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O'HANLONWinning With the Military Clinton Left Behind 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Rehnquist Uses War To Complain About Judicial Holdups 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

JEFFORDS My Way, The High Way 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BUMILLER Bush "has claimed powers, and tried to aggrandize the office," but faces problems in congress. 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LAT '02 Elections Shaping Up As Cliffhanger. [So What Else Is New?] 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Hammer Bush For Terrorism Focus At Expense Of Social Programs 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

PETRUNO Another Losing Year For The Stock Market 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Prudential Securities Analyist Says Enron's Traders Told "Lies" To Public 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Majority Of Americans Believe That Shortchanging Social Programs Worth It For Terrorism War Effort--Poll 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

TRAFFORD Santa Bush Gives Lump Of Coal Leaderlessness To Mentally Disabled 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Since Bush Left Texas, Executions Have Gone Down. Oklahoma Now In Lead. 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LETTERS Teachers, City Workers, Civil Liberties Have Not Done Well Under Guiliani 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LEDERMAN Rudy's Farewell Speech And His "Delusional Personality" 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BG India Backs Off Brink As Pakistan Arrests Key Terrorist 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. May Send In Troops To Search For Omar 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Appoints Muslim With Conservatie Defense Ties, Official In Father's Admin, As Special Envoy To Afghanistan 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

CLAWSON Another Hawk Checks In With Call To Remove Sadam 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN See, There's This Country Named "Argentina," and... 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

MC GOVERN While We Can't Free World From Conflict, We Can Halt World Hunger 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP GAO Concerned About Conflict Of Interest Between Universities, Science Projects 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Mineta, Who Previously Reported Security Personnel Won't Need High School Education, Now Tells Us We'll Pay Up To $10 More Per Trip For Their Services 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Since May, BushAdmin Has Implemented Only 25% Of Its Own Energy Changes Under Its Control 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Oregon Ill Fight Aschcroft's Actions To Change State Law 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Foreign Diplomats Complain About Ashcrof's Secret Detainees 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BG Harry Potter Burned At The Stake 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

MILLER Global Media Cartel Provides World With Imaginary Content 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

FULWOOD Media Creates Myth, Calls It "News" 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

KLINGS Blame FBI, CIA, Not Clinton Or Bush 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Bush Will Ignore Rule On Informing Congress Of Intelligence Actions 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Senate Intelligence Head Says Bush Must Do More About India-Pakistan Conflict 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHULTZ Bush Is Not Revealing Risks Of Anthrax Vaccine To Potential Users 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED D.C. Health Director Is Against Using The Vaccine, And Other Eye-Openers 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Has Lacked Enough Anti-Radiation Drugs Since '79 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHERER Suprise! Falling Interest Rates Don't "Trickle Down" To The Poor 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Tough Signs Pinch Pay, Benefits, If You're Working At All 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

STEVENSON Bush's Budget Director Girds for a Tough Year 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

WEBBER Enron's Absurd Financial Strategies Made Failed Dot- Coms Look Careful, And More 2001 Lessons 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Sept 11 Survivors Say They're Being "Short-Changed" By Government 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

RASPBERRY Do These Airline Stories Make You Feel More Secure? 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT While Bush's Texas House Is Eco-Friendly, His D.C. Environmental Policies Are Not 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

WALSH Laura Bush's "Pollyana" Attitude Is "A Tad Naive" Says Fluff Piece Writer 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

MC QUILLAN Bush Still "Bristles" When Reporters Question His Lifestyle 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Of Course Bush Has Changed, He Was "Misbriefed" On The Lifestyle Question 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

BORGER Spin, Moral Arrogance, Obfuscation Still Alive At Bush White House 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF Majority Of Americans Are Now Willing To Forgo Dissent In Name Of Patriotism. That's Not Right. 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

CHAPMAN No, Americans Have Refused To Let Fear Override Principles 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED We Shouldn't Give Our Repressive Allies The Benefit Of The Doubt 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED One Writer's View Of The Year That Was 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

OATES Is "Healing" Just A Fancy Word For Forgetting? 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES Author Links Bush Family To Nazis 12.31.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Nation's Leaders Failed To Heed Warnings Of Terrorism Experts Before 11 Sept. 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

EVANS Bush Politics "Stymied" May Congressional Hearings On Official Report Warning Of Terrorist Threat 12.29.01

SCHEMEMANN Bush Zero Tolerance For Terrorism May Backfire 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

KAHN Terrorism Can Be Fought With Workable Economic Plans For Threatened Countries 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

HALLINAN U.S. Cooking Up Coup In Venezeula? 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS Most Likely War Consequences Of India-Pakistan Nuke Threat 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Terrorists Would Be Winners Of An India-Pakistan War 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

AHMED India And Pakistan Must Remember All That They Share 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

HIRO Irreconcilable Differences Were There From the Start 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

PFAFF Will U.S. World Order Rest On Culture Or Military Might? 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

YAHOO Zinni Returns To ME With Mitchell Plan 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ME PEACE ACTIVISTS JOIN FORCES 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENWAY Six New Year's Resolutions The U.S. Should Make 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

JT Treasured Christmas Moments In A Muslim Country 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Afghan Women's Movement Urges Females To Unveil 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Deal Reached On Peacekeeping In Afghanistan 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BRAUCHLI Intolerance Of Dissent Poisons National Debate 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

RIVERS Some Purchase More Flags, Others Purchase More Copies Of Constitution 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

ZWEIFEL Has The Bill Of Rights Become A Subversive Document? 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BULIK Perils Of Balancing Civil Liberties And National Security Through Tribunals 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Investigations Suggest Wide Al Qaeda Presence In U.S. 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP POWs Say They Saw Bin Laden 14 Dec. 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Extremists Exploit Anarch To Tap Into Congo Diamond Trade 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Feds Decide Airline Security Personnel Need No High School Education 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Attack GOP On Its Lack Of Bipartisanship 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BERKE Dems See Domestic Agenda In Shambles As Bush Portrays Self As War Leader 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

PEAR Your Money Or Your Mind? 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BOYD Year End List Focuses Upon Progress And Opportunity 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON In The Media Mix, What Happens To Music? 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Hatch Lies When He Claims GOP Did Not Obstruct Clinton's Nominees 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

JOHNSON Pathological Liar Gets His Own Talk Show 12.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BALZAR Swing-Voting "Airheads" Muck Up Politics For The Rest Of Us 12.29.01

SCHEER Is Bush Still An Enron Fan? 12.29.01

AP Bush Selects Enron Workers In Houston To Be "Concerned About" (end of story) 12.29.01

REUTERS Bush Observes There Are Enron Investigations Going On, Says Nothing About Contact With Ex-Enron Officials In His Administration 12.29.01

REUTERS Enron Has A Substantial Stake In Gas And Oil Fields In India 12.29.01

KELLER Bush Thinks You Wouldn't Understand What His Nuclear Missile Defense Plan Is Really About 12.29.01

EVANS Bush "Stymied" May Congressional Hearings On Official Report Warning Of Terrorist Threat Because Of Politics 12.29.01

IVINS How We Could Still Lose In Afghanistan 12.29.01

WP Bush Will Allow Contractors To Break Laws And Still Be Given Gvt. Jobs 12.29.01

WP ED Bush Needs To Stop His Administration's Screwing Of Native Americans 12.29.01

NYT Pakistan Moves Against Groups Named By India 12.29.01

AFP Pakistani Officer Warns Of Nuclear War Danger With India 12.29.01

SCOTT-JOYNT Bishop holds the west to account over its role in the Middle East and beyond 12.29.01

CHERNUS Is Bin Laden The Lord Of The Rings? 12.29.01

AYOOB New Muslim-American Agenda Needed For Clarity 12.29.01

WP Focus Has Been Placed On San Diego As Vantage Point For Terrorist Investigations 12.29.01

VINCENT Many Traveling Americans Now Have Savior Fantasies 12.29.01

KUTTNER Airlines Need Real, Not Pretend, Safety 12.29.01

LAT Shoe Bomber Reportedly Attanded Al Qaeda Terrorist Camp In Afghanistan 12.29.01

NYT ED Try Al Qaeda Leaders As Criminals, Not Soldiers 12.29.01

NYT Draft Rules For Tribunals Do Not Ease All Worries 12.29.01

SUN Cheney-Backed Group Publishes Report Called "Blacklist," As University Professors Remember McCarthyism 12.29.01

WP Oklahoma Edges Texas In Number Of Executions 12.29.01

AP 43,000 Students With Drug Convictions Face Denial Of Aid 12.29.01

STEPHANOPOULOS Johnson "Didn't Have The Courage To Act On His Doubts" About Winning The War 12.29.01

HIRSHMAN The Selective Blame Game Played By Conservatives 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

CRIMMINS A Diary Of Year One With Our Unelected President 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED After A Year, Many Serious Questions Remain About Bush 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Misguided Bush Leadership Leads To More Repression Around The World 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Still Enough Decent Politicians To Prevent The Very Worst From Happening...For Now 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOF Bush Must Do More In India-Pakistan Crisis 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

CHELLANEY The Fault Lies With Pakistan's Military 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP BushAdmin Fears Pakistan Focus May Be Shifting From Afghanistan To India 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

PERLE BushAdmin Hawk Says Swine Saddam Must Be Crushed 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NEWHOUSE U.S., Iran Have More In Common Than Either Admits 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Campaign to alter Muslims' image of US falls short 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED War Of Ideas Still Going On Between U.S., Bin Laden 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

QUSTI What is happening to Saudi society? 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

SHAW Long Winter Ahead For American Dissent 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Draft Tribunal Sets Rights Of Terror Suspects 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Rubber Staps Trade Relations With China 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

FEER Trade Disputes With China Are On The Horizon 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT American Aide Meets Chinese on U.S. Pullout From ABM Pact 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Abandons Skepticism, Calls For More Funds To Deal With Russian Nukes 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

MARKS Reuters, UPI Warned Of Bin Laden Attack In June, Press Too Busy With Condit 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Afghan Officials Say Bin Laden's In Pakistan 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Terror Cells Slip Through Europe's Grasp 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Impovrished Shoe Bomber Spent Lavishly On Travel 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT As Security Demands Grow, Street Smarts Take to the Air 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Airline Denies Ethnic Profiling Kept Bush Guard Off Flight 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

JENKINS Airlines Have No Credibility, But Gvt. Deadlines ARE Unrealistic 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTER Border War On Drugs Suggests Difficulties Of War On Terrorism 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

HILL Bush Approved Ed Plan Calls For Tail Wagging Dog With No Funding To Do So 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Ex-Sen George Mitchell Will Try To Restore Red Cross Credibility 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Opinions On What We Learned In 2001 12.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Against Death Penalty? Get On Proposed Virginia Registry And Pay To Keep Your Killer Alive. Not. 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

HASSON Is This A War Between Pluralism And Those Who Believe In Absolute Fact? 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

JEHL Holy War Lured Saudis As Rulers Looked Away 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

SHOGREN Bush Makes Environment Victim Of 11 Sept. 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush And His Commission Are No Help On Social Security 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Bush Has Become The Captive Of The Various D.C. Agencies He Vowed To Contain As A Candidate 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON Bad News When Madmen Lead the Blind 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Indian Missiles Put 'in Position' on Pakistani Border 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Powell Tries To Ease Kashmir Tension 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Two Pakistani Groups Called Terrorists 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Afghani Official Says His Gvt. Will Destroy World's Number One Opium Trade 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

POPHAM US Propaganda War in Danger as Hunt for bin Laden Drags On 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT New Osama Video Shows Him Tired And Gaunt, But Alive 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Brits Say Unlikely That Sneaker Bomber Acted Alone 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

BG London mosque is called magnet for extremist recruiters 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

PBP Firm Suggests Replacing Green Card With Invasive Microchip 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED "Putin's domestic policies frequently violate Western norms of democracy and human rights." 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

LIPMAN "Ultranationalist Monster" Says He Loves America 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

BRAINARD Our Textile And Apparel Protections Harm National Security 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Enron Started To Give Money To Dems Right Before Crash 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Dems Seek To Use Economy For Election Edge 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Office Pool 2002 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Business Killings Take Place As Internet Enters Reconstruction Phase 12.27.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON Bush spends "military funds with alacrity and generosity" but provides anti-poverty funds "with miserliness." 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Boeing Pork Will Cost Us Extra Hundreds Of Millions 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bioterrorism's Tangled Course 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

MUWAKKIL Should Homegrown Terrorism Be Targeted? 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Terrorism, The Economy, And Politics 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Designer Labels' Decisions Hurting Pakistani Economy 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Another Deadly, Errant US Attack is Alleged 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CORN We Need To Make Amends For Rumsfeld's Errant Bombs 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

INDERFURTH Land-Mine Casualties Have Jumped to 15 a Day 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

HC Servicemen Exposed In Tests Await Aid 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

OWUS Rights Activists Worry Over U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Is Playing South Asian Brinksmanship 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

DAVIS "George and our Christian country don’t have the courage for the adventure of Christ’s teachings" 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

GORDON Iraq Is Much Tougher Target Than Afghanistan 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Unpredictable Judge To Preside In First Terrorist Case 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Attacks On Bush Tribunal Plan Looking At Laws In Other Nations 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Uses Exec. Privilege Again To Stonewall Congressional Inquiries 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

YAHOO Israel hit by criticism over Christmas ban on Arafat 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Israel reveals secrets of how it gained bomb 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

COCCO If Recession is the Enemy, Then We're Losing the War 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM As Recession Hits, One Million Workers Fired 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

SANDERS A Year of Contrasts: Courage, Sacrifice and …Corporate Greed 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Will We Support The War With Fewer Victories? 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Security Fears Have U.S., Canada Rethinking Border Control 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

ROEPER Bush Shilling In Travel Industry TV Ad We Keep Seeing 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN "Everyone Flies Naked, Nobody Worries" 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM America's Ports Vulnerable, Even With More Patrols 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

MINER Bush Plays Scrooge to Our Nation's Schoolchildren 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Leaving No Child Behind Is More Expensive Than Bush Lets On 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED With Salmonella OKed, Bush Has Yet To Acknowledge "Serious Gap In Nation's Food Safety System" 12.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NEWSWEEK Joint Chiefs Study Plan To Invade Iraq With Ground Troops 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

BRESLIN It IS All About Oil 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Bush Emerges As The Leader Of Religious Right 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN The Scrooge Syndrome 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

LAZARUS Remember Reaganomics? Bush Does 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

BW Letter To Virgrinia 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED The Third Verse Of Christmas 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

SWARTZ Seasons Greetings From Bush Family's Houston, The Bipolar City 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Campaign Gifts To Bush, Etc., Lobbying Built Enron's Power In D.C. 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

KILBORN Santa, Snowmen, And Old Glory 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Pope's Christmas Message: No War In Name Of God 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Christmas Eve In Bethlehem, But No Arafat 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

LOEWENSTEIN "Israel appears to have difficulty applying its high human rights standards to non-Jews." 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND "Sharon Joins The ME 'Just Say No' Club" 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Desperation Sales Fail To Lure Shoppers 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

SANDERS Just Say "Enron" To Bush Social Security Fix 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Bush Social Security Plan Is To Eliminate Principle Of Social Security 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Blacks Who Voted Against Bush Support Him In Wartime 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

MITCHELL "Ali" Is "A Near-Great Movie" 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

SHATTUCK Secret Military Tribunals Will Not Make Us Any More Secure 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

MITCHELL Ridge Opening Center To Analyze Data 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Urgent Need To Make Skies Secure From Terrorist 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Flight 63 Near-Disaster Shows Airline Security Still Lax 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS FAA Supports Commerce, Not Airline Security --Official 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

PEAR Health Care Is New Darling Of Pork Spending 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

KATZ What Observers Of Saudi Royal Family Are Saying 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Operation Northwoods And "Bodywashing" 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS FBI Refuses To Release Aircrash Audio Tape To Grieving Families 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Report Faults Fiscal Review Re Nuke Plant Safety 12.25.01 www.bushreport.com

FISK "War For Civilisation": The Story Thus Far 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

RIVERS " War on terrorism - like the war on common sense - is here to stay." 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

SIDDIQUI "It is the innocent who paid the price on both sides." 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

CORN Is Selling Soap And The U.S. The Same Thing? 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMPBELL Pregnant Afghan Women Have Higher Mortality Risk Than Men On Battlefield 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Pakistan, India Mass Forces Along Border 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

CHANG Bush "Stunning Double Standard" Over American Slave Labor 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

NEWS ED Too Many Secrets Being Kept In The White House 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

IND Arthur Miller Accuses Bush Of Abusing Civil Rights 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE National ID Card Offers False Sense Of Security 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

GLANTON Christian Conservatives Now Hiding Behind Flag To Push Their Agenda 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

ROTHSCHILD The New McCarthyism 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

PROGRESSIVE Post Office Calls Cops On Patron Who Did Not Want American Flag Stamps 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

IND "Feverish Efforts" Being Made To Avert Bethlehem Christmas Crisis Between Arafat, Israel 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

BRZENINSKI Bush's Only Viable Option Is "Peaceful Intervention" With A Full And Specific Plan For ME Solution 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

DIEHL How A Bush Misstep Would Neuter NATO In Putin's Favor 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Foiled Airline Bomber Believed To Be British 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

BS Army Harvested Victims' Blood To Make Anthrax More Lethal 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Calls For "Needed" Stimulus Package, Then Pretty Much Ignores It For Political Gain 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Least Discussed Issue During Stimulus Debate Was Heath Services For Poor 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

GUZY Perhaps The Grinch Stole Enron 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

COSTANZA If Oil Corps Are So Hot To Drill ANWR, Let Them Put Up Bond Money Covering Worst Possible Scenario 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Three Signatures Short Of Voting Reform 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

RICHIE Why A Loser Gets To Run The Country 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON 2001 P.U.-Litzer Prizes Announced 12.24.01 www.bushreport.com

IGNATIUS Russia Won The Oil War In Afghanistan 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GM Pentagon Defends Bombing Of Convoy, Starts Probe Of It 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GEE The Mostly Right Stuff: How Americans Make War 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Why The Taliban War Strategy Failed 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GLENNON "Prisoners Of War" Or "Detainees" In Afghanistan? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Would-Be "Bomber" Subdued On Flight To U.S. 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WEINER 25 Things We Know: Summing Up 9/11 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT What Did We Miss As A Result Of 9/11? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENE Bush To Use High Approval Rating To Weaken Clean Air Act 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Predicts Year Of War For 2002 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rice Word Care "Sharp Counterpoint" To Bush Word Carelessness 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SHAPIRO Will Bush Have To Choose Between War On Terrorism And Addiction To Death Penalty? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

HUFFINGTON "The Enron Scandal: Why Was No One Minding The Store?" 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

COOK U.S. war "record almost invariably shows officials lie to the public about both the policy objective and the true scope of destruction." 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND How U.S. Wars Have Influenced Religion Worldwide 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WOOLLACOTT The Cold War is Long Over, But Star Wars Goes On 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

MILCHEN Is There A Reason We Don't Celebrate The Bill Of Rights On Dec. 15? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

FORUM Should U.S. Be Allied With Bad Human Rights Countries? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SALUTIN "Diminution in democracy happens...[and] a president won with fewer votes than his opponent." 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMPBELL Conservative "Patriots" Target Liberal Academics 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GOODSTEIN Secular Muslim Majority Rankled By Stereotyping 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SANGER The War Shifts To Pakistan 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "Pragmatic Palestine" Draws Roadmap For Peace 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

CARTER Precedents For ME Peace 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

AFP "Arafat says he will attend Bethlehem mass despite Israeli ban" 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT India Considering Military Response To Pakistani Terrorists 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SCIOLINO Are Bin Laden And Saddam Similar, Different, Or Both? 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Oklahoma Victims Ask "What About Us?" 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Body Is Identified as Missing Scientist 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SONTAG How The Red Cross Came Apart 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED The Battle For 2002 Wins Has Already Begun 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Pravda Vs. Putin. Global Politics Vs. Global Economics 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Prado Vs. Pravda. The Pit Vs. The Pitts 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

MURPHY Canada: "Deck The Halls With Pols Of Folly" 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

GRATZ "Elegant Christmas displays are fading in most downtowns." 12.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER What Will Bush Do About The Corrosive Afghan Relationship Between Church And State? 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

BG U.S. Attack May Have Hit Allies 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Defense Dept. Certain Destroyed Convoy Was Taliban 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NEUFFER Rivalries Simmer As New Regime Is Launched 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

GIESE Conservatives Become "Puppy Lovers" And Bush Becomes "A Saint" Just For Doing His Job 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

TUBANS Bush Is Wrong To Reject ABM Treaty 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WH "All In All, It's Been A Fabulous Year For Laura And Me" [sic] --Bush 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

OPPEL Former Enron CEO Says "Who, Me?" 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

ALTMAN The Economy May Be Facing New Hurdles 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

FREEMAN A Fair Wage Plan For Harvard Could Serve As Model For Us All 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Bush Responsible For D.C. Bickering --Early and Specific Proposals Equal Bipartisan Legislation 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Plans Budget Focus On Homeland Security Next Year 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

HOOK Bush Agenda Transformed By Looming Budget Deficits 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Really Tried To Link Anthrax Attacks To Iraq, But Failed 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Flight School Warned FBI Of Suspicions 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Walker Seen Facing Capital Charge 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

FRANK Did U.S. TV Ads Drive John Walker Wild? 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Wants NSC To Come Up With Justice Plan For Over Seven Thousand Captured 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN'S Barr First Floated Tribunal Proposal With Daddy Bush 13 Years Ago. Rejected Then. 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

KING U.S. Official Says Life For Women In Saudi Arabia "Every Bit As Bad As Described" 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Philippines Has Become New Terror War Front 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Palestinian Militants Battle Arafat's Forces 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Yemen Attack On Al Qaeda Nest "An Important Political Achievement" 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT India Recalls Pakistan Envoy Over Delhi Terrorist Attack 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Somalia, Egypt Eager To Show Anti-Terrorist Cooperation With U.S. 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Snarled Airport Holiday Travel Makes For Slow Going 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Ed Laws Meaningless Without Full Support Of White House 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Conservatives Have Changed National Endowment For The Arts Into Rubber Stamp For Middlebrows12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dick Schaap Dies At 67 12.22.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Soldier Loses Foot To Landmine In Afghanistan As Critics Charge BushAdmin Backing Away From Ban 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Congress "main achievement was to squander the budget surplus by passing the president's ill-advised tax cut." 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Texas Company With "Funeralgate" Connections To Bush Accused Of Desecration In Florida 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BW Funeralgate: Bush And Service Corporation International 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Contempt Hearing Against Bush's Norton In Second Week 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Facing A Loss On Stimulus Plan, Bush Took Bat, Ball And Went Home 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE If Bush Doesn't Rescind His Tax Cuts He's In For Big Trouble 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Public Wants Expanded War But Concerned About Economy, Health Issues --Poll 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Powell Wary Of Iraq, U.S. Eyes Somalia 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHORR If Bush-Croft Waive Death Penalty, They Would Get More Suspects Extradited 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN New Bin Laden Tape Translation Yields More Specifics 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOFF We're "Bolstering Backers Of Terrorism In Pakistan" 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Moves To Freeze Assets Of Pakistani Terrorist Group 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BURNS Pressure On Pakistani's Musharraf 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP "Arafat Facing Popular Revolt" 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN "Hamas Vows To End Suicide Attacks" 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Saudis Assail "Media Blitz" Against Them In The West 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CARR "Gvt. needs to formulate more detailed psychological profiles of Islamic terrorists." 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP FBI Considering Anthrax Letters May Have Been Sent For Financial Gain (Drugs, Clean-Up) 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP D.C. Anthrax Exposure Higher Than Thought 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

PENISTON "Information policies that protect bureaucrats instead of national security are inappropriate in a democracy." 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Walker Will Have To Face The Legal Consequences Of His "Serious Mistakes" 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Clinton And Aides Have Plan To Restore Battered Image 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SHACOCHIS Florida's Janet Vs. Jeb Promises To Be A "Smash-Hit Election" 12.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CONASON Whitewater Critics Quiet About Enron 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

SULLIVAN Rove's Enron Stock 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS What Happened To Bush's Vow To Restore "Honor And Dignity" To The White House? 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Bush "Treasury Damaging Tax Cuts" Just One Example Of Lack Of Vision 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Both Parties Say House Stimulus Compromise Has Little Chance In Senate 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Daschle Brushes Off Criticism, Sticks To Guns 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Dems Hope To Catch Bush On Steel Import-Curb Vote 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

KIEFER Idealogue Bush Seen As Moving Into "Flexible Conservative" Phase 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

GELLMAN Struggles Inside Gvt. Has Defined Campaign Against Terrorism 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Iraqui Defector Tells Of Recent Bio, Nuke, Chemical Weapons Sites 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED The Pressure Rises In Pakistan 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED War Moving Into Pakistan As "Practical Matter" 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED War Creep 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

SARID Bush Must Stop "Arafat, Sharon Deadly Dance" 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

LIPSKY Bush Talks Idealism, Practices Cynicism When It Comes To Jerusalem 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BELL Don't Let "Right To Know" Be A War Casualty 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Gives Health Dept. Permission To Keep Info Secret 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Safety Debate Begins Again Over Anthrax Shots 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "Muddled Message" On Anthrax Vaccine One More Miscommunication From Bush Health Officials 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Anthrax Vaccine Plan Shows Confusion 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Nation's Vaccine Maker Still Not Given Totally Clean Bill Of Health 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Appeals Court Overturns Policy Of Detaining Immigrants 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Walker's Case Poses Novel Legal Issues 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Nears Decision On Walker 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Burton Thinks Ashcroft May Be Inflating Terrorist Figures 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Bush Opposes Farm Bill, Senate Drops It 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT White House Scuttles Plans For GOP Ad Campaign 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Attacks Shelve GOP Effort To Woo Hispanics 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED House Six Votes Away From Campaign Finance Reform Bill 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Judge Sides With Dems, Unions Re Campaign Activities 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

VALENTI LBJ's Unwinnable War 12.20.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Defense Dept. Seeking Congress Approval For "Dirtiest" Nuke Weapon 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

BIDEN " Bush's decision to unilaterally walk away from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty is a serious mistake." 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED "Victims of anthrax exposure...are taking part in an experiment" 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Passed Bush Ed Bill Means More Paper Work Without Funding --Educators 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

ROTHSTEIN Bush Ed Bill "Breathtaking Intrusion" Of Feds Into States' Control 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

THOMAS "Bush would be making a big mistake...targeting Iraq" 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Bush Shouldn't Count On Allies' Help For Iraq War 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Wolfowitz Talks Of Search For Al-Qaeda Escapees In Other Countries 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN "U.S.-led War Against Terrorism" Enters Yemen 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Pakistan Must Take Action Against Extremist Groups --U.S. 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Al Qaeda Fighters Slip Into Pakistan 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SEDDON New Evidence Of U.S., Taliban Oil Connection 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Rumsfeld, Powell Fight Over Meaning Of Victory 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

NOVAK Senators Still Pushing Defense Pork In The Middle Of A War 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Key Questions About Enron 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SAMUELSON Fed Watchdog SEC "Did Little" To Check Enron Abuse. [Why?] 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS "I personally think [Enron] broke many laws." --Sen. Boxer 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Public's Concern Over The Economy Grows 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Misconduct Marks National Guard Command 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

USA House Members To Look Into Charges Of Guard Misconduct 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

GUILLERMO The FBI Makes House Calls 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Getting Bin Laden Not Enough --FBI 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHUCK Victims Of Sept. 11 Attacks Are Not Being Treated Equal 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Job Of Protecting Air Traveler Far From Done 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED New evidence reveals FAA's lax safety checks 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Airlines Said To Be Seekling Delays On Inspections 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED Why Should Native Americans Trust Bush's Norton? 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush May Approve Scalia's Kid Over Congress Objections During Recess 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

HERTZBERG What the Gore-Bush Recount Missed 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

KUHN How The Media Distorted The Florida Vote 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

BENEDETTO Dems Not Likely To Support Gore In '04 --Gallup Poll 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

INTERVIEW NYT's Scribe Lewis Looks Back On Career 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

KELLY "Draw The Line. Dare To Judge" 12.19.01 www.bushreport.com

ISAACS Bush's 12 Lumps Of Coal For Christmas 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

WILLIAMS Questions Walters Didn't Ask Bush On TV 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Truman Understood Unilateralism Is An Illusion, Why Doesn't Bush? 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

AP "Bush Can't Spend Four Years Talking About Terrorism. American's Won't Stand For It" 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

SPERLING Colin For Veep? 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

JENSEN Radical Citizenship In Reactionary Times 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

SB Graduation Speech Cut Short By Hecklers 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

BUNTING Christmas With Four Million Refugees 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

BENJAMIN Feeding The Hungry May Be Prime Task Of Peacekeepers 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Won't Back New Marshall Plan For Afghanistan 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

KRAUTHAMMER We Wage War. Peace Is For Other Countries To Keep, He Says 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT American Aide Meets Chinese On Bush Pullout From ABM 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

BIVENS Bush's Nuclear Brinksmanship 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT New Suit Filed Vs. U.S. Nuclear Dump 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

SKLAR Tax Cutters Party Like It's 1999 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

CHATTERJEE Enron Will Be Around Just As Long As Whitewater 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Enron And The Guru Business 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Lobby Groups Find Congress In Giving Mood 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

KING Is Bush's O'Neil Too Honest For Washington? 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Officials Say Anthrax Attacks Look Domestic 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED Nation's Mail Not Safer Than Before Anthrax 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Our Shaken Airlines Face More Fallout 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

MUWAKKIL An Empowered U.N. Is Terrorism's Greatest Foe 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Again Placing Focus On Ousting Saddam 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Putin Warns Bush AGainst Expanding War To Iraq 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

BAHOUR "Zinni's Doomed Mission" In ME 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

FISK Arafat And "The Last Colonial War" 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

HOWEIDY "Arabs In America: Dangerous By Definition?" 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

PERLMUTTER American Muslims Are The Key To Winning The War Of Words In The ME 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Our Planes Come Under Missile Fire In Afghanistan 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOF The Hidden Enemies In Afghanistan 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

HRAIR Will Afghanistan Become One Nation, Loosely United? 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Stimulus Talks At Impass Over Health Care 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Creates Deep Divide On Civil Rights Panel 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush May Use Recess To Install Nominees 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Education Bill Biggest In 35 Years 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

SAID Mahfouz and the Cruelty of Memory 12.18.01 www.bushreport.com

HIATT Bush Hides Christmas Trees, Ignores D.C. Ugliness 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Has Poor Children Paying For His Tax Cuts 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Brit Official To Speak Out Against Child Poverty In U.S. Speech 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

BROWN We're Winning The War, But Will We Win The Peace? 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN Bush's "Shameless Manipulation" Of 9/11 Tragedy 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Which Right Wing Lobbyists, Corporations Are Calling The Shots For Bush? 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Bush Deserts Enron Chief 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

OGJ Chairman Of Tx. Utility Commission Discloses Multiple Enron Roles 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

AP German Firm Probes Final Deals Before WTC Attacks 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

USN 401(k) Stumbles Over Investment Losses 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

ROWE How Sick Are You Willing To Get For The Economy? 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Little Progress In Dispute Over Bush Stimulus Plan 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

MALLALBY Steel Lobby Could Do IN Free Trader Bush For Next Election 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

HOFFA Labor Remembers Its True Friends --And Enemies 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Burton Declares War Against "Dictatorial" Bush, Jabs Finger At Bush Rep Over Exec Privilege 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF We Seem To Have Forgotten The Lessons Of The Sixties 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

FT Putin Warns Bush Over War On Terrorism 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Aides Reject Talk Of Nuke Arms Race 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Nuclear Sites Ill-Prepared For Attack, Group Says 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Bioterrorism: All The Rules Change 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

USN Food Fright 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

EWALD A Risky Policy On Smallpox Vaccinations 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM A Caution On Mass Vaccinations 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

HAMZA Hiding Bioweapons In Iraq Is Easy 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Army Doubts Its Lab Is Anthrax Source 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Its Not Ours, Either, Says CIA 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

USN Government Finally Admits To Gulf War Disease Legacy 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

HERBERT Glimpsing A Twisted Mind 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS Experts Disagree On Bin Laden Home Video 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Caves Victory Declared, But Where's Bin Laden? 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

FP Pakistani Paper Says He's In Iran 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC Walker Admits To Al-Qaeda Membership 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES Kenya Base Agreed For Next Stage Of Terror War Against Somalia 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Arafat, "The Irrelevant Man" 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC "Israel Demands 'Action, Not Words'" 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS White House Echoes Israeli Demand 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

HILL Conservatives Out To Get Sen. Leahy 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

BARONE Daschle Does Not Appear To Be Winning Voters On Economic Issues 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Daschle Predicts Denial Of Scalia Nomination 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Reno Jump Starts Her Campaign 12.17.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Terrorists Are Buying Arms At Guns Shows. [Where's Ashcroft?] 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Surprise! "As The War Shifts...Oil Deals Follow" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

HOEFLE Bush And The Energy Pirates 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP With Enron-Connected Racicot As RNC Head And Continuing Lobbyist, Bush Creates Huge Potential For Abuse 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron Board, Including Gramm, Facing Storm Of Criticism 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NORRIS The Distorted Numbers At Enron 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

STEVENSON Bush Fiddles As The Economy Burns 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Plans To Blame Unemployment On Dems 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

LEONHARDT We're In An Equal Opportunity Recession 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Used Public Amputations To Keep Populace In Line 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BRZEZINSKIHey, Those Taliban-Like Human Rights Abusers Are Our Friends 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Reported Northern Alliance Atrocities Probed 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

GUP Where Patriotism And Madness Meet. Could It Happen Again? 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

ROBIN How Much More Fun To Fabricate Atta's Sex Life Than Consider America's Place In The World 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BEAUMONT Bin Laden in plot to bomb London 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Bin Laden videotape was result of a sting 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BOXER Bin Laden And "The Banality Of Evil" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD "Shamless Vanity" Of Osama Creates Tapes Of Own Corruption 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

LAWSON "Hot New Bin Laden Tape...In Time For Christmas" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Legal analysts say tape is not necessarily proof 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bin Laden May Have Been On Radio 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN OBL's Religious Intolerance Does Not Reflect Most Of The U.S. 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

KEDDIE It Doesn't Reflect Much Of The Muslim World, Either 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

SENGUPTA Turkish Law Reflects Fear Of Islam As Political Force 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP More Muslim Charities Raided By Feds 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Labs Trace D.C. Anthrax To Army's Ft. Detrick 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Anthrax Scare At Supreme Court Slows Wheels Of Justice 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Chemical Plants Feared As Terrorist Target 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution For ME Monitors 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS "Mideast Envoy Zinni Called Back to Washington" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

GOLDENBERG "Sharon aims to stir uprising against Arafat" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "Arafat Aid Says Israel Is Preventing A Crackdown" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

ROSS "Give Arafat An Ultimatum" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NEUBORN Bush Tribunal Plan "Seriously Flawed" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Navy Missile Defense Plan Is Canceled By The Pentagon 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

HILTON India, China Use Rhetoric Of Anti-Terrorism To Steamroll Opposition 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

AP India Steps Up Criticism Of Pakistan 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BERKE Bush Running Tight Ship, Hughes Oversees Loyalty Watch 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

GREER Visiting With American Citizens Of "Another Country" 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

THORPE Another Side Of Marilyn 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

BIRCHILL Office Party Sex Season 12.16.01 www.bushreport.com

ENGEL "How Bush Became Master Of The Universe In Just 365 Days" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS "If rulers cannot be trusted with arbitrary power, it is up to citizens to raise their voices at injustice." 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Growing Conflict Over Presidential Powers 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

JOHNSON Bush Halts Inquiry Of FBI, Stirs Up Firestorm 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Is Misusing Executive Privilege 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WSWS Cynicism In The White House: The Case Of Carl Rove 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

MC GORY Rove Claims That Unilateralist Bush Was Never A Unilateralist 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

CRANE Bush Interest In Multilateralism "Mile Wide, Inch Thick" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

BS ED Bush Shutting Down Museums To Pay For Tax Cuts To Rich 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS While You Were Watching The War, This Is What Bush Has Done To You 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Many Concerned Over Bush Walking Away From Accords That Produced 30 Years Of Nuclear Peace 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Navy Unable To Show Part Of Bush Missile Program "Essential To National Security" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have Largely Escaped Condemnation 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bin Laden Tape Suggests U.S. Spying Missed Signals 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS World Divided Over Bin Laden Tape 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Most A-Q Fighters Have Been Routed From Caves 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

HUGGLER Americans Alledged To Have "Covered Up" Kandahar Massacre 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Vetoes U.N. ME Resolution 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP "Bush Blames Crisis On Arafat" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

AP "Eight Palestinians Die In Israeli Raids" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED "Mr. Arafat's Last Stand" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

PLETT "Sharon's Strategy" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

KING Twisted Non-Sister Takes Rice Over The Coals For Her Support Of Afghan Women 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Ashcroft Discusses Death Penalty In England, But Not Berlin 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NR "Dispicable" Ashcroft's "Sorry Performance During Vietnam" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

KELLER Court Facts Behind The Tribunal Debate 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

CNET FBI Confirms "Magic Lantern" Program Exists 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYTFBI RAIDS TWO MORE MUSLIM CHARITIES 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Jewish-American's Militant Road To Jail Paved With Arrests 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

BC Saudi Clans In U.S. Oil May have Bin Laden Ties 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

BH U.S. Ties To Saudi Elite May Be Harming War On Terrorism 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

FALWELL Gvt. Oppressing Us By Not Pushing Our Religion On Others 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

CARROLL Lieberman, Cheney Are Both "Nutballs" 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Ridge May Be Go-To Man For Veep If Cheney Leaves 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

KEEN "Bush Defines Leadership As Agreeing With Everything" He Says --Daschle Rep 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dems Presently Hold Edge Over GOP In Redistricting 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED GOP House Is "Two-Faced" On Vote Reform 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Texas Justice Imprisons A Writer For Not Talking 12.15.01 www.bushreport.com

WP New Bush Exec. Privilege Gag "Outraged" Both Parties In Congress 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER Enron Is Whitewater In Spades 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

OS Jeb Bush Loses Florida Pension Money To Enron, 7 Million Shares 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CHAIT Bush's SEC Enron Investigator Was Corporations' Go-To Man For Light Sentences 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

DBN Bush Justice Man In Texas Wants Enron Case Moved To Houston 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CHATTERJEE Meet Bush' Biggest Campaign Contributor 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

REICH Enron's Workers Learn About Bush Investment Spin The Hard Way 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT On H-P [Phil Gramm's Wife Was Hired To Prevent What Happened At Enron] 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ What Do We Know About Bush And Enron And When Did We Know It? 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

FORTUNE It's Enron's Limited Partnerships, Stupid 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

HOUSE Waxman Wants Your Input On Enron. Know Anything? 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Both GOP And Dems Express Skepticism Over Bush-Microsoft Settlement 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

BH Close Bush Friends In D.C. Represent Dallas Muslim Charity Frozen By Feds 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

BH Bush Advisors Cashed In On Saudi Gravy Train 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

GALBRAITH Wall St. Optimitst Don't Have "Recession" In Their Vocabulary 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Greenspan's Mistakes With The Economy 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

AP BushAdmin Asks Congress To Raise Debt Limit To $6.7 Trillion 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Bin Laden On Tape 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bin Laden On Tape Says Attack Casualties Est. In Advance 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bin Laden Boasts Of Murder 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bin Laden Caught In Candid, Unguarded Moment 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

AP What's The BushAdmin Reason For The Tape Delay 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Many Arab-Americans Doubt Tape's Authenticity 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

COYLE Pentagon Backer Notes Bush Missile Order "Hidden" By Bin Laden Tape Release 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Bin Laden In Pakistan, Source Claims 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bin Laden Surrounded, U.S. Believes 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Army Confirms Anthrax Production In Utah 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Recently Produced Anthrax In Highly Lethal Powder 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

FOX What Did Israelis Know About 9/11? 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Arafat Halts Crackdown On Terrorists , Israel Breaks Links To Him 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Russian's Consider U.S. Both "Best Ally," "Worst Enemy" 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Putin Calls Bush ABM Decision "A Mistake" 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Missile Defense Rocket Off Course, Destroyed, Failure 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Highlights Of Ashcroft's New Methods Of Spying On You 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

ANDERSON The Real Death Of Outrage 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

LYONS Terrorisms First Goal Is Repression 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

DAY Forget Bush Vs. Gore, Focus On Ashcroft Vs. Constitution 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Afghans Say U.S. Scuttled Surrender 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

PROJO U.s. Poli Sci Prof-Delegate Doesn't Like Makeup Of New Afghan Admin 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMP Rumsfeld Isn't Telling The Whole Story 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

THOMAS Ridge Warnings Lead Us To Fear Fear, Itself 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

SIDDIQUI Ordinary People Can Change Their Psychology For The Better 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

GIESE Bush Doesn't Need Hollywood To Construct Myth 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

GNN Interview With Greg Palast 12.14.01 www.bushreport.com

NYTMany Congressional Offices Keeping Their E-Mail Addresses Secret 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT High Tech States Now Lead Nation In Joblessness 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Hunger, Homelessness Rise Sharply 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Two Issues Blocking Stimulus Agreement 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Posts $63 Billion Two-Month Deficit 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Bush Vs. Gore Filed, Not Forgotten 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Clinton Says Partisan Mess If Gore Won 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

RC Election Reform Gains In Both Chambers 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM House Approves Measure To Replace Punch Card Ballots 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Shouldn't Scrap Peace Treaty To Attain Ends 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush ABM Withdrawal A Turning Point In Arms Control 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Chronology Of Nuclear Standoff 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Missile Defense Glance 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Energy Dept. May Recycle Nuke Metal 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Pledges Rebuilding Of Afghanistan 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Vows To Hunt Al Qaeda Worldwide 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Few Specifics On Military Tribunals 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM France Opposes Death Penalty For Citizen Charged Re 11 Sept. 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Justice Bypasses Pentagon To Forgo Tribunal 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

LIEBERMAN --Trying Suspect In Fed Court Risky 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Good Idea To Try Plotter In Fed Court, Not Tribunal 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Stumbling Block Between FBI, Espionage Prosecutors 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP INS Arrests Foreign Students 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WT Fifty Alein Workers At Airport Arrested 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Scrutiny Causes Drop In Gifts To Muslim Charities 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Jewish Defense League Members Charged In Plot To Attack U.S. Mosque 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Video Images Helping Public Opinion 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Release Of Bin Laden Video Delayed 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

USA White House Lashes Daschle Over Stalled Bills 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Anderson Tells Congress Enron Withheld Data 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

RC Enron Closes D.C. Shop 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Lawmakers Criticize Enron Execs 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Armey's Exit Triggers Fight For GOP Direction 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

WP DeLay Appears To Have Backing To Follow Armey 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Kerry Threatens To Block Nominations 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

HOFFMAN U.S. Diplomacy Needs Free Press 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

JEFFORDS Present Ed Bill Will Do More Harm Than Good 12.13.01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Rove Says Bush Said We Were At War After First Tower Hit, It Says Here 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

RALL How We Lost Afghanistan 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

HC House Panel Seeks Enron Records, CFO "Nowhere To Be Found" 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

FLOOD Enron Backruptcy Just The Tip Of The Iceberg 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

VON HOFFMAN Fed Interest Cut Keeps Corporate Stocks Up, But Passes Debt Burden To Average Joe 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

RIDGEWAY "Official Washington In Hysterics." No Evacuation Plan For D.C. 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

GOLWAY Repugs Have Turned Homeland Security Into Political Issue 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

RIDGEWAY Did Radiation Sickness Kill U.S. Jailed Pakistani? (2nd item) 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

Ridgeway Reporter Questions Low U.S. Casuality Count (3rd item) 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

PERLSTEIN "Limiting Press Access To War Is Unpatriotic" 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

VEST Death Wish In The Holy Land 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

CONASON Wolfowitz, Hagel Withhold Judgement On Walker, But Not Lott, Hillary 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

GOLDSTEIN Gay Conservatives Attack Gay Rights Laws With Help From United Airlines 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

SPILLAR Abortion Clinics Deserve Protection 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush To Announce His Unilateral Pullout From ABM Treaty 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

BIRD NYC Nuke Destruction By Terrorists Discussed By Oppenheimer In '46 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Pakistani Nuke Scientists Admit They Briefed Bin Laden 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER "Nakedly Partisan" Bush Trade Vote In House Gives Bush Worldwide Authority To Negotiate Our Environmental Protections Away 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT Bush's Uneasy Allies In Fight For Free Trade 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED BushAdmin Postwar Thinking "Dangerously Split" 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bin Laden Thought To Be In Shrinking Area 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Taliban Gone But Fear Lingers In Kandahar 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rumsfeld Shows Force On PR Front 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT Ashcroft's Gun-Coddling Hypocrisy 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Gvt. Files Criminal Charge Against Accused Sept. 11 Plotter 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

VAN NATTA Bush Said To Have "Compromised" By Holding Civilian Trial But In Conservative Jurisdiction 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Poll Shows Public Wary About Possible Impact Of Bush Rules On Civil Liberties 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Poll Shows Mixed Views Of Public 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

GOODSTEIN Hollywood Actor Tells Story Of Recruitment Attempts By Islamic Militants 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CDC Asks Nation's Scientists To Solve Anthrax Mysteries 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN A Wish For A Bush Letter To The Saudis 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

ROSEN Why Has The U.S. Taken Iran's Side Against U.S. Hostages? 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Gvt. No Longer Can Fight U.S. Vets Over Gulf War Syndrom 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Israeli Airstrikes On Refugee Camp Kill 4 Palestinians 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Armey To Retire, DeLay To Seek Top House Majority Job 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Fed Rates Cut Again, End Of Slump Predicted 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "Ed Prez" Bush Needs To Put Money Where Mouth Is Re Special Ed 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED More Vote Reform Needed Than What The House Is Willing To Consider 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Oh My, Rudy's Really Leaving 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Study Shows U.S. Chidren Getting Fatter 12.12.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Bank Accuses Bush Bud Lay And Sen. Gramm’s Wife Of Fraud 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Suit Attorneys Fear Enron Execs Could Flee Country With Assets 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN "Enron Admits It's Really Argentina" Is Unfair To Argentina 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

MORRIS ”For the rest of our lives we will live in a world redesigned by Kenneth Lay.” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

HC More Letters From Enron's Workers Screwed By Bush Buddies 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

DBJ Cheney’s Halliburton Sinks As It Loses Health Suit Re Asbestos 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

CW Union Carbide, Now Dow, Fail To Release Medical Info To Help Thousands "Chronically Ill From The Gas Exposure" 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Gvt. Finds Gulf War Illness Link 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Drug, Biotech, Hospital Lobbyists Shamelessly Trying To Pork Up Bioterrorism Bill 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

WALLACE Health Care Establishment Stiffs The Mentally Ill 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN It's Clear Bush's Tax Cuts Have Hurt Americans 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Poor Most Likely To Be Dropped From Bush Stimulus Plan 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED To Some, Bush Wants To Lose Stimulas Bill, Blame It On Daschle, And Use It As Political Issue 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

RICE Are We Willing To Clean Up Terrorism In Africa By Investing In Its People? 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

MUWAKKIL ”The future of our civil liberties is fuzzy and indeterminate” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

PG ED Ashcroft’s Cheap Shot, Critics Not Disloyal 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

KAMEN Ashcroft Called Hate Crimes “Retaliatory Acts” (last item) 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

CMG Giving Comfort To The Enemy 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

RAPAPORT The American Taliban 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Religious Right Hijacks Stem Cell Debate 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS ”The communists are in power in Kabul” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

DANGEROUS ”Russians finally won their decades long war in Afghanistan.” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Afghan Women Protest “Criminal” Northern Alliance Running Kubal 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOFF Afghanistan’s Greatest Resource Is Not Oil, It’s Women 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Powell, Putin Clash On Missile Shield 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC U.N. Chief Warns Against U.S. Attack Of Iraq 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

MUWAKKIL ” Israel Continues to Fuel the Conflict” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC ”Israeli Missiles Kill Two Children” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

TICKER GOP D.C. “Bullies Target NYC Survivors” 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

GARCIA Supremes Brought Disgrace To Institution With Bush Vs. Gore Decision 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

RUSSELL Bush Push In Houston Shows No Coattails 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

NYP White House Now Admits It Went Too Far Over Maher Remarks 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

BC Creator Of “The Boondocks” Calls Bush A Moron 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Students Discover Consequences Of Objection 12.11.01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Bush Has No Worse Case Scenario For U.S. 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

HERBERT "It is hardly traitorous to be concerned about the U.S. prosecuting and possibly executing people who might be innocent." 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

REGAN Justice Dept. Spin Of Ashcroft's Statement Didn't Match His Demeanor While Giving It 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEFFER Reality Check Needed On Ashcroft's Tribunal Plan 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ Bush Popularity Rises As Stories About Him Go Down 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF Bush Closed Trials "Violate...The European Convention On Human Rights" 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Could Give Us More Security By Rescinding His Tax Cuts 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Debating How Dire The Bush Debt Will Become 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Cities, States Say Confusion, Money Lack Hamper Security 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

USN War On Afghanistan Is Being Run From Florida 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Five Year Taliban Rule Came To End Sunday 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

MALLABY BushAdmin "Too Hopeful" In Thinking Afghans Can Govern Themselves 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Billions Will Be Needed To Rebuild Afghanistan 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Reading Putin's Mind 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Powell Says Nuke Agreement Near, But Maybe Not In Treaty Form 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "More Violence Jolts ME Peace Efforts" 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

DIEHL "Sharon And Hamas Dream Together" 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

SHARON "Seeking Pragmatic Palestinians" 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS "Cheney: Arafat Sets Back Cause of Palestinian State" 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Terror Money Hard To Block, Officials Find 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CIA Believes Newly Discovered "Disgusting" Bin Laden Tape Authentic 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Saudi Official Asserts Bin Laden Not Al Qaeda Mastermind 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Newly Helpful Sudan Releases Bin Laden Files 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Dems Willing To Fight Bush On Domestic Issues 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Daschle Obstructing Bush Stimulus Package, Cheney Says 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

PERSHING Daschle Uses "Disappointed" Like Bush Uses "Evil." 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

RASPBERRY Bush Stacked Commission To Get Privatized Recommendation For Social Security 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED Will Bush Be Willing To Help Those Taken Off Welfare During The Recession? 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Should Fight HMOs And Back Parity For Mental Health [But He Won't} 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Wavering On Campaign Reform 12.10.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Targets Somalia, Presently Looking For Sites To Bomb 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Senate Wimps Out, Did Not Ask Ashcroft The Hard Questions 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

CORNWELL Ashcroft "Throws Rights To The Wind" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER Why Should Tax Cuts Be Untouchable? 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN "Bush is intent on stapling his narrow, hard-right Sept. 10 agenda onto the Sept. 12 world" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMP Bush's "approval ratings make him a dangerous man." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

ROSENBAUM Criticizing Bush's Policies Without Attacking Bush 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

GWYN "Imperial Rome Lives In The U.S." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Is "the only guy in history who had to take lessons to get that smirk off his face" --Gov. Janklow 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

TRANSCRIPT "George W. Bush is bought and paid for by Enron." --Press12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush's Stimulus Is Not Worth Passing 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS "The Taliban is out, the communists are in power in Kabul and the south is in chaos." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rumsfeld's Review Of The War Thus Far 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Putin's Words, Deeds Re U.S. In Conflict 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Will Junior Learn Something From Daddy's Mistakes? 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN "Lawlessness and banditry are growing and millions are near starvation." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

BEARAK Where Buddahs Fell, Lives, Too, Lie In Ruins 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

AN CIA Told Taliban Prisoners To Talk Or Die 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

IND Robert Fisk Beaten By Afghan Mob In Pakistan 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Seeks New Use For Secret Evidence 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Gap Between 9/11 Myth And Reality Growing 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

SULLIVAN The Year's Boldest Idea May Have Been Its Biggest Failure 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Terrorists Guide To Infiltrate The West 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Says New Tape Points To Bin Laden Re WTC 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

SCIOLANO ME Demographics And U.S. Security 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

SIDDIQUI "Islam, like any religion, can be and is used both for good and evil." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

IND ED "Arafat, Trapped And Struggling" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHMEMANN "Is Yasir Arafat A Spent Force?" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

IND "Israelis Kill Four Palestinian Police" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WP "Suicide Bomber Attacks Northern City In Israel" 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

IGNATIUS "Israel's long-term policy toward the Palestinians isn't working." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

WT Pentagon Beat 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

STAPLES Making American History White 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

LIND Pat Robertson: "Exploiting the ambition, fear and ignorance of America's out-of-touch political class." 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Worsening Economy Creates New Challenges For Unions 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Recession Stretching The Limit On Welfare Benefits 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT No Conclusive Evidence That Vouchers Improve Student Learning 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

MC CALL Bush Doesn't Need Dick Cheney To Kick Around Any More 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD The Saga Of Arrius Potterum 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Cornwell Stakes Reputation On Painter Being Jack The Ripper 12.09.01 www.bushreport.com

RICH "Now It's Treason...To Criticize George W. Bush Or Anyone In His Administration" 12.08.01

REEVES "There Is A Difference Between Dissent And Treason" 12.08.01

WEISBERG Ashcroft Was "Arrogant, Bullying" Before Senate Committee 12.08.01

WP Ashcroft Spokesperson Says Media Reports Of His Speech Prove The Point Of His Controversial Opening Statement 12.08.01

WP ED Although Ashcroft Says He Will Use Any Avaliable Means To Get Terrorists, He Says No To Using Gun Background Check Data 12.08.01

TOMLINSON Ashcroft Shoots Self In The Foot 12.08.01

AP Kennedy, Schumer Offer Bill To Allow FBI To Use Gun Records 12.08.01

GORENBERG "This Should Keep John Ashcroft From Sleeping At Night" 12.08.01

HENICAN "Religious zeal...is a mighty wobbly touchstone for balanced political leadership" 12.08.01

LEWIS We May Be "At War" But We Have Not Declared War. So What? 12.08.01

ALTER "This Week We Learned The...Ugly...Truth About John Ashcroft." 12.08.01

APPLE Most Of Washington Expects Ridge To Fail As Homeland Chief 12.08.01

ABC Senator "Not Sure Everyone In America Is Laughing" At Ashcroft Joke 12.08.01

SOLOMON "Chomsky--Saying What Media Don't Want Us To Hear" 12.08.01

NYT Rival Pashtun Warlords Clashing Over Bones Of Kandahar 12.08.01

HELMS Amnerica Must Maintain A Presence Or Afghan Peace Will Fail 12.08.01

NYT U.S. Voicing Confidence In Bonn Coalition 12.08.01

NYT Pakistan Ended Aid To Taliban Only Hesitantly 12.08.01

JALALI What To Do About The Taliban In Caves 12.08.01

WP Spann Interviewed Walker Hours Before The Former's Death 12.08.01

IWPR How Many Americans Have Died In Afghan Conflict? 12.08.01

Kunin Will The U.S. Attack Iraq? 12.08.01

NYT Rumsfeld Loses Out To Powell On Russia In NATO 12.08.01

FISK "Israel 'Help' Curse To U.S." 12.08.01

LEWIS "Reliance On Force To Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Futile And Tragic" 12.08.01

WP "Palestinian Put-Down" 12.08.01

REUTERS U.S. Forces Suspension Of Germ Warfare Act, Europe Angry 12.08.01

WP Senate Dems Can't Get GOP Votes For Additional Security Spending, Back Off [Money Went To Tax Cut For Rich] 12.08.01

WP D.C.'s Jobless, Poor Finding Bare Shelves At Charity Food Banks 12.08.01

WP Jobless Rate At Six-Year High 12.08.01

IVINS Enron's Connections With Bush Go Way Back 12.08.01

AR Argentina "Gone Too Far" In Promoting Free Market, Deregulation, Says Businessman 12.08.01

WP Stimulas Agreement Unlikely This Year 12.08.01

TGM 100 Nobel Laureates Warn That Security Depends On Enrironmental, Social Reforms 12.08.01

AP Unwelcome Bush Civil Rights Appointee Sworn In At White House 12.08.01

NYT Bush Swears In Civil Rights Appointee, But He Can't Seat Him On Committee 12.08.01

NYT Congress' Airline Bomb-Screening Deadline Unrealistic, Say Experts 12.08.01

SPECTRUM How Transponders Worked On 9/11. Questions Remain 12.08.01

DN Timeline Of The Death Of The World Trade Center 12.08.01

WP Chen, Cossack, Battista, All Toast At CNN 12.08.01

ASHCROFT EXCERPTS"To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty...your tactics only aid terrorists." 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Ashcroft "Backward" Comment That Critics "Only Aid Terrorists" Given "Rashly" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Ashcroft's "job is to defend dissent, not to use the moral authority of his office to discourage people from participating." 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Sen Sessions Says Attacking Ashcroft's Decisions "Erodes Unity," "Undermines Respect" In Leaders During Wartime www.bushreport.com 12.07.01

TRANSCRIPT The Senate Hearings On Dept. Of Justice And Terrorism. Witness: Ashcroft 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft "putting the interests of the gun lobby above above the nation's public safety in the battle against terrorism." --Sen. Durbin 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE "Ashcroft lashed out at all who dare to uphold our bedrock rule of law as 'voices of negativism'" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

CORN "No Democrat challenged Ashcroft's assault upon his critics." 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Critics Aid Terrorists, AG Argues 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Carter Criticizes Bush Tribunal Plan 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

PFAW Congress Must Support And Defend The Constitution 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Bush And Enron: Cooked Books, Let The Workers Pay The Price 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Stimulus Package May Be Too Little, Too Late 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Daschle Says GOP Stimulas Offer A Start 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP GOP TARGETS DASCHLE [Because He Caves So Easily On Most Issues?] 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT House Supports Bush Trading Powers. By One Vote. 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

SANGER Bush Used His War On Terrorism As Rationale For His Trade Bill 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

PBP ED Latest Missile Test Proves Little 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Reportedly Abandons Kandahar 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

SHANKER Re Omar, Will Junior Make The Same Mistake Daddy Did? 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOF Americans Need To Employ Diplomats As Well As Troops In Kabal 12.06.01 www.bushreport.com

MEYER The Peacemaker Of The Pashtun Past 12.06.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Key Afghan Warlords Reject Bonn Deal 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

FOST War News Has Buried Some Important Stories 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

KRAUTHAMMER "Sharon Flinches" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "Fatah-Hamas Truce Seen; Israel Continues Retaliatory Strikes" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "Striking Back At Hamas" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

COCKBURN "Sharon Or Arafat, Which Is The Sponsor Of Terror" 12.06.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Chairwoman Says Bush Move To Force Appointee Onto Civil Right Committee Is Attempt To "Muzzle Us" 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Swears In Disputed Choice For Rights Panel 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

BOFFEY Health And Terrorism Experts Keep Guessing Wrong About Amthrax 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY Rummy's The Hot Act, But Ari's A GREAT Evasive Bore 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WT Senate Dems Call Scalia Nomination Dead 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Senate GOP Bashing Dems On Homeland Spending 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Chomsky Was Right About East Timor 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Pat's Resignation As CC Prez Good News For Christians 12.07.01 www.bushreport.com

KAUS "Continuation Of War Works In Bush's Political Interest" 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMPBELL 80% Americans Think U.S. Censorship Of News About Afghanistan "Good Idea" --Pew 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush's Ashcroft Sued By Civil Rights Groups 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Ashcroft Lashes Out, Daschle Waffles, Bush Knows He Was Ill-Advised On Tribunal Plan 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

ORENSTEIN Actually, Tribunals Will Likely Make It Harder To Bring Terrorists To Justice 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

DELLINGER Three Changes Should Be Made In Bush Tribunal Plan 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED "Popularity" Is Poor Way To Measure Anti-Terrorism Laws 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

HERMAN Why I'm Worried About The Patriot Act 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

POPULIST We're In A War To Protect The Bill Of Rights 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMPBELL Lynne Cheney, Lieberman "Speech Codes Invoked In The Name Of Patriotism" Are "Repugnant" 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft Refuses To Let FBI Check Gun Ownership Lists As Security Measure 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

CALIFANO Too Many Fed Cops Under Ashcroft 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Anthrax Terrorist Who Threatened Abortion Clinics Arrested 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED With Bush Help, Congress GOP Will Attempt To Block Security Bill As Too Expensive [Surplus Spent On Tax Cut To Rich] 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

CLYMER Bush Threatens To Veto Bill For Homeland Security 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Plans To Substantially Cut Smithsonian Financing [Surplus Spent On Tax Cut To Rich] 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Pentagon Admits It Has Been Too Restrictive With Reporters In Afghanistan 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Two Women Included In 30-Member Afghan Peace Council 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Saudi Women Get ID Cards For First Time 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Interim Afghan Leader Begins Surrender Talks With Taliban In Kandahar 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Afghan Says Bin Laden Top Aide Is Dead 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Mac, Conservatives, Lieberman Urge Targeting Of Iraq 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

HOLT Bush Has A Target, But Only A Vague, Ill-Defined Plan 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

ABDO It's The Islamization, Stupid. 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

WHITBEK U.N. Must Impose Peace In Middle East 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT New ME Battle: Arafat Vs. Hamas 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Arab Leaders Privately Tell Arafat To Do More 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Is Arafat Still Indispensable? 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Arafat, Sharon Play Futile Game 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

Transcript ABC Interview With Mr. And Mrs. Bush 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dems Eager To Tackle Bush On Domestic Issues 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

FORBES While Workers Got Screwed, Enron Execs Got $55 Mil In Bonuses Two Days Before Bankruptcy 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

HILL House Dems Will Probe Bush-Enron Connection, Lieberman Dragging Feet 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Eyes Of Big Brother Are Upon YOu 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

TRAVERS Ashcroft Slight Of Hand, Lip Contribute To Candaian Border Myth 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Second Bush Pick For RNC Is Re-count Buddy Ricacot 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

BENEDETTO New GOP Head Has Conflict Of Interest Problems As Paid Lobbyist 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

FINEMAN Racicot's "Key Client" In Ongoing Lobby Job Was Enron 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Robertson Resigns From Christian Coalition 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Shameless Senate Flirt Has Birthday 12.6.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Errant U.S. Bomb Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 20 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

AP GOP Stops Homeless Vet Bill, No Reason Given 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Al Qaeda Could Be Close To Developing Dirty Nuke Bomb, Cause For Cheney In Hiding 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Bush Slashing Of Nuclear Proliferation Funding Isn't Helping U.S. Security Effort 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Safety Of Nuke Plants Again Raise Concern 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility For Another Jerusalem Suicide Bombing 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Arafat's Beachfront Home Bombed, Sharon's Foreign Minister Says He's Gone Too Far 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Targets Hamas By Freezing Islamic Charity In Texas 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED America's Arab Moderates Wrongfully Dragging Their Feet Re Arafat 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN The Intifada Is Over 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

ABUNIMAH Sharon's War Can't Be Won 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN "Weblog Special: Israel And The Intifada" 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

WOLFF " The line between courageous sentinel and big dork is a relatively thin one." 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

DEAN Bush Secret Records Same Mistake As Nixon 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

HERTZBERG Bush-Ashcroft Decisions Marked By "overreaching, arbitrariness, and unwisdom." 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Ashcroft Unhinged 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER Contrary To Friedman, Ashcroft IS "Completely Crazy" Re Due Process 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENSPON Rift Between Ridge And Angry Ashcroft Caught By Canadian Visit 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Bush Rat Pack Has Ridge As Lawford And Ashcroft As Shirley MacLain 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

OREGONIAN Leahy Defends Portland's Right Not To Cooperate With Ashcroft 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

COLE Repeating Mistakes Of Past, Some Leading Liberals Supporting Bush-Ashacroft Version Of National Security 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

DAVIS Be Quiet, Please. You Can Question Later. When There Is Peace. Later. 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

USN Looks Like Daddy's Drug Czar Will Be Director of Bush-Youth Patroit Division (second item) 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Talks End With Deal For Afghan Leadership 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Can OK International Security Efforts In Kabul Without Getting Into Military's Way 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ten Bin Laden Aides Killed In Cave Bombings 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

THOMPSON The Long-Term Environmental Consequences Of The Afghan Conflict 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH White House Denies Rumors Of O'Neil Treasury Sacking 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

MORRIS Kenneth Lay Is "The Man Who Screwed The World" 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

LYONS Incest And Corruption, Texas Style 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Waxman Wants Cheney To Provide Records Of Meeting With Enron 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

WP BushAdmin Memo Shows Attempts With Lobbyists To Deregulate Health, Safty, Enviroment Hidden Behind "Paperwork Elimination" 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS Labor, Environmentalists Mobilize Against Bush Re Thursday Fast-Track Vote 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

COOPER Union Leader Backs Bush War On Terrorism, Opposes His War On The Workers 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

BIVENS GOP House Sneaks Through Bush-Backed Bill To Be Sure You Will Cover Nuke Power Plant Liability, Not Insurance Companies 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

SAMUELSON Why Is The Media So Silent On The Recession? 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENSLADE Why Are America's Newspapers So Ready To Censor Themselves? 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

PARRY There Is Evidence That Mainstream Media Recently Reported Incorrect Bush Vote Story, Has Made No Move To Correct 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENBERG Clowns In Gowns. Picking Judges. 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

HITCHENS Has This Man Become Nation Mag's Token Conservative? 12.5.01 www.bushreport.com

SORENSEN "George Bush Really Ought To Watch His Mouth" 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Brits Asked To Prepare Strikes Against Terror Bases In Somalia 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Ridge Announces New Alert 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ridge Warning Linked To Bin Laden Nuclear Worries, Among Other Things 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Canada And U.S. Sign Accord To Tighten Border Security 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Israeli Air Strikes Launched At Police Station Next To Arafat Offices 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Israeli Cabinet Calls Arafat's Palestine "Terrorist-Supporting" And Will Be Dealt With Accordingly 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Arafat Says Sharon Doesn't Want Him To Succeed In Defeating Palestinian Terrorists 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

WP White House No Longer Urging Restraint On Israel, Exasperated With Arafat 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Arafat Misread The Politics Of Both Palestine And Israel 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Arafat Must Shut Down Terrorism Now Or He's Toast 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

ROSS We Should Suspend Relationships With Palestine If Arafat Doesn't Act Within The Week 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Ashcroft Concealing Facts Of Bush's "Ill-Drafted" Tribunal Order 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

PROGRESSIVE "The Attorney-General Is Out Of Control" 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Oregon Citizens Concerned Over Loss Of Freedoms Under Bush 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Why Aren't All Heeding Call To Quiz Arabs? 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Afghan Power Sharing Deal Agreed 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CIA Asks Pakistan To Help Hunt Bin Laden 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Fighters Ready To Attack Possilbe Bin Laden Cave Complex 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush's Colorful Afghan Advisor Kept Under Wraps 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CAVE Oil Expert Says Central Asian Oil Would Not Replace Saudi Arabia 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

BI Energy And The Future Of Central Asia 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

LAZARUS Carlyle Profits From Afghan War 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Bush Social Security Panel Uses Enron-Like Bogus Accounting To Reach Its Conclusions 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Gvt. Officials Who Helped Enron's Lay With Deregulation Now Work For Enron 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

LEONARD Will Bush Be Tarnished By Enron's Callapse? 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

Cohen Enron Lied, Ripped Off Workers, Bush Says "Nothing." 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

HUFFINGTON Cooking The Books And Buying Protection 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Perhaps Enron's Fall Will Create Conflict Of Interest Reforms 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Anti-Terror Money Bill Headed For A Showdown 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Wants To Raise Debt Spending Limits, Dems Say No 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

CHAIT Bush "Rationale For The Tax Cut Was...A Lie" 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Says Thousands Of Letters Might Be Anthrax-Tinged 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

WP FBI Overhaul To Focus On Counterterrorism, Cybercrime 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Any Bush Ed Mandate Would Be Meaningless Without Money To Do The Job 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT HMO's Flee Medicare Despite Rise In Fed Payments To Them 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

VARMUS Weaknesses Of Science For Profit 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

SALON Pat Buchanan Keeps Mum About The Jewish Votes For Him In Palm Beach 12.04.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Unlike the Clinton's, The Bush's Are Closing The Holiday White House To Folks Like You And I 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Advisors Knew His Surplus Spin Was An "Accounting Mirage" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Senate To Vote Today On Alaskan Drilling 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BW The Facts Behind The Spin On Alaskan Drilling 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CHU Bush Alaskan Drilling Is "Foolish" And "Bad Math" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BARR Bush's Missile Shield Is A Science Fiction Fantasy 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

WILLIAMS Bush's New Laws "Mirror The Worst Excesses Of Some Dictatorships" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

WP In Spite Of Leahy, Barr, Others, Congress Not Particularly Disturbed Over Bush Treatment Of Constitution 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM [Although Bill Of Rights Covers Everyone In U.S.,] 51% Polled Say It Should Only Cover Citizens 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Web Sites, Libraries, Press Releases Affected By Secrecy Drive 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Ashcroft Stalls Senate Appearance, Wages PR War 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

SFC Bush Is Acting As Though We're In A Declared State Of War. We're Not. --Barr 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

GILLERS Bush Tribunal Plan Does Not Account For Fair Lawyers, Judges 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM How Far Can Cities Go In Controlling Protests? 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

HERBERT Bush Law Without Restraint Will "Spread Its Own Form Of Terror" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

MOSS What Is Happening To The America I Love? 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

ROSENBAUM To Lobbyists, Patriotism Is All About Marketing 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

RN The Carlyle Group. "The Ex-Presidents' Club." 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

LARSON Carlyle Working To Consolidate U.S. TV Stations 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

RUTENBERG Fox Sees The World Like Bush, Good Guys And Evil Guys 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron Files Largest Corporate Bankruptcy In U.S. History 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

SACBEE ED Houston Power Baron Now Wall Street Goat 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Enron, Largest Corporate Collapse In U.S. History, Appears To Be Another Dot Com Gone Bad 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

WOOLLACOTT Hopes Of A New Bush Miltilateralism Are Exaggerated. To Bush, It's Still U.S. Vs. World 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

OB ED Bush Has Replaced Prudence With "Hawkish Unilateralism" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Rumsfeld Sees No Time Limit To Bloody Battles In Afghanistan 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

SOROS Bush Should Work With U.N. To Not "Walk Away" From Afghanistan 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BARKEY Saddam's Time Is Up 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

ARKIN Should Iraq Be Next? 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CANNISTRARO Bush Is In "Grave Danger Of Overreaching" Beyond Afghanistan 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Focus Begins To Shift To World-Wide Al Qaeda Sleeper Cells 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

HIATT Ok, So We Ignored The Taliban For Years, Now What About Burma? 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Third Palistinian Attack Prompts Israel Officials To Discuss "Removing [Arafat] From Power" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

BENNET Arafat Has Now Accepted Terms Of Israeli Demand 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

HOCKSTADER "Few Analyists Expect Arafat To Confront Terrorist Groups" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Sharon's Take On Bush Meeting Is He Now Has Green Light In His War On Terrorism 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Postal Service Recognized As "Spore-Spreading System" 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Tobacco Companises Still Up To Their Old, Dirty Tricks 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

CT Fears That Bush Call Will Blur Church-State Lines 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES Greg Palast On Pat Robertson 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Will Revolutionary Invention Change Our Transportation Habits? 12.03.01 www.bushreport.com

FERGUSON Five Predictions About 2011 America 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Seeks More Spy Power That Would "Radically Change Laws" 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "Americans Must Speak Up" About Bush's "Unfair Rules" Of Justice 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

PITTS Is Everybody Worried About The End Of Open Government But YOU? 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

BURR Problems With Military Tribunals 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Oregon Cities Reject Anti-Terrorism Interviews 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft And Lehay Battle Over Expanding Police Powers 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT While Bush Likens His Tribunals To Military Courts, Military Lawyers Say That's Not True 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

PEARLSTEIN Bush SEC Appointee Will Investigate The Financial Fall Of Bush's Largest Campaign Contributor 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

VAN NATTA Bush Watches Without Comment As Enron Friend, Heavy Campaign Contributor, Goes Down The Drain 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

KAUFMAN Corporations Geared For Making Money, Not Patriotism, Not Morality 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Wants To Give Billions To Enron, Other Corporations, Nothing To Laid Off Workers 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT White House Debates Declaring Victory, Shifting To Saving Our Economy 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Big Stick Or Lipstick? Bush Juggles Furiously 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS Bush Allies "Horrified" By His "Dire Threats." He Should "Simmer Down." 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Anti-Terrorism Coalition Showing Signs Of Strain 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

TYLER Rumsfeld And Powell Battle Over Our Foreign Policy Future 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED "Untimely" War Debate Reflects Absence Of Consensus, Goals Within BushAdmin 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "U.S. Bombs Strike Three Villages And Reportedly Kill Scores" 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Deal On Afghan Unity Is Drafted 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

BAKER Kabul Citizen Predicts Another Taliban If U.S. Doesn't Clean Up Destruction From War 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Putin Has Used Bush-Rice For Russian Gains. Quid Pro Quo? 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Pentagon Postpones Missile Test 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Value Of Missile Defense Test Questioned 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

MC NEIL "Bin Laden" Terrorism In The Middle East Goes Back To At Least The 11th Century 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

MEHIO Powell Offers Hope That Islam Won't Continue To Be Abused By Both Sides 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT 10 Killed, 130 Injured In Jerusalem Terrorist Bombings 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Dems Want Nuke Plant Guards To Be Fed Agents 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

AP [While Bush Refuses To Provide More Money For Domestic Security,] He Wants More Money For His Drug War In Andes 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

SMILEY Steinem, Others Skeptical Of BushAdmin Embrace Of Afghan Women 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

ANDERSON Government Is Behaving Like A Bipolar, Bad Parent 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT FBI Looking At Government, Privatized Labs As Possible Source Of Anthrax For Terrorist(s) 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

BARRAS Remember The Good Old Days Of Paper Mail? 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

STEVENSON Dems Like Bush "Show Business" Economics As A Campaign Issue 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

JOHNSON GOP History Fraught With Dirty Tricks Politics 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

SUSKIND A Distant Island Plunges Into The Present 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

WEINGARTEN Welcome To The Armpit Of America 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

NYTThe Week In Review 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

YAHOO World Gently Weeps For George Harrison 12.02.01 www.bushreport.com

BESCHLOSS Presidents Should Always Level With The People. Look What Happened To Johnson 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

ROBERTS Bush Is Applying His Code Of Frat House Secrets To His White House Activities 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS "Shocking." Ashcroft States Terrorism Connection As Fact Although Judge Ruled It To Be Untrue 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft Seeking To Remove Limits On FBI Spying On Religious, Political Institutions 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Zogby Poll Says More Blacks Than Whites Favor Stop-First, Question Later Actions "So Reviled In Black Community" 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Bush Military Tribunal Plan On Week Footing Without Declaration Of War 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Conservative Barr Blasts Bush On Wiretaps, Tribunals 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

JAFFE Cronyism Weakens Enron Directors' Oversight 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

ABELSON Relationship Between Enron, Board "Breeds This Kind Of Disaster" 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron Head's "Deepest Political Ties Were With The Bush Family" 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

HELLER Lay, Cheney Energy Advisor, Rumored To Have Been On Bush Treasury Sec. List 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHARDT Bush Stimulus Plan Earmarks $245 Million For Enron 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

GILLIS Daddy Bush Lobbied Kuwait To Hire Enron While On Trip For Carlyle Group -TPJ 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

GUMBEL How The Darling Of The White House Ended Up As "Junk" 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Congress Will Investigate Limited Partnership Movement Of Debt Off Of Enron's Books, Etc. 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NORRIS Enron Points Up Dangers Of Trading In Unregulated Market 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP In Spite Of Enron, Daschle Plans To Introduce Senate Bill That Will Expand Energy Deregulation 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Nation's Economic Slide Grows Worse 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Sec. Norton's Contempt Action Over Accounting Report To Begin In 12 Days 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rumsfeld Says U.S. Will Leave Afghanistan After Taliban, Al Qaeda Destroyed 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Winning Afghan War Is Not Enough Unless Peace Is Also Won 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Talks On Afghan Future Stall 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

KELLER Re Russia, Bush "Should Get Over His Sophomoric Disdain For Treaties" 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Plans To "Force" Iraq To Let In U.N. Inspectors 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Iraq Rejects Restrictions In U.N. Agreement That U.S. Demanded 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Daddy Bush "Concerned" About Iraq 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHWARTZ Getting At The Roots Of Arab Poverty 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

WP New Connecticut Anthrax Clue 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

AP GOP Kills Special Ed Bill 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Bush State Dept. Choice Unlikely To Be Confirmed 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush-Rove RNC Chair Forced Out Due To Election Failures --Former Chair 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

HANSEN Small, Generally Republican States Overrepresented In Congress, Electoral College 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

VIDAL Deconstructing The Times For Clues Of A Gore Victory 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

KING Bunkum From Pat Roberston 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Harrison's Contributions To Guitar Idiom 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

STRAUSS Fans Saddened By Death Of Harrison, Lost Times 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

SEGAL Harrison Sought Harmony But Achieved Fame 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Best Books Of 2001 12.01.01 www.bushreport.com

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