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KRUGMAN Nightmare Economic Possibility Seen With Massive Deficit, High Unemployment, Devastated Environment, Stagnation, And That's Prior To Terrorist Attacks. (long article) 9/30/01

RUBIN More Help For the Poor And Middle Class, Not The Corporate Rich, Is The Way To Better The Economy 9/30/01

REICH If We're At War, Why Are We Told To Consume More? 9/30/01

HOAGLAND Will Bush REALLY Force American Banks To Clean Up Concealment And Laundering Practices They Now Tolerate? 9/30/01

KRUGMAN Will Bush Be Able To Stop Conservative Pundits, In Particular, From Using "Patriotism" As Reason For Their Policy Proposals? 9/30/01

IGNATIUS WP Columnist Says U.S. ME Policy Is Based On Oil, Not Protecting Democracy And Human Rights 9/30/01

ANGEL It's The Oil, Stupid 9/30/01

INGRAM Since Our ME Policy Is Really About Oil, Why Not Look To Alberta? 9/30/01

CP Streaks Of Silver In The Dark Clouds 9/30/01

Bushies Say Dad Told Junior To Can The Bellicose Rhetoric. He Did. 9/30/01

TONER Now, Bush's Previous Attacks On Washington Government Seems Dated 9/30/01

GREENHOUSE Now, Will The Supreme Court Drop Its Mistrust Of Washington Government? 9/30/01

NYT The U.S. Has Been Trying To Kill Bin Laden For Three Years 9/30/01

WP Bin Laden's Whereabouts Sketchy 9/30/01

REUTERS Taliban Says Bin Laden Under Their Control, Being Hidden For His Safety 9/30/01

DOBBS Members Of Bin Laden Family On Both Sides Of Conflict 9/30/01

NYT Fearing Harm, Bin Laden Kin Fled U.S. 9/30/01

HASHMI Bin Laden's "Fatwa" Is Political, Not Religious 9/30/01

NYT Large U.S. Force Now In Place In Afghan Area 9/30/01

GM TV Station Stands Firm On Report Of Captured U.S. Commandos 9/30/01

PERRY Can Powell Head Off The Pentagon's Blueprint For A New Kind Of War? 9/30/01

WP Afghanistan Has Been Living In A Culture Of War For Some Time 9/30/01

NYT U.S. Seen As Vulnerable In Germ Attack 9/30/01

WP ED Protesters' Arguements Should Be Taken Seriously, But Their Solutions Won't Work 9/30/01

WP D.C. Protest Of Thousands Was A Relatively Peaceful Gathering 9/30/01

WP Hill Puts Brakes On Expanding Police Power 9/30/01

NGUYEN Bush Words In Defense Of Freedom Contradicted By His Actions 9/30/01

MOONEY Everyone Should Be Worried About Cracking Down On Political Dissent 9/30/01

FRITZ Bash The Arabs And Clobber The Left 9/30/01

EP Columnists Fired After Criticizing Bush 9/30/01

DOWD "We Should Dread A Climate Where The Jobs Of Columnists And Comedians Are Endangered By Dissent" 9/30/01

KINSLEY When Is Racial Profiling OK? 9/30/01

VALPY What The Crisis Is Teaching Us About Islam 9/30/01

NYT Muslim Clerics Beginning To Speak Out Against Terrorism, Distortions Of Islamic Teachings 9/30/01

NYT Scholars Call Attacks A Distortion Of Islam 9/30/01

BERKE New Kind Of Politics Reflects New Mood 9/30/01

NYT Attacks Mean No Dem Bills On Patients' Rights, Farm Subsidies, Prescription Drugs, Perhaps Not Even Mental Health 9/30/01

WP ED Although Trent Lott Said Follow The President's Lead, He Didn't Do It When The Time Came 9/30/01

NYT The White House Took Umbrage When Clinton Stayed Behind To Answer Questions At N. Y. Memorial Service 9/30/01

WP Commentary Against Clinton By WP Reporter Presented As News 9/30/01

AP Clinton Urges Blacks To Support Bush War Effort 9/30/01

NYT Gore Calls For Unity, Saying Bush "Is My Commander" 9/30/01

AYRES From Waging War To Waging Politics? 9/30/01

NYT MAG Essays: Elements Of War 9/30/01

KLINKENBORG American Culture Can't Live In The "Unanimity Of That Moment" 9/30/01

JW "Father Of President Should Pull Out Of International Consulting Firm" 9/29/01

HT "Hike In U.S. Defense Spending To Benefit Osama's Family" 9/29/01

CURTIS Who's Who In The Saudi Royal Family 9/29/01

WP ED While White House Has Spoken Out Against Religious Or Ethnic Minorities. Why Hasn't It Given Equal Justice To Political Minorities? 9/29/01

TALBOT Fighting For Freedom's Hard While War Fever Crowd Wants Everyone In Step 9/29/01

NYT Supreme's O'Connor Sees More Restrictions On Personal Freedom "Than Has Ever Been The Case." 9/29/01

HARTOG Our Constitutional Rights Could Just Go, Just Like That. 9/29/01

WP Army Considers Role In Homeland Defense 9/29/01

WP Congress Considering Powers Of Homeland Defense Office 9/29/01

MARTIN One Observer Paints Nightmare Scenario Of Jackbooted Homeland Office 9/29/01

RICH Administration's Efforts To Restrict Civil Liberties Have Brought Bob Barr and Maxine Waters Together 9/29/01

CORN Terrorism Wonks Call For Re-Examination Of Foreign Policy, Actions Abroad 9/29/01

DANAHER "God Help Us If We Are Unable To... Rectify Mistaken Policies Of The Past." 9/29/01

MOORE We Must Also Act Against The Conditions That Spawn Terrorism 9/29/01

LEE 13 Questions About BushAdmin's Fight Against Terrorism 9/29/01

NYT UN Security Council Unanimously Agrees To Crack Down On Terrorism, Including Use Of Force 9/29/01

NYT Bush And Dems Agree To Raid Social Security, Cover All Defense Requests, And Give Dems Half Of What They Asked For Education. 9/29/01

LAT How Will Bush's Privatized Security Guards Get Beyond $10/hour, Scant Training, And Limited Security? 9/29/01

LEWIS Thumbs Up For Powell, Rumsfeld, Thumbs Down for Ashcroft, O'Neil 9/29/01

WP Bush Says He Wants To Work With Dems On Financial Stimulus Package 9/29/01

NYT Rebels Ready With Info On Taliban, But Americans Have Not Asked 9/29/01

LAT Pakistanis Believe Attacks Were Caused By Jews, Hindus, Or Maybe Even Americans, Themselves 9/29/01

WP Saudi-Funded Charity Groups Under Scrutiny, Deny Ties To Terror 9/29/01

LAT Army Comes Clean, Destruction Of Chem Weapons U.S. Stockpiles Will Go Behond 2007. 9/29/01

OLIPHANT Lax Gun Laws Help Terrorists 9/29/01

NOAH Karl, Ari, Dick Team Up For This Week's Whopper. 9/29/01

NOAH Retract This, Please 9/29/01

IPPOLITO Casting About For Explanations, Some Blame The Internet. 9/29/01

LAT While '96 Study Showed Americans Interested In Foreign News, Corporations Have Continuted To Cut It For Increased Profits 9/29/01

AP Bush's Father Says His Son's Version Of Dad's Speech Was One Of The "Truly Great" Speeches In American History 9/28/01

REUTERS Idaho Republican Congressman Uses Terror Attacks To Push For Drilling In Alaska 9/28/01

CONOVER "BushAdmin Wants Us To Wage War On "?," Give Up Our Civil Rights In The Process...Rally To [ His] Illigitimate Administration," Or "Be Called Un-American " 9/28/01

NYT White House Removal Of Fleischer Quote Included In Story Listing Threats To Free Speech Rights 9/28/01

ABC Debate Sparked By Sontag, Maher Questioning Of Bush Use Of "Coward" 9/28/01

NYT Bush Law Enforcement Plan Troubles Both Left And Right 9/28/01

HENTOFF In Order To Protect Our Freedoms, The Government Must Take Our Freedoms Away 9/28/01

BF Bush Administration Should Drop "Thuggish Intimidation Methods Aimed At The Media And The American Public." 9/28/01

NYT The True Un-Patriotic Americans Are Scam Entrepreneurs Trying To Make A Buck Off Of Our Suffering 9/28/01

OJ Pacifica's Attempt To Censor NYC Sept. 11 Programs Met With Mixed Results 9/28/01

ABC Newspaper Columnist Fired After Writing Bush Showed "Cowardice" 9/28/01

WP Civil Rights Advocates Worry That Feds Overstepping Their Powers 9/28/01

CCOPS "Liberty Crew" Sees Homeland Defense Agency As Step Toward Police State 9/28/01

NYT Homeland Agency Will Work Like National Security Council 9/28/01

CP Cheney Reportedly Wanted To Step Down Prior To Sept. 11 With Ridge As New Veep 9/28/01

PAGE6 Hughes, Rove Reportedly Ticked At Cheney For Telling Russert He Ran Show 11 Sept. 9/28/01

MC KIPPEN If We Want Other Nations To Help Us, We've Got To Stop Being Selfish 9/28/01

NYT Bush Wants To Privatize Air Security, Mum On Specifics Such As Number of Sky Marshals And Increase In Wages 9/28/01

NYT ED Many In Congress Against Bush Plan To Turn Security Over To Private, Profit Conscious Companies 9/28/01

CSM Will Bush Air Safety Plan Restore Faith? 9/28/01

WP ED Airline Workers Should Get Unemployment Help, But So Should Non-Airline Workers 9/28/01

TIMESFAA Banned Rushdie From Flights One Week Prior To Sept 11 9/28/01

WP Saudis Will Allow U.S. To Use Military Bases On Their Soil 9/28/01

FRIEDMAN Putin Would Know Phone Numbers Of Thugs Who Would Fight Afghan Terrorism With Mafia Tactics 9/28/01

STEWART Finding Bin Laden Not Priority, But Finding Al Qaeda Is 9/28/01

WP In Afghanistan, You Can Only Draw A Line In A Maze 9/28/01

INDYK A Plan For Manipulating Our Interests In The Gulf 9/28/01

WP Taliban Still Trying To Negotiate, U.S. Says Just Turn Bin Laden Over. Period. 9/28/01

KRAUTHAMMER Bush Will Have To Win His War On Terrorism Where His Father Let It Slip Away 9/28/01

MERRY Visas Are Our First Line Of Defense, And Overworked State Dept. Needs Help 9/28/01

WP ED While The FBI Has "Failed Us Badly," We're Going To Have To Accept Limited Security 9/28/01

WP U.S. Ill-Eguipped To Deal With Bio-Terrorism 9/28/01

NYT Afghan Anthrax Vaccine Plant Has U.S. Worried 9/28/01

BLINDER What Economy Needs Is Temporary Sales Tax Cut 9/28/01

NYT Inside The Fallen Tower. One Story With A Happy Ending. 9/28/01

RRE Linked List Of Stories On Attacks, War, Etc. By Topics 9/28/01

SALON Here's A List Of Net Resources To Bring You Up To Speed On The War 9/28/01

ABC Book: U. S. Military Had Plans To Terrorize U.S. Cities To Provoke Fight With Cuba 9/28/01

AP White House Considering Politics Of Upcoming Social Security Fight 9/28/01

AP Most Of Dems' Promising Issues Are Now Off The Table 9/28/01

TAPPER White House Whitewashers Fight To Rewrite History 9/27/01

WP Key Gvt. Computer Systems Still Vulnerable To Attack 9/27/01

WP Military Strike Not Imminent, Officials Say 9/27/01

TELEGRAPH If U.S. Does Not Strike Soon, It Will Get Buried In Terrible Afghan Winter 9/27/01

NYT ED While Bush Has Campaigned Against "Nation-Building," What's His Game Plan For Afghanistan? 9/27/01

GUARDIAN Secret Memo Reveals U.S. Plan To Overthrow Taliban Regime 9/27/01

GOSSMAN Bush Says He's Not Out To Replace Regimes, As He Sets Out To Replace Regime 9/27/01

CURTIS Who Is The King Of Afghanistan, Is He Really An Option? 9/27/01

GUARDIAN Blowback Book Says Bush Oil Links More Likely To Limit Info On U.S. Policy In Late 90's Afghanistan 9/27/01

SALETAN Our Allies, The Despots 9/27/01

TELEGRAPH "U.S. Allies Are Killers And Drug Dealers" (By Rahul Bedi in New Delhi ) 9/27/01

TELEGRAPH India Officials Think Bush Will Look Other Way On "Pakistan Terrorism" In Kashmir 9/27/01

WP What Will Bush Do About The Animosity Between Pakistan And Rebels 9/27/01

WP ED Putin's Choice Will Have Great Significance For Future 9/27/01

GULLY As WTC Ashes Smoldered, Bush Rep Was In Russia Jawboning Missile Defense Politics 9/27/01

NYT Bush, GOP Senators Want Weaker Money Bill For Farmers During Crisis 9/27/01

NYT Puerto Ricans Better Get Used To Continued Navy Bombings, Now 9/27/01

NYT Terrorist Attacks Seen As Shifting Political Favor To GOP 9/27/01

NYT Advocacy Groups' Self-Censorship After Attacks Termed "Dangerous" 9/27/01

APPLE Bush War Plan Stalled As Powell And Rumsfeld's Wolfowitz Duke It Out 9/27/01

GEORGE WILL We Must Go To War With Either Syria Or Iraq, Unless They Recant 9/27/01

NYT Bush War On Terrorism Met With Some Skepticism By NATO 9/27/01

TOYNBEE Is Bush Really Undergoing "A Fundamental Recalibration Of Old Positions"? 9/27/01

WP The Attacks Have Shifted Bush Foreign Policy, But Not Always For The Better 9/27/01

TIME Why They Hate Us. What Bush Left Out Of His Speech 9/27/01

HITCHENS What They Hate About Us Is Our Liberal Values 9/27/01

COHEN One Reason They Hate Us Was Written About In '93 By Harvard Prof 9/27/01

MILLER We're All Learning That Ignorance Of History Can Have Dire Consequences 9/27/01

KLEIN Argues U.S. Military Is Incapable Of Launching An Effective War Against Terrorism 9/27/01

WP Bin Laden's Brain Trust 9/27/01

MSNBC Bin Laden Seems To Have Learned Quicker Than The CIA, FBI 9/27/01

WP ED One House Member Not Allowed To Vote, Even Though Her District Was Hit By Terrorists 9/27/01

GUARDIAN Recession In America "A Done Deal" 9/27/01

GUARDIAN IMF Warns Of Global Recession 9/27/01

NYT Both Parties Wary Of Corporate Lobbyists Looking For Bailouts 9/27/01

NYT Dems: Let's Help All Workers Like We Did Airline Workers. House Repugs: Screw That! 9/27/01

NYT Bush Plans To...Privatize... Airport Security 9/27/01

NYT Permission To Shoot Down Commercial Airliners Now In Hands Of Two Midlevel Generals, Not Bush 9/27/01

KURTZ Editorial Cartoonists Drawing A Fine Line These Days 9/27/01

TIME Special Issue On The Events Of September 9/27/01

RRE Links To Stories Relating To The Sept. 11 Attacks 9/27/01

KRISTOL Powell Is Doing What He Can To Pull Bush Back From Larger War 9/26/01

LITHWICK What Sort Of War Did Congress Declare? 9/26/01

THOMAS Read My Lips, Pt. II. Did Bush REALLY Promise To Defeat All Terrorists With "Global Reach." Uh-Huh. 9/26/01

GUARDIAN Was Bush Planning "Consequences" For Cole Attack, But Bin Laden Pre-Empted? 9/26/01

GUARDIAN What Are The Pitfalls For Russian In Putin's Support Of Bush? 9/26/01

WP Professor Helps Move Bush Away From "Crusade" Mode 9/26/01

WP Pakistan Warns U.S. Alliance With Rebels Could Lead To "Disaster" 9/26/01

NYT Saudis Criticize The Taliban, Cut Ties 9/26/01

NYT ED It's Up To The Saudis To Show The World That This Is Not A Holy War 9/26/01

ATLANTIC The Roots Of Muslim Rage. A 1990 Warning. 9/26/01

TAPPER Some American Muslim Leaders Are Unable To Speak Out Against Terrorism 9/26/01

WP U.S. Hate Crimes Against Arabs, Muslims Still On The Rise 9/26/01

RIEFF Pacifists Miss The Point About Bin Laden, He Really Wants To Kill You. 9/26/01

THOMAS Bin Laden's Game Plan 9/26/01

NYT Afghan Landscape Dotted With Taliban 9/26/01

WP Taliban Combs Kabul For Young Men Cannon Fodder 9/26/01

PBP Jeb Has Had Florida Under State Of Emergency Since September 11 9/26/01

COLE Ashcroft Desire For Unconstitutional Snoop Power Going In Wrong Direction 9/26/01

WSWS Feinstein "Hatches" Bill That Threatens Internet Privacy 9/26/01

NYT Greenspan Warns Against Cap Gains Tax Cut 9/26/01

NYT Spending Weakens As Confidence Wanes 9/26/01

WP Analysts Forecast Global Recession 9/26/01

PAINTER Military Was Prepared, But Financial Market System Was Not 9/26/01

WP We Must Take Steps To Protect Our Fuel Supply 9/26/01

COHEN Anthrax Vaccine Exists, But You Can't Have It. 9/26/01

VINCENT Airline Safety: FAA Leaders Are Politicians, Not Experts In Field 9/26/01

NYT Homeland Office Should Not Be Just One More Level Of Bush Bureaucracy 9/26/01

USA ED What Ridge Needs To Do 9/26/01

WP Terrorist Interest In Hazardous Waste One More Threat 9/26/01

NYT Terrorists Ploted To Kill Bush, World Leaders In Genoa Last July 9/26/01

BRESLIN Bush Flashes Cop's Badge During Speech. So Did His Father Against Dukakis. 9/26/01

GUARDIAN Poppy Holds Junior's Hand, Says He's His Own Boy...Err...Man 9/26/01

LE MONDE Les anciennes relations d'affaires entre George Bush junior et les pétroliers du Golfe 9/26/01

NYT Supreme Court Agrees To Look At Vouchers 9/26/01

SCHEER Falwell Should Have Listened To The Feminists 9/26/01

ABC Short Reports On Major Events Of The Day 9/25/01

REUTERS Leading Norwegian Leftists, Others, Say Bush Deserves Nobel Peace Prize If He Can Avoid A War 9/25/01

WSWS Socialist Web Site Points To Media News Blackout Of Their Decision Not To Release Study Of Bush-Gore Florida Vote 9/25/01

HUFFINGTON The Media Has Failed Us Again. It Focused On Condit's Zipper, Not The Hart-Rudman Report 9/25/01

HUFFINGTON Terrorists Begin To Win As "Shock Jock" Taliban Try To Get Bill Maher Off The Air 9/25/01

CT Weak Media Coverage Of War Caused By Poor Standards Of Journalism, Corporate Control Of Information 9/25/01

BW Read His Lips: Bush Can't Keep War Pledge, And He Doesn't Intend To Try 9/25/01

AP Rumsfeld Begins To Hedge Bets On Scope of "War" Against Terrorism 9/25/01

WOODWARD Critics Blast Bush Call For "Lengthy Campaign" 9/25/01

KIM Bush Is Still Saying He Wants To Work With Other Nations, But Only When It Suits Him 9/25/01

BLOOM Bush Seeks Global Freeze Of Bin Laden Assets, Reaction Mixed 9/25/01

BLOOM Islamic Charities, Bankers Hit By Bush Asset Freeze 9/25/01

AP Bin Laden War Message Indicates Bush Made A Really Big Mistake By Calling This War A "Crusade" 9/25/01

PARRY "Crusader" Bush Doesn't Appear To Understand What He Is Doing, Or History 9/25/01

CSM Bush Strategy Is To Use Afghanistan As A Model For Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, and Sudan To See 9/25/01

REUTERS Powell: Iran Must Halt Support For Terrorism 9/25/01

IT Saudi Arabia Cuts Off Diplomatic Ties With Afghanistan 9/25/01

KLARE How The War Against Terrorism Could Escalate 9/25/01

WEISBROT To Fight Terrorism, We Have To Change Our "Terrible History" Throughout World 9/25/01

GIBBS Are Our Present Actions Creating Future Terrorists? 9/25/01

BG Afghan War Vets Predict Peril For U.S. Troops 9/25/01

AP Nuclear Experts Worry About Pakistan 9/25/01

CSM How U.S. Strike Might Ripple Around The World 9/25/01

EPIC Forces In Congress Want To Change Electronic Surveillance Laws For Beyond Terrorism Defense 9/25/01

BLOOM Dems Find Some Ashcroft Surveillance Requests Go Far Beyond Any Need To Fight Terrorism 9/25/01

WP What Ashcroft Wants Has Been Tried Before By Him, Now He's Trying To Rush It Through Under Cover Of War Effort, Dems Imply 9/25/01

WP Privacy Advocates Really Bothered About What Ashcroft Is Trying To Do 9/25/01

LAW Last Week He Wrote An E-Mail, This Week He's An Expert. Tamim Ansary 9/25/01

CONASON Chomsky, Said, And Hitchens "Have Indulged In Ideiolgical Scapegoating" Against Israel 9/25/01

BERNSTEIN "Israel-Bashing"? Interview With Robert Fisk 9/25/01

NYT Investigators Not Finding Terrorist Network In U.S. 9/25/01

KELLER "Increased Intelligence Spending Will Not Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks" 9/25/01

BLOOM World Health Organization Warns Of Bio-Terrorism 9/25/01

NYT Battle Against Terrorism Has Agriculture Price 9/25/01

FRIEDMAN How To Survive: Play Terrorism Mind Games 9/25/01

SAFIRE It's Troubling That Powell Is Telling Us Bush Has Yet To "Work Out" Later Stages 9/23/01 (afternoon)

WP ED Bush's Speech Describing Why We're Hated Doesn't Jibe With Reality 9/23/01 (afternoon)

WRIGHT Bush Will Have To Adjust GOP Attitudes If He Wants To Keep Bio-Weapons Away From Terrorists 9/23/01 (afternoon)

CARR Myths And Realities About The War On Terrorism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

AGRE Is This World War III? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

FISK Has Bin Laden Sprung The Trap On Bush? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

GUARDIAN Saudi Arabia Says No U.S. Attack From Air Bases We Built In Its Country 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT Reports Have Saudis Giving Taliban Millions For Bin Laden Handover 9/23/01 (afternoon)

GUARDIAN Attack On Five Terrorist Camps Imminent, Sprcial Forces Ground Troops May Follow 9/23/01 (afternoon)

THOMPSON 90% Afghans Are Starving Farmers, And U.S. Must Find A Way To Feed Them During Conflict 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT U.S. Trying To Build Afghan Coalition Against Taliban 9/23/01 (afternoon)

KOMISAR U.S. Banking Laws Fund Terrorists 9/23/01 (afternoon)

GUARDIAN How Bin Laden Became The Financial Entrepreneur Of Terror 9/23/01 (afternoon)

KRUGMAN Tax Cuts Will Not Stimulate The Economy, And Neither Will Unrealistic Rhetoric Calling For Consumption 9/23/01 (afternoon)

WP ED Bush Wants To "Stimulate" The Economy By Stiffing The Poor, Again 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT Pros Not Rushing To Buy Or Sell, But Administration Jawbones Average Joe To Play The Market 9/23/01 (afternoon)

SMUCKER U.S. Must Win The Hearts And Minds Of The Afghan Authority 9/23/01 (afternoon)

RAMAZINI U.S. And Iran Must Work Together Against The Taliban 9/23/01 (afternoon)

HALLIDAY The Battle Of Two Worlds Appears To Be A Conflict Between Complacency And Irresponsibility 9/23/01 (afternoon)

SARDAR My People Point To U.S. Double Standards, But Ignore Their Own 9/23/01 (afternoon)

KAHN What Is Islamic Terrorism And What More Could Be Done To Combat It? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

YEE Four Things We Can Do To Defeat Terrorism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

TIMES ED We Need To Defeat Terrorism Without Encouraging Rise Of Radical Fundamentalism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

EN UN Rep Says Poverty, Environmental Degradation, And Hatred Leads To Terrorism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

BBC ED Why Is This Girl Asking Me To Save The Trees Now? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

HINDU India Should Be Happy To See Iran Join Against Terrorism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

LA FRANCHI Attacks Move Pakistan Up, India Down, ON U.S. Agenda 9/23/01 (afternoon)

VYAS Now That Pakistan Is On The Hot Seat, What Are The Dangers For India? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

CSM War On Terrorism Challenges Japanese Pacifism 9/23/01 (afternoon)

THAPA Terrorism Should Be Stamped Out Everywhere, If American Wants To Be Safe 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT US Certain Bin Laden Remains In Afghanistan 9/23/01 (afternoon)

CHINNI Solid Link Between Bin Laden And Attacks Has Yet To Be Made Public 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT US Will Provide Two Reports Of Evidence Against Bin Laden In "Days" 9/23/01 (afternoon)

HANSEN US Retribution May Make It Easier For Terrorists To Recruit New Members. 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT After Bin Laden What's Next? Egyptian Doctor? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

HIATT This Time, Americans Can't Walk Away From What's Happening 9/23/01 (afternoon)

ANDREW It's Patriotic For Both Dems And GOP To Fight For Policies During This War 9/23/01 (afternoon)

WP FBI Agents Ill-Equipped To Predict Terrorist Acts 9/23/01 (afternoon)

WP Voice Of America Staff "Stunned" By Armitage Pressure That Deleted Interview With Taliban Head 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT Dems Say Government Should Take Over Airport Security 9/23/01 (afternoon)

CSM Homeland Defense Won't be Easy Unless Americans Do A Lot More 9/23/01 (afternoon)

BERKE Political Substance Is Back, But Is It Here To Stay? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

BW Are The Benefits Of Living In Dense Cities Worth The Risk? 9/23/01 (afternoon)

KING Key Leader Of American Taliban In Bed With "International Pariah" In Search Of Gold 9/23/01 (afternoon)

NYT Defense "May Be Inadequate" For Germ Or Toxic Attacks 9/23/01

TIMES Worst Case Scenario Is Taliban Takes Over Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal 9/23/01

GUARDIAN Within Ten Days, Targeted Bombing Of Terrorist Camps Will Be Followed By Ground Invasion 9/23/01

TIMES Special Forces Invasion Has Already Begun. Powell Says Care Will Be Taken Not To Harm Civilians 9/23/01

NYT U.S. Knows Too Strong A Blow Would Bring Out Vulture Instinct In Surrounding Nations 9/23/01

GUARDIAN Fighting Most Likely At Night With Special Forces 9/23/01

NYT Bush Consults With Putin Re Northern Entrance Into Afghanistan 9/23/01

TIMES First Armed Conflict Of War Has Already Taken Place In Northern Afghanistan 9/23/01

FP US Inches Toward Allience With The Rebels 9/23/01

FP Sources Say U.S. Plans To Help Afghan Rebels Take Kubal, Install Puppet Regime 9/23/01

KT Former Afghan King Considered As Pro-Democratic (next to last) 9/23/01

TIMES American Shock Troops Prepare To Go Into Action 9/23/01

TIMES Kubal Looted As Order Disintegrates 9/23/01

WP As Afghans Await War, It's Hope For Some 9/23/01

GUARDIAN Tribalism On The Afghan-Pakistan Border 9/23/01

NYT Bush Relied On Rice To Form A Battle Strategy 9/23/01

DOWD How Can Bush Draw A Line In A Maze? 9/23/01

GUARDIAN Two Worlds Prepare For Battle 9/23/01

APPLEYARD Once Again, Why Do They Hate America? 9/23/01

SANNEH Perhaps The Problem Is Fundamentalist Governments Don't Know How To Relate To Secularist Governments, And Vice Versa 9/23/01

STERN Pakistan's Jihad Culture 9/23/01

BAS Getting Into The Minds Of Radical Religious Leaders In Pakistan 9/23/01

GUARDIAN "Threat Of U.S. Strikes Passed To Taliban Weeks Before NY Attack" 9/23/01

NYT Hunt For Bin Laden Gears Up On Cold Trail 9/23/01

KTIran Radio Says Bin Laden In Central Afghanistan (last item) 9/23/01

NW Blair Says "We Know Where He Is" 9/23/01

WP Bin Laden Followers Reach Across Globe 9/23/01

GUARDIAN "CIA Gets Go-Ahead To Return To Murderous Cold War Tactics" 9/23/01

NYT ED Ridge's Stature And Authority Has Already Been Undercut And His Task Is Unclear 9/23/01

NYT Once Appalled By Racial Profiling, Many Americans Now Doing It 9/23/01

MC GRORY WTC Terrorist Plot May Have Begun In 1990 With Murders Of Twelve Men Of Same Age In Kuwait Under Saddam 9/22/01

WOOLSEY The Story Behind The Above Story 9/22/01

NATION Opposition To Bush's War 9/22/01

BEINART "The Nation" Is Wrong In Supporting Peace Marches 9/22/01

RALL What "George W. Bush And His Tax-Cutting Maniacs" Have Forgotten 9/22/01

ANGEL It's The Oil, Stupid 9/22/01

REEVES "Just Roll To Your Rifle And Blow Out Your Brains" 9/22/01

NYT We Will Go Into Afghanistan Soon, The Rest Will Wait--White House 9/22/01

GUARDIAN Human Tide Threatens To Engulf Pakistan 9/22/01

REUTERS Three Killed In Pakistan As Anti-U.S. Demonstrations Rage 9/22/01

LEV Pakistan Doubts Swirl Under Gvt Support Of U.S. 9/22/01

NEWS Pakistan's Tribal Leaders Endorse Gvt Policies 9/22/01

TELEGRAPH One Nation, Two Faiths, A World Apart 9/22/01

BBC Pakistan Sticks By Taliban Ties 9/22/01

NYT Pakistan Will Be Rewarded. Nuke Economic Sanctions Will Be Lifted 9/22/01

EVANS There Will Be No "D-Day Invasion" Of Afghanistan 9/22/01

FELGENHAUER Initial Primary Target Might Very Well Be Iraq, Not Afghanistan 9/22/01

KAPLAN There Are Significant Differences Between Clinton And Bush Re Their Reading Of Terrorism 9/22/01

NYT Bush Says He Accepts The Responsibility Of "God's Plan" 9/22/01

FOX Islamic Scholars Find "Infinite Justice" Name For War Operation Insulting 9/22/01

ROSENBERG First Bush Was On A "Crusade," Now He Wants "Infinite Justice." What Gives? 9/22/01

FLOYD Russian Reporter Paints Doomsday Scenario For Civil Rights 9/22/01

NYT Airline Industry Helped With $15 Billion Congressional Bailout 9/22/01

NYT Tape Reveals Heroic Struggle On Flight 93 9/22/01

GALLAGHER The Hijackers' Plan For Flight 93 May Have Been To Get Shot Down By U.S. Fighter Plane 9/22/01

TIMES U.S. Will Bank On Brit Troops In Coming Conflict 9/22/01

NYT Some Arab-Americans Find Tolerance Amid The Turmoil 9/22/01

BBC Eyewitness Accounts Of The Attack On America 9/22/01

NYT Stars Gather on TV To Raise Money 9/22/01

STANLEY Will Real Life Change Our TV Culture For The Better? 9/22/01

VALPY First "Crusade," Now "Infinite Justice." Do Our Leaders See This As A Holy War? 9/21/01

NYT Bush Says He Will Attack Afghanistan Unless Taliban Hands Over Terrorists, Closes Every Camp 9/21/01

APPLE Bush Leans To The Hawks, Away From Powell, Which Could Erode World Support 9/21/01

WP Here Are Some Of The Specifics The Cheney War Room Is Discussing 9/21/01

BALZ Resolute Bush Launched New Version Of Cold War 9/21/01

NYT ED "Bush Accomplished Everything He Needed To Do Last Night" 9/21/01

BG ED Bush Stirring Speech Makes His Desire Clear, But Not His Goals 9/21/01

WP ED Bush Speech Was Clear And Confident, But His War On Terrorism Demands Strong Alliances 9/21/01

WP WP-ABC Poll Says 9 in 10 Americans Support Bush War, But Half Expect "Not Many" Casualties 9/21/01

WP New Peace Movement Urges Bush To Show Restraint 9/21/01

MITCHELL Joint Congress Turned Into Showcase Of Resolve 9/21/01

SHALES "Style" Pundit Attacks Peter Jennings For His Focus On Bush's Bigotry Comments 9/21/01

WP ED Is Rep. Cooksey's Blockhead Bigotry Acceptable To Those Voters Who Elected Him? 9/21/01

NYT Bush Chooses PA Guv Tom Ridge For Cabinet Level Terror Czar 9/21/01

NYT Transcript of Bush Speech To Senate 9/21/01

DIONNE While Circumstances Demand Bipartisanship And Dems Are In Agreement, Some Republican Leaders Are Trying To Take Political Advantage Under The Cover Of Terror Attacks 9/21/01

WALZER Intellectual Climate Throughout World Not Sufficiently Unfriendly To Terrorism 9/21/01

ANAN UN Uniquely Positioned To Fight Terrorism 9/21/01

SPECTOR U.S. Should Push For Continuation Of Weapons Inspections In Iraq 9/21/01

FRIEDMAN Arab States Have Yet To Confront Ideology Of Their Own Islamic Terrorists 9/21/01

HOAGLAND Terrorism Begins And Ends In Arab States 9/21/01

WEISMAN "Hard To Imagine Pakistan Won't End Up Feeling Betrayed [By America] Again" 9/21/01

RASHID Will We Walk Away From Afghanistan Again, Like We Did In 1989? 9/21/01

LEHIGH We Screwed Up Once In '89, So What Are Our Objectives This Time? 9/21/01

BRODER Now Will We Pay Attention? 9/21/01

WINES In Far-Reaching Decision, Russia Appears Ready To Throw In With U.S. 9/21/01

JACKSON "A Call For U.S. To Be Fair To The Palistinians" 9/21/01

WP Ashcroft Anti-Terrorism Steamroller Halted By Informal Coalition Of Left And Right Groups 9/21/01

NYT U.S. Identified Some Aspects Of Hijack Plot In Advance 9/21/01

BG Ashcroft Warns Boston May Be Targeted This Weekend 9/21/01

NYT FBI Warns Movie Studios They May Be Targeted 9/21/01

NYT WTC Evacuation Procedures Kept The Toll From Going Higher 9/21/01

NYT Looting Reported IN WTC's Tomblike Mall 9/21/01

VON HOFFMAN Our Heroes Are Fire Chiefs, Not Politicians 9/21/01

PHOTOSWhen Words Fail... 9/21/01

JANE Israel's Aman Suspects Iraq As Sponsor State 9/20/01

FELGENHAUR Primary Target Of Large-Scale U.S. Operation Is Sadam's Iraq, Not Afghanistan 9/20/01

NYT Bush Advisers Split On Scope Of Retaliation 9/20/01

REUTERS Past U.S. Interventions Give Lessons For Future 9/20/01

VENNOCHI Can We Really, As Bush Says, "Smoke 'Em Out And Get 'Em"? 9/20/01

NYT Bush Deploying Jet Bombers Toward Afghanistan 9/20/01

TAUBMAN Afghanistan's Deceptive Strengths 9/20/01

FERGUSON Reluctant Europe Believes Bush Doesn't Know What He's Getting Us Into 9/20/01

REUTERS Bush Cautions Arafat To Keep Promise, Says Nothing Similar To Israel 9/20/01

WP Bush Tough Talk Could Lead To Unrealistic Expectations, Alienate Europe 9/20/01

NYT Under Human Rights Cloud, Bush's Negroponte Begins As U.S. Ambassador To U.N. 9/20/01

ZUNES U.S. Shouldn't Fight Violence With Violence 9/20/01

AVNERY The Solution To Terrorism Is Global And Political, Not Military (third item) 9/20/01

JACOBY We Fight Now Because We Didn't Fight Then 9/20/01

NYT Pakistan Leader Defends Joining U.S. Bin Laden Hunt To Country 9/20/01

MSNBC Influential Pro-Taliban Pakistani Says The Jews Did It 9/20/01

WP Ashcroft Presents Anti-Terrorism Plan To Congress 9/20/01

NYT Senate Dem Rejects Bush Antiterrorism Plan, Offers Alternative 9/20/01

ABC Can Politics Exist On Two Tracks, War And Running The Country? 9/20/01

IND Was The Killing Of Taliban Opposition Leader A Signal To Begin Airline Attacks? 9/20/01

NYT Roadblocks Cited In Effort To Chanse Bin Laden Money 9/20/01

REUTERS U.S. Releases Money Laundering Battle Blueprint 9/20/01

NYT Bush Considering Ways To Bolster Sagging Economy 9/20/01

WP Cap Gains Tax Cut Not Likkely, Would Destroy Bipartisanship 9/20/01

USA Greenspan Asks Congress To Hold Off On Tax Cutting 9/20/01

CSM ED Terrorism And The Internet 9/20/01

LAT The Terrorists Are Winning The Cyber-War 9/20/01

KURTZ Networks To Stop Playing Footage Of Planes Crashing 9/20/01

SONESHINESteady Decline Of International News Coverage Has Helped To Blind Us To What Is Going On 9/20/01

HERBERT Giuliana Was Great During Crisis, But He Must Follow The Law And Leave 9/20/01

HAMILL The Misery Of The Inhabitants Of Afghanistan Is Already Appalling 9/19/01

NYT Afghans Rush To Flee, Pakistan Shuts Door 9/19/01

NYT Life As A Doorkeeper On The Pakistan Border 9/19/01

NYT Taliban Stalls For Time Amidst Growing Political Chaos In Pakistan 9/19/01

NYT Rumsfeld Pretty Much Admits That Bombing Afghanistan Wouldn't Do Much, But Doesn't Rule It Out. 9/19/01

REUTERS Rumsfeld Closes In On Saying State(s) Backed The Attacks 9/19/01

WP Donald And Dick Working On Plans To Stage Groups In Pakistan, Send Them Into Afghanistan 9/19/01

REUTERS U.S. Pursues Broad Anti-Terror Strategy 9/19/01

GERECHT Why Bin Laden Has Had Little To Fear From U.S. Intelligence 9/19/01

WEAVER Blowback: CIA Poured Billions Into Afghan Jihad Against Russians 9/19/01

LEWIS The Roots Of Muslim Rage 9/19/01

NYT NATO Nations Support Us Politically, But Have Limited Relevant Military Forces 9/19/01

NYT The Unconditional Support Of World Leaders Has Now Become Conditional 9/19/01

CSM Bush Talk Of A "Crusade" Has Given Russia And Some Of Europe Cold Feet 9/19/01

WP Powell Speaks With Sudan, White House Official Visits Cuba section, In Attempt To Gather Support 9/19/01

REUTERS Bush Plans To Use Pakistan Cooperation As The Reason To Lift Sanctions Re Nuke Tests 9/19/01

NYT Limits On Civil Liberties Moving Away From Courts Into Government's Hands 9/19/01

CSM For Now, Security Trumps Liberties 9/19/01

NYT Civil Liberties Groups Concerned About New Legislation Bush Wants Passed 9/19/01

NYT Bush Now Having Daily "Communication Meetings" Prior To Using His "Gunslinger Rhetoric" 9/19/01

WP Dem Reminds Bush "This Isn't A WWF Smackdown Match" 9/19/01

CSM Congress Rallies Round The Flag, But Division Lurks 9/19/01

REUTERS Attacks Cancel Expected Fall Budget Battle 9/19/01

REUTERS Bush Trade Rep Says Administration's Policy A "Counteroffensive" To Last Week's Attacks 9/19/01

WP Right Now, Political Decisions Are Flowing From War Footing 9/19/01

WP White House Drops Policy, Now Willing To Nudge Market 9/19/01

WP Defense Spending Will Take Social Security Surplus, No Debt Reduction Will Likely Up Mortgage Rates, And Bush Tax Cuts Will "Deteriorate" Fiscal Position In Years To Come 9/19/01

WP Both Parties Declare Moratorium On Campaign Fundraising 9/19/01

REUTERS U.S. Pacifists Speak Up As America Braces For War 9/19/01

ABC "Almost No Chance" Government Will Reinstate The Draft 9/19/01

NYT Slimmed Down Networks Move Off To Chart A War 9/19/01

ROTHSTEIN Teachers Have Task To Bring Kids Up To Speed About Rest Of World 9/19/01

AP Arafat Has Unilaterally Declared A Cease Fire, And Israel Has Followed Suit. 9/18/01 afternoon

LAT ED Israel Needs To Give Us More Help 9/18/01 afternoon

OLIPHANT American Officials "Properly Disappointed" With Sharon's Behavior 9/18/01 afternoon

FISk Invading Afghanistan Could Become More Costly Than Viet Nam 9/18/01 afternoon

GIBNEY How Far Can We Push Pakistan Before It Cracks? 9/18/01 afternoon

HAQQANI How The U.S. Can Get India And Pakistan Working Together Against Terrorism 9/18/01 afternoon

ZUNES Military Response Would Feel Good, But May Not Work 9/18/01 afternoon

AMIS Where Do We Go From Here? 9/18/01 afternoon

SCHEER Shadowboxing With The Devil 9/18/01 afternoon

HOAGLAND Nations Respond To Terrorism In Character, And Patience Is Not Our Style 9/18/01 afternoon

WP ED Bush Job Is To Form Allience Without Having It Water Down The Solution 9/18/01 afternoon

TG ED America's Urgent Need Of Allies Suggests The Dangers Of Unilateralism 9/18/01 afternoon

HALEY First The Towers Crumbled, Then Unilateralism 9/18/01 afternoon

GERGES The Tragedy Of Arab-American Relations 9/18/01 afternoon

FRIEDMAN We Need The Help Of Moderate Arab States To Fight This War 9/18/01 afternoon

TRAVIS 66% Brits Support Military Strikes, 49% Support Prolonged Military War 9/18/01 afternoon

GISCARD D'ESTANG Events Call For Solidarity Without Fail 9/18/01 afternoon

APPLEBAUM Europe's More Divided About Us Than You Think 9/18/01 afternoon

CIRINCIONE Nations Must Sacrifice Individual Agendas For Sake Of Unified Front Vs. Terrorism 9/18/01 afternoon

LITHWICK How Do Terrorist Cells Work? 9/18/01 afternoon

DIONNE Is Religion The Cause Or The Solution? 9/18/01 afternoon

SUELLENTROP What's A National Emergency? 9/18/01 afternoon

CSM ED "Terror Attack...Must Not Be An Excuse For Suspending Basic American Principles And Values" 9/18/01 afternoon

SLATE Clear Channel Communications Says Its Stations Should Avoid Playing John Lenon's IMAGINE, Cat Steven's PEACE TRAIN, And.... 9/18/01 afternoon

NOAH Statements That Any Reasonable Person Would Regret Having Made 9/18/01 afternoon

KAUFMAN Two Kinds Of Patriots: "God Bless America..." And "This Land Is Your Land..." 9/18/01 afternoon

COHEN We Are All So Fragile, Now 9/18/01 afternoon

NYT ED "Look, Teacher, The Birds Are On Fire!" 9/18/01 afternoon

NYT Legal Experts Say Congressional Resolution Almost As Wide-Ranging As War Declaration 9/18/01

NYT Ashcroft Wants Congress To Vote On Counterterrorism Measure 9/18/01

CRABTREE Hatch Comments Lead To White House Crackdown Of Info To Congress 9/18/01

WP Anti-Terror Push Stirs Fears For Liberties 9/18/01

COCKBURN The Next Casualty: Bill Of Rights? 9/18/01

AP Dems Drop Effort To Block Missile Defense Funding On Basis Of Treaty Violation 9/18/01

REUTERS Harmony In Congress, But For How Long? 9/18/01

REUTERS Defense Work May Imperil Farm Funds--Analysts 9/18/01

WP Using "Harshest Language Yet," Bush Wants Bin Laden "Dead Or Alive." 9/18/01

REUTERS Bush "Sounded Like The Town Sheriff" As He Builds "Rhetoric For Retribution" 9/18/01

CSM U.S. Calculates War Risk Of Spawning Terrorism, Weakening MidEast Moderates 9/18/01

NYT Taliban Reject Call To Hand Over Bin Laden, But Clerics Will Meet For Final Decision 9/18/01

NYT Attacks, Harassment Continue On MidEastern Americans, Mosques 9/18/01

WP Bush Visits Mosque Condemns Violence, Hate Crimes 9/18/01

CSM Muslims Deal With Grief, And Prejudice 9/18/01

ABC Police Guard Lone Congressional Dissenter From Use Of Force 9/18/01

NYT Smaller Than Expected Loses Suggest Average Americans Are Buying 9/18/01

WP Fed Rate Cut Fails To Stem Dow 685 Drop 9/18/01

NYT Stocks Suffer Steep Loses, But Investors Resist Panic 9/18/01

BLOOM Money Laundering Targeted As A Way To Fight Terrorism 9/18/01

WP New Bush Signal For More Tax Cuts For Investors and Businesses "Pleased Corporate Lobbyists" 9/18/01

BLOOM New Tax Cuts May Jeopardize Unity 9/18/01

WP Airlines Cut Flights, Jobs, Seek Relief 9/18/01

AP U.S. Rushes To Put Marshals On Jets 9/18/01

BLOOM U.S. Airline Pilots May Seek To Be Armed, Sealed From Cabin 9/18/01

IHT Security Concerns Make Survival Of Reagan Airport Uncertain 9/18/01

NYT Blair And Chirac Heading To U.S. For Show Of Unity 9/18/01

WP U.S. Seeks Saudi Aid, With 14 or 19 Hijackers With Ties 9/18/01

AP Congress To Hold Hearings On Missed Signs Of Attack 9/18/01

NYT Stress Will Chase Some Into The Depths Of Their Minds 9/18/01

ANSARY Perhaps The Most Circulated E-Mail Message This Week 9/17/01 (evening)

MC CARTHY Violence Breeds More Violence 9/17/01 (evening)

MALLABY While Alternatives To War Are Even Less Promising, "The Case For Hawkish Action Is Speculative" 9/17/01 (evening)

LEVY How Bad Will It Get? 9/17/01 (evening)

KIDDER "What Ethical Boundries Must U.S. Leaders Consider?" 9/17/01 (evening)

BESCHLOSS How Well Will Bush Balance Jobs Of Crisis Manager And Head Of State? 9/17/01 (evening)

MEAD Now It's Bush's Turn To Ride The Tiger 9/17/01 (evening)

GERGEN It's Not Can We, It's Will We 9/17/01 (evening)

DIEHL Counterterrorism Is A Much Better Foreign Policy Focus Than Missile Defense 9/17/01 (evening)

BROWNSTEIN The Fight Against Terrorism Is The Beginning Of Another Cold War 9/17/01 (evening)

WP ED This War Gives Us A Chance In The MidEast 9/17/01 (evening)

WICKHAM If Bin Laden Is The Manager Of Terror Team, We Need To Get The Coach, Too 9/17/01 (evening)

SCHEER CIA's Tracks Lead In Disastrous Circle 9/17/01 (evening)

BORGER Anyone Who Tries Politics As Usual Does So At His Peril 9/17/01 (evening)

ROTHENBERG How The War Will Effect Politics 9/17/01 (evening)

BALZAR "Islamic And Christian Fundamentalists Are Cultural And Political Zealots" 9/17/01 (evening)

LEO The War Is About Pan-Islamic "Fundamentalist Extremists Against The Modern World" 9/17/01 (evening)

SAFIRE A Perversion Of One Of The World's Great Faiths Produces Suicide Bombers 9/17/01 (evening)

MURPHY No Time For Hatred, Clergy Warn 9/17/01 (evening)

HERBERT Bad Behavior In America Is Coming From Those Who Have Suffered Least 9/17/01 (evening)

KASS Unfortunately, Hate And Stereotypes Are Skin Deep 9/17/01 (evening)

SAMUELSON Crisis May Nudge Us Into Recession, But Recovery May Take Us Out Of It 9/17/01 (evening)

ABC U.S. To Taliban Via Pakistan: Hand Over Bin Laden. Or Else. 9/16/01

MSNBC Afghanistan A Nightmare Battlefield 9/16/01

NYT Edgy Afghans Pouring Towards Pakistan Border 9/16/01

WT Fearful Iran And Iraq Hunker Down 9/16/01

REUTERS Powell Sees Hope In Iran, Syria Response To Attack 9/16/01

WP Crisis-Inspired Unity Shows Signs Of Crumbling As DEMS Show Concern Over Bush Response 9/16/01

WP Crisis Forces Bush To Abandon Go-It-Alone Policy, Shift Welcomed In Foreign Countries 9/16/01

WP Cheney Has Emerged As Key Decision-Maker, Spokesman 9/16/01

NYT Cheney Describes His Nerve Center Role In First Hours 9/16/01

USA Cheney Recommended Hijacked Civilian Airlines Be Shot Down, Bush Decided Yes 9/16/01

MSNBC Cheney Predicts A "Long, Dirty War" 9/16/01

REUTERS Cheney Says Bin Laden "No Doubt" Involved In Attacks 9/16/01

BLOOM Cheney Sees More Covert Operations As Terrorism Goes Beyond Bin Laden 9/16/01

AP Rumsfeld Plans For Both Conventional And Unconventional War 9/16/01

ABC Rumsfeld Says The War Will Take Years And We Should Prepare For Casualties 9/16/01

REUTERS Rumsfeld Says Bin Laden Was Involved, "No Question" 9/16/01

REUTERS Poll Says 81% Americans Say U.S. Should Be "completely SureWho Is Specifically Responsible'' Prior To Retaliation" 9/16/01

NYT MidEast Store Workers Fatally Shot Throughout Nation 9/16/01

AP Clinton Signed Secret Bin Laden Directive In '88, Considered Strike In "Final Days" 9/16/01

AP Suicide Bombers' Motives Debated 9/16/01

AP Those Against Retaliation "Urge National Introspection Into Why The Country Was Targeted" 9/16/01

AP Both Patriotism And Protest Seen As Symbols Of America 9/16/01

NYT CNN Uses Gvt. Helicopter To Get "Exclusive" Footage, MSNBC Cries "Foul" 9/16/01


FODEN On The Murky Deals That Fueled International Terrorism 9/16/01

PARRY Looking At The Lost History Behind Today's Events 9/16/01

BIVENS "Those Same Terrorists Had Trained Beforehand...30 Miles From Three Mile Island" 9/16/01

IND Blair's "War Agains Terrorism" Is A Rhetorical Device 9/16/01

CARTER Thailand Is Wrong To Hesitate To Give America Aid, And India Should Be Respected 9/16/01

KESSLER Posttramautic Stress Disorder Needs Early Outreach, Greater In Countries At War 9/16/01

MAHAJAN A Call For Community Dialogues To Work Through The Pain 9/16/01

TFD Thoughts During Wartime 9/16/01

BELLER On The 81st Floor Of Two World Trade Center 9/16/01 afternoon

BG ED Global Effort Required In Response To Attack Against Humanity 9/16/01 afternoon

APPLEBAUM We Need To Strengthen Ties With Moderate Muslins all Over The World 9/16/01 afternoon

LEWIS Without Support From MidEastern Neighbors, There Is The Certainty Of Failure 9/16/01 afternoon

MOYNIHAN "We Are A Singularly Successful Milti-Ethnic Society" 9/16/01 afternoon

IGNATIUS Civilized Muslims Will Hep U.S. Put Terrorists Out Of Business 9/16/01 afternoon

DOWD Can Bush "Cheney, Rummy, And Condi Move Out Of The Cold War Attitude And Star Wars Obsession That Has Alienated A Number Of Countries"? 9/16/01 afternoon

WP ED Nation Will Need Human Casulties And Prolonged Commitment In Order To Win 9/16/01 afternoon

STITH There's Been A War For Some Time, But We've Been The Only Ones Not Fighting 9/16/01 afternoon

WP Does American Posess "The Moral Superiority, The Spirit Of Enterprise, And The Propensity To Hazard" That Will Be Needed To Win? 9/16/01 afternoon

BG ED Our Fiscal Security Provides Assurances Of Eventual Victory 9/16/01 afternoon

WALKER Would A Patriotic Stock Rally Tomorrow Be A Good Thing? 9/16/01 afternoon

NYT ED "We Are Fighting Not For A Flag, But For A System Of Beliefs" 9/16/01 afternoon

KENNEDY We Must Retaliate And We Must Reconfigure, But We Also Must Preserve Our Traditions 9/16/01 afternoon

OLIPHANT Americans " Deserve To Know The Dimensions And Potential Costs Of This New Struggle." 9/16/01 afternoon

PARRISH Platitudes And Patriotism 9/16/01 afternoon

KRUGMAN Attacks On "Big Government" And Reliance On Private Sector To Do Government's Job Helped To Add Up To Disaster 9/16/01 afternoon

FUERTH International Poverty And Pollution Is A Security Threat, Too 9/16/01 afternoon

SWEENEY How Do We Explain The Inexplicable To Our Children? 9/16/01 afternoon

GOODMAN Go To The Helpers For True Stories That Will Help Children 9/16/01 afternoon

GREENBERG A Short History Of Terrorism 9/16/01 afternoon

Note. News Stories Follow. Commentary Will Be Posted This Afternoon

NYT Four Days That Transformed The Nation 9/16/01

NYT At 8:48 Two Normal Guys Are Transformed 9/16/01

OB Angry WTC Survivors Told To Stay In Blazing Towers 9/16/01

REUTERS Bush Vows Sustained War Against Global Terrorism 9/16/01

NYT Bush Continues To Stress We're At War With Terrorists 9/16/01

LAT Bush Plots War With Senior Advisers At Camp David 9/16/01

WP Worldwide Sympathy Mixed With Caution 9/16/01

SOS Blair Urges Caution As Bush Line Hardens 9/16/01

OB Peace Protesters Take To N.Y. Streets 9/16/01

WP Images Of Past Wars May Not Fit Present Foes 9/16/01

LAT New U.S. Strategy To Fight Terror Emerging 9/16/01

NYT Pentagon Calls For Billions In War Without Soldiers Arrayed On Battlefields 9/16/01

NYT Poll Finds Majority Back Use Of Military 9/16/01

NOVAK Both Dem And GOP Senior Congressmen Complain Bush Is Giving Them Political Speeches, Not Briefings 9/16/01

REUTERS N. Y. Dems Thank Bush For Terror Relief 9/16/01

OB Bush N.Y. Visit Friday Did Little To Mollify Critics 9/16/01

NYT Berkeley Vote To U.S. House The Lone "No" 9/16/01

HC Houston Pastor Joins American Taliban 9/16/01

WP The Afghan Taliban And Its Neighbors 9/16/01

RAWA Afghan Women Suffered Under Soviets, Now Under Taliban 9/16/01

REUTERS Top Taliban Opposition Leader Dies From Wounds 9/16/01

NYT Saudis' Mixed Feelings About Bin Laden Hinder Relationship With U.S. 9/16/01

WP Bin Laden Network Combines Old Theology, New Technology 9/16/01

BURNS There Clearly Are Limits To Pakistani Support 9/16/01

OB Sealed Cockpits, Armed Guards On Every Flight, Passenger Screenings Being Considered 9/16/01

CNN Digital Privacy Feared As Next Casualty 9/16/01

NYT Lawmakers See Need To Losen Rules On CIA 9/16/01

WP Dem Congressman Expects to See Partisanship Again In A Week Or So 9/16/01

NYT Two Suspected Hijakers Were Sought By FBI At Time Of Attack 9/16/01

WP You Never Imagine A Hijacker Next Door 9/16/01

WP Pentagon Unprepared For Attack 9/16/01

BARR D.C. Serves Nation In Time Of Crisis 9/16/01

AP Legal Industry Suffers Major Blow From WTC Destruction 9/16/01

HARPAZ Traders Join Soldiers In WTC Cleanup 9/16/01

WP The State Of The Markets Since Tuesday 9/16/01

NYT Huge Obstacles As Market Tries To Open 9/16/01

NYT In A Time Of Global Turmoil, Greenspan's Experience Reassures 9/16/01

AP $230 Million In Precious Metals Buried Under WTC Rubble 9/16/01

NYT Envisioning The Future In Fortress New York 9/16/01

MARSH The View From The 93rd Floor 9/15/01 afternoon

NYT ED This War Will Demand International Cooperation And Skillful Diplomacy 9/15/01 afternoon

LEWIS "Inexperienced" Bush May Be Tempted To Act Quickly, But Calm Deliberation Should Be The Order Of The Day 9/15/01 afternoon

CARROLL We Need The Rule Of Law, Not The Rule Of War 9/15/01 afternoon

RICH Leadership By Bush Demands Change In Style AND Content 9/15/01 afternoon

CSM Bush Should Shift Foreign Policy Promises And Embrace All Humanity 9/15/01 afternoon

COHEN This "War" Didn't Begin Tuesday And It Will Not End Soon 9/15/01 afternoon

WP ED Afghanistan Is Site Of One Of World's Greatest Humanitarian Crises 9/15/01 afternoon

ANSARY "You Can't Bomb Us Back To The Stone Age, We're Already There" 9/15/01 afternoon

RASPBERRY Why Do So Many Hate Us? Can We Do Anything About It? 9/15/01 afternoon

KLEIN Did U.S. Foreign Policy "Create The Conditions In Which Such Twisted Logic Could Flourish"? 9/15/01 afternoon

STERN Being Feared Is Not Enough To Keep Us Safe 9/15/01 afternoon

LEONE One Task Is To Increase Security Without Compromising Our Civil Liberties 9/15/01 afternoon

CONASON Improving Our Security Shouldn't Mean Undermining Our Freeom 9/15/01 afternoon

CAVE "Terrible Crimes Don't Justify Shredding The Constitution" 9/15/01 afternoon

HEYMAN Now Come The Trade-Offs. Responsibility Demanded. 9/15/01 afternoon

LAT ED Sacrifice Much, But Never Retreat From Individual Freedom 9/15/01 afternoon

USA ED "Mindless Bigotry Is, Tragically, As American As The Flag" 9/15/01 afternoon

NAWA I Am Hiding From Backlash 9/15/01 afternoon

NOBEL We Must Have An International Police Force To Defeat International Terrorism 9/15/01 afternoon

CIA "Miscomprehension" Has Cost Us Dearly 9/15/01 afternoon

NUMBERG What Do We Say When Words Fail Us? 9/15/01 afternoon

Note. News Now, Commentary And Editorials This Afternoon.

WP Congress Approves Use Of Military Force As World Mourns 8/15/01

NYT Grief-Stricken World's People Mourn, Turn To Prayer 8/15/01

IM Iran Activists Pay Homage To U.S. Victims 8/15/01

WP Agressive FBI Probe Risks Running Roughshod Over Civil Liberties 8/15/01

NYT Civil Liberty Advocates Watch Political Pressure Building With Quiet Concern 8/15/01

KREPEL Conservative Internet Web Sites Linking Any Criticism Of Bush To Treason 8/15/01

FWST Poli Sci Prof Discusses Poppy's Role, Texas Newspaper Says He "Criticized" By Doing So 8/15/01

REUTERS Congress Moves To Change Way Of Life 8/15/01

WP God Gave U.S. "What We Deserve," Falwell Says 8/15/01

NYT Ken Lisauis (?) Says Bush "Believes" Falwell's Remarks Were "Inappropriate." 8/15/01

THOMASSON Gay Airline Passanger Believed To Be Hero Behind PA Crash To Save Lives 8/15/01

GOMES Ann Coulter Joins American Taliban In "Hatefull" Call To Arms 8/15/01

WALSH While Country's Religious Faith Is An Asset, There Is No Place For An American Taliban 8/15/01

WEAVER The Real Bin Laden 8/15/01

CT Bin Laden Boston Relatives Businessmen, Philantropists 8/15/01

NYT State Dept. Gives Arab Nations Coalition Conditions, But Israel Doesn't Want Syria Or Palestinians To Join 8/15/01

GUARDIAN Cracks Appear In Coalition, U.S. Hints At Possible Iraq Stikes 8/15/01

TELEGRAPH Hints Of Afghanistan Reprisal Soon As Military Gears Up For War 8/15/01

WP Pakistan Agrees To Provide Air Access Into Afghanistan, Taliban Refuses To Give Up Bin Laden 8/15/01

NYT Kubal Prepares For Attack, Taliban Leader Talks Tough 8/15/01

FINEMAN Bush Appears To Be Getting Big Picture War Strategy From His Father During Phone Calls 8/15/01

WP Parallels Between Bush And Father In Time Of Crisis 8/15/01

WP Bush Veteran Team Realizes Afghanistan Was Russia's Viet Nam 8/15/01

WP German Newspaper Reports Washingon Knew Talk Of Commercial Airline Hijack Into Symbolic Building Months Ago 8/15/01

NT U.S. Lawmakers Claim U.S. Intelligence Had No Advance Warning 8/15/01

WP Military Alerted Minutes Before The Attacks, Not Enough Time 8/15/01

NYT Pentagon Tracked Deadly Jet, But Found No Way To Stop It 8/15/01

TIMES Airlines Tougher In Europe, U.S. Airlines Rejected Gore Commission Security Recommendations 8/15/01

AP Voice Vote Senate Quickly Approves Negroponte For U.N. Ambassador, Even Though He Is Still Under Large Human Rights Cloud 8/15/01

NYT Profiteers Engage In Charity Fraud And Gas Price Gouging {Even American Flag Price Gouging] 8/15/01

Note. Today's commentaries and editorials

KRUGMAN "Push Already On To Sell Cap Gains Tax Cuts As Response To Terrorism" 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

CHOMSKY Terrorist Attacks Are A Gift To Our "Hard Jingoist Right" 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

RIDGEWAY Sierra Club Caves In Response To Crisis, But American "Taliban" Does Not 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

FRIEDMAN Creating A War Between Muslim And Christian Extremeists Will Lead To Mutual Destruction 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

OZ Struggling Against Fanaticism 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

SALETAN To Prevent Emotional Or Physical Terrorism By Religious Fanatics, You Have To Think Like Them 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

PLOTZ Bin Laden Is A Religious Fanatic Who Wants To Kill You In The Name Of God. 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

WOODROW Washington Times Columnist Suggests Nuclear Option For Muslim Extremists In Afghanistan 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

NYT ED Getting Your Facts Right: Afghanistan, The Taliban, Bin Laden 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

KLARE How To Defeat Bin Laden 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

SEAQUIST We Need To Examine Terrorists And Masters More Closely 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

DIONNE Terrorists Will Win If We Give Up Our Liberties 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

HOAGLAND Americans Really Need To Understand The Nature Of The War In The MidEast 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

KISSINGER Moderation No Virtue Against Terrorism 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

CLARK We Must Use "Decisive Force" To Defeat Terrorism 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

MILNE Americans Can't Ignore What Their Government Does Abroad 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

BENJAMIN We Need To Engage More With The World, Not Less 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

SCHORR Bush's "Well-Scripted Invocations To Character And Values Will Not Suffice. 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

BALZAR Are We Rallying Behind The President Or Behind Our Hopes For Him? 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

CT Withhold Judgement Of Bush While He Ponders Next More 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

WP ED Bush Need To Realign His Foreign Policy Priorities 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

STEEL Our Faith In Invulnerablity Of Advanced Technology Proves Misplaced 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

CT ED The Casuality List Is Global 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

NYT EDHow Giuliani Became The Leader Of The Moment 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

WP ED Adding Shame To Grief 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

WESBURY The Best Economic--Victory 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

NEUHARTH Media Mesmerize With Attack Coverage 9/14/01 (Afternoon)

Note. News Now, Commentary And Editorials This Afternoon. AP Senate Committee Approves Negroponte Nomination To U.N. 9/14/01

NYT Fawell Says ACLU, Gays, Pro-Abortionists, Anti-School Prayers "Exposed" Nation To Attack 9/14/01

NYT White House Balks About Strings On Use Of Aide Package, Congress Reluctant To Given Bush Blank Check On Military Action 9/14/01

BBC Countries Throughout World Unite In Mourning American Deaths 9/14/01

GUARDIAN Silence Observed Across Europe 9/14/01

TEL France Calls For American Reason 9/14/01

WP Tearful Bush Says His Focus Will Be To "Lead The World To Victory" 9/14/01

BLOOM Bush Seeks World Support 9/14/01

NYT Shaken Nation Remains On Edge 9/14/01

NYT For Many, Sorrow Turns To Anger, Talk Of Vengeance 9/14/01

ABC Declaration Of War Unlikely 9/14/01

CSM Retribution Complex, Could Lead To Wider War 9/14/01

BLOOM Powell Seeks Pakistan Help To Send Taliban A Message 9/14/01

NYT Vow To Erase Networks, Bin Laden Singled Out 9/14/01

NYT Bin Laden, Child Of Privilege, Champions Holy War 9/14/01

GORDON Response To Terrorism Will Be More Hands-On, Pre-emptive 9/14/01

NYT Questions Follow Rove Explanation Of Bush's D.C. Absence 9/14/01

WP 91% Approve Of Bush Leadership After Attacks, But "Growing Proportion" Think More Could Have Been Done To Prevent Them 9/14/01

BLOOM FBI Probing F-16 Shoot-Down Scenario In PA 9/14/01

REUTERS FBI Reportedly Ignored French Warning 9/14/01

NYT German Officials Link Three Arab Men To The Attacks 9/14/01

AP Intelligence Had Hints, No Red Flags 9/14/01

NYT Ashcroft Says We Have Identities Of 18 Hijackers 9/14/01

NYT Ten Held At Kennedy, LaGuardia, Closing Both 9/14/01

NYT Arabs Speculate On Reprisals Throughout World 9/14/01

NYT Attacks And Harassment Of MidEast Americans Rising 9/14/01

NYT Airlines Ask Congress To Limit Liability To People On Plane 9/14/01

NORRIS Some Encouraging Signs While Waiting For Trading To Resume 9/14/01

CSM The Attack's Economic Impact 9/14/01

Note. What follows is today's Bush Watch links to commentary upon the terrorist attacks

DALAI LAMA "Letter To The President" 9/13/01 (afternoon)

CORN Do Not Allow This Attack To Distort The Nation's Political Discourse 9/13/01 (afternoon)

BREMER Let Us Wage Total War On Our Foes 9/13/01 (afternoon)

CHAPMAN Why Has America Become A Target? 9/13/01 (afternoon)

CT ED Why They Hate Us 9/13/01 (afternoon)

FREEDMAN We're All On The Front Lines, Now 9/13/01 (afternoon)

MALLABY Be Too Unflappable To Retaliate Hastily 9/13/01 (afternoon)

ESTRICH The Thin, Thin Line Between Safe And Free 9/13/01 (afternoon)

FRIEDMAN We Must Fight Terrorist Without Becoming Terrorists 9/13/01 (afternoon)

COCKBURN The Next Casualty: Bill Of Rights? 9/13/01 (afternoon)

COBBAN Don't Let Our Values Be A Casualty, Too 9/13/01 (afternoon)

TURLEY Cries Of "War" Stumble Over The Law 9/13/01 (afternoon)

CANNISTRARO Should We Adopt The Israeli Counterterrorist Method? 9/13/01 (afternoon)

TAPPER Defense Dept. Commission Warned Bush This Could Happen 9/13/01 (afternoon)

HUFFINGTON Obsessed With Condit's Zipper, Media, Like White House, "Missed Early Warnings" 9/13/01 (afternoon)

KURTZ Commentators Are Quick To Beat Their Pens Into Swords 9/13/01 (afternoon)

BRODER A New Reality For Bush 9/13/01 (afternoon)

NYT ED Bush "Expressing Determination... Is Important But Not Nearly Enough." 9/13/01 (afternoon)

HUNT Retaliation Is Essential. So Is Leadership. 9/13/01 (afternoon)

KAUS Giulian's "Crisis Performance...Made Bush Look Bad." What Should He Do? 9/13/01 (afternoon)

WP ED New Bush Foreign Policy Needed, With Redirected Priorities And Resources 9/13/01 (afternoon)

USA ED We Have Underfunded Our Defenses Against Terrorism 9/13/01 (afternoon)

WRIGHT How Missile Defense Would Help Terrorists 9/13/01 (afternoon)

FALLOWS Step One: A Marshall Outside Every Cockpit Door 9/13/01 (afternoon)

RIDGEWAY WTC Security Heightened Three Weeks Ago After Bin Laden Speech 9/13/01 (afternoon)

SAFIRE Terrorists May Have A Mole In The White House 9/13/01 (afternoon)

MYROIE Did Bin Laden Act Alone? Not Likely 9/13/01 (afternoon)

MC FARLANE Get Them Where They Live 9/13/01 (afternoon)

YAQUB I'm Not The Enemy 9/13/01 (afternoon)

NOAH Why America's Economy Will Survive 9/13/01 (afternoon)

Note: News now, Editorials and Commentaries later today

NYT Thousands Presumed Dead 9/13/01

NYT Barest Count By Three Companies In WTC Has 1,500 Missing 9/13/01

NYT Heroic Resistance On Doomed PA Flight 9/13/01

WP Slow, Grim Work At The Pentagon 9/13/01

WP Nation Reels As Toll Mounts 9/13/01

ABC Americans Fear More Attacks 9/13/01

NYT Aides Say Bush Was Target Of Hijacked Jet 9/13/01

ABC Bush Facing Defining Moment 9/13/01

CSM For Washington, A Demand For Leadership 9/13/01

WP Foreign Policy Consequences Huge 9/13/01

NYT Powell States Clearly. No Middle Ground On Terrorism 9/13/01

CSM U.S. Policy In MidEast Under Scrutiny 9/13/01

NYT Bush Calls Attacks "Acts Of War" 9/13/01

NYT FBI Tracks Hijackers, Bin Laden Tie Cited 9/13/01

WP Bin Laden: "Master Impresario" 9/13/01

WP Afghanistan Girds For Possible U.S. Attack 9/13/01

NYT Administration Considers Broader Deeper Military Options 9/13/01

TGM Pentagon Officials Quizzed In Moscow About Missile Shield Relevance 9/13/01

WP America Lines Up Support For Retaliation 9/13/01

NYT NATO Indicates Military Support 9/13/01

CSM What's The Right Military Response? 9/13/01

BLOOM U.S. Lawmakers Weigh Military Response To Attacks 9/13/01

WP Congress Unites To Declare Outrage, Resolve 9/13/01

REUTERS Budget To Swell After Terrorist Attacks 9/13/01

WP Bush Economic Team Changes Focus 9/13/01

WP Hill Allocates $20 Billion For Aid, Security 9/13/01

AP Three Reportedly Turned Away From United Flight 9/13/01

NYT Airport Security Will Be Strengthened 9/13/01

NYT Symbol Destroyed, Not Financial System 9/13/01

WP Wall Street Firms Struggle To Cope With Staff Loses 9/13/01

CSM U.S. Papers Rush To Document Attack 9/13/01

Note. What follows is today's Bush Watch links to commentary upon the terrorist attacks

COHEN We Need International Cooperation To Insure Our Safety 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

BOYD We Must Not Let The Attacks Abandon Our Principles 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

ALTERMAN Terrorists Wanted Nation To Pay Price For Its Foreign Policy 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

KELLY Tribe Or Ideology, It's All Murder 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

RIEFF Defeat For U.S. An Intelligence Failure Of Colossol Proportions 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

NYT ED An Unfathomable Attack 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

NYT ED Best Defense Vs. Terrorism Is Good Intelligence 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

DOWD Grave Silence 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

SAFIRE A Day Of Infamy 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

LEWIS A Different World 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

KELLER U.S. Emergency Line 9/11 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

SALON Mixed Political Bag Reacts To Terrorist Attacks 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

KRAUTHAMMER "The Enemy Is Radical Islam" 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

WALD A Time For Peace, Not Retaliation 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

RIDGEWAY Enemy Could Lie Without, Or Within 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

RIDGEWAY Team Bush Swamped By Crisis 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

STUART No Missile Defense Shield Could Have Prevented Tragedy 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

FUERTH Is A Questionable Future Missile Defense Against North Korea A Proper Use Of Our Resources? 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

FISK Did A "Doomed People" Strike Back With "Wickedness And Cruelty"? 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

HIGHTOWER We Need To Ask Why Innocent People Have Been Killed 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

PARRISH A Media Day In Infamy 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

HUTCHINSON Hunt, Not Witchhunt, For Terrorists 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

WOOLSEY To Stop Terror, We Must Find Its Nerve Center 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

PRENEUF Rejoiing In The Streets Of Jenin 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

BOEHLERT "Our Fight Is For Jerusalem, Not New York" 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

CALANDRA Attacks To "Accentuate" Bear Market 9/12/01 (Afternoon)

WP World Trade Center Leveled, Pentagon Hit 9/12/01

NYT Hijaked Jets Destroy Twin Towers, Hit Pentagon 9/12/01

WP Inferno Engulfs NYC Skyline 9/12/01

NYT Buildings Burn And Fall As Onlookers Search For Elusive Safety 9/12/01

WP A Loud Boom At Pentagon, Then Flames 9/12/01

WP Bodies Pulled From Pentagon 9/12/01

WP NY Predicts "Horrendous Death Toll 9/12/01

NYT Firefighters Dash Into Towers, Many Do Not Return 9/12/01

NYT Survivors Are Found In World Trade Center Rubble 9/12/01

WP Frantic Calls From Plane 9/12/01

NYT Talk Show Figure And TV Producer Among Lost Passangers 9/12/01

WP Barbara Olson, Wife Of Solicitor General And Fox Commentator, Dead In Pentagon Crash 9/12/01

AAS Confusion Abounds In Manhattan 9/12/01

AAS Terror Leave U.S. Capital Crippled 9/12/01

WP Nation Shuts Down On Darkest Day 9/12/01

WP 80% In Poll Willing To Go To War 9/12/01

KAGAN "Congress Should Immediately Declare A Declaration Of War" 9/12/01

KISSINGER Retaliation Is Supported, Then Destroy The Network 9/12/01

WP Americans Know Their Innocence Is Lost 9/12/01

FISHER U.S. Is Coddled No More 9/12/01

JACKSON For America, A Dose Of Reality 9/12/01

WP Military On Highest Alert 9/12/01

NYT Somber Bush Says Terrorism Cannot Prevail 9/12/01

AAS Text Of Bush's Oval Office Address 9/12/01

WP ED Bush Must Continue To "Move Aggressively" To Defend The Country 9/12/01

WP Bush Urged To "Target Governments" That Supported "Acts Of War" 9/12/01

MSNBC "No Options Taken Off Table" --Senior U.S. Official 9/12/01

BALZ Bush Low Profile During The Day Was "Jarring" 9/12/01

AAS Bush's Day Was Top-Security Hopscotch 9/12/01

FOURNIER Bush Faces Historic Test 9/12/01

NYT Nation Plunges Into Fight With Enemy Hard To Identify 9/12/01

WP Plotters Found Flaw In U.S. Defense 9/12/01

WP Experts Long Warned Of Lax Airport Security 9/12/01

BG Concern About Boston's Logan Security Long-Standing 9/12/01

NYT Terrolrism Carfully Planned And Synchronized 9/12/01

WP Bin Laden Link Probed 9/12/01

NYT Intelligence Officials Suspect Group Headed By Bin Laden 9/12/01

SHEPARD Journalist Says Bin Laden, Denying Involvement, Congratulated Terrorist Killers After Attacks 9/12/01

CNN Taliban Denies Involvement 9/12/01

MSNBC Massive Probe Follows Attack 9/12/01

AAS Suspect's Car Seized At Boston Airport 9/12/01

MSNBC World Leaders Respond With Horror 9/12/01

WP Terrorism Fears Could Send Nation Into A Recession 9/12/01

MSNBC Asian Markets Reel, European Markets Stabilize 9/12/01

WP An Icon Of Capitalism Is Suddenly Gone 9/12/01

WP Majority Of Americans Say Rescind Bush Tax Cuts, Deal With Budget Problem Bush Has Caused 9/11/01

OLIPHANT Bush Beginning To Fess Up To Poor Stewardship Of The Economy 9/11/01

WP GOP Using Budget Crisis To Demand More Tax Cuts For Wealthy, More Cuts In Social Programs For Poor 9/11/01

HUNT Dems Hope To Make Bush Pay High Price For His Financial Irresponsibility 9/11/01

NYT ED Bush In Panic, Considering Cutting Cap Gains Tax, Health, Education, Kids' Nutrition 9/11/01

LAT Bush Puts Freeze On Utility Bill Aid To Poor 9/11/01

HOOK It's The Economy, Stupid 9/11/01

NYT Dems Hold Line Against Use Of SS, As Bush Tries To Avoid Rescinding Some Tax Cuts 9/11/01

WP ED Health Care Cost Up 11% Under Bush, Who Is "Ducking The Issue" 9/11/01

NYT Bush Plans To Stonewall On Arsenic Until Next Year, NSA Report Says That's "Dangerous" 9/11/01

BF Events Suggest Bush Has Corporate Media In His Pocket 9/11/01

WSWS Ashcroft's Justice Dept. Helps Bush Chip Away At Press Freedoms 9/11/01

NYT NAS Negative Report On Bush Stem Cell Plan Precedes Congressional Testimony To That Effect 9/11/01

ABRAMOWITZ Tongue-Tied Bush Has Said Nothing Comprehensive On Foreign Policy 9/11/01

REUTERS French PM Says Bush Not Doing His Part Around World 9/11/01

ROTHSCHILD Bush Nuke Footsie With China "Bordering On Lunacy" 9/11/01

WP Biden Attacks Bush Missile Plan As Costly, Risky 9/11/01

ND Brazil Smells Something Fishy With Proposed U.S. Space Deal 9/11/01

LT Brit MPs Warned Not To Back Bush On Star Wars 9/11/01

TYLER Russian Aide Emphasizes Opposition To Bush ABM Plan 9/11/01

NYT Nuke Smugglers Shifting From Europe To Asia 9/11/01

NYT Bush Deals With Possible Paramilitary Ties To Colombia Military On Eve Of Colin Visit 9/11/01

BG ED Taliban Sense Of Justice Not The Same As Ours. 9/11/01

ND Scalia Talks Ethics, But Not Florida Nor Protesters Outside 9/11/01

NYT Dole Will Announce Run For Helms' Seat Today 9/11/01

FINEMAN Ghosts Of 2000 Return To Haunt Bush 9/10/01

KAPLAN How The Supremes Selected Bush 5-4. 9/10/01

WP Kaplan Questions Supremes' Postmortem That Everything's Cool 9/10/01

WP ED Bush Has Harmed Us Long-Term, Telling Us Lies To Get His Tax Cut Passed 9/10/01

MALLABY Dems Will Gain Long-Term Benefits With Clinton Economic Triangulation 9/10/01

NYT While Dems Say Any Tax Cut Stimulus Should Go To People Through Checks, Bush Favors Cap Gains Cuts For Wealthy 9/10/01

BABINGTON Bush Tax Cut Plan Smoke And Mirrors That Congress Will Have To Rescind 9/10/01

COCCO Budget Crisis Takes Energy Out Of Bush's Oil Plan 9/10/01

PRESSLER Overseas Markets Depress Wall Street Today 9/10/01

WP Bush-Backing AOL Conglomerate Wants To Suck Up ATT Cable 9/10/01

AP Strangelove Tells Press He Wants His Missile Shield 9/10/01

RUBIN Why Is Bush Following Policy That Will Give Rogue State Nukes? 9/10/01

SB ED Bush Risks A Bigger Nuke Race To Get His Way 9/10/01

TYLER Bush Doesn't Appear To Understand That China's Focus Is Economic, Not Military 9/10/01

ATU ED Bush Nuke Deal With China "Troubling" 9/10/01

GREENWAY Bush Nuke Policy Could Result In Dangerous Arms Race Between India And China 9/10/01

KUTTNER And Bush Is Stirring Up A Religious War At Home 9/10/01

NYT ED Bush Energy Plan "Specious," Senate Must Act 9/10/01

MSNBC Bush Wants To Hide Energy Secrets By "Executive Privilege" 9/10/01

PERRY Bush Actions Attack Our Free Speech Rights In Wisconsin 9/10/01

SHNS Ashcroft Thumbs Nose At Press Freedom, AP Angry 9/10/01

KINZER Bush's Negroponte Blind To Severe Human Rights Violations As Diplomat In Honduras 9/10/01

COCCO Bush Support Of Scalia Kid As Key Labor Dept. Official A Bad Joke 9/10/01

TS Clinton Warns Australians About Global Warming Policies Bush Backs 9/10/01

DOWD There Is No Democracy, There's Only Corporations Directing Sock-Puppet Bush 9/9/01

NYT Repug Leaders Tell Bush To Read Their Lips, Forget Education, And Spin Something About The Economy 9/9/01

ROSENBAUM Read My Lips. Junior, You're In Trouble 9/9/01

POWERS Underestimate Bush's Abilitiy To Follow Corporate Directions At Your Peril 9/9/01

DIONNE LAT's Pasternak Story Details How Bush Energy Policy Was Created By Energy Conglomerates 9/9/01

KRUGMAN Bush Doesn't Change Policies To Match Events, He Spins Events to Match Policies 9/9/01

NYT Bush Seems To Think That Because Smoke And Mirrors (No End Product) Got Us Into This Bust, Tax Cut Smoke And Mirrors Will Get Us Out (see Krugman) 9/9/01

NYT ED Reasonable People In Both Parties Know We Need To Get Out Of This Mess By Rescinding Bush's Tax Cuts 9/9/01

LAT ED Keep The Lockbox Locked, And Hide The Key 9/9/01

REUTERS GOP Lawmakers Admit Bush Will Raid Social Security If CBO Budget Estimate Is Correct 9/9/01

WP Bush Wants To Further Flog Flagging Economy With Cap Gain Tax Cuts 9/9/01

PP ED Cap Gains Tax Cut Idea Based On Ideology, Not Proven Theory 9/9/01

NYT Fed Judges Back Bush Desire To Control News Through Media Conglomerates 9/9/01

BENDAVID Bush Secrecy Stonewall Will Likely Fail, Wasting Our Time And His Credibility 9/9/01

PFAW Ashcroft Has Transformed Justice Dept. Into Right Wing Dream Team 9/9/01

GREENHOUSE Teamsters To Bush. We Gave You Alaska, Now Stop Monitoring Us For Corruption. 9/9/01

HUFFINGTON Bush Doesn't Let Facts Or Logic Get In The Way Of His Nuclear Plan 9/9/01

HA ED If He Wanted It, Bush Should Not Have Put Tax Cuts Before Missile Defense. Now Forget It, It's Not Even Sane 9/9/01

LVS ED Bush Needs To Pull The Plug On His Chaotic Nuclear Waste Plan For Nevada 9/9/01

MST ED Bush Has No Mandate For His Foreign Policy Shift 9/9/01

PRESS Bush Is Opening Old Wounds With His Latin America Picks 9/9/01

BISBORT How Repugs Stole Election For Bush 9/9/01

NYT Racism Conference Ends With Condemnation Of International Slave Trade, Which Bush Had Objected To 9/9/01

NYT Delegates At Racism Conference Believe Bush Used Walkout For Israel As Excuse To Avoid Slavery Question 9/9/01

NOLA Black Baptist Blasts Bush Bad Faith Initiative As GOP Inspired 9/9/01

NYT China Gets Ready For Olympics With Slaughter Of 3,000 Prisoners In 5 months 9/9/01

NYT ED D.C. Talks About Rise Of Rice, Fall Of Powell, And Stumbles Of Strangelove And Dick 9/8/01

BG ED Bush Needs To Withdraw Ohio Anti-Environmentalist And Find Someone Qualified 9/8/01

LETTER Union Opposes Bush Nomination Of Scalia's Kid For 2nd Slot At Labor 9/8/01

GUARDIAN Bush Anti-Drug Choice Unfit For Office, Say Civil Rights Groups 9/8/01

LEWIS Italy Shows That A Civilized Society Demands More Than Bush's Unregulated Free Trade 9/8/01

ROSENBERG Bush Treaty Moves Put Us In Danger 9/8/01

JACOBS Remember Prescott? Bush Backs Plan To Make Money From Partnerships With Killers 9/8/01

SAVAGE Bush Brothers Back Bigotry That Keeps Orphans From Loving Homes 9/8/01

WP Softening Social Security Grab, White House Budget Director Admits Bush May Have Been Wrong About Corporate Tax Receipts 9/8/01

BG Stocks Tumble To 3 Year Low As Jobless Rate Hits 4 Year High 9/8/01

REUTERS Bush To Unemployed--Sorry, No New Plan 9/8/01

NYT Illogically, Bush Uses Increase In Unemployment As Reason For His Economic Policies 9/8/01

NYT ED Bush Underestimated Unemployment, Overestimated Economic Growth 9/8/01

KOHUT Most Folks More Interested In Economy Than Shrinking Surplus, Not Understanding Its Connection To The Deficit Re SS 9/8/01

BS ED Now That Bush Bubble Has Burst, He Needs To Re-Think His Priorities 9/8/01

NYT Comptroller General Likely To Sue Secretive Bush To Get Cheney Energy Info 9/8/01

NYT Dem Senate Committee Shifts $1.3 In Missile Defense To Another Military Slot, Demands Congressional Approval Of Any Treaty Action 9/8/01

BG ED Now Anti-Regulations Bush Faces The Task Of Governing Microsoft Through Regulations 9/8/01

NYT Flip-Flop Bush Says He Will Leave Nursing Home Regulations Alone, But Regulation Cutbacks Have Already Begun 9/8/01

BALL Long-Time Social Security Insider Perplexed Over Moynihan's Abuse Of Facts, Own Beliefs 9/8/01

DP ED Is Bush Reading The Fine Print In An Effort To Scuttle The Roadless Parks Program? 9/8/01

WP Racism Conference Extended In Hope Of Accord 9/8/01

TRANSCRIPT Bush Spinner Gets Spun 9/8/01

WITCOVER Gore's Upcoming Speech Would Be A Good Time To Read Junior's Lips 9/8/01

BROWNSTEIN Gore Must Keep Cool, But Say "I Told You So" 9/8/01

FRIEDMAN Bush Is A "Radical Conservative" Who Is Saying "Screw You" To The Wishes Of The Voters 9/7/01

GILL For Example, Bush Missile Defense Plan Is Not In Our Best Interests Re China Nuclear Policy 9/7/01

DAWN China Threatens To End Cooperation With Bush On Non-Proliferation Issues 9/7/01

TRAVERS Canadians See Bush Missile Plan As "March Of Folly" 9/7/01

DIONNE And, Bush Comments Upon His Tax Cut And Social Security A Mess Of Contradictions 9/7/01

WP Further, As Leading Repug Senator Says Let's Loot Social Security, Bush Adds A Third Exception To His Original Two Of " War and Recession" 9/7/01

PRESSLER Investors Indicate Bush Bad News Market Is Not Going To Change Any Time Soon 9/7/01

CNNFN Unemployment Rate Hits 4.9%, Even Worse Than Predicted 9/7/01

TB Bush-Inspired Bankruptcy Rate Soars In Toledo 9/7/01

COCCO Bush Budget Based On Finger-Crossing Faith 9/7/01

AARON Bush Should Expect $4 Billion Fine Re EU Tariffs For "Illegal Tax Cuts" 9/7/01

BG ED Labor Economist Notes Bush Lied To Labor Re Alaskan Drilling Jobs 9/7/01

NYT Bush Decision Not To Split Microsoft Has Gates Executives Declaring Victory . 9/7/01

NYT Bush Gives Microsoft A Free Pass To Continue Its Monopolistic Ways, Say Experts. 9/7/01

WP How You Will Be Affected Personally By The Bush Decision 9/7/01

LOHR Typically, Bush Chose Regulatory Oversight, Which He Has Failed To Use Well In The Past 9/7/01

NYT Bush Wants To Improve Nursing Home Quality By Eliminating Regulations That Ensure Nursing Home Quality 9/7/01

CBS LAT Says Bush Jawboned Texas Into Removing Regulations Agains Ephedra 9/7/01

NYT Judge Finds Bush Has No Authority To Institute Medicare Drug Card Program 9/7/01

NYT Bush Stem Cell Credibility Questioned, Now That We Know He Lied About "Viability" 9/7/01

OC Canada Feels Left Out By Bush's Pro-Mexico Spin 9/7/01

WP Cheney Defies GAO's Disclosure Demand 9/7/01

REUTERS Judge Says Bush's Enron Buddies Must Give Documents To CAL Senate Committee 9/7/01

NYT Strangelove Says He Couldn't Get Along With The Dem Cut Of His Missile Program 9/7/01

AP Why Does Bush Expect Environmental Nominee To Do On Fed Level What He Did Not Do In Ohio? 9/7/01

NJ Bush Anti-Drug Choice Said To Back "Intolerant, Reactionary" Program 9/7/01

JACKSON Bush Ran From Racism Conference But He Can't Hide From White Wealth 9/7/01

WP ED Ten Campaign Finance Votes Needed, Unsigned Dem Blacks Would Do It 9/7/01

COMPTON Bush Private Fireworks Display Draws Fire 9/7/01

MANEKIN Toxic Sludge Is Good For You. Understanding Bush By Understanding PR. 9/7/01

PARRY Election Facts Show Nader's Present Strategy Will Help Bush Win Again 9/6/01

WP ED Yes, Let Dems Raise Minimum Wage Over Bush Objections 9/6/01

WP Bush Welfare Sages Place Priorities On Getting Poor Folks Married, Not Getting Them Jobs 9/6/01

WP Dems Plan To Cut Bush Missile Budget, But Only 12% 9/6/01

WP "Senate Sources" Say Dems Will Approve Negroponte Nomination To U.N. In Spite Of Serious Human Rights Questions 9/6/01

ROSENBERG Bush Germ War Threat Is Real And It's Worse Than Previously Thought 9/6/01

HARRIS Why Has Bush Plan To Replicate Deadly Anthrax Been Kept Secret From Us? 9/6/01

NYT Now Bush Wants To "Seriously Weaken" Astronomy Research. Part Of His Plan For Control Of Space 9/6/01

WP ED Bush's Missiles For All Plan Is Making The World An Unsafe Place 9/6/01

GOTTEMOELLER Based On China's Nuclear Strategy, Bush Offer Of Nuclear Proliferation Senseless 9/6/01

NYT Health Sec. Facts Indicate Bush Lied To Us About Stem Cells Numbers, Fed Control Of Research, Viability 9/6/01

SCHWARTZ Bush Is Doing As Little As Possible To Protect Our Privacy 9/6/01

KRUGMAN Will Bush Ever Admit His Tax Cut Mistake? No. 9/6/01

NYT Some Say Bush Lie Not To Use Social Security Is Bad Economics 9/6/01

KURTZ Bush Budget Plan So Confused That Even Reporters Are Getting Confused 9/6/01

HOLT Bush Is Giving Jefferson's" Imperialism" A Bad Name 9/6/01

NYT Arabs View Bush Isolationism As Dangerous 9/6/01

NYT ED Fox And Bush Expectations Have Been Lowered, And That's Good 9/6/01

HERBERT Bush Objection To Racism Conference Was Calling Slavery "A Crime AGainst Humanity" 9/6/01

PAGE It's Hard For The World To Listen If Bush Isn't Willing To Talk 9/6/01

HOAGLAND There Must Be A Better Way Of Winning Hearts And Minds Than Walking Out Of Conferences 9/6/01

NYT Growing Numbers Of Musicians Fighting Bush Energy Policy 9/6/01

MC LAUGHLIN Cheney's Energy Mistakes Have Made Him Less Visible Than Before 9/6/01

BC ED What Or Who Is Cheney Trying To Hide, And Why? 9/6/01

CT ED Cost Of Alaskan Drilling "Far More Real Than Benefits" 9/6/01

NYT Environmentalists Looking At Global Warming Law Suits To Stop Bush 9/6/01

WP Bush Prepared To Stonewall House Request For Ashcroft Documents 9/6/01

NYT Alhough Ashcroft Was Anti-Tobacco Foe As Senator, Justice Official Denies Bush Pressure To Settle Suit In Tobacco's Favor 9/6/01

NYT Bush Conservative War Against Whole Language Seen As "Senseless" 9/6/01

MOJO See No Evil With Special Bushray Glasses 9/6/01

BDN ED Bush, IMF Set Up "Berlin Wall" Of 9 Ft. High Chain Link And Razor Wire Around The White House 9/5/01

BOEHLERT Fox, CNN Doing What They Can To Support The Bush Occupation 9/5/01

REUTERS Girl Scouts Protest Bush War Against Girls. He Also Opposes Children's Rights And Children's Health Care. 9/5/01

WILENTZ Taxes, Lies, And Phony Rebates 9/5/01

MEEHAN It's Time Bush Gave Up His Big-Money Gimmicks 9/5/01

REUTERS Americans Say No To Tapping Social Security 9/5/01

REUTERS Senate Dem Kerry Vows Filibuster On Alaskan Drilling 9/5/01

ROOSEVELT Alaska Is America's Line In The Sand. The People Demand Conservation, Not Bush Capitulation To Big Oil 9/5/01

COWAN Solidarity Forever--Against Bush 9/5/01

GARCIA Supreme Court Selected Bush, Big Oil Keeps Him In Power 9/5/01

NYT While Bush And Daschle Agree Not To Tap Social Security, CBO Has Previously Reported Bush Already Has 9/5/01

REUTERS Bush Fixin' To Back More Tax Cuts For The Rich If He Can Get Away With It 9/5/01

WP ED Another Tax Cut For The "Better Off" Would Make Bush's Bad Economic Policy Even Worse 9/5/01

SCHEER Wealthy Bush Appears Clueless About What's Happening To The Economy And His Ineffectual Policies 9/5/01

SCHRAM The Economy Will Get Worse In The Years To Come As The Bush Tax Cuts Grow Larger 9/5/01

CASTRO Bush Broke Promises To The Elderly To Pay For Those New Mansions In Palm Beach 9/5/01

REUTERS Bush Working On Deadly Anthrax As Part Of Germ Warfare "Defensive" Program 9/5/01

NYT EPA Faults Ohio Agency Headed By Bush Nominee 9/5/01

DOWD Bush Should Stick To Jelly Selection And Try To Get Over His Missile Envy 9/5/01

WP ED As With His Russian Policy, Bush Approach To China's Missile Concerns Is "Vague...Confused" 9/5/01

DAWN While India And Pakistan Seek To Resolve Their Differences, Bush Makes Things Worse 9/5/01

WP Bush White House Aides Make The Decisions, Members Of Cabinet Used As Policy Puppets 9/5/01

WP Meet The Cabinet 9/5/01

PITTS Bush-Backed Walkout From Racisim Conference Bad News For Human Rights 9/5/01

WP Senator Asks Ashcroft To Turn Over Files Re Press Subpoena 9/5/01

WP Add Gramm To Helms And Thurmond. All Plan To Retire Rather Than Run Again. 9/5/01

ED Dems Buoyed By Gramm Dropout 9/5/01

NYT Hispanic Candidate For Tx. Guv Steps Into Dem Void 9/5/01

WP Reno Plans "Vigorous" Campaign Against Jeb 9/5/01

MARGOLIS Concern Over Bush Foreign Fumblings Confirmed By Serious Mistakes Worldwide 9/4/01

CNN Dick And Stranglove Have Rice, Now Colin's Alone And Ineffectual 9/4/01

IHT Bush Seeks Missile Quid Pro Quo With China, Will Up Risk Of Nuclear Chaos 9/4/01

WP Administration Spins Position Following Uniform Criticism Of Nuclear Quid Pro Quo With China 9/4/01

DAWN Both Europe, Asia Uneasy Over Start Of Bush Shift Of Arms, Troops From Europe To Asia 9/4/01

KORB Our Present Military Budget Is Fine, It's Strangelove And The Generals Who Are Creating Problems 9/4/01

AP Scientist Says Pentagon Knows Missile System Won't Work But Will Build It Anyway 9/4/01

MILLER Germ Warfare Scientists Bending Treaty With Encouragement From Bush 9/4/01

BYRNE, ETC. True, The Muslims Should Do More About The Taliban, But What's Bush Doing About Them, Besides Supporting Them With U.S. Cash? 9/4/01

GUARDIAN South Africa Stops Just Short Of Calling Bush A Racist, As U.S. And Israel Walk Out 9/4/01

BBC Congressional Black Caucus Says Bush Implies Contempt For Fight Vs. Racism 9/4/01

IOL Jesse Jackson Says Bush Letting Down Victims Of Racism Worldwide 9/4/01

REUTERS Carter Criticizes Bush Pullout From Racism Conference 9/4/01

NYT European Nations Stay At Racism Conference To Fight For What They Believe 9/4/01

AP WCAR Delegates Didn't Know U.S. Had Walked In 9/4/01

NYT U.S. Delegates Were Told From The Start Not To Participate In Public 9/4/01

MSNBC House Repugs Plan To Press For More Tax Cuts For The Rich 9/4/01

HIGHTOWER As Workers' Real Wages Go Down, Bush Pulls A Rebate And Switch Con With His Tax Check 9/4/01

NYT Most Workers Interviewed Were Indifferent Or Hostile To Bush Tax Cut Bribe 9/4/01

DIONNE As Bush Breaks His Budget And His Promises, The Dems Must Fight His Tax Cuts 9/4/01

NYT ED Norwood Realizes He's Been "Snookered" By Bush's Haste To Reward Repressive HMO's, Destroy States' More Liberal Legislation 9/4/01

NYT Bush Stem Cell Christian Conservatives Move On To Anti-Abortion Push 9/4/01

RISKIND More Bush Ambassadors Are Political Appointees And Fewer Know The Ropes 9/4/01

OJ Dictator Bush Says No More Protesting, No More Unapproved Investigations 9/4/01

CANEDY Reno Ready To Run In Florida 9/4/01

GUARDIAN Polls Have Reno Winning Nomination, Losing To Bush 9/4/01

NYT Both Gore And Bradley Out On Campaign Trail For Others 9/4/01

WP Film Critic Pauline Kael Dies At 82 9/4/01

BG ED Americans Are Working Harder Than Ever So The Rich Can Get Richer 9/2/01

WP Bush Promotion Of Agenda To Workers Indicates That Beatings Will Continue Until Their Morale Improves 9/2/01

HERBERT What About The Five Million 16-24 Who Are Out Of School With No Jobs? 9/2/01

SEGAL We're Still Spending Most Of Our Income On Basic Needs, Just Like 100 Years Ago 9/2/01

NYT ED Perhaps We Should Rename The Present Holiday "Consumers' Day" 9/2/01

NYT While Dems In Congress Want Bush To Rewrite The Budget With The New, Lower Figures, The Repugs Want Him To Spend More Money That We Don't Have On Taxes For The Wealthy 9/2/01

RODRIGUEZ Bush Lied To The American People About His Tax Cuts, Budget 9/2/01

SALTER More Economic Evidence That Bush Does Not Practice What He Preaches 9/2/01

BJ ED Increasing Evidence That Both Bush Brothers Are Not To Be Trusted With Your Money 9/2/01

AMA Health Care Safty Net Unraveling In Face Of Bush Budget Bust 9/2/01

MT D.C. Govt. Cuts Funding On Hospital For Poor To Cover $13 Million For WTO Meeting, As Bush Stands By 9/2/01

KORNBLUT Dems Plan To Point Out That Bush Lied When He Said Education Was His Top Priority 9/2/01

CT Bush Disappearing Surpluses And Social Security Raids Just Like Reagan's Destruction Of U.S. Economy 9/2/01

NYT Putin Sees Bush As A Figurehead For Those Who Do The Work, Make The Actual Decisions 9/2/01

TEL Europe Ticked That Bush Would Kill Test Ban Treaty For His Missile Testing By Giving China OK To Add To Their Nuclear Arsenal 9/2/01

DAWN Bush Hard On Pakistan For Receiving Missile Info, Soft On China For Providing It 9/2/01

ST ED Bush Has Given India And Pakistan The Go-Ahead To Increase Risk Of Nuclear War 9/2/01

GUARDIAN Bush Perfectly Willing To Risk Our Lives By Increasing World-Wide Nuclear Danger To Get His Way On Missile Defense 9/2/01

TOI Bush Wants To Get His Way By Killing Ten Years Of U.S. Work To Limit Nuclear Danger 9/2/01

BBC Negroponte, Bush UN Nominee, Alleged To Have "Chronically Covered" Honduran Death Squad Human Rights Violations 9/2/01

NYT Congress Beginning To Realize That Bush Has Passed Them The Buck On Stem Cell Research 9/2/01

AGE While Bush Says He Supports Free Trade, He Backs Farm Subsidies That Give Cash Directly To 11 Congressmen 9/2/01

OCW Health Care Company Of Bush Nominee to Spain Negotiating Fed Fine Over $100 Million In Alledged Medicare Fraud 9/2/01

HC ED Why Not Have Fed Voting On Veterans' Day? 9/2/01

TO Congressman McKinney Provides U.N. With '78 Document Describing Fed Plan To Eliminate Black Leadership 9/2/01

SUNGBEH Bush High-Level Boycott Of Racism Conference Prevents Full Discussion Of International Trafficking Of Women and Children 9/2/01

ABC U.S. Mini-Delegation Threatens Walk-Out If Israel Is Criticized 9/2/01

FLOYD Armed Cheney Backers Find It Hard To Kiss Their Guns Goodby 9/2/01

NYT Reno Still Seriously Considering Florida Guv Run 9/2/01

WP ED Bush Justice Dept. Contradicts Own Regulations On Press Subpoenas 9/2/01

WSWS How The U.S. Media Turned A Family Tragedy Into A Sex Scandal 9/2/01

HC FBI Could Be Listening In On Your Cell Phone Chats As Early As October 9/2/01

MC KAY Bush's Attempt To Build An Information Barracade Between Himself And U.S. Citizens Is Without Precedent 9/2/01

BURKE While Bush Talks Limited Government, He Uses Fed Power To Run Roughshod Over The People At The Behest Of Corporations 9/2/01

NYT Bush Will Allow China Buildup, Which Will Better The Odds Of Nuclear Disaster, To Get His Way On Missile Defense 9/2/01

WP On The Other Hand, Maybe If We Just Gave China Our Missile Defense Plans... 9/2/01

HOAGLAND Strangelove's Wolf Bemoans Spending Money On Senior Health Care In Place Of Missile Systems 9/2/01

KAPLAN History Of Missile Defense Testing Of Clueless System Suggests It's No More Than A Bottomless Money Pit Used To Pay Off Defense Contractors 9/2/01

NYT It's Clear That Bush Is Giving In To Defense Contractors Rather Than Kids' Educational Needs 9/2/01

WP Bush Hopes To Con Congress Into Passing An Education Bill With No Money Attached To Do The Job 9/2/01

ROFFMAN Bush Isn't Helping Kids At All By Polarizing The Sex Issue 9/2/01

KRUGMAN Bush Never Changes His Plans To Fit The Facts, He Just Changes His Sales Pitch 9/2/01

REICH Lack Of Business Spending And Growing Loss Of Consumer Confidence Means The Bottom Is Ready To Fall Out On Bush 9/2/01

MC FEATTERS Bush, Like Most Americans, Wants To Spend Money He Doesn't Have And Save Nothing For The Future, But Whose Money Is He Spending? 9/2/01

WP Congress Hopes To Make Clear To Bush That He's Leading Us Into A Recession 9/2/01

LAT Congress Girds For Battle Of Priorities 9/2/01

BRODER "Vulnerable" Bush Is Back To Put A Smiley Face On His Misguided Agenda 9/2/01

MC FEATTERS Bush, Another Washington Insider, Plans To Sell Himself As An Outsider This Fall 9/2/01

BOROSAGE Dems Should Stess Wrongheaded Bush Tax Cuts, Not His Broken Social Security Promise 9/2/01

POON Japanese Tried The Tax Rebate Trick, Too. It Had No Effect On The Economy, Either. 9/2/01

BENTON Biggest Indictment Vs. Bush Tax Rebate Is Failure To Turn Economy Around 9/2/01

WP ED Bush Decision To Get Endangered Species Act Out Of Courts Is Not Followed By Realistic Funding Of Program. Tax Cut, You Know. 9/2/01

NYT Environmentalists Say Unions Duped By Bush In Believing His Oil Bosses' Lies About Jobs In Alaska 9/2/01

NYT While Bush Privatizing Is Not The SS Answer, The Problem Is The Increasing Age Of Life Expectancy 9/2/01

KUTTNER Bush Wants To Kill Social Security For Good. Dems Need More Than Pretend Lockbox. 9/2/01

MH ED Proposed Bush-Backed Secrecy Bill Hurts Only Whistleblowers 9/2/01

NR Bush Probably Violating The law In Secrecy Coverup 9/2/01

HC ED Justice Dept. Looking More Like The Secret Police 9/2/01

WP Govermnet Has Switched From Serving The People To Serving Them With Subpoenas 9/2/01

BERKOWITZ Bush Scalia Nomination Spells Death To Occupational Safety At Labor Dept. 9/2/01

WP Undocumented Mexican Migrants Realizing That Bush Shift In Plan To "Guest Workers" Is Spin For "Cheap Labor" 9/2/01

LAT If Bush Plays His Selective Mexican Card, He Will Lose Latino Support 9/2/01

NOVAK Gore-Lieberman Seriously Considering Running Again 9/2/01

NYT Without Poppy To Back Up Requests, Gore Fund-Raising Is Tepid Thus Far 9/2/01

NYT Rescuing A World Famous But Fragile House 9/2/01

ALTERMAN Bush Has Declared War On The American Worker 9/1/01

NYT Americans, Who Lead World In Hours Worked, Have Less Productivity, More Burn-Out 9/1/01

RICH Although The Bush Economic Plan Will Harm Most Americans Personally, They Paid More Attention To Condit. 9/1/01

TA ED Now That Bush Has Broken The Bank, Money For Health, Education Can Be Found By Cutting Missile Defense, Tax Cuts To The Wealthy 9/1/01

IVINS What's Wrong With Libertarians Is What's Wrong With Bush 9/1/01

CT ED Bush Has Been Working Hard Behind The Scenes To Get More Guns On The Streets. Editorial Blames The Dems. 9/1/01

NYT Jesse Jackson Has Done What Bush Should Have Done At Racisim Conference. Brokers Palestinian Rejection Of Anti-Zionist Declaration. 9/1/01

KING American Delegation To Racisim Conference Seems To Have Forgotten Unsung Hero Of Civil Rights 9/1/01

MACWAN 250+ Million People Around World Currently Suffering Caste Discrimination. Bush Hinders Effort To Stop This 9/1/01

WP Putin May Scrap Nov. Meeting With Bush If Nothing Substantial Happens Sooner 9/1/01

NYT Bush Blames His Failure To Enact Selective Immigration Laws For Mexicans On Congress 9/1/01

NYT ED The Bush-Lieberman Faith-Based Ticket Is "Seriously Flawed." 9/1/01

WP Netscape Founder Holds Back $60 Million Scientific Donation To Protest Bush Stem Cell Restrictions 9/1/01

WP ED Bush-Backed Fed Court Decision Agaist Gay Adoptions "Absurd" Both Morally And Legally 9/1/01

BARRY Bush Behavior On Patients' Rights Shows He Only Accepts Bipartisan Consensus When It Suits Him 9/1/01

AP Bush Trying To Prevent Records From Poppy's Administration From Seeing Light Of Day 9/1/01

LAT What Is Poppy's CIA Hiding Re Bush Nominee In Not Getting Negroponte Documents To Congress? 9/1/01

BG ED Bush FBI Head Begins Under A Cloud, Having Already Broken Own Rule Used To Clean Up FBI 9/1/01

LAT Bush Austin Spinner Gave Justice Dept. Approval To Take Reporter's Personal Records 9/1/01

AP Connection Between Bush, FBI, Justice Re Subpoena Found In Long-Time Bush Spinner 9/1/01

NYT Woman Who Sent Bush Campaign Tape To Dems Gets Year In Prison 9/1/01

BG Campaign Finance Reform Bill Signed By 190 Dems, 15 Repugs. 13 More Needed. 9/1/01

WP Bush Neighbors In Crawford Interested In "Farm" Subsidies, Not "Ranch" Spin 9/1/01

NYT Isn't It A Conflict Of Interest For Congressmen To Vote For Bills That Will Immediately Benefit Them Financially? 9/1/01

EDWARDS Helms, Thurmond Won't Be Missed 9/1/01

WP Mr. Rogers Leaves Neighborhood 9/1/01

FISHER Since All Reporters Have Biases, Documentation Is Very Important 9/1/01

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