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NYT "Testy" Bush Cites Recent Phone Calls "To World Leaders" As Proof Of His Engagement In The Middle East, While Criticism Of Him Mounts 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM "'We are monitoring the events very closely and assessing appropriate responses,' [White House spokesman] Johndroe said. That monitoring hasn't included phone calls by Bush himself to Arafat or Sharon, Johndroe said, adding that he knew of no plans for the president to phone the leaders." 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Admits Treatment Of Arafat Contradicts His War On Terrorism Policy, So He Spins His Policy 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Sharon Uses Bush's Terrorist Doctrine To Justify His War Position, So Bush Is Forced To Spin What He Said 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Though he may not want to step up American involvement, Mr. Bush has no choice." 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT "It is silly to expect [Bush] to confess his mistaken judgment [of disengagement in the ME] since taking office." 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW While Bush Talks Free Trade He Practices "High-Risk, Two-Faced Trade Policy" 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

GREENE Bush accused of politicizing war after promoting bipartisanship 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

GM ED Bush Contradicts Pledge Of Bipartisanship, Invites Gridlock 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHRIBMAN With Eyes On Midterm Elections, Bush Says Recession Is Over. Uh, Wait. With Eyes On His Next Election, He Says Recession Persists. Uh, But...Wait...Uh... 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN In Bush's Orwellian "War Is Peace" Mind, Nuke Offense Is Termed "Defense" 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOTTEMOELLER Bush's Idea Of A Nuclear Battlefield Weapon Is Simply Not Practical, And He Should Know It From Past Discussions 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Rumsfeld Links Iran, Iraq, And Syria To Attacks On Israel 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Israel Widening War, Palestinian Bombing Continues 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND ED "Siege of Mr Arafat shows Mr Sharon's weakness " 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Palestinian Suicide Bombing Is The Product Of "Delusional Thinking" 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHEHADEH "To justify Israeli actions, two deliberate distortions of reality are being employed " 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

ANDERSON "All Israel's genius has been compromised by the West Bank settlements and denying Palestinians rights " 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUNCOMBE "US ignores international mood and lays blame on Palestinians " 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK "Watching from on high as Israeli guns keep firing " 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT OPIC Says New Investigation Needed To Determine If Enron Bilked Taxpayers Out Of $1 Bil For International Projects 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN If the facts say that Social Security is very much alive, the Bush administration doesn't want to hear about it. 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAW Members Of Bush's Dept. Of Interior, Including Sec. Norton, "Facing Possible Contempt Charges," Congress Told Some Have Taken Out Judicial Protection Insurance 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush "Chuckled In Church" As Baptist Minister Says Florida Election Result Was "Will Of God" (last paragraphs) 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

PALAST "How George W. Bush Stole The Election" 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Voting In Florida 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "Bush is going much further than McKinley ever did. He wants to reorder the world." 04.02.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush ME Policy Remains Incoherent As He Struggles To Gain Arab Support For Iraq Attack While Blunting The Logic Of His War On Terrorism 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Sharon Declares Israel At War 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Descent Into ME War Gives Terrorists The Victory 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE Sharon Says Arabs Refuse To Talk Peace With Him 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Many American Jews, Often Liberal, Rally Around Hawkish Sharon 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

ETZIONI For Now, The Saudi Peace Plan Is Just A Mirage 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Likely Arafat Successor Accused Of Sheltering Terrorists 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Islamic Conference On Terrorism Calls Both Palestinian Bombers And Israeli Soldiers "Terrorists" 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Iran calls on Islamic countries to sever Israel ties 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Muslim nations in new bid to improve image, but experts skeptical 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Taiwan Slush Fund Scandal Reported Without Providing Bush Administration Specifics 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

PA Two Assistant Secretaries In BushAdmin Mentioned In Taiwan Slush Fund Reporting (see links) 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

COOPER Bush Finds His Vietnam In Colombia 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLABY Bush Says He Doesn't Want To Be An Afghan Peacekeeper, So Why Does He Want To Train An Army? Warkeeping? 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICHTER While Bush Plays Politics With Free Trade, The Europeans Look To Leading The Global Economy 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED NRA Begins Legal Attack On New Campaign Finance Law. Will Bush Defend It With More Conviction Than He Signed It? 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Will Bush Do More Than Just Talk About Meeting The November Legal Deadline For Airport Security? 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Defenders Of Bush Marriage Welfare Plan "Borrow The Arguments Of Conservative Researchers And Think-Tanks" 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush Infectious Diseases Head Refuses To Commit Self And Family To Taking Smallpox Vaccine 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MAC ARTHUR Orwell? You Can Have Him 04.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "There is a ticking time bomb in the [Bush] budget due to explode a few months after the 2004 presidential election, affecting millions of Americans and potentially blowing a $300 billion hole in the budget over the next decade." 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

Diehl "The Israeli-Palestinian fighting will be remembered as the Yugoslavia of this Bush administration -- a dangerous situation that, through timidity and willful inaction, the United States allowed to become a catastrophe. " 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush ME Policy Is Clear: No Leadership, Superficial Engagement 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIDDIQUI "George W. Bush, the only one who can make a positive difference to both sides, is barely engaged. " 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "Most of us in Israel realize this [Bush] administration isn't terribly interested in this conflict and doesn't want to get its hands dirty," 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN For The Sake Of The World, Palestinian Suicide Bombers Must Not Succeed. Three Things Must Be Done. 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BEAUMONT Two Weak Men In Center Of ME Crisis "Spell Disaster" 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Urgent Calls for Peace in Mideast Ring Hollow as Prospects Dwindle 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP "Israeli Offensive Is Met With Criticism and Rage" 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOLMES Death Toll Climbs in Ramallah 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

GILMOUR "The US's pro-Israeli bias must be tempered by European pressure to ensure a just peace agreement in Israel." 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Israel Mobilizes Reserve Force Of Thousands. Sudden Call-Up Unprecedented 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAXER Bush And Blair Reportedly Will Meet Next Month To Draw Up Plans For Iraq Attack 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS While Britain's Health Care System Crumbles, Blair Finds Cash To Back Bush's "Diplomatic Ineptitude" 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Blair Delays Releasing Documents Against Iraq In Face Of Political Pressure 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Dems Have Become Wimps Because They Need Bush States To Take Congress 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT "Irresponsible" Repug Uses War In Iraq As A Political Issue 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

AYRES Bush Says He Needs Graham For Senate Majority 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED As Bush Uses Themes Of War And Terrorism For Political Purposes, His Call For Unity Will Fall On Deaf Ears 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHNEIDER War Has Done Nothing To Break The Stalemate Caused By Conflicts In Party Policy And Values 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHULMAN "The constant chorus of "security" little advances public debate or national policy. It may even, in the end, make us less safe." 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Family Values Hypocrisy: While 79% Believe Gvt. Should Stay Out Of Marriage Welfare Business, Family Organizations Support The Bush Marriage Welfare Plan Which Does Just That 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

DREXLER In The Face Of Terrorist Bioweapons, What Are We Going To Do About Our Rotted-Out Public Health System? 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pentagon Went On A "Jag" To Propagandize Tribunal Rules Before Releasing Them To The News Media 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Courts Unions To Split Off Votes 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

CNN Oprah Declines Bush Offer To Use Her To Get At Black Female Vote By Sending Her To Afghanistan With Condi And Bush PR Queen 03.31.02 www.bushwatch.com

TISDALL Bush "Grand American Putsch" Includes Europe As Well As Central Asia 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIDDIQUI Canada Needs A Free Trade Agreement With Bush To Get Out From Under Dependence Upon US 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GREEN Bush Non-Polling Was A Lie, Of Course, But He Doesn't Poll To Find Out What We Want, He Polls To Find Out How He Can Sell What He Wants To Us 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICH Dems Have Become Wimps. No Spine. Pretty Much Rubber Stamping Bush. 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Dems Have Lost High Ground On Environment, Health Care, Free Trade, Social Security. Refuse To Be Politicians, Like Bush Is. 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GLASTRIS Here's Why The Dems Are Such Wimps 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARSHALL ...And Today's Ralph Nader Sure Isn't The Answer 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT US And UN Call For Israeli Pullout From Palestinian Cities 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Leadership Gap: "Didn't Have A Clue About A Policy Which Might Work." 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Israel Corners Defiant Arafat At Compound 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GHAZALI "Besieged Arafat 'is prepared to become a martyr'" 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

BEESTON Split In Failed Conference Marginalised Arab World's Role In Resolving Conflict 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NEWMAN "Perhaps next year, if we succeed in obtaining political and security freedom between us and our Palestinian neighbors, we will be able to turn our attention and energies to gaining the economic and spiritual freedom which our society lacks." 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

MEGGED "Although the occupation of the territories of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip was not planned in advance, but was forced on us as a result of a defensive war in which Arab states threatened to destroy the State of Israel - we must end it, both for reasons of principle and for practical reasons." 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHMEMANN Sharon's Two Struggles 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

BEILIN "More War Is Not The Route To Israali Security" 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK "The lies leaders tell when they want to go to war" 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES How The Middle East Got To This Point 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Enron's Early Moves To Contol Water Supplies May Be Coming Into Focus In NYC 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Government Arctic Drilling Study Cites Wildlife Risks In Bush Plan 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pentagon Is Seeking Exemptions From US Environmental Laws To Protect "Our Way Of Life" 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

DUNN "An Oil Company Proves Bush Wrong On Climate Change " 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

EGLUND Yucca Mountain, Bush Nuke Waste, And The Western Shoshones 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Names Inexperienced Critic Of Affirmative Action To Head Up Civil Rights Division 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bush Skimping On Child Care, Head Start, Shows Unrealistic Welfare Goals, Has No Understanding Of Boom As Reason For Welfare Rolls Decrease. 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Given Bush Rhetoric About Global Poverty, U.S. Welfare, Does He Know That 40% Of Our Homeless Are Families With Children? 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN New U.S. Bi-Weekly, "War Times," To Hit The Stands April 12th 03.30.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" Is Not A Metaphor, But "A Straightforward Reality" 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NOBLE Bush Is Working Hard To Ensure That The Campaign Finance Law Will Not Have Effective Policing 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ST Bush Assistant Sec. Of Defense Ford Alleged To Have Contributed At Least $1 Million In Campaign Funds To Bush, RNC While Allegedly Being Given $1.5 Annually In Taiwan "Slush Money" 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT "The Sing Tao Daily claimed it held three top-secret NSB files chronicling Taiwan's unofficial diplomatic maneuvers in the US. One of the documents details a 1998 meeting in a Taipei restaurant between then president Lee Teng-hui (§őµn˝÷) and [Ford,] the head of the US public relations firm Cassidy and Associates, in which plans were drawn up to lobby then Texas governor George W. Bush, who was seen as the most promising candidate for the US presidency." 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

ST As Assistant Sec. Of Defense, Ford played "a pivotal role in persuading Mr Bush to approve a US$4 billion worth of armaments for Taiwan last year." --Sing Tao Daily 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT Ford, Past CIA And Poppy Defense Official, Has No Comment 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT "Recent revelations about secret NSB funds being used to influence US policy toward Taiwan may damage the nation's defenders in the US" 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT Alledged Embezzler Believed To Have Leaked "Top-Secret Documents To the Press." 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TT Former President Lee Says "he has no reservations about the way in which he used secret state security funds." 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Inspector General Looking At Bush Sec. Of Army With Enron Past Re Possible Misuse of Military Jet 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

CALLAWAY Energy Papers Re Enron Heighten Speculation That Bush Has Something To Hide 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Arab Conference Rebuffs Bush, Says An Attack On Iraq Is An Attack On Them. Iraq, In Turn, Agrees To Recognize Kuwait 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NS Has Turkey Been Promised Oil Fields If It Supports A U.S. Iraq Attack? 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

PILGER "A compliant press is preparing the ground for an all-out attack on Iraq." 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS Blair Vist With Bush Is Orchestrated To Heat Up Anti-Iraq Rhetoric 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Retaliation Begins: Sharon Declares Arafat An Enemy And Sends Tanks To Isolate Him 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Arab Peace Offer For Israel Means Nothing If They Can't Stop The Suicide Bombings By Palestinians 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF The Arab World Needs Leadership, But Gets Arafat, Saddam, Zandani, Defeatists, And Followers 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

MEANS Security Czar Ridge Seems More Concerned With His Own Security Than Our Right As Citizens To Know What He's Doing 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

TAP Voters Are Smart Enough Not To Blindly Follow Bush Into Economic And Military Oblivion 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT GOP Lawmakers And Bush Cite A Growing Rift 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Judges Rule Bush Must Clean Up His Pollution Act Through EPA 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Health-Care Rx: Phase Out the Failing For-Profit System 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE In Reno's Florida Bid, It's Elian Vs. The Recount 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Remember Wilder, Berle, Moore 03.29.02 www.bushwatch.com

VENTURA "True Conservatives Don't Act This Way." The Shadow Of Totalitarianism 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHOOR Bush Didn't Want You To Know About His Nuke Review. It Was Leaked And He Didn't Like That. 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Signs Campaign Finance Bill (He Opposed As Candidate) At 8 a.m. With No News Cameras, No Relevant Onlookers 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY "Petty," "Sore Loser," "Grudging And Churlish" Bush Refused To Give Johnny Mac His Day In The Sun 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIGHTOWER Bush Goes On Soft Money Collection Binge Before New Bill Pulls The Plug After Next Election 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Too Busy To Recognize Campaign Finance Signing, Had To Go On The Road To Suck Up Soft Money Before Bill Goes Into Effect 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIGHTOWER Cheney Lied: While At Halliburton He Supplied Saddam With Oil Equipment That He Now Plans To Destroy (second item) 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Army Sec. White Sold Millions In Enron Stock While It Was Tanking. Claims Many Phone Calls To Enron Played No Role In His Decision 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED How Bush Sec. Of Army Spends Some Of His Time May Be In Conflict With The Public Interest He Swore To Uphold 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Welcomed Energy Corporations With Open Arms While Treating Environmental Groups Like Skunks 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

VAN NATTA Energy Companies' Recommendations To Bush Became National Policy 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Applies With-Us Test For Health Picks, Nominees' Views On Social And Ethical Matters Are A Mystery 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Bush Failure To Convince Sharon On Arafat Trip Spelled Doom To A Meaningful Arab Conference. Bush Must Act. "Now." 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Arab Delegates Endorse Modified Saudi Peace Plan Of Palestinian Land For Israel Recognition 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Saudi Peace Plan Has Been Watered Down, Not The Same Proposal Abdullah Wrote, Now Is Simply A Restatment Of Previous Arab Positions 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

REGAN "No peace in Middle East without an end to illegal Israeli settlements" 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLETCHER Israeli Settlements Are Legal, According To Previous UN Resolutions 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

PURDUM Bush ME Diplomacy Is A Failure Thus Far 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Was Bush's Silence, Non-Leadership Based On A Lack Of Care Or An Unwillingness To Risk Political Failure? 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Is Bush So Petty That His Refusal To Act In The Middle East Was Because Clinton Was There First? You Bet. 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Will The New Terrorist Suicide Bombing With 19 Dead Be The Jolt To Kick Start Meaningful Peace Discussions? 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERBERT Since Bush Isn't Leading, It's Up To Us To Find An Answer To The Chaos In The Middle East 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

MENOCAL Can't We Learn From History? Jewish/Muslim Tolerance In Medieval Spain 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON "No Man's Land," "The West Wing." When Will Bush Get The Message About Land Mines? 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Has The Golden Era Of New, Interesting Sites On The Web Ended? 03.28.02 www.bushwatch.com

HARRIS Who Will Ban Landmines, Bush Or President Bartlet? 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Airline Security? Deadlines Ignored, BushAdmin Still Can't Run Airline Security, Expands Contract Of Failed Argenbright 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Bush Leaves Children Behind With His "Wedding Welfare" Plan 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BEINART Bush Never Misses An Opportunity To Exclude Nonbelievers From The American Experience 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Leave The Oregon Death Decision To The Voters, Not The Personal Ideology Of Ashcroft And Bush 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT ED Bush Treatment Of Gays In Military Sounds Like A Replay Of The Race Barrier In The Military During The Forties 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

TB ED Bush Secrecy: Will Pentagon-Backed "Reality Based" TV Shows Work As A Substitute For Honest Reporting? 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT Heavy Editing Of Energy Papers Criticized 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

MONTGOMERY Excessive Blank Pages In Released Documents Show That Bush Has Something To Hide --Klayman 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRAMER It's No Secret That Bush Wants To Keep His Actions Secret From Us. Here's How. 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIZZA Press Dinners, Secrecy Story Show Why Bush And Hughes Are Considered To Be The White House Control Freaks 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICE Media Bias In Favor Of Advance Story Line Keeps Clinton Exoneration Off Front Pages 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CARVILLE Clinton's Man Sees Connection Between Recent Editorial Praising Starr's Work And Starr's Opinion That Helped Overturn "A Million Dollar Libel Verdict Against The Post" 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHREIBER Latin Leaders Believe That Bush's Trade Whimp-Out Is Hypocritical 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CULHANE Bush Selects Man To Head Up Food And Drug Admin On The Basis Of Corporate Drug Approval, Not Medical Credentials 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Used Abortion, Stem-Cell With-Us Test To Nominate For Surgeon General And National Health Instititute Head --Thompson 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARNO No Bush Leadership On Bayh-Doyle Help To Seniors Drug Pricing Law, Particularly None From His National Institute Of Health 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

CD Bush To Replace USDA Career Executive With Industrial Lobbyist 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

GE Amidst Law Suits, Bush's Veneman Had Been Cautioned About Civil Rights Discrimination And Inequality In Ag Dept. 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAS Rumsfeld budget request blasted in wake of fraud, waste and abuse charges 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Came Up With A War Strategy In Afghanistan But He's Dragging His Feet About A Peace Strategy 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Plans To Do Little To Insure The Peace In Afghanistan, Risking Mission Failure 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG US Military Admits Bin Laden Trail Is Cold 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED "RECENT DISCLOSURES of cooperation between the hard-line clerical rulers in Iran and Yasser Arafat signify...a dangerous stoking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflagration" 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Free Speech Means Allowing The Enemies Of Free Speech To Speak 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Paine Webber Fired Broker After He Warned Clients Away From Enron Stock 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO Hey Kids, The Repugs Will Pay You To Send Those Letters To Your Congressman! 03.27.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush-Cheney Stonewall Continues As "most of the papers, released in response to court orders, were blanked out and provided little substantive information." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Energy Companies Meeting With White House Contributed $1.2 Million To GOP, Mostly For Bush 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

BLOOM Bush Energy Sec. Met With 34 Energy Company Leaders, No Reps From Environmental Groups 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP "Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham held at least eight private meetings with industry leaders but none with environmentalists as the administration crafted its energy plan, newly released documents show." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM A Look At EPA Actions Suggests It's Being Run Out Of The Bush White House, With Whitman The Head In Name Only 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALTIMORE Documents Could Fuel Energy Task Force Controversy 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Ridge Says He'll Talk To Congress, But Won't Swear That Anything He Says Will Be True And Will Not Answer All Questions 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush's Army Sec., Enron Man, Admits More Phone Calls To Enron During Crucial Period 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

ETZIONI Scandals Will End When Penalties Fit Crimes 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILBANK Bush Foreign Policy Is To Change Foreign Policy "Without Acknowledging Any Change," Then Saying "It Was Always Thus." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

MATTHEWS It's Oil And Far Right Ideology, Not American Principles, That Has Us On The Road To Bagdad 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Why Not Sue Saddam For Crimes Against Humanity? . 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rumsfeld Discounts Iraq's Offer To Discuss Fate Of Downed Pilot 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Both Sides Want War: "The sad fact is that despite the heavy loss of both Israeli and Palestinian lives in recent weeks, and the futility of pursuing military solutions, a substantial part of the leadership on both sides would prefer to escalate rather than stop the fighting." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

TARBUSH "Roots of the Mideast Crisis Span the Globe" 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WILL War On Terrorism Goes Wrong In ME As Bush Buckles 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

WT Rumsfeld Refuses To Take A Stand On Doing Anything About Afghan Drug Trade, But Admits It's A "Bad Thing." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Terrorists May Now Be Employed In Nuclear Reactors In The U.S. --Rep. Markey 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Militant Islamic Pakistani Immigrant Plotted to Bomb Florida Power Plants, Officials Say 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Ohio Nuke Reactor Was Getting Ready To Burst Due To Corrosian. Found By Accident, Check Directed On 68 Similar Plants. 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Air Security Lapses Continue After 11 Sept. 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Weapons Still Getting Past Checkpoints At Airports 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ten Most Endangered Fed Parks: Under Bush, Air Pollution Clouds National Parks, Monuments Crumbling --NPC 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Bush Crony Capitalism: "For the second time this month, President Bush has acted in direct contravention of his alleged belief in open markets to throw American muscle around in a fashion guaranteed to produce the greatest harm for the greatest number - all in the interest of the most special of interests. " 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE Dems' Refusal To Confront The Bush Tax Cut Issue Will Sink Them 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAGE Bush Has Asked Congress For $135 For Abstinence Education, But Zero For Education About Available Morning-After-Pill 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER "The imperative to question the words and actions of religious figures of authority should, of course, be applied to all associations-- whether political, academic, social or cultural--including those populated by secular humanists. The record of the Catholic Church is likely no more hypocritical than that of other institutions claiming to inspire behavior that rises far above that demanded by the animalist dictates of survival of the fittest." 03.26.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "The target of an anti-terrorist raid in the United States last week provided funds for an Islamic group with close ties to the Republican party and the White House." 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

KORNBLUT Bush Won't Relent On Saddam, Iraq Focus Called "Personal" 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Will The Arabs Discuss Sadam's Use Of BioChem Weapons On His Own People At Their Summit? 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY The Politics Of Targeting Iraq 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

MALLABY Bush Undercuts His Aid Promise By Neglecting Peacekeeping Efforts In Afghanistan 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

ENGLER "Bush Brewing Poverty and Violence in El Salvador" 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Israel Plans Big Assault If Truce Talks Fail 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BENNET Sharon's Dilemma: Arafat And The Summit 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Arab Leaders Warn Israel Over Arafat 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE "No appeasement of Palestinian terrorists will persuade Arab rulers to help defeat Saddam" 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Wants Last Minute Reprieve For Corporate Polluters In Alabama 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Bush Is Making Us Sick 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

JACKSON Does Anyone Other Than Bush Still Doubt The Grave Threat Of Global Warming? 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Shocked, I Tell You: Bush Says Dems Play "Petty" Politics Over Latinos 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

BENDAVID Bush Ads Linking Terrorists And Drug Users "Facutally Suspect...Counterproductive" 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED With US Off Human Rights Commission, Members Not As Active About Obvious Abuses By Nations 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODMAN What's Missing In Bush's Policy On Women 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Repugs Hope To Produce Gridlock In Congress, Making Another Enron Possible In The Future 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALDMAN Mitch, Man the barricades! The privileges of wealth are at risk! 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP The States That Millionaires Will Move To Before They Die 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

RASPBERRY Has Campaign Finance Reform Separated Winning And Money? 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

TGM Nixon's Bushy-Haired 'Bastard' Bites Back 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

AAS Rolling Thunder Tour Attracts Thousands In Austin 03.25.02 www.bushwatch.com

GREELEY "We're no safer now than we were 10 Sept." 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Bush Has An "Unusually...Narrow Mandate" To Make War Against Terrorism, But That's It. No Mandate Or Authority For His Other Policies 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

CURRY Dems Say Unpopularly Elected Bush Shouldn't Select Any Judges, Period. 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NATION Brock Book Combines Expose Of The Right And Memoir, And Former Is "Eye-Popping" 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROCK "Blinded By The Right," Chapter One 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

USA Readers Ask Brock About Book. Unlike Post And Times, Focus Is On Expose, Not Memoir 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRUNI Book Review: "Some Of Brock's Book Is Trustworthy," "Tasty Tidbits" About Ariana Huffington, Ted Olson. 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ Washington Post's Mop Up Of Previous Week's Bawer Hatchet Job On Brock More Of The Same, Lower Key 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Although Post's Editors Promised An Explanation Today For Not Knowing Bawer's Background, None Found In Book Review Section 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN Andrew Sullivan's Travels 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARSHALL Poppy Bush's Justice Dept. Fueled The Clinton Whitewater Scandal For Political Purposes --Ray Report 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRY Conflicting Stories Of Bush Whitewater Political Intrigue Glossed Over In Ray Report 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

YOUNG Ray's Report Was "A Nonsensical Nonverdict on a $70-Million Nonissue" 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Shaping History Through Presidential Libraries 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN Is The Enron Scandal Over? It's Up To Joe Lieberman 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Hollins, Mac Threaten Subpoenas To Get At Players In Enron Limited Partnerships 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZER Andersen Did It? Who's Andersen? 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Bush Use Of Steel Tariffs Even More Politically Cynical Than Most Thought. They're Selective. 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC EU To Target GOP States Over Bush Steel Tariffs 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

PHILLIPS Are We Headed Into The Second Part Of A Double-Dip Recession? Possibly. 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Afghanistan's New School Year Begins With New Textbooks 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT A Secret Iran-Arafat Connection Is Seen Fueling the Mideast Fire 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY "Unlikely the fervor [Bush] shows for war in Iraq will be rechanneled into the search for peace in Israel." 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

DAALDER Growing Contrdiction Between Bush Public Statements About Saddam/Iraq 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Thinking Behind Palestinian Bombers Is A Greater Ultimate Threat Than Saddam, Who Can Be Eliminated By Conventonal Means 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS Report From The Front: Rolling Thunder Review Begins In Austin 03.24.02 www.bushwatch.com

KELLER Bush Is Neither A "Right Of Center Moderate" Nor A "Good Natured Boob." He Is A "Messianic...Moralist" Caught Between Taking Us "To A Multitude Of Wars" And The "Literal And Political" Cost Of Such Actions 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Working To Shift Policy To Include Preemptive Nuke Strikes 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Government Knowingly Spent Millions On Textbooks For Afghan Children "Filled With Militant Islamic Teachings...Talk Of Jihad...Drawings Of Guns, Bullets, Soldiers, And Mines" 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT Bush Wants To Shift Aid To Colombia From Fighting Drugs To Fighting Wars 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Agenda Failure In South America Pointed Up By His Road Trip 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT "Poverty Doesn't Cause Terrorism." --Bush 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED While Bush Wants To Up Foreign Aid, U.S. Still Only Contributes 0.15 Of Its GDP, While Europe Contributes 0.3 Percent 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Pakistani Diplomat Notes Bush Didn't Mention Debt Relief, And His Idea Of Aid Is "so full of conditions it won't be effective" 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Beware Bush Environmental Policy 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Apart from one lonely tax credit, the Senate has produced an energy bill with no incentives for innovation and a bias toward waste." 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Report Linking Anthrax and Hijackers Is Investigated 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Al Qaeda BioChem Lab Found In Afghanistan 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHAREN Anti-Semitism Rampant In ME 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Among Palestinians, a Growing Attitude of Little to Live For 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Link Between Truce And Israeli Pullbacks Yet To Be Found 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush-Enron's White: "Army Chief Took Jet For Personal Use " 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Senate Enron Probe Now Focusing On Ties To Bush 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Focus Will Soon Be On Houston Courtroom 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT One Year Later: Senate Agrees With Bush Watch That Greater Fed Role Needed In Fed Elections 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES One Year Ago: Politex Gives Voter March Speech In Front Of Capitol 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP D.C. Lobbyists Claim Sen. Shelby's Allies Have Threatened Them With Legislative Action If They Don't Contribute To Specific Candidate 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Civil Rights Advocates Who Held Their Toungue During Boyd Confirmation Hearings Now Know They've Been Had By Bush, Ashcroft 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Working On Linking Child Support To Fed Program Designed To Promote Marriage 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Bush "Military's War On Gays" 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Food Fight Alerts Public To Political Fat Cats 03.23.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Acts To Take Away Our Medical Data Privacy 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

RALL Why Bush Is Addicted To Perpetual War 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCKBURN "Will Bush’s rhetoric lead America back into war with Iraq?" 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Pentagon Spending $2 Billion A Month, Bush Asks Congress For $14 Billion More 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZACHARIA Primary Goal Of Zinni Peace Mission Is To Give Cheney Cover For Iraq Attack Discussions With Arabs --State Dept. Officials 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORDESMAN The Middle East's Failed Leaders 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS "Rather than intimidating Palestinians, [Sharon] has convinced them of the brutal logic of the body count." 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI The Fate Of Israel's Labor Party 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALKAN A Jew Seeking Justice 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

POLLITT "Seventeenth-century-style religious warfare, fought with twenty-first-century weapons" 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED There Is No Practical Or Legal Justification For Having Bush's Tribunals 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Reports Indicate Al Qaeda May Use Indonesia As Hideout Replacement For Afghanistan 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRISH "Bush’s photo-op tour of the other Americas will gloss over the inequities" 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARRY Bush Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth About Foreign Aid, And Pundits Praise What He Says 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CT ED Bush Throws "Hissy Fit" Because He's Not King George 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIZZA Karen Hughes Takes Bush Spin Control To New Extremes 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHAIT Peggy Noonan's Hollow Pro-Bush Punditry 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

JENSEN Corporate Power Is The Enemy Of Our Democracy 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN House Has Buried Enron Scandal, So Now It's Up To Senate Dems 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Is Andersen Too Rich For Justice? 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Feds Have Indicted Andersen, But Not Enron 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN How Long Will Whitman Put Up With Bush Forcing Her To Warm The Bench? 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

JEZER "Trying to lessen global warming with nuclear power is like using arsenic to treat a common cold. " 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

NR SUVs Are No Safer To Drive Than Cars, But They're Much More Dangerous To Other Drivers 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Political Oscars 2002 03.22.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Repugs Got Taxpayers To Spend $73 Million On Whitewater, Exonerating Clinton But Extending The Repug Agenda Through Obfuscation, Distraction, Inaction Re Nation's Real Work 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND As Bush Solicitor General Tries To Convice Supreme Court That U.S. Has To Lie, And Books Document Past U.S. Lies, Author Prefers To Believe Rumsfeld When He Pledges Pentagon Will Never Lie, Attacks Lyndon But Says Nothing About Bush. 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Campaign Finance Bill Passes Congress, Bush To Sign It, Repugs Promise Law Suits 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Washington Post Bosses Blame Author Of Brock Book Review, Promise Explanation Sunday (Sixth item in transcript.) 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Doubts About Independence Raised For "Dissapointing" Bush U.S. Attorney Choice 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Calls Military Tribunal Suspects "Killers." Rules To Be Released Today. 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE Some Military Tribunal Problems Have Been Resolved, But Others Remain 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

TURLEY Even If You Dress It Up, A Kangaroo Is Still A Kangaroo 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

TELEGRAPH US, UK Officials Predict Iraq Attack By Year's End, UK Warns Saddam Of Nuke Retaliation 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

YOUNG "Echoing the US mantras on Iraq will only weaken Britain's influence" 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

Monbiot Bush Has Pledged to Eliminate BioChemWeapons Of Mass Destruction. He Should Start at Home 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT U.S. Commander Says He Might Pursue Al Qaeda Into Pakistan 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

HILTON "We Will Probably Never Know The Truth About Operation Anaconda" 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

BORGER Bush "Desperate To Deflect Attention From The Size Of [His] Aid Budget" At UN Conference In Mexico 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

TRAN The Monterrey Conference Explained 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FLETCHER Author Claims That Israel Occupation Is Not "Illegal" Because Palestinians Have Yet "To Negotiate A Compromise For Peace" Re 1967, 1973 Resolutions 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP ME Truce Agreement Expected By Monday, But Fighting Continues 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

FORWAD Left And Right Get Wishes In Israel Statement Out Today 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHALEV Chastened Sharon Plays Ball With Zinni 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WEINGARTEN Tired Of Nixons's Rants About Jews? Read His Comments On Drugs...And Jews 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Study Shows Minorities Get Inferior Health Care, Even If Insured 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHWARTZ Bush War On Drugs Includes Denying Welfare, Food Stamps To Drug Felons, Thus Depriving Mothers And Children 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush, Who Claims He Hates Taxes, Wants Canada To Tax American Consumers 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY H+R Block Canceled Deal With National Rifle Association To Donate To Pro-Gun Cause 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

NEW YORKER The Watchdog Of Ocean Parkway 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

RUDNICK I Have Not Now, Nor Have I Ever...Copied 03.21.02 www.bushwatch.com

CM ED Stolen Votes: "The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights estimates that at least 8,000 voters were falsely disqualified from voting because they were listed as felons. Blacks were four times as likely to be disqualified as whites. On Nov. 26, Bush was certified the winner by 537 votes." 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ashcroft Hires Florida Felon Purgers to Oversee Voting Rights 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FREEDLAND Poll Says Brits Are Pro-American And Anti-Bush 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

VIDAL Global Warming Warning: Ice Chunk The Size Of Wales Breaks Off Antarctic Land Mass 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

CONNOR "Who, other than President Bush, would dare to dispute the reality of global warming?" 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Working With Real Estate Developers To Cut Back On Endangered Species Habitats 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT U.S. Military Move Into Georgia Seen As More Oil Politics 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHULTZ The importance of American Jews at times of Israeli crisis. 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

POLLARD "Apparent Bush Doctrine: Only big democracies have the right to defend themselves against terror. Small democracies [like Isreal] that do so are unhelpful." 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN American Troops Needed On The Ground, Both Around Afghanistan And Isreal 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NHG Bush Included On Chickenhawk List At "Nation's Oldest Newspaper" 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

VEST Operation Anaconda Pointed Up The Weakness In The U.S. Military, And The Higher Ups Know About It 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senate Dem's Budget Covers Bush War Budget, Rolls Back His Tax Cuts In Favor Of Debt Reduction, Social Security 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KUTTNER Economic Recovery Looking Like The Double-Dipper That Sunk Junior's Dad 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOOT Learn From Britain: Social Security Privatized Swindle Began With Government Bribe 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

MEYERSON Dems Lack Direction, And Karl Rove Is Using Wedge Issues To Make Them Weaker 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KONDRACKE FLORIDA REVISITED: Repugs Gang Up On Daschle With Unified Message, But Disorganized Dems Are Not Protecting Him Enough 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

RAPPLEYE Enron's Role In California's Energy Crisis 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

CAMPBELL Enron, The Movie 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARTIN Journalists Not Doing Their Jobs At Recent Bush Press Conference 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NUNBERG Mainstream Newspapers Identify "Liberals" More Often Than "Conservatives." 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

INDEPENDENT In Britain, "teachers joined the creationism row yesterday, arguing that the Government's willingness to take money from millionaires "with strong views" threatened to result in a generation of 'bigots.'" 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Kids Get Left In The Lurch When The "Values" Cops Arrive 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

HERSH Reagan Legacy Based On Lies 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINGTON Why Bush Should Invade Zimbabwe 03.20.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Would Bush Consider A Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike? Administration Officials Imply "Yes," Under Certain Circumstances. (Last Paragraph) 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

INDEPENDENT U.S. Starts Work On Nuclear Bunker-Buster Bomb 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

HILL White House Non-Reaction To Nuclear Plan Leak Suggests Leak Was Part Of The Plan 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

UHLER Bush Nuke Policy Is Dangerous Return To Anxieties Of Cold War 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Still Using "Axis Of Evil" Rhetoric With Emphasis On Iraq 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NOVAK What's Bush Up To On Iraq? 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

MUWAKKIL Pipeline Politics Taints U.S. War In Central Asia 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush has yet to realize that "a society in which rich people get their medical problems solved, while ordinary people die from them, is too harsh even for us. " 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "The illnesses that make up 90 percent of the global disease burden get only 10 percent of the research money because they primarily affect poor countries. " 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

ANNAN "All governments accept that official aid is only one element in the development mix, but an essential one." 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NOMURA The Progressive Agenda for the War on Terrorism: Foreign Developmental Assistance 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

ELTAHAWY Girls Dead Because Of Saudi Morality Police 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Banned Pakistani Militant Groups May Be Working Together, Authorities Say 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "What is revealed in recently discovered documents in the remains of the Afghan camps is a fighting force of unexpected scale and sophistication. " 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Yeman Would Be Heaven If You're An NRA Member 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Cheney, Sharon Offer Arafat Incentives To Implement Peace Plan 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT U.N. Chief Says Israel Has Been Waging Full-Scale War 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE "If we are not to be torn apart by religious wars, conservatives need to acknowledge that government cannot be enlisted on behalf of a particular religious view." 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush's FDA Halts Regulation That Protects Children From Potentially Unsafe Drugs 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Legislative Style Pretty Much The Same As It Was In Texas: Self-Involved. 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Trent Lott's Lack Of Anger Management Is Harming The Work Of the Senate 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILBANK Is Kristol Running A Sleeper Cell From Inside The Bush White House? 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROCK Interview With Author Of "Blinded By The Right" 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKOWITZ Chicken Hawks Defend The Roost 03.19.02 www.bushwatch.com

INDEPENDENT Sign Of U.S. Getting Ready For Iraq Attack: CIA Officers Surveying Key Airfields In Northern Iraq 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

STEEL "Don't Ask For The Evidence, Just Nuke Bagdad" 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

TOI Russia denies it might accept U.S. anti-Iraq strikes 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Abandoned Soviet Radioactive Devices Could Be Used By Terrorists For Dirty Bombs 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUTLER Remember, Bush Said That He's Willing To Strike First In His "Axis Of Evil Speech." Mark Those Words Re Nuclear Weapons 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS Dr. Strangelove With A Texas Drawl 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFC ED Rumsfeld Wants To Keep Spreading Land Mines, Bush Has Not Contradicted Him To Date 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT U.S. Played Role In Bombing Of Colombia Village 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISHER Bush's Reviews Outside Of The U.S. Are "Dreadful" 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

THOMAS Europeans Fear That Retaliation Against U.S. Will Be Directed Towards Them 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROSEN We Are Now Living In A Less Democratic Nation 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOKUSCH What's with "this obsequious game of mincing words and hiding behind flags"? 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

CURIEL Chomsky Holds That U.S. Is "The Leading Terrorist State" 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BAKER Redistricting Makes Our Votes Mean Little 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BBC "A Newsnight investigation raised the possibility that there was a secret CIA project to investigate methods of sending anthrax through the mail which went madly out of control." 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Ashcroft Should Release Info About Detainees In The Face Of AI Report, Press Accounts 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Daschle Says Ridge May Get Subpoena Over Gag 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

FORTUNE Boardroom Crime. So Many Swindles, So Little Prison Time 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS Andersen Had A Wake Up Call Last Year And Did Little To Reform 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR MIA: A War On Corporate Greed 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

INDEPENDENT Multinational Corporation Wants To Keep DNA Of Rice As Trade Secret 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP EPA Will Cut Back On Pollution Lawsuits And Go With Bush's Approach In Texas That Led To Increased Pollution 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KOSZCZUK Bush Prescription-Drug Promises Proving To Be Campaign Hot Air As Seniors Suffer 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Just How Dumb Does The Gas Guzzling Senate Think We Are? 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Put SUVs In The Truck Lane And Keep Them There 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHERNUS "Charges of Anti-Semitism Hurt Jews the Most" 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BENNET Simply Stopping Violence Does Not Solve ME Problem For Both Sides 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Involved In An All-Out Campaign To Take Back Senate For GOP 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZ Tipper Says Nix To Tennessee Waltz 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED BushMilitary Discharging Gays At Record Rate As Toleration Of Violence Prevails 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY Wife Of Supreme Court Justice Plays "Homosexuality" Card In Defense Of Judge Rejected By Dems 03.18.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN The World Is Telling Bush, If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Favors Budget Based On Lies, Plundering Social Security , Rather Than Freezing Ill-Advised Tax Cuts 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Many Doctors Refusing New Medicare Patients As Bush Support Declines By 5.4% 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

ENGEL Bush Dream Of Even More Control Over Courts Thwarted, For Now 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEWIS Dems Rejection Of Pickering Indicates Growing Power Of Appellate Courts, Bush's Attempt To Politicize Them 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "Gag Order" Tried To Quiet Justice Lawers Accusing Dept. Of Politicizing Civil Rights Division On Ashcroft's Watch 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Ridge Has Joined Cheney On Bush's Stonwall Team 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAPLAN Bush Consideration Of Wider Use Of Nuke Weapons "Very Troubling" 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND Nuclear Policy: Bush is "being intellectually dishonest in disowning the shaping power of what has already been written and which must now be weighed." 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS China Accuses Bush Of "Nuclear Blackmail" 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

TRAINOR "It is time for the country to get a verifiable accounting of our progress" in Afghanistan 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINZER NYT Times Catching Up To Web Sites, Provides Overview Of U.S. Oil Politics In Central Asia 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Map Of Possible Pipeline Routes Through Afghanistan [java] 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN U.S. Report Suggests Pilot Killed 217 Out Of Revenge Against Boss, Not Terrorist Plot 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Al Qadea Is Increasing Money Movement, Communications 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN UN Takes U.S. Threat Seriously, Begins Moving Supplies For Iraq Refugee Flood Into Iran 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Saudi Prince Reverses Snub, Will Now Visit Bush 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Cheney Hears More Objections To His Iraq Attack From Arab Leaders 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Britain Isolated Over Threat Of Iraq Attack 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

IND Britain Fails To Persuade EU To Back U.S. Iraq Attack 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN EU Plans Tit-For-Tat Trade Tarrifs In Key U.S. Election States 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

INDYK The Three Faces Of Sharon 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

BENNET The Enigma That Is Sharon 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Recently Released Nixon Tape Indicates Billy Graham Lied In 1994 About Anti-Jewish Statements 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Family Ties In Tennessee 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

WT Hey, At Least Reagan's Irish! 03.17.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG 59, 850 Reagan Papers Released, But Tens Of Thousands Of His Vice-President's Papers Are Being Kept Secret By Junior Bush 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Nixon Family Battle Now In The Open Over Rebozo Library Bequest 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYE The Main Lesson Of Afghanistan Is Bush Can't Continue To Operate Unilaterally . 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Senators Should Not Relax And Let Other Bush Judicial Bozos Slip Through To Confirmation 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Lott Promises Retribution Over Pickering, Daschle Replies, Make My Day. 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

KING Combatants Supplied With Arms Cause More American Deaths In D.C. Than In Afghanistan 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON "Cheney Says Next Goal Of U.S. War On Terror Is To Block Access To Arms." 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

AI Amnesty International Accuses U.S. Of Human Rights Violations Under International Law 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

PARSONS Environmental And Health Disaster Caused By U.S. Use Of Depleted Uranium In Bombs Feared In Afghanistan 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCOTSMAN Lack Of Corpses Undercuts U.S. Claims Of Number Of Al Qaeda Killed . 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Envoy To Yugoslavia Seized, Charged As Spy 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHWARZ German Newspapers Beginning To Doubt Bush War On Terrorism As U.S. Extends Influence Over Central Asia 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

ERLANGER Military Gulf Grows Between U.S. And European Allies 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

SABOL Dr. Strangelove Returns. Bush's Nuclear Madness . 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Ashcroft Continues To Politicize Justice Department 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Colleges Have Been Dragging Feet Against Ashcroft's Version Of War Against Terrorism 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARTIN Ridge Can't Decide If Today Is Magenta Or Turquoise 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Canadian Air Security Unplugs Cyborg. Legal Actions Ensue 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Israelis Question Effectiveness Of Their Latest Offensive 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOCKSTADER Israeli Offensive Preceded Visit By U.S. Envoy, Now U.S. Requests Full Pullback 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROSS "Sharon actions are shifting the international onus onto Israel." 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Houston Law Firm, Big Contributor To Bush, Gave Enron Clearn Bill Of Health Without Looking Into "Flagged...Financial Transactions," Andersen Reports 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Clients Drop Andersen After Government Indictment 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAHN Perhaps O'Neill Will Be Next To Go After All, As Stories Of Disagreement With Bush Steel Decision Reach The Press 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Tipper May Run For Senate In Home State 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEIBOVICH Tipper's No Hillary, So Why Would She Run? 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRAGG Florida Town's Mayor Bans Satan In Official Proclamation, Satan Phones: "I Know You Want Me, Baby." 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

CANEDY Groups Fight Florida's Ban On Gay Adoptions 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

DUNN St. Patrick's Day News: If recent trends continue, incomes in Ireland will soon be far higher than in Britain. 03.16.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODMAN Is Our Fear So Great That We're Willing To Follow Bush Into A Nuclear Winter? 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Press Conference: Bush Spun His Way Through The Nuclear Question As Reporters Chuckled Past The Issue 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT Bush's Breaking Of Long-Standing Nuclear Taboos Is "Stupid, Scary, And Outrageous" 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

LIZZA Bush Sec. Of Army [Enron] Picked As Next to Leave, Perhaps Card, Whitman, Mineta, O'Neill 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

Thomas Cheney's Impossible Task: Persuading Arab Leaders To Support A War In Iraq 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ECONOMIST Three Schools Of Thought In BushAdmin About Involving Europe In Iraq Attack 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

OLIPHANT The Wonder Is That For A Year Few Have Questioned Bush's Futile Policy Of Aloofness As The ME Problem Festered And Worsened 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NR ED "No matter what Annan, the pope, or anyone else in the "international community" says, Israel will not itself adopt this macabre model of politics as self-immolation." 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

GERGES What's Behind The Arab Momentum To End The ME Conflict? 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

SLATE What Will Israel Look Like If This Goes On? And It Looks To Some That It Will. 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF "While the antiterror campaign has enjoyed an excellent start in Yemen, I worry about the next phase, involving American troops." 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

UMANSKY Why Unmanned U.S. Planes Are A Hazard To Afghan Civilians 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN "The real reason conservatives want to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the same reason they want to keep snowmobiles roaring through Yellowstone: sheer symbolism." 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

BIVINS Bush Has Taken The Government's Anti-Pollution Cops Off The Beat 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

JACKSON Vast Sums Of Money Are Vaporizing Into The Vacuum Of Bush's Missile Defense Deception 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NR ED Bush Welfare Plan Will Take 45% More Cash Than Old Plan, But He Doesn't Want To Spend The Money To Make It Work, So It's A Lot Of Bull. [Again.] 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED After Six Months We're Still Not Safe From Airline Explosions. There's A "Can't Do" Spirit In BushAdmin. 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS Bush's Pickering Nomination Blocked By Dems 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CROWLEY Did Bush's Judicial Nominee Pickering Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth To The Senators? 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN It's Easier For Bush To Talk About Corporate Responsibility Than To Practice It 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

ZENGERLE Will Ken Lay And Jesse Helms Be Dole's Kiss Of Death In Her Race For Senate? 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

VENNOCHI Kerry Must Decide If The Election Will Be About Him Or His Wife 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CROWLEY "Democrats will have to do better than just asserting their right to assert themselves." 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHAIT Goldberg's "Bias" Is "A Hyperpolic Screed" 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "GE's Jack Welch And The Philandering Boss Of The Harvard Business Review" 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

NATION "Star Treck's "Enterprise is "a frank vehicle for white male suprematism and resentment." Women are objectified, there's racism at every turn, and the Vulcans—poor Vulcans—just can't get a fair shake." 03.15.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Will Take Action Against Iraq, Bush Says 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

KURTZ "Media Version" Is The Cheney ME Trip Has Been Planned To Tell Allies About A Coming Attack On Iraq 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Egypt to Press Iraq on U.N. Inspections To Avoid War, Cheney Is Told 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

RITTER While Bush Talks Iraq's Bioweapons, He Shows Little Desire For U.N. Inspections 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

BBC VIDEO Bush Blowback? Greg Palast Reports That Prior To Sept 11 FBI Agents Were Told To Back Off Saudi Investigations (9 min.) 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES What Did Ashcroft Know Last July That Prevented Him From Flying On Commercial Airlines? 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS "Bush's claims the US invaded Afghanistan to `defend democracy' and/or `stamp out terrorism' is certainly not the whole story." 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Bush Has Now Given The Major Players From Reagan's Iran-Contra Scandal Prominent Jobs In His Administration 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Bush's Backwards Progress With Nuclear Bombs 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIMO Bush's "Nuclear Posture Review" Is "Blueprint For Disaster" 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Bush Plan: When In Doubt, Nuke 'Em 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Bush is "saying that nuclear weapons are no longer the weapon of last resort but weapons of first choice." 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

KREPINEVICH Sure, The Bush Plan Cuts Down The Number of Available Nuclear Weapons, But Its Budget Relies On A "Problematic" Missile Defense System And It "Fails To Provide Strong Non-Nuclear Alternatives" 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

GLASSER Just As In Tora Bora, The Fruits Of The Latest Battle Remain Uncertain 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE Wary of Rights Criticisms, Bush Keeps Uzbek Leader Out of Sight During D.C. Visit 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Warns Sharon That Israeli Offensive Is "Not Helpful" 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Israel's Offensive Is "Unwise" 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOCKSTADER During Israeli Gaza Raid, Some Civilians Slain Without Apparent Provocation 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Doesn't Need Another Investigaion Of INS, Since There Have Been So Many, He Needs To DO Something, As He Promised After 11 Sept. 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN "Like Yates, [the Texas jury] knew right from wrong but could not help themselves." 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Gay Harrassment In Military Surges Under Bush 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MCA FBI Uncovers Memphis Conspiracy With ME Ties 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MCA Body In Car That Of Memphis Licnse Examiner. FBI Looking At Fraud Plot, World Trade Center Links. 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MCA Flaming Death No Accident, Says FBI. Gasoline Found On Clothes 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

MCA Bomb Found In Memphis County Morgue Building Yesterday 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Body From Memphis River Identified As Harvard Biologist 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

VGS Unlocked Fuel Trucks Raise Venice, Florida Airport Security Questions 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOPSICKER What's Atta's Connections To The Saudi Royal Family And Venice, Florida? 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Geeks Or Government? Lynn Says ICANN Can't, Proposes Governments Run The Internet. 03.14.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Government Approved Atta Student Visa For Florida Flight School This Past Monday. 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CAMPBELL "U.S. In Secret Deal With 'Torture States'" 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SIGAL The Consequences Of Ashcroft's Continued Holding Of Immigrants For Minor Violations Will Be Long-Lasting 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WEINER "The 'War On Terrorism' For Dummies" 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHAPIRO Anti-anti-war crowd dreams up a disloyal opposition 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROBERT MC NAMARA Bush Nuke Plan Undermines Our Pledge To Non-Nuke Nations 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Suggestion Of Preemptive Strike With Nuclear Weapon Is New 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bush Should Disavow Both The Blurring Of Lines Between Nukes And Conventional Weapons And The Lowering Of The Threshold For Their Use 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE Bush Nuke Plan Gives One More Turn To Global Paranoia Wheel 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERKOWITZ Pentagon's Nuke Dreams Are Our Nightmares 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

HARDY "An American Warwolf In London" 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SPENCER Are Those Who Serve The Public Allowed To Do So In Private? 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

ADN Navy report shows polar cap is shrinking fast 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Repug Mitch McConnell Is Attacking Campaign Finance Reform With "Deceptive Fixes" 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Welfare Proposal Draws Dem Fire 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER New Bush-Signed "Stimulus" Bill: "It is not easy for one measure to be both so ill-timed and so substantively flawed." 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

OPPEL Dems Want To Put Teeth In Post-Enron Laws, While Bush Proposes Slap On The Wrist 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Army Secretary's Job Hinges on Answers to Enron Queries 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK Arabs Want To Talk About Israeli-Palestinian War, Not Going To War Against Iraq 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Jordan Warns U.S. Iraq Attack Could Undermine ME Stability 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Arab League Begins To Water Down Original Saudi Proposal To "Wasted Breath" Status 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Supports U.N. Vote Calling For Palestinian State 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

BARD Yates Guilty Verdict In Texas Exposes Serious Flaws Nationwide 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

STATESMAN Sanchez Wins Dem Tx. Guv Primary, But Senate Slot Will Be Determined In Runoff 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

MORRIS How About "Ronald and Sarah Jane Mayfield Fulks Wyman Futterman and Anne Frances Robbins Nancy Davis Reagan George and Martha Dandridge Custis Washington National Airport"? 03.13.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHEER Bush's "Infantile Tantrum" Born Out Of Frustration Creates A World In Fear Of Nuclear Armageddon 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORTON-TAYLOR Growing Number Of Bush Advisers Now Adevocate Use Of Nuclear Weapons 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush As Nuclear Rogue: He Needs To Come Up With A Less Threatening Nuke Plan 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC MANUS How Would We Feel If Other Nuke Countries Adopted The Bush Nuke Plan? We'll Soon Find Out. 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUNTING Six Months Later: From Islamic Terrorists To Bush Nuke Hitlist 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT No Mention Of "Axis Of Evil" As Bush Pitches War Against Terrorism To The World 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Bush's Desire To Win Friends Aborad Is Hindered By His Unilateralist Bent 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOLFEREN Six Months Later: To keep a population in line, wage perpetual war against a vague enemy 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Previously Secret Report Has 2.4 Million Dead If Terrorists Attack Toxic Chemical Plant In Densely Populated Area 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Ridge Now Has Nation On Yellow Alert 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER "There is nothing fundamentally patriotic about hurling munitions at Iraq, barking up North Korea's tree, or whichever monstrous evil is fashionable this week." 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

BYRD Congress HAs A Duty, Not Just A Right, To Ask Hard Questions Of Bush 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN EU Splits On Iraq Issue As Blair Comes Across "More Hawkish" Than Bush 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

TRAN How Would Military Confrontation With Iraq Affect Oil Prices, Global Economy? 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC DONALD Bush's global cop tactics are wearing thin 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

PINKERTON Bush Has Yet To Demonstrate That His War Plans Will Lead To Peace Plans 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROSE Bush's Real Shadow Government Is In The Nation's Boardrooms 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

KLEIN America's attempt to market itself abroad using advertising principles is destined to fail 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOOVERS "U.S. military in Georgia will increase Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline security." 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

STRATFOR Operation Anaconda: Questionable Outcomes for United States 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

OZ History Will Never Forget The Offenses Of "Mr. Sharafat" 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

WRH Is The Pentagon Plane Story Disinformation To Distract Us From The Alleged Iraeli Spies In The U.S. Story? 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARTINEZ Demographic Political Time Bomb Ticks In Texas 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

HODGSON Censor For Rich And Powerful Calls Reporters "Vicious Alcoholics" 03.12.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIGDON A Primer on Understanding Conspiracies 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Pentagon Survivors Healed, Not Whole 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

METCALF So Where IS The Pentagon Plane? 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON As BushAdmin Attempts To Spin Nuke Plan, Critics Note Bush Has Dangerously Lowered The Threshold Of Use 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

CUSHMAN Bush Nuke Plan Leak Could Mess Up Cheney's ME Visit 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WOOLLACOTT Uncertainties Abound Six Months After 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WALKER Warning Lights Are Blinking, But Bush War Machine Moves Heedlessly Onward 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALIH How Far Will Bush Go In His Support Of Repressive Governments? 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HIATT China's Many Sins Against Basic Human Rights Show An Insecure Bully And A Corrupt Government 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP U.S. Seizing Terrorist Suspects In Third Countries, Sending Them To U.S., Other Countries, Without Legalities 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Senate Energy Bill Is Against Alaskan Drilling, For Auto Fuel Conservation. That's Why Bush Doesn't Like It. 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SENGUPTA Iraq Rejects The Return Of U.N. Inspections 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

OBSERVER Bush wants 25,000 UK Iraq force 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUNTER Bush Is Sitting On the Sidelines In Aghanistan And The Middle East. That's Not Good Enough. 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Arab League Calls For End To Violence, Says Bush Needs To Also Tell Israelis To Stop 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE NYT Pundit Blames Present ME Violence On Clinton, Barak, And Arafat. Proposes Plan, Sides With Ari. 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bad News Is Bush Managed To Lard Passed Stimulus Bill With More Tax Cuts For The Rich 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

MT ED Bush Lays An Iron Egg On Free Trade 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Corporate Greed Is Out Of Control And Bush Is In The Middle Of It 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG FBI director did legal work for Enron Corp. 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

TIMES FBI Fails To Find A Single Al Qaeda Cell In U.S. 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Texas Governor's Race Tests Power Of Hispanic Vote 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICHMOND Fox Can't Tell The Difference Between News And Satire. "We Report, You Deride." 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

ALTERMAN "Right-Wing Nuts" In Major Publications Write Their Own Story For Reporter 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

DONEGAN It's cool to be rude about Dubya again 03.11.02 www.bushwatch.com

GOODE "Conspiracy Theories Make The World Seem A Little More Rational" 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARKIN The Document: Secret Bush Plan Outlines The Unthinkable. 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Refuses To Be Interviewed Re His Pentagon Plan To Nuke North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria or Libya , If Needed. 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP New Bush Policy Removes Russia From Nuke Ground Zero, Places China There, Instead 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CUSHING "Critics are bound to argue that Mr. Bush is making a radical and dangerous shift to a first-strike policy." 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BARRY Sitting Ducks, Crying Wolf and Other Beastly Choices 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush New Anti-Terror Plan Expected To Include Going Into Countries That Do Not Ask Us There 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARGOLIS War On Terror Masks Bush's Grand Strategy 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

HOAGLAND Bush Not Doing Enough To Separate Allies Who Want To Improve Human Rights From Those Who Do Not 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN "Some in Israel and in the American Jewish right argue that it is already a war of civilizations and that the only thing to do is kill Palestinians until they say 'uncle.'...If this uncompromising view becomes dominant in Israel and among American Jews, then...the country is doomed." 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

MASSING "Conservative Jewish Groups Have Clout" With Bush 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP "Arab Leaders Appeal forBush Intervention in Ending Bloodshed " 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Bush Sends Strong Vice-Prez To Talk War With Iraq And Weak Envoy To Discuss ME Peace 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS As 30% American Forces Withdraw, Afghan Military Fight Among Themselves, Rather Than Against Al Qaeda 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON Logistics: Where Does Phase 2 Start, If Not In Iraq? 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

CARRIGAN "The United States has used its influence [in Colombia] to strengthen many of the worst elements of a byzantine society whose complexities Washington has never succeeded in deciphering." 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

DUGGER Hindu-Muslim violence weakens India's secular foundations 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED "Unfortunately, there are a lot of other disappointing [Bush] nominees where Judge Pickering came from." 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER Want Something From Bush? Be In A State With Lots Of Electoral Votes 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAGAN There's A War Over Foreign Policy Going On In The Democratic Party 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

KESSLER Past Rhetoric Haunts Senate Democrats Re Budget 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Signs Are That Corporate America Will Do Little To Change Ineffective Disclosure Laws 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Air Travel Fear Fades, But Experts Still Worry 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Hard Issues For Air Security 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT A Changed America: Civil Liberties Takes A Back Seat 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Neil Bush's Career "Looks So Tawdry" 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD The Clinton Gang Is Pulling A "Seinfeld" 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GRORY "The durability of Bill Clinton as a Republican scapegoat is one of the marvels of our age." 03.10.02 www.bushwatch.com

SFSS Israeli Students Suspected Of Spying In South Florida 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

RAIMONDO Chronology Of Stories On Israeli Tourists Since 11 September 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT BushAdmin, in a secret report, calls for a nuke strategy against at least seven nations: China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya and Syria. 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANGER Bush Is Winning In Afghanistan But Losing At Home 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Bush Is Killing Pollution Clean-up By Poisoning The Superfund 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NICHOLS Rep. Kucinich Rocks the Boat 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAUL U.S. Rep Says Stop War In Colombia, Which Is About Protecting U.S. Business Interests 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Sen. Thompson Bails Out, More Trouble For GOP In Search Of Majority 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Is Backing An Army Of Human Rights Violators In Colombia 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCHLESINGER Not the People's Choice: How to democratize American democracy 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

TAP G. Gordon Liddy, Come On Down! 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOTT Did the White House speech writer get fed up with Bush's inconsistencies? 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Calls Gutted, Ineffective Stimulus Tax Bill "Very Good" As He Prepares Victory Spin Machine 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

LEWIS How Will We Protect Our Civil Liberties In The Face Of Ashcroft And A War Without End? 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP New Terror Alert System In The Works From Ridge 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAGE Pickering and Choosing? The Democrats need a new strategy on judges. Fast. 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

MENUCHIN "Saying No To Israel's Occupation Of The Left Bank And Gaza" 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCKBURN The Nightmare In Israel 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

BBC Blair Facing Revolt Over Iraq 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CP The Politics Of Afghan Opium 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKIBHER To Bush, Businessmen Don't Break Laws, They Get Boo-Boos 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CP Meet The Unsung Propaganda Arm Of Enron 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

ELTAHAWY "Funny, You Don't Look Like A Muslim" 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

CP Ann Coulter's On The Racist Attack Again 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

KELLY Stiffed By Michael Moore 03.09.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Neighborhood Watchers Skeptical About Ashcroft's Anti-Terrorism Directive 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES Neighborhood Watch Enlisted in Terror War 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRAY "Bush shows no sign of taking his foot off the nation's adrenal glands." 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MARTIN This Former Officer In Naval Intelligence Sees Neighborhood Crime Watch Acting As "Big Brother Surrogate" 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

LUTZ America Under Friendly Fire 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Chances Are Better You Could Be Killed By "Chicks With Guns" Than By Anthrax 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

FISK "Is the anarchy of Afghanistan and the continuing slaughter in the Middle East really to be the memorial for the thousands who died on 11 September?" 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC It is “a stupid and useless war and it would be better if it ended immediately.” --Ex-King Of Afghanistan 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

AARONOVITCH "Israel has the right to exist but also the duty to concede." 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALEVI Israelis Turned To Sharon Because They Believed They Had Been Tricked By Oslo Agreement 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NATION Stories On The Middle East Conflict 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

FOA Russians Change The Face Of Israel 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Bush Enron Solution Insures Little Accountability Or Enforcement 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORN "Credibility of the Bush gang and that of Enron deserve questioning when either one is talking about the other." (second item) 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP GOP Can't Attack Dems On Enronized Global Crossing Because Of Its Own Ties To Troubled Company 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Andersen Told To Stand By For Obstruction Of Justice Charges 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Justice Department Officials Mute In Face Of Sudden Release Of Many 9/11 Secret "Detainees" In U.S. 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

CURRY Is Alaska Drilling A Smokescreen? 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

ACHENBACH Rest Assured, Bush Shadown Government Will Protect Department Of Commerce 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WILL Bush "Less Principled" Than Clinton, [Which Means Reagan, Who Did The Same Thing, Is Less Principled, Too.] 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Is All Hat And No Cattle When It Comes To Free Trade And Probably Free Markets 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

KAUS Forget Ten Years In September, Go With Ten Minutes In September 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHUGER 9/11 Reaction: Did The Washington Post Go Soft On The Pentagon? 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

COOPER Bush's Man In California Offended Republican Leaders 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

DISCUSSION Where's The Pentagon 9/11 Plane? 03.08.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Neighborhood Watch Enlisted in Terror War 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

SAFIRE With Colin's Kid At FCC, Wimps At Justice, 19th Century Appeals Courts, And Bush Presiding, Say Goodby To Market Competition 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Enron Critic Convicted Of Contempt By Indian Supreme Court 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

HAMILTON Indian Novelist Helped Author Enron's Downfall 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

ROY "Why America Must Stop The War Now" 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Indians have to live together in a nation that respects diversity, democracy and secularism in government. 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NFR Funeralgate: The Skeleton in Bush's closet is back from the dead 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush's Enron Man, Sec. Of Army White, Had Connections To Failed Campaign Contributor Into January 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush-Appointed Ass. Sec. Of Army Can't Support Bush Budget. He's Toast. 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

OWN Bush Accused of Hypocrisy Over World Trade Rules 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rallies in Capital Protest Bush Welfare Proposals 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

RALL NOTHING CHANGED AFTER 9-11: Our Smoke and Mirrors War on Terror 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

MONBIOT An Insidious Result of September 11 is That the US Treats Many Non-Whites as Terrorists 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

CARROLL Dems Wimp Out Over War As Bush Runs Roughshod 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

COCCO Regardless of Official Word, Things Aren't So Great 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BUELL Bush is intent on making the connection between drugs and terrorism but has been remarkably reticent about providing evidence of this connection. 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senators Doubt Bush Nominee For Top Ag Job, A Wealthy Corporate Farmer Accused Of Racial Bias, Believes In Fed Help For Rural Problems 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT After Bush Has Approved Trucking Of Nuke Trash Throughout The Country To Nevada, Senators Discuss Possible Results Of Dirty Bombs In Hands Of Terrorists 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED The revelation that the Department of the Interior has been proceeding carelessly on public lands cannot help President Bush’s energy strategy. 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT BushAdmin Bails Out Of Commitment To Sharon Policy For ME 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

FREEDLAND Israeli Battle-Scarred Reservists are Refusing to Serve in the Occupied Territories. 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

COHEN Where Is The White House Peace Plan? 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

TURNER Big Money Fuels Scheme to Derail Amtrak for Good 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Judge Says Amateur News Gatherers on Public Access TV Have Same Rights as Professionals 03.07.02 www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR Codependent America: Folks Like Bush's Swagger, So They Ignore That He's Screwing Them www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

ROEPER Doc Film Shows Junior As Frat Boy Candidate www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

RENO Bush "Axis Of Evil" Tag Created By And For People Who Don't Know History www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

HITCHENS Where Is This Evil Axis Bush Speaks Of? www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

NYT Hundreds Of The Enemy Killed In Biggest Conflict Of The Afghan War www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

HUME One Reason Nation Clueless About War: The Ongoing War On The News www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

CHAPPIE For One Thousand Bucks To The GOP, A Ranking Bush Official Will Explain To You What's Going On In The War www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

WP As Bush Makes Plans To Scale Back Pollution Controls For Corporations, New Study Reinforces Links Between Pollution And Cancer www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

BINVNS Terrorists Will Be Watching Bush Nuke Trash Moving Through U.S. Population Centers Every Day Of The Week For Decades. www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

AP Scenario For 9/11 Given To FBI In 1995 After Arrested Terrorists With Links To Bin Laden Were Interrogated www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

KUTTNER The Last Time We Had Conflicts Of Interest Across The Board The Stock Market Crashed www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

MC NAMARA No Wonder Bush And The Harvard Business School Were Such A Good Fit www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

ARCHIVES The George W. Bush Success Story www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

CORN Ken Who? Bush And Enron Were Oil Partners In 1986 www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

NYT While Ken Lay Was Backing Daddy Bush Prez Bid, Junior Had 10% Interestt In Enron Oil Venture www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

BRODER Bush Is Damaging Himself By Having Stonewall Strategy Taken To Court www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

NYT Like Reagan, Bush Talks Free Trade But Walks Steel Tariffs To Split Union Voters www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

LAT Bush Supports Welfare Jobs Below Federal Minimum Wage [Surprised?] www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

LEHIGH "While other religions still occasionally lend themselves to bloodshed, Islam seems particularly prone to violent interpretations." www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

NYT ED Sharon Strategy Not Working, Arafat Not Leading, Bush Says He Won't Try To Stop The War Until The War Stops www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

FRIEDMAN "Some of this [Muslim] hatred will remain no matter what Israel does. But to think that Israel's exiting the occupied territories — and abandoning its insane settlement land grab there — wouldn't reduce this problem is absurd." www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

THAROOR India's Technological Future Threatened By Its Inability To Get Out Of Past Religious Conflicts www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

WP White House Excludes Dem Leader From Confidential Briefing www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

CONASON the Best Way To Defend Democracy Is To Ask Questions --Kerry www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

DH How Big A Clown Is Andrew Sullivan? This Big. (last item) www.bushwatch.com 03.06.02

COHEN As School Districts Choose Fictions Such As "To Kill A Mockingbird," Why Doesn't D.C. Choose The Bush Budget? 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARG Bush Approval Rating Drops 12 Percent 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP As Bush Practices Traditional Blame Game, He Breaks One More Campaign Promise 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE Despite His Campaign Promise, The Bush Era Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Divisive Since The Early 70's 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Daschle Is Correct, Bush Has No Right To Keep The American People, Congress Out Of The Loop 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED As More Americans Die, Bush Should Better Inform The People About The War 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP White House Prevents Bush's Homeland Security Dir. Ridge From Testifying To Congress 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Forget The Law, Bush Dept. Warns That All Baggage Will Not Be Screened For Bombs By End Of Year 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT As Threat Warnings Continue, Congress Takes Its Time To Begin 9/11 Investigation 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

SMH "Afghans aghast as US military chiefs blunder into ambush" 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT No Easy Victory Is Seen in Fierce Afghan Battle 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM U.S. Is Now In A Riskier Kind Of War 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF We Think Saudis And Pakistanis Are Blind To Their Support Of Terrorism, But What About Our Similar Blindness In Angola? 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Critics Fear BushAdmin Has Overlooked Human Rights Violations Of War Allies 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES The Documents: Looking At Bush's Own Military Record 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Behind Bush War On Drugs In Colombia Is The War For Oil 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN Bush Social Security Advocates Should Make Their Case With Math That Adds Up 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senate Unable To End Debate On Election Overhaul 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

MORRICE Bush Family Will Have To Go On Without Enron's Support Of Their Favorite Charities 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Despite Agreement, Enron Execs Are Still In Control Of Employees' Pension Funds 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Bush Decides To Stiff Hundreds Of Thousands Of Steel Retirees Re Pensions 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Bush Nuke Trash Decision Could Lose Nevada For Him 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

CSM Most Polls See Jeb Beating Reno By 20 Points 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senate Bill Says Beef Is Not Irradiated, It's...Err..."Pasteurized." 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED Copyright Owners Have Been Paying Off Congress To Extend And Extend Copyright. This Is Not In Our Best Interest And Should Stop. 03.05.02 www.bushwatch.com

MC GORY Bush Attempt To Take War Off The Table Is "Grotesque," And Dems Need To Really Step Up. "Things Will Only Get Worse If No One Complains." 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP ED What's "Devisive And Dangerous," Mr. Lott, "Is Stifling Debate For Political Gain" 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NAKASHIMA Bush Secrecy Is Stirring Frustration On Left And Right 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Daschle Wants Congress Told More About Bush's War Plans 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

KENNEDY Bush Has Yet To Show The Leadership That The U.S. And The World Are In Need Of 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIDDELL Britain Should Unhitch Itself From The American War Machine 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT First Victim Of "Axis Of Evil" Is The Guy Who Wrote The Speech 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Stymied In Face Of ME Violence 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Large U.S. Force Battles Al Qaeda In Afghan Mountains 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Commitment Of Large Numbers Of U.S. Troops Indicate Afghan Forces No Longer Trusted To Do The Job 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON New U.S. Troop Strategy Based On Realization That Most Al Qaeda Troops Have Escaped While Afghans Watched 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NE Enron Gave Taliban Millions 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG Why Bin Laden Plot Relied On Saudi Hijackers 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

PORTER "Robert Baer, the ex-CIA man in Iraq during the failed uprising in 1995, says the US is not in a position to strike against Iraq because it does not understand anything about the country," 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SHIFTER Latin America "Unsettled" By Bush Rhetoric Re Colombia 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

GRANT Now That We Know That Stocks Generally Are Overvalued, Why Aren't Their Prices Going Down? 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRODER "In the wealthiest state of the wealthiest nation, there are thousands of poor and working people that must rely upon food pantries and soup kitchens to help meet their most basic needs, and the numbers in my state are only rising." 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

HALFON Bush Continues To Leave More Children Behind By Limiting Fed Funding Of State CHIP Plans 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP D.C. Area Muslim School Textbook Says Muslims Will Kill Jews, Teen Says Some Teachers Teach Hatred Of Non-Muslims 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

STONE Saudi Arabia "is exporting to schools on our shores an ideology that supports terror over civics. " 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

BG ED Pat Robertson Still Preaching Hate. Moving From Gays, Feminists, Liberals To Muslims 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

DAVIS We Learn A Lot About Poppy And Junior Bush By Knowing That Billy Graham Is A Favorite 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOUTHARD Is Ashford's Christian Reconstructionism Out To Destroy The Constitution? 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALTER Listen Up, Homophobic Christians. 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Matthew Shepard: The Laramie Project 03.04.02 www.bushwatch.com

SNOW The Bush Shadow Government Has No Need For A Shadow Stock Of Common Citizens 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

DOWD Shadow Government Is The Perfect Bush Government: Secret And Self-Perpetuating 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

UMANSKY Bush Is Downsizing Security At Our Nuke Weapons Labs 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

JEZER Nuke Politics: Corporate Lobbyists Hide Behind Pretend Grassroots Groups 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Nuke Waste is a Problem for All 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

GLANZ Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study Finds 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

RIFKIN While Bush Does Nothing, "A Report by Top US Scientists on Climate Change Suggests That Catastrophe Could Be Imminent" 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CORNER Now That Priests And Politicians Have Failed Them, The Common Man Has Turned To Advertising Of Consumer Products 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOKHIBER Corporate Powers Working Hard With Bush Government To Rob Citizens Of The Internet 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON Lying: Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BERNEY Bush Mangles The Language With A Purpose 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SANDRONSKY Ad Campaign: No Bush Compassion in Welfare Reform 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CBS Enron Hurting Bush --Poll 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

COBBLE Will Bush Go Downhill Along With Enron? 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOROSAGE Bush's Enron-Tainted Sec. Of Army White Must Go 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

CHERNUS Bush Sticks His Head Out For Nobody 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BRAUCHLI Ashcroft Sets the Tone at Heavy-Handed Justice 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SCIOLINO Saudis Have Shifted Spotlight From Their Repressive Rule To The ME Conflict 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

FRIEDMAN Both The Arab-Muslims And Our Fellow Americans Are Needed To Take Down The Wall Of Misperceptions 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

GORDON Risks Remain In Afghan War 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

PENHAUL Colombia: "I Can Tell Them That This Will Be Worse Than Vietnam" 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

BELLO Second Front In Philippines Setting Up With Stunning Speed 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

SALON Repugs equate mild war criticism with "aid and comfort to our enemies." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

REUTERS Sen. Kerry Chides GOP on War Comments, Bashes Bush 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

LOBE ''We need a debate in this country, because there's a real possibility (that) we're really overplaying our hands.'' --Brookings Analyist 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT ED Before Bush Goes Any Further, We Need To Have A National Dialogue, And Not A Spin Session 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MOSS Patriotic Dissent 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

PAUL "The American people become less secure when we risk a major conflict driven by commercial interests and not constitutionally authorized by Congress." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

RICHTER "Bush is thrusting America more directly into distant conflicts that have raged for years." 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYHAN Update: Ken Lay Never Slept With Clinton. [He Slept With Poppy Bush.] 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

MILLER Clinton Gives Jenna Bush Booze, Takes Gold Medal From Canadians 03.03.02 www.bushwatch.com

AP Nixon To Kissinger On Idea Of Nuked Civilians: "I Don't Give A Damn. I Don't Care." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Billy Graham Apologizes For Nixon Conversation Faulting Jews 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Fuzzy Math: Bush Example Given About Social Security Is "Ill-Advised At Best And Unconscionable At Worst." --Financial Planner 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

MEANS House Repugs Are Insulting Intelligence Of Senior Citizens With Their Meaningless Promise About Social Security 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Never Told Congress About His Shadow Government 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Colin Powell Clears The Way For Cheney's Kid As Deputy Assistant Sec. Of State 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Aide's "Incomprehensible" Bad-Mouthing Of U.N. Tribunals Seen As Just One More Example Of Lack Of International Cooperation By Bush 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

CT Daschle challenges strategy of terror war 3.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Daschle Calls GOP Response To His Questioning Of Bush War Strategies "Nothing Short Of Hysterical" 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP ED With Philippines, Georgia, Now Yeman, Dems Think Bush Is Showing More Skill At Getting Into Military Conflicts Than At Planning Exit Strategies For Them 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Bush Gets U.S. Troops Ready For Yemen Duty 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

SOLOMON Pundit Friedman Says "Give War A Chance" 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN "Blair may find that his luck runs out if he backs a war on Saddam." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Nine Sept. 11 Hijackers Were Selected For Special Security Screenings At Airports, But All Were Let Go By Privatized Security 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

HOPSICKER Venice, Florida, flight school linked to CIA 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Rudy Giuliani's Diesel Fuel One Main Cause Of Third World Trade Tower Collapse, Say Experts. Fire Officials Previously Questioned Storage. 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Enron Had Links To Bin Laden Group Through Proposed Palestinian Power Plant, Approved By OPI 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush Dept. Of Energy Conferred "Almost Exclusively" With Industry, Campaign Contributors In Forming Clean Air Policies 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Waxman's Letter To Bush Complains About His One-Sided Energy Policy 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

IVINS Bush Plans To Truck Nuclear Waste To Nevada " insanely escalate the chances for a terrorist attack." 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

RICH Scant Evidence To Show That Bush Backs The Idea Of A Free Press 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Dems Compromise On Voter Bill To Bring It Up To Vote Next Week 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT Voters Want Pie In Sky Higher: Less Taxes, More Money For Better Schools 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN We Have Bushisms But England Has Prince Phillip 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

NYT 300 Dead In Hindu-Muslin Violence In India 03.02.02. www.bushwatch.com

BALZAR As A Large Majority Of The American Public Sits Still For Abuses By Rich Businessmen And Their Politicians At Home And Abroad, It Becomes Part Of The National Corruption 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT U.S. Military Presence Now Rings Russia In Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Democrats Starting to Fault President on the War's Future 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

GUARDIAN Signs that Bush now regrets inventing the whole concept of military tribunals 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRUGMAN According To Bush, Norton, And Repug House Re Their Alaskan Drilling Proposal, Your Desk Only Takes Up A Few Square Inches Of Your Office Space 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Repug House Attacks The Little Guy Again, Passing Tauzin's Internet Phone Bill That Loosens Regulations, Strengthens Monoplies 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Enron Paid Huge Bonuses in '01; Experts See a Motive for Cheating (with chart) 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MACHIZ Bush Proposals In The Wake Of Enron Retirement Abuse Supports The Legal Gaps That Allowed Enron To Screw Its Employees 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT While Enron Still Burns, Bush Is Back To Pushing Wall Street's "Retirement Insecurity Plan" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NORRIS Old Case Indicates Twisting Accounting Rules Will Not Get Auditors Like Andersen Off The Hook 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

HUFFINGTON Cheney's Gone To War On The Public's Right To Know 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Bush "Shadow Government" Outside Of D. C. Based On Fear Of Portable Nuclear Weapon Set Off By Terrorists, Say Three Officials 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Top G.O.P. Donors in Energy Industry Met Cheney Panel 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BROWNER Bush Doesn't Think Polluters Should Pay, He'd Rather Use Our Money To Clean Up Their Mess 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

MSNBC Senior EPA Official Gags On Bush's Push To Give Pollution Protections To Coal Plants, Quits 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

WP Arrogant Ari Refused To Back Off His Blaming Of Clinton For Current ME Violence, So Condi Pulls His Strings 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KRISTOF Bush Campaign Buddy Under Fire For Saying "Death To Israel" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BW Bush And The Arab-American 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

EXTRA! "Steve Emerson's Crusade" With "Questionable Stories" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

FAIR Press Release In Support Of Emerson " features the same kind of inaccurate and reckless charges that Extra! said were characteristic of Emerson's work." 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

DIONNE If Bush Really Means What He Says About Bipartisanship, Then He Should Change His Method Of Judicial Nomination 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAT ED Powell Moves Saudi Peace Plan From "Minor Development" To "Important Step," And Sharon Says "Let's Meet," But Saudis' Man At U.N. Offers "Diatribe" Vs. Israel Wednesday 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

LAURIE Saudis Know They Need Peace Even More Than Israel Or Palestine If They Want To Survive 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

IGNATIUS Arab Self-Help For Israel-Palestinians Needs To Be Expanded To Iraq 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

ARCHIVES "US anthrax attackers aimed to assassinate Democratic leaders" 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

NYT Senators Hear From Experts, Then Support Mammography 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

KINSLEY If We're Going To Blame Teens For The Nation's Drinking Problems, Let's Get Our Facts Straight 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

BOROWITZ Secret Service Looking For Lost Documents, Vice-President 03.01.02 www.bushwatch.com

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