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Wednesday, October 10

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Dictatorship: Bush Restricting Travel Rights of Over 100,000 U.S. Citizens , Sherwood Ross
The New American Way: Greedy Not Needy Shape Shape Both Parties, Paul Krugman
Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Weiner, Partridge, Morford
The Party Line: Why A Republican Vote Is A Racist Vote, Paul Krugman
GOP Plot: Let's Dump The Undemocratic Electoral College, NYT Ed
Mind Detox: Selected Op-Eds, Various
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial
Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Chamberlin, Weiner, Uhler, Partridge, Samples, Brasch

News Roundup

The caveat emptor commission: what else do we expect from the caveat emptor administration?, Ed
Adults as red herrings: Bush at his despicable, twisted best on kids health, Ed
Beautiful words: 'in a bipartisan rebuff of WH hubris' House unmuzzles federal watchdogs, Ed
Unfriendly skies: we need a passenger bill of rights to protect us from airline congestion, Ed
Generation Q: will their idealism dig them out from'greed generation' deficits?, Friedman
Bomb, bomb Iran: again,ominously, Hillary gave her vote to the BushReich, Dowd
Mississippi Democrat hijacks Jesus and runs in GOP lane: Dems! pay attention, Nossiter
Seattle's recycling success: the cool side of trash, Kennedy
Refreshingly, police blame themselves for melee at May rally in LA, Archibold
Bush Supremes refuse to hear torture appeal: no wonder the world condemns us, Greenhouse
NASA craft yields fascinating new discoveries about Jupiter, Leary
Another contractor slaughter of innocents: 'they are butchering the Iraqis', Kramer &Glanz
Cheney's warhogs play the same lame game over Syria but Condi's not buying , Mazzetti & Cooper
Israeli PM Olmert grilled for 5 hours by police in corruption case, Kershner
Judge stands up to Bush, halts transfer of Gitmo detainee, Glaberson
Bush wants No Child reauthorized while refusing to fund and implement it, Stolberg &Schemo
Bush working hard to scare us out of our liberties: NO IMMUNITY for wiretapping telecoms, Lichtblau
Gates approves faster Army expansion plan: 'this target will not be easy', The NYT


Outraged Iraqis condemn killings by foreign guards
More than 100 killed in DR Congo fighting
Pakistan clashes halt as tribesmen bury dead
First Malaysian astronaut set for lift-off
Germany's Gerhard Ertl wins Nobel Chemistry Prize
Royal Bank of Scotland consortium calls victory in ABN Amro takeover
Cadbury to spin off US drinks arm in NYSE listing

News Bullets

Samantha Bee: Larry Craig is gay
Hannity tells Dobson to back Giuliani
Vet: Why nukes sent to Mideast?
Conservative blogs slam 'Commie Google'
Colbert: 'I'm pregnant with freedom'
Conservative media bias perception up
Webb: No competition for Blackwater deal
Couric pressured to support war?

Op-Ed Roundup

Tom Gilroy:
How Pelosi Ended ‘The War With Iraq’
Glenn Greenwald:
What FISA Capitulations Are Democrats Planning Next?
Marjorie Cohn:
Torture Endorsed, Torture Denied
John Warnock:
Depleted Uranium: Enduring Risk
Robert Stormer:
Nuke Transportation Story Has Explosive Implications
Ned Resnikoff:
Corporations Versus Democracy
Scott Ritter:
Oil, Israel, and America: The Root Cause of the Crisis
Bob Herbert:
High-Stakes Flimflam
H.D.S. Greenway:
A Tortured Stance on Torture
Nicholas von Hoffman:
Bonehead U
Pierre Tristam:
Outrunning ‘The Kite Runner’
Paul Campos:
Combating ‘Noble Lies’
Jesse Jackson:
It Saves Money and Makes Kids Healthy — What’s the Problem?

Today's Special: Dictator '08

Fred Thompson: Lost without a script.. vague, shallow,'biggest dud', Adams
Biden says Hillary's strange vote on Iran Guards facilitates Bush war plan , Cooper
Large union declines to endorse a candidate, Greenhouse
No opening too small for Obama, Edwards, Helman
Obama proposes capping greenhouse gases and making polluters pay, Zeleny
The perils of playing front-runner: Hillary's 'anti-war hawk'slipped its noose on Iran, Nagourney

Today's Alternative Special: Democracy Now!

>The Life & Legacy of Latin American Revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara: ...
"Mr. Greenspan is Flat Wrong": Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalists Respond to ...
Los Titulares de Hoy: Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spa...
Headlines for October 9, 2007
Israeli Columnist Akiva Eldar on Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East, Iran, Mi...
"They Are Destroying the Female Species in Congo": Congolese Human Rights Ac...
Attorney General Nominee Michael Mukasey "Has Distaste for People who Voice S...
Headlines for October 8, 2007

The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States

New York Times

Gen. Musharraf's cynical win: nothing like a totally crooked election in plain view, Ed
Hobbling the census: is Bush doing this by intention or by neglect?, Ed
The public's right to know: shield law for journalists passes Senate milestone, Ed
High-stakes flimflam: break the test zealots' strangelehold on our schools, Herbert
Aging and gay, and facing prejudice in twilight, Gross
A quest for energy in the globe's remote places, Mouawad
The Brits are leaving Iraq, driven out by fighters with grenades and mortars, Perlez
Car bombs kill 22 in northern Iraq: as long as we're there, violence can't end, Reuters
Students in Iran protest Bush doppelganger dictator Ahmadinejad, Fathi
Army accused of razing Darfur town, Polgreen
Copter escorting Musharraf crashes, Masood
15 executions break Afghan moratorium: civilized countries (not US) protest, AP
Giddy Dems worry about 'how they look', not what is right on illegal wiretaps , Lichtblau &Hulse
American faces espionage charges in Nigeria , Polgreen

Boston Globe

Pentagon is pressed, Stockman
A tortured stance on torture, Greenway
Iraq says 17 killed in Blackwater shooting, recommends trial, Yacoub
The burden of the Iraq 'money pit' , Ed
Military sees big decline in black enlistees, Williams + Baron
Audits find Medicare recipients victims of deceptive sales tactics, BG
Let the foreign money flow, Ed.

L.A. Times - World News

Mexico's ex-president rebukes critics
Britain to cut its Iraq forces by half
Iraqis divided by constitution's treatment of women
Gossip law is a juicy topic in Colombia
Blasts, other violence kill 37 Iraqis
Iran reopens border with northern Iraq
Tehran students denounce Ahmadinejad
15 troops missing after battle in Pakistan

L.A. Times - National News

Superferry sets off the battle of Kauai
Wisconsin town mourns 6, and killer
Bush faces GOP foes on budget cuts
Return to the moon -- via Arizona
2 Americans, Briton share Nobel in medicine
Quick treatment key after minor strokes
Clinton talks trade and mortgages in Iowa

L.A. Times - California | Local News

The trouble with rehab, Malibu-style
Handling of obscenity cases disputed
Private-school scout gives parents the lowdown
Friend of actor Seagal criticizes the FBI
Women in Catholic abuse cases speak out
Buying at a local bookstore provides more than books

Los Angeles Times - Opinion

The grim reality of torture
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics
Cheap HIV drugs are more important than patents
Belgium: Europe's canary in a coal mine?
The 'standy-by' electricity vampires
Even the British are leaving Iraq

Chicago Sun Times

Bush: U.S. 'does not torture people' , Loven
GIs, we got yer back. Stabbing it., Smith

Chicago Tribune

Minority areas hit hardest by eminent domain , Page
Bush takes page from Bill Clinton playbook , Silva
Giving soft bigotry a break , Page
Jena 6 defendant out of jail , Simpson
Cleaning up after Bush: It was 'childrens do learn' , Silva


Nuclear Accord with North Korea Hailed by U.S., Strobel+Johnson
Maverick GOP Presidential Contender Ron Paul Pulls In Serious Cash, Talev
Democrats to Hammer GOP over Bush's Latest Veto, Pugh+Talev
New Military Leaders Question Iraq Mission, Youssef+Schoof
Gallup Releases First Survey of Well-Being Worldwide, Greve
Iraqi Judge: Corruption Undermines Iraq's Future, Schoof
Recruiting Gets Tougher for Army During Wartime, Montgomery
Craig Says He'll Stay until End of Term, Bolstad
Clinton Vows Billions for Science Research, Stearns
In Basra, Vigilantes Wage Deadly Campaign Against Women, Price+al Basri
House Votes to Bring All Iraq Security Contractors Under U.S. Law, Barrett

SF Chronicle

SFGate: Top News Stories

Physics Nobel Goes to German, Frenchman
Egyptian bloggers expose horror of police torture / They're posting graphic v...
Bolivia marks capture, execution of 'Che' Guevara 40 years ago
/ The fall of Your Black Muslim Bakery
Britain will pull out half of its Iraq force / Prime minister says calm arou...

SFGate: Chronicle Op-Ed

Meyer's Toon Take
The melting pot is NOT broken
It's time for new ways to give
Anti-Military? In Ess Eff, some facts get in the way
Pakistan on edge

SFGate: Mark Morford

Britney Spears sucks Blackwater / Showdown! White-trash diva versus mercenary...
Is it OK to love Whole Foods? / The overpriced ultra-yuppie grocery wonderlan...
The great American hypocrisy tour / Larry Craig's bathroom stall! Haggard's m...
The Republican who likes gays / Behold, an extraordinary event, the most asto...
The fall of the Godmongers / Praise Jesus, it's the collapse of evangelical C...
Eat this, you fat, sad idiot / Who, pray who, is still sucked in by grotesque...
Iraq, deep in your bones / A war that isn't really a war, the great humiliati... - Today's Editorials

Patent Fight
Rescue for Children
More Torture Memos
Mensroom: Mr. Craig Stays
Dems Rise: Virginia Faces the Ballot
Pakistan's Tainted Election
Kid's HealthThe Debate Goes On - Op-Ed Columns

'Socialized Medicine' Quackery
A Dutch Retreat on Speech?
Bridges to Somewhere
North Korean Mystery
Why Is This GOP Strategist Smiling? - Nation

Nuclear Power Primed for Comeback
Record Heat Halts Chicago Marathon
US, UK Scientists Win Nobel in Medicine
As War Dragged On, Coverage Tone Weighed Heavily on Anchors
A Knell for Lobsters On Long Island Sound
Case Tests Boundaries of Prayer in Sports
Democrats to Offer New Surveillance Rules
Utah Men Accused of Trying to Export Fighter Jet Parts to Canada; Iran is a B... - World

Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal
Costa Ricans Vote on Trade Pact
Chopper Escorting Musharraf Crashes
Iraqi Probe Faults Blackwater Guards
Gorilla Habitat Seized By Rebels in Congo
WORLD IN BRIEF:Egypt Demonstration
Russians Honor a Crusading Journalist
Darfur Town Held by Army Is Burned - Sunday Outlook

The Protocols of the Elders of Turkey
5 Myths About Sick Old Europe
Forget Easy Money. Try Saving a Few Bucks.
I Hear America Talking
Who Made Hillary Queen?
Chill out.
Sure, He's Got Guns for Hire. But They're Just Not Worth It.
More Torture Memos


Globe and Mail

News Top Stories

Reject MMP, Conservatives tell voters
Heeding hungry moose's call
McGuinty predicts victory, draws fire

From the Editorial page

Electoral reform fraught with risk
Cutting rates is job one
Full speed along a dead-end road
Liberals credible on energy policy
Giving on Thanksgiving
Failing grades for booming Calgary
A brutal report card on Calgary's failing quality of life could be the watershed moment that defines our future.



Private security guards in Iraq accused of killing two women in car, Howard
New front on Iraq: Turkey oks attacks on northern Iraq, Traynor
White House denies it leaked al-Quaida video: So who did then???, Goldenberg
Houses of cards: US Housing bubble bursts, Joseph Stiglitz
Right wingers attack Google's commemorative logos, McEwan
School science lessons no place to teach creationism, Randerson


Nobel win 'would boost hopes of Gore candidacy', Doyle
Romney and Giuliani debate turns sour during clash over taxation, Doyle

Times Online

‘Black sheep’ cartoon ignites bitter row on racism before Swiss election, Charter
The fisherman standing in way of Donald Trump’s golf course, Lister
Still the bombing and killing continues in Iraq, Haynes
Security firms in Iraq under attack after women are shot dead, Haynes
Iraqi Interpreters can choose cash for resettlement or new life in UK, Beeston
Pres. of Oral Roberts Univ. charged with financial/sexual misconduct, Reid


ABC, news

Latin America

policymakers the world over have boosted the profits of drug lords and fostered narcostates that would frighten Al Capone.,
Arrested `Drug Queen' Enthralls Mexico, AP
Bush a 'windshield cowboy,' Mexico's Fox says, Arizona Republic
US-Mexico claim drugs blitz 'success' after 25 years of failure, BBC
Possible Guatemala Presidents Compete, Prensa Latina
Costa Rica: CAFTA under threat as Vice-President resigns for using dirty tricks,
Costa Rica United against Trade Deal, Prensa Latina
Cuba's Che Guevara still inspires, four decades after death, Caribbean NN
Church Backs Cuban Literacy Program for Haiti, Prensa Latina
Strike Paralyzes the Dominican Republic, Prensa Latina
Terrorist Accomplice Enjoys Impunity in El Salvador , Periodico 26
The Great Powers' Enmity Against Aristide, National Catholic Reporter
Dozens of Colombia politicians killed ahead of vote, Reuters
While Ambassadors Lie, the Drug War in Colombia Is More Destructive Than Ever, Narco News
Venezuela Responds to US Secretary of Defense,
Venezuela's Foreign Minister on Democracy Now!, Venezuelanalysis
Using Oil Diplomacy to Sever Venezuela’s Dependence, Venezuelanalysis
Powerful corporations Brazil's landowning elite a new lease on its degenerate lifestyle, Brazzil
The Smartest Thing China Could Do Right Now: Invest $ 200 Billion from their US trade surplus in Brazil, Brazzil

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Politics: Global Public Favours More Immigration Controls , Lobe
Corruption-Chile: Pinochet’s Family in Jail , Estrada
Environment: EU Troubling Fishy Waters , Cronin
Cliamte Change: Entire Landscapes on the Move , Leahy
Finance: Critics Press IMF on Social Spending , Aslam
Guatemala: Concern Over Bill that Would Restrict Definition of ‘Family’ , Benítez
Cuba: Providing the Tools for an Active, Fruitful Old Age , Acosta
Death Penalty-US: Executions Across Country On Hold , Roy
Trade: Exports Should Be Priority for African States , McGregor
Burma: Fear Over the Country , Moe+Macan-Markar
Politics: Mideast Meet Has Ambiguous Agenda , Akhavi
Health-Paraguay: Hopes of Meeting Millennium Goals Slipping Away , Vargas
Burma: Criticism of Total Operations Grows , Deibert
Romania: Villagers Resist a Corporation , Ciobanu
Solomon Island: 'Australian Peacekeeping Has an Agenda' , de Tarczynski
Energy: Report Challenges EU Subsidies for Biofuels , Cronin
Paraguay: Hunger Follows Worst Fires in History , Vargas
Latin America: Nine Roads Through the Virgin Wilderness , Valente
Cuba: Citizen Action Transforming the Barrio, Acosta
Poland: Populism Seen behind Death Penalty Talk , Dujisin
Portugal: Black Actors Coming Into Their Own , de Queiroz
Politics-Iran: Islamist, Socialist Revolutions Don't Mix , Sanati

Der Spiegel

New Racist Assault: Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
SPIEGEL Interview with Spokesman for Burmese Opposition in Exile: 'The Regim...
The Dark Past: Germany's FBI Examines its Nazi Roots
Picture This: Running in Blur-lin
Battle of the Bahn: Train Strikes in Germany Approaching
The World from Berlin: Bavarian Power Shift
Ukraine Elections: Tymoshenko Poised to Become PM
Germany Wins Women's World Cup: 'We Have the Best Women in The World'

International Herald Tribune

See no evil, speak no truth
Still out in the cold
The trauma after the trauma
Prolonging the honeymoon
9/11 is over
Is Hillary Clinton the new old Al Gore?
Blogging Ahmadinejad
Language: Translating the lingo of adultalescence

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


PA demands all prisoners freed within few months, staff
Ahmadinejad calls Israel 'insult to human dignity' on Al-Quds Day, AP
Government drafts multi-faceted plan to fight trafficking in women, Ruth Sinai
Thousands of Palestinians crowd checkpoints to reach Ramadan prayer site, AP
IDF troops kill armed Palestinian near Israel-Gaza border fence, staff
For Olmert, the lives of Sudanese refugees are cheap, Ben Lynfield
Olmert and Abbas' mission much harder than that of Barak and Arafat, Editorial
Report: Iran worried over Syrian air defense failure in IAF strike, Yossi Melman
Alaa Oudeh, whose legs were amputated after he was forbidden entry to Israel., Yuval Azoulay

Al Jazeera

US raid in Iraq kills (more) civilians, Agencies
No one will face murder charges in the biggest case involving Iraqi civilian deaths, Agencies
Iraq sheikh killed in roadside bomb, Agencies
Hamas men wounded in Gaza blast, Agencies
Iran marks Jerusalem Day, Agencies
Afghanistan death toll rising, Al Jazeera
Egypt Brotherhood chief to be freed, Agencies

Middle East

US frets at Iran's 'strategic dominance' over a country on its doorstep, Asia Times
The Secret Air Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Z
US Vote on Division of Iraq Blasted, Arab News
US Security Firms in Iraq to Be More Closely Monitored, Arab News
Iraq: Travel restrictions considered as cholera spreads, IRIN
Blackwater business leaves Iraq reeling, Asia Times
'We'll revoke Al-Maliki's licence before he revokes Blackwater's licence,', Al-Ahram
Israel kills 11 Palestinians in Gaza, MET
Onslaught in Gaza: Israel Kills 11 Palestinians, Palestine Chronicle
Israeli incursion into West Bank refugee camp causes destruction, fear, IRIN
Crawling on hands and knees is wearing out Abbas's kneecaps, Al-Ahram
The Israeli lobby has enlisted US university presidents to its cause led by Ahmadinejad basher Bollinger, Al-Ahram
Kingdom Calls on Israel to Freeze Settlements, Wall, Arab News
Spectre of partition in Lebanon, Al-Ahram
Syria: Oil price rises could provoke unrest, IRIN
Ahmadinejad Lauded for ‘Lion’s Den’ Visit, Arab News
President Ahmadinejad calls for global “coalition for peace”, Tehran Times
170 Killed as NATO, US Warplanes Pound Taleban Hide-Outs, Arab News
Afghanistan: Thousands flee Taliban, aerial bombing in south, IRIN
Afghanistan: Increasing armed robberies, abductions in Herat, IRIN
Are women intruders in this country?, Arab News
Yemen: Rebellion in north causing psychological problems, say aid workers, IRIN
Egypt's largest workers' action in 20 years, Al-Ahram

Daily Star



Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police , The Washington Post
Can Fukuda Improve Ties With China? , The Japan Times
More China-Made Products Pulled from US Shelves , CBC
Chinese Media Go Easy on Junta, Asia Times
Dousing Fires in China's Economy, Asia Times
House Backs Sale of F-16s to Taiwan, McClatchy
China May Win New Space Race, NASA Says, The Associated Press
China's Economic Clout Could Curb Taiwan's Dream, Embassy
North Korea May Begin Nuclear Declaration Next Week , Reuters UK
A Giant Trade Partnership of Unequals, Asia Times

Inter Press Service

South East Asia

Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon, Mizzima News
Buddhists don't kill: ' The soldiers are soldiers first and Buddhists last.', Mizzima News
Aung San Suu Kyi is the last hope, Mizzima News
UN envoy meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mizzima News
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity, Asia Times
Myanmar defends crackdown, Al Jazeera
Hints of Myanmar power struggle, Al Jazeera
Whiteshirts - Burma Junta's Storm Troopers, IPS
Blast hits Thai army headquarters, Al Jazeera
Coordinated bombings rock the South of Thailand, Bankok Post
Doesn't anyone have a policy in Thailand?, Bankok Post
Indonesia can push for major reform in Myanmar, Jakarta Post
Philippine Elections Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations, Arab News

Asia Times, opinion

SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

The Hindu, news


US Africa Command: Aid crusader or meddling giant?, Mail and Guardian
Fierce fighting rocks Somali capital, Mail and Guardian
Somalia: Ethiopian troops seen in new places,
Worries over increasing African exodus to Yemen, IRIN
Somalis face worsening plight, Al Jazeera
Somalia: Living in fear of more floods, IRIN
Ethiopia: Ogaden Crisis Strikingly Similar to Darfur,
Sudan: Darfur attackers 'committed war crimes', IRIN
Darfur attack: 'The fighting was terrible', Mail and Guardian
Senegal threatens Darfur pullout, Al Jazeera
Mandela's Elders group including Jimmy Carter. First mission: Darfur, allAfrica
A deadly cholera epidemic has broken out in several regions of Sierra Leone. , IRIN
Sierra Leone: Salimatu Thoronka, “I have given birth to four children since losing my legs”, IRIN
Nigeria: Court Adjourns Killer Drug Case Against Pfizer, allAfrica
Nigeria readies for Pfizer battle, Al Jazeera
President Yar'Adua condemns killing of Nigerian soldiers in Sudan, Guardian (Nigeria)
Last surviving nationalist leader: Our Dream for Nigeria Not Realised, This Day
Aircraft crashes in DR Congo. Safety record an embarrassment, Al Jazeera
DR Congo: Review of Mining Contracts Marred By Lack of Transparency, allAfrica
The logging industry in DR Congo is out of control, greenpeace
Great Lakes army chiefs meet for security talks, Mail and Guardian
Uganda: More house girls taking DNA tests, claim bosses deny offspring, Monitor
Why women in Isingiro will ‘always’ deliver babies in the bushes, Monitor
Uganda: Picking up the pieces as Lord’s Resistance Army war winds down, IRIN
Kenya: Private agony of public clinics, IRIN
Kenya: Debt Blamed On Graft, The Nation (Nairobi)
Tsvangirai calls for free polls in Zimbabwe, Al Jazeera
Zimbabwe's inflation rate 6,592 per cent, Aljazeera
Rescue of thousands of trapped S Africa miners under way, Al Jazeera
'It is made so clear that the poor slum dwellers are not Citizens', allAfrica

Mail and Guardian


Drug Corp Watch

Reported Suicides – More than 80 Percent Got Psychiatric Drugs, Well Over 50 Percent Got Antidepressants, TransWorldNews
FDA Industry Insiders Derail Approval of New Cancer Treatments, Evelyn Pringle
FDA Chief: Please Don't Make Us Regulate Tobacco, Jacob Sullum
FDA Cites Medtronic for Misleading Spine Surgeons, Reuters
FDA Wants Warnings on Devices Used for Medical Images of the Heart, OverTheLimit
Ultrasound Contrast Agents To Get FDA Warnings, Thomas J, Methvin
Nigeria Fights Vaccine-Derived Polio Outbreak, Laura MacInnis
The CDC’s Caldera, J.B. Handley
Knowledge is Power, Elijah Dante
Controversial Findings About Flu Vaccines for the Elderly , Dr Joseph Mercola


US: Billions over Baghdad; The Spoils of War, Barlett +Steele
US: Green Group Attacks Oil Giant on Climate Research , Benjamin
US: Software Maker Admits to Taking Bribes, Kirchgaessner
US: Cribs Recalled After Deaths of 2 Children, Grynbaum
US: Graft in Military Contracts Spread From Base, Thompson+Schmit

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


25 Selected Columnists

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