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RIDGEWAY Racist Whites, Anti-Abortion Terrorists Helping Out Osama On The Domestic Front 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Saudis And Bush Appear To Agree That U.S. Ambassadors Shouldn't Speak Arabic. Would Learn Too Much. 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

BG U.S. Spy Agency Destroying Sept. 11 Data, Angering CIA, Congress 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

BLUM Bush Unleashes The CIA? When Was It Leashed? 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Students Wait In Long Line To Interview With CIA 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Thread Which "Indirectly Links" The Bushes' Personal Financial Fortune To U.S. Military Action Is Carlyle 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

CLARKE Looks Like Enron Has A Desk In The Oval Office 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Why Is Enron In Financial Trouble? Will Bush Bail Them Out, Like He Did With Airline CEO's? 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN The Big Winners In Bush's New Tax Stimulus package Are Energy Companies In Texas And Nearby That Gave GOP Cash 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush-Backed GOP Refuses To Include Health Insurance For The Unemployed In Economic Stimulus Bill. That's Wrong. 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

COCCO While Bush Doesn't Ask Those Injured From Attacks If They Have Health Insurance, Adequate Unemployment Benefits, He's Sure Concerned About Their CEO's In His New Stimulas Package 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Checking Out Postal Workers Last Was Class Bias 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Consumer Confidence Drops To 7-Year Low, But Bush Wants To Stimulate CEO's 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Not Getting Muslim Good Will By Derailing Efforts Of Poor Countries To Get Cheaper Drugs 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED More Anti-Americanism In Store If We Don't Lower Trade Barriers Against Afghan Textiles 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER Neither Congress Nor President Are Ready To Seriously Consider What Went Wrong 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

DIEBEL Is U.S. Losing The War In Pakistan? 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

APPLE "Quagmire" Ala Vietnam Beginning To Haunt Conversations 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Rumsfeld Will Go To Central Asia To Look For More Cooperation From Allies 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

PAUL War On Terror? It's As Bad As The War On Drugs 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED BushAdmin Failure To Communicate Is Exhausting Citizens' Good Will 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Nation Better Off Frightened And Informed Than Kept In Dark By BushAdmin 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

KANE Folks Back In Wisconsin Know All About Sec. Thompson's Hollow Promises 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

HASELKORN U.S. Ineptness Invites More Terrorism 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

PEYSER Cut The Lies, Guys, And Give Us Leadership 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Lawmakers Critical Of Terrorism Alert 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Alert Said To Be Partly From Monitoring Of Al Qaeda 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WLBT FBI Says Crop Duster Incidents Were False Alarms 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Anthrax Infection Of Hospital Worker Calls Assumptions Into Question 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

ORENT Vaccinations Might Not Protect Us Against Smallpox 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Jittery Americans Watch Cheney Go Into Hiding, Bush Stand On Pitcher's Mound 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

MC PHERSON Citizens On The Street Respond To The Crisis 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

VITELLO Why It Would Be Better For Country Right Now If President Were A Democrat 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Direction To Armey "Ends Pretense" Of Bipartisan Goals On Stimulus Package 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Bush Ignores Will Of The People As He Negotiates Away The Environment 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

DOW Green Groups Call On Senate To See If Interior Is Witholding Documents Re ANWAR 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

SPI Overhaul Of Mining Laws Called "Sham Reform" 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Climate Talks Reach Climax Without Presence Of Main Polluter, U.S. 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

HUSSAIN America's Goodness Doesn't Extend Overseas 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

FISK Reporter Trusts Afghan Doctor To Tell Him What's Really Happening On The Ground, How Afghanis Are Responding 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

FARD Rebels Blame Pakistan For Haq's Killing By Bin Laden 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

AFP Figara, French Radio Report Bin Laden July Treatment In Dubai American Hospital And CIA Agent Involved 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

AFP Hospital Board Says "No Comment," Goes Into Meeting 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

AFP Hospital "Categorically Denies" Having Treated Bin Laden 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ Comments On "Balanced" Reporting Indicate NBC, CBS Give Viewers More Credit Than CNN, Fox 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Why Won't Ashcraft Tell Us About Sept. 11 Prisoners? 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

COTTS Libertarian Mag Releases "Big Brother" Issue 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

KANE Waving A Flag Doesn't Prove You're A Patriot 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

PP Big Bald Minnesota Guy Says We Should Get All Our Info From Talk Radio 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER Next Tuesday's Races Worth Watching As GOP Slips 10/31/01 www.bushreport.com

OBSERVER Justice Dept. Leaning Toward "Right Wing" U.S. Militant Groups As Cause Of Anthrax Attacks. Find Similar Letters Prior To Sept. 11. 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Most People Think New Bioterrorism Attack Is Coming And Government Not Doing Enough To Protect Them From It 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ashcroft Warns Of Possible New Attack Within The Week 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

TIME "Focus And Lift of [Bush's] Earlier Speeches...All But Gone," Under Stress Of Confused Messages 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Air Col. Says Can't Defend Everything, No Priorities, As Nuclear Power Plants Report Suspicious Aircraft 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

BUZZ Flight 93 May Have Been Shot Down Before It Hit Three-Mile Island Nuke Power Plant 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

MOYERS Cheney's Wrong, Nuclear Power Plants Are No Longer "Safe" With Terrorists Around 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

HERSH Serious Rift Between Intelligence And BushAdmin Re Pakistani Nuclear Danger 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

INDEPENDENT Special U.S. Unit Ready To Steal Pakistani Nuclear Warheads 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

TAPPER House Repugs Delay Airport Security Vote In Attempt To Privaize Rather Than Federalize 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

FRANCIS-WRIGHT BushAdmin Judgement About Airline, Bioterrorism Security Not Based Upon Experiences Of Average Citizen 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WP More Evidence Of Anthrax Contamination Surfaces 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Spore Tests Point Away From Iraq 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

PERLMAN Whatch Out For Gvt. Bioprotection Experiments That Could Kill Us 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

HECHT Gvt. Wants To Use Possibly Dangerous Microwave Weapon To Disperse Crowds 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Bush Stimulus Plan Pushes The Wrong Buttons 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

CDM National Gov's Association Fearful Of Fallout From Bush Stimulus Package 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Mining Industry Cheers Bush Plan To Defeat Environmentalists 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Much Of What Bush Proposes Demands Serious Disagreement 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

STANLEY Ari Fleischer Still Trying To Live Down His Warning Censored From White House Transcript 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

SHAPIRO Bush Restriction Of Information Goes Beyond What's Needed For War 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Bush PR Team's Efforts Are Clumsy, Hurting War On Terorism 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

HC Public Looks For Straightforward Info, BushAdmin Gives Them Lies, Pretense, Misleading Words, Bombast 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

LOPEZ We Need People, Not Propaganda, To Sell America To The World 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ War Coverage Turns Negative 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

FISHER Press Fights For Freedom To Report, Comment, Amidst Cries Of Being Unpatriotic 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC U.S. Radio Warns Afghanis Not To Confuse Food Packages With Unexploded Cluster Bombs, But Are They Getting The Message ? 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

BEARAK Afghan Children Pay Price In Escape To Pakistan 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Pakistan Asks U.S. To Curtail Bombing During Ramadan. Rumsfeld Says No. 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Mountain Caves Latest U.S. Targets 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Little Intelligence Gained In Recent Special Forces Raid 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CIA Says 3 Terrorist Countries Providing U.S. With Intelligence About Bin Laden Network 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

WEINER Americans Aid Phillippine Government In Fight Against Terrorism 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

SHANE Fear For Civil Liberties Grows With Use Of Secret U.S. Court 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

GOERING Anti-Terrorism Act Needlessly Imperiels Liberties 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

MEEKS Cyber-Liberties Swept Away By Tidal Wave Of Security Concerns 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

CT Terrorist Money Trail Leads To Saudi Financier 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Says He'll Tighten Visa Restrictions 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

OVERBYE There Was Once A Golden Age Of Islamic-Western Learning 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

GOLDEN Opium Has Been Produced In Afghanistan For Centuries 10/30/01 www.bushreport.com

CAVE Not Enough Oil In Central Asia To Negate Need For Gulf Supply 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

PILGER Is This What Cave Is Talking About? 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NIXON Oil Is The Cause Of U.S. Economic Vulnerability, Reputation In Islamic World For Backing Repressive Dictatorships 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

BANERJEE Bush Would Like To Fill Our Emergency Oil Reserve, But He Spent The Surplus On His Tax Cuts To The Rich 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

AFP Health Head Says Billion Needed To Fight Anthrax, But, See, There Was This Surplus, And Bush... 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush, Hiding Behind War Effort, Continues To Dismantle Environmental Controls 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

HERBERT Greed, Not Patriotism, Is What Guides The Bush-Backed Republicans' House Stimulus Bill 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush "Tax Cut Masquerading As A Stimulus" Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Stimulus Failure Seen: 80% Of Tax Rebate Check Money Remains Unspent 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHWARTZ Efforts To Calm Nation's Fears Spin Out Of Control 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK White House Officials Decline To Discuss Ridge, Thompson, Ashcroft Anthrax Communication Failures 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

KURTZ BushAdmin Attempts To Spin Press On Anthrax Communication Failing 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Outside Cities, The Response Differs 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Happy Days Are Ahead, But Just In Case I'm Wrong... 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT San Jose Emergency Plan Sets Example 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT American Muslim Groups Call For Halt In U.S. Bombing 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Is The FBI Cutting Arab-American Islamic Clerics Too Much Slack? 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

RASPBERRY Airline Security Now Includes The "Freak-Out Rule" 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

FEARS Many Americans Who Deplore Sept. 11 Still Question U.S. Actions 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

MALLABY Bush Wants To Destroy Taliban Rule, But Has Yet To Strongly Support Those He Would Have Deal With The Resulting Chaos 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

DIEHL Turning Afghan's Security Over To Non-U.S. Military Forces Will Not Work, As Somalia Indicated 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

TYSON Three Weeks Of Bombing Has Had Limited Impact Upon Terrorists 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Proxy War In Kashmir Threatens To Unravel Allience 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

SANGER Will Allience Between Moscow, Beijing, Washington Last? 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S., Iran Explore Improved Relations 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

RICHEY New Snags In U.S-Saudi Relations Helpful To Bin Laden 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Pakistani Intelligence Has Had Long-Term Working Links With Al-Qaeda 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Leading Pakistani Nuke Scientists Being Quizzed About Taliban Ties 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

MOSS Bin Laden Family Strives To Re-Establish Its Reputation 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

MC KINNEY Jewish Anti-Defamation League Attacks Black Congresswoman When She Asked Arab For Money For Poor 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHMEMANN Is There One War Against Terrorism, Or Two? 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

PRATT Beyond Hope In Hell On Earth 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

JONES The Hell Of Innocents 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. May Fight Through Ramadan 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WAKIN War Rarely Pauses For Religious Holidays 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT No Room In U.S. For Refugees After Sept. 11 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

AYRES Gore Says He's "Undecided About The Future 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Anthrax Postal Scare Creates E-Mail Market Interest 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHWARTZ Web Archive Has 5X More Info Than Library Of Congress 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

WP An "Osama" Halloween? 10/29/01 www.bushreport.com

ST Nuclear Power Plant May Have Been Target Of Crashed PA Sept. 11 Plane 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Wants More Nuclear Power Plants, Drilling In Alaska 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES Bin Laden Has Reportedly Acquired Nuclear Materials 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

DUMAS Bush Missile Defense Plan Will Encourage Greater Nuclear Proliferation 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

OLIPHANT Bush's Bogus Stimulas Package May Be Enough To Start A Major Recession All By Itself 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTER Bush-Backed "House Stimulus Package Is So Bad It's Downright Unpatriotic" 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

JEZER Bush-Backed House Stimulus Package "Mocks Patriotism" 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Privatized Security Plan, Bush Stimulus Package, Show Bush's Corporate Backers Are Firmly In Control 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

PELLETIERE Bush Fast-Track Trade Bill "Only Pays Lip Service To Core American Democratic Rights And Environmental Values" 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush House Repugs Putting Political Agenda Before Needs Of The People 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN Self-Serving Hous Repugs Using Sept. 11 For Political Gain 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODER The Bush Stimulus Package Broke The Back Of Bipartisanship 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

TOOBIN One Year After The Theft Of The Presidency, Dems Are Still Bending Over For Bush 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD Taliban, Terrorists Have Psychological Edge On 3 Fronts: Military, Propaganda, And Bioterrorism 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Iran Official Implies U.S. Getting What It Deserves Re Anthrax Terrorism 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Doxycycline Determined To Be Just As Good As Cipro, Now Both Being Prescribed 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

BOXER Senator's Letter Implies Ashcroft's War On Anthrax Threats Has Been Selective, Thus Far 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Dangers Of Mass Smallpox Vaccine Usage Should Be Considered 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Lax Fed Oversight Makes Nation's Health Easy Terrorist Target 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

WP White House Wants To "Brand" Ridge, As PR Rules Decision-Making 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

BEDLINGTON Bin Laden's Myth Of Religiously Sanctioned Invincibility Must Be Defeated 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

IGNATIUS Bin Laden Is A "Modern Man With A Very Coherent Strategy Of Attack" 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

ST Why Bin Laden Can't Be Found 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NOLAN Absence Of Democracy, Human Rights, Free Speech Has Fed Islamic Fundamentalism 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NAIPAUL Nobel Prize Winner Says Nonfundamentalist Islam Is A Contradiction In Terms 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

TODD Let's Hope Tolerance Is Not A Casulty Of The New Move Towards National Unity 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

LELYVELD All Suicide Bombers Are Not Alike 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT How The New Anti-Terrorist Law Is Being Used Against Terrorist Suspects 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

SACK Focus On Terrorism Straining Police Departments Nationwide 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Show Us The Money: WTC Widows Turned Into Beggars As Charity Groups Unspool The Red Tape 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

LEADER Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Where We Are In The Afghan War And Where We Must go 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Confident Predictions Of Pre-Ramadan Victory Over Taliban Shifted to 2002 Ramadan 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Brit Military Ready For Four-Year War 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

SUN Ground War Seems Likelier Now, U.S. Says 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

HOLBROOKE Bin Ladin Winning The Propaganda War, Muslim Experts Say Our Message Is A Mess 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

MORAN Al-Jazeera Sponsored By Arab Moderates Who Want Uncensored Truth In Reporting For The Arab World 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Monica, Elian, And Condit Take Up Media's Time For Profit As News Of The World Is Tanked 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON War Needs Good PR, Right? 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

ST Hijackers Were From Wealthy Saudi Families 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

ST 5,000+ Pakistanis Joining Up With Taliban In Afghanistan 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

MAHAJAN Is The U.S. "Poisoning The Well" With Its Bombs And Food Afghan Campaign? 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

SFC Taliban Farmers Growing Opium Poppies Again 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND While Politicians Panic The Man On The Street Remains Focused 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

FINEMAN Recent Secret Meeting Between Bush And Cisco CEO About Building A Special Security Internet 10/28/01 www.bushreport.com

RICH Bush Poses With School Kids While We're Losing The War At Home 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

RICKS U.S. Foreign War Effort Bogs Down In A Week Of Setbacks 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

MORGENSON Bush Stimulus Bill Is Actually Paying Off A Promise He Made To Corporate Lobbyists Last Winter 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

BSE ED Bush Fosters Disgraceful GOP Recovery Bill 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

ALLEN Bush Uses Terrorist Attacks To Push For Alaskan Drilling 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODMAN Does It Have To Be Either "Evildoers" Or "Blowback"? 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Public Health System Is On War Footing, But Still Not Enough 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED What Would Happen If There Were A Biological Attack With A Contagious Disease? 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Feds Looking At Domestic Terrorism, Study Shows 81 Such Anthrax Threats In 1999. 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

WOODWARD FBI, CIA Suspect Domestic Terrorists Sent Anthrax Letters, Not Bin Laden 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT State Department Reports Saudi Arabia, Like The Taliban, Does Not Allow Religious Freedom, Pakistan Does Not Protect Minority Rights, And Israeli Non-Jews Suffer Discrimination. 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Blames Press For "Incorrect" Reporting Of U.S., Saudi Differences 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Reagan National Security Adviser Faults U.S. Intelligence Establishment For Taliban Execution Of Afghan Leader 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

LIEVEN Interview With Commander Haq 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

BARONE Doesn't It Seem Reasonable That Our Intelligence Forces Should Understand Arabic? Nearly None Do. 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODMAN What Needs To Be Done To Better Our Intelligence 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

BEARAK Haq's Death Another Setback To U.S. Anti-Terrorism Campaign 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Musharraf Says U.S. Should Stop Bombing, Start Political Phase 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Musharraf's Request Not Realistic, Bombing Will Go On For Months 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

DN Pakistan Probes Nuke Scientists' Ties To Taliban 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

KAHN BushAdmin Planning Billions In Aid To Pakistan 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Red Cross President Quits, Criticized For Use Of Sept. 11 Funds 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Czechs Confirm Terrorist Atta Met With Iraqui Agent 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT CDC Chief Hints There's A Missing Anthrax Letter 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Since FDA Won't Approve Bioport Anthrax Vaccine Due To Plant Conditions, CDC Wants To Use It On Us As "Experimental" Drug (see http://www.bushwatch.net/bioterrorism.htm) 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS Both Sides Are To Blame For The ME Standoff 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Afghanistan Is The Route To Oil Riches 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

SIMON Canadian Gvt. Stands By As Americans Buy Up Nation's Gas And Oil Companies 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Senate Cuts Money Given To Bush War In Colombia, White House Upset 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Oil Company Defends Role In Sudan 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

SACHS Arab Roots And Western Ties In Egypt 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

HAYES What Made The IRA Disarm? 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

STEINFELS Is "Violence Begets Violence" Just One More Bumper Sticket Phrase? 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Texas State Official Uses German Officer's Photo In Patriotic Political Ad 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

FARHI E-Mail Targets Terrorism With Laughter 10/27/01 www.bushreport.com

DE FRANK Even Bush Partisans Worried About White House Confusion And Drift 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

MILLER Bush-House Stimulus Plan: This Is Unity? 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

ANDERSON Stimulus Bill A Windfall For Select Corporations 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY Now That Bush Is Following The Nation Building Policy He Criticized, Wouldn't Admitting Error Be In Order? 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

RUGGIE If Bush Wants U.N. To Help With Future Afghan Government, He'll Have To Do More To Help U.N. 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

CONASON GOP House Zealots Are Blocking Anti-Terrorism Efforts On Several Fronts 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE House Bipartisanship Is A Charade, Corporate Lobbyists Chuckling To The Bank 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHORR Wanted: More Candor About Anthrax From Cheerleader Bush 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

KRAUTHAMMER Gvt. Needs A Medical Spokesperson To Talk To The Nation, Others Should Shut Up 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT After A Week Of Reassurances Ridge's Anthrax Message Is Grim 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Disturbing Questions Raised About Safety Of Entire Postal System 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Question Of Cross-Contaminated Mail Surfaces 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Why Should We Pay Half Price For Bayers' Cipro If Rivals Will Give Similar To Us For Free? 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT We Will Have 300 Million Smallpox Vaccine Doses In A Year 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

TUCKER World's Germ Banks Not Secure Enough Or Adequately Regulated 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Hospitals Not Ready For Surge Of Bioterrorism Victims 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Thousands Of Scares, Hoaxes Abound 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Coalition Countries Trying To Shake Us Down, Just Like The Republican Congressmen 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

SWEET Bush Hawks Being Kept In Line For Now To Appease Arab Coalition Countries 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

LINZER Terrorists Arrested In 40 Countries, But None In Saudi Arabia, Home Of Most Of The Hijackers 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

BOCK Given Bush's Definition Of Pro-Terrorist Countries, Why Isn't Saudi Arabia On The List? 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

BCC North Korea Demands An Apology From Bush For His Remarks About Their Leader 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Britain To Send Ground Troops To Afghanistan 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Tenacious Taliban Cling To Power 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Efforts To Win Taliban Defections Not Successful 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

KRAPENIVICH We Have A Problem Trying To Fight A Diffuse War With A Cold War Military 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

MILLER Bush Efforts To Control News "May Be More Dangerous To Am. Democracy Than Any Terrorist" 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

BALZAR The Military Makes The Media The Enemy When It Wants To Run For Cover 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Pentagon Seeks A Few Good Ideas To Fight Terrorism 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

FINK Filtered War Coverage Should Worry Public 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

ETZIONI Censorship Of War News Undermines Public Trust 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Awaiting Putin, Bush Delays Missile Defense Tests 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

BSE Bush-Putin ABM Talk Is An Unwanted Distraction From The War Going On 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Police Get Wide-Ranging Powers To Secretly Search People's Homes, Read Their E-mail 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Anti-Terrorism Bill Passes With Money-Laundering And Cutoff Date Included 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Panicky Anti-Terrorism Bill Means Loss Of Civil Liberties 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

HALPERIN How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Came To Be, And What It Will Do To You 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

FLOYD Now Ashcroft Will Be The One To Decide FIOA Requests 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Still Insists Upon Privatizing Airport Security 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Backs Norton, Cuts Back On Mining Restrictions 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

CHOMSKY Five Questions About Our War On Terrorism 10/26/01 www.bushreport.com

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BIVENS Our Nuclear Power Plants Appear To Be "Indefensible" And The NRC Is In Denial. They Need To Be Shut Down, As Belgium And Germany Are Now Doing 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Can't Spin Americans About What's Happening At Home, And Even Supporters Admit His Admin Is Blowing It 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

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WOODWARD Bush Will Gain Our Trust And Credibility If It's Clear He's Verifying And Releasing The News 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Health Sec. Thompson Continues To Bumble In Public 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP While Ridge Is Proving Ineffective, White House Refuses To Get Him Greater Authority 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Tentative Conclusion Is Spore "Additive" In "Weapons Grade" Anthrax Is U.S. In Origin 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Scientist "Truly Worried" Because Daschel's "Weapons Grade" Anthrax Means "Large-Scale Dissemination When [Terrorists] Wish" 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

IVINS Wealth Has Never Sacrificed Itself On The Altar Of Patriotism, And It Isn't Doing So Now 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

REICH Bush-Backed House Plan Will Be More Payroll Taxes Of Poor And Middle Class To Pay For Tax Cuts To The Rich Which Will Not Stimulate The Economy 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush-Backed House Stimulus Proposal Is "Really Dreadful" 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED While Bush Says It's Your Surplus Money That Has Goes To The Rich, It's Also Your Health Dept. That's Failing Due To Lack Of Money 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

KLEIN What Makes Us Vulnerable To Attack Is Crumbling Public Sector That Could Have Been Helped With The Bush Surplus Tax Cut Money 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

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Mann What Made Bush A Unilateralist Prior To Sept. 11 Remains Unchanged 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

JT New Kyoto World Pollution Talks Expect Bush To Take Same Do Nothing Position 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Interior Sec. Working To Weaken Restrictions On Minining On Public Lands 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

BUELL Bush's Fast Track Trade Request Is Not Fighting Terrorism, As He Claims 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

SIMPSON Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement Has Allowed U.S. To Buy Up Canada 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

MALLEY Bush Is Not Providing Israel And Palestine With ":The Compass The U.S. Alone Can Provide" 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE "Hawkish" Bush Directive For Israeli Withdrawal Is "Both Patently Hypocritical And Certain To Be Rejected" 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT 15 of 19 Hijackers Saudis, Further Eroding Diplomatic Relations With Riyadh 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

WRIGHT Intolerance Of Islamic Fundamentalism Is Social, Not Scriptural 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

USA And Bush Seriously Expects To Form A Working Coalition Gvt. Out Of This? 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

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HUFFINGTON The Gary Conditization Of The Terror Story 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

STARR PBS Discriminates Against Alternative Views 10/25/01 www.bushreport.com

MTA How Corporate Profit Has Turned The News Media Into A Bush Propaganda Machine 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NATION With Congress Out Of The Loop And The Media Subjugated, Who Will Question The BushAdmin Spin On The War? 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN New War Bonds Proposed Will Pay Off Special Interests In Bush Stimulas Package To The Rich 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Stimulus Bill Will Not Help Economy, Will Actually Be Harmful 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

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DOWD BushAdmin Keeps Telling Us To Go Back Into Shark-Infested Ocean 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN White House Targeted In Anthrax Terror Attack 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

AP When Asked Three Times, Bush Refused To Say If He Was Tested Or If He Is Taking Cipro 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Danger To Postal Workers Underestimated 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN White House Suspects Al-Qaida Caused Anthrax Terror Campaign 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Backs Off Claim That Iraq Is Involved 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

ENGEL Anthrax Was Mailed By Terrorists, No Matter What Their Motives Are 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Pentagon Work On "Super-Anthrax" May Be In Conflict With '72 Germ Warfare Treaty 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

SEIGEL Bayer Is Stocking Frear Frenzy For Drug Profits 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. And Canada Gang Up On Bayer, U.S. Gets Cipro At Generic Price 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

ALLEN Wall Street's Plan To Cash In On Our Trauma 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Second Miss. Incident Of Unknown Plane Dusting, This Time A Coast Guard Station 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

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BBC Pakistan Sends Refugees Back Into Afghanistan 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Pakistini Islamic Militants Prepare To Attack Air Base Used By U.S. 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

WISNOVSKY Bush's Interpretation Of Islam As A Religion Of Peace Is A "Facile Generalization" That Islam Resists 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

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NEWSWEEK Bin Landen Said To Be Within A 20X20 Mile Area In Afghanistan 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

USNEWS Anti-Terrorism Is Easier In Europe Because Citizens Have Fewer Civil Rights 10/24/01 www.bushreport.com

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DONNELLY Hawks Like Rumsfeld Because He's More Suited To War Than Peace 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT BushAdmin Decides To Work With Rebels Despite Political Dangers 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Military Reports "Incredible" Arms Stockpile In Afghanistan 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Rumsfeld Further Chills Relationship Between Pentagon And Media With Latest Finger Pointing 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

MONBIOT U.S. Oil Component Of Afghan War Growing Clearer To Observers 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

MORGENTHAU American Bankers Want To Kill Present Anti-Terrorism Bill To Protect Money-Laundering 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

BRENER Cost of Doing Business Under Threat Of Terrorism Will Be High And Long- Lasting 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

WHITWORTH FBI Considers Torture As Suspects Remain Silent 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

DP ED FBI Must Stop Talk Of Torturing Mute Suspects 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Terror Probe Raises Concerns About Civil Rights 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

MARTIN Citizen, Can I See Your I.D.? 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

STOLBERG Politician? Come Right In. Postal Worker? Stand In Line. 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Postal Workers Shocked Over More Deaths 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEMO Terrorism Helps To Break Down Church-State Wall 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

MILBANK Congress Balks At Giving Bush Emergency Powers 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

PFAFF Bush Being Accused Of What He Said He'd Never Do, Have A War With No Political Objective 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

COOPER If Cheney's Right About Civilian Casualties, Bush's Voter Support Will Tank 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

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CNN Crop-Duster Sprays Miss. Riverboats For No Reason 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

JUDD Thompson Confuses Message Of Public Health Preparation 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

SACK Congress Says CDC Needs More Money To Do Job. (Why Not Rescind Some Bush Tax Cuts?) 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

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MUWAKKIL Media Are Out Of Step With Democracy 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

DAWN Pakistani Jihad Conference Held Sunday Night 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Islamic Militants Urge Pakistanis To Raid U.S. Air Bases 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

SORENSEN Which Is It, Is The Taliban The World's Largest Dope Dealer Or Our Drug-Fighting Allies? 10/23/01 www.bushreport.com

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FDN Work Quietly Going Ahead In Alaska For April Missile Launch Without Congressional OK 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

MC KIBBEN An Oil Pipeline From Alaska Without Serious Problems? Yeh, Right. 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Prediction Of Enough Alaskan Oil Even Being Underground Is An "Extremely Remote Possibility" 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

ACKERMAN "Extremeist Christian Group Posted Warning To America On Its Web Site" 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

MILLER American Intelligence Suspect Iraq And North Korea Have Stocks Of Deadly Smallpox Virus 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

AP North Korea Calls For Military Alert In Face Of U.S. Further Arming Of South Korea 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BLAIR Bioterrorism Is Horrific, But What About Nuclear Terrorism? 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BL With Nixon's Slush Fund In Mind, What's Bush Doing With Kids' Dollars? 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

PARSONS Aid Workers Say Food Drops Cause More Problems Than They Solve 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

PARENTI Bush Began War On Terrorism, Support Of Reactionary Right Agenda, At The Same Time 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

SMH "Sensitivity Over The Legitimacy" Of Bush Leads Media Consortium To Censor Vote Study 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Greg Palast Says Consortium Study Set Up For Failure 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

GIRARDET Peace Will Not Come Cheap In Afghanistan 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

SJMN Pentagon Hires PR Firm To Explain Bombings To The World 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

LOBE War Not Going Quite As Well As Spinners Suggest 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

MARGOLIS The Use Of Media As A Weapon 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BURKE Why This War Will Not Work 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Lieberman, Mac Lash Out At Saudi Foot-Dragging 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Saudis, Like The Taliban, Say "Where's The Evidence?" 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Few Checks On Saudis Coming To U.S. 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Saudis Spending Big Bucks In U.S. To Convert Muslims To Islam 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

AP While We Defend Our Friendship With Saudis, They Were A Major Backer Of Bin Laden 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Saudis Warn U.S. Media Of "Repercussions" If Bad-Mouthing Continues 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

TIMES Bin Laden's Mother Called "The Slave" By Other Wives 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Putin Against Including Any Taliban In New Afghan Gvt. 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush And Putin Declare They Can Alter The ABM Treaty 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NOVAK O'Neill Now In Hot Water With GOP Conservatives After Attack On Tax Stimulas Plot 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED We Should Be Careful Of Civil Rights "Collateral Damage" Here At Home 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BW Plug Pulled On Radio Host For Criticizing BushAdmin 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

BLUMNER Privacy Is Just So Suspicious 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

SEE The Limits Of Waving A Flag In Time Of War 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHWALBE Professing Hard Truths 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT American Warplanes Hit Taliban Forces Near Rebel Lines 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Afghan Opium Production Gearing Up As War Continues 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

HIAASEN Now That Jeb's Given Tax Cut Money To Rich, Florida Faces $1.3 Bil Shortfall (Sound Familiar?) 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

HR Conason-Lyons Pro-Clinton Book To Be A Documentary 10/22/01 www.bushreport.com

HUFFINGTON Bush's High Approval Is Meaningless When You Read The Fine Print 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

BANNERJEE We're Saudi Oil Junkies And We're Selling Our Birthright And Our Beliefs To Stay Fixed 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

MICHAUD Cheney Warns Most War Casualties Will Be Us, Not Soldiers On Foreign Soil 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Foreign Power Intelligence Intercepts Indicate Second, Third Waves Of Attacks Planned 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

ALBERT Both Bush And Bin Laden Thinking "Treats Innocent Human Lives As Chess Pieces" 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

MC CARTHY Fund For Afghan Children Smacks Of More Bush PR 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

BOGGAN Nike Admits Use Of Child Labor In Pakistan 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER Which Is The Greatest Bush Blunder, Public Health Or Public Relations? 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

PURDUM "Dark Winter" Predicted, But Did Not Prevent, The BushAdmin Bioterrorism Confusion 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Confusion Itself 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

DIAMOND Terrorism Targets Become Most Demoralized When Their Society Seems Helpless To Protect Them 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

BARRINGER Has The Anthrax Scare Become The New Gary Condit Story For The Media? 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

REGA Interview With A U.S. Bioterrorism Doctor 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bayer Used Defense Dept. To Get Cipro Approval For Anthrax, Now It Refuses To Give Up Patent To Generics In Growing Crisis 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED BushAdmin Needs To Do Much More Right Now To Produce Adequate Supply Of Anthrax, Smallpox Vaccines 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED And It Needs To Forcefully Act Now To Fight Cyberterrorism 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

LEONDAR-WRIGHT Poor Will Suffer Most From Buh Recession 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

PALAST Nobel Econ Winner Accuses World Bank, IMF, U.S. Treasury 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

RUPPERT "The CIA's Wall Street Connections" 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Tells U.S. Executives That Terrorist Attack Sought Markets' Ruin 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS The Sept. 11 Attacks May Have Triggered An End To The Recession 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Foreign Leaders At Economic Summit Not Focused On Bush War Agenda 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Asian Leaders Decry Sept. 11 Attacks But Stay Mum On Bin Laden, Afghanistan Srikes 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush May Tell Putin The Bad News About ABM Treaty Today 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

WP Russia And China Reaffirm Support Of ABM Treaty 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

YN Indiana GOP Rep Says Just Nuke 'Em 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

NAVARETTE So A Group Of 14 Syrians Want To Learn To Fly In Texas, So What? 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

MC NAMARA Abortion Clincs Have Dealt With Terrorists For Years, And It Continues With Traitorous Attacks Last Week 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

WP Tratorous Anti-Abortion Terrorists Use Anthrax Threat To Spread Fear 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

GREENE Airline Pilots Warned FAA About Sept. 11 Hijackings...Thirty-One Years Ago 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

WP Airport Security Is Still Spotty 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

SCHMEMANN The Possibility Of A Stable Afghani State Growing Out Of War's Ashes Is Low 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

MAASS Why Pakistan's Youth Are Tinder For Muslim Extremism 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

ADDARIO Bin Laden Has Ardent Female Followers In Muslim Fundamentalist Schools For Women In Pakistan 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

LIEVEN Conflict Between Pakistan And India Over Kashmir Could Weaken Masharraf 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

DUGGER India And Pakistan Present Nuclear Question Mark 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

GAUTUM Cracks In U.S. Pakistan Alliance Beginning To Show 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Israelis, Saying Arafat Isn't Doing Enough, Occupy 6 West Bank Towns 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

SONTAG What About The 600 Who Have Been Detained Since Sept. 11? 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

TONER Terrorism Has Created Psychic Wound In Nation's Capitol 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

SCHULZ Why A Military Solution Won't Make Us Safe 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER Three Arguements Against This War 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

HIRST Avoiding A War Without End 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

TT Three Bush Protesters Plan To Sue Tampa Police 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

SS "Strident," "Irresponsible" Coulter Goes Off The Deep End 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

KUNITZ The Truth Is Out There, But Try Not To Laugh 10/21/01 www.bushwatch.com

DIEBEL Ten Questions CNN Should Ask Bush 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

SOLOMON Bush Is Not Tongue-Tied About War, Death, and "No" --Miller 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

WITCOVER We Must Do A Better Job Of Explaining To The Islamic World: It's The Oil, Stupid! 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

ABC Domestic Terrorist Abortion Traitors Take Up FBI's Time 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC 100 U.S. Troops Raid Afghanistan, Pentagon Mum On Results 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Troops Hit The Ground With Electronic Propaganda Planes Above 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN What, Exactly, Are Special Forces? 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Such Lightning Raids Will Be A Major Component Of The War From Now On 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Afghan Rebels Have "Record Of Brutality" --Human Rights Watch 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

TOYNBEE Taliban Preventing Food From Reaching The People, Use Money Saved For Guns 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

WOOD Effectiveness Of U.S. Bombing In Doubt 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHULZ Terrorism Is The Symptom, Not The Disease 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

POWER U.S. Is Out On A Long Limb, And Time Is Running Out 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

HUSSAIN Anti-Terrorism Has Roots In U.S. Foreign Policy 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Al-Qaida Agent Alleges China Paid Bin Laden Millions For Look At Unexploded U.S. Missiles 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

WP The China, Bin Laden Link 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC Sharon Warns Of More Israeli Violence In Palestine Unless Cabinet Minister Killers Are Turned Over 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER Drug Industry Accused Of War Profiteering 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

MEYERSON Next, Will Bush Privatize Anthrax Protections By Calling In A Pest-Control Service? 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

USA House Shutdown Hurts Public Trust 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

RITTER No Evidence Saddam Responsible For Anthrax Attacks 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

GALLOWAY MP Plans To Tell 11 Downing St. That He Will Not Be Gagged About the War 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

JEZER Bush-Ashcroft Anti-Terrorism Bill Is An Attack On Our Bill Of Rights 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

KNIGHT Destruction Of Ecosystems Pointed To As Cause Of More Natural Disasters 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

O'FARRELL Let's Have Another Pint In Our Battle Against Terrorism 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

HOGGART Brit Says It's Up To Him To Continue Waving The Bush Dimwit Flag 10/20/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Canada, Unlike U.S., Says Screw Bayer, We're Going Cipro Generic 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYP ED Did Pataki, Hastert Make A Mistake By Shutting Down? 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Shame On Hastert, He Needs To Toughen Up 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Two More Cases Of Anthrax Reported 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

HIGHFIELD Iraq's Chemists Bought Anthrax From America 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Ridge Finally Appears In Attempt To Turn Around Negative Feelings About Bush Info Handling Of Anthrax Crisis 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Ridge Fails Purpose Of Press Conference, Leaves Us Confused 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT CIA, FBI Point Fingers At Each Other 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

PAGE Initial Air Strategy Vs. Afghanistan Is Not Working, As Kosovo Demonstrated 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Special Forces Have Opened A Ground Campaign 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

CPD Cheney At Head Of "Continuity" Government Forming At Secret Sites 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

KEILLOR Minnesota Guv Is Pulling A "Cheney" 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

REEVES War Press Wants To Appear Authoritative While Its Being Manipulated And Lied To 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

RALL There Is A Middle Ground Between Mindless Bombing And Midless Pacifism 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Special Forces Open Afghan Ground Campaign 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Increased U.S. Ground Forces Aiding Afghan Rebels 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP War Beginning To Unite Afghans, Taliban 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP While Afghan Ethic Support Of Taliban Slipping 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Jiang Offers Bush China Support Vs. Terrorism 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

TONG Bush Terrorism Talk With China Fine, But What About Human Rights? 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Russian And U.S. Optomistic On Defense Issues 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

AP International Editorial Round-Up 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

LIVINGSTON Rumsfeld's Call For German Intelligence Indicates Bush's Failed Unilateral Policy 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

KRAUTHAMMER The Coalition Debate Rages On As Bush Sr. Man Raked Over The Coals 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Arafat Rejects Israeli Demand To Extradite Terrorist Killers Of Cabinet Minister 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Waging War Vs. Palestine Because Of Splinter Group Actions Would Be Terrible Mistake 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODSTEIN Influential Arab-American Leaders Tempering Their Criticism Of U.S. 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

GOODWIN Repression Of Women A Political Tool Of Islamic Extrmeist Groups 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

HERSH His Complete New Yorker Story On Saudi Royalty 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

JT Militant Islamics Object To Repressive Regimes The U.S. Backs In ME 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

MADSEN Tracking Bin Laden's Money Leads To Midland, Texas 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WFC Bush Sr., Cheney Have Big Stake In Saudi Status Quo 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Four Sentenced To Life In Prison For Embassy Bombings 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Terrorism Does Not Justify Ashcroft's Treatment Of Prisoners 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE States Need Jump Start And Bush Not Giving It To them 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Interior Fights With Wildlife Service Over Alaskan Drilling 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

KNIGHT Fight Over Arctic Refuge Intensifies With Clean Energy Blueprint 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

PEYSER A Coulter Prize Winner: "Celebs Skip Out During NYC's Time Of Need" 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

COULTER Ann Coulter Has Become The David Horowitz Of Female Pundits 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

BEAM Is Ann Coulter A Literary Copycat? 10/19/01 www.bushreport.com

CPD Cheney At Head Of "Continuity" Government Forming At Secret Sites 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WALKER Bush's Angry Rhetoric Keeps Americans On Edge 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

CTJ Bush Stimulas Package To Rich Would Almost Double Tax Cuts For Three Years 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

CLINES Widow Notes How Quickly Bush Bailed Out Airlines And How Slowly And Tightfistedly Airline Security Is Being Debated 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

JACKSON Bush's Mixed Message On Women 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MONBIOT New Anti-Terrorism Bill So Broad That Greenpeace Is Lumped Together With Al-Qaeda 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Ashcroft Tightening Up Release Of Public Records 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP 31 Test Positive In Daschle's Office, House Shuts Down Until Tuesday 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

ENGELBERG Why The Daschle Letter Is More Frightening Than The Others 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Tough Talk, Tears, Confusion, And Concern 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Anthrax Muddle: Many Voices, Few Facts 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

BUTLER Why We First Need To Discover Who Made The Anthrax 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com


NYT BushAdmin Actions Show Policy Of Backing Drug Companies Rather Than The Poor 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Medicating The Worried-Well With Cipro And Side Effects Not Good Med Practice 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Experts Say Other Drugs Can Be Prescribed 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Flood Of Anthrax Tests Swamp Labs 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Tom Brokaw Puts A Face On The Anthrax Story 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WEIR Russia Has More Experience, Tools For Combating Anthrax Than Any Other Country 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Thompson Says We'll Have Enough Smallpox Vaccine By...Next Year 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED We Should Avoid Constructing A Government Based On Security Experts 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Three-Mile Island On High Alert After Threat 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MARQUAND The Rise Of Islamic Militancy 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

PERRY Where Will U.S. Strike Next In Global War Vs. Terrorism? 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Says Afghan Blitz Will Ease Later Land Force Entry 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

TI Iranian Radio Reports US Troops On Ground At Kandahar 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

KROMM Should The War Effort In Pakistan Thus Far Be Called "Operation Infinite Disaster"? 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Israelis Demand Arafat Turn Over Killers Of Cabinet Minister 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

LYNFIELD Killing Stalls ME Peace Efforts 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

PINTAK The ME's Festering Wound 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SALTER We Had To Do Something, But Should It Have Been This? 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

CHERNUS Ghost Of LBJ Might Be Waiting For Bush 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WOKUSCH 32 of 35 Governments Prefer "Justice" Approach Over "Military" --Gallup 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

JAFRI Why Bombings And Warnings Are Not Working 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

CNN Bush Vows To Continue To Wage War, Even If Public Tires 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SANGER Bush New Terrorist Focus Demands Change In China Policy 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Should Use China Visit To Clarify A Deal Against Terrorism 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE Bush China Message Should Be If You Want To Have Prosperity You Must Defeat Terrorism 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Powell Tells India New Relationship With Pakistan Won't Be At Their Expense 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MZZ ED Musharraf May Get Tripped Up In Kashmir 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MIAN Walk Softly In Nuclear South Asia 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

DU The Daily War Watch: The Saudi Question 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC A Friend Of America: An Interview With Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC CNBC’s Exclusive Interview With Saudi Prince Alwaleed 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT House Bill Includes Anti-Banker Money Laundering Provision, Sunset Clause For Anti-Terrorism Restrictions 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

DJ AFL-CIO Says Bush Stimulus Plan "Misguided" 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Scalia's Anti-Labor Son Gets Senate Backing For Key Job In Labor Dept. 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT "The Wrong Man Was Inaugurated" And "The Bell...Can Never Be Unrung" 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

MH While Jeb Says He'll Consider Withdrawing Tax Cut To The Wealthy In Face Of Budget Crisis , It's Not On Special Session Agenda 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

WADE Chomsky's Idea Of Speech Gene May Be Proving True 10/18/01 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER They're Rich, They're Spoiled, They're Supporting Terrorists 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN The Roots Of Terrorism Are In Saudi Arabia, Not Afghanistan 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NY Portrait Of Saudis Is Of A Corrupt Regime Paying "Protection Money" To Fundamentalist Rebels 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Islamic Groups Say U.S. Support Of Authoritarian Regimes Feeds Radical Members Of Their Populace 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

BRODY Governments Around World Justifying Repression In The Name Of Anti-Terrorism 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. Backing Iran By Trying To Stop Anti-Iran Testimony By American Hostages 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

PILGER War American Style Is Military Protection Of Economic Interests With Citizens As Hostages 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

DANNER Terrorists Attacking Greatest American Vulnerability, Our Minds 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

DOWD "Now That Things Are Outside Our Control, They Tell Us To Take Control" 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYP WTC Widow Tangled Up In Government Red Tape 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Anthrax Scare Having Its Effect As Psychological Warfare 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Anthrax Fear Now Grips Entire Nation 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Highly Potent Athrax Found In Daschle Letter 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Daschle's Anthrax Powder Is Sign Of Escalating Threat 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Spore War Classic Terrorism Tactic 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT ED Companies Getting In Line At Anthrax Scare Government Money Trough 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

HOAGLAND Kill The Elephant First, Worry About Shame Later 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

KAGAN A Coalition Of The Unwilling Will Only Drag Us Down To Defeat 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

GLENNY Effort Must Be Made To Prevent Balkans From Turning Into Terrorisms Black Hole 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

MEYERSON BushAdmin Has Little Grasp Of The Long-Range Problems We Face 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER The Era Of Despised Government Is Over 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WALZER There Is No Excuse For Terrorism 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

BEGALA Republican Voices Are Sunshine Patriots 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

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KALB Bush Needs To Understand That An Open Press Is Not The Enemy 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

MTA Is There An Ongoing Media Cover-Up Of A Gore Victory? 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Powell, Musharraf Outline Post-Taliban Political Order 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

TYLER Powell Says Moderate Taliban Reps In New Gvt. OK With Him 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WOLFSTHAL U.S. Needs Contingency Plan For Pakistani Nuke Arsenal 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Before Sept 11 Bush Ignored India Vs. Pakistan, Now He Can't 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush May Waive China Sanctions On Eve Of His Visit 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LITWAK Hazardous World May Help U.S., China Relationship 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Taliban Forces "Eviserated," Rebels Ready To Move In 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Let's Face It, Our Special Ops Record Is Not Very Good 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

HOPSICKER Did Terrorists Train At U.S. Bases? 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

LAT Yemen Files Connect Sept. 11 With Cole And African Attacks 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

SHORROCK Nobel Economic Winner Goes To D.C. To Fight Against Bush Stimulus Package 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

SAMUELSON The Fed Has Just About Run Out Of Gas 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

IND Terror Inside Dealers Have Yet To Collect Their Winnings 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT We're Paying 35X More For Cipro In U.S. Than People Are In India. 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP U.S. Pays For Exclusive Satellite Imagery Of Afghanistan It Doesn't Need 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Wonder How Bush Is Doing With That June Extended Deadline To Release The Reagan Papers? 10/17/01 www.bushreport.com

PRICE Guess Who's Paying For The War? The Poor, Of Course 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE What The Hell Is Going On? 12 Questions 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

WPCoalition Fears That Wolfowitz, Hawks Could Lead Bush Into World Conflagration 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN Iran's Khamenei Says U.S. Dragging All Into World War10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS Once More , Dems Sell Out Agenda In Face Of Bush Political Pressure 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

HARTUNG Most Of This Year's Increase In Military Spending Has Nothing To Do With War On Terrorism 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT Bush Plans To Give Gvt. Money (Supposedly From Medicare And Social Security) To Insurance Companies To Cover Some Of The Policies They Sell To Us 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS Only One DEM Stood Up And Defended The Constitution 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

WRIGHT Bush's Contradictory War Policy 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC To The Military, AOS...All Options Stink 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

Kagan We Can't Form An Afghan Coalition Without Massive Forces On The Ground 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

HAYES Powell Drafts His Man In The Military To Help Thwart The Hawks' Plan To Attack Iraq 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S., Iran Passing Secret Notes 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

CONNERNEY Is Islam A Religion Of Peace Or Violence? 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

SAID Clash Of Civilizations Really A Clash Of Ignoance 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

FISH Post-Modern (Relativist) Explanations In The Face Of Fundamentalists 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

USN Rebels Take Our Food Gifts From Afghanis At Gunpoint. Profiteers Get Some Of The Rest 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Afghanis Slipping Into Iran Without UN Help 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

USN U.S. Bankers Fighting Money Laundering Bill To Protect Offshore Deals, Helps Terrorists 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

GREIDER How The Right Is Using Trade Law To Destroy Democracy 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

TOI FBI Establishes Link Between High-Ranking Pakistani Intelligence Offer And Highjacker Atta's Money Payments 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

TIME Musharraf Tries To Bring Pakistan Into The 21st Century 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

MSNBC Gallup Survey Of Pakistani Beliefs Must Be Disheartening For Musharraf, Powell 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Relations With Pakistan, Saudi Arabia "Reach Crisis Point." 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Rebukes Israel For Killing Suspected Palestinian Killer Terrorist 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

BBC Blair Calls For Palestinian State 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM Israeli Media Turns To Right 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

SILVERSTEIN Our Second Greatest ME Friend Is A Dictatorship, And So's The First, By The Way 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

WALKER WHO Wanted To Give New York City $10 Million? 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

FINEMAN Terrorists Anthrax Attacks Symbolically Stem Flow Of Information 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Anthrax Exposures Jump To 12 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Discloses Anthrax Sent To Daschel's Office 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Russia Offers U.S. Usable Anthrax Vaccine 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

TIME What Kind Of Bioterrorism Weapons Does Saddam Have? 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

ANDERSON Life Of An Anti-Taliban Leader 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED Can ID Cards Really Catch Terrorists? 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP Sick Scam Artists Suck Up On Sept. 11 Tragedy 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

AP "Brill's Content" Closed 10/16/01 www.bushreport.com

WP Yellow Drop Bags Of American Food Now Being Sold At Afghani Markets 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. And Uzbekistan Have Been Carrying Out Anti-Taliban Covert Operations For Over A Year 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

OLIPHANT Good Bush, Bad Bush 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SEEYLE Bush Up To Old Tricks, Pushing His Energy Plan As A Matter Of National Security 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

APPLE Bush Says We Sacrifice For The War Effort By Standing in Line. 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Tells Taliban "No Negotiations, Just Do What I Said." 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG First Phase Is Over, Bush To China And Putin, Powell To Pakistan And India 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ARKIN What Has The First Phase Accomplished? 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS American People Will See No Victory If Bin Laden Gets Away --Time Poll 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT While Tommy Told Donaldson We're Totally Prepared Right Now, He Says He Needs Another $1 Billion in Pills To Be Fully Adequate 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Senator Frist Says We Can Treat "Isolated Incidents" Right Now, But Not "Widespread Attacks." 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT New Tactic Of Terrorists Is To Attack Messengers 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Message Is Lost Overseas 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Rice Predicts High State Of Alert For Some Time To Come 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Missteps Cited In Responding to NBC Anthrax Alert 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Northern Rebels Making No Effort To Move Beyond Their Territory 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG Russian Military Hardware, Instructors Moving Into Afghanistan 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Saudi Missteps Helped Bin Laden Gain Power 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FOER Bush's Faith-Based Advisor Is Unreliable When It Comes To Islam 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Muslim Scholars In ME Issue Important Fatwa Against Muslim Terrorists 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Civil Right Advocates Concerned About Men Being Held Due To Terror Probe 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CSM ED Past War Mistakes Might Have Been Limited With Less Restrictions On Press 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Forget Bush's Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Government Needs To Back Up INS Choices With Cash And Oversight 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP CIA "Disruption" Last Summer Ran Out Of Time 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS Leading Airport Security Company Violated Fed Rules At 13 Airports 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Senate Votes To Federalize Job Of Airport Screening 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

JACOBY God Sends Trial To Man With Talent On Loan From Him 10/15/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DOWD Season Of The Witch 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Anti-Anxiety Prescriptions On The Rise 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

OBSERVER Hawks Beating The Drum. Now Put Iraq Behind Anthrax Threat 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Five More Anthrax Positives In Florida, Microsoft Letter Tests Positive In Nevada 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Says Stay Alert, Offers No Specific Reassurances To Increasingly Jittery Public 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Problems In Bioterrorism Response 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

STEWART U.S. Losing Battle Of Ideas 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

RFE Bush Uses Terrorist Attacks To Push For His Star Wars Plan 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Hasn't Dropped His Plan To Drill On Fragile Alaskan Land, Either 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

IBBITSON Media Conglomerates Suppressing News With Potential To Tarnish Bush 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

DERGHAM Flawed U.S. Foreign Policy Leads To Arab Deep-Seated Distrust 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

COHEN West Sowing The Seeds Of More Islamic Hatred 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Faith-Based Pakistani National School System Drills Students Into Religious Hatred Of U.S. 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Still Working On His Faith-Based Plans Through "Religious Charities" 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Signs Of Partisanship Reflected in Congress 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

ROSENBAUM 70% Of Bush Stimulus Package Goes To Tax Cuts For Business Interests 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NEWSDAY Experts Question Bush Unemployment Benefits Plan 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

RIDDELL Is This A Mousetrap War? 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Next Phase Is Targeting Elite Taliban Assault Force 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Impatient Rebels Plan Kabul Attack 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SACHS The Despair Beneath The Arab World's Growing Rage 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bin Laden Spokesman Directly Links Network To Sept. 11 Attacks 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Discussions Focus On Constructing New Afghan Government 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Although Bush Said He Wasn't Going To "Nation Build," He's Doing Precisely That 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SHAHRANI Afghanistan Will Work Best Under A Decentralized Government System 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

KAHN Afghan Destitution Is Now A Security Threat 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Our Relationship With Terrorist Tolerant Saudi Arabia Is "Untenable And Unreliable." 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

MH House Ok's Sweeping Powers To Eavesdrop 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT CIA Failed To Heed Signs Of Changing Al-Qaeda Goals. 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

IGNATIUS What The CIA Has Been Doing In The Shadows This Past Month 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WILL What The FBI Has Been Doing This Month 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP How The CIA, FBI, DOD, State Dept. Are Working Together 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

PURDUM How Will We Know When We Have Won? 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN ...And Now, Some Good News. 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Nobel Prizes To Two Truth-Tellers 10/14/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

PBS Cheney Interviewed For Thirty Minutes Friday 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KURTZ How Red Is An FBI "Red Alert"? 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Anthrax Panic In U.S. 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Powder In Envelopes Rattles Jittery Nation 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED False Leads, Internet Gossip, Outright Hoaxes Becloud NYC Anthrax Case 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CNN Anthrax Roundup: California Joins Probe 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GOODMAN The Fear Factor 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Cheney Notes Possible Link In Anthrax Cases 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAWSON Fight For Freedom Includes Right To Criticise 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TURNIPSEED "Stories Of Doomsday Danger." 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MILNE "Bush And Blair Have Become Bin Laden's Recruiting Sergeants" 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ZUNES "U.S. Military Response Wrong, Won't Work" 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SIMON "Intended To Unite, Displays Of Patriotism Divide Some Schools" 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SOLOMON Kids' Dollar Bills For Afghans Bush's "Cynical Media Manipulation" 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WPBush, Ashcroft Backing Bill That Makes Limits On Civil Liberties Permanent 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Americans Should Be On Alert To Protect Civil Liberties--Panel 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DERSHOWITZ Why Fear National I.D. Cards? 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Private Debate Focuses On FBI Use Of Internet Carnivore 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RICH While We Can't Catch Bin Laden, At Least We Can Kick Him Off U.S. TV 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BWT TV Networks Bend Over For Bush 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Al-Jazeera TV Ascends To World Stage 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BALZAR Losing Your Savings Is For Suckers, Not Bush-Backed CEO's 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Repugs Holding Foreign Aid Bill Captive To Get Their Way On Judicial Appointments 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP House Repugs Vow To Prevent Fed Security, Bush Threatens Executive Order 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Just Doesn't Want The Uniform Level Of Airline Security That Fed Employees Would Bring 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WPBush Spin Was Air Security Chief Fired For Being Too Autocratic. Happened To Disagree With Bush Re Security Assignments. 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Gephardt Cites "Failure Of Bipartisanship" In Bush Stimulas Package 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED It's Official, Partisanship Has Returned 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP House Dems Hold Their Own In Final Tx. Redistricting Plan 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Protesters Turn Fury On Musharraf 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Anti-U.S. Protests Worldwide 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Arafat To Meet Blair In London On Monday (Bush Refuses To Meet With Arafat) 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NAKIP Where Egypt Stands On Terrorism 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Mounting Evidence Of Iraqui Involvement In Terrorism 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Crisis Has Saved Rumsfeld, Put Him Up Front 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HEIKEL "There Isn't A Target In Afghanistan Worth A $1m Missile" 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Afghan Food Crisis Can Be Averted, Says Brit Official 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

IMC U.S. ME Policy In Theory And Practice 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LEWIS Bush Has Changed His Tune On Foreign Policy In Significant Ways 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DIONNE Republican Conservatives Growing Uneasy With Bush Foreign Policy Shift 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Sudan Is Test Case For U.S. Belief In "Freedom" Via Human Rights 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Saudi And Pakistan Assets Tied To Bin Laden 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Saudi Sheik Regrets Giuliani Turned Down Ten Million Gift To New York 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S., Uzbekistan Security Pact Might Make Putin Nervous In Future Dealings 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

OJ There's A Lot Fishy About Those Highjacker Flight Training Schools In Forida 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BWT TV Networks Bend Over For Bush 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Al-Jazeera TV Ascends To World Stage 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KINSLEY How Can New Yorkers Deal With All This Civility? 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SHAFFER Bin Laden Tops Novelty Toilet Paper Market 10/13/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP FBI Warns Of New Attacks "Within Days" 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

FRANK It's Time To Repeal Bush's Tax Cuts 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

MH Jeb To Make Deep Cuts On Health, Education Due To His Tax Cuts 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Bush's New Stimulus Package Will Cause Long Term Harm 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

TP Repeat After Me...It's All About Oil 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

JACKSON When War Is Over, Oil Dealers Will Be The Winners 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Says He Still Wants Star Wars To Thwart...Terrorist Attacks 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Text Of Press Conference 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Bank Lobbyists Attempting To Water Down Money Laundering Bill, Republican Calls That "Unpatriotic" 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

CP Former U.S. Ambassador To Iraq Calls Bush War Plan "Dumb" 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BOEHLERT Why We're Losing The Propaganda War 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

ALTERMAN Who Is Protecting Us From Media Self-Censorship, As In The Election Lie 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Administration Pressures Networks In Coded Language To Censor Possible Taliban Coded Messages 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BG ED BushAdmin Should Prove That Bin Laden Is Sending Secret Code Or Back Off 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BBC Giuliani Rejects Saudi $10 Million Gift, Apparently Because It Came With Request That We Examine Our ME Policies 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Arlines No Safer Today Than Month Ago --Union Officials 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Airline Head Quits Because Of Administration Interference In His Security Decisions 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Saudi Cooperation On Bin Laden Lags 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BOEHLERT Their People Prevent Many Arab Rulers From Backing U.S. 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NHA We Now Know The Gulf War Lies. How Can It Be Different Now With The Same Players? 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS Clinton Indicates Need For Intelligence Inquiry, Dole Disagrees 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Insurers Want Us To Help Pay For Their Payouts To Us That We Paid For Through Insurance. 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BG Ground Action Could Tax The Military 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

TIMES Russian Troops Already In Northern Afghanistan, 7,500 On Takistan Border 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP China Asks Help Against Muslims 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SIMO Gays In Egypt Are Treated As Terrorists 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SCOTS Afghan Truck Drivers Claim Not All Welcome Food Drops 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Aid Group Questions Effectiveness Of U.S. Food Drops 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BG U.S. Units Deploy In Pakistan As Nation Braces For Today's Protests 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

DU Horowitz Takes On Chomsky, Wraps Self In Flag 10/12/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

DART Where In The World Is Vice-President Cheney? 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KOMISAR Shell And Bank Of New York "Secret Accounts" Mentioned In Review Of Money Laundering Book 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Still Sees The War In Religious Terms, Now We Have A "Calling." 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Gets Networks To Limit News Coverage Of Bin Laden As "Patriotic" 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GREENE Bush Pushing The "Nastier" Senate Version Of Ashcroft's Terrorism Package 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Senate Will Consider Feingold's Anti-Terrorism Proposals, But GOP Continues To Stall Air Security Bill 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TP The Government Is Waging An Assault Against Public Interest Protections In The Media 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KALB For Reporters, Patriotism And Professionalism Go Hand In Hand 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DE BORCHGRAVE Major U.S. Newspapers Not Doing Their Job On Foreign News 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PODVIN "The Media Cover-Up Of The Gore Victory" 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ONION Freedoms Curtailed In Defense Of Liberty (Comedy) 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

USN GOP Will Attempt To Cut Off Fed Grants To Labor Unions, Like UAW, Who Question Bush War Policies 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Backs Down On Near-Total Restriction Of Info To Congress 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Bush Secrecy Attitude Could Undermine Public Support Of War On Terrorism 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WASSERMAN Why Are We Still Running 103 Potential "Bombs Of The Apocalypse" In The U.S.? 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DEBKA Chinese Muslim Forces Moving Into Afghanistan 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NALAPAT What's Behind Support Of The Taliban In Afghanistan 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP We're Stalling Northern Rebels While We Try To Get A Coalition Gvt. In Place 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Pakistan Grants Airfield Use 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HUSSAIN Can Pakistan's Musharraf Hold On? 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Attack Altering Politics Across Southeast Asia 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MALLEY We Really Need To Get Beyond Caricature Notions Of Islam 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bin Laden Uses Network Of Honey Shops To Move Drugs, Money, Arms. 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Military Advisers Will Go To Philippines To Begin War On Terrorism There 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HERBERT Hillary Works On Protecting Children From Bioterrorism 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WIRED Why Anthrax Vaccine Is Scarce 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Third Anthrax Victim Found In Florida Search 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Looks Like Bush Wants Fast Track Trade Authority So He Can Downplay Environmental Issues, And The Dems Know It 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SAMUELSON Now Is The Time To Make Some Decisions About Our Oil Needs 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP New GOP Tax Cut Proposals Could Cost Up To $440 More Billion In Ten Years 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT After A Month Off, Parties Are Back To Politics 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush's Residency Has Been Transformed This Past Month 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SAFIRE What Good Is Coming Out Of Evil? 10/11/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Taliban Attacks Pakistan On Border 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Shows First Sign Of Tension 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Job Of Maintaining Coalition Toughens 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Palestinians' Rage Tests Arafat's Rule 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Israel Must Support Arafat And Bush Must Caution Israel Re Provocations 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Bush Must Understand And Shape World Reaction To Attacks 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS Taliban Gives Approveal To Bin Laden's Holy War Against U.S. 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bush Stems Information Flow To Congress 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Congress Balks At Bush's New Limits On Secrets 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Still Considering Which Congressmen To Include In Secret Briefings 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED The Government Should Not Censor Voice Of America Or Al Jazeera 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BURKE Bush Turning VOA Into Propaganda Machine Would Be "Grave Mistake" 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SCHECHTER Investigative Journalism Or Cheerleading? 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AGEE Shaping The News 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT In A Policy Shift, Ashcroft Is Taking Control Of All Federal Law Enforcement Anti-Terrorism Efforts 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Feingold Trying To Stop Senate Leaders In Rush To Approve Anti-Terrorism Bill 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Feingold's Right To Slow Anti-Terrorism Bill Down 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BRENNER Colin Powell, The Owl, And Afghanistan 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Picks Two For Senior Posts In War Vs. Terrorism 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AHMED Jane's Says U.S. Had Very Specific Bin Laden Info From Russians In March, But Did Nothing 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT How Daschle's Wife And Other Airline Lobbyists Worked Bush For Big Bucks 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Helicopter Strikes Will Mark New Phase In U.S. Attacks 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Holds Out Threat Of Force Against Iraq 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S. Indicates Bin Laden Terrorists In Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia Likely Targets 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN What Tony Blair's Reading About Afghanistan 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Key Florida Sites Show No Anthrax Traces 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Official Says Florida Not A Test Of Our Response Abilities 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DOWD I Want My Cipro. Now. 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AKHTER We Are Not Prepared For Bioterrorism. How To Begin? 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Senate Dragging Feet On Airline Security 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN Why Republicans Dont't Want To Federalize Airport Security 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

YARDLEY Portrait Of A Terrorist 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WSWS Suspicious Trading Points To Advance Knowledge Of Sept. 11 Attacks 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT National Education Talks Languish In Shadow Of War 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MARLETTE Herblock's Pen Could Draw Blood 10/10/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

Note. Since Much Of The War News Can Be Obtained From The Sources Above, Today's Bush Watch News Will Focus Upon Selected War News And Other News Of Relevance. Commentary And Analysis Follows The News Section.

AP Kabul Resident Suggests U.S. Bomb During Day So He Can Sleep At Night 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

MSNBC A ME Intern, A "Surprise Left Behind," And "Soapy, Powdery Substance" In The Mail In Florida Anthrax Case. 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Natural Cause Appears Unlikely In Two Anthrax Cases, Called "Intentional" 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Ridge Assumes Security Post Under Potential For New Attacks 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT FBI Orders Agents To Shift Focus To Future Attacks 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Anti-Terrorism Bill Before Congress Prompts Worries Of Threat To Rights 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Arafat Sides With West, Puts Down Palestinian Riots With Deadly Force 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Saudi Arabia Has Been Targeted For Attacks By Bin Laden 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

LAT What Will U.S. Troops Do On The Ground? 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Ground Soldiers' Role Not Clearly Defined As Situtation Remains Fluid 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Rebels Would Like To Use U.S. To "Win The War" 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP Hughes And Rice Use Circumstances To Spin "Bush In Action" Stories 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

LAT What's In Those Rations We're Dropping? 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Limbaugh Says He's "Nearly Deaf" 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm


SULLIVAN This IS A Religious War (Must Read) 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NEIER Maybe It Would Be Better If We Didn't Think Of This As A Religious War 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Those Muslim Countries We Support Need To Promise Economic Progress And Political Liberty 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

TYSON We Need Money For The War Effort. Repeal Bush's Tax Cuts Now. 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

STEVENSON Economy Caught Between Fear And Gvt. Programs 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

MAYER Ashcroft Has Pushed The Constitutional Envelope 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

CONASON Rush To Conform Endangers Liberty 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

HENTOFF When Liberty Dies, No Constitution Can Save It 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SINGER How Detroit Became The Site Of The Nation's Largest Arab-American Community 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

COCKBURN Some Things We Need To Know About Saudi Arabia 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

GERGES U.S. Has Yet To Make Convincing Case To Arabs And Muslims 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

FRIEDMAN What Mr. Sharon Needs To Understand 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

FULLER After Dealing With Bin Laden, The Going Gets Tougher 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

O'HANLON Next, Comes The Hard Part 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

ECONOMIST Can We Deal With The Consequences Of Victory This Time? 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Pakistan Has Become The Political Epicenter Of This Conflict 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

TRAYNOR Boy Of 14 Wants To Avenge Father's Death 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

FINKEL Taliban Student Says Goodby 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

INMAN We Are "Grossly Unprepared" To Keep The Public Informed About The World Around Us 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NUNN Bush And Putin Need To Work On Nuclear And Biological Protections 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SAFIRE Let's Liberate "Oppressed Iraquis" 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

KONDRACKE I Want The Head Of Saddam Husseim 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

VON DREHLE Herblock's Importance As A Polical Commentator 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

ASHER Herblock Was A Good Guy 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BRODER Mansfield And Herblock. Two Giants 10/9/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP NATO To Deploy Surveillance Aircraft In U.S. 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP VIA TAMPA Anthrax Victim's Home Was One Mile From Airport Where Hijacker Atta Rented Planes In August 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP VIA INDIA TIMES Another Florida Man Down With Anthrax, ME Man Said To Have Been Within 64 KM, Asking About Crop Dusters 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MSNBC "The Bacterium Normally Has An Incubation Period Of Up To Seven Days, But Could Take Up To 60 Days To Develop" --Florida Health Spokesman. 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CNN Anthrax Bacterium Found In Building Where Anthrax Victim Worked 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Americans Resolute, But Nervous 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bin Laden Taunts U.S., Praises Suicide Hijackers 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TIMES The Undisclosed Proof Agains Bin Laden 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Arab Allies Unconvinced By Evidence 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG Northern Alliance Shares History Of Human Rights Abuse 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAT Powell Trip To Pakistan, Etc. Will Focus On Fortifying Resolve Of Alliance 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

JANE'S U.S. Ignored Russian Warnings About Al-Qaeda 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

Observer Germans Fear Neo-Nazi Link With Islamists 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Asian, European Stocks Plunge 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FP Onslaught On Kabul Imminent 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FP Fall Of Kabul Within Next 48 Hours 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Political 'Toonist Herblock Dies At 91 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm


BG ED This Is An Unavoidable War 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RICHTER Opening Assault Is Limited In Scope, Weapons 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GREENWAY The Deep Roots Of Terrorism 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MC MANUS A Two-Front Battle, Firepower And Food 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HAIDER Four Groups Of Afghans Involved In Conflict 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PRESTON This "Festival Of Lies" Will Only Beget Worse Lies 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ROSENBERG Watching A War Through A Keyhole 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SHAPIRO All In The Name Of Security 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KUTTNER Bush Economic Package Spends Too Little Money And In The Wrong Places 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SCHRADER Hawk Wolfowitz Still Wants The Head Of Hussein 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

Buckley Bring Me The Head Of Saddam Hussein 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MILLER Arab Regimes Breed Discontent And Anger At U.S. 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MAKIYA Arabs Must Fight Islam's Ku Klux Klan 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LEVIN Don't Scapegoat Israel 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HIATT What The Writers Wrote About Sept. 11 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BALZAR A World Too Intoxicated By The Wine Of War 10/8/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

IGNATIUS U.S. Planners Appear To Understand Our "Netwar," But Does Our Bureaucracy? 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

RONFELDT Networks, Netwars, And The Fight For The Future 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

OJ Bush's Idea Of Bailing Out Airlines Is To Approve Doubling Of CEO Pensions For Next Three Years 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN Bush Gets Specific And We Learn His Economic Plan Is "Cynical," "Wrongheaded," And Not Bipartisan 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP ED Bush Stimulus Plan Is "Bad News" For Us, Good News For Wealthy 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

KESSLER Here's How To Write A Positive Profile On Sec. O'Neill. Just Withhold Specific Info On His Policy Positions And Dumb Comments 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

DEVRAJ UNOCAL Waiting For Stability In Afghanistan To Continue Work On Pipeline Across Country 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

AHMED Bush, Blair, Musharraf Reportedly Working On Plan To Remove Taliban Government 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP BushAdmin Assumes Taliban Will Fall As Bin Laden Is Hunted 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

FEER Prominent Taliban Officials Fleeing Country, Religious Police Lie Low. 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

RHODE Afghan Rebels Are Not A Safe Alternative To The Taliban 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

ROY While The Taliban Must Be Removed, What's Left Is A Can Of Worms 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT How Solid Is The Evidence That Bin Laden Orchestrated The Attacks? 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP Bin Laden Aide Implicated As Attacks' Key Planner 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Ties Hijackers' Money To Al Qaeda 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT U.S. Military and Foreign Policy Decisions Explained 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

TPMHawk Hired Gun Perle Attacks Powell On CNN 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

DOWD We "Hand Out Bribes And Play Footsie With Those Who Sheltered And Exported Terrorists--And May Again" 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT ED Washington Appears To Be Downplaying Issue Of Russian Human Rights Violations 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

LILLA If Religions Don't Generate Hatred, We Need To Ask How Hatred Grows Out Of Religions 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT Rumsfeld Quotes Churchill On The Need To Lie, Tells Reporters He Won't Lie, Than Says He Didn't Want to Be Quoted, As CNN Cameras Roll. 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT ED What Is A Reasonable Response To Bioterrorism? 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

SMITHSON Gvt. Needs To Discuss Bioterrorism With Greater Clarity 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

HARRIS Conservatives, Of Course, Know The Crisis Is Clinton's Fault, But They Criticized Him When He Tried To Do Something About Bin Laden 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

CLINTON The Dangers Of Republican Isolationism (1999) 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Putin And Blair Are Leaders Who Seized The Moment 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

BRODER So Are McCain And Bayh 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP Losing Track Of Illegal Immigrants In U.S. 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

WP Britain A Refuge For MidEast Dissidents 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

ROSEN A Cautionary Freedom-Security Story From Britain 10/7/01 www.bushwatch.net/headlines.htm

NYT ED No "Smoking Gun" In Brit Evidence, But Enough For "Strong Case" 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

White House Said It Approved Brit Info, Unclear On Why It Won't Release Its Own 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SLOBODZIAN The Public Has Convicted Bin Laden, But Could A Court Of Law? 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FISK Why Brit Evidence Unlikely To Cut Ice With Arab Populace 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP While Iran Says Proof Needed, Behind Closed Doors Officials Say Bin Laden Did It 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN More Terror Attacks On U.S. Certain, FBI Warns 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Dems Reject Bush "Stimulus" Heavy On Tax Cuts 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HC Dem Calls Bush "Stimulas" Plan "Slap In The Face" 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Economists See Recession Now And Worse Ahead 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN New Plan To Destroy Taliban Could Be Operative Before Bin Laden Strike 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FLETCHER We Must Choose: Justice Or War? 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FLETCHER We Must Choose: Justice Or War? 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

" target=new>KING Greens Want Justice, Not War 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Osama Bin Ladin, Capitalist Tool. Justice Or War? 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Afghan Rebels Prepare To Strike Kabul 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BROWN The Taliban's Bravest Opponents 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Furious Bush Rebuffed Sharon Through Three Separate Channels 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SCHMEMANN Bush Paid Debt To Arabs For Cooperation--Pro-Palestinian Statement 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FISK Arabs Feel Power and Remorse. "Power Is Likely To Be The Winner" 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LEWIS Leadership On Both Sides Lacks Dometic Support To Make A Peace 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S., Brits Make Late Push To Forge Coalition 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Military Exercise In Egypt Could Serve As Staging Ground 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Blair In New Delhi To Bring India Back Into Play 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KELLER Striking Parallels Between Cold War And War On Terrorism 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WSWS "U.S. Airlines Exploit Crisis To Slash Jobs, Benefits" 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WSWS Widespread Violations Of Civil Liberties In U.S. Dragnet 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GOODMAN What Do We Tell The Kids? 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Stock In Biometric Camera Technology On The Rise 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PBP Jeb's Tax Cuts Have Created A Judicial Crisis In Florida 10/6/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RIVERS Waving The Flag Is The Easy Part 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Fleischer Suggests Reporters Are Interested In Evidence, But Not The American People 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BABINGTON Dems Turn To Populist Issues As Politics Returns 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAT ED Bush Needs To Change His Economic Policies Just Like He Did His Foreign Policies 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MERRITT Let's Look At Root Causes In Our War On Terrorism 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BALZAR Is America Going To Change, Now? 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HUFFINGTON Bush's Return To "Normalcy" Means Getting Back To Key Issues 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BBC U.S Begins Ground Deployment 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FULLER Muslims Admire American Democracy, But Wonder If U.S. Is Constant To Its Values 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CT Bush Tries Carrot And Stick With Taliban 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS U.S. Mulls Securing Pakistan Nuclear Arms 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Blair Goes To Pakistan To Strengthen Support 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Uzbekistan Offers An Airbase, But Not For Attacks 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Rumsfeld Secures Aid Of Oman Bases For War Use 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SENSTANOVICH We Need To Realize What We Are Getting Into With Russia As Our Ally 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Bush Must Balance Pressure Between Israel and Palestine 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT White House Rebukes Sharon For "Appeasement" Statement 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BBC Sharon Moves To "Appease" U.S., But Does Not Apologize 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAT Dems Say Bush Jobless Aid Package Falls Short Of Need 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BLOOM Senate Dems, Ashcroft, Agree To Bill, But Ashcroft Plans To Continue Pushing For More 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Gephardt Says He Will Fight Bush On Trade Authority 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG GOP Blocking Airline Security Bill By Insisting Upon Privatizing 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

JACKSON Airport Screeners Must Be Federalized 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FORD America Is Ill-Prepared To Deal With Bioterror Threat 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CT Bill Places Tight Controls On Visas 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Mike Mansfield Dead At 98. 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BALZAR Do Your Duty And Take A Vacation 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP The Wisdom Of Ann Coulter 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RENO Bush Should Be Congratulated For Not Hiring Ann Coulter 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RC Harris Will Be Sure To Get The (Dem) Voters To The Polls 10/5/01late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KLEIN And The Biggest Political Opportunist Award Goes To... 10/5/01 late ed. www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP "100 % Chance Of Attack Should U.S. Strike Agghanistan" 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT British Detail Bin Laden's Links To U.S. Attacks 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Text Of Britain's Bill Of Particulars 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Summary Of British Evidence Against Bin Laden 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Blair Leaves British Awed Or Seething 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Russian Jet From Israel Explodes 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Informs Labor Dept. In Speech: "We Will Fail." No Reaction. 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

TRANSCRIPT "Evildoers...Hurt Our Buildings...Obviously Affecting Some Family Lives..." --Bush 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WHITE HOUSE "The best way to realize this country is to learn how to read and write." --Bush 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WHITE HOUSE "This Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport." --Bush "(Applause.)" 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

WHITE HOUSE "Both Americans and Muslim friends and citizens, tax-paying citizens, and Muslims in nations were just appalled..." --Bush 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

BW In Severe Denial. Bush's Language Problem. 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

FLOYD Who Benefits Most From The "War Against Terror"? 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

CHERBONNIER Yes, Who Benefits Most From The "War Against Terror"? 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

CP It's The Money, Stupid. 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

COOPER Does Bush Really Want A Full-Time War And A Full-Blown Recession? 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SALETAN Citizens, Lawmakers Tapping Brakes On Bush Bandwagon 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

HC Bush Personal Lawyer New Envoi To Saudi Arabia 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT Sharone Invokes Munich In Warning U.S. About "Appeasement" 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

GRANMA Castro Agrees To Implement U.N. Terrorism Plan 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

AVRILL In Dire Need Of A Patriotism Of Dissent 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

GUTTING The Dangers Of Silencing Disagreement 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

MSNBC Chatting With Chomsky 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

HITCHENS Against Rationalization (Attack On Chomsky) 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

IIE Chomsky Responds To Hitchens 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

IIE Political Websites Downed After "Homeland Security" Threat 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

LAW What 70% Of Afghanistan Listens To Each Week 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

SPT ED Jeb's Tax Cutting Lands Florida In Serious Financial Trouble 10/5/01 www.bushwatch.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Bush Needs To Tell Ashcroft To "Desist From Making Scurrilous Remarks" 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Sen. Byrd Tells Nation's Health Sec. To Stop Misleading The Public Re Being Prepared For Bioterrorism 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bush Wants $25 Bil Over $50 Bil Over $40 Bil With No Written Plan Indicating How He Will Use The Deficit Spending Cash 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Bush Idea To Speed Up Tax Cuts To Wealthy To Stimulate Economy Makes Little Sense. In Fact, Cuts Should Be Eliminated . 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SAMUELSON Suggested Rules For Stimulus Package 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG ED If Bush Really Wants To Stimulate The Economy, Give It To The Poor. They'll Spend It. 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN It's Not The Terrorist Attack That Threatens The Economy, It's The Timing. [long piece] 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Allies Doubt Delays Air Strikes 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Congress Concerned That Military Action In Afghanistan Could Inflame The Arab World 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DFP 100 Questions And Answers About Arab-Americans 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PAPE No Public Evidence Harms Our Cause In Eyes Of World 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

APPLE Rumsfeld's Problem Is He's Looking For A Blank Check From Unaligned Countries 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SAFIRE Are We Buying Retribution Against One Terrorist Gang With Promises Not To Touch Terrorist Nations? 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Why Weren't Two Major Anti-Israeli Terrorist Groups Included In Bush's Executive Order Against Terrorism? 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Rumsfeld Face-to-Face With Saudis Is To Get Approval For Use Of Air Bases 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Putin Softens Stance Against NATO Expansion For War On Terrorism 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Quid Pro Quo Or More? Bush Putting Putin Pressure On Chechnya Officials 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN U.S. Asks NATO For Military Support, But Not For Combat Troops 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

YOUNG Wolfowitz Was U.S. Point Man In Delivering Military Isolationist Message To Europe 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP European Response To Bush Mixed Along Line Of Unilateralist or Multilateralist. 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Panic And Defection Reports Swirl Out Of Afghanistan 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CUPATO Afghan Fighters Should Never Be Underestimated 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Allied Planes Hit Iraq For Second Day 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WILL White House Aide Suggests Super Pop Concert To "Educate" New American Generation About War. [Honest.] 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

COHEN We Blew The Terrorism Story And Monica Made Us Do It 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bush Knows More About Arlington, Tx. Than Arlington, VA. 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MILBANK Reporter Confirms Normality Through Bush's Continuing Malapropisms 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GOODMAN Columnist Contends That Bush's Malapropisms Are Irrelevant 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WEISBERG War And Commentary 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Romanian Homophobic Hysteria Greets New American Ambassador 10/4/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PODVIN Unnamed Source Claims Newspapers Refuse To Release Largest Study Of Election Because Gore Won 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Perhaps Gore Will Address Consortium Self-Censorship At Dem Gathering 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BRODER Sudden Trust In BushAdmin Is A Hope, Because It's Not Based On Its Past Performance 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BALZ White House Credibility Has Suffered While Trying To Keep Spokesmen On Same Page 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MENON Trust, Propaganda, And The War On Terrorism 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT NATO Says U.S. Has "Clear And Compelling Proof" Against Bin Laden 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

POWELL INTERVIEW Some Countries Call The Evidence "Interesting, But Circumstantial" 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Hey, BushAdmin, What About Sharing Some Actual Evidence With The People? 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bush Backs Vision Of Palestinian State (Why No Story In NYT?) 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Is Bush Sending Arab Nations A Quid-Pro-Quo Signal? (Looks Like It.) 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SCHLEISINGER "The campaign against terrorism may well produce collateral damage to the economy and encroachment on the Bill of Rights" 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LA FRANCHI Don't Count On Bush To Move Away From His "Me First, Screw You" Foreign Policy 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Bush Has Broken Promise Not To Divide Terrorists Into Bad And Good Camps. 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Deploying Regular Troops In Ex-Soviet Republics 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Pentagon Trying To Avoid Use Of Pakistan Bases 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SCHEER Thugs Make Unreliable Allies 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT If Afghan Refugee Problem Is "Top Priority," Why Don't We Have Top Priority Leadership? 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Congress Wise Not To Be Stampeded By Ashcroft Into Giving Up Civil Liberties 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAT Key Dem Blames White House For Anti-Terrorism Stall 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bush Says He Would Accept Fed Security On Airlines, But Would Rather Give The Deal To Private Companies 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Parties Disagree On Specifics Of Bush-Congress Spending Agreement 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Record Shows Various Specific Warnings About Air Attack, Even One About Bin Laden And Air Attack 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Powell Says There Were Unclear Signs Of Terrorist Attack 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP How Bin Laden Slipped Away To Afghanistan in '96 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP How A Pakistani Coup Foiled Another Plot In '99 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Fed Cuts Interest Rates To Lowest Level Since '88 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP What Happens When Fed Rates Are Lowered? 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Fed Rate Cuts Are Nice, But More Is Needed 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DOWD "Terrorists Taught Us... We Are More Than The Sum Of Our Stuff" 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KURTZ Ann Coulter's "Jaw-Dropper" Earns Exit From National Review 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

QUINN This Woman Needs To Know, Now 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GOODE Rational And Irrational Fears Combine In Terrorism's Wake 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Katherine Harris Will Run For Congress Next Year 10/3/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FRIEDMAN "Bush denigrated Washington during his campaign and repeated the selfish mantra about the surplus...How thankful we are today that we have a Washington, D.C., with its strong institutions...not to mention a surplus to help manage our way out of this crisis." 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

VALENTINE IDs, Military Tribunals Of Civilians Said To Be On The Way, But What's A "Suspect"? 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DIONNE Bush Trade Rep Using Sept. 11 To Jawbone For Bill 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED No Shame? Congress Repugs Want Alaskan Drilling Bill Attached To Military Authorization Bill 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

COHEN Conservatives Using Sept. 11 To Attack Peace Movement. That's Wrong. 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DARWISH Support Of Bush "War" Weaker Than Father's Because Aims, Direction Vague 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Musharraf Claims Bush Plan Is To Take Down Afghan Taliban Government As Well As Bin Laden 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT NATO Says U.S. Evidence Shows Link To Bin Laden 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ZAKARIA Bush Foreign Policy Of Fiats And Ultimatums Will Have To Give Way To Negotiations And Diplomacy 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LUTTWAK New World Allience Will Require Dialogue, Give And Take Previously Little Used In BushAdmin 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RUSHIDE You Can't Excuse Terrorist Atrocities By Blaming U.S. Government Policies 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED How Can We Support Anti-Democratic Allies Without Being Tarred By The Same Brush? 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED U.S. Should Not Reward Repressive Regimes In Ways That Would Encourage More Repression 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT With Corruption, Poverty, And No Democracy, Pakistan Is A Curious Bedfellow 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BLOOM Congress Refuses Bush's Request To Give Money To Repressive Regimes 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HERSH Why The CIA Still Can't Explain The Attack 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Focused On Bioterrorism For Years, And Still We're Not Prepared For It. 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LAT U.S. Believes Bin Laden Waiting On Our Attacks To Do More 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT ED Bush War Team Seems On Top Of Things, But His Economic Team Sure Isn't 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP "Patriot Act" Not As Much As Ashcroft Wanted, But Still More Than Civil Libertarians Can Take 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP Bush Puts Reaganite In Charge Of Voice Of America 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TP Media Conglomeration Means More Propaganda, Less News 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUTTING Censoring Dissenting Voices A Danger To Us All 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP U.S. Palistinian Peace Plan Derailed By Sept. 11 Attacks 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Before Attacks, U.S. Was Ready To Say It Backed Palistinian State 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP 5-4's Give Clinton 40 Days To Explain Himself. Clinton Says He Will. 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BG ED 5-4's Getting Ready To Compound Mistake Over Clinton 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BLOOM 5-4's Refuse To Consider Racial Profiling Re The Constitution 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AP 5-4's Will Consider Ed Vouchers, Congress Research Sees No Improvement With Them 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYorker The September 11 File 10/2/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN U.S. And Britain To Strike Terror Camps Within Days 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Dad's War Cabinet Firmly In Place To Deal With Junior's Crisis. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

LOMAX Bush Has Hidden All His State Documents From Public View In Dad's Library 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Bush Has Set Aside Millions To Help Northern Afghan Rebels. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GLASSER Some Allies Expect Bush To Ignore Their Human Rights Abuses In Return For Help 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SALETAN Our Allies, The Despots 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

AC UT Prof Writes "U.S. Just As Guilty Of Committing Own Violent Acts," Gets Fingered By UT Prez 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RASPBERRY We Don't Have To Justify Why They Hate Us By Understanding Why They Hate Us 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MILBANK Administration Warns Of Terrorism, Saudis Now Say They Will Not Allow U.S. To Use Military Bases For War. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Loss Of Three Predators Points Up Surveillance Shortfall 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

OBSERVER Colin Powell Is A Reluctant Warrior 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FRANTZ Americans Concerned Over Pakistani Nuke Security 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BRAGG There Are Two Worlds In Pakistan, And One Is Enraged 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TIGER We Have A Worldwide Young Male Problem, And The Terrorists Are Part Of It 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PLOTZ Was Iraq Involved? 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Iran Assails Terror, Opposes U.S. Attack 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REEVES After "Colossal Intelligence Failure," Bush Went To CIA, Told Them "He Appreciates The Great Job They're Doing." 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KING Crassfire's Bob Novak Plays Patriotism Card For Political Gain, Just Like NPR's Juan Williams And Airline Executives 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN The English Are Fearful Of Civil Liberties Risk 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HIGHTOWER "Parade Of Clowns, Zealots, Hucksters, Opportunists" Want To Save Us From Future Attacks By Taking Away Our Liberties 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KURTZ We're Now Supposed To Trust Rove, Hughes, Fleischer, And Card To Provide Behind-the-Scenes Truth? Have They Suddenly Changed? 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

" target=new>NOAH Whopper Of The Week: Rove, Fleischer, Cheney 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S. Inadequately Prepared For Bioterrorism Attacks 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT New Fiscal Year Expected To Run Deficit 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MALLABY Wall Street Looks To Clinton's Rubin For Advice, Which Says A Lot About O'Neil And Bush's Tax Cuts 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT With Stocks Finishing Worst Quarter Since '87 Crash, Wall Street Needs D.C. Help. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN Links Between Bin Laden Shadow Groups In Europe Coming To Light 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GUARDIAN The English Are Fearful Of Civil Liberties Risk 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HIGHTOWER "Parade Of Clowns, Zealots, Hucksters, Opportunists" Want To Save Us From Future Attacks By Taking Away Our Liberties 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED It's Time For Congress To Get Back To Discussing Non-War Issues 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DIEHL Although Crisis, Recession Have Turned Policies Around, Missile Defense Is Still Dead. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Italian Leader's Words WERE "Out Of Context." Wrong Century. 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP War Stress Has Clearly Triggered Pain For The Ill 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

BOOTH More Sex, Please, We're Terrified 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TOMORROW We Must Dismantle Our Democracy In Order To Save It 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

SPT Katherine Harris In Trouble With State Auditors 10/1/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN Nightmare Economic Possibility Seen With Massive Deficit, High Unemployment, Devastated Environment, Stagnation, And That's Prior To Terrorist Attacks. (long article) 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

RUBIN More Help For the Poor And Middle Class, Not The Corporate Rich, Is The Way To Better The Economy 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REICH If We're At War, Why Are We Told To Consume More? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HOAGLAND Will Bush REALLY Force American Banks To Clean Up Concealment And Laundering Practices They Now Tolerate? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

KRUGMAN Will Bush Be Able To Stop Conservative Pundits, In Particular, From Using "Patriotism" As Reason For Their Policy Proposals? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

IGNATIUS WP Columnist Says U.S. ME Policy Is Based On Oil, Not Protecting Democracy And Human Rights 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

ANGEL It's The Oil, Stupid 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

INGRAM Since Our ME Policy Is Really About Oil, Why Not Look To Alberta? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

CP Streaks Of Silver In The Dark Clouds 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

Bushies Say Dad Told Junior To Can The Bellicose Rhetoric. He Did. 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

TONER Now, Bush's Previous Attacks On Washington Government Seems Dated 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GREENHOUSE Now, Will The Supreme Court Drop Its Mistrust Of Washington Government? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT The U.S. Has Been Trying To Kill Bin Laden For Three Years 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Bin Laden's Whereabouts Sketchy 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

REUTERS Taliban Says Bin Laden Under Their Control, Being Hidden For His Safety 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DOBBS Members Of Bin Laden Family On Both Sides Of Conflict 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Fearing Harm, Bin Laden Kin Fled U.S. 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

HASHMI Bin Laden's "Fatwa" Is Political, Not Religious 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT Large U.S. Force Now In Place In Afghan Area 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

GM TV Station Stands Firm On Report Of Captured U.S. Commandos 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

PERRY Can Powell Head Off The Pentagon's Blueprint For A New Kind Of War? 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Afghanistan Has Been Living In A Culture Of War For Some Time 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NYT U.S. Seen As Vulnerable In Germ Attack 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP ED Protesters' Arguements Should Be Taken Seriously, But Their Solutions Won't Work 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP D.C. Protest Of Thousands Was A Relatively Peaceful Gathering 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

WP Hill Puts Brakes On Expanding Police Power 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

NGUYEN Bush Words In Defense Of Freedom Contradicted By His Actions 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

MOONEY Everyone Should Be Worried About Cracking Down On Political Dissent 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

FRITZ Bash The Arabs And Clobber The Left 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

EP Columnists Fired After Criticizing Bush 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

DOWD "We Should Dread A Climate Where The Jobs Of Columnists And Comedians Are Endangered By Dissent" 9/30/01 www.bushnews.com/headlines.htm

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