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Friday, October 12

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Bush Threat... Crisis Economy... Rats Leave Ship... Katrina Scam... Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
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News Roundup

A crackdown on hold: judge plugs Bush's mad flood of immigration havoc...for now, Ed
Will these 5 shortsighted legislators sacrifice kids in their states for Bush bully veto?, Ed
Still waiting for democracy in Florida: when will former inmates get their votes back?, Ed
What, me worry? GOP candidates locked in scary, rose-colored denial, Ed
Sliming Graeme Frost: only a truly vicious political movement smears injured children, Krugman
The Hamiltonian ground: the GOP has completely lost touch with the aspiring working class, Brooks
Without uncomplaining illegals, slaughterhouses are struggling, Greenhouse
Children's cold drugs withdrawn: 'these medicines don't help, may hurt, don't use them', Harris
14 yr. old seized in new school killer plot: his mom bought him the assault gun, Hurdle &Urbina
Minnesota limits Big Pharma 'gifts' that tempt doctors to be pushers, Harris
Relations sour between Shiites and Iraq militias, Tavernise
Death by starvation in Japan: 'are they telling the needy to die as quickly as possible?', Onishi
Turkey reacts angrily to Armenian genocide vote, recalling its ambassador, Arsu
Legal or not, abortion rates compare, Rosenthal
Suspect denies ties to German bomb plot, Mekhennet &Kulish
Ex-rebels quit unity government in Sudan, Gettleman
Gaza banks out of cash as Israeli banks halt business, El-Khodary &Kershner
Bush gang conducts punitive 'investigation' of CIA's watchdog to shut him up on torture, Mazzetti &Shane
Blackwater USA sued by Iraqis in American court for killings and war crimes, Reuters
Military seeks alternatives in case Turkey kicks us out, Cloud
Liberal base proves trying to Democrats, Herszenhorn
Marines to conduct inquiry into killings of Afghan civilians in March, von Zielbauer
U.S. reports 2,002 deaths in arrests in 2003-5, Moore
Gitmo detainee says at hearing that when tortured he said 'anything they wanted me to say', Glaberson
The counsel for Gonzales: DOJ insider takes on the Consigliere's Augean stable, AP


Russia threatens to leave missile treaty
US air raid kill 15 Iraqi civilians in bloody start to Eid
UN slams Myanmar crackdown, urges talks
Over 500,000 women die in childbirth, pregnancy: UN
China's forex reserves top $1.43 trillion
Richard Branson's Virgin mulls Northern Rock takeover: report

News Bullets

  • Lynne Cheney: Dick bites heads off
  • GOP lawyer: Rove pressured attorney
  • CBS: FBI ignores facts in Blackwater probe?
  • '9/11 Truthers' fight back at Bill Maher
  • Carter: I know US tortures prisoners
  • Romney, Giuliani spar at GOP debate
  • CNN: 'Day short' troops fight Army
  • FISA update wouldn't protect telecoms
  • Tenn. School Fight Over ‘Jena 6' T-Shirt
  • Activists Call For Arms Trade Treaty at UN
  • Costa Ricans Back CAFTA in Referendum But Opposition Refuses to Recognize Result
  • Doors Closing on Displaced Iraqis
  • Argentine Court Convicts Priest of Complicity in ‘Dirty War’ Deaths
  • New IMF Chief Urged to Reform Body to Help Poor
  • 2 Iraqi Women Killed in Shooting by Security Convoy
  • ‘Run Granny Run’: New Documentary Depicts 94 Year Old’s Senate Run
  • ACLU Tries to Prevent Deportee Druggings
  • Nobel Win ‘Would Boost Hopes of Gore Candidacy’
  • Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs
  • Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case of German Allegedly Abducted by CIA
  • A Revolutionary Icon, and Now, a Bikini
  • US Considered Radiological Weapon
  • Greenpeace: Genetically Altered Rice in Budweiser
  • Obama and Edwards Target Clinton on Iran Vote
  • ACLU, Lawmakers Press Pentagon On Killings of Iraqis
  • Scientist: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit Danger Mark Sooner Then Expected
  • Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers
  • Italians March for Peace
  • Clinton’s Iran Vote Prompts A Harsh Back-and-Forth
  • Blackwater Shootings ‘Murder,’ Iraq Says
  • Homeless Families on the Rise, with No End in Sight
  • Che Guevara Honored on 40th Anniversary of Death
  • Protesters Grow Frustrated as War Wears On
  • Iraqi Guard’s Widow Reports No Compensation
  • ‘State Secrets’ Case May Get Airing
  • Dubai Police Chief Warns Against Western Attack on Iran
  • EPA Refused to Warn of Asbestos Dangers; Millions of Homeowners at Risk
  • Pelosi Says US Appears Guilty of Torture
  • Three Iraqs Worse Than One?
  • Clinton Strategist Represents Blackwater
  • Climate Change and Entire Landscapes on the Move
  • Amid Hate and Conflict Hope Flowers For West Bank School
  • Climate Activists Tipped For Peace Prize
  • Obama Stops Wearing Flag Pin
  • McCoffees Help Fuel Ethical Trade Boom
  • New ‘Positive Change’ Magazines Thrive In Fertile Bay Area Soil
  • White House On Defensive Over Torture Memos
  • Executions On Hold Across US
  • Iraq Struggles With Cholera Outbreak

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Nancy Kricorian:
    It Takes A Village to Start World War III
    Katrina Vanden Heuvel:
    Five Years On…
    Susan Lenfestey:
    What If They Had a Peace Rally and (Almost) No One Came?
    Nick Turse:
    Slum Fights
    John Atcheson:
    Democrats: Slack-Jawed Yokels at a Three Card Monty Festival
    Joyce Marcel:
    Tell the Damn Truth Already
    Ruth Coniff:
    The Republican Debate: Who Needs the Constitution?
    Suzanne Nelson:
    What’s Really in Your Food?
    Barbara Ehrenreich:
    John Templeton’s Universe
    Joe Brewer:
    Who’s Afraid of Sick Kids?
    Mark Weisbrot:
    Why the ‘Free Trade’ Agenda is Losing Steam
    Seumas Milne:
    Claims of a Turning Point in Iraq Are Just Wishful Thinking
    Maureen Dowd:
    Bomb, Bomb Iran
    Rosa Brooks:
    Too Much Cloak and Swagger

    Special: Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize

    Gore Wins Peace Prize: Now What?
    Al Gore and UN climate body win Nobel Peace Prize

    Special: Middle East Roundup

    Headlines from the Arab press, MET
    Corruption and partition are the headlines in another dismal week in occupied Iraq, Al-Ahram
    Plans to partition Iraq are causing a political earthquake, Al-Ahram
    The future of the Arab world for generations to come hangs on whether or not the US succeeds in partitioning Iraq, Al-Ahram
    Outraged Iraqis condemn killings by foreign guards, MET
    Editorial: Blackwater Goons, Arab News
    At last, some good news from Iraq, Asia Times
    Abbas Asks for Return of All Occupied Land, Arab News
    Mearsheimer, Walt and the Israel Lobby: Two knights and a dragon, Arab News
    Israeli Land Seizure to Cut West Bank in Two, Arab News
    Jordan slams Israeli land grab, MET
    Route 443 – West Bank road for Israelis only, B'Tselem
    Israeli security conditions the health of sick Palestinians on their becoming informants, Al-Ahram
    The Arabs' possible gains and concessions in the next peace meeting, Al-Ahram
    There is little chance of Israel and the PA bridging divisions, Al-Ahram
    The clock is ticking in the search for a Lebanese president, Al-Ahram
    Ahmadinejad scores 'fair' in mid-term report, Asia Times
    Bullying impedes dialogue between Islamic and Western world, Tehran Times
    War Cries Against Iran, Arab News
    From Washington to war in Waziristan, Asia Times
    Benazir Bhutto interview: 'How we plan to control the military', Arab News
    Turkey set to attack Kurds in Iraq, Asia Times
    Turkey is rightly furious at Sunday’s killing of 12 soldiers by Kurdish rebels, Arab News
    Turkey plans long stay in northern Iraq, Zaman Daily
    Turkey mobilizes to take on Kurdish terror group, Turkish Daily News
    Oil Should Be Above $100, Qatar Says, Arab News
    Western conceptions of gender and feminism are skewed towards imposing Western values on the non-Western world, Al-Ahram
    Depleted uranium an enduring risk, Uruknet

    Today's Alternative Special: The Nation

    Rudy's Dirty Money
    Blackwater Sued
    Politics: Pre-empt Preventive War
    Politics: Iraq: The Other Surge
    Politics: Rudy's Bird of Prey
    Books & the Arts: Boys (and Girls) of Summer
    Books & the Arts: Kings of the Road

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Supreme disgrace: Masri should go to the ICC & swear out a warrant against Bush, Ed
    Too timid for tax increases: Dems walk the fine line between 'timid' and 'corrupt' , Ed
    The rotten heart of the U.S. attorney scandal: using the DOJ to elect GOP governors, Cohen
    Who's the most asphyxiating of them all? Why its Fred Thompson, Collins
    Beijing Olympics bring Chinese pressure to bear on Burmese monk-killers, Cohen
    How China got religion: soon Tibetans will be like Native Americans in the US, Zizek
    Another sad teen opens fire at school: why doesn't this happen in other countries?, Maag &Urbina
    Profs sue Oral Roberts Pres: another GOP/Evangelical corruption eruption, Blumenthal
    A little mercy: LA to permit sleeping on sidewalks until housing is up, Archibold
    Judge suspends key Bush effort in immigration, Preston
    Panel sees water problems in ethanol production from corn, Dean
    Only in America could there be an 'industry' specializing in torturing & breaking teens, Schemo
    Marines press to get out of Iraq: all things considered, they prefer Afghanistan, Shanker
    Turkish fury at Armenian genocide vote: when will the House condemn Bush for Iraq genocide?, Arso &Myers
    Blackwater massacre case highlights difficulties in calling mercenaries to account, Rubin &von Zielbauer
    Two innocents gunned down by contractors mourned far beyond Iraq, Kramer
    Turkey's PM wants parliamentary authorization to attack Kurds in Iraq, Reuters
    Syria (one of our torture shops) tells journalists Israeli raid 'did not occur', Naylor
    Gates says the Army needs to prepare for more 'unconventional' wars, Cloud
    Bush argues Gitmo detainees are not fully human & have no habeus corpus rights , Greenhouse
    White House accused of using phony charge to jail Dem governor of Alabama, Shenon
    The British are leaving, the British are leaving: the midnight ride of Gordon Brown, Ed

    Boston Globe

    Clinton vows to check executive power, Bombardieri
    Release the torture memos, Ed

    Chicago Sun Times

    Nooses hang across America , Haines
    State Department may cancel deal with Blackwater, CST
    Bush: U.S. 'does not torture people' , Loven
    GIs, we got yer back. Stabbing it., Smith

    Chicago Tribune

    Minority areas hit hardest by eminent domain , Page
    Bush takes page from Bill Clinton playbook , Silva
    Giving soft bigotry a break , Page
    Jena 6 defendant out of jail , Simpson
    Cleaning up after Bush: It was 'childrens do learn' , Silva


    'God' Now Allowed on Certificates for Capitol Flags, Rosen
    All's Quiet on the Golan Heights, for Now, Nissenbaum
    Gates: British Drawdown in Iraq Due to Improved Conditions, Youssef
    As Olympics Near, Beijing Highlights the `Wow Factor', Johnson
    After Disdaining Arms Control, Bush Seeks to Engage Moscow, Landay
    Wars Have Cost Africa an Estimated $284 Billion since 1990, Bengali
    House Panel Approves Armenian Genocide Measure, Doyle
    Increased Violence Continues in Iraq, Price
    U.S. Children Often Lack Quality Medical Care, Pugh

    L.A. Times - World News

    Mexico's ex-president rebukes critics
    Britain to cut its Iraq forces by half
    Iraqis divided by constitution's treatment of women
    Gossip law is a juicy topic in Colombia
    Blasts, other violence kill 37 Iraqis
    Iran reopens border with northern Iraq
    Tehran students denounce Ahmadinejad
    15 troops missing after battle in Pakistan

    L.A. Times - National News

    Superferry sets off the battle of Kauai
    Wisconsin town mourns 6, and killer
    Bush faces GOP foes on budget cuts
    Return to the moon -- via Arizona
    2 Americans, Briton share Nobel in medicine
    Quick treatment key after minor strokes
    Clinton talks trade and mortgages in Iowa

    L.A. Times - California | Local News

    The trouble with rehab, Malibu-style
    Handling of obscenity cases disputed
    Private-school scout gives parents the lowdown
    Friend of actor Seagal criticizes the FBI
    Women in Catholic abuse cases speak out
    Buying at a local bookstore provides more than books

    Los Angeles Times - Opinion

    The grim reality of torture
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics
    Cheap HIV drugs are more important than patents
    Belgium: Europe's canary in a coal mine?
    The 'standy-by' electricity vampires
    Even the British are leaving Iraq

    SF Chronicle

    SFGate: Top News Stories

    Physics Nobel Goes to German, Frenchman
    Egyptian bloggers expose horror of police torture / They're posting graphic v...
    Bolivia marks capture, execution of 'Che' Guevara 40 years ago
    / The fall of Your Black Muslim Bakery
    Britain will pull out half of its Iraq force / Prime minister says calm arou...

    SFGate: Chronicle Op-Ed

    Meyer's Toon Take
    The melting pot is NOT broken
    It's time for new ways to give
    Anti-Military? In Ess Eff, some facts get in the way
    THE CHRONICLE RECOMMENDS: CAMPAIGN 2007 / Micromanaging City Hall
    Pakistan on edge

    SFGate: Mark Morford

    Britney Spears sucks Blackwater / Showdown! White-trash diva versus mercenary...
    Is it OK to love Whole Foods? / The overpriced ultra-yuppie grocery wonderlan...
    The great American hypocrisy tour / Larry Craig's bathroom stall! Haggard's m...
    The Republican who likes gays / Behold, an extraordinary event, the most asto...
    The fall of the Godmongers / Praise Jesus, it's the collapse of evangelical C...
    Eat this, you fat, sad idiot / Who, pray who, is still sucked in by grotesque...
    Iraq, deep in your bones / A war that isn't really a war, the great humiliati... - Today's Editorials

    Patent Fight
    Rescue for Children
    More Torture Memos
    Mensroom: Mr. Craig Stays
    Dems Rise: Virginia Faces the Ballot
    Pakistan's Tainted Election
    Kid's HealthThe Debate Goes On - Op-Ed Columns

    'Socialized Medicine' Quackery
    A Dutch Retreat on Speech?
    Bridges to Somewhere
    North Korean Mystery
    Why Is This GOP Strategist Smiling? - Nation

    Nuclear Power Primed for Comeback
    Record Heat Halts Chicago Marathon
    US, UK Scientists Win Nobel in Medicine
    As War Dragged On, Coverage Tone Weighed Heavily on Anchors
    A Knell for Lobsters On Long Island Sound
    Case Tests Boundaries of Prayer in Sports
    Democrats to Offer New Surveillance Rules
    Utah Men Accused of Trying to Export Fighter Jet Parts to Canada; Iran is a B... - World

    Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal
    Costa Ricans Vote on Trade Pact
    Chopper Escorting Musharraf Crashes
    Iraqi Probe Faults Blackwater Guards
    Gorilla Habitat Seized By Rebels in Congo
    WORLD IN BRIEF:Egypt Demonstration
    Russians Honor a Crusading Journalist
    Darfur Town Held by Army Is Burned - Sunday Outlook

    The Protocols of the Elders of Turkey
    5 Myths About Sick Old Europe
    Forget Easy Money. Try Saving a Few Bucks.
    I Hear America Talking
    Who Made Hillary Queen?
    Chill out.
    Sure, He's Got Guns for Hire. But They're Just Not Worth It.
    More Torture Memos


    Globe and Mail

    News Top Stories

    Reject MMP, Conservatives tell voters
    Heeding hungry moose's call
    McGuinty predicts victory, draws fire

    From the Editorial page

    Electoral reform fraught with risk
    Cutting rates is job one
    Full speed along a dead-end road
    Liberals credible on energy policy
    Giving on Thanksgiving
    Failing grades for booming Calgary
    A brutal report card on Calgary's failing quality of life could be the watershed moment that defines our future.



    Doris Lessing: Nobel for Literature: 'It's me? After all these years?', Allardice
    Gaza goes hungry as Israeli sanctions bite, Urquhart
    Six women, nine children killed in Iraq by US airstrikes, Goldenberg
    Morality vs. RealPolitik with Turkey/Armenia genocide, Beam


    Armenian murders:A reign of terror which history has chosen to neglect, Robert Fisk
    Blackwater faces war crimes inquiry after killings in Iraq, Penketh
    Morality forged in Hell: review of The Counterfeiters (German film), Quinn
    Why Americans vote against their own self-interest, Doyle
    Genocide or not: Turkey must accept responsibility (which it has not), Editorial

    Times Online

    Torture, starvation and death: how American boot camps abuse boys, Reid
    Republican visciousness: Boy, 12, becomes pawn in health row, Reid
    US airstrike kills 15 Iraqi women and children, Reid
    Giuliani campaign funded by vulture funds that feed on poor countries, Baldwin
    Republican rats scrabble to take over the sinking ship, Baker


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    policymakers the world over have boosted the profits of drug lords and fostered narcostates that would frighten Al Capone.,
    Arrested `Drug Queen' Enthralls Mexico, AP
    Bush a 'windshield cowboy,' Mexico's Fox says, Arizona Republic
    US-Mexico claim drugs blitz 'success' after 25 years of failure, BBC
    Possible Guatemala Presidents Compete, Prensa Latina
    Costa Rica: CAFTA under threat as Vice-President resigns for using dirty tricks,
    Costa Rica United against Trade Deal, Prensa Latina
    Cuba's Che Guevara still inspires, four decades after death, Caribbean NN
    Church Backs Cuban Literacy Program for Haiti, Prensa Latina
    Strike Paralyzes the Dominican Republic, Prensa Latina
    Terrorist Accomplice Enjoys Impunity in El Salvador , Periodico 26
    The Great Powers' Enmity Against Aristide, National Catholic Reporter
    Dozens of Colombia politicians killed ahead of vote, Reuters
    While Ambassadors Lie, the Drug War in Colombia Is More Destructive Than Ever, Narco News
    Venezuela Responds to US Secretary of Defense,
    Venezuela's Foreign Minister on Democracy Now!, Venezuelanalysis
    Using Oil Diplomacy to Sever Venezuela’s Dependence, Venezuelanalysis
    Powerful corporations Brazil's landowning elite a new lease on its degenerate lifestyle, Brazzil
    The Smartest Thing China Could Do Right Now: Invest $ 200 Billion from their US trade surplus in Brazil, Brazzil

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Cuba: Social Beefs, Proposals Voiced in Widespread Debates , Grogg
    Politics: U.S. Asked to Curb Military Excesses in Iraq , Deen
    Health-Swaziland: Septic Tanks Preferred to the Latest in Sewage Treatment , Hall
    Death Penalty: Guarded Optimism for Moratorium Vote , Kher
    Mauritius: ‘‘Exporting Monkeys for Research Helps Conservation’’ , Ackbarally
    Environment: Latin America Has Turned Its Back on the Sea , Valente
    Argentina-Spain: Letters from Political Prisoners , Drago
    Rights-Burma: Buddha's Peace Prevailed in Mandalay , Moe+Macan-Markar
    Egypt: After Summer Shortages, Promise of Water Runs Dry , Morrow+al-Omrani
    Bulgaria: Luxury Hotels Coming Up in National Parks , Ciobanu
    Poland-Russia: Once an Enemy, Always an Enemy , Dujisin
    Sri Lanka: Women Battered Despite Domestic Violence Law , Samath

    Der Spiegel

    New Racist Assault: Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
    SPIEGEL Interview with Spokesman for Burmese Opposition in Exile: 'The Regim...
    The Dark Past: Germany's FBI Examines its Nazi Roots
    Picture This: Running in Blur-lin
    Battle of the Bahn: Train Strikes in Germany Approaching
    The World from Berlin: Bavarian Power Shift
    Ukraine Elections: Tymoshenko Poised to Become PM
    Germany Wins Women's World Cup: 'We Have the Best Women in The World'

    International Herald Tribune

    See no evil, speak no truth
    Still out in the cold
    The trauma after the trauma
    Prolonging the honeymoon
    9/11 is over
    Is Hillary Clinton the new old Al Gore?
    Blogging Ahmadinejad
    Language: Translating the lingo of adultalescence

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    Israel takes land to ease way to build in E-1 area, cut West Bank in half, Akiva Eldar
    A Brit deminer, six-year-old boy and a shepherd killed by Israeli cluster bombs this week, Reuters
    Undercover forces kill Fatah militant near Jenin, Amos Harel
    Military Intelligence assessment: Mideast peace summit likely to fail, Amos Harel
    Haaretz survey: 51% of Israelis back Olmert's talks with Abbas, Yossi Verter
    Senior Fatah official rules out reconciliation with rival Hamas, Reuters
    East Jerusalem Arabs oppose division of the city, Meron Benvenisti
    One teacher's story / Fighting for the country's future, Vered Zadok

    Al Jazeera

    Iraqi women killed by security firm, Agencies
    US base in Iraq attacked, staff
    Turkey prepares for raids into Iraq, Agencies
    Israel to confiscate West Bank land, Al Jazeera
    British prime minister Brown announces Iraq troop cut, Al Jazeera
    Pakistan tribesmen bury dead, Al Jazeera
    US blamed for Pakistan insecurity, Al Jazeera
    US convoy in Kabul hit by blast, Agencies

    Middle East

    US frets at Iran's 'strategic dominance' over a country on its doorstep, Asia Times
    The Secret Air Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Z
    US Vote on Division of Iraq Blasted, Arab News
    US Security Firms in Iraq to Be More Closely Monitored, Arab News
    Iraq: Travel restrictions considered as cholera spreads, IRIN
    Blackwater business leaves Iraq reeling, Asia Times
    'We'll revoke Al-Maliki's licence before he revokes Blackwater's licence,', Al-Ahram
    Israel kills 11 Palestinians in Gaza, MET
    Onslaught in Gaza: Israel Kills 11 Palestinians, Palestine Chronicle
    Israeli incursion into West Bank refugee camp causes destruction, fear, IRIN
    Crawling on hands and knees is wearing out Abbas's kneecaps, Al-Ahram
    The Israeli lobby has enlisted US university presidents to its cause led by Ahmadinejad basher Bollinger, Al-Ahram
    Kingdom Calls on Israel to Freeze Settlements, Wall, Arab News
    Spectre of partition in Lebanon, Al-Ahram
    Syria: Oil price rises could provoke unrest, IRIN
    Ahmadinejad Lauded for ‘Lion’s Den’ Visit, Arab News
    President Ahmadinejad calls for global “coalition for peace”, Tehran Times
    170 Killed as NATO, US Warplanes Pound Taleban Hide-Outs, Arab News
    Afghanistan: Thousands flee Taliban, aerial bombing in south, IRIN
    Afghanistan: Increasing armed robberies, abductions in Herat, IRIN
    Are women intruders in this country?, Arab News
    Yemen: Rebellion in north causing psychological problems, say aid workers, IRIN
    Egypt's largest workers' action in 20 years, Al-Ahram

    Daily Star



    China Announces Gains in Air Defense , The New York Times
    A U.S.-China War? , Los Angeles Times
    How China Got Religion , The New York Times
    China Condemns US Award for Dalai Lama , Reuters UK
    Sex Can't Sell in Puritan China,
    Chinese Corruption 'Astonishing', BBC News

    South East Asia

    Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon, Mizzima News
    Buddhists don't kill: ' The soldiers are soldiers first and Buddhists last.', Mizzima News
    Aung San Suu Kyi is the last hope, Mizzima News
    UN envoy meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mizzima News
    Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity, Asia Times
    Myanmar defends crackdown, Al Jazeera
    Hints of Myanmar power struggle, Al Jazeera
    Whiteshirts - Burma Junta's Storm Troopers, IPS
    Blast hits Thai army headquarters, Al Jazeera
    Coordinated bombings rock the South of Thailand, Bankok Post
    Doesn't anyone have a policy in Thailand?, Bankok Post
    Indonesia can push for major reform in Myanmar, Jakarta Post
    Philippine Elections Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations, Arab News

    Asia Times, opinion

    SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
    Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
    Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
    Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
    An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
    China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
    FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
    Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

    The Hindu, news


    US Africa Command: Aid crusader or meddling giant?, Mail and Guardian
    Fierce fighting rocks Somali capital, Mail and Guardian
    Somalia: Ethiopian troops seen in new places,
    Worries over increasing African exodus to Yemen, IRIN
    Somalis face worsening plight, Al Jazeera
    Somalia: Living in fear of more floods, IRIN
    Ethiopia: Ogaden Crisis Strikingly Similar to Darfur,
    Sudan: Darfur attackers 'committed war crimes', IRIN
    Darfur attack: 'The fighting was terrible', Mail and Guardian
    Senegal threatens Darfur pullout, Al Jazeera
    Mandela's Elders group including Jimmy Carter. First mission: Darfur, allAfrica
    A deadly cholera epidemic has broken out in several regions of Sierra Leone. , IRIN
    Sierra Leone: Salimatu Thoronka, “I have given birth to four children since losing my legs”, IRIN
    Nigeria: Court Adjourns Killer Drug Case Against Pfizer, allAfrica
    Nigeria readies for Pfizer battle, Al Jazeera
    President Yar'Adua condemns killing of Nigerian soldiers in Sudan, Guardian (Nigeria)
    Last surviving nationalist leader: Our Dream for Nigeria Not Realised, This Day
    Aircraft crashes in DR Congo. Safety record an embarrassment, Al Jazeera
    DR Congo: Review of Mining Contracts Marred By Lack of Transparency, allAfrica
    The logging industry in DR Congo is out of control, greenpeace
    Great Lakes army chiefs meet for security talks, Mail and Guardian
    Uganda: More house girls taking DNA tests, claim bosses deny offspring, Monitor
    Why women in Isingiro will ‘always’ deliver babies in the bushes, Monitor
    Uganda: Picking up the pieces as Lord’s Resistance Army war winds down, IRIN
    Kenya: Private agony of public clinics, IRIN
    Kenya: Debt Blamed On Graft, The Nation (Nairobi)
    Tsvangirai calls for free polls in Zimbabwe, Al Jazeera
    Zimbabwe's inflation rate 6,592 per cent, Aljazeera
    Rescue of thousands of trapped S Africa miners under way, Al Jazeera
    'It is made so clear that the poor slum dwellers are not Citizens', allAfrica

    Mail and Guardian


    Drug Corp Watch

    Wyeth Ordered To Pay 134.5 Million In Hormone Therapy Lawsuit, Catharine Paddock
    Wyeth Hit With $134.5 Million Verdict, Sarah Rubenstein
    Michigan: CDC Error Fueled Measles Scare, More Tests Coming, Doug Guthrie and Darren A. Nichols
    CDC Says Oregon Deaths from Toxic Drug Underscores Problems , Sarah Skidmore
    Baby Cold Medicines Pulled Off Market, Lauran Neergaard
    FDA Puts Black-Box Warning On Bristol-Myers Imaging Drug, Jennifer Corbett Dooren
    Postmarketing Adverse Event Reporting for Nonprescription Human Drug Products, FDA
    In Regard to Gardasil’s Approach to Cervical Cancer, I’d Rather “Be One More” , Dr. Grace
    Drug Makers Pull Infant Cold Medicines , Matthew Perrone
    October is Breast Cancer Propaganda Month: Pinkwashing, Breast Cancer Action and Vitamin D, Mike Adams
    Multiple Cancer Patients Killed by Improperly Programmed Chemotherapy Pump, David Gutierrez
    First Placebo-Controlled Study of Cognitive Impairment Due to Chronic Lyme Disease, Elizabeth Streich
    Under Pressure, FDA Reveals Deadly Drug Side Effects , Dr Joseph Mercola
    Attorney General Sues Drug Company over OxyContin, News Democrat
    Study: Majority of States Bar HIV Tests, Mike Stobbe
    Congress Grills Officials Over Biosafety Boom, Ewen Callaway
    Taxol Doesn't Treat Common Breast Cancer , Marilynn Marchione
    Breast Cancer Deception: New Tell-All Report Reveals Profit Motive Behind the Pink Ribbons, Mike Adams


    Iraq: 2 Women Killed in Security Shooting Are Buried in Iraq, Kramer+Glanz
    China: China Takes Aim at U.S. on Quality Control Amid Criticism Over Recalls, Zamiska
    Germany: Siemens Settlement Sets Off Criticism of German Inquiries, Crawford+Esterl
    US: CEO pay disparity rears its head, Guerrera+Pimlott
    Old Perils Resurface as Trapped S African Miners Emerge Alive, Russell
    US: Wal-Mart Workers Win $62 Million, Dale

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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