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Tuesday, October 23

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Bush Threat... Crisis Economy... Rats Leave Ship... Katrina Scam... Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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The Party Line: Why A Republican Vote Is A Racist Vote, Paul Krugman
GOP Plot: Let's Dump The Undemocratic Electoral College, NYT Ed
Mind Detox: Selected Op-Eds, Various
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
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Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
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10 Recent Op-Eds: ...from Thomas Paine's Corner, various
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial
Bush Watch Op-Eds: The Latest From Wokusch, Chamberlin, Weiner, Uhler, Partridge, Samples, Brasch

News Roundup

Ain't that America: immigration demagogues go where politicians fear to tread, Ed
A dearth of taxes: GOP tax-cutting fanaticism (greed) has seriously weakened our economy, Ed
Defending press freedom: criminality needs secrecy so Bush will veto shield bill, Ed
A once and future nation: our presumptuous, self-serving interference in Afghanistan just inflames the Taliban, Cohen
Gone baby gone: finally Alan Greenspan is speaking the truth about housing, Krugman
A two-cigarette society: if teens will smoke, give them nicotine-free fags, Adams
A son of immigrants rises in a southern state, Nossiter
Buyers pounce in largest-ever auction of foreclosed properties in Minnesota, Leland
Driest brush in years feeds wildfires in California, Archibold
Inch by inch, Great Lakes shrink & cargo carriers face losses, Santos
Matt Drudge isn't worried about Hillary: she could be the dictatrix of his dreams, Rutenberg
Libraries shun Big $Database deals for free &open nonprofit books online, Hafner
Bush's Iraq careens out of control: Iraq and Turkey see tensions rise after ambush, Tavernise
Poles throw out their twin Bushguys, elect anti-Iraq war, anti- missile interceptor PM, Kulish
New joint chiefs chairman says our strained military can't afford to attack 'a third Islamic nation', Shanker
We are losing our soul in this war: Maliki has to demand again that we stop killing innocent Iraqis, Rubin
When Dick Cheney speaks, nothing is said: cover your ears for this ugly duet on Iran with W, Stolberg
Bush pressures Afghans to poison poppy fields: what about protecting their water supply?, Semple
Plot to kill Olmert in June 'foiled' just in time to 'foil' Annapolis peace summit, Kershner
F.T.C. chief henhouse fox refuses to do Intel anti-trust investigation, Bailey
GOP field falls all over itself to show voters how surreally irrelevant they are, Cooper &Santora
The mammon report: judging the candidates by the size of their wallets, Wayne &Pilhofer
Say what you like, just don't say it here: Bush is keeping Americans safe from ideas, Liptak
Valerie Plame Wilson publishes stinging rebuke to Bush gang, black-outs and all, Maslin


Nervous US vows help for Turkey against PKK rebels
Hundreds of thousands flee California wildfires
Bhutto condemns Pakistan's proposed ban on rallies
Mistrial in US Muslim charity terror funding case
White House takes on Congress with huge war funding demand
Global market rout halted as Wall Street rebounds
IMF chief warns dollar may suffer 'abrupt fall'
News Bullets

  • Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike
  • Millions Stand Against Poverty in 24-Hour Global Rally
  • Canadian Victim Testifies About US Extraordinary Rendition
  • Bhutto: ‘I Know Exactly Who Wants To Kill Me’
  • Five Million Burmese Are Going Hungry, Warns UN
  • Clinton Bucks The Trend and Rakes in Cash From The US Weapons Industry
  • House Sustains President’s Veto on Child Health
  • Bleak US “Report Card” Finds Warming Arctic
  • Code Pink Stands Firm At Berkeley Recruiting Station
  • Siege of Amazon Greenpeace Activists Ends
  • Gay-Rights Milestone Draws Transgender Activists’ Outcry
  • After Comments, US Terror Chief Resigns
  • Genocide Case For Bolivia Ex-Head
  • UN: Private Military Recruiting Booming
  • Economic Costs of Climate Change ‘Will Affect Every American’
  • Green Groups Condemn UK’s Claim in Antarctica
  • Democrats Caving To Bush: Agree On Terms of Spying Bill

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Scott Ritter:
    On the Eve of Destruction
    Marjorie Cohn:
    Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie
    Ira Chernus:
    New Pieces Changing the Iraq Puzzle
    Holly Sklar:
    Billionaires Up, America Down
    Stephen Zunes:
    US Denial of the Armenian Genocide
    Michael Parenti:
    Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints
    Madeleine Bunting:
    Beware Synthetic Biology
    Mariann Lloyd-Smith/Jo Immig:
    Homes Turned Into Toxic Zones
    Katrina Vanden Heuvel:
    Pelosi’s Stark Rebuke
    James Carroll:
    Forgotten Faces of War
    Michael Tomasky:
    Is the US Just Tired of Bush, or Have Conservatives Had It?
    Greg James:
    Self-Righteous Warmongers Phony Patriots
    Sunday, October 21
    John Pilger:
    Who’s Afraid of Michael Moore?
    Glenn Greenwald:
    The False Beltway Script Never Changes
    Sally Kohn:
    Whose Values?
    Antonio Zerbisias:
    Model Vanishing Act Echoes Cultural Famine
    Richard Glover:
    Desire and the Green Cure
    Rick Wilson:
    Nobel Prize Sees What Market-Fundamentalists Don’t
    Tariq Ali:
    A Massacre Foretold
    Phillip Bannowsky:
    The Left That Gets Left Out
    Adil Shamoo/Bonnie Bricker:
    The Costs of War for Oil
    Robert Kuttner:
    Banking on a Bailout
    Christopher Cooper:
    I Swear I Found The Key to the Universe
    Kelly Toughill:
    Press Must Remain Proud and Free
    Tim Watkin:
    Cruel Intentions
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
    Children in Prison: Locked-Up Forever
    Olga Bonfiglio:
    9/11 Fatigue
    David Michael Green:
    Al Gore's Inaugural Address: January 20, 2009
    John Nichols:
    An Assault on Media Diversity and Democracy
    Mark Weisbrot:
    IMF Misses Epoch-Making Changes in the Global Economy
    Elizabeth Holtzman:
    Mukasey Should Be Confirmed Only If He Agrees to Appoint a Special Prosecutor
    John Dean:
    Why, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom
    Edward Mast:
    Palestinians’ Lives Invisible to Israelis
    Rahul Mahajan:
    A Tale of Two Atrocities — Blackwater and Haditha
    Conor Foley:
    Will Adminstration That Tortures Ever See A Courtroom?

    Special: U.S.-Turkey Conflict

    Turkey's Parliament back attacks on Iraqi Kurds, Howard
    Turkish Military Shells Northern Iraq & Amasses 60,000 Troops on Border a...
    Iraq fears action 'may escalate', BBC
    Iraq warns Turkey against raids, BBC
    Bush Presses Turkey Not to Invade Iraq, Lightman
    Conflict between Turkey and the US intensifies, Schwarz

    Special: China Economic Troubles Will Impact U.S. Economy

    Triangular Trouble: Euro, Dollar and Yuan, Asia Times
    China’s Bubble May Burst but the Impact Will Be Limited, The Financial Times
    Can China Deflate Its Stock Bubble?, PINR
    China Surplus Bolsters Currency Critics, FT
    China's Communists to Endorse Hu Jintao's Economic Model , AFP

    Special: Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize (continued)

    Al Gore rules out presidential run after Nobel prize
    Gore Wins the Norwegian Primary
    Paul Krugman: Gore Derangement Syndrome
    Al Gore wins Nobel peace prize. This time, no one can take it away from him, Pilkington
    An Oscar. The Nobel Peace Prize. Now, can Al Gore win the presidency?, Cornwell
    Al Gore’s Nobel peace prize seen as a rebuke for Bush , Reid
    Green giant: Al Gore, editorial
    Rooting for Al Gore is a sentimental self-indulgence, Kettle
    Smearing Al Gore: Here We Go Again, Parry
    Jeff Cohen: Can Al Gore Be Trusted?
    Al Gore: Freedom & Security: 2003 Speech to
    Gore Wins Peace Prize: Now What?
    Al Gore and UN climate body win Nobel Peace Prize

    Special: Dictator '08 (continued)

    A mixed message for Rudy from the Christian right
    How the Christian right could defeat Rudy -- and make Hillary president
    Giuliani's Christian-right foes to meet again
    The Iran hawks
    Clinton Leads in Iowa, But That Makes Her The Target, Thomma
    Clinton shows femininity to court key constituents, Bombardieri
    The real actors on the GOP stage, Venocci
    Entering crucial stretch, Mitt Romney has less cash available than rival Giuliani, Levenson
    Pundits say Fred Thompson's Social Security plan is risky, fellow candidates keep mum, Kranish
    Clinton vows to check executive power, Bombardieri
    How Obama is playing in Iowa, Jackson

    Today's Alternative Special: Salon

    Blackwater's run for the border
    What you missed while watching the Red Sox win
    Earth to PETA
    Tancredo pushes for more nuclear energy R&D
    The healthcare war
    Don't think of a sick child
    Nuclear hypocrisy
    Arthur M. Schlesinger's playbill for the American century
    My letter to the most important man in American politics
    American flag pins are for idiots
    Let's abolish the Electoral College
    "Seven countries in five years"

    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Welcomed by bombs:the return of Benazir Bhutto, Ed
    China's economic puzzle: Beijing needs to tame its economic Godzilla, Ed
    Without full disclosure, bundlers are turning '08 into a gross pie-eating contest, Ed
    Death of the machine: Bushies' lethal amateurishness horrifies corporate elite too, Krugman
    Mike Huckabee: note the differences between real conservatives &wolves dressed as conservatives, Brooks
    Don't fear Big Beer: the big boys now try to copy fine craft beers, Oliver
    Fix rates to save loans, Bair
    New Coast Guard task in Arctic's warming seas, Wald &Revkin
    When Big Pharma quacks: complex pediatric cold remedies are dangerous, ineffective, Harris
    Reading of verdict in charity- terror case is delayed (while Bush pressures judge?), Eaton
    Air Force officers to be fired for violating nuclear safety, AP
    Panel finds no drugs that work for post-traumatic veterans' stress, Reuters
    Experts urge exchange of scientific talent: bring America back to the leading edge, Reuters
    A new political chapter for Bhutto opens with ecstasy and suicide bombs , Gall & Masood
    Shiite refugees fleeing violence feel forsaken in their holy city, Rubin
    Both Labor and Mme Sarkozy have had it with Nicolas, Sciolino
    What can Iraq's feeble government do about Turkey's planned attack on Kurds?, Rubin
    Q&A with Putin displays detailed knowledge: calls Iraq war 'absolutely pointless', Levy
    Dems lost the kids health battle to Warhog Scrooge but Pelosi vows they'll win the war, Pear &Stolberg
    We said there was a whiff of brimstone around Mukasey: Leahy smells it too, Shenon
    Panel approves eavesdropping compromise, Shane &Lichtblau
    Trying to decipher the state of the death penalty: is needless pain &suffering a problem or not?, Greenhouse
    We don't control Iraq,we just die & lose money there. Iraqi contracts with Iran, China concern U.S, Glanz
    Overhaul of Afghan police is new priority, Rohde
    Bush plays it 'stark': if 'WWIII' happens it will be because Bushco incites it, Stolberg
    Putin, in extraordinary meeting with Ayatollah Khameni, brokers the nuke crisis, Fathi
    Attorney General pick treads careful line at hearing, Shenon
    Scary plan would ease limits on media owners, Labaton
    Senate deal on immunity for phone companies, Lichtblau
    No veto override but this legislation will haunt Bush. Sick children are not going away, Pear

    Boston Globe

    Hillary Clinton was reshaped by turmoil in the 1960s, Bombardieri
    Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns ahead of EU meeting , Mostaghim

    Chicago Tribune

    FBI quietly rebuilding Gitmo terror cases to avoid embarrassment , Meyer
    Snatch victory from kids' health bill defeat, Page


    Romney's Ahead in Iowa, But His Rivals Haven't Attacked Yet, Thomma
    Bush Works to Avert Turkish Military Incursion in Iraq, Landay
    Congressman: Blackwater Evaded Federal Income Taxes, Neff
    Iraqis Place Sadr City Toll at 17 as Confusion over Sunday Fighting Continues, Calvan
    Edwards' Southern Style Plays Well in New Hampshire, Beckwith
    U.S. Says Sadr City Raids Kill 49 Militants; Iraq Says Civilians Died, Calvan
    Old Leaders Step Aside in China, Reshuffling in Favor of Youth, Johnson
    Blackwater to Be Phased Out of Guarding U.S. Diplomats in Iraq, Strobel, Abdullah


    Globe and Mail

    News Top Stories

    Reject MMP, Conservatives tell voters
    Heeding hungry moose's call
    McGuinty predicts victory, draws fire

    From the Editorial page

    Electoral reform fraught with risk
    Cutting rates is job one
    Full speed along a dead-end road
    Liberals credible on energy policy
    Giving on Thanksgiving
    Failing grades for booming Calgary
    A brutal report card on Calgary's failing quality of life could be the watershed moment that defines our future.



    A quarter of a million Californians flee as fires rage, BBC
    'Bin Laden call' to Iraq fighters, BBC
    US dollar touches a new euro low, BBC
    Economy woes leave stocks mixed, BBC
    Cheney in new warning to Iran, BBC
    New Iranian nuclear negotiator's debut will be scrutinised, Jon Leyne, BBC
    Turks sending to envoy to Iraq, BBC
    Bush eyes Mexico drug fight funds, BBC
    Supermarkets using too much packaging, BBC
    US raid kills forty-nine Iraqi 'criminals', BBC
    Two marines face Haditha trial for connection to deaths of 24 Iraqis, BBC
    Oceans are 'soaking up less CO2', BBC
    Big share falls feared on Monday, BBC
    US lawmakers' apology to Canadian, BBC


    Turkey bombards northern Iraq after ambush, Howard
    Poland votes against the little Napoleonic twins, Traynor
    Steep decline in oil production worldwide brings risk of war and unrest, Seager
    Attack on Iran will strength the Iranian president, Kalaji
    Hillary Clinton woos Drudge Report.. man who nearly ruined her husband, Goldenberg
    Bin Laden tape urges insurgents to unite against US coalition, Black
    Diego Garcia island to be investigated as CIA jail site, Cobain
    Would-be military whistle blowers on Iraq should speak out or resign, Baer
    Is the US tired of the Conservatives, or just of George Bush?, Tomasky
    UN Secretary-General doing the bidding of the US, Williams


    Another Bush buddy-- Howard in Australia-- looking at defeat, Sydney
    Turkey steps up attack on PKK in Iraq..Bushies urge restraint, Cockburn
    Bush has to choose between Kurdish Iraq and Turkey, Editorial

    <Times Online

    Climate change models have been too optimistic, Smith
    Turkey seeks lost troops as pressure for action grows, Erdem
    A billion here, a billion there: Iraq War nears half a trillion, Baldwin
    Gramps Thompson bumbles along 'just being me', Reid
    Mama Oprah’ Winfrey to Africa amid abuse claims at her school for girls, Clayton
    Turkey's PM says US has filed in Iraq:' We will invade Iraq', Fletcher

    Financial Times

    US Treasury secretary predicts more damange to come, White
    Pelosi takes on Bush over child health bill, Luce


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    policymakers the world over have boosted the profits of drug lords and fostered narcostates that would frighten Al Capone.,
    Arrested `Drug Queen' Enthralls Mexico, AP
    Bush a 'windshield cowboy,' Mexico's Fox says, Arizona Republic
    US-Mexico claim drugs blitz 'success' after 25 years of failure, BBC
    Possible Guatemala Presidents Compete, Prensa Latina
    Costa Rica: CAFTA under threat as Vice-President resigns for using dirty tricks,
    Costa Rica United against Trade Deal, Prensa Latina
    Cuba's Che Guevara still inspires, four decades after death, Caribbean NN
    Church Backs Cuban Literacy Program for Haiti, Prensa Latina
    Strike Paralyzes the Dominican Republic, Prensa Latina
    Terrorist Accomplice Enjoys Impunity in El Salvador , Periodico 26
    The Great Powers' Enmity Against Aristide, National Catholic Reporter
    Dozens of Colombia politicians killed ahead of vote, Reuters
    While Ambassadors Lie, the Drug War in Colombia Is More Destructive Than Ever, Narco News
    Venezuela Responds to US Secretary of Defense,
    Venezuela's Foreign Minister on Democracy Now!, Venezuelanalysis
    Using Oil Diplomacy to Sever Venezuela’s Dependence, Venezuelanalysis
    Powerful corporations Brazil's landowning elite a new lease on its degenerate lifestyle, Brazzil
    The Smartest Thing China Could Do Right Now: Invest $ 200 Billion from their US trade surplus in Brazil, Brazzil

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Rights-Argentina: Tortured Labour, Stolen Newborns , Valente
    Colombia: Foreign Firms Cash in on Generous Mining Code , Arsenault
    Paraguay: Environmentalists Up in Arms Over Mega-Port , Vargas
    Finance: World Bank Confronts Pygmy Challenge Over Logging , Aslam
    Romania: When a President Discriminates , Ciobanu
    Iran: Benetton Gets Lessons in Shock Advertising , Sanati
    Czech Republic: A Century of Welfare Nears Its End , Dujisin
    Culture-Vietnam: Drawing Tourist Dollars - Sans Noise, Sleaze , Clark
    Development: IBSA Summit a 'Political Endorsement' for Future Plans , Murinzi
    Development: Farming Faces Phosphate Shortfall , Osava
    Environment-Asia: Deforestation Symptomatic of Corrupt Regimes , Macan-Markar
    Environment: Biofuels - Great Green Hope or Swindle , Leahy
    Development: Farming Boost Could Lift a Billion People , Aslam

    Der Spiegel

    New Racist Assault: Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
    SPIEGEL Interview with Spokesman for Burmese Opposition in Exile: 'The Regim...
    The Dark Past: Germany's FBI Examines its Nazi Roots
    Picture This: Running in Blur-lin
    Battle of the Bahn: Train Strikes in Germany Approaching
    The World from Berlin: Bavarian Power Shift
    Ukraine Elections: Tymoshenko Poised to Become PM
    Germany Wins Women's World Cup: 'We Have the Best Women in The World'

    International Herald Tribune

    See no evil, speak no truth
    Still out in the cold
    The trauma after the trauma
    Prolonging the honeymoon
    9/11 is over
    Is Hillary Clinton the new old Al Gore?
    Blogging Ahmadinejad
    Language: Translating the lingo of adultalescence

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East


    FM calls for post-summit peace team to deal with 'core issues', Barak Ravid
    IAEA head warns against rushing to use force to curb Iran nukes, Agencies
    PM Olmert and Sarkozy meet in Paris for first official tete-a-tete, Aluf Benn
    Rabin assassin's wife: Yigal Amir sacrificed himself for his people, staff
    Jewish Republicans as an oppressed minority, Bradley Burston
    Putin is walking a nuclear tighrope in Iran, Yossi Melman
    Christian-Jewish group bringing dozens of Iranian Jews to Israel, AP

    Al Jazeera

    Turkey weighs PKK raid response, Al Jazeera
    Scores killed in US Iraq raid, Agencies
    Lebanon presidential vote postponed, Agencies
    Palestinian factions clash in Gaza, Agencies
    Caspian summit rejects Iran attack, Al Jazeera

    The Middle East

    Headlines from the Arab press, MET
    Corruption and partition are the headlines in another dismal week in occupied Iraq, Al-Ahram
    Plans to partition Iraq are causing a political earthquake, Al-Ahram
    The future of the Arab world for generations to come hangs on whether or not the US succeeds in partitioning Iraq, Al-Ahram
    Outraged Iraqis condemn killings by foreign guards, MET
    Editorial: Blackwater Goons, Arab News
    At last, some good news from Iraq, Asia Times
    Abbas Asks for Return of All Occupied Land, Arab News
    Mearsheimer, Walt and the Israel Lobby: Two knights and a dragon, Arab News
    Israeli Land Seizure to Cut West Bank in Two, Arab News
    Jordan slams Israeli land grab, MET
    Route 443 – West Bank road for Israelis only, B'Tselem
    Israeli security conditions the health of sick Palestinians on their becoming informants, Al-Ahram
    The Arabs' possible gains and concessions in the next peace meeting, Al-Ahram
    There is little chance of Israel and the PA bridging divisions, Al-Ahram
    The clock is ticking in the search for a Lebanese president, Al-Ahram
    Ahmadinejad scores 'fair' in mid-term report, Asia Times
    Bullying impedes dialogue between Islamic and Western world, Tehran Times
    War Cries Against Iran, Arab News
    From Washington to war in Waziristan, Asia Times
    Benazir Bhutto interview: 'How we plan to control the military', Arab News
    Turkey set to attack Kurds in Iraq, Asia Times
    Turkey is rightly furious at Sunday’s killing of 12 soldiers by Kurdish rebels, Arab News
    Turkey plans long stay in northern Iraq, Zaman Daily
    Turkey mobilizes to take on Kurdish terror group, Turkish Daily News
    Oil Should Be Above $100, Qatar Says, Arab News
    Western conceptions of gender and feminism are skewed towards imposing Western values on the non-Western world, Al-Ahram
    Depleted uranium an enduring risk, Uruknet

    Daily Star



    China to Launch Lunar Probe This Week, The Associated Press
    China Blocks US Request for WTO Panel on Film, Music Imports, AFP
    China Shrugs Off G7, IMF Pressure on Yuan, MarketWatch
    A Rule Of Law In China?, Forbes
    China's Communist Party approves leadership changes, International Herald Tribune
    World Bank Wants to Work with China in Fighting Poverty, AFP
    Help with U.S. DSllar sag, Flaherty Tells China, The Globe and Mail
    U.S. Upholds Tax on Chinese Goods, NY Times
    Basic Healthcare for All by 2020, Govt Pledges, China Daily
    PetroChina Could Soon Be World's Top Company, FT
    China's Most Powerful 'Princelings', China Brief
    Hu's Impasse at the 17th Party Congress, China Brief
    China Summons U.S. Eenvoy over Dalai Lama Award, Reuters

    South East Asia

    Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon, Mizzima News
    Buddhists don't kill: ' The soldiers are soldiers first and Buddhists last.', Mizzima News
    Aung San Suu Kyi is the last hope, Mizzima News
    UN envoy meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mizzima News
    Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity, Asia Times
    Myanmar defends crackdown, Al Jazeera
    Hints of Myanmar power struggle, Al Jazeera
    Whiteshirts - Burma Junta's Storm Troopers, IPS
    Blast hits Thai army headquarters, Al Jazeera
    Coordinated bombings rock the South of Thailand, Bankok Post
    Doesn't anyone have a policy in Thailand?, Bankok Post
    Indonesia can push for major reform in Myanmar, Jakarta Post
    Philippine Elections Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations, Arab News

    Asia Times, opinion

    SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
    Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
    Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
    Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
    An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
    China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
    FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
    Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

    The Hindu, news


    Fifteen years of conflicts have cost Africa around $300bn, Oxfam
    First global Arms Trade Treaty would particularly benefit Africa, IRIN
    Eritrea President says Ethiopia border issues 'must be resolved', IRIN
    Eritrea: Eid Al-Fetir Colorfully Celebrated Nationwide, Shabait
    Mogadishu: Ethiopian base in a former spaghetti plant attacked overnight, Shabelle News
    Somalia: Ministers demand confidence vote, IRIN
    Disintigration of Somalia makes it a perfect place to dump European nuclear waste, Ethiopian Reporter
    Sudan: Darfur attack by government forces 'targeted women and children', IRIN
    Rebel Pullout from Sudan Talks Sparks War Fears Among Neighbors, Monitor (Kampala)
    Sudan: Partition as Possible Alternative to Conflict [editorial] , Monitor (Kampala)
    Mali: Rural youth rarely find fortunes in the city, IRIN
    Niger: Uranium - blessing or curse?, IRIN
    Liberia: Post-conflict dilemma – should health care be free?, IRIN
    Ghana: Country Loses $772.4 Million to Malaria Yearly. Health is not produced in hospitals., Public Agenda (Accra)
    The culture of electoral fraud in Cameroon , The Post (Buea)
    Nigeria Accuses Eastern Europe over Arms in Niger Delta, This Day (Lagos)
    Criminal Politics: Violence, “Godfathers” and Corruption in Nigeria, Human Rights Watch
    Nigerian Federal Government Faults Human Rights Report, This Day (Lagos)
    Nigeria: Unknown Number Burnt to Death in Shell Pipeline Fire, Vanguard (Lagos)
    DR Congo: Thousands of youth risk forced recruitment into militia, IRIN
    DR Congo rebels in standoff, Al Jazeera
    Uganda: 'Corruption rampant at borders' - Report, New Vision (Kampala)
    Urban conflict - fighting for resources in Nairobi slums example of global problem, IRIN
    We now have to contend — yet again — with the spectre of vote-buying in Kenya, The Standard (Nairobi)
    Scenes of extra-judicial ‘executions’ shock outlying districts, The Standard (Nairobi)
    Robert Mugabe’s succession crisis deepened yesterday, Zimbabwe Independent
    Southern Africa's Bushmen face threat to hunter-gatherer lifestyle, Mail and Guardian
    US court gives nod to apartheid claims against dozens of major companies, Mail and Guardian
    Aids affecting Mozambican education, killing 1,000 teachers each year , Al Jazeera

    Mail and Guardian



    US: F.D.A. Panel Urges Ban on Medicine for Child Colds, Harris
    US: Fight Against Coal Plants Draws Diverse Partners, Moran
    US: Clinton Bucks The Trend and Rakes in Cash From The US Weapons Industry, Doyle
    US: V.A. Is Limiting Use of Diabetes Drug, NY Times
    US: Homeland Security's Use of Contractors Is Questioned, Hsu

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


    25 Selected Columnists

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