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FISK "We Are The War Criminals Now" 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

AARONOVITCH "Not Every Regrettable Killing In Afghanistan Is A War Crime" 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Says It Has No Control Over Fate Of Afghan Prisoners 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

INDEPENDENT Afghan Woman Killed By U.S. Humanitarian Aid Crashing Through Her Roof 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BROOKS Rights Of Afghan Women Under Northern Alliance "Slim" To None 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

VINCENT Al Qaeda Is A Cult, Like The Branch Davidians, Not A Militant Islamic Group 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Military Says Its Not Ready To Allow Peacekeeping Forces Into Afghanistan 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

LUTTWAK Bush Gave Saddam A "False Choice," But Needs Russia's Acquiesence For War 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN More Missile Testing "Buys Us Nothing. Less Putin Really Hurts Us" 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Russian Support Of Iraq Led To U.S. Compromise On U.N. Sanctions 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "Russia Has Considerable Leverage Over World Oil Prices" 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Afghan War Not Just About Oil. It's About Drugs, Too 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Casting Perle Amongst Op-Ed Writers. Saddam Must Go 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

ROY Bush's "Piece Of Presumptuous Arrogance" 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

BALKIN Is Bush Using Our Fears To Justify A Power Grab? 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Variety Of :Legal Challenges Being Prepared To Combat Bush Orders 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS People Don't Understand The Danger Of Bush's Military Tribunals 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Bush Defends War Tribunals As Necessary 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Teddy And Junior Are Using Each Other In Spite Of Political Dynasty Traditions 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Health Officials Indicate Bush Is Underfunding Our Defense Against Domestic Germ Terrorism 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

JW Lawsuit Filed To Get Documents From Carlyle. Daddy Bush Tied To Firm. 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES Elder Bush Toiling For Top Equity Firm 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHECHTER Now That "Selfishness Comes Wrapped In A Flag," Where Is The Real News? 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Welfare Reformers Passed The Bill But Failed To Carry Out Their Promises Behind The Bill. Now What? 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN GOP "Stimulus" Meeting Turns Into Shouting Match Between Armey And Lott 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

STIGLITZ Politics In the Name Of Stiumulus 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

WP House Committee Probe To Focus On Enron's Outside Partnerships 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

LASHINSKY Enron Used Wall Street Analysts. Will It Happen Again? 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ripples Spreading From Enron Expected Bankruptcy 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Parises GOP House Vote To Have Us Cover Losses Of Insurance Corporations Through Gvt. Loans 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

GRIFFIN What's Wrong With The Media Coverage Of Afghanistan? 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Still No Trace Of Missing Harvard Ebola Scientist 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT FBI Identifies Suspect In Abortion Clinic Anthrax Mailings 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY Bush's Position On Cloning Makes No Sense 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENE Bar Patron Says Bush Not Stressing "Evil" Enough 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

ROBERTSON Pat Says Washington Post Wishes Fall Of Elected Government Of Liberia 11.30.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT White House Admits We Will Have Deficit Spending Through Entire Bush Term [No Talk Of Rescinding Ill-Advised Tax Cuts To Wealthy] 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Major Bush Contributor Enron Would Get $245 Million Out Of Bush "Stimulus" Package 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Enron, Champ Of Deregulation, Poster Child For More Regulation 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Insurance Companies Have More Than Enough To Cover Attacks, They Just Want Bush To Give Them Money 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Will Spend Another Million On A Missile Test This Week 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Likes Safety Net For Corporate Farmers But Offers Little To Common Farmer 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "Country Club" Bush Refuses Common Citizens' Visits To Holiday White House 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Laura Excited About White House Holiday Decor That We'll Never Get To See 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

MANN Bush Is Slipping Back To Being What He Was Before 11 Sept. 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT NRC Wants To Stockpile Drugs For Protection Vs. Terrorist Nuclear Radiation Attack 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Will Have Smallpox Vaccine For All By Next Fall, Says Thompson 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP White Males Lead The Majority Of Americans Who Approve of What Ashcroft Is Doing --Poll 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Specifics Of WP-ABC Poll, With Background 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Poll Data By Demographics 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

DAVIS Bush Works Best In A Simplified World Of Black And White 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT No-Show Ashcroft Sends Second Banana To Clash With Senate 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Ashcroft Should Can The "Victory" Talk And Address The Growing Discord Around Him 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dems Blast Bush Tribunal Order 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Many Held On Tenuous Ties To 11 Sept. 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Left And Right Stung By Ashcroft's Gathering Of Power To Himself At Expense Of Constitutional Liberties 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

GARVEY Dangerous Ashcroft Is Worse Than We Imagined 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Justic Dept. Memo Confirms Interviews Are A Dragnet, Say Arab-Americans 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Fed Lawsuit Challanges Bush Gag Order On Prez Papers 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Dems Say Bush-Backed House Defense Bill Shortchanges Homeland Security 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Say If The Terrorists Promise To Wait To Attack They Will Promise To Wait For Bush Security Money 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT House Votes To Give Bush Sanctions Re Trade In War Diamonds 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Family Homelessness Echoes 80's Crisis 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT BushAdmin All Talk, No Action Re Renewable Energy --Jeffords 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Sec. Norton To Face Fed. Contempt Of Court Charges 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

ALTMAN Post-Sept. 11 Experience Shows Social Security Works Just Fine 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHLEIFER Racists Turning Sept. 11 Into Marketing Tool 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

GOLDBERG Jewish-Americans Are More Open On ME Solution Than Most Politicians Think 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Local Tyranny, Global Terror Go Together In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, And Syria 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Former U.N. Arms Inspector Scoffs At Bush Iraq Threat 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

TDN Turkey Hints It Might Drop Objection To U.S. War With Iraq 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

FT Could North Korea Be Next On The Bush War List? 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

WHITAKER U.S. Must Stop Any More Northern Alliance Atrocities 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

NATION Our Founding Fathers Had Bush's Number 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER U.S. Just Can't Hit And Run 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

FORD Europe Thinks Closing Gap Between Rich And Pool Would Help Stop Terrorism 11.29.01 www.bushreport.com

SPECTER " The administration has yet to show where the president gets the authority for this extraordinary executive order" 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

SFC ED Face It, We're Not Democratic Enough 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

CARROLL Why The War Is Not "Just" 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Putin Continues To Violate "Democratic Norms And Human Rights" 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

APPLEBAUM Is The U.S. Part Of A Russian Oil Conspiracy? 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN Lynne Cheney Has Made A Career Out Of Being A Political Correctness Soldier 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Laura Says Women Can Study In The Back Seat Of Cars They Can't Drive 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

IJAZ We Need To Be More Active In Helping Pakistan Protect Its Plutonium 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Declaration Of Recession Weakens Bush Case For His Stiumlus Package 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT You Can't Compromise An Economic Chasm 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Enron's Many Victims 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Should Not Block Legal Agreement Between Diamond-Producing Nations 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

HALEVI Arabs Should Take Their Share Of Blame For ME Failures 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

LITHWICK Scalia Throws Sand And Pulls Hair 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Fun Will Begin If Flag "Desecration" Act Is Passed 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Loss Of Partner of 18 Years In Pentagon Crash Cuts No Ice With State Of Virginia 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Unprepared U.S. House Uses D.C. As Scapegoat 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

VALENTI Splitting Hairs On Johnson's "Unwinnable," Looking At Nixon In Crosshairs Of History 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com


REUTERS Germany Cautions U.S. About Spreading Anti-Terrorism War To Iraq 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Bush Key Diplomatic Nomineee Linked To Terrorism 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Iraq Shrugs Off Bush "Ultimatum" 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Caves To Russia Trade Support Of Iraq 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Russia Says Targeting Iraq May Kill Coalition 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush EPA Considers Pesticide Test On Humans 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Surprise ! BushAdmin Not Able To Put Airline Security Into Practice To Meet Deadline 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Refuses To Provide More Money For Anti-Terrorism 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Congress Backs War But Irate Over Bush Unilateral Decisions 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft Offers Accounting Of Over 600 Detained 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft's About Face On Detainees 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Questions Raised On Curtailing US Freedoms For Noncitizens 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ex-FBI Officials Criticize Tactics On Terrorism 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Terrorists Bypass Laws By Using Gun Shows --McCain 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Hideouts Pose Tougher Challenges 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT BushAdmin Wants Little Involvement In Postwar Afghanistan 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Laura Calls For Diverse Afghan Government 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Some Weapons Labs Still In Taliban Hands 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Unions Fight Bush Stimulus Plan As Being Anti-Worker 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Census Said To Misplace Prisons And Dorms [Dems Suffer] 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Justices To Hear Case On Privacy Of Students 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Junior Sends Dad To Brits As U.S. Rep 11.28.01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Let's Face It, Bush Just Doesn't "Give A Damn" About Civil Liberties 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

CLIFT Ashcroft Is Watching Us, But Who's Watching Ashcroft? 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

IBBITSON "Bush's Imperial Presidency Can't Go On Unchecked" 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

FRITZ Unchecked Power Can Be Dangerous 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WALKOM Bush And Bin Laden "Got Along Just Fine" Between February And August --Book 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

GEE Bush Warning To Iraq Close To An Ultimatum 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

KAGAN Bush Doesn't Know Which Of His Sumo Wrestlers Will Win 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

FUERTH Bush May Discover That Defeating Saddam Would Harm More Pressing Priorities 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WOOSLEY Afghans Have Allied With U.S., Why Not Same In Iraq, Even Saudi Arabia? 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Let's Not Forget There's A War Going On In Afghanistan 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

SMITH Why Is Bush Giving Sauidi Arabia, Uzbekistan A Free Pass To Continue Documented Religious Persecution? 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN "Islam has not developed a dominant religious philosophy that allows equal recognition of alternative faith communities." 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AMIRI Afghan Women's Agenda Should Not Be Perceived As A Western Agenda 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Pakistan Should Not Be The Tail Wagging The Dog 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WICKHAM Even Terrorists Have Civil Rights 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

RMN ED The Risks Of Mass Vaccinations 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Dems Would Be Doing Bush A Favor In The Long Run By Defeating His Stimulus Package 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com


NYT Shoe Drops. Bush Says Iraq Could Be Next 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Warns Iraq, North Korea 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS U.S. Mulls Iraq Sanctions 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Iraq's Weapons Could Make It A Target, Bush Says 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Marines Secure Afghan Foothold Near Kandahar 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Marines' Role To Cut Off Taliban Escape 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. Admits New Dangers In Afghan War 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM U.S. Begins Endgame 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM College Campuses Are A Hotbed Of...Pro-War Fervor? 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ashcroft Says Listing Prisoners Would Violate Privacy Rights 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Defends Use Of Military Tribunals 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. To Provide Egyptians With Missiles, Israel Alarmed 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Expect No Quick U.S. Fix, Bush Says 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT How To Interview 5,000 Mostly ME Men On Temporary Visas 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

FREEP U.S. Softens Tactics In Terrorism Questioning 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT In Michigan, ME Men Are Being "Invited" To Be Interviewed 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Sec. Abraham Shuns Position As Spokesman For Arab-Americans 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Ashcroft Says Our Gas Pipelines Have Been Threatened 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Anthrax Scare Adds To Postal Service Woes 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CDC Says No Mass Vaccinations Planned For Smallpox 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Human Cloning Morally Wrong, Bush Says 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Denounces Cloning And Calls For Ban 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT What We Know Is Now Official. We're In Recession 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM When Wil Recession End? 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Private Social Security Accounts Seen As No Panacea 11.27.01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES Bush Gives His Side Of The Sept. 11 Story 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

OBSERVER Afghan Warlords Set To Open Opium Floodgates 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NADIRI Guided Economic Development Could Turn Afghanis Away From Earning Living Through Drugs And Fighting 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Prisoners Revolt, Hundreds Killed 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

HARDING Taliban In Northern Afghanistan "Have Become Extinct" 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Thousands Of Refugees Wait For Food Or Death 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

OBSERVER Poll Shows Brit Frustration With American "Foot-Dragging" On Humanitarian Effort 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Marines Enter Southern Afghanistan 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

OBSERVER 2000 U.S. Troops Added To Final Push For Bin Laden 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BALZ Criticism Of War Is Coming From The Right, Likely To Intensify 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

KIM Iraq Tops List Of U.S. Terror Targets Outside Afghanistan 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED War On Iraq Would Sink ME Hopes For Peace, Demands Strengthening Opposition Within Iraq 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF Going Soft On Sudan Is A Mistake 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

LAT When We Fed Americans "Germ Bullets" 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

USN Loosely Guarded Radioactive Materials Make Cheap Terrorist Weapons 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Afghanistan Seen As Lab To Test New Weapons 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Three Rivals Of Alliance Want Role In Peace Talks 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

ASHDOWN Outlook For Peace In Afghanistan Not Good 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

MALLABY Bush Missing Opportunity By Not Giving Enough Aid To Countries That Need It To Fight Roots Of Terrorism 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

DIEHL World Sees Need For U.S. To Have A Full-Time Multilateral Foreign Policy 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Fighter Jets Patrol NYC, D.C. 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Where In The World Is Dick Cheney? 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Use Of Military Justice Broader Than Need Be, May Not Be Needed At All 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Bush Tribunal Plan Turns Back Military Justice Clock 50 Years 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Senate Seeks Ashcroft Explanation Of Behavior 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Biggest Threat To Our Security May Be Our Government's Response To Terrorism 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Torture By The State "Is The Enemy Of Law And Human Rights" 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

GREENWAY By The Way, What IS Terrorism? 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

HC ED Bush Prez Papers Gag Order Shows "Contempt For Law" [Ditto Re Tx. Guv's Papers] 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Tape Shows Lady Bird Prepared For The Worse 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Assumes More Money To Rich Means More Jobs [But Doesn't Address The Recession Goods Glut That Diminishes Productivity] 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Lobbyist Whores Seek To Show How Their "Product" Must Be Purchased For National Security 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BUCKLEY Toyota Unveils New "National Alliance" Line 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Bush Using War To Push For Oil Drilling In Alaska 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM "Federal" No Longer A Dirty Word, Conservative Cries For Privatizing Diminish 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Economy [,Bush Tax Cut Emphasis] Puts Schools in Tough Position 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP China's Vast Labor Pool, Low Wages Lure Foreign Manufacturers 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED GOP House Dragging Feet On Campaign Finance Reform 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

LYONS The Repugs, Clinton, And The Media 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Key Players On Gore Team Keep Options Open 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

BENEDETTO Don't Bet Heavily on Gore Making White House Run 11.26.01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS With Putin In Afghan Driver's Seat, Bush Doesn't Understand His Blunder 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

DALLEK Bush Excuse To Hide Prez Papers Is Bogus. Is It To Hide Actions Of Self and Dad? 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

VANDEN HEUVEL Progressives Should Make Use Of Present Opportunity To Show How Social Solidarity Should Transcend Market 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BROWNSTEIN Government Must Put Safety First, Profit Second 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN BushAdmin Works To Make Cliche That Politicians Take From Poor, Give To Rich Come True 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Line Between Our Gas Guzzlers And Terrorist Attacks Against Us Is "Tenuous And Clear" 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BANERJEE Made In America. Never Mind The Gas Milage 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

PATCHETT Limit Your Speed To 55 Or Take That Flag Off Your Car 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Despite U.S., Brit Spin, Women Excluded From Afghan Peace Talks In Germany 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Afghan Talks' Goal Is To Consolidate Ethnic Groups [No Mention Of Gender Groups] 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Call For Female Participation In Formation Of Afghan Government 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BROOKS With NatAlliance Running Northern Show, Women's Chances Are Slim To None 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BG Pashtuns Key To Afghan Future 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

CROSSETTE U.N. Has Principles To Go By Re "Nation Building" 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

TILLOU For UN, Afghanistan May Be Mission Impossible 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Should We Trust John Ashcroft? 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Tribunals Create Alternate System Of Justice In America 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS No Guarantee That Accused Will Get Fair Trial Under Bush Justice 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

SEGEV Limits On Civil Liberties Have Not Made Israel Safer 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

PAGE Experienced Journalist Observes "Chilling" Similarities Between Argentinian Abuse Of Civil Rights And U.S. 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

CT Pentagon Seeks Expanded Powers In Homeland Defense 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

LETTERS What If Terror Went Nuclear? 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER Bush Dragging Feet On Money Needed To Safeguard Russian Nukes 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

ROTHSCHILD Will A Rationale Explanation Of Probabilities Of Terrorism Convince Americans? 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Vanishing Of Ebola Expert Stirs FBI Security Worries 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Taliban Surrender Of Kunduz Begins, But Many Holding Out 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

CT Picking Up The Pieces In Afghanistan 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Pakistanis Think Things Have Gone Badly And U.S. Has Failed Promises 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED More And More Arab World Voices Speak Out Against Osama 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

IBISH What Went Wrong In Arab World? Ask Yourself 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Claims His Drug Discount Card Fits "Educational" Rule, Judge Thinks Otherwise 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

CLARK The Sacking Of Science At Gale Norton's Interior 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Gore Adds LA Financial Maven Task To Other Present jobs 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Neither Party Can Claim Edge For 2002 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BG How Indians Will Benefit From Campaign Finance Reform 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Stephanopoulos Gets Hitched As Peter Jennings Looks On (second item) 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Salvation Army Gives Lump Of Coal To California Gays, May Get It Back, Doubled 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Video Footage From Al Jazerra TV 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Don't Go To Yale? Try Freemasons. 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

ZORN The 12 Dumb Songs Of Christmas 11/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Argenbright Security Is A Convicted Felon. Why Is It Still Operating At Logan Airport? 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Dems Protest Bush Unwillingness To Provide Money For National Security 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ed States Believed Rosy Bush About Economy, Now He's Making Their Budget Plight Even Worse 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

APPLE Bush Wants To Give Previous Taxes Paid By Corporations Back To Them As Economic "Stimulus" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

KENNEDY Bush's Energy Security Act Will Make Us Less Secure 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

REEVES Like Nixon, Bush Is Cutting Other Branches Out Of Decision-Making Loop 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Who Is A Terrorist? It's Up To Bush 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

RICH Ashcroft Blundering Has Handed Radical Islam A Propaganda Coup 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

HS ED Franklin Graham Calls Islam "Very Wicked And Evil Religion" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

PIERCE Franklin Graham Gave Invocation At Bush Inauguration 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

HAKKI Is America Turning Into A Banana Republic? 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Bush-Ashcroft Military Tribunal Order Has Given Up The Moral High Ground 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

Sandronsky "Germany in 1933 Isn't the U.S. Today. Yet There Are Similarities." 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

HSB ED Time To Control White House "Arrogance" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

LEE Dispatch From Anthrackistan11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

HIGHTOWER Brain Washing Propaganda On The Home Front 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

HANS Bush Definition Of Terrorism Fits Northern Alliance Like A Glove 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Fear Of Bloodbath As Alliance Advances On Kunduz 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Pakistanis Rescue Foreign Pro-Taliban Foes Of U.S. --Rebels 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WOKUSCH What Leaflets Falling In Afghanistan Leave Out 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Afghan Kids Killed, Injured By Remnants Of U.S. Cluster Bombs 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

TURNIPSEED "America's Message of Greed and Violence for Thanksgiving and Ramadan" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

DE COSTER Translating A Recent Bush Speech 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

MILNE "The Afghan War Has Increased Hunger and Banditry But Will Not Reduce the Terror Threat" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Vidal Slams U.S. For Waging "Perpetual War" 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

KELLER The World According To Colin Powell 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Iraq Says Lift Trade Sanctions And Then They Will Think About Inspections 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

ORIN Non-Arab State, Like Sudan, Might Be Next Bush Target 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Liberating The Women Of Afghanistan 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

CHIN What About The Women Of Afghanistan? 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS 55% Of Israelis Back Palestinian State 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Palistinian Terrorists Pledge Revenge For Israeli Killing Of Leader 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.N. Panel Tells Israel Torture Is Unacceptable 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Estimates Of U.S. Muslims Range Between 1 And 7 Million 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Islamic Media Aspires To National Weekly Publication 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Conservatives Ask GOP Leaders To Withdraw American Muslim Stamps, Post Office Says No Way 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Bush, Big Tobacco Marching In Lock-Step To Undermine Global Restrictions--Waxman 11/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Kuwait, Now Baharain, Maybe Qatar Mixing Democracy, Islam 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN When Bin Laden Is Eliminated, Arabs And Muslims Must Confront Their Society And Change It 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE While We Should Look At Our Failures, Our Values Are Worth Fighting For 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

KINGSOLVER Our Enemies Know We Are Stronger, Can We Show Them We Are Better? 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

LA FRANCHI U.S. Admits Food Drops Were For Show, But Now What? 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

BRUMBERG If This War Isn't Bible Vs. Koran, Is It Burka Vs. Bikini? 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SEN Recognize That Our Shared Identies Are Greater Than Our Differences 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT NATO Plan Gives Russia A Voice In Some Policies 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Putin Needs To Establish Financial Rules Of Law To Stimulate The Economy 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WINE Russian Oil Production Still Soars, For Better And Worse 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

STEPHENS Bush's Afghan In The White House Had Links To Unocal's Plan For Taliban Oil Pipeline In 1997 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

APPLE Bush Does Flip-Flop On Value Of Fed Gvt. 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

PROJO RFK's Daughter Gives Stinging Rebuke To Bush-Ashcroft Tribunal Policy 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

KOH Terrorists Should Be Tried In Our Regular Courts, Not Bush's Military Tribunals, Not World Courts 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

MJS ED The Case For Public Trials 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT When Principles Are In Conflict With Other Principles 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Probe Reconstructs Horrors On Doomed 9/11 Planes 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Compromise Air Security Bill Compromises Security--No Bag-Matching Provision 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rebels Assault Kunduz, Surrender Deadline Sunday 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Tension Grows Between U.S., Pakistan Re Fate Of Pakistani Taliban Fighters 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Rumsfeld's Straightforward CEO Style Lets You Know What He Thinks 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLTIS Osama Wanted Dead, Not Alive 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

BOUSTANY Both Bin Laden, Rebels Are Targets In Arab Media 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Kosovo Offers Afghanistan A Political Model To Follow 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

AP As P.O. Authorities Accused Of Breaking Promise, Union Works To Protect Workers From Anthrax 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Looking At Antiviral Drugs To Step Smallpox 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Congress Decides On Year Delay For Look At Our Intelligence Failures 11..23.01 www.bushreport.com

AP House Uses Ex-CIA Rep. To Find Out What's What 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP FBI "Magic Lantern" Computer Snooping Raises Legal Questions 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM Junior Uses Official From Father's Admin To Weaken Federal Regulations 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Many Doubt Bush Brothers' Willingness To Defend The Everglades 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Plans To Further Stimulate Corporate Earnings By Eliminating Even A Minimal Tax Upon them 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Senate's "Dreary" Stimulus Bill Eliminates The Worst Of Bush And The Best Of The Dems To Leave Empty Shell 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY Classic Free Market Theory Assumes That Everyone Has "Perfect Information" 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

MALVEAUX No Thanks To Our Politicians Who Widen Gap Between Rich And Poor 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

NOLAN Want To Boycott Phillip Morris Products? Good Luck. 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Arizona Gospel Group Allows Rejected Gay To Volunteer After He Made Letter Public. Oh, And He's A U.S. Rep. 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

USA Public Schools, Not Privatized Profit, Are The Keystones Of Our Democracy 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ex-Red Cross Head Dole Flip-Flops. Now Against Gun Controls As She Runs In N.C. 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

LEHIGH Random Thoughts Are Better Than None At All... 11.23.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Promises Preemptive Strikes Against Terrorists, Admin Hawk Says "Iraq" 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

MORRIS Hawk Wants To Go To Bagdad Next 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Warns Of Wider War 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED U.S. House Homland Security Chair Says "Arrest Every Muslim That Crosses State Line" 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Prez Pardoned Turkey, When Will He Pardon Washington? 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Terms Of Taliban Surrender Of Kunduz Unclear 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Foreign Militants Seek Safe Passage From Kunduz 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Wasn't Our State Dept. Aware of Osama-Taliban-Afghanistan Connection This Year When It Gave Millions? 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHOOR Bush Needs To Restore Money Cut [Used To Help Pay For Tax Cut To Rich] To Nuclear Defusing Program 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS How Can Ashcroft Save Us From Terrorism By Taking Away The Freedoms That Terrorism Seeks To Destroy? 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

CONYERS Ashcroft Dealing Hammer Blows To Constitution He Promised To Protect 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER We Should Minimize Terrorism Without Shredding Freedom Standards 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

HILL Sen. Leahy Has Sent Six Letters To Ashcroft. None Have Been Answered 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

HILL Anthrax Letters To Senators Have Been Dem-Only To Date 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Utah Government Hater Sells How-To Book On Making Anthrax And Delivering It Through The Mail 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

YORK Critics Say Ashcroft Has Double Standard On Terrorist Groups 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

HAZEN Rabid Conservative Journalists, Pundits Push Bush To Extremes 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. To Provide List Of Taliban Atrocities 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT No Indication That Ridge Will Get Budget Needed To Give Authority to His Office 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP What Ridge Doesn't Have Suggests Low Expectations For Him Thus Far 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Pundit Sees Ridge As New White House Chief Of Staff, But We See Him As Next Veep Candidate 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Blair Denies Rift With U.S. Over War 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

SPERLING "Stunningly Neglected" Universal Education Would Be Helped By Bush Support Of It In U.N. 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

PRICE Lynn Cheney's Sketches For A New Blacklist 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

GUTERSON Lynn Cheney's Free Speech Blacklist 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush-Backing Enron's Growing Financial Crisis Raises Doubts About Merger 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron's Collapse Could Cause Energy Industry Meltdown 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron Employees, Not Profit-Taking CEOs Like Bush-Backing Lay Who Made $200 Million, Take Brunt Of Enron Fall With Devalued Retirement Plans 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NORRIS Did Ken Lay Understand What Was Happening At Enron? 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Perhaps Phillip Morris' Name Is "Mud" 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

HIGHTOWER WTO Opens Up China For Cheap Labor, Cheap Land, Pollution For Corporate "Greedhead" Profit 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

PARRISH So, Bush Did Steal The White House 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Appoints Another Wolf To Guard The Hen House 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

CONASON 1.58 Million Votes Were Never Recounted, As Florida Law Prescribed 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

BOXER "A Zepruder Film For Our Time" 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Discourse Does Not Match Falling Sept. 11 Death Toll 11.22.01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN ECONOMIC NEWS: Bush To Nation: Drop Dead! 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BOROSAGE Bush Economic Package Isn't A Stimulus, It's A Scandal 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Bush Can Back Opposing Ideas At Same Time. Look At "Compassionate Conservative" 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

DAALDER Bush Inability To Strike Nuclear Deal With Putin Could Have Grave Consequences 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

JAVEED WND Claims Bush Made "Spot Decision" On Putin's Advice To Ditch Rumsfeld-Powell Strategy And Let Rebels Attack 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CAMP We Are Silent As Barbarians Reach The Gates In Afghanistan 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Pakistan Media Calling Bush Decision To Let Rebels Take Kabul A Betrayal 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

RAWA Afghan Women's Group Happy Taliban Left Kubal, Not Happy NA Is Taking Over City 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SCOTS No More Taliban In Kabul, But No Women, Either 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN ED Is Cherie Blair Doing A Laura On Afghan Women And Human Rights? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES American Forces Under Orders To Take No Prisoners--Rumsfeld 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SCOTS Brit ID Sec Says U.S. Hindering Humanitarian Efforts In Afghanistan 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

TYLER Directions Of Global War On Terrorism Raise Unsettling Questions 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BROWNSTEIN Is It Now On To Bagdad? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

FREEDLAND Turning Towards Iraq 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BUCHANAN Why Bush Will Not Invade Iraq 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Powell Speech Indicates A Reluctance To Mediate ME Peace By BushAdmin 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BOYLE The Coup Against The American Constitution 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NCPA Bush's Tribunal Order Lacks The Protections Of Even A Military Court 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Ashcroft Defends Bush's Recent Defense Of Ashcroft 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Ashcroft Should Publicly Explain What He's Doing To Congress 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Criticism Of Bush-Ashcroft Anti-Terrorism Methods Grows In Congress, Elsewhere 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SMITH With Justice For Some, Not All? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

DERSHOWITZ Military Justice Is To Justice As Military Music is To Music 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SEAL Bush Nominees Could Spell End Of Environmental Protection Agency 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

BW Truth Behind Bush's 2,000 Acres Of ANWR Request 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CST Chicago Business Leaders "Mystified" By Bush Economic Plans 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

MONBIOT The WTO Will Not Deliver For Poor Countries 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

CSM U.S. Hate Groups Try To Capitalize On Sept. 11 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

COONEY We've Gone From The Old America To The New America. And Back. 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

SMH Are Americans Getting The Full Picture? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

MOONEY Do Conservatives Want Affirmative Action For Media Hiring? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

GIOMBETTI Is Rep. McDermott Really the "Left's Conscience"? 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Fired Inspector General Accuses Harris of Disinterest in Job 11.21.01 www.bushreport.com

PLATT We've Hit An Iceberg And The Captain Has Told Us To Strike Up The Band 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Bush Has Restored The "Imperial Presidency" Of Richard Nixon 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

MARLOWE Book Alleges U.S. Blocked Attempts To Arrest Bin Laden For Years 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

DEFFEYES So What Will We Do After We Peak Oil Reserves By Decade's End? 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

USA ED Bush Gag Order "Self-Serving" Secrecy 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

PBP ED Bush Handpicked Social Security Panel Stiffs Citizens With Manipulated Secret Meetings 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Stimulus Compromise Shaping Up To Be "Unbelievably Shortsighted" 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

BUZZ "Why DeLay, Armey, Bush Are Dead Wrong On Airline Security" 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

WP Anti-Clinton Law Passed By Repugs Makes Bush Squirm 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

EPPS Ashcroft Is A Hypocrite, But So Are All Politicians 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

ISIKOFF Documentation Found That Supreme Court Decision Cut Off Florida Judge's Consideration Of Counting Gore Overvotes 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Seven More Dem Votes Needed To Get Campaign Reform Out Of Committee 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

WP ED Images Of Dancing, Joy Out Of Afghanistan Doing More For World Opinion Than U.S. Secrecy, Marketing 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

ZAKARIA With Victory, We Need To Press Arab States To Open Up And Confront Islam Extremism 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

ROSS Both Sides Must Begin To Tell The Truth In Middle East 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Bush Bilateral Military Model, Not NATO Model, Worked In Afghanistan 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

RAMANA Indian Subcontinent Most Likely Place For Nuclear War 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

KEEFER Washington Times Continues Anti-Clinton Media Myth Spin 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

TROXLER Jeb's Florida Slip, Sliding Away To Hee-Haw Reputation 11.20.01 (late morning) www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Seizes Power From Congress, Judiciary, American People 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Will Personally Decide Who Will Go Before Tribunal 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

ND ED Military Tribunals An Unjust Option 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF Terrorizing The Bill Of Rights 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Compromises Airline Security, Signs Compromise Bill 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BW Background To Bush, Arab-American Relations Noted In Above Story 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

CT Ashcroft Plans To Question 5,000. Arab Groups Wary . 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BG Patriot Act Would Make Watchdogs Of Firms 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

WYCLIFF Must We Sign Away Our Birthright For Security? 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

CORN Selfish Bush Asks Much From World, Gives Little In Return 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

SAID Most Muslim Countries Are Corrupt, Undemocratic, And Fatally Flawed Re Education 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN U.S. Should Pay More Attention To Muslim Democratic Societies, Like India 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

KN U.S. Spent Over $1 Billion Buying Afghan Tribal Support 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS U.S. Wants MTV To Get Its Message Out To Arab World 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BRAZITIS Dad Stands To Profit From War Junior Is Waging 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

KR Is Homeland Defense A Boondoggle? 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BH Media Lost Sight Of Its Responsibility During Anthrax Frenzy 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

BCC Former Pakistani Diplomat Says U.S. Planned Afghan Attack Prior To Sept. 11 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Florida Voting Irregularities More Commonly Seen In Black, Senior Enclaves 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

SWAN Bush Shoudn't Have Pardoned The Turkey 11.20.01 www.bushreport.com

SFC ED From Afghanistan To Saudi Arabia To WTC To Your Gas Tank 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SPI ED Recognize The Link Between Oil And War 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

HANS If Osama Believes What He Says, He's Been Brainwashed By American Propaganda 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON Media Disconnect From Reality Pretty Extreme 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SMH Are Americans Getting The Full Picture? 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

Podvin More Dems "Too Gutless" To Fight For Beliefs Not Much Of An Improvement 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Gore Named Vice-Chairman Of Investment Firm 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

CORN Bush And The Butterflies 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Threat Of Nuclear Terrorism Has Not Moved Bush To Provide Security Money Recommended By Task Force 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush, Lott Want To Hold Country Hostage To Another Tax Cut We'll Be Better Off Without 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Economy Causes Education Cutbacks. [Surplus Diverted To Tax Cuts] 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

HERBERT Government Helping Hand Will Not Be There As Jobless Ranks Grow 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Tribunals Put U.S. Ideals at Risk: Critics 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

LEAHY Re Tribunal, BushAdmin "Unilateral" With Respect To Avoiding Congressional Input 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

HIATT When U.S. Takes On Dictatorial Powers It Strengthens The Hands Of Dictators And Weakens Fragile Democracies Worldwide 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WSWS Bush Announces New "Police State" Measures 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

MALLABY "American Aspirations Have Set The Country Up For...Hypocrisy...Disillusionment" 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

TURLEY " We do not defeat the Taliban by embracing its view of swift and arbitrary justice" 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

PRN Junior's War Powers Order First Floated By Same Person During Dad's Administration And Was Rejected. 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. To Name Five Nations In Violation Of Germ Warfare Treaty 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP States Weighing Laws To Fight Bioterrorism 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Afghan Factions Agree To Meet In Europe 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

PRESTON No "Magic Age Of Democratic Stability" Will Come To Afghanistan 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

ARKIN "Uneasy Pentagon" Points Up Intelligence, Information Lack 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Taliban Divided In Kandahar 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Many In Taliban See A Role For Them In New Government 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

PERLEZ Corrupt And Brutal Regain Afghan Thrones 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WEISMAN Chaos In Afghanistan? You Ain't Seen Nothing, Yet 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

BUNTING Columnist Incenses Americans, Says American Support Of U.S. Policy Based Upon Anger, Power, And Ignorance 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

CORNWELL Where Will Bush Take His War On Terror Next? 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE If Rice Has Bush's Attention, Phase 2 Of The War Will Be Iraq 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Rice Says "We're Not Going To Violate [Arms] Treaty," As She Describes How BushAdmin Will "Move Beyond" It 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Billed As A Major ME Policy Statement, Powell Says He'll Be Offering The Old Mitchell Plan 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Powell Not Offering New ME Plan 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

KONDRACKE Congress Fiddles As "Perfect Storm" Hits Health Care 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

GATES Is Homeland Defense Director Ridge Holding An Empty Title? 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

BERKE Bush Grooming Ridge For Veep In Second Run 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WP Red Cross Has Pattern Of Diverting Donations 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

WILTZ Popular Culture In The Aftermath Of Sept. 11 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

MST Anti-War Protesters Rally At Bush's Maine Estate 11.19.01 www.bushreport.com

AP Laura Decries Taliban Oppression Of Women 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD "Belated Promotion" Of Muslim Women "Hollow." Bush Aides "Want To Impress American Women Who Preferred Gore" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WEN In May Powell Called Attention To Abuse Of Women By Taliban When He Announced Gift Of $10 Million To Them For Poppy Eradication 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP White House Cautioned To Avoid Muslim, Arab Groups, Individuals Who Defend Terrorism 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SMABY Ashcroft's Video Statement That "We Have No King Other Than Jesus" Doesn't Help BushAdmin To Switch Religious Focus And "Invite Allah To The Proceedings." 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

OCW Muslims Hate Us Because "The Only Path To God In Heaven Is Through...Jesus Christ." --Ollie North 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft-Backing Prayer Warriors Fight Church-State Division 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft, "Deeply Conservative Son And Grandson Of Evangelical Preachers," Who Lost Senate Seat To Dead Man And Had Serious Confirmation Difficulties, Seen As Unilaterally And Arbitrarirly Threatening Our Civil Liberties 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MILLER Terror Sabotages Democracy By Making Thought Seem The Enemy Of The State 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

ISIKOFF Critics Say Executive Order "Could Victimize Innocent People" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SJMN ED "U.S. is Brutalizing Principles of Justice" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

BUELL Dem Capitulation To Ashcroft's "Radical" Agenda "Astounding" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MILCHEN If Only A Tenth Of The Flag Wavers Were Working To Defend The Civil Rights The Flag Represents 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

COCCO We Can Only Guess What Secrets Bush Is Keeping With Gag Order 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SIDDIQUI What Should Canada Do About Its Own "Draconian" Anti-Terrorism Bill? 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

AHMED War In Danger Of Slipping Into Diplomatic And Military Chaos 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Wants To Continue To Wage The War But Have The U.N. Broker A New Government 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

FISK There Is No Easy Way The West Can Sort This Out 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rebel Leader Returns To Kabul In Spite Of U.S. Protest 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS Russia Now Has Northern Afghanistan, Kabul 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Chaos, Confusion Sweeps Afghanistan 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Specter Of Lawless Tribes Again Threaten Stability Of South 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP CIA Mounting A Hidden War In Afghanistan 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

RICKS Target Approval Delay Has Cost Air Force Key Hits 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

CORNWELL After Afghanistan, Where Will Bush Take His War On Terror? 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Cheap Oil Helps Make Saudi Arabia "An Afghanistan Waiting To Happen" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Russia's "Nyet" Fuels OPEC Consideration Of Price War As Weapon 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

IGNATIUS U.S., Europe Worried About "Neo-Afghan" Sleepers 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Investigators Admit Germany Used As Plan Base For Sept. 11 Attacks 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Intelligence Probe Identifies Six Centers Of Terrorism In U.S. 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Tossed By Bush Into Deep Bureaucratic Water With No Swimming Instructions, Ridge Tries Not To Make Waves 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

FENN Return Of Smallpox Would Be "Moral Indictment" Of Our Age 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT While Bush Wants To Give Even More Money To Rich, Detroit Comes Up With Stimulus That Works 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SEEYLE Bush Team Continues Its War On The Environment 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

AJAMI Al Jazeera's "Shamless" Slanting "Would Make Fox News Channel Blush" 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Looking At Financial Bottom Line, Universities Defeat Proposed Restriction On Student Visas In Spite Of Sept. 11 Evidence 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Voting Rights Reform Is Still Alive, No Thanks To Party Leaders On Either Side 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

TALBOT We Appear To Learn About The Rest Of World Through Wars 11/18/01 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES Oil Baron Unical Courts Taliban In Texas 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES Oil Boom Slips From Russia's Grasp 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

IPS U.S. Policy Towards Taliban Influenced By Oil, Authors Say 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Death Of Key Bin Laden Leader Confirmed 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Taliban Omar Reported To Be Planning Surrender Of Kandahar, Heading For The Hills 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Not True, Says Taliban 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED With Taliban Leaving Last Cities, How Should Order Be Restored? 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Detailing Stuff Found In Those Two Taliban Houses 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

RIDGEWAY Al Qaeda Nuke Manual Looks Like Internet Hoax 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

CD U.S. Reports Mosque Mistakenly Bombed On First Day Of Ramadan 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Leahy Was Mailed Anthrax Letter 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WT Leahy Challenges Bush Over Military Tribunals 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED How Can Bush Prove "Full And Fair Trials" If He Plans To Keep Them Secret? 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LITHWICK Ashcroft Has Rewritten The Bill Of Rights 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

IHT Cheney Says "Terrorists" Don't Deserve Constitutional Safeguards 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Lawmakers Demand Hearings On Bush's Military Tribunal Order 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LARDNER Both Left And Right In Congress Upset Over Bush Threat To Civil Liberties 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Ashcroft Uses Bobby To Defend Arrest Tactics, Then Bush Wants Building Named After Kennedy. 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODMAN Ashcroft "Should Be Fighting Terror, Not Promoting It" In Oregon 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

BALZAR "The United States Of Concealment" 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

TT Cronkite Says Media Should "Scream Louder" About Military Censorship 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM "A Year From Now We'll Be Saying, 'Why Did We Let This Happen?'" 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

SLAUGHTER If We Can't Follow Our Constitution We Should Give Up Terrorists To World Courts 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

PROJO Reagan Wanted To Release 68,000 Pages Of Prez Documents, But Bush Blocked It 3 Times, Signed Gag Order 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

GODSON How Europe Differs From U.S. When It Comes To Iraq 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WOOLLACOTT Saddam Will Be The Next U.S. Target 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

KAHN Muslims Condemn Israel But Ignore Their Own Crimes 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Negotiators Say Without U.S. Intervention Nothing Will Happen 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT 89 Senators Ask Bush Not To Restrain Israeli Retaliations Agains Palastinians 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

SINGH War Profiteering: Bayer, Anthrax and International Trade 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

OL While Bush-Backing Enron Execs Sold Off Over $100 Mil In Stock, PGE-Enron Employees Were Locked Into Tanking 401k Enron Stock 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

BUGLIOSI There's Still Time To Impeach The Supreme Court 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

ECONOMIST Gore-Bush Election Correction 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NAURECKAS Not That It Was Reported, But Gore Won 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WEINER GOP Angry With President Gore's Continued Bombing In Afghanistan 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

TIFFT How To Become A News Source Of Record 11/17/01 www.bushreport.com

DEJEVSKY Don't Be Fooled, It's The Same Old Bush 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

NYT ED In Seeking To Defend Us From Terrorists, Bush Is Destroying The Very Principles The Terrorists Are Fighting Against 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

WP More On Left And Right Criticize Bush On Civil Liberties 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

REEVES With His Gag Order, Bush Has Stabbed History In The Back 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

WP ED Bush Decisions To Undermine Rule Of Law Will Harm Our Image Throughout World 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

MONBIOT We Have Gained A Victory Over The Taliban, But At The Expense Of Our Human Rights 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

HITCHENS Why Did The Dems Bend Over For Bush And His Patriot Act? 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

NYT Bipartisan Senators Want To Double Bush's Stingy Support Of Anti-Bioterrorism 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

NYT Under Congress Pact, DeLay Will Be Back To Push Privatization Of Airline Security In Three Years 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

NYT Privatized Airline Security Firms Plan To Seek Compensation From Feds For Doing Nothing, Then Come Back In Three Years And Continue 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

MOKHIBER Ten Most Repulsive War Statements Made By Mainstream Reporters 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

UPI Cheney Hiding Because He Fears Nuclear Retaliation 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

TIMES Bin Laden's Nuclear Secrets Found 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

LOYD Deadly Secrets Left By Fleeing Taliban 11/16/01 www.bushreport.com

DR Did The Taliban Purposely Leave Joke Atomic Plans Behind In Kabul, Did It Believe A Parody, Or Is "Daily Rotten" Really Rotten? 11/16/01

LOYD Bin Laden's Poison Manual 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

TIMES Greatest Threat Of American Armageddon Will Be In Days Before And After Bin Laden Capture11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

WP Officials Say War Terrorists May Retaliate Against U.S. For Taliban Defeat 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

GUARDIAN Omar Threatens Destruction Of America, Uses Bush "Evil-Doers" Rhetoric 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

FISK "Omar's Simplicity Sounded A Bit Like That Of His Adversary In Washington" 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

GUARDIAN Pashtun Urge Taliban To Give Up Kandahar, Warn Northern Rebels Off 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

GUARDIAN ED Think The Afghan Conflict's Over? It's Not. 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

FARRELL Warlords Roar Back To Afghanistan To Stake Their Claim 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

WOLLACOTT With Taliban In Retreat, Wolfowitz-Perle Hawks Anxious To Take On Iraq 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

CORTRIGHT A Hard Look At Iraq Sanctions 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

TIMES Bush-Putin Brush Off Missile Deal Failure 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

ENGEL Crawford Teens Get Bush-Putin To Admit What Reporters Couldn't 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

TAIBBI Anti-Muslim Pogroms Return To Putin's Russia 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Muslims Beginning To Question Conflict Between Islam and Modernity 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

GUARDIAN Sweeping Job Cuts Coast To Coast Since 11 Sept. 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

GUARDIAN Tough Love U.S. Welfare During Boom Seems Heartless During Present Bust 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

TEATHER U.S. Union Membership Has Fallen to %13 While Economy Tanks And CEO's Get Big Retirement Packages 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

DIONNE Media Recount Shows That Substantial Plurality Of Floridians Voted For Gore, Who Would Have Won With Recount Of Valid Votes 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

NICHOLS "Bush Won" Headlines Not Backed Up By Facts In Actual Articles 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

PLISSNER Time To Abolish The Electoral College 11/16/01 www.buushreport.com

SAFIRE Bush "Has Just Assumed What Amounts To Dictatorial Power..." 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

ACLU Bush Is Abandoning Democratic Process Of Checks And Balances 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

UPI Congress Bristles At Bush Military Trials 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Bypassing Of Congress, Courts Suggests "Fear That We Lack Evidence To Convict" Terrorists 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

LEAHY Letter To Ashcroft 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Oblivious Ashcroft Has Become The Director Of Homeland Insecurity 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

TEEPEN Ashcroft's War Is Against The Constitution 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

HENTOFF Wellstone Helps BushAdmin In "Terrorizing The Bill Of Rights' 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SPT ED Ashcroft's Moral Stands Are "Out Of Line" 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Prez Gag Order Is "Cheating History" 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

THOMAS Is Junior Trying To Protect Dad With Gag Order? 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD "The People" Will Decide Through "National Security" Who The "Enemies Of The State" Are. Sound Familiar? 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

FOX Lawmakers Debate Sending In The Troops. At Home 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SULLIVAN Will Big Brother's "Golden Shield" Turn Us Into Another China? 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com


COGSWELL George Orwell And Bush's New World Order 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

JENSEN Reporters Have To Press Harder About Afghanistan 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

LUCAS How A Free Press Censors Itself 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SALTER CNN Becoming A Shadow Of A Once Great Network 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Bush "Schoolboy Politics" Hits The Wrong Note At The U.N. 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

DMN Bush Again Makes Fun Of A Reporter To Deflect Serious Question 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

O'ROURKE CEO Bush Just One More Voice Coming Out Of Administration Spin 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

HILL Our Problem Is Worse Than Losing The Propaganda War, We're Losing The Brand War. 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

CARROLL Why Doesn't Bush Ask CEOs To "Volunteer" As Citizens? 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS Dems, The Little Guy Needs Help 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WP WTO Pact Has Poorer Nations Grumbling 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN With Correct And Fair Vote Counting Gore Would Have Won 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Consortium's Clearest Message Was Poor And Minorities [Mostly Dems] Were Disenfranchised In Florida 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Armed Opposition From Pashtuns Appears To Mark Beginning Of End For Taliban Rule In South 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

GREGORIAN A Place For The Pashtuns 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

FISK What Will The Rebels Do In Our Name Now? 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Worker's Account Has Taliban Retreating, Rebels Taking Building, Not Knowing Workers Were There 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WHITAKER Bush Should Not Betray Afghan Women For Quick Political Fix 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

BERGER Bush, Putin Will Bend ABM Treaty, But It Will Not Break 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Roy Rogers Had Trigger, Bush Has Golf Cart 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

USN Dem Calls DeLay, Army, Lott "Republican Taliban" 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

CT GOP "Republican Taliban" Tag Gets Under Armey's Skin 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

NY Cheney's "Secure Location" Was A Duckblind 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

MOJO Bush Nominee For Spanish Ambassador Being Sued By Thousands 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

ANANOVA Dems Prepare To Stop Arctic Drilling With Filibuster 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

ARIANNA Support Our Troops, Dump That SUV 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

MOONEY The Other Coulter 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

VEST Re Clinton, Conservatives Can't "Grow Up," "Get A Life," "Get Over It" 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

LYONS Right-Wing Media Continue To Savage Clinton 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SOMERBY Why Andrew Sullivan Lies About Clinton's Speech 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SOMERBY Re Clinton, We Report, Fox Distorts 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

SOMERBY Re Clinton, Wash. Times' Conduct Is "Un-American" 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Red Cross Reverses Decision To Withhold Money From Sept. 11 Victims 11/15/01 www.bushreport.com

KAUS Consortium Reports Are Wrong. Supreme Court Did Decide Election 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

WEISBERG Gore Wins After All 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush, Putin "Seem Far Apart On Missile Defenses" Treaty" 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

GORDON Junior's Arms Control Approach Would Undo Father's Signal Accomplishment 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

BAKER Junior Doesn't Want Treaty, Leaves Unanswered Questions, Follows Path Of Dad, Cheney 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Americans Get Chance To Quiz Putin Tomorrow On NPR 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

POLITKOVSKAYA Will Anyone Ask Putin What He's Doing In Chechnya? 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Rootin'-Tootin' Putin Wants A Horse, But Bush Says He Doesn't Ride 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rebels Control Kabul, Look To South 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHMITT U.S. Has Little Control Over Rebels, Pakistanis, Pashtuns, And Taliban 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Rebel Triumph Does Not Achieve American Goals 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Clusters In Key Cities, Moves Into Guerrilla Caves 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODSON We Must Send In Troops To Protect Human Rights, Keep The peace 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

HOLBROKE Afghanistan Needs U.N. Aide And Administrative Help, But A Multilateral Peacekeeping Force 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED Congress Should Address Bush's Gag Of Prez Papers 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Orders Military Trials For Terrorism Suspects 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

LARDNER Bush "Emergency" Decision" Could Allow Him To Bypass Justic System 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

GLABERSON Use Of Military Courts Divides Legal Experts 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED Bush Has Crossed The Line In Considering Torture Of Prisoners 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

CHOMSKY What Definition Of "Terrorism" Is Bush Using? 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

RALL BushAdmin Critic Says His Phone Is Being Tapped 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Does The "Consent Of The Governed" Still Apply? 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

KAUFFMANN We're Now Somewhere Between America And A Police State 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

GITLIN Patriotism Demands Questioning Authority 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

JENSEN Saying Goodby To Patriotism 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

SORENSEN Waving Goodby To Our Freedoms 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

HEALY McCarthyism Revisited: Lynn Cheney's Conservatives Attack "Unpatriotic" University Faculty 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

BH Smallpox Plan Grants Sweeping Power 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

RENO White House Works To Keep America "On Message" 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Senate, Bush Want To Talk Stimulus, But House Repugs Say No Dice 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

TP War Profiteering Creates A Backlash 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN "Dust Cloud That Rose When The Towers Fell" Has Helped To Cover Up What Bush Is Doing With Budget 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

OLESKER Bush Economic Package Is Empty For Most Americans 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT There's An Enormous Hunger Crisis Here At Home, And Bush's Religious Charity Approach Isn't Resolving It, Say Religious Charities 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

O'NEIL While The Red Cross Throws Away Blood And Banks Contributions For Future, Food Charities Are Starving 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Relief Effort To Save Starving Afghanis Begins Again 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Senate Farm Bill Rewards Corporate Produces For Overgrowing, Rewards Them Again When Prices Go Down 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

MUWAKKIL Corporations Profit Under the Guise of Patriotism 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Orders Increased Emergency Supply Of Oil 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Crash Experts Have Long List Of Possible Causes 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

KRIN Fear Of Flying No Longer Quaint 11/14/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER Bush Is Trying To Save Some Bucks By Placing Us At Risk, Not Securing Russia's Nuclear Weapons From Terrorists 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Down Side Of Bush-Putin Meeting Could Be Clearing Of The Way For "Usless" Missile System 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Contrary To Some U.S. Flag Wavers, Powell Links Terrorism To Poverty, Lack Of Democracy 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

BW How Bush Lost Florida But Won In The Supreme Court And The Media 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

PARRY Gore's Victory 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Votes Counted Less Often In Florida Black Districts 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN Media Spin In Bush Favor Included "Deliberately Misleading" Headlines 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

WP One Year Later And Few Signs Of Election Reform 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Consortium Finding Further Indicates Need For Reform 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT Florida's System Is Still Broken 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Is Bush Telling Truth About Wanting To Fight Terrorism Everywhere? 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER Bush "Devil Theory" Of History Is "Dangerous Nonsense" 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Taliban Withdrawing From Kabal As Rebels Move Into Capital 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rebels Employ Taliban Tactics, Execute POWs 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

APPLEBAUM The Hidden Motives Of Bin Laden's Neighbors 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED It's Urgent That U.N. Help To Set Up Afghan Government To Head Off Chaos 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Scramble On For Interim Government 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

KRAUTHAMMER Take Kabul Now 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Kabul Falls To Rebels 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Al-Jazeera's Kabul Office Destroyed 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Taliban Take Aide Worker Prisoners With Them 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

GRAHAM Winning The South Will Be Much More Difficult 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN We're Losing The War For Hearts And Minds In The Schools Of Pakistan 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Dem Dines With Monitor Staff 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Repugs Refuse Bipartisanship As Senate Dems Talke Up Stimulus Bill 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Should Stimulus Work For Economy Or For Corporate Greed? 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Lobbyists Put Personal Greed Ahead Of National Interest And Call It "Patriotism" 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Inserts Rejected EPA Nominee With Anti-Enviromnet Record Into Similar Position With Navy 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Inexperienced Bush Peace Corps Nominee Under California Cloud Meeting Strong Opposition 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT 260 Die In Jet Crash, Officials Say Not Terrorism 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT TV Anchors Use Care To Avoid Crash Speculations 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

BENJAMIN Yesterday's Crash Reminds Us That We're Being Slow To Create Homeland Defense Understanding 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

GLABERSON Lawyer-Client Confidentiality Has Become Focus Of Battle Over Erosion Of Citizens' Rights 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

CLINTON Remarks At Georgetown, 7 November 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

VAZSONYI Washington Times Columnist Implies Clinton's Speech Was Treasonous (See Powell Story Above.) 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

KESEY One Week Later: Comments About 11 Sept. 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Jack Went On The Road But Ken Brought The Road To Us 11/13/01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED Bush "Abuses Secrecy As A Convenient Dodge" 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Consortium Count Shows Both Bush And Gore Won 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

CT Both Parties Failed To Look At Area With Most Spoiled Ballots. Why? 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ballots Cast By Blacks And Older Voters Tossed In Far Greater Numbers 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Congress Must Act On Ballot Reform Before Next Prez Election 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT When Will Feds Give States Money To Enact Better Voting Methods? 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

CT It's Still Too Close To Call 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP One "Clear Surprise" Is Gore Victory Through Overvotes, Which Is Now Law In Florida 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Ballot Counting Primer 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT How The Consortium Conducted The Ballot Review 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Consortium Interpretation Is Not The Final Word On Florida 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Want Shorter Nominating Process For Next Prez Primaries 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Will Hold Off Bush Controversial Judge Picks Until 2002 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Coalition Disputes Bin Laden's Claim Of Possessing Nuclear Weapons 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Boycotts Nuclear Test Ban Meeting 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Toxic Chemicles' Security Worries Experts 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Saddam-Osama Link Through Atta Seems Clear 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Expects To Spend $1 Billion Each Month On War 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT As In The 40's, Hollywood Will Set Its Own Course--Rove 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Ashcroft's Decision Is An "Affront To Democracy" 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM U.S. Monitoring Of Lawyer-Inmate Calls Opposed 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP What Has Tom Ridge Been Doing? 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Parks Feel Strain Of Rangers Diverted To Security 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP FBI Switches From Crime Defense Focus To Terrorism Defense 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Local Officials Accuse FBI Of Not Cooperating 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Critics Say Efforts To Find Terrorists Among Illegal Alies "Glacial" 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Sweeps Campuses, Checks Up On ME Students 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. Has Bombed Some Afghan Chemical Sites--Rumsfeld 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

DIEHL Where's NATO? Where Should It Be? 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Russian Human Rights Activists Focus On Putin's Fear Campaign, Crushing Of Dissent 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER U.S. Needs New Thinking On Global Trade 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

MALLABY WTO's Attitude Toward Poor Must Stop 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

REICH Economic Penalty From Sept. 11 Falls Hardest On The Poor 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

HALSTEAD Lack Of Health Care For All Creates Bioterrorism Risk 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Oil Drilling In Arctic Called Departure From Past Policy 11/12/01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Bin Laden Admits "We Are Terrorists, We Kill Their Innocents" 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

GILES Why Can't We Watch Bin Laden On TV And Decide For Ourselves? 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

DAWN Bin Laden Says, "Only Afghanistan Is An Islamic Country," And "We Have The [Nuclear] Weapons." 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Masharraf Has Hidden Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal, Claims Devices Are Safe 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Nuclear Plant Neighbors Live In Fear 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WIRED Bin Laden Family's Web Site Was Pre-Set To Expire Sept. 11, 2001 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES Bin Laden Family Still Had Ties To Bush Through Carlyle As Of Oct. 23, 2001 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Bush's Brand Of Political Cynicism Re This Shocking Crisis And His Economic Agenda Is A New Low In Our Lifetime 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NADER Corporate "Patriotism" Is Just Another Word For Shameless Greed 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

SANDRONSKY Overproduction, Concentrated Wealth, Underpaid Workers Cause Our Economic Problems 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

CHERNUS Bush Is Now Changing "Compassion" Into Code Word For Support Of His Religious Initiatives For Fed Government 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

CLYMER Dems Begin To Paint GOP As Insensitive To Citizens' Distress During Crisis 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

FAQUA Perhaps One Of Our Major Problems Is A Dissatisfaction With The Life Style That Bush And Cheney Want Us To Live 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

BUMILLER Unlike Bush's Domestic Speeches, Bin Laden Not Called "The Evil One" Before U.N. 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush, U.N. Leaders Seek To Understand Root Causes Of Terrorism 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED "Saudi Arabia's autocratic system...is itself one of the root causes of Islamic extremism." 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Blaming The Press Isn't Going to Turn Off The Ticking Time Bomb Of U.S.-Saudi Relations 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT In Arab Media, U.S. Actions Described As Terrorism 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS An Afghan Primir. Who's BAD, Who's GOOD 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

TELEGRAPH Teliban Flee As Rebels Sweep Into Four Provinces 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Raced Out Of Mazar-e Sharif, Leaving Their Pakistani Volunteers To Be Captured 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. War Strategy Evolves, Opens Up Western Front 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

BENTHAM English Reporter Expelled From Pakistan After Uncovering Military Plot To Smuggle Arms To Afghanistan 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT White House Inaction, Red Cross Actions Re Taliban Chemical Plants Questioned After Bush Bioterrorism Warning To Europe 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

CAMP To Win The Propaganda War U.S. Must Get Humble And Shut Republicans Up 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

LYMAN Perhaps Hollywood Will Decide Being Xenophic Is Good Business As Well As Good Politics 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Karen Hughes Will Run Bush's War Propaganda Machine 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

ANDREWS Rove Will Flex Political Arm Of Prop-War, While People In Pakistan Slums Line Up To Buy Bin Laden T-Shirts 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

KINSER " It would be na´ve to suggest that the United States just has a public- relations problem." 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Questioning Of Government Line By Impatient U.S. Citizens No Longer Consider Unpatriotic 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Needs To Help Putin Get Russia's Bioterrorism Weapons And Scientists Under Lock And Key 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Two Years Ago Congress Asked CDC To Focus On Bioterrorism But It Was Given Low Priority By Health Officials 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Did Thompson Give Away The Store In His Request For Smallpox Vaccine? 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER With The War On Drugs Streatched Thin Due To Anti-Terrorism, Why Has Bush Focused Resources Against Medical Marijuana? 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Republican Rudy Says He Has Nothing In Common With Ashcroft 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS The 2000 Election Must Not Be Forgotten 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

AP As Post-Kyoto Talks Conclude Without U.S. Participation, Our Role As World's Largest Polluter Of Greenhouse Gases Increases 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

GAUL Red Cross Knowingly Collected Unneeded Blood After Sept. 11. Blood Now Being Destroyed 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT WTO Admits China, But Not Without Doubts 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ken Kesey Dead At 66 11/11/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bin Laden Says He Has Nuclear Arms 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Iran's Leader Says Muslims Reject Bin Laden's Version Of Islam 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Ordinary Iranians Are Increasingly Pro-American In Face Of Religious Leaders' Fundamentalism 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

STEINFEL U.S. Christian Support Of The War Is "A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep" 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

LIPMAN Political Elite Back In Russia Uneasy About Putin's Pro-Western Policies 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rebels Report Capture Of Key City 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Capture of Mazar-e Sharif Is Important To War Strategy 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Musharraf Says He Wants F-16 Fighters Pakistan Had Previously Paid For And Never Received 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Claims Coalition Is Fine In Face Of India And Saudi Questions Of Key Policies 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Gets Pissed In Public With Indian Reporters 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP 160 Nations Agree To Warming Pact, But Not Bush 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP WTO Meeting Opens With Poor Countries Complaining About Drug Patent Restrictions Such As Those Favored By Bush 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP House Dems Refuse To Give Bush Fast Track Authority 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED It's Time For Bush To Stop Ashcroft's "Careless" Actions That Are Eroding Civil Liberties 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Sen. Leahy "Deeply Troubled" Over Ashcroft's Actions 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Angry Leahy Calls Ashcroft To Task For Refusal To Appear Before Senate Committee, Demands Answers 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Ashcroft Is "Meddling" In Oregon's Business And He Should Stop 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

GROOPMAN Earnest Attempt Or Political Bone, Ashcroft Is Wrong 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT History Of Government Restrictions On Civil Liberties 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Bush's Political Ideology Prevents Him From Being A Wartime President Of All The People 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ Roundup Of Reaction To Bush Speech 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Networks Decided In Advance, Bush Speech Didn't Rate 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Tx. Gov. Approves Funeralgate Settlement In Plaintiff's Favor. Bush Had Been Named Co-Defendant 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Enron, Biggest Bush Campaign Contributor, Forced To Sell Out To Rival Company Over "Financial Discrepancies" 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP GAO Puts Cheney On Hold, Predicts Similar Fight With Ridge 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush U.S. Government Expects 600,000 D.C. Residents To Provide Services To A City That Supports 2 Million Daily. Not Fair. 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

RICH "Disingenuous" BushAdmin War Claims Could Come Back To Haunt Him 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Little Airplay For Al-Qaeda Rebuttal Of Bush Speech 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Al-Qaeda Commander Accuses Bush Of Lying 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY Media Bias, Once A Sin, Now Considered A Virtue 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Corrupt Airport Security Company, Nation's Largest, Claims It Will Mend Its Ways 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

JACKSON Agenbright Is A Trick On Passangers And A Treat For Its CEOs 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Brings In Federalized Troops To Support Porous Privatized Aviation Security 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

MILLER Luck Is Needed To Find Anthrax Killer(s) 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Think Of Anthrax Mailer As A Unibomber With English As His Second Language 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Hate Groups Using Attacks To Enlist Members 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Czech Prime Minister Provides Powell With More Info On Prague Meeting Between Iraqi-Atta 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Government Gets "F" In Computer Security, FEMA Gets "D" 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

KING Pat Robertson Has Link To Gadhafi Through African President Taylor, His Business Partner 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Human Rights Groups Hope Argintine Judge's Decision Will Set Precedent For Other LA Countries With U.S. Intelligence Involvement 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

SHAPIRO Hollywood Can Help War Effort By Dubbing "Shrek" Into Arabic 11/10/01 www.bushreport.com

FELGENHAUER Nuclear Threat. What Could Bin Laden Have Taken Out Of Russia? 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

NYTU.N. Meets, Considers Bin Laden's Recent Warnings 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Gives Us Another Pep Talk Without Meaningful Content As He Tries To Limit The Security Budget 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

USA Bush Tries To Reassure Nation After Attacks 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

USA Bush Will Use More Airport Guard Troops To Reassure Holiday Travelers 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Nation's Largest Airport Security Company Is An Example Of Privatized Corruption 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Poll Says Majority Disapprove Of Bush's Idea To Privatize Airport Security 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

BW CBS Says Florida Media Recount Story Due Monday 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Civil Rights Commission Says Fed Mandates Needed To Protect Voters In All States 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIN Anthrax Scare Hits Groups Backing Right To Abortion 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM FBI Will Report Anthrax Mailer Non-Muslim Male, Probably U.S. Citizen--CBS 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Experts See FBI Missteps Hampering Anthrax Inquiry 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Consumer Group Says Government Violated Law By Meeting In Secret With Drug Reps To Shape Policy 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

LESSING Gates Says "Trust Me." And Bush Does. The World Is Safe For Microsoft. 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Run-Down Fed Health Facilities Show Lack Of Funding In Bush Tax Cut Era 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Senate Finance Committee Approves Dem Plan Over Bush's 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Dollar Loses Against Euro As Traders Question Fed Measures 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Ashcroft Decision To Put More Agents Into Field Part Of Revamping Of Intelligence Establishment 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Turf War About To Break Out In Washington Between CIA And Pentagon 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Is The CIA Sheltering A Terrorist In Queens? 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

ATLANTIC Giving "The Devil" His Due 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Civil War Sedition Law Being Used To Investigate Sept. 11 Attacks 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP How Media Coverage Is Being Curbed In Afghan War 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. Afghan War Commander Defends Self And Tactics In Rare Pentagon Appearance 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

USA Bush And Commander Are In Conflict Re One Goal Of War --Bin Laden 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Major Battle Before Winter For Key Afghan City Begins 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

SMH Taliban Training Suicide Squads In Spite Of Islamic Rejection Of Suicide 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Pakistan Police Open Fire On Pro-Taliban Protesters 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Are We Really Clear On How Things Stand In Pakistan? 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Latvian Teen Who Protested War With Flower Slap Of Prince Charles Could Get 15 Years 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Chelsea Takes Offense At Oxford Classmates' War Comments 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Laura Questions Hillary's Motives In Writing Book, Says She Might Write Dog Sequel To Mother-In-Law's 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

AP EPA's Whitman Fighting Bush's Energy Dept. As It Lowers Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards To Favor Manufacturers 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

STAPLES Post-Modern Patriotism In Flag Taste 11/9/01 www.bushreport.com

PALAST U.S. Agents Say "Bush Spiked Bin Laden Probe" 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Did Bush Tell FBI To Back Off Bin Laden Family? 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

GORDON Assessing The U.S. War Strategy 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYTBush Uses War On Terrorism To Push His Faith-Based Religion Bill Without Addressing Religious Discrimination 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Supremes Now Thinking About Narrowing "Most Important Civil Rights Bill In Last 25 Years" 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Hill Faces Big Divide On Stimulus Plan 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

RATTNER Investment Rep Suggests Dem Stimulus Package Would Work Better Than Bush's 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Pentagon Contractors Meet To Discuss Cutting Missile Money Pie 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYTDems Want More Anti-Terrorism Security Money, Will Defy Bush Veto Threat 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

WP GOP Backs Off Of Emergency Spending For Citizen Security 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Post Office Needs More Funds To Insure Mail Safety 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

USAHouse Considers Digitizing Its Mail At No Small Cost 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM U.A.E. Is Home To Companies On Terrorist Bank List 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

APU.S. Cracks Down On Terror Money 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Treasury Adds 62 Names To Asset-Block List 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Businesses Linked To Terrorists Are Raided 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

APSenators Tell Airlines They're Not Doing Enough To Make Us Secure 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYTRidge Offers No Answers, But Hopes Anthrax Threat Is Nearing End 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Fed Health Officials Reorganize To Eliminate Confusion, Mixed Messages 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Doesn't Like National I.D. Cards But Would Like A Private Government Internet 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rove Will Meet With Film, TV Execs To Get Them Aboard The Propaganda Train 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Poll Suggests Majority Of Americans Are Hawks, 80% Believe They're Getting Good Info From BushAdmin 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Judge Says Bush Can't "Executive Order" Labor Agreements Ban 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

APBush Commission Wants To Put More Intelligence Eggs In CIA Basket 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

APSocial Security Considering Releasing Our Private Info, IRS Reports To Feds 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Can India And Israel Restrain Their Anti-Terrorism Wars So We Can Get On With Ours? 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Iraqi Intelligence Defectors Say Islamic Terrorists Trained In Their Camps 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

USA U.S. System Educates The World, Yet Fails At Home 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Anti-Globalization Movement Has Grown As Third-World Countries Gain A Voice 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

CSMVoters Speak. Tax Cuts Don't Equal Victory 11/8/01 www.bushreport.com

TIME Al-Qaeda "May Very Well Have" Radiological Weapon, Or "Dirty Bomb" 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOMBERG Bush Reminds Europe Of Bin Laden Nuclear Threat 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD "The Evil One Is Getting Eviler And Eviler" 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOOM House Panel Says Bush Cart Is Before Horse-- Early Warning System Not Working 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT House Republicans Question Workability Of Satellite Phase Of Bush Missile Plan 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

SLATE "The Gvt. Is As Ill-Prepared For Biological Warfare As You Fear" 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIN Anthrax Is Familiar Threat At Nation's Abortion Clinics 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

YOFFE Bush Needs A Doc Like Koop 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT FBI Rep Tells Senate They Have Few Bioterrorism Answers 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT With Waning Popular Support, BushAdmin Shifts, Accepting Coalition Troops, Etc. To Strengthen Sense Of Group Effort 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Dems Call For More Money To Fight Terrorism, Bush Says He Will Veto Any Such Bills 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS U.S. Borders "Wide Open" To Terrorists, Dem Bill Wants To Do Something About That 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED It's Hard To Believe That Delay Is Still Trying To Sell Privatized Security 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

FRANKS Enron's CEO Believed To Be The Biggest Single Contributor To Bush Campaigns 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Three States, Possibly Nine, Will Continue Microsoft Suit 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Dems Win Two Out Of Three Major Races 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Analysis Of Why Bloomberg Won In NYC 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Won Florida By 537 Votes, But 2500 Votes Were Given Unequal Treatment Favoring Bush 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Some Initial Movement In Congress In Response To Florida Fiasco 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Legislators Ask Bush To Rescind Prez Gag Order Which Violates Congress Vote And keeps Public In Dark 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Special Page On Past, Present, And Future Political Campaigns 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

ROTHSTEIN In A Democracy, History Will Always Be A Study In Conflicting Reports 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

AP GOP Kills Dem Bill For Collective Bargaining For Cops, Fireman, Emergency Workers 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Limbaugh, Drudge, NY Post Lead Conservative Attack On Media Fairness In The Name Of Their Brand Of Patriotism 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Wartime Propaganda Takes Hold On Both Sides 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NOAH Bin Laden is Exploiting Bush's "Ill-Considered" Crusade Remark 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

VALKENBURGH Why Are Women Invisible In This Time Of Crisis? 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft Wants To Run Sept. 11 Victims Through "Cookie Cutter" Method Of Fed Funding 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

THOMAS Decoding Bin Laden's Secret Messages 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

KESSLER Revealed! Bin Laden Is A Rat Pack Swinger 11/7/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Today Is Vote Day In Numerous States 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Surprised? One Year Later, Flaws In Election System Still In Place 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Can't The GOP House Take One Single Day To Pass Campaign Finance Reform? 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

BRUCK Politics An Honorable Profession? Ask Folks In South Carolina 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Is Blowing Off The War At Home As He Sacrifices Leadership For Politics 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

HC ED Is Ridge Supposed To Be Just Another Headline Spinner? 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Bush Facing Rough Going On Three Fronts 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Bush "Idiot Tax Cuts" Disgraceful "War Profiteering" 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Nader Blames Bush For Post-Sept. 11 "Corporate Power Grabs" 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

BURKHALTER Bush Failing To Cut Off Trade In Diamonds Covered In Blood 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWLING More On The Bush, Bin-Laden, Carlyle Connection 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN American Credibility, Not The Taliban, Is Strangling 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Bush Shouldn't Blame The Media For His Lack Of Candor About The War 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Twelve Wounded In Recent Delta Force Raid --Hersh 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN "An American Foot." Independent Pakistani Account Consistent With Hersh Story 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Brit Defense Officials Remind Editors Of "Voluntary Self-Censorship" 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush And Saudis Seethe At U.S. Media Over Reports Of Saudi Behavior 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Bush Should Tell Arab Partners To Open Their Societies To Stop "Bin Ladenism" 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Saudi-Arabia Will Sign Anti-Terrorist Pact 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Voice Of Nixon Says Bush War Strategy Is Reactive And Fails To See The Big Picture 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

AP States Set To Reject Bush Microsoft Deal 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

UCPRESS Book ON Anthrax Details Threat 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Wary Watch Being Kept On Anthrax Crisis 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

CANER Animals Should Be Used To Monitor For Massive Anthrax Attack 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Can't Account For "Substantial Amounts" Of Plutonium, Uranium. Could Be Used For Nuclear Devices 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Says Al-Qaeda Seeks Nuclear Weapons 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

GETLER Why Bush's Secrecy Policy Is Not A Good One 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP White House, Justice Offer Conflicting Stories About Fate Of Detainees 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHLEISINGER Questions Raised About Competence Of Our Leadership 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

CAMP We're In A War We Can Neither Win Nor Lose 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

PEIRCE Can't Win War On Terror By Fighting War On Drugs 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WEISBROT Is This A War Against Civilians? 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Has Moved Into Churches, Civilian Centers In Attempt To Avoid U.S. Bombs 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

SOUEIF What Do Ordinary Arabs Think About The War? 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER How We Have Muffled Our Voice In The Arab World 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

VALPY One Of The Problems Of Root-Cause Discussions Is We End Up Sharing The Blame 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Berkeley Runs Afoul Of Political Correctness Outsiders 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

BUNTING Anti-Corporation Cause Strengthened By Sept. 11 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

BG Civil Liberties Groups Find Post-Sept. 11 Atmosphere Difficult To Work In 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

WP D. C. Violent Crime Up As Cops Look For Terrorists 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

CD Top Ten October Stories On Sept. 11 11/6/01 www.bushreport.com

ECONOMIST We Need To Act As Though Bin Laden Has Nuclear Devices 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

JT ED "Americans" Reported To Be Discussing Use Of Nuke Weapons In Afghanistan 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

NEWS Ten Top Hazards And What We Can Do About Them 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

NR Bush Goes AWOL Again, Refuses To Take On Commander-In-Chief Role In The War At Home, Uses Ridge To Front The Bad News 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

SLATE Bush "Ensured A Flood Of Strange Mail From The ME Addressed In Children's Handwriting" 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Three Held In Trenton Anthrax Raid 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Pakistani Detained In That Country's Anthrax Case 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Experts Warn Of More Anthrax Cases 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

USN Not Everyone Lives In A Tall Building Or Flies A Plane, But Everyone Gets Mail 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ECONOMIST With Bush Trying To Stay Out Of Domestic War, Americans Think Message At Home Is Bungled And Confused 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

WS Bush Has Sacrificed Truth For Spin, Both In Pentagon Briefings And In Anthrax Responses 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ROONEY When Will The BushAdmin Stop Trying To Con Us? 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

HUTCHINSON Fleischer Loses Perspective, Big Time 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

LANGTON Signs That Press Beginning To Lose Patience With Campaign 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

RASPBERRY Reporter Confused About BushAdmin's Shifting War Goals 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

FOER Rove Pleads Ignorance To Dossiers Of Some Arab-American Leaders Who Visited With Bush At White House 26 Sept. 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

SLATE Some Arab-American White House Visitors Were "Outspoken Supporters Of ME Terrorist Groups." 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Bush Stimulus Plan Would Do The Opposite 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

HBJ Financial Business Experts Give Thumbs Down To Bush Stimulus Package 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

MOYERS Didn't Take Long For Corporations To Slime Their Way To Washington With Their Hands Out 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

GREIDER What About The Patriotism Of American-Based Global Corporations? 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ECONOMIST Bush Surrender To Gates Means Microsoft Comes Out "Largely Unscathed" 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ROSENBERG Bush Justice Settlement Mocks Law And Lets Microsoft Free To Ravage 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Accused Of Using War To Get His Way On Alaskan Drilling 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

OR ED Threat Of Senate Filibuster Last Hope For Anti-Drilling Forces 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

GRAHAM Testing Mishaps Cloud Bush Missile Defense Plan 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

BG ED Bush Energy Dept. Has Not Gotten The Message About Conserving Energy 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ZIA-UL-ISLAMAmerica Is Under A Civil Rights Siege And Does Not Appear To Know It 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

MC GEE 1975 Senate Report Warned That Unconstrained Intelligence Powers Grow And Are Often Abused By Presidents 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

DT What's Bush Trying To Hide With His New Prez Papers Gag Order? 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

HEILBRUNN Taliban Gain Confidence As Bush Continues Mistaken Policy 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

MC NEIL Sympathy For Victims Has Muted Protest Thus Far 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

MUZAFFAR Decent People Can Reject Terrorism And Bombing At The Same Time 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

BLACK Cracks In The EU Pro-U.S. Alliance Begin To Show 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

PRESTON This Crisis Has Revealed The Incompetence Of Brit And U.S. Spooks. Sack 'Em. 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN "Blowback," The Afghanistan Prequel 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Winter Is Taliban's Friend 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Bin Laden Uses Bush's "Crusade" Language Against Him 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Saudi Public Backs Bin Laden 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

AP "West Wing" Dominates Emmy Awards 11/5/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT 625 Drug Lobbyists Working Hard To Control Nation's Bioterrorism Plan, And They're Succeeding 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Three Detained From Two Apartments Near Trenton Post Office 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Destruction Of Secret CIA Center In WTC Seriously Disrupted Spy Activities 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED We Don't Have A "Crack Intelligence Outfit" In D.C. Today, Perhaps Someday... 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP New Anti-Terrorism law Creates Intelligence Behemoth 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

VAN NATTA Hijackers Used Brains, Brawn, And Practice 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ME Men Being Detained On A Level Not Known Since WW II 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Isolation, Secrecy Veil Most Jailed In Roundup 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Lacking Leads, Anthrax Hunt Comes Home 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

KRANISH Bush Acknowledges He Didn't Take Anthrax Attacks Seriously Enough 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

BLOCHE Health System May Cost Lives In War At Home 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ridge Status Is SNAFU Because Job Description Appears To Change Hourly 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD The Problem Is Bush Picks Folks He's Comfortable With, Not Folks Who Will Best Do The Job 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

BROWNSTEIN Bush-Backed GOP In A Time Warp. Ignore War As They Demand More Tax Cuts For Wealthy 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP World-Wide Recession Feared, Quick U.S. Recovery Unlikely 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

MEAD Is Bush Flexible Enough To Make Wartime Foreign Policy Work? 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

GORDON "Vigorous" Debate In D.C. About When To Insert Ground Forces 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

MEARSHEIMER Bombs, Troops Won't Win Afghan War 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

FUERTH We Cannot Protect Selves By Turning Backs On World Poverty, Illiteracy, Disease, And Pollution 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

BG U.S. Will Intensify Assult Before Winter Sets In 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Stymied In Bin Laden Hunt 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Continues To Worry About Pakistan Nuclear Materials Going To Terrorists 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Report Of Bin Laden's Taped Speech, U.S. Media Response To It, "Crusade" Not Quoted 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Words Are Key Weapon In Taliban Arsenal 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WATSON But Not Movie Houses, Which They Have Destroyed 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

EHRENREICH Why The Taliban, Like Fundamentalists In General, Are No Friends To Women 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

PERLEZ Many Afghans Flee To Pakistan Cities, Not U.N. Camps, To Keep Women Secluded 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dissent Threatens Pakistani Leader 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

SLACKMAN Saddam Using The Fundamentalist Islamic Movement For His Own Purposes 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Neutral Sweden May Give Up 200 Year Tradition 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

ELTAHAWY Atta Should Not Be The Standard-Bearer For Egypt's Political Position 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

IGNATIUS Saudis Upset That Americans Love Their Oil But Not Their Repressive, Dictatorial Traditions 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Islamic American Non-Profits Under Increased Scrutiny 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

NUNBERG Have We Turned Into A Nation Of Scrupulous Literalists? 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

HEALY War On Terror Stirs Campus Conflict 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

VALPY America's Rulers Are Watching The "Just War" Theologians 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

TIBET Kissinger Named Adviser To Chinese Oil Firm 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT Year Of The Goat Looms In Elections 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Supposed Bush Populatiry Not Spilling Over Into Nation's Govs' Races 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Conservatives Continue Active Attacks On Gay Rights In Up To 17 U.S. Cities 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Most Find It Hard To Practice Politics As Usual In Face Of War, Terrorism 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Our Nomination For The Most Confused Krugman Commentary Of The Year (Or The Decade, For That Matter) 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

MORRISON Nation's Journalists Saddened Over Demise Of Nut Mail 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

TT AOL Closed Down Down Subscriber's Account 27 Minutes After She Complained To TV Station 11/04/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Gag May Not Be Lawful, Some Suspect It Has To Do With Reagan's And Dad's People In Junior's Administration 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

FORERO Does Colombia's Oil Possibilities Have Anything To Do With The Bush-Backed Privatized War On Drugs? 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Three Colombian Militant Groups Added To Terrorist List 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED While Bush Says That Unemployment Is "Bad For America," His Stimulus Package Does "Almost Nothing" To Help 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Unemployment Jumps To Five-Year High 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

PEARLMAN Recession Probably At End Of The Beginning 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush, Cheney's Son-In-Law, Ashcroft Get Microsoft Off The Hook 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Lets Microsoft Off Federal Hook, 18 States Have Until Tuesday To Decide Next Move 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Looks Like State Of California And Silicon Valley Will Fight The Decision 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Even GOP Moderates See Dangers In Bush's Aviation Security Stance 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

OPPEL Stalemate In Congress Irks Security Experts 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP GOP "Under The Gun" On Airport Security 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

SHARKEY Will Better Trained Airline Security Learn How To Treat Innocent People? 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Experts Tell U.N. Lack Of Control Over Nuclear Materials Is "Shocking" 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Forced To Reconsider His Rejection Of U.N. Plan To Strengthen '72 Biowar Treaty 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

JOHNSTON FBI Has No Idea Who Is Behind Anthrax Attacks 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Cash Rewards Not Working, FBI Asks For Public Help 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP New Dimension In Anthrax Crisis As Cross-Contamination Appears "Logical Assumption" 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Sr. Health Advisors Fear BushAdmin Not Addressing Vulnerability Of Nation's Ventilation Systems 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Q. and A On Flu Shots, Anthrax 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taking Cipro For Anthrax Raising Concerns Among Health Officials 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

SILBERGELD What If Cipro Stopped Working? 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Pakistan Newspaper Closes, Test For Anthrax Is Positive 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODMAN Afghan Women Make Up 54% Of The Population But Zero % Of The Post-Taliban Planning 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rove and Hughes In Charge Of Bush War Propaganda Task Force. Does That Tell You Anything? 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT What Do Reporters Have To Do To Get To Kandahar? 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP States Working On High Tech National ID For Drivers' Licenses 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Purpose Of Israeli Settlements Has Been To "Assert Dominance Over Palistinian Land" 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

KING Pat Robertson, Liberian Diamonds, Human Rights Abuses, And Osama Bin Laden 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Virginia Supreme Court Rules Klan Can Burn Crosses 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

AYRES Talkative Gore Quiet About '04 Plans 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Austin, Tx. Election Draws Colorful Cast 11/3/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Executive Order To Gag Presidents' Papers Reverses Act Of Congress, Ushers In New Era Of Govt. Secrecy, 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Critics Blast Bush Order On Papers 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED Secret Detentions Needlessly Undercut Public Justice 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

WP GOP House Vote Says Air Secutiry Should Remain Privatized 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush's Approach To Plane Security Chosen By GOP House 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

LAW Atlanta Could Be Without Airpot Security If Firm In Legal Trouble With FAA Tanks Monday 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

LEE Vice-President Cheney Lied To Sam Donaldson About Haliburton's Dealings With Iraq On His Watch 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NEWS Cheney Back In Hiding, But Still Running The Show 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

AP SEC Opens Formal Probe Into Texas' ENRON, Which Has Strong Connections To Bush Family 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED D.C. Dems Have Previously Raised Questions About ENRON's Influence With Both Bush And Cheney 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

KEMPSTER Bush's Propaganda Gal Plans To Market America Like She Did Uncle Ben's Rice 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN The Public Relations War Can Be Won By Telling The Truth About The Real War 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAn Politicians Using Crisis To Move Self-Serving Legislation, But GOP Looks To Be Even Worse Than Dems 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Terrorists Use Phones To Speak Of New Attacks 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Cal. Gov. Warns Of Threat To State Bridges 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

SHAPIRO Is The Anthrax Mass Murderer Moving Beyond The Mail System? 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

RUSHDIE Yes, This Is About Islam, But What Does That Mean? 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rumsfeld Says War Delay Caused By Problems With Special Ops Insertions 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED War Planners Need To Step Up Timing For Ground War 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

USA ED Some States Censoring Freedom Of Speech On Their Liscense Plates 11/02/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Congress Admits Approved Budget Does Not Provide Enough For Nuclear Security In Face Of Terrorism 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

USA U.S. Fears Bin Laden Has Gotten Nuclear Help From Pakistan Scientists 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Plans Speech To Fight Incoherent, Uncoordinated Administration Statements 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

KEIFER Critics Raise Doubts About Bush War Strategies 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

THOMAS U.S. Terrorist Groups Have Ties To Germ Warfare 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Al Qaeda Tied To Illicit Diamond Trade 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

CT New Bush Bioterrorism Czar Will Report To Thompson, Not Ridge 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Anthrax Scare Creeps Into Nation's Heartland 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

WP New Method In Fumigating Anthrax 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Mail Quarentine Hobbles Government 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Bush Seeks To Broaden Germ Treaty He Previously Refused To Back 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

HALWEIL What Are We Doing About The Food We Eat? 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

CT U.S. Attempts To Land More Troops On Ground 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Unity Fades As Congress Fights Over Economic Fixes 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Junior Wants To Appoint Dad's Man As Drug Czar, Dems Don't Like Him For One-Track Mind 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Big Ground Force Seen as Necessary To Defeat Taliban 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Has War Plans For Nation's Youth, But Doesn't Talk About Patriotism Re Freedom Of Speech 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Dems Think N.J. In The Bag, But Others Up For Grabs 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY TV News Like Newspapers. Know I Mean? 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

SHAFFER Ready To Be Carded? 11/01/01 www.bushreport.com

BROAD Assessing The Risk Of Nuclear Disaster 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Concerned Bin Laden May Have Nuke Secrets, Three Top Pakistani Scientists Held 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Experts Warn Bioterrorism Could Expand 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

COHEN Was Ashcroft "A Fool" For Giving The Warnings? 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Pressure To Limit Bombing Should Be Resisted For The Sake Of Citizens in Both U.S. And Afghanistan 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NJ Gore vs. Bush Consortium Data Will Be Made Public On 11th Or 12th--National Journal 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "The Recession Has Begun" --PNC Chief Economist 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Tough Economic Times Ahead 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Better No Stimulus At All Than The Corporate Payback That Bush Has In Mind 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Faced With Managing Global War And Global Recession 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S., Britain Step Up War For Public Opinion 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Bush Refuses To Back GOP House Bill For "Radio Free Afghanistan" Because It's Not Propagandistic Enough 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

TICKER I Feel Better With Tom Ridge In D.C. "He Left My State" 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Public Apprehension In Europe Over Goals Of U.S. Bombing 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

FORD Suburbs Invented To Keep Worry In Check. Not Happening. 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT In Face Of Recent Airpot Privatization Scandals, Bush Still Insisting That New Security Be Privatized 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

SLATE Kudos Given To Bush Watch For Special Reports On Bush, Carlyle, Bin Laden, Oil, Etc. 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

IBD Bush Watch Given Equal Time In Conservative "Investor's Business Daily" 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Adopts Clinton's Arsenic Restrictions As Norton Attempts To Gut Mining Restrictions 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Military Efforts Stepped Up With Realization That Efforts To Construct Alternative Gvt. To Taliban Slowing Down 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rivalries Poison Political Effort To Create Alternative To Taliban 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rising Muslim Power In Africa Causes Unrest 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

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MONBIOT "U.S. Has Been Training Terrorists At A Camp In Georgia For Years" 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

GUTMAN Anxiety Over Nuclear Destruction Has Returned, And With Good Reason 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WP House Airline Security Vote Today, GOP Fears Fallout 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

BDC ED With Bush, It's The Grand Old Profiteering Party 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

HUFFINGTON Bush-Backed Operation Enduring Avrice 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

GWYN Bush And Co. Have A Lot To Learn About The World And This War 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

BROWNE Afghanistan Bombing Still Not Justified 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

FREELAND Bombing Afghanistan Is Not The Way To Defeat Al Qaida 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Let's Call The War For The Season, We've Bombed Everything, Even The Red Cross Twice 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

FLANDERS Now With Experience, There's No Doubt That Feeding And Bombs Don't Mix 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

GONSALVES Relief Agencies Estimate 500,000 Afghans, Mostly Women, Children, Elderly, Will Die Of Starvation If Bombing Goes Through Winter 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

TURNIPSEED And What About The Starving Poor In America That Candidate Bush Had Refused To Recognize? 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

SFC Some Parents Feel Screwed...Bush Plans To Give Kid's Dollars To Red Cross, Which Is Under A Cloud 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

DP Fed Judge Calls Bush's Norton "Contemptuous" For Her Remarks About Indian Money Interior Holds 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

LE FIGARO CIA Agent Alledgedly Met Bin Laden In July 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

RICHARD Translation Of Above Le Figaro Story About CIA Agent Meeting Bin Laden 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

PBP Infectious Disease Expert Says Public Health System In Disarray, Top Officials Incompetent To Handle Crisis 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WT Taliban Leader Says China Helps, China Calls That "Complete Fabrication" 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

WT ABC Head Apologizes For Defense Of Journalistic Objectivity In Time Of War 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

COTTS Here's A Scorcard To Understand The Media Players 11/1/01 www.bushreport.com

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