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Friday, November 02

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Bush Threat... Crisis Economy... Rats Leave Ship... Katrina Scam... Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

U.S. of Canada: Why America's Image Is In The Dumpster , Lisa Kadonaga
E-mails of Intolerance:  A Halloween Scare , Walter Brasch
Energy Bulletin: Peak Universe , James Howard Kunstler
Kids' Health: U.S. Rep. (CAL) Tells It Like It Is , Pete Stark
Campaign Trail: Our Man Goes Faulkner in Dearborn, Michigan , William Smith
Prez primary scam: Why and how the game is rigged , Michael Scherer
Bush Watch Exclusive: The Wacky World of William Smith , William Smith
Comment: Our Take On The News , politex
Ed/News: Ex-Prez of Mexico Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re "Cowboy" Bush , Politex
Ed/News: Greenspan Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re Iraq Oil War , Politex
Dictatorship: Bush Restricting Travel Rights of Over 100,000 U.S. Citizens , Sherwood Ross
The New American Way: Greedy Not Needy Shape Shape Both Parties, Paul Krugman
The Party Line: Why A Republican Vote Is A Racist Vote, Paul Krugman
GOP Plot: Let's Dump The Undemocratic Electoral College, NYT Ed
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial

News Roundup

New Hampshire Republicans Fired Up Over Immigration, Lightman
Gadhafi's Role in Darfur Talks Sets Back New Image as Statesman, Bengali
3 Southern States Inch Toward Compromise on Wwater Demands, Abdullah
Crackdown Urged on 'Fee-Harvester' Credit Cards, Pugh
Bush Strongly Defends Embattled Mukasey, Lightman
In Winning Protest Case, Father Vows to Pput Church Out of Business, Hotakainen


News Bullets

US public diplomacy chief Karen Hughes resigning, Knowlton
Menino and the accountability gap, Venocci
Turkey's Iraq problem, Phillips
Bush taps retired lieutenant general to head Veterans Affairs , Reichmann
Come hell or revisionist history, Ed

Op-Ed Roundup

David Bromwich:
The Power of Inspection and the Claim of Impeachment
Arthur Magida:
Disconnect Between Anti-War Activism Then and Now
Mike Davis:
San Diego Builds a Statue to an Arsonist
Stacy Bannerman:
War IS a Women’s Issue, Senator Clinton
Karen Dugdale:
The Untold Stories of Late Abortions
Rosa Brooks:
Mukasey’s Black Magic on Torture
Paul Waldman:
Tim Russert: Stop the Inanity
Haroon Siddiqui:
Iraq’s Little-Known Humanitarian Crisis
Seumas Milne:
The Siege of Gaza Is Going to Lead to a Violent Escalation
John Nichols:
Kucinich’s Challenge
Simon Tisdall:
Facing Defeat in Afghanistan
Shahid Masood:
Where Wrongs Make Right
Wednesday, October 31
Jeremy Scahill:
State to Blackwater: Nothing You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law
Ray McGovern:
Attacking Iran for Israel?
Amy Goodman:
For Whom the Bell’s Palsy Tolls
Robert Scheer:
Cashing In on Terror
Antonia Zerbisias:
Toss Your Briefs at the Guys with Briefcases
Yifat Susskind:
Feed People, Not Cars: We Need a Moratorium on Agrofuels
Pat LaMarche:
Bringing Rumsfeld to Justice
Bill Quigley:
Criminal Justice Meltdown in New Orleans?
Andrea Kavanagh:
Risking Kids to Sell Fish: A Case Study in Industry-Driven 'Research'
Tariq Ramadan:
The US Blacklisted Me. Let’s Talk.
Cindy Sheehan:
Organized Money vs. Organized People
Wendy Wolf:
The Facts of Life for Voters - It’s Really About Important Life Decisions
Michael Schwartz:
Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?
Glenn Greenwald:
Jay Rockefeller Channels Dick Cheney’s Fear-Mongering to Urge Telecom Amnesty
John Nichols:
Dem Debate: Edwards, Not Obama, Hits Clinton Hardest, Smartest

Today's Special: Editor and Publisher

  Petraeus Spokesman Denies Sending Angry Email -- Plot Thickens , Mitchell
Iraqi Women Risk Their Lives -- For the Truth , Mitchell
New Poll Suggests Stephen Colbert Should Be Frontrunner Within a Month! , E&P Staff


The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


United States

New York Times

Channeling Bush's inner sadist, Ed

New York Times

Torture and the attorneys general: Mukasey's creepy waffling on torture totally disqualifies him, Ed
Playing Sudan's game, Ed
America's lagging health care system, Ed
A little hope for Amtrak: the most civilized way to travel in America, Ed
Hillary vs everybody: isn't she just another shadow gov operative in ewe's clothing?, Collins
Afghanistan at the brink: they revile Bush and America, Cohen
How to try a terrorist: Mukasey has obviously 'fallen into shadow', his nomination must be rejected, Coughenour
Requiem for the last American soldier to die in Iraq, Turner
George Bush has forced the U.S. on to the sidelines of global trends, Slaughter
Mukasey's wide pro-torture stance designed to avoid criminal prosecutions of Bush torturers, Shane
Is there any room at the top for black executives?, Stodghill
Immigration is ammo for Clinton rivals: she wants to have her illegals and punish them too, Santora
Blackwater mounts a defense with top Washington legal moguls, Broder &Risen
Price of oil reaches $96 per barrel: this is what Armageddon is really all about, AP
Japan ends Afghan naval mission: the Japanese public won't support Bush's illegal wars, Onishi
Saudi king hits a few bumps in his visit to Britain, accusing MI5 of ignoring 7/7 warnings as Bush ignored 9/11 intelligence, Lyall
Iraq asks for Iran's help in calming Kurdish crisis, Rubin
Foreign service officers resist mandatory Iraq postings: 'a potential death sentence', Cooper
Health care for bridges: a search for diagnostic tools, Wald
Child health care bill advances in Senate: Bush is howling, Pear
Karen Hughes is leaving with an 'F' as U.S. image plummets across the Muslim world, Cooper

Exile on Wall Street, Ed
More help wanted from Congress for Afghans &Iraqis trying to grab the lifeline we offered, Ed
25 years and counting: the Senate must finally ratify the Law of the Sea, Ed
Belated frost, Klinkenborg
Hillary la Francaise, cherchez la femme?, Dowd
If I.T. merged with E.T., Freidman
Justices stay execution, a signal to lower courts, Greenhouse
Chinese chemicals flow unchecked to world drug market, Bogdanich
U.S. military will supervise Iraq security firms, Broder &Johnston
A pitched debate: Clinton comes under withering attack from her rivals, Nagourney &Bumiller
Chertoff pushed Spitzer to bend on license idea, Hakim
Rangel offering broad tax plan, and big target, Weisman
Baseball's drug testing lacks element of surprise, Schmidt
Weasel words: Mukasey calls waterboard torture 'repugnant' ...but not illegal, Shane
In report to Congress, oversight officials say Iraqi rebuilding falls short of goals, Glanz
Iraqi cabinet votes to end security firms' immunity, Rubin
Taliban fighters move in near Kandahar for first time since 2001, Shah
Securing Russian nuclear missiles? U.S. is set to say 'done', Chivers
Rivals challenge Clinton on her vote to enable Bush with Iran measure, Rutenberg &Cooper

Chicago Sun Times

Mukasey would enable power grab , Greeley
Illegal immigrants wrongly accused, Herman

Chicago Tribune

Suicide biker kills 29 in Iraq , Hurst
Tancredo won't seek re-election to Congress, Brown
Cheney-Obama connection unites us all, Page


Baghdad Violence, U.S. Deaths Hit New Lows for Year, Youssef
Attorney General Nominee's Confirmation May Now Be in Doubt, Taylor
No more Mr. Nice Guy for John Edwards, Morrill+Johnson
Court action Lets Popular Paraguayan Ex-Army Chief Run for President, Chang
Commentary: Inexorable March Toward War with Iran?, Galloway
Fed Cuts Rates Even Though Data Show Economy's Strong, Hall
Clinton, Obama Urge Senate to Shut Door on Nuclear Waste Site, Whitney


Globe and Mail



US hands over Karbala to Iraqis, BBC
Biofuels 'crime against humanity', Grant Ferrett, BBC
Exxon can appeal $2.5bn oil fine, BBC
Iraqi troops rescue tribal chiefs, BBC
US general wounded in Iraq blast, BBC
Iraq war leaves US families learning to cope with disability, Claire Bolderson, BBC
Japan halts Afghanistan mission, BBC
More than a million back comic, Stephen Colbet, for president, BBC



Ten UK towns to tackle obesity: *The Fit Towns', Wintour
US Supreme Court calls a halt to executions (not Scalia and Alito), Goldenberg
Foreign observers restricted at Russian Parliament vote, Parfitt
Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk for Suicides, Hefling
The real Hillary slayer: Tim Russert tries 'to take out Hillary', Hirshman
Two rare birds shot: one Prince with gun, Carrell
Condi on Blackwater immunity: It wasn't me!, MacAskill
Drowning in lawyers: Waterboarding and presidential power, Purdy
Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' -- predicts our fate, Monbiot
Rudy's fuzzy math and opportunism knows no limits, Klein
Spanish PM defying the Vatican with schools agenda, Graylind
Facing disaster in Iran, Europe must finally make the hard choices, Ash
UK Head of Intelligence says Saddam's WMD program overstated, Norton-Taylor
The calamity of Iraq has not even won us cheap oil, Wheatcroft


US Death row reprieve has national backlash, Gumbel
Waterboarding is torture - I did it myself, says US advisor, Doyle
SuperMouse the result of genetic modification, Connor
Unbelievable! Saudi King lectures Brits on terrorism, Fisk
Saudi oil money fuels hardline ideology behind terrorism, Ruthven
Tiger, tiger, burning not so bright: Tigers a doomed species, Buncombe
Bush offered Blair an out on Iraq War... Nah, said Blair, Grice
Blackwater guards refuse to talk to FBI; Why should they?, Jordan
Iraqi dam burst would drown 500,000 people, Cockburn
UK and Saudi citizens have 'shared values' UK minister brags, Steel

Times Online

How to beat cancer: Be thin and avoid red meat, Hawkes
George Bush's top lawyer vague over torture, Reid
Republicans start to swing behind Little Huck, Baldwin
Pollution causing birth defects: cleft palates, extra fingers and toes, Macartney


ABC, news

Latin America

World's policymakers have boosted the profits of drug lords and fostered narcostates ,
Arrested `Drug Queen' Enthralls Mexico, AP
Bush a 'windshield cowboy,' Mexico's Fox says, Arizona Republic
US-Mexico claim drugs blitz 'success' after 25 years of failure, BBC
Possible Guatemala Presidents Compete, Prensa Latina
Costa Rica: CAFTA under threat as Vice-President resigns for using dirty tricks,
Costa Rica United against Trade Deal, Prensa Latina
Cuba's Che Guevara still inspires, four decades after death, Caribbean NN
Church Backs Cuban Literacy Program for Haiti, Prensa Latina
Strike Paralyzes the Dominican Republic, Prensa Latina
Terrorist Accomplice Enjoys Impunity in El Salvador , Periodico 26
The Great Powers' Enmity Against Aristide, National Catholic Reporter
Dozens of Colombia politicians killed ahead of vote, Reuters
While Ambassadors Lie, the Drug War in Colombia Is More Destructive Than Ever, Narco News
Venezuela Responds to US Secretary of Defense,
Venezuela's Foreign Minister on Democracy Now!, Venezuelanalysis
Using Oil Diplomacy to Sever Venezuela’s Dependence, Venezuelanalysis
Powerful corporations Brazil's landowning elite a new lease on its degenerate lifestyle, Brazzil
The Smartest Thing China Could Do Right Now: Invest $ 200 Billion from their US trade surplus in Brazil, Brazzil

Upside-Down World


Inter Press Service

Brazil: Swiss Firm Denies Responsibility in Killing of Rural Activist , Frayssinet
Environment: Israel Urged to Aid Oil-Stained Lebanon , Deen
Finance: New IMF Boss Caught Between North and South , Aslam
Environment-US: Toxins Threaten to Uproot Entire Town , Weisenmiller
Trade-Mexico: Competition With China - If You Can’t Beat It, Join It , Cevallos
Rights-Sri Lanka: Civil War Brutality Hits New Lows , IPS Correspondents
Politics-US: Senate Committee Ratifies Law of the Sea Treaty , Lobe
Afghanistan: Training Cops Not To Be Robbers , Sheikh
Peru: Disappointing Talks on Mining Miss the Point, Salazar
Migration: Italy To Be Home to 10 Million , Zaccaro
Rights-Burma: 'You Are 18,' Child Soldiers Told , Pollock
Nicaragua: At-Risk Pregnancy Means Death or Prison , Silva
South Asia: Youth Demand Sex Education in Schools , Ebrahim
Rights-Rwanda: UN Tribunal's Most Wanted Remains Elusive , Nieuwoudt
Dominican Republic: Gov’t Turns Deaf Ear to UN Experts on Racism , Pina
Trade-Africa: Russia Opens Market to Poorest Countries , Klomegah
Mideast: Replying to Rockets, Israel Chokes Gaza Some More , Hirschberg
Development-Cambodia: Getting Water to the Poor - And Making Profits Too , Kea
Health-Asia: Dengue No Longer Paediatric Says WHO , Macan-Markar

Der Spiegel

International Herald Tribune

Radio Paris (WNN)

Middle East


The IDF in Gaza / Advantage over Hamas is shrinking, Amos Harel
Court orders Jewish town to set aside land for Arabs, Jack Khoury
Arab MKs: Bid to bar trips to enemy states is 'racist', Shahar Ilan
U.S. renews pressure on Israel to remove W. Bank outposts, Aluf Benn
Israel to UN: Hezbollah has tripled its land-to-sea missile arsenal, Barak Ravid
Annapolis - The summit of all fears, Shmuel Rosner

Al Jazeera

Blast kills Iraqi police recruits, Al Jazeera
US 'to tighten security firm rules', Agencies
Iraq's largest dam is in danger of collapsing and killing tens of thousands, Agencies
Israel threatens Gaza invasion, Agencies
Deadly Israeli raids in Gaza, Agencies
Egypt plans nuclear programme, Al Jazeera
Turkey troops kill Kurdish fighters, Agencies
Taliban claims strategic advance, Al Jazeera
'Scores killed' in Afghan fighting, Agencies
Nato seeks Afghan reinforcements, Agencies

Middle East

The US-led invasion of Iraq has created the Middle East's second-largest refugee crisis, MET
Sentiment grows in oil-hungry US for extended Mideast presence, MET
Turkey escalates tone against Iraqi Kurd leaders, MET
Plan B (for 'bombs') after Iran fantasy fails, Asia Times
'War on terror' is now war on Iran, Asia Times
No end to US's war budget woes, Asia Times
End of the US guns and butter economy economy in sight, Asia Times
Settler violence, lack of land access, make for bitter olive harvest in W Bank, IRIN
Economic reforms threaten social unrest in Syria, IRIN
Did people scavenge for food in garbage bins in Saddam's Iraq?, IRIN
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Iran’s scientific progress has angered arrogant powers, Tehran Times
Islamic Revolution Guards will give a crushing response to any aggression, Tehran Times
Desmond Tutu: Realizing God's Dream for the Holy Land, Palestine Chronicle
Getting into concentration camp Gaza is a convoluted, Kafkaesque process, Palestine Chronicle
US plans for Iran are the same as those it had for Iraq, Al-Ahram
Iraq faces a possible Turkish invasion in the north, Al-Ahram
Search And Avoid’ Missions: A Lot Of People Have Stopped Fighting The War On The Ground,
Ecuador Demands a military base in Miami , Uruknet
Taliban Fighters Move in Near Kandahar for First Time Since 2001,

Daily Star



Inflation and Overheating in China, The Power and Interest News Report
China Bars Exports from Hundreds of Toy Factories, AFP
Dalai Lama Diplomacy Will Not Change Tibet - China, Guardian Unlimited
Drowning in Inflation Is Never Popular, Asia Times
Latin America in Step with China, Asia Times
China's Africa Dream Is Looking Less Nightmarish, Bloomberg
China’s Space Effort Uundergoing a Sea Change, NBC News
China Tries to Combat Bike Thieves, China Daily
Chinese Investment in ASEAN Rising, Asia Times

South East Asia

Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon, Mizzima News
Buddhists don't kill: ' The soldiers are soldiers first and Buddhists last.', Mizzima News
Aung San Suu Kyi is the last hope, Mizzima News
UN envoy meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mizzima News
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity, Asia Times
Myanmar defends crackdown, Al Jazeera
Hints of Myanmar power struggle, Al Jazeera
Whiteshirts - Burma Junta's Storm Troopers, IPS
Blast hits Thai army headquarters, Al Jazeera
Coordinated bombings rock the South of Thailand, Bankok Post
Doesn't anyone have a policy in Thailand?, Bankok Post
Indonesia can push for major reform in Myanmar, Jakarta Post
Philippine Elections Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations, Arab News

Asia Times, opinion

SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

The Hindu, news


Fifteen years of conflicts have cost Africa around $300bn, Oxfam
First global Arms Trade Treaty would particularly benefit Africa, IRIN
Eritrea President says Ethiopia border issues 'must be resolved', IRIN
Eritrea: Eid Al-Fetir Colorfully Celebrated Nationwide, Shabait
Mogadishu: Ethiopian base in a former spaghetti plant attacked overnight, Shabelle News
Somalia: Ministers demand confidence vote, IRIN
Disintigration of Somalia makes it a perfect place to dump European nuclear waste, Ethiopian Reporter
Sudan: Darfur attack by government forces 'targeted women and children', IRIN
Rebel Pullout from Sudan Talks Sparks War Fears Among Neighbors, Monitor (Kampala)
Sudan: Partition as Possible Alternative to Conflict [editorial] , Monitor (Kampala)
Mali: Rural youth rarely find fortunes in the city, IRIN
Niger: Uranium - blessing or curse?, IRIN
Liberia: Post-conflict dilemma – should health care be free?, IRIN
Ghana: Country Loses $772.4 Million to Malaria Yearly. Health is not produced in hospitals., Public Agenda (Accra)
The culture of electoral fraud in Cameroon , The Post (Buea)
Nigeria Accuses Eastern Europe over Arms in Niger Delta, This Day (Lagos)
Criminal Politics: Violence, “Godfathers” and Corruption in Nigeria, Human Rights Watch
Nigerian Federal Government Faults Human Rights Report, This Day (Lagos)
Nigeria: Unknown Number Burnt to Death in Shell Pipeline Fire, Vanguard (Lagos)
DR Congo: Thousands of youth risk forced recruitment into militia, IRIN
DR Congo rebels in standoff, Al Jazeera
Uganda: 'Corruption rampant at borders' - Report, New Vision (Kampala)
Urban conflict - fighting for resources in Nairobi slums example of global problem, IRIN
We now have to contend — yet again — with the spectre of vote-buying in Kenya, The Standard (Nairobi)

Mail and Guardian



US: Energy Dept. Audit Finds Overcharges On Contracts Alleged 'Padding' By KBR Affiliate, Hedgpeth
Colombia: Foreign Firms Cash in on Generous Mining Code, Arsenault
US: Democrats Criticize Immunity Offers to Guards, Johnston

World Socialist Web

The New York Times and Bush’s threat of World War III, Van Auken
Another Guantánamo military officer condemns prisoner tribunals, Spencer


Reducing US Casualties By Killing More Civilians , Lindorff
Who Would You Believe? Revenging Bloodshed , Cloughley
The Fraudulent War on Terror , Roberts
Murdoch's Cuckoo's Nest , Whitney

Drug Corp Watch

Key CDC Official Takes Job in Iraq, Alison Young
Call for Ban on Drug Company Gifts to Doctors, AFP
Flu Shots and the New Adjuvants: Beware!, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
More Young Adults on Cholesterol Drugs , Linda A. Johnson
Drug Companies Donate Most to Pols , Hugh R. Morley
Norwegian Health Min Apologies for Vaccine Scandal, Barbara Sumner Burstyn
Big Bucks Big Pharma, YouTube

Drug Firms Try to Bribe Doctors With Cars, Sarah Boseley
Gerberding: CDC Must Look At Big Picture For Health , Sandra Basu
FDA Warns GE Unit About Water Tank Production, Reuters
FDA Ruling on Takeda Cholesterol Drug, AP
FDA Commissioner Outlines Science-Based Plan for Dietary Supplements, Cathy Wong
FDA: CellCept Linked to Birth Defects , Associated Press
Grassley Questions FDA’s ‘Secret’ Vote On Avandia , Ed Silverman
Boom in Biodefense Labs Puts Country at Higher Risk for Dangerous Disease Outbreaks, Emily Ramshaw
Stocks Drop on Takeda Suspension, Patrick Rial
The White House’s New CDC: Censors For Damage Control , Tim Dickinson
FDA: CellCept May Cause Birth Defects, AP
Thanks, But No Thanks, Anne Underwood
Consumer Rights Abusers Named, Shamed, Kelly Burke
World Experts Demand End to Child Drugging in the US - Part II, Evelyn Pringle
'05 vow shadows GlaxoSmithKline cuts, Karl Stark
FDA Warns About 'Stay Awake Drug' Provigil, Pharmaceutical News
FDA Says Safety Board Recommends Halt to Canadian-Led Drug Trial, The Canadian Press
FDA says Sanofi-Aventis Failed to Stop Abuses in Study of High-Risk Antibiotic, The Canadian Press
CDC Director Denies She Was Censored on Climate Report, Alison Young,Craig Schneider
Edwards: 2-Year Ban on New Drug Ads , Holly Ramer
AIDS Vaccine May Increase Risk of HIV, Brandon Keim
Hand-Washing Defends Against Staph Infections, Ridgely Ochs
Heart Bypass Drug Cited by FDA , AP
Generic for Wellbutrin Under FDA Investigation, Brenda Fulmer & Joe Saunders
Pregnant Mothers Should Not Take SSRI Antidepressants, Dr Peter Breggin
Congressman To FDA: Reinstate Old Med Guides, Ed Silverman
Canadian Trial Of Heart Surgery Drug Trasylol Halted, Catharine Paddock
Orlistat Marketed as Alli is a Big, Fat Lie, Fit Advocate
MMR: It's Safe When You Remove the Damaged Kids , Bryan Hubbard
The Emotional Toll of Medical Mistakes, NYTimes

The Nation, opinion
Raw Story, news
Salon, opinion
Information Clearing House, opinion
Mother Jones, opinion
Alternet, opinion
Working For Change, opinion
Tom Paine, opinion
Democracy Now !, news
Daily Kos, opinion
In These Times, opinion
Huffington Post, news
Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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