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Friday, August 24, 2007

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

Mind Detox: Selected Op-Eds, Various
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial
Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Chamberlin, Weiner, Uhler, Partridge, Samples, Brasch

News Roundup

The problem isn't Mr. Maliki, it's Mr. Bush, Ed
Foreclosure and taxes: first they lose their homes, then they're taxed for it, Ed
The White House shell game: the mother of all Bush criminality is secrecy, Ed
Don't eliminate earmarks, reform them, Emanuel
Should Iranians be bombed because they can't get rid of their mad tyrants? Should we?, Entekhabifard
Gunman who shot Wallace is to be freed, Goodman
Crandall mine owner was always contemptuous of safety standards, Saulny &Marshall
F.D.A. plans detailed new labelling for sunscreen, Singer
California guardsman suspended for fascistic, pro-genocide hate blog , McKinley
Officials won't delay raids on immigrants for census, Roberts
Detention of legal Iraqi immigrant was wrong, and U.S. apologizes, MacFarquhar
Bush's surge drives 100,000 Iraqis per month from their homes, Glanz &Farrell
Report offers grim view of Iraqi leaders: neither troops nor time can help, Mazzetti
Pakistan Supremes defy Musharraf, inviting exiled rival back to run, Gall,Masood &Cooper
Portrait of a President, craving power, enthralls France, Sciolino
John Howard's paternalistic policy for Aboriginese draws their fury, Johnston
Myanmar junta forces pro-democracy marchers to stop, AP
Telecoms aided Bush wiretaps: McConnell squeals & threatens:'Americans will die', Lichtblau
Senate panel sets hearing on coalmine, Abruzzese
Aid groups urge U.S. to revise plan to screen their workers, Weisman


Bangladesh arrests university teachers after riots
Sudan expels Western diplomats
13 killed as US troops battle Baghdad militants
Turkish parliament holds second vote to elect president
New research links obesity, infertility
Global markets recovery falters, with eyes on US
ASEAN blueprint for economic community completed

News Bullets

Ex-White House spokesman can't name vet in his own ad
Post op-ed: Like Vietnam, Iraq a failure on its own terms
Shocker: Military wants troops halved in Iraq
US: Drop charges in massacre of 18 Iraqis
GOP lobbying firm hired to oust Iraqi PM Bush backs
Fox News cancels its Democratic presidential debate
Jon Stewart: America 'to the rescue' in Middle East

Op-Ed Roundup

Kathy Kelly:
We Shouldn't Be Causing This
Juan Cole:
Pitching the Imperial Republic
Molly Larson Cook:
Dark Heart of the Earth
Ira Chernus:
The Forgotten Vietnam - Iraq Parallel
Seumas Milne:
Afghanistan: How Can This Bloody Failure Be Regarded as a Good War?
Marie Cocco:
Only Little People Pay Taxes
Bruce Fein:
The Heart of Queens: Can Nancy Pelosi Single-Handedly Take Impeachment Off the Table?
Robert Fisk:
The Iraqis Don’t Deserve Us. So We Betray Them…
Matthew Yglesias:
Don't Know Much About History
Arianna Huffington:
The Deeper Danger of Crandall Canyon
Matthew Rothschild:
Bush Rewrites History of Vietnam War
Elizabeth Sullivan:
Rein in the Political Yes Men, Yes Women and Yes Generals
Paul Rieckhoff:
President Bush to Our Veterans: Iraq is Like Vietnam
John Nichols:
Bush Versus I.F. Stone… and Eisenhower

Today's Alternative Special: Counterpoint

Children of war: We shouldn't be causing this , Kelly
Bush, Vietnam and 14 more GIs dead , Jacobs
Beyond Kafka: Mistakes, soreheads and eavesdropping , Brauchli
The ongoing tragedy of Afghanistan , Wright

Special: Iraq by the Numbers

70,264 to 76,771 civilians killed so far,
3,774 American soldiers killed, 27,004 wounded so far,
$ 454,507,621,288 borrowed and spent so far,

Special Continuing Feature: Destroyer Rove Moves On

Frank Rich:
Rove Got Out While the Getting Was Good
Bill Moyers:
The Rove Legacy
Amy Goodman:
Rove’s Science of Dirty Tricks
Garrison Keillor:
Good Riddance Turd Blossom
Marcy Wheeler:
What Is Karl Rove Hiding?
John Nichols:
Karl Rove: The Machiavelli Who Failed
Matthew Rothschild: Exit, Karl Rove, Stage Right
Michael Winship:
The Jaundiced Rove of Texas
Sydney Blumenthal:
We’ll Go No More A-Rove-ing

Rove is cruising the talk shows saying don't blame him, 'somebody' made him do it, Stanley
Rove exit could launch new political strategy, Kranish
The mark of the Rove, Ed.
The Rise and Fall of Turd Blossom, Blumenthal
What is Karl Rove hiding?, Marcy Wheeler
How Karl Rove lost a generation of Republicans, James Carville
A teary bunker moment for Rove as Bush bids him farewell, Rutenberg &Myers
Mr. Rove gets out of town: he can run but Congress can't let him hide, Ed
There are hundreds of machiavellian Rove-spawn still working for the GOP, Nagourney
'Goodbye, good riddance:' Dems bid farewell to Rove
Matthews: 'Exposed' Rove may have to testify now
Bush's brain drain fallout: The conservative government in ruins, Editorial
Ding dong, the witch is dead: Rove heads off to Texas, MacAskill
Rove legacy: incompetency and duplicity, Tomasky
What Karl Rove Didn't Build
Goodbye, 'Boy Genius'
Karl Rove's Legacy. by Robert D. Novak
Rove: The Architect's Great Project, by Grover G. Norquist

Special: Bush Economy in Crisis

Danny Schechter: Mythifying Markets and Mystifying the Public About the Financial Crisis
Dean Baker: Save Subprime Borrowers, Not Bloated Bankers
Credit crisis claims another bank, Beams
US mortgage lender sells assets, BBC
US stocks rise but jitters remain, BBC
Top US lender 'risks bankruptcy', BBC
Asian markets see further losses, BBC
Property crisis in US deepens, Clark
Buffet profits on Murdoch's purchase of Dow Jones, Clark
Foreclosures Hitting Hard, Pugh
US retailers warn of tough times, BBC
US stocks fall on renewed jitters, BBC
Profit warnings from Wal-Mart.. customers running out of cash, Jagger
If the Americans stop shopping, there will be panic in the markets , Harding
From housing haven to foreclosure leader, streets bristling with 'For Sale' signs, McKinley
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Global stock markets extend plunge
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens trading with sharp losses across the board, Natan Sheva
US shares tumble amid Mortgage concerns , BBC
European Central Bank moves to help banking sector, BBC
Economy in Crisis: China Warns U.S.
US lender on brink of bankruptcy, BBC
Britain: Inequality at 40-year high, Whelan
Bush aims to cut corporate tax rates
Hedge Funds May Pose a Risk to U.S. Economy, Hall+Rankin
Chinese Officials Threaten Dollar-Crashing Sell-Off Of U.S. Money
U.S. Jobs Scarcer, Outlook Bleaker for Migrants, Study Says, Bachelet
Mortgage seekers caught in squeeze, Blanton
Getting the rescue right for homeowners...there will be a rescue won't there?, NYT Ed
A future without homelessness, BG Ed

Special Continuing Feature: Bush Threat Is Real

Matthew Rothschild:
‘Impeach Bush’ Sign = Littering?
Bruce Fein:
Pelosi Needs To Put Impeachment On The Table
Robert Kuttner:
First Gonzales, Then Bush: Impeachment Should Be A Serious Option - With An Intermediary Step
Bill Press:
Cowardly Democrats Give In to President on NSA Wiretapping
Robyn Blumner:
Nixon Set the Stage for Bush’s Excesses
Marjorie Cohn:
FISA Revised: A Blank Check for Domestic Spying
John Dean:
The So-Called Protect America Act
Matthew Rothschild:
Why Are Most Democratic Senators Hiding Even From Censure?
Robert Scheer:
The Terror America Wrought
Burt Cohen:
America Needs To Impeach
Cynthia Cooper:
Media & Impeachment: Not For Discussion, Only For Derision
Christopher Brauchli:
Totalitarianism Revisited
Rosa Brooks:
Heroism and The Language of Fascism
John Nichols:
Representative Baldwin Joins Impeachment Call
Walter Mondale:
Cheney Overstepped The Bounds of His Office
Alan Nasser:
The Threat of U.S. Fascism: An Historical Precedent
Kaleem Omar:
Bush’s Critics Say Threat of Martial Law in The United States is ‘Real’
Dave Lindorff:
Martial Law Threat is Real
John Nichols:
A Commitment to the Constitution
Glenn Smith:
Congress, Bush and The Real Constitutional Crisis
Ralph Nader:
Acting On Impeachment
John Nichols:
Censure and Impeachment: Take 2
Hubert Locke:
Talk of Impeachment Gets Louder

Details emerge of vast scope of US domestic spying law, Kay
Bush signs expanded wiretap law, BBC
Repair The Constitutional Breach
All tapped out on civil liberties?, ED
Colbert: 'Bush should act illegally before Congress legalizes acts'

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States


U.S. Intelligence Report Paints a Bleak Picture of Iraq, Strobel+Fadel
Sen. Warner Advises Bush to Start Withdrawing Troops, Douglas+Schoof
Iranians Attack Kurdish Rebels in Iraq, Collins+Taha
China Threatens to Retaliate over Recalls, Johnson

New York Times

The C.I.A. report: we still don't have the full story on how Bush conned us into war, Ed
Unsafe mining: Congress must investigate this tragedy, Ed
Departed asset deployer, Rove left behind a fully operational attack machine, Ed
Italy's American baggage:20th C US fascism dealt this wound that never heals, Camillieri
A parting gift: Bush moves to allow mining by mountain decapitation, Broder
New Orleans flood plan upgrade urged, Schwartz
East St. Louis levees fail test, Schwartz
College Board quits the loan business, Glater
Finding miners alive is 'totally unlikely,' owner says, Buckley &Saulny
Militias seizing control of Iraq electricity grid, Glanz &Farrell
'Free Iraq' is within reach, Bush declares, Rutenberg,Stolberg,Mazzetti
A bump in India-US rapport: defining 'ally', Sengupta
Ah the tonic of ginseng at $65,000 a sprig, Onishi
Black Hawk 'fails and crashes' killing another 14 of our soldiers, Cave
Historians question Bush's ignorant, irresponsible reading of Vietnam War , Shanker
Another mind-bending proft-making drug for disturbed children , Reuters
Our troops will get less than half the armored trucks they need , Bloomberg
Uncertainty on vote dates intensifies, Zeleny

Boston Globe

Unlikely allies advance global warming policy, Donnelley
Medicare against mistakes, Ed

Chicago Tribune

Conservatives tighten screws on prisoners' rights, Oliphant
CIA Missed Chances to Tackle al-Qaida, Shrader

L.A. Times

Shiite militia infiltrates Iraqi forces
Venezuela leader Chavez aims to scrap his term limit
China launches media crackdown
330 dead as 7.9 quake rocks Peru
Relatives in Mexico can only pray for Utah miners
Yazidi sect has long been a target of persecution
Cat thyroid disease linked to chemicals
Small groups seen as biggest threat in U.S.
Huckabee finds a spotlight
Minn. legislators fear quick fix in replacing bridge
Israeli agent ties charity to terrorists
NASA delays decision on shuttle repair
Big Brother: Law enforcement to get access to spy satellite photos
Republicans bruise one another in state budget brawl
Judges asked by Bush DOJ to dismiss wiretap suits
Home Depot loses store permit battle
Dump the foam
Don't rush to execution, Gonzales
Tyrants' top 10, with a bullet
When it's life or death, who makes the call?
Karl Rove: great tactics, bad strategy

Washington Post

The Hospital Visit, Revisited: Gonzales's Credibility
Grading the Graders: Moody's Mortgages
Voting Reform: Bill Changes Needed
Public Generosity at Virginia Tech
The Family Business: Politics
A Market Run on Rationality: "Smells Like The 30's"
Pre-K Pragmatism From Virginia Gov.
The Man Behind the Reagan Magic
Pakistan Showdown
Checklist for a ME Peace Pact
Dictator '08: The Next Huckabee Surprise?
A Downturn We Don't Deserve
The Model That India Offers
Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts
APA Rules on Interrogation Abuse
Contractors in Iraq Have Become U.S. Crutch
In Blacksburg, a Solid Reminder of Lives Lost
Keeping a Lonely Vigil at Camp Casey
Defense Agency Proposes Outsourcing More Spying
India's Lower Castes Seek Social Progress In Global Job Market
Israel to Block New Refugees From Darfur
As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like a 'Dissident'
Democratic Rivals Caution Against Swift Iraq Pullout
Anti-AIDS Program To Fund Circumcision
Iran Trains Militiamen Inside Iraq, U.S. Says
Ruling Party Sweeps Kazakhstan Election, Official Count Shows
Taliban Fighters Void Second Truce in Pakistan
Afghanistan, The Lost War
Look Out. This Crunch Is Serious.
omalia: Where Khat Is King, But Not Much Else Works
The Real Meaning of 'Snitching'
I Really Need You to Read This Article, Okay?
Take Some Cues From the Cold War, Mr. President

SF Chronicle


Globe and Mail

Toronto Star

Ontario bracing for perfect storm
Leaders failing Toronto
Stop shortchanging our cities now
New `Rae days' will not save city
Support for Palestinians
Pearson prevails over de Gaulle
Ban handguns before more die



UK troops argue Iraq is 'unwinnable', Paul Wood, BBC
Two more British soldiers die in Iraq bringing: total of 41 deaths this year, BBC
Top Republican senator urges Iraq pullout, BBC
Wall Street shares decline again, BBC
Democrats condemn Bush over Iraq speech, BBC
Exiled Pakistani PM 'to go home', BBC
Ten gaurds killed in Afghan firefight, BBC
Iran shuts down 'Western' barber shops, BBC
US judge upholds BA's $300m fine, BBC


Senator Warner urges Bush to start Iraq exit by Christmas, MacAskill
British troops on verge of long-awaited pullout from Basra, Norton-Taylor
Bush's laughable speech: books not read, wars not studied, Williams
Bush uses the 'V' word: Desparation and Alibis, Wollacott


Bush's invasion of Iraq: a match in a sea of petrol, Cornwell

Times Online

Iraq leader can’t govern effectively, Bush’s experts say, Reid
Bush ally breaks ranks with call for troop pullout, Reid


ABC, news

Latin America

Death in the desert: The impact of tighter border security, Economist
Illegal immigrant mother of U.S.-born boy deported,
Oaxaca: “A Sign of What May Be to Come for the Rest of Mexico”, Narco News
Mexico Faces Economic Crisis, Prensa Latina
Guatemala Vote Observers Ask for Protection, Prensa Latina
A Million Nicaraguan Kids Unofficial, Prensa Latina
Hurricane Dean strikes Mexico again, Al Jazeera
Haiti senators jeopardising stability, says UN envoy, Caribbean NN
Hurricane Dean: Latest photos, Caribbean NN
Jamaica Suspends Elections due to Hurricane, Prensa Latina
Crisis looms: Gov't still mum on new election date, Jamaica Observer
Victims of Anti Aristide Violence Organize in Plateau-Central, Haitianalysis
Colombian killings only make the news when rebels are suspected perps, Reuters
U.S. Army School of the Americas Instructors Jailed for Involvement in Colombian Drug Cartel,
Reflections on Mining in Colombia: When “Development” Creates Deprivation, Colombia Journal
The Washington Post’s Bias Against Democracy in Latin America, Venezuelanalysis
Venezuela’s Chavez Meets with Families of Colombian Hostages, Venezuelanalysis
Rumors and Dreams of Eldorado that Are Bringing Brazilians to America, Brazzil
Brazil's Aviation Chaos: Just a Metaphor for the Lula Administration, Brazzil
Paraguay: Rural activists at risk, Noticias Aliadas
Polls Show Argentineans Support Kirchner, Prensa Latina
Commission to propose means to counter the nation’s dismal income disparities, Santiago Times
Bolivia Clashes Threaten Constituent Assembly, Prensa Latina
ALBA: A New Dawn in Latin America, Znet

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Politics-US/Iraq: Still No Light at Tunnel's End , Lobe
Ecuador: Support Grows for Letting Sleeping Amazon Oil Lie , Lucas
Development: Mutiny Shakes U.S. Food Aid Industry , Massey
Argentina: Former Agent of Chilean Dictatorship Released on Parole , Valente
Health-Sri Lanka: Lessons From Int'l AIDS Meet , Kakuchi
Environment-Argentina: Sad Tale of the Tercero River , Mazzeo
Q&A: 'We Live in an Age of Migration' , Interview with Michael Ondaatje
Uganda: Good Labour Practices Bloom in Flower Industry , Cunningham
Poland: Not Done With Fighting the Past , Dujisin
Balkans: Privatisations Pick Up in Kosovo, Privately , Fotiadis

International Herald Tribune

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


Turkey angered by ADL leader recognizing Armenian genocide, Barak Ravid
Turkey presses Israel over ADL's recognition of 'Armenian genocide', Barak Ravid
School year to start as planned in Sderot, Mijal Grinberg
Hezbollah to move its Beirut HQ to a secret location, Yoav Stern
Walt-Mearsheimer and the war over the Israel Lobby, round two, Shmuel Rosner
Muslims in America are profiled, humiliated, stifled, and shunned, Bradley Burston
Bush turning Mideast summit into cowboys and indians, Alon Liel
Both Zionism, radical Islam are revival movements, Jonathan Spyer
The IDF's planned purchases for the next 5 years give the feeling peace is far away., Amir Oren

Al Jazeera

Families set to leave embattled Lebanon camp, Al Jazeera
Rival Iraqi groups clash in Diyala, Agencies
Rival Iraqi groups clash in Diyala, Agencies
Lebanese soldiers die in clashes, Agencies
Bush pledges support for al-Maliki, Al Jazeera
US Black Hawk crashes in Iraq, Agencies
Afghan blast kills Canadian troops, Agencies

Middle East

The Vietnam reference is at best another display of Bush’s ignorance, Arab News
Bush whips up a storm over 'surge' , Asia Times
Welcome to Hillary's wars, Asia Times
Divide et Impera in Iraq, uruknet
Maliki's options rapidly shrinking, Asia Times
Aid work becoming more risky in Baghdad, IRIN
Four hours of electricity a day in Bush's Baghdad, IRIN
For Baghdad couples, love often lost amid sectarian struggle, uruknet
Iraq: Radiation and chemicals from war blamed for increase in number of sterile men, IRIN
Self-immolation - the dark secret of Iraqi Kurdish women, MET
Talks with the Taliban gain ground, contract for trans-Afghan pipeline already awarded, Asia Times
Israel and Syria Stumbling Toward Another War, Palestine Chronicle
Our most august statesmen are mere pawns of bigger players in foreign capitals, Lebanon Daily Star
Ahmadinejad held to election promises, failing to improve people's lives, Asia Times
Mujahideen control 35% of the territory of Chechnya,
When the US makes the rule of law an unaffordable luxury, Lebanon Daily Star
Managing Consent in America, Palestine Chronicle
Recalling other deadly toys: Terrorism in American children's toy boxes?,


A Balkanized Middle East led by the US and controlled by Israel, Galal Nassar
Is Iraq's government falling apart?, Salah Hemeid
Al-Maliki's days are numbered, Nermeen Al-Mufti
The 'nightmare prevention' strategy is on the verge of completion, Mustafa El-Labbad
As Israel's siege of Gaza bites deeper, ever more Palestinians languish in sickness or poverty, Saleh Al-Naami
Abbas has bet everything on cooperating with Israel, Khaled Amayreh
Hizbullah's Sheikh Naim Qasim: The resistance lives on, Omayma Abdel-Latif
Lebanon's poor northern areas are fertile ground for militant groups, Lucy Fielder
The United States has been quietly funneling money to Egypt's Coptic Christians, Emad Mekay
Allegations of people dying while in police custody have been springing up all over Egypt., Karim El-Khashab
The flow of illegal migrants from Egypt to Europe is on the rise, Nahed Nassr
Turkey's front-running Islamist party is a beacon for others in the Arab world, Amr Hamzawy
Saudi leadership in the Arab world depends on forging a non-US based regional alliance, Ayman El-Amir

Daily Star



Wine May Not Be What It Seems in China, McClatchy
Bank of China Shares Fall in Hong Kong on Subprime , Bloomberg
China Stocks Index Moves Past 5000 for the First Time, International Herald Tribune
Hole in Fuel Tank Suspected in China Airlines Blaze, ABC Online
China Says Export Boom Shows Goods Still Welcome , Reuters

Daily Times

Sharifs' exile 'deal' in court, Mohammad Kamran
Nawaz says documents fake, DT
'No deal' with Musharraf, DT
Japan wants Pakistan to sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty, Sajjad Malik

South East Asia

Fuel price policy explodes in Myanmar , Asia Times
Police break up Myanmar fuel demonstration by pro-democracy activists, Al Jazeera
Thai ballot reveals country divided, Agencies
Malaysia and Thailand work to curb violence in border region, Agencies
President Arroyo rallies Philippine troops, Al Jazeera
14 Hurt in Philippine Bomb Attack Following Arroyo's Warning, Arab News
Philippine Police Foil 2nd Terror Attack, Al Jacinto
Moro Islamic Liberation Front Dismayed as Manila Postpones Peace Talks, Arab News
Victims Offered Jobs as Reward for Pursuing Cases Against Illegal Recruiters, Arab News
Typhoon Sepat leaves deadly trail, Agencies
De-demonizing Southeast Asian Islam, Asia Times

Asia Times, opinion

The Hindu, news


Flooding Affecting Millions Across the Continent, allAfrica
Somalia: Displaced people branded 'terrorists' by Mogadishu mayor, IRIN
African Union's Somalia mission extended, Al Jazeera
Eritrea rejects US terror charge. Funneling arms to Somalia?, Agencies
Darfur 'militia leader' warns UN, Al Jazeera
Niger: Migration benefits still seen to outweigh risks, IRIN
Guinea joins African states seeking nuclear power, Mail and Guardian
Liberia: Government hunger strategy signifies shift to development, IRIN
Run-off election expected in Sierra Leone, Agencies
Ghana: Oil Company Makes Big New Find, Accra Mail
Nigeria: Lull in Port Harcourt fighting is likely to be temporary, IRIN
Nigeria: Power Sector - U.S. Firm to Inject $11bn, allAfrica
Nigeria orders contaminated toothpaste destroyed, Al Jazeera
DRC-Uganda: UN peacekeepers caught up in continuing unrest in North Kivu, IRIN
Angola: Clean water is scarce despite oil wealth, IRIN
Bill would give Zimbabweans majority ownership of foreign companies, Mail and Guardian
Zimbabwe inflation at record high, Al Jazeera
A summit of southern African leaders puts no pressure on Mugabe, Al Jazeera
South Africa: Too many babies die, IRIN
South Africa: New report confirms nutrition no substitute for ARV treatment , IRIN

Mail and Guardian

Alternative Views

Drug Corp Watch

Doctors of Scientism: 'No Cure for Autism' , Barbara Loe Fisher
American Kids Being Drugged To Death, Evelyn Pringle
Sales Soaring for Morning After Pill, But Opposition Persists, AP

Editor & Publisher

Why isn't the press on suicide watch? , Mitchell


UK: British Firm Under Scrutiny for Export of Bosnian Guns to Iraq, Doward+McDevitt
Lessons of Empire: India, 60 Years After Independence, Robins+Chatterjee

World Socialist Web

Millions of toxic toys recalled: The nightmarish reality of global capitalism, Walsh
New provocation against Tehran, Symonds

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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