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Thursday, October 04

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News Roundup

Score one for diplomacy: Bush thinks the deal in N.Korea will shield his Iraq project, Ed
Bush & strongman Chertoff conduct brutal,incompetent raids in NY suburbs, Ed
The legacy of Sputnik: progress in space means working with other nations, Ed
The big spill: Exxon Mobil has spilled 30 million gallons of oil at Newtown Creek, Ed
Ah Newtie, we hardly knew ye: the GOP league of extraordinary turkeys, Collins
The new L-word: neocon, Cohen
The 'values' test: Bush-duped evangelical conservatives seek party, Dobson
Secret U.S. endorsement of severe interrogations: read it and weep for America, Shane, Johnston &Risen
Bush vetoes child health bill behind closed doors as override gathers force, Stolberg &Hulse
E.P.A. is petitioned to limit ship emissions, Barringer
Security bulletin problem creates message flood, Lipton
For Baltimore, housing slump slows a revivalCooper, Uchitelle
N. Koreans agree to disable nuclear facilities, Cooper
Pledging peace, Koreans agree on economic projects, Onishi
Monks are silenced, and for now, internet is too, Mydans
Ex-paratrooper is suspect in a Blackwater killing, Broder
Bombs kill two, wound Polish envoy in Baghdad as Iraq politicians condemn US, von Zielbauer
Kurds reach new oil deals, straining ties with Baghdad, Oppel Jr.
Pakistan talks are stalled, Bhutto says, Masood
Syria, seeking investors, turns cautiously to Iran, Naylor
Dems won't block Mukasey : too much posturing, not enough truth, Shenon
Senate approves military spending: military-industrial complex eats America's wealth, AP
Another Big Gop, Pete V. Domenici, will retire leaving Senate opening for Dems, Herszenhorn
Dems split on ways to ease foreclosure crisis, Andrews


Trapped South African miners rescued after underground ordeal
Korean leaders declare commitment to peace
Dozens arrested as Myanmar junta tightens grip
Russia marks Sputnik anniversary
Earth-like planet forming 424 light years away
ECB to hold rates steady as euro near record high
European stocks mixed as investors wait on European rate calls

News Bullets

Smuggled vid shows Myanmar violence
Stewart: You don't fit in big GOP tent
Colbert: Fox can't get Iran war alone
Vet dares Rush: Say that to my face
'Impossible for woman to strangle self'
Fox: Media Matters criminal front?
Blackwater exec was Bush nominee
Edwards shirt gets student in trouble

Op-Ed Roundup

Robert Scheer:
The State Dept.’s Murderous Guardians
Sally Kohn:
From Here to Junta: Stop Shopping At Wal-Mart, Save The UN And Help Burma
Mark Morford:
Is It OK to Love Whole Foods?
Katrina Vanden Heuvel:
Obama and Edwards Get It on Nukes
Robert Naiman/Susan Chenelle:
Prove the Intensity of Anti-War Sentiment on October 27
Jeff Leys:
Our Bonhoeffer Moment
Tom Engelhardt:
We Count, They Don’t
Maureen Dowd:
Sinking in a Swamp Full of Blackwater
Joyce Marcel:
Demonize This!
Joan Chittister:
Ahmadinejad’s US Visit Was a Missed Opportunity for Us
Zia Mian:
How Not to Win Friends and Influence People
John Frohnmayer:
At the Heart of Who We Are As a People

Today's Special: Drug Corp Watch

Mishandling of Germs on Rise at US Labs, AP
South Beach Diet Author Blasts U.S. Sick-Care System, M.T. Whitney
FDA Conducts Safety Review Of Bone-Building Drugs, Jennifer Corbett Dooren
FDA Warns Against Cold and Cough Remedies Made for Children, Pharmaceutical News
Safety Labeling Changes Approved By FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research , FDA
What Killed Rebecca Riley?, CBS
FDA Officials Sued Over Conflict of Interest Part II, Evelyn Pringle

Today's Alternative Special: Democracy Now!

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuelan Foreign Minister on Iran Ties, Oil Prices, Biofuels and...
Seymour Hersh: White House Intensifying Plans to Attack Iran
Los Titulares de Hoy: Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spa...
Headlines for October 2, 2007
Unbowed: Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai on Climate Change, Wars for Res...
Deadly Attack on Darfur Peacekeepers Leaves 10+ Dead, 50 Missing
Headlines for October 1, 2007
Minn. Immigrant Rights Group Sues ICE Over Swift Meatpacking Raid

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United States

New York Times

The Verizon warning: digital freedom of speech at risk from corporate fascisti, Ed
Blackwater, black hearts: Bush uses Iraq hell to slip rich deals to his friends, Ed
Will bootlicking Dems give BushReich's von Spakovsky the key to the Fed Election Commission?, Ed
A needless death caused by jackboot style, post-9/11 airport 'security' bullies, Ed
Worst oil spill ever: Exxon Mobil can damn well clean the whole thing up, Ed
Darker than 'extremism', Bush's Blackwater stains America's image...with blood, Dowd
Et tu, Toyota? Everyone wants to assist Detroit's suicide, including Toyota, Friedman
Get Congress out of the classroom before almost all children are left behind, Ravitch
Texas ruling signals indefinite halt to barbaric executions, Blumenthal
Trial starts for pitiable bumblers BushReich is framing as homegrown Al Qaeda, Goodnough
Federal workers abusing premium air travel , Lipton
U.S. and Mexico see anti-drug progress, McKinley Jr.
Generals claim ABM has finally hit a dummy (without those tricky balloons), Shanker
Now Mexico is using addictive drugs as well as running them to U.S., McKinley Jr.
The Blackwater massacre: a deadly cascade of events, Glanz &Rubin
Baby-faced Blackwater chief defends his deluxe hired killers, Broder
Brit PM promises troop withdrawals as cholera rears its head in Iraq, von Zielbauer
U.N. worker arrested in Burma, Fuller
Suicide bomber kills 12 in Kabul, Afzalzada
Iraqis need a year to control Baghdad (and alot more money), Shanker
On war funding Dems waffle, dither and disagree, Herszenhorn
Bush's eavesdroppings on America create biggest legal mess ever, Lewis

Boston Globe

Admiral Mullen reports for duty , Jackson
Playing the Myanmar name game , Greenway
Foreign firms take advantage, Weisman
The cancer of bad policy, Ed

Chicago Tribune

Bush takes page from Bill Clinton playbook , Silva
Giving soft bigotry a break , Page
Jena 6 defendant out of jail , Simpson
Cleaning up after Bush: It was 'childrens do learn' , Silva


Blackwater Head Defends Firm from Congressional Critics, Strobel
Congress Looks into Credit Based Auto Insurance Rates, Zagaroli
Israel Says It Bombed Syria, But Why Remains a Mystery, Nissenbaum
Mexican Bombings Recall 'Dirty War' of Decades Ago, Root - Today's Editorials

Children's Health Check
Sen. Clinton's Empty Table
Foreclosure Fraud
Mr. Edwards Goes Public
Depoliticizing Justice
The Saffron Olympics
Mr. Bush Gets Warmer - Op-Ed Columns

Bush's Unhealthy Veto
What We Owe the Burmese
Pink Panic In the GOP
Ecuador's Hugo Chavez?
A Democratic Transition at Treasury
Clinton's Game of Dodgeball
Dangerous Logjam on Surveillance
Echoes of Tiananmen Square

LA Times

Los Angeles Times - Opinion

A veto on kids' healthcare
Iraq: You can't win with civil wars
Less Amish, no one is safe
The unspeakable American culture
The academic struggles of Latinos in the U.S
Pay what you want for Radiohead
Darfur deadly for peacekeepers

SF Chronicle

63% turnout in Ukraine election / Orange Revolution looks like winner, but co...
Iraqi politicians blast vote in U.S. Senate on partition / Shiite and Sunni A...
Fixing small problems helps reduce fatal airline crashes
14,000 rally in Oakland to hear Hillary Clinton speak
Supreme Court convenes to crowded, controversial docket
Folks in leather, chaps and thongs throng Folsom Street Fair
In S.F., presiding U.S. Episcopal bishop affirms same-sex unions
Leather and corsets and whips, oh my / Folsom Street Fair draws the bondage c...

SFGate: Chronicle Op-Ed

New Zealand charges ahead in race to address climate change
Preserve education reform law
Our fraying Internet infrastructure
Halo 3's halo
In the path of disaster
What money hasn't bought

SFGate: Mark Morford

The great American hypocrisy tour / Larry Craig's bathroom stall! Haggard's m...
The Republican who likes gays / Behold, an extraordinary event, the most asto...
The fall of the Godmongers / Praise Jesus, it's the collapse of evangelical C...
Eat this, you fat, sad idiot / Who, pray who, is still sucked in by grotesque...
Iraq, deep in your bones / A war that isn't really a war, the great humiliati...
Welcome home, have some gunfire / Nothing like returning from vacation to the...
Just How Gay Is The GOP? / Sen. Larry 'Wide Stance' Craig, just another in a ...
I Hate You I Hate You I Hate You / There's nasty, there's puerile, and then t...


Globe and Mail

TORONTO STAR: News Top Stories

Canada's worst public health disaster: Accused exonerated
Tory backtracks on schools

From the Editorial page

Tory opens door to two-tier care
Warning signs for Toronto
Bush's leap very small step for planet
Genuine progress in past four years
People-friendly streets
Health advice free and contradictory



US approves N Korea nuclear plan, BBC
Blackwater boss grilled by Congressional committee over Iraq, BBC
US homes sales plumb record low, BBC
Ford leads drop in US car sales, BBC
Kabul hit by another suicide bomb, BBC
Israel admits air strike on Syria, BBC
UK PM, Gordon Brown, visits Iraq and announces troop cut in Basra, BBC
Syria restores Iraqi visa limits, BBC
Iran college asks Bush to speak, BBC
US claims success in war on drugs, BBC


Challenge Blackwater at your own risk, MacAskill
Britain should admit terrible blunder and withdraw from Iraq, Steele
Beating the retreat in Iraq, Editor
More cutbacks in British troops announced for Iraq, Norton-Taylor
Student paper ignites free speech battle, MacAskill
America cashes in on arms sales to developing world, Borger
US diplomats warn Rice her efforts in the Middle East are futile, Goldenberg
America's insane war on drugs creates racial and economic divisions, Abramsky
China and Japan need to do more than just words about Burma, Editorial
UK's ambassador to US claims diplomacy still on table for Iran, MacAskill
Atheists arise! Richard Dawkins' plan in the US, MacAskill
US seizes migrant's life savings, Luscombe
A sordid tale of two US Senators: Craig and Vittner, McEwan

Times Online

Thousands of monks said to be in Burma's gulag, Denby
Neo-con godfather says 'Bomb Iran' in meeting with Bush and Rove, Baxter
Putin's plan to stay in power as Prime Minister, Halpin
Bloggers who risked all to reveal Burma junta's crackdown, Denby
Judge Thomas: Book reveals one angry, bitter, disturbed man, Baxter
Jenna defends her Dad against criticism, Baxter


British Prime Minister backs Bush's plans for Iran strike, Doyle
Obama refuses to engage in attack politics, Doyle
he great American economic horror story-- Trust is missing, King
President Guiliani? He's be worse than Bush, Hari
Burma lies bleeding as West's feeble efforts are useless, Smith


ABC, news

Latin America

Mexican president calls migration 'inevitable,' should be accommodated, Houstaon Chronicle
Why Many Immigrants Say 'We Are All Elvira' Now, New American Media
Indigenous Rights Violated Every Day in Mexico, Prensa Latina
Mexicans Move on Drug-Violent Tijuana, Prensa Latina
Guatemala's police chief quits over killings of 5 youths by police, Houston Chronicle
Along the side of the road in Guatemala, UDW
Salvadorans Can't Afford Medicines, Prensa Latina
Ortega Decries World Capitalism at UN, Prensa Latina
A brief political history of DR-CAFTA in Costa Rica, UDW
Cuba says Bush lacks moral authority to judge anyone, Caribbean NN
Dealing with the crime monster, Jamaica Observer
Colombian elites fear Chavez' growing influence, UDW
Venezuela at the UN: Global Warming a Product of Capitalism,
Venezuela’s Mercosur incorporation before Brazilian Congress, Merco Press
Brazilian Banks Grow 130% Charging Customers 74 Different Fees, Brazzil
Brazil Holds First Carbon Auction. Netherlands Bank Wins It, Brazzil
Lula's push for biofuel criticised, Al Jazeera
Paraguay's Hour of Change, UDW
Chinese Donation to Rebuild Peruvian Schools, Prensa Latina
Bolivian VP Warns against Closing Constituent Assembly, Prensa Latina
Bolivia, Iran Parliaments Link, Prensa Latina
Bolivia ignores US warnings and reaches out to Iran, Merco Press
Evo Morales on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Bolivia Rising

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Energy: Citigroup, Bank of America Raked Over Coal , Aslam
Rights: UN Council Deplores Repression of Protests in Burma , Capdevila
Q&A: 'The Advice I Give Women Is to Leave Hang-Ups Behind' , Interview with Haïdara Ichata Cissé
Politics: U.N. Mission in Darfur Jeopardised by Attacks , Deen
Climate Change: U.S. Moving Backwards , Leahy
Health: The Quiet Scandal of 10 Million Deaths , Stahl
Burma: French Company Could Face Charges , Cronin
Africa: Aid For Trade Could Help Producers in Poor Countries , McGregor
Environment: Conservation Expands in Latin America , Valente
Burma: UN Getting Nowhere With the Generals , Macan-Markar
Environment-Pakistan: Residents Solve Own Sanitation Woes , Shahzad
Climate Change: Czech President Clashes with Environmentalists after UN Speech , Dujisin
Population-Philippines: Manila Women to Fight Ban on Contraceptives , Gonzales
Turkey: Back in Reconciliation Mode with EU , Toros
Health-Pakistan: Poor Worse Off After Selling Kidneys , Ebrahim

Der Spiegel

New Racist Assault: Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
SPIEGEL Interview with Spokesman for Burmese Opposition in Exile: 'The Regim...
The Dark Past: Germany's FBI Examines its Nazi Roots
Picture This: Running in Blur-lin
Battle of the Bahn: Train Strikes in Germany Approaching
The World from Berlin: Bavarian Power Shift
Ukraine Elections: Tymoshenko Poised to Become PM
Germany Wins Women's World Cup: 'We Have the Best Women in The World'

International Herald Tribune

See no evil, speak no truth
Still out in the cold
The trauma after the trauma
Prolonging the honeymoon
9/11 is over
Is Hillary Clinton the new old Al Gore?
Blogging Ahmadinejad
Language: Translating the lingo of adultalescence

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


Israel vexed over Egypt letting militants into Gaza, Amos Harel
Security forces preparing to halt march to ruins of Homesh, Yuval Azoulay
The new breed of settler fanaticism, Daniel Ben Simon
Livni urges UN to see danger, take action against Iran, Shlomo Shamir
Minister Dichter: Probes into PM's conduct should be frozen, Jonathan Lis
American Jews are in great danger. Here's the proof., Shmuel Rosner
Ultra-Orthodox school bars girl over 'mother's immodesty', Or Kashti
Democracy is more than going to the polls, Amira Hass

Al Jazeera

British PM in Iraq for Basra talks, Agencies
Al-Qaeda says key Iraq leader dead, Agencies
Iraq's armed groups form alliance in preparation for US withdrawal, Ahmed Janabi
Blackwater faces Iraq deaths probe, Agencies
Bombed Iraq shrine to be rebuilt, Agencies
US confirms Baghdad air strike that killed 13 civilians, Agencies
Suicide bomb hits Afghan police bus, Agencies

Middle East

US frets at Iran's 'strategic dominance' over a country on its doorstep, Asia Times
The Secret Air Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Z
US Vote on Division of Iraq Blasted, Arab News
US Security Firms in Iraq to Be More Closely Monitored, Arab News
Iraq: Travel restrictions considered as cholera spreads, IRIN
Blackwater business leaves Iraq reeling, Asia Times
'We'll revoke Al-Maliki's licence before he revokes Blackwater's licence,', Al-Ahram
Israel kills 11 Palestinians in Gaza, MET
Onslaught in Gaza: Israel Kills 11 Palestinians, Palestine Chronicle
Israeli incursion into West Bank refugee camp causes destruction, fear, IRIN
Crawling on hands and knees is wearing out Abbas's kneecaps, Al-Ahram
The Israeli lobby has enlisted US university presidents to its cause led by Ahmadinejad basher Bollinger, Al-Ahram
Kingdom Calls on Israel to Freeze Settlements, Wall, Arab News
Spectre of partition in Lebanon, Al-Ahram
Syria: Oil price rises could provoke unrest, IRIN
Ahmadinejad Lauded for ‘Lion’s Den’ Visit, Arab News
President Ahmadinejad calls for global “coalition for peace”, Tehran Times
170 Killed as NATO, US Warplanes Pound Taleban Hide-Outs, Arab News
Afghanistan: Thousands flee Taliban, aerial bombing in south, IRIN
Afghanistan: Increasing armed robberies, abductions in Herat, IRIN
Are women intruders in this country?, Arab News
Yemen: Rebellion in north causing psychological problems, say aid workers, IRIN
Egypt's largest workers' action in 20 years, Al-Ahram

Daily Star



China Rejects Attempt to Link Developments in Burma to Beijing Olympics , The Washington Post
Why China Has It Wrong on Myanmar , Asia Times Online
China Kicks Off Biggest Ever Special Olympics, AFP
China Warns Taiwan Against Pro-Independence Moves, Zee News
Myanmar Draws Fire From China, Russia on UN Panel , Bloomberg

South East Asia

Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon, Mizzima News
Buddhists don't kill: ' The soldiers are soldiers first and Buddhists last.', Mizzima News
Aung San Suu Kyi is the last hope, Mizzima News
UN envoy meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mizzima News
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity, Asia Times
Myanmar defends crackdown, Al Jazeera
Hints of Myanmar power struggle, Al Jazeera
Whiteshirts - Burma Junta's Storm Troopers, IPS
Blast hits Thai army headquarters, Al Jazeera
Coordinated bombings rock the South of Thailand, Bankok Post
Doesn't anyone have a policy in Thailand?, Bankok Post
Indonesia can push for major reform in Myanmar, Jakarta Post
Philippine Elections Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations, Arab News

Asia Times, opinion

SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

The Hindu, news


China pays $20 billion to secure rights to Africa's natural resources, Business Daily (Nairobi)
Somalia: Malnutrition stalks once fertile Shabelle region, IRIN
Plea for help as locusts invade Puntland in N Somalia, IRIN
Nadifo Gedi: 'I have never begged but I am close to it now”, IRIN
Somalia's media is diminishing under the blazing guns of mad soldiers.,
Starbucks calls its coffee worker-friendly _ but in Ethiopia, a day's pay is a dollar,
Ethiopia gets $208 mln China loan for power, cement, Reuters
Sudan: Human Rights Violations Continue to Be Reported in Darfur, Say UN Experts, UN News Service
Mali: Kaberuka Calls for More Efficient Channeling of Remittances From African Migrants, African Development Bank
Flood damage pushes back school term for millions in West Africa, IRIN
Ghana Loses 50% Of Skilled Labour to Brain Drain,
Central African Republic's quiet conflict uproots more than 290,000, Reuters
Nigeria: What has President Yar'Adua done for basic services?, IRIN
Nigeria: President Yar'Adua Condemns Exclusion of Africa From Security Council, This Day (Lagos)
Nigeria Now 32nd Most Corrupt, Says Transparency International, This Day (Lagos)
Truce Call Off: We’ll Crush Trouble Makers in Delta Oil Region, This Day (Lagos)
Nigeria oil rebels end ceasefire, Al Jazeera
In Nigeria, we have over 50 million illiterates, the majority women, Guardian
Nigerian Women Make a Living on the Street in Europe, IPS
Congo: Nearly half the provinces affected by sleeping sickness, IRIN
Rwanda blames DR Congo for violence, Al Jazeera
Electoral Commission fears for free, fair elections in Kenya, The Standard
Quarter of Tanzanians 'to have electricity by 2013', Mail and Guardian
Vital road reopens after Angolan civil war, Mail and Guardian
Zimbabwe localises foreign firms, Al Jazeera
Zimbabwe: Mugabe Avoids Crisis At Home to Lash Out At the West, allAfrica
Tutu 'devastated' by Mugabe's rule, Mail and Guardian
South Africa being ranked the third least safe place in all Africa, Mail and Guardian
Swaziland: Foetuses in a stream highlight plight of women, IRIN
Madagascar goes to polls for new Parliament. 70% live in abject poverty, Mail and Guardian
No country has ever developed on the practices of free trade, Daily Monitor

Mail and Guardian


Drug Corp Watch

Drug Corp Watch

Women Not Warned About SSRI-Related Lung Birth Defect, Evelyn Pringle
FDA: Kids' Medicines NOT Recommended, Liz Marlantes, Greg McCown and Mary Bruce
IG Finds FDA Fails at Overseeing Drug Testing Sites , Amy Doolittle
FDA to Fight Cough Supressant Industry Over Ingredient, Brian White
Inside the FDA, Maggie Mahar
FDA Warns Physicians Against Prescribing Fentora for Off-label Uses, AAFP
Deal Set to Cut Prescription Drug Abuse, Andrew Jack
Drug's Price Up More Than $21,000, Karl Stark
Not Again! More Diabetes Drug Dangers, Dr Joseph Mercola
The CDC's Point-Three Problem, Dan Olmsted
Will Doctors Shut Down In-Store Clinics or Let the Market Decide?, Adam Chavez
Hospitals Rip Off Self-paying, Poor Customers with Triple Prices Compared to Insurance Reimbursements, David Gutierrez
We Can Do Without TeenScreen, Tony Zizza
Bristol-Myers Squibb to Pay $515 Million for Doctor Kickback Scheme , Jonathan Saltzman
Vaccine, Disorder Link Debated, Adrianne Flores
CDC Study Misleading About Vaccines Safety, NAA
The C-Section Epidemic, Jennifer Block


US: Billions over Baghdad; The Spoils of War, Barlett +Steele
US: Green Group Attacks Oil Giant on Climate Research , Benjamin
US: Software Maker Admits to Taking Bribes, Kirchgaessner
US: Cribs Recalled After Deaths of 2 Children, Grynbaum
US: Graft in Military Contracts Spread From Base, Thompson+Schmit

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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