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Tuesday, September 18

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Recent Bush Watch Features

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Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
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Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
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10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
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Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Chamberlin, Weiner, Uhler, Partridge, Samples, Brasch

News Roundup

The troubling Mr. Mukasey: Bush will keep Justice politicized as long as he can, Ed
Mr. Greenspan spins the bubble as it bursts, Ed
Antibiotic runoff: a side of superbugs with your confinement-hog bacon?, Ed
Dare to give Washington a vote: why should D.C. taxpayers be denied representation?, Ed
In Japan, stagnation wins again, Ito
Liberals roar and Chemerinsky gets his deanship , Liptak
Judge wants auto emissions issues addressed by states not courts, Liptak
For new center, Harvard agrees to emissions cut, Barringer
Death by gene experiment unexplained: explain the recruitment process as well, Pollack
Prosecutors say charity aids terror by financing hospitals, feeding the hungry, Eaton
Will Condoleeza allow a 'free and independent' Iraq to expel Blackwater hired guns?, Tavernise
What's the French for 'toady'? Bush has un flagorneur in M.Sarkozy on Iran, Bennhold &Sciolino
It defies credibility that N. Korea would risk so much to spread nukes to Syria, Mazzetti &Cooper
World Bank & U.N. to help poor nations recover stolen assets, Hoge
Musharaff re-election plan disputed in Pakistan's Supreme Court, Masood
Bush is building a $500million dam with your tax dollars in violent Helmand, Gall
Wary of past, Clinton unveils a health plan, Healy &Toner
Dems use Mukasey nomination to press Bush for torture docs, Stolberg &Herszenhorn
Cheney praises Mukasey: enough said, Shenon &Wiser
Key Senators urge shifting responsibility to Iraq Army, Hulse
Bill to extend terror insurance faces Bush veto, AP
Obama urges Wall Street to protect middle class interests, Grynbaum


Thai jet crash inquiry probes wind shear error theory
Iraq could try Blackwater over deadly shootout
Musharraf to quit army post if re-elected: lawyer
Russia warns against Iran war
NKorea denies nuclear links with Syria
Northern Rock panic eases as British government steps in
New York oil price hits record high 81.24 dollars

News Bullets

  • Palestinians Sue for Use of Road Built for Them
  • VA Studies: PTSD Care Inconsistent
  • Blackwater License Being Pulled in Iraq
  • EU Watchdog Calls for Urgent Action on Wi-Fi Radiation
  • Pollution Killing Kids in China, India
  • IAEA Chief Warns Against Striking Iran
  • Ben & Jerry Head to London for a UN-backed 'Ceasefire' Concert
  • Was Israeli Raid a Dry Run for Attack on Iran?
  • NATO Comes Clean on Cluster Bombs Dropped on Serbia
  • Bush Setting America Up for War on Iran
  • Greenspan Admits Iraq was About Oil, As Deaths Put at 1.2 Million
  • More Than 150 Arrested at Iraq Protest
  • Behind an Antiwar Ad, a Powerful Liberal Groupy
  • Bush the Jihadist: How the World was Plunged into an Apocalyptic War

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Chris Hedges:
    'Giving' and Taking: On Bill Clinton's New Book
    Ray McGovern:
    Greenspan Misses Cheney’s Memo: Spills the Beans on Oil
    Steffie Woolhandler/David Himmelstein:
    Health Reform Failure
    Russell Mokhiber:
    On Health Care: Dear Democrats...
    John Nichols:
    A Constitution to “Chain the Dogs of War”
    Robert Weissman:
    Greenspan, Kissinger: Oil Drives US in Iraq, Iran
    George Lakoff:
    Whose Betrayal?
    Sally Kohn:
    The War Just Got Personal
    Tom Turnipseed:
    All the Children of the World
    Olga Bonfiglio:
    ‘Mission Al Jazeera’: From US Marine Officer To Foreign Correspondent
    Gary Younge:
    Jena’s Rascism: Not An Anomoly, Just Less Subtle
    James Carroll:
    American Exceptionalism Meets Team Jesus
    Robert Fisk:
    It Is The Death of History
    Chris Colin:
    Black Ops Jungle: The Academy of Military-Industrial-Complex Studies

    Special: Greenspan's Bushie Blunder

    Greenspan alert on falling home he tells us!, Guha
    Cowardice:Greenspan tells us now what he wouldn't tell the Bushies then, Guha
    Disappointed (scared) Greenspan lashes out at Bush, Andrews

    Special: Iraq By The Numbers

    72,537 to 79,128 civilians killed so far,
    3,831 American soldiers killed, 27,004 wounded so far,
    $452,147,758,271 borrowed and spent so far,

    Special: Africa

    Floods hit large parts of Africa, Al Jazeera
    Little relief in Ramadan for war-weary Mogadishu, Mail and Guardian
    Ethiopian troops carrying out house to house searches in Mogadishu,
    Govt Forces Detain And Life-Threaten Journalists in Mogadishu,
    Africa's rebels take to tranquil Eritrea capital, Reuters
    The New millennium - start of Ethiopia's renaissance!, ethiopianreporter
    Formal education systems crumbling in much of sub-Saharan Africa, IRIN
    Sudan offers Darfur ceasefire, Al Jazeera
    Chad: Rebels warn of ‘total war’ if EU force is not neutral, IRIN
    Conflicts over water like those in Burkina Faso will soon spread over the continent, IRIN
    Cote d'Ivoire: Thousands of toxic waste victims could miss out on compensation, IRIN
    Development bank established to provide credit to farmers to be privatized,
    Central African Republic military in mass atrocities against civilians, Mail and Guardian
    Nigeria: Vehicle Laden With Explosives, Ammunition, Bound for Delta Intercepted by Police, allAfrica
    Our new president is no Hugo Chavez, the corrupt old order remains, Vanguard NIgeria
    Nigerian Army Launches Fresh Offensive Against Rivers Cultists, Vanguard NIgeria
    Member of the House of Representatives assasinated, Guardian Nigeria
    Is this the government I fought to bring into power?, Monitor (Uganda)
    Uganda's shilling to remain strong against the once mighty dollar, New Vision
    Uganda Diaries: Owiny Lakaragic - 'enough of camps!', IRIN
    Kenya: Kibaki Rolls Out His Campaign Machine, The Nation (Nairobi)
    Mozambique: Religious leaders dampen rising tension after mosques burned, IRIN
    Mugabe faces stormy congress which could sweep him from power, Zimbabwe Independent
    Mugabe consolidating power, say analysts, Mali and Guardian
    Pets slaughtered or given up in meat-starved Zimbabwe, Mail and Guardian
    Cape Town mayor marches against drugs on druglords' street, Mail and Guardian
    Cops arrest 180 in Johannesburg crime crackdown, Mail and Guardian

    Today's Alternative Special: AlterNet

    America's Deadly Shock Doctrine in Iraq
    Bush Won't Let Go of His Failed Iraq Project
    Unintended Pregnancy Down Among Teens But Up for Young Adults
    A Journey into the Redneck State of Mind
    Why Is Bush's Kid Brother Neil Getting Federal Funding?
    Norman Solomon: Here's the Smell of Blood Still
    Robert Scheer: The General Lies
    Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Oprah's Star Power Won't Do Much for Obama

    DrugReporter: Spinning a Failed War on Drugs
    DrugReporter: The Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal
    DrugReporter: Let Afghanistan Grow the World's Opium Supply
    Environment: As We Stand on the Brink of Catastrophe, Bio-Fuels are no Magic ...
    Environment: Does Our Planet Have Too Many People?
    Environment: Connecting Wild Weather, Climate Change and Political Action
    ForeignPolicy: If You Want Peace in Iraq, Stop Trying to Kill Muqtada al-Sadr...
    ForeignPolicy: Why Iraq Is Getting Worse

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Illustrious music scholar barred from US: 'is it my piano-playing?' , Bernstein
    Restore American justice: Congress must reverse Bush's heinous Military Commissions Act, Ed
    US economy turns down: 6 yrs of manic tax cuts leave us no leeway, no safety net, Ed
    The New Hampshire phone scam is just the tip of the GOP vote fraud iceberg, Ed
    We may outlive the sun but can we survive our own ethical & cultural black hole?, Ed
    This is your (father's) brain on drugs: give us a wild teen over a boomer any day, Males
    Alabama plan rezones to resegregate, Dillon
    Miami police given choice of carrying assault rifles, AP
    Dem candidates shine at Iowa steak fry: a tough call for voters, Zeleny
    All crime is local in '08 politics, Roberts
    2nd best: if Bush can't have one of his own at Justice, a Giuliani insider will do, Stolberg &Shenon
    So much worse than Saddam: the carnage we brought to Iraq , Tavernise
    ElBaradei: the indispensable irritant to both Iran and Bush war hogs, Sciolino &Broad
    Argentine priest says Catholic Church was complicit in 'dirty war' atrocities, Barrionuevo
    Russian accused of Litvinenko poisoning seeks parliament seat, Chivers
    Vatican penance: forgive us our carbon output, Rosenthal
    Veto risk: Bush determined to stop ininsured children getting health care, Pear
    Def Sec Gates' speech to soft soap Bush's foreign policy, Shanker
    Disappointed (scared) Greenspan lashes out at Bush, Andrews

    Washington Post

    Boston Globe

    The other Mideast conflict, ED
    US, Iraqi officials skeptical of Petraeus's plan, Bender + Stockman

    Chicago Tribune

    Military vets army of few in Congress , Kuczka
    Snow scrapes with reporters over, other battles remain , Page

    Chicago Sun Times

    True or false: Can Bush tell difference? , Greeley
    Craig essentially drops efforts to finish Senate term, CST

    LA Times

    SF Chronicle


    VA Studies: PTSD Care Inconsistent, Adams
    Congress Considers Peru Trade Pact as Prelude to Tougher Deals, Bachelet
    Refugees: Ethiopia Killing Civilians in Separatist Crackdown, Bengali
    Petraeus: 'We Are Not Trying to Mislead', Youssef


    Globe and Mail

    Toronto Star



    Iran supreme leader launches scathing attack on Bush, BBC
    Greenspan attacks Bush on economy, BBC
    Further signs of US economic pain, BBC
    Markets fall after dip in US jobs, BBC
    Q&A: Iran's nuclear programme, BBC
    French foreign minister says world should prepare for possible war with Iran, BBC
    Sadr group quits Iraq ruling bloc, BBC
    At least 22 people die in Iraq violence, BBC
    US hints at bigger Iraq pullout, BBC
    The facts and figures of life in Iraq under the US troops push, BBC
    Global warming 'opens Northwest Passage', BBC
    Bush aide says warming man-made, Roger Harrabin, BBC
    UK 'carbon neutral' by 2050 call, Brian Wheeler, BBC
    Ten 'most polluted places' named, BBC
    Worldwide rallies held for Darfur, BBC


    Israel's audacious airstrike on Syria using eight F-15 bombers, Urquhart
    The Jena 6: an everyday story in the United States, Younge
    Gingrich plots revenge on Clintons-Threatens to run for President, Walters
    Iraq conflict has cost 1.2 million lives, claims civilian survey, Beaumont
    Was Israeli raid on Syria a dry run for attack on Iran?, Beaumont
    So much for market self-regulation: UK Bank implodes, Hutton
    Housing boom over in the UK-- US next?, Stewart
    Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil, Paterson
    US terror guru ‘put name to fake articles’ at Nixon Center, Baxter


    One family's harrowing story of kidnap and murder in Iraq, Sengupta
    'Surge' hit by fresh al-Qa'ida threats, Whitaker

    Times Online

    Iraqi interpreter in Basra dragged to death by militia, Fletcher


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Latin America

    Mexico oil bomb rebels in political, personal fight, Reuters
    Fears about Mexican trucks are unfounded,
    Gunmen kill central Mexican state police chief, Reuters
    Mex president honors children who fought American invaders in 1847, Prensa Latina
    Mexican Deputies: 'Normalize relations with Cuba', Prensa Latina
    Few Guatemalan Women Win Vote, Prensa Latina
    US to Boost 'Free Trade' with Panama, Prensa Latina
    Ailing Castro unseen but writing prolifically, Caribbean NN
    New Jamaica Leader for Poor, Region, Prensa Latina
    Jamaica's new prime minister was born into politics, Caribbean NN
    The Golding Cabinet and double jeopardy, Jamaica Observer
    New Book Reveals Truth about Aristide Kidnapping, HaitiAnlysis
    After drug arrest, Colombia blasts American Democrats on aid, Reuters
    Colombian Govt Guilty of Activist Death, Prensa Latina
    Party on Verge of Breaking Away from Pro-Chavez Coalition, Venezuelanalysis
    USAID in Bolivia and Venezuela: The Silent Subversion, Venezuelanalysis
    Caipirinha with Curry: Brazil-India Growing Ties Worry Washington, Brazzil
    It's Time Brazil Leave Its Pothole-Filling Policy and Strive for Greatness, Brazzil
    Brazil Lula Blames Global Instability on US's Casino Mentality, Brazzil
    Kirchner: Successful End to Term in Office, Prensa Latina
    Over 700.000 foreigners apply for Argentine residence, Merco Press

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    France: Sarkozy Hedges Free Market With Gov't Control , Deibert
    Health-West Africa: Rural Areas Said To Be in the Shadow of AIDS Efforts , Zamblé
    Latin America: Native Leaders Half-Heartedly Embrace ‘Historic’ Declaration , Cevallos
    US-Iraq: Religious Violence Spiking, State Dept Says , Akhavi

    Opinion - International Herald Tribune

    Putin's new power play
    Mexico's fragile democracy
    Brazen bureaucracy
    Hope for Filipinos?
    Seeking peace in the air
    Mind over manual
    Breaking the chains
    Striking back at kleptocrats

    SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

    'Big Brother' for Cosmonauts: Russia Locks Up Volunteers to Test Effects of ...
    After the Petraeus Report: Bush Says Success Allows for Troop Cuts
    Terror Arrests in Vienna: Austria's 'Jihad by Telecommute'
    Picture This: Rebuilding Lives
    Suing Tom: A Berlin Attorney Takes on Cruise
    Opinion: German Converts to Islam Are an Asset, Not a Threat
    Russia's New Prime Minister: Putin's Obscure Hardliner
    A Lesson for Europe: American Muslims Strive to Become Model Citizens

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    Reports by America's top general and its ambassador in Iraq seem designed to allow Bush more time, Salah Hemeid
    All the spin in the world can't change the facts on the ground in Iraq, Sukant Chandan
    Why has Tel Aviv's response to the rocket attack on a military base been so muted?, Saleh Al-Naami
    Was an Israeli attack on Syria averted by good defence?, Sami Moubayed
    The number of Palestinians stranded in North Sinai is beginning to grow once again, Serene Assir
    the significance of the return of Rafsanjani to high position in Iran's ruling elite, Mustafa El-Labbad
    Musharraf's war of survival, Graham Usher
    Hosni Mubarak sent messages, signs and signals this week, staff
    The UN secretary-general is determined to find a way out of Darfur's awkward predicament, Gamal Nkrumah
    Entering the nuclear era is no longer a luxury, Sherine Nasr
    Why the West attacks us, Abdel-Wahab Elmessiri
    Washington losing hearts and minds, Amr Hamzawi
    How many Muslims do you think support Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban?, Galal Nassar

    Middle East

    Iraq: Ethnic violence forces more Arabs to flee Kirkuk, IRIN
    Iraq: Diyala the worst province for basic services, IRIN
    PKK uses nothern Iraq as arsenal for attacks in Turkey, says official report,
    Calls grow for Bush war crimes trial, Tehran Times
    Syria Denies Nuke Help From N. Korea, Arab News
    Israel's Violation of Syria's Border Sends Conflicting Signals, Arab News
    Israeli settlements deprive Palestiians of land and water resources, IRIN
    Corporate Media Distortion on Israel-Palestine, Palestine Chronicle
    Extensive destruction of houses and gross humiliation of residents, B'Tselem
    Domestic workers face conditions akin to slavery, Lebanon Daily Star
    Crises fail to dampen Ramadan spirit, Lebanon Daily Star
    Survivors of Sabra and Shatila massacres still recall horror - and still demand justice, Lebanon Daily Star
    Sabra And Shatila - On Massacres, Atrocities And Holocausts,
    'War on Terror Served Iran's Interests Best',
    Afghanistan: Effects of suicide attacks extend far beyond the grave, IRIN
    Afghanistan: Call for USA to move bases away from civilian areas, IRIN
    It's just so hard for Saudis to find good foreign maids these days, Arab News
    Russian convoy and traitors' base attacked in Ingushetia,
    Morocco: Country Embraces Surprise Election Outcome, allAfrica



    Syria: No plan for military response to IAF strike, Staff
    Ex-U.S. official: N. Korea using Syria, Iran as nuclear 'safe havens', Barak Ravid
    IDF blocks W. Bank Palestinians trying to reach Al-Aqsa Mosque, AP
    IDF ground force stages limited incursion into southern Gaza, Mijal Grinberg
    Iran's Khamenei: Bush is war criminal comparable to Hitler, DPA
    A sober outlook for the New Year, Editorial
    11 daring predictions for the new year, Shmuel Rosner
    This year, Bush will decide whether to attack Iran, Shmuel Rosner

    Al Jazeera

    Bush orders limited troop reduction, Agencies
    Iraq tribes vow to avenge murder of leader, Al Jazeera
    Ramadan begins across Muslim world , Agencies
    Ramadan amnesty for Iraqi detainees, Agencies
    Nato snubs bid to curb Afghan opium, Agencies
    Taliban readies Ramadan offensive, Al Jazeera

    Daily Star



    Chen Shui-bian's Push of 'Referendum' on UN Entry Illegal,:Scholar, Xinhua
    5th Interest Rate Hike to Drain Excessive Liquidity, China Daily
    China to Deploy Peacekeepers to Darfur in October, Military Says , International Herald Tribune
    Bird Flu Outbreak Kills 10000 Ducks in China ,
    China Wants Peaceful Resolution on Iran, China Daily

    Daily Times

    Benazir 'can't be deported on return', Arslan Rafiq Bhatti
    Musharraf 'needs deal.', DT
    15 killed in blast at officers' mess, DT
    Indian Communists threaten nuclear deal, DT


    53% support for Benazir, Anwar Iqbal
    Tsunami alert in Indonesia, Dawn
    A million displaced in Indian flood, Dawn
    Indians protest India-Lanka sealane, Dawn

    Asia Times

    Petraeus ('an ass-kissing little chickenshit') out of step with US top brass , Gareth Porter
    Mr Bush, your sheikh is dead , Pepe Escobar
    Behind the 'Success in Anbar' myth, Pepe Escobar
    Al-Qaeda sets Lebanon record straight, Sami Moubayed
    Deep flaws in Afghan peace drive , M K Bhadrakumar
    US and Europe drain Iran's half-full glass, Kaveh L Afrasiabi

    South East Asia

    China backs Myanmar democracy, Al Jazeera
    Depositors in panic run to Mandalay banks for withdrawals, Mizzima News
    Junta to blame for economic deterioration, protests: NLD, Mizzima News
    Golden Triangle is now only a bit player in the global heroin trade, NYT
    Scores killed in Thai jet crash, Al Jazeera
    Unhappy anniversary of Thailand's coup,
    The good and bad of Cambodian investment , Asia Times
    Cambodia's silk was once among the region's finest, until 30 years of armed conflict,
    Vietnam plans eight nuclear reactors by 2025,
    Vietnam gives up highly enriched uranium from Dalat Nuclear Research Institute, cnn
    Demand for bio-diesel increases Malaysian palm oil exports,
    Indonesia earthquake toll rises, Al Jazeera
    Clash in Indonesia's Aceh leaves 26 people injured, Reuters
    Bomb Attack in S. Philippines Follows Australian Warning, Arab News
    Philippines to Open More Labor Offices Abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers Increase, Arab News

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    New US military command in Africa to start work, Mail and Guardian
    Somali opposition vows to defeat Ethiopia within months,
    Women bear the brunt of Somali conflict, IRIN
    Somalia: Crackdown on people smuggling in Puntland, IRIN
    Ethiopia receives Somali ultimatum, Al Jazeera
    Ogaden rebels accuse Ethiopia of state sponsored terrorism , Mail and Guardian
    Seven years after, Ethiopia kicks off new millennium, Guardian (Nigeria)
    Darfur rebel: Sudan escalating attacks before talks, Reuters
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Lake Chad, symbol of Africa’s deteriorating environment. , IRIN
    US military aircraft delivering arms fired on by rebels in northern Mali , Al Jazeera
    Tuareg-led Niger rebels want uranium income for local develpment, Reuters
    Liberia: National disaster relief agency inoperable for years, IRIN
    Cote d'Ivoire: Striking state doctors snub health ministry’s call for minimum services, IRIN
    Sierra Leone: Reinstating rule of law starting with motorcycle licenses, IRIN
    Ghana: Presidential candidates should declare their assets, Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra)
    Nigeria: Wave of repression on so-called ‘amoral’ behaviour, IRIN
    We enjoin all Nigerians to take this year's Ramadan as an opportunity to eschew social vices, Guardian (Nigeria)
    Nigeria: Curfew in Port Harcourt makes life safer but harder, Reuters
    DR Congo battles Ebola outbreak, Al Jazeera
    Mass graves found in troubled DR Congo region, Mail and Guardian
    Not another ‘world war’ in Congo!, East African
    The United States will contribute to military efforts to wipe out the Lord’s Resistance Army, East African
    Burundi: Calm returns as army warns it may crack down on rebels, IRIN
    Zambia's hotels should stock condoms instead of Bibles, IRIN
    Look at the bright side: Economic collapse is good for the environment, Zimbabwe Independent
    South Africa: What Steve Biko Means for SA Today, allAfrica
    Mbeki: Crime a symptom of 'rapacious individualism', Mail and Guardian

    Mail and Guardian



    US: Billions over Baghdad; The Spoils of War, Barlett+Steele
    US: US Accountants Charged in Probe, BBC News Online
    Canada: Four Former Nortel Executives Charged With Accounting Fraud, Associated Press

    Drug Corp Watch

    Pfizer Warns of Contaminant in HIV Drug Viracept , Susan Todd
    The War Against Novartis is Not Yet Won, Sandhya Srinivasan
    Most Problematic Leukemia Drugs Recalled , Xinhua
    FDA Warning: Cancer Pain Medication Fentora May Cause Side Effect Including Death, AC
    Cephalon’s Fentora Linked to Four Deaths, Catherine Hollingsworth and Sasha Damouni
    AstraZeneca to Outsource Manufacturing, Robin Pagnamenta
    China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs, Christopher Bodeen
    Food Additives Causing Hyperactivity, Shahid Husain
    Families Sue After Drug-linked Deaths, Natasha Wallace
    Experts Question Study on Youth Suicide Rates--$$ Conflicts Not Reported, AHRP
    CDC Lab in Disease Scare Upgraded, Ken Foskett
    Can the TB Patient Sue the CDC?, Daniel J. Solove
    The Dialysis Business: Fair Treatment? , Andrew Pollack
    Diabetes Drug Ups Heart Risk, Brian Vastag
    White House Moves to Scuttle Key FDA Reform, Merrill Goozner

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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