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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial
Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Chamberlin, Weiner, Uhler, Partridge, Samples, Brasch

News Roundup

More frightening than terror: Dems' grovelling cave-in to a fascist White House, Ed
His only weapon: Bush told wimp Congress that terrorists were focussing ON THEM, Rutenberg
White House follows sickening spy victory with a clean-up op made of lies, Lichtblau
Lobbyists tremble as tougher new Dem rules change the game, Kirkpatrick
Pensions and the mortgage mess: the gathering storm could engulf pension plans , Ed
Bridge disaster revives the awful question: why $1 trillion on WAR & $0 on our infrastructure?, Saulny &Steinhauer
Gen. David Betrayus presided over strange funneling of AK-47s to Iraq insurgents , Ed
Judge says Navy sonar kills whales but the military says WAR comes before life, Barringer
Judge orders release of docs detailing fascist NYPD surveillance of '04 protestors , McFadden
Monsanto bully patents asserted against U.S. farmers rejected by Patent Office, Ed Analysis: Who should Control How We Get Political News?, Thomma
Washington discusses plans for covert action against Kurdish PKK in Iraq, Steinberg


Georgia accuses Russia of bombing raid
Taliban offer women in hostage swap
Rivers recede but millions go hungry in flooded South Asia
British Govt seeks release of five Guantanamo inmates
Israeli police drag settlers out of Hebron houses
Court drops Microsoft's 1.5 billion dollar fine
Standard Chartered banks strong profits rise

News Bullets

  • Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2007: Aim for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World
  • Human Error May Have Led to Hoof and Mouth Outbreak
  • Veterans’ Rare Cancers Raise Fears of Toxic Battlefields
  • A Veteran General Hears Echoes from Vietnam in Iraq
  • Power Cuts Worsen as Iraqi Grid Nears Collapse
  • A Blaring Call for Impeachment
  • ‘Obama Targeted Pakistan To Get Boost In Polls’
  • US Arms Sales Preserve Israel’s Edge
  • 5 Arrested While Protesting Nuke Plant
  • Democratic Party Is Growing More Liberal
  • Hillary Faces Boos from Bloggers
  • Pakistani Official Urges NATO to Quit Afghanistan
  • Senate Passes Bush-Backed Spy Bill
  • Everglades Decision Criticized
  • At US Base, Iraqis Must Use Separate Latrine
  • Iraq Veterans Suffer Stress and Alcoholism
  • Russians Plant Flag on the Arctic Seabed
  • Abe Defeat Could Impact Support for US.
  • Angry Men Get Ahead While Angry Women Penalized: Study
  • China Arrests Pro-Tibet Protesters
  • As Iraq Costs Soar, Contractors Earn Record Profits
  • MIDEAST: Bush Revs Up Lemon of a Peace Policy
  • District of Columbia to Pay $1 Million to Protesters
  • Bush Urges Congress to Pass Wiretap Bill

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Glenn Greenwald:
    The Strong and Tough Democrats
    Cenk Uygur:
    The Soft Underbelly of the Democratic Party
    Caroline Arnold:
    Had Enough? It’s In Our Hands: Tangle Their Feet
    James Carroll:
    American Disconnection
    Chris Hedges:
    Beyond Disaster
    Kathy Kelly:
    She Stands At Every Door
    Thom Hartmann:
    Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts
    Ira Chernus:
    The Real Debate About Iraq Is Between Real, Fake War Foes
    Olga Bonfiglio:
    Hiroshima Remembered—and Forgotten
    John Nichols:
    An Overwhelming Vote for Waste, Earmarks and Corruption
    Ron Forthofer:
    War is Collective Insanity
    Ralph Nader:
    Clean Up the Cruise Industry
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
    Iraq War: We’re All Fed Up
    Peter Wilk:
    Say No To New Nuclear Weapons

    Special: Drugged Nation

    US: Lawmaker Calls for Registry of Drug Firms Paying Doctors, Harris
    In Short, Marketing Works, Melissa Healy
    Next Step: Create the Demand, Melissa Healy
    Pooping Yourself Skinny: Today's Pharmaceutical Lifestyle

    Special: Bush Double War

    Iraqi Government Unraveling As More Ministers Announce Boycott, Fadel
    Cabinet setback as Iraqi MPs quit, BBC
    US 'loses track' of Iraq weapons, BBC
    Blast rocks northern Iraqi town killing at least 37, BBC
    Bush rounds on Karzai who doesn't see Iran as our next target but as a friend, Stolberg
    Leaders vow 'an end to Taleban', BBC

    Special Continuing Feature: Bush Threat Is Real

    Christopher Brauchli:
    Totalitarianism Revisited
    Rosa Brooks:
    Heroism and The Language of Fascism
    John Nichols:
    Representative Baldwin Joins Impeachment Call
    Walter Mondale:
    Cheney Overstepped The Bounds of His Office
    Alan Nasser:
    The Threat of U.S. Fascism: An Historical Precedent
    Kaleem Omar:
    Bush’s Critics Say Threat of Martial Law in The United States is ‘Real’
    Dave Lindorff:
    Martial Law Threat is Real
    John Nichols:
    A Commitment to the Constitution
    Glenn Smith:
    Congress, Bush and The Real Constitutional Crisis
    Ralph Nader:
    Acting On Impeachment
    John Nichols:
    Censure and Impeachment: Take 2
    Hubert Locke:
    Talk of Impeachment Gets Louder

    Today's Alternative Special: AlterNet

    Iraq Is About to Become a Lot Worse
    The New Environmentalists: How to Make the Green Movement Less White
    Who Hollywood Backs (With Their Wallets) in 2008
    Will Grassroots Nonprofits Survive When Boomers Retire?
    Sean Gonsalves: None So Blind as the 'Color Blind'
    Deb Price: Pentagon Opposition to Lifting Gay Ban May Be Melting
    Will Durst: The Center Left, Right?
    Environment: Senator Al Franken? No Longer a Longshot
    ForeignPolicy: Tensions Between Israel, UK Rise Over Killing of Award-Winning...
    ForeignPolicy: Another Nail in Maliki's Coffin, as Iraq's Government Continue...

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    The protection battered spouses don't need , Iyengar
    Universities install footbaths for Muslims: bush leaguers up in arms, Lewin
    Timbuktu's ancient texts may place it at the intellectual heart of Africa, Polgreen
    5 more ministers threaten to leave Bush's Iraq government as bombs rip Shiite area, Farrell
    A sense of progress: Olmert & Abbas meet in the West bank for the first time, Kershner
    UK demands release of 5 from Gitmo: 'internment, kidnap,torture completely counterproductive', AP

    Boston Globe

    Obama stakes turf, outlines counterterrorism plan, Helman
    Senator, aide may have run afoul of law, Margasak
    New law expands power to wiretap, Savage
    American disconnection, Carroll


    China Pulls Out Stops for '08 Olympics, Johnson
    Ex-Priest in Paraguay Takes On World's Longest Ruling Party, Chang

    Washington Post

    Congress At Loggerheads With Bushr
    Mr. Rangel's Trade Tour
    A Bridge Falls
    Progress on Darfur?
    Low Energy: House Energy Bill
    Bush Manipulates Childrens' Health Numbers, Experts Say
    Bush: Ouster By the People
    Musharraf's Obsolete Way
    The Democrats Dither on Trade
    The War in West Philadelphia
    National Guard: Saving Soldiers' Jobs
    D.C.: At the Root of the Violence
    Bolstering the Gains in Afghan Health Care
    Dem-Controlled House Approves Wiretap Measure
    Secret Service Arrests Man on White House Lawn
    Rep. Jefferson Wins Ruling Against FBI
    Those Who Perished, Survived Represent a Slice of America
    Difficult Conditions Hamper River Search
    General Suspected Cause of Tillman Death
    Oldest Profession Flourishes in China
    Britain Rushes to Cull Cattle
    Mortars Kill at Least 13 in Baghdad
    GOP Presidential Candidates Debate in Iowa
    Tougher Stance on Pakistan Took Months
    Illegal Crops Creep Into the Suburbs
    Soldier Sentenced to 110 Years for Iraq Attack
    Report: Harsh Methods Used On 9/11 Suspect
    Scientology: Weird, Sure. A Cult, No.
    U.S.: The Can't-Do Nation
    I Like Mike (Bloomberg). So Will You.
    A Week in the Death of Iraq
    Impeachment? The Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make
    Japanese Voters Stiff U.S.
    Talk Radio Can't Handle the Truth

    Boston Globe

    Poems from Guantánamo, BG

    Chicago Tribune

    Finding Osama bin Laden: 'We are not closer', Silva

    L.A. Times

    Lebanese vote in key election to replace assassinated lawmakers
    Darfur war crimes suspect has free rein
    Ex-Tijuana mayor forges link to poor
    23 killed in Pakistani border region
    For gays in Iraq, a life of constant fear
    GI gets 110 years in Iraq rape, murders
    Iraq bombing mastermind killed
    In '08 race, a little leg may go a long way
    GOP's Iowa debate hardly must-see TV
    One soccer goal: recruit Democrats
    Comparing U.S. and Iraqi style democracy at work
    Democratic hopefuls try to woo bloggers
    Bush tours Minnesota bridge disaster site
    New Standards: House OKs clean-energy legislation
    Phoenix spacecraft launches to Mars
    California: 39 counties' vote systems in question
    A jury of ears may explain surprising Marine verdicts
    A pioneer in an experiment called open adoption
    Does the Bible have a place in public schools?
    Salvadorans celebrate lives in L.A.
    Month-old wildfire expected to linger
    Inviting children to share wisdom
    Purple Heart: A heartfelt tribute for their sacrifice
    Summer of political pratfalls
    Getty Trust closes a bad chapter
    Don't rush to modify FISA
    Alaska's addiction to oil
    Iraq's two timetables
    Murdoch the meddler?
    Final hurdle for the ethics bill
    Roberts' welcome openness re health

    SF Chronicle


    Globe and Mail

    Toronto Star

    Ontario bracing for perfect storm
    Leaders failing Toronto
    Stop shortchanging our cities now
    New `Rae days' will not save city
    Support for Palestinians
    Pearson prevails over de Gaulle
    Ban handguns before more die



    Bush signs expanded wiretap law, BBC
    European forest fires near record levels, BBC
    Russia cancels most Afghan debt, BBC
    US lender on brink of bankruptcy, BBC


    Chaotic and clumsy--US loses AK-47s, rifles, pistlols,helmets in Iraq, MacAskill
    Kurds invite in foreign oil investors as Kurds hint at self-rule, Howard
    Cowboy Bush rides again... US would kill Bin Laden on its own, MacAskill
    Little Napoleon Sarko in a rage in New Hampshire, Wilsher
    Cowardly chumps. Democratic Congress creates wiretap catch-22, Marcy Wheeler


    Just who is arming the Iraqi insurgeents? US loawa 190,000 weapons, Cornwell
    4 more US soldiers killed-- 3,674 and counting, Macintyre
    Unmasked: the blogger who parodied Jobs and ridiculed Silicon Valley, Foley
    Lebanon: Arabs dare to vote for democracy again, Robert Fisk

    Times Online

    Britain abandons 91 Iraqis who risked all, Haynes


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    U.S. border cop charged with murdering Mexican, Reuters
    Mexicans find a rough welcome mat in Canada, globeandmail
    House of Death case still ignored in the US, Narco News
    Lula to Mexico: Join South America, Prensa Latina
    Gold Mine Worsens Social Tensions in Guatemala, UDW
    UN: Honduran Children At Risk, Prensa Latina
    Iran to fund Nicaraguan projects, Al Jazeera
    Interview with Co-Author of Lancet Study on Haiti, Haitianalysis
    The protracted election campaign has brought out the worst in us, Jamaica Observer
    Ecuador: Clash of old and new, ZNet
    Venezuela's Chavez wants talks with Colombian rebels, Reuters
    Unearthing Right-wing paramilitary horrors in Colombia, Noticias Aliadas
    Chavez Announces Latin American Tour to Strengthen Integration, venezuelanalysis
    Paraguay: A Laboratory for Latin America’s New Militarism, UDW
    Argentina successfully tests rocket for space research, Merco Press
    Argentine Workers: Has Wal-Mart Met its Match?, nacla
    Chile government intervenes in schools to stop obesity, Santiago Times
    Peasants set the fashion in Bolivia's ethnic revolution, boliviarising

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Politics-US: Polls Find Broad Support for Greater Altruism , Clifton
    Health: India Verdict Welcomed by Advocates for Affordable Medicines , Capdevila
    Politics-Sierra Leone: Making a Voting Right a Voting Reality , Horner
    Brazil: Discovering Bus Travel , Frayssinet
    Sweden: Refugees Test Progressive Claims, Söderlindh
    Bolivia: Work Comes First for Women , Claure
    Biodiversity: Atlantic Bluefin Going Way of Northern Cod , Leahy
    Japan-US: Peace Activists Warn of Ongoing Nuclear Threat , Winterbottom


    Twisting Arms: US Pressures Germany to Cut Iran Business Ties
    Kidnapping Targets: Recent German Hostage Victims
    Picture This: Bombed Out
    Kidnapping Boom in Afghanistan and Iraq: Should Germany Pay to Free Hostages?
    Opinion: The Best Tour de France Ever
    Interview With Hitler's Bodyguard: The Secrets of Hitler's Last Living Aide
    Gadhafi's Torture Prison: Medic Recalls Eight Years in Libyan Jail

    International Herald Tribune

    Signs of contagion in the U.S. housing downturn
    New Americans and Voting
    American voters speak: Baaa!
    The peril of valuing celebrity over history
    Plugging the democracy gap
    The great Swiss meltdown
    Israel's incredible shrinking sea

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    Abbas: Palestinians' daily lives will soon improve, Barak Ravid
    Peres' aides confirm plan for PA state on land equal to 100% of West Bank, Akiva Eldar
    At least 15 people hurt as police evacuate Hebron Settler squaters, Amos Harel
    Qassam rocket fired at Israel kills two children in Gaza Strip, Avi Issacharoff
    Israeli rights group B'Tselem slams West Bank checkpoints as 'illegal', DPA
    More refusals to carry out military orders to evacuate settlers, Nadav Shragai
    A secret guard for Israel's nuclear ambiguity, Amir Oren
    Israel and Hamas renew talks on freeing abducted soldier Shalit, Barak Ravid

    Al Jazeera

    More ministers walk out on Iraq PM al-Maliki; 5 American, 53 other deaths , Agencies
    Half of US weapons sent to Iraq 'missing', Agencies
    Dozens dead in Iraq suicide blast, Agencies
    Israel evicts Hebron settlers, Al Jazeera
    Plea for Lebanese Christian unity, Al Jazeera
    Taliban 'no threat' says Karzai, Al Jazeera
    Many civilians dead in Nato air raids, a few Taliban killed too, Agencies

    Middle East

    Taleban offer to swap Koreans for female Afghan prisoners held on US military bases, MET
    US evangelicals back Palestinian state, MET
    Rival Lebanese leaders claim by-elections as 'victory', Lebanon Daily Star
    Choices before an Iran that is threatened by the US, Arab News
    Taliban in no hurry over Korean hostages, Asia Times
    The Saudi arms deal: Why now?, Asia Times
    Iran faces challenges from within, Asia Times

    Daily Star



    China Rights Record 'Tarnishes Olympic Games', Gulf Daily News
    China's Chery to Supply Fiat with 100000 Engines Annually, Xinhua
    Indonesia Seeks Clarification over China Seafood Ban, Channel News Asia
    China's CPI to Rise less than 4 Percent This Year, People's Daily Online
    Americans in China: Valley Expatriates Take Risk On Fast-Growing, San Jose Mercury News
    Tonnes of Hot Metal on the Way to China, Sydney Morning Herald

    Daily Times

    Benazir willing to join Musharraf in govt., conditionally, Khalid Hasan
    Al Qaeda targets US embassies, DT
    New rules in Punjab for madrassa data collection, Ali Waqar
    Proposed Cologne mosque tests German tolerance, Yannick Pasquet
    Disease fears as SEAsian floods kill 320, DT


    Musharraf re-election seen likely, Shamim-ur-Rahman and Azfar-ul-Ashfaque
    Benazir: Deal may work if parliament is empowered, Dawn
    National Art Gallery to open, Jamal Shahid
    Women councillors threatened if they attend council session, Syed Zahid Jan

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    Darfur rebels agree on approach to peace talks, U.N. says , Schneider

    Mail and Guardian

    Alternative Views

    World Socialist Web

    Another cover-up of the police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, Hyland

    Drug Corp Watch

    And Now, a Push for Change, Melisa Healy
    Scrutiny of Researcher-Industry Ties, Doug Lederman
    Death Points to Risks in Research, Rick Weiss
    Drug Warnings Fall Flat, St Petersburg Times
    Diabetes Drug Avandia -- Side Effect Reports Triple, Dr. Mercola
    Doctor, Just a Little Something for You, Melissa Healy
    Drug Industry Sees Big Job Cuts, AP


    US: I Spy-For Capitalism, Javers

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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