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Friday, November 09

Recent Topics At Bush Watch: Bush Threat... Crisis Economy... Rats Leave Ship... Katrina Scam... Nepal Diary... Bush Budget... Death in Amsterdam... Oil Wars [updated]... Ford Memories... Songs (updated)... Bush Dictatorship... 20 Dem Tasks... 2006 Elections... Amsterdam Diary... Should The Dem Party Be Eradicated?... Cheney Interview... Path to 9/11... Israel and the U.S.... Politex Visits Cindy Sheehan... Framing Fasciam... Bush's New Iraq Flip-Flops: 9/11 and WMD's... Bush's Economic Dictatorship [excellent overview]... The Big Picture: A New Paradigm ...
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Recent Bush Watch Features

U.S. of Canada: Why America's Image Is In The Dumpster , Lisa Kadonaga
E-mails of Intolerance:  A Halloween Scare , Walter Brasch
Energy Bulletin: Peak Universe , James Howard Kunstler
Kids' Health: U.S. Rep. (CAL) Tells It Like It Is , Pete Stark
Campaign Trail: Our Man Goes Faulkner in Dearborn, Michigan , William Smith
Prez primary scam: Why and how the game is rigged , Michael Scherer
Bush Watch Exclusive: The Wacky World of William Smith , William Smith
Comment: Our Take On The News , politex
Ed/News: Ex-Prez of Mexico Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re "Cowboy" Bush , Politex
Ed/News: Greenspan Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re Iraq Oil War , Politex
Dictatorship: Bush Restricting Travel Rights of Over 100,000 U.S. Citizens , Sherwood Ross
The New American Way: Greedy Not Needy Shape Shape Both Parties, Paul Krugman
The Party Line: Why A Republican Vote Is A Racist Vote, Paul Krugman
GOP Plot: Let's Dump The Undemocratic Electoral College, NYT Ed
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial

News Roundup

Hallelujah: suddenly, impeachment hearings against Cheney look likely, Lindorff
An overdue step for equal justice: outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation, Ed
Beware reality: with writers on strike we might get stuck with the real thing, Ed
Veterans without health care: millions of vets have neither vets hospitals nor health insurance, Ed
The real life of bees: colony collapse disorder needs major attention now, Brackney
A post- Iraq G.I. bill: Iraq & Afghanistan veterans should get same G.I. bill as WWII veterans, Webb &Hagel
The best foreign health care systems do better than the U.S. system while costing far less, Krugman
Thousands of police block Pakistan from attending rally, Perlez &Rohde
Military jury acquits deadly killer of Iraqis (son of Christian missionaries) . He blames superiors., von Zielbauer
Democrats tie Iraq spending to a pullout goal, Hulse
Syria to let U.S. in to screen Iraqis seeking resettlement here, NYT
Burma standoff appears to soften, Fuller
500 Iraqis freed from crowded U.S. detention center: Maliki tells them to 'start a new life', Buckley
When a war criminal speaks, not much is said but it'll cost you $500,000:Tony Blair in China, Agence France-Presse
U.S. Black Hawk crashes in Italy, 5 U.S. servicemen killed, Fisher
Bush hardman poses as Bush critic in order to reinvigorate limp neocon politics of aggression, Myers
Decks are stacked against Gitmo detainees: its hard to hold trials that are essentially illegal, Glaberson
A real estate speculator goes from boom to bust, Leland
Oil spill fouls shores in San Francisco, Barringer
Sinister: Mukasey wins Senate vote despite refusing to say that waterboarding is illegal, Hulse
Congress turns back Bush's veto in a test of power, Herszenhorn
Protest greets police plan to map Muslim Angelenos: it's just racial profiling, MacFarquhar
California sues Bush's EPA over emissions limits, Broder

AT&T whistleblower to Senate: 'they're doing a huge, massive domestic dragnet on everybody in US', Lambert

News Bullets

  • House Tied In Knots Over Resolution To Impeach Cheney
  • Cheney Impeachment Ready For A Vote: To Table It
  • Global Warming Is Biggest Security Threat
  • Revealed: How Multinational Companies Avoid The Taxman
  • Some War Protestors Jailed; Others Set Free
  • Air Strikes First, Questions Later
  • World Toilet Summit: Sanitation Beyond Septic Tanks and Sewers
  • Antitorture Protesters in DC Act Out Waterboarding
  • Bush Turns Civil Rights Commission Into ‘Conservative Rights’ Commission
  • 2007 Is Deadliest Year for US in Iraq
  • US GMO Rice Caused $1.2 Billion In Damages - Greenpeace
  • Portland, Oregon: Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels
  • Brazilian Land Activist Killed In Dispute Over Experimental GM Farm
  • Echoes of Iraq Invasion Arguments: White House Turns Up Heat On Iran
  • Copps, A Liberal Voice on The FCC, Knows How To Get His Message Out
  • Rich Nations Must Cut GHGs Fast, Deep - UN Experts
  • New ‘Disaster’ Movie Warns World of Oil Apocalypse
  • Most Would Pay Higher Bills To Help Climate: poll
  • Climate Wars Threaten Billions

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Marcus Raskin/Robert Spero:
    Bush’s Dangerous 14 Months–And Ours
    Jeff Halper:
    Whose Road Map?
    David Antoon:
    The Cancer from Within
    The Brattleboro Reformer:
    Move to Impeach Not Another Distraction
    Rosa Brooks:
    Torture: The New Abortion
    Avi Lewis:
    Think Twice Before Imitating the Irish Miracle
    Johann Hari:
    Stop This Strategy of Strangulation
    Jon Soltz:
    Yet Another Alarm Sounded on Homeless Vets and PTSD. But, Who’s Listening?
    Joliange Wright:
    Environmentalism With a Social Conscience
    Ali Eteraz:
    Pakistan, Prince of Denmark
    Robert Scheer:
    Our Man in Pakistan
    Amy Goodman:
    A Vote for Mukasey Is a Vote for Torture
    Bonnie Raitt/Harvey Wasserman:
    No Government Subsidies for New Nuclear Plants
    Michael Winship:
    Why We Want Our Words’ Worth
    Corporate Crime Reporter:
    Democracy, Corpocracy, Kleptocracy
    Joyce Marcel:
    Hillary and the Rat
    Daniel Smith:
    Lies Make the War Go Round
    Pat LaMarche:
    Count Votes and Mark a Real Holiday
    Lewis Diuguid:
    Building Peace While Picking Up the Pieces
    Michael Schwalbe:
    Common Wealth and the ‘Entirely Self-Made’ Myth
    Joe Brewer:
    Climate and the Psychology of Loss
    John Dear:
    The Legacy of Franz Jagerstatter
    Lynne Varner:
    Please, Please, Please, FCC
    Ted Rall:
    The Time-to-Make-the-Doughnuts Candidate

    Special: Dictator '08

    Off-year elections in US show continued hostility to Bush, Republicans, Martin
    In stunner, Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani, James
    b>Pat Robertson's weird endorsement of Rudy 'sin is its own reward' Giuliani, Kirkpatrick &Cooper

    Mr Giuliani is essentially unhinged. , Baker
    Romney's tedious effort to channel Reagan through a rictus smile of artificial optimism , Luo
    Superdelegates for Clinton (undecided's No.1), Thee
    Right state, wrong town for Obama, Zeleny
    Iowa Republicans for...Obama, McCormick
    Obama and Edwards battle against the inevitable, Stephens

    Special: Bushonomics(continued)

    Markets and dollars sink as slowdown worry increases, Grynbaum &Goodman
    Homeowners feel pinch of lost equity , Goodman
    < Unseasonably high gas prices stress U.S. consumers: Big Oil is taking us to the cleaners, Krauss
    Wall Street and dollar under more pressure- Fed Chief issue warning, Duncan
    World faces worst financial crisis in 30 years, Hutton
    US stocks slide amid credit fears, BBC
    US financial crisis to hit Bank of England, O'Grady
    Frenzy in the markets as oil heads for $100 a barrel, Seager
    Dollar at fresh low against euro, BBC

    Special: Dictatorship in Pakistan

  • Musharraf Tightens His Grip on Pakistan After ‘Coup’
  • Musharraf Imposes Emergency Rule; Suspends Pakistani Constitution
    Only gloom in Pakistan now, Shamsie
    Bush warns Musharraf over Pakistan emergency, BBC
    Pakistan crisis tests US policy, Jonathan Beale, BBC
    Musharraf warned: hold elections and quit as army chief, Walsh
    Washington has no option except to back Musharraf , Editorial
    Pakistan on the brink of chaos, Preston
    Pakistan takes yet another step into the dark night, Tariq Ali
    West faces new Pakistan dilemma, Paul Reynolds, BBC
    Foreclosure wave sweeps America, Steve Schifferes, BBC
    Musharraf has lost his marbles as he attacks progressives, Jahangir
    US's hollow threat to withhold money to Pakistan, Buncombe
    Pakistan: The desperate act of a weak and rattled president, Editorial

    Today's Alternative Special: Counterpunch

    Dollar's Fall Collapses the American Empire , Roberts
    Welcome to Year 27 of the Reagan Revolution , Whitney
    Chuck Schumer Greenlights Mukasey , Kozloff
    The High Stakes in Iraqi Kurdistan , Cockburn
    Congress and the Israel Lobby , Cook


    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Gathering storm: the whole world must unite, loudly, in condemning Musharaff, Ed
    Bush's handsome Mushy: 'what's a little martial law between friends?', Dowd
    Shameless, vicious Big Tobacco defeats sick kids in Oregon , EdEd
    Strange bedfellows: Pat loves Rudy, will ChristCon voters drink this protein shake?, Collins
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Musharaff: Bush's (Cheney's) bent policy in Pakistan has enabled the Taliban, Cohen
    Chemical industry 1, Public safety 0: Bush just refuses to impose safety regulations on chemical plants, Ed
    U.S. will ask a jury to indict Rudy's bosom buddy, former NY police commissioner Kerik, Rashbaum &Buettner
    Con Ed is penalized for blackout, McGeehan
    'Al-Qaeda' is out of Baghdad, general says. That's because there were only about 11 of them, Cave
    Surge this George: trickle of homeless Iraq veterans seeking shelter set to become a tsunami, Eckholm
    Bush prods Musharaff to end self-made emergency but won't cut off his allowance, Rohde
    Radioactive dumping is reported in Congo, Reuters
    Georgia leader declares emergency over protest, Chivers
    Iraq plans to confront security firms on guns: ' they are not called violate-the-law companies', Glanz
    Toll rises to 41 in Afghan bombing, Wafa
    House approves broad protections for gay workers, Herzenhorn
    GOP ex-Gov Ryan of Illinois reports to prison for fraud and racketeering, Einhorn

    Mukasey is worse and more dangerous than Gonzales, Nichols
    Watch out America: Dick Cheney is running Musharraf's crackdown on Pakistan, Yglesias
    With Washington's complicity, Musharraf imposes martial law in Pakistan, Peiris + Jones
    Determined, angry mood among US film and television writers, Peters
    Watered-down mortgage reform: Barney Frank working hard to abuse abused borrowers, Ed
    The Pakistan mess just underscores the abject, disgraceful failure of Bush policy in the region, Ed
    A vote for Justice: Chuck Schumer tries to explain his vote on Mukasey, Schumer
    Hillary's tough sell: ask her where she stands on torture. Rendition began with Bill, Herbert
    Present at the creation: Condi is just using 'the peace process' to forge an anti-Iran coalition, Brooks
    Pakistan attempts to crush protests by lawyers, Perlez &Rohde
    A detour from a battle against terror, Rohde
    Bush's $45 billion reconstruction program: Iraqi police academy unusable, Glanz
    Bush urges Musharraf to reverse but says no problem if he doesn't, Mazzetti
    British spy chief sharpens terrorism warning: struggling to cope with the terror Blair unleashed, Lyall
    Gaza's reflection in a foul threat:Israel has cut off their sewage pumping equipment, Erlanger
    Israelis &Palestinians say they want accord soon, Cooper
    Protector of lake loses appeal in Chinese kangaroo court, Kahn
    Egyptian police officers found guilty of torture after video appears on Internet, AP
    Anti-Iraq war Republican Ron Paul raises more than $4 million in one day, Kirkpatrick
    In Iowa field, Edwards castigates Clinton,'she is part of a corrupt system, Zeleny
    Borrowers face dubious charges in foreclosures, Morgenson
    Massachusetts looks at using biofuel in home heating oil, Zezima
    Spending trumps social issues on ballots this time, Urbina
    Clinton energy plan includes push for higher gas mileage, Healy
    Faults seen at agency that patrols U.S. borders: thousands allowed in who should have been barred, Blumenthal
    The New York Times and Bush’s threat of World War III, Van Auken
    Democrats wake up to being the party of the rich, Franc

    Boston Globe

    Afghans bury young victims as toll from bombing rises to 68 , Seir
    A legacy of peacemaking, Tamir

    Campaigning for dad is just one agenda item for Cate Edwards, Abelson
    The debate between Giuliani and Biden that you didn't see, Lehigh

    Chicago Tribune

    Turks plan limited Iraq incursion , Fang

    Chicago Sun Times

    Trade pacts have paved way for toxic toys , Jackson
    Anti-war, anti-Mukasey , Jordan

    Chicago Tribune

    Chairman Obey prepares for federal spending battle, Bendavid


    Inflation Threat Lingers, Fed Chief Tells Congress, Hall
    Supreme Court Ponders Whether to Rule on DC's Handgun Ban, Doyle
    Huckabee Attacks Thompson as Both Fight for Conservative Voters, Stearns
    Two Democrats Move to Outlaw Waterboarding, Schoof
    Social Conservatives Fracture as Robertson Endorses Giuliani, Thomma+Stearns
    Commentary: Is Waterboarding Torture? Yes, Galloway
    Out of Bounds! Clinton's Remark on Gas-Price Gouging, Thomma
    Obama Rolls Out Sweeping Benefits Plan for Workers, Women, Talev
    Bush, Sarkozy United on Iran, Pakistan, Douglas


    Globe and Mail



    US Congress overturns Bush veto, BBC
    Bernanke says US economy to slow, BBC
    US retailers have tough October, BBC
    Veterans 'quarter of US homeless', BBC
    North Sea surge brings flood risk , BBC
    Cuba floods 'worst in 40 years', BBC
    US House approves gay rights bill, BBC
    Arrests in US airport badge scam, BBC
    Most deadly year for US forces in Iraq, BBC
    US 'to free' 500 Iraq detainees, BBC
    Economic worries knock US markets, BBC
    Pound breaks through $2.10 level, BBC
    Bush urges Musharraf on election, BBC
    Bush and Sarkozy declare Iran aim, BBC
    Oil passes $98 on weaker dollar, BBC
    Energy needs 'to grow inexorably', BBC
    China 'to be largest energy user', BBC
    Afghanistan mourns bomb victims, BBC


    Doubt about US's upbeat assessment on Iraq and Baghdad, MacAskill
    Bhutto prepares to defy ban with mass rally, Walsh
    Many Americans find themselves worse off with globalization, Bernstein
    Chinese toy scare: A chemical similar to liquid Ecstasy, Pilkington
    What's all the fuss about Mearsheimer and Walt's book on Israel?, Steele
    Not our dictator: Coup in Pakistan could strengthen al-Quaida, Cruickshank
    Bush finally works up the nerve to call Musharraf, Walsh
    British Defense Ministry failure: Death of a soldier from army error, Williams
    Will the Taliban get the bomb?, Fox
    Guliani's feet of clay. The truth is coming out, Schecter

    Times Online

    US fears Israeli strike against Iran over latest nuclear claim, Baldwin
    Poodle Redux: A French Poodle for George, Baldwin


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Rights-Argentina: Identifying the Remains of the 'Disappeared' , Valente
    Politics-US: New Crises Sap Bush's War on Terror , Lobe
    Health Africa: Prevalence of Extensive Drug-Resistant TB Unclear , Mannak
    Politics-US: State Dept Drafts the Not So Willing for Iraq , Fisher
    Death Penalty-Egypt: Controversy Swirls Over When to Execute , Morrow+al-Omrani
    Czech Republic: Corruption Catches Anti-Roma Minister , Dujisin
    Politics-US: Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE , Porter
    Europe: Diamonds from Cote d'Ivoire Need Cleaning , Cronin
    Mexico: Politicians Make Hay With Flood Aid , Cevallos
    Media-Burma: Keeping the Flame Alive Over Radio, Internet , Corporal
    Egypt: Torture Ruling Boosts Rights , Mekay
    Paraguay: The Dark Side of the Soy Boom, Vargas
    Politics-Fiji: Talking About an Assassination , Singh
    Labour-Sri Lanka: Inflation Wears Garment Industry Thin , Samath
    Rights-Brazil: Activists Complain to UN Rapporteur of Police Killings , Frayssinet
    Politics-US: Bell Tolls for Bush's 'Freedom Agenda' , Gharib
    Politics-US: West Coast City Formally Rejects Iran Attack , Memarian
    Rights-US: Gov't Pillories Avant-Garde Academics , Fisher
    Serbia: EU Takes a Step Closer , Cronin
    Canada: Upstart Paper Cracks Irving Media Monopoly , Arsenault
    Development: Aid 'Dismally Slow' in Reaching Poorest , Aslam
    Death Penalty: Last-Minute Wrangling on U.N. Moratorium Vote , Deen
    Pakistan: Media Muffled Under Musharraf's Emergency , Ebrahim
    Rights-India: Muslim Youth's Death May Cost Communists Dear , Dhar
    Environment: Are Alaska's Energy Riches Blowing in the Wind? , Maynard
    Q&A: 'When I Leave My House, I'm Not Sure I'll Make It Back' , Interview with Malalai Joya
    Turkey: Iran Becomes the Trade-Off for Northern Iraq , Couvas

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East

    Daily Star



    China Tightens Foreign Investment Rules, AFP
    Paulson Says China Viewed as 'Out of Step' on Currency Policy, Bloomberg
    Yahoo! Chiefs 'Lied Over China Dissident', Washington Post
    'Date Rape Drug' China TRy recalled, Aljazeera
    China Banker Suggests Lower Dollar Ratio in Reserves , Guardian Unlimited
    Second Thoughts on PetroChina, Asia Times
    Dollar Slumps to Record on China's Plans to Diversify Reserves, Bloomberg
    Is PetroChina a Sign that the Chinese Bubble Is Ready to Burst?, National Post
    Will Europe Accept China's Cash?, International Herald Tribune
    Is China's A-share Bubble, Asia Times

    Asia Times, opinion

    SPENGLER : The devil and Alan Greenspan
    Economy: No such thing as a Sure Thing
    Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity
    Al-Qaeda wants a part of Afghan talks
    An anti-US, anti-al-Qaeda voice is silenced
    China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
    FILM REVIEW : A failed kingdom ; The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg
    Ahmadinejad and Bush: Mirror men

    The Hindu, news


    Fifteen years of conflicts have cost Africa around $300bn, Oxfam
    First global Arms Trade Treaty would particularly benefit Africa, IRIN
    Eritrea President says Ethiopia border issues 'must be resolved', IRIN
    Eritrea: Eid Al-Fetir Colorfully Celebrated Nationwide, Shabait
    Mogadishu: Ethiopian base in a former spaghetti plant attacked overnight, Shabelle News
    Somalia: Ministers demand confidence vote, IRIN
    Disintigration of Somalia makes it a perfect place to dump European nuclear waste, Ethiopian Reporter
    Sudan: Darfur attack by government forces 'targeted women and children', IRIN
    Rebel Pullout from Sudan Talks Sparks War Fears Among Neighbors, Monitor (Kampala)
    Sudan: Partition as Possible Alternative to Conflict [editorial] , Monitor (Kampala)
    Mali: Rural youth rarely find fortunes in the city, IRIN
    Niger: Uranium - blessing or curse?, IRIN
    Liberia: Post-conflict dilemma – should health care be free?, IRIN
    Ghana: Country Loses $772.4 Million to Malaria Yearly. Health is not produced in hospitals., Public Agenda (Accra)
    The culture of electoral fraud in Cameroon , The Post (Buea)
    Nigeria Accuses Eastern Europe over Arms in Niger Delta, This Day (Lagos)
    Criminal Politics: Violence, “Godfathers” and Corruption in Nigeria, Human Rights Watch
    Nigerian Federal Government Faults Human Rights Report, This Day (Lagos)
    Nigeria: Unknown Number Burnt to Death in Shell Pipeline Fire, Vanguard (Lagos)
    DR Congo: Thousands of youth risk forced recruitment into militia, IRIN
    DR Congo rebels in standoff, Al Jazeera
    Uganda: 'Corruption rampant at borders' - Report, New Vision (Kampala)
    Urban conflict - fighting for resources in Nairobi slums example of global problem, IRIN
    We now have to contend — yet again — with the spectre of vote-buying in Kenya, The Standard (Nairobi)

    Mail and Guardian


    Editor & Publisher

    Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq? , Mitchell
    Mother of Sailor Killed Says 'Needless Loss Of Life Must Stop' , E&P Staff

    World Socialist Web

    Stock market gyrations fueled by credit, housing market crises, Grey
    Democrats cave in on torture: Key senators back attorney general nominee, Van Auken


    US: Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent , Broder+Risen
    US: Protest Leads Army to Reconsider Big Contract, Hedgpeth


    Reducing US Casualties By Killing More Civilians , Lindorff
    Who Would You Believe? Revenging Bloodshed , Cloughley
    The Fraudulent War on Terror , Roberts
    Murdoch's Cuckoo's Nest , Whitney

    Drug Corp Watch

    Birth Control Pills May Raise Risk of Cervical Cancer , Eva von Schaper
    Lilly Faces Mounting Legal Battles Over Zyprexa - Part I, Evelyn Pringle
    Merck Likely To Settle Vioxx Cases For $5 Bln, Says Bloomberg , RTTNews
    Drug Company Settles , Bloomberg News
    FDA Issues New Warnings for Anemia Drugs, Steven Reinberg
    J&J Tagged By FDA For Drowning Patient Promo , Ed Silverman
    FDA Selects Members of Risk Communication Advisory Panel, MD&DI’s
    93% of People Showed Exposure in CDC Study, Susanne Rust
    Emerging Risk Factors Revealed By The Framingham Heart Study, Chad Larson
    OHSU Research Suggests America May Over-Vaccinate, Oregon Health & Science University
    In Tests, AIDS Vaccine Seemed to Increase Risk , Lawrence K. Altman and Andrew Pollack

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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