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KUTTNER "If you buy [Bush's] preposterous story of how to attain economic security, shame on you." 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

PHILLIPS Bush Expresses "Ardor" Over The War, But "Sullen Silence" About Who's Going To Pay For It 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Mike Gerson's Combination Of Julius Caesar And Billy Graham Has Bush Ignoring Scandals and Specifics Of The Economy 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Will Seek Cuts In Job Training For Unemployed, Youth 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN "Daddy" Politics: "[Bush] Was Lucky Sept. 11 Happened On His Watch." 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLAS Bush Should Learn That Corporate Accountability Begins At Home In The White House 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Bush Sued By Federal Government Over Cheney Stonewall Of Enron Files 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAGE O.K., There Was A Response By Gephardt, But Who Was There To Speak For The Dems? 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Used The Largest Possible Estimate Of The Scope Of Terrorism In His Speech 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WSWS ED Bush Declares War On The World 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM North Korea Joins Iran, Iraq In Attacking Bush Speech 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bush Should Stop Playing At Drug Reform And Devote Serious Time And Money To A Plan 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW Is Sept. 11 The Real Reason For The Bush-Cheney Stonewall? 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC "Smoking Gun" Memo To Cheney Seen As Connection Between Enron Energy Policy And Bush Energy Bill 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFC Text Of Memo With Link To SFC Story 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

FEINSTEIN While Bush Opened The Door To Enron He Kept It Closed To California 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIDGEWAY Is Cliff Baxter Enron's Vince Foster? 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Beltway Lie: Political Contributions Have No Impact Upon Policy 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Enron Used Dirivatives, Questionable At Best, To Hide Economic House Of Cards 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Andersen's Reputation Is In Shreds 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLOYD Bush's Ties To Andersen Go Back To Accusations Of Insider Trading That The SEC Looked At In 1990 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Bank Of America's Potential Loss Of $503 Million On Enron Cause For Bank Execs' Firing 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT In April, Hired Law Firm Said Enron Should Halt Limited Partnership Scam, Four Months Earlier Than Watkins Memo 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

PODVIN How Bush Paid Off The Corporate Media That Supposedly Gives Us The News 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Bush "God And Greed" Axis Marked By Rove-Reed-Enron. "Jesus Would Cry." 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Capitalist Power Brokers At Forum Need To Address "Monumental Matter Of Social And Economic Inequity" 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

VINCENT Think Tank Guy Warns Protestors That Post-9/11 Cops Are Not Video Games 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Japanese Foreign Minister Fired. Had 70% Favorable Ratings, Previously Suggested Bush Was Less Than Swift. 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Many Upset By Japanese Premier's "Sexist Remarks" Made Re Foreign Minister's Firing 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bush Should Back Civil Rights For The Brain, But GOP Business Interests Are Against It 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Gore Announces PAC, Moves Toward Re-Election By Voters 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Janet Reno Faints While Giving Speech 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOA Letter From Israel: A Firebrand For Peace Speaks Her Mind 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Want To Be In Control? Be A Good Listener. 01.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFC Memo details Cheney--Enron links. Company's suggestions resembled elements of the administration's energy policy 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Domestic Speech "Disappointing...Using Popularity To Press The Tired Hard-Right Republican Agenda" 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO Bush Left Out "I was wrong about nation-building" and "I never thought that nearly $4 trillion of the projected budget surplus would vanish in a year." 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Attacks "Axis Of Evil": Iran, Iraq, North Korea 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Transcript Of Speech 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

MEYER Bush Has Enroned Us: "The situation today is similar to 1981, when large tax reductions, increased military spending and a sputtering economy spawned budget deficits that dictated policies and politics for another decade and a half. 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Dems Support Bush On War, But Not Domestic Issues 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Last Night One More Frightening Fact Was The Possibility Of A President Gail Norton 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LANDSBERF A Month After Promise, Bush Plays Politics With Afghan Women 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Ashcroft, Cheney Use Burkas To Cover Statues, Enron 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CAMP Secrecy Is The True American Tragedy 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Bush asks Daschle to limit Sept. 11 probes 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

FEINGOLD Campaign Finance Reform? Think Enron 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONYERS Our Voting Rights Are In Peril 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM One Month Before Bankruptcy, Enron Still Giving Money To Politicians 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Corporate Money Supports Inaction, Laws Not Passed, Rules Not Written 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

FTCR Cal Energy "Crisis" Shakedown Hoax Is Not Over Yet 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GIOMBETTI What's Wrong With Energy Deregulation And Enronomics 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRASCH Texans Warned The Nation About Bush And Enron A Year Ago 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCKBURN Afghan Opium Trade Back In Business 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHIN What's Behind Daddy's Bush's Outburst Against John Walker And "Liberal Marin County Hot Tubbers" 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

CBS Hospital Worker Says Ill Bin Laden In Pakistan 10 Sept. 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAHZAD "Musharraf prepares to take on Indian hawks." 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALIK "US military seeks deeper roots in Pakistan." 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAHZAD The Middle East Conflict Has Helped Turn Pakistan Into An Ideological Battleground 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Arafat Is "A Dead Man Walking" 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAID "A silent majority of Palestinians is neither for the Authority's... lawless regime of corruption and repression nor for Hamas's violence." 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOSEN Study "indicates blacks nearly three times more likely than whites to be labeled mentally retarded" 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA ED Why Are There Lopsided Racial Numbers Of Children In Special Ed? 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRAY There's Been A Crisis In Black Leadership Since 11 Sept. 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK "Turkey Targets Chomsky" For Speaking Out Against Treatment Of Kurds 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Jeb Bush Daughter Accused Of Prescription Fraud 01.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

KPCC Bush Has Heart Arrhythmia, Which Causes Fainting 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NEWSWEEK As GOP Drops Political Daisy Cutters In South Dakota, On Eve Of Bush Speech Cheney Warns Daschle To Lay Off Sept. 11 Questions 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC Forget Social Services, Bush Speech Will Focus Upon War, Security 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONASON Bush Plans To Use Rove's GOP As War Party Idea In Tonight's Speech 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

JOHNSON As Fact-Based Reporting Goes Down, Public Trust In Media Goes Down, Too 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

KOVACH One Reason Factual Reporting Is Declining Is The Gag And The Pressure Bush Has Put On The Media 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

O'ROURKE Americans Not Bothered By Inequality Of Wealth, Contend Economists. Then American Dream Is Of Getting Rich By Screwing The Poor, Concludes Observer 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Sept. 11 Didn't "Change Everything," But Enrongate Did 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Bush Is The Father Of Enronian Economics 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTER Key Bush Operative, Enron Lobbyist, Helped Delay Write Bush-Backed, House-Passed Tax Stimulus Bill In Which Enron Gets $254 Million 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE About Campaign Reform, Dems Don't Appear To Have The Guts To Fight Like Delay Has 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Greenspan Says Economy Will Rebound Without Bush Tax Cut Stimulus. The Bush Cuts Will Harm Long-Term Economy 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED 60% Americans Believe Bush Is Hiding Something About Enron. Cheney Needs To Give Up Records Of Enron Meetings. 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER If Bush Really Read And Absorbed The Teddy Bio, He'd Do Something About The Runaway Capitalism That He Has Supported 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Ken Lay's Wife Sobs, Says She's Having Big Sale 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TAPPER "Lay got in front of the entire company and just lied," said the [Enron] executive, who has lost his life savings. "I feel like a schmuck." 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND Tony Blair Now Part Of Enrongate As Brits Look At Enron's Meetings With His Government 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOJOTOONS Enrongate: "If There's No Stained Dress, There's Nothing To Confess" 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Reporters Find Consultants And Congressmen Willing To Say Bush Didn't Give Enron Everything Because Others Wanted The Same Things 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC Accident-Prone Greenville Has Done It Again, This Time Without Bush Energy Industry Guests 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Global Crossing Files Bankruptcy. McAuliffe And Bush Were "Notable Investors" 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Oil Consultant Says Saddam's Iraq " is the greatest threat to oil production in the Middle East." 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

BH Probe Into FBI Misconduct Continues Over Bush Objection 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Bush Raises Awkward Questions By Sealing Papers 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Summary Of Geneva Convention Rules For POWs 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAGAN It's time for Bush "to start talking not only about what we need to do to win the war on terrorism but also about how to shape a world where terrorists find no haven and where democratic peoples can flourish."01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZ, WOODWARD How The Afghan Campaign Blueprint Emerged 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIEHL Saudi Leader Wrongly Insists On Making Israel, Not Bin Laden, The Center Of Attention 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Ashcroft Covered Up Justice Department Nudes For November Bush Visit 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

BAUM Sandra Day O'Connor: "Trained to grovel before arbitrary authority, tolerate violence, disrespect diversity, dismiss the environment and protect herself from opposing worldviews." 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Supreme Court Justice Wants To Teach "Fundamental Values" To Address "Moral Outrage" After Sept. 11. Does Not Mention Court's Selection Of Bush 01.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ESCOBAR Pipelineistan: Bush, Cheney, Baker, Rice And Central Asian Oil 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES U.S. Planned War In Afghanistan Long Before 11 Sept. 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

ESCABAR Pipelineistan: Enron Was A Player In Bush's Dream Of Central Asian Oil 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

TEL The Man Who Knew Too Much: Dead Enron Exec Said He Might Need A Bodyguard 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

TEL Enron Cocktail Of Cash, Sex, And Fast Living In Houston 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Where Were Its Lawyers When Enron Was In Trouble 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLABY Enron Has Exposed The Dangers Of Bush's Approach To Politics 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Cheney Continues His Stonewall Of Government's Meetings With Enron 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Looks Like Congress May Go To Court Over Bush-Cheney Enron Stonewall 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Is Acting Like Enron As He Raids Retirement And Health Funds For The Rich --Daschle 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush Insists On Future Tax Cuts For Rich, In Spite Of Economy, Kennedy Objections 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

KORNBLUT Bush Speech Unable To Slide By On Low Expectations As He Has Done In The Past 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Writing The State Of The Union Speech 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS White House Floats War, Economy As Twin Topics Of Speech 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT What's A Recovery Without Jobs? 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE Gonzales, Bush's Lawyer, Is The Guy Who "Signs Off On Half-Baked Memos And Orders" 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Conservationist Think Bush's First Year Was A Big Disappointment 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Shifting Of Info Burden Of Proof Use To The Citizen Is Not In Our Best Interests 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Ashcroft Puts Drapes On Justice Department's Nude Statues. Honest. 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Is The Downfall Of The Palestinian Authority In Bush's Best Interest? 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIATT Bush "Skulking" Diplomacy Is At Odds With What He And Armitage Promised 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZ, WOODWARD How Bush Tried To Rally The World After 11 Sept. 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Public Calls Families Of 11 Sept. Victims "Greedy" 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Remember The Republican War Against Hillary When Bush Calls For D.C. Civility 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

RC Only 10% Of Congressional Web Sites Rank Above Average 01.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Enron Evil Ones Didn't Just Take Lifeboats From Women And Children, They "Deliberately Created Leaks" That Sunk Enron 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD No Place To Enron: Bush, Cheney, White, O'Neill, Rove, The Gramms 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT As Enron Division Head, Bush Sec. Of Army Made Money On Army Contracts, His Division Created "Illusary Earnings" 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Questions Raised About Army Sec. White And Possible Conflict Of Interest 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Changed Energy Plan To Help Enron --Waxman 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZER Cooking Books Happens Anytime, But We Really Needed Bush For Enrongate 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Americans See GOP Far More Entangled In Enron Than Dems 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKE Republicans Vulnerable As Party Of Rich Businessmen 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKE Suspicions Growing That Bush Is Hiding Something, Lying About Enron Connections 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Jeb Bush In Charge Of Florida State Fund That Lost More Than Anyone ($335 Million) On Enron Stock, Raised Campaign Money At Former Enron President's Home Last Week 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pricewaterhouse Warned Germans Off Merger With Enron Three Years Ago, Based On Easily Found Public Information 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Dead Enron Executive Shrugged Off Hiring Bodyguard (Another Report) 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

AT ED Cheney Absence Explained: Ridge Replacement. Does Cheney Presence Mean No More Records Stonewalling? 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND Enron Scandal Threatens Cheney 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

KING "For the United States to profess deep respect for human rights and deplore the Taliban's persecution of women, and then regard the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia as a matter of no consequence, is hypocrisy at best and cowardice at worst." 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT The ME Is A Peace Process In Reverse 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Jeb Bush "Dishonor[s] The Ideals Of Public Universities" With Sami Al-Arian Firing 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZ, WOODWARD How The War Began On 11 Sept. 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Terror Suspect May Be Missing Link In Asia 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Al Qaeda Network In SE Asia More Serious Than Previously Thought 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Recrutment Video For Bin Laden Network "Being Circulated In Britain's Mosques" 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN What Makes Muslim Terrorists Tick In U.S., Europe? 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Prisoners Said To Be Plotting As Life In Cuban Prison Evolves 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Powell Questions Bush Stand On War Captives 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Experts Say Al Qaeda Members Not POWs Bush Taliban Prisoners May Be 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANGER Bush Can't Avoid Questions Of Terrorism And The Constitution Forever 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Can't Duplicate Afghan War Methods In Iraq 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush Ought To Stand Behind Own Principles, Not Anti-Abortion Lobby 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Questions Of Mamogram Testing Growing More Perplexing 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUNTZ Some Of The World's "Funniest" Jokes Are Really Funny 01.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUMBEL Enron And Bush: The Overview We've Been Waiting For 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

KELLER Enron For Dummies 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Leading Figure In Enron Scandal Shoots Himself 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Waxman's Rep Says Bush's Enron-Tainted Sec. Of Army Should Testify Re Enrongate 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Six Months Ago BushAdmin Had Over 100 Contracts Worth Over $59 Million With Enron-Andersen 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron's Internal Investigator, Dean Of UT Law School, Is On Enron Board And Past Recipient Of $250,000 Enron Donation 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALVEAUX Enron Serves As Wake-Up Call For Senior Citizens 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Congressional Office Gives White House Near-Ultimatum Re Cheney Stonewall 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Fed Judge Says Bush Can't Keep Census Data Secret From Dems 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WARNER Greenspan's Recent Statements Create More Market Confusion 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Tax Cut Plan Not Fair To Average Citizen And Deserves To Be Blocked 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALDMAN What Bush Must Do In His State Of The Union Address 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND ED Afghan Leader Will Be A Visual Aid For Bush At State Of The Union Speech 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC KENZIE Bush Will Lose Credibility If He Doesn't Level With The Country 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Al Qaeda documents outline serious weapons program, emphasis on nuclear devices 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Al Qaeda Has Even Planted Sleeper Cells In Singapore 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Israeli Diplomat Says Bush Is Now Seeing Arafat As They Do 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOLDBERG "We Jews do ourselves a disservice if we cry 'anti-semite' at every liberal critic of Israel" 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT American Jewish Congress Calls Jeb Bush To Task For Florida Legislature's Mixing Of Church And State 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEWIS BushAdmin Has "Badly Fumbled The Question Of Justice" For Its Prisoners 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND ED "It is shameful for Britain to support the degradation of these terrorist suspects" 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

SNEED What's Happening In The Rest Of Cuba 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MATTHEWS Kerry Reminds Pundit Of JFK 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

DMN Texas Dem Candidates Making A Mess Of Primaries 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

BATES Child Abuse: Witness On The Watchtower 01.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Ex-Prez Of Argentina, A Bush Family Friend, Accused Of Taking $10 Million Bribe For Anti-Semitic Bombing Cover-Up 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Enron And The Bushes In Argentina 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WYCLIFF Our Reason For Staying In Saudi Arabia Is To Protect Our Oil Supply, Not The Saudis 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Saudis Want AP Servicewomen Veiled 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Pundit Smeared By Conservatives Says "The Muck Stops Here" 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT As Enrongate Grows, 2 Repugs (20 In All) And 2 Dems (198) Take House Campaign Finance Reform Petition Over The Top 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED GOP Should Stop Its Obstruction Of Campaign Finance Reform Bill 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

HEWITT Campaign Finance Reform: We Killed Tobacco Ads On TV, Let's At Least Limit Political Ads 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Andersen's "Certified Public Scapegoat" Defense Is Not Working 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Karl Rove Helped Ralph Reed Get Enron Account To Keep Him In Bush Campaign Camp 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Bush Says "Evil Ones" Caused People To Lose Jobs. Enron? 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

ECONOMIST What About Conflicts Of Interest With Enron's Bankers? 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT 212 Of 248 Enron Congressional Investigators Received Money From Enron Or Andersen 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

TP Ashcroft Recused Himself Because He Took Enron Cash, Shouldn't The Members Of Congress Do Likewise? 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Gramms Called "Mr. And Mrs. Enron" 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY Politicians Lie And Call It Spin, But That Only Harms Democracy, Not Like Enron 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLAS Congress, In Disrepute, Returns To Washington 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

MIKVA Bush, Without Popular Mandate, Should Not Choose Any Supreme Court Replacement 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE Dick Gephardt Makes Bid To Become Next Bill Clinton 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "BushAdmin Has Only Itself To Blame" For Public Relations Debacle Re Prisoners 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA ED Rumsfeld Fell Short On Prisoner Info 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOEHLERT Did NBC And Fox News "Pander To Anti-Arab Hysteria"? 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT U.S. Backs Move To Restrain Arafat's Movement 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLEY Bush ME "Passivity" Is A "Recipe For Catastrophe," "Plays Into Sharon's Hands" 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Bush Should Take Advantage Of Lame Duck Jiang's Pro-Americanism 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Should Release U.N. Money For Birth Control As China Attempts To Stop Forced Abortions 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

TORRES Will Sept. 11 Widow Be Asked To Pose For Playboy? 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

Miller Sept. 11 Kitsch Turns Information Highway Into Parking Lot 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHIBBARO Media Mull Coverage Of John Walker's Gay Father 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

Carvell The Afghan Economic Miracle, By Andersen Auditing 01.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHAIT Bush Can't Avoid The Fact That Critics Said The Trouble With Bush Tax Cuts Policy Is His Plan Did Not Account For Unforseen Events, Like A National Emergency. 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Bush Is Looking At A $21 Billion Deficit This Year, Not Counting Tax Break For Enron And Funding For War On Terrorism 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Counting Everything He Wants, Bush Plans To Ask For $106 Billion Deficit, Which Includes Tax Break For Enron 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Has His Own Enron-Like Scandal With The Questionable Logic Of His Tax Cuts 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NR ED The Real Enron Scandal Is How Closely Enron's Moves Reflected Bush's Ideology 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALETAN Ari's Sweet Nothings. How Bush Is Attempting To Evade Enrongate 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Sec. Of Army Lost Money In Enron Stocks. Of Course, He Was Also An Enron Vice-Chairman, Earning $5.5. Million A Year 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WAXMAN White House Personal Attacks Suggest High Livel Of Anxiety Over Enron 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SLOAN Will Enron Really Cause Changes In Accounting Practices, With All That Money To Be Skimmed From The Rubes? 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIME Now You're Really On Your Own In Bush's Deregulated World 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Sharpton Plans To Ask Bush To Bail Out Victims Of Enron, Including Bush's Mother-In-Law 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Like Gore (And Bush Criticized Him For It) Bush Had His Facts Wrong About His Mother-In-Law's Enron Loss 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Enrongate Is A Real Gift To The Dems, But Will They Use It Wisely? 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Senate Committees Create Drumbeat For Cheney Release Of Stonewalled Energy Records 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Cheney Again Refuses To Provide Congress With Energy Policy Details 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

DINGELL Bush "Needs To Get Over" The Idea That The Public Will Tolerate His Secrecy, Stonewalling 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

JOE BOB BRIGGS Enron's Easy To Understand, If You Translate It To Mules 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN "Despoiler-In-Chief" Bush Hiding Actions Behind War Rhetoric 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIME Why Are We Spending Hundreds Of Millions In The Philippines To Settle A War Against "Bloods And Crips" ? 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Policy Toward Irag Remains Clinton's 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

APPLEBAUM "Most of the Israeli attacks on Palestinian Authority targets have struck me as utterly pointless." 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZAKARIA Turkey Shatters The Conventional Western Image Of Islam. Why? 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

PLOTZ What Makes Danforth, Vance, Carter, And Mitchell The Good Guys? 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAFER Andrew Sullivan's Three-Faced Attack On Paul Krugman 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHUGAR Aaron Brown Does't Report. He Decides. You Lose. 01.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

SPRINTZEN What Bush Did In The First Six Months 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERSH Did The BushAdmin Airlift The Taliban And Al Qaeda Enemy Out Of Afghanistan By Mistake? 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHUGAR The Sept. 11 Military Screwup Nobody Talks About 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush State Of Union Will Use Traditional GOP "Jobs" As Excuse For Tax Cuts, Unpopular Projects, Deregulation, Weak Social Programs 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP New Congressional Report Sees At Least Two Years Of Deficit Spending. 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Congress Begins Election Year Session Divided On Bush Stimulus To Rich, Weakened Social Programs 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER While Congress Will Probably Pass Huge Deficits To Future Generations Rather Than Rescind Bush Tax Cuts, States Will Try Cutting Health Care For The Poor To Make Ends Meet 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT GOP Head Tosses Jeb Overboard To Justify Bush Lie About Income Tax 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Corrupt Congress, Enron Scandal, Should Make Campaign Finance Reform A No-Brainer 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Bush War Success Should Be Defined By History, Not Politics. 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN We Are Still Losing The War For The Hearts And Minds Of The Arab World 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

AN Neil Bush To Arabs: "The US media campaign against the interests of Arabs and Muslims and the American public opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be influenced through a sustained lobbying and PR effort." 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Yemen More Cooperative With U.S. After Hundreds Of Millions In Loans 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND Is Bush's Mind Subtle Enough To Understand The Thinking Of Musharraf? 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT NOW Bush Is Angry With Enron. His Mother-In-Law Lost Money 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Enron Is Proving Costly To Economy, But Bush Got A Million In Campaign Contributions Out Of Them 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Buddy Lay Got SEC To Exempt Enron From Anti-Depression Law 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRANOF How Congress Paved The Way For The Enron Scandal 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BYRON Six Degrees Of Enron Separation 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NOAH Conservative Pundits Blame Librals For Enron 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEMANN Making Sense Of The Enron Mess 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP O'Neill Reproach To Japanese Counterpart Calls One More Bush Campaign Position Into Question 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

PC Evidence Indicates That O’Neill Helped Enron Hide Financial Condition 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Continues War Against Environment Behind The Scenes 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ridge Security Plans Questioned, Since He Is Left Out Of White House Intelligence Briefings 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP FBI Focus Is On New Jersey As Anthrax Questions Remain Unanswered 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYM FBI Turns To Psychics for Sept. 11 Info 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Puitin Continues War Against Free Speech. Bush Should Say Something. 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIPMAN Russian Government Now Controls National TV, With "Self-Censorship" For The Rest 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP TV Talking Heads Continue Star Turns 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAUS What BLACK HAWK DOWN Doesn't Tell You 01.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Told Us He Paid No Attention To Polls, But His Paid Pollster Says Bush Is Working On The Black Vote Through MLK 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Majority Polled Don't Trust Bush To Do What's Right About Economy, Health Care, Education, Etc. 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Tax Cuts Already Passed Are Ticking Time Bombs That Will Destroy Social Services, Particularly Health Protections 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Inadequate Health Care Will Kill More People In The U.S. Than Al Qaeda 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Bush Budget Will Stress Arms And Security, Along With On-The-Books Tax Cuts To Rich 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Rove Says Bush Benefits As Leader Of War Party 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Part Of The Enron Investigation Must Be Cheney's Stonewalled Records 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Enron Got Plenty For Its Money Once Bush Occupied The White House 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

HAMILTON Enron In India Seen As Double-Dealing Corruption 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Anderson Says Enron Must Have Known About Illegal Shredding 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Why Did Our Portfolio Managers Screw Us With Enron Stock? 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LERACH Why Insiders Get Rich And The Little Guy Loses 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN One Man's "Business Philosophy" Is Another's Rip-Off 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "All of Washington has been blackened by Enron's shameful conduct." 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron's Woes Revive Debate On Campaign Finance 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Kerry Slams Bush Energy Policy, Enron 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE What Did Ari Know And When Did He Know It, Part II 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILBANK BushAdmin Manipulates Press Conferences By Knowing Questioners And Calling Upon Them 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM BushAdmin Using Philippines To Send Policy Message 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Afghan Rebuilding Will Be Much Harder Than Bombing --Powell 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Al Qaeda Could Have Scud Missiles, Sarin And Nerve Gas --U.N. Report 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Defiant Arafat Mentions Martyrdom 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Clinton Backs U.S. Pressure On Arafat 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Will Bush Caution Zemin About Civil Rights Abuses When He Visits China? 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Has A Mediocre Record When It Comes To National Parks 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

PIANIN Many Kids Throughout Nation Going To School Near Toxic Waste Sites 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHRIBMAN Both Parties May Avoid War, Scandals, Economy, And Weakening Of Civil Rights In Next Election 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT As In Other Wars, Washington Is A Boom Town 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

PERLSTEIN What Has Happened To Our Public Intellectuals? 01.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH Senior Saudi Diplomat Denounces U.S., Buys Into Oilgate 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Powell Says U.S. Forces In Gulf For Long Term 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "U.S. Helped Taliban To Safety" --New Yorker 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Camp X-Ray row threatens first British split with US 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Beef Up Nuke Power Plant Security, Don't Close Them Down [We Disagree.] 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

O'HANLON Bush Should Keep Nuke Testing On Back Burner 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Army Lost Track Of Anthrax Bacteria 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOURNIER Bush White House Has Fueled Enron Scandal With Its Responses 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Enron CEO No Longer "Kenny Boy" To Bush 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLABY Bush's Pitt Is Clearly Stonewalling For Enron Culture 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Ex-Enron Official Speeds Bush Army Energy Deals 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Fired Workers For Complaining Online 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Be Upfront, Scandal Vets Say 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

VAN NATTA Enron has written campaign checks to three-fourths of the senators, and nearly half of the members of the House, But Many More GOP's And Much Larger, With Bush's The Largest. 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Broken Campaign Promises And Promises That Should Have Been Broken 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Will Leave World's Poor Children Behind When It Comes To Providing Simple Vaccinations 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FT China Downplays Bugging Of U.S. Jet Sold To Them 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WHITAKER "Israel has so far failed to substantiate its crucial claim that the [arms ship] belongs to the Palestinian Authority." 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Israeli Army Takes Over Entire Palestinian Administered Town" 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Don't Abandon ME Peace Hopes --Clinton 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Now That States Have Given Tax Cuts To You Know Who, Not Enough Money To Keep Criminals In Jail 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Low-Key Daschle Leading Party Into Pivotal Year 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

RC Daschle For President Domain Names Locked Up 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

KONDRACKE Repugs Cheer As Dems Split On Bush Tax Cuts 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT A Worried GOP Learning Spanish 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP House Control Up For Grabs 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

USN Senate In The Balance. Who Will Rule? 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

BBC Photo Of Bush Pretzel Injury Suggests Severity Of Fall 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER Bush Refuses To Cough Up Pretzel's Brand Name 01.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Reports Indicate BushAdmin Did Even Less Than Clinton's To Combat Actual Terrorism Prior To 11 Sept. Why? 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANGER Bush Successes Based On Same Thing As Failures. Sees The World In Black And White. 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Gephardt Denounces Rove's GOP Call As Party Of War "Shameful" 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Bush's State Of Union Call To Reduce Gap Between Rich And Poor Will Test Gullibility Of The American People 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

TURNIPSEED Preamble To The Corporate Constitution Of The United States 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH The United States Of Enron 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

HINKLEY How Corporate Law Inhibits Social Responsibility 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

UCHITELLE The Rich Are Different. They Know When to Leave. 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Employees Lost Jobs, Savings, And Trust 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

VAN NATTA Politics, Business, And Society Blur In Bush Family's Houston 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR "Bush Is Culpable" For The "Contaminated Slime" That "Enron/Andersen/et al. Is About." 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZWEIFEL Bush's O'Neill Should Get "The Most Callous Clod of the Year Award." 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER Did Bush's Pitt Give Green Light To Document Destruction In '94 Article? 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT While Bush Is Focused On Enron-Like Energy Bill In Senate, Opponents Demand Release of Stonewalled Cheney Energy Papers 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND U.S. Military Seen As Stabilizing Influence By Central Asians 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Early Signs Are That Bush Is Going To Break His Promise To Afghanistan 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS In The Arab World, Forget Presidential Speechs And Pay Attention To Tribal Loyalties 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

MITCHELL It's Easier To Bomb A Foreign Country Than To Protect America's Shores 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRIGHT Rumsfeld Doesn't Seem To Understand The Bigger Picture 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Musharraf's Bold Jan 12 Speech 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WEINER The CIA's Domestic Reach 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Terrorism Comment in Oregon Prompts a Comedy of Errors 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT How To Get Through Airport Security, Fast 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush's Texas Republicans Actually Want To Defend Sleeping Lawyers In U.S. Supreme Court 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Talk Magazine Ends, Spin Begins 01.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC Rove Tells Republicans To Become War Party 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Has Provided Only "Vague And Conflicting" Descriptions Of Our War In The Philippines 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Bush Will Practice Consumer Fraud In Upcoming State Of The Union Address 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Got Us Into This Mess, Now How's He Going To Fix It? --DNC 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH The United States Of Enron 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Cheney Intervened On Behalf Of Enron In India 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN Enron And The Bushes 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

MEYERSON The Real Scandal Is Enron's Enablers 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

BOROSAGE Enron Conservatives 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ex-Enron Executive Quits as Top Texas Utility Regulator 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

GREIDER Crime In The Suites 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Lay, After Being Warned That Enron Was Tanking, Told Public To Buy More Stock 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

BIVENS The Enron Box 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

FINEMAN Enron Donations Could Taint Probe on Capitol Hill 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Bush To Lay: What Was Your Name, Again? 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Looks Like Gramm, Board, Were Players In Enron's Questionable Dealings 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Reading Czar Finds Himself In The Middle Of The Phonics Mess 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Daschle Too Timid To Take On Bush Tax Cut 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

MOONEY With The GOP, Daschle Bashing Is Here To Stay 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

MOONEY George Will Gets Week's Prize For Most Partisan Journalist 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

THRUPKAEW Sick Tactics Of The Anti-Abortion People 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

KAMINER Free Speech Does Not Include the Right To Terrorize People 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

PUTNAM How Sept. 11 Changed Community Attitudes 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Income Tax Cheating On The Rise 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

BERGER Pat Buchanan's Deviant Logic 01.19/02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "Are markets always self-regulating? No. Is deregulation always the answer? No. Are capitalists always well-behaved and public-spirited? No. Can we ignore the effect of our campaign money system on politicians? No. Can we be indifferent to the undue influence that certain big companies have on our government? No. Can rank-and-file employees do without the protections of law against the abuses of more powerful actors in the marketplace? No." 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS We need to be a little nervous about class warfare as economic pain bites in and Bush does little. 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Should Acknowledge That His Tax Cuts Are Not Affordable 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUTLER U.S. Oil Companies Plan Afghan Pipeline, Have Bought Into Russia's 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Enron And Bush So Enmeshed In Our Corrupt Business System That A Bailout Would Have Been A Political Disaster 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron Reached Deep Into Bush's Administration 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Similar To Daddy's S+L Scandal, Media Took Too Long To Blow Whistle On Junior's Enron 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

MATTHEWS Dems Should Clobber The GOP With Enron 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Smoking Gun"? Bush Still Refuses To Give Congress Enron-Related Energy Documents 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Bush Promised "Plain Speaking," But We're Not Getting It From Him On Enron 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Light Of Enron Scandal Shines On Bush Buddies Sen. And Dr. Gramm 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Plan To Weaken Fed Oversight Of Corporations Stalled By Protests In Congress 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCCO Bush Clearly Has No Solution For Our Health Care Mess 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Plans to Delay Requirement That Utilities Cut Emissions 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

SUTER With New Talk of an Attack on Iraq, January 2002 is Looking More and More Like January 1991 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

CIARROCCA Bush's Solution To Our Nuclear Problem Is Just Not Realistic 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Sources Say Saudis Want U.S. Military Out 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLOYD The Bush-Carlyle-Tony Blair Connection 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Improvement In Airline Security Is Modest As Obvious Holes Remain 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED New Airline Security System Is Not Safe Enough 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

PRICE Airlines Protected From Being Sued While Sept. 11 Victims Not Fairly Compensated 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Intelligence Says Future Attacks Could Be By Asian, African Al Qaeda 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ashcroft Issues Attack Alert Based On Five Videos 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY Conservatives, Not Liberals, Are the Ivory Tower Intellectuals Divorced From Reality 01.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

STATE Republicans Used Redistricting Software To Find Out Where Blacks Live 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

OS Bush-Appointed Head Of Republican Party Worked As Enron Lobbyist 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP GOP Chair Of House Energy Committee Investigating Enron Refuses To Give Back Its Money 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Kennedy Urges Deferral of Some Bush Tax Cuts 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Unions Say Bush Is Exploiting War On Terrorism To Continue His War On Unions 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Anti-Terrorism Mantra Used To Justify Abuses In U.S., Worldwide--Human Rights Watch 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

VULLIMAY Bush Is Up To His Neck With Enron 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush's Economic Advisor, Who Worked For Enron, Concluded A Potential Collapse Was No Threat To U.S. Economy 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush-Enron Link Strengthened By White House Refusal To Release Records From Meetings 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROWNSTEIN After Enron, Bush Has Little Wiggle Room In His Defense Of Unrestricted Corporations 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT Bush Buddy Gramm And Wife Danced To Enron's Tune 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Auditor Anderson Received Warning On Enron Five Months Ago 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush SEC Chair Investigating Enron's Auditor Worked As Lawyer Representing Anderson 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Paid No Taxes And Got Refunds In 4 of 5 Years 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Full text of warning letter suggests that a senior executive at Enron was not telling Kenneth Lay anything new. 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

HAMM America's Homegrown Terrorists 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

AFP Arroyo under fire for US special forces deployment in Philippines 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

SICAT Similarities Between Vietnam And The Philippines 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

TODAY Deployment Of U.S. Troops In Philippines Assailed 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT History of Iranian Collusion With Terrorist Group Hezbollah 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT U.S. Says Tribal Leaders Balk at Aiding Search for Taliban 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

OMBWATCH One In Six Americans Vunerable To Chemical Plant Attacks, But Plants Have Failed To Cut Hazards 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOKOLSKY Bush nuke review does not deliver on the fundamental changes he promised. 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Pretzel Logic True To Form 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Facts Find Sept. 11 Myths Misleading 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALSH "The Non-Confessions Of St. Ralph" Nader 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES FBI Takes Over Levy Case, Condit The Focus Of Investigation 01.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

TRILLING Bush Goes Into the Energy Business With Russia 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Texans Riled Up Over Bush's Attempt To Hide His Papers In Daddy's Library 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Dems Need To Go On Offensive As Bush Continues To Loot The Treasury 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOONEY Bush's War Against Daschle 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERTZBERG Bush Is The One Behind His Admin's Attempt To Turn Daschle Into Satan 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONSORTIUM Bush's Off-Target "Heartland" Pitch In The Wake Of 11 Sept. 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

JUDIS Bush-League Economics 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MCINTYRE Why There Was No Stimulus Bill 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Rumsfeld's Defense Budget Undercuts Bush's Early Promise 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERTSGAARD "The EPA's ombudsman says Whitman muzzled him for criticizing a sweetheart Superfund settlement with a big investor in her husband's firm." 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOVINS "The energy-policy alternative to Saudi dependency isn't Arctic drilling." 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRY Enron's India Disaster 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

ERICSON The Enron Story You Haven't Heard 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron's Ties To Tom DeLay Went Beyond Contributions 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIDGEWAY Sen. Gramm Pushed End to Oversight for Campaign Contributor Enron 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

DN "Big Oops" Shows Bush's Economic Advisor Was Paid By Enron 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Anderson Dismisses Head Of Enron Audit 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS Enron's Anderson Now Faces The Likelihood Of Criminal Investigations 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT With Justice Dept. Leaders In Conflict Of Interest, Ashcroft Uses "Pick-Up" Team To Go After Enron 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHRAG Ashcroft's Hypocrisy 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

STARR Liberty Since 11 Sept. 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

SLAUGHTER "International criminal courts may be the best way to bring terrorists to justice.". 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Warlords Ready With Sharpened Claws If Bush Fails To Keep Peace In Afghanistan 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Special Forces Sent To Phillippines To Fight 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

BARGHOUTI "For his own political survival, [Sharon] will do whatever it takes, and look for any excuse, to stoke the flames of unrest and avoid a return to peace negotiations." 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "2 Civilians From Israel Killed in Palestinian Militant Attacks" 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOA "Israeli Arabs Are Key to Negotiations-So Why Are They Still on the Periphery?" 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Faith-Based Committee Of Nation's Leaders Nixes Bush's Direct Aid To And Discrimination By Religious Charities 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN Listening to Lyndon: Is He Credible? 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

CJR Larry Flynt's Lonely Battle Against Dept. Of Defense 01.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLICK "Not Even Stupidity Excuses Bush's 'Pakis' Slur " 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Can a Jew Go to Heaven? George W. Bush Answered "No" in 1994 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Involvement In Enron And Carlyle "Stinks To High Heaven" 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRIODY Carlyle's "making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government and industry." 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Lay Was Warned Of Scandals Early, Nixed "Detailed Analysis" 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Lynn Cheney's "Intellectual Home" Stonewalls Reporting Of Lay's Cash Contibutions 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Bush Should Say, "Mr. Lay, Give Back The Money," But He Won't 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAGE No, It's A Political Scandal, And It's Not Going Away Soon 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Lay Brings Previous Statements Into Question With Disclosure Of Repament Of Loan With Enron Stock 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WILL Instead Of Bush Anger Over People Screwed By Enron, We Get "Slippery Assertions" That He's Blameless 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CALLAHAN Links Between Bush and Enron Highlight the Need for Campaign Finance Reform 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER When In Doubt, Shred It 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Corporate Welfare Violates Global Trade Rules 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Once Again, Why Do They Hate Us? 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

RUBIN Now That We Rid Afghans Of Taliban, What Will Be Done About The Corrupt Replacements? 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES Kandahar comes out of the closet 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS The Afghan Conflict Is Only Beginning, As Bush Begins Plan To Dominate Caspian Basin Black Gold Rush 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHERNUS "Endless war is just what the government has in mind." 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINGSOLVER "In hard times, some confuse a nationalistic intolerance [with] patriotism." 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

MUWAKKIL We're now in a period of "manufactured ignorance" and "dangerous triumphalism." 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

JONES "What exactly does President Bush mean by 'terrorists'?" 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Masharraf's Moves Should Help Defuse India-Pakistan Tensions 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

MAXWELL "The continued denial of a relationship between Israel and the twin towers tragedy is bad for everyone." 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZAKARIA Used As Scapegoat By Presidents In The Past, CIA Is "Ill-Equipped" For Intelligence Job 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIBBARD The CIA is increasingly dependent on its fledgling venture capital arm. 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES "Inventitator scientifically of the hobblehoy baffle-talk sandwich ," Dead At 90. 01.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Chokes On Pretzel, Faints, Falls 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Tx. Congressman Ron Paul Called For Investigation Of Book's Allegations About BushAdmin, Taliban Oil Interests 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP GOP Pressure Forced CIA To Change Its Nuke Threat Assessments 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

SLATER Facts And Interviews Don't Support Bush Contention About Lay 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

VAN NATTA Bush Cabinet Members Deny Obligation To Inform Bush Of Enron Calls 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT While Enron Execs Skimmed Their Money, Bush Cabinet Memembers Stayed Mum As Employees Got Screwed 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT There's No Law Against Enron Giving Large Donations To Politicians' Favorite Charities 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CBS Enron Spin Cycle 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIME Anderson Lawyer Told Employees To Destroy Enron Documents. Done Over Several Weeks. 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MORGENSON Enron Bankruptcy The Prime Indictment Of Wall Street's Approach To Business 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC How Wall Street Greased Enron's Money Machine 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Dems Split On Politics Of Enron 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Like Bush Did In Texas, Many States Cut Taxes For The Rich, Weakened Their Rainy-Day Funds, And Now Cry Poverty For Basic Social Programs 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLOYD From Funeralgate To Florida 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED BushAdmin Fuel-Cell Auto Plan Is, In Reality, A Setback To Fuel Efficiency And War On Global Warming, And Junks Worthwhile Gore Program 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALETAN Bush And Daschle Play Liars' Poker 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

CLARK "The land of the free becomes the home of the hypocrite" 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND Search For Bin Laden Likened To "Fool's Gold," With Tiff Between CIA, Pentagon 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIATT White House Web Site Highlights Ignores War On Terrorism 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Policy In Colombia "Unrealistic" 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Our Conservative Supreme Court Most Interested In Defending Flawed Death Systems In States 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOAR Little Evidence To Back Up Bush Support Of Privatization 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WNJ Delaware Supreme Court, Like Some Political Web Sites, Looking For A Few Good Commercial Sponsors 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAUS "What did Buddy know, and when did he know it?" 01.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

VAN NATTA Bush White House Breaks All The Rules Of Damage Control 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Critics Zero In on Hard-To-Believe Administration Silence Scenario on Enron Contacts 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

VULLIAMY Lay Pressed Bush To Call Tom Ridge On Enron's Behalf, And Bush Did So 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHATTERJEE As Governor, Bush Allowed Enron To "Pollute Without Permit" And Gave It "Immunity From Prosecution " 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES George W. Bush Get Layed 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROWN "Bush and his administration have been complicit in every action that Enron has taken" 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Before Debacle, Enron Insiders Cashed in $1.1 Billion in Shares 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEWIS Sec. O'Neill Is Bush's Odd Man Out 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

KOHUT Here's An Entire Analysis Of Future Bush Popularity Without Mentioning Enrongate 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT States Seek To Counter Bush's Corporate War On Health, Energy, Antitrust, Etc. Regulations 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Continues War On Environment As He Gives Lip Service And A Clean-Up Bill That Covers Corporations From Greater Liability 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

MUFSON Bush Tax Ultimatum May Have Been A Tactical Error 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

METCALF Bush's Under-Funded And Over-Mandated Ed Bill Will Benefit Conservatives And Corporations 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHERWIN Tattletales for an Open Society 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Airlines Have Let Us Down On Meeting Security Deadline 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT U.S. Government Still Selling Papers Showing How to Make Germ Weapons 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOBBS Iran's Quest For Power Has Russian Influence 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRANTZ "With South Asia at the brink of war, who can (or will) rein in Pakistan's spy agency?" 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BURNS Pakistani Leader Stands at Dangerous Crossroad 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Afghanistan, Nation-Building On The Moon 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Israel Strikes Palestinian Naval Base 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ESTERON Israel Must Take Part In Helping Palestinian Refugees 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMILEY Conservatives Need To Get Message: War On Terrorism Includes Our Home-Grown Terrorists 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZERNIKE "Can Crying Race Be Crying Wolf?" 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS HUEY FREEMAN, AMERICAN HERO 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICHTEL News Tickers: "Bin Laden looks elegant at 35, while Julia Roberts remains at large" 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Gays Have Mixed Reactions To Gay TV Plan 01.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONASON Loons Now In White House. Aides Really Believe Bush Has Been Selected By God 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

PITT Enrongate and Osamagate Mean Bush's Apocalypse Is At Hand 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW First Chapter Of "Explosive" Book About Bush, Taliban, Oil, And 11 Sept. (in English) 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Richard Helms’s Afghani Niece Leads Corps of Taliban Reps In U.S. 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

RALL Afghan War More About Oil Than "Evil Ones" 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFBG Bush Has Appointed Former Unacol Consultant As Special Envoy To Afghanistan 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Former CIA director: Saudis partially to blame for 9/11 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHUCKMAN War Propaganda And Afghanistan 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

FAIR NYT Buries Story of Airstrikes on Afghan Civilians 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Activists at Bush visit protest Afghan civilian deaths 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

PODVIN "Intregity Is For Paupers!" Shouts Tim Russert 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

PHILLIPS "War In Afghanistan Is Being Whitewashed By Millionarie Talk Show Hosts" 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Compassionate Conservatives Vs. Enron Conservatives 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALSH NY Times Defends Bush On Enron Links 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

POWERS Enron And The Fine Art Of Bankruptcy 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

CALLAWAY Enron Will Be Worse Than Bush's Whitewater 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Enron Auditor (Anderson) Reports They Destroyed "Significant" Documents 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

TPJ Official In Enron's Auditing Firm (Anderson) A Bush Pioneer 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

RENO Bush Says He's Had Contact With Enron Officials Up Until Six Weeks Ago [Bankruptcy Filed Dec. 2] 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Cabinet's O'Neill And Evans Talked Bailout With Enron In Nov., But Claim They Didn't Tell Bush 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROTH Ken Who? Bush Becomes Defensive 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Ashcroft And His Chief Of Staff Remove Selves From Enron Case To Avoid Conflict Of Interest Charges 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

FERTIK Ashcroft's Deputy AG Larry Thompson Also Tied to Enron 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

USN Trust Names Enron's Wendy Lee Gramm The Clean Air 'Villain of the Month' 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Enron CEO Calls Questioner Of Accounts "Asshole" 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ENRONGATE Site Demands Special Prosecutor 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Our States Are Now Wretched By Following Bush's Economic Methods 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

FINEMAN Arms Buildup Enriches Carlyle, Firm Staffed by Big Guns 01.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

DEAD LINK? Place cursor over headline...click right...click on "open in new window."

WEISBERG Bush Is Hastening Washington's Decline In Ethics 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT "Legalized bribery and influence-peddling passes for government these days.". 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Walks Fine Line Between Political Hack And Wartime President 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

PINCUS Bush Pledge On Nuke Bomb Reductions "A Mockery" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Second Butler-Zahn Interview About "Explosive" Book 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com


ARCHIVES Bush's Afghan Oil Pipe Dream 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com


ARCHIVES US efforts to make peace summed up by 'oil' 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Excerpts from the Speech of JOHN P. O'NEILL 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

DAVIS "What brought the World Trade Center down was not the strike but the fuel" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM FBI Ushers In "New McCarthyism" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

POWERS The Trouble With The CIA 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

COEHEN A Wiretap In Every Home 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush, O'Neill, Breaux Distort Both Daschle's Speech And Economic Reality 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRIODY Carlyle's "making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government and industry" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

DUNBAR Enron executives who dumped stock were heavy donors to Bush 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Ashcroft To Form Committee To Investigate Enron. [Uh-Huh.] 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Full Coverage Of Enron Scandal 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CODY U.S. Role In Civilian Deaths Debated 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Angered By Reports That Taliban Leaders Are Being Set Free By Afghans 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCKBURN Is there a kinder, gentler leadership in Afghanistan ? 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRIGHT The Rage Of The Man In The Arab Street 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE "Arafat's Implausible Denials" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP "Israeli Troops Flatten Gaza Homes" 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

HARPER Patriotic Pitches Wearing Thin 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

KONNER Media's Patriotism Provides a Shield for Bush 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Bush dodged Vietnam draft, court told 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHALES Ex-newsman's case for "liberal media" full of holes 01.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW The Man Who Knew Too Much: Who Killed John O'Neil? 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN "Explosive New Book Published in France Alleges that U.S. Was in Negotiations to Do [Oil] Deal with Taliban" 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Were The Sept. 11 Attacks Bin Laden's Pre-Emptive Strikes? 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZWEIFER GOP, Enron in Bed But Press Snoozes 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Cheney Met Six Times With Enron Execs 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

TAUSCHER The Nation Really Can't Afford Bush's Tax Cuts 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAMUELSON Economists' Conventional Wisdom Unfounded, Recession Most Likely Will Continue 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

REEVES This White House Thinks The Public Has No Right To Know 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

RALL Now That Bush Has Not Done What He Said He Was Going To Do, We Must Praise Him, Not 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Fill Out the Do-It-Yourself Bush Report Card 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER "With blase arrogance," Bush "does not grasp the suffering engendered by his policies." 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Fed Judge Overturns Bush Anti-Union Executive Order 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Dems, Attorneys General Vow To Fight Bush's Pro-Pollution Plans 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

AXTMAN Political Dissent Can Bring Federal Agents to Your Door01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Supreme Court Weakens Disability Law 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Bloody Evidence Of U.S. Blunder" 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED It Appears That Bush Has Made Afghanistan "Secure and Stable" For Corruption And Instability 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Where Are Osama Bin Laden And Dick Cheney Hiding Out? 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

DUELFER If Junior Gets What He Says He Wants In Iraq We'll Be Back To His Dad's Square One 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Needs To Bring Congress, American People Into The Battlefield Dialogue 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHERNUS The Big Lie is Bush's Most Powerful Weapon 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD TV Finally Admits That It's Selling Sex, Not News 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM ED World Should Be Demanding More Of India And Pakistan 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Hawk Wolfowitz Sees Somalia As Next Battleground, Not Iraq 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI Iran Sent Palestinians Arms, U.S. Should Attack Iran First, Says Pundit 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHIPLER "Palestinians Should Switch to Soothing Israelis' Valid Fears" 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KELLY "It All Points To Arafat" 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Suicide Crash Raises Security Issues 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

REEVES Campaign Finance Reform: Joke Of The Entire Nation 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLANDERS Despite Last Year’s Election Reform Rhetoric, Nothing’s Changed 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

RALL Hastert, Thurmond Split Electoral College Vote, Jude Judy Opines 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

BABINGTON Dems' Magic Number In House Is Six 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

STAMLER Steps To Lower the Level Of Hatred And Fury In the World 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "Try To Remember The Kind Of September..." 01.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRIGHT Bush Should Not Be Deceived About High Ratings For Office Of President 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Fed Regulators Urge Easing U.S. Rules on Air Pollution 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Considers Underground Nuke Testing 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Illnesses Bring New Doubts About Toxic Exposure Near Ground Zero 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Tax Cuts Leave Him "Ill-Equipped" To Deal With War And Recession 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE Bush Flag Waving For His Budget Policies Is Dishonest 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Word Choice In Poor Taste, But Whatever Happened To Alan Greenspan? 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARSHALL Does Bush's Economist Really Know What He's Talking About? 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALSTEAD Bush's Rhetoric And Symbolic Remedies Do Not Solve Education's Financing Problems 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Upgraded Driver's Licenses Are Urged as National ID's 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFC ED How Ashcroft Censored Your Right To Know Under The Radar 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Remote Afghans Are Slowly Starving 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC How Suburban Dallas Housewife Became Bride Of Al Qaeda 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES President Clinton Wants Senate To Hurry With New Terrorism Laws 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Cops: Dead Teen Pilot Supported Bin Laden 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARINER "Is There Such A Thing As Good Terrorism?" 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

GERECHT "The Necessity Of Fear" 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

HITCHENS "The utter unfitness of our police and intelligence chiefs for the supreme power they now wish." 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP U.S. Envoy Ends ME Mission Without Truce Agreement 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP "Captain Backs Israeli Weapons Claim" 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALTHANER "What U.S. Taxpayer Should Know" 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO "Florida Witch Hunt" 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

STROMBERG The Conservatives Are Great At Conserving Greed 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Bush Visits Top Contributor [ Enron's Lay] For Houston Baseball Bash 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES Bush Shoots From The Lip, Again 01.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW Bushlexia Sweeps Nation With Help Of Media 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUMILLER Recent Bushisms Call For A Primer 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WEISBERG How Bush's shallowness makes him a good war president. 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

POLMAN Is The Public's Perception Of Bush Changing Because His Critics Have Been Gagged? 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIEHL Bush's Simplistic Explanation Of War On Terrorism "Impossible To Apply" 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOLONIK Censoring Michael Moore 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

RASPBERRY Have Reporters, Particularly Republicans, Become Partisan PR Spinners? 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE Pundit Explains Self As "libertarian conservative Republican contrarian iconoclast." 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Americans Feel Grip Of Recession 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Tactic Of Wrapping Tax Cut In The Flag "Ill-Advised" 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

ABC What About The Voters' Dead Bodies? 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER U.S. Fueled Argintina's Economic Collapse 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANGER Bush's South Asia Strategy: Keep Terrorism as the Villain 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush And Company "Gloss Over Apparant [War] Failure" 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Probe Of Sept. 11 Financing Wraps Up Phase One 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Enron's Lay, Who Slept In White House Under Poppy, Flew Junior Around During Campaign 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

IWRY Employees Should Be Protected From Employers' Stock 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

TOMORROW Cartoon Guide To Enron Collapse 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Dead Teenage Pilot Left Note Praising 11 Sept. Attacks 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA After All That Talk Since 11 Sept., U.S. Response to Attack Still Inadequate 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHIPLER "Neither side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has figured [it] out ." 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SPT Advisor Protests Sami Al-Alrain Firing 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLABY Why Bush's O'Neill Is Wrong About Cutting Off Foreign Aid 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

PETERSON Public has been shortchanged by Pentagon restrictions on reporters' access to the battlefield 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

HENTOFF Hecklers And Protected Speech. What Would Ashcroft Say? 01.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BrzezinskiFBI, CIA Warned By Foiled Plot, Discovered Documents, Of Terrorists Taking Flying Lessons In U.S. As Part Of Planned Attack, But Response, If Any, Was Obviously Inadequate 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED "Thuggish" Burma Goes Nuclear With Russian Reactor, Two Pakistani Scientists With Muslim Extremist Connections 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALLISON Bush Talks Oil With Kazakhstan, But What About Anti-Nuclear Proliferation? 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS You've lost your job, you've got no health insurance and so Bush promises you a tax credit in the future, and somehow that's supposed to pay for your health insurance 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Was And Is Dead Wrong. Huge Decline Seen In Projected Budget Surplus 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Greenspan Has Done His Part, But Bush Has Not 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Daschle Links Bush With Deficit 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Daschle Blasts Bush Tax Cuts 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Says Read My Lips "Over My Dead Body." 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROTHKOPF We Can't Afford A Void At Treasury. O'Neill Must Go. 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WURM Supporting our leaders in their war effort does not mean accepting total agendas without question. 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

TURNIPSEED Affluenza Epidemic Hits, Bush's Enron Gets Sick 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Don't Investigate Bush-Enron Connections Just Yet, Bury Them For Now. [Sure.] 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

BARBATO 10 Things To Do During Our Six Months High Alert 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRAHAM Relying on Afghan Allies Said to Cost U.S. Control 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Writers From Nine Countries Give Bush Some Foreign Policy Advice 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

MAC ARTHUR Those who script Bush foreign policy use Osama to distract us from awkward links to the Saudi regime 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN To counter Osama's authentic message of hate, you need an authentic messenger of progress, tolerance and modernism, and ME leaders are not providing it. . 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHIVERS "Afghan City, Free Of Taliban, Returns To Rule Of Thieves" 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS India Calls Musharraf Handshake Grandstanding 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Regional Conference Ends Without Talks Between India And Pakistan 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

KHAN Mandela To Apologize To Muslim Leaders For Supporting U.S. War On Terrorism 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHMEMANN Experts Say If Sadam Is Next, Do It Fast Before Public Has Time To Complain 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON See, There's This Guy So Gullible He Believes His TV 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Health Dept. Lack Of Knowledge, Communication, Gives Guide For Future Bioterrorism Battles 01.06.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH "9/11" is now free to be a brand, ready to do its American duty and move product. 01.05.02

ESTABROOK Powell says the product we're selling is democracy. 01.05.02

WP Analysts for Congress say Bush's tax cuts wouldn't help much. 01.05.02

PEAR Bush Drug Discount Cards Do Not Give the Elderly Savings As Promised 01.05.02

NYT Unemployment rate nearly 6%. 01.05.02

REUTERS Jobless Enron Has Given Nearly $6 Mil To Candidates, Mostly Republican, Particularly Bush 01.05.02

NYT Daschle says Bush caused "most dramatic fiscal deterioration in our nation's history." 01.05.02

WP ED Daschle "must muster the courage to propose a reversal of the Bush tax cuts." 01.05.02

KRUGMAN Congress Is Polarized Because Dems Refuse To Become Moderate Republicans 01.05.02

BG Under Cover Of War Against Terrorism, Bush Continues War Against Environment 01.05.02

WP Was Bush Agent "Abusive" Or Was Airline "Racial Profiling"? 01.05.02

KING Bush Agent Removed From Airline, Book With The Word "Arab" Found In Belongings. 01.05.02

TURLEY Use Profiling Judiciously 01.05.02

AP Bush Appointee Would Deadlock Civil Rights Panel, Making It Ineffectual 01.05.02

SAID "Is Israel more secure now?" 01.05.02

NYT "Israel Seizes Ship It Says Was Arming Palestinians" 01.05.02

NYT U.S. Green Beret Killed In Action. 01.05.02

KAMEN Getting Hip To The New Pentagon-Speak 01.05.02

NYT Pakistan to turn over Taliban ambassador, Al Qaeda members. 01.05.02

NYT Pakistan, India shake hands At summit. 01.05.02

FAI Kashmir's rights, not India's can't be denied 01.05.02

CSM Florida Drug Traffic Rises As U.S. Shifts To Terrorism 01.05.02

BRASCH Exit Cheney, enter Bridge? 01.05.02

AP Ridge extends nationwide alert to encompass Olympic Games 01.05.02

LAT Inspector General Janet Rehnquist, daughter of U.S. Chief Justice William Rehnquist, found that the workshops by the Stop AIDS Project appeared to directly promote sexual activity 01.05.02

AP Interior's Foot Dragging On Security Leads To Judicial Shutdown of Computer System 01.05.02

WEINBAUM Compensate all 9/11 families equally 01.05.02

CSM New year, new laws: Watch it with that burger! 01.05.02

KINSLEY Ashcroft Doesn't Need To Repress Us As Long As We Repress Ourselves 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

WADE Slow economic growth and vast income disparities breed terrorism 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

REED Bush Needs To Do Something Positive To Make His Anti-Welfare Policy Work 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN Bush's Enron Buddies Have Walked Away Very Rich At The Expense Of Their Employees 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED Bush Should Direct Cheney To Give Up Documents About Possible Enron Influence 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

MOKHIBER Enron Included Among The Top Ten Worst Corporations Of The Year 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

LAT New Deficits to Force Boost of BushAdmin Debt Ceiling 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT Fed Court Ruling Eases Restrictions on Tax Shelters for Companies 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT Daschle Speech Will Begin Dem Offensive On Bush Abuse Of The Economy 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

KRISTOF Anthrax Killer Is Probably An Insider, A Skilled Microbiologist 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

GONZALEZ "Lack of Reporting Civilian Casualties from the War in Afghanistan is Keeping Americans in the Dark" 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

HEROLD "Who Will Count The Dead?" 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

REILLY "Over 3,767 civilians killed by U.S. in Afghanistan; Pentagon misleads." 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Afghan Gvt. Silent On U.S. Bombing Casualties 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Pentagon Splits Hairs With Media, But Denies Deception 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVES "For Bush, Conservatives Have Lowered The Bar Re Military Service" 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

SMITH How The "Treacly Trope" Media Has Played Into Bush's Hands Since 11 Sept. 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

SALUTIN Media din sells more repression with no relief from terror 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Bush Heats Up His War Against Unions 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT Afghan Warlords Are Now Stealing Food Shipments From The People 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

IPS Hopes Recede for Indo-Pakistan Dialogue in Summit 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

FLANDERS Will India Follow the U.S. Example and Respond to 'Terrorists' with Military Strikes? 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

LITVINOVICH U.S. Is Exerting Military Influence In Somalia, Yemen 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

ARCHIVE "The Oil Factor In Somalia" 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

WP U.S. Focuses On Somalia As Al Qaeda Haven 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

DAVIS A Modest Proposal? 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

DIONNE Bush Likes Teddy, But Has He Read The Whole Book? 01.04.02 www.bushreport.com

RIDGEWAY Paris Reporters Say Bush Threatened War Last Summer 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush's War Message Brings Political Gains 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

CONASON Media Blame Game For Sept. 11 Requires A Mirror 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

KAMINER Don't Underestimate The Public's Willingness To Remain In Ignorance 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

GONZALEZ Ignorance Is Not Bliss 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

LIGHTHIZER Fast Track To Nowhere 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

KUTTNER "Enron Dots Lead To Ideology And Organization Of Bush" 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

MARSHALL Over 30 BushAdmin Appointees Owned Stock In Enron 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Enron Executives Face Subpoenas 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

KUTLER "George W. uses 9/11 as a pretext to reverse the will of Congress" 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

FLETCHER "Bush's military tribunals haven't got a legal leg to stand on." 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

SCHRAG Ashcroft's Hypocrisy 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

SAFIRE "Ashcroft determined to keep the F.B.I.'s embarrassing history hushed up." 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

RENSE FBI May Be Implicated In Anthrax Mailings Cover-Up 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

FRANKLIN "Reason to believe that the FBI may not yet be up to the job." 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

LYONS "How many intelligence hoaxes must an American citizen swallow?" 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

ACLU Know Your Rights 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Report Finds Shortcomings In Energy Dept. Nuke Testing 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

SINGH Controlling Pakistan's Nukes 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT Israelis Withdraw From Two Palestinian Cities 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

LENZI Europe's Hotbed Of Terrorism 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

PEAR Daschle Fights For Mining Company Over Public Interest 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

MEYERSON Labor Rights, Environmental Standards, And Our House Of Lords 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Army Corps Of Engineering Using Bush Approach To Environment 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

LEWIS "Why I Won't Wave The Flag" 01.03.02 www.bushreport.com

FRIEDMAN Good War, Bush, Now Step Aside And Let Al Gore Be President 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

BRODER Bush's Stealthy Pursuit of a Partisan Air, Worker Agenda 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT ED In The Bush-Norton era, "on most environmental issues, commercial interests have got the upper hand." 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Bush Working Hard To Increase Air Pollution Without Penalty To Polluters 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Bush Ed Plan: Educators Fear Impact Of Emphasis on Scores 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

USA ED Under Bush Ed Plan, Don't Look For Schools To Reform Dropout Reporting 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

CSM ED With Bush, Kids Get More Protection From Teddy Bears Than Guns 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Forget About Any Real Health Care Improvements Under Bush 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

MINBIOT Progressives Can Fight Back if They Abandon The Old Strategies 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Democrats Plan to Tie GOP to Deficits 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

LONGWORTH Even Our Friends Don't Share America's Image of Itself 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

OBSERVER ED May This Be A Brave New Year 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Talks Uncertain as India, Pakistan Trade Bullets 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

DUGGER Different Kashmir Ending Seems Unlikely 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Pakistan Says Situation Explosive 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. Mediator Returning to Mideast as Violence Declines 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Israel Premier Vetoes Truce Plan 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Hijack Plot Suspicions Raised in Aug. Flight School Tipped FBI 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT In The Cia, "Betrayal and Paranoia Are Part of the Job " 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

CAROLAN Giuliani's Stadium Deal Is Corporate Welfare Similar To Bush's Texas Rangers 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

BASSIOUNI Beware Patriotism When It Seeks to Take Away Rights 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT A Frustrated A.C.L.U. Tries to Guide Consulates Through a Thicket 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

HUNTER Orwell's Prediction Of the Bush-Ashcroft World 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

WEISMAN Why Bush Calls His Former Hog Farm A "Ranch" 01.02.02 www.bushreport.com

O'HANLONWinning With the Military Clinton Left Behind 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Rehnquist Uses War To Complain About Judicial Holdups 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

JEFFORDS My Way, The High Way 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BUMILLER Bush "has claimed powers, and tried to aggrandize the office," but faces problems in congress. 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LAT '02 Elections Shaping Up As Cliffhanger. [So What Else Is New?] 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Dems Hammer Bush For Terrorism Focus At Expense Of Social Programs 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

PETRUNO Another Losing Year For The Stock Market 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Prudential Securities Analyist Says Enron's Traders Told "Lies" To Public 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Majority Of Americans Believe That Shortchanging Social Programs Worth It For Terrorism War Effort--Poll 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

TRAFFORD Santa Bush Gives Lump Of Coal Leaderlessness To Mentally Disabled 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP ED Since Bush Left Texas, Executions Have Gone Down. Oklahoma Now In Lead. 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LETTERS Teachers, City Workers, Civil Liberties Have Not Done Well Under Guiliani 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

LEDERMAN Rudy's Farewell Speech And His "Delusional Personality" 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BG India Backs Off Brink As Pakistan Arrests Key Terrorist 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

NYT U.S. May Send In Troops To Search For Omar 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

REUTERS Bush Appoints Muslim With Conservatie Defense Ties, Official In Father's Admin, As Special Envoy To Afghanistan 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

CLAWSON Another Hawk Checks In With Call To Remove Sadam 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

KRUGMAN See, There's This Country Named "Argentina," and... 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

MC GOVERN While We Can't Free World From Conflict, We Can Halt World Hunger 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP GAO Concerned About Conflict Of Interest Between Universities, Science Projects 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Mineta, Who Previously Reported Security Personnel Won't Need High School Education, Now Tells Us We'll Pay Up To $10 More Per Trip For Their Services 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Since May, BushAdmin Has Implemented Only 25% Of Its Own Energy Changes Under Its Control 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

WP Oregon Ill Fight Aschcroft's Actions To Change State Law 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

AP Foreign Diplomats Complain About Ashcrof's Secret Detainees 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

BG Harry Potter Burned At The Stake 01.01.02 www.bushreport.com

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