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ALTERMAN Bush Has Declared War On The American Worker 9/1/01

NYT Americans, Who Lead World In Hours Worked, Have Less Productivity, More Burn-Out 9/1/01

RICH Although The Bush Economic Plan Will Harm Most Americans Personally, They Paid More Attention To Condit. 9/1/01

TA ED Now That Bush Has Broken The Bank, Money For Health, Education Can Be Found By Cutting Missile Defense, Tax Cuts To The Wealthy 9/1/01

IVINS What's Wrong With Libertarians Is What's Wrong With Bush 9/1/01

CT ED Bush Has Been Working Hard Behind The Scenes To Get More Guns On The Streets. Editorial Blames The Dems. 9/1/01

NYT Jesse Jackson Has Done What Bush Should Have Done At Racisim Conference. Brokers Palestinian Rejection Of Anti-Zionist Declaration. 9/1/01

KING American Delegation To Racisim Conference Seems To Have Forgotten Unsung Hero Of Civil Rights 9/1/01

MACWAN 250+ Million People Around World Currently Suffering Caste Discrimination. Bush Hinders Effort To Stop This 9/1/01

WP Putin May Scrap Nov. Meeting With Bush If Nothing Substantial Happens Sooner 9/1/01

NYT Bush Blames His Failure To Enact Selective Immigration Laws For Mexicans On Congress 9/1/01

NYT ED The Bush-Lieberman Faith-Based Ticket Is "Seriously Flawed." 9/1/01

WP Netscape Founder Holds Back $60 Million Scientific Donation To Protest Bush Stem Cell Restrictions 9/1/01

WP ED Bush-Backed Fed Court Decision Agaist Gay Adoptions "Absurd" Both Morally And Legally 9/1/01

BARRY Bush Behavior On Patients' Rights Shows He Only Accepts Bipartisan Consensus When It Suits Him 9/1/01

AP Bush Trying To Prevent Records From Poppy's Administration From Seeing Light Of Day 9/1/01

LAT What Is Poppy's CIA Hiding Re Bush Nominee In Not Getting Negroponte Documents To Congress? 9/1/01

BG ED Bush FBI Head Begins Under A Cloud, Having Already Broken Own Rule Used To Clean Up FBI 9/1/01

LAT Bush Austin Spinner Gave Justice Dept. Approval To Take Reporter's Personal Records 9/1/01

AP Connection Between Bush, FBI, Justice Re Subpoena Found In Long-Time Bush Spinner 9/1/01

NYT Woman Who Sent Bush Campaign Tape To Dems Gets Year In Prison 9/1/01

BG Campaign Finance Reform Bill Signed By 190 Dems, 15 Repugs. 13 More Needed. 9/1/01

WP Bush Neighbors In Crawford Interested In "Farm" Subsidies, Not "Ranch" Spin 9/1/01

NYT Isn't It A Conflict Of Interest For Congressmen To Vote For Bills That Will Immediately Benefit Them Financially? 9/1/01

EDWARDS Helms, Thurmond Won't Be Missed 9/1/01

WP Mr. Rogers Leaves Neighborhood 9/1/01

FISHER Since All Reporters Have Biases, Documentation Is Very Important 9/1/01

BUSINESS WEEK Is The Bush Occupation The Beginning Of A New Civil War? 8/31/01

KRUGMAN While Bush Says His Tax Cuts Will Help The Economy, The Truth Is They Are HARMING The Economy 8/31/01

NEWS ED Bush Should Blame Himself, Not Congress, For His Deficit Spending 8/31/01

PRESS Bush Has Changed America From "A-OK" To "IOU" 8/31/01

KIEFER If Slowdown Persists, Bush Risks Losing Both Chambers Of Congress Next Year 8/31/01

WP Markets Slump Again As Bush Faith-Based Economy Wanes 8/31/01

AP U.S. Congressman Admits To Bush Drug War On U.S. Students 8/31/01

CBC Colombian Observation Group Says Bush Drug War Weapons Build-Up Is Actually Cover For Economic Goals 8/31/01

CD UN Race Report Notes Rising Migrant Deaths, Charges Human Rights Abuses Re Bush Border Blockade 8/31/01

USA Bush Backing Off Immigration Plan After Gallup Shows 67% Are Against It 8/31/01

KEMPER Analyists Say Bush Has Done Little On Vacation To Enhance Image With Americans 8/31/01

NYT Bush Is Going To Screw Farmers In The Name Of The WTO 8/31/01

DMN No Federal Funding Of Drugs For Seniors. Tax Cut, You Know. 8/31/01

NYT ED "Increasingly Clear" That Bush Has Promised More Stem Cell Help Than He Will Deliver 8/31/01

NYT Bush Stem Cell Blockade Is Squandering Our Technological Future 8/31/01

WP ED If The Bush Stem Cell Lines Are Fakes, Congress Will Have To Intervene 8/31/01

DIONNE Why Aren't The Dems And The Media As Outraged As We Are About Bush's Secretive Energy Policy? 8/31/01

GUARDIAN Environmentalists File Suit Vs Bush To Head Off Start Of Alaskan Site Building 8/31/01

HUFFINGTON So Much For Restoring Integrity To The White House 8/31/01

CALIFANO Yes, Let's Litmus-Test Those Bush Judicial Nominees 8/31/01

DN Oily Teamsters Helping Bush Stage Labor Day Media Event In Detroit 8/31/01

GOLDMAN Bush Fast Track Is A Way To Dump Democracy 8/31/01

BALZAR Defining Moment? Bush Choice Of Dump As Historic Landmark Means "Dump Dirty George" 8/31/01

GUARDIAN French Foreign Minister Attacks Bush "High-Handed Unilateralism" 8/31/01

WND China Considers Threatening Taiwan In Face Of Bush Missile Defense Plans 8/31/01

CD Canada, Europe Will Be Threatened By Bush-Defensed Missiles Falling Out Of The Sky--New Scientist Magazine 8/31/01

IOL UN Rep Says Bush Missile Plan Leading To Deterioration In International Peace And Security 8/31/01

AP Burton Says Ashcroft Attacked Reno For Stonewalling, Now He's Doing It, Himself 8/31/01

WP Virginia Repugs Play The Anti-Gay Card, Attack Dems As "Champions Of Homosexual Rights" 8/31/01

COGSWELL Bush-Supported Vatican-Conservative Muslim Bloc Removes Gay Issues From Table At Racism Conference 8/31/01

NYT UN Rep Points Out That Bush Boycott Of Conference Not Based On Any Language Or Motion Approved By The Conference 8/31/01

IVINS Goodby And Good Riddance, Jesse 8/31/01

AP Weekend At Strom's 8/31/01

GUARDIAN Brit Author Notes Bush Bible Belt Holy War Authoritianism 8/31/01

RUSSELL Bush San Antonio Economy Rhetoric Last Night Shows He's On Another Planet 8/30/01

FINKLE Bush Rhetoric Suggest Dem Senate Majority Is "Incredibly Positive News" 8/30/01

NYT As Tax Cut Economy Tumbles And Bush Begins To Plunder SS, He Notes He Didn't Come To D.C. To "Rubber-Stamp The Status Quo" 8/30/01

SHEER Bush Always Knew That The Purpose Of His Tax Cuts Was To Bankrupt The Country. Bush Watch Knew It. Why Didn't The Dems? 8/30/01

BUSH WATCH Here's What We Said About The Bush Tax Cuts 6 Months Ago 8/30/01

WP U.S. Economic Growth Near Zero 8/30/01

SHEPHERDSON Forget The Unemployed, The Big Numbers Show The Wealthy May Be Pulling Out Of Their Slump, Soon 8/30/01

AP Bush Ignores Economy, Wants More Defense Spending 8/30/01

CRENSON Bush Trying To Shut Up Scientist Who Said Missile Test Was Rigged 8/30/01

QUINN Bush Social Security Plan Is Another Star Wars Bad Dream 8/30/01

NYT Bush Administration Provides "Almost Negligible Sum" To Protect Limited Number Of Species, Avoid Law Suits. Tax Cut, You Know. 8/30/01

REUTERS Two Dems Expected To Break Senate Committee Alaskan Drilling Tie In Favor Of Bush 8/30/01

AP 50 Rocky Mt. Biz Leaders Oppose Bush Drilling. On Their Land. 8/30/01

JACKSON While Bush Talks To Cows, Workers Get Milked 8/30/01

WP Bush Returns To D.C. Today To Unwind From His Vacation 8/30/01

SHENKMAN Bush Is Nine Press Conferences Short Of His Two A Month Promise 8/30/01

REUTERS U.N. Urges Bush To Keep Space Weapons-Free 8/30/01

NYT ED Taliban's Blasphemy Law Is A Threat To Basic Civil Liberties 8/30/01

NYT 13 Needed For Campaign Finance Reform Bill, And 21 Dems, Including 11 Blacks, Have Yet To Sign 8/30/01

BG ED To Bush, Life Begins At Conception And Ends At Birth 8/30/01

WP U.S. Will Have Mid-Level Reps On Scene At Racisim Conference, But They Won't Officially Participate 8/30/01

TELHAMI What The Debate On Zionism Is Really About 8/30/01

APPELBAUM Is The U.N.'s Racism Conference A Waste Of Time? 8/30/01

HOLSER Lincoln, Who Won 20% Fewer Popular Votes Than Gore, Had A Beard Problem, Also 8/30/01

FORDEN Bush Trying To Stop Criticism Of Flawed Missile Plan By Marking Professor's Letters To Congress "SECRET" 8/29/01

ACKERMAN Will The Supreme Court Roll Over For Bush Again On The Matter Of Unilateral Treaty Breaking? 8/29/01

OLIPHANT Bush's "Fraud" Has Been Exposed Even More Quickly Than His Father's 8/29/01

BG ED Like Father, Like Son. Another Bush Betrayal 8/29/01

NYT Economists Believe Bush Almost Certain To Plunder Social Security To Pay Bills 8/29/01

CONASON Repugs Play Race Card To Sell SS Privatization 8/29/01

USA White House Now Says Bush Promise To Protect Social Security Was "Symbolic Goal," Not Real 8/29/01

WP Will Bush Steal The Medicare Surplus Next To Pay For His Defense Projects? 8/29/01

WP ED With Recession Looming, It May Be A Good Time To Spend the Surplus, But On Things Like Medicare, Not Estate Tax Cuts To The Wealthy 1% 8/29/01

TB ED Your Tax Check Bribe Is An Advance On Next Year's Refund At Last Year's Higher Tax Rate 8/29/01

MCT Bush Rebate Checks Are Good Ol' Reagonomics 8/29/01

USA What The...? Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don't Believe Bush, Blame Him For Tanked Budget, But More Would Re-Elect Him Than Not 8/29/01

DC Bush Lies That He Only Wants 2,000 Acres Of Alaska. The Real Figure Is 200,000 Acres 8/29/01

ADN Those Bush Alaskan Jobs That Unions Fell For Are Oil Company Figures Based On Drilling 1.5 Million Acres, And Only 2% Of Jobs Are In Alaska 8/29/01

MST ED Bush Plans To Hinder EPA Environmental Protections By Cutting Back On Money For Enforcement 8/29/01

AP Bush Delay Means Sick Miners Will Die Before They Can Sue 8/29/01

AP EPA Relaxes Gas Standards For CITGO 8/29/01

KIND Bush Turns Away Most Farmers Who Need Funding To Protect Environment 8/29/01

SAEN Texas Dems Blast Bush Ed Plan As Underfunded 8/29/01

INDERFURTH Bush Appears To Believe That Giving $124 Million To The Anti-Christian, Anti-Drug Taliban Will Stop Its Cultural Slaughter In The Name Of Religion 8/29/01

MSNBC Bush Is Using Foreign Aide To Spread The Word Of U.S. Christian Conservatives 8/29/01

NYT 35% Of Bush "Stem Cells" In Sweden, And 65% Of Those Are Not Stem Cells At All 8/29/01

WP ED Bush Needs To Lead In The Middle East, And He's Not Doing So 8/29/01

POSNER Bush Should Have Sent Powell To Racism Talks 8/29/01

WP Bush's First National Historic Landmark Will Be An Actual Dump In California. Figures. 8/29/01

BRODER "Jesse Helms, White Racist" 8/29/01

NYT CBO Warns Bush Will Steal $9 Billion From Social Security This Year Alone To Cover Deficit From Tax Cuts To Wealthy, Faulty Predictions 8/28/01

WP CBO Says Bush Will Steal Another $18 Million From Social Security In 2003 To Break Even, And This Is Prior To Considering Any Money For Bush Defense And Ed Plans 8/28/01

KRUGMAN Bush Was Lying About His Economic Plan On The Campaign Trail, And He's Lying About His Economic Plan Now 8/28/01

SPI ED Where The Bush Surplus Went, And Why There's No Money For Prescription Drugs, Medicare, And Paying Down The National Debt 8/28/01

WITCOVER Bush, Like Reagan, Is Leading Us To Deficits 8/28/01

TA ED Bush Is The Tax Cut Resident, Which Will Lead To The Deficit Resident, Then The One-Term Resident 8/28/01

MAYER Bush Wants To Break Binding Obligations To Social Security Seniors In Order To Keep Estate Tax Cuts For The Wealthy 1% 8/28/01

BROWNSTEIN Now That Gore's Predictions About Bush Tax Cuts Are Coming True, Will He Talk Up In Iowa? 8/28/01

WHARTON Underestimate Bush And Dems Will Lose Again 8/28/01

THOMASSON Is Bush On The Road To Watergate With His Legislative Version Of The Plumbers? 8/28/01

SFC ED Bush Ready To Sign Bill That Attacks Our Right To Free Speech 8/28/01

BAMFORD Dictators Take Away Their Citizens' Freedom Of Speech By Creating A Crisis 8/28/01

MT Bush Badgerer Gets A Visit From The Secret Service 8/28/01

NYT List Of Stem Cell Owners Shows How Much U.S. Scientists Have Already Been Held Back By Bush-Backing Religious Groups Pressuring Against Fed Funding 8/28/01

WP Scientists Working On One-Third Of Bush's 64 Stem Cells Say They're Not Really Useful Stem Cells 8/28/01

MOYED Bush Plan Puts Lifeless Embryos First, Sick People Second 8/28/01

SPI ED All 16 Handpicked Bush Commissioners Want To Privatize Social Security. Don't Do It. 8/28/01

OGLESBY For Supposedly Smart Guys, The Bush Social Security Commission Is Acting Pretty Dumb 8/28/01

CTN Bush Energy Bill Needs More Emphasis On Conservation, Ban On Alaska Use, And Fewer Tax Breaks To Bush Energy Buddies 8/28/01

DNJ ED Bush Plan To Pull EPA Out Of Pollution Suits Is Wrong 8/28/01

NYT Environmentalists Plan To File Suit Over Bush Missile Defense Plans 8/28/01

ZAKARIA CEOs In Government, Like O'Neill, Rumsfeld, Always Have Problems Because They Think Government Should Work Like Business 8/28/01

THOMAS Bush Defalts On Peacemaker Role 8/28/01

WP Jesse Jackson Says Bush Boycotting Racisim Conference Gives Up Opportunity To Lead 8/28/01

WP Bush May Boycott U.N. Meeting On Children Because Of Abortion Wording 8/28/01

NYT ED Bush Showing Continued Lack Of Political Restraint In His Dealings With India's Nuclear Threat 8/28/01

PENNEBAKER No One With A Brain The Size of A Kumquat Stays In Texas In August 8/28/01

NYT With His Brain Addled By The Heat, An Unprotected Bush Roams His Farm With A Chainsaw 8/28/01

LEWIS Bush Is Shaping World's View Of U.S. For Generations To Come, And He's Not Even Discussed This With American People 8/27/01

MT Bush Leaves The Children Behind, Talks Complex ABM Treaty Plans To Puzzled Grade Schoolers 8/27/01

NYT Bush Reason For Missile Plan, Defense Vs. Rogue Nations, Makes Plan Least Likely To Work 8/27/01

PERLEZ Needing Help To Destroy Test Ban Treaty, Bush Wants To Remove Sanctions Against India For Its Contribution To The Effort 8/27/01

NYT ED Bush Contradicts Reason For Missile Defence Plan By Ignoring Russian Plutonium Threat And Rescinding Agreement 8/27/01

NYT Bush Criticizes Arafat On Terrorism 8/27/01

NYT Arafat Says Bush Has Given Green Light To Escalation Of Israel Violence, Rather Than Trying To Stop The War 8/27/01

IND Israel Uses U.S. Warplanes To Flatten Palestinian Bases 8/27/01

AP Colombian Front-Runner Says Bush Spraying Of Drug Crops Is A Failure 8/27/01

NYT Peace Effort In Colomia At A Standstill, As Bush Continues His Deadly Round-Up War Against Natives 8/27/01

NYT Although Bush Is The Biggest Cash Supporter Of Bigoted Taliban, Their Jailing Of Christian Preachers Continues 8/27/01

OBSERVER Bush Spokesman Promises Trade War If EU Does Not Allow American Corporations To Rip Off World 8/27/01

NYT Although Global Trade Fosters Rising Crime Rate, Bush Free Trade Plan Does Not Yet Include Any Remedy For It 8/27/01

NYT Bush Promises Steelworkers He Will Scrap His Free Trade Philosophy Just For Them 8/27/01

REUTERS We Must Now Be In A Recession, Since Bush's Lindsay Says That Would Be A Reason Short Of War For Raiding Social Security 8/27/01

TAPPER Dems Plan To Attack Bush Privatization Plan As His S.S. Committee Attempts To Skirt Open Meetings Law 8/27/01

HERBERT Bush Still Refuses To Admit There Are Crimes Of Hate, Including The Rape Of Another Woman Every 90 Seconds. 8/27/01

PARRY Mocking People In Public With Cheap Shots Is Bush's Idea Of Presidential Behavior 8/27/01

NYT Only 20 of 64 Bush Approved Stem Cells Are Owned By U.S., 13 of 20 By Private Companies 8/27/01

GOULD Show Me Another, Equally Useful Way To Get Badly Needed, Humane Research Results Other Than Free Use Of Stem Cells 8/27/01

NYT Religions Ponder Stem Cell Issue 8/27/01

MT Bush Says He Discusses More At His Farm Than At The White House. Here's What He Discusses. (see today's Bushism) 8/27/01

NYT New Parks Director, Previously A Jeb Employee, Seen As An "A" Person In A "D" Bush Program. 8/27/01

TP Good Riddance To Jesse Helms 8/27/01

KRUGMAN Even After Bush Leaves Office , He's Fixed It That More And More Of Our Already Promised Money For Social Programs Will Go To His Tax Cuts For The Wealthy 8/26/01

DP ED Bush Has An Attention Deficit Disorder 8/26/01

KUTTNER Repeal Bush Tax Cuts To Rich, Give Tax Relief To Middle Class, And Spend The Rest 8/26/01

MC FEATTERS Now The Bush Repug Line Is It's Good Not To Have Any Money Left In The Budget 8/26/01

WP Bush Plans To Distract Voters From Bum Budget In The Fall 8/26/01

WALSH Folks Say "Like Father, Like Son," As Bush Pushes His Placid Political Pap In Public 8/26/01

WT Folks In Pro-Bush Area Of PA Holding Bush Responsible For Bum Economy 8/26/01

NYT Bush OMB Concedes Clinton Pared Down Fed Workers To 1950 Levels, But Rhetoric Remains 8/26/01

WSWS 8 Million, Mostly Single Mothers, Removed From Welfare Rolls Since '93 8/26/01

DMN Cheney Showdown With GAO Part Of Bush Secrecy Paranoia 8/26/01

LAT Cheney Energy Group Consulted With Corporations, Not Environmentalists 8/26/01

AP Idaho Dems Say Visiting Cheney Sold State's Citizens Out To Corporate Interests 8/26/01

LAT Bush Continues Attack On Environment Through Veneman By Moving Sierra Nevada Forestry Official Out Of Key Job 8/26/01

NYT Bush Stem Cell Policy Will Force Scientists To Work Abroad With Private Money 8/26/01

SEIMS Bush Ignores Reality Of People's Lives In Attempt To Placate Moralistic Extremists 8/26/01

BRODER With Most Americans Against Bush Drug Policy, His Response Is To Appoint More Hardliners To Make It Worse 8/26/01

WP Is Powell Holding His Own In Continuing War With Cheney And Strangelove? 8/26/01

NYT Noting Condescension, Australia Says If Bush Withdraws From ABM, They Could Withdraw From Their Military Treaty With U.S. 8/26/01

ITT Bush Wants To Add Nuclear Missile Ban To His Growing List Of Broken Treaties 8/26/01

IT ED Bush Isolationism Is Disturbing 8/26/01

WP Bush Still Trying To Get EU To Accept Frankenfoods 8/26/01

NYT Why Telecommuting Works For Bush But Not For You 8/26/01

SAVAGE Even Law Profs On Right Are Hard Pressed To Defend Reasoning Behind Supreme's Decision To Elect Bush, 5-4 8/26/01

FLOYD 30 Year Battle Between Bush And Gore Families Continues At NASA 8/26/01

WSWS Suit Charges Florida Election Reforms Violate Voters' Rights 8/26/01

UPI Bush Says U.S. Will Not Participate In Racism Conference Until Consideration Of Zionism Is Taken Off Agenda 8/26/01

LAT Colin Powell Not Going To Racism Conference, Period 8/26/01

COBB Helms Could Teach Atilla The Hun A Thing Or Two 8/26/01

PERLSTEIN Helms' Extreme Ideology Allowed Him To Build A Voter Base 8/26/01

DOWD Condit Not Asked About His Legislative Work With Scarborough On Their 10 Commandments Bill 8/26/01

CNN Unless Corporations Give Government $5 Billion Early, Which Isn't Going To Happen, Bush Has Already Stolen From Social Security, According To His Own Records. 8/25/01

BG White House Unable To Find Weasel Words In Campaign Promise That He Would Not Steal From Social Security 8/25/01

NYT Bush "Incredibly Positive News" Is Shrinking Surplus Means No Cash For Fed Programs, Says He May Break Promise, Steal From Social Security 8/25/01

WP Bush Defines "Hog Wild" As Congress Spending Money On Plans That Are Not His 8/25/01

PPG ED Bush Future Tax Cuts, Like Estate Taxes, Now Seem Particularly Unwise In Face Of Dwindling Surplus 8/25/01

NYT ED Bush Needs To Come Back To Real World And Get Honest With Predictions Of Future Surplus 8/25/01

NYT Bush Selects Loyal, Missile Defense Proponant As Military Chief 8/25/01

GUARDIAN Bush Puts Star Wars Ally In Key Defense Job 8/25/01

TIME Bush Tough Talk About ABM Treaty Makes U.S. Look Like "Rogue State" To NATO, Russia 8/25/01

MSNBC China Warns Bush About ABM Treaty 8/25/01

IVINS Bush Continues To Put Corporate Foxes In Federal Chicken Coops 8/25/01

WP Bush Appoints "James Watt Clone" Under Senate Radar Into Ranking Interior Post, Norton Smiles 8/25/01

WP ED Bush Appoints Foe Of Army Corps Of Engineers To Head Up Corps, Whose Job Is To Protect Environment 8/25/01

SOBEL Bush Reported To Be Looking At Anti-Labor Christian Reconstructionist To Serve On National Labor Relations Board 8/25/01

LEVERITT Questions From Fed. Attorney Past Of New Bush Drug Czar Remain Unanswered 8/25/01

ANANOVA NASA Must End Ozone Study Due To Lack Of Funds. Tax Cut, You Know 8/25/01

NYT 60 Stem Cells May Never Be Named, Since Private Owners Must Give NIH Permission To List Them 8/25/01

ACHENBACH Bush Has Made Finishing The Adams Book Part Of His Public Agenda, But Who Will Test Him On It? 8/25/01

MOONEY Bush Tells It Like It Isn't While On Vacation 8/25/01

OLIPHANT Kissinger's Release Of Selected Phone Logs Is Attempt To Control History 8/25/01

EFFRON Helms' Legacy Of Divisiveness 8/25/01

NELSON Bush Flunked Intregity Test In Florida, Gore Did Not. 8/25/01

GS Katherine Harris' Use Of Public Access Trust Fund Questioned By State Audit 8/25/01

KRUGMAN Bush Is Lying To Us About The Cause Of The Vanished Surplus. It's The Tax Cut, Stupid. 8/24/01

NYT ED Either Bush Will Steal From Social Security Of He Will Not Fund His Tax Cuts To The Rich. Can't Have Both. 8/24/01

REICH The Problem With Bush's "Fiscally Irresponsible" Economic Policy Is That He Only Wants To Invest Public Spending In The Rich. 8/24/01

NYT Bush Money Man Says They Will Use Social Security Money To Pay For Tax Cuts If They Decide Economy Needs It 8/24/01

LAT Bush Says, Gosh, All The Money Is Gone, None For Uninsured Poor Children 8/24/01

REICH Consumers, Now In Heavy Debt, Will Stop Spending, Then Watch Out 8/24/01

STLT ED Bush Psuedo-Populism And Misplaced Priorities Wouldn't Have Fooled Truman 8/24/01

COCCO The Economy Is A Mess And Clueless Bush Wants To Paper Over It With Misplaced Priorities 8/24/01

LAT Politics Of Suplus Has GOP Worried 8/24/01

NYT Dr. Strangelove Says Bush Will Give Him All The Money He Asks For, Even The Recent Extras 8/24/01

RIDGEWAY Is Bush Getting Ready For A Colin-ectomy? 8/24/01

HARRIS Colin Defends Bush Support Of Biological Weapons By Distorting Clinton's Position 8/24/01

NYT Bush Flatly States He Will Pull Out Of ABM Treaty No Matter What 8/24/01

HILLEN Thus Far, Strangelove Lacks Guts And Bush Lacks Vision To Put Military Campaign Promises Into Action 8/24/01

WP Rumsfeld Cites Ties With Defense Industry, But Refuses To "Formally" Recuse Himself 8/24/01

NYT Strangelove Calls Attention To His Military Conflict Of Interests, But Refuses To Make Them Official 8/24/01

NYT ED With Nominee, Bush Shows No Appreciation Of Peace Corps 8/24/01

GREIDER Bush Panel Features Pat's Social Security Trap 8/24/01

ALTERMAN The American Media Is Not Providing Us With The Facts About The War In The Middle-East 8/24/01

FRIEDMAN Since Bush Isn't Going To Do Anything, Why Not Set Up U.N. Palestine, Like Kosovo 8/24/01

LAT EPA Says Clinton's Right, Bush's Wrong Re Arsenic 8/24/01

WP Surprise! Bush-Backed Stem Cells Contaminated 8/24/01

MARKEL Patents On Stem Cells Disconcerting, And Bush Supports Them 8/24/01

WP ED "Not Rational" Ashcroft Says He's Going After Drug Lords, But Facts Show Otherwise, Failure 8/24/01

WP ED Bush-Backed Secrecy Bill Is A Bad Idea 8/24/01

LABEE Bush Needs To Stop Hiding His Administration's Actions From The American People 8/24/01

DURST Ready For Another "Bush Takes Long Vacation" Story? 8/24/01

MARTIN See Dick Work. Work, Dick, Work. 8/24/01

RMN ED This Bush "Crawford" Thing Is A Bunch Of Bull 8/24/01

PBP Harris Sought State Money For GOP Operative 8/24/01

JACKSON "The Boob Tube Has Turned Black Folks Into Boobs" 8/24/01

OVERHOLSER Bush Hopes To Anesthetize Our Consciences With Tax Bribe As He Mouths "Values" Rhetoric 8/23/01
MC NAMARA Wait 'Till The Voters Wake Up. They Will, Right? 8/23/01
WP Unlike Previous Statements, Bush Now Says His Tax Cut Has Left Little Room For Other Spending 8/23/01
NYT Bush Projections Show Sharp Drop In Budget Surplus 8/23/01
AP Erosion Of Surplus, Tanked Economy Bodes Ill For Bush Hopes Of Healthy Budget 8/23/01
REUTERS It Took Clinton 8 Years To Build The Surplus, After 8 Months Bush Says He Spent It 8/23/01
BG ED We Shouldn't Be Forcing The Uninsured Poor To Pay The Highest Medical Costs 8/23/01
DREYFUSS Groups Against Privatizing Social Security Begin To Mobolize 8/23/01
NYT Bush AOL Puppet On Social Security Panel Says We Could Always Cut Benefits 8/23/01
GREEN Bush Nepotisim Continues As He Appoints Scalia's Anti-Labor Kid To #3 Position At Labor Department 8/23/01
AP When Bush Runs Out Of Cronies To Give Jobs To, He Gives Them To Their Kids 8/23/01
SCHEER The Pretense That Religion Is Always Ennobling Reaches Fruition In The Primitive And Destructive Nature Of Bush 8/23/01
USA Bush Ed Voucher Idea Losing Support Throughout Nation--Gallup 8/23/01
RH VT. Guv Says Both Bush Foreign And Economic Policies Are Wrong 8/23/01
CONASON Cheney Stonewalls While Burton Leaks 8/23/01
WP Strangelove Believes His Story Will End Happily In October 8/23/01
NYT Bush Choice To Head Up Military Is In His Pocket On Missile Defense 8/23/01
NYT Bush Playing Good Cop Bad Cop With Russian Missile Defense Agreement 8/23/01
LAIRD There Is A Way Around the Bush-Russian ABM Treaty Impasse 8/23/01
JT ED Bush Missile Defense Explanation Not Believed Both At Home And Abroad 8/23/01
BURNS Bush Foreign Policy "May Isolate" U.S.? It Already Has. 8/23/01
WP Helms Retirement Ends Era 8/23/01
NYT Looks Like We Won't Have Helms To Kick Around Any More 8/23/01
NYT ED Senator "No" Says "Yes" To Goodby 8/23/01
KCS Bush Admits He Must Have Deficit Spending To Cover Defense, Education. Tax Cut, You know. 8/22/01
BRUNI Bush Is Against "Increased Spending," Which Really Means What HE Doesn't Want To Spend 8/22/01
GULLY Recent Bush Speeches Are Setting The Stage For Weakening Dollar, Deficit Spending, Seriously Harming Social Security And Medicare 8/22/01
ABC Dems Will Push Education, Repugs Defense, As Bush Budget Goes In Hopper. Tax Cut, You Know. 8/22/01
NYT Dr. Strangelove's Ineptitude With Military Budget Shows How Out Of Touch He Is 8/22/01
NOAH How The Rummy Death Watch Reflects On Cheney 8/22/01
WP Byrd Warns Bush That Shrinking Surplus Means Less Money For Defense 8/22/01
WP ED Dems Are Right That The Bush Tax Cuts Are "Unaffordable" 8/22/01
BERENSON Bush Money People Begin Jawbone That Bottom Has Been Reached, Wall Street Is Not So Sure 8/22/01
WALKER No Hopeful Word From The Fed Tells Wall Street That We're Still Going Down 8/22/01
MC STEEN Bush Panel's Plan For Social Security Is A Big Loser 8/22/01
REUTERS Gvt. Studies Indicate Bush Plan For Social Security Will Make Matters Worse 8/22/01
NYT ED It's Disheartening That Bush Wants To Weaken Power Plant Pollution Rules 8/22/01
SACBEE Bush Appeals Ruling Blocking Oil Exploration Off California Coast 8/22/01
NYT Bush Gives The Russians Until Novemeber To Put A Smiley Face On His Ultimatum To Kill The ABM Treaty 8/22/01
BLANTON Bush-Backed Bill Would Make It Harder To Oversee The Activities Of Government 8/22/01
DP ED Bush Uses Methods Of Getting Big Oil Input Into Gvt. Actions Without Letting The Public Know 8/22/01
CR ED Bush Social Security Meeting Behind Closed Doors Is Disservice To The Public 8/22/01
HALSTED Gullible News Media Allows Pentagon To Get Away With Rigged, Show Biz Missile Testing 8/22/01
GUARDIAN Bush Leads In Race To Arm Developing World 8/22/01
REUTERS U.N. Says Bush Is Deadbeat Dad To Tune Of $2 Billion 8/22/01
AP Top Defense Official Wonders If Bush Private War In Colombia Is A Good Thing 8/22/01
BENJAMIN Hispanics Fear Bush Immigration Plan Is Just Way To Get Cheap Labor 8/22/01
PA Six Island Nations Believe Bush Anti-Kyoto Stance Is A Serious Mistake 8/22/01
ANANOVA Boycott Points To ESSO/Mobile As Behind Bush Anti-Kyoto Stance 8/22/01
NYT China Shelves Workers' Rights In Move Toward Capitalism 8/22/01
HC ED Bush Wrong To Imply That Traditional Values Are Found Only Where There Are Fewest Americans 8/22/01
ST ED Bush Faith-Based Idea Serious Flawed, Should "Wither and Die" 8/22/01
NOAH What Stem Cells? Where Are They? Who's Got Them? 8/22/01
WSWS What You See On TV Is What Politicized Corporations Allow You To See 8/22/01
USA Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch, Double-Wide Life Is Measured, Regular 8/22/01
AP Laura And Ranch Wranglers, Bored Out Of Their Skulls, Will Leave Texas Early For D.C. 8/22/01
WP Helms, Mr. Conservative, Will Retire From Senate In 2003. 8/22/01
WP Compared With Barbara Olson, Barbara Comstock Is "The Good Twin" 8/22/01
GOODMAN Are We Getting A Fair Shake From White House Reporters? 8/22/01
GUTMAN To Bush, The Demands Of Corporate Greed Come Before The Security Of Our Planet 8/21/01
WP Bush Refuses To Pay Cost Of Keeping D.C. Secure. Tax Cut, You Know. 8/21/01
NYT Bush Backing Out Of Anti-Terrorist Plan As "Too Costly." Tax Cut, You Know. 8/21/01
NYT Dems Wonder Where Bush Is Getting Money For Proposed Military Spending. Tax Cut, You Know. 8/21/01
WP EU May Fine Bush $4 Billion For Breaking International Law. Tax Credits, You Know 8/21/01
NYT ED Our Economic Tunnel Is Still Dark, No Light At End Seen 8/21/01
WP Despite Bush Tax Cut Strategy, Fed Expected To Cut Interest Rates Again To Help Sinking Economy 8/21/01
WP ED Given Surplus, Tax Cut, Bush Deceptive Figures, There Is No Money For Defense, Farm Spending, Social Security, Medicare, Drug Plans 8/21/01
USA ED Estate Tax Cuts Will Cost $12.6 Billion In 2003-4. Don't Do It. 8/21/01
NYT Dems Attack Bush Money Management As "Reckless" 8/21/01
MARTINEZ Even Repugs Getting The Message Of Bush Recklessness As Surplus Dwindles 8/21/01
KRUGMAN Bush Would Have Us Believe Social Security Must Be Destroyed In Order To Save It 8/21/01
NYT Bush Wants Protecter Of Power Plant Polluters To Be Head Of Environmental Protection Agency 8/21/01
ZWEIFEL Bush Will Even Approve Faked Tests To Get His Missile Plan Accepted 8/21/01
NYT ED Drafter Of "Dangerously Misguided" Secrecy Act Believes Dictator Bush Would Like His Bill 8/21/01
CLYMER Bush Aide Accused Of Forcing Antidiscrimination Trade Group To Drop Anti-Conservative Speaker 8/21/01
USA Kennedy Asks NIH To Identify By Friday Those 60 Lines That Bush Has Talked About 8/21/01
REUTERS New Bush Medicare Rules Will Cut Benefits To Patients 8/21/01
WALKER Who Is Running Our Middle East Policy, Bush Or Cheney? 8/21/01
POWER Will Bush, Like Poppy, Look The Other Way As Guatemala Killings Worsen 8/21/01
ROTH Bush Is Aggravating Already Strained Relations With His Envoy Selections Of Repug Donors 8/21/01
GLECKMAN When Bush Loses A Bill, He Declares Victory For Whatever Is Passed In Its Place 8/21/01
HINES Hypocrite Repugs Practice Selective Morality Re Cheney 8/21/01
REUTERS Justice Dept. Looking Into Charges Of Discrimination In New Florida Vote Laws 8/21/01
DYCKMAN How Jeb Deals With Media Opponents Behind The Scenes 8/21/01
WP Bush DEA Head, A Bob Jones Graduate, Will Enforce Law Against Medical Pot, Hire More Spies 8/21/01
DIONNE Australia Is A Test Tube For Globalization In Democracies 8/21/01
MEANS Bush "Values" Mouthing Is Patronizing, Insulting, And Misdirected Away From Himself 8/20/01
OLIPHANT Dishonest Bush Social Security Cookbook Makes People Sick 8/20/01
USA While White House Claims Economy Is Moving, Projected Surplus Shrinks 44% Although 100% Has Been Spent , Bush Dips Into Social Security With Accounting Gimmick 8/20/01
DN ED Bush Social Security Accounting Gimmick One More Indication Of Tax Cut Failure 8/20/01
BG ED Bush Needs To Save Social Security, Not Carve It Out 8/20/01
PARK Bush Is Undermining Social Security, Changing It Into Something Else 8/20/01
SG Orwell Never Dreamed Of Bush Media Control. Take The "Successful" Missile Defense Test 8/20/01
GUARDIAN Bush Tainted By Returning Iran-Contra Reaganites To Power 8/20/01
NYT Bush Talks National Security But U.S. Leads World In Arms Sales, Refuses To Help U.N. Control Supply of Small Arms Worldwide 8/20/01
TN Missile Defense Corporate Leaders To Meet And Discuss Strategies To Sell Bush Missile Plan 8/20/01
TOI Bush "Obsessive" Paranoia Ignores Rational Priorities, Puzzles The World 8/20/01
PETERS Bush Do-Nothing Plan For Middle East Has Backfired Big Time 8/20/01
KAHN U.S. Boom To Bush Bust Reflected In New Numbers, Other Nations 8/20/01
KRUGMAN Bush And His Enron Backers Want To "Financialize" Everything We Do 8/20/01
WP Viability Of Bush Stem Cell Plan Doubted By Scientists 8/20/01
VERGHESE Bush's Scientific "Backwardness" Withholds Money Needed To Save Lives 8/20/01
NYT Bush Thinking Up Ways To Kill Federal Lawsuits Against Polluting Power Plants 8/20/01
GIBSON Bush Big Oil Buddies Spending Millions To Sell His/Their Energy Plan To Congress 8/20/01
NYT Bush Is Using Whitman As His "Wind Puppet" To Take The Heat For His Polluted Policies 8/20/01
BG ED Another Attack On Alaska Comes From Another Republican With Business Profit On His Mind 8/20/01
LAT Cheney Refusal To Turn Over Documents May Cause Constitutional Conflict 8/20/01
CHELALA Top American Health Official Resigns Over Bush Pro-Tobacco Weakening Of Restrictions 8/20/01
NYT Dem Election Study Calls For National Standards 8/20/01
CPL Daschle Juggles Senate Role, Prez Consideration 8/20/01
DMN Bush Ed Sec. Notes He Encounters Few Blacks At Republican Meetings. 8/20/01
TS U.S. Threatens Boycott Because Slavery, Mid-East Still On Racism Conference Agenda 8/20/01
BG ED Oklahoma School Officials Want To Protect Black Students From Novel Speaking Message Of Tolerance Between Races 8/20/01
BRUNI Bush Dyslexic-like and ADD-like Symptoms Really Kick In When Evening Comes 8/19/01
SB ED Bush "Heartland" Babble Is Without Value, Although He Mouths The Word Over And Over 8/19/01
WP Dems Point To Shrinking Surplus, Tax Cut Deficits As Bush Folly 8/19/01
ECON Wisdom, Long-Term Effects Of Bush Tax Cuts "Disturbing" 8/19/01
WP Bush Treasury Sec. O'Neill Considered Such A Bonehead By Most That Some Believe He Will Sour Economy All By Himself 8/19/01
TIME White House Bean Counter Named "Man Of The Week" For Cooking the Budget Books 8/19/01
NYT Rice Is Finding Dr. Strangelove's Favor In His Battle With Father Of FCC Head 8/19/01
NYT Bush's Sec. Of Interior Believes Her Job Is To Protect Corporations Against Citizen Demands For Restrictions Against Environmental Abuse 8/19/01
NYT ED Bush Anti-Environmental Bias Is Clear In His Appointments Of Anti-Environmentalists To Police Green Policies 8/19/01
BC ED Bush "Does Not Speak For Us" With His Anti-Kyoto Stance 8/19/01
CLAUSSEN Surprised By Kyoto Agreement Without Him, Bush Feeling Pressure 8/19/01
VV Dems Call For Cheney To Give Up Documents Showing Energy Manipulation 8/19/01
OC Congressional Investigative Committee Blasts Cheney For Not Giving Up Documents 8/19/01
NEWSDAY Cheney Son-In-Law Serving As #3 For Ashcroft Until Political Hypocrite Is Confirmed 8/19/01
NYT Dems Have Shaped Patients' Rights Bill To Eliminate Bush's HMO-Favoring Restrictions 8/19/01
WOLFE Bush Stem Cell Speech Tightly Resrticts Research, Drives Scientists Into Unregulated Private Companies, And Polarizes Debate 8/19/01
ECON Bush Stem Cell Chairman's Obsessive Repugnance Brings Rapture On The Right 8/19/01
NYT Bush Drug Company Buddies Are Just Like His Tobacco Friends In Willingness To Prey On Children 8/19/01
NYT ED Both Bush And Dems Leave Those With AIDS Slowing Twisting In The Wind 8/19/01
WP Maryland Republicans Begin New War On Gays 8/19/01
WALTERS Brits Stunned By Bush Arrogance, Ignorance, And Stupidity 8/19/01
IOL Bush Against Bio-Weapons Ban Because Of Our Secret Bio-Weapons 8/19/01
HE ED Bush Response To ME Crisis "Way Beyond Inadequate" 8/19/01
HOAGLAND Bush Risks Damage To Middle East With Hands Off Policy 8/19/01
LAT Bush Has Now Hired Foreign Pilots For His Private War In Colombia 8/19/01
SANDERS U.S. Can Obtain Social Justice And Democracy Through Political Revolution 8/19/01
PHILLIPS Bush's Corporate Media Reflects Insensitivity, Heartlessness, Corruption 8/19/01
SANDERS Bush Corporate Media Not Interested In Needs Of Working Man 8/19/01
NICHOLS Feingold Positions Himself For Prez Run By Supporting Aschcroft and Norton 8/19/01
GROVE D.C. Dirt Digger Tells All. (Well, Some) 8/19/01
DOWD Jenna's "Begging For Tabloid Trouble" With Her Behavior In L.A. 8/19/01
TIME Bush Used The "Fishing Net" Lie To Con The House Into Approving Alaskan Drilling 8/18/01
HARVEY Labor Was Also Lied To About Those 700,000 Alaskan Jobs 8/18/01
TIME Bush Photo-Ops Reinforce Public's View Of Him As A Liar 8/18/01
LVS Bush Dictatorship Mode Continues As Social Security Meetings Skirt Illegality, Close To Public Through Gimmick 8/18/01
NYT Faith-Based Head First Ranking Official To Resign As Bush Faces Uphill Fight 8/18/01
WP Faith-Based Head Left Because Rove Politicized The Issue 8/18/01
FOX Bush Signals Further Push Towards Theocracy To Offset Faith-Based Bailout 8/18/01
NYT ED CIA, State Dept. Should Declassify Documents So We Can Learn Truth About Bush Nominee Negroponte 8/18/01
RICH Bush Isn't An Idiot, He's A Political "Idiot Savant" 8/18/01
WP Scientists Deny Bush Stem Cell Lines Exist, Demand Proof 8/18/01
NYT Private Owners Of Cell Line Patents Spin Lack Of Fed Overshight As Perfect Solution For Them 8/18/01
THOMAS Bush's "Family Values" Means Giving Fed Jobs To GOP Relative Clones 8/18/01
PJ ED What Are Cheney-Bush Trying To Hide From The American People? 8/18/01
WP GAO Demands Bush Surrender Cheney Records 8/18/01
NYT Christie Todd Whitman Is Bush's "Wind Dummy" 8/18/01
WP ED Bush Jeopardizing EPA Clean-Up Efforts, Stalls Pollution Prevention Plan 8/18/01
KATU Bush Social Security Gimmick Explained (last paragraphs) 8/18/01
WP Trade Gap Shows Economy Weakening "Very Quickly" 8/18/01
NYT Dr. Strangelove Says He's A Pussy Cat And So Is His Plan 8/18/01
WP Mubarak Says Do-Nothing Bush Needs To Act In Middle East 8/18/01
WEINCEK Yale Makes Its Past Pro-Slavery Position Worse By Denying Its Immorality 8/18/01
WP Mexican Immigrants Influencing Elections In Both Countries 8/18/01
JONG Gore Has Become The Animal He Was Meant To Be 8/18/01
NYT ED Another Internet Magazine Folds Under Advertising Pressure But Non-Profits Such As Ours Keep Moving Along 8/18/01
DRYER Someone Other Than Bush Is Clearly Making The Presidential Decisions 8/17/01
RMN Fearing Average Americans, Bush's Motorcades Speed Past Supporters To Staged Events 8/17/01
KCS Bush Working On Kansas City Photo Op For Next Week 8/17/01
NYT GERON Biotech Company In Calif. Has Control Over U.S. Stem Cell Research Through Wis. Foundation 8/17/01
BG Stem Cell Player Urges NIH Bank, Distribution 8/17/01
NYT Poll Indicates Conservative Utah Wants Stem Cell Research 8/17/01
NYT Bush Rolls Back Medicaid Protections For HMO Buddies 8/17/01
NYT Bush Allows Children To Be Prey In Medicaid Dental Scheme 8/17/01
NR When HMO Bush Says He Wants To Help "All Americans" He Means "All Americans Who Aren't Poor" 8/17/01
WP Bush Tax Cuts Lock Him Into "Carve-Out" Of Social Secutiry Funds 8/17/01
WP Dems Look For Another Bush Accounting Gimmick As He Says He Won't Touch Social Security To Pay For Tax Cut 8/17/01
KNIGHT Bush Fighting Hard To Allow U.S. To Dump Toxic Waste In Poor Countries 8/17/01
CBS In Bush's America More People Die Of Car Pollution Than Car Crashes 8/17/01
NYT Bush Destruction Of Chemical Weapons Will Put Americans At Serious Risk 8/17/01
BW Relations Between Bush And Putin Are Likely To Get Testy, For Obvious Reasons 8/17/01
FE ED Strangelove Is Burning Our Military Bridges, And That's A Mistake 8/17/01
NYT Meet The Bush War Pilots Who Spray Colombian Peasants With Deadly Round-Up Pesticide 8/17/01
NYT Bush Is A Deadbeat Dad At The U.N. 8/17/01
HC Bush Uses Phone To Jawbone For Middle East Peace 8/17/01
NYT ED Bush Should Send Delegation To Racism Conference 8/17/01
WP Bush Working On "Faith-Based" Plan Without Congress' Approval 8/17/01
LOY Bush Said WHAT About His Record Thus Far? 8/17/01
USA Anti-Gore Spin Machine Slowly Starts Up Again 8/17/01
WAXMAN NBC Is Stiffing Congress On The Promised Video Of Florida Voting Reporting 8/17/01
GONZALES Rove Stiffs Waxman's Request For Full Disclosure 8/17/01
LAT Waxman's The Burr Under Bush's Saddle 8/17/01
USA Reporter's Mates Would Rather Read About Crawford Than Visit It 8/17/01
CSM Congress Away, But Don't Call It Vacation 8/17/01
RUPRECHT Reporters Follow Bush Lead, Take Vacation, But Not Bush Watch 8/17/01
FINEMAN Bush Anti-Washington Persona Masks Massive Grab At Federal Power 8/16/01
NYT Bush Pretends He's Not From D.C., But Even Kids Know Better 8/16/01
AP Bush Plans To Use Accounting Gimmick To Steal Extra $4.3 Billion From Social Security 8/16/01
USA Bush Is Already Picking The Lock On His "Lockbox" Promise 8/16/01
NYT Bush Never Had Plans To Pay Back Social Security For His Tax Cut I.O.U.s 8/16/01
FT Bush Lied About The Size Of His Tax Cut Bill, It's Nearly Twice As Large 8/16/01
NYT Bush Fixen To Roll Back Environmental Restrictions For Gold Mine Buddies 8/16/01
DS Bush Ties Funding Of Federal Parklands To Allowing Environmentally Harmful Offshore Drilling 8/16/01
NYT Scientists Leaving The Country As Many Doubt Bush Lines On Stem Cells 8/16/01
WP Europeans Overwelmingly Flunk Bush On Foreign Policy 8/16/01
COHEN Bush Refuses To Restart Work Toward Peace In Middle East Until There Is Peace 8/16/01
BG UN Wants U.S. To Send Father Of FCC Head To Racism Conference 8/16/01
HOAGLAND Strangelove Will Create Cause For Bush Missiles by Pulling Defense Money Out Of Europe To Pay For Them 8/16/01
GUARDIAN Folks In Iran, Congo Love Bush's Ideas About Executions Presently Practiced In Texas 8/16/01
IND Europeans Ticked Off That Bush Wants To Send Them Frankenfoods, Not Telling Them 8/16/01
BBC Bush Germ Warfare Rebuff A Real Mistake 8/16/01
AP UN Concerned About U.S. Racism, Police Brutality 8/16/01
AP Under Charges Of Faked Missile Test, Pentagon Plans The Exact Same Test Again 8/16/01
TIMES Bush Counting On Mrs. Dole To Win Back The Senate 8/16/01
IOL Bush Will Withdraw Medicaid Protections For Poor People 8/16/01
BERKOWITZ Bush In White House Gives Strength To Right-Wing Groups Like Heritage Foundation 8/16/01
WT GOP Fears More Mexican U.S. Citizens Will Vote For Dems Than Bush 8/16/01
NYT Bush Free Trade Mexican Truckers Perfect For Taking Illegals Through Weak U.S. Checkpoints 8/16/01
AP Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch... 8/16/01
WILENTZ Bush, Like Quincy, Won A Disputed Election. Then Qunicy Was Beaten By A Guy From Tennessee. 8/16/01
CALLAHAN What Would Jesus Do About Bush? He'd Read Him The Riot Act ! 8/15/01
NYT Putin Finds It Hard To Look Into Strangelove's Spinning Eyes 8/15/01
ALTOUNIAN Why Russians Fear Bush Missile Defense 8/15/01
NYT Bush Emphasizes Teaching Values To Children 8/15/01
NE Jenna, Barb Reportedly Drinking In Public Again, Fights Break Out 8/15/01
NYT Zionism As Racism Off Conference Agenda, Now Will Bush Rep Attend? 8/15/01
FT IMF Says Bush Tax Cut Likely To Cost Twice As Much As He Said It Would 8/15/01
NYT ED While Stem Cell Bush Talked Open-Minded On TV, His Comments Since Are Anything But 8/15/01
CAPUANO Why Bush Is Profoundly Wrong About Stem Cell Research 8/15/01
HAMILL Like The Bat Behind Him, Bush Flies In The Face Of Logic 8/15/01
HINES Bush Had A No-Brainer, But He Decided On A Half-Baked Compromise, Instead 8/15/01
DAWN Big Oil Echoes Bush, Asks EPA To Back Off Pollution Restrictions 8/15/01
CBS Bush Has Come Up With A Plan That Will Increase Respiratory Deaths 8/15/01
WP Bush Plans To Scale Back Medicaid Safeguards 8/15/01
BOSITIS With Vouchers, Blacks Aren't Supporting Ideology, They're Attacking Status Quo 8/15/01
SYM Why Has Bush Become The Biggest Financial Source For The Taliban? 8/15/01
CSM Unlike Past, Majority Of Bush Ambassadors Are Political Donors 8/15/01
COTTLE Bush War On Women Continues As GOP Remains Tone Deaf To Their Needs 8/15/01
HN Leahy Blames Repugs For Bush Nominee Delays 8/15/01
GUARDIAN 17 Bush Protesters Facing Six Years For Two Minute Delay 8/15/01
RMN Bush Keeps Colorado Protesters A Mile Away 8/15/01
WP Bush Goes On Rocky Mt. High With Trad Values 8/15/01
USA We Interrupt This Vacation To Bring You Some "Heartland" Spin In Colorado 8/15/01
AP Gore, Katherine Harris To Speak In Iowa Next Month 8/15/01
WT Web Cam Net Connection Set Up In Crawford Coffee Shop 8/15/01
DOWD Welcome To The Clinton/Commie/Chandra/Conservative/Christian News Network 8/15/01
USA Not Realizing It's A Cruel Hoax, Most Americans Back Bush On Funding Stem Cell Research 8/14/01
SANDALOW With Facts, We Begin To Confirm That Bush Stem Cell Decisions Was Not Moderate 8/14/01
KR Bush Stem Cell Limits "More Stringent Than They Appear" 8/14/01
NYT Bush Draws Lines At 60, Threatens Veto For Any More 8/14/01
COHEN Human Beings Will Die So That Embryos Will Live 8/14/01
SORENSEN Bush Should Be More Compassionate About Life After Birth 8/14/01
BG ED If Bush Speech Defined His Presidency, Our Expectations Are Even Lower Than Thought 8/14/01
KRUGMAN Delusions Of Return To Prosperity In The Way Of Recovery 8/14/01
ABC Bush To Speak At Hotel NAACP Says Is Racist 8/14/01
CSM No Blacks Noted In Story About Bush's Crawford, Tx. 8/14/01
ST U.S. Has Largest Number Of Prisoners, And Nearly Half Are Black 8/14/01
STAPLES 8 Of 10 Residential Colleges At Yale Named After Slave Owners 8/14/01
BELSIE White Studies Growing As Majority Status Threatened 8/14/01
AP Following Dictates Of Corporate Bosses, Bush Has Decided To Ease EPA Pollution Restrictions 8/14/01
CONASON Unions Ditch Principles To Back Bush Energy Bill 8/14/01
BG Health Groups Say Forget Bush Tax Credit Idea And Give Insurance To Poor People Who Need It Most 8/14/01
CT Bayer Sends Millions To States In Wake Of Fraud Settlement 8/14/01
BARNES Trouble In The Rove White House 8/14/01
SHRIBMAN Dems Attempt To Fill U.S. Leadership Vacuum 8/14/01
NYT Rumsfeld Visit Did Little To Close Gap With Russia 8/14/01
WP Bush Conducts Foreign Policy During Round Of Golf 8/14/01
BABINGTON Remember When The Bush Campaign Train Was Filled With RATS? 8/14/01
USA Bush's Road To 2004 Victory Begins In Florida 8/14/01
AP Bush Determines He Will Have To Go Back To Washington 8/14/01
BAKER Bush Conservatives Are Not For Free Trade, They're For Corporate Profits 8/13/01
WP ED If Bush Practices The Morality He Preaches, Why Does He Allow Our Drug Companies To Abuse The World's Citizens? 8/13/01
NYT Bush Pushing Congress To Craft Weaker Patients' Rights Fed Laws That States Will Be Forced To Follow 8/13/01
MOHAN Facts Show Bush, Energy Bosses Live In Paranoid Dream World 8/13/01
HOCHSCHILD Bush Is Having Problems In His Tent 8/13/01
NEWS It Turns Out That Bush's Stem Cell Agonizing Was A Charade 8/13/01
MILES Bush's Messy Mistake On Stem Cells 8/13/01
WT Bush Pledges Not To Expand Stem Cell Research, Regardless Of Value 8/13/01
WP Bush Aides Stress Curbs On Stem Cells, Not The Research 8/13/01
COHEN If Bush Is Against Cloning, He Can Start With His Cabinet 8/13/01
PAYNE Quite Dificient Ex-Embryo Says He's Against Cloning, Stem Cell Research 8/13/01
MAHAJAN Face It, Bush Is The "Rogue State" In His "Imperial Arrogance" 8/13/01
SIMMONS Bush Would Just Like The World To Go Away 8/13/01
NYT ED Americans Looking To Senate For Relief From Bush's Unilateral Foreign Policy 8/13/01
SFC ED Bush Missile Defense Strategy Is "A Pattern Of Decption" 8/13/01
WP Putin "Firmly Rejects" Bush ABM Treaty Withdrawal Plan 8/13/01
IWON Russian Defense Minister "Not Convinced" By Strangelove's Presentation 8/13/01
GOLDMAN Republicans In Denial About Their History Of Freezing Judicial Nominations 8/13/01
KANE Bush Emphasis On Test Scores Will Damage Public Education. (Is That The Point?) 8/13/01
RASPBERRY Test Scores Don't Tell Parents What They Really Need To Know 8/13/01
USA Bush Is Undoing, Ignoring Gun Control Measures, Dems Letting Him Get Away With It 8/13/01
FWST Bush Sec. Of Navy Never Wore Uniform, Was Corporate Exec., Period 8/13/01
AP Turns Out Another Bush Nominee Left Job Under The Cloud Of Fraud 8/13/01
RYAN Bush Is The Poster Child For The Leisure Class 8/13/01
WP Condit Decrys California Resignation Calls 8/13/01
BG ED Just Like In Texas, The Energy Companies Drafted Bush's National Energy Plan 8/12/01
LAT Bush Admits He Bungled The Arsenic Issue, But Offers Nothing Specific To Improve Record 8/12/01
AP Folks Beginning To Realize Rove Is The Guy Who Holds Bush's Political Strings 8/12/01
WP White House Rejects Request For Rove Review 8/12/01
KUTTNER Bush's Obvious Ineptitude Is Supported By "Ideology, Business Allies In Both Parties" 8/12/01
MH Bush Plans To Announce U.S. Withdrawal From Missile Treaty This Year 8/12/01
FT Dems Plan Showdown On Bush Missile Spending 8/12/01
NYT Bush's Own Tax Cuts, Not The Dems, Are The Greatest Threat To His Agenda 8/12/01
AT ED How Quickly Bush Has Run Out Of Money Due To His Tax Cut 8/12/01
WSWS Major Purpose Of Bush Tax Cut Was To Force Cuts In Social Security, Medicare, Other Social Programs 8/12/01
SIA ED Let's Be Specific And Review What We Know About The Bush Tax Cuts 8/12/01
COS Bush Can't Keep Our Spy Satellites In Corect Orbit, What Would He Do With Space Weapons? 8/12/01
NYT U. S. Anti-Missile Protesters Face Felony Charges 8/12/01
PPG Opening Arctic Refuge A Bad Idea 8/12/01
WP Bush Explains "60 Lines" Part Of Speech To Untra-Conservatives In Advance So They Would Understand Nature Of The Hoax 8/12/01
ST ED Congress Should Ignore Bush And Fully Fund Stem Cell Research 8/12/01
NYT Vox Populi Mixed Over Bush Stem Cell Position 8/12/01
NYT Stem Cell Battle Moves On To Congress 8/12/01
DOWD Under Cover Of His Alledged Ignorance, Bush Is Pushing Back The Frontiers Of Bioethics 8/12/01
WHO KNOWS?White House Policy Writer Has Op-Ed Published Under The Name Of "George W. Bush" 8/12/01
NYT ED Will Bush's Plan To Be A Meaner Clinton Work? 8/12/01
REUTERS Dem Calls Bush Patients' Rights Compromise A Hoax 8/12/01
NCPA Pharmacy Associations Sue Bush, Claim His Discount Card Plan Is Unlawful 8/12/01
MG Bush Believes In Free Trade, Just Not For Canada 8/12/01
BBC Some Fear "Irreversible Damage" Before Bush Gets Wise About Foreign Policy 8/12/01
AA Bush Trying To Avoid Sudan Decision As Big Oil, Evangelicals Differ 8/12/01
AP Black Reparations Leader Says Bush Is Ducking The Racism Conference 8/12/01
NYT Racism Talks Stumbling Over Language About Israel 8/12/01
FR Arafat Says Bush Has Given Israelis Green Light Through His Lack Of Leadership 8/12/01
SEGEV Zionism Movement Hindering Israeli Peace Efforts 8/12/01
REUTERS Israel Ambassador Says Bush Is "Mishandling" U.S. Role In Middle East 8/12/01
IWPR Bush Lack Of Leadership In The Balkans Is Harming Peace Efforts 8/12/01
AP Venezuela Tells Bush Military To Vacate Military Offices 8/12/01
REUTERS Dems Have Evolved Competing Foreign Policy 8/12/01
JACOBS Bush On Vaction Right Now, Dreaming About His Mid-September Break 8/12/01
LAT With A Month Off, Bush Is Even A Bad CEO 8/12/01
PNJ ED Florida Voters Have Lost Confidence In Katherine Harris' "Impartiality" 8/12/01
AP Gore Eases Back Into Politics In Home State 8/12/01
NYT Bush Immediately Putting Stem Cell Plan Benefiting Private Industry, Not Science, Into Practice 8/11/01
TS This Is How Bush Plans To Make Big Bucks By Taking Government Out Of Gene/Stem Cell Science 8/11/01
WRIGHT Bush's Stem Cell Chairman Is Opposed To Stem Cell Research 8/11/01
NR Bush's Kass Is The Evangelical Right's Point Man On Stem Cell Research 8/11/01
NYT Kass Described As "The Neoconservative's Favorite Bioethicist" 8/11/01
SALETON Bush Stem Cell Speech Is A Study Of Weasel Rhetoric, Not Stem Cell Position 8/11/01
SALON Bush Speech Was "Cowardice Behind Sanctimonious Rhetoric" 8/11/01
BROOKHISER Bush's Speech Was Nixonian, But Without His Intelligence 8/11/01
LITHWICK Shhhhhh, The Resident's Thinking. Smell The Wood Burning? 8/11/01
SUELLENTROP Why Is Stem Cell Research Bush's Call? 8/11/01
NIH Stem Cell Primer 8/11/01
NYT Confusing Bush Speech Creates Confusion On The Stock Market 8/11/01
COHN Bush's Conservatism Leaves Little Room For Compassion, No Mater What His Spinners Will Say 8/11/01
NOAH Bush Breaks Campaign Promise, Endorses OPEC, Higher Gas Prices 8/11/01
NOAH The Rumsfeld Death Watch 8/11/01
NYT Dr. Strangelove Plans To Tell The Russians To Take It Or Shove It 8/11/01
MSNBC Like The Unions, Will We Sell Out To Bush For Personal Gain? 8/11/01
BROOKS If Bush Can't Talk Normally In Public, Maybe He Can Just Read Speeches 8/11/01
CROWLEY The Conservative Dems Were Supposed To Be Putty In Bush's Hands. What Happened? 8/11/01
WILDMAN Laura Bush Survives By Being A Lump Of Putty 8/11/01
SLATE Look At Gigot's "Immoderate Ideology," Not His "Diplomatic Demeanor" 8/11/01
BRUS Why Is Gore's Beard So Scarey To Voters? 8/11/01
TAGGART Bush "No Fool," Is Either "Deeply Worrying Or Far More Sinister" 8/10/01
NYT Bush Agress To Give Citizenship To Undisclosed Number Of Mexican Illegals Without Input Of Congress 8/10/01
NYT Stem Cell Bush Uses "Words Of Compassion To Mask Campaign Promise To Conservatives" 8/10/01
NYT Bush "Waffles" On Stem Cell Research Question 8/10/01
BRUNI Bush Decision Raises Questions For Moderates In Both Parties 8/10/01
MILBANK Due To Ultra-Right Noise, Reporter Claims That Bush's Conservative Decision Was Not Conservative 8/10/01
SHAPIRO "Rather Than Taking Moderate Path, Bush Took More Conservative Route" 8/10/01
NYT Bush's Scientific Remarks Are News To Stem Cell Scientists In The Field 8/10/01
SHALES Bush Says "God Bless America" and Reporter Adds "God Bless Dan Rather" 8/10/01
CHYBA What About The Bush Morality Of Not Banning Biological Weapons? 8/10/01
NYT Chinese President Is A Bigger Bull-Thrower Than Bush 8/10/01
FRIEDMAN ...And Furthermore, He Knows The Kid's Parents 8/10/01
AP Russia Doubts U.S. Missile Defense 8/10/01
USA Daschle Criticizes Bush Missile Defense Plan 8/10/01
PELLEGRINI Dr. Strangelove's Lonely, Losing Battle 8/10/01
IND Bush Could Become World Ruler, If Only Dr. Stranglove Helps Find The Bucks 8/10/01
NYT Bush Congressmen Looking To Weaken School Accountability 8/10/01
HC Bush Rebates No Panacea To Listless Street 8/10/01
WT Protestors Visit Crawford To Oppose Bush's Energy Plan 8/10/01
BUNCOMBE Bush May Have To Defend His Energy Policies In Court 8/10/01
BURGER Ethics Experts Point To Karl Rove's New "Serious Omission" 8/10/01
FT Harris Used Her State-Funded Computers To Do Personal Political Work 8/10/01
SPT Our Bush Watcher In Russia 8/10/01
LIZZA Bush Social Security Commission Not Biased? Why Do They Favor Conservative Cato Website, Rather Than Their Own? 8/9/01
ROSZAK Bush Plan Could Turn Phony Crisis Into Social Security Disaster 8/9/01
IVINS People Getting Tax Checks, Hearing Of Social Security Without Money At Same Time. Well, Dah. 8/9/01
FT Retail Sales Slump Forces Economy Lower, Sets Stage For Bush Tax Check Bribe "Solution" 8/9/01
WP Stocks Continue To Reel With Fed Bad News 8/9/01
BOGGAN Dictator Bush Wants To Rule The World Through Space-Based Laser Blasters 8/9/01
NORTON-TAYLOR Bush Threatens The World In His Search For Absolute Security 8/9/01
NYT Dr. Strangelove Has Deadline. It's Either Put America At Defense Risk Now Or Pay For Bush Missile Plan 8/9/01
WP Strangelove's Do Nothing Budget Plans Will Put Our Nation's Defense At Risk 8/9/01
NYT Daschle Speech Will Accuse Bush Of Single-Minded Approach To National Security 8/9/01
WP Daschle Will Step Up Attack On Bush For Lacking Foreign Policy Leadership 8/9/01
MADSEN Big Oil Is Really Driving Bush Foreign Policy 8/9/01
RC Bush, Daschle Will Clash In Colorado Senate Race Next Week 8/9/01
MCFN Hillary Says Bush Foreign Policy In Wrong Direction 8/9/01
TIME Bush Energy Plan's The Last Thing The Power Industry Needs 8/9/01
AP Bush EPA Will Change Rule, Allow More Industrial Pollution 8/9/01
HERBERT Air Is Bad Right Now, Bush Wants To Make It Worse 8/9/01
AP Bush COE Will Allow Industries To Fill In More Wetlands 8/9/01
CORN Bush Fall Program Will Ignore Social Ills, Use MTV, Nickelodeon To Spin Happy Face 8/9/01
COHN Bush Will Promise Compassion But Deliver Little To Those Who Really Need It 8/9/01
NYT ED Bush Census Method Presently Being Used Is An Expensive Waste, Lacking In Compassion To Minorities 8/9/01
WP ED Given The Census Data, Why Isn't Bush Helping Hispanic Children To Learn? 8/9/01
IVINS Republicans Trying To Spin Away From Bush War On Women 8/9/01
COHEN His Behavior Shows Bush To Be A Religious Divider, Not A Uniter 8/9/01
REGISTER Bush FBI Nominee Lied To The Senate Last Week 8/9/01
GUARDIAN Bush Goes To Can-I-Bunk-Off For Long Vacation, But What About Us? 8/9/01
MH Bush Has Broken The Record For Days Off, Probably Naps Taken 8/9/01
AP Bush Campaign Material Found On Harris' Florida Office Computers 8/9/01
PBP Harris Had Official Press Release Announcing Razor-Thin Bush Win Prior To Counting The Votes 8/9/01
AMPOL Questions Asked About Medical Findings In Florida Death Case 8/9/01
NYT Maureen Reagan, Activist, Dies Of Cancer 8/9/01
GEARANAshcroft Keeps Straight Face, Tells ABA That Bush Is Not Political Re Judge Choice 8/8/01
WPBush's Ashcroft Defends Auto Giant In Supreme Court Against Disabled Woman 8/8/01
CSTEven Bush Attorney Agrees The Supremes Have Damaged Themselves, Big Time 8/8/01
NZHPressure Building On Bush To Reveal Names Of Energy Advisors 8/8/01
O'SULLIVANCompassioneering Is A No-Win Strategy 8/8/01
GUARDIANAmericans Angered To Learn Bush Hast Spent Half Of His Residency On Vacation 8/8/01
ALLENNo, I've Counted And It's ONLY 42% Time Off For Bush 8/8/01
APBush Says His Mind Is On Vacation, But His Mouth Is Working Overtime. 8/8/01
PRAVDARussians Appear To Believe Internet Story About Bush's Low I.Q. 8/8/01
CHBTypical Bush Vague Bill, Weak Oversight Means Faith-Based Racists, Haters, Mixed-Nuts Get Fed Funding 8/8/01
RIDGEWAYBush Continues Turning U.S. Into A Theocracy 8/8/01
NYTBush-Approved Police Riot In Genoa Draws Scorn Throughout Europe 8/8/01
INDKnow-Nothing Media Of Little Help When Bush Goes Abroad 8/8/01
INDBush Evicts Arctic Inuit Families To Make Way For Missile Defense Base 8/8/01
KRUGMANBush Commission Run By Dishonest Politicized Liars Disinterested In Saving Social Security 8/8/01
DREWBush Tax Cut Tells Us What We Need To Know About His Intentions 8/8/01
MABush Is Out To Destroy The Gains Of The Civil Rights Movement--Waters 8/8/01
NYTAmerican Students See Clinton As The Ed Prez, Not Bush 8/8/01
WSWS"Know-Nothing" Bush House Votes To Ban Therapeutic Cloning 8/8/01
WHARTONDems Living In Fantasy Land Over Bush, GOP 8/8/01
DNTMinn. Dem Rep. Admits Bush Gave Him Quid Pro Quo To Bend Over On Alaska 8/8/01
PAGEComeback Could Be Tough For Gore 8/8/01
GUARDIANNader Initiative Just One More Attack On The Dems 8/8/01
NYTGreen Party Candidate Finds He's A Republican Pawn 8/8/01

BALZ-BRODERRoad Ahead Looks Rough For GOP Governors 8/8/01
NYTInvestigation Shows Katherine Harris Lawyers Lied About Use Of Office Computers During Vote Crisis 8/8/01
HUFFINGTONWhat Should We Do About 6 Million Disenfranchised Voters? 8/8/01
NFDNWoman In Congressman's Office Killed By "Blow To The Head" 8/8/01
ANANOVAMagazine Ostracised Over Bush Twins' "Jailbird" Spread 8/8/01
BWBush Watch Ostracised Over Reporting Of Magazine Spread 8/8/01
USA ED Bush Screwed Us Big Time, The Entire Surplus Is Already Gone 8/7/01
FT Survey Shows Bleaker Layoff Picture Than Bush Pretends 8/7/01
USA Most Americans Think Bush Is Goofing Off With Too Much Vacation Time--Gallop Poll 8/7/01
NYT ED Stand By For Daily Spin Reports On How Hard Our Dictator Is Working 8/7/01
NYT Media Whores Picking Up Bush Spin Of "Working" Vacation 8/7/01
BBC Bush Glad To Be Leaving Washington So He Can Get Some Work Done 8/7/01
SORENSON Why Do The Polls Report Most Like Bush If Most Hate His Actions, Agenda? 8/7/01
BOEHLERT How Bush's FCC Head Is Helping To Limit Free Speech In America 8/7/01
PFAFF With Dictator Bush And Our Bananna Republic, The Military Determines Foreign Policy 8/7/01
AP As Bush Goes It Alone, China Does Too, Sending Missile Components To Pakistan 8/7/01
ANANOVA Brit Protesters Remind Bush Of Hiroshima 8/7/01
CD Russia Says Bush Exaggerates "Rogue State" Threat 8/7/01
ALTER If Bush Is Really Worried About Rogue State Terrorism, Why Did He Abandon The Bio-weapons Accord? 8/7/01
IHT Bush Scorns The Real Latin America, Living In An 80's Contra Dream World 8/7/01
AP Spray We Must! Bush Says Spray Peasants With Round-Up Or We Cut Off U.S. Funding For Colombia 8/7/01
WP Governors Realize Bush Is Messing Up Their Lives On Ed, Energy, Medicaid, Budget 8/7/01
CBS GAO Considering Fed Law Suit Vs. Cheney To Obtain Energy Records 8/7/01
USA Top Congressional Investigator Clashes With Cheney Over Documents 8/7/01
NYT Bush-Cheney Left Energy Cop Twisting In The Wind, So He Quits 8/7/01
NYT Bush Energy Chief Makes Governors An Offer They Can't Refuse 8/7/01
NYT El Paso Is Suffering From Bush's Unwillingness To Help Poor Kids As Texas Governor 8/7/01
CD How Will Bush "Help Children" By Weakening Restrictions On Tobacco? 8/7/01
COHEN What's The Morality Of Letting People Die? 8/7/01
BLACKBURN Bush Social Security Plan Ignores Those Disabled By Sickness, Accident 8/7/01
DIONNE Dems Tell Bush To Forget His Religious Welfare Plan 8/7/01
AA African National Congress Says Bush Can't Dictate Terms Of Racism Conference 8/7/01
KURTZ New Look Gore Back From Exile 8/7/01
CT ED Folks Will Come To The Polls If You Give 'Em An Extra Day Off 8/7/01
WICKHAM Election Reform Fails When It Is Left Up To The States 8/7/01
KURTZ White House Angered By Talk Spread On Bush Twins 8/7/01
NYT Nader Says He Has No Regrets That Bush Was Elected, Protesting Progressives Depict Him As Pawn 8/6/01
NYT Bush Wants His Finger On The Outer Space Deadly Laser Button 8/6/01
SPLEEN Dictator Bush Declares War On Public Information, Both Here And Abroad 8/6/01
WP ED Bush Justice Department Helping To Censor The News 8/6/01
TELEGRAPH Bush's Man In Berlin Shocks German Government, Draws Protest 8/6/01
CT Big Oil Gets Ready For Bush-Backed Drilling Binge 8/6/01
LAT ED Bush Wants Us To Pay A High Price In Alaska For A Little Oil 8/6/01
SCHAFER Auto Unions Sell Out The Environment To Bush For The Promise Of Jobs 8/6/01
GURNON If Congress Won't Act Against Pollution, Let's Do Something Ourselves 8/6/01
AP Teddy Rooselvelt IV, A GOP Banker, "Disappointed" With Bush Alaskan Idea 8/6/01
BALZAR Alaskan Rep. Don Young Is "Too Stupid To Understand," But We're Not 8/6/01
BG ED While Bush Mouths His "Concern" For Land Mine Victims, He Won't Do Anything To Ban Them 8/6/01
BG ED Bush Peace Corps Nominee Is A Really Bad Choice 8/6/01
IHT Bush Tells Missouri To Screw The Fish, Birds 8/6/01
WP Bush Spokespeople Fail To Provide Unified Response To Kyoto Accord Plan 8/6/01
GUARDIAN Dems Plan To Block Money For Bush Missile Plan 8/6/01
NYT Conservatives Push Bush Missile Shield On Cap Hill 8/6/01
WSWS Father Of FCC Head Wants NATO-Like Alliance Pointed At China 8/6/01
AP Putin-Kim Agreements Designed To Send Message To Bush 8/6/01
NP It's Cheney Vs. Powell Re U.S. Mideast Policy 8/6/01
AN Mubarak Warns Bush About Deteriorating Situation In Occupied Territories 8/6/01
BLOOM Bush Likely To Pay Tax Bribe With Social Security, Medicare Money--Daschle 8/6/01
CSM Fewer People Interested In Trading Stocks For Social Security 8/6/01
WP ED Social Security Should Be Funded By Partial Repeal Of Ill-Advised Bush Tax Cuts 8/6/01
KUTTNER Bush Is Bombing On Social Security 8/6/01
NYT Sen Byrd Just Won't Accept "Stupid Tax Cut" 8/6/01
CT Bush Putting Inexperienced Children Of Political Buddies On Federal Benches 8/6/01
SCOTS Bush Aides Worried That His Policies Make Him Look Like A Big Business Right-Winger.( Well, Dah.) 8/6/01
GLASTON Bush Push For Character Can't Unite A Country Divided Over His Legislation 8/6/01
KETTLE Overly-Rested Bush Is Out Of Touch With American People 8/6/01
NYT ED The Carter-Ford Vote Prosal Is "Meek," And Bush Response Is Tepid 8/6/01
USA ED Bush Is Buying Into an "Underfunded Fraud" Of An Immigration System 8/6/01
ITT Pentagon Can't Find Hydrogeon Bomb In Georgia 8/6/01
RC Think "Elizabeth Dole" When Helms Leaves In 2002 8/6/01
WP ED Didn't The Dems Understand That A Vote For The Bush Tax Cut Was A Vote Against Their Entire Agenda? 8/5/01
AP Nader Begins Campaign To Re-Elect Bush In Oregon 8/5/01
GEDMIN When Bush Says "America's Interest" He Really Means His Own "Small-Minded" Agenda 8/5/01
BALZ Voters In The Middle Still Find It Hard To Believe That Bush Is As Ineffective As He Appears To Be 8/5/01
NYT History Suggests Dr. Strangelove's Hawkish Foreign Policy Will Continue To Govern Bush 8/5/01
NYT North Korea Indicates Bush's Fears Of Them Are Groundless 8/5/01
KRUGMAN There's More Oil In Bush Than There Is In Alaska 8/5/01
AP Bush Payoff To Unions Who Bent Over For Alaska Was Worked Into Energy Bill 8/5/01
AP LieberMac Seeks Mandatory Restrictions On Greenhouse Gases 8/5/01
NYT ED Bush-Approved Patients' Rights House Bill Too Weak To Keep HMOs Honest 8/5/01
REUTERS Now That Bush Has Gained Major Concessions From GOPs Norwood, He Says He Won't "Compromise Further" 8/5/01
BRODER Do We Realy Want To Be "Bipartisan" And "Get Things Done" If They're The Wrong Things? 8/5/01
NYT ED Subtext...Al's Decided To Run Again, Rather Than Serve Dems As Spokesman Against Bush 8/5/01
DOWD Where Was Al When George and Dick Were Strip-Mining The Nation? 8/5/01
NYT Profile Of Bush's "Fast Track" Guy Doesn't Mention It's A Way To Avoid Workers' Rights 8/5/01
NYT Silent Workers Are Beginning To Accept Workplace Role As Interchangeable Parts 8/5/01
IGNATIUS Perhaps The Irrationality Of The Consumer Is A Good Match For An Irrationale Bush Economic Plan 8/5/01
NYT Bush Ed Chief Is The White House's Invisible Man 8/5/01
USN Just Like In Big Biz, Bush Gives Gravy To Very Top Aides, Stiffs The Rest 8/5/01
NYT Bush Wants To Shift From Conservative Legislation To "Compassionate" Spin In The Fall 8/5/01
REUTERS Dems Want To Focus On Ugly Bush Budget In The Fall 8/5/01
NYT Docs Say Bush Hasn't Missed Day Of Work, But Don't Say He Works Less Than Any Modern President 8/5/01
NYT Although Jeb's Approval Is Below 50%, Poll Says He'd Still Beat Reno, Who'd Win The Dem Primary 8/5/01
KEYSSAR The "Innocent" Carter Plan That Bush Ignores Through Inaction Does Not Even Address The Real Faults In Our Voting System 8/5/01
AP Breyer Tells ABA About Supreme's Methods, But Take No Questions From Lawyers 8/5/01
AP ABA Still Comments On Bush Judicial Choices, But For The Dems, Not The White House 8/5/01
REUTERS If Bush Isn't Dumb, Why Is He Spending August In Hell Of Texas Heat? 8/5/01
BOXER Notes Toward A Hermeneutics Of Moneca Musings 8/5/01
NYT ED Bush's Recent Triumphs Are In Political Tactics, Not Substance 8/4/01
BRUNI Bush Offers Selective Self-Critique, Campaign Rhetoric Of First Six Months, Dem Says Talk=B+, Action=D 8/4/01
WP While Bush Still Talks Bipartisan, CQ Study Shows His Actions Have Created More Partisanship 8/4/01
MC GRORY Bush's Ideal Citizen Is A Right-Wing Male CEO Of A Fortune 500 Company 8/4/01
BG ED Bush House Version Of Patients' Rights Is Poison Pill 8/4/01
PEAR Bush House Bill For Patients' Rights Favors HMOs, Senate's Favors Consumers 8/4/01
MH ED Balance Between Consumer, Producer Lacking In Bush Energy Plan 8/4/01
NZH Bush House Vote Seen As Crushing Defeat To Environmentalists 8/4/01
LAT ED Bush "Dishonest" Energy Bill A "Giant Giveaway To Energy Industry" 8/4/01
NYT Feds Are Paying Energy Companies To Use Dirty Coal Rather Than Cleaner Fuels 8/4/01
REUTERS Cheney Says He Will Not Give Secret Energy Documents To GAO 8/4/01
NYT Lieberman, Mac, Troubled By Bush Attitude Re Global Warming, Propose Bill 8/4/01
SB ED Bush Has Yet To Keep His Promise Re NAS Gas Mileage Report 8/4/01
AP GM Gives NGA Governors Free SUVs, Gas Money 8/4/01
SMH Bush Refuses To Participate In International Ban On Land Mines 8/4/01
WILLIAMS Dr. Strangelove Tries To Con Congress, Citizens With Doubletalk About Alaskan Missile Site 8/4/01
NYT Bush Tells Farmers They "Won" Because He Gave Them $2 Billion Less Than The Senate Dems Asked For 8/4/01
OCW Bush Nominates Inexperienced Failed Supervisor, GOP Fundraiser To Lead Peace Corps 8/4/01
NYT Economy Shows "Glimmers Of Hope" But No Promise Of Upturn 8/4/01
WP Mass Boy Scouts Adopt "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" 8/4/01
NYT NY Mayor Giuliani Bunking With "Happily Married" Gay Couple 8/4/01
SPT ED Bush-Backing Tampa Police Were Wrong To Arrest Protesters 8/4/01
AP Bush Vacation Days From White House Sets Record Pace 8/4/01
MILBANK"So Now That I've Kissed Your Ass, What Do I Have To Do To Get A Deal?" --Bush to Norwood 8/3/01
REUTERS House Patients' Rights Vote Favoring Bush Was Clearly A Partisan Victory 8/3/01
REUTERS Bush Faces Tough Senate Fight Over Drilling 8/3/01
NYT GOP Passed House Energy Package Because Labor Bent Over For Bush 8/3/01
CD 36 House Dems Gave Bush Green Light To Drill Alaska 8/3/01
CBC Canada Hopeful Bush Arctic Drilling Plan Will Be Squashed In Senate 8/3/01
MARQUEZ Bush Slays Vampires So HE Can Suck Blood Out Of Alaska 8/3/01
OW "New Bush Plan Would Gut Clean Air Act, Create More Pollution" --Critic 8/3/01
TS Pentagon Talks Of Military Domination Of World From Space 8/3/01
IHT Top U.S. Official Resigns Because Bush Is Caving To Tobacco Industry Buddies 8/3/01
HARRISON Bush Turning North Korea Into The Enemy To Fulfill His War-Like Prophecies 8/3/01
AP Bush Threats Have Driven North Korea And Russia Together 8/3/01
DAWN Father Of FCC Head Lies To Chinese In Bush's Name 8/3/01
ST To the U.N. Bush Is A Deadbeat Daddy 8/3/01
JTA U.N. Watch Director Says Arabs Holding Racism Conference Hostage With Anti-Jewish Proposal 8/3/01
IND Bush Substituting Irrational Emotion For Rationale Debate 8/3/01
WP Cheney's Been Quiet Because He Knows The GAO's Got Him In Its Sights 8/3/01
ADLER Bush Vs. Gore Has Caused Irreparable Harm 8/3/01
BUZZ Did The GE CEO Make The NBC Election Call For Bush? 8/3/01
NYT Gore's Back And He's Loaded For Bear 8/3/01
REUTERS Gephardt Blasts Bush Go-It-Alone Policies 8/3/01
WILENTZ Jimmy Carter's Rail On The Chief 8/3/01
ORNSTEIN Is Voting Outside The Booth Really A Good Thing? 8/3/01
GUARDIAN Hillary Leads Senate Rejection Of Bush Consumer Nominee 8/3/01
LAT ED Bush Lied To Us When He Said We Could Have A Tax Rebate Without Deficit Spending 8/3/01
GOODMAN Report From The Trenches Of The Tax Rebate Rebellion 8/3/01
NYT ED Only 3 Signatures Needed To Get Shays-Meehan Vote, And 9 Republican Co-Sponsors Have Yet To Come Aboard 8/3/01
REUTERS So Much For Bush Promises. Navy Plans To Attack Vieques For Years To Come 8/3/01
NYT Clinton Says He Wants To Spend His Life Giving To The People 8/3/01
CT Now Madam Butterfly Has Erased The Election Files In Palm Beach County 8/2/01
NYT Bush, Teamsters Win Drilling In Alaska From House 8/2/01
WP House Will Not Hold SUV's To Same Fuel Efficiency Standards As Passanger Cars 8/2/01
IVINS Bush Is Not Plain-Spoken Or Straightforward. He Opposes Something, Then Claims Credit For It 8/2/01
FINEMAN Bush Can Be Trusted To Tell Lies And More Lies To Congress 8/2/01
NYT Bush Strikes Secret Patients' Rights Agreement With GOP Rep, Calls It a Victory 8/2/01
NYT ED What Did Norwood Get For Selling Out His Own Cause To Bush? 8/2/01
WP Pentagon Lawyers Conclude Missile Defense Work In Alsaka May Violate Treaty 8/2/01
HARRISON North Korea Thinks Bush Sabotages Detente To Create An Excuse For Missile System 8/2/01
GUARDIAN The MADness Of Dictator George 8/2/01
PROG Now Bush Wants More And Newer Nuclear Weapons 8/2/01
PI Increasingly, U.S. Stands Alone On Global Issues 8/2/01
PROG How Bush's War On Women Hurts The Women Of Nepal 8/2/01
LYONS Bush Uses Female Dupes To Continue His War On Women 8/2/01
YORK Bush's Ideological Obstinacy Is Costing Him Politically 8/2/01
KCS Even Apolitical Consumers Union Can't Stand Bush Consumer Protection Nominee 8/2/01
NYT Hous GOP Turns Bush Vieques Promise Into Lie 8/2/01
O'REILLY Amnesty For Illegal Mexicans. Perhaps Good For Bush, But What About The Country? 8/2/01
WP Dems Offer Plan To Reform Immigration 8/2/01
STANFORD "Bush Is President Because The Supreme Court Cheated" 8/2/01
WP ABC Bush Poll Suggests Majority Of Those Polled Do Not Read Bush Watch
PROG Bush Bribes Us To Kiss Clean Air, Water, Decent Schools Goodby 8/2/01
WP Study Knocks Tax Cuts, Predicts Budget Woes 8/2/01
THOMAS Bush Bankers Really Worried As Wall Street Layoffs Build 8/2/01
HERBERT Bush-Backed Capital Punishment System In Texas "Riddled With Racism" 8/2/01
LEWIS Clinton Is Harlem's Visible Man 8/2/01
WP At Last, A Lib Version Of The Federalist Society 8/2/01
CONASON Robert Novak Trusted Russian Spy In FBI To Give Him Honest Dirt On Reno 8/2/01
COCCO Bush Has Lost The House, The Senate, The American People, And The World 8/1/01
ZOGBY Bush Performance Numbers Slip Under 50% For The First Time 8/1/01
CBC After Six Months Bush Has Made Us Alone 8/1/01
SCHRAM Bush Has Messed Us Up, Big Time 8/1/01
AP Europe Doesn't Like Bush's Attitude 8/1/01
DAVIDSON Hog-Tied In Domestic Politics, Bush Plays Dirty With The World 8/1/01
OLIPHANT Nominee To Ireland A Symbol Of What's Wrong With Bush Foreign Policy 8/1/01
ANANOVA Brit MP Says Bush Has "A Questionable Mandate And An Uncertain Future" 8/1/01
SB ED Bush Treatyphobia Provokes Needless Friction 8/1/01
TS ED Bush World View Leaves Allies Reeling 8/1/01
MEYERSON Bush's Pet Issues Are Destroying His Own Party 8/1/01
LAT ED Bush Has Already Taken Us Back To The Bad Old Days Of Deficit Spending 8/1/01
SPERLING Take Bush Warnings Of Death Of Social Security Seriously, Because He's Doing The Killing 8/1/01
LAT GOP Scurrying To Get Out Of Our Way As Bush Budget Crumbles 8/1/01
KRUGMAN Bush-O'Neill's Wrong-Headed Support Of The Dollar Signals The End Of The Ponzi Scheme 8/1/01
STEIN A Word From Bush's Hero Of The Economic Recession 8/1/01
NYT Treasury Forced To Borrow Money To Pay For Tax Rebate Checks 8/1/01
NYT House Rejects Bush Attempt To Gain Fast Track Trade Control 8/1/01
NYT Bush Nominations Of Reagan's Human Rights Contra Abusers Opens Old Wounds 8/1/01
NYT Even Some Energy Execs Feel Bush Has Gone Too Far In Killing Pollution Controls 8/1/01
NYT ED Bush Energy Plan Is "A Dismal Compendium Of Tired Ideas Favoring The Coal, Oil And Gas Industries." 8/1/01
OS Bush Upfront Payback To Energy Companies Through His Energy Bill Runs Into the Billions 8/1/01
NYT As Bush Continues His War On Women, GOP Wonders Why Women Don't Support Them 8/1/01
NYT Senate Stiffs Bush, Rejects His Limits On Farm Aid 8/1/01
NYT Bush Backers Just Love The Ineffiency Of the B-1 Bomber 8/1/01
VV Bush Wants To Substitute No-Sex Ed For Sex Ed 8/1/01
REUTERS Kennedy Introduces Bill To Protect Gays From Discrimination 8/1/01
HESS Bush Underminning Gun Control Laws 8/1/01
AP NRA Puts Bush's Ashcroft On Its Magazine Cover 8/1/01
TVI Waxman Asks About Video Showing NBC CEO Pressuring News Division For Bush Victory 8/1/01
AP Bush Lukewarm On Election Reforms 8/1/01
LAT "Clinton Is The Man, Bush Is The Mannequin" 8/1/01

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