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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Special Announcement: Monday, March 12

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Recent Bush Watch Features

Vicious: Dick Cheney's Covert Global War, Michael Carmichael
Specials: Libby Takes Fall, Katrina II, Bush in LA, Politicized Justice, Prez Dispensers, Tom Paine, Bush Watch compilations

Media Bias? NYT Stirs Clinton Marriage Dirt, But What About George and Laura?, NYT, FAIR, Politex
Indecision '08: Is Richardson The Man To Back?, Politex, Brooks, etc.
Our Contributors: Baroud, Fisher, Mickey Z., Weiner, Floyd, Ireland, Uhler, Ross, Jones, Robertson, Wokusch, Collins, Kane, Rant Man
Pinto Nation:
U.S. Corporate Behavior And The Stockholm Syndrome, Kent Southard
Goracle: Have The Voters Caught Up To Al Gore? (excerpts), Maureen Dowd
Senator Roadblock: Lieberman Using Threat Of Jumping Ship To Kill Dem Plans, Politico and Time
Politex News Wire: Some Inconvenient Truths

Prez Push? Gore Green Doc Wins Academy Award, NYT
Stop Presidential Dictatorship: American Liberty at the Precipice, NYT Editorial
New Rule: How Did We End Up With The Chimp?, Bill Maher
The Iran Distraction: Liar Bush Is The New Manchurian Candidate (excerpt), Frnk Rich
Parody Song: Halliburton Hillbilly, Paul Henning with Jerry Politex

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News Roundup

Undoing Bush's Budget Priorities, Weinstein
US factory orders at six-year low, BBC
The Housing Bubble Starts to Burst, Baker
Our new Democratic Congress just doesn't have the guts to get us out of Iraq, Zeleny and Toner
7,000 more US troops on top of the original surge of 21,500, Black
A day of carnage: at least 109 die, Shiites blame America, Oppel Jr
When the Governor is a tobacco lobbyist you get a cruel tax on food, lite tax on cigs, Nossiter
Conservative defense of Bush interrogation policies invalid, Pearlstein
Politics: Israel, Iran, U.S. Least Liked Countries , Lobe
Bush makes Chavez look like a saint: our shaming emissary in S. America, Ed
Specials: Libby Takes Fall, Katrina II, Bush in LA, Politicized Justice, Prez Dispensers, Tom Paine, Bush Watch compilations

AFP - Wire stories

Indonesia plane inferno kills 23
Israel detains dozens in Ramallah raid
Pilgrims targeted in Iraq amid backlash fears
N. Ireland polls aim to trigger lasting self-rule
UN atomic agency to ratify Iran aid cuts
Airbus chief says new funds necessary, but not urgent
Asian shares mostly higher as rally continues

Democracy Now!

Promising Democracy, Imposing Theocracy: Gender-Based Violence and the US War...
Ghana Celebrates 50 Years of Independence: Pan-African Leader Kwame Nkrumah I...
Los Titulares de Hoy: Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spa...
Headlines for March 6, 2007

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Special: Libby Takes The Fall

Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story, Dave Lindorff
Yes, Libby hide Bush/Cheney treasonous outing of Plame,& Iraq lies, Lewis
Libby lied and troops died: the real verdict of the trial, Blumenthal
Juror says Libby was 'fall guy' __ Cheney and Rove at risk, Tomasky
George Bush suffers yet another setback with Libby verdict, MacAskill
Libby trial proof that Bush never intended' to change the atmosphere' in DC, Editorial
How the Veeps' high flying aide fell to earth-- no more swagger for Libby, MacAskill
Libby's down: nothing between Cheney and justice except perhaps a blood clot, Stolberg
The difference between innocent forgetfulness and calculated serial perjuries, Shane
Pardon me, Mr. Bush?, Meek
Libby, lies and another bad war, Editorial
Libby's fibs, Editorial
Libby's conviction in CIA leak case a setback for White House, Richard B. Schmitt
Talk floats of a possible pardon by Bush, Maura Reynolds
Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government, Schanberg
Last Throes of Cheney’s Credibility, Conason
Dean: Presidential pardon may shut Libby up
A Libby verdict: Will Bush pardon his fall guy? Will Cheney ever be held accountable?, Ed
Libby's perjury conviction focuses concern on journalists' confidentiality issues, Lewis
Juror: 'This sucks...'
Joe Wilson's first post-verdict interview
Bush 'sad for Libby's family' as senior ex-aide convicted
Libby 'Pilloried' For Leak, Panel Members Believed , Amy Goldstein and Elizabeth Williamson
Cheney 'very disappointed' with former aide's verdict

Special: Katrina II

Bush's Veterans Administration chief is 'next Mike Brown'
Dole, Shalala Will Llead Committee to Investigate Veteran Care, Douglas+Rosen
Outsourcing Walter Reed, Mattera
Wider shame of Walter Reed: and it's infested with RATS not cute, damage-control mice, Ed
Will the NYT devote equal attention to the finances of candidates other than Obama?, McIntire and Drew
How decay overtook Walter Reed, Gordon Lubold
Political or criminal? Lawmakers' intrusions in US attorneys' investigations , Johnston
Waxman Seeks GSA Chief's Testimony , Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Scott Higham

Special: Bush in Latin America

Latin America Spurns Bush Tour, Prensa Latina
Scandal colors Bush visit to U.S. ally Colombia, Reuters
New Orleans Survivor Council Turns to Venezuela for Support, Venezuelanalysis

Special: Politicizing Justice

Ousted U.S. Attorneys Describe Lawmakers' Intrusions, Taylor+Talev+Blumenthal
Another prosecutor says he was threatened and ousted by GOP hammer men, Lichtblau
Prosecutors' firings slammed as 'purge', Zachary Coile
Politics & Justice: Rue of law, Editorial
Fired U.S. attorneys testify before Congress, Richard A. Serrano
Justice Admits U.S. Attorney Was Forced Out , Eric Rich
DOJ cuts first scapegoat loose in prosecutor scandal, Johnston

Special: Prez Dispensers

Obama panders with the best of them as he burns incense at AIPAC's altar , Williams
The GOP's sad, sad search for a nominee, Yglesias
Re-Electing Ronald Reagan, Burk
The Fraud Of Voter ID Laws, Slater/Henderson-James

Today's Alternative Special

Tom Paine

Habeas Corpus Can't Wait, Huq
When's The Idea Primary?, Borosage
CPAC: Conservatives Pout And Complain, Lotke
Playing School In Katrina's Wake, Dingerson


United States

New York Times

In Arizona desert, ancient Indian art of tracking squeezes drug traffickers, Archibold
A piece of black history at risk of obliteration by Big Dairy, Brown
Flourescent green licence plates proposed for sex offenders in Ohio, Driehaus
The Guardian defies British authorities ban on 'cash for honors' story, Cowell
NATO mounts largest attack on Taliban in the South, Gall

Washington Post

For an Opaque White House, A Reflection of New Scrutiny , Peter Baker,
118 Shiite Pilgrims Killed in Iraq Attacks , Ernesto Londoño and Sudarsan Raghavan


Afghans caught in war's rising tide, Mark Sappenfield
How green is nuclear power?, Mark Clayton
Syria seeks to gain from regional tumult, Nicholas Blanford
In CIA leak trial, Libby found guilty, Linda Feldmann


Frontline: THE SOLDIER'S HEART, Documentary
Frontline: RETURN OF THE TALIBAN, Documentary
Frontline: CHENEY - THE DARK SIDE, Documentary

Boston Globe

No time to ignore the world, Greenway
States may force megaprimary, winnow the 2008 field early , Milligan
Cheney to undergo treatment after blood clot is found in leg, Feller, AP

Chicago Tribune

Prosecutor probe heats up, Serrano
The perils of polls and politics , Page

Los Angeles Times

Iraq attacks kill 110 Shiite pilgrims, Julian E. Barnes

San Francisco Chronicle

Bombers Massacre Iraq Shiite Pilgrims, AP

Seattle Post Intelligencer

CIA Leak Investigation: Truth is out there, Editorial
World View: An unpopular axis, Editorial
The West's racial maps promote civil war, Robert Fisk
Human rights falling between the cracks in Iraq, Afghanistan, AP


4 Years After Invasion, Many Iraqis Look Back with Longing, Fadel
Sunni Insurgents Target Shiite Pilgrims, Fadel
Pentagon Set to Begin Hearings for 14 Detainees, Strobel


Toronto Star

U.S. raises tensions in Afghanistan, Azimi, King
NATO troops move against Taliban in north, John Cotter
Pentagon bars coverage of terror suspects' hearings, AP
Bombers massacre Shiite pilgrims in Iraq, AP
Democrats renew Arar fight, Tim Harper
Canadian soldier dies in accidental shooting in Kandahar, CP
U.S. wants N. Korea to do more than shut down reactor, AP
Automakers fear tougher fuel standard, Allan Woods
International Convention challenges war myths, James Travers
Harper free to call election, Richard Gwyn
Judge says she'll order terror suspect released, CP

CBC News

Darfur worst human rights abuse in 2006: U.S., Staff
Canadian, British troops launch Taliban offensive, Staff
Canadian-born boy, 9, desperate to leave US detention facility, Staff
Mortars hit Mogadishu airport as peacekeepers arrive, AP
NASA wants $1B to find killer asteroids, AP
Canadian military creating amphibious force, Staff
Alberta wants $1.5B pipeline to capture C02, Staff
The Passionate Eye: 5 WAYS TO SAVE THE WORLD, Documentary
The Passionate Eye: BATTLEFIELD AFGHANISTAN, Documentary
The Fifth Estate: THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR, Documentary

Globe and Mail

Deal to settle unrest in Lebanon imminent, Rym Ghazal
U.S. Democrats use Arar case to push anti-torture bill, Beth Gorham
Roadside bombs kill nine U.S. soldiers north of Baghdad, AP
Iran hints it will attend international conference on Iraq, AP
Is China's soot print changing weather?, Anne Mcilroy
China's military budget booms, Geoffrey York
Japan undecided on extending Iraq reconstruction mission, AP
Rains nurture Afghan pursuit of happiness, Joe Friesen
Dion losing law-and-order votes, leading Liberal says, John Ibbitson


Tories offer promise of protection, safety, Jennifer Ditchburn
The best defence is a good offence - Harper on his game, Aaron Wherry
Flawed aid program funded newspaper most Afghans couldn't read, CP
Harper mends fences with Ontario with more than $1.5B , Chinta Puxley
BBC survey: Iran, Israel, U.S. have most negative image worldwide; Canada best, AP
Mortars hit airport as peacekeepers arrive in Somalia, AP
Guantanamo detainees ask U.S. Supreme Court to guarantee legal rights, AP



At least 90 Iraqi Shia pilgrims killed in double suicide bombing, BBC
Iraq blasts kill nine US troops, BBC
Bleak prospect of Iraqi security forces battling for control, Paul Wood, BBC
White House official Libby guilty, BBC
Saudis held over French killings, BBC
Global stock markets close higher, BBC
UN outlines global e-waste goals, BBC
Nato in major anti-Taleban drive, BBC


American mother and daughter poisoned in Moscow with thallium, Harding
In talking to Iran, Saudis go off script provided by Condi and Bush, Tisdall


Liar in the White house: Cheney aide found guilty in CIA leak case, Cornwell
Blair still stands by the Niger yellow cake claim, Penketh
Dixie Chicks snubbed in Nashville awards: Country not ready to make nice, Gumbel
Iraqi militia diverted to Baghdad- Result: 100 Shia pilgrims dead in Hillah, Cockburn
Christie's auction house in NY linked to counterfeit wine scam , Foley

Times Online

Libby juror: 'This sucks. We wish we weren't judging Libby', Reid


ABC, news

Latin America

Network Born against 737 US Military Bases around the planet, Prensa Latina
Mexican farmers in head-to-head competition with highly efficient U.S. producers, El Universal
U.S. gov’t slams impunity, torture in Mexico, El Universal
Pemex to raise new debt of up to US$2 billion, El Universal
Third time lucky for Mexico?, El Universal
Shipment of 60,000 barrels of Venezuelan fuel arrives in Nicaragua, nicanet
Nicaragua is taking solid steps towards the Bolivarian Alternative, Prensa Latina
Haitians abroad sent $1.65 billion home last year, Caribbean NN
Sovereignty and Justice in Haiti, Haiti Action
Brutalized and Abandoned: Residents of Cité Soleil Speak Out, HaitiAnlysis
Venezuela makes deals on oil projects, Venezuelanalysis
Amazon Communities in Brazil Try to Make 'Light for All' a Reality, Brazzil
Planting Sugarcane and Reaping Poverty and Eco-Degradation in Brazil, Brazzil
Chile's melting ice caps draw new species to antarctic, Santiago Times

Upside-Down World


Der Spiegel

Iraq Deserter Convicted in Germany, Hawley
NATO Launches Major Offensive in Southern Afghanistan, CRO/Reuters/AP
Afghanistan Open to Dialogue With Militants, Agencies
Europe Divided Over US Missile Defense Plan, Spiegel
US Displeased over German Hunt for CIA Agents, CGH/Spiegel
Merkel Wants Radical Plan on CO2 Cuts at EU Summit, Agencies


Russian Suicide Journalist Investigated Syria and Iran Weapons Deals -- Report, MosNews
2 U.S. Citizens Poisoned With Thallium in Moscow, MosNews
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Killing Russian Engineer in Algeria, MosNews
Russian Oil Majors Seek to Form Own Police Forces -- Report, MosNews
Wife of U.S. Expert on Russian Intelligence Says Robbery Not Behind Shooting Attack, MosNews


Israel's chief government watchdog presents report on Lebanon war, Pravda
Taliban kidnaps British national in Afghanistan, Pravda
Italian journalist disappears in Afghanistan, Pravda
Putin to visit Greece to sign billion-dollar oil pipeline deal, Pravda
Regional leader says oil refinery to be built in Chechnya, Pravda
Germany in talks with Iran to buy liquid natural gas, Pravda
Wartime sex slaves call Japanese prime minister 'a liar', Pravda

Inter Press Service

China: Sustainable Development Gets Priority , Bezlova
Cuba-Venezuela: Making Biofuels Without Wasting Food , Grogg
Rights: Sold Into Slavery Every Day , Sandrasagra
Chile: Criminal Responsibility of Teens in Limbo , Estrada

Radio Paris (WNN)

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Hamas vows full truce if Israel helps end boycott, Avi Issacharoff
Palestinians: Israel's treatment of Rafah Crossing hurting Abbas, Avi Issacharoff
IDF arrests 18 in Ramallah raid on PA security compound, Amos Harel
Islamic Movement head arrested in protest against Mugrabi dig, Jonathan Lis
Report: Missing Iranian official being questioned in N. Europe, Yoav Stern
Tel Aviv is quite different than Beirut blogger Malekh expected it to be., Yoav Stern
East German Bishop at wall: 'I never in my life thought to see something like this again,', Eli Ashkenazi

Al Jazeera

Iraqi pilgrims hit by new attacks, Agencies
Iran official 'kidnapped' in Turkey, Agencies
Hamas secures more Iranian funding, Agencies
Israel raids Palestinian HQ, Al Jazeera
Nato launches Taliban offensive, Agencies

Daily Star


Daily Times

Should only Muslim men rule Pakistan?, Noshad Ali
Taiwan tests cruise missile, DT
Civilian deaths turn Afghans toward Taliban, DT


Militants vs. tribesmen; 17 die, Alamgier Bhitani
Quake rebuilding policy criticized, Dawn


China Again Slams Taiwan Independence Talk , Washington Post
China Congress Puts People First, BusinessWeek
A Fair Exposition of China's Defense Budget, People's Daily Online
China Aims to Rid Dire Poverty by 2010, China Daily
Managing Globalization: How Fast China Grows Will Aaffect Everyone, International Herald Tribune
China's Going Down the Drain, Asia Times
China to Monitor Stocks More Closely, Asia Times

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


Development-Cameroon: Solar Power Starts Muscling Out Kerosene , Tetchiada
Darfur 'was worst abuse of 2006' says US human rights assessment, BBC

Mail and Guardian


Consortium News

Reagan-Bush Drug Legacy in CentAm, Parry

Democracy Now

Promising Democracy, Imposing Theocracy: Gender-Based Violence and the US War on Iraq, DN
Ghana Celebrates 50 Years of Independence: Pan-African Leader Kwame Nkrumah In His Own Words, DN

New Standard

Critics Say No Child Left Behind Report Misses Real Problems, Gershon
Case Against TVA's Coal-Plant Emissions Heats Up, Tady


"Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic", Johnson
Blood Diamonds and Blood Oil, Col. Wright
When Political Candidates Shoot Into Superstars, Andrews
Reckless Disregard: US May Be Supporting Terrorists, Endangering Its Own Citizens, McElwee
We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us, Leon
Four Countries Work for New Iraq Medical System, Williams
Watchdog Group Wants Ethics Probe of Domenici, Good/The Hill
Chinese Prime Minister Deplores Growth-Provoked Excesses, Le Monde

Drug Corp Watch

Farmer's Death Spurs Lawsuit Against Drug Maker, Monica LaBelle
Drug Makers are Ranked, Theresa Agovino
New Questions On Medicines Given To Young, Josh Goldstein
Antipsychotic Drugs Cause Rapid Weight Gain, Abnormal Eating Behavior, David Gutierrez
Bausch and Lomb Recalls 1.5 Million Bottles of Contact Solution, Associated Press
ADHD Drug Warnings Come Too Late For Many, Evelyn Pringle
Aspirin Adds to Colon Cancer Risk, Associated Press
Scientists Hit FDA on Drug Data, Diedtra Henderson
New Call for FDA Openness, Steve Mitchell
US FDA Warns GE Health Unit on Plant Problems, Reuters
FDA Shouldn't Approve Cattle Antibiotic, SacBee
Hospitals Dispense Drugs Not Approved for Kids, Josh Goldstein
How Safe Is Celebrex?, Diedtra Henderson
FDA and Strains on the Public Trust, Tommy Denton
FDA Ignoring Medical Advice on Antibiotic Resistance , Matt Madia

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Pete McCloskey:
When Politics Infects Justice
John MacArthur:
US Must Decide Who Gets Left Behind
Cindy Sheehan:
Vermont: The Land of Hope
Pierre Tristam:
When Teaching The Liberal Arts Becomes An Un-American Activity
John Buell:
Can We Expect an Attack on Iran Next?
Corporate Crime Reporter:
John Edwards’ Big Lie
Tad Daley:
What Would You Do if You Were Iran?
John Nichols:
The Next Mission: Removing a Tyrant
John Campbell:
Reflections on China's Growing CO2 Emissions
Katrina Vanden Heuvel:
Cluster Bombs and New Nukes
Dean Baker:
The Housing Bubble Starts to Burst
Michael Winship:
The Voyage of the Snark

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