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MC GORY Bush Attempt To Take War Off The Table Is "Grotesque," And Dems Need To Really Step Up. "Things Will Only Get Worse If No One Complains." 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED What's "Devisive And Dangerous," Mr. Lott, "Is Stifling Debate For Political Gain" 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NAKASHIMA Bush Secrecy Is Stirring Frustration On Left And Right 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Daschle Wants Congress Told More About Bush's War Plans 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

KENNEDY Bush Has Yet To Show The Leadership That The U.S. And The World Are In Need Of 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIDDELL Britain Should Unhitch Itself From The American War Machine 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT First Victim Of "Axis Of Evil" Is The Guy Who Wrote The Speech 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Stymied In Face Of ME Violence 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Large U.S. Force Battles Al Qaeda In Afghan Mountains 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Commitment Of Large Numbers Of U.S. Troops Indicate Afghan Forces No Longer Trusted To Do The Job 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON New U.S. Troop Strategy Based On Realization That Most Al Qaeda Troops Have Escaped While Afghans Watched 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NE Enron Gave Taliban Millions 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Why Bin Laden Plot Relied On Saudi Hijackers 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

PORTER "Robert Baer, the ex-CIA man in Iraq during the failed uprising in 1995, says the US is not in a position to strike against Iraq because it does not understand anything about the country," 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHIFTER Latin America "Unsettled" By Bush Rhetoric Re Colombia 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRANT Now That We Know That Stocks Generally Are Overvalued, Why Aren't Their Prices Going Down? 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER "In the wealthiest state of the wealthiest nation, there are thousands of poor and working people that must rely upon food pantries and soup kitchens to help meet their most basic needs, and the numbers in my state are only rising." 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALFON Bush Continues To Leave More Children Behind By Limiting Fed Funding Of State CHIP Plans 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP D.C. Area Muslim School Textbook Says Muslims Will Kill Jews, Teen Says Some Teachers Teach Hatred Of Non-Muslims 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

STONE Saudi Arabia "is exporting to schools on our shores an ideology that supports terror over civics. " 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Pat Robertson Still Preaching Hate. Moving From Gays, Feminists, Liberals To Muslims 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

DAVIS We Learn A Lot About Poppy And Junior Bush By Knowing That Billy Graham Is A Favorite 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOUTHARD Is Ashford's Christian Reconstructionism Out To Destroy The Constitution? 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALTER Listen Up, Homophobic Christians. 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Matthew Shepard: The Laramie Project 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SNOW The Bush Shadow Government Has No Need For A Shadow Stock Of Common Citizens 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Shadow Government Is The Perfect Bush Government: Secret And Self-Perpetuating 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

UMANSKY Bush Is Downsizing Security At Our Nuke Weapons Labs 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

JEZER Nuke Politics: Corporate Lobbyists Hide Behind Pretend Grassroots Groups 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Nuke Waste is a Problem for All 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

GLANZ Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study Finds 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIFKIN While Bush Does Nothing, "A Report by Top US Scientists on Climate Change Suggests That Catastrophe Could Be Imminent" 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORNER Now That Priests And Politicians Have Failed Them, The Common Man Has Turned To Advertising Of Consumer Products 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER Corporate Powers Working Hard With Bush Government To Rob Citizens Of The Internet 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON Lying: Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERNEY Bush Mangles The Language With A Purpose 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANDRONSKY Ad Campaign: No Bush Compassion in Welfare Reform 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CBS Enron Hurting Bush --Poll 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

COBBLE Will Bush Go Downhill Along With Enron? 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOROSAGE Bush's Enron-Tainted Sec. Of Army White Must Go 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHERNUS Bush Sticks His Head Out For Nobody 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRAUCHLI Ashcroft Sets the Tone at Heavy-Handed Justice 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCIOLINO Saudis Have Shifted Spotlight From Their Repressive Rule To The ME Conflict 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Both The Arab-Muslims And Our Fellow Americans Are Needed To Take Down The Wall Of Misperceptions 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON Risks Remain In Afghan War 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

PENHAUL Colombia: "I Can Tell Them That This Will Be Worse Than Vietnam" 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BELLO Second Front In Philippines Setting Up With Stunning Speed 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALON Repugs equate mild war criticism with "aid and comfort to our enemies." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Sen. Kerry Chides GOP on War Comments, Bashes Bush 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE ''We need a debate in this country, because there's a real possibility (that) we're really overplaying our hands.'' --Brookings Analyist 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Before Bush Goes Any Further, We Need To Have A National Dialogue, And Not A Spin Session 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOSS Patriotic Dissent 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAUL "The American people become less secure when we risk a major conflict driven by commercial interests and not constitutionally authorized by Congress." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICHTER "Bush is thrusting America more directly into distant conflicts that have raged for years." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYHAN Update: Ken Lay Never Slept With Clinton. [He Slept With Poppy Bush.] 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER Clinton Gives Jenna Bush Booze, Takes Gold Medal From Canadians 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Nixon To Kissinger On Idea Of Nuked Civilians: "I Don't Give A Damn. I Don't Care." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Billy Graham Apologizes For Nixon Conversation Faulting Jews 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Fuzzy Math: Bush Example Given About Social Security Is "Ill-Advised At Best And Unconscionable At Worst." --Financial Planner 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

MEANS House Repugs Are Insulting Intelligence Of Senior Citizens With Their Meaningless Promise About Social Security 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Never Told Congress About His Shadow Government 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Colin Powell Clears The Way For Cheney's Kid As Deputy Assistant Sec. Of State 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Aide's "Incomprehensible" Bad-Mouthing Of U.N. Tribunals Seen As Just One More Example Of Lack Of International Cooperation By Bush 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

CT Daschle challenges strategy of terror war 3.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Daschle Calls GOP Response To His Questioning Of Bush War Strategies "Nothing Short Of Hysterical" 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP ED With Philippines, Georgia, Now Yeman, Dems Think Bush Is Showing More Skill At Getting Into Military Conflicts Than At Planning Exit Strategies For Them 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Gets U.S. Troops Ready For Yemen Duty 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON Pundit Friedman Says "Give War A Chance" 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Blair may find that his luck runs out if he backs a war on Saddam." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Nine Sept. 11 Hijackers Were Selected For Special Security Screenings At Airports, But All Were Let Go By Privatized Security 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

HOPSICKER Venice, Florida, flight school linked to CIA 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rudy Giuliani's Diesel Fuel One Main Cause Of Third World Trade Tower Collapse, Say Experts. Fire Officials Previously Questioned Storage. 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron Had Links To Bin Laden Group Through Proposed Palestinian Power Plant, Approved By OPI 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Dept. Of Energy Conferred "Almost Exclusively" With Industry, Campaign Contributors In Forming Clean Air Policies 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Waxman's Letter To Bush Complains About His One-Sided Energy Policy 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Bush Plans To Truck Nuclear Waste To Nevada " insanely escalate the chances for a terrorist attack." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

RICH Scant Evidence To Show That Bush Backs The Idea Of A Free Press 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Dems Compromise On Voter Bill To Bring It Up To Vote Next Week 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Voters Want Pie In Sky Higher: Less Taxes, More Money For Better Schools 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN We Have Bushisms But England Has Prince Phillip 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT 300 Dead In Hindu-Muslin Violence In India 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR As A Large Majority Of The American Public Sits Still For Abuses By Rich Businessmen And Their Politicians At Home And Abroad, It Becomes Part Of The National Corruption 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT U.S. Military Presence Now Rings Russia In Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Democrats Starting to Fault President on the War's Future 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Signs that Bush now regrets inventing the whole concept of military tribunals 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN According To Bush, Norton, And Repug House Re Their Alaskan Drilling Proposal, Your Desk Only Takes Up A Few Square Inches Of Your Office Space 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Repug House Attacks The Little Guy Again, Passing Tauzin's Internet Phone Bill That Loosens Regulations, Strengthens Monoplies 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Paid Huge Bonuses in '01; Experts See a Motive for Cheating (with chart) 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MACHIZ Bush Proposals In The Wake Of Enron Retirement Abuse Supports The Legal Gaps That Allowed Enron To Screw Its Employees 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT While Enron Still Burns, Bush Is Back To Pushing Wall Street's "Retirement Insecurity Plan" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS Old Case Indicates Twisting Accounting Rules Will Not Get Auditors Like Andersen Off The Hook 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Cheney's Gone To War On The Public's Right To Know 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush "Shadow Government" Outside Of D. C. Based On Fear Of Portable Nuclear Weapon Set Off By Terrorists, Say Three Officials 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Top G.O.P. Donors in Energy Industry Met Cheney Panel 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROWNER Bush Doesn't Think Polluters Should Pay, He'd Rather Use Our Money To Clean Up Their Mess 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC Senior EPA Official Gags On Bush's Push To Give Pollution Protections To Coal Plants, Quits 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Arrogant Ari Refused To Back Off His Blaming Of Clinton For Current ME Violence, So Condi Pulls His Strings 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Bush Campaign Buddy Under Fire For Saying "Death To Israel" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW Bush And The Arab-American 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

EXTRA! "Steve Emerson's Crusade" With "Questionable Stories" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

FAIR Press Release In Support Of Emerson " features the same kind of inaccurate and reckless charges that Extra! said were characteristic of Emerson's work." 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE If Bush Really Means What He Says About Bipartisanship, Then He Should Change His Method Of Judicial Nomination 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Powell Moves Saudi Peace Plan From "Minor Development" To "Important Step," And Sharon Says "Let's Meet," But Saudis' Man At U.N. Offers "Diatribe" Vs. Israel Wednesday 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAURIE Saudis Know They Need Peace Even More Than Israel Or Palestine If They Want To Survive 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS Arab Self-Help For Israel-Palestinians Needs To Be Expanded To Iraq 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES "US anthrax attackers aimed to assassinate Democratic leaders" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senators Hear From Experts, Then Support Mammography 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY If We're Going To Blame Teens For The Nation's Drinking Problems, Let's Get Our Facts Straight 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOROWITZ Secret Service Looking For Lost Documents, Vice-President 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Judge Orders Release Of Energy Department's Enron Files, But GAO Law Suit Against Bush White House Enron Files Still Remains 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

IVINS Bush Has Removed "Burdensome" Clean-Up Taxes From Corporate Polluters, But Having Us Pay For Corporate Clean-Up Is Not Only "Burdensome," It's Unfair 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

TP As Public Gets Wise To Bush's Trashing Of The Environment And The Economy, His War-Inflated Poll Numbers Will Go Down 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

STRATFOR Another Viet Nam? The Division Of Afghanistan Begins 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP Likely U.S. Will Deploy Forces Outside Key Norther Afghan City 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

STRATFOR Russians Begin Push To Become World's Largest Oil Producer 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

NYT Colin's Kid And Bush Are Changing Media Ownership Rules, And Not For The Better 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

BRUMMETT The Media's Right-Wing Bias: When In Trouble, Slap Clinton 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP House-Passed Bill Weakening Regulations Would Give Baby Bells Opportunity To Crush Competition For Control Of Internet Access, Say Critics 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

BEINART Repugs' Defense Of Soft Money As "Free Speech" Was A Joke. Since When Have They Been The Party Of Free Speech? 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

MOYERS Wealthy Citizens Numbering In Size The Population Of St. Louis Get To Choose The President And All The Congressmen, And The New Campaign Finance Bill Isn't Going To Change That 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

NYT Are Repugs Using "Fraud" Re Election Overhaul, Like They Used "Free Speech" Re Campaign Finance Reform, To Drag Feet Against Needed Change? 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP Leading Dems Strongly Complain About Bush War Budget 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP This Recession Caused By Excessive Production Capacity, And Greenspan Finds That The Amounts Are Still Excessive 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Welfare Plan Is to Get People To Work, But He Refuses To Provide Money Needed To Do So 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

CLYMER Records Show Ashcroft Gave Low Priority To His Department's Anti-Terrorism Budget Prior To Sept. 11 (Rare photo of Ashcroft smiling.) 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

FINEMAN Bush Plans To Keep Cheney Safe From Terrorists By Moving Him Around The Nation From Country Club To Country Club, Seeking Campaign Donations 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

MARSHALL Looks Like Bush's Loose Cannon In Taiwan Has Been Pushed On Him By Daddy 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

STRATFOR U.S. Forces In Northernn Iraq? 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

WP Bush Big Three Not Ready To Expose Rationale For U.S. Support Of Colombian Government To Public Congressional Actions 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

THOMAS "Israeli commentators across the political spectrum derided Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's address to the nation last Thursday." 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

NYT Arafat Says Saudi Peace Plan Won't Fly Without "Immediate" "Strong" Bush Backing 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Can Show Support Of Saudi Peace Plan When Cheney Visits Area In March, But Palestinians Must Stop Violence Now And Sharon Should Back The Plan 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

NYT Powell Backs Bush's "Axis" Term, Although He Admits He Said He "Detested" Such Rhetoric During 2000 Campaign 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

EMERSON American Jihad, The Terrorists Among Us (excerpt) 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

AP Spike Milligan, Last Of "Goon Show," Dies 02.28.02 www/bushwatch.com

HERMAN In Its Unilateralist Disregard, U.S. is the Real 'Rogue State' 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Rumsfeld Refuses To "Own Up To The Truth" With "Mistatements, Contradictions, And Denials Of The Obvious" 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SINNREICH It's One Thing To Confound The Enemy, It's Another For Rumsfeld's Pentagon To Practice Disinformation Against Us 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rumsfeld Scraps Pentagon Disinformation Office. Says Light Of Day Would Make It Hard To Do Its Job 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT New Bush Records Guidelines Stonewall Public's Right To See Documents, Say Critics 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Washington has become a wartime capital, and its preoccupation with terrorism has widened the gap between the BushAdmin and hometown America. 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Sends Military Advisers To Georgia 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Russia Against U.S. Deployment In Georgia 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

GEROLYMATOS Was The American Intervention In Afghanistan Motivated In Large Part By Oil? 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON The Bush Oil-igarchy's Pipeline Protection Package 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOSELEY Bush's Voodo Environmentalism 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

U.S. Religious Leaders Find Bush's Energy Policy Not In Keeping With The Holy Books 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

AFP Most Residents Of Muslim Countries Dislike America --Poll 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Muslims Doubt Arabs Mounted Sept. 11 Attacks --Gallup 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Will The Saudis Go To "Soviet School" Or "China School"? 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

IPS Mideast Extremism Attributed to Deprivation 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUMBEL Disappeared: The Scandal That Shames The Land Of The Free 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANDERS Recent Media Decision Imperils Democracy 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS Only One Source for News Hurts All 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BENZSCHAWEL The Homegrown Nuclear Threat 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHIELDS U.S. Corporate Parasites Flee Offshore 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS Skilling Proclaims Innocence But Says There Was Something Rotten At Enron 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Dragging Feet On Even Making Corporate Execs As Accountable As Sec. O'Neill Proposes 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Dems Question Bush Judicial Nominee Smith's Conservative Leanings And Possible Banking Conflict Of Interest 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Nominee Pickering Headed to Defeat, Aides Say 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Under Student Protest, Laura Bush Declines Invite To Speak At UCLA Commencement 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Turns Out Bush Choice To Head Ed. Dept.'s Civil Rights Has No Experience In Area And Thought To Oppose Affirmative Action 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMITH CNN Trades In Hard News for Showbiz 02.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Vows That His Government Will Not Lie About Military Matters 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTER Hard To Believe Rumsfeld, Bush Because "Pentagon Will Just Outsource The Lying To Contractors" 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MATTHEWS The Ministry Of Truth Says War Is Peace 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

TURNIPSEED Bush Mimics Reagan and the Corporate Stranglehold on U.S. Media Tightens 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Says He Might "Scale Back" ANWR Drilling To 500,000 Acres In Move To Get Six Repugs Aboard 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

INFORAIN Wait One Minute, House Repugs Passed 2001 Energy Bill With ANWR Drilling Limit Of 2,000 Acres, And Environmentalists Said Even That Would Ruin All 1.5 Million Acres (see map) 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALLER TIME Reporter Asks, Are We Just Counting The Holes, Themselves, Not The Developed Area? 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Halted Drilling Project Near Utah Park First Example Of Bush Energy Plan Folly, Say Environmentalists 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Energy Economists "Widely Accept" Explanation That California's Energy Companies Shut Down Some Plants To Create Shortages To Make More Money Than Supplying Needed Power Would 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT D.C. Lawyer Shows By Example How Easy It Is To Hack BushAgency Computer Network And Screw Indian Fund Out Of Money 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT New Bush Welfare Idea Is To Toughen Up Work Requirement For Those Already Out Of Work; Dem Says White House Has Not Provided Data And Info To Support Plan 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP In Rare Agreement, Congress Says Bush Prescription Drug Plan Doesn't Go Far Enough 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Capitulation To Conservative Cant Over Reading Leads To A National Reading Plan That Threw Out All But 50 Of 100,000 Studies 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Bush Reneges On His Education Plan By Withholding Money Needed To Make It Work 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE Bush Wants More Poor PeopleTo Be Married; Yet, He Will Not Support Poor Married People Who Are Penalized By Our Welfare Laws 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER "Can the attorney general be trusted to protect the rights of those whose spiritual life rests outside of the Judeo-Christian tradition when he has excluded them from the ranks of civilized people? " 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARTIN Ashcroft's proposed changes in immigration policy "pose a real threat to the integrity of the immigration process and the independence of the board." 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Yes, Bush's Nomination Of Judge Pickering Is Controversial, But His Nomination Of Judge Smith Smells, Too 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

THOMPSON "Scalia must be reminded that turning to the past and molding religious tenets to fit personal ideologies are dangerous courses for all faiths and societies. " 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARKUSEN Expensive Weapons Won't Ensure Security 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Our Real Problem With "Axis Of Evil" North Korea Is That We Don't Have A Policy 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Admits That Taliban Was A Major Trafficker In Opium Through Last Year, And This Year Looks To Be A Bumper Crop 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHMEMANN "Saudi's Idea Stirs Hope in Israel and Abroad" 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Scientist Says FBI Has A "Prime" Anthrax Suspect, Ari Says FBI Has "Several," FBI Says It's Just Looking At Twenty On "Short List" 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Want To Buy The Brooklyn Bridge? Talk To Mayor Bloomberg 02.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NO Junior Hires Colin's Kid Who Weakens FCC Rules To Earn Money For Poppy's Carlyle Group 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

QUINDLEN "Overreaching for this axis of evil may really point to an axis of reelection " 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Karzai Stiffs Bush, Pledges "Good Relations" With "Axis Of Evil" Power 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP And 24 Hours After The Above Story, This Appears In The Same Newspaper 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN Bush's "Cowboy Diplomacy" Is Playing Poorly In Asia And Europe 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER On Asian Trip, A Few Stumbles For Bush 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM ED Congress Sept. 11 Committee Should Look At Role White House Played In Influencing Intelligence Agencies 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Islamic Terrorist Material Found In Saudi Aid Agency With Links To Royal Family 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

MISHRA Hindu Nationalism Neary Dominates Political Life In India 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Hole Under U.S. Embassy Prompts Italian Terrorist Probe 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE Bush's "Do Nothing" Approach To ME Conflict Will Win In The Long Run [But Will There Be Anyone Left?] 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM U.S. May Send Military "Advisers" To Keep Peace In Afghanistan 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMUCKER Blunders That Let Bin Laden Slip Away 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP U.S. Military Says It's Ready To Go To War Against Iraq 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT In Face Of Uproar Rumsfeld Reconsidering Idea Of Pentagon Propaganda Office 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALLEN White House Angered at Plan For Pentagon Disinformation [Or Just The Announcement?] 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ While Rather, Jennings, Brokaw Pushed Campaign Reform, Their Bosses Fought It Behind The Scenes 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Pentagon Now Has A Domestic Office In Search Of A Duty 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA FAA Covered Up Security Shortfcomings For Years, Agent Reports 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP California Is Appealing Power Deals As Probe Begins On Enron's Manipulation Of State 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKE Bush's Hopes for Republican to Run California Hit a Snag 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOGAN How Ken Lay Is Keeping His Millions Safe From Law Suits 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Enron Wants Bush Government To Pay For Idle Power Plant In India 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHERER Main Street Has Lost Its Trust In Wall Street 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Washington Times Blames Chicago Trib For Lie That Lay Slept With Clinton.[Actually, he slept with Poppy.] 02.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Wants To Take Corporations Off The Hook For Cleaning Up Their Toxic Waste Sites And Have Us Pay For Their Cost Of Doing Business 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Bush Plan Calls for Increase in Oil Production, Not Conservation 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY What environmentalists say sounds good, "but not to Wall Street and the buddies of the two oilmen who run the country: the president and the vice president. That's why they don't want us to know whom they talked to before they fashioned the love letter to the oil, coal and nuclear interests that they call an energy policy. 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARSHALL Cheney/GAO Case Has Been Assigned to Judge Appointed By Bush, Ken Starr's Second. He Should Recuse Himself. 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MORSE "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of unbelief I fear not God. I fear John Ashcroft. " 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED NYT Wants Bush To Step In To Protect Our Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy. [Uh-Huh.] 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP BushAdmin tells libraries, agencies to limit once-public information. 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush's Choice Of Charles Pickering Is "An Unworthy Judicial Nomination" 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRIGHT White House Spins Bush Asian Trip Failure As "Victory Of Low Expectations" 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHU China gives Bush free speech, then takes it away in the translation 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BELL " Shoulder to shoulder with China as he parades his hypocrisy round the world ... just what is Bush using for a brain?" 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Pentagon Working With ABC, Schlock-Meister Jerry Bruckheimer and "Cops" To Produce 13-Episode Administration Fictional Version Of War On Terrorism 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Carter Calls Bush "Axis" Label "Simplistic And Counterproductive." 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LILLA "What [Bush] says in public forums can have harmful strategic repercussions almost immediately." 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Anti-Iraq Rhetoric Outpaces U.S. Military Readiness 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH Dubious U.S. Intelligence Leads To Death Of Afghan Civilians 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT These Spies Called the Shots in Strikes Against Taliban 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT New Clues Suggest Bin Laden Is Alive on Afghan Border 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN A Saudi says, "The real problem is...the preachers who use their Friday sermons to tell [young] people that America wants to destroy Islam.Before 9/11 the government thought they were just talking, so let them talk. Now they're dealing with it. These people need to be controlled. But always it has to be in secret — never tell the outsiders you have a problem. No, I say — let's fix the problem and tell people we've fixed it, and they should fix theirs. Until we get over this tribal outlook, we will never develop." 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

PURDUM Wide And Diverse Voices Say U.S. Involvement Is Key In ME, But Bush Doesn't Want To Get Involved 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

AL Daschle: Tax cut hurt U.S. security 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR There's More Than Oil That Alaskan Environmentalists Should Be Watching 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SZALAVITZ Bush Provides Double-Talk On Drugs, Just Like Clinton Did. Unlike Clinton, Media Gives Bush A Free Pass 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH Ding, Dong, the Cultural Witch Hunt Is Dead 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WORTH "Some world leaders worried publicly that the war on terrorism was starting to look suspiciously like the last great American campaign - against Communism." 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Enron Made Money In America But Incorporated In Foreign Countries For No U.S. Taxes, Government Rebates. This Should Not Happen Again. 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

CLICK Enron Maintained Fake Trading Floor In Houston Offices To Trick Stock Analysts 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Global Crossing Spent More Political Money Than Enron" "The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Global Crossing, and the Justice Department may need to step in if there are signs of criminal wrongdoing. But the SEC's capacity to do a thorough investigation without shortchanging other tasks is in doubt; the commission's enforcement division is notoriously short of money. On Wednesday, five former SEC chairmen testified in the Senate; all agreed that the commission needed more resources, starting with pay parity with other financial regulators. A law providing for parity was signed by President Bush last month, but the administration's 2003 budget request includes no money to fund it. In the last three years, more than 1,000 employees -- over a third of the SEC's staff -- have quit. Even Harvey Pitt, the current chairman who has sometimes been reluctant to call for extra resources, regards the administration's tightfistedness as unwise. In light of the Global Crossing story, it is downright inexplicable." 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER, WEISSMAN "The corporate world is now governed by an ideology that is rotten to the core. " 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NEWSHCOOL Galbraith Discussed The Idea Of Corporate "Political Capture" In Several Of His Books 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Greed Of Broadcast Media With House Majority Creates Campaign Finance Reform Loophole That Weakens Intention Of Bill 02.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Congress, FCC, Courts Eliminating Competiton And Diversity Of Voices In Media 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYHAN When Will Newsmax Come Out With A "What Would Reagan Do" T-Shirt? 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LING, HUSS " When will China's people be able to savor and explore the fullest meaning of that phrase, 'freedom of expression'?" 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEADER Bush's Asian Ramblings Fail To Impress 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

IMAI, KING Even Using Katherine Harris' Vote Count Of Florida Prez Election, "Win" Result Of Illegally Counted Plus Invalid Bush Votes 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Pat Robertson's "Incitement" Against Islam "has to rank among the least appropriate public statements by any prominent citizen since 11 Sept." 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WITT Enron's Attempt To Control Bush Energy Policy Included Schmoozing Government Regulators 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Congress And White House In Legal Clash Over Cheney's Enron Stonewall 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Enron Crisis Grips JP Morgan Chase 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

KESSLER Dems View Social Security As Election Issue 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

HORSE Bush Is Leaving Lots Of Kids Behind In Indian Country 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Two Reporters Write Full Article On Lack Of Government Oversight Of Funeral Industry Without Mentioning Bush 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW Bush's Funeralgate 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT Anthrax expert stands by her claim that FBI has a suspect. 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP FAA, Air Traffic Controllers at Odds Over Security 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

SD Two PAC missiles fail to hit target in US land-based missile defense test 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

AFP Defiant Saddam Tells US: Try to overthrow my regime but don't strike Iraq 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOLLACOTT "Israel finally faces up to the cost of endless conflict " 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOLDENBERG "Israelis desert Sharon as credibility dives " 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEADER "Sharon Must Go" 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

MASSING "Most American Jews favor a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but two Jewish organizations have worked successfully to thwart one. " 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BAUM "Debkafile has received a mixed reaction from the media it so confidently challenges; critics have questioned the publication's accuracy and objectivity..." 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

PHILLIPS Can Genre Fiction Provide Insights Into 11 Sept.? (last section) 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERGER Anti-gay + pro-Taliban = fifth column? 02.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOURNIER Bush Failed To Carry Out China Task In War On Terrorism 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Jeb Made Quick $7,000 On Enron Limited Partnership Now Owned By Enron Ex-CEO, Friend Of Bush Family Since The 80's 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ex-Enron CEO's Money Relationship To Bush Family Nearly 25 Years Old, But Spokesman Paints Him As Near Stranger To Jeb 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Waxman Sends Lieberman Enron Video "urging employees to invest all retirement money in Enron stock." 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pew Poll Indicates Enron Has Had Little Effect Upon American Attitudes Toward Business Regulation, Except A Greater Fear Over The Safety Of Pensions 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "The failure of oversight by Enron's directors, many of whom are financially sophisticated, has left fundamental doubt in many investors' minds about how vigilant boards are on behalf of shareholders. If a board is not there to at least question unusual business, what is its purpose? " 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Supporters Of Campaign Finance Reform Now Have Enough Votes To Stop Threatened GOP Filibuster 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Will Use Top Legal Gun To Fight Congress' Law Suit For Cheney Energy Documents 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP BushAdmin Admits To Judge It Did "Poor Job Of Managing" Native Americans' Billions, "but the actions here do not rise to the level of a fraud." 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR How Government Bribes Alaskans To Support Oil Drilling In Their State 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED House Repugs Screwing Jobless Without Welfare In The Name Of Bush's Tax Cut Plan For The Rich 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Recession Continues But Bush Is Marching In Victory Parade 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Asleep At The Switch As "Unprecedented" Vaccine Shortage For Kids Nears "Disaster" Level 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Meanwhile Health Officials Say Bush Got Rid Of CDC Head Because He Didn't Place Enough Emphasis Upon Bioterrorism 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY Would A Female U.S. President In Her 40's Get A Mamogram Regularly? You Bet! 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Rumsfeld Admits To Killing 16 Afghan "Civilians." 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pressure By France, Britain, Defense And State Departments Forced Bush To Honor Geneva Convention 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOCKE What Has Bush War Brought Us So Far? 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS French Foreign Minister Says Bush Should Step In And Personally Guide ME To Peace 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's strategy for ending the violence has failed." 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO ""Saddam Hussein Secretly Converts to Judaism. Iraqi Leader Mulls Peaceful Retirement in Tel Aviv." --Pentagon 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER One More "Stealth Attack" On Press Freedom By Bush 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN Celebrate "The McLaughlin Group"? "We Might As Well Celebrate The Discovery Of Anthrax." 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Maine Woman Acquitted In 1st Anthrax Hoax Trial 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LYNCH The Living And The Dead 02.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC "I'm very disappointed. I know my president has lied." --Senator Reid 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

ENS "Bush has dropped the equivalent of 100,000 dirty bombs on America." Senator Reid (third section) 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NEVADA Will Bush's Nuclear Waste Go Through Your Town? (consult the map of 43 states) 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

REID Bush's Decision Was Not Based On "Sound Science," As He Promised 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMITH 'U.S. Nuclear Waste Policy" (1994) States Nevada Site Selected By Congress For Evaluation In 1987, But "Reprocessing" Is The Better Option 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

CARTER Nuclear Overview: "Today [1996], the only countries of proliferation concern that still remain outside the NPT [Nuclear Proliferation Treaty] are the three that possess undeclared nuclear arsenals--India, Pakistan and Israel. Three other states of concern--Iraq, Iran and North Korea--actually belong to the NPT." 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Powell Explains That While We Must Take Every Word Uttered By Bush "Seriously," We Need Not Take His Every World "Literally" 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIDGEWAY Enron Pension Scam Only A Part Of Even Larger Scam: Unregulated 401(k)'s 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

VV En-Rot: Mad On The Street 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

HENTOFF The FBI Now Has The Right To Demand Records Of Your Reading From Book Stores And Libraries 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT China Is Treated More Gently Than North Korea for Same Sin 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

COTTS Ten War Riddles The Media Can't Answer 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FARD Iran's Version Of The Taliban Trying To Cut An Oil Deal With The West 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRANCIA Is The Philippine "War On Terror" Really About Taking Back A U.S. Outpost? 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Blowback: C.I.A. Warns That Afghan Factions May Bring Chaos 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS U.S. Planes Rain Dollars At Afghanistan-Pakistan Border, Say Witnesses 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Israel Changing Military Tactics To More Small-Scale Operations 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOA "Israelis Contemplate the Unthinkable—Moving Out" 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

REEVES "Are we seeing the first cracks in Israeli support of Ariel Sharon" 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "Many now believe this is a replay of the deadly 20-year war in Lebanon, widely known as Israel's 'Vietnam.'" 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROSS "Polls in Israel demonstrate above all else that Israelis want to be done with this problem. They don't want to occupy Palestinian communities; they want to be free of the Palestinians. But they doubt that the Palestinians are prepared to reconcile themselves to living in peace with Israel." 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Perhaps The Saudis Can Help Spur A Resumption Of Peace Talks Between Israel And The Palestinians 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIEGMAN "Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's offer to normalize relations with Israel if it were to sign a peace accord with the Palestinians represents a dramatic change in Saudi Arabia's position toward Israel. Remarkably, the statement seems to have been greeted with a yawn by the Israeli government." 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP With Feds Now Running Airport Security, Priority Lines For The Privileged Have Been Eliminated 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Rove Plans To Do California Like He Did Texas 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Gore Steps Up Fundraising Efforts 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRIN "Crystal Cathedral’s Reverend Robert H. Schuller relies on a man with ties to American neo-Nazis" 02.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED John Gardner: "Everyone Is Organized But The People" 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Fed Court Gives Bush's FCC The Go-Ahead To Continue To Weaken Diversity Of Information 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Appellate Court Eases Limitations for Media Giants 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FAIR Bush Is Killing Our Democracy By Turning News Into Propaganda 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Pentagon Now Has An Office Of Strategic Lies 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "The new Office of Strategic Influence's plans to plant false stories in the foreign press would undermine rather than reinforce the government's broader efforts to build international support for the war on terrorism." 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Some Defense Dept. Officials "feel that the new office, by seeking to manipulate information and even knowingly dispense false information, could backfire and discredit official Pentagon statements." 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT In Parallel With The Pentagon's Program Of Domestic And Foreign Disinformation, Bush Has Decided To Make His Temporary White House Office Of Governmental Spin And Propaganda Permanent 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Supreme Court To Decide If Expanded Copyright Protection Being Pushed By Conglomerates Intrudes Upon Free Speech And The Public Domain 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

ONION Americans Would Be Outraged If They Understaood What Was Happening 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT But While The General Public Remains In A Fog Of Spin, Lies, And Propaganda, Corporations Are Gathering More Private Information On Citizens 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT With Bush Away In Asia, Hawk Cheney Has Been Unleashed To Talk War Against Iraq 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP While Bush Is Away, The Hawks Are Allowed To Play: Wolfowitz Calls For Pre-emptive Strikes Before Defense Contractors 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ashcroft Invokes Religion In U.S. War on Terrorism 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Daddy Bush's Carlyle Gets $11 Billion Now, $247 Billion Later From Junior To Produce An Antiquated Weapon Junior Previously Made Fun Of 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN FBI "Dragging Heels" On Naming Anthrax Suspect Because He's A Former Gvt. Scientist Who Knows Secrets, Says Expert 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTNER "Despite years of government-bashing, several recent polls suggest that voters still count heavily on government for social and economic security. And, while the Bush administration wins broad support for its antiterrorism program, liberal economic themes on other issues resonate with voters." 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Is Using CIA To Kill As Well As Spy, Without Any Control Over It By The Military 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Afghans Live, Die By U.S. Mistakes 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN "With the oil boom over, Saudi Arabia will be able to thrive only if it can reform its schools to build young people who can innovate and create wealth from their minds — not just from their wells." 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron CEO Skilling Knew Of Deals' Risks, Aides Say 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

ISIKOFF How Enron Laundered Money Through Lobbyist To Support The Bush-Cheney Energy Plan That It Helped To Create In The First Place 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NDN Sec. Of Army, Ex-Enron Porky, Building $10 Million House In Florida, Earns $129,000 Per Year In His Job 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "THE D.C. PUBLIC school system is no great shakes when it comes to educating children. But the same can't be said about the system's ability to help a few adults live well at the expense of children it should be serving. " 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Supremes Say It's Ok For Schools To Engage In "Demeaning Classroom Ritual" Of Peer Grading, Public Reporting. 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Cleveland's voucher program, which subsidizes students' tuition at religious schools, violates the First Amendment." 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Supremes Should Say No On Ohio Vouchers 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Fix'en To Award Snowmobile Industry By Let'en "Em Play With Yellowstone, Grand Teton. 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

REICHERT Bush Should Try Telling The First Nation To Face Global Warming Extinction That It's No Big Deal 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAVAGE "The best justification for traveling by rail, and the best rationale for continuing its federal subsidy, is cultural, not fiscal." [That Cuts No Ice In Bush's Amerika.] 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ How The Washington Post Scrubbed Bob Dole's Hanky Panky 02.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "The era of the swaggering capitalist is over. The era of the reasonable capitalist and responsible government is beginning anew. Or so we have to hope, and demand." 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN House Repugs Are Holding Workers Hostage To One More Bush Tax Cut Stimulus For Rich Corporations 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

HARTMAN Four Lies About Social Security 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Congress To Investigate Wall Street's Ties With Enron 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

AMAR Is Congress Allowing The Fifth To Be Abused? 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Enron Moved Accounts Offshore, Harder to Track 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Enrongate Harming Market Because Auditors Are No Longer Trusted 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ex-Clients Hire Retired Auditors. To Do What? 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS Confusion Rules Over Sec. White's Role on Enron Executive Committee 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Repugs Confused: Ken Lay Never Stayed At Clinton White House, But He Reportedly Stayed At Daddy Bush's 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILBANK Bush Family Blowback: AP Points Out Bush War On Drugs Begins At Home 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NOVAK Bush Leaves Congress Repugs To Twist In The Wind 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

THOMAS Asian Press Looks At Bush Visit With Jaundiced Eye 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Arrives In South Korea To Find Protests Against Him 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA ED Bush "Axis Of Evil" Remark Sparks Damaging Backlash 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

LETTERS "Axis of Stupidity" vs. "Axis of Snobbery" 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF "The real aim of the American mission in the Philippines is political: to reach a feel-good declaration of victory in the war on terror." 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT New Pentagon Spin Aborad May Undermine Credibility Of Defense Department's Public Info 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

UMANSKY Why is the Bush budget downsizing security at our nuclear weapons labs? 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALON American Taliban Group Probed By Government Re Anthrax Letters Is Switching Message To Gay Hate 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "No Security For Sharon" Because He's Failed To Provide Security For His People 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

DH Leading Politician Gives Major War Speech. Press Writes About His Beard 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

MUWAKKIL Journalism's Dangerous Patriotism 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Citizens Attempt To Create Their Own "Voice Of America " 02.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE The American People Are Docile In The Face Of The Growing Bush Big Brother Spy Network 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NAUMAN A Wiser Europe Is Wary Of Bush's Idea Of A War In Iraq 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

TS ED Canada Has No Reason To Back Bush's Desire To War With Iraq 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

ENGEL The Big Lie To Nevada Got Bush Into The White House 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KETTMANN Is Kyoto Becoming Bush's Waterloo? 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANDRONSKY The Terrible Twins Of Corporate Capitalism: Economic Contraction And Militaristic Expansion.

NYT ED Bush Can't Have A Sound Anti-Terrorism Plan Without Doing Something About Our Oil Addiction 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Has Pork For Cattle Ranchers, Calling It A National Security Issue, But Gives Little To Health Care For Poor Americans 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Growing Number Of U.S. Companies Make Their Money In The U.S. But Pay Their Taxes On It To Bermuda 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

STAR Enron Reflects Corporate Culture In Its Contempt For The Common Man And Its View That Shareholders Are Losers To Be Cheated Out Of Their Money 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Creating Blowback: Pentagon Builds Up Afghan Warlord At Odds With The Central Government 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Short-Sighted Bush Pours Money Into "Sinkholes" Of Repression In Central Asia, But Has No Plan To "help save them from becoming one of the crisis zones of the 21st century." 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

PENHAUL New Policy In Colombia Stirs Fears Bush Seeks to Widen War 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

CRYAN Colombia In War Time 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

USHER "Israel's Growing Peace Lobby Widens Rifts in Sharon's Ranks" 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP "20,000 Israelis Rally for Peace in Tel Aviv " 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

DEBKA "Palestinians Use Same Explosive as Shoe-Bomber" 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK "Arab Nations Lost In A Pit Of Desperation" 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS Chechens Are Victims Of War On Terror 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUTMAN Bush's Biggest Donors Had Links to Enron 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

CD ED Secretary of Army Thomas White Alters Website To Hide Leading Role in Enron 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Army Secretary's Enron Role Probed 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWARD Enron's $5 Bil Black Hole Dwarfs Previous Estimates 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRISH The media’s late report on civilian casualties and continued omission of starvation 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

PRASAD "Woodward's Whitewash: 10 Days That Changed the Face of Journalism" 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAPLAN News media 'Bias' not as liberal as the book alleges 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

STAFFORD Why Is Lou Dobbs Sounding Pro-Enron And What Happened To The CNN Transcript Detailing Possible Bias? 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIGHTOWER Going Down the Road: Wal-Mart Warriors 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAXER "History teaches that nations outlive empires. We have survived the decline and fall of the French and British Empires. What destroys empires is imperial overstretch, the unwillingness of rulers to understand the limitations of their sway. That is the likely fate of the American Empire in the 21st century." 02.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

MUFSON Bush Has Darker View Of World Than Daddy Or Clinton. He Wants To Go To War Against "Evil," Rather Than To Engage Nations In Diplomatic "Self Interest." "Bush's darker view -- which the events of Sept. 11 reinforced -- is now driving U.S. policy on everything from civil liberties to federal spending to foreign policy." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE How Bush Has Enronized His War On Terrorism 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Reporter Implies Bush War Admin Is Enron, Says Media Is Acting Like Andersen Auditors 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT We Won The War In Afghanistan By Proxy, But Now We're Facing The Blowback. [Isn't That What Happened Before The Taliban?] 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

TORRICELLI FDR Formed Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee Within Two Weeks. Bush Has Yet To Do So, And He Wants To Spend Millions More For Questionable Security, Intelligence 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

CHOMSKY Bush Is Using "Terrorism" Like The GOP Previously Used "Comminism" In His Misguided Drug War 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

HARRISON San Francisco City Officials Resist Bush Medical Marijuana Raids 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN Bush Global Warming Plan Will Contribute To Global Warming 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Clean Air Proposal Is A Lot of "Hot Air" 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

GORE Bush Nuke Trash For Nevada Decision Denounced By Al Gore As "Flat Out Broken Promise, Plain As Day." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKE Big Campaign Donors Will Not Fade Away, There Will Just Be More Bush Pioneers 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY "Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law has many friends in high places: his fellow conservative the pope, the first President George Bush (whom he visits in Kennebunkport) and his fellow Missourian Attorney General John Ashcroft, with whom he often chats. They are no help to him now. His Eminence is in deep trouble with the "ordinary decent people" of his usually docile and deferential flock. They are outraged that he chose to protect Holy Mother Church from scandal rather than their children from pedophile priests." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD "Zombie calico clones creeping, limping and hissing down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the [Ashcroft] Justice Department." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "CHARLES PICKERING Sr. would not have been our choice to sit on a federal court of appeals. The conservative Mississippian has been, since 1990, a federal district court judge of no particular distinction. His primary qualification for elevation to the 5th Circuit -- to which President George Bush has nominated him -- appears to be his close friendship with Senate Republican leader Trent Lott. In his tenure on the district bench, he has shown an amateurish tendency to use legal opinions as vehicles for extended discussions of issues of public controversy. The fact that one of these opinions openly questions basic principles of modern civil rights law makes supporting him difficult. It's hard to believe that Mr. Bush could not have found a better Mississippi nominee for the court of appeals. Senators inclined to vote against Judge Pickering have a reasonable basis for doing so." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush And Gore Agree That Saddam Must Go, But Then What? 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

FINN Europe Adamantly Opposed To Any U.S. Attack on Iraq 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

HARTUNG Rumsfeld "does not believe in straight talk when it comes to "collateral damage." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

ERLICH Relatives Of 9/11 Victims Visit Afghanistan, Vow To Help Afghan Victims Of U.S. Bombing Seek Compensation 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

FINKEL Death Deep In The Mountains Of Afghanistan 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

BENNIS "Enron obscures a more basic problem in corporate life today: organizational structures that discourage honesty and suppress truth." 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

WP To The Business World Re Enron, Morality Has Reared Its Ugly Head 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Don't Expect Houston Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Or Houston Chronicle To Lead The Fight Against Money Friend Ken Lay 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Memo Reveals Bush Campaign Advisor Promised For A Fee He Would Lobby His Political Connections On Enron's Behalf 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Saudi Crown Prince Has Peace Speech Between Arab World And Israel "In My Desk," But Will It Stay There? 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Meanwhile, Only The Islamic Religion Is Allowed In Saudi Arabia 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

SEGAL Bush Is Shirking His Responsibility In The ME. Will He Ever Move To Break The Impasse? 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

HT Jeb Created Think Tank Previously Charged With Skirting Campaign Finance Laws, Now Long-Term Ties To Enron Water Policy In Florida Seen 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

FWST Texas GOP Tries To Close Down Texas Dem's Parody Site 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

HIGHTOWER You Go To Doc In A Box While The Rich Go To Doc With Gift Box 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

WILLIAMS Have You Noticed That Bush Doesn't Speak While Cheney Is Drinking Water? 02.17/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Decides To Dump His Nuke Trash In Nevada, 100 Miles From Vegas 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUINN Nevada Guv Tells Bush To Take His Nuke Trash Elsewhere 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Has Now Made The Global Warming Problem Worse 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

TSG "While the White House has repeatedly described former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay as simply a "supporter" of George W. Bush, extensive correspondence between the two men paints a far cozier picture of their relationship, according to copies of letters obtained this afternoon (2/15) by The Smoking Gun." 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

YARDLEY Letters Show Bush and Lay Shared Much 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HP "Lay connection raises the question of why [U.S. District Judge Lee] Rosenthal did not immediately recuse herself when the Enron case came to her court." 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HC Fake transfer of ownership to "Enron 401(k) Employee Trust" filed for Lay properties 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Lay Sold $100 Million In Enron Shares After Watkins Warning 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIZZA While Bush Has Buffered Himself From Enron So Far, It Has Cost Him His Ethical Credibility 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH "If you're having trouble keeping up with the Olympian scandals in Washington, just think of the Republicans and the Democrats as the French and the Russians and all the rest of us as Canadians. But at least those Canadians got their gold back". 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

ISSACHAROFF "Why should political insiders be able to conjure up cartographic fantasies to keep themselves in office? For political insiders, the result is to lock in political power. For voters, it is dreary elections without meaningful competition." 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

GANNETT Jeb's Ties To Lawyers Fighting For Florida Money From Enron Create Conflict Of Interest Questions 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HT Enron shaped a Florida plan for deregulation, an Enron lobbyist says. 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOYERS History, Taxes, And Enron 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

EAVIS Is Texas-Based Ameri-Credit The Next Enron, And What Did It Give To The Bush Campaign? 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MADSEN Enronized Tulsa Company Blames Enron For Its Troubles. What Did It Give To The Bush Campaign? 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Six Named in FBI Terror Warning Had Already Been Imprisoned 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

BEINART Although Bush Promised A "Responsibility Era," He Sure Isn't Doing It With The CIA 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Cheney Calls For Allied Support Against Iraq, But Is Willing To Go It Alone. Putin, Chretien, Others Urge Him Not To Do It. 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

THOMAS Bush Tough Talk Tone Dismays Allies, Endangers Goals 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAPLAN While Bush Talks Arms Inspections In Iraq, He Wants Saddam To Refuse 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

EASTERBROOK A High-Tech Air Campaign Against Iraq Might Work, But It's Not Without Risk To Israel And Saudi Arabia 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI "While Israeli security experts assume that Iran wants to escalate the border conflict, Syria, they say, is more ambivalent. "Syria doesn't want war," says Eyal Zisser of Tel Aviv University's Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. "But it does want Hezbollah to continue a certain level of attack" to induce an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. "I see preparation [by Hezbollah] for an explosion, but also great caution." 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Afghan Head Of Government Says One Of His Ministers Was Killed By His Intelligence Chief And Other Senior Officials Of His Government 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Chilling" Afghan Murder Indicates Need For Expanded International Peacekeeping Force 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOSS "The pedophile scandal in Boston reveals a much deeper, though separate, problem: the massive rift between the clergy and most Catholics on sexual matters." 02.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

Gore Says Bush Environmental Plan "Abdicates Responsibility" And Is "A Grave Threat To Our National Well Being"

Proof That Bush Could Have Saved Enron Empolyees' Pension Money Before Bankruptcy And Did Nothing

Ashcroft Slumbers On As Microsoft Releases A Patch To Patch The Patch


KRUGMAN Bush's Environmental Plan Is "trivial in scope and will have virtually no effect." 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRI "Bush's New Global Warming Plan Will Increase Greenhous Gas Emissions By 14%" 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Health Risks Seen In Bush "Clean Air" Plan 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Why The Campaign Finance Reform Bill Will Give Bush "An Enormous Advantage In His 2002 Reelection Campaign" 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE The Enemies Of Campaign Finance Reform, Mostly Repugs, Will Say Or Do Anything To Keep The Money Flowing. 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN "Shays-Meehan bill is a trivial step on the road to real campaign finance reform" 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Possible Holes In Soft Money Bill 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "In the end the House approved a bill that isn't perfect, won't solve all problems and may cause some new ones. But the bill will slow the spiral of big-money fundraising that... has polluted the political process." 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ashcroft Has Recused Self From Enron, Shouldn't He Also Do So From Microsoft? 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Senate Rejects Votes For Ex-Felons (Remember False Identity Problems In Florida Prez Election?) 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO Time For "Loyal Opposition" To Break Vow Of Silence On The War 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Analysts And Diplomats Note That Bush's Simplistic "Axis Of Evil" Remarks Re Iran Have Damaged Its Movement Toward Democratic Reform 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

GREENWAY Bush Rhetoric On Iran Likely To Fail 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN "This is what the world is questioning. We are conducting both our foreign policy and the war with a kind of swagger and, sometimes, with not much thought. Policies are announced and then more or less rescinded." 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS Rift Between Bush And Europe Getting Serious As Gernany And France Complain About U.S. Foreign Policy, And It's More Than "Axis Of Evil" Speech 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLOYD State Of The Union: "Bush puts U.S. bases in Central Asia; Dick Cheney's Halliburton gets the construction contracts; Daddy's Carlyle Group supplies the weaponry; Dub's buds in the oil bidness get protection for their new pipelines." 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Sending Machine Guns, Not Medicine, To Philippines Aggravates The Problem And Sustains Rebel Movement 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC Is The FCC Looking For A Way To Get C-Span Off Your Cable TV? 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP With New FCC Rules, Bush Would Move Closer To Placing Control Of Internet Into The Hands Of A Few Wealthy Corporations, Eliminating Competition And Creating Repressive Climate For Users 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Father Of FCC's Powell, Recently Hawkish On Iraq, Proposes Anti-Conservative Condom Use 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Watkins Blames Skilling And Fastow, Not Lay 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Why Didn't Watkins Go Public With Her Concerns, Or At Least Alert The SEC? 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Once Again, Repug House Approves A Bush Tax Cut Plan For The Rich 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZOGBY Poll Of Voters Shows More Than Half Would Eliminate Bush's Previous Tax Cuts 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "In order to woo swing states such as West Virginia, the Bush team has sounded open to new barriers against steel imports -- even though such barriers would destroy many more American jobs than they would preserve, even though they would punish American consumers and even though they would infuriate important allies. President Bush...should give the steel lobby nothing." 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Texas Scientists Clone Cat As Animal Care Groups Continue Their Fight To Lower The Cat Population 02.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOOK "Even by the standards of the U.S. Congress, Wednesday's House debate on campaign finance reform was a marvel of political subterfuge and creative flip-flopping. Rarely have so many lawmakers gone to such lengths to obscure their true heart's desire. Legislators who for years opposed banning the unlimited donations to parties collectively known as soft money suddenly proposed doing just that. A raft of proposed amendments that looked like they would strengthen the main reform bill were, in fact, intended to kill it. And though the reform measure was touted as ending the scourge of soft money, it did not really go that far." 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CLYMER A Bid to Change, an Uncertain Future 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP 41 House Repugs Join Dem Bill In Passing Campaign Finance Reform, 240-189. 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Hastert's GOP "Doomsday" Has Come, Thanks To "Kenny Boy" 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND Two Dangers: A Militarized CIA Without Rules Of War And A Lurking Ollie North Type 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Gore's Speech Was A "Hanging Chad" As He Reinforced Bush's Vague "Axis Of Evil" Rhetoric 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

STERLING Bush Motives Suspect In Attack On "Axis Of Evil" 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIDDIQUI Bellicose Bush pushing his luck with coalition 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHHANG As We Look For Bin Laden, The Khmer Rouge Has Yet To Be Brought To Justice 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ANTI-KYOTO: Bush Plans To Cut Pollution Just Like He Did Not Cut Pollution In Texas, Through Jawboning And Tax Cuts 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rise In Gas Emissions Will Continue Under Bush Plan 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

KNS Enron boss bullied TVA, fed agency head says 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Board Minutes Suggest Two Versions Of Reality, Enron Board And Anderson Vs. Enron Executives And Finance Dept. 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

OPPEL Watkins Expected To Say "Not So," Many Execs Knew Of The Questionable Dealings 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Majority Think Enrongate More Important Than Whitewater, Clinton Pardons --USA Poll 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Looks Like Law Firms Involved With Enron Will Take A Hit 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CASTELLANO CPAs Say they Want Real Reform, Not Rhetoric 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Bush Dept. Of Transportation Has Fallen Down On The Job Of Airport Security 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT NRA's Ashcroft Dragging Feet On Allowing Gun Data For FBI Use Against Terrorists 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NWF "The economy and jobs is the biggest concern for voters (followed by education and retirement/Social Security)." --NWF Poll 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Gitmo's prisoners from 32 countries, include Christians 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Although Syria Is Greatest Oil Trader With "Axis Of Evil" Iraq, Bush Will Cut It Some Slack For U.S. Gain. Negroponte Involved. 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Says He's Willing to Take Action Against Iraq 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEHIGH Let Clinton broker a Mideast peace 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Media Prods US for more info on War 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHAPMAN Have We Outgrown Executing Kids? 02.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONFESSORE Beat The Press: Does The White House Have A Reporter's Blacklist? 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD 41 "Hates The Press" And 43 Hides His Papers From Them Because They Ask Questions 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED The House Must Do The Right Thing And Pass The Campaign Finance Law 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT House GOP Leaders Push Watered Down Campaing Finance Bill 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP ED You Can Buy Your Lawmakers At The House Financial Services Committee 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Meanwhile, We Kid You Not, The House Is Still Investigating Clinton's White House Gifts 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Daschle: 'Axis of Evil' Moniker Wrong 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER "Emboldened by military triumph and by bloated public opinion polls, President Bush has stumbled. By lumping Iraq, Iran, and North Korea together with Al Qaeda as an ''axis of evil,'' Bush has managed to create an equally improbable axis of worry about America's reliability if not our sanity....Blunder comes from swagger. Not only has Bush set back the process of detente in Korea; he has done something the ayatollahs were unable to do - given new life to the anti-American hard-liners in Iran." 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN "There is a lot about the Bush team's foreign policy I don't like, but their willingness to restore our deterrence, and to be as crazy as some of our enemies, is one thing they have right." 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "Both senior officers and their civilian leadership in the Bush administration have failed to carry out what should be an essential duty: mounting serious investigations of wrongful deaths, providing a full public explanation and holding U.S. officers and soldiers accountable for any improper or reckless behavior." 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

JUDIS "Bush's Middle East Anti-Peace Plan" 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron-Related Fears Take Toll on Other Firms' Stocks 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Records show Enron directors knew about suspect partnerships 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM The Enron file: Will anyone end up going to jail? 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Judge to White House: Save Energy Task Force Records 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM "The federal government may issue an alert this week on possible vulnerabilities in U.S. computer systems, two senior Bush administration officials said." 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Testing The In-Place Defenses At The Pentagon? 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

MAKHIJANI Bush Is On Track To Take A Bad Approach To Nuclear Waste 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Race issues stir debate over Bush's judicial pick 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Dems Criticize Bush Education Budget 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Dems Say Bush Not Bipartisan In GOP Ads Slamming Dems 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Bush Lines Up Support For Confrontation With Iraq 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ADELMAN Reagan's Arms Control Man, Rummy's Ex-Assistant, Thinks Taking Iraq Will Be "A Cakewalk." 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Gore Calls For "Final Reckoning" With Iraq 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Gore: US Needs Anti-Terror Strategy 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRITZ How The Right Learned To Love Clinton's Pet Program 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Civil Rights Groups Oppose ID Cards 02.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "The F.B.I. issued a new security threat alert on Monday night, more specific than any before, warning of a possible attack as early as today in the United States or Yemen." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "The Senate and House intelligence committees plan an unprecedented joint investigation into the U.S. intelligence community's response to terrorism over the past 16 years, including the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon." [But Bush has already warned Dashel not to look too closely.] 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Sleeping With Terrorists: "We are unwittingly about to join a "dirty war" in Basilan, Philippines, siding with murderers and torturers in a way that dishonors our larger purposes." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS Allies Backing Away From Bush Policies 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Bush Lies: "The claim, made on Bush's behalf by budget director Mitch Daniels, is that this year's deficit in the budget he just submitted is a mere $106 billion assuming some kind of economic stimulus eventually clears Congress. The admission buried in a table in the back of the book is that the amount of government debt outstanding at the end of this year will rise by fully $367 billion to a new world record of $6.1 trillion." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "The big bang [last week] was a surge of rage and a rising sense of betrayal among Democrats. It was detonated by President Bush's budget and the administration's open strategy of using the president's war popularity to push a starkly conservative agenda on domestic issues." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

BARASH Triumph Of Clinton-Built Military Is Hardly A Test Of Bush's Misguided Domestic Policy 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Russian "'Biznesmen' generally got rich by using their connections to strip away the assets of public enterprises. What we've learned from Enron and other players to be named later is that America has its own biznesmen - and that we need to watch out for policies that make it easier for them to ply their trade....As many reporters have noticed, several high- ranking administration officials had prior business careers that, in retrospect, look more like biznes careers. As Molly Ivins explained at length in her book "Shrub, the list includes George W. Bush himself." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Is Working Hard Behind The Scenes To Scuttle Campaign Finance Reform 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG "A group of business executives, angry at what they said was past pressure to donate soft money, pledged to support undecided lawmakers who vote for [campaign finance reform].''I and many of my clients feel this is a shakedown, bordering on extortion and even protection money,'' Edward A. Kangas, the retired chairman and chief executive of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, said at a Capitol Hill press conference. Investor Warren E. Buffett, chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., also offered his endorsement by phone." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Repugs Plan To "Poison" Campaign Finance Reform With Watered-Down Additions To Bill 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED "Hard-nosed business leaders do not make investments year after year unless there is a return. The return may be so blatant it is shouted down, as in Bush's original stimulus proposal, which included huge retroactive tax credits for corporate giants such as General Motors and IBM. More often the return is quieter and more effective." Campaign Finance Reform should be voted in. 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT "While the Bush administration was drafting its national energy policy, a leading lobbyist for Enron Corp. was plotting strategy to turn the plan into a political weapon against Democrats, according to a newly obtained memo.... [His] recommendations surfaced in advertising promoting Bush's energy plan" 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

PHILLIPS "Enron and the Bush family have boosted each other up the ladder of success. But have their ties created a Teapot Dome?" 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "The investigation of the accounting practices of Global Crossing, the troubled telecom company [with Bush connections], expanded into an inquiry on a type of financial transaction also used by Enron. " 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS U.S., Britain Blasted Over 'Child' Soldiers 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP War No Longer Black And White As Allegations Against Bush Military Increase 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS "The United States admitted on Monday it was battling a fog of confusion in post-war Afghanistan." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

OTTAWAY, KAISER Severe Tests Loom For U.S.-Saudi Oil For Security Relationship 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

RITTER "Iraq Calls Bush's Bluff On Weapons Scrutiny" 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES "Former Iraqi army chief of staff General Nizar Khazraji has been picked by the United States to run Iraq after the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein, a newspaper reported Monday." 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush "Axis Of Evil" Speech Has Helped Turn Iran Demonstrations Around From Pro-Western To Anti-Western 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

DONOHUE, SWEENEY Let's Ignore Bush And Give America Health Insurance 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

ADAMS Last Summer's Tunnel Fire Would Have Ruptured Nuke Containers, Contaminating Baltimore, Report Says 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Featured in G.O.P. Ads Criticizing 5 Dem Senators 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Mike Kinsley, Founding Editor of Slate, Online Pioneer, Quits 02.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAISER Bush, Saudis Trade Security For Oil 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Small Group Of Super-Wealthy Saudis Have Sought Some Control Of U.S. Economy With $700 Billion In Investments. Baker-Bush's Carlyle Named 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

CAMPBELL "Bush's Decision to Bring Back Otto Reich Exposes the Hypocrisy of the War Against Terror" 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Friendly Afghans Say They Were Beaten And Abused By U.S. Soldiers 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

JACKSON "Bush just asked for an increase in military spending of nearly $50 billion despite the stark evidence at Ground Zero and in Israel that heavily armed militaries do not stop suicide bombers." 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

AFP Putin Warns Bush Not To Go It Alone Against Iraq 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRIGHT Bush Targets Saddam As Voices Of Caution (Read Powell) Fall Silent 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

KLEIN Who's Winning The Fight For Iran's Future? 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABRAMOWITZ "North Korea is surprised and probably worried by Bush's tough words, but if he thinks that will suffice to ultimately bring North Korea down or lead to a change in policy, history offers little support. More likely are renewed tensions on the peninsula and continued export of missiles to the Mideast." 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Trying To Keep State's Records Of His Term Hidden From Texans 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

DEAN Cheney Should Stop Stalling...Unless He Has Something To Hide 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Politicians Give Away Enron Contributions. [Why Not Bush?] 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHORR Capitalists, Not "Communists," Are Now Taking The Fifth 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON Mainstream Media Praises The Wealthy Crooks In Our Society, As Long As They Don't Get Caught 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANDRONSKY Will Enron Harm The Trust We Have In Corporations? What Trust, Dude? 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRAFF Trust? The Average Citizen Is The Last To Get The News And The First To Get Screwed 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Complex Of Senate Investigations Not Best Way To Look At Complex Of Enron Manipulations 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron Still Holding Employee's Retirement Funds, Government Will Seek Control 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Did Ken Lay Gag The Houston Chronicle? Looks Like It To Some. 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Skilling May Have Perjured Himself, Say Investigation Leaders 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED GOP Running Scared That Cleaning Up Campaign Finance Will Harm Them. Tough. 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Some Repugs Wary Of Bush Coattails Because Of Dometic Issues 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP CDC Unaware Of Canadian Anthrax Letter Study Prior To Attacks 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON The War on Terror's Newest Target: America's Kids 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HANS Drugs and Terror and Teens and Death and Booze: Contradictions Dominate Super Bowl’s Commercial Breaks 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT Fatal Flaws In Our Execution System 02.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALON French Authors Clarify Some Misconceptions About Their Book On Bush, Taliban, And Oil 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAISER, OTTAWAY What Was Bush Doing With The Saudis Prior To 11 Sept.? 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

LYONS Turns Out Bush Approval Ratings Same As Clinton's At Same Point In Presidency (82% to 79% Plus Margin Of Error), And Clinton Didn't Have A War To Inflate Figures 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

OBSERVER Bush And Enron: "To succeed in the television age you should 'never discuss the actual thing for which you were called to task. Never raise the question of whether it was right to take money from people who have a stake in the way you vote. Create your own ethical standards and point out how rigidly you adhere to them. And if the people are really as dumb as you think, you may be President of the United States.'" 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Republican Foot Dragging On Campaign Finance Reform "Pathetic" 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Anxious To Earn Big Campaign Bucks Before Any Campaign Finance Reform Rules Kick In 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER "At the very time when we should be saving for the certain costs of meeting the retiree wave's retirement and health care costs, we are borrowing against their future -- and our own." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "Many Republicans insist that if he were on the ballot in November, Mr. Bush would not have included such an array of cuts in domestic programs to pay for the military buildup and for his tax cuts." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

STEVENSON Contrary To Nader's Comments, There Is A Difference Between DEMS And GOP, And Budget Battle Will Show It 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Budge Fails To Resolve Health Needs Of Uninsured Families 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Is Bush's awesome increase in military spending a reasonable response to the aftermath of 11 September?" 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Death Toll Of Innocent Afghans Killed During U.S. Attacks Could Reach Thousands 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush "has interpreted the Geneva convention so narrowly that he will not receive, nor does he deserve, the credit he seeks, and the risk to U.S. fighters in future conflicts may increase as a result." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Halliburtan Must Pay Government $2 Million For Accusations Of Fraud That Happened On Cheney's Watch 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN John Dean Likens Cheney Stonewall For Enron To Beginnings Of Watergate 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRY "George W. Bush is trying to rewrite the history of his and his family’s relationship with Enron Corp.’s disgraced former Chairman Kenneth Lay. So far, Bush has enjoyed fairly good success as the U.S. news media has largely accepted the White House spin." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Spent Over A Quarter Of A Million On Bush's Inauguration, Alone 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA The Fact That A Candidate For An Energy Regulatory Board Post " felt compelled to seek the endorsement of a company she could have ended up regulating shows the political clout Enron wielded" In The BushAdmin.02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

TAPPER "Days before filing for bankruptcy, scandal-ridden Enron rewarded some executives with million-dollar bonuses as laid-off workers were denied severance packages."02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "They called it "the matrix" -- a computer program that brought a scientific dimension to Enron's effort to seduce politicians and sway bureaucrats." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

PODVIN The Enron Scandal Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Will Get An Earful From South Korea About His Blunt Warning To North Korea 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

AMANAT Bush Risk: "An aggressive posture by America would give the Iranian regime's hard-liners new ability to embarrass the reformist president and block normalization." 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT A former hostage of Iranian militants is frustrated that he is being blocked by Bush from collecting damages from the Iranian government. 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN "The Arab-Muslim world's view that America or the Jews are behind all their problems is escapism, not analysis.".02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI "When Israelis Talk of a Fence, It Isn't Only About Security " 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

SEAL Guide To Rightwing Posers 02.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Pickering's Past: "THE COUNTRY STUMBLES when a president points to a relic of a man and says he should be a high-court judge." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

ADC Arab-American Civil Rights Organization "Denounces Ashcroft's Anti-Islamic Statements" 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Voucher Backers Find Way Around Church-State Wall By Calling Them Government "Tax Credits" 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

DN "John Ashcroft's old political committees have continued taking donations and spending money during his service as attorney general - and the Federal Election Commission wants an explanation." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

MEANS "Either White House press secretary Ari Fleischer needs a lesson in American history or he thinks we know so little about our national past that we would buy a blatant political spin that disparages the Founding Fathers." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

OL Why Not Read The Bush Playbook: "1984" By Orwell 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KALETSKY "The greatest danger to America’s dominant position today is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is the arrogance of American power." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH "The White House has left little opening for Iraq to remove itself from George Bush's "axis of evil", saying that even if Baghdad readmits United Nations arms inspectors, the United States will still pursue a "regime change" policy, with or without the support of its allies." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE Alarm Bells Set Off As Bush Budget Would Fund Secret U.S. Military Deployments Worldwide 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Continues To Build New Bases In Central Asia 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOOLLACOTT "In a panic, Bush has opted to blame all the old enemies" 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Chris Patten, the EU commissioner in charge of Europe's international relations, has launched a scathing attack on American foreign policy - accusing the Bush administration of a dangerously "absolutist and simplistic" stance towards the rest of the world." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN "A senior French government minister has attacked the U.S. approach to fighting terrorism as 'simplistic.'" 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHIN Enron, The BushAdmin, And The War In Central Asia Equals Oil 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KEEN "Even some Bush allies say the White House hasn't been forthcoming enough [about Enron] and worry that the controversy will continue. Scandal veterans from President Clinton's administration say their successors don't seem to have learned much from the mistakes they made." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WAXMAN Senator Requests Cheney Provide Full Enron Disclosure 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOLLINGS Time for a Special Counsel 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron's Political Ties In Texas Run Deep 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH It's Not Just Enron: "Texan headhunter has received 1000 resumes from "top Andersen people" in one week." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Enronitis: "The accounting profession can no longer be trusted to regulate itself." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com


NYT Global Crossing, Who Once Employed Daddy Bush, Accused Of Being Enronized 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Experts Say Bush Missile Defense Based On "Technically Weak" System 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Philippine Mission Begins With Botched Siege, Military Accused Of Corruption 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN US and Iran accused of bribing rival warlords 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Taliban Foreign Minister Turned Over To U.S. 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KELLER "The main reason you have not heard the administration crowing about Mr. Milosevic is that this trial represents the high-water mark of a rising world enthusiasm for international criminal courts." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH "Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, says he expects to see a Palestinian state at the end of the stalled Middle East peace process." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Gore Plans "Major" Foreign Policy Speech 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NE Tabloid Says "Jeb Bush, the President's brother, is caught in an illegal drug cover-up scandal involving his 24-year-old daughter Noelle." 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODMAN The Great American Spam Attack 02.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "Hastert told his Republican colleagues that if Congress passed a ban on unlimited campaign contributions by corporate groups and others -- the unregulated cash known as "soft money" -- their party could lose its majority in the House....Hastert has ripped through [the] decent drapery [of spin] to reveal that [campaign finance reform] is really a vote about how power is wielded. It is the first test of whether Congress wants to respond to the corporatization of American politics exemplified by the Enron scandal." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

BAKER "As more and more connections between members of the Bush Administration and Enron come to light, the press and the public may be forgiven for wondering, "What else are they hiding?" The answer is "a lot"--the Bush team has already established a record on secrecy that makes Richard Nixon, just to take a random example from our presidential past, look like a boy scout." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

MARSHALL "From its earliest days, the second Bush administration has demonstrated a deep ideological commitment to restoring the prerogatives of the executive branch. Right out of the box, the White House put a freeze on the release of Reagan-era records scheduled to be made public last year. Whether or not the White House has something to hide, Cheney's refusal to turn over the energy task force records is in line with this stance.The problem with this commitment to principle, however, is how ready the Bush White House is to abandon it for political convenience." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN "To place the stiffing of New York in context, you need to realize that when it comes to tax cuts and military spending, the Bush administration's budget is an exercise in unrestrained self-indulgence. There is a lot of stirring rhetoric, warning the nation that this is a time of war, in which everyone must make sacrifices - but this austerity does not extend to the wealthiest few percent of the population, who will not only get the lion's share of the future tax cuts already written into law, but would get most of the additional $600 billion in tax cuts the administration now proposes. (Actually it's about $1 trillion without the accounting tricks, but who's counting?)" 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

SPINSAN The Bush "budget is clearly a political document - this year's even comes with a flag on the cover. But that's no excuse for blatantly misleading the public." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

SALTER "NOW THAT the Bush administration has taken the tarp off its proposed 2003 budget, I've got one piece of advice for all you children of the future: Stay in the womb as long as you can. For starters, it's the only place where you'll command any real attention -- let alone value -- from George W. In addition, compared to the nasty world out here that the Bushmen are determined to construct, even the most negligent mom's inner landscape could look like a lazy day at the beach." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

PANETTA Looks Like Bush Is Setting Us Up For A Decade Of Deficit Spending. [But His Rich Friends Will Not Suffer] 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS "George W. Bush wants to drain the Social Security trust fund, with a proposal to divert more than $2 trillion in Social Security and Medicare surpluses over the next ten years. George W. Bush wants to cut 30 percent of the funding from the federal program that trains doctors at children's hospitals. George W. Bush wants to cut Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs that help Americans heat their homes in winter by 15 percent. George W. Bush wants to cut 15 percent of the budget for repairing dilapidated public housing units. George W. Bush to cut 13 percent of the funding for Corps of Engineers public works programs designed to prevent flooding of communities, homes and farms. George W. Bush wants to cut 10 percent of the funding for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's efforts to reduce job-related deaths, injuries and ailments." George Bush Wants To Make Tax Cuts To The Rich Permanent. 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

TONER Dems Will Not Let Bush Provide Minimal Corporate Cover Over Pension Fund Abuse 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

ROY "Recently, globalization has come in for some criticism. The protests in Seattle and Prague will go down in history. Each time the WTO or the World Economic Forum wants to have a meeting, ministers have to barricade themselves with thousands of heavily armed police. Still, all its admirers, from Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan and A.B. Vajpayee (the Indian Prime Minister) to the cheering brokers in the stalls, continue to say the same lofty things: If we have the right institutions of governance in place--effective courts, good laws, honest politicians, participatory democracy, a transparent administration that respects human rights and gives people a say in decisions that affect their lives--then the globalization project will work for the poor as well." Uh-huh. 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

SCHEER "Now we get to see just how cowardly the Democrats in Congress can be. President Bush has proposed the most preposterous military buildup in human history--annual spending of $451 billion by 2007--and nary a word of criticism has been heard from the other side of the aisle. The President is drunk with the popularity that his war on terrorism has brought, and those sober Democrats and Republicans, who know better, are afraid to wrestle him for the keys to the budget before he drives off a cliff." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

FAUX Bait And Switch: How Greenspan Snookered The Dems 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

ALTERMAN "George W. Bush's State of the Union address has laid bare his Administration's political strategy. It is to manipulate the grief, anger and patriotism inspired by September 11 to fit the contours of the right-wing Republican agenda of September 10. What that Day of Infamy means to George W. Bush & Co. is more tax cuts for the wealthy, more money for wasteful weapons schemes and the back of their proverbial hand to those who suffer the misfortune of not being rich in Bush's America." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

PAGE "We've Been Snookered By Bush's War-Mongering" 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NICHOLS "Why, yes, Ralph Nader would be delighted to discuss the Enron scandal. But don't expect the once and possibly future presidential candidate to do so with a straight face. "I hate to say 'I told you so,'" he begins, barely cloaking his glee over what could be the greatest corporate scandal in the lifetime of America's greatest corporate critic. "But"--and now the 67-year-old consumer activist pauses with an unexpectedly theatrical flair--'I told you so!'" 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

MOONEY Getting Lay: Will Kenny Boy End Up In The Slammer? 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

ZEPEZAUER "The Enron scandal can be boiled down to this: Kenny Boy Lay and his colleagues gave Dubya the financial equivalent of oral sex, and in return received from the Usurper and his colleagues the regulatory equivalent of oral sex." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT Who's The Liar, Skilling Or The Other Enron Guys? 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

WP "Former CEO Skilling's Testimony Elicits Disdain, Derision in Houston" 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED "We're thankful Mr. Skilling had the gumption to testify yesterday, but not grateful enough to accept his spin." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NORRIS "Mr. Skilling may not have persuaded many listeners." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

NORRIS As It Becomes Clear That More Honest Info Is Needed To Make Trading Work, Bush's Pitt Works On New Ways To Hide That Info 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

FARMER "Once an indisputable asset, the vice president is now a potential liability. His problem: He's the poster boy for the claims that this administration is far too cozy with corporate America, a patsy for the boys in the boardroom, even the bad boys from Enron." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

WYATT Credit-Rating Agencies Saw Signs Of Enron's Deterioration In May, But Did Nothing 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

MADSEN "The obvious, and woefully underreported, interfaces between the Bush administration, UNOCAL, the CIA, the Taliban, Enron, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, the groundwork for which was laid when the Bush Oil team was on the sidelines during the Clinton administration, is making the Republicans worried. The roads from Enron also lead to Afghanistan and murky Bush oil politics." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

CORN US Commandos Kill Innocents, CIA Pays Off Kin--A Model Program? 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

LYONS "Understanding the ephemeral nature of Bush's popularity also helps decode the near-comic incoherence of his State of the Union message." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

KINSLEY How Did the War On Terrorism Become A War On Nuclear Proliferation? 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOF "The American deployment [in the Philippines] seems little more than a propaganda ploy, saying less about terrorism than about politics in Manila and Washington. 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

THT "Gov. Jeb Bush spent up to a half-hour on the phone last April with Kenneth Lay, the former chairman of Enron Corp., the now-bankrupt Houston-based energy conglomerate that had an interest in breaking open Florida's energy market to outside companies....Bush said late last month he did not "recall" meeting or talking with anyone from Enron during his tenure as governor, although he said he had met with representatives of an Enron subsidiary. 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Sen. Byrd And Sec. O'Neill Engage In Verbal Fisticuffs During Senate Hearing 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

BLACK Where's Bill: Fiddling With His Legacy. And His Party 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

BROWNSTEIN Clinton Books "reflect a reluctance, especially on the left, to recognize the extent of Clinton's political and policy achievements in a difficult political environment." 02.08.02 www.bushreport.com

HIGDON "At Bush's direction, America has turned its back on every agreement with our friends, enemies, allies, and neighbors, except those that cooperate in a pact of war. Thousands, if not millions, of Americans have lost their jobs, thousands more have been killed, and even thousands more have lost both their financial and personal security. The national coffers have been raided, and Social Security is about to become a distant memory. Where it looked, only a short time ago, that we would pay off our national debt in only a few years, we are now screaming toward massive deficits, to be followed by the return of long-term corrosive red ink. Our individual patriotism is brought into doubt if we ourselves question undefined threats of never ending war at home and abroad." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Ashcroft's Post-Sept. 11 Immigration Court Rules Are "Indefensible" 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALKOM The Military-Industrial Complex: Bush Counts On A War Without End 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

CBS Rumsfeld's Defense Department Can't Account For 25% Of The Money It Now Spends ($2.3 Trillion) 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

OWENS, WEISS Bush Military Budget Is "Indefensible" 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

THOMAS Beware unilateral war without end 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIGNORILE "As noted by journalist Damien Cave on Salon back in the fall, Cheney told Sam Donaldson in August 2000 that as the head of Halliburton he had a firm policy that he wouldn’t do any business with Iraq, including "even arrangements that were supposedly legal." But the Financial Times eventually revealed that Cheney actually oversaw $23.8 million in sales to Iraq in 1998 and 1999. "Cheney," Cave reported, "who collected a $36 million salary before becoming vice president, essentially profited from the destruction of Iraq that he oversaw as secretary of defense during the Gulf War" 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

GEORGIYEV Russian Military Intelligence: The War on Iraq Will Be Launched in September 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "A FEW SIMPLE demographic facts go a long way toward explaining why so many young Saudi men would have joined al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic causes. Sixty percent of the Saudi population is now under 18 years old, and the overwhelming majority is under 40. But there are few jobs for this vast younger population; unemployment is officially estimated at 18 percent, and there are twice as many new job-seekers each year as there are new jobs. The once vast reserves of Saudi wealth have declined drastically, and per capita income has dropped by 75 percent since the early 1980s. The Saudi leadership under Crown Prince Abdullah has given its young people no outlet to express their frustration other than religion." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER, LEMKIN "Innocent Muslims killed [in the Philippines] as Bush allies 'crusade'" 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Sharon's Peace Plan "Has Brought Only Violence" 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Sharon Expected To Ask Bush To Get Iran Before Iraq 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BONNER How Al Qaeda Linked Up With Malaysian Groups 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Congress Starts Sept. 11 Investigation With Question: What Intelligence Did We Get For Billions Spent? 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT C.I.A. Head Attempts To Defuse Congress Probe By Warning of Future Attacks 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Heartland Boss Ridge Facing Major Doubts About His Ability 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "George W. Bush said in his 2000 campaign that "for years, politicians in both parties have dipped into the trust fund to pay for more spending - and I will stop it."...With the surplus drained by recession, last year's $1.35 trillion, 10- year tax cut and the war on terrorism, the president's new budget uses Social Security surpluses to pay for other programs every year through 2013, ultimately diverting more than $1.4 trillion in Social Security funds to other purposes." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS "I may be confused by Bush, but folks [in the media] have absolutely no idea who he is. Let's try this again, team. George W. Bush sides with the malefactors of great wealth not because he is a tool of the rich or because Enron bought him with campaign contributions -- that's who he is, that's what he really believes, that's his life experience." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT History Shows Bush Plan To Cut Capital Gains Taxes Will Make Rich Richer, Poor Poorer 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS "What we have [with the BushAdmin] is not so much hypocrisy as complete incoherence. Shouldn't they have to wait at least a month before they contradict themselves? Or maybe the Bush doctrine is that you can give government contacts to chronic lawbreakers as long as they're not in the headlines." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

HC Congressman: 'Substantial evidence' of lawbreaking at Enron found 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONASON "To understand just how diligently George W. Bush protected the interests of Enron and its former chief executive, Kenneth (Kenny Boy) Lay, it is necessary to look back beyond last fall, when the prospect of bankruptcy loomed. The question is not whether Mr. Bush bailed out his old pal under politically impossible circumstances, but what he did for Enron when he still had a free hand." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Lawyer Warned Enron Officials of Dubious Deals a Year Before Collapse 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Professor Who Led Enron Audit Panel Since '85 Failed to Spot Smoke and Mirrors 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GRORY "With Republican Sen. Peter Fitzgerald of Illinois wincing by his side, Hollings, who is perhaps the least inhibited member of the Senate, railed against "cash and carry government." He rattled off names of prominent Bush personalities beholden to the elusive Kenneth Lay, who was once called "Kenny Boy" by the CEO of our country, George W. Bush. Hollings's roll call included such familiar names as Vice President Cheney; Mitchell Daniels, director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED The Result Of Bush's New Health Care Plan Would Be Political And Legal Battles Over Abortion, Not Better Care For Poor Pregnant Women 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Welfare Plan Is Get Married And Get A Job, But No New Money For Program 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT Bush Judicial Nomination "is an affront to black people from coast to coast." 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Scalia Questions Catholic Church's Platform 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOBBS Tiny Polemics 02.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER "I didn't vote for Ralph Nader. I feared his candidacy would just elect Bush, and it may well have. But as Nader points out, the election was Gore's to lose. And future elections will be the Democrats' to lose as long as they run tepid campaigns with stiff, poll-tested candidates captive to the same corporate agenda." 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

JACKSON "BUSH said in his State of the Union address that ''America will always stand firm for the nonnegotiable demands of human dignity,'' including ''respect for women.'' So far this is gibberish, since Bush has not yet released $34 million in family planning funds approved by Congress for the United Nations Population Fund." 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush's Real Interest Is Anti-Abortion Politics, Not Poor Women 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED "Bush is using the war on terrorism and his still-stratospheric approval ratings to browbeat Congress, but Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota and other leading Democrats have an obligation. They should not only point out the dangers in Bush's budget plan but act: Delay tax cuts, closely inspect military spending and protect Medicare and Social Security. With the support of three-quarters of Americans, they need not surrender to the president's reckless economic policies wrapped in anti-terrorism." 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT "President Bush has finally found an economic stimulus program that can get through Congress - military spending. The fact that it's the wrong kind of economic stimulus at the wrong time, that it has essentially nothing to do with winning the war on terrorism, the fact that it represents a shattering of previous Bush commitments and that Congress is more apt to make the situation worse than curb it - none of that has mattered in the budget being unveiled this week." 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Congress Must Get The Courage To Defeat Bush's "Bloated" Defense Budget 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO Sure, Right, Good Luck. 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Wants To Spend $158 Million On Predators Called Ineffective And Unsuitable By Pentagon 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP How The Departments Fare Under The Bush Budget 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR "I shudder to think about 2025. I've never felt further from Washington than right now with this screwball budgetary logic that is actually worse than it appears. The chain reaction of misery will only snowball as federal cuts land on state transportation departments already threatened by a flood tide of red ink. What could these people be thinking?" 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Stimulas Tax Cuts Shelved, Tough Budget Battle Looms 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

STEVENS Bush Economic Recovery Package On The Brink Of Dying In The Senate 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

EILPERIN Rove Keeps Straight Face, Says Bush Is A "Populist," While Both Suck Up To The Rich 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED In "Corrosive Grip" Of Money Quest, Bush Takes Time Off From War For 40 Fundraisers In Next Nine Months 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD "Testosterone-Fueled" Enron Macho Defeated By Women Within and Without 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Ken Lay's On The Hot Seat, But So Is Andy Fastow 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

VEST Lay and Skilling Are To Enron As Bush And Cheney Are To U.S. Economy 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

SONNENFELD How Go-Along Boards Help To Jam Up Firms 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Saudi Minister Finally Acknowledges That 15 Of 19 Hijackers Were Saudis 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Bush Should Tell The Arabs That The Ball's In Their Court, Not His 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Purpose Of Bush Mission Creep In Colombian Civil War is To Protect U.S. Oil Pipeline 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP While Bush Insisted He Wouldn't Put Anything In Writing, Powell Calls For Documented Treaty With Russians 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

O'HANLON Bush Will Harm Our National Security If He Can't Understand The Great Differences Between Iraq, Iran, And North Korea 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush, U.N. React Skeptically To Iraq's Diplomacy Actions 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Karzai Notes U.S. Mistakes Have Cost Afghan Lives 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIEHL Karzai Is Isolated Without An Army To Fight Afghan Corruption 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Israel Seeks To Turn Iran Into Outcast 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Readers Speak 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Circling The Mamography Wagons" 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODMAN While Washington Has Its Enron Scandal, Boston Has Its Catholic Church Scandal 02.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "The Bush budget undermines the security of the nation's social safety net and the government's ability to carry out some of its basic responsibilities over the next two decades. It jeopardizes the future of Social Security and Medicare, whose trust funds would be siphoned away to underwrite outmoded military projects and tax reductions favoring the rich. The budget embodies a divisive agenda for which Mr. Bush has no mandate, in spite of his popularity." 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Budget Will Harm You For The Next Twenty Years. Unless You're Rich 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Budget Hides Risks, Shifts Priorities Of Underfunded Social Programs 02.05.02. ww.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Uses War's "One Time Charges" As Excuse To Hide Last's Year's Enronization Of Budget 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Another Bush Promise Broken: He Wants To Count Victims' Fund As Part Of His Budget For Helping New York City 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

VEST 10 Things I Know About Bush 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

VEST 10 Things You Don't Know About Bush 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOX Judge Snubs Bush In His War Against Civil Rights 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIEFF Bush Programs Signal End Of Human Rights Era 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

MAHAJAN Bush State Of Union Begins New Cold War 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Russian Prime Minister Cautions Bush Over "Imaginary" Threats By "Axis" 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

DAWN Israeli Intelligence Misled Bush On Iran Re "Axis" 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS War of Words Worsens Between Israel and Iran 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Iraq Blinks, Wants To Talk With U.N. 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

HINDU "Bush's New Stridency" 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

GROSSMAN Why America Goes To War 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

TOMASKY Enron Is A Conservative Values Scandal 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Enron Looks More And More Like Fraud Was Practiced 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Enron's Culture Of Corruption 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron Board Member's Testimony Makes It Difficult For Bosses To Deflect Blame 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Sen. Hollings Calls For Special Prosecutor 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Market Falls As Questions Of Accounting Practices Grow 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

PODVIN Wall Street Accounting Practices Seen As Seriously Flawed 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHOR Meanwhile, We Still Have Carlucci's Carlyle Making A Buck Off The War 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER 5 Weapons That Bilk The Taxpayers 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHUCKMAN American Grief: Every Three Days More People Die From Tobacco Than WTC Attack 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

PBP "Prior arrest report checked on Gov. Bush's daughter" 02.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT Bush Guerrila Attacks Abortion Rights, Pretends To Be Helping Poor Women 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAGE Bush More Interested In Health Of The Unborn Than Health Of The Born 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA ED What Does Bush Plan To Do To Pay Off His Increasing Deficit? 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Bush "Not Satisfied" With Tax Cuts To Rich, Wants More Of Them 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush Wants To Spend Employment Money In The Wrong Places 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Critics Say Bush Wants Funds For Unneeded Weapons 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Tauzin Says Politics Will Cause Fall Of Bush-Cheney Enron Stonewall 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ken Lay Refuses To Testify To Congress 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Report Says Enron Hobbled In-House Investigation Of Improprieties Last Year 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

TELEGRAPH Wall Street Banks "Knew About Enron" 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

OBSERVER Enron Exemplifies The Dark Side Of Capitalism 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY A Beginner's Guide To Globolog 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Ashcroft Rebuked By Immigration Judges 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Arafat Is Toast, Let's Find A Peace Plan Without Him 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE "Sharon Enters Armistice Talks" 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

RUSHIDE Anti-Americanism Is Harder To Defeat Than Militant Islam 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Al Qaeda Finding Refuge In Lebanon 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG "Ticking Time Bomb" Al Qaeda Operatives Lying Low In Canada 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Iran Says Al Qaeda Not Allowed In Its Country 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WITT Bush Speech Belies Iran Policy Thicket 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

MONBIOT Is "Black Hawk Down" Propoganda For An Invasion Of Somalia? 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER Bush Brothers Already In Full Campaign Mode 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Lieberman In Center Of Pack Already Eyeing White House 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Baby Doctors Support Gay Adoption 02.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "The nation's audit system suffers from a long chain of weaknesses that has likely corrupted the financial statements of an unknowable number of firms. Enron is probably the tip of the iceberg." 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

TEN Gore Attacks Bush Domestic Policy As He "Rejoins National Debate" 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "Dark Side" To Bush Budget Means Gutting Domestic Programs 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER "Bush has sided with the hard- liners in his administration, he has greatly expanded the borders of the fight and he has succeeded in keeping Americans fearful - and focused - on a war with ever more difficult and elusive goals." Why? 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "During the 2000 campaign, Mr. Bush promised to keep [Social Security and Medicare] in good health. His programs run counter to that pledge." 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Study Puts Finland First, and U.S. 51st, in Environmental Health02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODSTEIN Churches on Right Seek Right to Back Candidates 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROSENBAUM Bush Excessive Secrecy Harms Democracy, For Without Openness "public officials could never fully gain the consent of the governed because there would be no way to hold officials accountable." 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Junior's Enrongate Now Linked To Daddy's Savings And Loan Scandal 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

WEISMAN Bush Claim That His Admin Did Nothing To Help Enron Is Simply Not True. Take India, For Example. 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron's Own Committee Finds "across-the-board failure of controls and ethics at almost every level of Enron." 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS " No one involved — not the executives, directors, lawyers or accountants — appears to have lived up to the responsibilities of their positions. 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

YARDLEY Ken Lay's Relationship To The Bush Family Is Long And Deep 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

FORTUNE Enron Is Both A Political And A Financial Scandal 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP GOP Getting Rid Of Huge Amounts Of Soft Money Cash Before It Becomes Illegal 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Thousands Protest World Economic Forum Meeting In NYC 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON One Reason Bush Pushed For NAFTA Is It Allows Global Corporations To Dictate U.S. Enironmental Policy Through Its Chapter Eleven 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Foreign Executives Reject American Optimism Toward Economic Recovery 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Terror Groups Thrive In Asia 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

WINES Oil Driving Russia To Cooperate With What Bush Calls The "Axis Of Evil" 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

DEBKA "Mofaz Raps Dissenting Israel Reserve Officers" (2nd Item, Right) 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARAFAT "The Palestinian Vision Of Peace" 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SONTAG Palestinians "Turn Inward" As They Confront The Future 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS "A near unanimity of policy and views has developed between the Bush administration's super-hawks and Israel's hard right Likud government led by Ariel Sharon." 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEVINE Super Bowl Meets The 30-Second Auteur 02.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON One Reason Bush Pushed For NAFTA Is It Allows Global Corporations To Dictate U.S. Enironmental Policy Through Its Chapter Eleven 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Continues War On Poor By Proposing Cuts In Medicaid Payments To Save Budget Money 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Calls For Increasing Military Budget By $120 Billion In Next Five Years 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

TP Corruption Is The State Of The Union: Dad's Savings And Loan Scandal And Junior's Enrongate 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC Neil Bush Plans To Suck Up His Brother's Ed Program Dough By Getting The Saudis Interested In Ed Software 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES How Neil Bush Hopes To Make Millions Off His Brother's Education Program 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enrongate As Political Scandal: Justice Tells Bush White House To Save All Enron Records 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Most Of Enron's Major Goals Were Agreed To By The Bush White House 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Fed Court Orders Cheney To Explain Constitutionality Of Bush-Cheney Stonewall 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

DEAN Dean Echoes Our Brew: Bush-Cheney Counting On Supreme Court Stonewall 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

CARPENTER "Stop Bush Before He Makes Nixon Look Good" 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOORE It's Time For Bush To Resign 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOUTHARD "This Man Can't Be Impeached Soon Enough" 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Two Given Gvt. Energy Jobs After Ken Lay Recommended Them To Bush 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

PALAST Why "I Shed No Tears" Over Enron Exec.'s Suiicide 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH "Collosal Arrogance" Of Linda Lay Just Par For The Course In Enrongate 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

OD PR How Lay's Ex-Secretary Was Orchestrated To Begin His PR Campaign 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Son And Sister Of Ken Lay Had Enron Money Poured Into Their Companies 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIME An Overview Of Enrongate 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT 100 Israeli Army Reservists Put Their Disagreement With Israel's West Bank Policies Into Writing 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED In Denial, Saudis Blame Bad Press On American "Jewish Lobby" 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

KING "To hear [the Saudis] tell it, accommodating the whipping and beheading of gays and institutionalized discrimination against women is a sophisticated way for westerners to show respect for 'cultural differences.'" 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Tries To Score "Cheap Points" With Anti-Abortionists 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Gives Fox $3.5 Million Of Our Money For Two Anti-Terrorist Commercials During Superbowl 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Beware: Companies Blur Lines Between Charity And Profits 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WND "Rightwingnutcases" Want Dems.Com On The Carpet For Frame Job 02.02.02 www.bushwatch.com
Note: This link recommended by the good folks at Dems.Com

SCHEIBER "The Republican strategy ever since Reagan has been to force deficits through huge tax cuts--which they justify with various quack predictions (supply-side economics in the 1980s, wildly optimistic surplus projections last year)--and then leave it to future administrations to make whatever cuts will balance the budget." 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "By combining big military spending increases with big tax cuts, [Bush is] guaranteeing that the government will be straining for revenue for decades to come. He is doing precisely what Ronald Reagan did." 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Next Decade: Looks Like Bush Missile Defense Plan Will Drain Whatever Money Is Left After Previously Passed Tax Cuts To Wealthy Are In Place 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIZZA Those Who Favorably Compare Bush's War Speech With FDR's Forget That FDR Called For More Taxes To Pay For The War 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

CROWLEY Gephardt's Unwillingness To Fight Bush's Tax Cuts May Hurt His Presidential Run, And It Could Hurt His Party As Well. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN "There was little for the rest of the world in Bush's speech. He thanked no one -- not the Brits, not the Germans, not the United Nations, which approved an American-sponsored antiterrorism resolution a mere day after it was introduced. This was a man consumed and convinced by his own sense of righteousness..." 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BORGER Hate Of The Union 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WHITAKER "Arab States Seethe At 'Slap In Face' From Bush" 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Bush Wants To Legally Reclassify Foetuses As "Unborn Children" 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Plans To Cut 1600 Projects, Mostly For Day Care Centers, Other School And Health Bills 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOLLACOTT While Bush Wants To Regulate Our Private Lives, He Doesn't Want To Regulate How He And Enron Do Business 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Hypocrisy: While He Has Fought For Months To Keep His Records Secret, He Gave Up 2,000 Pages Of Clinton E-Mails To Burton And Clinton Conversation Notes To Congress 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP How Much Privacy Are You Willing To Give Up In Order To Fly? 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Nuke Watch: Rumsfeld Warns Of Even Deadlier Attacks On U.S. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Warns Nuclear Plants Of Terrorist Threat 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Saudi Leadership Should Remove Corruption, Oppose Saudi Backers Of Terrorists, And Give Women, Professionals, And Moderate Religious Leaders A Voice. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WHITAKER "Sharon Regrets Not Killing Arafat" 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI The Growing Bond Between Israel And India 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN How Many More Enrons Can Our Economy Stand --And They're Out There. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Chairman Of Brit Press Watchdog, Ex-Energy Sec. Quits As Enron Connections Create Several Conflict Of Interest Questions 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES One More Enron Connection To Bush And The Pro-Bush Conservative Groups 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Elizabeth Dole Tarred With Enron Brush In N.C. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Yes, We've Killed More Afghans Than The WTC Dead, But What About The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children Who Died Under Taliban Rule? 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT As American War Planes Circle Overhead, Armed Battle Takes Place Near Kabul --Between Warlords 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Afghanistan: "There's no use talking about reconstructing rural irrigation systems when whole villages are emptying out for fear of marauding gunmen." 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Takes War On Terrorism To Philippines 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOODWARD, BALZ Ten Days In September, Part Six 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Katherine "Cruella" Harris Says Don't Federalize Elections 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

FREEDLAND Here's All The Dish On The Bushes And The Kennedys. 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BELL Brit 'Toonist's Version Of Bush Speech 02.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

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