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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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All of Today's 150+ Bush Watch Headlines Are Here [scroll down if archived]:... news roundup... specials... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Recent Bush Watch Features

The Golden Rule: Why Have the Dems Failed Us?, Jerry Politex, various
Cindy Sheehan quits Democratic Party and American Idol Citizens, Jerry Politex
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Jonathan Freedland
Memorial Day, 2007: Bush's Iraq War For ME Oil Wealth Continues To Take Our Blood And Money, various
Slave Labor: Why The Bush-Backed Immigration Bill Will Make Things Worse, Paul Krugman
The Goracle: Listening, Really Listening, To Gore ---Gore, Dionne, Ostroy, Politex
Run, Gore, Run: Impassioned Gore Book Provides Blistering Overview Of U.S. Politics, Kakutani
Sicko Food: How Bush's Ideology Makes You Sick...Literally, Paul Krugman
Fallwell's Words Brand Him Religious Bigot, Anti-Semite, ed by Wikipedia, Politex, Morford
American I-Dolt: Are Voters For President As Inept As Voters For Singers? Letters
American I-Dolt: Why Barak Obama Will Be The Next President, Jerry Politex
I'm Back! Random Thoughts After Two Months Away, Jerry Politex
Bush Poodle Quits: Tony Blair As Sid Vicious In "Sid & Nancy" , Steve Bell
Myth, Religion, and Politics: Bush As Religious Icon: Background, Jerry Barrett

News Roundup

War without end: Bush insists only he (& maybe Rudy) understand 'the true enemy', Ed
The coal trap: energy profiteers want to shackle us to the dirtiest fuel of them all, Ed
Ending tobacco addiction: death toll from cigarettes remains disturbingly high, Ed
Fiercely opposed in Britain, centralized medical e-records aim at total surveillance of your life, Goetz
Eye-watering hypocrisy: Bush says immigration opponents are 'fear-mongering', Rutenberg
Intelligence experts say Bush torture methods are 'outmoded, amateurish & unreliable', Shane& Mazzetti
Bush tries again to push one of the bro into the World Bank, Weisman
Profile: Robert Zoellick, BBC, Simon Atkinson
The Supremes make it harder for workers to sue employers over pay , Greenhouse
Rice: we can arrest Iranians in Iraq but they can't arrest us in Tehran, Cooper
Calling the kettle black, Bush has had it with Sudan president's duplicity & genocide, Ed
Oil companies blame biofuels, rather than industry's quest for even greater profits, for high gas prices, Ed.


Iraq blames kidnap of Britons on Shiite militia
Thailand's Democrat Party escapes dissolution
Japan to push ahead with humpback whale hunt
Bush to name Zoellick to head World Bank
NKorea blames US for nuke delay
European stocks slip after China tumble
Chinese shares slumps 6.5 percent after trading tax rises

News Bullets

Fox suggests Rosie fired over 'leaked' video of 9/11 talk
Blog: Goodling phrase points to White House involvement
Video: Al Gore on abuses of 'mass media persuasion'
Fitzgerald confirms Plame was 'covert' at time of outing; New court filing 'p...
Make Wolfowitz mayor of Iraq, says GOP lawmaker
'I'm not giving up,' Cindy Sheehan tells radio host Schultz
3 Democrats say 'yes' to controversial Fox debate
DeLay: 'God has spoken to me,' said build rival to MoveOn

Special: Why The Dems Have Sold Us Out

The Golden Rule: Why Have the Dems Failed Us?, Jerry Politex, various
Dems in Congress Fail To Challenge Bush Dictatorship , Lindorff
Good Riddance Attention Whore , Cindy Sheehan
A Call for Direct Action: Organize or Business As Usual , Sean Gonsalves

Special: Bush War Blunders


May death toll spikes as 10 US soldiers die on Memorial Day, White
Iraq: From Worse to Worst? , Salih
Even staunch GOP fed up with Bush's unholy Iraq catastrophe, Saulny
Centuries of peace between various ethnic groups in N.Iraq undone by US invasion, Wong
Gunmen in Iraqi police commando uniforms kidnap five British civilians, Cave
Iraq: Kurds and Shia Fight for Power in Baghdad , al-Fadhily


Iranian Arms to Taliban May Be Retaliation for U.S. Policy, Landay
Afghanistan: war crimes amnesty prepares further atrocities, Thompson

Today's Alternative Special: Alternet

Rural Communities Exploited by Nestlé for Your Bottled Water
The Colossus of Baghdad: A Largeest On Planet New American Embassy in Iraq
Her Way: A New Book Explores Hillary's Iraq Problem and Why It's Not Going Away
Why is Dennis Kucinich Undermining Progressives and African Americans and Embracing Fox News?
The Religious Left is Left Out by the Commercial Media
Annalee Newitz: Green Libertarianism: The New Reformist Movement?
Sean Gonsalves: A Call for Direct Action
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Sharpton Takes on Romney and the Mormons

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States

New York Times

Commissioner of China's Food and Drug Administration sentenced to death , Barboza
Palestinian and Israeli leaders to meet next week, as tensions remain high, Erlanger

Washington Post

Americans in Iran Accused of Spying , Robin Wright
From Iraq to Algeria, Al-Qaeda's Long Reach , Craig Whitlock

Boston Globe

Antiwar icon pulls out of movement, Milligan
In video, Al Qaeda militant warns US of worse attacks, Ersan

Christian Science Monitor

Earth nears tipping point on climate change, Peter N. Spotts
China, nuclear technology, and a US sale, Mark Clayton
Moderate voices from a Pakistani city, David Montero
Life in a remote US Army outpost in Iraq: IEDs, DVDs, and A/C, Howard LaFranchi

Denver Post

Why Gonzales hangs on, Quillen

Las Vegas Sun

An inconvenient president , Ed.
Bush ignores some veterans' health , Letter

Salt Lake Tribune

Global Warming: States put pressure on Washington, Ed.


China's Former Top Drug Regulator Gets Death Penalty, Johnson
A New Deal for Puerto Rico Is on Table, Bachelet


Toronto Star



Iraq attacks kill 10 US soldiers, BBC
Five Britons abducted in Baghdad, BBC
Plea from Guantanamo prisoner for release of BBC Gaza reporter , BBC
Bush chooses new World Bank boss, Robert Zoellick, BBC
US anti-war mother Cindy Sheehan ends protest, BBC
US in TB flight infection warning, BBC


Five Britons kidnapped in Baghdad ambush, Borger
Quarantined air passenger with rare TB strain flies across Atlantic and back, Attewill
Cold War deja vu: Russian missile test adds to arms race fears, Harding
How the once-mighty have fallen: George Bush and the NY Yankees, Kinzer
US in political Big Sulk with Iran: like a child who didn't get his turn, Ilana Bet-Al
No Riza problems that we know of: Zoellick nominated to Bank, Adams


44,000 security staff in Iraq, at $1000 day each, Sengupta
Blair's farewell tour continues, chatting and photo-opping with Gaddafi, Brown
Germany set for train deal with 'pariah' Iran, Paterson
When Iran met the Great Satan, and vice versa, Steel

Times Online

The Bloody Summer begins: 10 US soldiers die this far, Haynes
Is Falwell alive and well in Poland? Teletubbies to be banned, Finkelstein


ABC, news

Latin America

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Civil Society: The Geopolitics of Post-Soviet Activism , Dujisin
Environment: Earth, Inc. Sliding Into Bankruptcy , Leahy
Yemen: Disarming Will Not Be Easy , Sultan
Environment-Japan: Sealing the Elephant's Fate With 'Hanko' , Kakuchi

Der Spiegel

Radio Paris (WNN)

International Herald Tribune

Middle East


Olmert: Second Lebanon War restored quiet to Israel's northern border, Shahar Ilan
IDF troops kill two Fatah militants in separate West Bank raids, Amos Harel
Heavy clashes erupt between Lebanese army, Fatah al-Islam, Reuters
Haniyeh limiting appearances, fears assassination by Israel, AP
Peretz camp: We'll back candidate strongest on social issues, Mazal Mualem
U.K.-based humanists who don't care for Jews?, Bradley Burston
Ethnically cleansed land sold to Jewish National Fund for settlements., Meron Benvenisti
An invitation to shoot, Danny Rubenstein
New biography of Pope Pius XII rejects charges of anti-Semitism, Reuters
Iran and the U.S. /Axis of Evil meets the Great Satan, Zvi Bar'el

Daily Star



'A Booming China Spells Trouble for America', NPR
China Ex-Regulator Gets Death Penalty , Boston Globe
China Govt Blasts US Report on Military , Boston Globe
China Presses for Extradition Treaties, Boston Globe
Politicizing China's Stock Bubble, Asia Times

Daily Times

US, Iran agree on Iraq, DT
Afghan cops fire on protestors, kill 13, DT
Compensation sought for Indus Water Treaty losses, Iftikhar Gilani
Scholar suspended for advocating adult breastfeeding, DT


Supreme Court unconcerned about case's consequences, Iftikhar A. Khan
Pakistan, China seek economic cooperation, Dawn
Govt. agrees to compensation in dam project, Dawn
Nawaz blames Musharraf for Karachi deaths, Dawn

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


Bush toughens sanctions on Sudan, BBC
Health-Southern Africa: One Million People Need AIDS Treatment , Nduru

Mail and Guardian



Gulag: Shrinks at Guantanamo , Soldz
What qualifies Bush to lead Iraq war? , Pringle
Bush's new Middle East , Whitney


China: BNP executive ‘bribed official’, McGregor+Tucker

Drug Corp Watch

Lawmakers Want to End Big Pharma Recruitment Schemes - Part 1, Evelyn Pringle
China Sentences Ex-Head of FDA to Death over Drug Company Bribes, Byron Richards
Pfizer Faces Criminal Charges in Nigeria, Joe Stephens
China's Food and Drug Crackdown, Mark Magnier
Incessant Disease Mongering Turns Americans into Profit-Generating Guinea Pigs for Big Pharma , Mike Adams
Physicians On The Take, Claudia Strasbaugh
VaxGen May Face New Hurdles Selling Anthrax Vaccine Assets, Matthew E. Berger
Missing Links: J&J’s Thimerosal Study , Ed Silverman

Air Force Today

May 28 Airpower Summary, Staff
Airmen deliver strategic aid to Lebanese military , Staff
Airmen deliver strategic aid to Lebanese military , Capt. Teresa Sullivan
Airmen in Baghdad keep convoys off the road , Tech. Sgt. Russell Wicke

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

Thom Hartmann:
The Republican Plan For 2008 Begins Today
Cindy Sheehan:
Good Riddance Attention Whore
Olga Bonfiglio:
Calling All Warriors for Peace
Tom Engelhardt:
Wonders of The Imperial World
James Carroll:
Sacrifice, Pain, and Grief
Steve Ettlinger:
From a Chinese Oil Refinery To Your Twinkie
Teresa Stack/Jack Fowler:
Magazines Feeling Postal Pinch
Harvey Wasserman:
To Save The Earth, Are YOU a Solartopian?
Barbara Miller:
Done Deal
Ashifa Kassam:
South Americans Wage Battle Against Economic World Order
Heather Wokush:
Poisoning the Troops, Again
Paul Krugman:
Trust and Betrayal
David Cates:
Our Feelings Are The Key To Why We Went To War
John Nichols:
Fighting for Democracy on Memorial Day
Bill Quigley:
“Less Meeting, More Fighting!”
Joshua Kors:
How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits

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