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Monday, September 24

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News Roundup

'Chain of errors' led to 36 hour nuclear blunder in US last month, Foley
Bush is collecting personal records on Americans who fly, drive or take cruises, Nakashima

Uxorious, spurious...or plain old Viagric hubris, Dowd
Cleaning up China, Ed
An opportunity for Mr. Schwarzenegger, Ed
Larry Craig's great adventure: suddenly, he's a civil libertarian, Cohen
Politics in black and white, Krugman
When soldiers do PR for Bush's war: the MoveOn ad was a righteous shot , Hoyt
Downtime from murder: in horror's shadow, SS guards frolic. What would you have done?, Cohen
Lion-hearted tamer of troubled schools has plan in New Orleans, Nossiter
Florida Democrats affirm early primary, Goodnough
Was Cheney's guy Mukasey 'injudicious and malicious' to post-9/11 witnesses?, Shenon
Fear but few facts in debate on voter I.D.s, Liptak
Graft in U.S. Army contracts spread from Kuwait base, Thompson &Schmitt
Monks protest grows, challenging Myanmar junta. Why is Bush silent?, Mydans
Detention offers view of shadowy world in Pakistan, Moss &Mekhennet
U.S. focus on Ahmadinejad puzzles Iranians: he's neither head of state nor commander in chief, Slackman
Veteran lawmaker & foreign policy dove chosen as Japan's PM, Onishi
U.S. will invite Syria to a peace conference, Cooper
Bush stiffs the world again on global warming: he'll host talks on how to avoid regulating, Myers
Bottom line: al-Maliki hasn't the power to defy Bushco and order Blackwater out, Rubin &Kramer
Familiar disagreements as fiscal deadline nears, Pear


Defiant Ahmadinejad to make UN visit amid US-Iran tensions
Emboldened Myanmar monks challenge junta rule
'Chemical Ali' back in court for Shiite rebellion trial
Quartet rallies behind US call for Israeli-Palestinian parley
Blackwater denies smuggling weapons to Iraq
Confidence in dollar sags in wake of Fed rate cut
Greenspan: US economy has 'less than 50-50' odds of recession

News Bullets

  • Mandela Still Alive After Embarrassing Bush Remark
  • Retired General Raps Rep. Baird’s War Stance
  • War Opponents Launch Grassroots Campaign Aimed at Larger Numbers
  • The Chemical That Must Not Be Named
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter: The Other Remarkable Ms Roddick
  • The Real Story of Baghdad’s Bloody Sunday
  • Making a Killing: How Private Armies Became a $120 Billion Global Industry
  • Record Sea Ice Melt This Summer Larger Than Texas and Alaska
  • Jena 6 Case Raises Questions of Bias in US Justice
  • Rather: Government Influencing Newsrooms

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Rick Wilson:
    Who Owns Adam Smith?
    Eric Margolis:
    Hired Guns, Loose Cannons
    Glenn Greenwald:
    Feinstein: Symbol of A Bush-Enabling Beltway Democrat
    Linda Milazzo:
    Corporate Media Love A Good Protest
    Marvin Kitman:
    Even Though The Nightly News Still Stinks… Olbermann Rules!
    Haroon Siddiqui:
    Counting The Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Christopher Brauchli:
    The Cinema & The Airplane
    Jeff Cohen:
    Senate Clown Show
    Jeremy Scahill:
    Blackwater: Hired Guns, Above the Law
    Saree Makdisi:
    The War on Gaza’s Children
    Gary Younge:
    ‘Jena Is America’
    Bruce Friedrich:
    Vegetarianism To Save The Planet: Nuggets and Hummers and Fish Sticks, Oh My!
    John Nichols:
    Blackwater, Oil and the Colonial Enterprise
    Amitabh Pal:
    Pentagon Spending Totally Out of Control
    Robert Kuttner:
    The Fed, The Enabler
    Ann McFeatters:
    Bush Returns to Full Campaign Mode
    Robert Borosage:
    Craven Fools In Congress
    Ira Chernus:
    Glued to Our Seats in the Theater of War
    Cindy Sheehan:
    General Betray-Us and
    Mark Morford:
    Praise Jesus, It's The Collapse of Evangelical Christian Rule in America. Rejoice!
    Karen Topakian:
    Can We Say No To War For 24 Hours?
    Keith Olbermann:
    Olbermann to Bush: 'Your Hypocrisy is so Vast'
    Rosa Brooks:
    Outsourcing Foreign Policy
    Michael Hirsh:
    Bush Created a Moral Vacuum in Iraq in Which Americans Can Kill for Free
    New York Times:
    In Search of a Congress
    Helen Thomas:
    Bush Not Interested In His Report Card
    Tom Engelhardt:
    Why Bush Shed His GI Joe Gear
    Chris Cooper:
    You Studyin' Hard And Hopin' To Pass
    David Michael Green:
    Hiding Behind The Camouflage Skirt
    Lance Dickie:
    It's Our Constitution, Mr. President
    Robert Borosage:
    Subverting Majority Rule

    Special: Dictator '08
    Clinton's wiser health plan, ED
    Sen. Clinton: Bill and I are different, Gross
    SEIU down to 3 Dems for endorsement , Holland
    US candidates follow money trail to London, Goldenberg
    Guiliani and the fear card: It worked for Bush, two times, Alterman

    Special:Burma Uproar
    Nuns join Monks in Saffron Revolution in Burma, Parry
    Suu Kyi greets protesters as Burma's junta faces biggest test in 20 years, Buncombe

    Special: Bush Will Leave Us Iraq and Broken Economy (Update)
    Dollar hits record low against euro, BBC
    Canadian Dollar Rose Above U.S. Dollar Yesterday, Toronto Star
    Contradictions mount in US and world economy in wake of Fed rate cut, Martin
    Rate Cut Alone May Not Fix Economy, Hall
    Bernanke: Rate Cut Not a Cure-All for Turbulence, Hall
    Greenspan alert on falling home he tells us!, Guha
    Cowardice:Greenspan tells us now what he wouldn't tell the Bushies then, Guha
    Disappointed (scared) Greenspan lashes out at Bush, Andrews

    Special: What Happened in Syria? (Update)
    So the War spreads: US shared intelligence with Israel on Syria bombing, Doyle
    Shock Waves From Syria
    A strange air raid in Syria, ED
    A strange air raid in Syria
    Ready for another Mideast war?
    There is a role for Damascus

    Middle East Volcano

    Special: Who Pays For Iraq Spoils?

    US: Billions over Baghdad; The Spoils of War, Barlett+Steele
    Iraq: Big oil’s waiting game over Iraq’s reserves , Crooks+McNulty
    72,537 to 79,128 civilians killed so far,
    3,831 American soldiers killed, 27,004 wounded so far,
    $452,147,758,271 borrowed and spent so far,

    Today's Alternative Special: Drug Corp Watch

    Pharma Hand Seen Behind Alarmist Suicide Statistics , Martha Rosenberg
    Giving CDC Dysfunction the “Dr. Phil” Treatment, Nancy Hokkanen
    FDA: S.C. Drugmaker Doctored Results, Adam O'Daniel
    Hearing Today: FDA Officials Concealed Avandia Cardiac Risks, Luana Sabrina Review
    Senate Approves FDA Drug-Safety Bill, Roy Silberstein
    FDA Considers Reforming Use, Selection of Advisory Panels, Henderson
    Congress OKs Bill Giving New Power to FDA, Mantell
    FDA Launches Drug Safety Newsletter, FDA
    CDC, Slower than a Virus, Gerst
    Drug Company Suspends HIV Vaccine Work, BBC/ABC
    New Law Aims To Get More Mainers Tested For HIV, Erskine
    Doctors Blast Stossel and Westin, 'Blatantly Biased, Inaccurate and Misleading.', Fleetwood

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Land of the free in search of a Congress: why are Dems too scared to govern?, Ed
    Hillary explains: 'the VP motorcade pulls into the capitol & Darth Vader emerges', Smith
    Mocking humanity in Khartoum: trail of blood leads to killer in charge of human rights, Ed
    Oh, that past: forget gun control, Giuliani is gunning for White House now, Ed
    Regulating Microsoft: U.S. regulators shriek as European court rules for principle, Ed
    Healthcare hopes: no one understands healthcare economics better than Hillary, Krugman
    While Bush abuses our military in Mesopotamia, Asians grow their forces, Kaplan
    Shrinks say shy kids are 'sick': Big Pharma has just the drugs they need, Lane
    Illegal immigrants chase false hopes to Canada, Davey &Goodnough
    Jena Six protest in Louisiana echoes civil rights era, Jones
    Critics right and left protest Stalinist book removals from prison libraries, Goodstein
    Bush spits veto threats: 'compassion'doesn't include children's healthcare, Stolberg
    Stanford shudders: the appointment of Rumsfeld as Hoover fellow is 'unacceptable', Glater
    U.S. Attorney attempts suicide after arrest in pedophile case, Bunkley
    China, unregulated: Bush gave toxic goods access to your home, Ed
    The lobby reform bill is Bush's chance to champion principle over payola, Ed
    After 60 years will Pakistan be reborn?, Hamid
    India's internal partition, Guha
    There's more money in suing oil companies, oystermen find, Nossiter
    Padilla jury to deliberate: defense says Bush just needed a patsy & Padilla is it, Goodnough
    Rescuers press new efforts to find trapped miners, Frosch
    Passport rule helps collect child support: one good thing from the State Dept, AP
    When Congress is away the rats will play: Bush threatens to declare Iranian Guards 'terrorists', Cooper
    The worst violence in months: 4 truck bombs kill 200 in Kurdish area of Bush's Iraq, Cave
    Bomb derails passenger train in Russia, officials say, Chivers
    Beheading and shooting by Russian neo-Nazis, on video, Chivers
    Chavez to propose removing his term limits, Romero
    With Rove's departure, a new era or is this all a carefully staged feint?, Rutenberg &Myers
    Hastert is getting out while the getting is good, leaving Illinois wide open for Dems, Hulse &Zeleny
    New York to get U.S, traffic aid, but with catch, Neuman
    Producer prices and trade data give Fed little reason to cut rates , Peters
    Fred Thompson's phantom campaign, Saulny
    Giuliani chimes in with the Bush gang's chorus of aggression against Iran, Seelye
    Calls for a breakup grow ever-louder in Belgium, Sciolino
    Iraqis insist Blackwater opened fire on civilians: U.S. embassy in lockdown, Tavernise &Glanz
    Zimbabwe political standoff may be easing, Wines
    Appalling $94 BILLION in Pentagon warhog corruption reviewed by criminal investigators, Schmitt &Thompson
    Abbas demands that Rice's Nov. peace conference discuss core issues, Cooper
    Why are Democrats frightened of GOP on Iraq? Why are chickens frightened of foxes?, Herszenhorn
    Bush won't comment on Israeli airstrike on Syria: next stop, Iran?, Myers & Erlanger
    Clinton supporter can't help mentioning Giuliani's tawdry personal life, Seelye
    Where was Obama during Republicans' sanctimonious attack on MoveOn? , Herszenhorn

    Boston Globe

    Earmarks drop in number,, Wirzbicki
    The fortnight that was - sort of, Keane


    Health Care Is Voters' Yop Domestic Concern, Pugh
    Florida Dems Defy Party, Will Hold Early Primary, Reinhard
    Mexico Crime Continues to Surge, Root
    Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Shipments, Taylor+Strobel+Landay
    Cyberspace: The Final Frontier in the War on Terror, Blumenthal
    Blackwater Incident Referred to Iraqi Magistrate, Fadel+Strobel
    Child Health-Care Program Gets Congressional Nod, Pugh

    Washington Post - Post Editorials

    Children's Care at Risk Under Bush
    Feds Protecting Sources?
    China: Help Where It's Not Needed?
    Mr. Greenspan's History
    A 'Palpable Injustice' to D.C.
    Pakistan: Reelection by Fiat - Op-Ed Columns
    Drive Time for the 'Jena 6'
    Seeds of Anti-Semitism
    Jim Crow Comes for Our Kids
    Ditto Democrats
    Newt's Vision Thing
    A Lame-Duck Choice
    When I Return to Pakistan

    Chicago Sun Times

    U.S. bans much diplomatic travel in Iraq , Reid + Lee,CST-EDT-greel19.article, Andrew Greeley

    LA Times

    SF Chronicle


    Globe and Mail

    TORONTO STAR: News Top Stories

    Canadians feeling fleeced by U.S. pricing
    Dion admits image needs makeover
    Tag team blasts McGuinty

    From the Editorial page

    McGuinty foes fail to deliver
    Health care for homeless
    Withering of the Bloc is great news
    Cut interest rates to preserve jobs
    Ghostly Afghan army
    West alert to PM's Quebec temptation
    A cautionary tale from divided Belgium



    Bin Laden urges overthrow of Musharraf and holy war, BBC
    US mortgage woes 'exceed forecasts', BBC
    US to push for Palestinian state, BBC
    Changes afoot as six major powers discuss policy on Iran, Jonathan Marcus, BBC
    Iranian officer 'seized in Iraq', BBC
    Rice attacks UN watchdog on Iran, BBC
    US bank Bear Stearns hit by credit crisis, BBC


    Senate Repugs prepared to eradicate the New Deal if they can, Tomasky
    America will survive its fool in the ermine's garb of power (Bush, who else?), Abramsky
    The rising cost of nature, Jeffrey Sachs
    Iraq's hired hands under fire as the pot of gold starts to run low, MacAskill
    'You got rid of one Saddam and you left us with 50' Saddams, Black


    Arctic sea ice melts to its lowest level ever, McCarthy
    Stanford campus in uproar over fellowship for Rumsfeld, Gumbel
    Iraqi cholera outbreak spreads to Baghdad, Sengupta
    Iraq's war has turned friendship between families into sectarian hatred, Sengupta
    Ahmadinejad's US visit overshadowed by campus furore, Penketh

    Times Online

    Power cuts in Gaza jeopardise Tony Blair mission, Hider
    A month's diary from Iraq, Fletcher
    A battle too far for Bush’s private army: Blackwater slaughter, Allen-Mills
    Common biofuel produces more greenhouse gas than oil or petrol, Smith


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Mexican consul defends country as refugee seekers flock to Canada,
    The Week in Mexico ,
    Mexican crime hits record levels, McClatchy
    Weapons trade concerns Mexico, El Paso Times
    Mexican Opposition Leader Calls for a Firmer Stand, Prensa Latina
    Age discrimination flourishes in Mexico, USA Today
    Guatemalans Stand against Hunger, Prensa Latina
    More El Salvador Kids Sniff for High, Prensa Latina
    How Might CAFTA Affect Costa Rican Agriculture?, Tico Times
    US Ambassador to Costa Rica Denounced for meddling in CAFTA vote, Prensa Latina
    2007 may be the most violent year ever in Jamaica, Prensa Latina
    Venezuela Agreement on Oil Aids Dominican Rep, Prensa Latina
    Cuba’s Resistance Will Defeat the Blockade, Periodico 26
    The Council on Hemispheric Affairs Deserves an F for Article on Haiti, Narco News
    Seven Years of Plan Colombia … and Little Has Changed in Putumayo, Colombia Journal
    In Brazil, Rich or Poor, We're All Prisoners, Brazzil
    Brazil's Lula Tells US and EU to Keep Their Evil Eye Off the Amazon, Brazzil
    Morales for Native Rights at UN, Prensa Latina
    Fujimori back in Peru facing up 30 years in prison, Merco Press
    Argentina fury at UK bid for Falkland seas, Merco Press

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Environment: Ozone Deal to Cut Down C02 Emissions , Leahy
    Marocco: Polls Largely Maintain the Status Quo for Women in Parliament , Barakat
    India/US: Nuke Deal May Trigger Mid-Term Polls , Bidwai
    Trade-Canada: Losing Water Through NAFTA, Leahy
    Rights-Mexico: Soldiers Involved in Policing Accused of Abuses , Cevallos
    Chile-Peru: Decision to Extradite Fujimori Sets International Precedent , Estrada
    Politics: Gov'ts Routinely Dodge U.N. Rights Investigators , Deen
    Suriname-Guyana: Maritime Settlement Sparks Oil Rush , Wilkinson

    Opinion - International Herald Tribune

    Opinion - International Herald Tribune

    Welcoming Iraqi refugees
    To the Asians, a deja vu
    Aviation and global warming
    Iraq: The other victims
    Meanwhile: September, time to lighten up and get a grip

    SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

    'Big Brother' for Cosmonauts: Russia Locks Up Volunteers to Test Effects of ...
    After the Petraeus Report: Bush Says Success Allows for Troop Cuts
    Terror Arrests in Vienna: Austria's 'Jihad by Telecommute'
    Picture This: Rebuilding Lives
    Suing Tom: A Berlin Attorney Takes on Cruise
    Opinion: German Converts to Islam Are an Asset, Not a Threat
    Russia's New Prime Minister: Putin's Obscure Hardliner
    A Lesson for Europe: American Muslims Strive to Become Model Citizens

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    Ahmadinejad, amid N.Y. protests, denies Iran seeks nuclear bomb, Shlomo Shamir
    Ahmadinejad is one of Israel's premier diplomatic and security assets, Bradley Burston
    Shin Bet accused of obtaining data from cell phone companies, Yuval Yoaz
    High Court delays ruling on JNF land sales to non-Jews, Anshel Pfeffer
    IDF victories against militants breed terror, Danny Rubinstein
    To the international border with Syria, and no farther, Alexander Yakobson
    Livni to launch campaign to bar terrorist groups from office, Barak Ravid
    Leading Israeli authors, intellectuals call for truce with Hamas, Shiri Lev Ari


    Iraq makes U-turn on Blackwater, Al Jazeera
    Two million displaced inside Iraq, Agencies
    Quartet announces new peace summit, Al Jazeera
    Hamas women in West Bank march, Agencies
    Uncertainty hangs over Lebanon vote, Agencies
    Mourners throng Lebanon funeral, Al Jazeera
    Iran 'not headed for war with US', Agencies
    Iran unveils new missile at parade, Al Jazeera

    Middle East

    Iranophobia hits Ground Zero , Asia Times
    Is 'terrorist threat' to America another Bush-Cheney fabrication?, MET
    The aggressive foreign policy pursued by the United States is Al-Qaeda’s indispensable ally , Al-Hayat
    US captivated in the theater of war, Asia Times
    War and GOP: Bush Playing Not to Lose, Arab News
    Iraq Security Needs to Improve for Greater UN Role: Ban, Arab News
    Iraq: Heath services struggle to prevent cholera spreading, IRIN
    Mercenaries Above the Law, Uruknet
    Iraq Anbar Tribal Leader Pledges to Fight Al-Qaeda, Arab News
    Shots in the dark over Syria's skies, Asia Times
    Welcome to Planet Gaza, Asia Times
    There’s a Double Standard on Academic Freedom in the Middle East, Arab News
    Village succeeds getting apartheid wall moved, will continue struggle, Palestine Chronicle
    Has the anti-war movement abandoned Palestine?, Palestine Chronicle
    Israel Grants Gaza 'Enemy' Status, to Cut Vital Services in Violation of Law, Palestine Chronicle
    Hope for the best - but expect the worst of Lebanon's failed politicians, Lebanon Daily Star
    Lebanon: All to lose and much to gain in divisive presidential election, IRIN
    US Needs to Keep Engaging With Syria, Arab News
    Russia bolsters ties with Iran , Asia Times
    Iran Warns West Against Attack, Displays Missiles, Arab News
    NATO bombs killed at least 45 civilians in Afghanistan the other day, Uruknet
    Rising food prices eat into Ramadan celebrations in Jordan, Lebanon Daily Star
    When Saving Lives Becomes Criminal Act, Arab News
    Blackwater probed for selling weapons to PKK for use against Turkey, Zaman Daily
    Turkish ‘Public is ready for new constitution, but elite is not’, Zaman Daily
    Fierce firefight in Ingushetia. One Mujahid became Shaheed, kavkaz

    Daily Star



    Limited Reforms: Status Quo at the 17th Party Congress, China Brief
    Mattel Sorry for Smearing China's Reputation, Chicago Tribune
    Inflation in China Builds Up Steam, Sydney Morning Herald
    China Catholics Throng to Church, BBC News

    South East Asia

    Protests across Burma,
    Monks join escalating peaceful protests against the Burmese military regime.,
    Democracy Icon Suu Kyi Greets Myanmar Monks, Arab News
    Clerical catalyst in Burma,
    US turns to China to influence Myanmar , Asia Times
    Burning down Myanmar's Internet firewall, Asia Times
    Thailand marks coup anniversary, Al Jazeera
    Malaysia: Elections without representation, Asia Times
    Malaysia at 50: Things fall apart?,
    The self-styled “people’s paper” really a mouthpiece for the government,
    Malaysia's biggest city eyes fees to ease traffic,
    Indonesia is the third biggest contributor to global warming after the United States and China,
    Privatization of Jakarta's water supply brought only higher prices and dwindling access, Asia Times
    US, China vie for Philippine military influence , Asia Times
    Arroyo Bows to Public Opinion, Suspends Tainted Telecom Deal, Arab News

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    Rains keep pouring down across Africa, bringing worst floods in memory to many areas, Mail and Guardian
    Somalia: 'What have we done to deserve this?', IRIN
    Somali police besiege radio station, Al Jazeera
    Somalia: Shabelle news service silenced by Government firepower,
    Brain drain hits Ethiopian airlines,
    Nokia launches cell phones with text in Amharic at Sheraton Addis,
    Sudan: Thousands more flee violence in Darfur - UN, IRIN
    Sudan: Darfur settlement elusive as world marks Peace Day, IRIN
    Sudan: Ambush And Shooting of Darfur Aid Workers Sparks Outrage From UN Relief Chief, UN News Service
    Volence and ugly incidents marred the campaign trail in Kenya, East African Standard
    Air freighted food can't qualify as organic, keeping W African organics out of Britain, IPS
    Uganda: Famine Imminent as Crops Rot, New Vision (Kampala)
    Uganda: 1,564 Girls Defiled in North, New Vision (Kampala)
    Chinese companies have thrived in construction, fishing and communications sectors in Senegal, Xinhua
    Liberia: Go to school or go to jail, IRIN
    Sierra Leone: Why don’t people farm the land?, IRIN
    Cote d'Ivoire: No war, no peace five years after rebellion, IRIN
    Nigeria: N-Delta militant leader beheaded, Vanguard (Lagos)
    Nigeria: Thugs Who Intimidated Voters Are Talking, Vanguard (Lagos)
    Privatising benefitted the few, most got higher costs, massive lay offs, This Day
    The Rising Cost Of Bread: Staple food of the poor made entirely of imported wheat, Guardian
    Rwanda blames DR Congo for violence, Al Jazeera
    Ebola outbreak spreads in DRC region, Mail and Guardian
    DR Congo: Regional ministers push to end violence in the east, IRIN
    Zambia: Government discards the elderly, IRIN
    Odious debts should not be honoured,
    Mugabe boosts power as EU divided over Zimbabwe, Reuters
    Swaziland: Two-thirds of women beaten and abused, IRIN
    South Africa: Farms Simmer Over Tenure Rights, IRIN
    Opposition leader Zille warns of slide towards Animal Farm state, Mail and Guardian

    Mail and Guardian


    Drug Corp Watch

    Merck's Experimental AIDS Vaccine Fails , Linda A. Johnson
    Jordache Jeans, Betamax, Yugo, and Autism Speaks, J.B. Handley
    FTC Sues Kevin Trudeau Over Weight Loss Claims While Ignoring Big Pharma Monopoly Pricing, Mike Adams
    Q&A with Jenny McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy
    Company Looks for Way to Help its Victims, iol
    Roberts Helped Preserve Drug Company Advertising, Journal-World Staff Reports
    Media Industry Helped Drug Firms Fight Ad Restraints, Anna Wilde Mathews and Stephanie Kang
    Senate OKs FDA Drug Safety Bill, Sends to Bush, Lisa Richwine
    House Approves FDA Bill That Leaves Out Ad Curbs, Ira Teinowitz
    Compromise FDA Reform Bill Passes House, Adds $225 Million In User Fees For Drug Safety, Cathy Dombrowski
    What is FDA's Safety Standard?, AHRP
    Senate, House Agree on FDA Reform; Key Provisions Remain but FDA Remains Threat to America, Mike Adams


    Iraqi Report Says Blackwater Guards Fired First, Tavernise+Glanz
    US: Families Cannot Sue Firm for Israel Deaths, Pilkington

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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