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Friday, September 14

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Recent Bush Watch Features

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10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
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News Roundup

No exit, no strategy except to confuse, deceive and cow us, Ed
More help needed for tougher times: more may soon need unemployment support, Ed
Brilliant legal scholar 'too politically controversial' (principled) for new law school, Ed
Anti-Roe, pro-Rudy: fundamentalist ponders how best to set back women's rights , Johnston
The benevolent civilization: San Francisco to offer care for every uninsured adult, Sack
Just to listen to a president who wasn't lying would be so...wonderful, Myers &Hulse
Our vaunted new Sunni ally is assassinated just hours before Bush speech , Rubin
Bush address begs the question 'what are we doing in Iraq again?', Sanger
Officers say Bush is straining our forces with little chance of success, Cloud
Number of soldiers to be left in Iraq after desurging 'unclear', Cloud
Bomb in Pakistan kills at least 15 from elite unit, Masood &Khan
Japanese Premier III, party waits on successor, Onishi
GOP candidates pronounce on Iraq: caution, this will numb your mind, Luo &Santora
The truth hurts: Giuliani squawking over anti-war ad, Seelye


Bush orders partial Iraq pull-out, citing 'measure of success'
Iraq Sunni tribes vow to avenge sheikh's murder
Japan's leadership race heats up
Parliament set to confirm Putin's PM nominee
UN General Assembly backs indigenous peoples' rights
British mortgage lender gets Bank of England bail-out
China sets up money broker joint venture with Britain's ICAP

News Bullets

  • Cynthia McKinney Drops the Green Party
  • US Allies 'Flouted International Law' in Expelling Sharif
  • UC Irvine Aborts Hiring Chemerinsky as Law School Dean
  • Governor Vetoes California Ballot Question on U.S. Policy in Iraq
  • Week of Antiwar Events To Start With a 'Die-In'
  • Feud Brews Over Katrina Housing Funds
  • No Exit in Sight for Troops in Iraq
  • Baghdad Residents Protest at Wall
  • President Petraeus? Iraqi Official Recalls the Day US General Revealed Ambition
  • Worst Places on Earth Are Home to Millions

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Nicholas Von Hoffman:
    Wanted: Unruly Activists
    Amy Goodman:
    Debate Essential To Arab-Israeli Peace
    Jeremy Scahill:
    Testimony of The Tortured
    Ellen Goodman:
    From Fear to Farce
    Ted Rall:
    The War Party: Democrats Lie to Prolong Iraq; Reporters Go Along
    Marie Cocco:
    Just Ask The Iraqis
    Adrian Hamilton:
    The Charade of Letting The Generals Decide
    John Nichols:
    Soldiers Who Challenged War Spin Die in Iraq
    Elizabeth Sullivan:
    The Human Shield: Our Politicians Hide Behind The General While Iraq Burns
    Ira Chernus:
    Is Fear Going to Work for Bush Again?
    Aaron Glantz:
    Petraeus Report Means More Soldier Suicides
    Jonathan Kozol:
    NCLB and The Poisonous Essence of Obsessive Testing
    Robert Bryce:
    A $20 Billion Solution to an Intractable Problem

    Special: South East Asia

    Burma's economic protests turn politica, MizzimaNews
    Myanmar protests verge on mass movement, Asia Times
    Myanmar protests 'just the start' - top dissident, Reuters
    Thailand's rocky road ahead, Asia Times
    Thailand Not Invited to Democracy Bash, IPS
    The government must lift the martial law,
    Junta chief to enter politics 'if country needs me',
    Vietnamese martyr’s wartime diary released in the US, thanhniennews
    Malaysia: Alarmed civil society groups oppose a massive urban development project, IPS
    Time told to pay $106m to Suharto, Al Jazeera
    Indonesia jolted by aftershocks, Al Jazeera
    East Timor's Gusmao vows to tackle security, poverty, Reuters
    Former Philippine President Estrada Found Guilty of Plunder, Sentenced to Life in Prison, Arab News
    Estrada's guilt could shadow Arroyo, Asia Times
    Editorial: Verdict on Estrada, Arab News
    Dutch release Philippine communist, Al Jazeera
    Breaking the Fraternity Bond in the Philippines, Arab News

    Special: Iraq By The Numbers

    71,302 to 77,852 civilians killed so far,
    3,802 American soldiers killed, 27,004 wounded so far,
    $449,254,965,172 borrowed and spent so far,

    Today's Alternative Special: AlterNet

    America's Deadly Shock Doctrine in Iraq
    Bush Won't Let Go of His Failed Iraq Project
    Unintended Pregnancy Down Among Teens But Up for Young Adults
    A Journey into the Redneck State of Mind
    Why Is Bush's Kid Brother Neil Getting Federal Funding?
    Norman Solomon: Here's the Smell of Blood Still
    Robert Scheer: The General Lies
    Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Oprah's Star Power Won't Do Much for Obama

    DrugReporter: Spinning a Failed War on Drugs
    DrugReporter: The Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal
    DrugReporter: Let Afghanistan Grow the World's Opium Supply
    Environment: As We Stand on the Brink of Catastrophe, Bio-Fuels are no Magic ...
    Environment: Does Our Planet Have Too Many People?
    Environment: Connecting Wild Weather, Climate Change and Political Action
    ForeignPolicy: If You Want Peace in Iraq, Stop Trying to Kill Muqtada al-Sadr...
    ForeignPolicy: Why Iraq Is Getting Worse

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    The next attorney general: Bush is running out of flunkies, Ed
    Giuliani's ruthless food stamps policy pushed NYC's poor deeper into hunger, Ed
    Dept. of Brazen Bureaucracy: Bush stiffs Congress & FEMA to grow Orwellian DHS, Ed
    Hobbling Mexico's democracy?, Ed
    The more Bushco tightens its grip, the more states will slip through its fingers , Barringer
    Hard line on gangs just hardens young members, Moore
    UC Berkeley gets heavy with tree protesters, erecting ludicrous Gitmo Berkeley, McKinley
    A step too far for Bushco's Ahnold: his authoritarian veto muzzles Californians on Iraq , Morris
    Dems must prepare to clean up whatever noxious midnight rules Bush leaves behind, Broder
    Ex-Gov Mark Warner (D) will run for Senate seat of disillusioned Republican John Warner, The NYT
    We've gone to all the trouble of destroying Iraq & now we don't even get their oil, Glanz
    World's child mortality declines: 'success not linked to money...but to setting priorities', McNeil Jr.
    Japan's Bush-wrecked Premier blows that popstand with neither apology nor bow, Onishi
    Bush to say there is a Middle Way on Iraq: when liars speak, nothing is said, Stolberg &Myers
    Dems begin to forge a way out of Iraq nightmare: Petraeus plan 'unacceptable', Hulse
    What is Putin up to with his mysterious government shuffle?, Chivers
    Obama offers most extensive plan for winding down our illegal invasion of Iraq, Zeleny &Gordon
    Hopes dim for energy conservation: states jump in, Broder
    McCain's idea of a 'new campaign theme' is to keep on losing and dying in Iraq, Cooper
    Bush is warned on Gonzales successor: no shysters, stooges,or manchurians need apply, Shenon

    Washington Post

    Boston Globe

    Birth control ills, ED
    'Die-in' outside US Capitol to launch week of war protests , Boorstein

    Chicago Tribune

    Senator courting votes to limit troop deployments, Lerman
    Candidate who feels right has winning chance , Page

    Chicago Sun Times

    True or false: Can Bush tell difference? , Greeley
    Craig essentially drops efforts to finish Senate term, CST

    LA Times

    SF Chronicle


    New Iraq Plan Recalls Strategies Past, Youssef
    Bush Asks Nation for Patience, Douglas
    Key U.S. Iraqi Ally Killed in His Own Compound, Fadel
    Obama Strains to Turn It Up a Notch in Iowa, as the Clock Ticks, Talev


    Globe and Mail

    Toronto Star



    Dollar hits new low versus euro, BBC
    Bush pledges Iraq troop reductionn, BBC
    US carmakers face union deadline, Steve Schifferes, BBC
    Iraqi insurgents kill key US ally, BBC
    Graft inquiry condemns World Bank, BBC
    Coalition says many Taleban dead, BBC
    Pakistan bomb kills elite troops, BBC


    Bush appeal undercut by killing of Sunni ally, Goldenberg
    Iraq bomb attack kills key US ally, Goldenberg
    Belfast-style peace walls recommended for Baghdad, McDonald
    Interview with Robert Draper, author of Dead Certain, Pilkington
    Western Union faces US boycot by immigrants, Clark
    Trial of polygamist begins in Utah-- rape charged, Dobner


    An assassination that blows apart Bush's hopes of pacifying Iraq, Cockburn
    Some mourn, but others celebrate death of Bush's Sunni shiek buddy, Sengupta
    Tuareg rebels attack US plane as insurgency in Mali intensifies in the Sahara, Soares
    Greenspan hits book trail trying to save his legacy, Foley

    Times Online

    Bush vows 'enduring role' in Iraq as Sunni ally dies in roadside attack, Fletcher
    Get out or Die: Iraqi interpreters told to leave Basra, Fletcher
    Washington ‘misled’ Blair over plans for postwar Iraq, Hurst


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Latin America

    Mexico oil bomb rebels in political, personal fight, Reuters
    Fears about Mexican trucks are unfounded,
    Gunmen kill central Mexican state police chief, Reuters
    Mex president honors children who fought American invaders in 1847, Prensa Latina
    Mexican Deputies: 'Normalize relations with Cuba', Prensa Latina
    Few Guatemalan Women Win Vote, Prensa Latina
    US to Boost 'Free Trade' with Panama, Prensa Latina
    Ailing Castro unseen but writing prolifically, Caribbean NN
    New Jamaica Leader for Poor, Region, Prensa Latina
    Jamaica's new prime minister was born into politics, Caribbean NN
    The Golding Cabinet and double jeopardy, Jamaica Observer
    New Book Reveals Truth about Aristide Kidnapping, HaitiAnlysis
    After drug arrest, Colombia blasts American Democrats on aid, Reuters
    Colombian Govt Guilty of Activist Death, Prensa Latina
    Party on Verge of Breaking Away from Pro-Chavez Coalition, Venezuelanalysis
    USAID in Bolivia and Venezuela: The Silent Subversion, Venezuelanalysis
    Caipirinha with Curry: Brazil-India Growing Ties Worry Washington, Brazzil
    It's Time Brazil Leave Its Pothole-Filling Policy and Strive for Greatness, Brazzil
    Brazil Lula Blames Global Instability on US's Casino Mentality, Brazzil
    Kirchner: Successful End to Term in Office, Prensa Latina
    Over 700.000 foreigners apply for Argentine residence, Merco Press

    Upside-Down World


    Opinion - International Herald Tribune

    Putin's new power play
    Mexico's fragile democracy
    Brazen bureaucracy
    Hope for Filipinos?
    Seeking peace in the air
    Mind over manual
    Breaking the chains
    Striking back at kleptocrats

    SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

    'Big Brother' for Cosmonauts: Russia Locks Up Volunteers to Test Effects of ...
    After the Petraeus Report: Bush Says Success Allows for Troop Cuts
    Terror Arrests in Vienna: Austria's 'Jihad by Telecommute'
    Picture This: Rebuilding Lives
    Suing Tom: A Berlin Attorney Takes on Cruise
    Opinion: German Converts to Islam Are an Asset, Not a Threat
    Russia's New Prime Minister: Putin's Obscure Hardliner
    A Lesson for Europe: American Muslims Strive to Become Model Citizens

    Inter Press Service

    Politics-US/Iraq: Sheikh's Killing a Blow to Bush , Lobe
    Rights: Native Peoples Score Historic Political Victory , Rizvi
    Bolivia: Women Councillors Fight Harassment , Chávez
    Theatre-US: Palestinian Martyrs and Traitors , Komisar
    Russia: Winter Olympics - Putin Warns Against Corruption , Klomegah
    Q&A: 'Drug Addicts Are Victims, Not Criminals' , Interview with Stephen Lewis
    Politics-US: Rumsfeld Redeploys to Right-Wing Think Tank , Berkowitz
    North-South: China, India, Brazil, South Africa Tilt Global Power Balance , Atarah
    Rights: African Maids Face Abuse in Lebanon , Russeau

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East



    Syria: No plan for military response to IAF strike, Staff
    Ex-U.S. official: N. Korea using Syria, Iran as nuclear 'safe havens', Barak Ravid
    IDF blocks W. Bank Palestinians trying to reach Al-Aqsa Mosque, AP
    IDF ground force stages limited incursion into southern Gaza, Mijal Grinberg
    Iran's Khamenei: Bush is war criminal comparable to Hitler, DPA
    A sober outlook for the New Year, Editorial
    11 daring predictions for the new year, Shmuel Rosner
    This year, Bush will decide whether to attack Iran, Shmuel Rosner

    Al Jazeera

    Bush orders limited troop reduction, Agencies
    Iraq tribes vow to avenge murder of leader, Al Jazeera
    Ramadan begins across Muslim world , Agencies
    Ramadan amnesty for Iraqi detainees, Agencies
    Nato snubs bid to curb Afghan opium, Agencies
    Taliban readies Ramadan offensive, Al Jazeera


    The situation in Iraq, despite what the US president says, is spinning out of control, staff
    PR or panic? Lots of busywork by the occupiers this week, Nermeen Al-Mufti
    Israelis working on strategy for surviving the fallout of America's withdrawal from Iraq, Saleh Al-Naami
    The repositioning of America's right wing as US fortunes in Iraq go from bad to worse, Emad Fawzi Shueibi
    Doubts persist about the event that made Bush and Cheney 'wartime leaders',, Eric Walberg
    Palestinian sectarian violence looks more and more like Iraq, Khaled Amayreh
    The Taliban are making a remarkable comeback, Gamal Nkrumah
    Average Egyptians have yet to taste the fruits of economic growth, Sherine Abdel-Razek
    Healthcare in Egypt, Karim El-Khashab
    The conditions endured by expatriate workers, Mohamed El-Sayed
    Rumours about President Hosni Mubarak's health, Gamal Essam El-Din
    Elections in Morocco are creating a stir, Faysal Saouli

    The Middle East

    p> Why Bush went to Baghdad, Middle East Times
    The Euopean Union must offer an alternative to failed US policy in ME, (Turkey)
    Samarra Under U.S. Attack, Uruknet
    Under staffed: Over 50 percent of Iraqi health workers have fled the country, IRIN
    Iraq: Violence, poverty, unemployment fuel rising alcoholism, IRIN
    Fallujah has all but slipped into the Dark Ages, Asia Times
    Maliki discusses filling ministerial posts with Ayatollah Sistani, Tehran Times
    Use of Depleted Uranium weapons may constitute a war crime, Uruknet
    Jenin: Child critically hurt by IDF fire, Ynet
    IDF thwarts attack on outpost: 5 Palestinians killed, YNet
    Feelings of attachment to Israel declining among non-Orthodox American Jews, Ynet
    Why Israel Should Plan for US’ Decline, Arab News
    The Weeping Olive Trees of Palestine, Palestine Chronicle
    United States and Israel must realize that the era of gunboat “diplomacy” is over, Palestine Chronicle
    Siniora asks Germany to help build up army, Lebanon Daily Star
    Berri schedules presidential vote for September 25, Lebanon Daily Star
    US trashes Iran agreement at own peril, Asia Times
    Attack and Iranians will rally behind their Supreme Leader and their President, Asia Times
    US Subprime Mortgage Crisis Affects Saudi Kingdom, Arab News
    Yemen: Female education remains key challenge, IRIN
    Military Chiefs Again Skip President Gul’s Reception in Turkey, Arab News
    Islamists Set for Gains in Moroccan Elections, Arab News
    The day of restoration of State Independence of Chechen nation,

    Daily Star



    China's Money , International Herald Tribune
    Rising Euro Is What China Needs to Dump Dollar: Andy Mukherjee, Bloomberg
    China's Tallest Building Nearly Done, The Associated Press
    Tianjin's Cautious Transformation, Asia Times

    Daily Times

    Benazir 'can't be deported on return', Arslan Rafiq Bhatti
    Musharraf 'needs deal.', DT
    15 killed in blast at officers' mess, DT
    Indian Communists threaten nuclear deal, DT


    53% support for Benazir, Anwar Iqbal
    Tsunami alert in Indonesia, Dawn
    A million displaced in Indian flood, Dawn
    Indians protest India-Lanka sealane, Dawn

    Asia Times

    Petraeus ('an ass-kissing little chickenshit') out of step with US top brass , Gareth Porter
    Mr Bush, your sheikh is dead , Pepe Escobar
    Behind the 'Success in Anbar' myth, Pepe Escobar
    Al-Qaeda sets Lebanon record straight, Sami Moubayed
    Deep flaws in Afghan peace drive , M K Bhadrakumar
    US and Europe drain Iran's half-full glass, Kaveh L Afrasiabi

    South East Asia

    Myanmar officials seized by monks, Agencies
    Myanmar investigating into real ownership of factories run under names of nationals,
    Solving the 'Burmese Blues',
    Protesting women suffer untold ignominy by junta,
    Thai reshuffle exposes cracks in military , Asia Times
    The rise and rise of a Cambodian capitalist, Asia Times
    Typical headline in Vietnamese newspaper: 'Vietnam to quadruple airport capacity by 2020',
    Oliver Stone in Vietnam for My Lai massacre film,
    Malaysian timber industry to benefit from nuclear technology, need a nuke plant too,
    Malaysia: Soft Loans for Reforestation of Deforestation?, IPS
    Malaysia/Indonesia: Ethnic Ties Won't Paper Over Class Differences, IPS
    Jakarta seals Russian arms deal, Al Jazeera
    Indonesia; Did gas drilling well or geology cause disasterous mud flow?, Reuters
    US digs in deeper in the Philippines hoping to re-establish bases, Asia Times
    Manila's talks with Muslim rebels delayed further, Reuters

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    New US military command in Africa to start work, Mail and Guardian
    Somali opposition vows to defeat Ethiopia within months,
    Women bear the brunt of Somali conflict, IRIN
    Somalia: Crackdown on people smuggling in Puntland, IRIN
    Ethiopia receives Somali ultimatum, Al Jazeera
    Ogaden rebels accuse Ethiopia of state sponsored terrorism , Mail and Guardian
    Seven years after, Ethiopia kicks off new millennium, Guardian (Nigeria)
    Darfur rebel: Sudan escalating attacks before talks, Reuters
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Lake Chad, symbol of Africa’s deteriorating environment. , IRIN
    US military aircraft delivering arms fired on by rebels in northern Mali , Al Jazeera
    Tuareg-led Niger rebels want uranium income for local develpment, Reuters
    Liberia: National disaster relief agency inoperable for years, IRIN
    Cote d'Ivoire: Striking state doctors snub health ministry’s call for minimum services, IRIN
    Sierra Leone: Reinstating rule of law starting with motorcycle licenses, IRIN
    Ghana: Presidential candidates should declare their assets, Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra)
    Nigeria: Wave of repression on so-called ‘amoral’ behaviour, IRIN
    We enjoin all Nigerians to take this year's Ramadan as an opportunity to eschew social vices, Guardian (Nigeria)
    Nigeria: Curfew in Port Harcourt makes life safer but harder, Reuters
    DR Congo battles Ebola outbreak, Al Jazeera
    Mass graves found in troubled DR Congo region, Mail and Guardian
    Not another ‘world war’ in Congo!, East African
    The United States will contribute to military efforts to wipe out the Lord’s Resistance Army, East African
    Burundi: Calm returns as army warns it may crack down on rebels, IRIN
    Zambia's hotels should stock condoms instead of Bibles, IRIN
    Look at the bright side: Economic collapse is good for the environment, Zimbabwe Independent
    South Africa: What Steve Biko Means for SA Today, allAfrica
    Mbeki: Crime a symptom of 'rapacious individualism', Mail and Guardian

    Mail and Guardian



    US: NASA Gives Google Founders a Coveted Parking Place for Their Private Jet, Helft
    China: An Opportunity for Wall St. in China’s Surveillance Boom, Bradsher
    Chile: Pascua Lama payoff disputed by Chile locals, Pollard

    Bill Moyers Journal

    Poet Robert Bly on greed in America & Grace Lee Boggs on civil rights, Moyers


    Understanding the Contemporary Republican Party: Authoritarians Have Taken Control (Pt. 1), John Dean

    Drug Corp Watch

    Glaxo Diabetes Drug Raises Heart Risk, Andrea Gerlin and Michelle Fay Cortez
    U.S. Unlikely To Approve Novartis Drug, Anita Greil
    Non-Drug Treatment Touted for Preschoolers with ADHD , Dr Joseph Mercola
    Ohio Medicaid Program Gets $676K in Drug Firm Settlement , Business Courier of Cincinnati
    Avandia Should be Pulled, Say Authors of Studies, Rita Rubin
    FDA Criticized After Study Finds Drug-Related Deaths Up, Bruce Japsen
    FDA, Pfizer Warn On Impurities in HIV Drug, Jennifer Corbett Dooren
    For Congress, an Opportunity to Limit Conflicts of Interest at FDA , Matt Madia

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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