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With the 225th celebration of the declaration of American independence comes a frightening glimpse into a dark techno-fascist future from the Bush regime. The Times of London on Saturday, June 30 reports that the military review being conducted by U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is considering what amounts to gutting U.S. conventional forces for the sake of Bush's so-called missile defense shield, the Republican 'Stars Wars' fantasy. But the implications of this radical shift would go much further than just changes in military tactics; it conceivably undercuts the very notions of freedom that we commemorate on the Fourth of July...more

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ALTER Bush Observes Congress Is Getting In The Way Of His Dictatorship 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
GUARDIAN Dictator Bush Disregards The Will Of The People Of Viegues 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SHAPIRO There's A Growing Global Movement Against Dictator Bush's Reign Of Death 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
IOL Dr. Strangelove Implies Dictator Bush Must Make Bio-Weapons Because "Rogue Nations" Are Doing It 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
IOL Scientists Say Dictator Bus Bio-Weapons Push Will Lead To Plagues 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BOOKSTEIN Will The Universities Become Whores For Bio-Tech Corporations That Now Own Patents On Your Cells, Corporations That You Will Have To Pay To Get Tested For A Disease? 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
PALAST Now Dictator Bush Wants To Store Bomb-Making Radioactive Uranium In...Russia. 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
DIAMOND Dictator Bush Putting U.S. Corporate Interests Ahead Of Global Cooperation 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
FRIEDMAN Europeans Believe There Are Two "Rogue States," Iraq And Dictator Bush 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USN Biggest Alaskan Oil Well Operator Violating Safety, Environmental Laws Right Now 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BG Dictator Bush Plans To Build Missile Defense Silo In Alaska Next Month With Stolen Funds 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
CONASON Dictator Bush's Missile Test Was Rigged 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NP Strangelove Choice For Chief Of Staff Backs Spacecraft Militarization Of Space 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
LAT Dictator Bush Through Condi Says Father Of FCC Head Was Wrong To Promise Europe A Climate Plan By October 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NEWSDAY Strangelove, Father Of FCC Head Agree On Dictator Bush Foreign Policy 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USN Dictator Bush Tries To Use Glad Hand To Defeat Our National Interests 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
MILLER Dumb Down The Issues And You Get A Dumbed-Down Dictator 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USN Dictator Bush Attempts To Spin Catholics On Welfare, Death Penalty 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP Are Catholics Spinning Dictator Bush On Stem Cell Issue? 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
AP Dictator Bush Ignores Catholic Protests, Claims People Want Religious Welfare 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USA Dictator Bush's Ashcroft Appears To Be Clamping Down On Press Freedom With Jailing Of Reporter 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
LESSIG Jail Time In the Digital Age 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
AP Dictator Bush Plans Economic And Military Sanctions Against Iraq 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
TONELSON Dictator Bush Wants Fast Track Control But Won't Discuss Issues 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
HERBERT Dictator Bush Is Managing To Hide The Poor From Us 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT Teamsters Plan To Defeat Dictator Bush Over Mexican Trucks 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
Alter Dictator Bush Is Lucky He's Being Defeated On Mexican Trucks 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USA Dictator Bush Energy Plan Based On Crisis That's Not Happening 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
USN Dictator Bush, Electric Buddies, Seek Fed Control Over Power Lines In Order To Crush Local, State Protests 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
LAT Dictator Bush Has Gotten Whitman To Cater To The Corporate Polluters 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NPG Dictator Bush Anti-Family Planning Position At Odds With World Efforts To Curb Population Growth 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NEWS Dictator Bush Tax Bribe Will Do Little To Help Economy 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NOSANCHUK NRA Lies, Not Committed To Enforcement Of Gun Laws On Books 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
CLEFT O'Connor Decides To Stay On Because Of Her Threat To Leave If Gore Was Elected 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
REGISTER Dictator Bush Stiffs Bill Gates, Goes Linux 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP Carter And Ford Offer Voting Plan To Help Clean Up Mess 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
TAPPER Can GOP Moderates Stand Up To Repug Bully Boys? 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BROOKS Take Away Guns, Gays And Abortion, And Bush Republicans Would Be In Trouble 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NEWSWEEK Majority of Americans Say Gays Are OK, Even 30% Of Scouts' Parents, But Not Dictator Bush Or Scout Leadership 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NATION Green Party July Meeting Talks National Party Building 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT Texans Cheer Lance Armstrong Victory At Austin's Copper Tank 7/31/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
RUSSO Tasteless Bush Again Admits Dream Of Wanting To Be Dictator 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SPT Florida Purge Of Dems From Voter Roles Stole Election For Bush In Advance Of Voting 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
DAWN Bush Has Halted Distribution Of Book Detailing U.S. Role In Murder Of 10,000+ In Indonesia 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SPLEEN Bush Declares War On Public Information 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
FAIR Bush/FCC Favored Fox Constantly Makes False Claims Against Other News Channel Coverage 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
AJR News Sources Hide Debunking Stories Of White House Vandalism 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BORDES Witnesses Against Bush's "Death Squad" Negroponte Have Been "Disappearing" 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
DC Bush Pressures South Korea To Smoke American Cigarettes 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
CBC Phillip Morris Says It's Sorry That It's Cigarettes Will Kill You 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WSWS Bush Torpedoes Germ Warfare Treaty To Help Corporate Friends 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
ANANOVA Brit Defense Chief Warns That It Would Be "Irresponsible" To Back Bush Missile Plan 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
AN Arab-Americans Say Bush Is Wrong To Avoid Participation In Racism Conference 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
IOL Bush Wants To Control Racism Conference Agenda To Avoid Discussion Of U.S. And Racism 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
ZA South African Foreign Affairs Chief Says Bush Has Racism Problems Re Conference 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BLOOM Internal GOP Memo Says Bush Will Steal From Medicare To Cover Budget Shortfall Caused By Tax Cuts 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
CSM Bush Accelerates Trend Of Putting Big Donars In GVT. Positions 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP Bush War On Women Continues As He Pulls Family Planning Funds 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
YORK Bush Stem Cell Agonizing Is Really About Strategy To Woo Catholic Vote For 2004 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
RC Tom "The Exterminator" DeLay And Dem Aide Near Blows On The House Floor 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
ANANOVA Angry Indian MP's Name Public Toilet "The White House" 7/30/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
HUTTON With Anti-Bush As The Rallying Cry, The Age Of Democratic Liberalism Has Begun 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
DOWD "Planet Of The Apes" Is About Bush, And He's Unwilling To Evolve 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
LAT Poppy Bush Had FBI Spy On American Citizens Who Disagreed With Him 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SHNS Surprise! Bush Tax Rebate Not Really A Rebate 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
KRUGMAN Bush's Rebate And Switch 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
STEVENSON Bush Indicates Gvt. Will Take $5 Trillion From SS By 2016, But Only "Promises" To Give It Back To Us 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT "Bush" SS Plan Would Stick You With Questionable Stock, Reduce Guaranteed Benefits 19%, Change Age To 67, Increase Payroll Tax 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT Plunge In Profits Raises Risk For Stock Market, Economy 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
LIEBMAN Bush Commission Using Blacks, Poor As Cover While Bush Destroys Social Security 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT Congressmen Know That Bush Promise To Veto Patients' Bill Of Rights Is An Empty Threat 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BINDER Characteristically, Bush Is Asking For A Blank Check Fast-Track Authority With Nothing To Fast-Track 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
THOMAS Bush Has Held Only Three Press Conferences In Six Months 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP Representative National Editorials On Bush Are Generally Negative 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP Since Bush Is Neither A World Nor A Legislative Leader, He'll Try Morality In the Fall 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
KUTTNER Europe Is Beginning To Lead Since Bush Clearly Is No Leader 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
AP Canada Echoes European Criticism Of Bush 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT ED Bush's International Hostility And Arrogance Ill-Serves American Interests 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
HOAGLAND On The Other Hand, Bush's Isolationist Views Could Cause Other Nations To Be Equally Self-Absorbed 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
OBSERVER Dr. Strangelove Unveils Spacecraft Bomber Plan 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
KETTLE Bush Irrational Missile Defense Plan Is One More American Gated Community 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
OBSERVER Sadistic Italian Police, Praised By Bush, Tortured Protesters In Prison 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT China Not Impressed With Father Of FCC Head's Attempt To Sell Bush Missile Plan 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SMITH FCC Head's Father Backing Off Promise To Press China On Human Rights Abuses 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
MENGES Now That Bush Has Pushed Russia Towards China, Reaganite Cold Warrior Says Beware Russia-China 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
WP ED Bush's Unwillingness To Codify An Agreement With Russia Is "Troubling" 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
IGNATIUS CEO-Speak O'Neill, Like Bush, Has Big Ideas But Little Interest In Realities 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NORTON D.C. Fed Taxpayers Demand The Right To Vote 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
OBSERVER Schindler's Widow Dying In Poverty, Spielberg Being Criticized 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
NYT Do You Really Need To Eat Chocolate Produced By Child Slaves? 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
BG James Brown Played The Apollo, Now Clinton Moves To Harlem 7/29/01 www.bushwatch.com/www.bushnews.com
SFC ED Isolationist Bush Has Abdicated His Role As Global Leader 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
LEWIS Bush's World Vision Stops With Drug Companies, NRA 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
AFP Colombia Judge Calls Halt To Bush Spraying Of Citizens With Roundup 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
RUANE Bush Meets Bill Hicks With Strangelove's Wolf Looking On 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
REUTERS Successful Bush Missile Test Was A Phony 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT ED There Is No "Emergency" Allowing Bush's FCC To Break Rule With Eye Towards Bush Re-Election 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush Energy Department Paid Money For Nuclear Waste Dump Advice To Lobbyists Who Were Backing That Nuclear Waste Dump 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush, Whitman Want Congress To Favor Electric Utilities By Weakening Pollution Controls 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Bush Averts Showdown By Giving In To Request For Environmental Documents 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT House GOP Leaders Forced To Allow Moderates To Weaken Bush Energy Plan 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Lawmakers Rebuff Bush On Patients' Rights 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Bush Tells Congress He Wants Special Trade Powers By Nov. 9 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP House Rebukes Bush By Forcing Toucher Arsenic Standards 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Mac And Graham Working Hard For Bush To Prevent Safe Standards For Mexican Trucks 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP CIA And Poppy Regulary Fill Junior's Head With Covert Activities Talk 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
BG ED Has Bush Already Signaled China That Corporate Profit Is More Important Than Human Rights? 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
BG Powell Says He'll Talk Human Rights With China 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
BEI LING China's Evidence Of Continued Human Rights Abuse Is In Its Prisons 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
Gitlin Moving On Past Florida Is Not An Option In The Land Of The Smiley Face 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
ROBBINS Real Change Won't Happen At D.C. Cocktail Party Or Lincoln Bedroom 7/28/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
ALTERMAN Bush Starting Early To Rig His Next Election With FCC/Fox Help 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
AC Even Texas Monthly Now Knows It Screwed Up By Backing Bush 7/27/01 www.bushwatch.com
PARRY Bush Failing To Lead In The International Arena 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
IND Bush Cavalier Defiance Of World Opinion Breathtaking 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
USA Does Bush Generally Hate Treaties Or Just The Operative And Available Ones? 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Bush Picks Unqualified GOP Fundraiser, Ex-Cop, Scandal-Plagued Supervisor To Head Peace Corps 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Editorials In Five Leading Papers Say Bush Has Done Nothing About Global Warming 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Jeffords Tells Whitman That Congress Will Go Kyoto In Spite Of Bush 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush Caves On Lieberman Threat Of Subpoenas For Environmental Documents 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
DIONNE Bush Missile Defense Is An Albatross Around The Neck Of Our Military Needs 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
USA Some Brass Critical Of Bush 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Dr. Strangelove Accused Of Pressuring MIT To Silence Missile Critic Professor 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
FRIEDMAN It's Cyberterriorists, Not Rogue Missiles, That Bush Should Be Working Hardest To Prevent 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Senate Backs Strict Safety Tests For Mexican Trucks Over Bush Objections 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush Attempts To Obfuscate His Mexicans-Only Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Plan 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
DMN Bush Tax Bribe Gives Advance Refunds Based On 2001 Earnings To People Who Died In 2000 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP ED Bush Working Hard To Prevent $28 Billion In Voted Funds For The Poor Uninsured From Ever Reaching Them 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
KINSLEY Taking Social Security Money From Gvt. Bonds To Privatized Stocks Will Not Create Greater Returns, Period. 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT ED Bush Commission's Social Security Report Is Biased, Closed-Minded 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Bush Not Interested In Sending Anyone To World Conference On Racism Because It Will Discuss Slavery 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
MALVEAUX Many Blacks Still Not On The Economic Bus 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Dems Ask Ashcroft For Documents Re His NRA-Backed Gun Law Change 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush Religious Welfare Bill Still Allows Churches To Ignore State And Local Laws 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Many States Giving Religious Groups Free Reign To Engage in Questionable Human Rights, Discriminatory, Health Practices 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Black Boy Scouts Sickened By Confederate Flag Patch They Can Earn 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Senate Committee Backs Hate Crime Protection For Gays 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP ED Maryland Should Protect Gays Against Job, Housing Discrimination 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
HC Houston City Council Votes To Protect Gay Workers 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Republican Senators Accuse Dem Of "Excessive Partisanship." Honest. 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
AP Dems Craft Plan To Take Back House 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NYT Bush Trying To Avoid His Threat Of Veto On Patients' Bill Of Rights 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
WP Laura Appears Frustrated By Husband's Inaction, Non-Funding Of Education 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
NE Enquirer Claims Condit's Wife Attacked Chandra In Phone Call Days Before Disappearance 7/27/01 bushwatch.com/bushnews.com
HERBERT Add Tobacco To Bio-Weapons And Small Arms, As Bush's U.S. Kills People Worldwide 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
FT Bush FCC Allows Fox TV To Break Law To Reach 41% Of TV Viewers Through Next Prez Election 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
TENNIS My Name Is George, And I'm An Alcoholic 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WALSH My Name Is Jenna, And My Father Is An Alcoholic 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
EBERT My Name Is Barb, And I'm A Lout 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
BW My Name Is Laura, And I'm From Midland 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP My Name Is Karl Rove And I've Had An Ethical Lapse 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
BBC New Ban On Bio-Weapons: World 55-Bush 1 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP Bush Rejects Bio Arms Ban Protocol 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Is The Proliferator-in-chief 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WSWS Bush Wants To Break ABM Treaty For Global Military Dominance 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Climate Position Costs World $330 Billion/Year And The World Should Sue 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
AP N.H. Pollution Official Disagrees With Bush On Kyoto 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Avoidance Of Climate Proposal Not An Option 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
DAWN Bush Uses U.S. Official To Press India To Pay Debt To Campaign Contributor Enron 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
AP Bush Plans To Increase Poisoning Of Peasants, Troops In Colombia Drug War 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
MILBANK Bush Unable To Get Congress To Do His Bidding 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
COHN Bush's Medicare Plan Is DOA 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT House GOP Admits It Doesn't Have The Votes Against Patients' Rights, Postpones 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Consumer Safty Nominee Blamed Kids When Baby Seats Were Defective 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
MC GRORY Bush Consumer Nominee Is A Product Safety Hazard 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
PRICE Bush Privatized Social Security Not Good For Blacks 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Should Not Use Social Security To Create Privatized Investing 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Non-Mexicans Angry That Bush Is Stiffing Them 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Used Republican Slogan On IRS Bribe Checks 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
LIZZA The Most Powerful Bushie You've Never Heard Of 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Now That Harris Has Erased Some Files, She Says She Will Give Up Recount Records 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
REUTERS Harris Looking At Seat In Congress 7/26/01 www.bushwatch.com
MT ED Dutch Environmental Minister Says Bush "Ignorance" Has Made Us A "Rogue State" 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
MST ED Bush Lack Of Leadership At Bonn Produces Indifference To U.S. Industrial, Economic Interests 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
CBS Bush Government Hides "Smoking Gun" Evidence Proving Energy Companies Gouged Prices 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Critics Say Bush Energy Conservation Is Campaign Payback For Ongoing Polluters, Like Coal Companies 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP Bush Cabinet Agencies May Be Probed Over Environmental Actions 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
CLE "Disappointed" Carter Lambasts Bush For "Just About Everything" 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
BG Having Been Kind To Reagan And Poppy, Carter Points To Immoderate Views Of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
AP Carter Calls Bush Missile Plan "Technologically Ridiculous" And Will "Re-Escalate Arms Race" 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
A51 Why Bush's Missile Defense Shield Will Not Work 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
LOEB The Missile Shield Will Work. For The Corporations That Will Profit By Building It 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
WP Bush Will Not Seek To Alter ABM Treaty 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
CHAIT Now That Bush Has Given Fed Cash To The Wealthy, He Must Steal It From Medicare 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
MSNBC Bush Social Security Commission "Biased," Using "Misleading Scare Tactics" 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
CONASON Bush And Moynihan Have Mounted A Social Security Fraud 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN Bush Doublethink: Social Security Surpluses Are Meaningless, But Social Security Deficits Are Meaningful 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
GAY GAO May Probe Bush Salvation Army Quid Pro Quo Re Gay Discrimination 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
M4R Bush Stacking Courts With Judges That Support Discrimination Against Women, Gays, Civil Rights Laws 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
GOLDSTEIN Bush Anti-Gay Agenda Works By Stealth, Not Statute 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
USA Bush, Ashcroft, Powell Immigrant Plan Is About Amnesty To Mexicans, Only 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
NYT Mac Threatens Filibuster In Support Of Mexican Trucks Driving In U.S. Without U.S. Insurance 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
AP Daschle Says Bush Consumer Protection Nominee Would Make Agency "Meaningless" 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
SANGER NYT Reporter Edits Bush Verbal Gaffe In Distortion Of Reality (see Bushlexia, 7/24) 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
CN ED What Can Be Done About The Mess That Is The U.S. Press? 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
MONBIOT Corporate Power Will Not Be Given Up Without Mass Action 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
PRESS The More We Dig, The More Evidence We Find That Bush Stole The Election 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
KAMEN Even The Bribe Checks, Themselves, Serve As Bush Propaganda 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
EBERT Bush Can't Even Keep Out Of Rain With "Loutish" Daughter 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
AP Citizens Like Laura But Wonder Why They Haven't Been Told Much Abour Her Past 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
BRODER While Laura Jawbones For "Learning Activities," George Cuts The Budget On Head Start Learning Activities 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
SAMUELSON On The Despotism Of Dollars 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Anti-UN Utah Town Is Bush's Kinda Place 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
SALETAN Bush Has Found A Soul Sister In President Megawatt 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
BOROWITZ Dithering Dolt Visits Ducal Digs 7/25/01 www.bushwatch.com
RMN Bush Tax Cut Rebate Check Is Actually An Advance Against This Year's Income Taxe Refund 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
RO Web Sites Ask For Your Bush Bribe Bucks 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
FT Bush Presently Working On More Corporate Tax Cuts For The Upper Classes 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED We Need An Add-On Social Security Program Not A Bush Carve Out 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
BW When Bush Delves Into Economic Issues, Trouble Follows 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Final Kyoto Score: World 180 - Bush 1 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
NYT No, It Was Only 178 to 1 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Whatever, Bush Is Offering Zilch To Replace Kyoto 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Seattle Adopts Kyoto Limits, Scolds Bush 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Two-Faced Bush Already Changing Tune After Mellow Conference With Putin 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Dope Meets Pope, Spins Pontiff 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
CARROLL In The Catholic Church Death Control Is The Issue, Not Birth Control 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
NYP Reporter Says Dead Protester "Deserved What He Got" 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
USA Powell Calls Death Squad Stained Negroponte "Distinguished...Public Servant" Without Throwing Up 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
DIAMOND Corporate Puppet Bush Decides To Boot Bio-Weapons Treaty 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER Bush Helping To Kill Patient's Rights Just Like Campaign Finance 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Still Lacks Votes On Watered-Down Patients' Rights Bills 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
BAYOT Bush Drug Plan Is To Help Us Get Overpriced Insurance To Pay For Overpriced Drugs 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE No Disagreement On Vote Reform, So Why Doesn't Bush Do Something? 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
HUFFINGTON Harris Ran A Bush Campaign "War Room" Out Of Her Florida Sec. Of State Office 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
PBP White House Staff And Jeb's Hold Weekly Meetings To Coordinate Plans 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Dems Mobilize To Fight Bush War On Social Security 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
BROWNSTEIN Ed Establishment May Have Waited Too Late To Fight Bush 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Consumers' Union Says Bush Choice "Abdicates [His] Responsibility To Protect Children" 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
TILGNER Bush Missile Defense System Will Not Work 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
EYAL Bush Missile Plan Here To Stay, So Accept It But Change It 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMAN Bush Missile Plan Based On Dishonest Arguments 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Dems Working On Less Threatening, Less Costly Missile Plan 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Ending Program To Take Guns Off Streets In Poor Neighborhoods 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
DMR ED Senate Wise To Slow Down Bush's Religious Welfare Plan 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WENK Bush Is Only A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WALLISON Congress And Bush Hate Government Snoops, But Accepts Corporate Snoops 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Part Of Bush Six Month Mark 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
VANDEN HEUVEL Building The Left To Win 7/24/01 bushwatch.com
GUMBEL Given Reagan's Inabilities, At Least He Didn't Blow Us Up. Will The Same Be Said About Bush? 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
AHMED Bush, Like Reagan, Sleeps A Lot And Does Not Lie About Sex 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
OBSERVER Bush Uses Corporate Payback To Make America The Unbeautiful 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
WRIGHT Europeans Conclude Bush Is Not A World Leader 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
SCHOETTLER American Disdain For World's Political Puppets Should Begin With Bush 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
KEMPER Bush Said "Give Me 6 Months." The Results Are Shameful 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
ROTHENBERG Bush's Catch-22s Spell Gloom For The Next Six Months 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Black Voters Pessimistic About Bush 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
BROWN Bush Decides No News Is Good News Re Genoa Meeting 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Attempts To Twist Putin On Missiles By Pulling Nuclear Cleanup Cash And Pushing Unilateral Cleanup 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Putin Is One Step Ahead Of Bush, Who Doesn't Seem To Know It 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN NRA's Bush Succeeds in Blocking UN Curbs On Small Arms Sales 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Riots Force Review Of Summits 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush Fails To Move Allies On Missiles, Kyoto 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
IND Bush Pressured By World Leaders, Congress To Change Kyoto Stance 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
PA Greenpeace Outlaws Bush During His Chequers Speech 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
BG Bush Relations With Capitol Hill Showing Strain 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
USA Key Senators Blocking Bush Negroponte Appointment 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Oregon Dems Move To Impeach Scalia, Rehenquist, O'Connor, Thomas, Kennedy 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Drug Card Plan The "Ultimate In Illusion" 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Religious Groups Would Be Wise Not To Take Bush's Pieces Of Silver 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Strangelove Set To Pick Military Head 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Ed Bill Caught In Congressional Slow-Down 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Discharge Petition Will Show True Colors Of Parties On Campaign Reform 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Is Gutting Head Start With Underfunding, Shift In Priorities 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Non-Reader Bush Tells Brit Kids Reading Is "Pretty Damn Good Advice" (second item) 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT Our Smokes Kill People And That's Good --Phillip Morris 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
BROWNSTEIN Bush Needs To Imitate Clinton To Solve Immigration Problem 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Key To Mexican Immigration Is What Bush Has Yet To Offer, Strong Workers' Rights 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
NEWSWEEK Mac Obsession With Teddy Suggests 2004 Bolt 7/23/01 bushwatch.com
ALLEN Elliott Abrams And George W. Bush Are "Public Serpents" 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
OBSERVER Congress Considering Giving Bush Permission To Create His Own Private Army Without Oversight In South America 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS UN Decides To Crack Down On Small Arms Trade Over Bush Objections 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Won't Allow Enforcement Of '72 Germ Warfare Treaty 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
MILBANK Bush's Recipe For Second Term Is To Ignore Reality And Claim Victory 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
NELSON We're Selling Out Our Future For A Couple Hundred Bush Bucks 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Pimp Republicans Hope To Reel In Citizens With Checks 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER Dem Part Of Tax Cut Too Small, Bush Part Too Latge 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT Bush Is Cheerleading, Not Leading, Any Attempt To Right The Economy 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN Bush Social Security Commission Comes Up With "Mean-Spirited Nonsense" 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
KESSLER What's The Accounting Behind The Budget Surplus? 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
AFP Italian Police Stage "Brutal Raid" At Midnight On Protesters' Press Center 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
ROTHSCHILD Preparations For Killing Protesters Lead To Killing Of Protester 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Truncheons Rained Down On Me In Battle Of Genoa 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
NATION Another Death In Battle Against Corporate Globalization 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
SIEFF Bush Has Created "Profound And Enduring" Friendship Between Russia And China 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
WP G-8 Leadership Put Bush Under Pressure Over Global Warming 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
BROWN U.N. Expert Says Delay In Global Warming Prevention Would Be "Catastrophic" 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Beginning Work To Slowly Gut Environmental Protection Agency 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Follows Reagan Plot, Uses Star Wars Wackos To Create Battleground In Space 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
AP North Korea Assails Bush Missile Plan, Warns Of Arms Race 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
YOUNG Bush Missile Plan Not Worth The Global Fallout That Would Ensue 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Missile Plan Fear Of World Has Created "Self-fulfilling prophecy" 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
BOWMAN Bush Missile Plan Endangers The American People 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Patients' Bill Favors Insurance Companies Over People 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
SEDLER Conservative Judges Favor Big Business And Ideological Agenda, Not Law Or Justice 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
MONTGOMERY Ashcroft is Changing Second Amendment To Fit Ideology Of NRA 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
JEFFERSON Bush Is Halfway Toward Creating A Religious, Discriminatory Welfare System 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Moderate Republicans Voted For Bush But Don't Like His Policies Now 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
BRODER Is There A Difference Between New Dems And Moderate Republicans? 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Mac Warns Of Bush Sleaze Threat 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Fading Talk Of Energy Crisis Hurts Bush Plan 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
BROWN Studies Suggest Bush Nuclear Power Plants Would Lead To Childhood Cancer 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
ZDN White House Escapes Code Red Attack 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
SMH Coded Message Reveals Bin Laden Terror Plot 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
GOODMAN Now Phillip Morris Is Bragging About How Their Smokes Kill People 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
TT Not Yet Sick Yet From Today's News? Read This. 7/22/01 bushwatch.com
NZN ED We Knew Churchill, Bush, And You're No Churchhill 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
HELVARG And You're Not Even A Reagan, You're A Harding 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
JACKSON Our Early Leaders Didn't Respect The Indians, Bush Doesn't Respect The World 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
LEWIS Radical Bush Foreign Policy Based On Aggression And Disregard For Other Countries 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Protester Killed In G-8 Chaos 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Who Are The Protesters? 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
AN Leaked Memo Exposes WTO Plan To Capture American Youth 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Reporter Says Daschle "Isolating" Statement Equals "Isolationism" Conclusion 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Says He Is Not An "Isolationist" But Refuses To Talk To Dashle's Criticism 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
THOMAS Bush's "Unilateralism" Adds Up To "Isolationism" 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
BARRY Yes, Bush's Radical Foreign Policy Is "Unilateralist" 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
JT ED And A "Unilateralist" Bush Will Feel "Isolated" At G-8 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush Needs To Cut The Bull And Get Real With Putin 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
SS ED We Should Not Tolerate Bush Abdication Of Leadership On Climate At G-8 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
AP Energy Sec. Uses Taxpayer Money For Party Fundraiser Trip 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
FWST ED Energy Man Cheney Should Practice What He Preaches 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
AP Rove Waited Until After Drug Lobbyists Meeting, Then Sold His Stock--White House 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
SB ED Bush Budget Squeeze Arrives Ahead Of Schedule 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
ZWEIFEL Evaporating Surplus Shows Bush Lied 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Budget Surplus Shrinks In June 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
AP 34 Million Taxpayers Will Get No Check 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
MCT ED The Bush Tax Cut Scam Is In The Mail 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
WITCOVER Rehnquist And Thomas "Can Lie As Well As Steal" --Bugliosi 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
KUTLER We Deserve Better Than Mediocrities In The White House And On The Bench 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
BUNCOMBE Inquiry Casts Fresh Doubt Upon Legitimacy Of Bush 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
TIME What Can Be Done To Fix Our Sick Voting System? 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
CSM ED There Should Be No More Floridas 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
YORK Did GOP Break Law By Encouraging Breaking Of Voting Law? 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
SPT Florida AG Tells Harris She Must Cough Up All State Records, Not Just Her Selection 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
ALTER Why Has The Latest Florida Voting Story Gotten Buried? 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
KENNEDY Ashcroft Is Destroying The Very Gun Laws He Swore To Defend 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
BW Author Of Bush Biography Commits Suicide 7/21/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Bush Tells Brit Kids White House Is "White" While Daughter Sniffs Cork At Queen's House 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Rancorous Genoa Summit Seen As France And Germany Attack Bush Again 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
TAUBMAN Bush Must Give Putin More Policy And Less Bull In Genoa 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Says Hard Sell On Missile Defense Due To His "Vague Notions" 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Putin Adviser Issues Warning On Bush Alaska Plan 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Russia To Sell Military Jets To China 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
CCT Missile Defense Is Still A Bad Idea 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Crucial Radar Failed Missile Defense Test 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
STEEL The U.S. Under Bush Has Become The World's Most Dangerous Rogue State 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Genoa Protesters Vow Stronger Action 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMAN Genoa Revolutionaries Are Evolutionaries 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
HARDT What The Genoa Protesters Want 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Bush Faces Hostility Over Kyoto At Bonn Meeting 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush Tells World To Do What He Doesn't Do Re Global Warming 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush And Blair Insist Free Trade Will Help World's Poor 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
CAMPBELL Bush Says Amnesty For Illegal Mexicans Just Discussion Point 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED "Tightfisted" Bush Has Yet To Turn Words Into Actions Re World Poverty 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Blair Praises Bush For Being Able To Speak Without Getting Angry 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NEAL Bashful Bush Earns A "C," Looks Like A One-Termer 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
BORGER Bush Is Appearing Both Ideological And Weak 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT House Backs Bush Religious Discrimination Bill Over Objections Of Dems, Moderate Republicans 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Social Security Panel Talks "Alarmist" While Working Towards "Predetermined Outcome" Favoring Wall Street 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE If Cheney's Working For Us, What's He Trying To Hide? 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
LAT ED What Cheney Really Fears. 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
KAGAN Strangelove's Wolf Calls Bush Defense Budget "Inadequate," "Reckless." 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Dr. Strangelove's Pentagon Plan Faltering 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYC Battle Brewing Between RNC Chair And Bush White House Political Gang 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED House Dems Need Strict Discipline To Force Vote On Campaign Finance Reform 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush May Bypass Congress To Open Land For Oil Drilling 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
SCHEER Why Is Al Gore So Silent? 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
VENNOCHI Gore Should Fight Rematch On Policies, Not Florida 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
MEANS Gore Will Be Back This Fall. 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Conservatives Demanded Release Of Fed Report Showing Condoms Not Totally Effective 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON Bush Billionaire Buddy Trying To Shut Down Bush Critic Palast 7/20/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN European Citizens' Guide To Resident Bush 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
KIRK Every American Should Be Outraged Over Bush's Unpopular Agenda 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
USA U.S. Role In World Slipping Under Bush--Daschle 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Bush Characterizes Himself In Genoa As Defender Of The Poor 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
MT Russia-China Friendship Treaty Causing "Serious Headaches In Washington" 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
MT Putin Says Judge World Leaders By What They Do, Not What They Say 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
AP Putin Praises Bush As "Easy To Talk To" 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Powell Says It's Time To Be Specific About Missiles, But Can't Be Precise With Russians 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Fast-Tracking Plan To Start Control Of Space With Laser Weapons 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
PARRY Bonn Beat. Bush Has Gone Beyond Non-Participation In Kyoto, He Wants To Kill It 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Global Warming Strategy Limited To Killing Kyoto 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
GRIER Bush Likely To Be Lectured By Europe 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Why Isn't Bush Making Friends Around The World? 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
ST Looks Like Japan And Bush Have Understanding That Clinton's Sanction AGainst Iran Is Dead 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Why, Then, Is Bush Continuing The Same Pointless Exercise In Cuba? 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Greenspan Says Bush Should Look For More Bad News About Economy 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
GREY The Military Role In Bush Theft Of The Presidency 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Harris Denies Manipulating Overseas Ballot Vote For Bush 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
KAUS A Pro-Bush Reader's Guide And Analysis To NYT Overseas Ballot Story 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
SPT Another Florida Recount Coming Up This Summer 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER GOP Moderates Rebel Against Bush Faith-Based Discrimination 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Faith-Based Plan Is A "Bad Bill" 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Makes No Effort To Get Tobacco Industry To Cough Up 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
TFK Dead Smokers Good For Government Budgets--Phillip Morris Transcript 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Bush Energy Plan Is "Oilman's Vision" 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Now That California Has An Energy Surplus, What Excuse Will Bush Give For Drilling Parks? 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NH Cheney's Take On Energy Problem. Lehrer Transcript. 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP Court Battle Looming Over Cheney's Refusal To Turn Records Over To Congress 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Senate Passes Bush IMS Nominee Who Refuses To Give Views On Bush Immigration Plan 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
HEINZERLING Passing Bush Regulatory Nominee Will Put Fox In Henhouse 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
NO North Carolina Students Can't Drink Water. Too Much Arsenic. 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP House Republicans Don't Want To Tell Parents About Pesticides In Schools 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
MANNING How In The World Will China Clean Up Its Act By 2008? 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT The Thought Police Have Arrived, But Bush Is Thoughtless 7/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP Did Bush Fake The Visitors During His Jefferson Memorial Visit? (second item) 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES ABM Is Dead. Don't Like It? Tuff. --Bush 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Kyoto Is Dead. Don't Like It? Tuff. --Bush 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
JACKSON Gas-Guzling Americans Irk Europeans 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
CNA We Don't Want To Limit The Nuclear Arms Race, Either. --Condi 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
FR Yeh, And We Want Unlimited Small Arms Internationally, Too. --Bush 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
DAWN U.S. Is The Biggest Supplier Of Surplus Arms. --Study 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Wants Japan To Forget Its Peace Constitution And Join His Missile Defense Plan 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
JOHNSON Bush Is A Treaty Ditcher. "He Must Be Stopped Before It's Too Late" 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
JT A Bitter Lesson Awaits Bush In Genoa 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Is Making U.S. A Renegade Nation. --Lieberman 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
MST Rumsfeld's Darth Vader Strategy 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Protesters Plan Mass Mooning Of Bush In U.K. Tomorrow. 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
AN Bush Says Churchill Was Texan, Gives Chequers Speech 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Businessmen Salivating Over Cheap, Legal Mexican Labor 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP U.S. Slowdown Going Global, Further Sinking Bush Budget Plans 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN When It Comes To Money, It's Do As We Say, Not Do As We Do 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
GARTEN Bush Needs To Face Up To His Economic Responsibilities 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP House To Bush --Screw You, We're Keeping Contraception 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Women And Blacks Fear Faith-Based Discrimination In Bush's War Against Separation Of Church And State 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
HSB ED Bush Insists In Pushing Flawed Energy Plan 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
HC Delay Wants Unrestricted Drilling, Environmental Protesters Jump All Over Him At Meeting 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
AP Rep. Waxman Calls For Probe Of Rove 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
MCLAUGHLIN Bush Could Sustain Significant Damage As Scandal Pattern Emerges 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER How Overseas Ballots Became Part Of Bush's Stealing Of The Presidency 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
SULLIVAN Are You Living In A Dictatorship Without Knowing It? 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Phillip Morris Contends Smoking Helps National Economies By Killing People Early 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP Katherine Graham. A Pioneer With Courage. 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Kay's Amazing Grace 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
OVERHOLSER Mrs. Graham's Rich, Complex Life 7/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP MIT Study Finds 5 Million Gore-Bush Votes Were Left Uncounted 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
SPT Another MIT Study Shows Touch Screen Almost As Bad As Punch Card Voting 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Hypocrite Bush Questioned Dem Patriotism In Florida While Allowing Military Votes To Remain Uncounted 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
SPT Harris, Minions In Trouble Over Florida Vote Records 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS Congress Study Shows Poor Voters More Likely To Have Votes Rejected 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
ROSEN The Recount Is In And The Bush Supreme Court Loses 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
GAILEY A Good Idea For Voter Reform 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN The Characteristic Bush Position Is Based On Thoughtless, Conservative Knee-Jerking 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
MN Another Reason Bush Can't Lead Is That He Can't Speak Without Getting Laughed At 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP Under Corporate Pressure Bush Dragging His Feet On Using Regulation To Clean Up Country's Polluted Waterways 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Bush Energy Plan Would Produce Smog In South, Midwest, Experts Say 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Here's How Energy Companies Paid Off Bush 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
AIGES Bush Is Doing What He Can To Help Energy Companies Screw Consumers 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
BG Bush Energy Bill Has One Big Winner, A Cheney Buddy 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Bush Energy Plan Sales Pitch Backfires 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Mum As German Official Attacks World's Biggest Greenhouse Gas Polluter, United States 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
PAGES Bush Implies "The Right Thing To Do Is To Continue Damaging Planet's Health" 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Russia And China Sign Pact Amid Concerns About Bush 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Jiang And Putin Meet To Block U.S. Supremacy 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
LIPMAN Putin Slowly Bringing Back Police State In Russia, But Bush Appears Willing To Live With That 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMAN Bush Still Doesn't Get It About The Middle East 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
IND Successful Missile Test Provokes Anger World-Wide 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
KLURFELD Bush "A-Team" Stumbling On Foreign Policy 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush's Medicare Positions Serve Him, But Screw The Public 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WICKHAM Bush Is Willing To Barter Away Our Civil Rights For His Faith-Based Discrimination 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Will Not Allow Fed Health Plans To Include Contraception, And That's Wrong 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Study Of Gay Parenting Studies Suggest Bush Is Also Wrong About Gay Parents 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT Bush Plays Politics With Stem Cell Decision 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Even The Moderate Dem DLC Looks Liberal Compared With Bush 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
AGE How China Won Over The Olympic Committee 7/17/01 bushwatch.com
DAWN As Bush Ratings Dive, Conservatives Say He Should Be More Conservative 7/16/01
ALTERMAN Florida Election Was "Fundamentally Corrupt" 7/16/01
NYT Finally, Dems Seek Inquiry On Florida Vote 7/16/01
NYT ED History Adds Another Inequity To Florida Vote 7/16/01
WP ED Bush Haste To Create Missile System Results From Misplaced Republican "Ideology" 7/16/01
LEMANN Dreaming About War 7/16/01
VEST The Dubius Genius Of Andrew Marshall 7/16/01
GUARDIAN Dr. Strangelove Rides Again 7/16/01
GUARDIAN A Hit For Son Of Star Wars 7/16/01
GUARDIAN Russia, China Issue Stark Warnings About Bush Missile Plan 7/16/01
IHT Bush Bringing Russia And China Closer Together 7/16/01
NYT Bush Wants To Overhaul Entire Tax Code To Squeeze Out More Money For The Wealthy 7/16/01
BW Bush Bipartisan Claims Is Just Hot Air, Lies, Balderdash 7/16/01
HA'ARETZ Poppy Calls Saudi Prince For Junior, Says He's Not Too Friendly With Israel 7/16/01
WP Bush Faces European Pressure On Global Warming 7/16/01
REUTERS Although Promised, Bush Has No Kyoto Alternative For Bonn Meeting 7/16/01
PTR Cheney Town Hall Meeting On Energy Called "Screened Event" 7/16/01
IND Bush Cuts "Green" Funding To Third World 7/16/01
HC ED Why Did The Salvation Army Agree To Give Bush $110,000 Each Month And Supposedly Get Nothing In Return? 7/16/01
PPG ED Salvation Army Furor Underscores Perils Of Bush Plan 7/16/01
HUFFINGTON By The Time Bush's "Children" Catch Up They'll Be Ready For Social Security 7/16/01
OR ED Campaign Finance Reform Isn't Over Yet 7/16/01
PPG ED Bush Drug Plan Falls Short For Elderly 7/16/01
CSM ED NRA-Backed Ashcroft Not Sticking To His Promise To Congress, American People 7/16/01
BOROWITZ Bush Daughters Don Presidential Caps, Frighten Nation 7/16/01
NYT Weeks Of Intense Pressure From Bush Led To Illegal Count Of Overseas Ballots In Florida Election 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Six Month NYT Study Shows Flawed Overseas Ballots Further Shrunk Bush's Official Lead 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT House Repugs Politicized Pentagon To Get Navy Overseas Ballots 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Numerous Black Absentee Ballots Mailed In Orlando 5 Days Prior To Election. Rejected As Late. 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BERKE How Lieberman Blew Off The Overseas Votes For Gore 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Phone Records Suggest Jeb's Florida Recount Recusal Was Meaningless 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT "Politically Charged" Bush Plan Turns Illegal Mexicans Into Voters 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BEAUMONT Bush Foreign Policy Is "Arrogant, Unilateralist, And Agressive" 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Congress, Military Fear Bush-Strangelove Political Clique Making All Decisions On National Defense 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Pentagon Claims Test Worked, But Data Analysis, Budget, Treaty, Strategy May Not 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Strangelove's Wolf Admits To Breaking ABM Treaty "In Months." 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BG Bush Willing To Bribe Unions To Get Drilling In Alaska 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BG NRA-Backed Ashcroft Reinterprets Constitution To Get Americans More Guns 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BRODER Bush Ed Plan Running On Empty Because He Does Not Make The Hard Decisions 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush And O'Neill Cruel To Future Retirees In Their Plan To Dismantle Social Security 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Exterminator Comes Through For Fat Man And Corruption Lives Happily Ever After 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Why Don't Hastert And Gephardt Allow The House To Vote On The Merits Of Campaign Finance? 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
RIVERS Bush-Backing Conservatives' "Puritan-Lite" Is More About Sin Than Science 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
MILBANK More Lies Uncovered. Bush Met Privately With Salvation Army Officials During Anti-Gay Policy Push. 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
ROSIN Salvation Army History Shows Gay-Hating Evangelicals In Guise Of Service Organization 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
ANDERSON Anti-Stem Cell Forces Do Not Have Science On Their Side 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
GOODMAN Observer Tries To Get A Grip On Stem Cell Research 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT 2004 Gore Is Awakening 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP Nightmare Study Says Repugs More Paranoid And Agressive Than Dems (last item) 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP Should You Pay Pal For Political Web Sites? 7/15/01 bushwatch.com
AP Outrage Du Jour. Bush Works To Weaken Biological Weapons Controls 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Opposes Plan To Fund Global Clean Energy Push 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
GRAYLING Bush Wants To Spread U.S. Gun Chaos To The World 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
AGE Reform Movement In Algeria Hindered By Bush-Cheney Greed For Oil 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
PRAVDA Russians See Connection Between Rumsfeld Budget Request And Sharon's Secret Plans For War 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
CBC George Attacks Cuba To Strengthen Jeb's Bid For Second Term As Guv 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
LEWIS Bush Is Turning His Back On Any Global Rules 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
FAQ America Has Not Accepted George Bush 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush "Loves" New York. Yeh, Right. 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
PARRY Bush "Amazed" By Job, American People "Amazed" That It's Bush 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush-Salvation Army Gay-Hate Plan An Example Of Faith-Based Failure 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Next Phase Of Bush Missile Plan Takes Place This Morning 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
AP Putin Plans To Ask Bush To Back Off Missile Plan At Conference New Week 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Allies Bury Campaign Finance Reform 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Finance Reformers May Have Won Battle, Lost War 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP Reformers Threaten To Block All House Legislation 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS Fed Reserve Report Shows "Upper Class Squandering Country's Resources." 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
ST Study Shows Kyoto Accord Could Save U.S. Billions 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
CLE Bush Will Not Decide Anything By Spending Tens Of Millions, Years On Climate Studies 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
AP As Bush Poisons Colombia, Two Years Of Peace Talks Continue 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush FBI Nominee Is A Millionaire With GE Conflict Of Interest Stock 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Chinese Sports Minister Says Olympics Will Help Curb Chinese Human Rights Abuses, IOC Agrees 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
BRZENINSKI Olympic Games In China Will Make The Chinese More Democratic 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP Pros And Cons Of Beijing Olympiad 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN Meanwhile, China's Human Rights Abuses Continue With Trial Of American Professor 7/14/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMANBush Fuzzy Math Meets Dr. Strangelove's Fuzzy Strategy 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Set To Open Up Nuclear Test Floodgates 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BUTLER Bush Plan To Kill The Test Ban Will Have Serious Consequences 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Russia Warns Bush Missile Plan Will Trigger New Arms Race 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN U.S. Defies Global Fury Over Missile Sheld 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
NEWS ED Congress Must Stop Bush From Killing The ABM Treaty 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
AP Dems Oppose Bush Attempt To Speed Up Missile Defense Plan 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
ROTHSCHILD Bush Is "Powerfully Dumb" About Missile Defense 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Today's Vote For China Is A Vote For Corporate Profits Over Human Rights 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
IND Report Indicates Bush Anti-Kyoto Decision Will Help To Produce Catastrophic Results 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Now Bush Wants To Screw Elderely Americans Re Drugs 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Bush "Faith-Based" Plan In Trouble. No Constituency 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush Gave A Boost To Faith-Based Bigotry 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Tries For Vouchers Again, Uses Another Spin On Anti-Gay Deal With Salvation Army 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
AP Daschle Covers For Rove As Other Dems Blast Bush Anti-Gay Plan 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO Bush Uses Poor Pregnant Women As Incubators, Not People In Need Of Health Insurance 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
QUINDLIN Bush Trying To Use Catholics 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
PI ED Abrams' Past Should Have Prevented Bush From Naming Him 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO Bush's "Ethical" Administration Lies About Abrams, Contra War 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BS ED Bush Arms Decision "Shocking," "Harmful To Public Interest" 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush-Backed Corrupt System Of Campaign Finance Beats Down Reform 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED House Republicans Simply Break Rules To Stop Campaign Reform 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Republicans Raising Record Funds For Non-Election Year 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
MORAN Bush "All-Star" Team Has Not Lived Up To Advance Billing 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
KINSLEY Is NR's HIV Sullivan In Web-Site Conflict Of Interest With Drug Sponsor? 7/13/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Is A "Seriously Limited Man" And The Beginning Of His End Is Evident 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Gives Strangelove And His Wolf Permission To Break Missile Defense Treaty In Alaska By Fall 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
TS State Department Issues International Warning That Treaty Will Be Broken In Months 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
DAO Alaskan Missile Site In Clear Violation Of Test Ban Treaty 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
ST Hypocrite Bush Tells Indian And Pakistan To Adhere To Their Nuclear Treaties 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Breaking Of Missile Treaty Will Mark Start Of World-Wide Nuclear Race 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Congress Should Prevent Bush From Breaking The ABM Treaty 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
ST Bush Will Get Missile Defense System In Place For Attendance At G-8 Conference In Genoa This Month 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
OMICINSKI Bush Should Forget Missile Defense And Focus On Real Problem, Cyberdefense 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP White House Lied About Bush-Rove Complicity In Salvation Army Anti-Gay Plan 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
USA Looks Like Bush Tax Cut Bribes Will Lead To His Theft Of Medicare Funds 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
EPSTEIN False Leader Bush Has Focused Upon Our Greed, Not Our Sense Of Good Citizenship 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
USN Bush Unable To Explain How Proposed Private Drug Discount Cards Differ From What's Already Available 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
ANANOVA Protesters Say Boycott Exxon, Mobil Who Have Purchased Sock Puppet Bush 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Senate Joins House In Blocking Bush Plan To Drill National Monuments 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
TISDALL Political Guide To Brit Thinking About US, Bush 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Bush-Ashcroft Pro-Gun Proposal Would Make Americans Less Secure 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush-Ashcroft Reveal Further Plans To Back NRA, Remove More Legal Gun Restrictions 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
GREEN Bush-Ashcroft Talks Green While Halting Clean Air Enforcement 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP House Minorities, Moderates MAY Stall Campaign Finance Passage 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER Campaign Finance Reform May Suddenly Be A Dead Duck 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP House Should Support Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
GREEN Black Clergy Realize That Bush "Faith-Based" Idea Is Bad Faith 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER Bush Can Only Carry The Dems So Far, They'll Have To Help Themselves, Too 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP Daschle Supports Congressional Representation For D.C. 7/12/01 bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN Because Of Tax Cut, Bush Will Soon Break Promise To Protect Social Security 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
AC ED Bush Pig In Poke Turning Into Pillaging Bear 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Shrinking Surplus Is Harming Bush Budget Plan 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
AAS Bush Tax Cut Cost Texans 130 Bypass 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
PBP ED Bush Made Massive Mistake With Tax Cut. Now What? 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
SAMUELSON So What If Bush Promised To Set Aside Social Security And Medicare Funds 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO Bush Makes Administration "Ethical" By Hiring A Contra Liar And Genocide Apologist? 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
MT Even The Russians Know About The Abrams Sleaze 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WP Last Year Bush Promised NAACP "A New Attitude." Unfortunately, He's Kept His Promise 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NSL Despite Photo-Ops, Only 21% Black Religious Leaders Agree With Bush "Faith-Based" Plan 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
BRODER No Civil Rights Act Allows Discrimination In The Name Of Religion, As Bush Claims 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Says There Are Enough Fed Laws Now To Ensure Discrimination Against Gay Hiring 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
DFP ED Surgeon Gen Has Science, Numbers Re Sex Views, But Immature Bush Says It's Too Naughty To Discuss 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
O'ROURKE Bush Concerned About Health Of Cheney And Insurance Industry, Not Your Health 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Idea Of Federal Health Plan Is To Jawbone Sick Into Buying Private Insurance 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NATION Dr. Stranglove Indicates Next Missile Test Won't Work, But So What 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NATION China, Japan Attack Bush Desire To Resume Nuclear Testing 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
IND Bush Helps NRA Supply Guns To Anyone With Cash Over UN Objections 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Political Pandering Is "Shameless" Re Arms Decision 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO Bush Campaign Finance Reform, No Loopholes, Just Holes 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
USA Congress Not Cooperating With Bush Timetable 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
AU Bush's "Faith-Based" Moon Walk 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
BROOKHISER Bush Should Worry About Cheney, Not The Polls 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WP Most Whites Actually Believe Blacks Are Doing As Well As Whites In Jobs, Income, Schooling, Health Care 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT American Disinterest In Voting Appears To Begin In School 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS Salon Has Gone From Liberal Watch Dog To Middle-Of-Road Politics And Sex 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WOLLF What Is Globalization, Anyway? 7/11/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Since Bush Is Guilty Of Fraud, Can We Impeach Him? 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush And Salvation Army Team Up In Fight Against Gays 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Says Bond's "Canine Confederacy Cabinet" Remarks Went Too Far 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
TRANSCRIPT Full Address Of Julian Bond's NAACP Attack On Bush Administration 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP NAACP Vows To Fight Conservative Judicial Nominees 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
ALTERMAN Bush Has Blood On His Hands From Poppy's Administration 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
USA Bush Agreement To Live With Congressional Pork Paves Way For Raiding SS, Medicare 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP Inarticulate Bush Plans Town Hall Meetings On Energy, But He Won't Be Speaking At Them 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
ST Exxon, Mobil Profits Through The Roof Since Bush Coup 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
ENS European Parliment Votes Against Bush Climate Stance 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Surrounds Himself With Children As Ratings Plunge 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT With Little Accountability, Bush Ed Plan Worthless As It Leaves Poor, Minority Children Behind 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
TRISTANI Why Isn't Bush Using FCC To Protect The Children? 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED FCC Censors Plan To Drown Out Free Speech 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
HUFFINGTON Even 2 of 3 Republicans Are Against Bush Energy Plan 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Redford Says Bush "Doesn't Have A Clue" About Environment 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Losing In Celebrity Endorsements, Big Time 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
CUMMINGS House Republicans Refuse To Walk The Plank To Save Bush Programs 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
FT Bush Fighting Hard To Make Campaign Finance Reform Toothless 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Neither Side Really Wants Campaign Reform 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush In Big Apple To Honor Late Cardinal He Hassled On Death Bed For Campaign Endorsement 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
JOHNSON Bush Scare Tactics About Terrorist Threat Not Based On Fact 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
TIERNEY Pentagon Report Reveals Flaws In Bush Missile Defense Plan 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Quietly Changing Defense Plan, But Not Its Budget For Pentagon Contractor Friends 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Gephardt In Europe, Hears Doubts About Bush Missile Defense 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
CARROLL Bush Could Show Russia He's A Peacekeeper, Rather Than Just Jawbone About It 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
ARMSTRONG Bush Vs. Gore Stands Out For Its Lack Of Logic 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
LESSENBERRY Bugliosi Believes Bush Vs. Gore "Greatest Crime Since Slavery" 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
ABC GMA Interviews Dershowitz, Bugliosi 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
THOMAS Bush Adds To "Cloak Of Silence" About AIDS Pandemic, Sex In General 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
DEJEVSKY Bush Is "A Devil-May-Care Ignoramus From The Privilegentsia" 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
RAASCH There Are Serious Differences Of Opinion Between Press, Public, Politicians 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN Pro-Stem Cell Republicans Are A Bunch Of Hypocrites 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Meet The Man Behind Stem Cell Research 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP Reporter Calls Jeffrey's "Tex-Mex." Right, And Burger King Is "French" 7/10/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Bush 41 and 43 History With China: CIA Misinformation Or Simple Greed? 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
DIEHL Dr. Strangelove Tells Senators That A War Would Help Him Get His Budget Passed "Just Fine" 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP Poor Non-Whites Most Likely Had Votes Discarded In Gore-Bush Race 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
MAXWELL Empty Suit Bush Shows Ignorance In Noonan Interview 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
PRESTON One-Term Bush Has Become Leader Of Right Wing Minority, Not American People 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Sprints Through Duties To Continue To Goof Off, Big Time 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
BENEDETTO History Suggests Bush Can Screw Us For Another Two Or Three Years And Still Win Re-Election 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Here's One Way Consumers Get Screwed With Bush Approval 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Who Will Bush's O'Neill Protect, Corporations Or Consumers? 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
TIME Steal From SS And Medicare, Go Into The Red, Or Rescind Bush Tax Cuts? 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP Now Bush Is Trying To Get Out From Under The Beginning Budget Deficit He Created With His Tax Cuts 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
SA ED Scientists Say Bush Is Living In A Star Wars Dream 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Looking At Nevada Test Sites To Heat Up Nuclear Race 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN NRA's Bush Fights UN's Attempt To Limit Small Arms Trade 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
NOW Appointments Of Women Plummet Under Bush 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
ND ED Bush Foreign Policy Is Floundering 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
TIME Gulf Oil Compromise Another Loss For Bush 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
DN Senate Investigations Indicating Oil Corp. Conglomerates Are Manipulating Prices At Pump 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
RC Bush White House Gearing Up Dirty Tricks To Support Fed Funding Of Religious Programs 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
GOLDSTEIN Bush Character Ed Plan Is Just One More Foolish Bribe And Political Sop 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
RC Senate Vote Undercuts Secret Bush Power 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP House Has Campaign Reform Choice Between Shays-Meehan Or Bogus Bush Bill 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Go For Shays-Meehan, House Version of Mac-Feingold 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
CLIFT Dems Don't Seem Anxious To Fight For Control Of House 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT O'Connor's "Tinkering" Is Not The Answer To Death Penalty Killings 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
ROTHENBERG Who Would Bush Select If Cheney Replacement Is Needed? 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
BOROWITZ Pez Says 50% Approval Rating Is "Way More Than Half" 7/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Should We Reward 1800 Executions In 3 Months By Allowing China The Olympics? 7/8/01
WP Like Judas, Bush Washes His Hands Of The China Atrocities 7/8/01
BERGER With China, Bush Has Chosen Domestic Politics Over Foreign Affairs 7/8/01
IGNATIUS Will The Japanese Attempt At Solvency Succeed? 7/8/01
KRUGMAN Well, Japan's Reform Will Happen, But It Won't Stop The Bust 7/8/01
WP Your Plus $300 Bush Bribe Will Soon Be Offset By Your Minus $1000 Earmark 7/8/01
NYT Bush Is Leaving More Poor Children Behind Than Any Industrialized Nation 7/8/01
NYT Bush And Co. Is In Trouble With Stockholders, Chief Executives, Business Plan 7/8/01
WP Bushlexia Prevents Pez From Holding Press Conference 7/8/01
BRODER Helms Turns Out To Be The Most Flagrant Blocker Of Bush Nominees 7/8/01
WP Bush Will Face Increasing Opposition From GOP Moderates 7/8/01
REUTERS Dems Say Bush Still Refuses To Given Americans Decent Health Care 7/8/01
AP NAACP Says Bush Ignoring Racial Issues 7/8/01
NYT Bush Still Pushing For Vouchers That Neither The People Nor Congress Want 7/8/01
NYT Strength Of Dollar Abroad Makes It Harder For Us To Recover 7/8/01
NYT Teachers Say Allow Parents To Opt Out Kids From Standardized Testing 7/8/01
NYT ED Bush Uses Same Two-Pocket Argument For Fed Religious Funding That He Refuses To Use For Women's Health Organizations 7/8/01
NYT ED Strong Senate Action Needed To Press Bush On Election Reform 7/8/01
WP In Face Of People's Opposition To Bush Tax Cuts, He Wants To Ask For Even More 7/8/01
KUTTNER Bush Packs SS "Commission" With Privatization Proponents, But That Dog Still Won't Hunt 7/8/01
ROSEN Wouldn't It Be Nice If, For Once, Bush Had The Facts Before Making A Politicized Decision 7/8/01
BG Hey, Bush, Why Don't You Apply Your Religion To The Environment? 7/8/01
WP Georgia Math Teacher Shocked To Learn That Washington's Citizens Have No Vote In Congress 7/8/01
WP Queens Computer Programmer, 28, Claims Bush Will Be President Next 7/8/01
SEELYE Is Life In White House Really Like "West Wing"? 7/8/01
RICH Will Bush Have Little Black Kids Blow Out His Birthday Candles In Kennebunkport Photo Op? 7/7/01
GUARDIAN Bush Wants Free Fed Foetus Insurance, But None For Actual Children 7/7/01
NYT ED Bush-Thompson Are Playing Back Door Anti-Abortion Politics 7/7/01
NYT Behavior Of Christian School "Cultists" One More Example Of Dangers Of Bush Lax Ed Plan 7/7/01
NYT FORUM Hey, Standing In Manure Is Good Christian Punishment! 7/7/01
DUDMAN When Desperate Parents Make Dangerous Choices 7/7/01
BBC Bush Makes Christmas Dinner With Your Kids In 2010 A Very Dangerous Time 7/7/01
NYT ED Save Yolur Tax Cut. You'll Need It When The Bush Bills Come In 7/7/01
REUTERS Bush Tax Cuts Eliminate Senior Drugs, Conservation, Charity Plans 7/7/01
SHAPIRO Krugman's Book Is A Valuable, Unique Guide To Bush's Tax Cut Fraud 7/7/01
IND Two New Books Condemn Supreme Court For Theft Of The Presidency 7/7/01
ROTHSCHILD In Bush World, Admitted Liar Called "Outstanding Diplomat" And Human Rights Violator Heads Human Rights Office 7/7/01
LT Bush Plans To Allow Criminal Companies To Get Fed Contracts 7/7/01
PBP Drilling Deal Rigged To Help Bush Brothers 7/7/01
MCGORY House Republicans Have Sent Bush Bros A Message About Florida Drilling 7/7/01
REUTERS Dems Ready To Avenge Theft By Defeating Jeb In Florida Election 7/7/01
PLOTZ So Who's Really President, Rove Or Cheney? 7/7/01
DAWN Bush Wants To Be In Charge Of Free Trade So He Can Forget It When It Suits His Political Purpose 7/7/01
NYT Bush Wants To Continue Nuclear Race By Forgetting About Test Ban Treaty 7/7/01
WP Bush Wants To Cut Global Warming Aid To Third World Countries 7/7/01
GEPHARDT Dem Leader Struck By Difference Between Bush Word And Deed 7/7/01
BG ED Is O'Connor Really Against Capitol Punishment Or Is She Fishing For A Compromise? 7/7/01
ASS Jenna Bush Gets Probation, $100 Fine For Fake ID Charge 7/7/01
NYT Robert Kennedy, Jr. Gets 30 Days In Jail For Protesting Navy Bombing Of Vieques 7/7/01
APO Rush Admits To Right-Wing Media Conspiracy 7/7/01
USA Both Parties In Congress Tell Bush To RAISE TAXES To Support His Funding Requests 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
KRUGMAN Bush Tax Lies Believed By Gullible Moderates, But We'll All Pay For Years 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
MSNBC Bush Cure For 40% Social Security Cut Is No Cure At All 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
PARRY Incoherent Bush Says It's His Way Or The Highway (To Crawford) 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
NR With Bush, We're In Bigger Trouble Than We Thought 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
SCHOOR Bush Campaigned On "Unshakeable Principles," Bush He Has None 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
DIONNE Doubtful That Bush Will Ever Be Popular With The People 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
KINSLEY Bush's Smug Self-Praise Of Entitlement Has Support In Ivy League 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
WT Bush Turns Down Invitation To Speak To NAACP 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
BBC Muslim Calls For White House Liason To Erase Racist Perception 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
LIZZA Cheney Flips Us The Bird, When Will We Flip It Back? 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
WP Bush Selects Conservative Poppy Re-Tred, Ashcroft Choice For FBI Head 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
AGE Bush Tries Philly Photo-Op, Rather Than Policy Change, To Up Numbers 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
PARRY Bush Is A Misleader, Not A Leader, Has Low Regard For The People 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
CSM Chicago Turning Back On Bush Ugly American Energy Policies 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
REUTERS Green Groups Slam Bush In Radio Campaign 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
GUARDIAN While George Likes Putin, The Russian Thinks He's A Rube 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
TISDALL Americans Know Bush Is Amateurish As A Statesman 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
NYT Conservatives Sound Like Dems As They Attack Bush Plan To Drill In Their Home States 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
ST Bush Claims Founding Fathers Would Love Tearing Down Church-State Wall 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
IND Will Bush Support Of Big Business Alienate The Workers? 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
WSWS Is Union Leadership Selling Out To Bush For Selfish Profit? 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
FT Bush Gets Pro-Corporation Wolf To Guard FTC Sheep 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
KR Bush Put Heroin In His Arsenic In Colombia 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
NYT Jiang Invites Bush To Come To China As Pez Jawbones Over Prisoners 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
WP ED Bush Cave-In To Helms On Imports Would Be Another Low Point For Him 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
DMN Bad News, Jenna, Most Teens Say Don't Drink Until 21 7/6/01 bushwatrch.com
USA Bush Promise Not To Politicize White House Was A Lie 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
OVERHOLSER Present Behavior Indicates Bush's Norton Lied To Us During Confirmation Hearings 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
BROWNSTEIN Slump In Bush Numbers May Not Dent Arrogance Of His Policy Decisions 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Uses July 4th Rhetoric To Undermine Traditions Of Church-State Separation 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
LSV Religious Scholars Say Bush Energy and Environmental Plans Are Sinful 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush's Plan To Drill Off Florida Should Be Blocked By Congress 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
THOMMA When The Laughs Fade, An Inarticulate Bush Is Failing To Gain The Nation's Trust 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
BR ED Bush Has Not "Restored Honor And Integrity" To White House By Placing A Convicted Criminal And Oath-Breaker In His Cabinet 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
ZUCKERMAN Economy Is Worse Shape Than It Looks And Bush Isn't Helping 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Senate Budget Chairman Warns Of Bush Theft Of Medicare Funds Because Of Tax Cuts 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Revised Budget Surplus Dip Seen As Bush Threat to Social Security Funds 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
HUFFINGTON Spinning Medicos, Politicos Can't Put Cheney Back Together Again 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Does Bush Know That Most Catholics Favor Stem Cell Research? 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Ethics Complaint Filed Against Ashcroft 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
HOLT Re WTO, Bush Should Curb, Not Encourage, Rapacious Instincts Of Corporations 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED "Reforming" The Death Penalty Is A Half-Way Measure, Abolish It 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
BERLOW O'Connor Call For Minimum Death Penalty Standards Is A Flip-Flop 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
TAYLOR Bugliosi's Time Bomb Book Strips Spin From Bush Supreme Court Betrayal Of America 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
KAMIYA Dershowitz Convinced What Supremes Did Was "Single Most Corrupt Decision In Supreme Court History" 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
ROTHENBERG Let's Admit The Obvious, The Supreme Court Is Ideological And Politicized 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
RC Disclosure Bill Proves Congressmen To Be Hypocrites 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Condit Denies Woman's Claim Of An Affair With Him 7/5/01 bushwatch.com
SCHEER Bush Can't Cut The Mustard As President 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Bush Never Relaxed Because He Now Realizes His Grave Limitations 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
WILLIAMS Bush Hides Behind Bleeding Heart Soulful Rhetoric When Questioned About Policy 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN 120 British Bush Protestors Successfully Storm U.S. Base 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
ELLISON Independence Day Marked By American Ignorance 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
NOAH Usual Conservative Suspects Still Pushing Bogus Patriotic Hooey This 4th 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
O'LEARY Bush Has Brought Back The Fiscal Agony Of The 80's 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
PP ED Bush Continues His War To Destroy Social Security 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
ROWE Bush Also Continues His War On Children 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
MOONEY The Secret GOP War On Tom Daschle 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER Daschle Is Dancing To The Media's Tune, But The Media Supports Bush 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
WRIGHT The People Didn't Pick Bush, His Corporate Contributors Did 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
NOAH Bush Claims Standards So High Ethics Laws Must Be Broken 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Accused Of Nepotism As He Trims To Save Jeb 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Removes Head Of Agency That Oversaw Brother Neil's Financial Misadventures 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
SCHRAG California Energy Crisis Reflects Price Manipulation By Bush Backers 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
WP Medicare Reduces Cost Of Cheney Defibrillator To $29 Thousand 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
LITHWICK Supreme Court Has Become A Mob Of Hypocrites 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
DERSHOWITZ Supremes Selection Of Bush Stained Entire Session 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
WHEATCROFT Is Clarence Thomas' Sex Life Really About Hill Vs. Jones? 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
MOONEY How Bush's NAFTA Harms US, State Laws 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
PLATT Don't Global Sex Workers Have Rights, Too? 7/4/01 bushwatch.com
TIME Closest Bush Aide Says More Photo Ops Needed, Not Policy Change 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN The Person Most Responsible For Bush's Stumble Is.....George W. Bush 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT Bush Keeps Misfiring To The Right 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
ABRAMS Adams Signed The Most Repressive Law Against Free Speech In Our History 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Changing Tone Was Just More Bull As Political Attack Ads Increase In Last Six Months 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Bush Says His Budget Will Work If Congress Doesn't Spend Anything 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
AP Congress Says Screw You, Bush, We're Gonna Spend 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP Nation's Editors Imply With Tax Cuts Dr. Stranglove's Requests Would Lead To Deficit Spending, Worse 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Opens Up Drilling Off Florida Coast In Face Of Last Week's Ban By House 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
WPAshcroft's Letter To NRA Prompts Ethics Complaints 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
AP "Justice" O'Connor Disagrees With Ashcroft Re Fairness Of Death Penalty Actions 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT US AIDS Epidemic Takes Toll On Black Women 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
WITCOVER Keeping The Supreme Court Bush-Free 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
USA Bush Decides Not To Fight Dems On Civil Service Changes 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
AFP Bush Wants White House Authority For WTO 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE We Shouldn't Support International Institutions If They're Not Open And Democratic 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
MCGORY Bush Shows True Ineptness With Vieques Decision 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
LINDLAW He's Baaaack. Cheney Touts More Energy Production For American Way Of Life 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
LINDLAW AP Advance Report Of Cheney's First Day Features Confusing Tenses 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Shouldn't Cheney Be Fighting To Get Everyone His Level Of Health Care? 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
VENNOCHI Why Do The Adults At The White House Play Games With Cheney's Life? 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON At Least Brock Is One Up On Stossel And Barnicle, He Admitted He Lied 7/3/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER Bush Still Thinks He's Disliked Because Of Cosmetics, Not Policy 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT Bush Has Lost People's Backing Because He's Not Doing His Job 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT No Bush-Like Three Day Vacation For Cheney After Heart Operation 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Republicans Blame Bush's Problems On Rove, Calio 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
USA Senate Dems Back In Game, Make Things Hot For Bush 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Dems See Long Health Care Fight Ahead Against Bush, Insurance Corporations 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
KAMEN Arrogant Bush Calls Putin Inexperienced Speaker, Spins "Trust" 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Plans To Make More Weapons-Grade Plutonium Will Up Pace Of Nuclear Race 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
GAILEY The Juice On Bush's $300 Bribe Will Cost Taxpayers Much, Much More 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Bush Is Playing Deceitful Shell Game With Budget--Daschle 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Daschle Is Wrong Says Bush Budget Man, Based On Budget Projections, Which He Admits Have Been Wrong Thus Far 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Wants To Spend Many Extra Billions On Defense, But Where's The Money? 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
BUZZANCO Bush Is Fast-Tracking Us Out Of A Democracy 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Requests Ashcroft Lead Cabinet In Christian Prayer At White House 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
SIRICO Bush Is Playing A Shell Game With Fed Support Of Religious Welfare Plan 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
MALLABY Bush's O'Neill Is A Cranky Head-Butter Who Makes Life Difficult For "Polite Genius" Under Him 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED GOP House Campaign Finance Bill Is "A Phony" 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP Mac Calls In House Chips For Campaign Reform Bill 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP Arizona Republicans' Fight To Get Mac Out Of GOP Begins 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
AP Study Shows Fox News "Far From Balanced" 7/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Has Lost Control Through Arrogance And Ineptitude 7/1/01
OLIPHANT Bush's Dishonesty About His Failing Budget Is Staggering And Ongoing 7/1/01
NYT ED Why Is Bush Always Caving In To Industry, Stiffing Environmentalists? 7/1/01
OBSERVER Bush Chemical Warfare In Colombia Making Children Sick 7/1/01
BALZ Bush Has Failed To Ease Partisan Divisions In Country As Promised 7/1/01
KUTTNER Bush Spin On Language Same As Stalin's. Updating Orwell. 7/1/01
WP ED Both Bush And Perry Agree Their Execution Policy Is Immoral 7/1/01
TAMAMOTA Bush Wants To Turn Pacifist Japan Into Agressive Army, Then Use It 7/1/01
SANGER Bush Meets Japanese Prime Minister In "Stage-Managed" Atmosphere 7/1/01
WP Japanese Foreign Minister Says Bush Is "Totally An Asshole" 7/1/01
NYT Learning Asian Singlish May Help Is To Understand Bushlexia 7/1/01
PALAST Why The Lights Went Out All Over California 7/1/01
BLUMMER Bush Abortion Gag Rule Is Only The Beginning 7/1/01
NYT Doc Confident Cheney's Defibrillator Won't Give Him Massive Shock 7/1/01
ALTMAN Optimistic Docs Fly In Face Of Cheney's History 7/1/01
BRODER If Dr. Strangelove's Military Plan Is So Cool, Why Does He Push Bush's Missile Defense Proposal? 7/1/01
NYT House Ignores Bush Again, Alots Beach Money 7/1/01
ABELSON Bush Plans To Consider Equal Opportunity A Low Priority 7/1/01
NYT Coke, Pepsi, Drugs, Insurance Give Big Bucks To Bush Campaign Interests 7/1/01
AP Judge Says Bush Nominee Must Pay $6.6 Million Verdict, First 7/1/01
COLE Supreme Ct Indicates Immigtrants Have Rights, Too 7/1/01
AP This Sessions Highlights/Lowlights Of Supreme Ct Decisions 7/1/01
GEARAN 5-4 Typical, Court Reflects Political Ideology, Not Truth Or Justice 7/1/01
GREENHOUSE Supreme Ct Justices Divorced From Nation's Realities 7/1/01
GOODMAN Thomas Should Never Have Been Confirmed, Promises 33 More Years Of "Getting Even" With Us 7/1/01
LANE Arrogant Supreme Ct Taking Over Work Of Other Parts Of Government 7/1/01
KRUGMAN Now Up To Arrogant Microsoft To Prove Arrogant Judge Wrong 7/1/01
IGNATIUS All Too Human Judge Tells Vulture Reporters Too Much 7/1/01
HUNT Mac Base Moving Steadily Out Of Republican Party 7/1/01
NYT Which Came First, Plagiarizing Reporters Or Plagiarizing Students? 7/1/01

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