Warns Iran It Risks Further U.N. Sanctions, Colum Lynch and Dafna Linzer

    Christian Science Monitor

    Europeans' chill deepens on US policy, Robert Marquand
    A Serb raid, but pressure eases on war suspects, Beth Kampschror
    Simon Montlake, Political killings traced to Philippine military

    Boston Globe

    Bush's needless bear-baiting, ED
    The Army's outcast outpatients, ED
    Prisoners of the rule of law, Chemerinsky

    Los Angeles Times

    America tortures (yawn), Rosa Brooks
    Back from despair, in her words, David Zucchino
    Padilla unfit for trial, defense experts say, Carol J. Williams
    Distrust, fear a year after Iraq mosque bombing, Christian Berthelsen
    Ban on cluster bombs sought, AP

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Britain shows the way out, Editorial

    Seattle Post Intelligencer

    Padilla not fit to stand trial, say experts, AP
    Soldier gets 100 years for rape, killing, AP


    Britons Up in Arms Over 'Bin Brother', Ruskin
    Republican Critic of Iraq Policy Vows Not to 'Starve' the War, Schoof


    Toronto Star



    UK to hold talks on Iran nuclear defiance, BBC
    Cheney hails Australia over Iraq support, BBC
    US soldier jailed for Iraq murder, BBC
    Sanctions-hit Palestinians struggle to feed their families, Alan Johnston, BBC
    Anger over NY game 'Find the Illegal Immigrant', BBC


    Occupied Gaza like apartheid South Africa, says UN report, McCarthy
    Into the Valley of Death: Bush and Blair in Iraq, Bell
    British inquiry into Iraq War... after Blair leaves office, Branigan


    Pressure mounts on Blair for inquiry into mistakes in Iraq, Grice
    Revealed: The true extent of Britain's failure in Basra, Cockburn
    Blair is a composed and self-possessed lunatic --a wannabe war hero , Norman

    Times Online

    Fissures within US Administration over Iran, Baldwin
    Canadian Jehovah's Witness parents refuse babies' blood transfusions, Philp


    Blair's pull-out of troops piles pressure on Bush, Settle
    Britain’s no-win situation, Ed
    Blair's "gatekeeper" questioned again on peerages, Settle


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Foreign investment hits five-year high, El Universal
    Farmers celebrate the rise in corn price, El Universal
    Opposition lawmakers grill foreign relations secretary, El Universal
    Guatemala: Concern grows over rising tide of political violence, inforpressca
    Organic farming in Nicaragua gains greater support, nicanet
    Miami Bans Cuba Book from Schools, Periodico 26
    Sovereignty and Justice in Haiti, Haiti Action
    ‘One Step at a Time’: An Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide, HaitiAnlysis
    Ecuador’s Government Cautiously Takes its First Steps, nacla
    Colombian ex-intel chief arrested in 'para' probe, Reuters
    Disinterring the 'Disappeared' in Colombia,
    Union-Community Solidarity in Colombia, Colombia Journal
    Venezuela's Revolution: Giving Power to the Poor, Venezuelanalysis
    Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda, Venezuelanalysis
    Brazilian Militia's Boss Executed with Over 60 Shots in Rio, Brazzil
    Things Couldn't Get Worse to Brazilians Seeking US Visa. Still They Did, Brazzil
    Deadly floods hit Bolivia, Al Jazeera

    Upside-Down World


    Der Spiegel

    Coalition of the Willing?, Smith
    Bush and Al Qaeda: Terrorism vs. the Right to Privacy, IHT
    Syrian Dep. Prime Minister: "You Can't Bring Peace to Iraq Without Working With Syria", Putz
    China is sending more troops to the mostly Muslim province of Xinjiang, Wagner
    Cyprus and Turkey Face Off Over Oil Resources, SMD/AP/Reuters
    Airbus and the Not-So-Invisible Hand, Friedmann


    Russian Prosecutors Summon Presidential Hopeful for Questioning, MosNews
    U.S. To Close Military Bases in Kyrgyzstan as Military Operation in Region Ends -- Official, MosNews
    Russian, U.S. Security Advisers Admit Disagreements, MosNews
    Russian Parliament Rejects Power Sharing Agreement With Muslim Internal Republic, MosNews
    Top Russian Court Overturns Sentence for Former Yukos Security Boss, MosNews


    Russian foreign minister says U.S. hopes to win nuclear superiority over Russia, Pravda
    Iran expands its uranium enrichment program, Pravda
    Tony Blair says he bears no responsibility for violence in Iraq, Pravda
    Norway conference bans cluster bombs, Pravda
    Four Iraqi soldiers accused of raping Sunni woman and her two daughters, Pravda
    Somali insurgents threaten suicide attacks as airport attacked, Pravda
    Group sues US government over medical marijuana claims, Pravda

    Inter Press Service

    Finance: Wolfowitz May Bring Bank Back to Iraq , Mekay
    Corruption-Honduras: A Murky Transparency Law , Mejía
    Health-Indonesia: Poultry Ban Hits Jakarta Residents Hard , Inbaraj
    Iraq: Fallujans Defiant Amidst Chaos , Jamail+al-Fadhily
    Environment-India: Converting Waste to Energy - Not So Green , Acharya
    Climate Change: South Pacific More Vulnerable Than Thought , Singh

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    International Herald Tribune

    Middle East


    Peretz urges Israel to avoid verbal escalation with Syria, Amos Harel
    U.S. hardens line on talks between Israel and Syria, Ze'ev Schiff
    Damascus close to multi-million dollar deal to buy modern anti-tank missiles from Russia, Amos Harel
    High Court: Security fence may be built on Palestinian farmland, Yuval Yoaz
    The norms of the oligarchy in Israel, Israel Harel
    Rudy Giuliani unquestionably the leading candidate of The Israel Factor? , Shmuel Rosner
    In what state should Bibi run for the U.S. Senate?, Bradley Burston

    Arab News

    Dozens of countries pushing for a worldwide ban on cluster bombs, Agencies
    British Departure from Iraq, Editorial
    Afghanistan: Flawed Strategy, Faryal Leghari
    How Israel Targets Arab and Muslim Scientists for assassination, Hassan Tahsin


    Iran's Islamic Revolution is turning the country into a regional power to be reckoned with, Mustafa El-Labbad
    Lebanon: all sides fear a return to violence but none seems prepared to compromise, Lucy Fielder
    Palestinians are expected to have a national unity government in place by 1 March, Khaled Amayreh
    Apartheid looks like this, Jonathan Cook
    The Carter effect: what Mr President said and did not say, Shahira Samy

    Middle East

    Review of Arab Editorials, MET
    More bombs, explosives, detonators turn up in and around shaken Beirut, Lebanon Daily Star
    Israeli aircraft violate Lebanese airspace again, staff
    In The Battle Against Drugs, We're All On The Same Side, Al Hayat
    Fighting the wrong war in Afghanistan, Asia Times
    Elliott Abrams undercutting Rice's Middle East efforts, Asia Times
    US retreats from supporting Turkish cross-border operation against PKK , Zaman Daily
    Iran still insists on nuclear talks without preconditions , Tehran Times
    Israeli Troops Extra-Judicially Assassinate A Fighter In Jenin, IPC
    The warmongers’ hold on Washington is still as tight as ever, Palestine Chronicle
    Noam Chomsky: It All Comes Down to Control, Palestine Chronicle



    Cheney Raises Concerns About NKorea Deal, China , Washington Post
    China Awash with Graduates - But Are They any Good? , Management-Issues
    China Mobile’s 3G Conundrum, Telecommunications Magazine
    To Get Rich Is Not So Glorious, Asia Times
    EU Study Sees China Opportunities, Asia Times

    Daily Times

    India, Pakistan sign nuclear pact, Iftikhar Gilani
    UAE, Pakistan plan power pact, Naveed Siddiqui
    Pakistan took out terrorists with US help, DT
    Court orders Pakistan Air to take back female crew, Mohammad Kamran
    Splinter rebel group hits Nepal, DT
    Sri Lankans furious over arbitrary detentions, DT


    India rejects joint train blast probe, signs nuclear pact , Jawed Naqvi
    Teaching pre-Islamic history opposed, Raja Asghar
    Steel mills ordered closed, Dawn
    'Water' said true picture of Indian widowhood, Penny MacRae

    The Hindu, news
    Asia Times, opinion


    Widening US aggressive intervention: Bush's 'quiet' campaign in Somalia, Gordon and Mazzetti
    Market approach recasts often-hungry Ethiopia as potential bread basket, Scott Baldauf
    Development-Niger: Land Degradation No Match for Speculators , Boko
    Where are the Africans to condemn this despot?, McQuillan
    Angola: Five Years of Peace Marked by Economic Boom - and Dire Poverty , de Queiroz

    Mail and Guardian


    the smirking chimp

    Enemy of the People, Stephen Fleischman
    Reporters Who Work on Fox News Are Jeopardizing Their Careers, Cenk Uygur
    What the Hell's Wrong w/You People?, Stephen Pizzo

    Democracy Now

    Walter Reed Ex-Patient, Wife Speak Out on Poor Conditions at Army's Top Medical Facility, DN
    The Iraq Effect: New Study Finds 600% Rise in Terrorism Since US Invasion of Iraq, DN
    Is Torture on Hit Fox TV Show "24" Encouraging US Soldiers to Abuse Detainees?, DN

    Tom Paine

    The Democrats' Iraq Civil War, Corn
    Violating Iraqi Women, Susskind
    A New Bush Power-Grab, O'Donnell
    Saving Private Insurance, Mattera
    Jet Not-So-Blue, Dubro
    Rabid Fox Gets Bitten Again, Scher/Poole
    A War Conspiracy Documented, Prados
    Third Way, Wrong Direction, Palley
    A Four-Way Stop Sign, Hill/Iglitzin


    Children of Men, Wilson
    Fear of the Truth, Makarian/L'Expresse
    Promises to Keep, Cory
    Please Don't Make My Grandchildren Pay for the War That Killed Their Father, Kern
    Former Bush Officials Accuse White House of Trying to Provoke Iran, Yeter
    Another Long Walk, Pitt

    Drug Corp Watch

    The Verdict for Drug Company Wyeth , Monica Tele
    Prescription Drug Deaths Skyrocket 68 Percent Over Five Years as Americans Swallow More Pills, M.T. Whitney
    Drug Companies Bypass Doctors, Push Over-the-Counter Viagra with In-Store Consultation, David Gutierrez
    Off-Label Sales of SSRIs Leads To More Litigation, Evelyn Pringle
    CDC’s Vaccine Committee Whitewashed Toxic Vaccine Component, Says National Autism Association, Wendy Fournier


    Porgera Gold Mine Transforms Pacific Island, Martinez
    Belgium: Climate change scepticism still exists in Brussels, Rettman
    China: A growing epidemic of fake medications in Asia, McNeil

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


    25 Selected Columnists

    Common Dreams

    Juan Gonzalez:
    Oily Truth Emerges in Iraq
    Amy Goodman:
    Clinton Draws a Line in the Sand over Iraq
    Andrea Schmidt/Megan Boler:
    Will New Media Save Democracy?
    Medea Benjamin:
    Italian Women Lead Grassroots Campaign Against US Military Base
    Ira Chernus:
    A New Strategy for Ending the War
    Yifat Susskind:
    Iraqi Police Commit Rape—Armed, Trained, and Funded by the US
    Joan Chittister:
    Morality: Is it a Many-Splendored Thing?
    Gwynne Dyer:
    Would Pace Attack Iran if Bush Ordered It?
    Patrick Cockburn:
    The Retreat from Basra
    Robert Koehler:
    Stale Glory
    Adrian Hamilton:
    We Are Turning Tail, and Everyone Knows It

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