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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

Op-Eds: from Tom Paine's Corner, ed. by Jason Miller
Another "We Told Ya So: Dictators Are Us, Politex, Dowd
In the Chinese Style: Bush and Cheney Confess To Their Crimes, Maureen Dowd
Caller Correct: Why We Can Be Called A "Fascist State", Christine Tomlinson
Bush Fantasy: Bush Wants To Be Judged By His-Story, Not History, Maureen Dowd
Dick Cheney: Impeaching the Shadow Master, Bernard Weiner
Editorial: Our Exercise in Fascism, Bush Watch
Mr. Evil: Meet The Dictator Behind Dictator Bush (2), Maureen Dowd
Mr. Evil: Meet The Dictator Behind Dictator Bush (1), Frank Rich
Tales of Corporate Fascism: Only Bush Managers Deserve The Truth, Kent Southard
I Did It My Way (tune): I WANT AN IPHONE, David Pogue (lyrics)
Justice Denied: 7 Years Later, NYT Editors Agree With Bush Watch, NYT Editorial
Bush Just-ish: More Reactions To The Libby Commutation, Olbermann, Politex, etc.
Libby's Only The Beginning: Impeach Bush Now!, Jerry Politex
Would Gore Lead Presidential Pack? Is this the Sign We've Been Waiting for? Andy Ostroy
Shoveling...Snow: Washington Mafia Sees Libby As Made Man (excerpts), Frank Rich
Constitution or Cheese? Up and Down the Bush Philosophy, Walter Brasch
U.S. Scam: 20 Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime (excerpts), Russell Mokhiber
Op-Eds: From Our Contributors
Reports: Dictator Bush Committs Felony, Plans To Take Over Country, Congressman, BG
Parody: Scooter Libby Is Ordered Back To Jail, Politex
Habeas Corpus: Senate Committee Votes To Restore Cornerstone Of U.S. Justice System, Melber
What, We Worry? Our TV War , David Sarasohn
Be Afraid: Is There Any Doubt That Bush Uses Terror Warnings For Political Purposes? Olbermann
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Part 2, Jonathan Freedland
Mugged By Corporations: A Spy In A House Of Cards, Kent Southard
Bush, Again: Who Benefits From Floods?, Politex, various
Sheehan : The Corporate War Machine, Politicians, And A Distracted Public, Interview
Health Care Plans: Anything's Better Than What We Have Now, Gawande, Politex
The Golden Rule: Why Have the Dems Failed Us?, Jerry Politex, various
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Jonathan Freedland
Memorial Day, 2007: Bush's War For ME Oil Wealth Takes Blood And Money, various
Slave Labor: Why The Bush-Backed Immigration Bill Will Make Things Worse, Paul Krugman
The Goracle: Listening, Really Listening, To Gore ---Gore, Dionne, Ostroy, Politex
Run, Gore, Run: Impassioned Gore Book Provides Blistering Overview Of U.S. Politics, Kakutani
I'm Back! Random Thoughts After Two Months Away, Jerry Politex
Myth, Religion, and Politics: Bush As Religious Icon: Background, Jerry Barrett

News Roundup

Twilight zone filibusters: GOP Senators laugh off America's anguish over Iraq, Ed
After many such hammer blows, Dems will shatter GOP resistance on Iraq, Hulse &Zeleny
Dems say new intelligence reports proves Bush's war in Iraq is doomed, Cooper
Tennessean selected for No.2 job at demoralized Justice Dept, Johnston
Bush is forced to study safety of US imports but says it has nothing to do with China, Stout
The wrong approach to gangs: filling jails with children is a stupid and reprehensible policy, Ed
New glimpse at playas in Cheney's top secret energy task force: Enron and the whole gang, Broder
Pakistani wife embodies cause of 'disappeared': Bush's ally Musharraf kidnaps, tortures anyone with beard, Perlez
When the bear cries wolf: trying to understand Vladimir Putin, Schmemann
Forced to get along: Israel's unbroken peace with Egypt could be replicated with Palestinians, Helprin


New suicide bombings kill 33 in Pakistan
Anger mounts over Brazil's deadliest air crash
Middle East Quartet to meet with new envoy Blair
Young babies at risk of 'sudden death' syndrome while sedated: study
China's economy roars ahead, clamp down expected soon
New York crude hits 11-month high near 76 dollars

News Bullets

  • Lawmakers Decry FDA Plans to Close Labs
  • Bush Middle East Plan Starts to Unravel
  • Silent Surge in Contractor ‘Armies’
  • 160 Top US Corporations: Act Now on Global Warming
  • Bush Told Iraq War Has Helped al-Qa’eda
  • Nuclear Power No Panacea, Critics Saye
  • Mandela and ‘The Elders’ Aim to Save the World
  • Amid Reports of Progress, a Massacre Shatters Village
  • Dust, Waste and Dirty Water: The Deadly Price of China’s Miracle
  • Democrats Attack Bush on Women’s Health Issues
  • Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al Qaeda in Pakistan
  • Pat Tillman Investigators Want Rumsfeld
  • First Atomic Bomb Test Exposed U.S. Civilians to Radiation
  • Japan Quake Triggered Dozens of Faults at Nuclear Plant
  • DEATH PENALTY-US: Inmate Gets Rare Last-Minute Reprieve
  • Just Another Day in Iraq: 100 More Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters Killed
  • Radioactive Water ‘Leaked’ from Japan Nuke Plant after Quake

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Robert Shetterly: Injured Democracy Needs Honest Surgical Knife
    Erik Leaver/Greg Muttitt: Slick Connections: US Influence on Iraqi Oil
    Amy Goodman: Two Races, Two Systems of Justice in Louisiana
    Robert Scheer: King George W.: James Madison’s Nightmare
    Peter Galbraith: The War Is Lost
    Caroline Arnold: Habeas Corpus: A Defense Against The Dark Arts
    Sally Kohn: Reflections on the US Social Forum: Three Cautions for the Future of the Left
    John Nichols: Don’t Fence in the Web!
    Joyce Marcel: Summer Meditation
    Olga Bonfiglio: Dead Nation Walking
    Mark Lange: A Landmark In Corporate Welfare
    Daniel Smith: Counting Troops in Iraq
    Glenn Hurowitz: A Washington Tryst? Questions from the Iraq Vigil
    Derrick Jackson: Tracking The Weapons of Homeland Terrorists

    Special: The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Bush, Himself

    US admits that actually, scary insurgent leader never existed, Gordon
    Congress! Dismiss contemptible politics of fear; remove Bush from Iraq and from office, Ed
    Report Warns of Iraq-Based Terrorist Strike in U.S., Landay
    Have 6 years,100s of billions of dollars, thousands dead made us safer from terror? No., Shane
    US: Filling Gaps in Iraq, Then Finding a Void at Home, Broder

    Special: Come On Up, New Dictator

    GOP candidates tremble as McCain wipes out & Fred Thompson enters stage right, Nagourney
    Where should candidates debate the nation's ills? In picturesque New Orleans, Ed
    AP Poll: GOP pick is 'none of the above', Sidoti
    John Edwards Bets It All on Iowa, Morrill
    Edwards Tries to Regain Stride with Poverty Tour, Christensen
    Edwards retraces historic tour to highlight poverty, Doyle

    Special: Bush Continues Iraq Dance of Death

    Al-Sadr switches tactics in Iraq, providing money &services to suffering Iraqis, Rubin
    Too late for our dead troops: after 4 bloody years, the Pentagon orders some bomb-proof trucks, Cloud
    Bush's whack-a-mole policy leads to at least 100 new Iraqi deaths , Oppel Jr. & Adeeb
    Counting Bushco's rented army, there are 290,000 US citizens risking all in Iraq, Broder
    Dems plan to force Bush's Senate warhogs to lose one night's sleep over Iraq, Hulse
    US Senate locked in Iraq battle, BBC
    Iraq oil city bomb attacks kill at least 85 and wound over 180, BBC
    In pictures: Kirkuk bombings, BBC
    Iraqi river carries grotesque cargo, BBC

    Today's Alternative Special: Tom Paine's Corner

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    United States

    New York Times

    Debate on child pornography's link to molesting: pornography fuels pedophile sexual urges, Sher &Carey
    Executions to resume in Florida, Aguayo
    Japanese nuclear- site damage worse than reported, Fackler

    Washington Post

    Boston Globe

    Flashbacks of a lost cause, Greenway

    Chicago Tribune

    White House gauges 'persistent' Qaeda threat, Silva
    Levee improvements bring flood of suspicion, Witt


    Pentagon Finds $1.2 Billion for Mine-Fortified Vehicles, Youssef
    Brazilian Plane Crash Raises Air Safety Concerns, Chang
    Feinstein, Cornyn urge Bush to Free Imprisoned Border Patrol Agents, Montgomery
    Freshmen Senate Democrats Seek Panel to Probe Iraq Contracting, Goldstein
    Congress Considers Fund to Build, Rehab Affordable Housing, Pugh
    Senate Republicans Block Iraq Withdrawal Plan, Schoof+Talev

    LA Times

    SF Chronicle


    Globe and Mail

    Toronto Star



    US Senate Republicans block Iraq troop withdrawal vote, BBC
    US captures 'top Iraqi insurgent', BBC
    US marine guilty of Iraq killing, BBC
    Gulf of Mexico dead zone to be the biggest ever, BBC
    Fed caution shakes global shares, BBC
    N Korea closes more nuclear sites, BBC
    Pakistan troops killed in ambush, BBC
    Bush tackles scares over imports, BBC


    Insurgents form political front to plan for US pullout, Milne
    Iraq--'comprehensive and avoidable man-made disaster', Ash
    US and Iran agree to hold more talks on stabilising Iraq, MacAskill
    America's inane policy toward Cuba, Smith
    There is a bigger nuclear threat - from Pakistan., Howard
    Alice-in-Wonderland justice..the Troy Davis case, Kleiman

    Times Online

    Stubborn President still has the power to stand firm over Iraq, Reid


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co. want to enter the Mexican seed market with GMO strains, Reuters
    Burial in Mexico proves expensive for many immigrants, Houston Chronicle
    Oaxaca Roars Again, Prensa Latina
    Fighting Erupts on Major Streets in Oaxaca, Narco News
    Honduras Attorney General obstructing prosecution of many cases of corruption, Prensa Latina
    Guatemala for Migrants' Rights, Prensa Latina
    Nicaragua's Ortega visits Mexico and promotes ALBA, nicanet
    Haiti ex-rebel chief who overthrew Aristide wanted for drug crimes, Caribbean NN
    Unfavorable rating of Colombia's Uribe hits high, Reuters
    Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes, Colombia Journal
    Brazilian Indians Fighting to Become Visible and Be Counted, Brazzil
    Brazil Trade Balance Surplus Reaches US$ 22 Billion. Imports Grow 26%, Bazzil
    US planned 1963 military coup in Brazil, Merco Press
    Brazil: 0.75% of population dominates 50% of GDP, Merco Press
    Uruguay Hopes To End Illiteracy using Cuban literacy method, Prensa Latina
    Bank of the South: Toward Financial Autonomy, UDW
    Taken Aback by Leftist Shift, White House Endeavors to Con the Americas, UDW
    Fidel Castro on Bush, Health & Education, ZNet
    Americanism vs. ALBA, ZNet

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Rights: Native Peoples Renew Call for U.N. Recognition , Rizvi
    Caribbean: Unknown State of Whales and Dolphins , Grogg
    Finance-US: Fed Chief Downplays Effect of Yuan on Deficit , Mekay
    Egypt: Palestinians Become Hostage to Border Politics , Morrow+al-Omrani
    El Salvador: Spectre of War Looms After 15 Years of Peace , Gutiérrez
    Environment-Japan: Quake Devastates Nuclear Power Plans , Kakuchi
    Politics-US: Congress Pushes Sanctions on Iran , Akhavi
    Rights-Malaysia: Blogger's Arrest - 'Politically Repressive' , Kuppusamy
    Environment: Act Now on Global Warming - Top US Companies , Lobe
    Middle East: Iran's Claim on Bahrain Aimed at US , Sanati

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    Comptroller blasts PM, IDF top brass over home front, Staff
    Israel confirms third parties have relayed messages to Syria, Yoav Stern
    IDF troops resume West Bank arrest raids after five-day lull, Avi Issacharoff
    Israel can't yawn at chances to resolve the conflict, Editorial
    Prisoner release is way of continuing occupation, Amira Hass
    Dozens of classical musicians issue joint peace manifesto, Noam Ben Ze'ev
    The Temple, a place of intolerable noise and stench, Michael Fox

    Al Jazeera

    Hamas blasts Bush for backing Fatah, Al Jazeera
    Mass funerals held in Kirkuk, Agencies
    Al-Sadr bloc returns to parliament, Agencies
    Syrian president begins second term, Agencies
    Iraq PM says US forces can leave, Agencies
    Egypt faces water crisis, Farid Barsoum
    Dubai emir in US 'child slaves' row, Agencies
    Violence spreads in Pakistan, Al Jazeera

    Daily Star



    US, China Plan Talks to Defuse Food-Safety Row , Bloomberg
    Algae Cuts Water Supply to Northest China City , International Herald Tribune
    China, Turkmenistan Vow to Step Up Co-op in Energy, Security, Xinhua
    China Warned of Pollution Disaster, The Age
    Shenzhen Puts Squeeze on Speculators, Asia Times
    Crazy Markets and China's Savings , Asia Times

    Daily Times

    Musharraf: media must not sympathise with extremists, Najam Sethi
    Pakistan rejects US Al Qaeda report, DT
    Accountability 'applies to rulers, not just judges', Mohammad Kamran
    Madrassa reform details sought, DT


    More carnage in capital, Baqir Sajjad Syed
    Musharraf: Enlightened Pakistan is my aim, Amjad Iqbal
    Midnight court session investigated, Nasir Iqbal

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    Two killed as fighting rocks Mogadishu ahead of talks
    Politics-Sudan: A Call for the Upcoming Darfur Talks to Be Inclusive , Nduru

    Mail and Guardian

    Alternative Views

    Vanity Fair

    The History Boys, Halberstam
    Rorschach and Awe, Eban

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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