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Come to the Voter March in Washington D.C. on the west steps of the Capital on Saturday, May 19th between 1:00 and 6:00 and I will shake your hand. I will be there to speak on the issues of the day, and hope you will join me. Here is a complete list of the speakers.
--Jerry Politex, Editor, Bush Watch

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NYT Top Economic Aide Admits Bush May Have Been Wrong About The Budget Surplus. (Dah...) 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Top Economic Aide Admits Bush May Have Been Wrong About The Budget Surplus. 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT President Cheney To Have A Defibrillator Planted In His Chest 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
BG Doctor Says Cheney's Use Of ICD Does Not Mesh With His Public Health Record 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED How Long Will Cheney Remain, Given The Circumstances Behind The Spin? 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Defies Bush Veto, Passes Patients' Rights Bill 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Patients' Bill Has Far-Reaching Implications 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Wants To Veto Patients' Bill So Supreme Court Could Help Him Out Again 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Most Supreme Court Decisions This Session Have Been Distressing 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Can Afford To Screw Us On Medical Care Because His Own Is Much Different 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
WP White House Admits Rove Owned Energy Stocks, Participated In Policy Discussions With Energy Bosses 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
GREIDER Buish's O'Neill Is "A Dangerous Crank" 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
BAKER O'Neill Wants To Steal $1.2 Trillion From The American Worker, Pocket $10 Million For Self 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Senate Budget Chairman Says Bush Will Steal From Medicare To Pay Bills 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT SEC Warns, Politely, That Stock Analyists Can Be Lying Thieves 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
IPA Bush Continues Arms Race, Looking At American Nuclear Blast Testing 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
MARSHALL Bush Has Made Nuclear War Thinkable Again 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
CAPELLA Red Cross Says Global Warming Caused Many Disasters Last Year 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
MEACHER Bush Anti-Kyoto Position Out Of Sync With Rest Of World 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Scientists Warn, Global Warming Could Freeze Britain 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT GAO Finds Evidence Of Energy Price Manipulation In California 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Conservatives Up In Arms Over Surgeon Gen's Defense Of Gays 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Avoids Science In Pushing For Conservative Abstinence-Only Plans 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
BG Bush Backer Says Surgeon Gen Should Be Fired For Supporting Gays 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
ROSSIE Two Kinds Of Republicans, Moderates And Immoderates 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
WP Florida Dems Gather To Continue War Against Bush Family 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
NYT The End, Alas, Of Another Institution 6/30/01 bushwatch.com
PALAST Bush Family Accused Of Censorship Through Libel Suit Of Billionaire Buddy 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
JACKSON Further Proof Of Bush's Disdain For Public Education 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT In Understatement, GOP Admits Bush Not "Wildly Popular" 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
AP Botn Average Citizen And Congress Troubled By Bush Policies 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush Suffers String Of Loses As Congress Pushes Own Agenda 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
LIZZA Bush Obstructionism No Longer Works. People Are Pissed. 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT House Great Lakes Drilling Ban Considered Another Slap At Bush 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
AP Lawmakers On Both Sides Keep Beating On Dr. Strangelove 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMAN How, When Will Bush Admit Missile Plan Doesn't Work, NATO Expansion Doesn't Matter? 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Faces Defeat On Patients' Bill Of Rights 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE We Need To Talk About Morality Of Denying Health Care To Uninsured 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Spinners Use Weasel Words To Deny Bush Changed Mind On Basis Of Poll 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
BISKUPIC Right-Wing Supremes Love Selves Best, Even More Conservative Under Bush, Natch 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
KINSLEY "Bush Would Never Let Political Considerations Influence His Judicial Choices." Not. 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO If You Don't Talk Ideology, You End Up Talking Pubic Hairs 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Ashcroft Will Destroy Gun Purchase Records, NRA Loves Him For It 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Invited Muslims Walk Out Of White House Meeting, Accuse Bush Of Discrimination 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
BG US Sex Report Walks Middle Line 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Surgeon General Says Talk About Sex, But Don't Do It 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Surgeon General Says Respect Diversity, Evidence Shows Gays Can't Change 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Supremes Give Tobacco Bosses Another Victory 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Fed Appeals Ct. Says Microsoft Monopoly Illegal, But Breaking Up Is Too Hard To Do 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Court Leaves It Up To Bush-Ashcroft To Punish Microsoft (Uh-Huh) 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
KAPLAN Why Bush Trade Won't Bring Democracy To China 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Mr. Safire...Err...You Want To Check Your Figures? 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
CHAIT Bill Buckley Caught Passing Off Another's Work As His Own 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
ELY Let Daisy Duck Deal With Harsh Realities 6/29/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED With Possible Rehnquist Retirement Today, Senate Should Put Ideology Up Front 6/28/01
SALON Dems Give Notice That Ideology Will Be Considered 6/28/01
REUTERS Russians Join Bush Missile Race, Test Missiles 6/28/01
LAT Bush Hatches Plan To Create Missile Defense "Scarecrow" In Alaska 6/28/01
MSNBC New NBC Poll Shows Bush Numbers Continuing Down 6/28/01
AP GOP Concerned Over Four Polls That Show Bush Slipping Badly 6/28/01
CSM Hill GOP Revolts Against Bush On Issues 6/28/01
LOEB Bush Only Gives Second Chances To Wealthy, Well-Connected 6/28/01
NYT Economy Slowdown Beginning To Shrink Bush Projected Surplus 6/28/01
WEISMAN With Bush Tax Cuts, Say Goodby To Meaningful Medicare 6/28/01
LAT ED What's Cheney Trying To Hide? 6/28/01
TSU ED Cheny Has No Right To Keep Secrets 6/28/01
NYT Bush, O'Neill Working Hard To Encourage Illegal Money Laundering 6/28/01
NYT Bush Buddy, FEMA Head, Charged With Wasting Hundreds Of Thousands On Routine Business Trip 6/28/01
AP Dems Also Want Secret Bush Documents On Global Warming 6/28/01
NYT New Bush Religious Welfare Plan Is To Jawbone For Church-State Separation Of Fed Funds 6/28/01
NYT A Private Foundation Has Become The Rival Of Sierra Club In Fight Against Bush Green Policy 6/28/01
ABC While 7 in 10 Americans Support Stem-Cell Research, Rove Tells Bush To Shoot It Down 6/28/01
COHEN Could The Semi-Literate Bush Be Talked Into Reading This Book? 6/28/01
NYT UN, But Not Bush, Has Redefined AIDS As Rights Issue, Economic Threat 6/28/01
HERBERT Bush Condom Policy Helping To Increase AIDS Deaths Of South African Teens (See yesterday's story) 6/28/01
SAFIRE Bush Continues To Think Saying The Right Words Is More Important Than Doing The Right Things 6/28/01
AP Bush Uses "Censor Bureau" To Undercount The Homeless 6/28/01
NYT Civil Rights Commission Members Call Each Other Liars At Senate Hearing Over Florida 6/28/01
GOLDBERG Should Tax Rebates Be Turned Over To Special Interest Groups? 6/28/01
FREEP Bush Sneaks Around U.S., Afraid To Meet The People 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON Numbers Don't Lie, Bush Is In Trouble 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
THOMAS Spinning Kid Maps All-Out Offensive Vs. Bush 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Ex-Repug Hit Man Implies Justice Thomas Lied Under Oath At Senate Confirmation Hearing 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Thomas Book Author Says He Lied In Attack On Anita Hill 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
ERG Attorney Begins Campaign To Impeach Scalia Five 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Picks Affirmative Action Foe To Run Ed. Dept. Affirmative Action Division (Civil Rights) 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
HOLDER Uh, Mr. Holder, Please Read The Story Above 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Unions Say Bush Labor Dept. Ignoring Wage Requirements 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
OMBWatch Bush Scorecard Re His War On Fed Regulations 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Bush-Ashcroft Pay Off Campaign Debt To Tobacco Bosses 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
AP Union Says Bush Backing Of AA Based On Campaign Contributions 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
CASTRO Bush Is Of, By, And For The Rich 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN Cheney-Bush Out Of Touch With Reality In California 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
VONHOFFMANKo-Ko Bush In Cloud Coo-Coo Energy Land 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Cheney Refuses Order Re Energy Plan Secrets 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
MEMORY LANE Bush Counsel Accused Of Cheney Favoritism Re Halliburton 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
USA Bush Lied. Tax Cuts Take 3 of 4, Not 1 of 4, Surplus Dollars 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
EOB Bush Does Right's Bidding On Contraceptives 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO Bush Continuing His War On Women Via Social Security 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush Getting Few Religious Recruits For His Army Of Compassion 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
GARCIA How Bush Is Waging War Against Vicques Political Activists 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
MOKHIBER Press Spinner Continues To Push Bush Bull 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
Kurtz ABC Interviewer Caught Spinning Kids For Bush Re Global Warming 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Handed Setback On Mexican Trade 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
NRDC Bush Building Environmental Bridge To 19th Century 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
SAMUELSON Is Greenspan Running Out Of Credibility? 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS How IBM Helped The Nazis 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
CARLSON Working Class Hero 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
VV Jimmy Carter's Secret Pot Program Continues To This Day 6/27/01 bushwatch.com
VANDEN HEUVEL What Must People Do To Regain Nation From Bush? 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER Bad News For Bush All Around 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
USA Senate Dems, Bush Moving Towards Legal Showdown Over Cheney 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
TEEPEN They Media Is Burying The Bush-GAO-Cheney Story 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Dems, Bush Gearing Up For Battle Over Judicial Nominees 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
CBS Rove Has Become Part Of Bush's Political Stumble 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
AP GOP House Says Forget Rove, What About Clinton? 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Cheney Contradicts Himself Re Dealing With Iraq 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
CONOVER White House Stench Grows More Fetid By The Day 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
RAASCH Will Bush Now Go The Way Of Clinton In 2002? 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
ORTIZ Shouldn't We Put An End To The Bush Funding Of Torturers? 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
KING Thanks To Bush Anti-Restrictions, Green (Nader?) Interest Soars 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Thanks To Bush War On Women, Interest In Feminists Grows 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Intervention In Airline Talks Helps Corporation, Not Union 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Approves Fed Welfare Funding Of Religious Groups With Restrictive Hiring Practices 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
SB Energy Sec. Is Good Fit For Bush, But Not The American People 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
KESSLER Push To Privatize SS Part Of Long GOP Movement To Destroy Program 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
WP Now Bush Is Actively Helping Tobacco To Expand Business 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
BL Bush Has To Be Feeding Us A Line Re His Nuclear Knowledge 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Colin Says Pay No Attention To Putin Threat 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
LONGWORTH Like So Many Bush Pronouncements, His NATO Assurances Are Hot Air 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
JT North Korea Thinks Bush Is Being Two-Faced 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
FR Take Bush Seriously, Even Though He Says Stupid Things 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
COGSWELL There's A Sucker (Citizen) Born Every Minute 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
BERWICK Bush Doesn't Understand That "We All Have AIDS" 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
CSM GOP May Regain Senate Control Over Torricelli 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
BG Publishers Plan To Delete Internet Archived Material 6/26/01 bushwatch.com
USA 2/5 Bush Appointees Worked For Poppy, 3/4 Are Fed Re-Treds 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Lied. Administration Mostly "Washington Insiders" 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
WP Editorial Roundup: Tax Cuts, Energy, Patients' Rights 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
RC As Always, Poll Shows Bush Is Vulnerable On Policy Issues 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
USA Republicans Beginning To Break With Bull-Headed Bush On Key Issues 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
RC Burton Still Investigating Clinton, But Not Rove Or Cheney 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Plans To Use Blacks To Save His Faith-Based Failure 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
FINEMAN Behind The Scenes At The Patients' Rights Battle 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Tax Cuts Will Lead To Deficit Spending Or SS, Medicare Stealing 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
SLOAN Re Tax Cuts, Bush Is Hiding Truth Of SS From American People 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Tax Cuts: Most Come Later And Focus On Wealthy 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
CSM With Tax Cuts, There's No Money For Rumsfeld Revamp 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Bush Hasn't Been Able To Turn Economy Around 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Pentagon Study Shows Bush Missile Plan Schedule Smoke And Mirrors 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Crash Program For Missile Defense May Be Just That 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
ALTER Bush Against Social Promotion Except On Death Row 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
RC Leahy Tells Bush Judicial Logjam Caused By His Own Party 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
BG Kerry Finds Spotlight In Key States 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Conservative Pollster Sees Gore With Best Chance Of Beating Bush 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Physicist Said To Be Top Choice For Bush Science Adviser 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
RASPBERRY How Corporations Take Away Your Privacy 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
SALON LOL At The Poorly Attended Freeper Conference 6/25/01 bushwatch.com
NATION Since Vieques Citizens Were Holding Anti-Bombing Referendum In November, Bush Did Absolutely Nothing For Them 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER Why Is Daschle Selling Out Dem Principles To Bush? 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
MIKULAN "Wake Up, Democrats. Take Back The Country." 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
COOPER Which Democratic Party Do The Progressives Want To Take Back? 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Dem Bayh Says Dems Need To Bend Over More 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
RC Lott Warns Bush Not To Deal With Daschle 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
MCGORY Lott's In Denial About Daschle, Bush's In Denial About Putin 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Most Are Missing The Real Dialogue Behind The Bush-Putin Meeting 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
COBBLE Public Growing Dissatisfied With Results Of Scalia Five Coup 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
STAUDT Over 20% Who Pay Taxes Will Get No Rebate At All 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
BOOKER Bush Is World's Leading Defender Of "Global Apartheid" 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
WEINSTEIN Neither Patients' Bill Covers Quality Of Care Or The 40 Million Americans Without Any Insurance 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Mac Says Bush Lacks Undersatnding, Should Just Read Patients' Bill 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
GOLDSTEIN Patients' Bill Is About Allowing Insurance Company Executives To Practice Medicine 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
HOWARD Both Judicial And Medical Systems Are Sick 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
GOODMAN Are Patients' Rights Only For The Insured? 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Lies About Senator's Record In Attempt To Get Himself Trade Authority 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Campaign Promise Re Polling And Campaigning Turns Out To Be Another Lie 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Bush Giving Most Environment Jobs To The Polluters 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
Oliphant It's Impossible To Downsize David Nyhan 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
SELLA How Fox Became The TV Arm Of The Bush Spin Machine 6/24/01 bushwatch.com
GIGOT Bush Is A Conservative Who Will Sell Out Principles Rather Than Risk Losing 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
PLOTZ Bush Embraces The Convenient Principle, Not The Right One 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush-Ashcroft Calls On Supreme Court To Cram Vouchers Down Our Throats 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
SALETAN Are Bush Anti-Abortion, Pro-Execution Positions Contradictory? 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
Bush Nominates Conservative Tobacco Rep For California Judge 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Chinese Saying Bush Is Feeding "Destructive" Talk Of Economic, Military Confrontation With U.S. 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Cheney Told Campaign Lie About Halliburton Ties With Iraq 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Daschle Signals Willingness To Bend Over For Bush On Patients' Rights 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Daschle Agrees To Amendment To Protect Patients' Employers Without Reading It 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
WP Patients' Rights Lobbying Has Reached Fever Pitch 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
KINSLEY Your HMO Can't Screw You If You Don't Have An HMO 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
CT ED Which "Right" Do Patients Want? 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
ANGELL Managed Care Is A Failure, And Patients' Rights Won't Fix It 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Dr. Strangelove Wants To Put Bush Budget In The Red By $18 Billion 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Hill Republicans Want $5 Billion Added To Rumsfeld Request To Further Ensure Deficit Spending By Bush 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Pez Energy Plan Set Back By Courts, House Republicans 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT House Rebuke Of Bush Further Indicates His Distance From American People 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
FLOYD Bush Uses Former Head Of Christian Agency To Stiff Africans On AIDS Medication 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
KING Expectations Provide Example Of Racist Executions At Bush Front Door 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
GOLDMAN Is The Press Being Racist By Reporting Racist Voting? 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
NYT The '02 Battle For The Senate Has Begun 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
AP Chuy's Not Cited For Serving Barb Bush Booze 6/23/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO Bush Ambassador To France Doesn't Speak French. Say, Levy? 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
Parry Bush Wants To Turn Us Into Greedy Bullies Like Himself By Calling His Plans "The American Way" 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Nation's Catholic Bishops Decry Ignoring Of Global Warming Threat As Wasteful Irresponsibility 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
REICH Bush-O'Neill's Idea Of Social Security Is Anti-Social, Darwinian Greed With Big Club 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Polls Suggest Bush's Greed And Selfishness "Out Of Sync With Most Of Country" 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ Bush Is Turning Into A Stuck-In-A-Rut Pez 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE GOP Helps Corporations, Not People; DEMS Try To Help Both. States-Fed Rights Debate Is Bull 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO You Can Bank On The Lack Of Ethics Of The Bush Administration 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
CLIFT President Dick Shows His Darker Side In Rage Against Visitor 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
PI Bush-Ashcroft Capitulation To Tobacco Bosses Just Business As Usual 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
Jackson To Big Tobacco From Ashcroft With Love 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Picks Timber Company Wolf To Tend National Forest Sheep P 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Says He'll Veto Patients' Rights Bill Favored By 7 in 10 Americans 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
Courtney Our HMO Regulation System Is Broken And Bush Refuses To Fix It 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
KINSLEY Liberalism A La Mode Is Better Than No Liberalism At All 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
WP Dr. Strangelove Lies To Senators, Claims he's Been "Badly Quoted" 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Strangelove Meets Chilly Senate Reception Over Missile Defense 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush Missile Stance Is Making Russia Nuclear Problems More Dangerous To Us 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
MT U.S. Diplomats Packing For Russian Farewell 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
USA AFL-CIO Head Says Bush Ignores Unions, Listens to Corporate Bosses 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Fearing Dem Social Programs, Bush Encourages Additional Tax Cutting 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
COLLINS DeLay Got IRS To Spend $30 Million On Republican Ad To Taxpayers 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush, DeLay Can't Stop House Decision To Ban Florida Oil Drilling 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
AP Miami Pollster Says Bush Making Inroads On Hispanic Vote 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
CSM But Are The Dems Paying Attention To The Latino Media? 6/22/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Most Americans Feel Bush Is Not Working In Their Interests CBS Poll 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Four In Every Ten Americans Think Bush Is A Liar. CBS Poll 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Credibility Problem Clear When 7 in 10 Don't Think There's An Energy Crisis 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
RIDGEWAY U.S. Is A Nuclear Waste Dump For 41 Other Nations As Bush Touts Nuclear Energy As Clean, Safe 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Looks Like Bush Interference In EU Activities Did Not Help GE 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT EU Commissioner Links Bush GE Pressure To "Attempts To Misinform The Public" 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Rockefeller Implies Trade War With Europe In Support of GE 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Corporate Execs, Bush Plan Strategy For White House Takeover Of Trade 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON Bush, Rove Ignore National Security While Media, Daschel Look The Other Way 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT Rumsfeld Is Next Target In Growing Conflict-Of-Interest Scandal 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
GOODMAN What Do You Plan To Do With Your Bush Hush Money? 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT How The Average Worker Will Pay For The Bush Killing Of The Estate Tax, Which Only Benefits The Wealthy 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Feels The Unfairness Of His Own Tax Cut As His FEMA Buddy Loses Funding 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
WP Rate Cuts Are Not Changing Economic Outlook, As Predicted 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
WP Faith-Based Child Abuse In Texas Under Bush One More Warning To Nation 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
AP New Bush Faith-Based Plan Still Allows Fed-Funded Religious Proselytizing and Religious Hiring, Including Discrimination Practices 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
RC Bush Plans To Hide Behind Laura In GOP Fundraising Efforts 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Despite Broken Promise Of Ethenol, Bush Will Support Powerful Campaign Donor Archer Daniels Midland 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
WP The Bush Plans To Screw Average American Are Leading Wealthy To Invest In Drugs, HMO's 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Environmental Claims Are Bogus As He Shifts Limited Money From Protection To Recreation 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
USA Bush's Norton Bans Bears. What Next, Trees? 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
JACKSON Bush Didn't Get An Education, He Got An Entitlement 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
HOAGLAND Bush Politicized Diplomacy Is Long On Words Of Vision, Short On Carrying Them Out 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Missile-Fearing Europe Enjoys Putin Put-Down Of Bush 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
LIEVEN Bush Is Driving Russia Into Arms Of China 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Falling Deeper Into Mideast Conflict Swamp 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT Perry, Like Bush Before Him, Believes That Killing Retarded Killers Is Morally Acceptable 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Dems Plan To Put Bush's Feet To The Fire Re Media Violence 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Anti-Privacy Lobby Has Captured McCain, Feinstein, And Gephardt 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Are AOL Users Co-Dependents In A Bad Marriage? 6/21/01 bushwatch.com
SHRIBMAN Bush Observers Still Don't Get It. He's Actually A Thick-Headed Bully Who Talks Compromise But Never Does 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
WRIGHT Since Bush Is Oblivious To Criticism, Critics Keep Providing The Same Argumentation 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN Bush Judgement Of Putin Tells Us About Bush, Not Putin: Smug, Superficial, Arrogant 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Naive Bush "Gets Sense Of Putin's Soul" In Under Two Hours. Uh-Huh, Sure. 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Needs To Cut The Bull, Take Putin Seriously 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Misunderstood By Arrogant Bush, Putin Warns Of "Hectic And Uncontrolled Arms Race" 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Putin Threatens To Tear Up Treaties, Install Multiple Warheads 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Why Bush "Rogue Missile" Threat Is Just Plain Bull 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Up To 50% Of Our Officers Believe Bush Missile Plan Is Money Ill Spent 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Urged To Abolish Secret Nuclear War Plan 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
SENNETT Brits Have Yet To Face Up To Bush's Screw You Mentality 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
O'ROURKE Looks Like Bush Legacy Will Be Permanent Tax Break To Rich and Permanent Screwing To Elderly 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Bush Tax Cut Is Robin Hood In Reverse 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
Bushcroft Begins Actively Selling Out American Consumers To Tobacco Industry 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
AP Tobacco Industry Claims Surprise Over Bush Sell out Of American People 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT In Bushspeak, Energy "Price Control," No, "Market-Based Mitigation," Yes 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT Criminal Energy Price Gouging Out, So Bush Tries Near-Criminal Price Gouging 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ Bush Calls Blackouts "Grayouts," But They're Really "Bushouts" 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Sec. O'Neill Made 30% Profit Of Millions On His Stock Due To Bush Energy Policy 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NOAH Daschle's Free Pass To Rove Tells GOP That Senate Dems Will Not Worry About Screwing Of American People 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Why Haven't The Dems Been Complaining About Two Weeks Of GOP Stalling On Senate Rules? 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Alaskan Drilling Supporters Given Key Interior Posts 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
DRIVER Bush Kyoto Problem Is He's In Bed With The Coal Industry 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
SLPD Gephardt Says He Supports Kyoto Accord 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT It's Bush And HMO's Vs. Dems, Doctors, And Consumers 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO There's MoreTo The Patients' Bill Than Just Suing HMO's 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
ANGELL Bush Supports Anti-Free Market Of Drug Industry Super-Profits, Leading To Price Gouging 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
WP Republicans Obstructing Action On Patients' Rights Bill 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
SPRING Here's Why The Supreme Court Is A Sick Puppy 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Did You Know That A Bush Long-Time Major Backer Owns Casinos Close In Competition With Indian Reservations? 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Unnamed Bush Buddies Are Behind U.S. Radio Takeover 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
HOLLINGS Bush Plans To Help Wealthy Buddies Kill Radio Diversity 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Senate Boy Scout Ed Vote Stains With Anti-Gay Bigotry 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Ag Dept's Search For "Gay And Lesbian Program Specialist" Sure To Draw Fire 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
TROXLER Florida Fix Is In. GOP Legislature Loads The Dice Against Dems For Jeb 2002 Run 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
DH The Lies About Gore Continue In Easy To Use Book Form 6/20/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Nuclear Race, Day One. Putin Answers Bush With Missile Threat 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
USA Strangelove, Jr. Says Let The Humanitarian Nations Take Care Of Peacekeeping 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Proves That Charm Is No Substitute For Common Sense 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS Bush Trip Furthered Fracturing Of Atlantic Alliance 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Makes Clear That He Wants To Continue To Execute Americans 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP Experts Say Bush, Ashcroft Playing Politics With Death Penalty 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS With Bush Buddy Rove On Hot Seat, Pez Claims People Are Tired Of Investigations 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Nation Responds To Bush Comment With "Incredulous Laughter" 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Caught In Own Conflict Of Interest Charges Re GE, EU 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Fleischer Lies About Bush GE Intervention 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush Begins Blitz For International Trade Coup By White House 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Anti-Social Security O'Neill Continues To Push For Bush Plan 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bushies Take Over Tax Cut Bribe PR For IRS Through O'Neill 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Fed Regulators Head Off Bush Buddy Energy Price Gouging In California 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Has Lost To Davis On California Price Caps 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Congress Investigating Cheney Energy Task Force, Corporate Ties 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
WP Cheney Refuses To Provide Info To GAO Re Congress Investgation 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Bushies Seek To Delay Debate On Patients' Rights 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Dems Say Bush Tax Cuts Harm Funding Of Education Bill 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
AS Now That Bush Is In White House, Doesn't Need Paige Any More (3rd item) 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Vieques Bombing, Protesting As Usual After Bush Political Move 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
KORB Why Bush Should Scrap Outmoded Military Ban Against Gays 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
AP Scalia Court Continues To Tear Down Church-State Wall 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
COLLINS Bush Ignores Poorly Paid Teachers, Laura Wants Them To Work Without Raises, We Need 'Em 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
CSM ED How Citizens Can Rise Up And Fight Political Re-Districting 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
WSJ Even With Re-Districting, Looks Like Bad News For Republicans In 2002 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
RILEY Why Canadians Don't Like Bush 6/19/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Tx. Guv Perry Supports Bush View That Killing Retarded Should Not Be Banned 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
OVERHOLSER What We Need In The White House Is A Politician, Not A CEO 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
BRUNI Bush Two-Faced Behavior Is Used At Home And Abroad 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Bush Trip Successful 'Cause He Didn't Barf On Anyone 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
CD Bush Showed Up And Spoke English. What More Did They Want? 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Meeting With Satan Was "Productive," "Very Cordial" 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Bush's Failed Trip Spin Is To Claim His Policies Are Just Like Clinton's 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
TIME With Bush, Image Is Important, Not Substance 6/18/01
IND ED Greens Defeated Gore, Now Bush Defeats Greens, Europe, Kyoto 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Where Is Kyoto After Bush? 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC While It May Not Work And It's Too Expensive, Bush, Rice, Powell, Dr. Stranglove Plan To Build Missile Defense Over Objections 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
GREENWAY While Bush Says Cold War Is Over, His Missile Plan Is Pure Cold War 6/18/01
SAFIRE Putin To Bush: Let Me Continue My Lawlessness Or I'll Go To China 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Makes "Rookie Mistake" In Calling Shootin' Putin "Trustworthy" 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
CHAPMAN Bush Missile Shield Works Very Well...To Antagonize NATO, Russia 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
ST Japan Refuses To Participate In Bush Missile Shield Plan 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
AA Bush Family Said To Be Making Bucks On Secret Congo War 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
OBSERVER Bush Secret Colombian War Literally Poisoning Villages 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
HERBERT What Will Bush Do About Destruction of Vieques Whenever Navy Leaves? 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
FAIR Extreme Proposals Of Bush Treasury Sec. Not Covered By Media 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Interior Sec. Norton Still Plans To Drill In Alaska 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Pez Is On Wrong Side Of Patients' Bill Of Rights Fight 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Anti-Social Security O'Neill Will Be Met By Union Protestors On Wall Street Trip 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
AP Daschle Bends Over For Bush On Rove Conflict Of Interest 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
BG Meanwhile, Eight Clinton-Scandal Lawyers Given High Level Jobs By Bush 6/18/01
SPT Tape Shows Man Selectively Arrested For Carrying Pro-Gay Sign At Bush Rally 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
OWH Bush Backers Admit That Gore Lost The Election Due To State Of Florida "Defacto Fraud" 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
KAIRYS Bush Vs. Gore Constitutional Crisis Was Won By Lawyers Over Democracy 6/18/01 bushwatch.com
BOROWITZ Bush Chosen "Greatest U.S. President," Favorite Snack Food Is Suet 6/18/01
GUARDIAN We Monitor Airline Pilots For Signs Of Madness, Why Not Bush? 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
GM Ashcroft, Norton, Bush Back Policies That Give Legal Status To Government Insurrections 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
POTTS Circulating Jokes About Bush Like Seeking Out Humor In "Mein Kampf" 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
FR France, Germany Again Back Kyoto, Anti-Bush Missile Plan 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Putin Opposes Bush Missile Defense Plan, Gives Him A Warning 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
HOAGLAND Bush Says He Really Wants To Visit Mount Trigadof...errr...Triglav 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Trip Did Nothing To Narrow Global Warming Gap With Europe 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
CBC Bush Finds New Protests In Slovenia 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
EASTERBROOK Conservative Think-Tanker Blames Bush's Failed Trip On The Europeans 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Did Bush Call Putin A "Remarkable Leader" Because Of His Crackdown On Press Freedom Or His Dirty War In Chechnya? 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP European Leaders Conclude Bush Is Confident Swaggerer Offering Little Substance 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
IGNATIUS "Half-Baked" Bush, Like European Leaders, Is Dealing With Political Symbols, Not Realities 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
MORAN What (Pre-Trip) Foreign Policy Grade Would You Give Bush? 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Officials Say Anti-Gay Provision Of Bush Ed Bill May Or May Not Be Deleted 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Waxman Asks Burton If He Plans To Investigate Rove-Bush 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Tax Cuts Put Social Security At Risk 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Is Lack Of Bush Leadership Re AIDS Due To Ignorance Or Politics? 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Dems Say With Bush It's Corporations First, People Last 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP Rehnquist Knows It's Time For Him To Go 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Talks About Importance Of Fathers Setting A Good Example. (He Really Did.) 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
SG Barb Bush Fake ID Posted On Web Site 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
MH Barb, Barb, Barb. What About Jenna? 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Chelsea Clinton Graduates With Honors, Will Study Foreign Relations At Oxford 6/17/01 bushwatch.com
WP Ethics Of Key Bush Officials Targeted 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Waxman Wants Hearing On Rove-Bush Conflict Of Interest 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
LEWIS Bush Can Contradict Himself Because He Has A Closed Mind 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
AGE Bush Tells Europeans He Will Speak For Them Around The World 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
BBC EU Says It's "Not Impressed" With Bush Political Pressure For GE's Benefit 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Presentation Of Missile Plan To Europeans Is "Vain," "Empty" 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
Cockburn Missile Shield Would Put Further Strain On Moscow's Decaying Defenses 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
REESE Bush Arguements For Missile Defense Are Absurd 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Naked Buttocks For Bush Number 2,000 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Anti-Kyoto Statements To Europeans Based On A Lie 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
O'FARRELL European Leaders Play Joke On Bush 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
PARRY When Did Bush Travel to Guatemala And What Did He Know Of the Genocide There? 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Vieques Solution Is Unrealistic 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Holding Off Military Budget, Wanting Thoughtless, Last-Minute Passage 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
FWST Bush Tax Cuts. Been There, Done That, Lost Big Time 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ If Fat Cat Insider Lawmakers Find It Hard To Make A Market Buck, Why Do They Want Us To Give Up Social Security? 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Opposition To Free Birth Control Under Attack By The Courts 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
DAWN Human Rights Activists Say Bush Not Using "Scientific" Studies Re Executing People 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
SPT Bush Backers Accused Of Gay Hate Crime Re Selective Arrests At Florida Bush Rally 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
FHD Here's What Jeb Did To Florida Behind The Legislative Smokescreen 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
MN Chelsea Clinton Moves On 6/16/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bipartisan Senate Passes Bush Anti-Gay Education Bill 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Senate Chickened Out In Specifically Allowing Anti-Gay Bigots Into Our Schools 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Both Chambers Agree On Tests In Education Bill 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
JACKSON The "How" Is Almost Never On A Standardized Test 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Approves Penalizing Failing Schools, But Not Vouchers 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
USA 3 Dems Vote "Yes" On Vouchers, 11 Republicans Vote "No" 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
RASPBERRY P:ro-Voucher Ads Are Out To Hoodwink Poor People 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
SCHORR Bush Policy Method Is To Act On Ideology First, Then Say He'll Think About It Later 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush Campaign Claim That He Doesn't Use Polls? A Lie 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Europe Vents Its Anger Against Bush 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Protesters Show Bush What They Think Of Him 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush, EU Clash Over Climate Policy 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Bush Gets Mooned In Sweden (pictures) 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT Bush Greeted By Mass Moon Of One Thousand In Sweden 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP Laura Says Europe Trip "Is Very Fun For Me" 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
SESTANOVICH Why Bush Began In Spain And Is Ending Up With Putin 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Offers To Work As A Spy For Spain 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Is Bush Using European Trip To Take Care Of Corporate Business? 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Now That He's Done The Damage, Bush Attempts To Pretend Moderation 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Bush Oil Buddy Has Made $26 Mil In Stock Options Since Election 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC Records Show Oil Industry Cut Refinery Output For Greater Profits 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
CT ED Bush Support Of Ethenol Is About Political Payoff, Not Clean Air 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
CBC Cheney Cares About Canadian Oil, Not Its Laws 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
CORN Bush Appoints Massacre Deniel Specialist For Human Rights Slot On Security Council 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
ATTARAN Bush Man In Charge of International AIDS Makes Ignorant Decisions 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
COLLINS Maybe Whitman And Thompson Need Support Group Under Bush 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
CBPP The Surplus Is Gone, Time To Raid Social Security 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Supreme Court's Father's Day Gift Is Discrimination Against Fathers 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
NYHAN Boston Globe Cuts Back, Nyhan Says Goodby 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
LEHIGH But They Keep Scott Lehigh. Go Figure 6/15/01 bushwatch.com
WP Add Karl Rove to O'Neill In Growing List Of Bush Conflict Of Interest Cases 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Republicans Give New Meaning To "Hypocrisy" 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Ignores The Real Enemies Of World Peace While He And Dr. Strangelove Play Lucrative Missile Games 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
PARRY Bush Swaggering, Screw You Foreign Policy Will Be Long Remembered By Disgusted Europeans 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Swedes Say They And Bush Will "Agree To Disagree" 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
TELEGRAPH Chorus Of Jeers Follow Bush Across Europe 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
COBBAN Thus Far, Bush Has Purposely Alienated Europe 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP Protests Greet Bush On Nato Visit 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
TELEGRAPH Bush Not Allowed To Ignore Balkin Crisis For Own Selfish Needs 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
NYT France, Germany Caution Bush On Missile Defense Plan 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
TELEGRAPH French Prez Blunts Bush "Charm" Offensiveness 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Blair's Party And British Unions Demand End To Bush Star Wars Plan 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
DT Bush Vague Alternative To Kyoto Won't Cut It With EU 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
ROBERTS Wildlife Runs For Cover As Don George Blunders Into Spain 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
LAL Did Bush Lie To Europeans About Not Executing Retarded People In Texas? 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
KOH Bush Tries To Dodge Execution Question Through Obfuscation 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT Europeans Sneer At "Mr. Malaprop's" Global Blindness 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES While Bush Gave Crackpot Fundamentalists $43 Mil To Fight Drugs, Afghanistan "On Brink Of Humanitarian Disaster" 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
ST Americans Ignorant Of Rest Of World Wonder Why Bush Is Dissed In Europe 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
MILLER Bush Isn't A Moron, But He's Ignorant, Illiterate, And Illogical (interview) 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
ROSAS How Bush Uses Secret Service To Suppress Political Dissent 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Key House Republican Breaks With Bush On HMO Plan 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
ITT Why Bush Education Plan Is Miseducation 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Rejects Bush Voucher Plan 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
SIMON Dems Goin' Country To Attract Those Rural Voters 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
ITT Bush Plan Is To Destroy Union Membership To Blunt Dem Vote 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
AMPRO The Case For Borking Bush Judicial Candidates 6/14/01 bushwatch.com
WP Thousands Protest Bush In "Friendly" Spain, As Germany, France Heads Criticize Him On Missile Plan 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN "Texan Redneck" Even Less Popular In Europe Than Reagan Was 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
CONNOLLY Why Is Bush Ignoring Berlin, Paris, And London? 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Bush Has No Plans To Meet Ordinary Citizen During Leisurely Mini-Europe Tour 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT European Criticism Of Bush Began Even Before His Plane Landed 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Will Be Forced To Talk About Balkins At NATO Meeting 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Germany Astonished At Buish Approach To Environment, Nuclear Energy 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
WN European Union Takes Bush To Task About Kyoto 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
CSM ED Without Goals, Bush Has Nothing To Replace Kyoto 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Bloodthirsty Execution Views An Obvious Foreign Policy Liability 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush In Europe Tries To Double-Talk His Way Through His U-Turn Re Execution Of Retarded 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
KELLY Is Europe An Entity Or A State Of Journalistic Mind? 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Spanish King Plays Language Joke On Arroz, Arbusto 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Goofy Meets Goya In "National Lampoon's Bush European Vacation" 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Dems Meet With Protestors At Anti-Bush Missile Rally 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
USA Dem Biden To Lead Fight Against Bush Missile Plan 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
WRIGHT Year-Long Study Shows Bush Missile Plan Won't Work 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
TAPPER Patients' Bill Of Rights Will Be First Dems Battle Against Bush 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
PARRY Bush Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep The Oil Money Rolling In 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
CW Top Five Oil Companies Use Bush Fake Crisis To Hose Consumers 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
CORN This Is How The Bush Tax Cut Will Screw Us After He's Long Gone 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Leaning Towards Raising Retirement Age To Help Pay For Tax Cuts 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
WP Electronic Voting More Error Prone Than Obviously Flawed Old- Fashioned Methods 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
WP Republicans Doolittle, DeLay, And Deflect Campaign Finance 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
WILLIAMS Looks Like Reno Run Would Mean Another Bush Florida Victory 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Dumbing Down Distortions Of TV, Pundits Help Bush To Dumb Down Political Audience 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
TS Bush Breaks Campaign Pledge To Move Embassy To Jerusalem 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
OJ Bush Pontificating About National Family Values Has Set Him Up For Criticism Of His Own Re Daughters 6/13/01 bushwatch.com
NYT One In Four American Adults Will Get Nada, Zip, Zilch In Tax Rebates 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Tax-Cutting Our Way To Giant Deficits 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
DMN Cheney's Very Strange Behavior 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT Bush Damage Control Trip Avoids Visiting England, France, Germany, Italy 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Bush Begins Spain Visit By Mispronouncing The Name Of The Conservative Prime Minister 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Visit Points Up Europe's Growing Animosity Towards Him 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
TIME Pez Bush In Mini-Europe. The Issues. 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC European Revulsion With Bush Is Widespread 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
SALON Nothing New. Arrogant Texas Oilman Visits Mini-Europe 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Former UK Special Advisor Says Bush Lies About Kyoto 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
CD European Environmentalists Beginning To Unload On Bush 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
ST Bush Wants To Cut U.S. Europe Meetings In Half 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Europeans Really Steamed About Bush's Two-Faced Position On Trade 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Spaniards Are Particularly Concerned About Bush Death Penalty 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
IOL Amnesty International Says Bush Out Of Step With International Community 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
IHT Bush Approach To Russia Ignores Chechnya Horrors 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Briefing Notes For Trip To Mini-Europe 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
COLLINS If You Forget Foreign Policy, Defense, Environment, And Executions, Bush Is Doing Fine In Europe 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS More Evidence Of Bush-Buddy Price Gouging In California 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP Oil Probe Reflects Dem Majority 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ Is Media Criticism Of Bush Justified? [You Bet!] 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Isn't Bush's Rougher Media Ride Is Based On Bush's Behavior? 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Supreme Court Is Tearing Down That Church-State Wall 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Supremes Wrong To Allow Religious Meetings In Schools During School 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
NPR Bush-Fleischer Attempts To Bully Reporters Into Silence Over Twins (transcript) 6/12/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Bush Undoing Policy Decisions To Soften European Attacks 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Pro-Bush Media Spin Is To Blame First Five Months On Clinton 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
USA Either Junior's World Tutor Is Queen Of Denial Or She's Lying To Press 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
MSNBC See George. See George Learn Foreign Policy. 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Meet The God Of Fire Behind Condi Behind Bush 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
TIMES Bush Needs Seatbelt For Rough European Ride 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Skeptical Europe Sharpening Knives For Bush 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Europe Sees Bush's U.S. As Selfish, Blind, Bully 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
SH Toxic Texan In For A Surprise, European Style 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush European Strategy. Pretend To Listen, Don't Fall Asleep, Follow Previous Plans 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
RC Dr. Strangelove Under Congress Fire For Lack Of Coherence 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Deletes Funding To Eliminate Deadly Russian Nerve Gas Missiles Capable Of Killing Billions 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
BOTKIN How Would Bush Get Rid Of Deadly Nuclear Waste, Jawboning? 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
MST ED Global Warming Report Gives Bush No Weasel Room 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
USA Bush Wants To "Study" Global Warming. Europeans Say "Study This" 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Tax Cut Based On Preposterous Lie 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
RASPBERRY Bush Vandalism Lies Are A Crock Of Laughs 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Civil Right Commission's Report Of Jeb's Neglectful Discrimination Is Warranted 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
PALAST 10 to 26 Of The States Think Vote Reform Means Following Florida's Discriminatory Lead 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
RC Even Gop Leader Gives Up On Bush's Willingness To Compromise On Patients' Rights 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
SG Barb Questioned By Harvard Police Re "Raucous...Booze Blast" 6/11/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Being Tutored At Tx. Farm To Diminish Boob Status Among Europeans 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush China View Twisted By Conservative Strangelove Rhetoric 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush European Trip Schedule 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
CBC Bush Hoping Europe Thinks He Can't Get Any Worse 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
DAWN Schizophrenic Bush Talking Out Of Other Side Of Mouth As He Prepares To Visit Abroad 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Poppy Has Advised Junior To Cool It On North Korea 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Will Tell Putin To Can Treaty, But Junior Has Nothing To Replace It 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
AP Dr. Strangelove Wants NATO Membership To Change To Get His Way On Missiles 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP Forget Chernobyl, Nuclear Power Industry Looking For Bush Go-Ahead 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
SCHELL Bush Nuclear Policy Is Incoherent and Dangerous 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Voluntary Action Policy On Global Warming Just Doesn't Cut It 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Plans To Tell Europe He'll Just Drag His Feet On Global Warming 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Dems Urge Bush To Stop Dragging His Feet On Patients' Rights 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Ashcroft Ignores Racial Discrimination In Federal Executions 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Insists That California Uses His Major Donor's Additive, Even Though It Isn't Needed 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Cheney And Jeb Laugh Off Florida Minority Voting Scam As They Woo Hispanics 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
WP GOP Believes Bush Tax Cut Will Bribe Voters For 2002 Elections 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
OVERHOLSER Bush Working Hard To Make Rich-Poor Gap Wider 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
KOHNWhy Bush One-Size-Fits-All Education Plan Doesn't Work 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
BARNES Mac Will Cause More Trouble For Bush As A Repug 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
WICKER "Coup Of One" Could Affect UN As Well As Congress 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
DASCHLE The New Deal Is Bipartisanship And Compromise 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
RALL Bipartisanship Is Political Treason 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
AAS Twin Problems Off Limits In Laura Interview, But Not After-Washington Plans 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
AAS ED Tequila Twins Received "Special Treatment" And Appear To Have Received "Preferential Treatment" 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Consumers Have Little Choice As Biotech Crops Multiply 6/10/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Will Find Grim Reception In Europe 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
ST Cool Welcome Awaits Bush In Europe 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Team Fears European Debacle 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
BBC Bush Trade Policy With World Looks Ugly 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Gives Taliban $43 Million As Taliban Stocks Opium Poppy For Future Drug Production 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Arrogant Bush Has Already Placed His First Orders For Missile Defense 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN World's Biggest Missile Companies Form Consortium To Get Bush Bucks 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
ST Rumsfeld Says Missile System May Not Work, But So What? 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Russia's Defense Chief Derides Missile Defense Logic 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP Civil Right Panel Criticizes Jeb, Harris 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP Civil Rights Commission Seeks Meeting With Ashcroft 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Jeb Will Seek Re-Election In Face Of United Dem Vote 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
IPS Bush Considering Giving Nation's Top Polluters Less Regulation 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Response To Rising Health Care Costs "Disappointing" 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Health Sec. Calls For Less Regulation To Get Profits Up 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
KING What In The World Does Trent Lott Know About "Moral Authority"? 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
RICH Jenna Pulled Off "Coup" That Trent Lott Talks About 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
AAS Jenna Only One To Get Lesser Charge For Fake ID This Year 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
NE Laura And George At War Over Daughters' Boozing 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Daughters Enter Opposing Pleas 6/9/01 bushwatch.com
WP Five Months Of Bush And We're Into Deficit Spending Planning 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
ROSENBAUM Decade-Long Battle To Change Bush Tax Plan Rules Has Already Begun 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
AP Forget The Tax Cut Bill, Let's Talk About Tax Cuts 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Both Liberals and Conservatives Agree That Bush Tax Cut Is A Sham 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
WP Q and A About That Tax Refund Bribe Check 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO It's Your Money, And It's Also Your Underfunded Government 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Works Hard To Pass Corporate Price Increases To Consumers 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT If Jeb Runs, The Race Will Be About George 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
WSWS Fed Commission Report Seeks Aschcroft Probe Since Black Florida Voters Were Clearly Disenfranchised 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
AP News? Republicans On Commission Expected To Vote Against Study 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Dems Now Have The Senate, But What Will They Do? 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
LAT Senate Dems Can't Do Much Because Bush Has Taken All The Dough 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Repugs Fear 2002 Senate Races Will Put Bush Further Behind 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
COLLINS Rich Guys Look To Take Over Senate Races 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
AP Even The House Is Against Bush's Proposal To Restrict Endangered Species List 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Discovers There Is Global Warming and The Earth Is Not Flat 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Global Warming Light Bulb Means He Must Rewrite His Energy Plan 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Dems To Press Inquiry Into High Energy Prices 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Argues That Health Insurance Is Cheaper When Coverage, Patients' Rights Are Eliminated 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
FREIDMAN Bush Has Tougher But Ineffective Foreign Policy With No Allies 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Draws World-Wide Opposition, Likes Adequate Housing But Is Unwilling To Call It A "Human Right" 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
WP NATO Is Skeptical Of Rumsfeld Appeal For Missile Defense 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Working With Defense Contractors To Start Missile Defense Building Right Now 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
HUFFINGTON Bush Will Betray Our Children With His Education Plan 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Claims He Works Hard To Be A Father To Jenna 6/8/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush Tax Cut Legislation Created For His Benefit, But You'll Pay The Bill 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
REISCHAUER To Avoid Bush Deficit Budget, Congress Will Have To Redo Bush Tax Bill 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
FORWARD "Ill-Considered" Bush Tax Plan Negative, Cruel, and Uncharitable 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush Cluelessness Re Effects Of Tax Cut Spells Deficit Spending 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Tax Cuts Mean No More Money For Hungry Children Overseas 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Tax Cuts Mean No Continuation of Affordable Housing Program 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
DONNELLY Bush Tax Cuts Mean Stingy Spending On Defense 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
AP Taxpayers In Iowa, Eight Other States, Will Pay Taxes On Tax Cut Refund 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
WP FAQ About Those Bush Bribe Checks 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
SPT ED Bush Brags About Tax Checks, But It Was The Dem's Idea, Not His 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
USA Senate Repugs Plan Gridlock By Attaching Tax Cuts To Every Dem Bill 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Buddy Rep. Dick Armey Of Texas Calls For Additional Tax Cuts 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
WP One Certainty, Bush Tax Bill Will Ensure "Ceaseless Battle" Over The Next Ten Years 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
CAMPBELL Negroponte Stock Falling As Bush Intrudes In Nicaragua Politics 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Scientists Tell Bush Global Warming Getting Worse, Europeans To Tell Him It's His Fault 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Sued Because He Refused To Continue Funding To World Health Organizations 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
BG Bush To Gays, Others: No Money For Aids Medication, Just Stop Getting Infected 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
GULLY Bush, Enron, and An Argentina Arms Probe 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
WP Dems Fight Bush For Energy Caps In California 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Norton Allows Major Bush Donor To Drill On Sacred Indian Land, Endager Ancient Art 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
BABINGTON Seeking Clarity About The Patients' Bill Of Rights Bills 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Dems Put Bush Education Plan On Fast Track 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
BG Dem Chairman Voices "Grave Concerns" Over Bush Faith-Based Welfare Plan 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
AP Attention Senate. Here Are Your New Chairman 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
SPT ED Bush Brags About Tax Checks, But It Was The Dem's Idea, Not His 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
AMPOL Freepers Attack Chuy's Manager Who Made 911 Call 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Bush Jumped Shark When He Provided Curious Example To His Children 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
SAFIRE Safire Accuses McCain Of Doing What Bush Does Every Day 6/7/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush's "Phony Budget" Means That We Start Paying For It Now, Even Before Our Bribe Checks Have Arrived 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Jeb Calls Civil Rights Report That He's Biased "Biased" 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Bush Losing Ground Across The Board In Public Opinion 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Only 37% Approve Of Bush Handling Of Energy Problem 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
ANDERSON Why Bush's Energy Plan Will Fail 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
BG GOP Bickers Over Shift 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
BG Repugs Croaking Like Frogs As Daschle Speaks Softly 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
BERKE Senate Dems Now Have Power And Quandary 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
EHRENHALT The Dems Get Another Chance To...Do What? 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Senate Plays Musical Offices 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
BRODER Bush Faces Uphill Task In Attempt To Turn Nation On Its Ear. 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ The Hits On Bush Begin To Add Up 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
WP Scientists, Experts Say Bush Missile Defense Plan Could Blow Up In His Face 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
WP Liberals And Conservatives Battle Bush On His Faith-Based Destruction of Church-State Wall 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
ABC 7 of 10 Taxpayers Do Not Plan To Stimulate Economy With Tax Bribe Checks 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
HUFFINGTON Bush Hands Tax Cut Across To The Bored 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
FEIRSTEIN Suggestions For "Compassionate Consumerism" 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
SANDRASAGRA World Trade Without Safeguards Has Created Untold Poverty 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
WP Rove Conflict Of Intrerest Considered Re His Enron, Boeing, GE, and Pfizer Stocks 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
KELLY Flash! McCain Is Actually...Jeffords 6/6/01 bushwatch.com
WP New Poll Finds Support For Bush Continuing To Decline 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
WP 56% Polled Are Against Bush, For Emergency Energy Price Caps 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Civil Rights Panel Finds Jeb 'n Katherine "Grossly Delelict" And Florida Voters "Disenfranchised" 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
WP Jeb 'n Katherine "Unfairly Penalized" Black [Gore] Voters In Florida Election 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
SCARDINO It's "A New Civil War" With Bush Leading "A Bigoted South" 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush's Everglades Plan Is Really Clinton's, With Less Money 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Bush Wants More Pipelines But Gvt. Regulations Protect The People Against Abuse Of Environment 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Unlike Rest Of Bush Tax Bill, Most Dem Checks Will Go To Incomes Under $50k 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
TIME Bush PLan "Steals" Middle Class Tax Cuts With Higher AMT Taxes In 2005 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
WP Government Study Shows Bush Tax Cut Widens Gap Betwen Rich and Poor 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
ZWEIFEL Under Bush, Democracy Losing Out To Concentrated Wealth, And Gates, Sr. Doesn't Like It 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
BG Rove-Bush Set Up Expiration Date Of Tax Cuts To Provide Major GOP Issue In 2008 Prez Race 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Medicare Into HMO Push Faces Privatized Plans That Put Profit Before Patients 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
AP Dems To Push Patients' Rights When In Control 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush Faces Uphill Battle Vs. Europe, Dems Re Missile Plan 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Bush Using Oli North Favorite For Drug War Operations In Colombia 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM In Education, Dems Insist Bush Fund The Program, Not Just Talk About It 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
MUWAKKIL Who Is This Hightower Guy, Anyway? 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
BLOOM Gvt. Ethics Board Says Rove Is Dragging His Feet On Conflict Of Interest Stock Sales 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
SHRIBMAN Bush Residency Really Begins This Week 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT More Activism And Silliness From Scalia 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON Bush Demands Booze Offenders Be Severely Punished, Unless They're His Daughters 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
ABC Hey Freepers, Chuy's Prez Is A Loyal Republican! 6/5/01 bushwatch.com
BG Dems Want Full Funding, But "Education President" Is Dragging His Feet 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Bush Ed Program Is Finished, Since He's Put Voucher Money Giveaway In Tax Plan 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Bush Tax Plan Ed Vouchers Do Little To Help Poor Families 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
ALTER Bush Tax Plan Shows He Lied About Helping Charities 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
CN Public Beginning To Suspect That Bush Normally Feeds Them A Bunch Of Bullshit 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
USA ED Bush Talks Poverty, Keeps Giving Money To The Rich 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
TIME What Will Happen When Bush Runs Out Of Checks? 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
CSM Bush To Impose Ozzie And Harriet Model On 21st Century Families 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
RA Bush Navy, Chinese Fleet Gearing Up For Face-Off Near Taiwan 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
NATION American Foreign Policy Could Change With Dem In Chair 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
AGE Japanese Foreign Minister Outspoken Over Her Dislike Of Bush Policy 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Must Scrap His Missile Plan And Get Real 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Although Candidate Bush Promised Us That He Would Talk To Opec, He's Quiet As A Mouse6/4/01 bushwatch.com
NERING Hey, Prof! Bush Doesn't Care Merde About Future Generations 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush Mum, Ashcroft "Troubled" About Racial Disparities In Their Planned Executions 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
USA Kristol Says More Bush Mistreatement Of Campaign Reform Would Drive Mac Out Of GOP 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
CT GOP Judicial Slow-Down Beast Now Biting Their Behinds 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
RC Although Card Has Confessed, Gop Senators Want To Blame Calio 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
CD Bush Ready To Pay Back Drug Corporations By Stiffing Bio-Treaty6/4/01 bushwatch.com
CD Now Bush Wants To Add Genetically Modified Foods To His Arsenic 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
POLLAN Foodies Beware. Organic Food Industry Dominated By Large Corporations 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
Kamiya Bush Wants To Right His Wrongs By Punishing Others For Them 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
SALON Three Strikes And She's Out? 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
WP Whatever Happened To That Bush Iron Triangle Guy? 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
USA Ex-Clinton Staffers To Bush On Vandalism--Got Proof? 6/4/01 bushwatch.com
DOWD Bush's Revenge Attack Dog Is Biting Him In The Behind 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
OLIPHANT Republican Party Has Decided To Leave McCain 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
GUARDIAN Mac Has Been Getting The Jeffords Treatement, Is Willing To Consider Jumping 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Called Mac At Ranch Yesterday To Sniff Around About Daschle Visit 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Even With Mac's Denials, Talk Of A Third-Party Bid Grows 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush Needs To Become More Politically Adroit If He Wants To Work With Daschle, Mac, "N Teddy 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Unlike Previously Spineless Dems, Lott Declares Minority War On Majority 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
COHEN If The GOP's Are For Ideological Purity, They Should Switch From Elephant to Dodo 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED Lott's GOP Has Not Learned Re Jeffords Jump 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP Senate Power Shift Puts Even More Focus On '02 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
KUTTNER GOP Will Lose If Nation's Money Is Spent On Nation's Needs 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Bush and Senior Advisers In Energy Giant's Pocket Through Stocks, Speech Payoffs, And Campaign Funding 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
KRUGMAN Bush California Energy Comments Were Totally Irrelevant To The Problem 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Is Supreme Court's O'Connor Playing The Beard For Scalia? 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
BF Bugliosi Reports That Previously Friendly Media Sources, Including Liberals, Refuse To Interview Him Re His Supreme Court Book 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT NRA Pal A-G Ashcroft Dragging His Feet On Gun Control Despite Previous Promise 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Burton Contiues Slim Attacks, This Time For Jeb 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
OVERHOLSER Day By Day, We Learn Of The Lies And Hypocrisy Of Bush Conservative Moralizers 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
NYT All Is Not Placid At Greenspan's Fed As Seniors Disagree 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP Jeffords Emphasis On More Ed Spending Puts Him At Odds With Bush 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
HOAGLAND Is Bush Tone Deaf Foreign Policy Setting Up Powell For A Hit? 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
BRAUCHLI Secrecy Will Create Dr. Strangelove Leader With "Simpering President In Tow" 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
BG ED Any Bush Idea To Trade Trees For Pollution Will Not Wash 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS: White House Makes Up First-Ever Vandalism List On Friday, Based On Undocumented "Recollections" 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
ORR "Bushes Have More To Hide Than They May Wish" 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Learns That He Can't Have It Both Ways Re Family, Media 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
INDEPENDENT Bush And Wayward Daughters Having An Awkward Weekend 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
RODDY Bush's College Students Sneaking Alcohol? What'll They Think Of Next? 6/3/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Senior Aides Have Financial Ties To Bush-Backing Energy Giant Accused Of California Price Gouging 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
COWEN Bush-Cheney Energy Plan Is Doomed To Faillure 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
WSWSWhy Did Daschle Give "Odious...Political Gangster" Olson A Free Pass? 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
EDSALL Johnny Mac Considering Third-Party Run In 2004 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AP Daschle Visits Mac At The Ranch This Weekend 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
SHAPIRO Will It Be Bush Vs. Edwards In 2004? 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Networks, VNS Promise To Clean Up Their Acts 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AP Bush Payoff Time. First Scalia's Son, Now Rehnquist's Daughter. 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AJC Bush Wants To Cut Successful Program That Helps Poor Get Their Kids In College 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Congress Wants Ed Testing But Not Any Meaningful Evaluation Of The Results 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
CT Bush Wants Defense Contractor Wolves To Oversee Pentagon Defense Budget Sheep 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
NEWSDAY NATO Says No To Language Justifying Bush Missile Plan 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
CT ED The Missile Plan Isn't Doing Any Better At Home 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
NYT Dem Chair Says Test Missile Defense Until It Works, Then Discuss Treaty, Plan 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
DMN Bush Tax Bill Able To Squeeze Out Hidden, Last-Minute Additional 1.2% Cut For the Rich. 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
KCS ED Gimmicks, Trickery Fill Bush Tax Cut Bill 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AP Millionaires Bush, Cheny, Rove, Card Will Make Big Bucks From Tax Cut 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
WP Bush Treasury Dept. Knows It Will Send Tax Cut Checks To Undeserving Millions 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
HOCHBERG Bush Plans To Leave Small Businesses Behind 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
LEWIS The Contradictions Of Bush's China Policy 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
CLYMER Bush Wants Catholics, They See Him As Rich Man's Prez 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AAS ED Bush Girls Should Understand They "Won't Get Away With Flouting The Law." 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Daughters Fall Victim Of Law Signed By Dad 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
AP Barbara Says Son Is "Getting Back Some Of His Own." 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
CT Florida Dems Looking For National Money To Jab Jeb 6/2/01 bushwatch.com
REICH Why Bush Doesn't Care What The Public Thinks About His Manufactured Energy, Missile, and Economic Crises 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Considerable Evidence That Enron And White House Are One 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
NYT ED Bush's Indifference To Environment, Energy Concerns Shows Lack Of Leadership 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
FRIEDMAN Will Bush Change His Kyoto Tune When Activists Boycott Exxon? 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
JENSEN Democracy Is In Trouble Because Bush Economy Is Based On Anti-Democratic Principles 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
BS ED Bush Deficit Spending Will Begin Shortly With Unbudgeted Spending For Military, Education, and Energy 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
LOWEY SURPRISE! 60 % Of Bush Tax Cuts Don't Happen Until 2010 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
COCCO How Baby Boomers Will Get Scammed, Big Time, By Bush Tax Cut 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
USA The Most Influential Washington Insider Folks Never Heard Of 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
DIONNE Bush Tax Cut For The Wealthy Is The Most Deceptive Ever Passed 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
IVINS Bush Is Now Screwing The Country Just Like He Screwed Texas 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
NADER Bush Ignores Our Country Literally Falling Apart To Provide Tax Cuts To The Wealthy 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
CONASON Slime Time Critics Slander Jeffords 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
LEUBSDORF Jeffords Has Moved Bush From Low Expectations To No Expectations 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
PI Mac's A Thorn In Bush's Side Due To Jeffords Jump 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
ALTERMAN When Will The Press Stop Working As Bush's Propaganda Arm? 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
WP Is Bush Doing Enough To Get Federal Health Insurance Money To Poor Children Through State Roadblocks? 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
OS ED Powell Running Into Roadblocks Because Of Bush Arrogance 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
WP ED For $1,000, Bush Will Give Wealthier Immigrants Faster Service 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
REUTERS Bush Picks Member Of "Red Neck School Of Hemispheric Policy" For OAS Slot 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
WP Erratic Leadership By Katherine Harris Led To Florida Voting Turmoil 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
NYT George and Laura Haven't Seen Jenna In a Month And A Half 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
WP Barb, Not Jenna, Cited For Actual Posession Of Alcohol 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
KURTZ Jenna Gets No Pass From The Press This Time 6/1/01 bushwatch.com
KENT The Press Vs. The First Amendment 6/1/01 bushwatch.com

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