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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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All of Today's 150+ Bush Watch Headlines Are Here [scroll down if archived]:... news roundup... specials... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds

Recent Bush Watch Features

Be Afraid: Is There Any Doubt That Bush Uses Terror Warnings For Political Purposes? Olbermann
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Part 2, Jonathan Freedland
Mugged By Corporations: A Spy In A House Of Cards, Kent Southard
Bush, Again: Who Benefits From Floods?, Politex, various
Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out: The Corporate War Machine, Politicians, And A Distracted Public, Interview
Health Care Plans: Just About Anything's Better Than What We Have Now, Atul Gawande, Jerry Politex
The Golden Rule: Why Have the Dems Failed Us?, Jerry Politex, various
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Jonathan Freedland
Memorial Day, 2007: Bush's Iraq War For ME Oil Wealth Continues To Take Our Blood And Money, various
Slave Labor: Why The Bush-Backed Immigration Bill Will Make Things Worse, Paul Krugman
The Goracle: Listening, Really Listening, To Gore ---Gore, Dionne, Ostroy, Politex
Run, Gore, Run: Impassioned Gore Book Provides Blistering Overview Of U.S. Politics, Kakutani
Fallwell's Words Brand Him Religious Bigot, Anti-Semite, ed by Wikipedia, Politex, Morford
American I-Dolt: Are Voters For President As Inept As Voters For Singers? Letters
American I-Dolt: Why Barak Obama Will Be The Next President, Jerry Politex
I'm Back! Random Thoughts After Two Months Away, Jerry Politex
Bush Poodle Quits: Tony Blair As Sid Vicious In "Sid & Nancy" , Steve Bell
Myth, Religion, and Politics: Bush As Religious Icon: Background, Jerry Barrett

News Roundup

Gitmo: a national disgrace, Ed
Rights-US: Guantanamo Courts Hit Setback , Clifton
Democrats hope to expand rights at Guantanamo, Zeleny
Is U.S. safer since 9/11? Clinton and rivals spar, Cooper &Healy
Expletive policy deleted, Ed
Keeping a watch on winter: Sec. Kempthorne should put an end to snowmobiles in Yellowstone, Ed
Senator Charges Improper Political Interference in Justice Department, Gordon
Reid Says He'll Work to Limit Amendments to Immigration Bill, Montgomery
Bill Moyers, LBJ, Walter Lippmann -- and the Vietnam/Iraq link , Mitchell
Anniversary of 1967 Arab-Israeli war highlights lasting divisions , Kershner
Basque separatists call off cease-fire in Spain, Burnett
New AIDS cases in Africa outpace treatment gains, LaFraniere
Taliban reported drowned as NATO sinks boat, Wafa
Cyclone nears Iran and Oman, Revkin


Climate accord fight and Russia-US tensions cloud G8 summit
Cyclone Gonu lashes Gulf region
Castro silent on return to power in TV interview
Olmert says Israel does not want war with Syria
Man arrested trying to board pope's car
ECB raises key rate by a quarter point to 4.0 percent
Chinese drinks giant brands Danone "despicable" over lawsuit

News Bullets

Military 'pussed out,' anti-war veteran tells
Stewart 'offers' Flynt milion bucks for Cheney, horse pic
Rudy's shot at Edwards: War on Terror 'not a bumper sticker'
Paul: Middle East involvement 'had to do with oil'
Republican candidates leave open possibility of Libby pardon
Conyers slams Fox for 'mixing up' black Congressmen

Special: Libby's Just Deserts

Jail time for Scooter, Ed
Libby given 30 months for lying in C.I.A. leak case, Lewis
Libby's fall not tragic... rather, pathetic, MacAskill
Conservatives want harsh criminal penalties. . . except for Libby, Clarke
Politics-US: Aide's Sentence Caps Star-Crossed Year for Cheney , Lobe
Libby, where's your swagger now? Rise and Fall of a Toadie, MacAskill
Letters portray Libby as the Forest Gump of world change, Cornwell

Special: Bush At The G8

Blair-Poodle: 'I can persuade George Bush on climate change', Wintour
Blair-Poodle Redux: Suppports Bush's missile shields, Elliott
Blair will beg Bush for loyalty repayment at G8 Summit, Grice
Demonstrators greet Bush in Prague: 'The King of Clowns', Penketh
G8: Despite Differences, Mexico Comfortable as G5 Emerging Power , Cevallos
G8-Brazil: Guest Brings Biofuel Arguments to Summit , Frayssinet
G8: U.S. Again the Odd Man Out on Climate , Rizvi
G8-RUSSIA: Dissent Within, Confrontation Without , Godoy
Who would know better? Bush says Russia is anti-democratic, Baldwin
Putin's belligerence is the upshot of inept Western diplomacy, Jenkins

Today's Alternative Special: Counterpunch

The Democrats' war , Vest
Days of dread: An American tale , Engel
RCTV and freedom of speech in Venezuela , Wilpert
Shaming the official antiwar movement , Walsh

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States

New York Times

From turkey waste, a new fuel and a new fight, Saulny
Diabetes drug still has heart risks, doctors warn, Saul &Harris
Coptic Christian fights deportation to Egypt, fearing torture, Bannerjee
Chastising Putin, Bush says Russia derails reform, Stolberg
Reid says he will seek to end debate on immigration bill, Pear
Ethics panel to investigate congressman on conduct , Hulse

Washington Post

In Battle for U.S. Carbon Caps, Eyes and Efforts Focus on China , Steven Mufson
Pakistan Arrests Hundreds From Opposition Parties , Griff Witte

Christian Science Monitor

Shiites Rising: Islam's minority reaches new prominence, Scott Peterson
Can the religious left sway the '08 race?, Linda Feldmann
Why detainee trials got snagged over a word, Warren Richey

Boston Globe

On peak, US panel talks of warming, Daley
Menino endorses Clinton for president, BG

Chicago Tribune

Bush to mother: Don't sell on eBay , Silva

Los Angeles Times

For some, antiabortion is all or nothing, Stephanie Simon
Bush sells missile defense in Prague, James Gerstenzang
Iraq's leader can't get out of 1st gear, Ned Parker
Libby gets prison, Bush may face dilemma, Richard B. Schmitt
In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil, Megan K. Stack


In Baghdad Neighborhood, U.S. Military, Local Fighters Team Up Against al-Qaida, Fadel
Relations Sour between Venezuela, Brazil, Chang
Europe Wrestling with Immigration Issues, Schofield
Bush to Putin: Join Us on Missile Defense, Douglas


Toronto Star



US-Russia dispute looms over G8 talks, BBC
Bush criticises Russia on reform, BBC
Iraq suicide bombing 'kills 15', BBC
US panel punishes anti-war marine by discharging him, BBC
US 'major illegal ivory importer', Richard Black, BBC
Jail sentence for ex-Cheney aide Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, BBC
Europeans pay for carbon credits to cut China's greenhouse gases, Michael Bristow, BBC
Guantanamo pair's charges dropped, BBC
Bernanke sees US rebound ahead, BBC


Please look away: London's 2012 Olympic Logo causes seizures, Glendinning


Daryl Hannah joins Amazon protesters taking on oil giant, Gumbel
London's 2012 Olympic logo looks like a 'brozen swastika', McSmith
300 giant glaciers in the Antarctica are moving to the ocean, Connor

Times Online

Crisis at Pentagon after terror trials collapse, Baldwin


ABC, news

Latin America

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Politics-US: Could al Qaeda Attack Trigger War With Iran? , Porter
Mideast: U.S. Peace Plans Limp Toward Bethlehem , Massey
India/Brazil: New Power Alliance , Thakurta
Russia-Africa: Debt Write-Off Boosts Closer Trade Ties , Klomegah
Afghanistan: Return of the Uzbek Warlord , Qadiry

Der Spiegel

Radio Paris (WNN)

International Herald Tribune

Middle East

Daily Star



Climate Change Realities Hitting G8 and China, China Daily
US House Urges China to Press Sudan over Darfur, Reuters AlertNet
Group: China Olympics Evict 1.5 Million, Yahoo! News
Chinese Soldier Dies from Bird , France24
China Criticizes US Plan for Missile Shield in Eastern Europe, Chosun Ilbo
Hong Kong SMEs Withdraw from Mainland, AsiaTimes
China's Taste for Luxury Comes with Risk, Financial Times

Daily Times

Pakistanis 'will resist martial law', DT
Media curbs challenged, DT
Aziz, Karzai rule out mediation, Sajjad Malik
Indian attitude 'could turn Kashmir violent again', Iftikhar Gilani
Mines destroy Bhutan's mountains, Bappa Majumdar

The Hindu, news
Asia Times, opinion


New AIDS cases in Africa outpace treatment gains, LaFraniere

Mail and Guardian


This is one of those good ones that require reading between the lines. The A-10 was developed as a strict close support a/c in the wake of some of the failures of the Vietnam war. The Army really wanted the plane but due to the Key West agreement of 1948 the US Army cannothave very many fixed wing a/c (it's why we have helicopter gunships). The AF did not like the plane because it didn't have a lot of 'all-weather' computerized systems. The production run was short and the manufacturer, Republic Aviation of Long Island, NY, is now out of business. Schwartzkoff wanted every A-10 he could get during Desert Storm. They are the a/c largely responsible for the 'Highway of Death' at the end of that conflict. The thirty-millimeter chain gun which the A-10 is equipped with fires depleted urainium shells. The d/u contamination after both Desert Storm and Kosovo has been an ongoing issue. --editor

Air Force Today

June 4 airpower summary: A-10s are CAS masters, Staff

Drug Corp Watch

Minnesota Physicians Continue To Receive Pharmaceutical Company Payments Despite Sanctions
FDA and Glaxo Share Blame for Avandia Disaster, Evelyn Pringle
Denenberg: Why The Truth About Avandia Is So Elusive , Herb Denenberg
Big Pharma Litigation Update - Drugs, Evelyn Pringle
FDA Announces Discontinued Marketing of GI Drug, Zelnorm, for Safety Reasons, Susan Cruzan
Autism: 'A Serious Public Health Problem', Anne McElroy Dachel
HPV Stories Generate Different Reporting Approach, Cindy Bevington
A Celebrity Dies Tragically From Prescription Drugs, Dr. Mercola
Troops Continue to Die For Bush's Lies, Evelyn Pringle
Merck Judge Who Voided $51M Vioxx Verdict Reverses Himself, Jeff Feeley

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

Common Dreams

James Ridgeway:
M.I.A. from the Immigration Debate, Creating Economic Opportunity in Mexico
Ruth Conniff:
Democrats Bob and Weave
Michael Winship:
Poor Little Rich Boys (and Girl)
James Carroll:
The Paradox of Missile Defense
Pierre Tristam:
Tallying Bush Progress on Democracy
George Monbiot:
G8: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say
Jesse Jackson:
Poverty Should Be At The Top of Our National Agenda
Bob Herbert:
The Passion of Al Gore
John MacArthur:
Henry Kissinger: Saying Nothing, But Still Power-Hungry
John Nichols:
Clinton Beats Blitzer in CNN Debate
Martin Woollacott:
1967: The Price of Victory
Hieu Nguyen:
Refugees Personify Iraq War
Frank Field:
Start The Fightback To Save Our Planet
Clarence Page:
Supreme Injustice On Worker Equality
Jon Wiener:
The Six-Day War, 40 Years Later

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