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NYT ED "The 1970 Clean Air Act is a landmark statute, deserving of thoughtful improvement. The...pallid... Bush bill, as written, is not the way to get there." 07.31.02

BORGER The White House will set up a new office to try to salvage America's plummeting image abroad, it was announced yesterday as an independent taskforce reported that even the country's allies saw the US as "arrogant", "hypocritical" and "self-absorbed" 07.31.02

COHEN "Bush's problem, and our own, is that he keeps trying to apply a dated ideology to a world where it still does not fit. We tried [unilateralism] once, and it didn't work. There's no reason to believe it will work now." 07.31.02

WP Citing Qualms, Lawmakers Seek Details on Iraq. Senate Hearings Begin Today On Threat, Risks of Invasion 07.31.02

BIDEN/LUGAR "We need to assess what it would take to rebuild Iraq economically and politically. Addressing these questions now would demonstrate to the Iraqi people that we are committed for the long haul. Iraq's neighbors would breathe easier if they knew the future had been thought through in detail. The American people, whose sons and daughters may be put in harm's way, need to have that same sense of assurance. Simply put, we need to know everything possible about the risks of action and of inaction. Ignoring these factors could lead us into something for which the American public is wholly unprepared " 07.31.02

RITTER What Biden Needs To Do In The Senate Committee Hearings On The Iraq Attack 07.31.02

DAALDER/LINDSAY "Two days of Senate hearings with nongovernment experts on the what, when, how and why of changing the regime in Iraq can in no way substitute for action by Congress as a whole. Let's be clear: Initiating action against Iraq would be an act of war -- justifiable perhaps, but still an act of war. Before such an action is initiated, Congress has a duty to speak on the issue -- by voting on whether to authorize the president to use force to remove Hussein from power. Those who believe Bush can initiate such action on his own authority are profoundly mistaken. The notion that he can runs counter to the most fundamental tenets of our constitutional system." 07.31.02

BUNCOMBE "An American military strike against Iraq could have such a negative effect on the US economy that the type of operation chosen by President George Bush and his advisers to oust Saddam Hussein could be influenced by its cost. " 07.31.02

FRIEDMAN "One thing I haven't seen much planning for is the impact an attack on Iraq would have on the world's oil market." 07.31.02

WP Rumors Of A Bagdad "Ebola" Lab Yet To Be Confirmed 07.31.02

FT U.N. Iraq "Weapons inspections were 'manipulated'"07.31.02

TYLER "Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld's remarks today about what would be required to eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction signaled an advanced state of debate inside the Bush administration - perhaps a reflection that time is getting short for decisions that have to be made if the goal is to take action early next year, before the presidential election cycle intrudes. " 07.31.02

ALLISON "Imagine, God forbid, that as the United States builds up an invasion force in the Persian Gulf, Hussein sends a secret letter to President Bush informing him that he has placed biological weapons in New York, Washington and several other U.S. cities. Where would the confrontation go from there? Before choosing war, the administration has an obligation to make the case that the proposed military campaign to topple Hussein really is the worst possible option -- except for all the others." 07.31.02

HA'ARETZ "Publicly, the administration got the cold shoulder from all the Arab countries except Kuwait. But in private talks, the administration received somewhat different messages that can be summed up as follows: Cooperation is possible as long as the attack does not drag the entire region into war; the assault must be about eliminating Saddam Hussein, not about dividing Iraq into three states or three cantons controlled by different interests; and the U.S. must achieve some measure of calm in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before it opens an Iraqi front. But Turkey's position remains unclear as it heads into an election whose outcome is uncertain. " 07.31.02

TISDALL "Is Iran next after Iraq? Iranians have good reason to wonder as the Bush administration refines bellicose plans for "regime change" in Baghdad. If George Bush can seriously contemplate an all-out invasion of the next-door neighbours, then Tehran's theocrats must ask what Washington has in store for them. After all, they meet Bush's fatuous "rogue state" criteria with ease. " 07.31.02

BRODER "While Washington continues to dangle tax cuts and boost both defense and domestic spending, dissipating the promised surpluses and running up a deficit for next year conservatively estimated at $165 billion, state and local governments are raising taxes and slashing vital services in order to balance their budgets.The paradoxes do not seem to bother Republicans, who have used their control of the White House and their leverage in Congress in ways that cause headaches -- and bring political vulnerability -- for their embattled governors. While President Bush was urging Congress to stay the course on the upper-bracket tax cuts scheduled for coming years and to make them permanent, his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, signed a budget that cut 37,000 low-income Floridians out of Medicaid-financed basic dental care." 07.31.02

NYT Signed Corporate Reform Bill Contains Nothing About Stock Options And Pension Funds Problems, Two Major Causes Of The Mess We're In 07.31.02

WP White House Image Makers Connect Bush To Corporate Reform As Bill Is Signed 07.31.02

GUARDIAN Toonist Offers An Anti-White House Image Of The Signing 07.31.02

TEATHER Bush "signing the bill, together with his recently adopted line in angry rhetoric, may not put the Republicans in the clear, in particular the vice-president, Dick Cheney, who is embroiled in controversy stemming from his stewardship of the oil services company Halliburton before he took office. " 07.31.02

WP The Fall Of Enron, Part Four: The Raptor Accounting Issue 07.31.02

NYT Senator Says Merrill Lynch Helped Enron 'Cook Books' 07.31.02

MERRITT "The only difference between Enron, WorldCom and the U.S. Postal Service is that Enron and WorldCom won't be using accounting trickery to mislead their stakeholders in the future. " 07.31.02

WP Bush Says He's Still Behind O'Neill As Treasury Sec's Loose Lips Cause More Trouble 07.31.02

DIONNE DEMS Have A Golden Opportunity With Corporate Corruption, But Could Blow It Through Timidity 07.31.02

BALZ Gore Stiffs The "New Dem's" Gathering Where The Focus Was On Old Ideas 07.31.02

DOWD "Democratic strategists think Bill has smiled on John Edwards's candidacy because he and Hillary want Mr. Edwards to lose to W. in 2004, thus diminishing him and clearing the way for a Hillary run in 2008. " 07.31.02

WP Senate Dems All Behind Drug Benefits Bill But Can't Get Needed Repug Votes 07.31.02

WP ED "The Senate should pass the Edwards-Collins bill whatever the fate of the Medicare drug proposal. But Medicare reform also deserves to pass, particularly in its latest [Dem] Senate version." 07.31.02

WP Senate Dems Get Women's Rights Bill To Floor In Spite Of Bush Opposition 07.31.02

NYT "For months, House Republican leaders blocked action against companies using the Bermuda device. But party discipline collapsed on Friday night when nearly half of the party's members voted with Democrats to deny companies using an offshore mailbox from holding contracts with the proposed Department of Homeland Security.Meanwhile, pressure to make the Bermuda issue go away from Republicans who are facing tough re-election fights is increasing the prospect that legislation will be enacted before November, denying tax breaks to companies using offshore mailboxes." 07.31.02

TRAYLOR "The same people who last summer thwarted an F.B.I. field office investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11 attack, want to enlist every goober who installs phone lines or delivers pizza to be the next Ace Ventura terrorist detective.It bothers me that those charged with defending our freedom would so cavalierly foster such an atmosphere of fear and suspicion. It bothers me to think that my postman might be paying more attention to where my mail is coming from than to where it's supposed to go. " 07.31.02

ABC Bush "War on Drugs Fails" 07.31.02

NYT ED "President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt describes himself as America's leading Arab ally. Yet his anti-democratic behavior is an embarrassment to Washington and an affront to his own people. " 07.31.02

GUARDIAN "The UN's outgoing human rights commissioner, Mary Robinson, says she was prevented from continuing in the job because of pressure from the US, which she has accused of neglecting human rights during the war against terrorism. " 07.31.02

PARRY "In the nine months since Sept. 11, George W. Bush has put the United States on a course that is so bleak that few analysts have - as the saying goes - connected the dots. If they had, they would see an outline of a future that mixes constant war overseas with abridgment of constitutional freedoms at home. " 07.30.02

HIGHTOWER Corporations are determined to turn our most essential resource, water, into another commodity for traders and speculators. 07.30.02

ENS Even with the ongoing and ever-deepening scandals surrounding the big energy companies, the Bush administration is objecting to legislation that would require 10 percent of the nation's energy to come from renewable sources by 2020. 07.30.02

NR Bush Is His Own Worst Enemy. As He Ties Himself To The Stock Market, Less Than A Majority Say They Would Vote For Him. 07.30.02

NR ED "It is by now painfully clear that the only constant in President George W. Bush's economic agenda is that it is determined almost entirely by politics." Say Goodby To O'Neill. 07.30.02

KUDLOW Conservative Pundit Says, "The shock therapy of decisive war [against Iraq] will elevate the stock market by a couple thousand points. " 07.30.02

NYT Because the U.S. would have to pay most of the cost and bear the brunt of any oil price shock, an American attack on Iraq could profoundly affect the economy. 07.30.02

AP Rumsfeld Says Iraq Attack Will Have To Be On The Ground, Meaning Greater Death Tolls On Our Side 07.30.02

NYT Jordanian King Says U.S. Attack on Iraq Would Roil Mideast 07.30.02

GUARDIAN Military commanders on both sides of the Atlantic are privately expressing deep unease about American plans to invade Iraq, believing they are ill thought out with the strategy to achieve the ultimate objective - toppling Saddam Hussein - far from clear. 07.30.02

CORNWELL "Mr Bush may demand regime change in Baghdad and Ramallah. Privately most Arabs wish he would press for a bit of regime change in Jerusalem. If the Middle East conflict continues to rage, Mr Bush may find that a successful war to remove Saddam may prove tragically counterproductive. " 07.30.02

MACINTYRE "Is it possible that Mr Blair will not back President Bush over Iraq? Britain has tended to side with the multilateralist, coalition-building approach of Secretary of State Colin Powell" 07.30.02

GUARDIAN No mandate: no war. America must not bypass the UN 07.30.02

NYT ED With the Bush administration openly threatening to overthrow Saddam Hussein, a public airing of the pros and cons of intervention is long overdue. 07.30.02

HUFFINGTON The Little Guy Takes It On The Chin -- And In The Wallet 07.30.02

KRUGMAN "Experts already knew that [Bush's Christie] Whitman had used creative accounting to justify a series of tax cuts. Last year New Jersey Policy Perspective, a local think tank, released a study of fiscal policies in the 1990's titled "Take the Money and Run." Among other things, the state stopped contributing to its pension funds. This made the budget look a lot better, but created a financial hole. In an attempt to fill that hole Governor Whitman violated the basic principles of pension funds by having them engage in stock arbitrage, borrowing money to speculate on the market. Now the state's taxpayers must make up for an investment loss of $22 billion, most of a year's tax receipts. But don't cry for New Jersey; Mrs. Whitman wasn't alone in her misbehavior.For one thing, many corporations with pension plans used a similar trick to inflate their bottom lines. As the current issue of Business Week explains, the pension time bomb involves large numbers; I'd say it's the equivalent of at least 50 WorldComs." 07.30.02

NYT In 1998, Merrill Lynch replaced an analyst who had angered Enron executives by rating the company's stock "neutral" with an analyst who soon upgraded the rating. 07.30.02

LOBE Colin Powell has lost virtually every major policy battle to the most reckless, single-minded members of the administration. So why does he stay? 07.30.02

ELDAR "Here's a Washington joke. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres are in a race to see who is the most irrelevant foreign policy maestro in the world. As usual, Peres comes in second... Some of the officials Powell brought with him to the State Department have begun looking for jobs in think tanks, and inside the state bureaucracy, the betting is on as to who will take Powell's place. " 07.30.02

HANSEN Something must be done for ordinary families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, who face a crisis of such dimensions that it threatens everyone in the region. 07.30.02

HA'ARETZ "Col. (res.) Moshe Givati, an adviser on settlement security for Public Security Minister Uzi Landau, yesterday termed the rioting that took place during the funeral of Elazar Leibowitz, "a pogrom against the Arabs of Hebron, with no provocation on the Palestinian side. " 07.30.02

HA'ARETZ "Israel has had its share of lousy governments, but the current administration is one of the worst. The country is going downhill in every sphere. This government has lost its reason for being. In any normal country, it would be kicked out. Sharon, full of himself, brags about his amazing popularity. " 07.30.02

GOLDBERG "Left Behind, the bestselling series of paranoid, pro-Israel end-time thrillers, may sound kooky, but America's right-wing leaders really believe this stuff. " 07.30.02

LOBE The White House decision to cut off all aid for the United Nations Population Fund is aimed at pleasing the Christian right. 07.30.02

BADER Thanks to federal funding, anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" -- whose staff routinely miseducates patients on abortion -- are on the rise. 07.30.02

NYT "New Dem" Lieberman Says Gore Moved Too Far To Nader Left, And It Cost Him The Election 07.29.02

STARR "Democrats do not need to resuscitate a simple-minded populism. They need to recall a tradition that insists, as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. has put it, that business is powerful enough without controlling the government too, and that markets obedient only to self-interest cannot ensure fairness or protect a society's long-term needs. No one can yet say who the Democrats' candidate will be in 2004, but it is beginning " 07.29.02

KURTZ "Bush has become Clintonized -- supported by most Americans even though they have some doubts about his conduct. And the media no longer give him the benefit of the doubt. Says [Newsweek's] Alter: "Republicans on Capitol Hill are moaning and groaning that they could lose control of the Congress. . . . If that's not a story, I don't know what is. " 07.29.02

WP Iran's Emerging Nuclear Plant Poses Test for Bush Preemptive Attack Policy 07.29.02

WP Russia Plans 5 More Nuclear Plants in Iran...The plan for additional civilian reactors could severely strain the closer ties between Moscow and Washington" 07.29.02

SILVERSTEIN "There are plenty of grounds on which to criticize the Bush administration's conduct of the war, from its alliance with despots in Asia to its threats to attack a host of other states to its crackdown on civil liberties at home. But anyone dumb enough to believe that the war is all about oil...should go back and read Peter Kann. " 07.29.02

MARGOLIS Bush is becoming downright dangerous 07.29.02

FREEP "A member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission said in Detroit on Friday he could foresee a scenario in which the public would demand internment camps for ArabAmericans if Arab terrorists strike again in this country. " 07.29.02

CSM "While facilitating the transfer of detainees to Middle Eastern countries that use torture, the US tried unsuccessfully to block a vote in the United Nations this week on the UN Convention Against Torture, which it has signed and ratified. " 07.29.02

BARBER "Capitalism is not too strong; democracy is too weak. We have not grown too hubristic as producers and consumers; we have grown too timid as citizens, acquiescing to deregulation and privatization (airlines, accounting firms, banks, media conglomerates, you name it) and a growing tyranny of money over politics. The corrosive effects of this trend are visible not only on Wall Street. The Bush administration, which favors energy production over energy conservation, has engineered a reversal of a generation of progress on environmentalism that threatens to leave the Superfund program underfunded, air-quality standards compromised and global warming unchecked. These policies can be traced directly to that proud disdain for the public realm that is common to all market fundamentalists, Republican and Democratic alike. Such attitudes represent a penchant for a go-it-alone economics that undermines the social contract and turns corporate sins into virtues of the bottom line. " 07.29.02

TOM PAINE Laissez-Faire Itself Is The Ultimate Corporate Fraud 07.29.02

NICHOLS "At precisely the same time that members of the Bush administration and Congress are scrambling to publicly declare their willingness to crack down on corporate wrongdoing, they are working behind the scenes to reward corporate lobbyists with a dramatic victory. " 07.29.02

NYT Bush Leaves Black And Urban Kids Behind: Our New Welfare Laws, Espoused By Bush, Are Separating Children From Both Parents And Leading Kids To "higher rates of school failure, mental health problems and delinquency." 07.29.02

CORN "Bush recently garnered warm and fuzzy PR by hyping his pro-adoption Web site. But if he truly cared about the plight of orphans and foster children, he'd send the $34 million we owe to the United Nations Population Fund. " 07.29.02

JUST Playing The Yeshiva Card. Jews Won't Fall For Vouchers 07.29.02

NYT "The Bush administration is exploring a new if risky approach to deposing Saddam Hussein: take Baghdad and one or two key command centers first. " 07.29.02

GUARDIAN "The daily beat of the Washington drum gets louder and more insistent. It is assumed that Britain will answer the president's call to arms against Iraq. Every troop movement or redeployment by the UK Ministry of Defence is interpreted by commentators with urgent and inevitable significance. But before Bush comes to shove, the British government owes the people of the UK a clear explanation of the reasons why British forces may be asked to put their lives at risk. " 07.29.02

WAUGH "Tony Blair has been told by the Government's own lawyers that British participation in an invasion of Iraq would be illegal without a new United Nations mandate " 07.29.02

IND ED "The terrible truth is that the perpetrators of 11 September would want nothing more than a massive show of force by the Christian West against the Muslims of Iraq. For that reason alone, we should say no to war. " 07.29.02

HA'ARETZ Bush Fails To Lead In ME: "What is depressing is that the terrorists' actions and the reactions to them will be exacerbated. True, the Palestinians have, so far, failed to pull off a mega-attack. Now, after two large-scale operations by the IDF, the two sides can be likened to passengers in a car without a driver, with no one to stop it. " 07.29.02

NYT "President Bush has demanded democracy, American-style, from Yasir Arafat's Palestinian Authority as the price for renewing negotiations toward a settlement of the conflict here. But many if not most of the Palestinians with the means and experience to drive such reforms - particularly the American citizens who built businesses in the United States and joined in its politics - are leaving. Ziad Igbara, 41, regrets his own most recent experiment in democracy. In 2000, he registered Arab-American voters for Mr. Bush, and voted for him himself. " 07.29.02

AP Israel Has Withheld $600 Million In Palestinian Tax Revenues Over The Last 22 Months 07.29.02

THAROOR "Talk, we are told, is a poor substitute for action. But the alternative to talk is not just action; it is often the wrong kind of action. " 07.29.02

KINTISCH "In Washington, Jewish and Arab reporters and organizations mostly get along -- except when they don't. " 07.29.02

NYT ED "At some point, as the globe warms and the icecaps melt from burning fossil fuels, this nation of commuters will be steaming too long in their cars and will begin transferring their anger where it belongs — to Congress and the White House " 07.29.02

NYT Can AOL Keep Its Subscribers in a New World of Broadband? 07.29.02

BRODER "Every administration makes certain compromises -- in policy and appointments -- to satisfy important political constituencies. But most administrations draw the line at compromises that cost lives. The Bush administration now has crossed that line -- not accidentally but deliberately. " 07.28.02

BEAUMONT Bush set to flout test ban treaty 07.28.02

OLIPHANT "FOR A WORLDWIDE, multi-year struggle against terrorism, the US government is mobilizing scarce resources to process ''reports'' from citizens spying on other citizens. It has great trouble, however, moving beyond puny measures where a poorly defended collection of nerve gas canisters in Siberia is concerned - a collection that could kill each person on the planet 46 times. " 07.28.02

TISDALL Bush and Blair Agree to Terms for Iraq Attack 07.28.02

ST Plans to Invade Iraq Solidifying, Aides Say 07.28.02

COHEN The last thing the US wants is democracy in Iraq 07.28.02

NYT ED "The sharks circling around Mr. Powell include Vice President Dick Cheney; Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz; and the White House political director, Karl Rove. Mr. Rove is especially eager to bend policy to placate the Republican right. " 07.28.02

REUTERS Cheney's Halliburton to Build New Cells at Guantanamo Base 07.28.02

MITCHELL "While this is a more dangerous terrorism than we've ever know, it isn't war as we've known it. To say that under these new circumstances, the president can, as if at war, do everything without Congressional consent, that civil rights and liberties have to take a back seat and that this will go on, not for five years, like World War II, but as long as terrorism goes on, seems to me to be quite frightening." That fear is not confined to liberals. Libertarians have expressed concern that the need for security will create a more intrusive, all-powerful government. In Congress, Republicans who support President Bush's proposals to give the government more sweeping powers are also struggling with the implications, even as they argue that extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. "There are going to be strong pressures to expand domestic intelligence collection, which will raise a number of issues of civil liberties and privacy," 07.28.02

FLOYD "As Harper's reports, Bush's vice president, Dick Cheney, tells us that "the prospects of a future attack are almost certain; not if, but when." Bush's FBI director, Robert Mueller, tells us: "There will be another terrorist attack. We will not be able to stop it." Bush's warlord, Donald Rumsfeld, tells us: "It is only a matter of time." And now Bush's point man on constitutional protection tells us -- openly -- that we can "forget about civil rights" when this unstoppable and absolutely certain new terrorist attack finally occurs. " 07.28.02

WONG "In the current climate of unpredictability, and especially if another terrorist attack takes place, Americans might decide there is no such thing as too much security. " 07.28.02

NYT Aschcroft Moves Forward On August Start Of Neighborhood Spies Program Despite Criticism From Congress 07.28.02

TU ED "According to a report this week in The New York Times, defendants throughout the country are asking that gun charges against them be dismissed, citing Mr. Ashcoft's opinion on their right to own firearms. Worse, the Justice Department is now in a nearly impossible position of trying to prosecute defendants under local gun laws, even as their boss, Mr. Ashcroft, has defined a policy that calls those laws into question. " 07.28.02

CORN Cultural Treason?--The Right Targets Musician Steve Earle 07.28.02

BUSH "Declaration of National Emergency by Reason Of Certain Terrorist Attacks " 07.28.02

SANDERS "Fewer and fewer huge conglomerates are controlling virtually everything that the ordinary American sees, hears and reads. This is an issue that Congress can no longer ignore." 07.28.02

AHMED "Tony Blair is to face a major row over his relations with Rupert Murdoch this week when a powerful Parliamentary committee says that plans to allow the media mogul to extend his powers in Britain should be blocked. " 07.28.02

FRIEDMAN "That is the real George Bush - a man who trusts his C.E.O. cronies more than the bureaucratic regulators who oversee them. And that's why he brought in the Harvey Pitts of the world to weaken that oversight. " 07.28.02

HOAGLAND "The dysfunctionality of the Bush administration's economic policy team paraded into public view long before a plunging stock market slammed the point home this summer. Billions of investor dollars later, it is time for a change. President Bush has stocked his Cabinet with officials with tin ears. They cannot hear what markets, the media and even their own advisers try to tell them. This is particularly true of the non-team that Bush has non-managing the financial free-fall caused by the bursting of the stock bubble and a tsunami-like wave of corporate corruption." 07.28.02

O'FARRELL "You stop regulating big business and the directors take advantage to make themselves huge illicit fortunes! And we'd all thought they'd made those extra billions by doing a paper round every morning before work. " 07.28.02

CFO If banks have to come clean about their off-balance-sheet leverage, get ready to pay more for money. 07.28.02

WP Clinton Rejects Bush Blame in Corporate Crisis, Criticizes Bush on Mideast 07.28.02

IND ED "No one seems to know the whereabouts of Mr bin Laden, or whether he is dead or alive. Al-Qa'ida terrorists are evidently still functioning in parts of Afghanistan. No wonder the more restless hawks in Washington want to widen the focus and go for a headline- grabbing mission against Iraq." 07.28.02

GUARDIAN Fears that Saudi Arabia could fall to al-Qaeda 07.28.02

GUARDIAN Saudi Arabia's community of foreigners is trapped between bombings by Islamic terrorists, police torture and palace feuding 07.28.02

FISK "How better to distract Pakistan's army from supporting America's "war on terror" than by promoting, yet again, a war in Kashmir? " 07.28.02

IGNATIEFF "The Bush administration is trying to reconstruct Afghanistan on the cheap. But empires come heavy, or not at all. " 07.28.02

BOROSAGE "The DLC is simply out of step with the needs of the country and the opinion of a growing majority of Americans. Here are just a few of the issues the DLC gets wrong: " 07.28.02

NYT Jeb Florida Agency for Children Is Shaken Anew by an Arrest 07.28.02

SMH Foundations are in place for martial law in the US 07.27.02

CNSN White House Security Rebuffs Attempt to Serve Lawsuit on Dick Cheney 07.27.02

HILL Rumsfeld may quit Pentagon to take on top Homeland role.WOLFOWITZ SEEN AS SUCCESSOR 07.27.02

GOODMAN "In an effort to punish China, the same China that we engage with every day, [Bush is] going to withhold money, which wouldn't go to China anyway, from the rest of the world's women....In an act of public humiliation worthy of Mao's Red Guard, Powell was forced to publicly recant and deliver the party line of the right wing." 07.27.02

NYT Repug House Approves Bush Homeland Security, Including Limitation of Workers' Rights 07.27.02

NYT Repug House Approves Bush Trade Bill, Including Lowering Of Environmental Standards 07.27.02

NYT Hillary Says Bush "Installed" By A Supreme Court That Invalidates Fed Laws At An Astonishing Rate 07.27.02

WP Bush Far Outspent Gore on Florida Recount 07.27.02

ABRAMSKY "Felony disenfranchisement [which helped Bush in Florida election], coupled with very high incarceration rates, has become a major challenge to our democratic values." 07.27.02

PC "The Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc-Recount Fund, created shortly after the November 2000 election to pay for the campaign’s legal and political activities in Florida and other contested areas, evaded a soft money campaign finance disclosure law for 18 months. " 07.27.02

CARR "Killing civilians rarely if ever offers success in war or enhanced security, and in an age when global public opinion is of dramatically increased importance, it only undermines a nation's force in both the field and the international arena. " 07.27.02

Huffington Patriotism Takes Back Seat: Tyco, Ingersoll-Rand, Others Save Untaxed Big Bucks With Paper Move To Bermuda 07.27.02

NYT Steve Case, Major Bush Backer, Seen As Liability As AOL Seeks Economic Credibility 07.27.02

NYT ED New Bankruptcy Laws Being Approved By Congress Overly Protects Credit Card Companies 07.27.02

SAMUELS " By keeping female students clustered in traditionally female programs, schools are relegating them to lower-wage careers." 07.27.02

KING "I mean, who would have expected that in an effort to help the District of Columbia cope with droves of violent offenders returning from jail -- 2,000 last year, 2,500 this year, 3,000 in 2003 -- that the spirit-filled Ashcroft and holier-than-thou Tony Williams would seek the assistance of the Church of Scientology. " 07.27.02

CONASON Green convention seen as "a gathering of dilettantes too dim to notice what is actually going on in the country they presume to save." 07.26.02

KAYAL Bush-Ashcroft Neighborhood Spies: "Enlisting citizens to report on other citizens will erode the soul of the watcher and the watched, replacing healthy national pride with mute suspicion." 07.26.02

ROHATYN "Our national economy is fundamentally on the wrong track. As a result of the recession, combined with the revenue losses created by the market declines, the federal budget, which had been in steadily increasing surplus at the end of the 1990s, now faces growing deficits. This is also due to the sharply increased defense spending of the war on terrorism and to the massive 10-year tax cut of the Bush administration." 07.26.02

KRUGMAN Bush's Selfish Motives For Privatized Social Security Mirrors What He Did To Texas Retirement Fund 07.26.02

BW Graphic: The Bush-Rainwater Connection Re Above Story 07.26.02

WP "Bush threatened yesterday to veto legislation to create a Department of Homeland Security if it does not include language limiting the workplace rights of the proposed agency's 170,000 employees." 07.26.02

WP Bush Wants More Protections For Health Care Industry. Wants "Substantial Restrictions" On Malpractice Suits 07.26.02

NYT ED The Economic Reform Farce: "The self-congratulatory rhetoric in Washington cannot hide the fact that much of what this legislation ostensibly does accomplish - both in terms of policing accountants and cracking down on companies' own malfeasance - will be undone in the absence of vigorous and effective enforcement by the S.E.C. The current commission chairman, Harvey Pitt, has proved to be the wrong man at the wrong time for the job. News of his absurd quest to obtain cabinet status and a salary increase has further undermined confidence in the judgment of Mr. Pitt, a former lawyer for the accounting industry who took office last year ominously pledging to preside over a gentler, friendlier S.E.C. " 07.26.02

KINSLEY Under Bush, The Stock Market Has Now Lost Five Years Of Earnings 07.26.02

HUFFINGTON "Responding to the bombshell revelation that senior bankers at Citigroup actively helped Enron hide billions in debt, Enron Lawyer of Last Resort Robert Bennett deftly summed up the real reasons for the current economic crisis: "Most of the problems -- not all of them -- are things that have been legal and acceptable"....How can any right-thinking person consider legal, for example, a stock that counts as debt on the company's tax return but as equity on its balance sheet? " 07.26.02

WNC Cheney Continues To Avoid Reporters Re Halliburton. Has Secret Sub Trip 07.26.02

WP While Congress Punished Clinton By Withdrawing Prez Trade Power During Boom, It Rewards Bush For Economic Bust By Granting It. [Go Figure.] 07.26.02

WP Gore Back On Hill, Blasts Bush For Enronizing National Budget 07.26.02

OLIPHANT "THERE IS another self-wounded behemoth out there, hiding from the international financial world in the accounting shadows, hoping the hemorrhaging will go unnoticed. This one has a credibility problem that would make even WorldCom blush, a record of dishonesty about its prospects not seen in its line of work for a decade. The behemoth, of course, is the federal government. " 07.26.02

FARNAM "Ironically, one of Bush's campaign catchwords was accountability. He seemed to mean accountability by underpaid schoolteachers in the crumbling American school system. Why is accountability by U.S. politicians in wartime so different? Perhaps because he is one of them. " 07.26.02

HAMILTON "When push comes to shove, Blair is going to commit [English] troops to whatever venture America decides upon " 07.26.02

TISDALL "The self-defeating ineptitude of George Bush's strategies may well push Iran and Iraq into a dangerous alliance of expediency. " 07.26.02

WOLLACOTT Palestinian suicide bombers play into Sharon's hands 07.26.02

HA'ARETZ "Without peace, without security, Sharon is dragging us into an existential and moral abyss, just so he can achieve his goals of staying in the territories and staying in power. " 07.26.02

HA'ARETZ "Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Thursday the IAF strike that killed the Hamas military wing leader and 14 others was a deliberate attempt to sabotage recent efforts to ease Middle East violence. " 07.26.02

WILLIAMS "The outgoing U.N. high commissioner for human rights talks about running afoul of the Bush administration over Israel and the Palestinians, ending the "cycle of impunity" and standing up to bullies. " 07.26.02

WP ED The Bush administration has been arguing that the Russian government should now be regarded as a partner; if it believes that rhetoric, it should issue the certification needed to [control nuclear arms stored in Russia], or press House Republicans for a permanent waiver. The challenge of controlling the [terrorist] threat of the former Soviet arsenal is huge enough; there's no room for obstructionism in Washington." 07.26.02

KURTZ Bush Will Give 9/11 Interview To 60 Minutes 07.26.02

NYT "A string of internal policy differences and defeats have set off speculation that Secretary of State Colin L. Powell might not last through President Bush's term. " 07.25.02

O'HANLON/GORDON "The price [of war with Iraq] would be substantial in Iraqi and American lives. According to a leaked Pentagon war plan, the operation could require 250,000 American troops invading Iraq from multiple directions. Deploying smaller forces would be to hope for victory rather than to ensure it. After the war, stability and democracy in Iraq would be far from guaranteed, and we might need to occupy Iraq for a decade or more. There is a case to be made that these costs are worth sustaining. But if so, we need Mr. Bush to make it. He has not yet done so " 07.25.02

COHEN "The Bush administration has yet to make a clear case for war with Iraq. In fact, the more it talks about Hussein and Iraq, the more confused I get. " 07.25.02

NYT ED Bush-Backed Congress Trade Bill "would allow companies to sue in secret trade courts when government actions - even legitimate environmental ones - reduce the value of their investment." 07.25.02

SCHEER "It looks like America's love affair with George W. Bush is coming to an end. " 07.25.02

AP Bush Personal Approval Ratings Fall Into Mid-Sixties In Spite Of War Approval 07.25.02

AP Poll Says Americans Disapprove Of Bush Treatment Of Economy 07.25.02

AP Bush Still Wants To Privatize Social Security In Spite Of Voter Disapproval (also see previous story) 07.25.02

NYT Bush Fiddles While Wall Street Burns. "Despite the change in climate since the stock market began to plunge, the White House has made few changes in its economic agenda, emphasizing trade, privatization of Social Security and oil and gas drilling in Alaska. " 07.25.02

CONASON "Except for the market fundamentalists, there seems to be a consensus of opinion among economists and analysts that the White House has yet to do anything effective to reassure investors. Although the stock market's decline hasn't proved ruinous to the broader economy so far, the accompanying national malaise could wreak severe deflationary damage in months to come. " 07.25.02

NYT Bush "Telecom Crisis? Take 2 Aspirin and No One Will Call You in the Morning " 07.25.02

GUARDIAN SEC to investigate AOL accounting practices 07.25.02

WP Daschle Unloads On Pitt After Bush SEC Head Asks For Promotion To Cabinet 07.25.02

HERBERT "Who's safe if a broker can steal money by the millions and get away with it for a decade and a half? " 07.25.02

NYT ED "Congress should not retreat from the bold commitment it made last fall to protect air travelers from terrorists. " 07.25.02

ABI NADER "The Senate Judiciary Committee needs to question Attorney General John Ashcroft closely today as to whether his crucial terrorism investigation is really aimed at finding terrorists or simply at sweeping up thousands of Americans in an ineffective, and probably unconstitutional, dragnet. " 07.25.02

AP "Israel blames faulty intelligence for civilian deaths... Army said it would investigate the air raid on a crowded residential area of Gaza City when entire families were home asleep." 07.25.02

GUARDIAN ED "Mr Sharon went too far in Gaza on Monday, just as he did with his repellent demolition of lives and homes in Jenin camp last April, just as he did in Beirut back in 1982. In ordering an air strike on a block of flats in a crowded residential area, Israel's unworthy leader acted recklessly and with an irresponsible, callous disregard for the consequences. This, too, was a premeditated butchery of innocents. " 07.25.02

HA'ARETZ "Listening to the settlers and their political representatives in the Knesset and government, it's clear they have no intention of giving up even the tiniest, most isolated settlement. It doesn't matter to them if Yasser Arafat suddenly turns into a Zionist patriot or if Ahmed Yassin converts to Judaism. As far as they are concerned, God gave them the territories, and if by chance there are 2-3 million Arabs living there, then we will continue fighting generation after generation - or until the messiah comes. " 07.25.02

MC GRORY Senate Dems Have Drug Problem. Can't Get Repug Votes To Reach Sixty 07.25.02

AP During Bush Month-Long Vacation White House Will Combine Bush Comments On Economy With Political Fundraising Trips So Government Will Be Have To Foot The Bill 07.25.02

BG ED Bush Administration Is "Anti-Women, Anti-Children" 07.24.02

JACKSON "THE COWERING of President Bush over the United Nations Population Fund is one more sign that the moderation of Colin Powell is out to pasture. Compassionate conservatism is compost. " 07.24.02

WP ED Bush Decision Is "A Blow To Poor Women" 07.24.02

NYT Ashcroft's Terrorism Policies, Political Ego Even Troubling To Conservatives 07.24.02

NYT ED The armed forces should not be involved in domestic police tasks best left to law enforcement professionals. 07.24.02

NYT No Money For Adequate Air Security. [Bush Tax Cuts Took It.] 07.24.02

BRODER "Bush has been adamant in rejecting a rollback or even a delay in the tax cut -- virtually all of which will go to the highest-income voters. His House Republican allies, seeking short-term political gain at the expense of long-term fiscal sanity, have been staging votes to make the tax cuts permanent....The country pays a high price for [Dem] timidity -- and the Republicans' folly" 07.24.02

LIZZA How Your Taxes Dollars Are Helping To Reelect The President's Brother 07.24.02

FREEDLAND How Bush Could Lose In 2004 07.24.02

MORRIS Advantage, Dems 07.24.02

CORNWELL Democrats rejoice as financial crisis brings gloom to rivals' mid-term campaign 07.24.02

KUTTNER Seven decades after the Great Depression, Democrats have their work cut out for them. 07.24.02

MSNBC Fewer Than Half Would Vote Bush In 2004 --Poll 07.24.02

CHAIT Why The Biggest Cooked Books Scandal Is Bush's Government Budget 07.24.02

CN "George W. Bush is shattering records for the worst first 18 months in office for a U.S. president as measured by the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500. In his first year-and-a-half in the White House, Bush presided over a 36.9 percent decline, almost twice the percentage drop of Herbert Hoover, the president who led the nation into the Depression. " 07.24.02

COTTLE Never mind ethics. Were Bush and Cheney even competent CEOs? 07.24.02

SIGNORILE The SEC Will Investigagte Cheney Just As Well As It Previously Investigated Bush. 07.24.02

CALDWELL "What kills the President is that every time Harken comes up, Democrats get to retell the story of how he made his money. And this, basically, is the story of the spectacular unfairness with which moneymaking opportunities are lavished on the politically connected. It is the story of a man who has been rewarded for repeated failures by having money shot at him through a fire hose. It is the story of a man who talks with a straight face about having "earned" a fortune of tens of millions of dollars. " 07.24.02

NR We'll stop writing about Bush's lies if he'll stop telling them.07.24.02

WP relations have soured to the point where some lawmakers say privately that the Bush administration either does not understand Congress's role or has no respect for it. 07.24.02

NYP Anoither Corporate Scandal. The Rape Of Polariod 07.24.02

KUTTNER Why The Real Economy Won't Mirror The Market 07.24.02

HA'ARETZ "There is no choice but to question the wisdom of the approval given by the prime minister and the defense minister to an assassination, when the circumstances of the mission itself and the wider political circumstances would inevitably dash those efforts toward peace and the hopes accompanying them." 07.24.02

HA'ARETZ "The truth is Israel has been playing with fire for quite some time. It seems something very basic has gone wrong in the decision makers' judgment. In light of the horrifying terror attacks on Israeli citizens and the urgent need to prevent further attacks, a kind of apathetic indifference to the possibility of Palestinian casualties has set in. The decision to drop a heavy bomb into a residential neighborhood was the natural consequence of previous moves. This time, it simply turned out much worse. " 07.24.02

BG ED Saving Israel From Itself 07.24.02

IND Nine Children Dead From Yesterday's Israeli Revenge Missile. Sharon calls strike "one of our biggest successes." 07.24.02

GUARDIAN U.S., England, Others Criticize Sharon Attack 07.24.02

CONASON Greens Enhance Repug Power: "Our responsibility is to the Greens; the broader picture does not matter." --Green Campaign Manager 07.23.02

WASSERMAN "The U.S. military did, in fact, train bin Laden in all the basic skills he might have needed to pull off this attack. It's common knowledge that our men in khaki also trained Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and a host of other vile thugs behind "blowback" attacks on us. And that the real seat of oil-based terror is Saudi Arabia, to which the Bushies pander and plead on an hourly basis. Then there's the fact that the U.S. military has leveled Afghanistan, Grenada-style, while the U.S. government has yet to begin a single credible criminal prosecution over what Bush brands the most heinous attack on the U.S. ever. Nor are the new 9-11 theories soiled by the reality, as documented by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, that the administration seems in no hurry to find whoever sent anthrax through the U.S. mail, terrorizing Congress and the Postal Service. In fact, conspiracy buffs are heartened by the fact that the anthrax was military grade, and went to Senate liberals who questioned the post-September 11 Patriot Act and its destruction of our basic freedoms. All this adds up to a sad reality: Sometimes the conspiracies are real, and then time passes and it no longer matters. For example... " 07.23.02

MERRY "The FBI and CIA have, at least in part, acknowledged their shortcomings in the Sept. 11 disaster, but the State Department remains in double denial: denial that it had a role in the failure to prevent the terrorists' entering this country and denial that it can and must improve the way visas are granted. " 07.23.02

SUSSMAN Bush And Ashcroft Want Your Neighbors To Start Watching You 07.23.02

NYT "Scores of criminal defendants around the nation have asked federal courts to dismiss gun charges against them based on the Justice Department's recently revised position on the scope of the Second Amendment. " 07.23.02

SHAPIRO "Ashcroft is such an aggressive death-penalty zealot that he is frequently overruling his own prosecutors to demand capital charges. In fact Ashcroft has overruled U.S. attorneys 12 times. And he has approved death-penalty prosecutions in nearly half of all federal cases where capital charges might apply....And there's evidently a racial dimension: According to the study, Ashcroft is three times more likely to seek the death penalty for black defendants for killing whites than black defendants who kill African-Americans. " 07.23.02

NYT ED "There is a mind-bending illogic behind the Bush administration's decision yesterday to withhold $34 million from the United Nations Population Fund. " 07.23.02

WP Abortion Will Be Up Front For The First Time Re Bush Judicial Nomination. Presages Supreme Court Nomination. 07.23.02

NYT ED "The senators who don't want to provide a more universal prescription drug program will have to explain that it was impossible because they blew all the money on [Bush's] tax cuts for the rich." 07.23.02

KRUGMAN "Our economic problems are real, but by no means catastrophic. What scares me is the utter inflexibility of the [Bush] people who should be solving those problems" 07.23.02

TPM "The chaos in the market is creating a massive economic downdraft that might force decent companies -- a number of which control a lot of critical infrastructure -- into the ground. What makes this all really unsettling is that the executive branch, frankly, seems not to have any idea what's going on....I think most honest observers are starting to see that. And frankly that's scary." 07.23.02

ARIANNA "In the long run," said President Bush in his finger-wagging speech to Wall Street earlier this month, "there's no capitalism without conscience" -- an assertion that makes you wonder if his severance package from Harken Energy included a pair of rose colored glasses. Of course there's capitalism without conscience, President dear. And plenty of it. 07.23.02

DE "Calls Mount for Bush, Cheney, to Come Clean " 07.23.02

GUTMAN "Bush and Vice President Cheney, ever mindful of campaign contributions from rich and powerful corporate executives, ever mindful of their circle of friends the wheelers and dealers and "captains of industry," ever mindful of their own past practices, are themselves in no hurry to see significant changes made. " 07.23.02

CAF "Corporate Irresponsibility: It is not a few "bad apples" or "the bubble." The current corporate crime wave was aided and abetted by successful conservative efforts to dismantle the "cop on the corporate beat" -- the regulatory agencies that put teeth in the law. Click to read Robert Borosage’s recent Washington Post and Los Angeles Times opinion pieces on the next steps on corporate corruption. " 07.23.02

NYT Stocks Continue To Tumble, Fallout Going Global 07.23.02

REUTERS For third time in two weeks, Bush reassured investors that the U.S. economy is sound with corporate health improving -- and stock markets sank. 07.23.02

NYT "Documents show that senior credit officers of Citigroup misrepresented the full nature of a 1999 transaction with Enron that enabled Enron to hide its true financial condition." 07.23.02

BAKER Even the corporate titans who run the media have belatedly realized what a cursory glance at the stock market nowadays will tell you -- that Shrub Is Bad for Business. 07.23.02

USA Corporate chieftains continue to pour millions into modern-day castles, while being dogged by corporate bankruptcies and allegations of improper financial behavior. 07.23.02

USA "The pain on Wall Street intensified Monday as stocks continued their historic free fall amid growing signs that mutual fund investors, fed up with losing money, may finally be giving up on the market. " 07.23.02

CBS Banks used Enron playbook elsewhere. Senate panel: Banks helped disguise loans as trades 07.23.02

SHAPIRO Drug Testing Sales. "At a time when many Americans have relinquished their right to bear their shoes as they prepare to board planes, it would be unfortunate if the nation's students also had to routinely hand over their bodily fluids to a higher authority. But now that the Supreme Court has ruled, the only way to stop this Orwellian approach to education is if parents and school boards just say no " 07.23.02

USA Many States Reject Bioterrorism Law As Too Invasive, Which Includes Seizing And Destroying Property. 07.23.02

USA Israelis Avenge Previous Bombings By Killing Hamas Leader, Wife, Eight Children. Hamas Vows Revenge. 07.23.02

HA'ARETZ Rabin's Daughter Rejects Sharon's Policies By Resigning Defense Post 07.23.02

HA'ARETZ "Since the beginning of the current intifada and the bloody events of October 2000 in Arab towns in the Galilee and the northern Triangle, Arab citizens have complained of racist treatment. Arab newspapers like A-Siniara, Al-Ittihad and Kul Al-Arab report continually about such incidents, but they are rarely noted in the Hebrew press. " 07.23.02

HA'ARETZ "The sense of natural justice is outraged by the decision to exile relatives of suicide bombers to Gaza. This sweeping government move is being translated into action with the hesitant backing of the attorney-general and it soon will go into effect unless it is nipped in the bud. This decision should be vehemently opposed, for it contradicts the most basic moral principles. " 07.23.02

WP Bush Gives Up On Iranian Gvt. Reform. Harder Line Will Probably Follow 07.23.02

USA Greens Poised In 39 States To Help Bush Take House, Senate 07.22.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration plans to enlist millions of Americans to spy on their fellow Americans, and to feed that information into a centralized database. This ill-considered domestic spying program should be stopped before it starts. " 07.22.02

BLOOM Ridge Wants To Give Military Domestic Arrest Powers 07.22.02

YELLIN Bush Binge: A set of illusions surrounds the federal budget. The health of Social Security and other programs is being sacrificed for unaffordable tax cuts. 07.22.02

TS Bush Oil Bidness Got Done On An "Often Drunken" Handshake 07.22.02

MILLER Bush Past And Leadership Skills At Issue Partly Because Of How He "Won" 07.22.02

CST Cheney Could Be Out In '04 Over Halliburton 07.22.02

KURTZ White House Pressuring Media As Bush Speeches Dwarfed By Economic Reality 07.22.02

NYT WorldCom, plagued by an accounting scandal that created billions in illusory earnings, submitted a bankruptcy filing more than twice the size of Enron's. 07.22.02

NYT Senate Probe Suggests J.P. Morgan, Citicorp, Others In Bed With Enron 07.22.02

BORGER "As for Bill Clinton, forget it. No one can honestly blame him for this mess. Bubba may be a bad boy about certain things, but not money. When it comes to greed, there are lots of bad boys out there. " 07.22.02

GWYN Under Bush, Crony Capitalism Won Out Over People's Capitalism 07.22.02

WP ED Bush Takes Us Deeper In Debt With Tax Cuts AND Homeland Security Budget 07.22.02

MALLABY A large chunk of what we spend on homeland security is going to be wasted. 07.22.02

AP Conservative Christian Bush To Withhold U.N. Family Planning Money 07.22.02

NYT Debate On Bush Court Nominee Centers On Abortion 07.22.02

GUMBEL "Hundreds of Afghan civilians killed as US seeks to protect its troops " 07.22.02

VON SPONECK "If Iraq lets the arms inspectors back in, America's case for war will be exposed as fiction " 07.22.02

MARGOLIS How Saddam Might Reply To Bush 07.22.02

WP U.S. Moves Alienate Asian Allies 07.22.02

WP President of key U.S. ally putting outspoken critics on trial and in jail. 07.22.02

Israeli Poll Says 69% Israeli's Want Settlement Evacuation 07.22.02

DIEHL "The self-destructive achievements of the Palestinians' suicide bombers keep rolling in. They have succeeded in uniting Israelis and the Bush administration behind a once-unthinkable military reoccupation of the West Bank. They have created the first U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace initiative ever that envisions major reforms and concessions by one side -- the Palestinians -- before any serious action is taken by the other. " 07.22.02

PIANIN While Bush Questioned Global Warming, Alaska Kept Melting 07.22.02

TS MAHER'S RANT FEST. Comedian takes aim at Bush, terrorism 07.22.02

WP Newly Released SEC Files Show Bush Lied. He Knew Of Harken's Plight Before The Sale. Bush Tried To Keep These Files Secret 07.21.02

BG Soros Says "We were buying influence" in buying Bush Harken firm 07.20.02

EDELMAN Bush Plan Leaves Kids Behind. "To the surprise of many, President Bush's new welfare reform plan requires states to dramatically increase the work requirements for families moving from welfare to work, raises the number of hours mothers of small children must work to receive benefits, and does it all with not one thin dime of additional federal funds for child care. " 07.21.02

BG Greens Gather In Philly To Discuss How They Will Be Helping Bush To Take Both Houses 07.20.02

NYT While New Mexico Greens Eventually Turned Down Repug Cash, They Will Help Bush Gain Congress Majority, According To Repugs 07.21.02

GOODMAN " If all goes according to government plan [in the Bush/Ashcfroft Homeland Security bill, spying items will] make great Christmas presents for the cable guy and UPS gal, the meter reader and electrical worker. After all, these are the folks invited to volunteer in the newest branch of the war against terrorism: a civilian spy corps." 07.21.02

NEWMAN Ashcroft And Bush Want Citizen Snoops To Spy On You Starting Next Month 07.21.02

NYT Bush Working To Change 1878 Act To Give Military Policing Powers In Your Cities 07.21.02

NYT Bush Proposal For National Drivers' License Standard Seen As National Identify Card (second item) 07.21.02

MARTIN "Who is stonewalling the US anthrax investigation? " 07.21.02

KRISTOF Case Of The Missing Anthrax 07.21.02

KRISTOF The Anthrax Files 07.21.02

BERENSON Best Guess Is Market Will Be Down Until At Least 2011 07.21.02

MORGENSON Investor Confidence Ebbs as Market Keeps Dropping 07.21.02

NYT ED "It's hard to imagine an administration in a worse position to deal with the crisis of confidence in American business. Mr. Bush himself is a product of the cowboy end of the Sunbelt economy, and if Americans look at him and see the shadow of Enron ethics and WorldCom accounting, his effectiveness as chief executive will be undermined." 07.21.02

NYT No Strong Voice On Bush Economic Team Now That Cheney's In Hiding Over SEC Probe 07.21.02

WP As Elections Approach, Voters May Be Looking For Someone to Blame 07.21.02

GALBRAITH "Bush's platitudes about fundamental strength and the need for "confidence" reveal the emptiness of his recovery program." 07.21.02

RUBIN We Need To Consider Cutting The Bush Tax Cuts As A Means Of Restoring Confidence In The System 07.21.02

BROWNSTEIN "The scandals and sliding stock prices are usefully highlighting the value of providing ordinary families with financial assets secure from the turbulence of the markets. With average Americans already so reliant on the markets for their well-being -- largely through the rise of 401(k) plans -- the chaos on Wall Street ought to raise a yellow flag for those who would make them more reliant, yet, by partially privatizing Social Security. The system always has worked best not as a ticket for the lottery, but as shelter from the storm. " 07.21.02

BALZAR "It's one thing, as the President has done, to exhort high principles. It's another, which he overlooks, to reward these values above narcissism -- beginning, perhaps, with tax revisions to favor the fruits of work over trust fund income or the dumb luck of inheritance. Also, tax laws that reward volunteerism the same as philanthropy. And laws that encourage companies to invest in the United States and American workers -- not out of xenophobia but in support of the ideals and institutions that make their success possible. " 07.21.02

SANGER Crony Capitalism Has Hurt U.S. Global Credibility 07.21.02

WP ED "EACH MURDEROUS attack by Palestinian gunmen and suicide bombers tends to be followed by a conspicuous act of retaliation or military escalation by the Israeli government. The reaction is understandable, and when directly aimed at preventing further attacks, often justified. But just as often the reaction to a blow also tends to worsen the chances for peace, by escalating the overall conflict and driving moderates and would-be mediators to the sidelines. Over the last 18 months the government of Ariel Sharon has repeatedly fallen into this trap. " 07.21.02

NYT Flaws in U.S. Air War Left Hundreds of Civilians Dead 07.21.02

GOODSON Afghanistan:A Failed Opportunity. The first battle against terrorism leaves behind an angry populace. 07.21.02

FISK US wary of Pakistan intelligence services' links to al-Qa'ida 07.21.02

CORNWELL "George Bush has given Iraq six months' notice that he plans to invade, despite a lack of support from his allies. With a new doctrine that stretches the definition of self-defence, the United States may be sowing the seeds of worldwide anarchy." 07.21.02


SMITH Iraq? Let's not go there 07.21.02

KAGAN "Surrounded as it is by vulnerable friends such as Turkey, by Arab states of tenuous legitimacy, such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and by such worrisome nations as Iran and Syria, Iraq's success after Hussein's fall will be a vital American interest if ever there was one. If the United States goes into Iraq, it better be ready to stay there for as long as it takes. " 07.21.02

NYT Reno's War Chest Is Lacking, but Her Dance Card Is Full 07.21.02

NYT Canada Moving Towards Pot Luck 07.21.02

RICH "Wagging the dog no longer cuts it. If the Bush administration wants to distract Americans from watching their 401(k)'s go down the toilet, it will have to unleash the entire kennel. " 07.20.02

NYT Bush Renews Pledge Of Preemptive Nuke Strikes 07.20.02

WP Cheney, Halliburton Probe Is Growing Worry for Bush, Hill Republicans 07.20.02

HEMSLEY "As it now stands, employees suffer most of the risks, while executives enjoy most of the rewards. " [On Average, top 5 Execs. Own 75% Options.] 07.20.02

NORRIS "Americans are beginning to lose faith in the stock market as a sure-fire long-term investment. " 07.20.02

NYT Stocks Continue Four-Month Rout; 390 Point Dow Plunge 07.20.02

BG Bush air security chief quits amid disarray 07.20.02

KAMIN "Each outrage between Israel and the Palestinians makes me think about a little dialogue I had long ago with a Palestinian neighbor of mine. " 07.20.02

WP "The Bush administration has decided to withhold $34 million for international family planning programs administered by the United Nations, a move that delights conservatives but intensifies a battle with Congress and women's rights advocates over global assistance and reproductive health policy. " 07.20.02

BN Bush Plans To Hide Out In Texas During August 07.20.02

HA'ARETZ "The U.S. operation to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will take place in the coming months, even before November's Congressional elections, according to high-level sources in the French government following talks with American decision-makers and professionals in Washington." 07.19.02

JACKSON "Bush Snoop Troops. THE WHITE HOUSE tells Americans they can be James Bond at the same time it has turned scrutiny of itself into Mission Impossible." 07.19.02

WP U.S. Postal Service Says No To Bush/Ashcroft Citizen Spy Program (TIPS) 07.19.02

CALLAWAY "Whoever's fault it was, Bush remains unable to fix it. His tax cut was a disaster, enriching a few and giving the rest of us just enough to take a family of four to a baseball game...But it was no help to the economy at all. " 07.19.02

SMH "Americans worry that the Administration is too heavily influenced by big business, fear that President George Bush is hiding something about his own corporate past, and judge the economy to be in its worst shape since 1994, the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll shows. " 07.19.02

GOODMAN "Even less credible than Bush's economic analysis is his moral analysis.... Into this morass comes Bush with his binge politics expecting our trust. The same core group that got us into this fix now says they'll get us out." 07.19.02

HUFFINGTON "If Bush were serious about sobering up corporate America, he would go cold turkey. That means, for starters: supporting the Sarbanes bill just passed by the Senate; authorizing the SEC to release all documents connected to his Harken deal; demanding the resignation of Harvey Pitt and Enron-tainted Secretary of the Army Thomas White; and coming out in favor of treating stock options as an expense, strict rules prohibiting conflicts of interest among stock analysts, and the elimination of loopholes allowing offshore tax havens. Anything less than this is just half-stepping, like a problem drinker who promises not to hit the sauce until after sundown. " 07.19.02

NYT Senators Question Credibility of Bush Army Secretary on Enron 07.19.02

CORN Bush And The Billionaire. "It's awfully tough to be Mr. Corporate Responsibility after you have profited from the actions of an irresponsible corporation that engaged in a shady deal." 07.19.02

DIONNE "The explosion of the financial scandals has changed the political mood and resolved some of the internal Democratic bickering. The idea that Democrats could check Republican power now looks less like a strategy of cautious moderation than a broader appeal against corporate wrongdoing, Social Security privatization and the dangers of across-the-board Republican control in Washington. " 07.19.02

KINSLEY "President Bush, who spent 56 years on this earth without revealing the slightest passion for corporate reform, now says life will be intolerable if he doesn't have a bill to sign within a couple of weeks. And he has sent signals that he doesn't give much of a hoot what is in it. Bush the born-again reformer even wants to outlaw one of the dubious ways he himself got rich (sweetheart loans from a corporation to buy its own stock). " 07.19.02

BS As Halliburton's Cheney Moves Around Country Unnounced, Bush Refuses To Turn Over Harken Documents Held By SEC 07.19.02

SMH Mystery of Harvard's rescue at Harken 07.19.02

WP ED "PEOPLE SAY that Harvey Pitt, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, damages the president's post-Enron credibility. On Wednesday, however, it was the president who damaged Mr. Pitt's credibility. At a news conference with Poland's president, Mr. Bush was asked whether he was confident that the SEC's current investigation into Halliburton Co. would exonerate Vice President Cheney, who used to run that company. "Yes, I am," the president replied. This sort of comment is almost enough to kindle nostalgia for the old days when independent counsels investigated top government officials. " 07.19.02

LEOPOLD "Bush still refuses to be forthcoming.... Members of Congress are calling for Harvey Pitt, chairman of the SEC, to release all files related to Bush's Harken Energy days, but Pitt said on Meet the Press that he considers Bush's Harken transactions a dead issue and therefore he will not publicly release the files. This kind of secrecy by the Bush Administration should come as no surprise to the American public. Vice President Dick Cheney has refused to reveal the names of people his energy task force met with prior to drafting a national energy policy. Cheney has come under fire for praising Arthur Andersen, the auditing firm convicted of obstruction of justice for shredding Enron documents, in a promotional video years ago; Cheney's former company, Halliburton, where the Vice President was chairman, is under investigation by the SEC for accounting improprieties during Cheney's tenure. And there's still the thorny issue of Bush's archives from his days as governor of Texas, which are currently tucked away in his father's presidential library and difficult to access." 07.19.02

WP Through Lawyer, AOL Has No Comment To WP About "Creative Transactions" 07.19.02

AP AOL Time Warner Replaces Operating Chief Bob Pittman As Part of a Management Shakeup 07.19.02

WP Time Warner Wonders What To Do With Faltering AOL 07.19.02

GREIDER "Yes, class-action lawyers do reap huge personal fortunes for their efforts, typically taking a quarter or a third of the cash that plaintiffs win. Yet, looking back over the past twenty years, trial lawyers seem to be the only successful reformers in American political life, consistently able to win significant public-interest victories over powerful business interests (tobacco is the best example). " 07.19.02

FALL STREET Plunge Protection Page: "That many investors believe a so-called "plunge protection team" exists may be as important as whether it's fact or myth. Such beliefs may explain why many investors rode the markets down in the past 22 months, and why most continue to have faith in the stock market, and in Greenspan." 07.19.02

ARCHIVES What Are Today's Government Guidelines To Halt A Stock Market Plunge? 07.19.02

GREENWAY "Sharon's War On Moderate Palestinians....Further proof that Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's real intentions are not just the suppression of terrorism but the relentless termination of Palestinian national aspirations" 07.19.02

WP From Left and Right, Critics Assail Sharon's West Bank Clampdown 07.19.02

NYT Muslim Nuke Scientist Elected President By Hindu Majority In India 07.19.02

RG ED "President Bush rightly claimed that one of the greatest benefits of the United States' overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been an improvement in the status of women. The United States, however, weakens its ability to lecture other nations on their treatment of women as long as it refuses to ratify CEDAW. The Bush administration, after initially expressing support for the treaty, has begun to waver and has asked that the treaty be withdrawn for further study. Instead, the Senate should ratify CEDAW by a convincing margin, putting the United States on record in support of women's rights at home and around the world. " 07.19.02

MANN "The dilemmas facing us and the world are almost too painful to confront. Many progressives are well aware of the reactionary role of many international agencies dominated by the U.S. and the G7—WTO, IMF, and World Bank. But don't forget the U.S. army, NATO and CIA are also helping to turn the world into the dreaded "company store" of the Pullman railroad empire in which the workers grew 'another day older and deeper in debt.' " 07.19.02

KRISTOF "It's time for Congress or an outside commission to investigate our nation's biodefense program and establish oversight " 07.19.02

ABC Flight 11 Crew Sent Key Details Before Hitting the Twin Towers 07.19.02

SMH Out-of-synch US spy agencies 'ill-equipped to fight terrorism' 07.19.02

NYT Child-Agency Troubles Rise for Jeb 07.19.02

COHEN "Ashcroft is a hype artist who, when it suits him, plays fast and loose with the truth....It is in the area of what might be called homeland security that Ashcroft does the most damage. His exaggerations and willingness to lend the immense prestige of the Justice Department to cases that eventually turn out to be a piffle make us all question the terrorist warnings that occasionally come our way. He has the cynical politician's feel for today's sound bite. Tomorrow's truth is someone else's department." 07.18.02

FERNER "How our world would look if America was a functioning democracy, actually governed by "we the people;" if human rights trumped property rights; if the vast decency, wisdom and compassion of the American people and not the interests of the propertied elite guided our foreign and domestic policies. " 07.18.02

NADER Corporate Socialism 07.18.02

NYT ED "On two issues critical to cleaning up corporate malfeasance, Congress has opted to put the preferences of big business - and big campaign contributors - ahead of the public good. " 07.18.02

NYT Poll Finds Concerns That Bush Is Overly Influenced by Business 07.18.02

WP ED "Yesterday a White House spokeswoman, Claire Buchan, explained to us that the president regards the competing House version of reform as pleasing too: "He views the House legislation as tough and the Senate legislation as tough," she offered. This is a bit like saying that America's army is strong and Belgium's is strong also. " 07.18.02

WP "Many Republicans, increasingly concerned that President Bush has been slow to address brewing controversies, are racing ahead of him on several fronts, most notably in efforts to rein in wayward corporations. " 07.18.02

ENGEL Bush's praise could damn Cheney 07.18.02

TRISTAM "Bush did not go to Wall Street to end anything. He went there to profess his "faith" in the system, faith generally being this president's solution to anything challenging when B-52s won't do. " 07.18.02

CALDWELL Who Bought Bush's Stock? 07.18.02

COCKBURN Why Did Harvard Management Sustain $200 Million In Loses To Cover Bush's Oil Deals? 07.18.02

WP Bush's O'Neill Lied About Never Selling Alcoa Stock 07.18.02

NYT Lawsuit Says Salomon Smith Barney Gave Special Deals to Rich Clients 07.18.02

WP AOL Booked Sale Of E-Bay Ads It Sold As Its Own Revenue 07.18.02

MC GRORY "George Bush, the bureaucrats' new best friend, is aware that for millions of small-scale investors, the term "homeland security" prompts only bitter questions: Will my 401(k) survive; or will I forget about retirement and look for two jobs? George Bush is caught between the friends of his youth in the boardroom and the everyday voter who will be going to the polls in November. So far his phenomenal polls are holding up. But they are subject to erosion, and a homeland security plan can't help him much. " 07.18.02

GELSEY "Under the guise of protecting us from terrorism, this surveillance program intimidates library patrons by spying over our shoulders, collecting reading lists and tracking Internet usage. " 07.18.02

HERBERT "It is time to bring the curtain down on the institutionalized cruelty of the Rockefeller drug laws. There is no way to justify sentencing nonviolent low-level drug offenders to prison terms that are longer than those served by some killers and rapists." 07.18.02

NYT ED The 14th annual AIDS conference was notable mainly for its disturbing dual message, offering hope for AIDS patients in nations able to afford expensive new drugs and despair for victims elsewhere. 07.18.02

WP Senate Panel to Defy Bush, Vote on Women's Treaty 07.18.02

LEUPP "Laura Bush asks us to "fight for the rights and dignity of women" in Afghanistan even as the government her husband heads works actively to suppress those rights, " 07.18.02

SHERMAN With North Korea and Iraq, Bush needs to develop a more comprehensive foreign policy. 07.18.02

IND ED The rhetoric over Iraq is reaching a dangerous pitch 07.18.02

NYT Call in Congress for Full Airing of Iraq Policy 07.18.02

WP "Turkey may well provide the support expected of a strategic ally, including permission to base U.S. troops on Iraq's northern border. But do not mistake cooperation for endorsement, Turks warn. The country remains deeply skeptical not only of a U.S. military campaign against Iraq, but also of what might follow it." 07.18.02

HA'ARETZ Israeli thoughts of peace "have been stilled, but not the fears regarding the deepening hatred caused by the frequent punishment of an entire civilian population. " 07.18.02

NYT Daughter of Jeb. Bush Is Sent to Jail in a Drug Case 07.18.02

WP ED Bush Leaves Children Behind In His Own City. "CAN IT be that thousands of children living in the capital city of the strongest, and one of the richest, nations on earth are going hungry this summer? It can. " 07.17.02

WP ED Bush Homeland Security Exemptions Could Be Used By Companies To Protect Themselves Against Just Litigation 07.17.02

NYT ED Bush's Homeland Security "strategy took more than eight months to prepare, a glacial pace given the severity of the threat. Its central proposal, the creation of a Department of Homeland Security, was announced by the White House last month, under pressure from an impatient Congress. Other ideas, including more effective border controls, better communication between federal and state agencies and national standards for drivers' licenses, have been heard before and little has come of them." 07.17.02

WP "The biggest gap in President Bush's homeland security strategy is a lack of specifics on the cost of protecting the nation from terrorist strikes or who will pay the enormous tab, according to lawmakers, analysts and state and local officials who took their first look at the proposal yesterday. " 07.17.02

CONASON Why won't Bush let the SEC release the Harken file? 07.17.02

SCHEER "It is especially ugly that the President and Vice President, men in a position to know just how sketchy the accounting practices of public companies are, were so eager to make our Social Security system a vehicle for pouring individuals' retirement money into a stock market they knew to be a house of cards. . " 07.17.02

TIME The Rap on Bush and Cheney Can the White House lead a cleanup crusade when it has had dubious deals of its own? 07.17.02

NICHOLS "The American people have a much better understanding than members of the Bush administration or members of Congress that this is not just about a few bad rules or a few bad apples. This is about how corporations do business in America today, and about what members of Congress who take immense amounts of corporate money to finance their campaigns allow those corporations to get away with," says [U.S. Rep. Bernie] Sanders. 07.17.02

BRODER "If the Bush administration has seemed exceptionally concerned about the long and sometimes sickeningly steep slump in the stock market, there is good reason. It is more than the blind trusts of top officials being hammered or the political risk that voters in November, worried about their retirement savings, will blame the party in power. " 07.17.02

PHILLIPS "The nation's attitude toward business is changing. But meaningful reform can be difficult, in part because the big wealth momentum booms leave behind a triple corruption: financial, political and philosophic. " 07.17.02

AP Greenspan: Recovery could be delayed 07.17.02

NYT "An infectious greed seemed to grip much of our business community," the Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, told the Senate Banking Committee yesterday. The way he sees it, the incentives created by poorly designed stock options "overcame the good judgment of too many corporate managers. " 07.17.02

MIESZKOWSKI FCC chairman Michael Powell says the WorldCom debacle may result in more telecom mergers. So who ends up losing? We all do, explains one industry expert 07.17.02

NYT Broad Skepticism Over Accounting Punishes the Stock Price of AOL 07.17.02

LAT New Navy Sonar Okd Despite Risk to Whales 07.17.02

BASS "85% of Maine is now owned by timber corporations. A few mergers, and we might wake up one morning with only 49 states and a huge corporation holding four electoral votes. " 07.17.02

NYT In a letter that attacks what it says is the Bush administration's failure to address the looming crisis of global warming, the attorneys general of 11 states have written to the president pressing for strong federal measures to limit emissions of so-called greenhouse gases. 07.17.02

AP Congressional critics of the multibillion-dollar missile defense program say the Bush administration's plan to reorganize the agency will give Congress inadequate information to gauge whether it is taking too long, costing too much or failing too often. 07.17.02

FLOCCO Justice Department To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence 07.17.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration is in a hurry to restore ties with the Indonesian military and seems willing to overlook human rights abuses in the name of strengthening the war against terrorism. " 07.17.02

JAFFE Problems with Iraq invasion plans 07.17.02

VANN "New bombing raids on Iraq as US seeks pretext for war " 07.17.02

LONDON Weapons expert: Iraq attack wrong 07.17.02

AP United Nations, European and Russian leaders split sharply with the United States yesterday over the future of Yasser Arafat, insisting that the Palestinian leader legitimately heads his people's statehood movement. 07.17.02

HA'ARETZ "What was the spark that set off the rumors about a massacre in Jenin's refugee camp? It's been weeks since the controversy broke out during the hard battle the IDF conducted there during Operation Defensive Shield, and now two stories have come up that might be able to shed some light on how the rumors spread. " 07.17.02

HA'ARETZ Battles rage on U.S. campuses for and against investments in Israel 07.17.02

HA'ARETZ "When the people realize the difference between settling the territories and holding onto them as bargaining chips for security purposes, the debate between left and right will be revived. " 07.17.02

ZOGBY "Bush job performance drops 7 points to 62%; One in three are worse off today than one year ago." 07.16.02

ELLIOTT "The US stock market collapse could trigger the biggest global recession since the 1930s. " 07.16.02

WP Bush Plan To Weaken Clean Air Rules Is Beginning To Weaken Government's Ongoing Court Cases Against Polluters 07.16.02

BESHAROV While Bush Is Working To Cut Welfare Funding Through HHS, Welfare Cases Have Risen Nationally In Spite Of Administration's Cooked Data 07.16.02

OLIPHANT "Six months ago, it intentionally understated its operating red ink by a whopping 60 percent....When it finally faced a portion of the truth this week, its deep aversion to the truth assumed awesome proportions. To mask its medium-term problems, it loaded expenses into this year's accounting period, ostensibly to make the outlook for next year less gloomy. However, in doing so, it also made assumptions about revenues and expenses through the rest of this decade that set off gales of laughter among those who watch these numbers for a living." We're talking about Bush's cooking of the government's books. 07.16.02

USA Washington masks deficits using accounting tricks 07.16.02

KRUGMAN "Bush's characteristic style. First there's the penchant for secrecy, for denying the public information about decisions taken in its name....Then there's the conversion of institutions traditionally insulated from politics into tools for rewarding your friends and reinforcing your political control.... Finally, there's the indifference to conflicts of interest. (see Bush Money Tree at 07.16.02

KRISTOF "For a group of financiers [including Bush] to go around town admiring properties and deciding which to seize through the government power of condemnation so that they can acquire free land and speculate on it is appalling." 07.16.02

AP Bush Signed Letter Promising Not to Unload Harken Stock Before He Unloaded Harken Stock 07.16.02

WP "The developments at Halliburton since Cheney's departure leave two possibilities: Either the vice president did not know of the magnitude of problems at the oilfield services company he ran for five years, or he sold his shares in August 2000 knowing the company was likely headed for a fall. " 07.16.02

NEWSWEEK Halliburton CEO Says Cheney Knew About Firm's Accounting Practices 07.16.02

COHEN "To my mind, Powell benefits from a weakened Bush and could, under a certain scenario, wind up as the vice presidential candidate" 07.16.02

NYP "Some congressional Republicans are hoping that Army Secretary Tommy White bites the bullet and resigns before he testifies this week at a Senate committee hearing on the collapse of Enron." 07.16.02

NYT The Senate unanimously passed a broad overhaul of corporate and securities laws to curb the abuses that have rocked Wall Street. 07.16.02

NYT Bush Favors The Weaker House Bill 07.16.02

WP ED Bush Is Following, Not Leading. "Until he lays to rest all doubts about his commitment to serious reform, Mr. Bush will be behind the curve -- both among businesses and politicians. On the business front. " 07.16.02

HUFFINGTON "That other Axis of Evil, the one connecting Washington and Wall Street" 07.16.02

MILBANK "The White House's head fake over the Harken minutes helps to explain the increasingly contentious coverage of the administration. Arguably for the first time since Sept. 11, if not since Bush's inauguration, the White House press corps showed its teeth last week after smaller flare-ups over Enron and the terrorism intelligence failures. Journalists hammered Bush with questions about Harken at last week's press conference, and the coverage since then has had a more skeptical tone than the one that greeted Bush's first-year policy initiatives and his handling of the terrorism war. " 07.16.02

NPR "CIA Director Warned Congress About 9/11 Attacks" 07.16.02

NYT Before today, senior Pentagon officials had repeatedly said that they had no plans to ask Congress to revamp the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which sharply restricts the military's ability to participate in domestic law enforcement. Bush's new plan looks to do just that.. 07.16.02

NYT Not Enough Money For Gvt. Airline Security To Meet Its Deadline. [Money Has Gone To Tax Cuts For The Rich.] 07.16.02

BE ED "Even less convincing was the triumphalist crowing of Attorney General John Ashcroft, who said the plea agreement with Lindh's defense counsel was an ''important victory in America's war on terrorism.'' However, the two charges to which Lindh pleaded guilty were providing services to the Taliban and carrying explosives - in this case two grenades - during the course of that felony. If Lindh's conviction on those charges represents an important victory in the war on terrorism, as Ashcroft claims, then that war must not be going very well." 07.16.02

FISK Daniel Pearl: "The secret links, the missing evidence, and the questions that still have to be answered " 07.16.02

RALL "In truth, Afghanistan had always been a sideshow of anti-Americanism, a mere back lot funded and armed by Pakistani intelligence. Most of the training camps, extremist groups and Al Qaeda itself were in Pakistan. Gen. Musharraf, our new "ally," was virulently anti-American and pro-Taliban. Bombing Afghanistan never made sense as a way of "getting" the 9-11 guys because the 9-11 guys were all Saudis and Egyptians. Bombing may do the trick, but you'd have to bomb the right country-and Afghanistan isn't it. " 07.16.02

WHITAKER Jordan's double game over Iraq 07.16.02

GUARDIAN Blair, today refused to promise parliament a vote ahead of any military invasion of Iraq. 07.16.02

FREEDMAN "Each week, half a million Israelis watch a television show that makes jokes about suicide bombings. " 07.16.02

BCC Repugs Attack HIV Muppet 07.16.02

ENGEL "In March, one normally cautious pundit said: "There is only one impossibility about 2004: the election of Al Gore." OK, now listen, I still think it's impossible - it's just not as impossible as it was. If Gore wants the Democratic nomination to fight Bush next time, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he does, it may be hard to stop him. " 07.16.02

AP Reno Worries Some Fla. Democrats 07.16.02

AP Yahoo Pledges To Work With China To Purge Information For Chinese Internet. Refuses To Talk About It. 07.16.02

TIPS Achcroft's Operation TIPS is coming in August 2002. 07.15.02

GOLDSTEIN Ashcroft Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen Spies 07.15.02

NYT Card Can't Stand Up To Conservative Ideologist Rove and Hughes' Replacement Is A Rove Loyalist. Do The Math. 07.15.02

MH Special Assistant To Bush Was Part Of The Window-Pounding Repug Mob At Miami-Dade County Hall 07.15.02

EVANS The papers knew about Dubya's deals in 2000. Strangely, they kept quiet 07.15.02

FINEMAN What Do You Do When You Want To Buy A Baseball Team And You Have Neither The Dough Nor Collateral? 07.15.02

CORN Never Investigated: Harken Director Bush Profited From Harken Manipulation Of Books Re Aloha Subsidary 07.15.02

ARCHIVES Halliburton's "Iraq Deals Greater Than Cheney Has Said" 07.15.02

KUTTNER "Bush is at risk of becoming a Cinderella president. Terrorist attacks elevated him from an untested pretender with no mandate into a popular commander in chief. Now a domestic economic crisis, eerily reminiscent of Bush's own dubious financial history, could turn him back into a bumpkin. " 07.15.02

PHILLIPS "The self-destructive face of Republicanism and conservatism has involved markets, corporations, and fealty to the rich. These penchants characterized the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, the Roaring Twenties, and the last two decades. " 07.15.02

HATTERSLEY "The fundamental flaw in unregulated capitalism ought to be obvious. Men and women of apparent intelligence and generally recognised probity openly argue that "greed is good". The profit motive breeds corruption. " 07.15.02

MALLABY "It's sometimes said that executive stock options would be fine -- almost patriotic -- if only they were properly disclosed in corporate accounts. After all, options reward executives for great performance, and what could be more American than that? This is a bit naive, unfortunately. Options, at least as they exist currently, do not reward performance. And their accounting cover-up is not incidental -- it is central to the real goal of many options schemes, which is to disguise bosses' absurd pay from the rest of us. " 07.15.02

SERWER "Houlihan's (yup--the restaurant chain) went bankrupt in January. Anchor Glass filed in April. Birmingham Steel in June. Florsheim (I've always been partial to their wingtips) kicked in March. Batterymaker Exide also went down in April. Guilford Mills, Kaiser Aluminum, Polaroid, State Line Casino, and Wisconsin Color Press all threw in the towel. " 07.15.02

WP ED "The Senate bill is good, but not perfect. Opponents of reform have succeeded in frustrating a number of amendments that would have strengthened it. " 07.15.02

BASS "The Clinton administration began the process of establishing permanent protection for [roadless] lands in 1998. The Forest Service held hundreds of public meetings over the course of two years, and received an overwhelming public response in favor of protection. But the Bush administration requested further analysis, complaining that there hadn't been enough local input. Last fall over 80 percent of the residents in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana who responded during a second comment period asked - again - for the land to be protected." What does it take? 07.15.02

MC INTYRE "Alaska is one of only two states that lack both a statewide sales tax and a personal income tax (the other is New Hampshire). Instead, courtesy of levies on Prudeau Bay oil, Alaskans are actually paid by their government to live there through an annual oil-funded "dividend," equal to $1,850 per resident last year. " 07.15.02

WP "After months of hesitancy, leading Democrats have begun to challenge President Bush directly on his conduct of foreign affairs, offering pointed criticisms of his policies on the Middle East, U.S. relations with key allies and even the war in Afghanistan. " 07.15.02

BENN New Bush ME Strategy: "Will have four components: regime changes in Iraq, Iran and the Palestinian Authority; an active war against terror, including sending advisers to states such as Yemen; working to block the spread of weapons of mass destruction; and, over the long term, working to change the face of societies in the region through democratization - a process that will begin in Iraq and the PA. " 07.15.02

IND "Iraqi exiles expected to participate in a future government of their country warned yesterday that an invasion by American and British troops would bring widespread destruction without removing Saddam Hussein. " 07.15.02

HA'ARETZ Israeli Soldiers Close The Sea To Palestinians At Rafah 07.15.02

HA'ARETZ "As in the long years before the Oslo agreements, a right-wing government is managing once again to turn Arafat's problematic personality, and how he uses force, into the essence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This time the right is finding its work being done by others - the leader of the free world and the leader of the Labor Party. " 07.15.02

FISK "How better to distract Pakistan's army from supporting America's "war on terror" than by promoting, yet again, a war in Kashmir? " 07.15.02

LLOYD "America appears to have a new sense of itself and its power - and with it, a contempt for Europe. American conservatives dislike us for being soft and whingeing. American liberals seem to think we have become a nest of racists and anti-Semites. " 07.15.02

SMITHSON "There are cheaper and quicker ways to coordinate counterterrorism efforts, without a massive executive-branch makeover. Last week, House lawmakers balked at carrying out some of Mr. Bush's proposals. But will Congress have the fortitude to rewrite his plan...?" 07.15.02

NYT Don't Expect To Sue Airlines If Pilots Get Guns 07.15.02

HERBERT "We need a much stronger focus on security at seaports in the United States, where cargo comes and goes by the billions of tons annually. " 07.15.02

NATION An exchange on the causes of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 07.15.02

WALDMAN Why school vouchers could be bad for Christianity 07.15.02

JUST Why school vouchers could demolish national unity. 07.15.02

KUSHNER Forget church and state. Vouchers are bad for a gazillion secular reasons. 07.15.02

PILGER "As the West prepares for an assault on Iraq, John Pilger argues that 'war on terror' is a smokescreen created by the ultimate terrorist ... America itself." 07.14.02

OB ED Bush's Verbal Trap. Can He Be Re-Elected Without Iraq Attack? 07.14.02

OBSERVER Why Were Plans For Iraq Attack Leaked As Corporate Sleeze Headlines Hit A New Peak? 07.14.02

DOWD Dick To Rummy: ""Our strategy is to slow down the House and Senate so these stiffer accounting and corporate-greed bills never see the light of day. Maybe you guys could accelerate your war on Baghdad. A righteous distraction would come in handy. " 07.14.02

BURKE Blair And Bush To Meet In Iraq Attack Summit 07.14.02

BLACKMAN Gorbachev: I Fear Bush and Blair War Plan 07.14.02

REUTERS The War In Iraq: U.S. Planes Strike Iraqi Air - Defense Facility 07.14.02

TS Iraq's chemical, biological weapons worry U.S. Re Attack 07.14.02

TS Bin Laden alive, head German spy says 07.14.02

WP ED Ashcroft Is Keeping His Citizen Spies Program Secret 07.14.02

EDLEY "Within the new agency of homeland security, Congress should create an independent Office of Rights and Liberties, headed by a Senate-confirmed director. This director should have the powers of a super-inspector general, but focused solely on monitoring compliance with civil liberties and civil rights norms in the government-wide war. " 07.14.02

HALLINAN "Once again, illusions are about to plunge the Middle East into catastrophe. The first of these is George W. Bush's "vision" for peace between Israelis and Palestinians--a "vision" consistent with the president's uncomplicated "See Spot run" world of good guys and bad guys." 07.14.02

WP ED "The bottom line is that the practical road map for taking action that was so conspicuously missing from Mr. Bush's [Israeli-Palestinian] speech has yet to appear." 07.14.02

BG "Even as the Bush administration scrambles to build a new Palestinian leadership, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel has put increasing pressure on Palestinian moderates who may offer the best hope of resolving the Mideast conflict. " 07.14.02

GOAR "As wealth concentration grows, especially near the crest of a drawn-out boom, so does upper-bracket control of politics and its ability to shape its own preferment," Phillips noted. 'The cost to ordinary Americans has been substantial - in reduced median family income, in stagnant wages, in a diminished sense of community and commonweal, in fewer private and government services and sometimes in poorer physical and mental health amid money-culture values, work hours and competitive consumption.' " 07.14.02

HEALY Battered market threatens many Americans' dreams 07.14.02

NYT Stocks' Slide Is Playing Havoc With Older Americans' Dreams 07.14.02

YARDLEY Has the public grown angry enough to vote their pocketbooks in November and, if so, will they punish? 07.14.02

MATLIN It isn't often that the world and US press can agree about President Bush. But very few commentators thought a Presidential speech would end corporate shenanigans. 07.14.02

JENNINGS "To many of us, the president's rhetoric on Tuesday was all gaping gum, no teeth. If by chance, though, he was being sincere, Mr. Bush was knocking himself out for nothing....The structure of American corporations is inimical to the "new" ethic he was espousing. Despite the efforts of many fine people, American corporations are notorious for daddy-knows-best, brook-no-dissent cultures where personal responsibility more often dies than flourishes. They are also secretive, self-referential environments where transparency, Mr. Bush's other hobbyhorse, is unlikely to be embraced in any form, accounting or otherwise, except as window-dressing. " 07.14.02

IVINS "Since the president proposes nothing to fix the problems -- the speech was basically a cheap sop to our schadenfreude -- we can look for the situation to continue to get worse. We are already seeing a major pullout from U.S. markets by foreign investors. " 07.14.02

BRODER "The confidence crisis that has overtaken the Bush administration has many dimensions, but at bottom, it comes down to a single question: Can you take this president's words seriously? " [Not With His Track Record, Mr. Broder] 07.14.02

VULLIAMY Bush squirms in sleaze scandal 07.14.02

MORGAN Bush started the week trying to save corporate America. He ended it trying to save himself 07.14.02

FARRELL Bush Knew: Was On Harken Special Committee To Deal With Financial Crisis 07.14.02

WP "A confidential Harken chronology, obtained by the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity, said that 16 days before he sold the stock, Bush was sent the company's "weekly flash report," giving 'information provided by subsidiaries regarding estimated historical and projected earnings.' " 07.14.02

CPI Bush's Late Filings Of Stock Transactions Totaled Over $1 Million 07.14.02

PI More Bush Oil Dealings Come To Light 07.14.02

ARCHIVES How Bush Scored Big With The Texas Rangers 07.14.02

BG ED "IF THE UNITED States ever begins a serious effort to curtail greenhouse gases, much of the credit should go to the California legislators who this month approved a bill to limit carbon dioxide emissions from cars sold in that state. The action stands in striking contrast to the inaction of President Bush, who walked away first from his campaign pledge to limit carbon dioxide emissions by power plants and then from a report by his own Environmental Protection Agency on the threat of global warming." 07.14.02

MEYERSON Greens to Liberals: Drop Dead! 07.14.02

WP GOP Figure Behind Greens Offer, N.M. Official Says 07.14.02

BG Who Can Beat Bush? Senators John Kerry of Mass., John Edwards of North Carolina, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, and Thomas A. Daschle of South Dakota, as well as Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, Governor Howard Dean of Vermont, or former vice president Al Gore? 07.14.02

DEAN Howard Who? Is It 2004 Yet? 07.14.02

FISHER Baseball is Just Another Institution We Can't Trust 07.14.02

ADN Alaskans Look At Enron And Wonder Who's Going To Clean Up Growing Oil Rig Mess 07.13.02

NYT In Tough Times, Cheney's Halliburton Finds Profits in Terror War 07.13.02

WP Bush's top official on corporate crime and responsibility was a director of a credit card company that paid more than $400 million to settle allegations of consumer and securities fraud. 07.13.02

GUARDIAN Stock Market Woes In N.Y., London Stoke Fears Of Double-Dip Recession 07.13.02

NYT Now, White House Blames Growing Deficit On Stock Market, Others Have Pointed To Tax Cuts For Rich 07.13.02

YORK Contrary to the Bush's statements to the press, Harken memos show he knew the firm was headed for trouble. 07.13.02

AP Senate OK's Ban On Executive Loans Such As Bush's Harken Loan 07.13.02

AP Who Bought Bush's Harken Stock? 07.13.02

NYT Senator Urges Changes In Stock Options 07.13.02

NAGOURNEY Corporate Abuses Giving Democrats a Campaign Issue 07.13.02

LEWIS "Important elements in the Israeli government do not want a real two-state solution and do not want political negotiations with a reformed Palestinian leadership. " 07.13.02

CORNWELL America rattles Saddam's cage hoping he will lash out in anger 07.13.02

NYT Prompted by American calls to overthrow Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi military officers who have defected over the years and opposition leaders met in London. 07.13.02

NYT ED The government should make the smallpox vaccine available to every American who wants it. 07.13.02

PBP Get Over Florida Election? Not This Filmmaker 07.13.02


DIONNE "The fact that there is a substantive -- one can even say principled -- difference between Bush and the Democrats on the matter of corporate accountability is one reason why this issue has a long shelf life. A second is the sudden relevance of the corporate careers of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. " 07.12.02

AN ED "Give It Back, Mr. President." 07.12.02

CADETTE "The stock-options culture is at the root of the current scandals on Wall Street. " 07.12.02

KRUGMAN Bush "still opposes both reforms that would reduce the incentives for corporate scams, such as requiring companies to count executive stock options against profits, and reforms that would make it harder to carry out such scams, such as not allowing accountants to take consulting fees from the same firms they audit." 07.12.02

WP Senate Banking Committee Chairman Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Md.) yesterday said the White House has needlessly delayed the selection of four SEC nominees to sit beside SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt, a Bush appointee who has come under fire for his close ties to the accounting industry. 07.12.02

SCHEER "For President Bush to pretend to be shocked that some top executives deal from a stacked deck is akin to a madam feigning surprise that sexual favors have been sold in her establishment. " 07.12.02

SALETON Harken Hypocrisy. Bush's corporate ethics: Do as I say, not as I do. 07.12.02

GROSS Another Bush Harken Lie: Claims He Paid Back Loan. "Bush essentially borrowed $180,000 in stockholders' cash to bet on Harken stock. When the bet soured, the debt was forgiven and he was given new chips to play with." 07.12.02

TAYLOR Bush Left The Date Blank On That 34 Weeks Late SEC Form 07.12.02

FAGAN "As corporate scandal becomes a new threat to American prosperity, Mr. Bush again looks like the callow kid. He seems hopelessly compromised -- by his personal background, his career in business, and his ideology." 07.12.02

ENGEL "Bush in more trouble as markets crash " 07.12.02

JW Lou Dobbs' CNN Survey Shows 95% of Americans Want Answers From VP Cheney Regarding Halliburton Accounting 07.12.02

THOMAS Foreign Pundits Dislike Bush's Corporate Corruption Speech 07.12.02

SALETAN Compassionate Corporatism. McCain vs. Bush on corporate corruption. 07.12.02

WOOLLACOTT "This supposedly towering American strength is questionable in all aspects, whether economic, military or political." 07.12.02

NYT ED "The United States does not rule the world, and the administration needs to think more creatively and strategically about how this country works with the rest of the planet. " 07.12.02

GROSSMAN "Israel must not be tempted by the fiction of security behind a wall. Instead, it must invest its energy in the recommencement of negotiations. " 07.12.02

SLATE A bill to bar Arabs From State-Owned Land Represents "the effective collapse of Israeli democracy." 07.12.02

HA'ARETZ "Racist Bill." Israel Owns 90% Of The Land, Arabs Make Up 18% Of The Population 07.12.02

NYT Prompted by the Sept. 11 attacks, a cautious debate has begun in Saudi Arabia's closed society over intolerance toward non-Muslims and attitudes toward the West. 07.12.02

Kinsley Who Wants This Iraq Attack? And why don't we find out before we start one? 07.12.02

GUARDIAN Jordan refuses to allow launchpad for invasion 07.12.02

NICHOLS Karl Rove's Legal Tricks 07.12.02

KRISTOF When someone expert in bio-warfare mailed anthrax last fall, it may not have been the first time he had struck. 07.12.02

KINGWELL "When is God not God? When He's blessing America, apparently. Or when in Him we trust. Or when this big old imperial power is one nation under Him. Take your pick. Philosophers have puzzled over the question of God's nature for centuries, reaching various entertaining or desperate conclusions, and yet the answer was right there in front of our eyes all the while -- God is a Yankee. " 07.12.02

WP Bush Took Oil Firm's Loans as Director. Practice Would Be Banned in President's New Corporate Abuse Policy 07.11.02

NYT "Bush wants to ban some of the very insider transactions that he used as a director of Harken Energy in the late 1980's." 07.11.02

WP Bush Stonwalls Harken Records Of His Activities As Director 07.11.02

Cornwell Financial Storm Around Cheney Continues To Roil 07.11.02

BBC Cheney Caught Shilling For Anderson In Video (also, play it) 07.11.02

MORGENSON "In his 27-minute speech on corporate responsibility, Mr. Bush spent less than 30 seconds tackling the issue that many believe is central: the issuance of huge amounts of stock options to top executives. Until this problem is addressed, true change will be slow to come to boardrooms. " 07.11.02

COHEN Need Sleep? Watch A Tape Of Bush's Corporate Corruption Speech 07.11.02

NYT Going beyond Bush's proposals, the Senate endorsed broad new criminal penalties for executives who cheat investors or harm employee pensions. 07.11.02

MITCHELL "The new political dynamic might well lead to compromise and to laws being passed: President Bush is on the defensive because of his administration's close ties to corporate America, and Republicans do not want to get on the wrong side of this volatile issue in an election year." 07.11.02

MILBANK Pitt Is A Liability To Bush 07.11.02

WP Stocks Continue Swoon. Nasdaq At 5 Year Low 07.11.02

GUARDIAN "European shares fell sharply in early trading after Wall Street slumped to levels not seen since 1997 amid renewed concern about US accounting methods. " 07.11.02

ADAMS "C.E.O.'s and C.F.O.'s aren't less ethical than employees; they're just stealing a higher quality of loot than the rank and file. " 07.11.02

HERBERT "The N.A.A.C.P. is sharp enough to recognize the difference between compassion and cynicism, and to see the threat inherent in a president who will leave no millionaire behind. " 07.11.02

WP Surprise: House-Senate Probe Finds No 9/11 Smoking Gun 07.11.02

WP Congress Begins Slowdown On Bush Homeland Security Plan 07.11.02

YOUNG "We need to talk about the war on Iraq before it begins " 07.11.02

HOAGLAND "For two decades the world has treated the transformation of Iraq into a giant laboratory for terrorism and crimes against humanity with varying degrees of silence, forgetfulness and complicity. Now the attacks of Sept. 11 against the United States have broken through the curtain of indifference. " 07.11.02

TIMES Jordan to let US troops use bases for war on Iraq 07.11.02

NYT ED "At a moment when Israel should be embracing moderate Palestinians, closing the office of Sari Nusseibeh, the leading voice of moderation within mainstream Palestinian politics, was wrongheaded. " 07.11.02

SALE Blowback: Hamas history tied to Israel 07.11.02

SAFIRE Who's Who In Espianage 07.11.02

MC GRORY White House Pressure, Nuke Lobby Will Place Our Roadways In Radioactive Danger Now That The Bill Is Passed 07.11.02

SV Specialized digital devices are used by the millions as the brains of industrial sectors essential to the basic functioning of the U.S. economy and government. Are they secure from cyberattack? 07.11.02

WRAY "The collapse of some of the internet's key companies has raised fears about its future " 07.11.02

GREENSTEIN "President's Budget Uses Accounting Devices And Implausible Assumptions to Hide Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Costs" 07.10.02

NYT ED "If President Bush expects to restore confidence in corporate America, he needs to get his own house in order first. " 07.10.02

NYT ED "President Bush's address to corporate America was disappointingly devoid of tough proposals for forceful reform. " 07.10.02

WP ED "Despite Mr. Bush's exhortation yesterday to clean up corporate America, the administration has put out a statement critical of the best vehicle for achieving this objective, which is the Senate's reform package. The administration needs to close this gap between rhetoric and policy. " 07.10.02

NORRIS "Some of the president's calls for change on Wall Street were endorsements of measures already sure to be enacted, while others were efforts to jawbone corporate America. " 07.10.02

MSNBC Analysts And Investors Say Bush Proposals Are Too Little, Too Late 07.10.02

CONASON Lou Dobbs Downgrades Bush, And So Do I 07.10.02

WP Bush Plan Derided By Insiders 07.10.02

GUARDIAN ED "Yesterday was not the first time that Mr Bush has promised more than he delivered in getting a grip on corporate America. It is unlikely to be the last. " 07.10.02

IND Bush Spoke Loudly, But Carried A Small Stick 07.10.02

TEATHER Bush "speech widely criticised for not going far enough. Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general, who threatened legal action against Wall Street bank Merrill Lynch over alleged misleading advice, described the proposals as 'enormously disappointing.'" 07.10.02

REUTERS Chancellor Of Germany Says US Corporate Scandals 'Iceberg Tip' 07.10.02

SKEEL "Toughening existing criminal laws and adding new ones might seem the best way to make sure that future Enrons and WorldComs won't happen, but that approach won't work. " 07.10.02

DOWD "Bush's idea of solving a domestic problem is to fire the maid and yell at the butler," chortled the Democratic senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. The Democrats are going to town again on Bush obliviousness. America is repulsed by corporate gluttony and accounting racketeering. And the younger Bush must prove that his connection to the common man goes deeper than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." 07.10.02

PEARLSTEIN Bush Measures Not Likely to End Abuses 07.10.02

CORN "There is no way Bush can get a handle on a systemic corporate crisis of serious magnitude. His line, so far, has been that there are only a few "bad apples" out there. Unfortunately, they just happen to include some of his closest supporters. " 07.10.02

USA Bush Said Nothing Meaningful About Boards. Enron Board Ignored Red Flags 07.10.02

GREY "The Bush administration...embodies precisely those social elements most closely associated with the criminalization of American business. The present government-a government of the political underworld-is their concentrated political expression." 07.10.02

REUTERS Judicial Watch To Initiate Shareholders' Suit Against Cheney, Halliburton. Claims Accounting Fraud 07.10.02

PBS O'Neill's Question-Begging Interview Suggests Bush's CEO Cabinet Is Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution 07.10.02

MC RAE "But is George W the best person to capture this mood for change and articulate the need for financial morality? Of course not; but he will have to do....Sometimes it takes one to catch one." 07.10.02

SFC Daschle seeks SEC file on Bush Democrat requests release of data on 10-year-old stock trading probe 07.10.02

DE "President Violates First Rule of Holes In Effort to Save Self, Undermines Reform " 07.10.02

COLHOUN The Family That Preys Together 07.10.02

LW Bush, Lay Shielded Errant TX Businesses From Lawsuits07.10.02

CNN Text Of Bush Corporate Corruption Speech 07.10.02

BORGER "Little doubt that the Pentagon is devising invasion plans in deadly earnest, but the parallel effort to build a political alternative has been half-hearted to say the least. " 07.10.02

AP FBI Searches for Mideast Nationals Alleged To Have Entered Country With Visas Obtained By Bribing U.S. Embassy Workers 07.10.02

FL A database that led to the wrongful removal of names from voter rolls in the 2000 election will be reprocessed to look for names that should be restored, under an agreement in a federal voting rights lawsuit. 07.10.02

GUARDIAN Bush jibe angers black leaders 07.10.02

MOJO "If the [Bush] Department of Energy has its way, the nation's nuclear garbage could end up in everyday items like bicycles, frying pans, and baby strollers. " 07.10.02

KRISTOF Christian Pastors Particularly Responsible For Islam Hate Speech Since 11 Sept. 07.09.02

RALL American Jihad: "When someone tells you they're fighting for freedom of religion, there's a good chance they're really fighting for their freedom to make you follow their religion. " 07.09.02

NYT Scalia, Bush's Favorite Judge, Says We Should "Combat" Democracy In The Name Of God: "'The reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure the divine authority behind government should not be resignation to it, but the resolution to combat it as effectively as possible,' he said in Chicago.". 07.09.02

REEVES "What is left for [the Right] to do? Well, a lot of what they're doing now involves religion, including money to religious schools. (I, for one, am waiting to see what they think and do when Muslims start collecting vouchers and form their own schools and madrassas around the country.) " 07.09.02

WP Although Both Institutions Are Under A Cloud, Bush Went To Bob Jones University But Stiffs Catholic Conferences 07.09.02

WP NAACP Speakers Say Unelected Bush Pandering To Far Right, Ignoring Blacks 07.09.02

NYT Bush Vague And Dismissive About His Harken Accounting Practices. Dems Predict Tough Words, Watered Down Actions In Tonight's Corporate Practices Speech 07.09.02

CORNWELL "On the eve of a keynote speech on cleaning up corporate America, President George Bush was forced last night to defend his own past business activities in the Texas oil industry. " 07.09.02

KRUGMAN "How Bush Firm Used Accounting Scam" 07.09.02

TEATHER "Bush and his administration have a string of links to the companies at the heart of the scandals rocking America " 07.09.02

NYT "Cowboy Capitalism" WorldCom Head Gives Speech, Then Takes The Fifth. Senator Accuses Him Of Contempt 07.09.02

ARIANNA "In his essay, "Politics and the English Language," George Orwell wrote: "The great enemy of clear language is insincerity… Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable." And to allow corporate coddlers like Pitt and Bush to repackage themselves as born-again crusaders for reform. I’m sorry, fellas, but I’m just not buying your 'restatement of yearnings.' " 07.09.02

NYT Bush Says Israel Should Occupy Palestine Until "Security Improves." Opposite Of What He Said In April 07.09.02

NYT "A cabinet vote endorsing a bill that would bar Israeli Arabs from buying homes in Jewish communities built on state land caused an uproar here today, with critics in and outside the government calling it racist. " 07.09.02

IND "Israel accused of 'racist ideology' with plan to prevent Arabs buying homes " 07.09.02

HENSHER "The West has failed to change the routine, self-destructive pattern Afghan political life has followed since 1747" 07.09.02

PALAST A Tale of Two Coups: Venezuela and Argentina 07.09.02

DDC "Who Let Terrorists Attack America? 07.09.02

SPT The most prominent Democrat in the Florida race for governor has help from about a dozen family members. 07.09.02

NYT Repugs Hope To Knock Off Powerful Dem Dean Of House Through Re-districting 07.09.02

SUGG Mr. Bush, Have You No Shame? 07.08.02

THOMAS Bush acting as imperial president 07.08.02

EVANS Welcome To Bush's 1984 07.08.02

FERNER "A modicum of historical perspective explains why America’s New and Improved War is not a surprise. It’s not just oil. It’s not just acquiring territory or the use of territory. It’s property and property rights consistently trumping human rights. The names change. The song has remained the same throughout our history. " 07.08.02

KROME "The Free Trade Area of the Americas is an outrageous attack on our nation's sovereignty. Corporate free traders should hide their heads at proposing these shameful provisions. If President Bush is truly concerned about protecting our sovereign rights, he should recognize that this issue, far more than the International Criminal Court, threatens the heart of American democracy and self-governance. Instead of promoting the FTAA, a truly patriotic president would fight it tooth and nail." 07.08.02

CSM "One-quarter of public firms have to amend reports after SEC review – a sign of widespread manipulation. " 07.08.02

MALLABY "They say, for example, that there is no widespread problem of wacky bookkeeping, just "a few bad apples" in the business. Even six months ago, this was a cheeky line: Nearly 1,000 firms were forced to admit misstating accounts in the five years that ended last December. But after Enron, Global Crossing, Adelphia, Xerox and WorldCom, the few-bad-apples crack is right up there with Monty Python as a classic of absurdist humor. " 07.08.02

AP "As Texas Oil Man, Bush's Business Practices Resembled Those of the Companies He Now Criticizes " 07.08.02

WP "Bush's speech on Tuesday to 1,000 business executives on Wall Street begins a delicate task for the president. He must make a credible denunciation of corporate wrongdoing and offer reform proposals to calm stricken markets and boost investor confidence. To do so, he must overcome questions about his administration's strongly pro-business record, as well as the records he and his administration officials compiled as corporate executives before coming to power. " 07.08.02

WP ED Shooting Blanks. "Like the gun lobby, the president will in effect be saying, 'Enforce the laws! Punish crooked CEOs! But don't take away the tools that allow crooks to wreak maximum damage.' " 07.08.02

BW "Surprise! The Little Guy Loses. Big banks offloaded their risk--mostly to small investors " 07.08.02

TRAN "Shares in US drugs giant Merck fell sharply in Europe following a report in the Wall Street Journal claiming the group inflated revenues by $12.4bn over the past three years." 07.08.02

TIME "A stinging new Congressional report, obtained by TIME, mocks claims of ignorance by Enron board members like former CEO Ken Lay and Wendy Gramm, the wife of Texas Senator Phil Gramm. " 07.08.02

GREEN "In any other administration, Bush's scandal-plagued Army secretary [by way of Enron] would be gone." 07.08.02

HA'ARETZ "Cabinet minister Dan Meridor Monday denounced as "a grave error" and "flagrantly discriminatory" a decision by the cabinet to support a law aimed at allowing "Jewish-only" villages, and to allow communities to bar Arabs from buying houses in their midst. " 07.08.02

HA'ARETZ "The nationalist-Haredi leaders, swollen with rhetoric about the eternity of Israel, are, here and now, harming this country in its most difficult hour. " 07.08.02

PRESTON "Two innocents killed at a ticket check-in are two too many. They are also mere drops in the ocean of blood which the US allows to flow daily - including on July 4 - through a society where guns and gun culture remain ubiquitous. " 07.08.02

UPI "Local, state and federal officials have rushed to refute a statement by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz that there is an al Qaida cell active in Jacksonville.Officials said the statement was a mixture of old information and included the wrong Florida city." 07.08.02

NYT "What began as a major operation involving 300 to 400 American and Afghan soldiers against suspected Qaeda and Taliban positions in this isolated corner of southern Afghanistan had apparently turned into a slaughter of innocents. " 07.08.02

WILENTZ "Justice Antonin Scalia seeks to abandon the intent of the Constitution's framers and impose views about government and divinity that no previous justice has ever embraced. " 07.08.02

JOHNSEN "Pres. Bush picks judges based on ideology--so why shouldn't senators reject them for it? " 07.08.02

EHRENFELD " every corner of our land were cruelly betrayed by a Supreme Court decision, backed by the administration of President Bush, which allows public school funds to be used in the form of vouchers for private school tuition. This is a decision that will widen the gap between the lucky and unlucky children of America. The lucky ones will flourish in private schools made richer with public dollars, while the unlucky will be abandoned in our doomed public schools. " 07.08.02

LITHWICK "Just because we all seem to want an order of God with our fries - be it in our Pledge of Allegiance or in choice of schools - doesn’t mean we should get it. The First Amendment should have kept all of us from this ugly project of wooing the state into financing our particular church or using the state’s money to convert others." 07.08.02

LITHWICK Why is the Supreme Court treating students like prisoners? 07.08.02

PAULSON Constitutional crossroads. Where ‘under God’ meets ‘justice for all’ 07.08.02

SCHAEFFER Why I Quit Bush's EPA 07.08.02

MENCIMER "Al Gore lost in 2000 by going soft on the environment. He can win in 2004 by getting tough." 07.08.02

WP Good News For Jeb. " The former attorney general has too many enemies and too few skilled advisers to win, according to the conventional wisdom among many leading Democrats." 07.08.02

GURADIAN Bush Plans To Use Jordan As Base For Iraq Attack. Hundreds Of American "Advisers" Pouring In 07.07.02

DAO "BUSH'S...confrontational approach could alienate America's allies even as Washington looks to them for help in the war on terrorism. For all its power, the United States still needs the military bases, ports and air fields, fuel supplies and overflight rights that only its allies can provide. No invasion of Iraq would be possible without those things _ and angering its allies over the International Criminal Court will not help the Bush administration get them, critics contend. " 07.07.02

WP Conventional Military War Closing Down In Afghanistan, As Bush And His Conservative Hawks Ready Their Iraq Attack Plan 07.07.02

MC GRORY "George W. Bush is well on his way in his program of worldwide regime-change. Palestine is on notice that it must -- in "a free and fair election," mind you -- oust Yasser Arafat or else. And now we are told, by the New York Times, that plans for an invasion of Iraq are well advanced. We must hope that someone in the inner circle is warning the president that regime-changing is harder than subject-changing." 07.07.02

PRATHER Iraq Doesn't Have Nuke "Weapons Of Mass Destruction," But Pakistan Does 07.07.02

HEYMANN "The Bush administration is claiming the power to decide alone and in secret whether Americans shall be imprisoned indefinitely to protect us against terrorism. It's that simple. The president claims the power to detain citizens as well as illegal immigrants as "combatants" until the war on terrorism is over. That war, like the war on drugs, is likely to continue indefinitely; terrorism in Northern Ireland and Israel have been facts of life for 35 years." 07.07.02

WP Have A Mutual Fund? Now You're Paying For The Scams, Golden Parachutes Of Corrupt Corporate Execs. 07.07.02

KRUGMAN "Bush profited personally from aggressive accounting identical to the recent scams that have shocked the nation." 07.07.02

HOAGLAND "The Republican majority leaders in the House and the administration seem inclined to treat the tsunami as so much surf. Lock up the few bad apples and trust the market to correct itself is the message President Bush has been giving out and will no doubt repeat in the speech he has scheduled for Tuesday to reassure the nation....{But} this is not just about a few bad apples...this is about the system -- the ethical and legal sinews of a nation celebrating its 226th birthday. " 07.07.02

NYT Senate Panel Concludes Enron Knew Of, Facilitated Company's Questionable Practices 07.07.02

NYT Financial Experts Say Expect More Corporate Scams To See Light Of Day 07.07.02

AVNERY "Israel Is The Only State In The World With A Population Of 200%" 07.07.02

GUARDIAN Britain is bypassing its own arms embargo on Israel by selling military equipment via America. 07.07.02

NYT Sept. 11: Firefighters, 121 Of Whom Died, Didn't Know What Police Knew. "A six-month examination by The Times found that the rescuers' ability to save themselves and others was hobbled by technical difficulties, a history of tribal feuding and management lapses that have been part of the emergency response culture in New York City and other regions for years. " 07.07.02

BRODER "For now, the conservatives have what they want -- an erasure of the line dividing church and state but not the line dividing city and suburb. In a just society, that contradiction cannot be allowed to stand. " 07.07.02

OLIPHANT " The only implication of Bush's [voucher] comment is that every kid in the country should have the same opportunity for a good education and that every parent in need should have the means (including a voucher) to exercise the same freedom of choice Bush's rich parents could. I actually believe that, but off his record and his budget, the president is clearly blowing smoke." 07.07.02

GREENHOUSE SUPREMES DEBATE: "For Justice Scalia, who focuses on text, language is supreme, and the court's job is to derive and apply rules from the words chosen by the Constitution's framers or a statute's drafters. For Justice Breyer, who looks to context, language is only a starting point to an inquiry in which a law's purpose and a decision's likely consequence are the more important elements." 07.07.02

THOMPSON Does Alice Sound Like Us Or Do We Sound Like Alice? 07.07.02

GUARDIAN SEARCH ENGINES: You Find What The Corporations Pay For 07.07.02

DOWD Move Over Jaws, Here Comes SNAKEHEAD ! 07.07.02

RICH "All the President's Enrons: Maybe it's time to try pinning the whole mess on Ann Richards again " 07.06.02

FLOCCO "The younger Bush was cleared by the SEC of insider trade wrongdoing by his personal attorney and by his father's vice-presidential counsel, a virtual impossibility for the average U.S. citizen". 07.06.02

LAZARUS "The [SEC] investigated Bush for insider trading but no charges were brought. Nevertheless, the Dallas Morning News quoted a 1993 letter from investigators to Bush's lawyer stressing that this "must in no way be construed as indicating that (Bush) has been exonerated." 07.06.02

BS ED Bush "parlayed a failing company into stock in another company that he bailed out of just before it, too, began to fail; he used the proceeds to support his minimal investment in a baseball team that he eventually cashed in for $18 million. Where do we get in line for that kind of work? " 07.06.02

DE ED " While Bill Clinton is gone, Dan Burton and Tom DeLay are still in office. But their views on business ethics must have softened. We have heard nary a peep out of either man about the current Vice President's now suspect behavior while CEO of Halliburton (1995-2000.) Halliburton is under SEC investigation for cooking its books, a la Enron, under Cheney's command." 07.06.02

NYT ED Bush Still Refuses To Clean Up Growing Toxic Mess That Is Harming Your Health 07.06.02

REUTERS Afghan Vice President Killed in Kabul 07.06.02

WP L.A. Shooting Was Planned, FBI Says 07.06.02

LETTER American Jew Says One Can Be Critical Without Being Racist 07.06.02

NYT Israeli Military Chief Promises Long Term Occupation If Arafat Is Democratically Elected 07.06.02

HA'ARETZ "Sometimes it is difficult to understand how millions of people, Israelis and Palestinians, so eager for peace according to the surveys, can stand idly by and allow themselves to be deceived by leaders who propel them from one war to the next." 07.06.02

KEANE "Much has happened these past weeks to cause believers in a saner world order to grind their teeth. Much of the blame for this lies in the White House. Mr Bush has presented a plan on the Middle East that he and everybody around him knew had no chance of flying. It was less a plan than a very expensive parking ticket. The crisis in the region is being parked, or so Mr Bush believes. If that isn't the dumbest assumption I don't know what is. " 07.06.02

REEVES "The number is so shockingly large as to defy casual comprehension. We must exercise both moral and statistical imagination to understand the evil represented: 1.7 million human beings, the most recent U.N. estimate for people in southern Sudan deliberately being denied humanitarian aid by Khartoum's National Islamic Front regime. Such denial of food and medical assistance, given the distressed condition of so many of these people, is nothing less than a terribly crude but equally effective "weapon of mass destruction." If our elected officials care about the deployment of such weapons, as we have so often heard since Sept. 11, they cannot ignore what is transpiring in southern Sudan." 07.06.02

NELSON "What will be left to win if the very rights we Americans profess to hold dear — free speech; privacy in our homes, e-mails and houses of worship; probable cause and a speedy and fair trial — are sacrificed in the name of defeating terror? " 07.06.02

QUILLEN Ashcroft Focuses Upon Domestic Terrorist Document 07.06.02

PILGER "THE ROGUE STATE. America's Bid To Control The World." 07.05.02

MAHAJAN "Why I Will Not Celebrate This Fourth of July " 07.05.02

STEEL "The American military must take tips from Bart Simpson. As survivors gaze in bewilderment at the four bombarded Afghan villages and 40 people at a wedding killed by American missiles fired from American planes, the Pentagon thinks for a moment and says: "I didn't do it.'' 07.05.02

NYT As Pakistani's Popularity Slides, 'Busharraf' Is a Figure of Ridicule 07.05.02

IGNATIUS "U.S. military power, by itself, will not be sufficient to change the Arab world. If America (or Israel) could dictate outcomes by force, it would have done so long ago. The United States sponsored a wave of coups back in the 1950s, when the enemy was pro-Soviet secularism, rather than the Islamists. The CIA backed coups in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan -- and probably lots of other places. And guess what? They were disasters. They just added to the power of the Arab nemesis of those days, Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser." 07.05.02

HA'ARETZ Sharon Claims He Has Secret Diplomatic Plan Hatched With Bush 07.05.02

SEGALL Why I Won't Serve Sharon 07.05.02

WP Heat, Lingering Fears Over Safety Shrink D.C. Mall Turnout for Celebration 07.05.02

INDEPENDENT "The gunman who killed two people in Los Angeles International Airport yesterday was an Egyptian immigrant celebrating his birthday on 4 July." Israeli Ministers Say He Was A Terrorist, But Offer No Proof. 07.05.02

GUARDIAN Egyptian Hadayet, A U.S. Legal Resident Of Ten Years, Became Incensed Over American Flag At His Apartment House After 11 Sept. 07.05.02

AP Hadyet Carried Extra Ammunition And Magazines For His Registered Guns, Suggesting His Actions Were Planned 07.05.02

MARTINEZ National Airport Security Test Has 25% Fake Weapons Getting Through, Twice That In Vegas Under Tourism Pressure 07.05.02

TYLER Bush ME Policy Reflects Conservative Hawk View "that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not present a strategic threat to American interests in the Middle East - but Iraq's interest in developing weapons of mass destruction does."07.05.02

NYT U.S. Plan For Iraq Attack Spelled Out 07.05.02

TELEGRAPH Saddam's son held at Florida air school 07.05.02

WP Update On Prediction That Hughes Will Oversee Texas 2002 Elections For Bush. Takes Job With Republican Party, Will Confab With Bush In D.C. One Week Each Month. 07.05.02

NYT ED Paying High Rent, Mortgage? The housing shortage facing the country is nearly as severe as the one that spurred Congress to act just after World War II, but Bush refuses to help. 07.05.02

BLOOMBERG U.S. Jobless Rate Rises to 5.9 Percent 07.05.02

KRISTOF Under Bush, Hypocrite Pundit Farms The Government While Africans Starve 07.05.02

NYT Japanese begin ocean transport under weakened security of raw materials that could be used for nuclear arms 07.05.02

b>INTERVIEW The Other Gore Says "The liberals, of course, are the slowest and the stupidest, because they do not understand their interests. The right wing are the bad guys, but they know what they want -- everybody else's money. And they know they don't like blacks and they don't like minorities. And they like to screw everyone along the way. " 07.04.02

MC GRORY "On the Fourth of July we celebrate the signing of one of our two most consequential documents, the Declaration of Independence, which is about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," of which there seems to be less all the time. Two hundred and twenty-six years after the tremulous but resolute members of the Continental Congress took up their pens and scratched their names on the radioactive parchment, we have an attorney general whose most active pursuit is of the death penalty." 07.04.02

WP Fewer Freedoms on 4th Checkpoints and Jet Patrols Mark Post-Sept. 11 Celebration 07.04.02

BUNCOMBE Tight security as jittery US celebrates 4 July 07.04.02

WP ED "GONE ARE the Fourths on the Mall when celebrants of freedom could roam without showing up on a government video tape....The secrecy surrounding this latest monitoring operation -- and the absence of any detailed guidelines for electronic surveillance -- raise serious concerns." 07.04.02

SFC Woman's jury experience makes her skeptical about giving law enforcement a blank check to bypass civil liberties. 07.04.02

YOUNG "Independence Day, however, is the moment to note an unhappy trend. Discourse and relationships have narrowed not broadened in 10 months.....At the beginning, President Bush stared at the world and said you are either with us or against us. Time hasn't worked any refinement of his message, rather the reverse. We are all anti-Americans now, unless we happen to be pro. " 07.04.02

HOAGLAND "Collateral damage is inevitable in a military operation as complex and destructive as America's war on al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. But callousness or indifference to civilian losses is not. The Bush administration needs to show Afghans, Americans and the world that it understands that difference. " 07.04.02

IND Shares Crash In Europe, U.S. Under 4th Of July Threat Of More Terrorist Attacks 07.04.02

CORNWELL Bush and Cheney face scrutiny in financial scandals 07.04.02

GUARDIAN "As stock markets plunged in the wake of US corporate scandals both real and suspected, the US president, George Bush, has been forced to defend his own corporate behaviour during his time as a Texas oilman twelve years ago. " 07.04.02

NYT Bush Changes His Tune. Now Blames His Lawyers For SEC Violations While Dad Was Prez. Ari Left Out Of The Loop. 07.04.02

WP "A decade ago, Bush blamed the 34-week delay in his filing on the SEC, which he said lost the disclosure document. But facing new inquiries sparked by the leaking of a 1991 SEC report, Bush's spokesman yesterday laid the blame on a "mix-up" by the company's lawyers." 07.04.02

SCHATZ As Questions About Bush Insider Trading Resurface, He Plans To Give Speech To Wall Street About Corporate Responsibility 07.04.02

SAFIRE "Q: Will the general distrust trigger a double-dip recession? A: Sure, unless Bush does the unexpected. The lefties expect him to make a speech on business ethics wagging a finger at his contributors, which will make him look like a hypocrite. The bankers expect him to say the economy is "fundamentally sound," making him look like Herbert Hoover. No, he's got to get ahead of the curve, find a new villain, ride a fresh news cycle. Are you getting this all down? You can use a recorder." 07.04.02

SMITH Corporate Fraud Is Just A Polite Word For Stealing 07.04.02

HERBERT President Bush has behaved irresponsibly toward the environment and shows no sign of changing his ways. 07.04.02

WP ED "EVERY YEAR for the rest of this decade the Environmental Protection Agency will need to spend roughly $1.4 billion to clean up contamination from hazardous substances, according to a congressionally commissioned report released last year. Where will the money come from? For fiscal 2003 Mr. Bush wants to pay with $700 million from the general fund and $529 million from the trust fund. But after that the trust fund will be virtually empty, with Superfund work far from done" 07.04.02

LIVERGOOD Vouchers Continue Bush's Right Wing Attack On American Education 07.04.02

NYT ED The findings from a panel of Arab intellectuals on the state of the world's 280 million Arabs make for grim reading. 07.04.02

CARROLL THE 4TH: "On this earth, within the limits of time, no nation is indispensable. No nation is forever. When it comes to the human condition, no nation is exceptional. And if one nation is ''under God,'' it is only because every nation is. Therefore, the joy with which we celebrate our nation's beginning must inform, equally, a sense that our nation's eventual end marks us as part of the human family, which remains America's true glory. " 07.03.02

RIDGEWAY Fleeing The Fourth In Washington 07.03.02

WELLS "The rhetoric about a "new war" with Iraq is a farce. We are already at war informally with them. Friday June 28th we dropped bombs in the South of Iraq. Wednesday the 26th of June as well. On Thursday the 20th of June four people in Iraq were killed when U.S. planes bombed them. Eighteen people were wounded when bombs fell on Iraq on the 25th of May. And another four were killed when we bombed Iraq on February 6th. I'd imagine that Iraqis feel attacked and besieged as bombs continue to fall in an undeclared, ongoing, indefinite war that inevitably targets civilians. When I tell people this, they invariably say, "Where'd you hear this? Why didn't I know about it?" It's in the news, alright, but it's just hard to find. These statistics get buried in the middle of stories about deposing Saddam Hussein and vilifying his evil acts." 07.03.02

NYT U.S. Air Strike Toll Is 40 Dead, 100 Wounded Afghan Civilians 07.03.02

COCCO War on Terror Puts Blocks to ‘Justice for All’ 07.03.02

MUWAKKIL "President Bush's recent speech outlining his plan for Middle East peace provided the latest example of how U.S. policy has been warped by Israel's powerful American lobby. " 07.03.02

PEARLMAN "The president was misinformed when he told the Palestinians to draft a democratic constitution. The Palestinians already have such a constitution. I know, because I translated it. " 07.03.02

ROBERTS U.K. Joins U.S. In Planning First Strike Nuke Attack Policy. Will Spark Arms Race. 07.03.02

NYT U.N. Forecasts Big Increase in AIDS Death Toll 07.03.02

WP Report On AIDS Offers Dire Prognosis. Asia on Brink Of Big Outbreak 07.03.02

CORN Bush Cuts AIDS Prevention Support, Claims Credit For Someone Else's Program, Hides His Effort To Further Lower Spending, And Boasts About It 07.03.02

PIOT Evidence Shows AIDS Can Be Controlled, But Only When World Leaders , Unlike Bush, Give It Priority 07.03.02

GUTMAN "The president and his Republican allies in the Congress are loathe to provide money for education, housing, health care, and other services which working people and the poor depend on. Not only are the rich made richer, the poor and even the middle class will see cuts in what they receive from the government. Redistribution two ways, in a country where the disparity of wealth is already so great that in the world's richest nation, over sixteen per cent of children live in poverty." 07.03.02

NYT Repugs Join Dems In Criticism Of SEC Inactivity By Bush's Pitt 07.03.02

NYT ED Right Wing Supreme Court Has "Troubling Term" Under George (5-4) Bush 07.03.02

WP Bush's Supreme Court Connection Is Also Moving Lower Court Law Firmly To The Right 07.03.02

DOWD "Addicted to their billion-dollar sales, drug companies have been sneakily repackaging old pills for new uses, hawking their not-so-magic elixirs for everything from shyness to smoking to work stress to supermom jits. " 07.03.02

RYAN Law Professors Bias Conclusions By Evaluating Voucher Issue Without Discussing Private Religious Schools 07.03.02

WP ED "Having a death penalty nearly guarantees the state-sponsored murder of innocent people. This is intolerable morally, and it should be intolerable legally as well." 07.03.02

KYER Global Economic Corruption? Try Privatizing Water. "Producing Wealth At The Cost Of Life." 07.03.02

BERKOWITZ Ashcroft Keeping Civil Liberties Groups In The Dark About Project For Citizen Watch Network In U.S. Which Begins In August 07.02.02

KRISTOF " The F.B.I.'s lackadaisical ineptitude in pursuing the anthrax killer continues to threaten America's national security by permitting him to strike again...If Mr. Z were an Arab national, he would have been imprisoned long ago. But he is a true-blue American with close ties to the U.S. Defense Department, the C.I.A. and the American biodefense program." 07.02.02

NYT ED "Behind [his] bromides is a history of conflict between Mr. Watts and the party leadership over his own ambitions as well as the party's failure to reach out to minority candidates and voters. " 07.02.02

AP Only Black Republican In Congress Quits. Complained Bush Kept Him Out Of The Loop 07.02.02

MATTHEWS "Sometime this fall, President Bush will issue what some are calling the biggest change in U.S. strategic policy since the dawn of the Cold War in the late 1940s. It's the doctrine of "strike first," or "pre-emption," and it has the potential to reshape military thinking, dispatch U.S. forces into the world's dark corners without warning, shake up relations with allies and break new ground in international law." 07.02.02

BBC "GE, General Motors, Exxon and other heroes of USA Inc are basing their pension fund profit contributions on "pretty heroic assumptions" about future performance. " 07.02.02

KRUGMAN Given Bush's Harken History "and an equally interesting history involving Dick Cheney's tenure as C.E.O. of Halliburton - you could say that this administration is uniquely well qualified to chase after corporate evildoers. After all, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have firsthand experience of the subject." 07.02.02

AP "Vice President Dick Cheney...ran Halliburton Co. when it adopted accounting practices that now are the subject of [an SEC] inquiry." 07.02.02

GITTINS "We've known since the Republican primaries that the Bush campaign was being bankrolled by big business. And one of Dubya's early acts was to replace the...chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission with a lawyer who'd spent his career helping the Big Five and big business generally resist tighter regulation by the SEC. " 07.02.02

SFC Gore said in a speech Saturday, "They picked the principal lawyer and lobbyist for the big five accounting firms who, before coming to the government, went and pleaded with the SEC to open up loopholes for the accounting companies." 07.02.02

WEST Cheney Is The Fat Cat's Comfort Food 07.02.02

SCHMEMANN "Future United Nations peacekeeping missions may be in doubt following a dramatic display of brinkmanship by the Bush Administration over the International Criminal Court." 07.02.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration's misguided campaign to demolish the International Criminal Court now threatens to undermine United Nations peacekeeping too, starting with Bosnia. " 07.02.02

GUARDIAN EUROPE SEETHES: White House threat to pull out of UN peacekeeping the latest in a series of quarrels shaking transatlantic alliance. 07.02.02

IND ED "Washington's behaviour is both arrogant and unacceptable. Its attempting to use the Security Council to change a properly ratified international treaty would in itself set an appalling precedent. Worse still, in the pursuit of this ignoble end, it is attempting to hold hostage peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and possibly in a dozen other countries, where the UN presence can make the difference between a laborious return to normality and a fresh descent into anarchy. " 07.02.02

YOUNG "This [Bush] campaign against the international court reveals a pitiful world view " 07.02.02

SIDDIQUI The Bush plan "postpones all the tough decisions - on Palestinian statehood, borders, Jerusalem and the right of return for Palestinians - well past the 2004 presidential election. It consolidates his right-wing, pro-Israeli evangelical Christian base and makes Ronald Reagan-like inroads into the traditionally Democratic Jewish voters. This no doubt gives solace to a president haunted by his dad's one-term presidency. " 07.02.02

SMH "The call by the United States for the removal of Yasser Arafat to pave the way for an independent Palestinian state has failed to gain international backing - even from the Australian Government. " 07.02.02

NYT U.S. Allies in Mideast Voice Doubts on Bush Peace Plan 07.02.02

DAHLAN "The US administration is simply not prepared to confront the Sharon government under any circumstances. That was made clear by the fact that Bush has repeatedly asked Sharon to leave Palestinian cities and been ignored. The net effect will be to make the conflict worse, while providing no positive gains for either Palestinians or Israelis. " 07.02.02

KIM "How is it that there is no political expression of the fact that most of the Israeli public is in favor of evacuating the settlements? Why has the state of Israel been dragged over the years into chanting the mantra of the right - Haifa is Nablus, Hadera is Hebron - until it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy? How does Ariel Sharon - yes, he too - promote policies that completely contravene the feelings of the majority of Israelis, who are ready and willing to leave the territories? " 07.02.02

BRONFMAN ISRAELI POLITICS: "Although the moral breakdown of the Labor Party has left the Israeli left bruised and bewildered, and the public atmosphere is pushing the citizenry further to the right, opinion polls indicate that about 20 percent of Israel's Jewish citizens - 1 million men and women - continue to identify themselves as politically "left." In addition, there are tens of thousands of Arab Israelis who have not given up on the struggle for civil equality, who have not stopped seeing themselves as partners of their fellow Jewish citizens in the political arena, as well, despite the crisis in relations between the two communities. " 07.02.02

HA'ARETZ "Some 26 percent of those killed by IDF [Israeli] fire in the Strip are children." 07.02.02

AP "U.S. planes bombed a village in central Afghanistan yesterday as residents celebrated a wedding, killing and injuring scores of people in what could be one of the war on terrorism's deadliest attacks on civilians." 07.02.02

BG Federal judge rules death penalty illegal 07.02.02

WALKOM BUSH AT G8: A Summit Curiously Devoid Of Content 07.02.02


MONKS "No reasonable person can claim that the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine has led to a wider diversity of views - to a "warming" of speech, as the FCC, the Freedom of Expression Foundation and others had predicted. " 07.02.02

PORTER "In America the gaze of the average employee is that little bit more fixed on the boss [, Bush, for example,] because that is how you get on. Advancement doesn't come from causing a fuss, making the top man look an idiot when he has palpably screwed up, or even reminding him of the company's moral obligations. Rather, it comes from working with the grain, rising on pre-ordained career thermals and, well, kissing ass.07.01.02

REEVES "A Time For Dissent In America" 07.01.02

NYT Bush Slashing Aid for E.P.A. Cleanup at 33 Toxic Sites 07.01.02

VULLIAMY "As angry American shareholders discover the rot at the heart of the corporate way of life, the Whitehouse is finding itself under fire. " 07.01.02

ELLIOTT "George Bush is in trouble. WorldCom's collapse is one scandal too many. In the United States, it is being talked about as Wall Street's Watergate. It's that serious. " 07.01.02

WILSON Why we should be worried about George W Bush 07.01.02

HUTTON "Behind the crisis in corporate America is a combination of pernicious Southern conservatism and unadulterated greed " 07.01.02

ARCHIVES "Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says " 07.01.02

MALLABY "George Bush wanted to stay out of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Then he realized that America's president has to stay engaged -- even if he's only got a half-baked plan and the mess is basically insoluble. Now Bush may be forced into a similar change on the issue of emerging markets. " 07.01.02

DESAI "There's much worse financial news to come " 07.01.02

SIMPSON 'Arrogant' Bush shakes British bedrock of Atlantic Alliance 07.01.02

TELEGRAPH "Blair rebuffed as rift with Bush deepen. " 07.01.02

LAMB Blair's aides denounce US 'blundering' in Afghan war 07.01.02

HIATT "The Bush pretense comes at a cost...and not just a moral one. Over time, Americans will not support, nor will Russians respect, a war that recognizes evil only when convenient. " 07.01.02

GUARDIAN "History, I believe, will record the actions of the US administration of President George W Bush to wreck UN peacekeeping and the international criminal court as one of the most shameful lows in global US leadership." --Pace 07.01.02

HA'ARETZ "Sharon is ecstatic and it's not clear why." 07.01.02

RALL "Now it's official. Bush is Ariel Sharon's bitch" 07.01.02

MARGOLIS "Bush's Mideast vision is a myopic fantasy " 07.01.02

IVINS "Bush's speech is so vague on time, it seems designed to put off any tough decisions until after the '04 election. As Robert Novak said, "The Israeli government couldn't be any happier with the speech if it had been written by Ariel Sharon's people." So the bloodbath will continue." 07.01.02

WP "The Bush administration warned the Palestinians yesterday they would cloud their prospects for nationhood by reelecting Yasser Arafat as their leader. The Palestinians' United Nations envoy responded that Arafat probably will run in January's scheduled election and, as leader of a continuing liberation movement, will win if he does." 07.01.02

CONASON Bush's "new "plan" only simulates real involvement. Full of worthy sentiments, wishful hopes and tough-sounding rhetoric, it just barely disguises Mr. Bush’s ongoing abdication. " 07.01.02

LYONS "If ever a presidential speech was written by committee, this was it....As ever, the missing factor in the equation is President Junior, tacitly understood to have no informed opinions worth reporting, although news organizations expecting future White House access won't say so. " 07.01.02

ELDAR "Bush's vision is already irrelevant in the Middle East " 07.01.02

SAFIRE "Why can't the White House, State, Congress and the moribund Broadcasting Board get a handle on a unified public expression to the world of America's resolve? " 07.01.02

FADL "Moderate Muslim intellectuals living in the West have been fighting a thankless battle, often in the shadows, for the very soul of their religion. " 07.01.02

GREENBERG "Our founding fathers never intended to make religion a part of daily public life; in fact, they erected a church-state wall " 07.01.02

WP "Ashcroft is aggressively pursuing the federal death penalty and frequently overruling his own prosecutors in the process. " 07.01.02


WP ED "THE ARGUMENT ABOUT prescription drug coverage for retirees shows why the broader debate on the nation's health system is paralyzed....Both parties propose plans and thus sound sensitive to the needs, but since none of these plans gets adopted, the resulting cost is zero 07.01.02

GUARDIAN Match Played For "World's Worst Team" With Little Fanfare 07.01.02

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