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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

U.S. Internet Dying: Why Bush's Free Market Economy Is Not Free To You, Paul Krugman
Op-Eds: from Tom Paine's Corner, ed. by Jason Miller
Another "We Told Ya So: Dictators Are Us, Politex, Dowd
In the Chinese Style: Bush and Cheney Confess To Their Crimes, Maureen Dowd
Caller Correct: Why We Can Be Called A "Fascist State", Christine Tomlinson
Bush Fantasy: Bush Wants To Be Judged By His-Story, Not History, Maureen Dowd
Dick Cheney: Impeaching the Shadow Master, Bernard Weiner
Editorial: Our Exercise in Fascism, Bush Watch
Mr. Evil: Meet The Dictator Behind Dictator Bush (2), Maureen Dowd
Mr. Evil: Meet The Dictator Behind Dictator Bush (1), Frank Rich
Tales of Corporate Fascism: Only Bush Managers Deserve The Truth, Kent Southard
I Did It My Way (tune): I WANT AN IPHONE, David Pogue (lyrics)
Justice Denied: 7 Years Later, NYT Editors Agree With Bush Watch, NYT Editorial
Bush Just-ish: More Reactions To The Libby Commutation, Olbermann, Politex, etc.
Libby's Only The Beginning: Impeach Bush Now!, Jerry Politex
Would Gore Lead Presidential Pack? Is this the Sign We've Been Waiting for? Andy Ostroy
Shoveling...Snow: Washington Mafia Sees Libby As Made Man (excerpts), Frank Rich
Constitution or Cheese? Up and Down the Bush Philosophy, Walter Brasch
U.S. Scam: 20 Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime (excerpts), Russell Mokhiber
Op-Eds: From Our Contributors
Reports: Dictator Bush Committs Felony, Plans To Take Over Country, Congressman, BG
Parody: Scooter Libby Is Ordered Back To Jail, Politex
Habeas Corpus: Senate Committee Votes To Restore Cornerstone Of U.S. Justice System, Melber
What, We Worry? Our TV War , David Sarasohn
Be Afraid: Is There Any Doubt That Bush Uses Terror Warnings For Political Purposes? Olbermann
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Part 2, Jonathan Freedland
Mugged By Corporations: A Spy In A House Of Cards, Kent Southard
Bush, Again: Who Benefits From Floods?, Politex, various
Sheehan : The Corporate War Machine, Politicians, And A Distracted Public, Interview
Health Care Plans: Anything's Better Than What We Have Now, Gawande, Politex
The Golden Rule: Why Have the Dems Failed Us?, Jerry Politex, various
Empire or Republic? Bush and the Fall Of the United States, Jonathan Freedland
Memorial Day, 2007: Bush's War For ME Oil Wealth Takes Blood And Money, various
Slave Labor: Why The Bush-Backed Immigration Bill Will Make Things Worse, Paul Krugman
The Goracle: Listening, Really Listening, To Gore ---Gore, Dionne, Ostroy, Politex
Run, Gore, Run: Impassioned Gore Book Provides Blistering Overview Of U.S. Politics, Kakutani
I'm Back! Random Thoughts After Two Months Away, Jerry Politex
Myth, Religion, and Politics: Bush As Religious Icon: Background, Jerry Barrett

News Roundup

All about oil: Cheney keen to intervene in Iran, Bernstein
Ex-Halliburton unit named in massive profiteering scheme, Glanz
House Judiciary Chairman Seeks Contempt Charges Against Bush Aides, Talev+Taylor
Bush sanctions CIA torture program, White
Is it safe to eat in Bush's America?, Ed
Standing against the war but unsure how to end it? Vietnam taught us to start by denying funds, Nossiter
The horse has bolted but Bush's ham-fisted propagandists never give up, Thee
Not Done: Highly mobile, highly lethal counterterrorism ops could end 'war on terror', Benjamin
Patchwork city: shuttered hospitals insure slow recovery in New Orleans, Eaton
Bush n' Blair's abused Britain relieved at Brown's seeming sanity and humanity, Perlez
Dems seek session with Bush: its kids, health, education & workers against 'that stupid war in Iraq, Pear
U.S. officials admit delays in issuing visas to Iraqis, Cooper


Jailed medics released by Libya, flown to Sofia
SKorean talks with Taliban raise hostage hopes
US and Iran hold rare direct talks on Iraq security
Circumcision could save millions from HIV infection, AIDS conference told
Blair eyes 'moment of opportunity' in Mideast
BP pumps profit fall on slower output
Akzo Nobel reports 'solid' second quarter earnings

News Bullets

Cindy Sheehan 'steps up to plate' to take on Speaker Pelosi
NYT editor: Founding fathers feared Bush-type of presidency
'I dropped F-bomb on [Leahy],' Cheney admits, 'it was heartfelt'
Halliburton income more than doubles
US, Iran resume talks in Baghdad

Op-Ed Roundup

John Nichols:
Censure & Impeachment
Jimmy Breslin:
Impeach George Bush To Stop War Lies, Deaths
Cindy Sheehan:
Time’s Up, Congress! Impeach, Now!
David Cole:
Bush’s Torture Ban is Full of Loopholes
Donna Smith:
Bush Got a Better Colonoscopy Than Me
Ira Chernus:
The Democrats’ Iraqi Dilemma: Questions Unasked, Answers Never Volunteered
James Carroll:
Waking Nightmare
Arianna Huffington:
The Secretary of Defense Breaks with the President on Sanitizing the War
Harvey Wasserman:
PR Nuke Flacks Do The Kashiwazaki Quake Death Spin
International Herald Tribune:
The Great Denier, At It Again and Again
Hank Edson:
Why We Must Leave Iraq ASAP
Lauren Adler:
Global Warming: Identifying The Problem Is Not The Solution
Danny Schechter:
‘Contagion’ Could Lead To A Financial Tsunami
Los Angeles Times:
No To Nukes
Cynthia Tucker:
Bin Laden Gets His Wish, Thanks to Bush Administration

Special: Dictator Bush Losing Two Wars

US generals call for extension of Iraq war, Martin
Who cares what you think? Bush has quagmired us in Iraq until at least 2009 , Gordon
After Carnage, U.S. and Iraqi Authorities Compete for Control, al Dulaimy+Allam
Bush always advocates more killing: Pakistan protests Bush's military options, Masood
Confusion pervades Afghanistan hostage ordeals: the other war we're losing, Bearak

Special: Dictator '08 Search

Republican candidates talk gassy principles, Dems sweat policy detail, Schmitt
Wisdom of the Crowd: Dem Debate
Obama swipes at Clintons: We have to have a president that makes sure insuran...
Is Romney campaign defending 'Osama, Obama?'
Video: CNN anchors lose it over Romney 'dog on roof' joke

Special: Middle Eastern Responses

'Why Do They Hate Us?'
Bush Still Doesn't Get It
Losing My Jihadism
As American As You Are

Today's Alternative Special: The Nation

Wisdom of the Crowd: Dem Debate
Why the US Military Loves Ron Paul
The Other War: Iraq Veterans Bear Witness
Supreme Disaster: Racists & Robber Barons
Books & the Arts: Boys (and Girls) of Summer
Books & the Arts: Kings of the Road

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States

New York Times

Democracy affirmed in Turkey: the example of a powerful Muslim democracy, Ed
Maverick leads charge for charter schools, Dillon
New court to address California prison crowding, Moore
Pressure builds to ban plastic bags in stores, Urbina
Padilla's lawyers say prosecutors are using inaccurate translations, Gentile
House backs barring political spouses from pay campaign, AP
Hurricane aid extended for some still unable to return to New Orleans, Dewan

Boston Globe

US won't rule out force in Pakistan, Donnelley
A grave lesson from Mussolini, ED
Waking nightmare, Carroll

Washington Post

Dems, This Is Not Reform
Corporate Crimes: A Problem at Justice
Edwards: Integrating Schools
Nativism's Toxic Cloud
Subpoena Standoff
How to Get Fewer Scientists: Ask Bush
Moscow: Trickle-Down Lawlessness
Citizen Murdoch: The Journal And the Mogul
Ohio: Mr. Consensus Makes Inroads
Thompson: He Just Plays a Straight Shooter on TV
A Destination, Not a Road Map
>House Panel Nears A Legal Clash With Bush Over Firings
Outsourcing the Picket Line
Public Voice Adds Edge to Debate
Confucius Making a Comeback In Money-Driven Modern China
FEMA Still Selling Illness
Herpes Awareness Project Divides Health Officials
FDA Renews Castleberry's Chili Warning
Deceased Farmers Got USDA Payments
4 U.S. Troops Among Many Dead in Battles With Taliban
Poll Finds Democrats Favored On War
Diplomats Received Political Briefings by Rove
17 Killed In Blasts Across Baghdad
Russia Calls Evidence in Poison Case Inadequate
The World's Worst Airline
Tom Ricks's Inbox
Restraint? Sure. Oppression? Hardly.

Boston Globe

Army probes alleged exam cheating, Bender + Bearing
The world after George W. Bush, ED

Chicago Tribune

Just say H-2-No: Advocates urging move away from bottled water , Swanson
How riots changed us , Page


Voters Challenge Democrats in Debate, Thomma
Botulism Case Is Biggest in 30 Years, Pugh

LA Times

SF Chronicle


Globe and Mail

Toronto Star



Car bombings rock Iraqi capital, BBC
US and Iran to hold second talks, BBC
England braced for more floods, BBC
Humans 'affect global rainfall', BBC
US Democrats hold YouTube debate, BBC
World 'losing fight against Aids' says Bush's top adviser, BBC
Danish army evacuates 200 Iraqis, BBC
Afghan hostage deadline expires for 23 Korean hostages, BBC
UK MPs support carbon offset schemes, BBC


Best You-Tube Live Debate Blog, Adams
Pakistan on the Brink (what's Bhutto's game plan?), Benazir Bhutto
Two lame ducks: Bonds and Bush sadly, clumsily slump away, Apter
Congress needs to call Bush's bluff over their 'self-investigation', Marcy Wheeler
It's CNN-Tube, not You-Tube, Stanage


Turkey steps back from Iraq invasion after election, Birch
A 21st century catastrophe: The UK's version of Katrina, McCarthy
Climate-driven flooding in the UK - The worst is yet to come, Lean


ABC, news

Latin America

Mexico's president must protect freedom of expression, San Francisco Chronicle
Migration a two-way street for some Mexicans, Arizona Republic
Signals of Provocation in Oaxaca, Narco News
US Company Recruits Mexicans for Iraq, Prensa Latina
Dengue Uncontrollable in Honduras, Prensa Latina
Ortega: US Finances Nica Opposition, Prensa Latina
Haitians march for the return of Aristide, Haiti Action
Colombia shifts drug strategy away from spraying herbicides, Reuters
In Defense of Chavez in Response to The New Statesman, venezuelanalysis
In Spite of Everything Brazilians Must Keep the Dream Alive, Brazzil
Bolivia: New Economic Model in Progress, Prensa Latina

Upside-Down World


International Herald Tribune

Secretary Rice should follow her own example
First existentialism, now this
The French connections
Birth without the bother?
Waking nightmare
Playing the blame game in Africa
A grave lesson from Mussolini
Meanwhile: Welcome to Obidas!

Inter Press Service

Health-US: Vets Sue Gov't for 'Shameful Failures' , Glantz
Politics: Developing Nations Sidelined for IMF Top Job , Mekay
Caribbean: Canada Looks Far South, Ischyrion
Colombia: 'Independence? What Independence?' Indigenous Peoples Ask , Martínez
Environment-Greece: Recycling Begins, At Last , Taberner
Chile: State Upholds Gender Discrimination Within Marriage , Estrada
Politics-US: Candidates Hop Aboard the Iran Sanctions Bus , Akhavi
Trade: Hope, Concern Greet China's Growing Prominence in Africa , Deibert
Turkey: Islamic Party Wins in Landslide , Toros
Politics-Nepal: Child Soldier Issue Slows Peace Plan , Jayshi
India/US: Nuke Deal - Breakthrough or Bad Bargain? , Bidwai

Der Spiegel

The World From Berlin: 'Turkey Faces a Moment of Truth'
Hitler's Forgotten Castle: Finishing School for Nazis to Become Museum
Libya Frees Nurses: Bulgarian President Pardons Medics in Sofia
Cleaning Up the Piste: Europe's Highest Toilets Installed on Mont Blanc
Two More Years: US Is Seen in Iraq Until at Least '09
The World From Berlin: Germany Firm on Afghan Mission Despite Hostage Death
From Flash Floods to Heatwaves: Europe Hit by Extreme Weather

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


Israeli airstrike targets structure in Gaza City, Agencies
Peres to Blair: Your success is our success, we will help you, Barak Ravid
Israel confirms Hezbollah long-range missile arsenal restored, Avi Issacharoff
Rabbis were first to give up Temple Mount , Nadav Shragai
Ex-minister Rubinstein: State should reclaim land given to JNF, Amiram Barkat
U.S. Jewish leader: Church-state divide must be reexamined, Daphna Berman
Nasrallah: Syria threatened to join in Lebanon war, Reuters

Al Jazeera

Blair has 'sense of possibility', Al Jazeera
US-Iran talks begin in Iraq while dozens killed in bombings , Al Jazeera
Surrounded Taliban leader 'kills himself', Agencies
Pakistan army battles tribal groups, Agencies

Daily Star



China Flexes Its Muscles By Buying €9.8bn Barclays Stake , Times Online
No End in Sight to China Floods after Hundreds Die , Reuters
Taiwan Eyes Editing China from Textbooks, San Jose Mercury News
Citi Loses Top Spot to Chinese Bank,
Law Enforcement Struggles to Combat Chinese Spying, USA Today
China's Risky Bet in Somalia , Asia Times


Benazir: Musharraf deal would damage People's Party, M. Ziauddin
Will attorney general be 'fall guy'?, Iftikhar A. Khan
US threats anger Islamabad, Dawn
UN to investigate damaged Japanese nuclear plant, Dawn

Daily Times

Benazir to challenge Musharraf, DT
Parties plan end to military rule, Qamar Jabbar
Lal Masjid investigation continues, DT
India's Robin Hood is killed after 30 years, DT

Asia Times, opinion

The Hindu, news


Environment-Nigeria: Rich in Oil, Dependent on Firewood , Olori

Mail and Guardian

Alternative Views

Vanity Fair

The History Boys, Halberstam
Rorschach and Awe, Eban

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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