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Friday, March 02, 2007

New Pages At Bush Watch: Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...

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Schlesinger Tributes, Iran Spam, TruthDig, Bush Watch compilations

Pinto Nation: U.S. Corporate Behavior And The Stockholm Syndrome, Kent Southard
Goracle: Have The Voters Caught Up To Al Gore? (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
Senator Roadblock: Lieberman Using Threat Of Jumping Ship To Kill Dem Plans, Politico and Time
Politex News Wire: Some Inconvenient Truths

Prez Push? Gore Green Doc Wins Academy Award, NYT
Stop Presidential Dictatorship: American Liberty at the Precipice, NYT Editorial
New Rule: How Did We End Up With The Chimp?, Bill Maher
The Iran Distraction: Liar Bush Is The New Manchurian Candidate (excerpt), Frnk Rich
SAIC: Contractor That Benefited The Most Cooked, Investigated Intel Info On Iraq (excerpts),
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 3: Bush Uses Dishonest Budget Assumptions To Screw Average Citizen (excerpt), NYT
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 2: How Your Taxes Get Sucked Up By A Massive Bush Spoils System (excerpt), Paul Krugman
Stealing Our Taxes, Pt. 1: Bush Plan To Lower Deficit: Take Our Social Security Funds (excerpt), Rattner
Politex News Wire: Taxes

War and the Economy: Snapshots From BushWorld, Kent Southard
Bush Jive-Capital: Pretend Money Is Killing The Middle Class, Running Up National Deficit, Jim Kunstler
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex

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News Roundup

Poll says Americans are willing to pay higher taxes for universal health coverage, Toner and Elder
A suddenly convenient truth: the career liars in the WH 'have doubts' on N.Korean nukes, Ed
Intelligence officials learn how not to be used by twisted Bush agenda, Mazzetti Responders suffering from Gound Zero Disease must be compensated, Ed
Bush owes our misused,neglected National Guards a serious upgrade , AP
GOP hammer men hot for 'guest slaves' but citizenship for immigrants leaves them cold, Ed
On Visit to Gulf Coast, Bush Hears Frustrations About Pace of Storm Aid , Michael A. Fletcher
To pacify Washington, Pakistan hauls in big Taliban fish. Will they throw him back?, Gall
Falluja wedding ripped by car bomb, 7 guests die, Rubin
Senate Dems bust Bush plot to replace US Prosecutors with craven Rove clones, Johnston
General fired for Walter Reed horrors: why didn't top brass heads roll like this in torture scandal?, Cloud
The latest Walter Reed revelations: Go for the 'sack' , Galloway
California enjoys electoral muscle, Steinhauer
Japan reneges on admission that it forced women into sex slavery during WWII, Onishi
Colonel Qaddafi still has Libya in a bizarre stranglehold, Slackman
Our Contributors: Baroud, Fisher, Mickey Z., Weiner, Floyd, Ireland, Uhler, Ross, Jones, Robertson, Wokusch, Collins, Kane, Rant Man

AFP - Wire stories

Deadly tornadoes strike southern US
Western tourists kidnapped in Ethiopia
Pakistan arrests former Taliban defence minister
Six die in US bus crash
Asian shares mixed in choppy trade while Europe rallies
EU says 'decisive progress' made in open skies talks with US
Airbus faces flak over rescue plan

Democracy Now!

Gen. Wesley Clark Weighs Presidential Bid: "I Think About It Everyday"
Headlines for March 2, 2007
New York Times Columnist Bob Herbert on Al Sharpton's Ancestral Link to Strom...
The Case of Gary Tyler: Despite Witness Recantations and No Physical Evidence...
Headlines for March 1, 2007
Los Titulares de Hoy: Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spa...

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Special: Schlesinger Tributes

Author Shaped Lens for Viewing U.S. History , Adam Bernstein
Arthur Schlesinger Jr. : a historian's valedictory, Semple

Special: Iran Spam

Bush Dead-Enders Preparing For More Slaughter In Iranian Attack?, Gallagher
FAIR nails NYT on Iran explosives propaganda article, Hart
Summit talks on crises: maybe the Saudis can handle wild boy Ahmadinejad, Fattah and Fathi

Today's Alternative Special


Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran, Harris/Kwiatkowski


United States

New York Times

At night farmer trades his tractor for the blues, Eckholm
U.S. reviewing safety of children's cough drops, Harris
Losing their buzz: millions of honeybees have simply disappeared, Berenbaum

Washington Post

Shortages Threaten Guard's Capability , Ann Scott Tyson
Army Fires Commander of Walter Reed , Steve Vogel and William Branigin
Australian Detainee Is Charged Under '06 Law , Josh White


Nuclear industry sees fertile ground in green Europe, Susan Sachs
Democrats split over Iraq war funding, Gail Russell Chaddock
In Germany, few want to play an Iraqi, Mariah Blake
TV series sparks free speech row in Turkey, Yigal Schleifer
Libya's Qaddafi marks 30 years of rule by the 'green book', Jill Carroll

CBS 5 San Jose

Cronkite In CBS 5 Interview: Iraq War A 'Disaster', Plante


Woman Colonel Urges Troops to Refuse Orders if US Attacks Iran, FDNW


White House Claims on North Korea Nukes to Face Test , Johnson+Landay
Accounting Firm Finds No Evidence of Money Laundering, Hall
Report: National Guard Unprepared for Domestic Missions, Brown
Fight Urged Against Opium, Corruption in Afghanistan, Schoof+Landay
Democrats Move to Require Approval Before Any Strike on Iran, Talev
U.S. Charges Australian Detainee with Supporting Terrorism, Rosenberg
Freshman Senator Takes Lead on Hot Controversy, Goldstein


Toronto Star



US follows stock market sell-off, BBC
Q&A: Will world stock markets recover?, BBC
Car bomb hits Iraq wedding convoy, BBC
US military hospital boss removed amid scandal over poor treatment, BBC
China labels US 'nosy neighbour', BBC
US files terror charges against Australian afterf five years at Guantanamo Bay prison, BBC
China considers reforming law that allows incarceration without trial, BBC
Afghan opium 'hits record output', BBC
McCain launches White House bid, BBC
John McCain's bid fails to turn conservatives on, Richard Allen Greene, BBC
US CO2 emissions 'violate rights' , BBC
Snowless winter is first for Tokyo for 131 years, BBC
Major two-year polar study begins, Matt McGrath, BBC
Germans tackle climate change riddle, BBC


George Bush's Comes to Jesus again--lets Diplomacy into his heart, Goldenberg
Conservapedia - the US religious right's so-called 'answer' to Wikipedia, Johnson
Televangelism: extremism, racism, pop-psychology & food mumbo-jumbo, Dowling
Yo, evil-doers! Bush takes on Iran and Syria, Bell
Conservatives hate McCain more than Guiliani, Tomasky
Orthodox Jews not required to be in army -What is wrong with this picture?, Freedman
Fears of Vietnam-style collapse in Iraq among US military leaders, Tisdall


CIA intelligence blunder prompted Korean nuclear race- deja vu all over again, Gumbel
Firebrand McCain more of a fizzling spark these days, Cornwell
Put Greenspan out to pasture before he does serious damage, Warner

Times Online

Dispirited conservatives haunted by unthinkable -a Clinton victory, Reid
A humorous politician? Don't make me laugh!, MacIntyre


ABC, news

Latin America

Calderón unveils new toll road-building projects, El Universal
Jalisco swears in Emilio González as new governor, El Universal
Mexico's disappointed political opposition: Two ways to regroup , El Universal
Oaxaca Conflict Puts Spotlight on the Media, Narco News
The APPO Comes Back Strong in Oaxaca, Narco News
High Cost of Meds Worry Mexicans, Prensa Latina
Opposition group: Mexico Economy on Verge of Collapse, Prensa Latina
Huge march by Opponents of 'free trade' CAFTA agreement in Costa Rica, Tico Times
Guatemala Reporters Threatened, Prensa Latina
Improving Fidel Castro could return to work, says Cuban foreign minister, Caribbean NN
UN Announces New Operation in Haiti, Prensa Latina
Brutalized and Abandoned: Residents of Cité Soleil Speak Out, Haitianalysis
Portia one year later: enigma or disappointment?, Jamaica Observer
Ecuador Set to Hold Popular Referendum, Prensa Latina
Colombia scandal casts shadow on aid-U.S. lawmaker, Reuters
Colombia announces probe into massacre of civilians by military,
Venezuelan Unemployment at New Low, GDP Continues Strong, Venezuelanalysis
Venezuela Decrees Nationalization of Last Foreign Controlled Oil Fields, Venezuelanalysis
Enough Already of Pretending Brazil Doesn't Need a Revolution, Brazzil
How Education and Hard Work Built Up Brazil's Silicon Valley, Brazzil
Argentina Rolling Back Privatisation of Pensions,
Bush administration upgrades Latinamerica and democracy, Merco Press
Collision with US ahead on Bolivia's 'Coca, Si; Cocaine, No' policy, Bolivia Rising

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

Airbus: Strikes and Finger-Pointing across Europe, Agencies
Mullah Dadullah: The Star of Afghanistan's Jihad, Gebauer
Prodi Survives Senate Confidence Vote, SMD/AP


Iranian leader to visit Saudi Arabia, Fattah/Fathi
Former defense minister of Taliban is arrested in Pakistan, Gall
Long quiescent, Libya starts to awaken, Slackman


Russia Dismisses U.S. Charges of Democracy Backslide, MosNews
Putin Nominates Kadyrov for Chechen Presidency, MosNews
Human Rights Groups Boycott Conference in Chechen Capital, MosNews
2 Yukos Managers Found Guilty of Embezzling $13 Billion, MosNews
Hamas Pledges to Stop Attacks on Israel -- Russian Official, MosNews

Inter Press Service

Politics: U.S. to Send Top Refugee Official to Damascus , Lobe
Labour-China: Lure of Cities Often Ends in Despair , Clifton
Culture-Indonesia: Ethnic Chinese Find New Acceptance , Seneviratne
Environment: Understanding Climate Change in Drake Passage , Valente
Peru: Lax Sentences Bode Poorly for Fight Against Corruption , Páez
Argentina: Rolling Back Privatisation of Pensions , Valente
Slovakia: Steering Clear of the U.S. , Dujisin
Bangladesh: Anti-Corruption Drive Makes Polls Uncertain , Ahmed
Iraq: Rape Cases Emerge From the Shadows , Jamail+al-Fadhily

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


Israel wants $50 million added to $2.4 billion it gets from US taxpayers every year, Shmuel Rosner
IDF imposes complete closure on West Bank ahead of Purim, Amos Harel
Israel pushing to improve Saudi peace initiative ahead of Riyadh summit, Aluf Benn
Western intelligence sources worried by jihadist upsurge in Lebanon, Amos Harel
Peres calls for pushing Moscow to stop supplying arms to Syria, staff
Israel's liaison to its neighbors: Saudi Prince Bandar, Aluf Benn
IDF ends Nablus operation as senior militants escape arrest, Amos Harel
Avigdor Lieberman: Israel can handle the Iranian nuclear threat on its own, Gideon Alon
Clinton has more of an 'emotional bond' with Israel than Edwards, Shmuel Rosner

YNet Israeli News

We also target civilians, Idan Landau
Obama looking for Jewish support: to speak before AIPAC, Yitzhak Benhorin
Peretz, Olmert at odds over outposts, Attila Somfalvi

Al Jazeera

Iraq group claims mass abduction, Al Jazeera
Israeli army ends Nablus raid, Al Jazeera
US, Iran talks possible in Iraq, Agencies
Senior US official to visit Syria, Agencies
Top Taliban leader 'arrested', Agencies
Deadly blast hits Afghan province, Al Jazeera

Lebanon Daily Star

Hariri accuses Damascus of blocking political deal, staff
All of Bush's talk about helping Lebanon is just that - talk, Editorial
Darfur's step forward, into the precipice, Julie Flint
Israelis and Palestinians should ponder 'land for refugees', Shlomo Avineri


Palestinian unity government in labour, Khalid Amayreh
Meshaal is as charismatic as ever, but his language is changing, Dina Ezzat
Security remains a mirage for Iraq's beleaguered population, Salah Hemeid
Apprehension is looming over the Middle East, Dina Ezzat
Iranian crisis gains momentum and the spectre of war looms ominously ahead, Mustafa El-Labbad
Israel is only interested in pacification and the continuance of its colonial plans, Hassan Nafaa
The Arab Gulf is arming itself, but why?, Ayman El-Amir
Egypt needs comprehensive political system reform, Amin Howeidi



China Roars But It's Still Too Young to Be Calling All the Shots , Financial Times
China Compares US Criticism to a Nosy Neighbor , Chosun Ilbo
China Urges Iran to Return to Disarmament Negotiations, San Diego Union Tribune
China Confirms Human Case of Bird Flu, International Herald Tribune
Amnesty Report: China's Internal Migrants Face Employee Abuse , San Diego Union Tribune
China's Overseas M&A Challenge, Asia Times
Beijing Soothes the Bears, Asia Times


US: No direct strikes inside Pakistan, Anwar Iqbal
Concern about Cheney's remarks, Sher Baz Khan
India to share inquiry results with Pakistan, Khalil Ahmad
Kite flying, sales banned, Dawn

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


Families Flee Violence as Somalia's Government Stumbles , Bengali
Environment-Senegal: Setting Fire to the Future , Boko

Mail and Guardian



The tragedy of a dozen evil men: We have lost Our country , Roberts
How far is Iran from the bomb? Who the hell knows?, McGovern
Star Wars: Bush's theater of the absurd , Brauchli
The war on terror and the terror of war , Bowden

Consortium News

Does Cheney 'Validate' al-Qaeda?, Parry
The Big, Unanswered Iran Question, McGovern

Online Journal

Tuesday's market meltdown; Greenspan's "invisible hand", Whitney
Middle East is plagued by covert operations, Heard
A democracy in crisis: Who is really in control?, Baroud
Operation FALCON and the looming police state, Whitney
Washington’s shifting alliances in Iraq, Ali
Democrats reinforce "war on terrorism" lie, Chin
"Doomsday" Dick and the plague of frogs, Whitney
The sham of nuke power & Patrick Moore, Wasserman

Tom Paine

Recommended Daily Dose Of Bombings (video), Jon Stuart
Union Busting As Homeland Security, Meister
Tough Questions For Dem Hopefuls, Kimberley
The Trouble With Rudy, Waldman
Silencing Soldiers, Olson
Perennial Lobbying Scandal, Drutman
Energy Blast On Capitol Hill, Scher
Deadly Denial of Dental Care, Poole
Human Junk Mail, Carlsen
Immigration's Roman Circus, Lovato

the smirking chimp

Black Tuesday, Mike Whitney
A Christian Nation? NOT!, Matthew Hubbard
Public Misconduct: A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men, Elizabeth de la Vega
The Al Gore Lie Is Halfway Around The World And The Truth Is Sitting In Nashville., Dave Johnson
Do as I Say, Not as I Do, Bob Burnett


Public Misconduct: A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men, de la Vega
An Afghan Woman Speaks Out for Democracy and Is Threatened With Death, Now
RFK Jr. Rips President Bush for Environmental Policy, Esposito
Saudi Arabia Confronted With an Outburst of Jihad, Le Figaro
Slavery Is Not Dead. It's Not Even Past, Herbert
Darfur and the International Criminal Court, Le Monde/Ed

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Andrew Bacevich:
Rescinding the Bush Doctrine
Robert Koehler:
Hold the Mushrooms: Cancellation of Divine Strake is a Great Victory, At a Tragically High Cost
Stacy Bannerman:
Broken by this War
Laura Carlsen:
Migrants: Globalization’s Junk Mail?
Todd Huffman:
George's War
Ned Lamont:
The Real Choice on Iraq
Robert Reich:
Time to Join a Union (Or At Least Have the Right to)
John Logan:
Who's Afraid of the Employee Free Choice Act?
Dan Bacher:
Peace Advocates Question Rep. Doris Matsui about Why She Supports Funding Iraq War
Ethan Nadelmann:
Mexico President Calderon Should Not Repeat Drug War Failures of the Past
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman:
Tony Blair's the Real Decider
Max Fraad Wolff/Stephen Julias:
Global Vacuum: Contested and Absent Leadership

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Europe, Asia Stocks Drop, China Recovers , CBS News
Cheney Lives , Bell
Government by law, not faith: do Bush's faith-based policies violate the Constitution?, Ed
Cheney Lives , Bell
An American General Strike - Doable and Maybe Even Necessary!, Zbignew Zingh
Government by law, not faith: do Bush's faith-based policies violate the Constitution?, Ed
The Really Big Lie About Autism, Anne McElroy Dachel
Tories lose anti-terror vote, CP
PIA cuts Quetta-Dubai fare 45%, Daily Times

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