Recall Arnold

Now that Arnold has been sworn in as Governor of California, it's not too early to begin the effort to recall him from his new job. That's because right now he and his backers reportedly are working on a plan to have the California recall law rescinded so that it can't be used to recall him, and he has signed an executive order that makes the 2003 California budget deficit crisis worse by 40%.

After today's speech, Arnold walked into the Governor's office and rescinded the recent increase in the state car tax, adding $4 BILLION (2nd item) to the $10 BILLION 2003 state deficit. Clearly, Arnold's decision was irresponsible, since he has given California's failing economy as the reason for recalling Davis and electing him, and making the state's budget deficit crisis worse will not make it better.

A secondary reason to recall Arnold is that he'll be hard-pressed being a full-time governor, since he has apparently admitted to sexual assault, apologizing for his actions against women that have been reported in the LAT, so it looks like he'll be kept busy with time-consuming legal matters irrelevant to his job as governor. Right now, he's hired his own detectives to look into the charges against him.

It's up to the citizens of California to stop Arnold before it's too late to use the California recall law to remove him from office because of his bad financial policies. And it won't take millions of dollars to do so, as it did for conservative Republicans with paid, out of state petition collectors. That's because recalling Arnold will be a grassroots effort, it will reflect the real will of the people, not some disgruntled Republicans getting even for losing the last election and setting up California for a Bush run in 2004. --Politex, 11.17.03


Politex, You have posted an editorial to recall Arnold, and boy do I support that! It is hard to believe that he has won, without giving one concrete solution on how to solve the deficet, and essentially avoiding the issues.... I live in California, and if a recall peitition is circulated to recall Arnold, I will sign it...One more thing, even before the polls closed, I heard Issa declare the election over, and demand that Davis leave Sacramento immediately. This group of "thugs" have no class or refinement, and if the Democrats don't fight these extreme right wing zealots, I fear for the freedoms in this country. --John

WHAT GOV. GRAY DAVIS DID...Got elected by 3.5 million voters, "improved student academic test scores, built new power plants, approved paid family leave, enacted tough gun controls, protected old-growth redwoods and the California coastline, expanded Cal Grants for college students, raised the minimum wage, improved teacher training and accountability, expanded the Healthy Families medical insurance program, boosted investments in public safety and highways, restored relations with Mexico, preserved women's right to choose, approved a holiday for Caesar Chavez, increased rights for gays and lesbians and restored the eight-hour workday." --Phillip Tournstein

WHAT CALIFORNIA REPUBLICANS DID...Spent $1 million dollars to engineer a recall by a conservative California minority based on "lies that Davis [,like Bush,] sold his soul to special interests and is somehow responsible for the energy crisis [helped along by deregulation and the Enron-like activities of energy corporations] and the declining economy [with a state budget 80% hogtied by mandated propositions, including one created by Arnold]." --Politex, 08.17.03

Arnold's Proposition #49 Is Responsible For Helping To Create The California Budget Mess He Claims He Will Fix , Washington Post, 08.14.03

"I don't think there's any question it's democracy run amok," said Leon E. Panetta, a former White House budget director and California congressman. "Our whole system of government is based on the theory that you elect leaders who then have to exercise good judgment to direct the state or direct the country. Now what you have is the worst fears of our forefathers. Instead of allowing our elective leaders make these decisions, the people have taken matters into their own hands -- and not to good effect."

"The relative ease of the initiative process has given those citizens and their lawmakers ample opportunity to legislate through "direct democracy," in the form of citizen initiatives or initiatives placed on the ballot by the state legislature. Over several decades, the initiative process has left Sacramento laboring under circumstances unseen in any other state....

"The same freewheeling initiative process that could bring about the ouster of Gov. Gray Davis (D) has made the governor's job virtually impossible in tough economic times, many California budget experts say. Decades of successive and often contradictory voter initiatives have mandated spending on schools, the homeless, roads, prisons and the elderly, while severely limiting the government's ability to raise taxes to fund it. The boom years of the late 1990s only masked a structural deficit that could defy any change of leadership....

"Undeterred, Californians will get a chance when they go to the polls in October to tighten the chain that shackles the governor's hands. Along with voting on whether to recall Davis, they can approve Proposition 53, mandating the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars in general tax revenue to a new fund for state and local infrastructure projects....

"In California, the initiative process is unchecked and unbalanced," said Mathew McCubbins, a political scientist at the University of California at San Diego....

Last November, as the state's budget problems pushed the deficit over $15 billion, voters reelected Davis and approved four measures creating a trust fund for emergency homeless shelters, low-income seniors and the mentally ill; funding a comprehensive overhaul of education facilities; financing a new wave of "clean water" bonds; and increasing spending on after-school programs.

The after-school measure, Proposition 49, was backed and financed by Schwarzenegger in his maiden voyage in state politics, resulting in a cost to California taxpayers of $550 million a year, with no additional resources to fund it."


"First was the Clinton impeachment, then the 2000 Florida election, the deceptions to lead us to war in Iraq, the Texas redistricting and now the California recall. These events indicate that the Republicans have no use for the democratic process or respect for election results." ---NYT Reader, 08.13.03


Arnold And Trent Lott Share Ties with "Right-Wing Nationalist Movements", Washington Post, 08.14.03

While media reports in recent days have focused on Schwarzenegger's support for Proposition 187, the controversial 1994 referendum that denied government benefits to illegal aliens, virtually nothing has been said about the multi-millionaire actor's 15-year association with U.S. English, an organization that seeks to establish English as the official language of the United States and also has ties to right-wing nationalist movements that have stirred controversy for other politicians such as Mississippi Republican Sen. Trent Lott....

Hispanic and Asian voters, who could make up a fifth or more of those going to the ballot box on Oct. 7, would likely take a dim view of Schwarzenegger's involvement in U.S. English, as well as his support for Proposition 187....

In 1988, U.S. English found itself embroiled in an embarrassing flap. According to James Lubinskas, a spokesman for the group, Schwarzenegger joined the advisory board the previous year. With U.S. English-sponsored referenda pending in three states, opponents of the referenda obtained and publicly released a private memo written by the group's co-founder, John Tanton, which he intended to share only among other leaders of the anti-immigration movement....

Recently, U.S. English has come under the scrutiny of watchdog groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center for its hiring of Lubinskas in March. Lubinskas was listed as a contributing editor of the August 2003 issue of American Renaissance magazine, which SPLC lists as a hate group. The magazine is published by Jared Taylor, a leader of the white-supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens, which is also listed by SPLC as a hate group. Lubinskas has long ties to right-wing nationalist groups, such as American Friends of the British Nationalist Party. The Summer 2000 edition of the AFBNP newsletter describes a meeting in which Lubinskas shared a stage with former Louisiana Klansman David Duke....

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is on our board of advisers," Lubinskas said on Monday. "He joined in 1987. He was invited to join. He supports official English and he supports U.S. English as an organization." Lubinskas also said Schwarzenegger has donated money to the organization over the years.


"Schwarzenegger's Nazi Problem"

"My friends don’t want me to mention Kurt’s name, because of all the recent Nazi stuff and the U.N. controversy, but I love him and Maria does too, and so thank you, Kurt." --Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Kurt Waldheim, a widely esteemed former secretary general of the United Nations, was running for president of Austria in March 1986 when it came to light that he had participated in Nazi atrocities during World War II. Waldheim had always maintained that he had served in the Wehrmacht only briefly and that after being wounded early in the war, he had returned to Vienna to attend law school. In fact, Waldheim had resumed military service after recuperating from his injury and had been an intelligence officer in Germany’s Army Group E when it committed mass murder in the Kozara region of western Bosnia. (Waldheim’s name appears on the Wehrmacht’s “honor list” of those responsible for the atrocity.)

"In 1944, Waldheim had reviewed and approved a packet of anti-Semitic propaganda leaflets to be dropped behind Russian lines, one of which ended, “enough of the Jewish war, kill the Jews, come over.”...After the war, Waldheim was wanted for war crimes by the War Crimes Commission of the United Nations, the very organization he would later head. None of these revelations prevented Waldheim from winning the Austrian election, but after he became president, the U.S. Justice Department put Waldheim on its watch list denying entry to “any foreign national who assisted or otherwise participated in activities amounting to persecution during World War II.” The international community largely shunned Waldheim, and he didn’t run for re-election.

"Why on Earth didn't Schwarzenegger...speak out against Waldheim? It surely isn’t because Schwarzenegger himself had any Nazi sympathies (though during the filming of the documentary Pumping Iron, he reportedly once made a foolish comment praising Hitler). Rather, Schwarzenegger was likely playing politics — to be more specific, Austrian politics and family politics...Schwarzenegger’s mother had for many years lived with Alfred Gerstl, a prominent Austrian politician who rose to the top post in the upper house of Austria’s parliament. Schwarzenegger reportedly addressed him as “Uncle.” (Schwarzenegger’s father, who died three decades ago, was a police official who had belonged to the Nazi party.)

"For years it was rumored that if Schwarzenegger didn’t run for governor of California, he would run for president of Austria....If Schwarzenegger doesn’t renounce Waldheim in a highly public way, he can forget about ever becoming governor of California." --Timothy Noah, Slate, 08.07.03

Arnold lied to Leno.

Look Here !! Get Millions In Free Advertising !!!

Hey, Californians, advertise your product! Advertise yourself ! You only have until Saturday, August 9 to take advantage of a sweetheart of a deal ! With only $3, 500 and the signatures of 65 of your closest friends, you can get your name on the ballot of bona fide candidates for the Governorship of California !

It's easy, it's safe and it might even get you a high paying job ! Join the ranks of the successful as your name is placed on the same ballot as leading recall candidates Arnold "What Woman?" (*) Schwarznegger and Cruz "Missile" Bustamante. Put yourself in the mass photo-op of over 400 candidates as you try to get next to Arianna "The Pundit" Huffington or Gary "The Kid" Coleman ! Laugh it up with Gallagher "The Comedian" Gallagher or get down and dirty with Larry "The Pornographer" Flynt !

And you don't need any special qualifications or experience to get on the recall ballot ! You live in California and you're breathing, right? That's all you need ! Take it from Gary "The Kid" Coleman: "I thought (the recall) was a joke. They thought it was a joke. And I thought, hey, why not. I'm probably the least qualified for the job, but I'll have some great people around me." Remind you of anyone? Of course, George W. Bush, our beloved President ! What's good enought for Dubya is good enough for you and Gary, right?

So do it now ! Do it today ! Don't delay ! Get yourself on that California recall ballot as a bona fide candidate ! After all, with the high number of candidates, the short campaign period, and the light voter turnout, the winner's votal total could be much, much less than you think! And it's a win-win proposition ! Look at all that free adverising !

And even if you don't win, you'll get to attend the losers' party right after the election ! Money and signatures will be pooled to kick off Willie "Da Mayor" Brown's drive to recall the next California Governor !

Jerry Politex, 08.07.03, www.bushwatch.com

(*)"Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bully, a womanizer and a control freak, according to an article in the new issue of Premiere magazine that has sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood. But the star's friends are coming to his defence, including Jamie Lee Curtis, who insists there is no truth to these lies. The Premiere story accuses Schwarzenegger, 53, of fondling female co-stars and female interviewers and of humiliating members of his staff for the amusement of his co-stars." --Calgary Sun, 2/20/01

Bush Lie: GOP Memo Indicates Members Of Bush Election Team Working In California Recall

While White House and national GOP officials insist they won't get involved in the California recall, a memo obtained by The Chronicle outlines a Republican strategy to oust Gov. Gray Davis and help President Bush before the 2004 presidential election. The memo by California GOP organizer Julie Leitzell, who heads a political action committee called CommonSense Direction,...clearly suggests the imprimatur of the White House.

"Mindy Tucker, former Bush campaign spokesperson [both in the Bush Texas Governor's Office and in the Bush White House] and current Bush campaign operative in California, has the White House's blessing to set the record straight: The person responsible for this recall is sitting behind the governor's desk," the memo says.... [The memo also] says Tucker, California Republican Party spokeswoman Karen Hanretty, and Tracy Schmitt -- formerly with the RNC and now with the Bush- Cheney 2004 campaign -- "will be coordinating seven simultaneous media- friendly events throughout California, (and) we have been asked to call the Bay Area's attention to just how much Gray Davis will cost us if he were left in office." The memo states "the resulting issue-oriented and image-enhancing coverage will benefit the image of the Republican Party, the recall candidates, and will benefit President Bush as we remind the public of who is to blame for the mess in this state." --SF Chronicle, 08.06.03

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