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WP ED "The real choice [in Afghanistan] is to tolerate another descent into anarchy or to make the military and economic commitment needed to prevent it. Mr. Bush has repeatedly promised the latter course; but a grant of impunity to commanders who allowed hundreds of prisoners to slowly asphyxiate in a searing freight container is a large step in the wrong direction." 08.30.02

IGNATIUS "Here is where the left and right should converge -- in supporting democracy and human rights across the Arab world. America doesn't need to go to war (beyond Iraq) or topple governments willy-nilly. It just needs to be true to its values, and never deviate from its long-term strategy for the sake of preserving the status quo. " [Is Afghanistan another exception, Mr. Ignatius?] 08.30.02

KRUGMAN Despite Bush assurances that the tax cut would promote recovery, the economy seems to be sputtering. 08.30.02

HUFFINGTON Now How Many Times Has CEO Bush Been Arrested? 08.30.02

WP Lieberman Warns of Homeland Bill Hurdles. Senator Aims to Guard Worker Protections 08.30.02

LINDORFF "Blasted for plans to link the spy program to "America's Most Wanted," John Ashcroft has tapped another private firm to run its volunteer hotline. His most fervent supporter: Joe Lieberman " 08.30.02

PODESTA "One of the alarming aspects of the FISA story is that the FBI's then-secret pattern of misbehavior had so outraged the judges by summer 2001 that prosecutors were reluctant to ask for a FISA warrant to search the computer of suspected hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui. " 08.30.02

REUTERS Unseen and Unloved, Oilman Bush Shuns Earth Summit 08.30.02

NYT ED "Bush should never use taxpayer money to encourage a method of farming that works against the public's desire for open space, biodiversity and clean, nonmalodorous air." 08.30.02

FIORE Who says the president isn't concerned about ecology? Au contraire, he's obsessed! (interactive) 08.30.02

NYT Liberal Justices Call for Reviewing Death Sentences for Juveniles 08.30.02

NYT State Dept. Is Holding a Seminar Next Week on World's Anti-U.S. Attitudes 08.30.02

KRISTOF The Rev. Matt Hale, America's scariest hatemonger, would probably be flattered to hear his "church" referred to as America's Al Qaeda. 08.30.02

DIONNE "The choice the country faces is not between unilateral war and doing nothing at all. Nor is it an argument over whether Hussein is a threat. The question is: What is the right way to stop him?" 08.30.02

REUTERS Amid Worldwide Skepticism, Cheney Again Slams Iraq 08.30.02

NYT The Bush administration sought to shore up Congressional support for a campaign against Iraq, even as it tried to head off pressure from Britain and France to work through the U.N. 08.30.02

REUTERS Ex-U.S. Attorney-General Warns Against Bush Iraq Strike 08.30.02

REUTERS Iraqi Exiles Plan to Elect U.S. - Backed Government 08.30.02

AP Musharraf Critical of Attack on Iraq 08.30.02

NYT Iraq Said to Plan Tangling the U.S. in Street Fighting

REUTERS .Iraq VP Says U.S. Cannot Topple Saddam Like Taliban 30.02

NYT Sept. 11 Attack Planned in '99, Germans Learn 08.30.02

NEWMAN The onslaught of terrorism and suicide bombings in Israel has given rise to a discourse of revenge, replacing any discourse of peace. 08.30.02

WP "The California atheist who sued to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance now wants to kick the House and Senate chaplains out of Congress. " 08.30.02

BW Lifestyles Of Our Rich And Famous Leaders 08.29.02

NYT "Today [at the Summit] Representative Dennis J. Kucinich, Democrat of Ohio, and Jerry Brown, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, assailed the Bush administration's energy policy at a news conference here. They called for a new commitment to solar power and an end to fuel subsidies. "There are people in the administration who will say, `We don't need to talk about timetables,' " Mr. Kucinich said. 'But when scientists can show that over a period of time that global warming can, in fact, impact on the increase in world temperature, we better be talking about timetables.'" 08.29.02

MC GRORY "Secretary of State Colin Powell goes to South Africa next week to represent the president at a global warming parley, which is being heavily attended by world leaders. Powell's position is awkward because his leader does not believe in global warming. Powell's brief tour of other African nations might present other awkward moments, particularly if the talk turns to human rights. President Bush doesn't seem to believe in them, either. " 08.29.02

NYT Water At The Summit: "John Hilary, the trade adviser for Save the Children, said private companies that were managing water supplies in many poor countries often raised rates. "When you raise water tariffs in a particular country," Mr. Hilary said, 'the poorest families can no longer afford access to clean water.'" 08.29.02

NYT ED "It is disturbing that in many areas of the world the demand for fresh water is rising faster than the supply, leaving about a billion people without access to clean drinking water" [and that even Enron has gotten into the race to privatize the world's water supply, with the help of the Bush Administration.] 08.29.02

WP White House Assures Conservatives That Bush Tax Threat That Would Further Cripple The Economy Is Being Done For Political, Not Economical, Purposes 08.29.02

SCHEER "Isn't it odd that Bush's statement that he would be "furious" at a baseball strike is far more passionate a response than his smug nonchalance over Enron and other corporations profiteering during the California energy crisis last year? Of course, cynical market manipulations such as Enron's infamous "Death Star" tactic were only threatening the nation's biggest, most economically important state, not the pennant race. " 08.29.02

WP Al Qaeda terrorist network is "fit and well," ready to strike, according to draft of U.N document. 08.29.02

NYT The government has indicted four Arab men living in Detroit, saying they were part of a terrorist cell planning attacks in the United States, Jordan and Turkey. 08.29.02

NYT "The Saudi government has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists and television advertisements in a drive to improve its image among Americans. " 08.29.02

REESE "It's now clear that this administration intends to go its own way, in disregard of international law, the Constitution and the advice of our longtime allies. It has neither a proper authorization for war nor even a definition of victory. It has simply embarked upon an open-ended power play in which the so-called war on terrorism is used simply as an excuse to do whatever it wants to do. If the administration likes some foreign tyrant, it gives him carte blanche to crush his domestic opposition in the name of fighting terrorism. If it doesn't like a foreign tyrant, it uses democracy as a weapon to demonize him. This, of course, gives democracy itself a bad name and gives us the stench of hypocrisy. " 08.29.02

REESE "Terrorism, like all human action, proceeds from a cause for a purpose. If you want to end it, you have to remove the cause. Instead, Bush is imitating the Israelis and thinks that killing people, jailing people, deporting people and threatening people will solve the problem. Those tactics have not worked for the Israelis, and they will not work for us. " 08.29.02

MARGOLIS "US forces are rapidly massing in the Gulf to invade Iraq. Four heavy brigades have been positioned near Iraq, a huge new air complex is now operational in Qatar, and American special forces are active in Iraqi Kurdistan. The White House is hoping its threats of war will provoke a coup against Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi Army. But if one does not come, the Bush Administration shows every sign of plunging into an unprovoked war that the rest of the world will view as blatant aggression. " 08.29.02

WHEATCROFT "The Bush administration is plainly counting on Britain as an ally against Iraq, but that assumption may be wrong. " 08.29.02

HAIG "Ultimately, an American foreign policy...that allows a country such as Iraq to acquire weapons of mass destruction while violating solemn agreements is a guarantee of a world on the edge of greater terrors to come. " 08.29.02

REEVES "The president's men and women look and act like serious people, until you compare what they are saying these days. In the 24 hours or so before Gonzales issued his latest Constitution-breaker...that President Bush does not have to and does not intend to ask anyone for permission to go to war against Iraq because of the 1991 congressional vote authorizing Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the operational names for his father's Iraq war... , other Bushmen offered their thoughts, conflicting ones, on the question of what we are doing and why. Vice President Richard Cheney got the most attention, saying that we don't care what other countries think; we're going ahead with the business of destroying Iraq to make the world safe for democracy everywhere -- except in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab dictatorships. " 08.29.02

NYT Administration officials said that they expected President Bush to seek some sign of approval [as opposed to a formal, Constitutional agreement] from Congress before launching any campaign against Iraq. 08.29.02

BH Bagdad Bombers Consider Two Ways To Sway Public Opinion For Bush Iraq Attack 08.29.02

SMH "In Baghdad streets, they're not quaking in their boots. Iraqis are united in their contempt for Washington's war threats." 08.29.02

REUTERS "The United States will seek Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's ouster regardless of whether he lets U.N. specialists resume inspections of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capability, a U.S. official said on Wednesday. " 08.29.02

WP Obvious Loophole In Bush Ed Law Allows Criteria To Be Manipulated For Political Purposes 08.29.02

WP ED "THE FUNDAMENTAL promise of the education bill passed by Congress last year was to help students trapped in bad schools. Annual tests imposed by the new law are supposed to measure whether students are learning to read and to do math. Public scrutiny of those results is supposed to prod school systems into fixing low-performing schools. And if failing schools keep on failing, the law is supposed to offer students a way out. That escape provision is facing its first test this fall, and some initial results in Maryland are not encouraging." 08.29.02

WP New Dem Joe Ready To Hit The Stump If Populist Al Falters 08.29.02

SAFIRE "In kowtowing to [Singapore's] Lee family, the Bloomberg News Service — the feisty, aggressive newcomer to coverage of global finance on cable and computers — has just demeaned itself and undermined the cause of a free online press. " 08.29.02

LYONS "If Ann Coulter were a relief pitcher, she'd be in big trouble. Instead, she's a Republican attack-blonde, the author of the number one non-fiction book on the New York Times best-seller list, and a ubiquitous presence on TV talk shows. So you're not supposed to take offense when Coulter spouts politicized bigotry that makes ex-Atlanta Brave John Rocker's foolish remarks about queers, weirdos and foreigners in New York sound benign by comparison. Nor to point out that much of the so-called "evidence" of liberal sins in her book "Slander" is simply made up-780 often phony footnotes and all. " 08.29.02

NYT "The Congressional Budget Office predicted today that the federal government would run big budget deficits through 2005, and those estimates do not include the impact of President Bush's proposals for higher military spending and his ideas for additional tax cuts. " 08.28.02

WP It's The Bush Tax Cuts, Stupid ! "The most dramatic drop in tax revenue since 1946 has put the government into deficit for the next three years and has shriveled the projected 10-year federal budget surplus by 60 percent in just five months, the Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday. " 08.28.02

WP ED "Throughout the coming decade, on-budget income is projected to fall short of spending, meaning that the government will need to tap into those Social Security funds that everyone was promising last year to leave inviolate. The bulk of the surplus that the CBO's forecasters see accumulating by 2012 rests on the assumption that last year's tax cut package will expire as scheduled after 2010, an outcome that President Bush is aggressively campaigning to prevent. These numbers ought to throw cold water on that effort, but there was no sign of that yesterday. " 08.28.02

HUFFINGTON "After Enron, the accounting industry was dinged for conflicts of interest. But what about the mutual fund managers? " 08.28.02

WALTER "American authority is already in some danger as a result of the Bush administration's decision to send a low-level delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg — low-level, that is, relative to America's share of both the world economy and global pollution. The absence of President Bush from Johannesburg symbolizes this decline in authority. " 08.28.02

GUARDIAN "The UN hoped that [World Conference] delegates would agree to cut in half the number of people without access to clean water and sanitation by 2015. The US, however, has resisted setting a new target for action in the field of sanitation. EU officials, who favour the sanitation target, said they could not understand the US opposition. "It's important not only that people should be able to get drinking water, but to be able to get rid of waste water," said Hans Christian Schmidt, the Danish environment minister." 08.28.02

HANSEN "Not a drop to drink. Forget oil -- an expert on the world's water supply talks about the vital substance we will hoard, ration and probably go to war for in the near future." 08.28.02

AP Bush, Saudis Oppose Summit Plan on Energy. Move Angers Environmental Groups 08.28.02

NYT ED "The courts and Congress are sending a clear message to the Bush administration that its antiterror campaign risks trampling on the Constitution. " 08.28.02

WP ED "The Executive Branch seeks to uproot people's lives, outside the public eye, and behind a closed door," wrote Judge Damon Keith for the court. "Democracies die behind closed doors. " 08.28.02

RUSHDIE "During the past year the Bush administration has made a string of foreign policy miscalculations, and the State Department conference must acknowledge this. After the brief flirtation with consensus-building during the Afghan operation, the United States' brazen return to unilateralism has angered even its natural allies. The Republican grandee James Baker has warned President Bush not to go it alone, at least in the little matter of effecting a "regime change" in Iraq. In the year's major crisis zones, the Bushies have been getting things badly wrong." 08.28.02

BORGER "So what is going on? Incompetence is a strong possibility. The Bush administration has already demonstrated extraordinary foreign policy clumsiness in its handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - also accompanied by spinning in several contradictory directions at once. But incompetence is more a matter of style than substance. At the heart of Bush's policy on Iraq, as it was on the Middle Eastern mess, there is disagreement and indecision. Moreover, there are signs that anxiety over an Iraqi adventure is beginning to spread from the state department to the White House." 08.28.02

NYT ED "The White House has yet to meet the difficult burden of showing why Iraq's weapons programs, including its efforts to develop nuclear arms, require an American invasion. " 08.28.02

DOWD "I was dubious at first. But now I think Dick Cheney has it right.Making the case for going to war in the Middle East to veterans on Monday, the vice president said that "our goal would be . . . a government that is democratic and pluralistic, a nation where the human rights of every ethnic and religious group are recognized and protected." O.K., I'm on board. Let's declare war on Saudi Arabia! Let's do "regime change" in a kingdom that gives medieval a bad name." 08.28.02

NYT Bush Assails Iraq's Saddam, but Saudis Are Firm in Opposing War. 08.28.02

BENN "Israeli leaders are overjoyed at the prospect of a U.S. invasion -- but it isn't good politics to admit it. " 08.28.02

WP Iraqi Envoys Courting Support in Syria, China. U.S. Allies in Mideast Warn of War on Hussein 08.28.02

WP Al Qaeda Deputies Harbored by Iran. Pair Are Plotting Attacks, Sources Say 08.28.02

WP "The U.N. special representative in Afghanistan said today that the weakness of the Afghan government and the risk to investigators or witnesses make it almost impossible to investigate reports that there are mass graves [of Taliban dead, suffocated in trucks] in northern Afghanistan. " 08.28.02

WP ED "The Bush administration wants to provide $15 million to cover the cost of events such as the IMF-World Bank meetings, but only for costs incurred in fiscal 2003. The feds want to turn a blind eye to costs incurred during fiscal 2002. The District is rightly balking at that unfair proposal." 08.28.02

NYT "The education act that President Bush championed during his campaign and signed into law last January gave 3.5 million children in failing public schools the right to choose a better school this September. But with few slots available and few parents applying, education officials say that only a small number of children will benefit from the law this year. " 08.28.02

FRIEDMAN "The ruckus being raised by conservative Christians over the University of North Carolina's decision to ask incoming students to read a book about the Koran exhibits such profound lack of understanding of what America is about " 08.28.02

WP An Exchange of Barbs With Jeb Enlivens a Lovefest at Florida Dem Primary Rivals' Debate. 08.28.02

YORK "A former business partner is being sued by the Justice Department. The man he hoped would clean up children's services plunged him into another scandal. His daughter went to jail. Bush's best hope for staying governor? Divided Democrats. " 08.28.02

KRQE Nuclear Waste Truck Hit By Pickup 08.28.02

CARROLL "The United States, in fact, is in a crisis of language. This is what it means to have a president who, proudly inarticulate, has no real understanding of the relationship between words and acts, between rhetoric and intention....As a candidate, Bush openly displayed his willful illiteracy. At a loss for words, and proud of it. Many voters were charmed. Others were appalled. Few understood, however, that this abdication of leadership by the intelligent use of language would be dangerous to democracy at home, a grievous threat to peace abroad." 08.27.02

YOUNG "For all his scripted dumbness, George Bush is the voice of America. He manages to be loud and anxious at the same time. When he speaks his own words they often sound evasive and uncomprehending. But his is the only voice there seems to be. He is, after all, the president. Through him and the handful of his ministers regularly heard from - which means, in effect, the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and almost no one else - we get a monochrome picture of the US: an America defiant, haughty and contemptuous towards both dissenters at home and...other governments that do not agree with the Bush line abroad." 08.27.02

OLIPHANT The 34 Races For Bush's Control Of The Senate Boil Down To 10, And Paul "Wellstone - possibly the most liberal member of the Senate - could lose by the margin that goes to a Green Party candidate. Wouldn't you love to hear Ralph Nader explain that one away? " 08.27.02

BAMFORD "Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested." So begins "The Trial," Franz Kafka's story of an ordinary man caught in a legal web where the more he struggles to find out what he did wrong, the more trapped he becomes. "After all," says Kafka's narrator, "K. lived in a state governed by law, there was universal peace, all statutes were in force." With increasing speed, the Justice Department of Attorney General John Ashcroft is starting to resemble the "always vengeful bureaucracy" that crushed Josef K." 08.27.02

WP "Cheney argued today for a preemptive attack on Iraq's Saddam Hussein, declaring there is "no doubt" the dictator has weapons of mass destruction and is preparing to use them against the United States and its allies. " 08.27.02

NYT "In the Bush administration's most forceful presentation yet for attacking Iraq, the vice president warned that Saddam Hussein would "fairly soon" have nuclear weapons. " 08.27.02

WP ED "Cheney yesterday delivered the Bush administration's most extensive and forceful statement about the danger posed by the regime of Saddam Hussein and the reasons for taking preventive action against it....He suggested that the Bush administration will soon begin to spell out the details of that case before Congress, the American public and U.S. allies -- an initiative that is both essential and overdue. " 08.27.02

KEEN "Two bland words - "regime change" - have become shorthand for President Bush's plan to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein....But "regime change" is often misunderstood. It's sometimes used as a euphemism for assassination, although political scientists say that's not the strict definition, and Bush has said that's not his intention. And it's not a new U.S. policy toward Iraq. President Clinton made it a goal four years ago." 08.27.02

KRISTOF "Most of us are lily-livered sunshine patriots who want an easy victory [over Iraq] but shrink from a difficult one. I'm embarrassed to speak up for gutlessness, but it is a practical approach, and as a nation we often wisely chicken out of dangerous ventures. For example, North Korea is more of a threat than Iraq. North Korea has stronger connections to terrorist activity, runs a more advanced biological, chemical and nuclear weapons program, targets American military bases and is developing missiles that could reach the lower 48 states." 08.27.02

AP "I don't play this game so much on what's legal and what's not legal," Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., said of a U.S. attack on Iraq. "If the president is going to commit this nation to war, he'd better have the support of the Congress and the American people with him." 08.27.02

SPERLING "I remember how emotional and widespread the debate was over whether we should go to war in World War II. The heated argument went on and on - in Congress, in our homes, on the street. But now? All I'm hearing or seeing of the debate is in editorials or on TV. There is, as yet, no evidence of a storm of public controversy. Bush, it seems to me, has the green light." 08.27.02

NYT "More than 100 presidents and prime ministers, including most European leaders, will attend [the World Development] summit meeting to show their commitment to their new [anti-pollution] pledges. But many here are expressing doubts about the developed nations' sincerity and are especially critical of the fact that President Bush, the leader of the world's biggest economy and its largest polluter, has decided not to attend." 08.27.02

SIMMS "Incredibly, global warming has been squeezed off the agenda at Johannesburg. Is it because the different treatment of ecological debt and financial debt is too embarrassing? Because if you change the accounting system to measure what really matters, such as whether or not the environmental budget is balanced, Europe and the US look hopelessly indebted. " 08.27.02

GUARDIAN "Accusations that big business is hijacking the earth summit and pushing its own agenda of free trade and privatisation in developing countries overshadowed the first official day of the conference yesterday....Charities and pressure groups reacted angrily to the announcement of 192 partnerships involving big business in giving aid to developing countries.The partnerships will see schemes involving water, sanitation and electricity provision being introduced but some only on the condition that public services are privitised to the benefit of big business." 08.27.02

ALDEN As the divide grows between rich and poor, can the world summit on sustainable development lead to agreement? Here's a look at what the world's media has to say ." 08.27.02

MONBIOT "We know that the world is already rich enough to meet all real human needs, but that this wealth is not trickling down from rich to poor. We know that while there is a desperate need for redistribution, further growth in the rich world is likely to make everyone more miserable. We know that wealth has been romanticised. Yet we are afraid to ask for what we really want. Unless we are brave enough to confront the notion that growth is good, the world will shop until it drops. " 08.27.02

WP "D.C. police said yesterday that pay concerns and jitters about the Sept. 11 anniversary are making it harder to recruit outside security help for next month's International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, a situation that could require organizers to scale back their activities....Officials expect thousands of protesters in Washington for the meetings, and some demonstrators have announced plans for marches and traffic disruptions, beginning Sept. 25." 08.27.02

KRUGMAN Bush's "Healthy Forests [plan] isn't just about scrapping environmental protection; it's also about expanding corporate welfare." 08.27.02

WP "A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that the press and public must be allowed to witness immigration hearings for suspects detained in the Sept. 11 investigation, strongly rebuking the Bush administration for its policy of maximum secrecy in the war on terrorism. " 08.27.02

WP "The Bush administration contends that the [executive pardon] privilege covers not only advice given to a president about individual pardons, but also government papers he has never seen and officials he has never talked to, such as the sentencing judge in a particular case." 08.27.02

WP "The International Criminal Court, established last month to bring war criminals to justice, has not yet gotten off the ground, but the Bush administration is already waging an extraordinary diplomatic campaign to persuade nearly 180 countries never to deliver an American to the court. " 08.27.02

FOLTZ "On Aug. 14 Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman requested that U.S. military personnel in Colombia be given immunity from prosecution by the International Criminal Court for any human rights abuses that may occur in connection with their work ...Announcement that the U.S. military will join the Colombian groups that ignore human rights is not the way to establish democracy. " 08.27.02

GUARDIAN "Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, today delivers an unprecedentedly strong warning to Israel, arguing that the country is adopting a stance "incompatible" with the deepest ideals of Judaism, and that the current conflict with the Palestinians is "corrupting" Israeli culture. " 08.27.02

WP "One of the country's most successful promoters of charitable events" has expenses totalling 86% of D.C.-AIDS-Ride $3.6 million in donations. 08.27.02

WP Dem McBride Gaining On Reno. Jeb Takes Notice. (links to 13 stories) 08.27.02

TAGLIABUE As Multinationals Run the Taps, Anger Rises Over Water for Profit. 08.26.02

JETER Rich, Poor Further Apart As Earth Summit Nears.Economic Gap Has Widened Since Rio Meeting 08.26.02

AFP "Diplomats in Bid to Save Earth Summit as Police Crack Down " 08.26.02

ST. CLAIR "George W. Bush, fresh off a brush clearing operation at his Crawford ranch, snubbed the Earth Summit in Johannesburg for a trip to Oregon, where he vowed to fight future forest fires by taking a chainsaw to the nation's forests and the environmental laws that protect them. " 08.26.02

NYT ED "President Bush's new plan for reducing the risk of Western wildfires includes nothing to inconvenience the timber industry, and plenty to worry the environmentalists. " 08.26.02

SANDRONSKY "Currently, Bush’s income-tax cut has helped rich people become even richer. Their gain is, well, good for them. Flush with more cash, the rich want more. That’s all their greedy little brains can imagine. On that note, the president’s tax cut and more war spending has helped to turn what had been a federal budget surplus into a deficit. Decreasing tax revenues and spending more taxpayer dollars on the war machine as he has done with the help of Congress will result in budget deficits every time." 08.26.02

BRAUCHLI "Human Rights: Bush's Latest Double Standard. " 08.26.02

AP "One in every 32 adults in the United States was behind bars or on probation or parole by the end of last year, according to a government report Sunday that found a record 6.6 million people in the nation's correctional system. " 08.26.02

NYT ED " The day before the [FISA] ruling came to light, a coalition of civil liberties groups announced that it was filing a request for information about the pervasiveness of domestic spying. Last week's revelations about the F.B.I.'s tactics are a powerful reminder of why the public needs to know more about how the government is prosecuting the war on terror." 08.26.02

WP ED "In combination with other authorities the Justice Department claims, the surveillance powers it now covets for prosecutors under the FISA are troubling. " 08.26.02

PFAFF "Middle Eastern terrorism has been around for a long time and has been worse in the past than it is today. It has never been “defeated,” nor have its motivations ever been simple. Americans did not notice, because they were rarely the victims. Americans noticed Al Qaeda because Osama bin Laden made them notice last Sept. 11, and because he declares the United States his enemy." 08.26.02

GHABRA "Tolerance, justice and openness can take Americans and Arabs steadily away from this dangerous dance of hate and revenge. " 08.26.02

WP Bush Aides Say Junior Can Attack Iraq Based On Congress' Previous Approval Of Daddy's Iraq Attack In 1991. 08.26.02

WP War Powers Act Timeline 08.26.02

BREWER "If war policy is chosen behind closed doors and then conveyed to the people in conjunction with a skillful caricature of the predetermined enemy (supported, perhaps, by intelligence whose precise nature cannot be revealed), the public can be made to prefer an array of unsavory wars that it would never choose in the light of open deliberation. To think that democracy boils down to making sure one's decisions can be made popular in retrospect is to reduce the ideal of democracy to competency in marketing." 08.26.02

WOFSY "It's not only a matter of whether a US war for "regime change" in Iraq makes sense. What ought to be debated is the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war, a historic shift in international policy and philosophy. Do the times demand so fundamental a reversal? Where does it lead? " 08.26.02

HUNSINGER "A war of preemption, advocates maintain, will bring about a highly desired "regime change" in Iraq, install a democratic government there and free the Iraqi people. By just war standards, however, a preemptive attack against Iraq must be condemned. " 08.26.02

AP Debate on Iraq Elicits Confidence and Caution From Republicans. 08.26.02

FALK "Nothing in Iraq’s current behavior would justify a preemptive attack against Iraq based upon self-defense as set forth in [UN] Article 51 of the Charter. Even Henry Kissinger has stated, “The notion of justified pre-emption runs counter to modern international law, which sanctions the use of force in self-defense only against actual not potential threats." 08.26.02

LazyRanch Bush Protest In Stockton, California (Photo Essay) 08.26.02

RECORD "One of the largest protests in Stockton [,California] history was largely invisible to its intended target: President Bush. Big rig trailers, buses and other security tactics effectively blocked the view from protest sites to Bush events Friday at Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium and A.G. Spanos Jet Center, sparking charges of unconstitutional interference with protesters' freedom of speech." 08.26.02

MADSEN "Crushing Congressional Dissent: The Fall of Hilliard, Barr and McKinney. " 08.26.02

COCKBURN Taking Down Cynthia McKinney 08.26.02

ZUNES "Don't Blame the Jews for Cynthia McKinney's Defeat " 08.26.02

AN "While media spotlights one anthrax suspect, another is too hot to touch. " 08.26.02

BLOOM Hatfill Files Ethics Complaint Against Ashcroft, Denies Role in Anthrax Attacks 08.26.02

WT Net Gain In Dem Governors Seen In 2002 By Both Parties 08.26.02

AP "I think it's going to be a very, very, very hard job for Democrats to beat Jeb Bush," said Charles Whitehead, a former state Democratic party chairman. Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno has been the front-runner throughout the race but continues to worry some party members because of polls showing high negative ratings tied to her record in the Clinton administration." 08.26.02

NATION Greens At The Crossroads 08.26.02

HODES Hey, Kids ! War Is Fun ! 08.26.02

PAYTON "It is the position of the Justice Department...that the decision of the president to classify you as an enemy combatant is not subject to any meaningful review. Simply put, an innocent person falsely accused of being an enemy combatant would have no recourse....This is an extraordinary moment. If, in response to the challenge of terrorism, we transform ourselves into a society that eliminates the rule of law and concentrates in the president unchecked power to detain people without charges or judicial review, we will have become our antithesis. The irony would be profound." 08.25.02

DE GRAZIA "History shows...that Washington often used public relations for diplomacy. But the Bush administration is proposing something new, and not just because Ms. Beers has been quoted as saying a "30 percent conversion rate" for Muslims would "represent a sales curve any corporation would envy." Today's effort is new, first, because so far it promises largely to be about image," not substance. 08.25.02

WP ED "TO PROMOTE democracy in the Islamic world while pursuing other strategic goals requires a sense of balance, nowhere trickier to calibrate than in Pakistan. The State Department's effort to get that balance right last week was pretty much undone by President Bush, who in an off-the-cuff comment conveyed a sense that democracy in the South Asian country isn't all that important to him. It was the kind of remark that carries weight not only in Pakistan but in every other part of the world -- Palestine, Zimbabwe, Egypt -- where the United States claims to care about political liberty." 08.25.02

TS ED "A nuclear-armed Commonwealth nation of 140 million people is rapidly sinking into tyranny... The silence that has greeted Gen. Pervez Musharraf's hijacking of democracy in Pakistan is a mute indictment of Western attitudes toward a major Muslim nation. " 08.25.02

NYT "Aid groups and Afghan officials also point out that after Sept. 11, President Bush and other Western leaders argued that rebuilding a stable Afghanistan was the only way to prevent it from again becoming a breeding ground for terrorists. "Afghanistan was to have been a very special case, but it's not treated as such," the foreign minister, Dr. Abdullah, said in an interview. 'The international community has spent billions of dollars on fighting terrorism, but the real work of creating stability has not begun'" and winter is coming. 08.25.02

FRIEDMAN "Nothing will restrict America's ability to tell the truth in the Middle East and promote democracy there more than our continued dependence on oil." 08.25.02

YERGIN "Unless war and disruption spread to other Middle Eastern countries, the impact of attacking Iraq, in oil terms, could be more limited than many anticipate. " 08.25.02

USA U.S. Public Support Slips For Ousting Saddam 08.25.02

TS ED "U.S. President George Bush is facing a surge of desertions as he tries to muster American domestic support for a war on Iraq to drive Saddam Hussein from power. Barely 53 per cent of Americans now favour attacking Iraq, down from 74 per cent eight months ago. Only 20 per cent would go in without allies." 08.25.02

MARGOLIS "A torrent of propaganda, lies and half-truths about Iraq has been pouring from the White House in a campaign reminiscent of old Soviet agitprop. The government-appointed "defence" team representing accused 9/11 plot member Zacharias Moussaui reportedly urged him to falsely claim Iraq was behind the attacks. Moussaui refused. The head of Czech intelligence said there were no contacts in Prague between Iraq and al-Qaida, a key Bush reason for attacking Saddam. CIA veterans and European intelligence officials scoff at White House claims Iraq is a threat to the world. " 08.25.02

MC GRORY "Bush surely cannot imagine he can wiseguy his way into a war with Saddam Hussein. "I'm a patient man," he said last week at a news conference with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, which they tried to turn into a soft-shoe routine, feeding each other lines and chuckles. Bush repeated that he was a patient man as if that were all the explanation needed for his intentions.He will consult our allies, he said breezily, while Gen. Tommy Franks was telling another audience that he had the war plans." 08.25.02

DOWD "When it comes to running the country - as opposed to running 5-K's - Mr. Bush owes his reticence to a mixture of insecurity and hauteur. Dick Cheney owes his reticence only to hauteur. The president won't speak clearly, and the vice president won't speak to anybody whose check to the Republican National Committee hasn't cleared. " 08.25.02

TT U.S. Marine Gen. Zinni Says War With Iraq Is Unwise. 08.25.02

HOAGLAND "Those who predict that Bush 43 will not come up with an effective diplomatic strategy to support a new gulf war may be dealing in a self-fulfilling prophecy. If Bush cannot show that he has convinced Colin Powell of the wisdom of his Iraq strategy, how can he convince the nation and the world? That is the question that needs to be asked openly and debated clearly, not in sub-rosa fashion. " 08.25.02

OLIPHANT "In recent days various officials close to Rumsfeld who have been the most assertive in arguing for war have begun to suggest that invasion is not the proper term for summarizing what they have in mind. Instead, they have indicated that the United States could achieve its goals more by assisting an uprising by Iraqi opposition groups than by invading itself with the opposition's assistance. This view has been propounded by the famous Iraq hawk Richard Perle from his perch as chairman of Rumsfeld's principal policy advisory board, but it permeates the latest chatter from senior Pentagon civilians and some White House officials as well. " 08.25.02

BAKER "If we are to change the regime in Iraq, we will have to occupy the country militarily. The costs of doing so, politically, economically and in terms of casualties, could be great. They will be lessened if the president brings together an international coalition behind the effort. Doing so would also help in achieving the continuing support of the American people, a necessary prerequisite for any successful foreign policy. " 08.25.02

MARKEY "The best way to obtain nuclear weapons is to buy a nuclear power plant, ostensibly to produce electricity.... The United States, along with Japan and South Korea, has a deal with North Korea to provide it with two light water reactors. Incredibly, the same Bush administration that pinned the label ''axis of evil'' on North Korea refuses to cancel a Clinton administration deal to provide the tools of nuclear destruction to Kim Jong Il's erratic and despotic regime. This is of grave concern given that country's refusal to provide a full accounting of its clandestine nuclear weapons activities and allow international inspectors access to all its suspected nuclear sites. So while we plot to invade one end of the evil axis, we trade nuclear materials with another. The hypocrisy of this policy has had its predictable consequence. The Russians are proceeding with the sale and construction of a light water nuclear reactor in Bushehr, Iran, and they have plans to build up to five more reactors." 08.25.02

WP Bush Deficit Ballooning, but Not as a Hot Issue, Say Republicans, Post Reporter 08.25.02

WP Too Much Supply, Too Little Demand. Businesses Have Few Incentives to Expand or Hire, Economists Say 08.25.02

MAYER "Congress and the president should stop patting themselves on the back and get to work restoring what is still viable in the New Deal protections. " 08.25.02

NYT ED "Federal investigators should not lose sight of the troubling possibility that bankers may have condoned corporate misconduct and helped companies defraud shareholders. " 08.25.02

CARMAN Cashing in on 9/11: We Remember, We Create, We Make a Buck. 08.25.02

OSBORN World Summit for Sustainable Development. Condemned to Beating About the Bush. US Snub: Fine Words and Pious Hopes Hide Chances of Action. 08.25.02

AFP Earth Summit Urged to Regulate and Clip Wings of Powerful Corporates 08.25.02

BG ED "The administration touted a plan last week for a $40 million collaboration between the US Agency for International Development and the Conrad Hilton Foundation to develop clean-water projects in three West African nations. The partnerships are not without controversy: many activists see them as a way to duck governmental responsibility, the same type of private-sector philosophy as the ''thousand points of light,'' writ on a global stage. The truth, however, is that in many developing countries, multinational corporations have more influence even than governments." 08.25.02

OREGONIAN "No Warning" Oregon Police Pepper Spray Children At Bush Protest, Shoot Rubber Bullets Into Crowd 08.24.02

WP "Bush traveled through California today to generate money and, perhaps, momentum for the faltering campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon -- a novice politician whose family business has been fined [$78 Million] for fraud as the president promotes corporate ethics.Despite the awkwardness over Simon's legal troubles and the gaffes his campaign has made, Bush did not withhold praise, calling the candidate a "proven businessman" who would bring "a breath of fresh air" to the state capital." 08.24.02

BRYCE "Derivatives have become "Wall Street's dirty secret." They are the financial world's equivalent of anabolic steroids. And just as steroids are corrupting big-time sports and harming the health of athletes, derivatives are corrupting the financial statements of American corporations and preventing investors from getting an accurate picture of the health of those companies....By the time Enron failed, its derivatives liabilities exceeded $18 billion. The notional value of those derivatives positions approached $700 billion.How did Enron arrive at those numbers? Easy. It made them up." 08.24.02

WP Feds Freeze Millions Held By Former Enron Official. A judge's order is the latest sign that prosecutors are closing in on Fastow. 08.24.02

FRANK "From his approach to pollution abatement as governor of Texas to his approach to corporate malfeasance as president, George W. Bush has made voluntary compliance his motto...The downside to voluntary compliance is that it overlooks the critical role played by enforcement in society's efforts to curb self-interest for the common good....The invisible hand of the marketplace does not always produce the greatest good for all. When individual and social interests conflict, voluntary compliance must be supplemented by sanctions potent enough to matter. " 08.24.02

KELLER "The histories, interests and attitudes of the war skeptics are as relevant as whatever psychodrama President Bush may be playing out by finishing off his father's archenemy, or whether the drive against Iraq represents some dubious alignment of American interests with Israel's. " 08.24.02

NYT ED "President Bush's absence [from the World Summit on Sustainable Development] is regrettable, and reinforces his well-deserved reputation — flowing in part from his rejection of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming — for indifference to environmental problems and reflexive hostility to multilateral remedies." 08.24.02

WP Ashcroft Fights Secret Court's Ruling Which Was Based On FBI Misrepresentation 08.24.02

WP FBI quest to find the source of a June classified leak turns more intrusive to senators. 08.24.02

NEAL "The Jews vs. African Americans angle is certainly sexy and controversial, but there's a broader reason Democrat Rep. Cynthia McKinney lost her Georgia primary -- black voters are undergoing a change. " 08.24.02

KRUH "WHY ARE SO many Democrats, among them the Commonwealth's own John F. Kerry, angling to be their party's standard bearer in 2004, when they will likely have to face incumbent George W. Bush? History shows how difficult it is to dislodge a sitting president: of the 28 presidential contests in which one of the candidates was the incumbent, that man won reelection 19 times....So how did the nine who were successful pull it off?" 08.24.02

SPT "Florida Democrats and women's groups lashed out Friday at Gov. Jeb Bush's choice to head the state's social services agency. They even carried a Middle Eastern burqa as a political gimmick to suggest that women and children will be worse off under the conservative Jerry Regier. The groups called for Regier, Bush's appointment to head the Department of Children and Families, to resign after a 1988 article surfaced by Regier in a now-defunct magazine called Pastoral Renewal." 08.24.02

PBP "Jeb Defends Candidate Under Fire. On a day Gov. Jeb Bush hoped to focus on a new initiative to find Florida's missing foster children, he was forced to answer a continuing barrage of questions about Jerry Regier, his controversial pick to head the beleaguered Department of Children and Families." 08.24.02

RALL "There are few more sickening sights than George W. Bush wearing a lapel pin bearing an image of the American flag. Bush and his creepy henchmen can wrap themselves in nationalistic symbolism all they want, but these right-wing thugs aren't patriots. They may pledge allegiance to the flag, but they despise the republic for which it stands. " 08.23.02

WP "Secret Court Rebuffs Ashcroft. Justice Dept. Chided On Misinformation " 08.23.02

NYT "The nation's secret intelligence court says it was misled by the F.B.I. in documents in which the bureau attempted to justify its need for electronic surveillance. " 08.23.02

WP ED "The fact that dozens of FBI representations to a federal court handling issues of such sensitivity could turn out to be false raises questions both about current proposals to expand the government's FISA powers and about other situations in which the government asks judges and the public to accept its actions and statements on faith. " 08.23.02


CORN "Who's on Piffiab? Anyone concerned with spying, clandestine actions, and the war on terrorism should care about the answer. But is the Bush Administration, in a break with the past, attempting to keep this important information secret? If so, the administration is doing a rather bad job. " 08.23.02

WP "Budget projections released this week by congressional and private-sector economic forecasters anticipate a deepening federal deficit for 2003, and they paint a far bleaker long-term budget portrait than the one presented by the White House last month. " 08.23.02

NYT Democrats Forecast Bush Deficit Will Run Long and Deep. 08.23.02

HIGHTOWER "George might be a fuzzy-headed market ideologist who still believes in laissez-faire fantasies, but these fund managers are cold-eyed opportunists who know that they would reap huge annual fees if only they can get their hands on our Social Security funds. " 08.23.02

IHT Skilling, "Enron's former chief, is now a portrait of despair." 08.23.02

HUFFINGTON "The total amount of sweetheart insider loans doled out to John Rigas (Adelphia), Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom), Stephen Hilbert (Conseco), Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco) and Ken Lay (Enron) was $3.9 billion. " 08.23.02

KRUGMAN "Many features of executive pay packages are designed to let C.E.O.'s reward themselves lavishly while minimizing the associated outrage. " 08.23.02

IVINS "Vinson & Elkins, the attorneys for Enron, are now touting their expertise on "offshore special purpose entities" on firm's website. They are "well versed," says their advertisement, in "off-balance sheet treatment."...Any fool -- like, oh, say, the president -- who tells you all these problems have been taken care of with by the Sarbanes bill should check out the Vinson & Elkins ad. Attorney General John Ashcroft makes five guys do a perp walk and thinks we're dumb enough to assume that's the end of corporate fraud." 08.23.02

SCHEER "Conveniently, the drug war that obsessed this Administration before September 11 is now ignored. Our new enemy is not dope growers [in Afghanistan] but Iraq, even though Bush has produced no convincing evidence that Baghdad has anything to do with the Al Qaeda network. The country that clearly does, of course, is that hotbed of hypocrisy, Saudi Arabia, homeland of Osama bin Laden and fifteen of the September 11 hijackers. The sheikdom is now being sued for $1 trillion by families of the September 11 victims. But President Bush would never move against the Saudis because American corporations, some led by close Bush family friends and associates, do too much business there. So who else can Bush invade to take our minds off the dismal economy that his much-ballyhooed tax cut failed to save and may have helped wreck? " 08.23.02

RUBIN "The prospect of an American war against Iraq is generating growing opposition around the world. One way the administration could transform the debate is to lay out, in advance and in some detail, its vision for Iraq after Saddam Hussein. And to prove America's ability to implement such a vision, the administration must demonstrate a new resolve to secure and rebuild Afghanistan. " 08.23.02

IGNATIUS "A war to remake the face of the Arab world is worth a careful debate for one final reason: When the big guys in Washington dream of transforming the world, it's the little guys who come home in body bags. " 08.23.02

LYONS "If endless terrorism and war are what Americans want, attacking Iraq is the surest way to get it. " 08.23.02

CONASON Bush Reads a Book, World Awaits Result. 08.23.02

OLIPHANT "Through a combination of press oversimplification and partisan spin from opponents (and, ironically, proponents) of war, the impression has been created of widespread disagreement with the administration on the part of Republican and Democratic predecessors, including senior policy makers in the administration of Bush's father. Nothing could be further from the truth." 08.23.02

LEVINE "Despite the war talk, Bush is unlikely to attack Iraq. " 08.23.02

WOLLACOTT "A simple retreat from war would once again abandon Iraqis to their fate, hand Saddam a triumph, and leave Americans equally embittered at Europe's failure to help." 08.23.02

LEHIGH "If the president is truly determined to commit American troops to a war against Iraq, he should take the case to Congress, subject his evidence and reasons to its scrutiny, and seek a formal declaration of war before moving forward. " 08.23.02

NYT "Reinstating United Nations weapons inspectors — not the removal of Saddam Hussein — is the centerpiece of Britain's policy toward Iraq, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said today. " 08.23.02

IHT Jittery about Iraq threat, Israelis get gas masks and prepare for the worst. 08.23.02

FUERTH "During the Cold War, and in the decade after its end, the United States based its global strategy on an alliance system whose primary elements were NATO and Japan. That system is now rapidly eroding, in part for reasons having little to do with the United States, but increasingly for reasons directly related to the policies and attitudes of this country under the Bush administration. " 08.23.02

NYT ED "For years, Washington has condoned anti-democratic behavior by pro-American dictators. That double standard has fanned anti-American anger in countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt....Musharraf's latest assault on Pakistan's democratic aspirations requires a strong rebuke from Washington." 08.23.02

JACKSON US seems to value Nigeria's oil more than its women. 08.23.02

KRISTOF "Neo-puritans are threatening abortion rights, replacing teaching about contraception with preaching about abstinence, and destroying programs that save women's lives in developing countries. Just last month the Bush administration launched a commission to re-examine Title IX, which requires schools to give girls and boys equal opportunities in athletic programs.President Bush is seeking $135 million for "abstinence only" sex education, which in practice often replaces teaching about contraception. A study reported in Family Planning Perspectives suggests that 23 percent of high school sex-ed programs now teach abstinence as the only way of avoiding pregnancy and venereal disease, up from 2 percent in 1988. The result will be unnecessary pregnancies and abortions. " 08.23.02

DIONNE "Reps. Bob Barr, a Republican, and Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat, both shared an affection for the outlandish statement. They measured political courage by the piles of news clips and the miles of videotape that being out there -- really out there -- produced. " 08.23.02

SAMUELS Fired Political Talk Show Host Supported By Loyal Listeners, Explains Syndication Economics. 08.23.02

NYT Bush Fears That "W" Could Stand For Double-Dip Recession 08.22.02

HC Enron Exec Implicates Boss Fastow In A Plea 08.22.02

HC Feds target assets of Enron principals. 8 linked to fraud face forfeiture action. 08.22.02

NYT ED "Eight months into the Justice Department's investigation of the financial shenanigans that led to Enron's bankruptcy, federal prosecutors have reeled in a big fish. " 08.22.02

USA Bush Considering Another Stock Tax Cut To Go Along With His Decade-Long Tax Cut To The Rich 08.22.02

SHAPIRO "Bush's tax cut could end up hurting his political capital" 08.22.02

USA Black farmers rally against loan discrimination 08.22.02

WP Impact of McKinney Loss Worries Some Democrats. Tension Between Blacks, Jews a Concern 08.22.02

WP Democrats Decry Sharon's Florida Visit."In Jeb Bush's Florida, politics ends at the water's edge -- of the Jordan River, that is." 08.22.02

NYT "President Bush will ask Congress to relax environmental laws so the timber industry can step up logging across millions of acres of national forest land. " 08.22.02

REUTERS "The United States will adopt a defensive and conservative strategy at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, resisting any changes to international agreements on trade and development finance, officials said on Wednesday. " 08.22.02

BG Bush Promises To "Consult" Congress And Allies Before Attacking Iraq 08.22.02

MC GRORY "Condi Rice has served us well, although possibly in a way she didn't expect. Her moral outburst served to make the point that in all the racket, there is one great silence -- from the man we most need to hear from, the president, and it's time for him to speak up. He's supposed to be the man with moral clarity. " 08.22.02

BLOOM U.S. Rejects Iraq Offer to Resume Arms Inspection Talks With UN 08.22.02

REUTERS Bush Skeptical Abu Nidal Committed Suicide With Four Bullet Wounds To The Head 08.22.02

HOAGLAND "The United States went to war in the Persian Gulf 11 years ago in part to save Saudi Arabia from invasion by Iraq. That task was quickly accomplished. But not even American military power could then save the Saudis from themselves. The Saudis must still accomplish that on their own. " 08.22.02

WP ED "THE PUBLIC firestorm over the University of North Carolina's decision to ask that incoming students read a book about the Koran is a peculiar display of enthusiasm for ignorance. The university made an altogether rational judgment, in light of the circumstances in which this country finds itself, that students might benefit by reading and discussing a book titled "Approaching the Qur'an: The Early Revelations" by a professor at Haverford College named Michael Sells. In response, a group of conservative Christians sued, contending that such an assignment by a state university violates the First Amendment. North Carolina legislators, meanwhile, have threatened to cut state funding for the program. And some prominent people have denounced the book as a supposed whitewash of Islam -- or even objected to the notion that students might study the Koran at all. " 08.22.02

NYT ARCHIVES Hitler Endorsed by 9 to 1 in Poll on his Dictatorship. 08.20.02

GOLDFARB ""I have doubted a simple assertion for years, but I am now convinced that American democracy requires the repression of democracy in the rest of the world." --Human Rights Activist 08.20.02

NEWSWEEK "The Northern Alliance with war crimes. Last November, hundreds of Taliban and al-Qaida prisoners were apparently "packed like cattle" into sealed shipping containers, left to suffocate, and eventually disposed of in a mass grave. There's no evidence of American involvement, but the piece does raise questions about Pentagon obfuscation on the matter." --Slate 08.20.02

NYT ED "Washington can no longer remain indifferent to the persecution of democrats in Egypt, the Arab world's most populous country and its biggest recipient of American aid. " 08.20.02

DANIELS "White House uses FBI to intimidate congressional probe of September 11. " 08.20.02

BOEHLERT "The New York Fire Department suffered a communications breakdown on Sept. 11, and hundreds of firefighters died. Why are so many journalists ignoring the that both Giuliani and the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, have fought to suppress.? " 08.20.02

KRAMER Last Liberal on the Radio in NYC Yanked from the Air.. 08.20.02

KRUGMAN "There is an inexorably growing gap between the image and the reality of the Bush administration's policies." 08.20.02

NEWSWEEK Karen Hughes is once again a fixture at Bush's side. She's editing speeches, sleeping at the Crawford ranch, and traveling to Washington every other week as Bush's "big picture" adviser. 08.20.02

NYT ED Medicare is not failing its participants. Bush is failing Medicare.08.20.02

DIONNE "President Bush's weekly radio address on Saturday bashing the Senate for overspending:...And all of the spending differences Bush listed are ...chicken feed compared with the long-term costs of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans." 08.20.02

WP ED "Bush is pondering a potential package of new economic initiatives. He told reporters Friday that he is contemplating some of the ideas he heard at last week's economic summit, including raising the limit on annual tax write-offs for investment losses, cutting tax rates on dividends and allowing bigger contributions to retirement accounts.... The idea of another package heavy on tax cuts, particularly one to be pushed through in the haste and heat of the weeks just before an election, ought to raise red flags all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue." 08.20.02

HUFFINGTON "Our elected representatives are so compromised, such an integral part of the scandal, that if they set off a populist petard, they'd only be hoisted by it themselves. Those in power have proven themselves chronically unable to bite the corporate hand that feeds and feeds and feeds them. " 08.20.02

KRUGMAN "When Al Gore wrote an Op-Ed article condemning the elitist policies of the Bush administration, pundits - and many Democratic politicians, including his former running mate - jumped on him with both feet. Populism, everyone insisted, doesn't work in American politics. " 08.20.02

WP "The retreat by U.S. oil companies from Iraq's oil market comes as the Bush administration is seeking to increase pressure on Hussein and weighing options for how to meet its goal of removing the Iraqi leader from power....Their flight may...signal a desire to locate alternative sources of crude in the event of U.S. military action in the region." 08.20.02

WP "Cheney appears already to have turned his back on his old colleagues from the first Bush administration and sided with the hardliners....Bush himself is in Texas reading a neoconservative guide to warfare. " 08.20.02

NATION Two "influential neocon military think tanks, the Center for Security Policy and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. The groups don't just want war with Iraq; they want "total war" with all Arab regimes. Their hawkishness is motivated in part by financial self-interest: Both groups' advisory boards are chock-full of people who work or have worked for a military contractor." --Slate 08.20.02

CHERNUS "If You Love Israel, Stop the War Against Iraq. " 08.20.02

WP White House Claims Wednesday Meeting Is About Missile Defense, Not Iraq Attack 08.20.02

WP As BushAdmin Iraq Attack Talk Continues, Powell Shipped Off To Africa To Discuss Green Issues 08.20.02

TIME In Johannesburg, leaders will debate what to do about threats to our health, food, water, climate and biodiversity. 08.20.02

NYT "A federal appeals court refused on Monday to halt a program to expose new students at the University of North Carolina to information about the Koran. " 08.20.02

SHAHINIAN "Bush has proposed doubling the size of the Peace Corps -- to help, he says, "spread the good story" of American values and ideas to the Muslim world. From my perspective as a Peace Corps volunteer in a Muslim village in Africa, the plan seems whimsical at best." 08.20.02

BALZ Democrats Worry About Iraq as Issue. Debate on War Seen as Diversion From Economy. 08.19.02

IVINS "This wasn't a forum, it was a pep rally. Sis-Boom-Bah City for the old cheerleader. President George W. Bush said Baylor University "put on a good show." Got to agree. It was one of the most sophisticated phony political events I have ever witnessed. " 08.19.02

CONASON "The Waco forum was about as authentically significant for economic policy as the President’s "ranch" in nearby Crawford is for his credentials as a cowhand. " [During the campaign Bush dressed party hacks as blue collar workers for an economic photo-op.] 08.19.02

SCHEER "When Bush said, "I met WorldCom employees who no longer have work, who are disillusioned like me and others about the corporate fraud which is taking place in our country," it might have provided comic relief if the president had turned to Pickering and Lott and asked them whether they were now sorry for creating this monster. Or maybe not; the risk is that they might have turned the question back on Bush in pointed reference to his own sordid history of business shenanigans. " 08.19.02

HIGHTOWER "Isn't there enough dishonesty in the corporate world without [developers] claiming that more chain-store commercialization of our communities is something noble? " 08.19.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration, invoking the war against terrorism, is using its influence inappropriately to assist an American oil company that has been sued for misconduct overseas." 08.19.02

ABRAMOWITZ "Three features pervade the making of foreign policy in Washington today: massive overload, internal warfare and the short term driving out the long term. These problems exist in every administration. They are worse in this one, which is facing some crucial decisions....[Bush] is not and does not aspire to be a conceptualist. But the problems are coming at him fast and furious, much is going unattended and his team is not in great shape." 08.19.02

HIATT It is not "only in Afghanistan that the administration has yet to make clear whether it is truly prepared to do the hardest work. It is useful but not all that difficult to demand democracy in Palestine; far harder to help create the conditions that might make such a vision plausible, including by pressing the Israeli government to do its part. It is useful again but takes no great courage to demand reform within hostile powers such as Iran; far trickier to press old and new allies such as Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan." 08.19.02

NYT "Bush will meet at his ranch here on Wednesday with top national security advisers, including Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in what is likely to include a discussion of a potential United States campaign to topple Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, administration officials said today. " 08.19.02


AP "Bahrain, a key U.S. ally in the Persian Gulf region, joined Iran on Sunday in opposing American military action against Iraq. " 08.19.02

IND "Going to war with Iraq could bring Blair the mother of all party splits " 08.19.02

NATION Men From The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) want "not just a US invasion of Iraq but total "war" against Arab regimes." 08.19.02

CORN Why is the White House not releasing the names of members of The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board? 08.19.02

WP ED "Questions concerning how [post-9/11] powers are being used -- whether they are working, what effect they are having on civil liberties, whether they are sufficient -- are critical, and congressional oversight is a chief means to answer such questions. So it is no small matter that the Justice Department is being so stingy about sharing with Congress precisely the information that would inform reasonable judgments." 08.19.02

LYONS "Making a federal criminal case out of press leaks smacks of police state tactics. It'd be one thing if a critical secret like President Junior's nap schedule had fallen into enemy hands. The leak in question, however, endangered only Bush's increasingly shaky political standing. As a matter of fact, it wasn't even news. " 08.19.02

HENTOFF "Since the Senate Democratic Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, [along with Joe Lieberman, have] shown no more passion for civil liberties than John Ashcroft, who has declared war on the Bill of Rights, Daschle's ignoring of Pat Leahy's attempt to bring the Constitution into the [TIPS] debate was not surprising. " 08.19.02

NYT New Candidate for Israeli Premier Seems to Energize the Left. "Without some way to discuss, to resume negotiations, to give some hope, without someone to talk to and something to talk about, it will remain violence, terror, counterattack." 08.19.02

NYT ED "A lawsuit against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for assigning a book about Islam to incoming freshmen mangles free speech and academic freedom. " 08.19.02

UPI "Nearly 35 percent of Republicans in Georgia's 4th Congressional District are expected to cross over and vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary in an effort to oust Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney. The Washington Times reported Monday that despite McKinney's denial that she is anti-Israel, Republicans are expected to join a strong Jewish vote in support of her opponent former state judge Denise Majette." 08.19.02

WP "McKinney said she would accept a check worth millions from a Saudi prince after then-New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani rejected it because the prince linked the Sept. 11 attacks to U.S. Middle East policies. Later, McKinney announced that she thought President Bush knew the attacks were coming and stood to gain financially from them. "It's that type of rhetoric that may deter her old supporters," said William Boone, a public policy analyst and Clark Atlanta University political science professor with a reputation for keeping a finger on the pulse of Atlanta's black community. " 08.19.02

UPI "The trillion-dollar lawsuit filed last week against alleged backers in Saudi Arabia and the Sudan of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks may give Americans the fullest picture they will ever receive of who planned, financed and carried out the most horrendous attack on the continental United States in the nation's history. " 08.19.02

THOMPSON "As we slouch toward the first anniversary of Sept. 11, popular culture continues to interpret current events, sometimes thoughtfully and sometimes not. " 08.19.02

LYONS "The single biggest obstacle facing Democratic hopefuls isn't Al Gore vs. Joe Lieberman, or Populism vs. Progressivism, as you'd have imagined by reading the nation's political press recently. Rather, it's the adolescent groupthink and malignant dishonesty of the Washington press clique itself....Instead of debating Gore's ideas, the "Heathers" lampooned his clothes, family background, personality, and presumed motives. We've come to expect this kind of thing from Democrat-Gazette editors, who mocked Gore's "soporific" prose at twice his length without providing a halfway accurate paraphrase. Winning arguments is easy when you get to make up both sides." 08.19.02

ALTERMAN Goodby Cokie. "Call me sentimental, but I'm going to miss the old gal. With no discernible politics save an attachment to her class, no reporting and frequently no clue, she was the perfect source for a progressive media critic: a perpetual font of Beltway conventional wisdom uncomplicated by any collision with messy reality. " 08.19.02

MANTHORPE The physical war on Iraq is already under way 08.18.02

REUTERS U.S. And British Planes Raid Southern Iraq. 08.18.02

ACKERMAN "The first President Bush has often been derided for lack of vision, but these actions created a precedent that gave legal substance to his "new world order." In the aftermath of the Cold War, Bush was establishing the principle that America could deal with threats to world peace without recourse to an imperial presidency. He was inaugurating a new era in which major wars were not to be launched by presidential fiat, but only after the considered approval of representatives of the nation and the world. The second President Bush has surrounded himself with advisers who condemn this vision as a harmful delusion. It is not enough for them to correct his father's mistake in failing to march on Baghdad; it is no less important to destroy the checks and balances his father constructed on the road to war. In the face of the father's multilateralism, the son is constructing a double unilateralism -- freed from the restraints of the Security Council abroad and Congress at home, the imperial presidency claims the authority to strike preemptively at any danger." 08.18.02

WP "The prospect of initiating a war against a regime that has not attacked the United States, albeit a threatening and odious regime, would be a momentous step. It should not be undertaken unless the administration can offer a persuasive case to allies, Congress and the American public. Nor should it be undertaken unless this country is committed to help Iraq rebuild after the war. The consensus among the former [White House national security] advisers seemed to be that the administration was a long way from having laid that groundwork." 08.18.02

DOWD "Junior Gets A Spanking. Did 41 allow his old foreign policy valet to send a message on Iraq to 43 that he could not bear to impart himself?" 08.18.02

BRZEZINSKI "There is a right and a wrong way for America to wage war. Obviously, if it is attacked, America must respond with all its might. The same is true if an ally is attacked. But the issue becomes much more complex if a threat, but not an attack, is involved. America must then consider carefully the consequences of its actions, both for itself as the world's preeminent power and for the longer-term evolution of the international system as a whole. " 08.18.02

FRIEDMAN "If the Bush team is serious about Iraq, it needs to zero in on one clear objective, produce a tightly focused war plan around it and then sell it — with a simple bumper sticker — to America and the world. If the Bush administration's different factions — which are as divided as the Palestinians' — can't do that in advance, they shouldn't move. When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there — just ask the Palestinians. But when you're talking about an unprovoked war to dismantle a government half a world away, any road just won't do. You need a clearly focused end, means and rationale." 08.18.02

MILBANK "President Bush and his aides mention almost daily that Hussein is a menace who must go, and few observers doubt Bush's determination to use American forces to oust him. But administration officials said that because they have not formally elected military action against the Iraqi dictator, it would be premature and politically dangerous to lay out a lengthy justification for an American military strike -- particularly without a war plan in place to back up the talk. " 08.18.02

BRODER "Bush has been clear about his goal -- removal of Saddam Hussein -- but has left the country and the world in the dark about how he intends to accomplish it. When he first put Iraq on notice, seven months ago, he said that "time is not on our side." Time has passed, and despite the steady repetition of that goal, we are no clearer on what the president intends -- or how. The leader of a democratic country must build support for such a fateful step. A midterm election looms. But the president must heed his own words: Time is not on his side, either. " 08.18.02

MC KENNA Bush worries allies, Mideast with his zeal for Iraq war. 08.18.02

NYT Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas 08.18.02

AP "Iraq and Russia are close to signing a $40 billion economic cooperation plan, Iraq's ambassador said Saturday, a deal that could put Moscow at odds with the United States as it considers a military attack against Baghdad. " 08.18.02

GRAHAM "Defense officials are particularly worried about the possibility that terrorist groups or countries such as Iraq and Iran could use rudimentary cruise missile technology to attack U.S. installations or the American homeland. " 08.18.02

WP PRIMER. Iraq And The War On Terrorism 08.18.02

KRAUTHAMMER "Not since William Randolph Hearst famously cabled his correspondent in Cuba, "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war," has a newspaper so blatantly devoted its front pages to editorializing about a coming American war as has Howell Raines's New York Times. Hearst was for the Spanish-American War. Raines (for those who have been incommunicado for the last year) opposes war with Iraq. " 08.18.02

GM "U.S. authorities deliberately trampled constitutional rights after Sept. 11 in a crackdown that saw immigrants jailed without cause, tried in secret and, in some cases, physically abused, a leading human-rights group has charged. " 08.18.02

WP Lie detectors," those controversial assessors of truth, are making their way into everyday life. 08.18.02

NYT ED "While campaigning in South Dakota last week, Mr. Bush attributed his economic problems to what he said was a recession inherited from President Bill Clinton and to the terrorist attacks and the corporate scandals of this year. Conveniently forgotten was Mr. Bush's confident prediction in 2001, when he first proposed his tax cut, that the country could "proceed with tax relief without fear of budget deficits, even if the economy softens." It is that statement that has turned out to be false prophecy....Mr. Bush's decision to pick fights with Congress on the margins of federal spending is unlikely to have any impact on the budget or on the economy. Only when he wrestles with root causes will he begin to approach a solution." 08.18.02

STEVENSON "Republicans, being the party now in power and the one more closely associated with both Wall Street and big business, clearly have more at risk. Instead of embracing conservative ideology, voter-investors are somewhere between jittery and angry. And because the economy's travails have been so closely associated with Wall Street's tumble, their reaction threatens to be bad news for Republicans on the ballot this November as well as for President Bush, who sought to reassure the electorate with a choreographed economic "summit" last week. " 08.18.02

NYT "The White House would not want to groom someone else [for Vice-President]. They would find great value in keeping Mr. Cheney on - if only to keep the stage clear in 2008 for brother Jeb." 08.18.02

WP Asbestos Claims Hurt Halliburton Insurance Spinoff . Lawyers Ask Whether Parent Company Hid Information During Cheney's Watch 08.18.02

AP Donors and Longtime Friends Dominate Bush Sleepover List. 08.18.02

ROSENBERG The Free Trade Fix. So far, globalization has failed the world's poor. But it's not trade that has hurt them. It's a rigged system. 08.18.02

ANDREWS "It is hard to overstate the widespread unease about free-trade deals. Labor unions complain that American companies simply move jobs to low-wage countries. Textile manufacturers, steel producers and farmers complain of a flood of imports from countries in which labor protection and environmental standards are low or nonexistent. Small wonder that the [Republican] House of Representatives passed the fast-track authority by only three votes. " 08.18.02

HOAGLAND "Pushed back from impending military conflict in June by forceful U.S. diplomatic intervention, India and Pakistan have resumed their deadly minuet of threat and counterthreat. Iraq is not the only locale that war threatens to visit and devastate this winter." 08.18.02

GORENBERG "Palestinian informers like M. are Israel's secret weapon. But they will never have a homeland on either side. " 08.18.02

WP "To Palestinians, suicide bombers help to counter Israel's military superiority. " 08.18.02

BENN "Despite the deep crisis it finds itself in, Israel needs a more balanced government, with a clear separation of powers between military and civilian authorities and better political oversight over the IDF. " 08.18.02

CORTESE "GLOBAL warming has been on the agenda of environmental activists for years. But it is also becoming a green issue of another kind — discussed not only in terms of melting ice caps and endangered species, but as a problem that can cost corporations and their investors billions of dollars." 08.18.02

WONG The Economic Future Of Air Travel 08.18.02

NYT Bush Notes Iraq Dissent But Says The Decision Is His 08.17.02

RICH "The preordained hollowness of the Waco [economic forum] show is not news. This is how this administration always governs. Mr. Bush has two inviolate, one-size-fits-all policies (if obsessions can be called policies): the tax cut (for domestic affairs) and "regime change" in Iraq (foreign affairs). Everything else is a great show designed to provide the illusion of administration activity when it has no plan." 08.17.02

WP Russia, Iraq Plan Deal to Bolster Ties. Economic Pact May Complicate U.S. Action Against Baghdad 08.17.02

FISK "Be very afraid - Bush Productions is preparing to go into action. They are setting up the Arab world. We are being prepared for an epic supported by Hollywood and a plot of lies." 08.17.02

SMH Bush family advisers at war over Iraq. 08.17.02

REESE "Saddam's neighbors say publicly and directly to the president that they oppose an American attack and do not feel threatened by Saddam, and how does the president reply? In the most absurd fashion, like a dummy cut off from all outside communications, he says, "Saddam is a threat to his neighbors," while 6 feet away one of those neighbors, Jordan's King Abdullah, had come specifically to urge Bush not to attack Iraq. " 08.17.02

WP Bush Says He Wants To Help Economy By Focusing On The Better Off, Cutting Taxes On Corporate Dividends, Enlarging Stock Lose Writeoffs 08.17.02

NYT "The Treasury Department banned a technique yesterday that thousands of the wealthiest Americans have used to escape billions of dollars in gift and estate taxes. The technique involves buying expensive life insurance that will be passed on to heirs, but declaring a far lower price on gift-tax returns." 08.17.02

PYLE "Last month one of the largest food processors in the world, ConAgra, recalled nearly 19 million pounds of ground beef that had been processed at a single plant in Greeley, Colo. It did so at the suggestion of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which could only suggest because it doesn't have the power to order such a recall and won't until Congress gets the guts to face down the meat-packing industry. " 08.17.02

NYT Jeb's New Conservative Christian Child Welfare Head Tied To Magazine "essay, entitled "The Christian World View of The Family," supports spanking of children that may cause "temporary and superficial bruises and welts" and denounces abortion, parenting by gays and women in the work force." 08.17.02

WP Sept. 11 Families Join to Sue Saudis. Banks, Charities and Royals Accused Of Funding al Qaeda Terrorist Network 08.16.02


RALL "A year has passed since September 11th. Yet we, the American people, still don't know exactly what happened. There are still no plans for a public investigation of how more than 3,000 Americans lost their lives, what could have been done to prevent the attacks or reduce their impact. " 08.16.02

RALL "The people have spoken, but--shocker!--their politicians aren't listening. That's representative democracy for you. But when it comes to replacing the World Trade Center complex destroyed last September 11, New York officials don't have their own ideas--these clueless fools have no ideas at all." 08.16.02

REEVES "This is our new idea of law and order. Republicans have taken to calling the international court "the rogue court." We have decided to make our stand on a 1950s Cold War view of law. It all seemed so sensible, even moral, until President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and the public discovered, in congressional hearings in 1975, that our guys were out there trying to kill anyone who disagreed with us, beginning with Fidel Castro Judging by that, we will learn what is going on now in about 30 or 40 years -- when it will be too late. " 08.16.02

NYT Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy 08.16.02

NYT ED "Dealing with Iraq is a highly complicated matter that carries great potential to produce unintended and injurious consequences if handled rashly by President Bush. " 08.16.02

WP Rice Lays Out Case For War In Iraq. Bush Adviser Cites 'Moral' Reasons 08.16.02

DIONNE "Supporters of going to war against Iraq offer two very different rationales for American action. Before the shooting starts, we had better be clear about which war we're fighting. " 08.16.02

GUARDIAN "While more Democrats than Republicans oppose a war, some of the most outspoken comments have come from the former Republican secretary of state Larry Eagleburger, who served in George Bush Sr's cabinet. 'I am vastly ambivalent about what my country ought to do now," he said on the BBC's World this Weekend. "I must say to you I am not one of those, like [the Pentagon adviser] Mr Perle and [deputy defence secretary] Mr Wolfowitz, who are in my view hairy-chested tub-thumpers. I am not among those who would go to war tomorrow morning and invade Iraq.' " 08.16.02

GUARDIAN Blair Refuses To Debate Iraq. "With backbench Labour critics becoming more restless, veteran ex-minister Gerald Kaufman today warns of "substantial resistance" at Westminster if Mr Blair follows "the most intellectually backward American president of my lifetime" into the looming conflict. " 08.16.02

MALINOWSKI "Writing in Foreign Affairs magazine at the start of the 2000 Presidential campaign, George Bush's future national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, promised a "disciplined and consistent foreign policy that separates the important from the trivial." It is becoming hard to square that commitment with the Bush administration's strange and single-minded crusade against the International Criminal Court. " 08.16.02

KRISTOF "The Bush administration is allying the U.S. with the likes of Iran, Sudan and Syria to frustrate international efforts to save the lives of third-world women. " 08.16.02

FREEDLAND "Yesterday came the clearest signal yet that the US president, leader of the world's sole superpower and the planet's greatest single polluter, will snub the UN and the 65,000 delegates to this month's world summit on sustainable development by failing to show up. " 08.16.02

KRUGMAN "Two years ago we went into an economic funk, and it's not over. " 08.16.02

HUFFINGTON Wacko In Waco: The Brunch Bushians Drink The Kool-Aid 08.16.02

WP South Dakota Wants Water, Bush Gives Them Words, As His Tax Cuts For The Rich Remain In Place For The Next Eight Years. 08.16.02

WP "Security consultants entered scores of confidential military and government computers without approval this summer, exposing vulnerabilities that specialists say open the networks to electronic attacks and spying. " 08.16.02

HA'ARETZ "If he is attacked by the Americans, Saddam Hussein will respond with an attack on Israel, just as he did in 1991 - this is the assessment in the United States. " 08.16.02

HA'ARETZ "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has sent messages to the U.S. administration in recent days saying that postponing the Iraq operation "will not create a more convenient environment for action in the future. " 08.16.02

SAI "The recent U.S. decision to cancel this year's contribution to the United Nations Population Fund had nothing to do with China's abortion policies and everything to do with politics. But that didn't stop my blood from boiling. How could one man--albeit the U.S. president--so easily wager human lives and human hopes for short-term political gain? This decision does nothing about China's population policies. It doesn't help the women of the world who need access to prenatal care, family planning or other reproductive health services. This decision doesn't help those most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. The only person helped by this decision is President Bush." 08.15.02

DENNY "Bush defies belief. President preaches to converted while Fed grapples with the real problems . " 08.15.02

MC GORY "Giving The Country The Business: Bush's economic forum summary was a convention speech without the balloons. " 08.15.02

MF "One noteworthy thing about President George W. Bush's Economic Forum held in Texas yesterday: There was apparently so little worth noting about it that this morning nary a mention of the event was to be found on the main page of The Wall Street Journal's website. " 08.15.02

AP "Consumer confidence has slipped to its lowest level since 1996 in the ABC News-Money Magazine consumer index, a 15-year-old tracking poll. " 08.15.02

REUTERS Jobless Claims Rise in Latest Week 08.15.02

MUWAKKIL "From the trust-busting policies of Theodore Roosevelt to the regulatory regimes of the New Deal, Americans have learned the need to rein in capitalism's anarchic impulses. How did we forget? " 08.15.02

WP AOL Discloses Revenue Errors. $49 Million From Ad Deals Misbooked, Firm Tells SEC 08.15.02

ROTH "Following the spate of recent business scandals in the United States, President George W. Bush called for "a new ethic of personal responsibility in the business world." Yet the State Department has recommended dismissal of a lawsuit alleging corporate complicity in violent human rights abuse in Indonesia. Its actions suggest that the administration's concern with corporate responsibility ends at the U.S. borders. " 08.15.02

NADER "You might ask [members of Congress] how they justify shredding consumer bankruptcy protections while leaving corporations free to continue to avail themselves of an easy route through bankruptcy, shedding investor equity and reorganizing as viable companies. A soft easy landing for corporate bankruptcy versus a harsh punitive rocky route for consumer bankruptcy-an atrocious double standard." 08.15.02

CD NAFTA IS THREATENING OUR CONSTITUTION: "When a Mississippi jury found the Loewen Group, a Canadian transnational, guilty of gross fraud and predatory anti-competitive acts in its takeover of a funeral home in Biloxi, it assessed punitive damages as part of a $500 million judgement. Under state law Loewen was required to post a $125 million bond to pursue an appeal. At least 20 states have such provisions to offer fair protection for small firms against being decimated by legal expenses. But Loewen used NAFTA’s secret tribunals to sue the United States, claiming that the decision was “discriminatory” and that the bond requirement “expropriated” its assets. Loewen gets to appoint one of the three arbiters who hear the case, but neither the small company nor the State of Mississippi are allowed any representation. Incredibly, they have no right to appeal or even to observe the proceedings." 08.15.02

WP ED "CHINA'S ENTRY into the World Trade Organization, both Clinton and Bush officials have said, will have broad-reaching and positive effects, not only opening a vast market to U.S. goods but also encouraging greater political freedom and openness inside the world's most populous nation....But it continues to deny its workers the most basic rights of association, petition and expression -- including rights that China, by accepting other international accords, long ago promised to respect." 08.15.02

TURLEY "Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace. " 08.15.02

MEYER "The American Bar Assn., the nation's largest lawyers' group, on Tuesday condemned the government's secret detention of hundreds of immigrants after Sept. 11, demanding to know who has been held and why many detainees have not received legal representation. " 08.15.02

NYT "The Justice Department has rebuffed House Judiciary Committee efforts to check up on its use of new antiterrorism powers in the latest confrontation between the Bush administration and Congress over information sought by the legislative branch. " 08.15.02

GUARDIAN US considers assassination squads 08.15.02

CORN "Why is the Bush Administration--in a radical break with past practice--not releasing the names of members of an important presidential advisory board that keeps tabs on the intelligence community? " 08.15.02

NYT ED "Political stability in most Arab countries rests on hereditary ruling families or repressive one-man dictatorships. If Washington fails to develop effective new initiatives aimed at Arab society at large, America will face threats from this region for years to come. " 08.15.02

WIDNER "Responses [to his attack on Bush foreign policy] suggest that Mr. Kerry is on to something. First there is the curious Republican notion that it is somehow "divisive" to seek a better-defined foreign policy. Then there is the strange Democratic reluctance to engage in a serious discussion about one of the most important issues now facing the country.Thus both parties are ignoring the constitutional responsibility of the Senate." 08.15.02

AP Provocation Lacking: "The most likely way in which Saddam would use weapons of mass destruction (against Americans) is if we attack [him]." 08.15.02

NYT Anti-Baghdad Talks Shunned by Top Kurd Because Bush Didn't Keep Promises Made Last April 08.15.02

DEEN A U.S. Attack on Iraq Unlawful, Warn Mideast Experts 08.15.02

BUZZANCO America Can Still Avoid Another Vietnam in Iraq 08.15.02

WELLS Summer in Iraq Yields Lessons About War 08.15.02

VOSSOUGHI The War on Iraq and US T-minus 85 days 08.15.02

GUARDIAN "Terror trial may put Israel in the dock " 08.15.02

ZWEIFEL Let's Help Trains as Much as Planes 08.15.02

WP "No Easy Fix for Florida's Troubled Child Welfare System Persistent, Growing Problems Become A Key Issue in the Race for Governor." 08.15.02

COHEN "May I say something about Ann Coulter? She is a half-wit, a termagant, a dimwit, a blowhard, a worthless silicone nothing, physically ugly and could be likened to Eva Braun, who was Hitler's mistress. As it happens, these are all descriptions or characterizations Coulter uses for others in her book, "Slander." It ought to be called 'Mirror.'" 08.15.02

KUTTNER Bush's "Waco [economic forum] needs to be understood mainly as theater. The same cynical producers who recruited African-American tokens to integrate the 2000 Republican National Convention unearthed a handful of ''ordinary'' Americans to come to Waco mainly for their value as props. But, for the most part, Bush's summiteers are the usual suspects who have brought the economy to its current pass. Serious critics of corporate corruption were not welcome." 07.14.02

NYT ED "President Bush's economic forum in Texas on Tuesday was billed as a chance for average Americans to express their views on the economy, but it was transparently scripted and stage-managed....It was dismaying that after promising a forum of diverse views, the White House ended up with something so transparently scripted that the words of many of the speakers echoed Mr. Bush's own speeches." 07.14.02

WP ED "PRESIDENT BUSH journeyed yesterday to what he called "the front lines" of the American economy, but he didn't appear to be in much danger there. Among the adoring Cabinet officers and supportive business executives invited to the president's economic forum in Waco, Tex., there was a range of opinion: Some people thought Mr. Bush is doing a magnificent job, while others insisted that he is doing an extremely magnificent job. The few discordant notes played at workshops (questioning high executive compensation, for example) didn't reach the summary reports relayed to Mr. Bush. The theme of those reports was that the country needs lower taxes, that most corporate executives are honest and that the solution to corporate scandals is less, not more, regulation. " 07.14.02

NYT Fed Contradicts Bush's Confidence In Ecomomy: "The Federal Reserve left interest rates steady today but downgraded its view of the economy and signaled that it would consider cutting rates if the recovery from last year's recession continued to lose steam. Abandoning its previous optimism that the economy would gradually bounce back, the Fed emphasized that the decline of the stock market and disclosures of corporate wrongdoing had prolonged a sharp deceleration that became apparent in the spring." 07.14.02

WP "Bush tried to shore up his administration's credibility on the economy today with a made-for-television forum that was a largely scripted tribute to his policies for putting the country back on course" 07.14.02

SALETAN "BUSH'S FAKE FORUM...Indeed, nearly everybody in the two panel discussions aired on C-SPAN today was a CEO. The others were a student at Yale’s graduate school of management; a woman who, combined with her husband’s, had five college degrees; and a pair of union bosses who wore suits and talked only about the Bush policies they supported. Like plantation owners, the employers on hand spoke for their employees. “They are so happy to have jobs,” one CEO told Bush. " 07.14.02

NYT Citing Economy, Bush Won't Spend $5.1 Billion Approved for Homeland Security, Israel, AIDS, But Tax Cuts For Wealthy To Continue 07.14.02

TYLER "Bush offered the country a carefully chosen set of symbols today to press a point that always seemed to elude his father: that he is quite committed to fixing the economy...For all their nervousness that the economy could trump the war and emerge as the dominant issue in the midterm elections, Mr. Bush and his political advisers have ruled out any dramatic new steps to address a looming budget deficit that will appear in place of the surplus that had been expected to grow throughout the decade." 07.14.02

DOWD "Although it seemed that Mr. Bush wanted to go deeper into his job after 9/11, he's still riding the surface, treating photo-ops like real events and passing off fortune-cookie comments as policy pronouncements.By the final [economic forum] session, Mr. Bush was staring into space, finding the talk of stimulus unstimulating. 'We will look at the summaries.' The Cliff Notes presidency....Mr. Bush, as always, seemed to be trying to get through the morning without saying anything that would expose him as empty-headed. He has a pathological fear of talking. " 07.14.02

NYT "The Bush administration invited only three economists to its seminar on economic recovery yesterday. If the room had been filled with economists instead of chief executives, the discussion would have been framed this way: Can consumers and business people generate enough demand to revive the sluggish economy? Or must government play a greater role to avoid another recession? " 07.14.02

WP "The rap has been that Bush's economic advisers don't have much clout, and this only made matters worse," said Bruce Bartlett, a conservative economist for the National Center of Policy Analysis. "The whole forum looks as if it was put together solely and exclusively by his political advisers." 07.14.02

MORGAN "The icon of this corrupt era, Enron, [the corporation with the most connections to Bush] remains untouched. Nine months after the first revelations about phony financial reporting and document shredding involving Enron, not a single official of that company has been criminally indicted. Not one cent has been transferred from top Enron executives to the employees or shareholders who lost billions of dollars." 07.14.02

NYT "Federal energy regulators, struggling to get to the bottom of the California energy crisis of 2000-01, said for the first time today that there was evidence that natural gas prices might have been manipulated, helping to drive up power prices.They also said that they had found evidence of possible manipulation of electricity prices by Enron. " 07.14.02

MEADE "LAST WEEK, the US House Ways and Means Committee issued an eye-opening report detailing $1 billion in federal contracts held by American companies headquartered in offshore tax havens....Most of these contracts are for some rather patriotic defense and homeland security measures." 07.14.02

NYT "Tobacco companies in the 1980's and 1990's put pressure on drug companies to limit their marketing of nicotine gum and skin patches that help people quit smoking, according to a new study of tobacco industry documents. " 07.14.02

OLIPHANT "In their private meetings with top administration officials, key members of Congress, and journalists, the Iraqi rebels insisted a [minimal American war] campaign would be enough to activate opponents of the regime inside the country who would make short work of Saddam Hussein. No need for the United States to occupy the country, they said; this can all happen fast....The argument, however, has flaws. The most egregious is personified by Washington's guests. The federation implied by the name Iraqi National Congress has been more fiction than fact in recent years. Many of the leaders know their way around London better than Baghdad, some have misappropriated US money, and their claims of ties inside Iraq are specious." 07.14.02

SHAFER "The New York Times pretends ignorance over who is leaking the Iraq war plans." 07.14.02

NOVAK "The climate is not propitious for a major U.S. military initiative. Official opposition from Germany, Saudi Arabia and Jordan underlined the isolation of American power. A deteriorating situation in Afghanistan builds the one-war-at-a-time argument. The steadfast Republican voices of Jack Kemp and Brent Scowcroft urge restraint. So do members of Congress from both parties, with House Majority Leader Dick Armey last Thursday warning against an unprovoked attack on Iraq. None of this erases George W. Bush's commitment to change the regime in Baghdad. Nor does it dilute the immense influence of Vice President Dick Cheney, who broke his silence last week to warn against permitting Saddam to develop weapons of mass destruction. Nevertheless, there was a palpable muffling of American war drums." 07.14.02

HOFFMAN "It is time to put aside fantasies of marketing American-made Arab-language news programs that will win over the hearts and minds of Islamic societies. Better to demand an end to state-sponsored hate propaganda from our Arab allies, give aid to independent moderate voices in the Muslim world and begin a dialogue in which both sides learn to listen as well as talk. " 07.14.02

FISK "Afghanistan is on the brink of another disaster.The Americans now leave the beatings to Afghan allies, but the CIA are there during the beatings." 07.14.02

FISK "Return to Afghanistan: Americans begin to suffer grim and bloody backlash " 07.14.02

WP Judge Skewers U.S. Curbs on Detainee 07.14.02

NYT ED "The idea that an American scientist was involved in the anthrax attacks that killed five people 10 months ago is for now no more than informed speculation. " 07.14.02

SS "Florida's child welfare system has been unable to locate more than 500 children under its care, some of them missing for a decade or more. But a Sun-Sentinel search for 24 South Florida children on the missing list turned up nine -- two in under three hours." 07.14.02

NYT "The head of Florida's child welfare system resigned under pressure today, four months after the state agency gained national attention with the disclosure that a 4-year-old girl in its care had been missing for more than a year before anyone noticed. Kathleen Kearney, secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, was chosen by Gov. Jeb Bush four years ago to carry out his campaign pledge to fix the troubled child welfare system. For months since the department announced in April that it had lost the Miami girl, Rilya Wilson, Mr. Bush had defended Ms. Kearney amid other disclosures of mismanagement and child endangerment." 07.14.02

NYT "Even Republican supporters of Mr. Bush have recently criticized [today's Bush Waco economic] forum as an exercise in promoting the Bush economic agenda and a reaffirmation of the president's policies, rather than an open airing of the economic problems facing the country....Few Democrats or critics of the administration [will] be present."08.13.02

KRUGMAN "Today, in its Waco economic forum, the Bush administration will try to convince the country that everything is under control — that the economy is mending, that "shady" business practices are no longer a problem. To that end a carefully chosen audience will listen to speeches by administration officials and selected models of corporate probity. Among the speakers announced last week was John T. Chambers, C.E.O. of Cisco Systems....Some analysts flatly called Cisco a pyramid scheme." Bush just doesn't get it. 08.13.02

NYT While He Refuses To Rescind His Tax Cuts For The Rich, Bush Plans To Show His Brand Of Economic Toughness Today By Announcing Veto Of $5 Billion Bill To Support Israel, Airport Secutiry, AIDS, Etc. 08.13.02

SWEENEY "As working men and women struggle to pay the bills, the top 1 percent of taxpayers stand to reap nearly a half-trillion dollars in tax breaks during the decade as a result of last year's tax changes championed by the Bush administration. These are the "economic fundamentals" that families face. They are serious. They demand a sober look and urgent action. This nation needs the Waco summit to ignite action on policy and working family priorities instead of public relations." 08.13.02

REUTERS Bush Economic Team Worst Since Hoover: McAuliffe 08.13.02

NYT ED "At a moment when Americans are looking to the government to help remedy the nation's economic ills, Dick Cheney looks more like part of the problem than the solution. " 08.13.02

WP "Bush's campaign to privatize Social Security is losing support among Republican congressional candidates as Wall Street's sinking prices reinforce concerns about the proposal." 08.13.02

NATION ED "Ex-drinker George W. Bush explained that a "binge" is always followed by the inevitable "hangover." What he did not say is that the "binge" that has just ended with so much pain for the country was the conservative binge. " 08.13.02

NICHOLS Fast Track Votes Show Where Democrat Prez Candidates Really Stand 08.13.02

KRISTOF "There is reason to hope that the F.B.I. may soon be able to end an unseemly limbo by either exculpating Dr. Steven Hatfill or arresting him. " 08.13.02

WP ED "IF STEVEN Hatfill is not responsible for the anthrax-by-mail attacks last year, then a deep injustice has been done him. The bureau needs to be exceedingly careful to avoid further stigmatizing someone whom prosecutors are not prepared to charge." 08.13.02

NYT ED "The reasonable American policy would be to join the [International Criminal Court] and help it achieve its purposes, which square with longstanding American goals as well. Though that will not happen soon, at the very least the administration and Congress should respect the sovereign right of other countries to join the court without being subjected to American pressure." 08.13.02

WP "The Iraqi information minister said today that the mission of U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq is "finished," the strongest official suggestion to date that President Saddam Hussein has no intention of allowing the inspectors to return. " 08.13.02

GUARDIAN ED "Taking the inspectors back is...a very risky course for Iraq, which makes it likely that Baghdad will try to gain time by playing around with the issue, making further half offers, and stopping just short of saying yes to an unalloyed UN inspection regime. " 08.13.02

WP ED "Saddam Hussein is in a class of his own, and not only because he has hideously used chemical weapons against his own people and others. The world already has considered his case and formed a judgment. If nations prove incapable of enforcing that judgment, the harm will spread far beyond the Middle East. " 08.13.02

TIMES "HENRY KISSINGER, the former US Secretary of State, urged President Bush to use extreme care in drafting war plans against Iraq or risk isolating America in the eyes of the world. " 08.13.02

CAMPBELL "Leading politicians from both parties in the US foreign policy debate yesterday called for proof that the Iraqi leader, President Saddam Hussein, represents an immediate threat to the US, ending weeks of bipartisan support for a military attack on Iraq. " 08.13.02

IND ED "With less than three months until the mid-term elections, the first significant cracks have also started to appear in US Congressional support for military action. Until last week, only the most doveish of left-wing Democrats had voiced their misgivings about war. Now, the Republican Congressman Dick Armey and the Democratic Senator Carl Levin have come out publicly against military action. These are not two isolated or insignificant individuals." 08.13.02

WHITE There is no sign the Pentagon has yet worked out how to [attack Iraq] at an acceptable level of risk. But even more fundamentally, Washington still has not decided exactly what an invasion of Iraq is meant to achieve. " 08.13.02


WP "Survey suggests that Americans want Bush to explain in far more detail what he plans to do in Iraq. The public also wants the president to win the support of Congress and U.S. allies for whatever action he chooses to take -- agreement that may prove difficult to obtain." 08.13.02

FALK IRAQ ATTACK: "We must ask why the open American system is so closed in this instance. How can we explain this unsavory rush to judgment, when so many lives are at stake? What is now wrong with our system, with the vigilance of our citizenry, that such a course of action can be embarked upon without even evoking criticism in high places, much less mass opposition in the streets? " 08.13.02

BURUMA "The US wants to crush Iraq - and also implement a democratic revolution. The first part will be short and bloody, the second like running a colony. Both are foolish " 08.13.02

STRATFOR "Opposition to a U.S. attack on Iraq is increasingly being voiced internationally and within Washington. Despite the divisions it is causing, the Bush administration is not abandoning its strategy because it sees a successful campaign against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as a prime way to shatter the psychological advantage within the Islamist movement and demonstrate U.S. power. " 08.13.02

KELLY "The New York Times is against war with Iraq, and is unwilling to limit its opposition to President Bush's desire for "regime change" to its editorial page and opinion columns. " 08.13.02

FURSTENBERG "If the Bush administration truly wants to promote marriage, it should start by providing tangible financial assistance to families that need it. " 08.13.02

TIME "A rare breed — a Lone Star Democrat — is giving the White House the jitters on Bush's home turf." 08.13.02

BLACKBURN "It is not that parents are "forced to leave their children in failing schools" but that the state, led by Gov. Bush, gives them failing schools. A chief executive who doesn't have a clear picture of the problem never can be part of the solution." 08.13.02

WALLSTEN "Gov. Jeb Bush has finally engaged in full-scale class-size warfare. Last week brought his most blunt public opposition yet to a ballot initiative that would limit the number of students in every public school classroom." 08.13.02

WP ED SCALIA'S RADICALISM."'Government . . . derives its moral authority from God. It is the 'minister of God' with powers to 'revenge,' to 'execute wrath,' including even wrath by the sword (which is unmistakably a reference to the death penalty).' This view of government, the justice acknowledges, was complicated by the emergence of democracy. But, he insists, 'The reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure the divine authority behind government should not be resignation to it, but the resolution to combat it as effectively as possible.'" 08.12.02

BUMILLER "Authoritative Voice on the Economy Still Lacking in Bush Administration " 08.12.02

NYT ED "Bush's vacation plans changed abruptly when he decided recently to summon more than half his cabinet to a convenient location for an economic conference. [Will] tomorrow's forum, which is reportedly going to include Republican donors and exclude administration anything to resolve the administration's failure to speak with one reassuring voice on the economy"? 08.12.02

MADRICK "Bush's tax cuts...are not the way to go. They provide near-term stimulus, but they, unlike automatic stabilizers, do not decline in future years. They portend large federal deficits in the future. There are good economists who believe that deregulation has gone too far, and that economies sometimes need righting by government. These economists should speak louder." 08.12.02

KERRY/RUDMAN "If we do not have the political will to solve the Social Security problem now, we can't hope to do so when the baby boomers start collecting benefits -- not just for Social Security but for Medicare and Medicaid as well. The problems facing our health care programs are much more daunting than Social Security. These three programs together are expected to double as a share of the economy within 30 years, putting unthinkable pressure on tax rates, the economy and the budget. " 08.12.02

GUARDIAN "The Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, has personally signalled for the first time through a Labour MP that he is ready to bow to international pressure by allowing UN weapons inspectors back into the country. Letting the inspectors return with freedom to search for weapons of mass destruction would make it extremely awkward for the US to carry out its threatened military action." 08.12.02

GALLOWAY "These diplomatic moves by Iraq would, in a sane world, be followed up and put to the test. They represent all that the British government, at least, has been asking for. After all, if their sincerity was found wanting, what would the US government have to lose?...That Bush shows every sign of trampling on the olive branch gives the lie to any claim that the only interest is in Iraqi disarmament. " 08.12.02

SAMPSON "West's greed for oil fuels Saddam fever." 08.12.02

WP GOP Senators Defend Case for Strikes Against Iraq. 08.12.02

AP "Members of Congress said Sunday that President Bush has not yet made his case for an invasion of Iraq, although they would support him if there is evidence Saddam Hussein may use weapons of mass destruction. " 08.12.02

GREELEY War Hawks Lose Sight of Real Enemy 08.12.02

LEONARD "Caricatures of the left as pacifist are false. But President Bush is making the wrong case for war if he wants to win over his critics" 08.12.02

MC QUAIG "Why Canada Must Reject War on Iraq " 08.12.02


NYT Reagan Pentagon Hawk Perle Chairs Group That Sponsored Saudis As Enemy Talk 08.12.02

REEVES "American-managing by the princes in Riyadh did not end with Sept. 11. In the early hours of Sept. 12, more than 20 members of the bin Laden family living in the United States were secretly flown out of the country from an airfield in Texas -- with the obvious involvement of the FBI and other government operatives. Question them? Sorry. They are bad people, our rich Saudi friends. One sad example of our dealings with the Saudi government is that we considered (and sometimes went along with) their requests that American troops dispatched to protect the reign of the princes exclude Jews and women. Local custom, you know. Sorry." 08.12.02

ELLIOTT "COULD 9/11 HAVE BEEN PREVENTED? Long before 9/11, the White House debated taking the fight to al-Qaeda. By the time they decided, it was too late. The saga of a lost chance." 08.12.02

NYT "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is considering sending American Special Operations Forces worldwide to capture or kill Al Qaeda leaders. " 08.12.02

WP ED While Bush Talks About Helping Afghans Rebuild, The Reality Is He's Buying "Short-Term" Peace By Cutting Deals With [Repressive] Warlords." 08.12.02

RASPBERRY "Rejection by the United States, alone among Western nations, of the Kyoto protocol designed to slow global warming (President Bush said the treaty's mandatory pollution reductions were harmful to the American economy); the anti-torture convention passed over U.S. objections and the International Criminal Court, of which the Bush administration is particularly suspicious. 'Respect for the rule of law is so high on the American agenda,' [Kofi Annan] said. 'Why this contradiction?'" 08.12.02

NYT Arafat Calls U.S. Meetings 'Very Positive'; Sharon Sees 'Trick' 08.12.02

PADGETT "South America did need the discipline and budget austerity of U.S.-backed reforms, which freed the region from crippling hyperinflation and ushered in hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign investment. But they couldn't whip the plague of corrupt elites, absentee judicial systems and addiction to foreign capital that made Latin American capitalism as ripe for abuse and collapse as an Enron office suite. Says Stanford University Latin America scholar Terry Karl: "The Washington Consensus just further concentrated economic and political power in a region that already had the worst inequality in the world." The Washington Consensus might have worked better had Washington preached open democracy as earnestly as open markets. " 08.12.02

NYT "Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, a germ weapons expert, said that he had nothing to do with the anthrax attacks and lashed out at the government for unfairly focusing on him. " 08.12.02

NYT Fearing Theft, U.S. Plans to Relocate Nuclear Fuel08.12.02

SHOWALTER "At a Nato research workshop I attended on the social and psychological consequences of chemical, biological and radiological terrorism, all participants agreed that bioterrorism was a form of psychological warfare designed to create fear and destroy trust in government. Its worst effects would be long term, in the form of post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other psychiatric casualties, as well as erosion of social capital. But there were some troubling differences between American and British attitudes towards information sharing and enlisting the cooperation of the media." 08.12.02

WP "The trend toward [water] privatization runs counter to the national mood that companies are the last entities to be trusted. The three largest water companies in the nation -- USFilter, United Water and American Water Works -- are now owned by French and German conglomerates, by Vivendi, Suez and RWE. It doesn't help the boosters that one of the big players, until recently, was the water development company Azurix, a subsidiary of Enron Corp." 08.12.02

NYT Bush has mismanaged the economy, tilted the White House to help corporate interests and "cynically made 9/11 the cornerstone of the Republican 2002 election strategy." --McAuliffe 08.11.02

WP "President Bush exploited the attacks of Sept. 11 for political advantage, sought to manipulate the markets to suit his ends and cannot combat corporate scandals because of his own business background, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terence R. McAuliffe charged here today in a harsh opening to the November midterm elections. " 08.11.02

BRODER With the safety net in question, Rove knows Bush has little margin for error in 2004. 08.11.02

MC GRORY " The administration should be blushing now, but you would never know it. President Bush, whose reckless tax cuts slashed the surplus and hopes for prescription drugs, travels the country talking up the economy. In keeping with the Bush tradition of using shamelessness as a political weapon, Vice President Cheney emerged from seclusion forbidding all questions about his Halliburton past and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and he has taken this moment to assure us he is available for another term, health and the president permitting." Meanwhile, it's the Dems who are acting embarrassed. 08.11.02

GITLIN "Bush falters but who dare oppose him? Scandalous news of corporate malpractice has given the Democrats a new lease of life, which they seem reluctant to exploit " 08.11.02

WP "In trying to add a personal touch to their political messages, operatives are using more data that many voters would consider private -- credit histories, buying patterns, income, number of children, cost of home, magazine subscriptions. Such data are easily bought, and improved software is driving down the price. " 08.11.02

WP Apart from the war on terrorism, "voters give [Bush] only marginally better marks than they did a year ago, and on the economy they are slightly worse, a recent Gallup poll shows. Politically, he is becoming more the person he was before Sept. 11." 08.11.02

NYT ED Congress, Not The President, Declares War, And Bush Would Be "Politically Irresponsible" If He Were To Ignore The Constitution. 08.11.02

INDYK In the ME, "a region seething with anger toward the United States, our credibility is essential to our effectiveness there. But the administration's lack of coherence, and the widening gap between its rhetoric and its actions, are casting doubt on that credibility." 08.11.02

MARQUIS "FOR all its reputation as a taciturn crowd, the Bush administration is downright chatty when it comes to Iraq. Officials who were tight-lipped about energy strategy and homeland security have taken to analyzing in detail a battle that the president insists he has not decided on. They have begun tallying up its costs before a single shot has been fired. Is this any way to prepare for war? " 08.11.02

AP Asked whether the American people are prepared for U.S. soldiers' deaths in any military campaign aimed at Saddam, Bush said, ``I think that that presumes there's some kind of imminent war plan.'' 08.11.02

KEANE "One of Mr Bush's most prominent advisers made it clear in a newspaper article yesterday. The US would go it alone and attack Iraq even if Britain or other allies demurred. America will do it because it can and because President Bush and the Washington "hawks" upon whom he increasingly depends for strategic guidance want to do it. So no surprise that the author of the article, Richard Perle, dismisses much of the opposition to the war as 'the feckless moralising of 'peace' lobbies or the unsolicited advice of retired generals'." 08.11.02

USBORNE "The first cracks began to show in American solidarity for a military campaign against Saddam Hussein yesterday after [Dick Armey] a top-ranking Republican on Capitol Hill bluntly argued that any unilateral attack would be unjustified and would lose the United States friends around the world." 08.11.02

ISLAN "Bush is gambling that victory over Saddam will lift the US economy out of double-dip recession - but he risks sparking another oil crisis " 08.11.02

GALBRAITH "Iraq's neighbors fear federalism as a prelude to the breakup of the country. In fact, it may be the only way to save Iraq. " 08.11.02

WP "Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld held talks with Iraqi opposition leaders yesterday as the Bush administration began to mobilize Saddam Hussein's opponents and prepare for the day when the Iraqi leader falls from power. " 08.11.02

DOWD Chances Good That Cheney Would Want Bush To Return As Second Term War Cheerleader 08.11.02

WP Cheney's 'Win-Win' Acquisition As Halliburton's CEO Became Liability 08.11.02

IBRAHIM "The Bush administration must better distinguish between Islam and the real enemy -- radical extremists within Islam. Otherwise we risk a collision with 1.2 billion Muslims around the word who do not appreciate being demonized. " 08.11.02

MST "The Rev. Franklin Graham, heir to the legacy and chief executive officer of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), is not mincing words. He is telling Americans that Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence." 08.11.02

FRIEDMAN India's huge software and information technology industry is responsible for cooling New Delhi during the recent flare-up in Kashmir. 08.11.02

CROSSETTE "THE use of detention within the United States may be the most problematic tool in the Bush administration's arsenal in the global war on terrorism. It has alarmed American civil rights groups, and foreign critics have used the issue to turn a lot of initial sympathy for the United States into a new wave of anti-Americanism, while it has given China and Russia reason to call their far more egregious human rights violations antiterrorism. " 08.11.02

PRISTIN Behind the Legal and Private Worlds of the Veil 08.11.02

LAZARUS What's Behind The Reported FBI Screwups? 08.11.02

WP Ex-Army Scientist Denies Role in Anthrax Attacks 08.11.02

BG ED "AMID ALL the talk about the best way to honor the first anniversary of Sept. 11, the worst way would be to retreat from deadlines Congress set for improving airport security. " 08.11.02

NYT Bush Spending Of Surplus On Tax Cuts For Rich Means No Major Programs To Head Off Growing Health Care Cost Crisis 08.11.02

NYT Fragile Recovery Endangered By Weakening Spending Due To Stagnant Wages 08.11.02

NYT The longshoremen's union is angrily accusing the Bush administration of siding with management in a contract dispute that threatens to shut down all West Coast ports. 08.11.02

ROSEN "Like the fight over abortion, ...the Pledge of Allegiance decision is a symptom of a broader dysfunction in American politics: the legalization of the culture wars. That phenomenon, which is at the heart of the breakdown of the confirmation process, has its roots in the 1980's, when an army of interest groups on the left and on the right were created to lobby the courts for victories over cultural disputes that each side was unable to win in the legislatures. " 08.11.02

NYT "Failing to Shed Air of Aloofness, Church Frustrates Even Its Faithful " 08.11.02

BELKIN "In paranoid times like these, people see connections where there aren't any. Why...coincidence is a conspiracy theorist's worst nightmare." 08.11.02

MC NICOL "Tell all your friends trapped in money-losing 401(k) stock programs to roll over whatever money is left into an interest-bearing Christmas Club account. " 08.11.02

SPT "Observers from the NAACP and ACLU and advocates for the disabled will watch Florida's first big attempt to get it right. " 08.11.02

MH Reno and McBride prefer to battle Gov. Bush, not each other. 08.11.02

WP Under Fire, AshBush Cutting Back Neighbor Spy Program, But It's Still A Go And Still Subject To Abuse 08.10.02

NYT Bush Rolls Back Health Privacy Protections Initiated Under Clinton 08.10.02

NYT Bush Seeking Ways To Allow Further Pollution Of Oceans Under Fed Control 08.10.02

NYT Stagnant Wages Pose Added Risks to Weak Economy 08.10.02

NYT Decade After Health Care Crisis, Soaring Costs Bring New Strains 08.10.02

WP Bush Likely To Reject $5 Billion Package For Airport Secutiry, AIDs, Israel, DC, But Continues To Back Tax Cuts For The Rich. 08.10.02

NYT Companies Using Ex-Lawmakers In Fight To Retain Offshore, Non-Tax Status 08.10.02

NYT ED 9/11: "The Senate and House Intelligence Committees should never have been given the job of examining intelligence failures." 08.10.02

NYT FBI-Questioned Scientist Hatfil's Claims Of MIlitary And Educational Activities Contradicted, Linked To Return Addresses On Daschle's, Leahy's Anthrax Letters 08.10.02

WP Airlines Worried Over Theft Of ID's, Uniforms, Keys. [And Recently Reported Justice Items Missing?] 08.10.02

NYT Kurds Hope For Saddam's Ouster. Iraq has been forcing ethnic Kurds out of many areas and into a semi-autonomous region that survives under Western air protection. 08.10.02

NYT Otherwise Jobless Palestinians Get Paid To Help Israelis Build Housing On Land Palestinians Say Is Theirs 08.10.02

JACKSON Bush Leaves Kids Behind. "When Bush signed No Child Left Behind, he and his education team had to know how vast a gulf would emerge between the number of students at failing schools and transfer slots. The cynicism is similar to that regarding vouchers. Bush hailed the Supreme Court decision upholding vouchers, knowing all the while that most wealthy suburbs would not take them and their value would be worthless for elite private schools. Bush has waged no campaign to increase the value of vouchers." 08.10.02

NEAL While Bush Gave Jeb $1 Million To Campaign The Other Day, Reno Is Nearly Broke And Dem Donors Are Doing Next To Nothing For Her 08.10.02

KELLER Pundit Wants Gore No More 08.10.02

GRANNY D "In future years, historians will write in amazement that the Bush administration, after colossal incompetence that allowed a historic crime to take 3,000 American lives, took that crime for his political advantage and brought America into its moment of greatest danger....I fear you, Mr. Bush -- not Osama, not Sadam -- you. You are the threat to America and its Constitution. " 08.09.02

BOLTON "The Bush administration’s refusal to cooperate with even the most routine and basic congressional requests for information is infuriating members of Congress and violating congressional rights and responsibilities, members charge. " 08.09.02

BOLLIER "The Commercializing Of Consciousness: Our sense of common humanity is being segmented into marketing demographics that segregate and divide us -- in order to make money." 08.09.02

HUFFINGTON Holding Dick Cheney "Accountable" 08.09.02

NYT ED "The move to hold top managers personally liable for any misrepresentations made to investors signals the end of the era of the imperial C.E.O. " 08.09.02

HUFFINGTON "The combination of the back-from-the-dead passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate responsibility bill and the broadcast-ready perp walks of Adelphia's John Rigas and WorldCom's Scott Sullivan may give the public the sense that corporate reform is a done deal. But nothing could be further from the truth. " 08.09.02

KRUGMAN "The fact that the Brazilian bailout also gave a big boost to Citigroup and FleetBoston, which combined had close to $20 billion at risk in Brazil, will hardly go unnoticed when it comes time to raise campaign funds among the Wall Street elite." --Paul Erdman 08.09.02

WP Under Bush Direction And Signature, Fed Budget Is "Near Abyss," And The Poor Will Suffer Even More Due To Bush- Approved Future Tax Cuts For The Rich 08.09.02

WP Dems Called For Economic Forum, But Bush Will Exclude Those Who Disagree With Him And Pack Meeting With Wealthy Donors 08.09.02

NYT Democratic Party leaders say that Al Gore has several significant obstacles to overcome if he wants his party's nomination for the 2004 presidential election. 08.09.02

TOMASKY Can Dems Muster The Courage To Fight? 08.09.02

AP Repugs Get Party Bible For Campaign Retorts 08.09.02

SOLOMAN U.S. Media's Complicit Role In The Drum-Beating For A War On Iraq 08.09.02

WILL "A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently wrote of "our Constitution's commitment of the conduct of war to the political branches." Note the plural. " 08.09.02

RUBIN "Helping Iraqis attain freedom will be costly; first America needs to listen to them." 08.09.02

SENGUPTA "Iraq war could engulf region, Britain warns US " 08.09.02

BENNETTS "Immoral and illogical. No convincing case has been made for the slaughter that would follow an attack on Iraq " 08.09.02

WHITAKER Saddam Hussein has told his regional officials to expect urban warfare if American forces invade, according to information received by US intelligence. 08.09.02

IND "The Israeli authorities say would-be bombers will be discouraged by the prospect of their families ending up homeless. But Mr Assad said he and his family had nothing to do with militants. It was just their misfortune they happened to live next door to a suicide bomber's family. " 08.09.02

HA'ARETZ "A CIA team that visited the region secretly has formulated a detailed plan for security reforms in the Palestinian Authority. The team spent several weeks in the PA and Israel, meeting with top security officials on the Palestinian side, and apparently with Israeli officials as well. " 08.09.02

WP Arafat's Advisers to Meet With CIA Chief In D.C. 08.09.02

WP "Thousands of U.S. Customs Service computers and employee credentials were reported lost or stolen over a three-year period, worrying officials who noted that customs personnel commonly have access to some of the most sensitive areas of airports, harbors and other transportation centers. " 08.09.02

FIRST "I believe the threat of a smallpox attack outweighs the risks of providing smallpox vaccinations to a well-informed public." 08.09.02

NYT Nation's Neediest Schools Receive Less Money. [Is Vouchers After The Fact A Logical Response?] 08.09.02

AMAR "America's political clock and internal court rules explain why senior justices might prefer to stay put--for now. But such explanations also call into question the wisdom of judicial life tenure as currently practiced. Whenever the next court vacancy occurs, Congress should try to nudge the justices toward a better model of judicial independence based on fixed judicial terms " 08.09.02

RALL "The Truth About September 11" 07.08.02

SMH BUSH: "There's no telling how many wars it will take to secure freedom in the homeland." 07.08.02

NYT ED Bush's "defiance of the courts repudiates two centuries of constitutional law and undermines the very freedoms that [he] says he is defending in the struggle against terrorism. The courts must firmly reject the White House's assertion of unchecked powers." 07.08.02

NYP Plans Advance For War Against Iraq 07.08.02

CAMPBELL Detailed War Plan Handed To Bush By Gen. Tommy Franks 07.08.02

IND Allies Move Towards Air Assault As Disquiet Over Iraq Grows. 07.08.02

CORN Reagan Hawk Head Of Defense Policy Board Called "Prince Of Darkness" Before Bush Hired Him 07.08.02

IND "Saudi Arabia announced yesterday it would veto the use of any of its territory for an attack on Iraq. The announcement is a severe blow to attempts by the United States and Britain to forge an international coalition against Saddam Hussein. " 07.08.02

AARONOVITCH "Wars have to be justified by the conviction that the alternative is worse. We have not met the conditions for starting a war against Saddam in which we are certain to kill civilians." 07.08.02

GUARDIAN "Senior British ministers are privately admitting to growing exasperation across government at the lack of a clear and coherent US policy towards Iraq. " 07.08.02

KETTLE "If Blair gets this wrong, he could be gone by Christmas. Secret government polling has exposed the risks of the Bush embrace. " 07.08.02

AMIN "Leaked reports from the White House, war scenarios from the Pentagon and hostile rhetoric from the state department have been orchestrated to prepare public opinion for a US military attack against Iraq, without recourse to the authority of the UN. The aim is to replace the Iraqi government with a Karzai of Baghdad. " 07.08.02

AP "Saddam Hussein warned Thursday that anyone who attacks Iraq will die ``in disgraceful failure,'' as thousands of armed civilians marched through Baghdad in support of the Iraqi president. " 07.08.02

HOAGLAND "Like war, talk of war is a blunt instrument. President Bush's repeated promise to change Iraq's regime ripples through the international system and American domestic politics with surprising midsummer velocity. The threat of military action is producing change months before action will come. " 07.08.02

WP "Less than two months after the Bush administration helped engineer the election of an interim government in Afghanistan, U.S. policymakers are growing increasingly concerned that the country is entering a more dangerous period and are unsure what steps to take next to prevent a spiral of factional violence. " 07.08.02

MC GRORY "George Bush is trying to push missile defense so far and so fast that no successor will be able to reverse course, and hang the tests, which so far have proved nothing." Defense contractors hop on the gravy train worth hundreds of millions with no oversight. 07.08.02

BLOOM "Bush Campaign Flew Enron, Halliburton Jets During 2000 Recount " 07.08.02

BORGER "It appears that, in its efforts to push the election 2000 recount in Florida in Bush's direction, his campaign workers rushed about the state in corporate jets provided by three companies now under federal investigation - Enron, Halliburton and Reliant Energy. " 07.08.02

NYT "Enron struck a sham energy deal with Merrill Lynch that let Enron book a $60 million profit in late December 1999, according to former Enron executives. " 07.08.02

AP Cheney talks about second term amid protests in SF. 07.08.02

DH "Washington Post’s Ceci Connolly, the most important—and heinous—print reporter of the 2000 campaign. " 07.08.02

NYT Bush Leaves Kids Behind By Giving Children's Health Insurance Aid To Childless Adults 07.08.02

GUARDIAN A group of prominent UK Jews seek today to renounce their right to Israeli residence and citizenship in protest at Israel's "barbaric" policies towards the Palestinians. 07.08.02

SELLS "The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is being sued for assigning my book, "Approaching the Qur'an: The Early Revelations," as required summer reading for first-year students. The plaintiffs charge that UNC indoctrinates students with deceptive claims about the peaceful nature of Islam, violating the separation of church and state. In fact, the book makes no general claims about Islam. " 07.08.02

KURTZ "Kidnap Coverage Overblown. Real epidemic is saturation on TV. Child-snatchings are actually down." 07.08.02

KELSO Messege For Bush: Spiff Up The Signs 08.07.02

VEST "As a rule, both the joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency's leadership prefer that Congress stay out of their affairs. Indeed, an ideal Congress for many denizens of this realm would be one that simply holds open the cash spigots while Langley and the Pentagon set their own agendas. That makes it particularly alarming to see that as the Bush administration lays its plans for Iraq, career military and intelligence officers are increasingly -- and desperately -- looking to Congress to help stave off what they fear will be a disaster. " 08.07.02

WHITAKER "The Guardian has learned that Baghdad is pinning its hopes on persuading the British government to withhold support from any US military action. The calculation among senior figures in the Iraqi regime is that President George Bush is prepared to risk international criticism in a war to overthrow Saddam Hussein - but only if he has Tony Blair at his side. " 08.07.02

HA'ARETZ "In the complex relationship between the United States and Iraq, with each side counting its friends and allies, a new formula is becoming evident. If a coalition is to be formed, it is more likely to be pro-Iraqi than pro-American " 08.07.02

FALK "All the evidence going back to the Iran/Iraq War and the Gulf War shows that Saddam Hussein responds to pressure and threat and is not inclined to risk self-destruction. Indeed, if America attacks and if Iraq truly possesses weapons of mass destruction, the feared risks are likely to materialize as Iraq and Saddam confront defeat and humiliation, and have little left to lose. " 08.07.02

TIMES THE US Congress has been warned that President Bush’s proposed attack on Iraq could escalate into a nuclear conflict. 08.07.02

SCHEER Is George Weighing a Just War, or Settling an Old Score? 08.07.02

SOLOMON "With its credibility badly damaged by the [U.S.] spying, the U.N. inspection system did not survive. Another factor in its demise was the U.S. government's declaration that sanctions against Iraq would remain in place whether or not Baghdad fully complied with the inspection regimen." 08.07.02

NICHOLS "Recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings showed interesting divisions among policy-planners. " 08.07.02

BROWN "This is why the American adventure is doomed. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will not provide logistical support. Europe will not play any part, a view underlined by both Gerhard Schröder and Edmund Stoiber in the German election campaign. And the British public is queasy. " 08.07.02

KUTTNER How To Trim A Bush? Hit Him In His Ideology 08.07.02

OLIPHANT "With the news that employment gains essentially disappeared during July, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao said the country should take heart from the fact that the unemployment rate ''was essentially unchanged'' and that the number of unemployed Americans who have been out of work for at least 15 weeks declined after more than a year of increases during the recession.Her statement was absurd, and it will only heighten suspicions that conditions must be serious if Bush advisers go to such silly lengths to fudge the obvious." 08.07.02

KUTTNER "WITH ALL the corporate and accounting scandals, you may have noticed that Congress is also working on bankruptcy reform legislation. A bill nearly passed last week and will probably be approved when Congress returns in September.However, this is precisely the wrong kind of reform. It is a measure long sought by the banking industry to make it easier to squeeze money from ordinary individuals who declare bankruptcy after facing personal hard times or being overwhelmed by debt." But why are the Bush anti-abortionists against it as written? 08.07.02

WILDAU "Paul O'Neill Doesn't Understand His Job. " 08.07.02

HARRISON "Another example of [Bush] government by obsession, this administration's modus operandi." 08.07.02

WP ED "THE DECISION last week by U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler ordering the Justice Department to release information about the approximately 1,200 people detained during the Sept. 11 investigation is a welcome rebuke to the obnoxious secrecy with which the federal government has surrounded the probe. The government has disclosed the number of immigration detainees " 08.07.02

CORN When Bush dropped by Green Tree, PA, to visit the nine rescued miners, "he was exploiting a near-tragedy of the kind his Administration has done little to prevent." 08.07.02

BG ED "PRESIDENT BUSH has signaled his intention to veto legislation passed by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives last month that would ease restrictions on trade with and travel to Cuba. Bush claims that isolating Cuba is the only way to bring democracy and support for human rights to the island. His thinking is outdated. " 08.07.02

FISK "President Bush's "war on terror", his struggle of "good against evil" descended on the innocent village of Hajibirgit. And now Hajibirgit is dead." 08.07.02

HA'ARETZ "On the eve of the arrival of three Palestinian cabinet ministers for Washington talks set for Thursday and Friday, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld departed from traditional U.S. policy on the Middle East conflict, signaling disagreement with Secretary of State Colin Powell's call on Israel to stop building settlements in and withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza, which Rumsfeld termed "so-called occupied territory. " 08.07.02

ABUNIMAH "Without the claim that Palestinians explicitly accused the Israelis of killing 500, the main accusation from supporters of Israel and the media is that Palestinians alleged a "massacre."... Israeli officials routinely refer to Palestinian attacks which kill 20 or fewer people as "massacres." 08.07.02

USA "Fear, rage fester inside for West Bank children." 08.07.02

WP "The university in Chapel Hill is asking all 3,500 incoming freshmen to read a book about Islam and finds itself besieged in federal court and across the airwaves by Christian evangelists and other conservatives. " 08.07.02

WP Homeland Security Issues Abound White House, Senate Seek Compromise on Intelligence Plans 08.07.02

WP "The Bush/Ashcroft Justice Department yesterday defied a federal judge's order to provide him with documents that would have supported the government's classification of a man captured in Afghanistan and being held in a Navy brig in Norfolk as an "enemy combatant." Government lawyers allowed a noon deadline to pass without handing the materials over, saying that the separation of powers clause of the Constitution gives the executive branch the authority to make that determination. " 08.07.02

NYO Security Around NY NUke Plant Growing Weaker 08.07.02

WP Bush's Dept. Of Interior Unable To Operate Indian Trust Due To Turf War, Interior Dept. Report Says 08.07.02

KELSO Messege For Bush: Spiff Up The Signs 08.07.02

WP "For political and bureaucratic reasons, governments at all levels are telling far less to the public than to insiders about how to prepare for and behave in the initial chaos of a mass-casualty event. " 08.06.02

MONBIOT "The US is now a threat to the rest of the world. The sensible response is non-cooperation...There is something almost comical about the prospect of George Bush waging war on another nation because that nation has defied international law. Since Bush came to office, the United States government has torn up more international treaties and disregarded more UN conventions than the rest of the world has in 20 years." 08.06.02

WP ED "WHEN SENATE Republicans refused to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in October 1999 they had both some political and some substantive arguments. The political motives -- to embarrass President Clinton or express distaste for treaties of any kind -- are obsolete or deserve to become so. Now the substantive arguments have been addressed by a committee of unquestioned experts and have been found meritless. This treaty, once near-dead, ought to be revived. " 08.06.02

RAJARAMAN "Although the current South Asian crisis seems to have ebbed, the underlying dynamic remains. The next flare-up will be even more dangerous if the region's nuclear confrontation develops in the same direction as the U.S.-Russian standoff -- with nuclear missiles on alert, aimed at each other and ready to launch on warning. " 08.06.02

NYT ED "One of the most disturbing elements of the Bush administration's post-Sept.-11 policies has been its detention of hundreds of people whose identities have not been revealed. Judge Gladys Kessler of Federal District Court in Washington was right to declare last week that such secret arrests are "odious to a democratic society," and to order the government to release the names of those it has detained since the terrorist attacks....Civil liberties advocates worry that whatever victories they manage to eke out at the trial court level will be reversed by more conservative appeals courts. " 08.06.02

PARRY "Bush's Conspiracy To Riot... Newly released documents show that at least a half dozen of the publicly identified rioters were paid by Bush’s recount committee." 08.06.02

GUARDIAN "German chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his Social Democratic party yesterday broke ranks with America's other European allies by declaring at the start of their election campaign that Germany would refuse to provide troops or money for an invasion of Iraq. " 08.06.02

CT ED "Supporters of the Bush administration's silly saber-rattling on Iraq trooped before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week for a performance that would have been laughable if they were not talking about risking thousands of American and Iraqi lives and spending billions of U.S. dollars on a fool's mission. " 08.06.02

MARGOLIS Iraq Attack Only The Latest Episode In Long History Of British And Bush Treatment 08.06.02

SORENSEN "I don't blame George W. Bush for being mad at Saddam Hussein. Saddam tried to kill Bush's father. That's enough to make any good son fighting mad....What I don't understand is his willingness to waste the lives of perhaps thousands of men, women and children, on both sides, in order to satisfy his anger against Saddam." 08.06.02

NICHOLS "As inadequate as the news reporting and commentary has been, the most serious failure of oversight [of the war in Afghanistan] has been that of the Congress. For the most part, Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate have abandoned their constitutional duty to question, to challenge, to honestly advise and cautiously consent to war-making by the executive branch. " 08.06.02

PBP FBI: Just 200 hard-core Al-Qaeda worldwide. 08.06.02

WP "The FBI, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and other parts of the Justice Department have lost track of hundreds of guns and laptop computers, according to a report indicating that recordkeeping problems at the agencies are even worse than previously disclosed. " 08.06.02

RONSON "It is a Monday in July and I have been commanded by the Guardian to attempt to purchase the materials needed to build a nuclear bomb. " 08.06.02

IGNATIUS "It's not something George W. Bush talks about much -- indeed, it's a fact that has been virtually purged from his official biography -- but for four years in the early 1990s, Bush was a director of a company that ultimately collapsed under the weight of its junk-bond financing and management mistakes. " 08.06.02

WP ED "Eventually, Israel and the Palestinians will have to reengage, and they will have to do so on terms similar to the ones that the Palestinians rejected two years ago and that Mr. Sharon rejects today. Every attack mocks the possibility of coexistence, and Israel certainly has the right to defend itself. But the current policy is not working: Israelis are not safer, Palestinians are imprisoned in their homes, and too many of both are dying and learning habits of hatred that will last generations. Neither self-defense nor self-determination should be an excuse for self-delusion. " 08.06.02

WP Palestinian Children in Crisis Reports Show Malnutrition Levels Among World's Highest 08.06.02

SFC "Israelis feel boycott's sting. Creeping sense of isolation as culture, economy take hits " 08.06.02

COHEN "Israel should get out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the Palestinians should get a state of their own. What's more, Israel is no paragon of virtue. It is a country as good or as bad as the best of them, and it will occasionally do despicable things in the name of national security. The United States has sometimes strayed from the straight and narrow. Should I mention My Lai? But the readiness, the alacrity, with which some in the West stand ready to judge Israel by standards they would not apply elsewhere -- and which are routinely violated in the Arab world -- is downright repellent." 08.06.02

KRUGMAN "Every government tries to make excuses for its past errors, but I don't think any previous U.S. administration has been this brazen about rewriting history to make itself look good. For this kind of thing to happen you have to have politicians who have no qualms about playing Big Brother; officials whose partisan loyalty trumps their professional scruples; and a press corps that, with some honorable exceptions, lets the people in power get away with it. Lucky us: we hit the trifecta. " 08.06.02

IGNATIUS "It's not something George W. Bush talks about much -- indeed, it's a fact that has been virtually purged from his official biography -- but for four years in the early 1990s, Bush was a director of a company that ultimately collapsed under the weight of its junk-bond financing and management mistakes. " 08.06.02

IVINS " How nice to see Larry Lindsey, President Bush's chief economic adviser, on the Sunday chats assuring us that all is well despite the Dow Jones. How can you have Larry Lindsay on and not mention the relevant information that before he went to the White House, he was a financial consultant and advisory board member for Enron?" 08.06.02

ROSNER How The BushAdmin Hinders Economic Reform In Latin America 08.06.02

NYT "Rising voter concern about the nation's future, driven by an unsteady economy and unrest on Wall Street, is stirring nervousness among some Republicans and lifting confidence among Democratic leaders that their party could capture control of the House in November. That turn of events had seemed impossible two months ago. " 08.06.02

KLEIN Kerry And Hillary Give Notable Speeches At New Dems Confab 08.06.02

BOYER The Texas Senate Race Has Bush Worried. Will Karen Hughes Save The Day? 08.06.02

TIME "Senior officials from both the Clinton and Bush administrations...say that [a specific] set of proposals to "roll back" al-Qaeda" Was Presented During Transition Briefings In Jan. 2001. 08.05.02

BORGER "The Bush administration sat on a Clinton-era plan to attack al-Qaida in Afghanistan for eight months because of political hostility to the outgoing president and competing priorities, it was reported yesterday." 08.05.02

REUTERS "Irritated by the report, which appeared to suggest the Bush administration may not have done all it could to prevent the attacks on New York and Washington that killed about 3,000 people and that the government blames on the al Qaeda network, the White House issued a carefully-worded denial. " 08.05.02

GREENBERG " A public consensus is emerging that the behavior evident in the Enron and other scandals reflects a bigger problem: people in powerful positions now feel free to act irresponsibly and hurt ordinary people, without fear of being held accountable....According to N.P.R. surveys, the top issues for Congressional races are the economy and jobs (mentioned by 35 percent of respondents), Social Security and Medicare (24 percent), education (23 percent) and affordable health care (21 percent)." 08.05.02

GLENDENING 'Clear Skies'? Not From Bush 08.05.02

NYT Bioport Failures Continue As It Asks BushAdmin For More Smallpox Vaccine Bailout Cash 08.05.02

BW Why did the Pentagon allow BioPort Corp. to remain the sole U.S. supplier of a crucial weapon against bioterror despite years of failure to deliver the vaccine? (under Bioport photo) 08.05.02

MSNBC The Hunt for the Anthrax Killer 08.05.02

WP ED "Unless Mr. Ashcroft backs off, his efforts to align himself with the gun lobby will only play into the hands of more criminal suspects.. " 08.05.02

HENTOFF Ashcroft Admits TIP Reports From Neighborhood Spies Will Be Allowed Into Databases. Congress May Make It Law In September. 08.05.02

AP U.S. Closes Karachi Consulate In Pakistan Under Fear Of Terrorist Attack 08.05.02

WP Pakistani Defense Chief Is Seen As Threat to Karzai And Nation's Stability 08.05.02

DIEHL Bush's "silence sends another signal entirely: that it is the [Egyptian] dictator Mubarak, with his plans for a family dynasty, who is America's real favorite. No amount of public diplomacy wizardry in Washington can undo the damage of that message." 08.05.02

BLOOM Bush Spokeswoman Says Iraq Must Permit Unlimited UN Inspections 08.05.02

AP Lawmakers Want Bush to Make Iraq Case To Them 08.05.02

USBORNE "Chances of a diplomatic solution to the US stand-off with Iraq appeared remote yesterday when a senior Democrat, who chaired the first public hearings on possible invasion plans, said war was now likely. " 08.05.02

WP Daddy Bush's Scowcroft Urges Restraint Against Iraq As Lott Claims Congress Has Already Given Bush Permission To Wage War On Iraq 08.05.02

HOTTELET "On Iraq, the administration has abandoned one of the cardinal principles of common sense: When you're in a hole, stop digging. With every new declaration of "regime change" and every threat of preemptive military action, the United States is in deeper, floundering in a pit of its own making." 08.05.02

PRESTON "George W and Donald, his avuncular zealot, are beating the drums for another war. They haven't said quite why yet. They've only just begun to add Saddam to their al-Qaida stopping list. The evidence, such as it is, remains buried beneath chat about "weapons of mass destruction" that the beast of Baghdad might one day direct against Israel (which already has such weapons anyway). Whatever became of deterrence theory? " 08.05.02

GUARDIAN "Beneath the gently curving coastline of Texas and Louisiana, vast underground caverns are being filled with crude oil as part of Washington's war preparations that could be as important as the Pentagon's military blueprints. " 08.05.02

BENN "The United States has stepped up pressure on Russia to stop cooperation with Iran in the fields of nuclear, ballistic, chemical and biological weapons as well as advanced conventional warfare systems. Washington has told the Russians it has intelligence information indicating that the "leakage" of dangerous technology to the Iranians is continuing and that Russian denials of this are jeopardizing the strategic cooperation with the U.S. " 08.05.02

KURTZ "A study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs found that 78 percent of the on-air evaluations of Israel on the ABC, NBC and CBS evening news shows were negative. The Palestinians fared even worse, with 92 percent of the comments negative. And when it came to the Israelis' treatment of the Palestinians, the score was 96 percent negative. Hard to get more negative than that. " 08.05.02

RASPBERRY "It takes a cold heart and a closed mind not to understand the jut-jawed determination that such [terrorist] savagery [against Israel] not be rewarded with negotiations. But what else? It isn't as though the ribbon to the new state of Palestine was about to be cut -- until the suicide bombers canceled the ceremony. Are the Palestinians wrong to doubt that statehood will ever be their reward for good behavior, when no one seemed to pay much attention to their distress until the intifada?" 08.05.02

HA'ARETZ "There is no greater lie than the claim of the similarity between Arafat and Saddam, and the propagandists who are spreading the lie know it. The first difference is that one man is conducting a ruthless campaign against a foreign occupation that has controlled his land for 35 years, while the other has been intimidating his own people and threatening regional peace for the last 23 years. " 08.05.02

HA'ARETZ ED "Most of the Israeli public is ready for peace with the Palestinians along the lines that were worked out by former prime minister Ehud Barak and former U.S. president Bill Clinton. Ariel Sharon's government is not doing what it must in the fight against terror, as long as it refuses to say what will happen when the terror ceases. " 08.05.02

WP Government Housing Vouchers Pretty Much Worthless In Tight Housing Market 08.05.02

STAPLES Foreshadow: Why Cleveland's Voucher System Turned Into Government Support Of Religious Education 08.05.02

NYT Wave of Pupils Lacking English Strains Schools 08.05.02

AP "The Florida ballot for the high-profile Democratic gubernatorial primary has confusing instructions that could cause the same problems that marked the 2000 presidential election, Democrats said Saturday " 08.05.02

GORE "For well over a year, the Bush administration has used its power in the wrong way. In 2000, I argued that the Bush-Cheney ticket was being bankrolled by "a new generation of special interests, power brokers who would want nothing better than a pliant president who would bend public policy to suit their purposes and profits."...This view was not partisan. It was based on a plain reading of the history of Republican governance under Presidents Reagan and Bush. And every passing day demonstrates that it was merely the truth. " 08.04.02

NYT ED Bush Wants To Sacrifice Water For Methane, And Pollute The Land While Doing It. 08.04.02

FRIEDMAN "Watching the pathetic, mealy-mouthed response of President Bush and his State Department to Egypt's decision to sentence the leading Egyptian democracy advocate to seven years in prison leaves one wondering whether the whole Bush foreign policy team isn't just a big bunch of phonies. Shame on all of them." 08.04.02

NYT After Sept. 11, a Legal Battle Over Limits of Civil Liberty. 08.04.02

NYT "To scholars, the results of the battles between Mr. Olson's team and his challengers could determine a new fulcrum for the balance between national security and civil liberties."..."Ted Olson is the person who has spearheaded the Bush administration's efforts to dismantle civil liberties protection and shield itself from public scrutiny." 08.04.02

NYT Homeland Security: "Federal workers are not the same as enlisted military personnel, and Democrats say their rights cannot be dismissed simply because the administration feels hamstrung by work rules won long before Sept. 11. " 08.04.02

NRDC Bush uses national security to gain corporate secrecy and immunity. 08.04.02

OBSERVER " Bush will announce within weeks that he intends to depose Iraq's ruler, Saddam Hussein, by force, setting the stage for a war in the Gulf this winter. Amid signs of active preparations for a war within six months, senior officials on both sides of the Atlantic have said that war against Iraq is now inevitable. " 08.04.02

BEAUMONT "The question now appears to be not whether there will be a war, but when. The answer is that in war, as other matters, timing is all. For President George W. Bush that timing will be dictated by the demands of a domestic political agenda. With the economy in the middle of what now looks like a double-dip recession - and his room for manoeuvre on the economic front hobbled by his tax-cut commitments - Bush has been left with only two policies he can sell as a success: the war against terrorism and the war against Saddam. " 08.04.02

RALL "It's the middle of a Bush administration, so it must be time to distract a recession-battered public with saber-rattling tirades equating Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein with Adolf Hitler. How else can Bush get his approval rating back up from 65 to 92 percent? But selling Americans on Gulf War Boondoggle 2: The Revenge will likely prove more difficult than convincing them to show up for the 1991 original." 08.04.02

WP ED "Bush has...said, repeatedly, that it is his administration's intention to put an end to Saddam Hussein's regime. While that goal has broad support in Congress and the country, the nascent debate is revealing that the means, risks and potential costs of accomplishing it remain very uncertain; they will require much more consideration, explanation and public discussion before any action can be taken " 08.04.02

HARRIES "A judgment has to be made that the war will not unleash more evils than are already being endured. Here it is possible to paint an apocalyptic scenario, with the whole Middle East in flames, as King Adbullah of Jordan has recently stressed, despotic regimes in Islamic countries being toppled and Iraq dismembered and in a state of civil war.... Most of the factors which made success possible in Afghanistan are missing in relation to Iraq." 08.04.02

IND ED "We must have answers before a war on Iraq. " 08.04.02

BLAUSTEIN "Despite his often-rehearsed plaint that international sanctions have starved and ravaged his people, Saddam Hussein is laughing all the way to the arms bazaar. " 08.04.02

KNIGHTLY "Whether we accept that Saddam Hussein poses a threat or not, and whether this threat is so great that we can justify attacking Iraq again, we should first ask the crunch question: if the new crusaders defeat and occupy Iraq, what then?... The cynical disposition of other people's countries and their leaders - no matter how frightful they may appear to us - will surely bring a bloody reckoning." 08.04.02

RAKOVE "This is clearly a time when members of both parties in Congress must take their constitutional duties seriously. For in the open-ended emergency that looms before us, the abdication of Congressional responsibility risks erasing every constitutional standard against which the military decisions of any president can be judged. If an invasion of Iraq on the scale contemplated does not represent a decision for war within the meaning of the Constitution, it is hard to imagine any other military action that would ever again be subject to Congressional approval or restraint." 08.04.02

OBSERVER "Hardliners say British and US planes should be shot down by Iran if they attack Iraq, but reformers are horrified by the prospect of a war on Saddam Hussein embracing them too. " 08.04.02

CANEDY "Gore and Bush are not on the ticket this time, and the state has thrown out its punch-card voting machines, with the butterfly ballots that produced all those chads. No one expected another election mess. But this being Florida, it appears that may have been too much to ask. " 08.04.02

WP "Public Citizen, a consumer watchdog group, has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service accusing the Bush-Cheney Recount Fund of filing reports with "thousands of errors and omissions" that could produce fines as high as $850,000. " (second item) 08.04.02

VON DREHLE/BALZ " Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a clear majority because neither party is successfully appealing to the majority " 08.04.02

BRODER "The mixed [congressional] record is what one might expect, given the narrowness of the party majorities and the division between a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate." 08.04.02

NEAL "Republicans, Democrats Both Plan to Battle on Corporate Scandals " 08.04.02

IVINS Business Reform Bill Addresses Only One Of Three Little Horrors And Completely Avoids The Big Two 08.04.02

NYT Congress And Bush Officials Are Related To Those Who Lobby Them 08.04.02

ISLAM "US figures for productivity will slide this week, suggesting a relapse of the world's biggest economy into a 'double dip' recession, and the possibility of further rate cuts from the US Federal Reserve. Historical revisions to data are also set to belie the idea that the US economy outperformed structurally in the past half-decade. " 08.04.02

UCHITELLE "The steep falloff in foreign direct investment is making it harder for the U.S. to achieve a robust recovery from last year's recession. " 08.04.02

NYT ED "There will doubtless be fewer idealists willing to study in Jerusalem just now. This is a shame because their spirit and openness are in increasingly short supply there. Public sentiment on both sides has hardened into a kind of tribal rage that sees only its own pain....The point is that they are both terribly wrong." 08.04.02

BERNSTEIN "The Russian bombing of civilians in Chechnya and the Chinese policies in Tibet have elicited less moral outrage in Europe than Israel's actions. Once again, the question is why." 08.04.02

WP Fear and Anxiety Permeate Arab Enclave Near Detroit. Muslim Americans Feel They Are Targets in War on Terror " 08.04.02

TYLER Putin, Bush Share Oil/Gas Interests In Central Asia As Russia Gains Power By Trading With "Axis Of Evil." 08.04.02

NYT Employment Data Raise Questions About Bush Claim Of Economic Recovery 08.03.02

AP Bipartisan Lawmakers Decry Bush on Corp. Fraud 08.03.02

WP Bush Again Threatens Veto If He Can't Limit Homeland Workers' Union And Civil Rights 08.03.02

BALZ Gore Seeks to Mend Fences At Lunch for Union Leaders. Jokes About New Dems 08.03.02

AP A federal judge has rejected state attempts to avoid trial over presidential election problems that kept blacks from voting in Florida. 08.03.02

AP Centrist Dems, Labor Oppose Bush. Both groups say many of the president's policies are out of touch with ordinary Americans. 08.03.02

KING Bush Leaves The Kids Behind In His Home Town 08.03.02

WP Afghans and Americans alike are demanding that the U.S. military make clear what it is doing here and how much longer it plans to keep doing it.08.03.02

WP Bush/Ashcroft "Must Verify That Government Is Operating Within The Bounds Of The Law" By Releasing 9/11 Prisoner List, Says Fed Judge 08.03.02

WP Bush Told By Fed Judge to Turn Over More Data on Energy Panel 08.03.02

WP FBI Leak Probe Irks Lawmakers. Many Spurn Polygraph Requests On Issue of NSA's 9/11 Intercept 08.03.02

SCHOOR Battle Of The Leaks 08.03.02

NYT ED "It is time for President Bush to level with the nation about his intentions and to talk candidly about why he feels military action against Iraq may soon be necessary. " 08.03.02

NYT Arizona Not Bush Country When It Comes To Iraq Attack 08.03.02

WP Jewish Leaders Attack Georgia Dem Rep. McKinney, Muslims Defend Her 08.03.02

BLACK/GALBRAITH Bush's Role In Corporate Fraud 08.02.02

KAY How George W. Bush made his millions 08.02.02

BW How Bush Really Made His Millions 08.02.02

KRUGMAN "The administration needs a recovery because, with deficits exploding, the only way it can justify that tax cut is by pretending that it was just what the economy needed....Under the surface, it's quite a lot worse" 08.02.02

JONES "It is deeply troubling that the Bush administration seems to believe that unions are somehow subversive to the nation's well-being. " 08.02.02

NATION ED "Reversing the nation's deformed priorities will be a hard struggle but has renewed promise now that the stock market bubble and other New Economy delusions have been demolished. People do not live and work in order to buy stocks. People exist in complex webs of relationships with family, work, community and many other rewarding adventures and obligations. The larger purpose of the economic order, including Wall Street, is to support the material conditions for human existence, not to undermine and destabilize them. " 08.02.02

NYT Congress Gives Bush Right To Make Trade Decisions Which Will Include Decisions On Environmental And Child Labor Concerns Because, "Congress expects the administration to honor and respect that trust by working closely with members on these issues." [LOL] 08.02.02

JACKSON Bush's "Big lie: 'No child left behind'" 08.02.02

NYT House Anti-Abortionists Block Bankruptcy Bill Because It Does Not Protect Christian Right Activists From Declaring Bankruptcy When Forced To Pay Court Judgements For Their Actions 08.02.02

NYT Israeli "Retaliation" For Palestinian "Retaliation" Begins 08.02.02

NYT Bush Discusses "My Fury" As He "Appeared" To Give The Green Light To Israeli "Retaliation" And Says, "And I just — I cannot speak strongly enough about how we must collectively get after those who kill in the name of — in the name of some kind of false religion. " 08.02.02

FRANKENTHAL "My beloved son Arik, my own flesh and blood, was murdered by Palestinians. My tall blue-eyed golden-haired son who was always smiling with the innocence of a child and the understanding of an adult. My son. If to hit his killers, innocent Palestinian children and other civilians would have to be killed, I would ask the security forces to wait for another opportunity. If the security forces were to kill innocent Palestinians as well, I would tell them they were no better than my son's killers. We lost sight of our ethics long before the suicide bombings. The breaking point was when we started to control another nation. " 08.02.02

NYT U.N. Report Rejects Claims of a Massacre of Refugees in Jenin 08.02.02

HUGGLER " UN Issues "Seriously Flawed" Report:...There is no mention of evidence found by both HRW and Amnesty International that extrajudicial killings of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers took place. The UN report is carefully worded not to give offence to Israel or its allies. It deliberately draws no conclusions, but only compiles evidence from various sources. It came about after the debacle when a fact-finding mission mandated by the UN security council was refused access to Jenin by the Israeli authorities - who originally said they would cooperate. " 08.02.02

POLLITT "One can be overwhelmed with horror at suicide bombers and still realize that Israeli government policies are a disaster in the making. " 08.02.02

HA'ARETZ "These people, the likes of whom we also saw this week in Hebron, running wild and coming to blows with Israeli policemen, go from funeral to funeral spreading fear and panic, and, most of all, hatred. They are referred to as the "lunatic fringe," but in practice, they set the tone. They terrorize the state and their impact on the national atmosphere threatens Israel's democratic character. " 08.02.02

SPT Controversial Florida professor with Bush White House Connections "blamed the media Thursday for helping fuel anti-Muslim fervor after Sept. 11 and for depicting him as a terrorist." 08.02.02

DYER America Sleepwalks To War In Iraq 08.02.02

FALK "Here we are, poised on the slippery precipice of a pre-emptive war, without even the benefit of meaningful public debate. The constitutional crisis is so deep that it is not even noticed. The unilateralism of the Bush White House is an affront to the rest of the world, which is unanimously opposed to such an action. The Democratic Party, even in its role as loyal opposition, should be doing its utmost to raise the difficult questions. " 08.02.02

NYT Experts Say Iraq Attack Means Long And Expensive U.S. Involvement IN Powder Keg Country. "A lot of people, a lot of money, and quite a bit of risk." 08.02.02

BORGER "The fall of Saddam Hussein could trigger Iraq's collapse into anarchy unless the US is prepared to follow any military campaign with a commitment to democracy, tens of thousands of peacekeeping troops, and substantial economic support, Congress was told yesterday. " 08.02.02

CORNWELL "In a remarkably outspoken interview with The Washington Post, the King pulled no punches about the alarm felt abroad at the prospect of an attack. "In all the years I've been in the international community, everyone is saying this is a bad idea.If it seems America wants to hit Baghdad, that is not what the Jordanians think, or the British, the French, the Russians, the Chinese or anyone else," he said. Mr Blair "has tremendous concerns about how this would unravel," he added. " 08.02.02

CONASON "If the president sincerely believes that "American companies ought to pay taxes here," he should make sure his Treasury Secretary and his Republican colleagues in Congress understand him. Except for a brief hiatus after Sept. 11 -- when they realized that terrorists use tax havens to move money -- Paul O'Neill and the Congressional Republican leadership have undermined international efforts to crack down on corporate tax evaders and their Caribbean enablers. " 08.02.02

NYT Two World Com Execs Do The Perp Walk. Daschle Asks, "What About Enron?" 08.02.02

NYT Hatfill Apartment Searched As He Remains On FBI's Anthrax Suspect List 08.02.02

KRISTOFF Mr. Z and The Anthrax Files 08.02.02

DIONNE "We claim to value citizenship and political participation. But we do virtually nothing to celebrate the entry of young Americans into political maturity. Is it any wonder that so few young people vote? " 08.02.02

SIFRY " If Wellstone loses, he's beating himself." Nader was repeating the mantra he used against Gore, as if the differences between Wellstone and Republican Norm Coleman, the White House's hand-groomed challenger, were as narrow as those between Gore and Bush in 2000. Some Green Party leaders not only mimicked Nader's reasoning, they seemed almost proudly ignorant of the stakes." 08.02.02

LEHIGH "Kerry scores an early coup " 08.02.02

CONASON Kerry Shows Courage In Challenging Bush 08.02.02

NYT ED "Hillary Clinton's record will be seriously tarnished if she does not block the Federal Election Commission from poking crippling loopholes in the nation's new campaign finance law. " 08.02.02

SPT Katherine Harris admits she failed to read the Florida elections law, which requires her to step down to seek a federal office. 08.02.02

NYT Jeb Will Appoint New Elections Boss To Oversee His Own Election 08.02.02

NYT Bush Reneges On His Campaign Promise To Seniors Of A Drug Bill By 2002 As Repug Senators Kill Plan for Drug Benefits Through Medicare As Too Costly. 08.01.02

NYT ED "One-third of the elderly in this country have no prescription drug insurance at all, and many of the rest are poorly covered. Yet despite repeated promises [by Bush] stretching back to the 2000 election campaign, the 100 members of the United States Senate could not muster the will to pass even a stripped-down version of a drug bill that would have helped millions of America's neediest citizens. " 08.01.02

CONASON "Occasionally a lingering streak of the president's privileged meanness peeks through his frat-boy charm. He seems to believe that higher education is a scam to let welfare mothers avoid honest toil. " 08.01.02

VITELLO "For 20 years, the corporate culture that has increasingly dominated the national political agenda has stamped "cheat" on every sense of the word "welfare," like a scarlet letter. The war on "welfare cheats" has fueled the campaigns over the years of thousands of politicians, and many of those same politicians - not coincidentally - have championed the deregulation of business.Now, one of those politicians - the pro-business oil man, Enron friendly Bush - alludes to college-going welfare recipients as cheaters, too. But who's really been cheating whom?" 08.01.02

SCHEER "By pushing through a bankruptcy bill backed by the credit card industry that punishes victims of usury paying almost 30 percent interest, the Beltway boys and girls have again made it clear who butters their toast: the same CEOs who have expressed shock and dismay with each revelation of abusive business practices in their ranks....President Clinton vetoed similar legislation for being too hard on consumers with low and moderate incomes." 08.01.02

NYT With The Ink Hardly Dry On the Corporate Reform Bill, Bush Is Already Trying To Water It Down. 08.01.02

WP "Bush said yesterday that he is troubled by the creation of offshore affiliates by U.S. companies to avoid paying taxes, a practice that lawmakers are trying to restrict. Bush's comments coincided with disclosures that companies connected to Bush and Vice President Cheney created such offshore entities." 08.01.02

WP ED Bush Goes To Texas But Appoints Gaffe-Tongued O'Neill As Economic Point Man 08.01.02

RIDGEWAY "Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's dotty performance Sunday on Meet the Press signals just how vicious Bush can be when he puts his buddies out to dry. O'Neill's insistence that the fundamentals of the economy are great is buttressed by the administration's deliberately twisted facts, such as..." 08.01.02

NYT Insufficient financing within the Superfund program was delaying the cleanup of toxic waste sites and preventing "important work needed to protect human health and the environment," but the Bush tax cuts to the rich continue on schedule.08.01.02

NYT Bush Continues To Insist That Homeland Security Workers Should Not Be Given Traditional Union And Civil Service Protections. 08.01.02

MC GORY "It isn't every day we hear that doing right means also doing well in politics. But the Alliance to End World Hunger has brought us just such a message in the form of a poll showing that Americans care deeply that some of their countrymen are hungry and that others around the world are starving, and that they will vote for candidates who agree with them.... If world hunger has made a significant penetration in the U.S. conscience, international law is a loser." 08.01.02

WP "An increasingly contentious debate is underway within the Bush administration over how to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, with the civilian leadership pushing for innovative solutions using smaller numbers of troops and military planners repeatedly responding with more cautious approaches that would employ far larger forces. " 08.01.02

WP "Foreign leaders are increasingly concerned that the United States is preparing for war against Iraq, and U.S. officials are making a "tremendous mistake" if they do not heed warnings from abroad against a military campaign, King Abdullah of Jordan said yesterday. " 08.01.02

YOUNG "Blair is jumping the gun in backing Bush's war on logic. The body of opposition to a campaign against Iraq is too great to ignore " 08.01.02

GUARDIAN Saddam Hussein will have enough weapons-grade uranium for three nuclear bombs by 2005, a former Iraqi nuclear engineer told senators yesterday. 08.01.02

NYT "For many Democrats, the war on terrorism has made that kind of frontal assault on Bush foreign policy seem risky, if not politically suicidal. But not for Mr. Kerry. A decorated Vietnam veteran and potential presidential candidate, he has lustily attacked the administration on policies like trans-Atlantic relations, Pentagon spending, Middle East negotiations and even Mr. Bush's greatest triumph, Afghanistan....On Iraq, he said Mr. Bush had allowed "his rhetoric to get way ahead of his thinking," talking tough without preparing the country for a potentially bloody conflict. " 08.01.02

CBS History Of Bull Markets Suggests Worst Is Yet To Come 08.01.02

NYT ED "For weeks the Bush administration has been trying to change the subject from that of a stock market spooked by corporate scandals to that of the economy's sound fundamentals. It may now need another subject. " 08.01.02

FT Executives in top US collapses made $3.3bn 08.01.02

WP U.S. Opens Criminal AOL Probe. Justice Dept. to Focus On Unusual Accounting. 08.01.02

WP Hidden Debts, Deals Scuttle Enron's Last Chance (Part Five) 08.01.02

WP "Several additional South American countries have been swept up in what is becoming the region's worst economic crisis in two decades, igniting fears of a replay of the Latin American financial collapses of the early 1980s. " 08.01.02

HOAGLAND "In a time of Middle Eastern turmoil that calls for giants of spirit and of vision, the region is afflicted with pygmies who cannot see beyond their own immediate interests. They capitulate to moral obtuseness shaped by decades of conflict and corruption. " 08.01.02

HA'ARETZ "Just as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon expected, the pictures of the smashed bodies of children in Gaza opened a new tab of bloodshed. At times like this Palestinian leaders don't hurry into claiming responsibility for initiatives about conciliation and restraint, especially if the initiatives are not theirs, or come from a distant isolated village in the West Bank, as the Shin Bet chief seems to believe. Israeli security sources also say that Palestinian leaders compete over who will get the credit for taking vengeance for the Gaza victims. " 08.01.02

GUARDIAN Hamas bomb kills at least seven people and injures more than 70 in a lunchtime attack at Israeli university. 08.01.02

WP "Three U.S. citizens were among seven people killed when a large bomb exploded here today in a busy cafeteria at Hebrew University's Frank Sinatra International Student Center. " 08.01.02

LEAVITT "After the rabbi of Qiryat Arba delivered his eulogy, Elazar's friends grabbed the podium. "No more eulogies. Elazar's last will and testament is revenge!" they said. 'Kill innocent Arabs! So that our innocent people shouldn't die'" 08.01.02

GUARDIAN The hacking community from Cardiff to California has declared war on cyber crime investigators who are led by the FBI. 08.01.02

NEAL Bush To Leave White House For Rigorous Vacation In Texas 08.01.02

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