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REUTERS Now Only 40% Trust Bush Government To Do The Right Thing --Poll 05.31.02

DIONNE Bush " is willing to put the government back into deficit to finance tax cuts, military spending increases and additional farm subsidies. But when it came time to find money for the next round of welfare reform, the administration did not come up with one new dime." 05.31.02

KRUGMAN "Is Mr. O'Neill really blind and deaf to Africa's needs? Probably not. He is caught between a rock star and a hard place: he wants to show concern about global poverty, but Washington has other priorities," such as repealing the estate tax for wealthy Americans. 05.31.02

FINEMAN Bush Wants To Act Like Truman But Lacks Harry's Experience, Abilities, And Interests 05.31.02

AP Does Conservative Bush Have Coattails? 05.31.02

AP Dems Ask Ashcroft To Explain His Department's Refusal To File Florida Voting Rights Suits Based On 11,000 Complaints 05.31.02

WP Dems Call For Hearing On Ashcroft Gun Position As Fed Lawyers Back D.C. Gun Law In Face Of Ashcroft Pressure 05.31.02

NEWSDAY Insider Stock Trading Prior To Sept. 11 Discussed In FBI Agents' Court Case 05.31.02

CNS FBI Agent Probing Terrorist Money Laundering Warned Of Deaths Due To Bureau's Failure In Memo Last June 05.31.02

NYT Lawmakers Say Misstatements Cloud F.B.I. Chief's Credibility 05.31.02

COHEN "The American people care little for the senseless finger-pointing they see today from their elected officials. They are equally unimpressed with the attempt to silence voices of legitimate criticism with Cassandra-like forecasts of inevitable doom. " 05.31.02

BLOOM Ashcroft Losens Spying Restraints On FBI, Bush Says Changes Needed, ACLU Thinks Otherwise 05.31.02

AP Ashcroft-Bush under fire for allowing FBI to monitor Americans at religious services and in other public meetings.05.31.02

NYT FBI Now Faces No Legal Obstacles To Domestic Spying, And Court Challenge Unlikely To Succeed 05.31.02

LAT A government spying on its people in public is not seen as a violation of the 4th Amendment, say experts. 05.31.02

KRISTOF "As risks change, we who care about civil liberties need to realign balances between security and freedom. It is a wrenching, odious task, but we liberals need to learn from 9/11 just as much as the F.B.I. does. " 05.31.02

NYT "The changes announced today by Mr. Ashcroft are certain to produce a new chapter in the debate over whether the nation's security agencies are updating antiquated policies to combat terrorism or simply taking advantage of the Sept. 11 attacks and their aftermath to obtain new powers. " 05.31.02

NYT ED "Americans are entitled at the very least to hear from the Justice Department what it considers to be the limits of its "scrupulous respect" for their civil rights and personal freedom - and what oversight procedures will be used to keep the F.B.I. in check. " 05.31.02

KINSLEY "It's true that Cheney was featured in a promotional video for Arthur Andersen, in which he says, "I get good advice, if you will, from their people based upon how we're doing business and how we're operating -- over and above just the sort of normal by-the-books auditing arrangement." ...This remark from Cheney is a pretty convincing performance of a man who doesn't know what the hell he is talking about." 05.31.02

HUFFINGTON Washington, musing about a trigger for reform, barely remembers Enron. 05.31.02

REUTERS Post-Enron Reform Bills Languish In Congress 05.31.02

CSM ED The Kashmir–Al Qaeda Tangle 05.31.02

BG Bush Will Send Rumsfeld To Attempt To Cool India-Packistan Conflict 05.31.02

ACKERMAN President should not try to sidestep Congress in any action against Iraq. 05.31.02

IGNATIUS "TEL AVIV -- It was hard to find an Israeli here this week who wasn't applauding Ariel Sharon's recent crackdown on Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. For a country that was beginning to be spooked by suicide terrorists, it was obviously a relief to take military action -- even one that some of Sharon's supporters conceded lacked a coherent long-term strategy. " 05.31.02

WP "Settlement activity is one of the roots of Palestinian frustration with the peace talks that followed the Oslo accords, Palestinian analysts say. The creation of settlements required the confiscation of private and communal land and a permanent stationing of Israeli troops to protect settlers from hostile Palestinians, which in turn led to checkpoints and more friction with the Palestinians." 05.31.02

SUNSTEIN States' Rights Supreme Court Is Making Up Constitutional Rights Without Constitutional Grounds 05.31.02

NYT Californians Angered By Bush Decision To Protect Only Florida From Oil Drilling 05.31.02

WP ED What Does California Need To Get Drilling Protections From Bush, Elect Neil Governor? 05.31.02

COCCO "The Bush administration has admitted at least something went wrong in Florida. But not much. " 05.30.02

IVINS "If you think the government is having a connection problem on the national security side, you should take a look at the starburst of dots on the economic side for a really stunning scandal. When you start to connect the dots on the business side, you will notice that we're being stolen blind. " 05.30.02

NYT SEC PROBE: Under Cheney, Halliburton Changed Accounting Practices But Delayed Telling Investors For A Year. Anderson Was Auditor. 05.30.02

MOKHIBER Here's the latest evidence of the startling growth of income and wealth inequality in the United States."

KUTTNER "Punitive And Mean-Spirited" Bush Welfare Bill Leaves Children Behind.

THOMAS "Curtailing criticism of the president is not the way to be a patriot. Dialogue--and dissent-- about the war on terrorism is the American way. " 05.30.02

WP Perceptions "of Bush as a bumbler were revived by European opinion makers, an impression Bush fueled by his uneven performance during the trip." 05.30.02

MC GRORY "Something else was eating George Bush when he chewed out David Gregory. And it was probably a demonstration at, of all places, the Pentagon. " 05.30.02

HOAGLAND This Conservative Pundit Blames Poor Bush Showing On Bad Scheduling, But Admits That BushAdmin Is "Ragged" And "Misfiring." 05.30.02

NYT F.B.I. Chief Admits 9/11 Might Have Been Headed Off 05.30.02

JOHNSTON "Meuller also said that he had misspoken at a news conference immediately after Sept. 11 when he said the F.B.I. had no knowledge of Arab men attending American flight schools." 05.30.02

BG "An FBI pilot in Oklahoma City informed the bureau in 1998 that there seemed to be an unusually high number of Middle Eastern men getting flight training in the United States and that some of them might be potential terrorists, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said yesterday. " 05.30.02

NYT ED Meuller's Plans For FBI Fall Short Of Needed Overhaul 05.30.02

MUWAKKIL "Determining what the Bush administration knew and when did it know it may help us get a better handle of our intelligence lapses, but it skirts the issue of how we can reduce terrorism. That issue is best addressed by considering how U.S. policies have affected the regions that are spawning terrorists. " 05.30.02

WP Ashcroft Loses A Ruling On Secret Detentions 05.30.02

NYT As Bush Slows Down Plans For ME Peace Process, Fears Of More Violence Intensifies 05.30.02

LONSDALE "United States foreign policy is currently as wrong-headed and imperialistic as at any time in memory. " 05.30.02

CASTRO " Criticism Is Not Self-Hatred" 05.30.02

WP Al Qaeda Tied To Attacks in Pakistan Cities 05.30.02

SAFIRE "The conflict between India and Pakistan is the most worrisome issue in the world today. " 05.30.02

RUSHDIE "The risk of a nuclear battle between India and Pakistan, however improbable, makes Kashmir everybody's problem. " 05.30.02

REUTERS Pakistan Won't Rule Out Nuclear Arms If Attacked 05.30.02

PORTER "For the First Time Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear War is Not a Distant Threat But a Real Possibility" 05.30.02

NYT ED "By rolling back Clinton-era energy efficiency standards for air-conditioners, the Bush administration showed that it is unwilling to use timely federal regulation to encourage technological advance. " 05.30.02

JENSEN "Journalism Should Never Yield to ‘Patriotism’." 05.30.02

LEHIGH Dem Prez Candidates: "For a party whose only two presidents in the last three decades have been fresh-faced moderate governors, those twin absences should be pressing concerns."

NICHOLS "Grassroots Dems should remember how their party's potential presidential candidates voted when the Senate had the chance to derail Bush's Fast Track initiative. " 05.29.02

SANTORO The Paranoid Style In American Politics 05.29.02

WP "No major disputes surfaced between Mr. Bush and his hosts in Berlin, Paris and Rome, yet many Europeans and Americans nevertheless were left with a sense that basic political bonds have slipped; that between the Bush administration's rejection of international treaties strongly backed by the Europeans, and Europeans' reluctance to support aggressive action against Iraq and other members of Mr. Bush's axis of evil, the Cold War partners are inexorably headed toward divorce." 05.29.02

DAALDER "In Washington these days, the best way to get applause -- or space on a major op-ed page -- is to denounce Europe and its apparently inexplicable refusal to follow the U.S. lead in the war on terrorism and everything associated with it....But to argue that Europeans alone are to blame for the uncertain state of the Atlantic Alliance, or that such an alliance is no longer needed, is both wrong and dangerous." 05.29.02

WP Bush Practices Diplomacy As Though It Were Speed Golf 05.29.02

DOWD "There is something bizarre about watching [Bush]... have a hissy fit because a reporter asks a legitimate question about European angst and talks to a Frenchman in French. " 05.29.02

SEAL "Headline I can't wait to read: FBI DEMANDS ANSWERS FROM THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION." 05.29.02

SCHEER "IT'S TIME FOR [ASHCROFT] TO GO..OK, so maybe John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller are not the sharpest tools in the shed. How else to explain that, after September. 11, it took the attorney general and the FBI director more than eight months to get around to telling the President and his top national security advisors about that prescient memo from the Phoenix FBI office warning of potential terrorists flooding American flight schools?" 05.29.02

WP Problems With E-Mail Surveillance Program Led to Mishandling of al Qaeda Probe in 2000, FBI Memo Says 05.29.02

WP FBI Will Add 480 Agents To Anti-Terrorism Effort 05.29.02

DEAN "Cheney is at it again: More secrecy. Now he wants to bury the intelligence information given to President Bush on August 6, 2001 " 05.29.02

RIDGEWAY "U.S. Ignored Warnings From French " 05.29.02

ABC Bush Says 9.11 Probe Should Be Handled By Senate Committee, Not Independent Commission 05.29.02

BURNS The Senate Probe Of 9.11 Has Been A Joke Thus Far 05.29.02

NEWSMAX "Ashcroft flew private jets last summer because of terrorist threats that he failed to warn the public about." Dan Rather Says Ashcroft Is Out To Get Him. 05.29.02

HENTOFF "Ashcroft Can Be In Your Computer" 05.29.02

WP Ashcroft's Dept. Attempts To Downgrade Florida Voting Violations Found By Its Civil Rights Division 05.29.02

BRODER "Letting the political parties and key members of Congress pick the people [on the Federal Election Commission] who are supposed to monitor their campaigns is as fundamentally wrong as letting corporate CEOs be audited by accountants to whom they hand out juicy consulting contracts. " 05.29.02

CHRISTISON "The U.S. Drive for Corporate Globalization: A Partial Primer on Why So Many Hate It " 05.29.02

ARCHIVES Musharraf, Karzai agree major oil pipeline in co-operation pact 05.29.02

EDELMAN "The repoliticized welfare debate, put in play by the White House, ignores the purpose of welfare policy, which should be to help the poorest families earn enough to lift more children above the poverty line. " 05.29.02

FISK " The Coming Firestorm:Bush's Crazed Remarks" 05.29.02

LEVICH "[Truthout] Reiterates the Big Lie About Palestine." 05.29.02

FRIDEMAN Bush, Sharon, Arafat InactionThus Far Is "setting the stage for the seventh Arab-Israeli war. " 05.29.02

IJ "In an April interview with The Ithaca Journal at his family's Cayuga Heights home, Guckenheimer, 22, shared his experiences during Operation Anaconda. He was sent on March 6 in a company of more than 100 soldiers to participate in the largest U.S.-led ground engagement in Eastern Afghanistan. "We were told there were no friendly forces," said Guckenheimer, an assistant gunner with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. "If there was anybody there, they were the enemy. We were told specifically that if there were women and children to kill them." " 05.29.02

LUCAS "Christopher Hitchens: the Dishonorable Policeman of the Left." 05.29.02

FJ "Will more evidence come out that Bush didn't do enough, that there were missed signals? Absolutely." --David Gergen 05.28.02

TIME "Last summer the White House suspected that a terrorist attack was coming. But four key mistakes kept the U.S. from knowing what to do. An inside look at what went wrong and what must be fixed " 05.28.02

HERSH "It is now clear that the White House, for its own reasons, chose to keep secret the extent of the intelligence that was available before and immediately after September 11th. " 05.28.02

FLOYD "The Bush regime never had much interest in protecting America from terrorism; their priorities lay elsewhere -- enriching the elite, raping the land, gutting democracy and "projecting dominance" over all the earth. " 05.28.02

RIEMER ''The rhetoric spewing Bush administration'' 05.28.02

NELSON "If You Wanted Clinton Impeached, Take a Look at Bush" 05.28.02

VENNOCHI "Anything that helps this country understand what dots were there to be connected before Sept. 11 should be part of the national discussion after Sept. 11. There may, indeed, be collateral political damage, but fear of it should not govern the White House response. " 05.28.02

SPERLING The Democratic retreat on 11 September 05.28.02

LVS Travel, Late Night Take Toll On Bush 05.28.02

KRUGMAN "How did so many business economists convince themselves, and each other, that a great boom was imminent? " 05.28.02

OLIPHANT "ONCE AGAIN, the Bush administration is belatedly realizing that slavishly serving the interests of major corporate buddies is both bad policy and dumb politics. " 05.28.02

LAT Prospects Dimming For Post-Enron Reform Legislation 05.28.02

WICKHAM "The assistant attorney general for civil rights [is] the point man in the Bush administration's effort to convince civil rights activists and their congressional supporters that they can't believe their eyes. He was summoned before the Senate panel to explain away the mounting evidence that what the administration says about civil rights doesn't jibe with what it does." 05.28.02

MARQUEZ Bush pays lip service to Hispanics 05.28.02

TURNER " Ashcroft's poor judgment is catching up with him " 05.28.02

FORDAHL After 9.11 Big Brother Is Watching 05.28.02

ERLINDER Patriot Act's supposed justification is gone 05.28.02

WP In Spite Of Bush Disbelief In Global Warming, Scientists Begin to Heed Inuit Warnings of Climate Change in Arctic 05.28.02

WP ED " AT LEAST for the moment, the Army Corps of Engineers won't be issuing any new permits allowing coal companies to bury Appalachian streams under tons of rubble from mountaintop mining operations. The Bush administration recently issued rules explicitly allowing such permits, but U.S. District Judge Charles H. Haden II quickly said no" 05.28.02

CARROLL "The Catholic crisis and even the war on terrorism will be mere footnotes to the present age if the conflict between India and Pakistan moves from border skirmishing to general war. " 05.28.02

NYT "Virtually the entire leadership of Al Qaeda and the Taliban have left Afghanistan and are now plotting terrorist attacks on Kabul from tribal areas in Pakistan, Maj. Gen. Franklin L. Hagenbeck said today " 05.28.02


DP Mexican Soldiers On U.S. Soil Fire Shots At U.S. Border Patrol Vehicle 05.28.02

SMN Police believe U.S. soldier tried to plant explosive device at power plant. 05.28.02

BG ED "THE PHONE CALLS had a certain symmetry: The first from a man with new evidence of what he sees as the Globe's bias against Israel, and the second from a man with new evidence of just the opposite. Both callers were long-time Globe subscribers and careful readers of the paper. " 05.28.02

DOWD Oblivious Bush Tells Germans That Saddam "is a dictator who gassed his own people" 05.27.02

ENGEL "US admits it tested nerve gas on its sailors" 05.27.02

KELLER "Experts on terrorism and proliferation agree on one thing: Sooner or later, [a nuclear] attack will happen in the U.S. When and how is what robs them of sleep." 05.27.02

MC GRORY "It figures that an administration that is prone to coverup...would abhor a blue-ribbon probe of what went wrong. Such a group might lack the proper respect for wartime sensitivities; unelected probers might not tremble at the sight of George W. Bush's approval ratings. It could strike at the heart of Bush's prime claim, competence. " 05.27.02

NYT ED "As evidence mounts of monumental ineptitude and bureaucratic bumbling by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and other federal agencies, it has become obvious that the job exceeds the grasp of the narrowly focused and poorly managed House and Senate intelligence committees. President Bush and Congress should move immediately to establish an independent investigative commission." 05.27.02

BESCHLOSS "No panel is likely to be allowed to comb through all of the information from institutions like the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency that might show exactly what warnings of a Qaeda attack were available and to whom that information was sent. " 05.27.02

TIME FBI Agent Coleen Rowley's Memo To FBI Head Robert Mueller 05.27.02

MARTIN "Rowley’s letter directly rebuts the claim-voiced by FBI Director Mueller and other Bush administration officials-that even if the inquiries from the Minneapolis and Arizona FBI offices had been properly handled, they came too late to save the lives of the 3,000 innocent people killed in the terrorist attacks." 05.27.02

LAT FBI agent says FBI officials actively tried to stop field agents from connecting Zacarias Moussaoui to the terrorist attacks after 11 Sept. Attacks. 05.27.02

NYT "A re-examination of events before Sept. 11 clearly suggests that the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid insufficient attention to danger signals. " 05.27.02

SAFIRE "Why did F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller desperately stamp "classified" on last week's memo to him from the Minneapolis agent and counsel Coleen Rowley? " 05.27.02

SCHEER Hiding Behind A Veil Of Executive Privilege 05.27.02

PLESCH Why Bush's deal with Putin doesn't make the world safer 05.27.02

PORTER Wag The Finger: Bush must listen more and lecture less if he is to win Europe's support. 05.27.02

WT Weary, Bush mocks reporter 05.27.02

NYT ED "Despite the intense interest generated by Enron's role in California's energy crisis of two years ago, we still do not have a full accounting of what went wrong. " 05.27.02

NYT Fighting To Live As The Towers Died 05.27.02

NYT [Sometimes Bush Apologist] Richard Berke Named Head Of New York Times' Washington Bureau 05.27.02

NYT ED Secretive "Bush showed little respect for history when he issued an executive order last November making it significantly harder to gain access to a former president's official papers." 05.25.02

RICH "We are the richest, most can-do country in the world, but at home we're pursuing the war on terrorism with a [bankrupt] management style." 05.25.02

NYT ED "An attack with a full-fledged nuclear weapon may seem unlikely in the near future, but the penalty for failing to act now could be devastating. " 05.25.02

AP Minneapolis agent says FBI headquarters rewrote requests for search warrants for Moussaoui 05.25.02

NYT F.B.I. Agent Says Superior Altered Report, Foiling Inquiry 05.25.02

NYT Despite F.B.I. Memo, Students in Phoenix Went Unchecked 05.25.02

BEHAR Contents Of Phoenix Memo. Why It Should Be Released. 05.25.02

RIDGEWAY "Knowing Much...Bush still left us totally undefended. And for this performance, his approval ratings soared." 05.25.02

RIDGEWAY Bush Spent Orchestrated Terror Warning Week Smiling For The Camera As Administration Spinners Pointed Fingers Of Blame Elsewhere 05.25.02

GRAY Yes, Ari Did Say The Recent Spate Of Terror Warnings From BushAdmin Officials Were "just more as a result of all the controversy that took place last week." 05.25.02

AP Cynical GOP House Approves Political Anti-Terrorism Bill That Attempts To Raise Bush Debt Ceiling 05.25.02

COHEN Will The "Swaggering Arrogance" Of Bush And His "Supremely Smug" Advisers Lead To Foreign Policy Mistakes Like LBJ Made? 05.25.02

OS ED "When [Bush] government officials freely chatter about uncorroborated terrorist threats, they foster...uninformed hysteria [which] breeds mistrust and cultural bias. And ultimately, it undermines the very notion of a free and open exchange of ideas -- the basic principles of democracy that terrorists so fervently wish to demolish. Is that what Washington wants?" 05.25.02

RIDGEWAY "Preoccupied with his own domestic agenda, the attorney general had no time for international terrorism—although Justice must have thought something was up because Ashcroft began traveling by private jet." [second item] 05.25.02

FERENBACH "Typically, nations seek arms control agreements as a means to increase the security of the signatory nations. Sadly, this latest agreement [between Bush and Putin] is a cynical shell game designed to cover the perilous and aggressive new nuclear posture of the Bush administration. It also sets a new, destabilizing precedent for the future and threatens to undo decades of progress in nuclear disarmament. " 05.25.02

HAMMOND "Pentagon Violates Bioweapons Act: Documents Reveal Plan to Develop Offensive BioWeapons" 05.25.02

AP FBI Agent Alleges "Roadblock" Of Pre-9.11 Terrorism Probe By Washington Office 05.24.02

NYT Student Tied to Terror Suspect Gave F.B.I. Disturbing Portrait One Month Before 11 Sept. 05.24.02

NYT FBI Director Orders Probe Into Agent's Complaints 05.24.02

BURKEMAN "The US government has issued a high terror alert but people are calmly dismissing it as a ruse to mute criticism " 05.24.02

FOLEY Dick Cheney's Obscenity 05.24.02

CONASON "By rebutting nonexistent accusations, the administration evidently hopes to deflect the appointment of an independent commission." 05.24.02

COCCO "The Bush People Know How to Run and Hide " 05.24.02

GLECKMAN " Whether the White House is parrying questions about September 11 or Social Security, its slick tactics put even Clinton to shame " 05.24.02

KRISTOF "The government should forget about the blame game and realize that the country is facing a biological threat that requires much more vigorous and urgent countermeasures. " 05.24.02

CHRISTISON "As far as I can see at the moment, there is no "smoking gun" that would clearly point to dereliction of duty personally by President George W. Bush, although it is possible that evidence will appear in the future to change this judgment. But the evidence emerging this past week makes it clear that the U.S. government has suffered a massive intelligence failure. " 05.24.02

CRICHTON " Britain gave President Bush a categorical warning to expect multiple airline hijackings by the al-Qaeda network a month before the September 11 attacks " 05.24.02

RALL Is This The Beginning Of The End For "Ringmaster" Bush? 05.24.02

BAKER "With the recent scandals and miscues, [Bush] is once again the bungler from Texas who finished second in the presidential race. This return to reality is good news - the nation should be paying attention to the president's agenda, not engaging in mindless hero worship." 05.24.02

WP Trade Bill: Cheney Makes Sure Laid Off Trade Workers Will Still Have To Pay Mortgages Without Government Help 05.24.02

REUTERS Trade Bill: Senate Dems Help To Give Bush Major Trade Victory. 05.24.02

NYT Senate Passed Trade Bill That Will Take Power From Congress And Put It In Bush's Hands. [The Power Of Environmental Safeguards, For Instance.] 05.24.02

REUTERS Daschle Says Democrats Provide Crucial Balance. [Does Not Address His Trade Bill Failure.] 05.24.02

KRUGMAN " In sheer economic terms, the steel tariff is not that big a deal. But it demonstrates an unprecedented contempt [by Bush] for international rules." 05.24.02

GUARDIAN Bush Wants Russia To Stop Nuke Deals With Iran. Putin Says He Won't Stop. Bush Agrees To Nuke Agreement Anyway, Even Though Putin Also Insisted That It Be A Treaty In Writing. 05.24.02

WIDNER Bush Shows He's Not Kennedy With Berlin Speech, But "Clearly Enjoy[ed]" Discussing His War On Terror 05.24.02

WP With Bush In Berlin, Pentagon Says It Wants Iraq Attack On Hold Until Next Year 05.24.02

WP "As Enron Corp. slid toward a bankruptcy filing, the White House's top economic, policy and communications officials mobilized to minimize the damage to...the Bush administration, according to new disclosures to Congress. " 05.24.02

WP ED Bush And Enron: "How lobbying and campaign money can damage the economic system. " 05.24.02

DIONNE "Pay no attention to those who claim that political money never deflects officials from the course they'd pursue if the money wasn't there." 05.24.02

KUTTNER Run left, govern right: The fraudulence of the Bush presidency 05.23.02

DN Bush Continues Fight To Take More Powers From Other Branches Of Government 05.23.02

STANTON "U.S. Plans For Martial Law, Tele-Governance, Suspension Of Elections" 05.23.02

AP Poll: Democrat Voters Want Louder Leaders 05.23.02

SCHEER "Unfortunately, all clues so far point to a depressingly likely conclusion: Until Sept. 11, the Bush administration was simply too distracted and/or incompetent to maintain the American pressure on Osama bin Laden begun in 1998 " 05.23.02

LAT FBI: Agent's July report, shared with CIA, 'was very specific. It named names,' one official says. 05.23.02

AP Agent Linked Pilot Trainees, Bin Laden 05.23.02

VEST 9.11: For the Bush administration, the Cold War never ended -- so al-Qaeda had to get in line behind more serious enemies. 05.23.02

JOHNSTON "Is the White House using [terrorist] threats to change the subject? " 05.23.02

PARRISH "The Bush administration has found the perfect post-9/11 spin strategy: repeatedly hit the panic button so no one asks the really important questions." 05.23.02

WP ED " Maintaining both vigilance and support for the broader war against terrorism will be a daunting task under the best of circumstances. It's not helped by opening the door to suspicions that some warnings may be driven by politics." 05.23.02

TAP ED On matters 9-11 -- as with the composition of Cheney's energy task force and other potential presidential embarrassments -- the White House apparently fears, like Dracula, that a single ray of sunlight can spell its doom. 05.23.02

MC GRORY "Nobody is saying that if [the Phoenix] memo had been circulated, the tragedy of Sept. 11 would have been averted. The most dastardly Democrat has not even thought of accusing Bush of dereliction of duty. [But] from the moment the memo surfaced, Republicans have been shrieking that it is unpatriotic to dwell on the past. " 05.23.02

WEISBROT 9.11: Are White House Scandals the Beginning of the End? 05.23.02

WSWS Why is the New York Times defending Bush’s September 11 cover-up? 05.23.02

NYT [Times Reporters Continue To Serve As Conduit For BushAdmin Attempt To Protect Bush From 9.11 Fallout.] 05.23.02

LAT On German TV Bush Indicates His "Immediate Aftermath" Concern On 9.11 Was To "Get Out Of Harm's Way" 05.23.02

ARCHIVES Why Did The Fighter Jets Arrive Too Late On The Morning Of 11 Sept? 05.23.02

ARCHIVES "Threat Assessment" Taking Ashcroft Off Commercial Airlines Was Specific To Him 05.23.02

TELEGRAPH Protest: "Bush, You Are Not A Berliner" 05.23.02

AP Bush Tells Schroeder Re Iraq: "I Have No War Plans On My Desk" 05.23.02

SAFIRE "President Bush needs to tell Vladimir Putin that if Russia helps Iran build weapons of mass destruction, it could be the end of a beautiful friendship. " 05.23.02

HARTUNG "At first glance, the U.S.-Russian agreement to reduce deployed nuclear weapons by two-thirds over the next decade seems like good news. But upon closer inspection, President Bush's latest diplomatic "victory" is a dangerous, double-edged sword. " 05.23.02

MC INTYRE While politicians in Washington have been falling over themselves to provide huge new tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, the story in the states is quite different 05.23.02

NYT " Documents released by the White House showed that administration officials had more extensive contacts with Enron executives in 2001 than previously disclosed." 05.23.02

PBS Bush Father And Son Very Much Involved In Rise Of Enron, Author Says 05.23.02

LAT White House Subpoenaed Over Contacts With Enron 05.23.02

WP "A member of a government advisory committee on coal charged last year that President Bush's decision to reverse himself on a campaign pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions was a "monumental mistake" that resulted from vigorous coal industry pressure, newly disclosed documents show. " 05.23.02

BERKOWITZ Dubya fans flames of Florida's Cuban-American community 05.23.02

FLANDERS Kucinich: "Democrat darling's tragic flaw" 05.23.02

AP GOP Planting Fake Dems To Force Primary Fights, Mich. Dems Say 05.23.02

LAT Chandra Levy's Remains Found 05.23.02

WP Justice Department Will File Civil Rights Violation Suits Against Three Florida Counties That Prevented Mostly Gore Supporters From Voting 05.22.02

DOWD "Tom Ridge offers five colors to warn against terrorist attacks. I think it would be far more useful, however, if we had five colors to warn against the government's incompetence. " 05.22.02

NYT Author Of Phoenix Memo Appears With Boss, Indicates His Recommendations Did Not Go Far Enough, But Stands Behind His Unreleased Memo, As New York Times Reporters Now Quote BushAdmin Spin About Bush Being Out Of Loop As Fact 05.22.02

WP "A Phoenix FBI agent's request for a canvass of U.S. flight schools for al Qaeda terrorists was formally rejected within several weeks of his July 10 memo, after mid-level officials at FBI headquarters determined they did not have the manpower to carry out the task, sources familiar with the [unreleased] memo said yesterday. " 05.22.02

SHOR "Bush, 9/11 and Deep Threat" 05.22.02

PITT "The Terrorists Flew And Bush Knew" 05.22.02

NYT Rumsfeld Continues BushAdmin Distraction Drumbeat In Attempt To Replace 9.11 Focus With Predictions Of Future Dire Disasters 05.22.02

KRAMER "Let's see if I've got this right: They really don't know anything about what might happen next, but something might happen next - although they can't say when or where or how - so they want us to know it might or might not happen so that just in case it does they can say, "Hey, at least we told you so." 05.22.02

FRIEDMAN "Let's make a deal: We won't criticize the administration for not anticipating 9/11 if it won't terrorize the country by now predicting every possible nightmare scenario, but no specific ones, post-9/11." 05.22.02

WP On Italian, Not American, TV, Bush Admits His Administration's Latest Spate Of Terrorist Warnings Are "General." The Latest Came From Prisoners Who Have Had No Communication With Outside World For Six Months 05.22.02

FREEDLAND "At last, Americans are asking whether their government did enough to protect them on 11 September " 05.22.02

NYT Daschle Calls For Independent Probe Of 9.11 And BushAdmin 05.22.02

MC CAIN "Consider empaneling an independent commission of trustworthy, experienced statesmen who, if not entirely devoid of partisan loyalties, are sufficiently removed by time and wisdom from the appeal of such loyalties to know when they conflict with the national interest. " 05.22.02

WILL "Secrecy renders societies susceptible to epidemics of suspicion. A blue-ribbon commission [on 9.11] would be immunization against such an epidemic and preventive medicine against future failures. The administration and the nation need to go through it. " 05.22.02

MWO Did Head Of Terrorism Unit Leave FBI Prior To 9.11 Because No One In BushAdmin Would Listen To Him Re Phoenix Memo? 05.22.02

SHENON F.B.I. Knew for Years About Terror Pilot Training 05.22.02

ARCHIVES Mystery of terror 'insider dealers' 05.22.02

NY According To Saudi Official, FBI Approved Bin Laden Family Flight Out Of US After 11 September 05.22.02

IVINS Hypocrisy Watch: Bush Stands Next To Minister Of Malaysia And Calls For Castro To Shape Up 05.22.02

TIMES Thousands Of Berlin Police In Bush Alert 05.22.02

GUARDIAN Bush tour appears unlikely to lift relations with Europe from historic low 05.22.02

ALBRIGHT "In scores of conversations with senior Europeans from governments and the private sector, I have heard repeatedly that they do not think the Bush administration is interested in shaping a strategic partnership to last beyond the immediate Afghan war." 05.22.02

BORGER "When George Bush comes to Rome next week, EU leaders should ignore Colin Powell's entreaties to lay off the US, especially when discussing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty " 05.22.02

AP Israel Tanks Raid Gaza Villages 05.22.02

TIMES Nuclear Threat Over Kashmir Looms Between Pakistan And India 05.22.02

NYT ED "The United States needs to move quickly to persuade India and Pakistan to pull back from what could slip into a nuclear confrontation." 05.22.02

NYT " During Vice President Dick Cheney's tenure as its chief executive, the Halliburton Corporation altered its accounting policies so it could report as revenue more than $100 million in disputed costs." 05.22.02

FAIR Oh, Really? Bill O'Reilly Spins Facts And Statistics 05.22.02

CORN " The President knew last August that bin Laden might be planning to hijack an airliner. What else is the White House not telling us?" 05.21.02

NICHOLS "The crass politicization of a national tragedy may have offended Bush's critics. But the image of Bush as the serious-minded battler against threats to homeland security was too good a political tool to surrender. And they planned to keep hammering the Democrats with it through November." 05.21.02

MN Cheney's Chief Blew Off Sen. Feinstein's Warnings Of Terrorism The Day Before The Attack 05.21.02

GUARDIAN While Ashcroft Downplayed Terrorist Threat Prior To 9.11, He Took Measures To Protect Himself Against Terrorists 05.21.02

NYT "Senior Bush Officials" Seek To Shelter Bush From Fallout Over Keeping Phoenix Memo Secret 05.21.02

NYT Rice Says Neither She Nor Bush "Recall...Hearing About" The Phoenix Memo Prior To 9.11, Mueller "Not Certain" How High It Went 05.21.02

MILBANK Perception Of Eight-Month White House Cover-up Of Info The Public Needed To Know Just Latest Of Secrecy Charges Harmful To Bush 05.21.02

DIONNE Why is Cheney seeking "to silence legitimate inquiry " and why isn't Bush discussing " the policies and decisions, made at the very highest level of our government, which helped bring us to this point"?05.21.02

ERLINDER Revelations of Pre-September 11 Warnings Require PATRIOT ACT Repeal 05.21.02

VAN BERGEN The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11 05.21.02

NYT ED "A serious discussion of the Bush administration's conduct [should not] be cut off every time a vague new warning is issued about another possible attack. These warnings, which have already lost much of their power to command public attention, will become meaningless if they are perceived merely to be a way of changing the subject" 05.21.02

NYT With FBI Under Attack Re Phoenix Memo, Mueller Wants To Change The Subject To New Terrorist Threats 05.21.02

ZAKARIA "The last time the FBI got involved in "political intelligence," during the Johnson and Nixon years, it was more politics than intelligence. (Remember the phone taps on Martin Luther King Jr.?) In fact, it was those abuses of power that produced many of the restraints that prohibit the FBI from acting as an intelligence agency. " 05.21.02

COHEN "In the battle of first ladies -- the former one and the current one -- Hillary Clinton won hands down. In a brief Senate speech the other day, she pointed out that she, better than most, knew something about "second-guessers and Monday morning quarterbacks." So she was not attempting "to blame the president," but merely to ask what went wrong before Sept. 11 and what can be done to ensure "that 9/11 never happens again." Laura Bush's response was to call people like her ghouls. " 05.21.02

WP ED "CALLS FOR an independent commission to replace the congressional panel authorized and funded to review the government's performance before the Sept. 11 attacks are a sad commentary on how far Congress has slipped off track in recent years. " 05.21.02

WSJ FAA Knew Of Terrorist Threat To Airlines One Week Prior To 9.11 But Did Not Tell Nation's Airlines 05.21.02

MDW Pentagon Prepared For Civilian Airliner Crash In 2000 05.21.02

WP Poll Shows Public's Lack Of Confidence In Bush's Ability To Protect Us From Terrorist Acts, Points To Lack As A Political Issue 05.21.02

TIMES Bush will use Berlin stage to demand war on Saddam 05.21.02

BG State Dept. Forming Shadow Government To Be Put In Place After Iraq Attack 05.21.02

AP Laura Bush Speaks Out On Bush Foreign Policy, Calls Russia "Nice Ally" But Not NATO Material 05.21.02

TIMES Albright attacks US foreign policy as schizophrenic 05.21.02

KRUGMAN "By blocking reform of a broken system, the Bush administration is favoring the interests of a tiny corporate oligarchy over those of everyone else. " 05.21.02

BALZ Lieberman Urges Congress to Delay Future Tax Cuts 05.21.02

MARGOLIS White House Attempt to Discredit Carter's Visit To Cuba Was Reminiscent of the 1960s' Ugly Americans 05.21.02

NEWMAN "200,000 Israelis live on captured land. They can't all stay. " 05.21.02

MACKINNON "As Congress considers how to improve welfare reform, its members should understand what anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows: Most welfare recipients who left or were knocked off the welfare rolls are still struggling to survive. " 05.21.02

NYT ED Stephen Jay Gould Dies 05.21.02

WP Stephen Jay Gould had a great gift for explaining science to the masses.05.21.02

BUNCOMBE "The "smoking gun" briefing received by President George Bush just a month before 11 September carried the heading, "Bin Laden determined to strike in the US", and focused on al-Qa'ida's ability to strike within the US mainland, it was revealed yesterday....The latest revelations could prove very damaging to Mr Bush, who has insisted that, had he known al-Qa'ida was planning such an attack, he "would have done everything in [his] power to protect the American people". 05.20.02

WALSH "Evidence is mounting that the government had plenty of specificity about al-Qaida threats... most chilling, we learned [that] the government's top counterterrorism official [gathered high-level leaders] at a meeting July 5 and told them flatly: "Something really spectacular is going to happen here, and it's going to happen soon." All counterterrorism agencies were told to cancel vacations and nonessential travel." 05.20.02

DOWD "Even if all President Bush learned at his Crawford briefing on Aug. 6 was that bin Laden was gearing up for hijackings here, why not order tougher airport security and fortified cockpit doors? After all, the 9/11 attacks started as old-fashioned hijackings. " 05.20.02

NEWSWEEK "Fewer than half of Americans say President George W. Bush did all he should have with the warnings received before the September 11 terrorist attacks." 05.20.02

OBSERVER "On 10 September a report had been written for review by national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, outlining options to fight al-Qaeda - and that in July and August security officers had warned of threats to attack the US using hijacked planes. How much, America is now asking, did George Bush know? " 05.20.02

WP "A written intelligence summary for national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said on June 28: "It is highly likely that a significant al Qaeda attack is in the near future, within several weeks." " 05.20.02

VULLIAMY "At the heart of what is potentially the biggest scandal to blight the presidency since Watergate exactly 30 years ago is that memo passed to Bush on 6 August, warning that Osama bin Laden's organisation was poised to hijack US aircraft to wage a terror campaign. And according to yesterday's Washington Post, the memo left little doubt that the hijacked airliners were intended for use as missiles and that intended targets were to be inside the US. " 05.20.02

BURKE "Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US planes " 05.20.02

OBSERVER What The U.S. Papers Say 05.20.02

LAWSON Can Bush Survive the Speculation About What He Knew, and When? 05.20.02

MCT ED "Make no mistake, Bush has been hurt by revelations regarding his handling of the warnings that led up to Sept. 11. It is not just that the revelations play on a weakness of the president - the sense that he is not exactly the real-life equivalent of "West Wing's" all-knowing President Bartlett. As troubling is the evidence that the administration obviously worked to keep details of what the president knew before Sept. 11 secret. " 05.20.02

NYT Cheney Stonewalls As 9.11 Investigation Threatens To Spread 05.20.02

NYT Cheney Shifts Focus Away From 9.11 Probe By Suggesting Another Major U.S. Terrorist Attack "Almost Certain" 05.20.02

BG Result Of New FBI Terrorist Warning Is To Move Media Away From Charges Of Pre-9.11 Intelligence Bumbling 05.20.02

LAT GOP Senator Attacks FBI, Leaves Bush Off The Hook 05.20.02

SAFIRE Ex-GOP Prez Speechwriter Attempts To Spread The Blame To Both Parties But Calls For Independent 9.11 Probe Of Possible Bush "Nonfeasance" 05.20.02

WP Given The History Of The Congressional 9.11 Probe Panel To Date, The Question Of Bush Nonfeasance Is Unlikely To Be Probed 05.20.02

MC KINNEY "Revelations that the administration, and President Bush, were given months of notice that a terrorist attack was a distinct possibility points out the critical need for a full and complete congressional investigation. " 05.20.02

BG ED "There are serious grounds to fault the US intelligence community and the administration for what they did and what they neglected to do before the hijacked aircraft were flying toward their targets." 05.20.02

NYT GOP Counterattack Re 9.11 Probe "Ferocious" As It Sees Political Advantage Of Rove's "War Party" Label Slipping Away 05.20.02

OLIPHANT "Blame should be pointed at the Republicans, starting with President Bush himself, who have countenanced a sly effort to politicize the war on terror for months." 05.20.02

APPLE Dems Ask "What did President Bush know, and when did he know it?" As Political System Gets At Truths 05.20.02

SHRIBMAN New Disclosures Shift Balance Of Power Between Parties 05.20.02

JACOBY "Bush team misplays the popularity card " with 9.11 Picture 05.20.02

SOLOMON The Case Of The 9.11 Photo 05.20.02

AP Feds Warned Airlines Of Possible Terrorist Hijakings Five Months Before Hijackings, Attacks 05.20.02

REUTERS "Despite White House avowals that it would have been impossible to conceive before Sept. 11 of a hijacked plane being used to attack U.S. targets, a 1999 report for the CIA envisioned a very similar threat." 05.20.02

FRIEDMAN Bush's Major Problem Is His Lack Of Imagination 05.20.02

BORGER Bush's love of Pootie-Poot Putin 05.20.02

CONASON "Only the most naïve optimist would suggest that the United States can exempt itself from the standards we impose on others without doing great damage to our own credibility and prestige. " 05.13-19.02

LIECHTY " We are quick to condemn the violence of others, equally quick to justify our own" 05.13-19.02

BRAUCHLI "The U.S. does not need to have a greater sense of responsibility in international organizations. It has money and clout instead. " 05.13-19.02

RAKOVE "John D. Ashcroft's personal view of the second amendment, which seems to have been adopted by the U.S. government, misses the intent of the founders." 05.13-19.02

NYT With revenues depleted by the recession and a Bush tax cut, the continued growth in spending will probably push the BushAdmin deeper into deficit for the next few years. 05.13-19.02

SHIELDS "I believe that Jews are being used by an American administration to accomplish its own ends, ends that have nothing to do with the ideals of Jews. We need to shout aloud that 80% of the billions that the US gives Israel in aid must be spent on weapons, and that more than half of those weapons are built in Texas. And Jews are being used by an Israeli government that has no interest except territorial expansion." 05.13-19.02

CHOMSKY "The US Presents Itself as the Peace-Broker in the Middle East. The Reality is Different" 05.13-19.02

RICH "Our press is not being muzzled, of course, but the dictates of what constitutes politically correct conversation about the Middle East are being tightened to the point that American leaders of all stripes increasingly seem to be in a contest to see who can pander most to American Jews " 05.13-19.02

JT New Survey Finds Most Americans Blame Both Sides In ME 05.13-19.02

ANDERSON "Impossible Occupation:" Israel Fights A War It "Knows It Can't Win" 05.13-19.02

ZONSHEINE Why I Refuse to Fight for Sharon's Settlements 05.13-19.02

STRATFOR New Tactic Evident in Beersheba Strike? 05.13-19.02

AP Israel has postponed but not cancelled a military strike against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, an official said Saturday, confirming reports that leaks about an impending operation forced Israel to change it plans. 05.13-19.02

NYT Resignation Of Underling Takes The Heat Off Bush Army Sec. Enron White 05.13-19.02

WP Bush Is Still Stonewalling Request For Cheney Energy Info 05.13-19.02

DAVIS "I am...calling on FERC to release all other materials in its possession relating to Enron's role in manipulating the energy market in California and the West. It is important to know how deep Enron's involvement goes. Did Enron attempt to have a role in shaping California's dysfunctional 1996 deregulation law, as it attempted to influence the Bush administration on energy policy and even helped to shape the membership of FERC? " 05.13-19.02

WP Bush Explores Revival Of Civics Education 05.13-19.02

ARCHIVES How Does Bush Stack Up On Character Education? 05.13-19.02

HARVEY In today's United States, a policy of abstinence until marriage is anachronistic, but that's Bush's official policy. 05.13-19.02

JANE'S Europeans Not Convinced By American Evidence Against Iraq 05.13-19.02

JANE'S Latest Allegations Of Isreali Espionage 05.13-19.02

GM Scientists' Deaths Are Under The Microscope 05.13-19.02

AP Even after Sept. 11, there are insufficient safeguards to prevent would-be terrorists from getting licences to haul truckloads of hazardous materials, U.S. government investigators say. 05.13-19.02

NYT Bush U.S. Agencies Seen as Slow to Move on Terrorism Risks 05.13-19.02

NYT ED Bush And Ridge Falter On The Home Front 05.13-19.02

NYT ED Investigators seem no closer to finding the anthrax culprit than they were at the beginning. 05.13-19.02

SOLOMON No Media Interest In A Basic Matter of Democracy 05.13-19.02

KLEIN Why the Democrats' top strategist can't elect a president. 05.13-19.02

WP Clinton Points To Sept. 11 As Making The Difference In Acceptable Tactics Between The Two Administrations 05.13-19.02

SNYDER While Cheney Uses Real Crutch At Press Dinner, Bush Ues Ozzy 05.13-19.02

FRIEDMAN Global Village Idiocy 05.13-19.02

KRISTOF Under Bush, The War On Terrorism Flounders 05.10.02

KINSLEY It Took Sharon To Remind Bush Of His "Unwise...Facile Absolutist Rhetoric" About Terrorism 05.10.02

WP ED "THE U.S. SOLICITOR general has a duty to defend acts of Congress before the Supreme Court. This week, Solicitor General Ted Olson -- and by extension his bosses, Attorney General John Ashcroft and President Bush -- took a position regarding guns that will undermine that mission. " 05.10.02

CSM ED "With just one sentence in a note to the Supreme Court this week, the Bush Justice Department reversed decades of executive-branch interpretation of the Constitution's Second Amendment regarding gun ownership." 05.10.02

HERBERT More Guns For Everyone! 05.10.02

LAT ED "So now Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft thinks he gets to rewrite the Constitution to reflect his personal opinions " 05.10.02

CSM Dems Tone Down Gun Control Stance 05.10.02

BG ED "THE BUSH administration's notification that it is nullifying - or unsigning - the Treaty of Rome establishing an International Criminal Court to prosecute cases of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes was a foolish and unnecessary act. " 05.10.02

SEWALL Error By Bush On World Court 05.10.02

BG US Push For Storing Nukes Roils Russians 05.10.02

SAFIRE Is There A Sadam-Al Qaeda Connection? 05.10.02

CSM Indecision Hampers Bush Policy On ME 05.10.02

YORK Gore Criticizes Bush On Middle East 05.10.02

ANDERSON "Yasir Arafat's problem - and that of all who contend with him - is that he is expected to be a statesman without a state. " 05.10.02

COBBAN End The Occupation 05.10.02

VINCENT Anti-Semitism And "Dopey Americans" 05.10.02

AP Israeli Tanks Move Toward Gaza 05.10.02

SUGG The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale 05.10.02

KETCHEM The Israeli "Art Student" Mystery 05.10.02

SALON Readers Spin "Art Student" Story 05.10.02

DIONNE "The rise of the far right in Europe should be taken seriously, but without hysteria. Hysteria is rarely the friend of tolerance or reason. " 05.10.02

AP Daschle Says Enron Broke California Laws 05.10.02

KRUGMAN California Energy Manipulation: "Yet federal officials, from George W. Bush on down, offered California nothing but sermons on the virtues of the free market. " 05.10.02

NYT Looking To Elections, Bush Plays Up Domestic Issues 05.10.02

BG ED An Indictment Of Enron 05.10.02

CT Students' "Abysmal" US History Scores Alarm Educators 05.10.02

SHAPIRO "Chomsky and his camp followers do not have a monopoly on dissent." 05.10.02

JACKSON Big Tobacco's Big Lie About Smokers 05.10.02

CSM For Anthrax Slueths 60 Steps Forward 05.10.02

LAT FBI Cites Its Inadequacies Over Terrorist Warning 05.09.02

LIZZA "Bush's domestic agenda has the same problem as his foreign policy: Two incompatible ideologies make the final message incoherent. " 05.09.02

BLOOM White House Admits Bush Budget Deficit Unlikely To End By '04 05.09.02

LEOPOLD Enron's Sec. Of Army White Inches Closer To Being First Bush Casualty Of Enrongate 05.09.02

CORN "It's a Bush family melodrama, a story of personal connections, backstabbing and multiple intrigues, a Washington soap opera. " 05.09.02

HUFFINGTON Corporate America's New Bottom Line Under Bush 05.09.02

MILLER Chairman Of Turner Broadcasting Says Not Watching TV Commercials Is "Stealing" 05.09.02

ANDERSON "George W. Bush's decision to pull the US out of the ICC has dismayed the US's friends and delighted its enemies " 05.09.02

BASS Bush Undermines A Treaty, And US Credibility Abroad 05.09.02

SLATE Ashcroft's Wrong About The Second Amendment 05.09.02

BORGER Under Bush, Indecision Reigns At The White House 05.09.02

GOLDENBERG Sharon Claims Bush Support For Arafat Ouster 05.09.02

FISK "Israel's black propaganda bid falters as documents reveal an impotent leader not a terrorist mastermind " 05.09.02

REEVES "Israel promises retaliation for suicide attacks " 05.09.02

BASS Why A West Bank Fence Won't Protect Israel 05.09.02

SLATE The Case For Liberal Imperialism 05.09.02

PITT Putting Bush On The Hot Seat 05.09.02

SCHEER Bush's Fairy Tale View Of Saddam 05.09.02

NR "Colleges want to confine student protests to designated "free-speech zones"—usually in obscure places. Ironically, the administrators who push hardest for these zones were themselves heroes of the student movements " 05.09.02

LEVY ID Cards: "The worst-case scenario is that we all lose with a system that really doesn’t stop terror but steals some of our freedom. " 05.09.02

AP Republicans Kill FEC Probe Of Bush Over Prez Primary Campaign Ads 05.09.02

COTTLE "Does Jeb Bush deserve some blame for the disappearance of a Florida five-year-old? Absolutely. " 05.09.02

NYT Dems Sense Jeb Can Be Beaten 05.09.02

BG Dems See A Way To Win In The West 05.09.02

PARRY David Brock And The Watergate Legacy 05.09.02

BLOOM U.S. Mood Hits Low Point of Bush's Term, Poll Finds 05.08.02

FRIEDMAN "Is America's war on terrorism going to become a war against democracy? " 05.08.02

NYT ED "Bush administration...endangers the futures and lives of millions [of girls and women] abroad. " 05.08.02

LAT ED Gray Davis Was Right About Enron Pirates. What Will Bush's Ashcroft Do About It? 05.08.02

NYT Davis Points To Bush-Cheney Defense Of Enron In California As "Wrong" 05.08.02

NYT ED "It was obvious from the beginning that some of the explanations for the crisis that were being floated by President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were nonsense. " 05.08.02

NYT Californians Call Enron Documents "Smoking Gun" 05.08.02

NYT Senators Heap Scorn On Members Of Enron Board 05.08.02

REUTERS Bush, Rumsfeld Voice Support for Enron's Army Secretary 05.08.02

REUTERS Daschle Threatens to Abandon Bush Trade Bill 05.08.02

WOLFF Is This The Beginning Of The End For Corporate Consolidation? 05.08.02

BORGER "Ariel Sharon, went out of his way to embarrass the divided US administration yesterday" 05.08.02

GOLDENBERG Sharon Leaves Washington After Palestinian Bomber Attack 05.08.02

SIPRESS Attack Highlights U.S. Effort's Vulnerabilities 05.08.02

NYT ED "To deny terrorists power, the United States must seize control of the political agenda in the Middle East. " 05.08.02

AL-HATTLAN ". Ending political and religious fanaticism is crucial for the survival of the Saudi society and its leadership. " 05.08.02

REICH Director Of Holocaust Musuem Sees Anti-Semitism As Shaping European Reaction To ME 05.08.02

ARCHIVES King's "Letter To An Anti-Zionist Friend" 05.08.02

ARCHIVES Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitic? 05.08.02

CSM "Analysts say the White House needs to be more attentive of Mubarak, who has expressed anger and frustration with the administration's inability – or unwillingness – to exert more pressure on Sharon. " 05.08.02

ARKIN We're Planning An Iraq Attack But Not The Needed Occupation That Should Follow 05.08.02

MC ASKILL Defiant Iraq resigned to Bush attack 05.08.02

SLACKMAN Iraq's Oil has enabled Hussein to offset U.S. diplomatic power and thwart efforts to end his ironfisted rule. 05.08.02

LAT College Student Held In Mailbox Bombings 05.08.02

LINDSAY Bush-Ashcroft Should Not Have Local Police Doing Fed Immigration Job 05.08.02

LAST Conservative Critics Of Bush Tred Lightly 05.08.02

KRUGMAN Bush's "Red States" Have More Murder, Less Self-Reliance, Less Commitment To Family Values, More Political Hypocrisy 05.07.02

BG BushAdmin Adds Cuba To "Axis Of Evil" List On Eve Of "Annoying" Jimmy Carter Visit To The Island 05.07.02

SCHEER Bush's Wag-the-Dog Policy on Iraq 05.07.02

LAT Pipe Bombings of Mailboxes Spread Into Colorado 05.07.02

RALL "It is impossible to overstate the importance of tossing George W. Bush back onto the unemployment lines in 2004. " 05.07.02

SHRIBMAN Some Dems Ask, "Why Not McCain?" 05.07.02

AP Rumsfeld In Battle With Bush-Enron Sec. Of Army 05.07.02

AP White Could Be Forced Out 05.07.02

AP Bush Abandons War Crimes Treaty Signed By Clinton 05.07.02

CASSEL Why Bush-Backed. Farm Subsidies Are Bad for the World (But Good For Corporations That Contributed To His Campaign) 05.07.02

BG Ed As We Protect Our Citizens From Tobacco, Our Bush-Backed Corporations Set Out To Addict The World 05.07.02

BG ED House Wants To Cut Back On Tobacco Education For Sake Of Bush Tax Cuts To Rich Budget 05.07.02

LOBE Activists Welcome Ruling That Corporations "Must Speak Truthfully" 05.07.02

NYT Documents Show Enron Forced Up Calif. Energy Prices 05.07.02

AP Recent Events Raise New Nuclear Power Safety Questions 05.07.02

HUFFINGTON If President Bush's goal is to make the United States a safer country, he's got an odd way of doing it. 05/06.02

CARROLL "Sharon has done more to shame the Jewish state than any other leader, and his current term in office is an unparalleled disaster. " 05.07.02

HA'ARETZ Kinds Of Destruction Israeli Soldiers Left Behind 05.07.02

PFAFF Holy War? "The younger Bush's recent and all but unconditional support for Sharon has rested in part on political calculation, and there is a new source of popular support for Israel. A large fraction of the Protestant fundamentalist electorate in the United States now supports Israel for religious reasons. " 05.07.02

REUTERS Powell Talks To Anti-Semitism Group About Need For Tolerance By Both Sides 05.07.02

RALL "Enough is Enough! It's Time to Cut Israel Loose " 05.07.02

PATTEN George Will has written "obscenely offensive rubbish" 05.07.02

SINNREICH If We Probe Jenin, Are We Prepared To Probe Our Own Military Behavior? 05.07.02

OLIPHANT "The lengths to which Whitey goes to maintain the vestiges of bigotry - and even slavery - are astonishing." 05.07.02

LAT ED The myth of the founding fathers as paragons of virtue has taken another hit. 05.07.02

CSM Major School Districts Line Up To Buy "Smart Lockers" 05.07.02

SELIGMAN Bush "Fast Track" Trade Bill Would Allow Polluting Companies To Sue The Government For Cutting Into Their Profits By Holding Them To Fed Anti-Pollution Rules 05/06.02

OBSERVER AIDS Fears Grow As Bush Blocks International Sex Ed 05/06.02

HUFFINGTON If President Bush's goal is to make the United States a safer country, he's got an odd way of doing it. 05/06.02

WOKUSCH Fear As A Weapon (Rollback To The Right) 05/06.02

CONASON Bush Still Backward On Women's Issues 05/06.02

CORN One More Example Of Bush Giving Away Public Property For Private Exploitation 05/06.02

NYT ED Dems Need To Be Bolder If They Plan On Keeping Senate, Taking House 05/06.02

BERKE Bush Coattails May Be Fashionable, But Not Long 05/06.02

CT Israel sets up ring of armor around towns 05/06.02

NYT "The still vague proposal from Washington for a Middle East peace conference has elicited only tepid enthusiasm from Arab governments, which are perturbed by continuing Israeli military assaults and question whether the Bush administration is sincerely seeking a fair deal. " 05/06.02

FISK Sharon hopes 'peace' plan will see US abandon Arafat 05/06.02

SAFIRE"Israel has reluctantly accommodated the U.S. by releasing Arafat instead of exiling him. It sees him as the terrorist problem, not its solution. If the Arab world insists on making him the central Arab interlocutor rather than a figurehead, it will be a long negotiation before Palestinian statehood. " 05/06.02

FISK Sharon The Merciless And Arafat The Corrupt 05/06.02

GRANBY Sharon's War On The Future 05/06.02

STEIN Fortress Israel Is Not The Promised Land 05/06.02

REEVES Embattled Israel clamps down on dissent 05/06.02

ACKERMAN Israelis Held Hostage By Settlements 05/06.02

AN Congressmen, Senators Give Reasons For Not Backing Pro-Sharon Resolution 05/06.02

LERNER Some American Jews Feel Betrayed By Israeli Policies 05/06.02

SEITZ Human Rights Groups Call For International Probe Of Jenin 05/06.02

KHATTAK Many Pakistani Reporters No Longer Call American Reporting "Free" Or "Professional" 05/06.02

RYAN Delay Says Only Christians Know What's Best For America 05/06.02

ROY Democracy And Religious Fascism In India 05/06.02

ARIANNA What prompted the transformation in my political thinking 05/06.02

COLBY Celebrity Activist Desceibed As "Ralph Nader With Cleavage" 05/06.02

WP ED "The White House continue[s] down the unsustainable course begun last year when lawmakers accepted Mr. Bush's notion that they could simultaneously slash revenues and meet the government's long-term commitments. " 05.06.02

BRODER Karl Rove's Midterm Campaign Analysis Isn't Working 05.06.02

AP Arizona FBI Alerted Home Office Of Arab Flight Training In July 05.06.02

NYT Bush Decision To "Unsign" World Tribunal Treaty Coulod Lead To Havoc For US Soldiers, Officials Abroad 05.06.02

WP Chavez Probes Possible US Role In Coup 05.06.02

NYT ED Bush Navy, Air Force Heads Come From Defense Industry, Bush Army Sec. Comes From Enron. "Reckless Use Of Taxpayer Money" Predicted 05.06.02

BG Bush Enron Sec. Of Army In Hot Water On Three Fronts 05.06.02

GREENHOUSE "The Bush administration's pursuit of the domestic war on terrorism into uncharted and ambiguous legal territory is striking. Many of its choices reveal the same instinct for secrecy and penchant for unilateral executive-branch action that the administration has displayed on political fields of battle unrelated to terrorism." 05.06.02

NYT Tx. A-G Finds Bush Can't Keep State's Guv Documents Secret By Hiding Them In Daddy's Library 05.06.02

SCHNEIDER We're Not Getting Fair Coverage Of Israeli Settlement Question. Bush's Simplistic, Contradictory Statements About Arafat, Sharon Lead To European Distrust Of US Position 05.06.02

SCHEMANN Israeli Politics Continues To Be A Chaos Of Coalitions 05.06.02

MC GORY DeLay, Who Recently Said, "Christianity Is The Only Way," Courts The Jewish Vote With A Nonbinding Pro-Israel Resolution 05.06.02

NYT As Israelis Campaign To Discredit Arafat, Washington Says Negotiation With Him Should Begin 05.06.02

WP "The process Bush has outlined for political talks and an immediate start to physical reconstruction in the West Bank, and what officials called Palestinian "institution-building," remains short on details " 05.06.02

REMNICK "Will anyone listen to the P.L.O.'s voice of restraint? " 05.06.02

FRIEDMAN "A single big idea [is] melding in the minds of many young Muslims: America, Israel and the Jews are working together to undermine Islam and dominate the world.." 05.06.02

NYT With Indonesia Politics Up for Grabs, Islam's Role Grows 05.06.02

AP Pipe Bombs In Mail Boxes Found In Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa 05.06.02

AP Senators In Both Parties Call For FEMA Review 05.06.02

MARGOLIS "Pakistan, which used to pride itself on its independence, is now going the way of U.S. allies in the Mideast like Egypt,Tunisia and Jordan - thinly disguised military dictatorships whose armed forces, intelligence agencies, media, police, national bank and very economic survival are controlled by the U.S. " 05.06.02

BLOOM Democrats Count on Senior Voters to Help Them Win Back House 05.06.02

ARON US Oil Supply Stability Could Be Increased By Lowering Our Use Of Iraqui Oil And Getting The Difference From Russia 05.06.02

KRUGMAN Bush "Exploits Our Window Of Ignorance" While His Budget Is Seen As Even Worse Than Thought 05.03.02

KURTZ Does everyone pay their fair share in taxes? "In the broadest depiction yet of abusive tax shelters, the Internal Revenue Service said wealthy individuals and big corporations in recent years took more than $16 billion in improper or dubious tax deductions." (third item) 05.03.02

AP Jobless Rate Under Bush Highest In Eight Years 05.03.02

HERSH Bush Iraq Attack Means Missiles In "Dowtown Tel Aviv" 05.03.02

NYT Powell Surprise: Calls For International Meeting To Solve ME 05.03.02

NYT Congress Supports Israel In Strong Resolutions 05.03.02

LAT Israeli Raids Continue In West Bank 05.03.02

FOST American Jewish Groups Battle Media Over Perceived Bias 05.03.02

COCKBURN Sharon's "Final Solution" 05.03.02

IGNATIUS What's Behind Arafat Acting As Though He Won The Siege? 05.03.02

DURST How Low Can Expectations Go? Is Sharon Practicing "Compassionate Incursion"? 05.03.02

KRISTOF BushAdmin Complicity In Pakistan's Rigged Referendum Raises Questions About What Democracy Really Means To Us 05.03.02

LAT Bush's Army Sec. White (R-Enron) Is In Trouble With Rumsfeld 05.03.02

NYT With Ridge-Bush, It's Politics Rather Than Security 05.03.02

WP Bush Sees Campaign Issue: Half Still Feel Unsafe, Majority Willing To Give Up Civil Liberties --Poll 05.03.02

BERKOWITZ Cameras are watching you, in order to fight terrorism 05.03.02

HUFFINGTON Bush wants tax cuts, not terrorist-proof nuclear facilities 05.03.02

NYT ED If Bush Really Stands Behind His Words Against Hate Crimes, He Needs To Tell Republicans To Stop Fighting The Hate Crimes Bill 05.03.02

NYT Bush, Norton, Whitman Surprised By EPA Letter Suopporting Ban Of Snowmobiles In Our National Parks 05.03.02

NYT Bush Says He'll Sign House Farm Bill, Which Features Much More Money Given To Agribusiness Contributors 05.03.02

CLINTON, LIEBERMAN We Have A Working Welfare System, But Bush Wants To Turn It Back Into A Political Football 05.03.02

SILVERSTEIN College Further From Poor's Grasp, Study Shows 05.03.02

FLAnders Karen Hughes, flack for a family-unfriendly administration, heads home 05.03.02

WP Unlike Bush, Europe Moving War On Drugs From Prisons To Clinics 05.03.02

WP ED Could Bubba Be The Next Oprah? 05.03.02

GROVE "Exciting Clinton TV Pitch Session " 05.03.02

BG "Before the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, government officials did not press hard enough to counter anti-American views being preached in mosques in the United States and the Middle East, a former State Department official said yesterday." 05.02.02

ENGEL US penalty by UN for "Bush administration's cavalier attitude towards international bodies" has been served, but will he change his ways? 05.02.02

LAT ED US Is Silent Again On UN Humanitarian Issue 05.02.02

REUTERS More than half of all Americans breathe polluted air that can damage their health because Bush doesn't fully enforce clean air laws. --American Lung Association 05.02.02

SAFIRE Bush Lied To Safire. He Said He Favored Consumer Protections Against Corporate Spying, But His Actions Speak Otherwise 05.02.02

AP Bush Will Face Mid-May Debt Limit Due To Ill-Advised Tax Cuts To The Rich 05.02.02

GOODMAN If Hughes And Bush Support Family Values, Why Don't They Translate This Into Meaningful Legislation For Women? 05.02.02

REUTERS Bush Gives Thumbs Up To Farm Bill That Will Feature Increased Support To Giant Ag Corporations, His Campaign Contributors 05.02.02

NYT ED The farm bill's "salient feature is a $50 billion increase in subsidies to big producers of row crops like corn and wheat over the next 10 years. That represents a 50 percent jump over present levels. " 05.02.02

WP ED "The basic flaw of the [farm] bill is that the lion's share of its money goes to subsidize farm output, a policy that stimulates supply, drives down prices and hurts the farmers it is meant to help. " 05.02.02

BOEHNER Bush-Backed Farm Bill Violates Our Trade Commitments 05.02.02

WP Powell And Rumsfeld Have To Agree On Peace Strategy Before Sharon Arrives 05.02.02

GUARDIAN ED Bush Needs To Clean Up His "Mess" By Reading The Riot Act To Sharon 05.02.02

WHITAKER Next Test For Bush Is To Have Sharon Agree To UN Probe Of Jenin 05.02.02

HOAGLAND Monologue: Sharon Speaks 05.02.02

VINCENT US Tilts To Israel For Good Reason 05.02.02

WP New Allied Offensive In Afghanistan Depends Upon Pakistan Military Help 05.02.02

BG ED "AN ELECTORAL sham such as the referendum on his rule that the president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, staged yesterday ought to be regarded as a political variation on hypocrisy " 05.02.02

REUTERS Dems To Keep Trade Bill Linked To Health Care 05.02.02

MC GORY "The House Republicans . . . offered platitudes rather than a realistic proposal that meets the needs of senior citizens. . . . Unfortunately, seniors may be better off purchasing a bus ticket to Canada than relying on this Republican proposal. " --Kennedy 05.02.02

WP Ridge To Have Another Informal Meeting With Members Of Congress As He Continues To Stonewall 05.02.02

CSM Homeland Security Has Become A Political Football. Meanwhile, What About Our Security Needs? 05.02.02

NYT Lieberman Fixing To Bite The Gore Hand That Fed Him 05.02.02

SEGAL Repeat After Me: Jon Stewart Is Not Running A News Show. 05.02.02

AP Salon Will Offer John Dean's "Deep Throat" E-Book In June 05.02.02

DREYFUSS Bush Is Keeping Ridge's Homeland Security Away From Congress Because He Wants To Use It As A Key In His 2004 Prez Campaign 05.01.02

WALSH After The Mid-Term Elections Bush Plans To Put His "Compassionate Conservative" Mask Back On 05.01.02

CORN Bush-Approved National Day Of Prayer Has Become A Senate-Sponsored Rally To Support Christianity Over Other Religions 05.01.02

JUDIS "Bush is taking the side of business again, supporting companies' right not to deduct stock options on their financial statements, while deducting them on their tax returns. " 05.01.02

GREIDER "J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Credit Suisse First Boston, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers. These financial institutions collaborated with Enron in its financial sleight of hand--the deals that enabled Enron to inflate its profits, conceal its burgeoning debts and push its stock price higher and higher. " 05.01.02

SCHEIBER Bush's War On Honest Economics 05.01.02

KUTTNER With Gore In The Driver's Seat, Do The Dems Have A Chance? 05.01.02

CONFESSORE How Lieberman Managed To Kill The Enron Scandal. He's Comfortable With The Dems As The Minority Party 05.01.02

FRITZ Dems Appear Content To Wait Until 2011 To Deal With Bush Tax Cuts To The Rich 05.01.02

JUDIS Dems' Foreign Policy Indicates Significant Differences With Bush, But Dem Leadership Refuses To Begin Dialogue. If Not Now, When? 05.01.02

CONASON "Despite the well-publicized power of Ms. Hughes and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, the Bush administration has eroded rather than advanced the cause of women in government. " 05.01.02

MEYERSON Bush Is Part Of His Administration's "Axis Of Incompentence" 05.01.02

BROOKHISER Foreign Policy Facts Suggest Bush Is Purposely Confusing Us With His "Gobbledygook...Gnomic Utterances" 05.01.02

Kaminer "George W. Bush has only been caught uttering relatively small lies so far: asserting during the campaign that he had championed a patients' bill of rights in Texas when he had, in fact, opposed it, and claiming more recently that he inherited his association with former Enron chief Kenneth Lay from his predecessor in the Texas governor's office, Ann Richards. The extraordinary secrecy of the Bush administration obviates some of its need to lie may someday be held accountable for the moral corruption that secrecy spawns. " 05.01.02

MASSING " US is dropping the ball in Afghanistan....Provided the funding for a Marshall Plan cleanup of the country, but not the political and military will to back it up. " 05.01.02

WP Major Battle May Be Brewing In Afghanistan 05.01.02

NYT US And Saudis Have Agreed Upon "Division Of Labor" Strategy 05.01.02

DOWD "Until the Crawford summit, W. had been pulled by Karl Rove and the conservative right into the Israeli orbit, scolding Ariel Sharon even as he ludicrously lauded him as "a man of peace," letting him get on with his brutal campaign.Mr. Rove, focused on keeping the conservative base that W.'s dad lost and making inroads into the Jewish vote that W.'s dad never had, even dispatched hawkish Paul Wolfowitz to address a pro-Israel rally. But just when W. seemed to have cast his lot firmly with Mr. Sharon, undercutting his own disgruntled secretary of state, he was reminded by...Poppy Of Arabia... that there is nothing thicker than blood and oil. " 05.01.02

FRIEDMAN Sharon's West Bank War Has Killed Off Palestinians' Attempts At Democracy 05.01.02

NYT Israel Fends Off Another UN Request For Jenin Probe 05.01.02

STARR "The Jewish tradition has upheld the importance of law, and modern Jewish identity is framed by the experience of the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel not only as a Jewish state, but also as a just one. In that context, there could hardly be a more grievous institutional failure than reckless disregard for innocent lives alleged during the recent Israeli military actions in Jenin and elsewhere. " 05.01.02

REMNICK " Rational and empathetic people on both sides are increasingly marginalized as the conflict deepens. A willingness to absorb violence, not a vision to end it, is coin of the realm in the Middle East.—J.D. " 05.01.02

GOPNIK What To Make Of The Recent Election In France 05.01.02

IVINS Caro’s L.B.J. Opus About "Real Sumbitch" Is Really a Beauty 05.01.02

BUNN Like Michael Moore, Erin Brockovich Is Working Hard To Become a Brand Name 05.01.02

b>HENTOFF What Does The Democratic Party Stand For? 04.30.02

DIONNE "Before we talk about big cuts in existing programs, we need to ask: Is the repeal of all inheritance taxes on wealthy families more important than a decent Medicare program? Are tax cuts for those earning more than, say, $250,000 a year more important than saving Social Security? " 04.30.02

AP Congress Objects To Bush Plan To Balance His Tax Cut To Rich Budget By Cutting Student Loans And Needed Voting Equipment 04.30.02

AP Bush Wants To Cut Back On Domestic Security To Help Balance His Tax Cut To Rich Budget 04.30.02

REUTERS Although Rumsfeld Says Domestic Military Security Is "Streatched Thin," Bush Wants To Cut Back Protection Because Of Tax Cut To Rich Budget 04.30.02

CSM Bush Plan To Deputize Local Cops As INS Agents Will Cost Money That He Doesn't Want To Spend. Poorly Trained Cops Will Lead To Civil Rights Violations. 04.30.02

BLOOM Senate Dems Point To Study Showing Oil Companies Cut Back Supplies To Drive Up Prices 04.30.02

BLOOM International Energy Agency Reports Bush Has Done Little To Encourage Oil Use Efficiency, Pollution Controls 04.30.02

KRUGMAN Bush Economic Turnaround? Hype Springs Eternal. 04.30.02

REUTERS Now That ME Crisis Has Cooled Down A Notch, BushAdmin Goes Back To Iraq Attack 04.30.02

FOA Israelis "Grumpy" Over Bush Obsession With Iraq 04.30.02

SHAPIRO Carp About The Tuna Party System, But Foreign Policy Distinctions In The ME Leave Most Floundering 04.30.02

COHEN People Like Those Called Anti-Semites In US Serve In Israeli Parliment 04.30.02

USA ED US And Brit Policemen In ME Crisis Is A New Twist Both Hazardous And Promising 04.30.02

NYT ED Sharon Has Used US Arafat Plan To Get Out Of Bad Decision, But Now What? 04.30.02

WP Israel Continues To Block UN Mission To Jenin 04.30.02

WP Israeli Offensive Continues Despite US Plea 04.30.02

ROSENFELD "There can be no safe homeland and no working democracy if Israelis have to police a military occupation. " 04.30.02

WP GOP Using Bush Pro-Israel Policies To Make Inroads Into Dem Jewish Strength 04.30.02

CHELLANEY Musharraf Referendum Makes Fight Against Terrorism More Difficult 04.30.02

WP Musharraf Using Undemocratic Political Techniques To Fuel Today's "Real Democracy" Referendum 04.30.02

REUTERS Congressional Probe Of 9/11 Slowed Down By Resignation Of Lead Investigator With CIA Ties. 04.30.02

USA Dems Divided Over Gun Issue 04.30.02

NYT Congress Bankruptcy Bill Comes Down To Abortion Politics 04.30.02

NYT States Fume That Bush "Washington Knows Best" Welfare Plan Will Force Them To Harm Systems That Work At A Greater Administrative Cost, Leaving Fewer Actual Welfare Dollars 04.30.02

USA White House Preoccupation With Bush Re-Election Unrivaled In Recent History 04.29.02

AP National Rifle Association Takes Credit For Bush Election 04.29.02

ROONEY " The American people are in no position to have an opinion about problems like [Iraq] because we're ill-informed. Between the reluctance of our government to tell us anything and the media's reluctance to spend money on foreign reporting, we're left in the dark. Even worse, most Americans are comfortable in the dark. They're not interested. They want to read about Robert Blake." 04.29.02

HUTTON "America Is The Most Unequal Society In The Industrialised West" 04.29.02

REUTERS White House Says Ouster Of Saddam Top Policy Goal 04.29.02

USA CIA Says Invasion Of Iraq Is Best Bet 04.29.02

DONNELLY Pentagon Finalizing Iraq Attacks, Which May Come This Summer 04.29.02

USA Israel "Reluctantly Agrees" To End Arafat Siege, Then Resumes Fighting, Leaves Other Concerns Unresolved 04.29.02

TYLER Reality Is US Must Get The Two Sides Back To The Negotiating Table 04.29.02

LERNER Are Jews "Self-Hating" When They Raise Questions About Israel's Policy Toward Palestinians? 04.29.02

SAFIRE Who's Really In Charge In Saudi Arabia? 04.29.02

DIEHL As Sharon Is Being Attacked For His Treatment Of Palestinian Civilians, Putin Is Doing The Same Thing In Chechnya 04.29.02

MC GORY With Bush, Reich, And Abrams, Are We Back To The Bad Old Days Of Nixon, Kissinger, And Latin American Nation Building? 04.29.02

CAMPBELL American Navy "Helped Venezuelan Coup" 04.29.02

BRODER Gap Between Bush Rhetoric Of Leaving No Child Behind And Underfunding Of Education Underlines Plight Of States 04.29.02

BROWNSTEIN Bush Tax Cut Makes His Urban Aid Just Empty Words 04.29.02

CSM Bush Stimulus Package Creates More Corporate Loopholes, Has Poor Paying More Than Their Fair Share 04.29.02

JACKSON Bush Is Fooling The People As He Abdicates His Ecology Responsibility 04.29.02

OLIPHANT Congress' "Sorry Excuse" For An Energy Policy 04.29.02

WP ED Energy Bill Adds Up To Huge Tax Breaks And Government Loans To Energy Giants, Helping, With Tax Cuts, To Bust The Budget 04.29.02

RICH There Is Cause To Worry When Politicians Hijack Religion, And Ashcroft And DeLay Are Leading Examples 04.29.02

LAT ED Study Suggests Bush-Backed Gag Rule On "Real Sex Ed" Doing Nothing To Cut Teenage Pregnancies 04.29.02

VULLIAMY Bush Promotes Virgin Values To Curb Teen Sex 04.29.02

BG ED Jobs Are More Important Than Marrying Up Those On Welfare 04.29.02

BG Kennedy Rips Bush Plan To Let College Loan Rates Float 04.29.02

WP Ventura Is "On The Ropes" In Minn. 04.29.02

LAT "High Profit" Or "Nurse Ratched," Karen Hughes Bails Out On Bush 04.24.02

RIDGEWAY Hughes Retreat Ends "one of Washington's more public displays of rank ignorance." 04.24.02

DOWD Dowd Stiffed By "Ultimate Control Freak" Hughes, So Columnist Interviews Matlin 04.24.02

COCCO In His Foreign Policy, Bush Engages in Oily Politics 04.24.02

RIDGEWAY US Pols Dance To Big Oil's Tune (second item) 04.24.02

Freudenburg "It is no longer possible for the United States to drill its way to energy independence. " 04.24.02

NYT ED Bush has done little to fix the nation's deteriorating national park system. 04.24.02

MONBIOT The Removal of Chem Weapons Overseer Demonstrates George Bush's Contempt for Cooperation 04.24.02

ZOGBY Bush Ratings Continue To Drop As Gore's Soars And 58% Say Israel Should Leave Palestinian Land 04.24.02

RIDGEWAY Ashcroft, Christian Lawmakers "Ravage The Constitution" (third item) 04.24.02

MUWAKKIL "McKinney Draws Fire With Call For 9/11 Probe" 04.24.02

BERNARD "9/11 Was Excuse To Go To War" 04.24.02

SCHEER "The Palestinian Side Must Be Told " 04.24.02

WP ED Object Of Israeli Offensive Was To Destroy Palestinian State, Not Just To Stop Terrorists 04.24.02

FRIEDMAN "Abdullah wants to ignore yesterday, Sharon wants to ignore tomorrow, and Arafat wants to ignore today. " 04.24.02

AP UN Refuses Israeli Jenin Mission Delay 04.24.02

SFC Berkeley Readies a Boycott of Israelis and Palestinians 04.24.02

Meres-Hershey "Attack on Refugee Camp Shows How Israel Fights " 04.24.02

WP Effect Of Israeli Offensive In Doubt 04.24.02

WP Afghans Allege U.S. Is Ignoring War Errors 04.24.02

WP ED GOP House Bill To Remedy Enron Abuse "Pulls Its Punches" 04.24.02

PACKER Have Previously Spineless Dems Found A Coherent Voice? 04.24.02

LAT Loss Of $50 Billion Indicates AOL-Time Warner Merger Was A Bust 04.24.02

KRUGMAN The Difference Between US And France Is That The "Angry, Irrational Right Wing" Is Already Running Our Country Through Bush And The Repugs 04.23.02

DIONNE "It took colossal bungling by France's political classes to turn Le Pen into the successful international symbol of intolerance and xenophobia he's now become. " 04.23.02

VIDAL Give Me Liberty Or Give Me What? Security? 04.23.02

NICHOLS Tens Of Thousands Protest Bush In Washington 04.23.02

FEATHERSTONE "A Major Step Forward For The Peace Movement 04.23.02

VANDEN HEUVEL "As long as there is no bold challenge to the extremism of this Administration, it will exploit the tragedy of Sept. 11 in an ever more regressive direction." 04.23.02

BROMWICH "The deficiency of the Bush doctrine shows most starkly in its language. It relies, for every calibration of judgment, on just one word, evil. " 04.23.02

MC KINNEY Bush Dad Is On Board Of Company That Earned $237 Million Selling Defense Shares In Early April 04.23.02

NYT Gore Says Bush Environmental Policies Help The Polluters 04.23.02

MILBANK Bush At Bum Photo-Op Opines That If You Own A Million Dollar "Ranch" In Texas Like He Does, "Every Day Is Earth Day." 04.23.02

CP Man In Charge Of EPA Oversight Of Superfunds Resigns Under Pressure From Bush's Whitman 04.23.02

AP S.C. Guv Directs State Trooper Practice To Block Bush Nuke Trash From Coming Into State Due To Repug Politics 04.23.02

NYT Bush And Daschle Help To Make Farm Giant Richer By Backing Ethenol. Boon To Repug Farm States, 10% Gas Cost Increase To Dem States 04.23.02

WP American Majority Blame Both Sides. Although Sharon Refuses To Talk To Arafat, Say Bush Should Not Broker Negotiations --ABC Poll 04.23.02

WP "I don't think it's possible for us, after this sea of blood, to talk about security coordination or any kind of coordination with Israel. It's over," said the head of Palestinian Preventive Security, Jibril Rajoub. 'Israel will never have security in the occupied territories.'" 04.23.02

CAMPOS "In an effort to save face as well as to placate the right wing and pro-Israel lobby, Bush has declared he is "satisfied" with Sharon, 'a man of peace.'" 04.23.02

NYT ED The Bush administration's misguided effort to sidestep America's existing civil and military courts to prosecute Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects in military tribunals has lurched from one problem to another.04.23.02

NYT Palestinian Militant Group Says It Will Limit, But Not Stop, Bombings 04.23.02

SAID "Israel is aiming to eliminate the Palestinians as a people" 04.23.02

SUGG "Israeli Spies Exposed" 04.23.02

MYERS "It seems that Canada's historic mission is to come to the selfless aid both of its friends and of complete strangers, and then, once the crisis is over, to be well and truly ignored." 04.23.02

WP ED Bankruptcy "Reform": "A [Bush-backed] bill that helps already happy lenders at the expense of already miserable debtors needs to be avoided." 04.23.02

TERKEL Kucinich Is The One To Woo Back The Reagan Dems 04.23.02

IS Martha Stewart Gives Dan Burton Campaign Money 04.23.02

SHAPIRO "Smuggling has landed the tobacco companies in US court. Lawsuits filed by European and Canadian governments and Colombian state governments against Philip Morris and British American Tobacco (BAT, Brown & Williamson's British-based parent company) have highlighted the companies' alleged links to smugglers and money launderers." 4.23.02

REEVES Why Bush Will Be A One-Term President 04.22.02

BRODER "Concerned, As Always, For The Rich," Corporate Double-Dealing Has No Effect On Bush 04.22.02

SANGER At The Expense Of Our Foreign Policy, Bush Is Learning That His View Of The World Is Too Simplistic 04.22.02

NYT Today Is Earth Day: Bush To Trot Out Whitman, Mouth Environmental Platitudes, But Will Retain Anti-Environmental Policies 04.22.02

GORE "Under the presidency of George W. Bush, the environmental and energy policies of our government are completely dominated by a group of current and former oil and chemical company executives who are trying to dismantle America's ability to force them to reduce the extremely dangerous levels of pollution in the earth's atmosphere." 04.22.02

LAT Gore Leading Tough Attack On Bush Environmental Policies 04.22.02

DOWD "Ozone Man You Lost...Scalia Says So." --Bush 04.22.02

WP ED Fed Judge Right To Ban Bush-Backed "Noisy Vehicles" From Fed Parks 04.22.02

REUTERS Alaskan's Tax-Free Life On Slippery Slope 04.22.02

REUTERS Majority Of Americans Think Environment Is Getting Dirtier Under Bush --Gallup 04.22.02

NYT ED Bush Budget Box Promotes "Irresponsible Posturing" 04.22.02

TS ED "George Bush had five public appearances the day after an American pilot bombed Canadian troops in Afghanistan. He might have used one to pay tribute and offer condolences." 04.22.02

GM 85% Want US To Pay For Tragedy --Canadian Poll 04.22.02

LAT "The Department of Energy in late March warned the White House in writing that its facilities, which include sites containing nuclear materials, remain vulnerable to terrorist attack because of the administration's refusal to fund critical security needs." 04.22.02

NYT Bush Has Not Asked For Money To Guard Atomic Plants 04.22.02

NYT Not Quite An Arab-Israeli War, But A Long Descent Into Chaos 04.22.02

BROWNSTEIN Bush Still Caught Between Conservative Heart And Internationalist Head. Result: Ambivalent Mess. 04.22.02

RASPBERRY "The problem for Colin Powell, the Rev. Jesse Jackson was saying on the phone the other day, is that he didn't bring to his Middle East mission some of the elements necessary for success: clarity of purpose, clear instructions, sufficient leverage (sweetened with incentives) and enough credibility to persuade both sides to suspend their skepticism. He's right on all counts." 04.22.02

NYT American Jews Are Behind Israel But Are Unnerved 04.22.02

Safire DEMS Are Pro-Palestinian, GOP Is Pro-Israel, Vote Republican, He Implies 04.22.02

WP Conservatives Say Bush Has Been Too Hard On Israel 04.22.02

WP Israel Lobby's Push For More Military Aid Threatens To Bring Politics Into The Open In Congress 04.22.02

SFC 20,000 Protest Bush In SF 04.22.02

NYT Facing Wartime Bush, Dems Focus On Home Front 04.22.02

KINSLEY Bush Is A Unique Liar 04.19,20,21.02

IGNATIUS Bush, Sharon, Arafat. Such Simple Minds Never Make Great Leaders. 04.19.02

WP "Defeat On Arctic Drilling A Stinging Rebuke To Bush" 04.19.02

NYT Senate Blocks Drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge 04.19.02

PALAST Don't believe everything you read in the papers about Venezuela 04.19.02

MADSEN US returns to bad old ways in Venezuela 04.19.02

MARSHALL Bush's Latin Diplomacy Tanks 04.19.02

TURNLEY George W. Bush: Statesman or Dog Trainer? 04.19.02

STARR No Leadership: Since Bush Is Not Doing Enough Alone To Stem ME Violence, Why Not Form A Coalition Of Countries To Bring Peace? 04.19.02

GUARDIAN Israeli Army denies frenzy of destruction in Jenin 04.19.02

WP U.N. envoy says Israel has "lost all moral ground in this conflict." 04.19.02

KRUGMAN Wealth Vs. Health. "There is a direct link between the Bush administration's affluent-friendly tax cuts and the growing crisis of Medicare underfunding." 04.19.02

NYT GOP House Passes Bill to Make Bush's Tax Cut Permanent 04.19.02

MC INTYRE How The GOP Won The Stiumuls Debate While The Media Snoozed 04.19.02

CNN Bush's O'Neil Threatens Resignation If Congress Doesn't Do What He Wants 04.19.02

KUTTNER The unfortunate dwindling of the Enron scandal. 04.19.02

CASE Bush Plans To "Stop" Clean Water Polluters By Making Such Pollution Legal 04.19.02

STATE Feds Warn S.C. To Suck Up Plutonium Waste, Or Else, As Bush Tries To Help Colorado's GOP Senate Candidate By Taking It Out Of His State 04.19.02

NYT ED Bush's House-Passed Anti-Abortion Scheme Should Be Voted Down By The Senate 04.19.02

NYT ED Judge "Got It Right" When He Stopped Ashcroft From Interfering With Oregon's Assisted-Suicide Law 04.19.02

KUTTNER There Are Signs That The Trend Rightward Is Just About Finished 04.19.02

BOROSAGE What progressives can learn from David Brock's account of the conservative machine. 04.19.02

LOTT Is MSNBC Using Donahue To Attack The Dems From The Left? 04.19.02

TOMASKY Rich Conservatives Who Bought New Republic Are Behind New York Sun 04.19.02

SCHABNER Belief In Free Speech, Distrust Of Power Lead To Sept. 11 Questions, Say Scholars 04.19.02

WP "The House Assassinations Committee may have been right after all: There was a shot from the grassy knoll," study claims. 04.19.02

NYT Two Sides Push on Arctic Oil, but Proposal Lacks Votes 04.18.02

WP With ANWR Drilling Failing, Bush " mulling over dozens of proposals to drill on public lands in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico" 04.18.02

NYT ED Army Sec. White, Bush Enron Buddy, Should Resign 04.18.02

KOMBLUT The Bush Family's Rocky Relations With The Jews 04.18.02

BW "Can A Jew Go To Heaven?" Bush Answered "No" Eight Years Ago, Joked About It With Reporters Four Years Ago. 04.18.02

COHEN "It is clear that, shorn of moral absolutes, this president is at sea." 04.18.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration bears some responsibility for the depressing state of affairs. Mr. Sharon and Mr. Arafat may be improbable partners for peacemaking, but the administration let the violence grow into a conflagration before it intervened forcefully." 04.18.02

MC GRORY Both Bush And the Pope "are coping with the consequences of a failure to recognize a crisis." 04.18.02

FALK "There is little doubt that part of the recent escalation [of violence in the Middle East] can be traced back to President Bush's overplaying of the antiterrorist card since Day One." 04.18.02

PRENEUF "A year and a half ago, liberal Israelis warned that if Ariel Sharon were elected, horror would overtake them and the Palestinians. They were right" 04.18.02

WHITAKER Sharon's "Savage Campaign " Has Breathed New Life Into Anti-Israel Terrorists 04.18.02

SCHEER "Sharon has humiliated President Bush, not only by ignoring his demand for a withdrawal but by co-opting the president's war-on-terrorism code phrases as cover for his drive to prevent--forever, if possible--a Palestinian state." 04.18.02

OZ A Five-Point Israeli Plan That Could Lead To Peace 04.18.02

KAGON Can NATO Patrol Palestine? 04.18.02

IND No ceasefire deal as Powell leaves for US empty-handed 04.18.02

TISDALL Blame For Powell's "Abortive" Peace Mission Lies Ultimately With Bush 04.18.02

STEEL Powell Went To The Promised Land, But Took The Long Way To Get There 04.18.02

BELL Bush Drops Powell Off In Israel (cartoon) 04.18.02

TYLER "A Rising Toll For Bush. Secretary Powell's bruising encounters with Israeli and Arab leaders over the last week demonstrated that American credibility in the region is under fire." 04.18.02

AP As Powell Returns Empty Handed, Bush Distracts With Another "Axis Of Evil" Speech 04.18.02

GUARDIAN Bush puts pressure on Arab allies as Powell trip ends in humiliation. Mubarak Snubs Powell 04.18.02

GUARDIAN "Human rights groups protested yesterday at the lack of {Israeli] rescue efforts in the Jenin refugee camp amid claims that a family buried for several days in the rubble had pleaded for help by phone." 04.18.02

GUARDIAN Four Canadians Killed By US "Friendly Fire" 04.18.02

BORGER Bush "behaviour towards two organisations campaigning against nuclear and chemical weapons puts the future of multilateral bans in doubt." 04.18.02

WP Oregon Judge "Slaps Ashcroft" For Assisted Suicide Ban 04.18.02

WP ED For a gauge of money's power in politics, watch the Senate Finance Committee turn logic on its head as it says stock options are not corporate expenses 04.18.02

NYT What's Going On In Venezuela Is A Microcosm Of What's Going On In The World 04.18.02

NOAH "The Washington Monthly and New Republic are right: McCain should run for president as a Democrat." 04.18.02

TIME Is AOL On Its Way Out? 04.18.02

ALLEN, MILBANK Bush Quet, White House Spins, As Previous Bush "Naive," "Sporting Event" Words Haunt, Powell Failure Sinks In 04.17.02

REEVES "Grieving survivors say the Israelis buried war crimes in heaps of reeking rubble" 04.17.02

WP "The Bush administration has suggested a new international drive to raise money for restoring not only the security services but government and civilian infrastructure, such as water systems, destroyed by Israeli soldiers." [In early April Bush said he supported Sharon's Palestinian offensive, while the international community condemned it.] 04.17.02

GN "Israel has not only occupied the Arab land, but also seized their water supply and other natural resources." --Conference Paper 04.17.02

AP Israeli Troops Continue Invasion While Powell Talks Truce 04.17.02

AP "Angry Arafat Appeals for U.S. Action" 04.17.02

BOEHLERT "Polls show that the American public increasingly sees two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- despite the best efforts of the neoconservative punditocracy." 04.17.02

FISK "As an outspoken critic of US policy in the Middle East, Fisk expected a hostile reception when he paid his first visit to the American Midwest since 11 September. He couldn't have been more mistaken." 04.17.02

RODENBECK "Never, in a half century of Middle Eastern conflict, have ordinary Arabs so identified with the Palestinian tragedy as they do today. As network coverage of Vietnam shocked Americans with the immediacy of a far-off war, satellite television's insistent, graphic imagery of the intifada has taken its bloody drama into millions of Arab households. " 04.17.02

FRIEDMAN "I believe one of Don Rumsfeld's Washington rules is: If you have a problem and you can't solve it, enlarge it. Either we now go all the way toward peace and demand that every party step up to it — Palestinians, Israelis and Arabs — or they will keep going all the way the other way, blowing out one civilizational barrier after another until their war touches us. " 04.17.02

NYT "Bush Hires Hard-Liners to Handle Cuba Policy" 04.17.02

ESPINA-VERONA In Venezuela, "you can be an SOB but you have to be our SOB!" 04.17.02

NYT "The Bush administration hastily blamed Mr. Chávez for his own [undemocratic] toppling." OAS Sec. General Supports Chavez. 04.17.02

NYT ED "BushAdmin has mildly questioned the legitimacy of the [undemocratic Musharraf] referendum" in Pakistan. It should be more forceful. 04.17.02

WP BushAdmin Admits To "Gravest Error" Of War In Letting Bin Laden Escape 04.17.02

CSM How Bin Laden Got Away 04.17.02

WP ED "Afghanistan risks a descent into chaos. The costs to Mr. Bush's credibility may be bigger than he seems to realize. " 04.17.02

TIMES British officers fear five-year war as Taleban adopts guerilla tactics 04.17.02

AREND "It seems unlikely, given the existing political climate, that the Security Council would adopt a new resolution explicitly authorizing action against Iraq. Yet such a resolution, or a clear and convincing case for self-defense, is critical for the United States to be able to build the type of coalition necessary to succeed against Iraq. This is the lesson to be learned from President George Herbert Walker Bush's preparation for the Gulf War. Law matters. " 04.17.02

KELLY Pundit Hawk Says: "At some point in the next year or so, the United States will go to war against Iraq. It will do so with friends, or alone. It will do so with a clear and cold-eyed knowledge of where it stands." 04.17.02

CJ ED "The administration has worked hard to fill the regulatory agencies and the federal bench with those who can be trusted to do the bidding of business and commercial interests." 04.17.02

BBC US Pays $11.5 Million Compensation For Navy Crash Into Japanese Boat, Killing Nine, With Texas Energy Exec. At The Helm, But Cheney's Haliburton Is Getting More Than That For Recovering The Ship 04.17.02

WP "Health Care System Is In Crisis." Under Bush, Ranks Of The Uninsured Grow . "Neither free market economic forces nor current public policies offer any hope for relief from these accelerating prices in the foreseeable future." 04.17.02

TALBOT "David Brock's exposé of the Republican attack machine shows that Democrats have to get serious about fighting back." 04.17.02

NYT Dems Say Bush Revisions Ruin Medical Privacy Rules. BushAdmin Admits Privacy Not A Top Concern 04.17.02

REUTERS Democrats Criticize EPA on Utility Emission Rules 04.17.02

NYT Bush Wants To Cart Nuke Waste From Colorado To S.C. "A number of arms control advocates and Democratic politicians...say a principal purpose of the shipment is to enhance the re-election prospects of Senator Wayne Allard, a Republican from Colorado who is campaigning on his efforts to rid his state of plutonium." 04.17.02

NYT Bush Ends Respected Environmental Fellowships 04.17.02

LUBET Preserving the neutrality of the Supreme Court demands prudence from the justices and their families, but we're not getting prudence from Clarence Thomas' Wife. 04.17.02

WP Peaceful Protests Promised For D.C. This Weekend 04.17.02

UR "Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, dares to air dissenting views" 04.17.02

MC KINNEY "Bush must answer Sept. 11 questions" 04.17.02

MILBANK White House Edits Out Bush Bloopers For The Sake Of A Scrubbed History 04.16.02

LOBE Who's Behind The President's Foreign Policy? 04.16.02

NYT Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader. Defense Dept. Official Says No Arms Were Offered. 04.16.02

KRUGMAN Future Blowback? All Democratic Nations In Western Hemisphere Denounced Attempted Undemocratic Coup, Except One. Us. 04.16.02

Valenzuela Bush's Betrayal of Democracy 04.16.02

VANN "Abortive Venezuelan coup was made in the USA" 04.16.02

WALKOM Chavez fell foul of Bush Energy Doctrine 04.16.02

COTTS NYT Finally Comes Around And Sees The Oil In The Bush-Favored Coup (second item) 04.16.02

WP Congress Is Experiencing Vietnam Moment As Bush Asks For Less Restricted Colombia Money [It's the oil, stupid!] 04.16.02

ANDERSON "The twentieth century was the bloodiest in human history, with a total of 174 million people killed in genocide and mass murders. If there was ever a moment when a US President should demonstrate his fealty to the abiding principles of law and justice, now is that moment. No President has ever revoked the signature of a former chief executive on a treaty by unsigning it. If Bush carries out this unprecedented action, prodded by the right wing of his party, his capitulation will not only dismay our friends and delight our enemies but also strip us of any ability to negotiate changes to the treaty we might validly seek to make. And as we mute our response to the call for a worldwide embrace of the rule of law, we traduce one of the most important principles of American democracy." 04.16.02

Falk "Several important governments were glad to merge their struggle to stem movements of self-determination with the US war on global terror, and none more than Ariel Sharon's Israeli government." 04.16.02

KRISTOF Arab Rage Over Israel's Treatment Of Palestinians Is Real, Although It's Hypocritical 04.16.02

NYT Palestinian Refugees Were Told Status Was Temporary. That Was 54 Years Ago. 04.16.02

NYT Bush Hawk Booed At Pro-Israel D.C. Rally Because He Says Palestinians Are Dying, Too 04.16.02

SOYINKA "In the process of exacting vengeance on its enemy, Israel has adopted tactics that will either set off a tidal wave to drown the world or, more aptly, set it on fire." 04.16.02

WP Since Sharon Refuses To Meet With Arafat, Powell Is Willing To Settle For Face-Saving Lower-Level Meetings That Arabs Call "Silly." 04.16.02

COHEN "No Palestinian military force and none in any of the Arab world would cease burying the enemy dead at the order of a supreme court. This is what just happened in Israel. An Arab brought suit, and Israel's Supreme Court ruled. It's not likely that such a thing could happen even in the United States. Imagine just coming before Antonin Scalia with a demand that he instruct the army on how to bury the enemy dead."04.16.02

REEVES "Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime" 04.16.02

REILLY "For the Afghan people, conditions have not changed. Indeed, they may be getting worse." 04.16.02

WP ED Daschle Joins Bush In Pushing For Ethanol Ripoff Of Taxpayers, Environment 04.16.02

CORN Taiwangate: A Fallout-Free Scandal 04.16.02

NYT US Businesses Continue To Display Their Patriotism By Screwing US Out Of Taxes Through Use Of Foreign Loopholes 04.16.02

NYT Food Safety Bioterrorism Bill Has Stalled Due To Corporate Lobbyists, Lack of Leadership By Bush, Congress 04.16.02

NYP Kitty Kelley Said To Be Rehashing Bush Nazi Connection In Upcoming Tome On Bush Dynasty (sixth item) 04.16.02

WP Bush Leading The Biggest Assault On The Government Budget Since The Sixties, But Continues To Demand More Tax Cuts 04.15.02

WP ED "Now most of [the] surplus has disappeared, lost to war, recession and the tax cut. So what are [Republican] House leaders expected to put on the agenda this week? Legislation to make the tax cut package, due to expire at the end of the decade, permanent." 04.15.02

ARCHIVES US Cooking Up A Coup In Venezeula? 04.15.02

NYT Chavez Reinstated In Venezuela 04.15.02

NEWBERRY "Venezuela Withstands US Supported Coup D'Etat" 04.15.02

TIMES Pro-Coup Media Silent As Chavez Returns. Tried To Silence CNN Reports 04.15.02

WP Bush Hawk Had CIA Probe UN Team Re Iraq Inspections 04.15.02

WALLERSTEIN "Bush promised the U.S. people a "war on terrorism" that "we will certainly win." So far, all he's produced is the downfall of the weak and impoverished Taliban. He hasn't captured Bin Laden. Pakistan is shaky. Saudi Arabia is pulling away. If he doesn't invade Iraq, he will look foolish where it matters to him most--in the eyes of American voters. And he is being told this, in no uncertain terms, by his advisors on internal U.S. politics. Bush's incredibly high approval ratings reflect his being a "war president." The minute he becomes a peace-time president, he will be in grave trouble--all the more so because of failed wartime promises." 04.15.02

ABC BushAdmin "Involved In Arranging Ransom Payment" To Terrorist Group 04.15.02

MARGOLIS "Israel's right-wing Likud party dominates U.S. Mideast policy through a powerful lobby in the American Congress" 04.15.02

BRANSON Bush's options in the Middle East are limited by the US's powerful Jewish lobby 04.15.02

CHERNUS "After this week’s horrors in Jenin and other West Bank towns, Israel can no longer count on automatic support from U.S. Jews." 04.15.02

FISK "Mr Powell Must See For Himself What Israel Inflicted on Jenin " 04.15.02

IND "Israel's bloody intransigence silences Bush" 04.15.02

GWYN "Powell is the world's best hope that the apocalyptic scenario will not begin to unfold....Yet the probability is that the forces that will actually determine what will happen are those of blood and vengefulness and hatred." 04.15.02

GUARDIAN New Sharon Threats "Appeared Intended To Distract Powell" 04.15.02

HA'ARETZ Sharon Shows "Profound Contempt" Towards Palestinians 04.15.02

IND "The Bloody Evidence Of The Tragedy That Is Jenin" 04.15.02

HUGGLER "The Camp That Became A Slaughterhouse" 04.15.02

NYT Israeli Supreme Court Says Army Must Now Collect Bodies In Presence Of Red Cross. Army Previously Said 100-200, Now Says 45. 04.15.02

NYT Arafat To Powell: No Cease Fire Until Israel Withdrawal 04.15.02

SHIPLER For Peace, Palestinians Need Something To Lose. Lessons Of Deterrence Not The Answer 04.15.02

SAFIRE Tenet "Bamboozled" About Palestine 04.15.02

WP UN's Anan Saves Harshest Criticism For Israel 04.15.02

BALZ "Eyeing November, Democrats Intensify Attacks" 04.15.02

IVINS Where Is The Principled Opposition? 04.15.02

NYT ED Gore Reminds Dems That Half Of "Loyal Opposition" Is "Opposition" 04.15.02

KURTZ Press Roundup On Possible Gore Run 04.15.02

WP D.C. Police Prepare for Worst in Days of Protests 04.15.02

WALKER "Students prepare to protest anti-terrorism agenda as Bush and friends move to quash criticism of war." 04.15.02

BALZAR Salary Workers Will Continue To Pay Taxes For Bush's Tax Cuts To The Rich 04.14.02

WP Bush Calls For Permanent Tax Cuts For Rich 04.14.02

WP Another Bush Broken Promise: To Take Care Of National Parks In Disrepair 04.14.02

HUFFINGTON Will Saddam's Oily Scheme Help Save Bush's ANWR Dream? 04.14.02

WILL Bush Getting Ready To Sell Out His Free Trade Principles Once More For The Sake Of His Political Ambitions 04.14.02

MARQUIS In Our Brave New World Of Bush-Backed Coalitions, We Gain Pragmatism, Fudge Principles, And Confuse Friends 04.14.02

LAT Afghanistan: Residents of battle-torn region say the U.S. bombed their homes and killed their relatives. 04.14.02

LAT Bush Plans To Hire Private US Companies To Create An Afghan Army 04.14.02

ELTAHAWY " What's the point of choosing sides when both sides are losing? The real challenge when it comes to the Middle East is to sit on the fence." 04.14.02

SIDDIQUI " HAS THERE been a time when an American president has looked as vacillating and weak as has George W. Bush on the Middle East? " 04.14.02

MC GORY "Many think that after Sharon has sweet-talked Powell for a few days about peace, a Palestinian state and curtailing settlements -- and the minute Powell is homeward bound and airborne -- Sharon will go back to killing Palestinians." 04.14.02

BRZEZINSKI "Yes, there has been Palestinian terrorism , but...we have also had deliberate, overreactions by Mr. Sharon designed not to repress terrorism, but to destabilize the Palestinian Authority and to uproot the Oslo Agreement -- which he has always denounced." 04.14.02

GORDON Superior Israeli Firepower Isn't Likely to End Terror 04.14.02

GOLAN "How many international laws does Israel need to break before the United Nations demands a full and immediate Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank?" 04.14.02

NYT Arafat Condemns Terror Attacks 04.14.02

NYT Powell Meets With Arafat After Sharon Rejects Withdrawal Plan, Warns Against Meeting Palestinian 04.14.02

BARAK "Israel's Security Requires a Sturdy Fence" 04.14.02

BENNET Friday's Suicide Bombing "may feed doubts about the ability of Operation Protective Wall, as Mr. Sharon has called the mission, to be either protective or a wall. It is just as likely to feed despair over the possibility of any peace with Palestinians." 04.14.02

MANDEL Silence Greets The New Anti-Semitism 04.14.02

WHITNEY It Took World War II For The French And Germans To Learn To Live Together. What Will It Take In The ME? 04.14.02

APPLE "If all the lights are not yet out in the Middle East, they are rapidly blinking off. In the murk of death and destruction, with alliances in flux, it is harder and harder, even for the experts, to see who will be able to switch them back on, and when. " 04.14.02

WP D .C. Protest Organizers Join Arms 04.14.02

ROSEN The post-boom high-tech industry has found a new backer — the Office of Homeland Security. The mission is to help the government track its citizens the way Amazon tracks its customers. 04.14.02

BERKE "Here in America, patriotism does not mean keeping quiet." --Gore 04.14.02

CNN Gore Comes Out Swinging At GOP 04.14.02

GORE Video Of Gore Speech 04.14.02

MH Gore Leads The Dem Pack At Florida Convention 04.14.02

DONAHUE "Give light and the people will find their own way.'' 04.14.02

HERMAN Hallmark Cards For The War On Terrorism 04.14.02

KIRN "Do we really want the sort of citizens that high schools with random drug testing will turn out?" 04.14.02

LUBELL And You Think You Get Strange E-Mail? 04.14.02

RICH Bush War On Terrorism Doctrine Is Defunct, but "it's not clear that Mr. Bush knows that he can no longer look at the world as if it were Major League Baseball." 04.13.02

SANGER "If the [Arafat] meeting goes forward, Mr. Bush will be left confronting the question of what he meant when he declared that leaders around the world are either "with us or against us" in the fight against terrorism." 04.13.02

KEANE We "are dealing with a President who has no real ideas of his own. Certainly he has instincts but they are a poor substitute for strategic intelligence. The President's politics are so fundamentally immature that when confronted with a real world of hard choices he is floundering. So George Bush ends up caught in the crossfire between the wise - Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice - and the dangerous - Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.The latter are an arrogant, angry crew and God help us all if they triumph." 04.13.02

REUTERS " The bullheaded leaders' inability to make peace is resulting in the slaughter of their young people....I do not believe there is any way they can work this out without the involvement of the United States." --Clinton 04.13.02

INDEPENDENT "Israel buries the [Jenin] bodies, but cannot hide the evidence" 04.13.02

WP Israelis Seal Off Jenin Camps From Observers, Say They Will Bury The Palestinian Bodies, Claim Death Numbers "Not Clear," Point To American Techniques In Afghanistan 04.13.02

INDEPENDENT "Jerusalem suicide bomber kills six" 04.13.02

INDEPENDENT Palestinian Sources Describe The Suicide Attack As Revenge For Jenin Atrocities 04.13.02

FISK "What's the surprise? For months the American media has refused to tell its viewers and readers what is going on in the occupied territories." 04.13.02

INDEPENDENT Iternational force must be deployed, says UN's Annan 04.13.02

GORDIS "One thing important to Jews is remembering. We won't forget the 20th century and the world's complicity, and when we recall this week, in which we buried 14 of our sons, brothers, husbands and fathers who didn't have to die except for our decision to do this fighting the hard way, we'll remember the world's double standard."04.13.02

MC KINNEY Congresswoman Presses for Investigation of Bush Administration Links to 9-11 04.13.02

WP "Democrat Implies Sept. 11 Administration Plot" 04.13.02

AP Washington Lawmakers Unload On McKinney 04.13.02

SOUTHARD Some Facts That Rep. McKinney (D-Ga) Might Want To consider 04.13.02

FORD "Today we have dozens of aging (and corroding and creaking) nuclear plants operating close to our major cities. " 04.13.02

NYT Bush's Energy Giants Work To Weaken Pollution Rule More Crucial To Them Than ANWR, Deregulation 04.13.02

NYT Ouster Of Chavez In Venezuela May Help To Offset Saddam's Oil Cutoff 04.13.02

NYT ED Graft And Corruption Killed Venezuela's Oil-Fueled Economy 04.13.02

DANETZ While Bush Signed Campaign Reform Bill, The Year-Old Report To FEC About Ashcroft Goes Uninvestigated 04.13.02

NYT Republican Introduces Bill To Rescind Bush's Gag Order Re Prez Papers 04.13.02

WP IRS Has Paid Off False Tax Credit Claims Of "40 Acres And A Mule" To The Tune Of $30 Million 04.13.02

NYT "Intelligent Design" Is Just The Same Old Conservative Creationism Moved Out Of Dogpatch 04.13.02

LYTEL Gore's Mic Has Been Cut Off By National Media, Then Pundit Asks, "Where's Gore." 04.13.02

BALZ Gore Faces High Expectations for Fla. Speech 04.13.02

KURTZ Dems Complain To Cable New Networks About Unbalanced Coverage Of Party Reps 04.13.02

KRUGMAN Bush Appointing Of Corporate Heads, Often To Regulate Or Deal With Their Own Industry, "Is No Way To Run A Country" 04.12.02

WP Bush Sec. Norton Accused Of Breaking Law With Use Of Pro-Drilling Lobby Video 04.12.02

SALUTIN "I really picture the people in power saying among themselves, 'How do we put this in simple terms the dummies out there can grasp?' Then they reduce a complex situation to Osama, Saddam or Yasser and send one of the Bush boys out front to peddle it." 04.12.02

MILNE "Despite President Bush's much-vaunted public appeals to Sharon to begin a military pullback from the main Palestinian towns, the US shows no sign whatever of seriously reining in its long-term client state." 04.12.02

KORING UN resolution ambiguous, rooted in past 04.12.02

SIMPSON Fingering Agressors In The ME Is "Self-Defeating" 04.12.02

GUARDIAN "Powell flies in with warning for Israel...the Israeli offensive in the West Bank will not end the suicide bombings." 04.12.02

GOLDENBERG "Refugees flee camp with reports of Israeli abuses" 04.12.02

NYT The Number of Dead Is in Dispute, but the Destruction in Jenin Is Clear 04.12.02

INDEPENDENT "Jenin: 'My Mother Ran for Help. A Soldier Shot Her in the Head' " 04.12.02

LOBE "Concerns Mount Over West Bank Death Toll" 04.12.02

REUTERS Bush Believes Sharon Is "Man Of Peace" --Ari 04.12.02

NYT ED "While Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's determination to strike back at terrorists is understandable, Israel's destruction of Palestinian homes, businesses and public utilities is not." 04.12.02

KRISTOF "Ariel Sharon has made a career of responding to Palestinian outrages by pursuing rash military solutions that ultimately harm Israel rather than bolster it." 04.12.02

GUARDIAN 2002 ME Timeline 04.12.02

WOOLLACOTT "Israelis and Palestinians are both guilty of simplifying the past." 04.12.02

HA'ARATZ "Full of himself as an army general with a specialty in fighting terror, it never sunk in that [Sharon] and Bush cannot be equal partners in this war." 04.12.02

YOUNG Blair talks big on Iraq, but Washington calls the shots 04.12.02

IGNATIUS US Military Begins To Move Out Of Saudi Arabia Under The Radar, Moves Into al-Jazeera's Country 04.12.02

WP What Will Bush Do If Musharraf Is Able To Destroy Democracy In Pakistan? 04.12.02

WP Surge of Violence Threatens Plans for Afghanistan 04.12.02

RASKIN NPR Editorial Calls For Torture As A Means To Gain Info From Taliban Prisoners 04.12.02

WP "It will be years before any new vaccines are ready. And many experts inside and outside the armed forces say the rush could have been avoided if military planners had not ignored repeated warnings that the vaccine program was woefully inadequate, had not allowed the program to deteriorate for lack of funding and had avoided missteps in the few attempts that were made to develop, test and win approval for vaccines."04.12.02

WP "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has opened the door to the possible use of nuclear-tipped interceptors in a national missile defense system, reviving an idea that U.S. authorities rejected nearly three decades ago as technically problematic and politically unacceptable." 04.12.02

NYT Bush Unsigning Of War Crimes Treaty Would Be An "Ill-Advised" First And Would Not Foster International Cooperation For Future Bush War Plans 04.12.02

NYT Florida Races, Shaped by 2000, Try to Leave the Recount Behind 04.12.02

DIONNE Dem Nominees For Bush Battle Being Looked At 04.12.02

NYT Bush Uses Saddam's Oil Cutoff As Excuse For Drilling In Alaska 04.11.02

REUTERS Bush Uses Solar Energy Funds To Promote Drilling In Alaska 04.11.02

NYT After Cheney Worked Four Months With Oil Corporations To Create Bush Energy Plan, Environmentalists Given 48 Hours To Respond With Alternate Policy 04.11.02

LAT Cheney Continues Stonewall, Energy Dept. Release Missing Key Documents 04.11.02

WP Bush Slows Down Pace Of Corporate Pollution Cleanup And Has Voters Paying The Bill For Messes Created By Industry Pals 04.11.02

WP ED Bush "considering still more aggressive action to disrupt the [international criminal] court and its operations." 04.11.02

NYT ED "What was most disturbing about Mr. Bush's remarks was their black-and-white, even apocalyptic tone. It was unfair and irresponsible for him to imply that those who wish to pursue therapeutic cloning that could benefit millions of suffering humans are traveling 'without an ethical compass into a world we could live to regret.'" 04.11.02

USA USA-Gallup Poll Shows Dems Leading For House Control, 50-43% 04.11.02

NYT Palestinian Suicide Bomber Earns New Rebuff Of Bush From Sharon 04.11.02

SAFIRE US Pundit Rebuffs Bush: "Let Powell lean on Arab rulers to induce Arafat to stop the killing he started and control his terrorists. Then Israel can safely withdraw." 04.11.02

WP White House Fears Bush Is Losing Face, So Spin To Separate Sharon From Israel Support Begins 04.11.02

BLOOM Pro-Israel Lobby: U.S. Lawmakers Urge Bush to Let Israel Continue Military Action 04.11.02

ZAKARIA Sharon's War Against Terrorism Has Become A War Against Palestine 04.11.02

AI Abuses On Both Sides "are serious violations of international humanitarian law." 04.11.02

WOOD Israel, Not The US, Is The Military Force In The ME 04.11.02

CNN TRANSCRIPT Pentagon "Backgrounder" Says Military "Very Worried" About Lack Of Moderate Arab Support In War On Terrorism Because Of Growing ME Unrest 04.11.02

NYT EU Urges Trade Sanctions Against Israel 04.11.02

WP "Confronting [Israeli] Barriers to Medical Care in the West Bank" 04.11.02

AN Israeli Soldies Have Pet Dog Named "Bush." "Barks A Lot...Useless." 04.11.02

WP Ridge Meets House Members In Secret, Without Swearing To Tell The Truth; Dems Continue To Call For Public Meeting Under Oath 04.11.02

NYT ED NY A-G Gives Critics Possible Smoking Gun: Investment And Brokerage Firms Providing "Disinformation" To Make A Buck Off Unsuspecting Clients 04.11.02

WP ED Wall St. Corruption: Stock Analyists Lie To Clients About Stocks, Get Payoffs From Corporations 04.11.02

AUDIO An Hour With Outspoken Rep. Kucinich 04.11.02

CONASON New, Fairer "Crossfire" Has Bite, So Repugs Want To Stay Away 04.11.02

PI TRANSCRIPT Palast Gets Applause For Cutting Remarks On Bush, Elections 04.11.02

MC GORY The Queen Mum's Example 04.11.02

HUFFINGTON Bush Continues To Build Record Of Full-blooded Rhetoric And Anemic Follow-through 04/10/02

WP In Another Bush Flip-Flop, Powell Now Says He'll Meet With Arafat, As He Continues To Talk With Observer Countries 04/10/02

WP Bush's Call For Arafat To Agree To Tenet Is "Another Mistake," Because It is Too Late, Says "Initiator" Of Oslo 04/10/02

WILL Pundit Rumbles From The Right As Bush Says, QUOTE--Look, my job isn't to try to nuance. My job is to tell people what I think.--UNQUOTE 04/10/02

DYMALLY "We can't fall into the Cold War trap of allowing national interests to impugn our national character". 04/10/02

ARCHIVES Cheney Lied About Haliburton Deal With Iraq 04/10/02

RIFKIN Iraq, Iran, Libya Pressure Is On To Play The Oil Card 04/10/02

NYT ED Dems And Moderate Repugs Need To Fight Bush's Energy Plan Even Harder In The Face Of Oil Shortage Threat 04/10/02

PACHECO "The Israeli occupation is violating the human rights of Palestinians in the West Bank." 04/10/02

GREENBERG Freed Palestinians Tell of Roundup in Grim Detail 04/10/02

SCHEER "U.S. Jews Cannot Acquiesce to Sharon's Monstrous Behavior " 04/10/02

HA'ARETZ Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Calls Israeli Operation In Jenin A "Masacre" 04/10/02

WP Israel Building Barriers To Keep Palestinians Out 04/10/02

RIDGEWAY "Some Israeli Soldiers Blast Occupation " 04/10/02

WP US Concerned About Second ME War Front On Israel-Lebanon Border 04/10/02

KRAUTHAMMER "Watch Lebanon. If you want to know where the Israeli-Palestinian war is going, watch Lebanon." 04/10/02

SOSKIS " Why can't the American press tell a pro-Palestinian demonstrator from a peacenik?" 04/10/02

RUBIN Bush's refusal to support expansion of the British-led International Security Assistance Force beyond Kabul may doom a young Afghanistan.04/10/02

ECONOMIST Is There A Terrorist In That Shipping Container? 04/10/02

NYT Critics say the first of the post-Enron pension measures to reach the House floor actually opens up fresh loopholes. 04/10/02

LAT ED Bush's Enron Army Chief White "Should Quit" 04/10/02

NYT ED Bush's Supremes Unconcerned About Fairness Of Death Penalty As The Wrongly Convicted Continue To Be Executed 04/10/02

LYALL "The royal family loses its last bearable member. " 04/10/02

KURTZ Nobody Will Fill Herblock's Shoes, But Toles Is The New Man At The Post 04/10/02

AP He Falwell Down Go Boom! 04/10/02

BRODER Bush's Painful Lesson: Ambiguity Of Reality Is Not Resolved By Mindless Rhetoric 04.09.02

WP ED Blunt Speech By Bush Earns Chorus Of "Screw You's" From Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs 04.09.02

SCHMEMANN Bush And Sharon Have Different Agendas 04.09.02

AP Experts Doubt Bush ME Solution 04.09.02

WP Israel Begins Pullout, Promises More Attacks 04.09.02

NYT ED "Ariel Sharon's Costly Defiance " 04.09.02

WP Powell Stops In Morocco, Told The Battle Is Elsewhere 04.09.02

DIONNE Does Powell Really Have An Alternative To "TINA"? 04.09.02

KRISTOF Palestininan Right Of Return, Israeli Policy Of Settlements Are Two Delusion That Are Getting In The Way Of Lasting Peace 04.09.02

COHEN Bandar, Our Saudi Man In D.C., Is...Uh..."Full Of It." 04.09.02

WEST Of Course We Know That The Saudis Are Corrupt, But We Need To Be Whores For Their Oil 04.09.02

KRUGMAN Prepare For More Serious Oil Price Shocks 04.09.02

REUTERS Iraq Embargo Said To Be Helping Alaskan Drilling Plan 04.09.02

AP GOP May Not Risk Arctic Drilling Vote 04.09.02

REUTERS Biden To Bush: Finish Job In Afghanistan 04.09.02

WP ED Campaign Finance Deform: Battle Begins In House To Put Tax-Exempt Attack Ad Groups Further Into The Shadows 04.09.02

NYT ED Now That Campaign Finance Reform Has Passed, Congress Is Working Hard To Undo It 04.09.02

WP ED Both Parties Are Oinking Along As They Shovel Pork 04.09.02

WP Break In Stonewall: Anderson Exec To Plead Guilty Re Enron Mess 04.09.02

NYT Repugs Get Behind Protest To Stop Bush Nuke Trash Transporting To Yucca By Blaming It All On Spencer Abraham 04.09.02

REUTERS Sources Say US Approves Carter Trip To Cuba 04.09.02

ASH An English View: "America Has Too Much Power For Anybody's Good, Including Its Own" 04.09.02

NYT "Unusually Direct" Bush Tells Southern Backers A Republican-Controlled Senate Would Allow Him To Place Conservatives In All The Courts 04.07.02

ARCHIVES Will Naderites Split Dem Vote Again To Help Bush Pack Our Courts With Conservatives? [also, see the next eight headlines] 04.07.02

BERKOWITZ With Thompson And Ashcroft In The Lead, Bush Builds Army Of Christian Soldiers, Placing Christian Conservatives In Key Policy Positions 04.07.02

WP ED "Blatant Violations "Of Fair Housing Would Make A "Segregationalist Drool." Bush "Is Giving Housing Discrimination A Free Pass." 04.07.02

NYT Some Wonder If Ties Between Adams Mark Head And Ashcroft Led Justice Dept. To Consider Lifting Anti-Discrimination Order Against Hotel Chain 04.07.02

KENNEDY "Bush administration wants to delete [a clean water rule] from the law to let mining companies dump their wastes into streams. " 04.07.02

BIVENS Yucca Mountain Will Be Filled With Bush Nuke Trash As Soon As It Opens. Where Will The Next Dump Site Be? 04.07.02

NYT ED Agreeing With Conservative Groups, Bush Plans To Leave Children Behind Again: "The Bush administration senselessly plans to abandon a farsighted regulation designed to ensure that all medicines used in children undergo proper testing for safety and efficacy." 04.07.02

NYT Seniors Angry Over Drug Costs May Take Out Frustrations Against Repugs In Voting Booth 04.07.02

MC GOVERN "Bush and Cheney are leading us into another half-century of cold war, with terrorism replacing Communism as the new hobgoblin of our age." 04.07.02

PURDUM Since Sept. 11 Bush Has Talked As Though All Terrorism Is Alike, But There Are At Least Three Kinds Because Terrorism Is A Method, Not An Ideology 04.07.02

AP Israel Still Moving Forward On West Bank, General Says He Plans To Stay "As Long As Is Needed" 04.07.02

WP Israel Intensifies Assault As Sharon Ignores Bush Plea 04.07.02

WP "Faced with a crisis in the Middle East, the Bush administration postponed plans here last week to launch a new campaign to expose Iraq's latest attempts to acquire prohibited chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, according to U.S. and other Western officials." 04.07.02

REUTERS Blair To Give Attack Iraq Speech In Texas 04.07.02

NICHOLS British In Uproar As Blair Plays Part As Bush's "Poodle" 04.07.02

FISK "The Saudi plan wasn't exactly an offer rejected. Just an offer ignored. And so we continue to walk down the path of war." 04.07.02

NYT Arab Ministers Rebuke Bush, Say 22 Nation Arab League Supports Arafat 04.07.02

WP "The polls show that "the basic concepts of both the right and the left have collapsed," said Avraham Burg, the left-of-center speaker of the Knesset, Israel's parliament. 'The left woke up to find [that] its dream of a new Middle East can't be realized. The right is discovering that a military solution isn't an option. Both are lost, and the center has not yet found itself.'" 04.07.02

FRIEDMAN "The Palestinians, while talking peace in English, continued to build hate against Israelis in Arabic...Israel built peace with one hand and continued to build Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza with the other, to a degree that made Palestinians feel their living space was shrinking while Israel's was constantly expanding, all under the umbrella of 'peace.'" 04.07.02

BRZEZINSKI "In pursuing its Middle East policy, the U.S. has to be guided by a strategic awareness of all the interests involved, and not by the claims of any single party." 04.07.02

NYT ED Here's What's Needed: "Ending Palestinian terrorism; freezing, then rolling back, Jewish settlements; and negotiating new borders that would end 35 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and allow the establishment of a politically and economically viable Palestinian state. These steps would have to unfold in a regional context that led to full Arab recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state with secure and defensible borders, guaranteed by peace treaties and cemented by economic cooperation." 04.07.02

OZ Any Peace Between Israel And Palestine Would Not Stop The Muslim War Against Israel 04.07.02

BORSAGE Bush's Enron Sec. Of Army White Must Go, So He Can Defend His Enron Millions On His Own Time 04.07.02

NYT Mass. Drive To Ban Gay Marrigage Said To Dupe Signers By Having Them Think Petition Is For Stopping Horse Slaughter 04.07.02

DOWD "As the need for spirituality is growing, the credibility of various faiths is waning." 04.07.02

TRAUB The Class War Over School Testing 04.07.02

COHEN "In the end, Arabs need recognition of their dignity, while Israelis need the dignity of recognition -- and neither is likely to be willing to wait until the end to get it." 04.06.02

SALUTIN Suggestion: Isolate The Haters And Killers On Both Sides And Deal With The Humans 04.06.02

AP Bush Defends Do-Nothing Policy, Blames Clinton's Peace Keeping For ME "Intefadeh" 04.06.02

BOUDREAUX Bush's Speech Set No Time For Israeli Withdrawal As Sharon Is Continuing War Prior To Powell Talks 04.06.02

NYT Powell Says Bush Meant Israeli Withdrawal "Without Delay," But Bush Has Yet To Say It. Meanwhile, Bush Verbal Slip Left Reporters Guessing About Iraq Attack Decision. 04.06.02

AP Sharon To Powell: "We Have A Right To Defend Ourselves." 04.06.02

KELLER "The tighter America clings to Mr. Sharon, the more the Arab rank-and-file is aroused against America, the more the antiterror alliance is strained and the more Saddam becomes a folk hero." 04.06.02

LOBE US hawks call shots on Mideast policy 04.06.02

VERITAS Bush Sends Zinni As Peacebroker To Israel, While Zinni Advises Veritas On Arms Investments 04.06.02

LYONS "A 2-year-old could have seen this crisis coming And the idea that it could be brushed under the carpet as the administration focused on either Afghanistan or Iraq reflects either appalling arrogance or ignorance." --Reagan Mideast Specialist 04.06.02

SCHEER Bush Fiddled While The ME Burned 04.06.02

REUTERS Protests Rage Across Arab Land 04.06.02

CNS Krugman Refused To Applaud Bush, Cheney At D.C. Dinner 04.06.02

PILGER "How dare George Bush preach peace to Israel when he's meeting Blair to plan war on Iraq." 04.06.02

DPC Peace Group Plans To Rally In Crawford Today While Bush Is Visiting With Blair 04.06.02

WP D.C. Protestors Seek Israel Retreat 04.06.02

FISK Speech Indicated "Bush had totally failed to understand the tragedy he is supposedly trying to solve." 04.06.02

DOYLE The best piece of coverage I've encountered recently was on radio. On CBC Radio's This Morning program on Tuesday, Robert Fisk was heard on a cellphone from Bethlehem." 04.06.02

FISK Lies Leaders Tell When They Want To Go To War 04.06.02

COCKBURN "It's absolute hypocrisy to be claiming that Arafat can put a stop to the terrorism - and it's -- let's put it mildly -- poor information on the part of the President to be maintaining that. This guy is sitting isolated." -- Zbigniev Brzezinski 04.06.02

KORING Israel Success May Not Be Measured In Strikes, Arrests 04.06.02

LYNCH Tampa Campus Mirrors Middle East: Problems at the University of South Florida have diminished the University's reputation and split the campus in two 04.06.02

NYT ED "It is hard to overstate the significance of the capture late last week in central Pakistan of Abu Zubaydah, a top Al Qaeda terrorist trainer and operative." 04.06.02

CHRISTISON U.S. Oil Policy as a Juggernaut in U.S. Foreign Policy 04.06.02

GOVEXEC Fed Employees Up In Arms Over Bush "Borrowing" Of Their Retirement Funds 04.06.02

MOKHIBER Philip Morris To Canada: Drop Dead 04.06.02

IVINS Say "Get Lost!" To The "Masters Of Mean," Repugs Armey And Gramm 04.06.02

GWYN Drumbeat Of "World War II Type Of War" Growing Louder 04.05.02

POWER As ME Boils Over, George And Tony Talk About Iraq Attack Today 04.05.02

TRAVERS "It is palpable nonsense to prosecute an abstract War on Terrorism in Iran or Iraq while the real thing is claiming real lives in the Middle East." 04.05.02

HOAGLAND "Make no mistake: The president's overriding goal was not to bring instant peace between Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon, an objective that is as immediately unrealistic as it is ultimately noble. Bush's main purpose in speaking out now is to halt a rapidly spreading erosion of the force and clarity of his campaign against terrorist networks and their state sponsors." 04.05.02

NYT ED Bush's Reversal Of Ill-Advised Do-Nothing ME Policy "came none too soon and, we hope, not too late." 04.05.02

NYT "I expect better leadership and I expect results." The most abrasive sentence in the speech is the only one attributed to Bush. 04.05.02

SCHORR Bush Is "trapped in a 'labyrinth of obligations for which he was ambiguously prepared'" and his "struggles to remain on top of them...[are] setting no new records for consistency." 04.05.02

WP Bush Reversal Of ME Policy Met With Praise And Doubt 04.05.02

BLOOM "Sharon Says Offensive Will Continue After Bush Call " 04.05.02

KRISTOF "To understand why Ariel Sharon's harsh tactics are self-defeating, come here to this Gaza Strip refugee camp and talk to young Palestinians. " 04.05.02

SULTAN "Why Israel Must Stop The Terror" 04.05.02

KRAUTHAMMER "Banish Arafat Now" 04.05.02

KRUGMAN "Ari Fleischer's use of a press conference on the crisis in the Middle East to shill for the Bush energy plan shows the administration's lack of decency." 04.05.02

RALL "Even before the 9-11 attacks, the well-oiled Bush Administration (bad pun intended) planned to take over Afghanistan one way or another. The only question was how and when it would be carried out." 04.05.02

NYT Bush "rejection or disregard of a range of treaties is undercutting efforts by many other countries to strengthen the international rule of law. " 04.05.02

POMFRIT WP Reporter Names BushAdmin Names In Taiwangate As Taiwan Officials Claim Funding "Legal Under U.S. Law." 04.05.02

WHITLOW "What are the implications of having GW Bush in the Oval Office if he has received such considerable illegal campaign contributions from a covert Taiwanese slush fund?" 04.05.02

NYT Sen. Byrd Insists Ridge Testify Before Congress 04.05.02

MOJO EPA Protection Chief Resigns: "This is an administration that loves the energy industry, that comes from the energy industry, and thinks that what's good for the industry is good for the country." 04.05.02

DN Bush Medicare Cuts Imperil Elderly Care 04.05.02

SPT Jeb's Florida: "A nonprofit company hired to help clear an enormous backlog of child abuse cases is stripped of its contracts following allegations of shoddy work." 04.05.02

WEXLER "How Florida’s continuing foster care panic endangers children " 04.05.02

DIONNE Politicians Come Back By Being Bold. Let 'er Rip, Al. 04.05.02

PEASE Who Needs CNN When We've Got Fox? 04.05.02

TIME "The only reason Ariel Sharon did not order Arafat's assassination was to placate the Bush administration. But Bush's foreign policy advisers are ready to give up. No matter what happens to Arafat, the violence won't end." (Slate quote.) 04.04.02

CNN Israel Denies U.S. Envoy From Meeting With Arafat 04.04.02

ECONOMIST "The Israeli army is continuing its reoccupation of Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank, provoking mounting anger in other Middle Eastern countries, and fears that the conflict might widen. Diplomatic efforts to stem the bloodshed look increasingly desperate " 04.04.02

US NEWS "Includes a statistic to prove that Israeli violence only encourages Palestinian terrorism: Throughout the intifada, the Israeli kill ratio has stayed put at 3-1, which means that when Israeli troops kill more people, so do Palestinian suicide bombers." (Slate quote.) 04.04.02

TELHAMI "Suicide bombings are immensely empowering to many people in the Middle East who no longer believe that their governments can do anything to relieve their humiliation and improve their conditions." 04.04.02

MC GRORY " Those of us who thought the madness in the Middle East might galvanize George Bush and cause him to dispatch Colin Powell to the scene on the double were startled by what happened. The leader of the free world lolled in a lounger in Crawford, Tex., and told Ariel Sharon to go to it." 04.04.02

CONASON "Just as disturbing as the limp [ME] policy posture of the White House are the hints that Mr. Bush is guided by domestic political considerations on this crucial issue." 04.04.02

COOPERMAN "President Bush's stalwart support of Israel is winning effusive praise from major organizations representing American Jews, who voted against Bush in overwhelming numbers 17 months ago." 04.04.02

NYT "Europeans and Arab states are pressing [Bush] to give Yasir Arafat incentives to call a halt in the Palestinian suicide bombings, while many conservatives here are arguing just the opposite. They say President Bush should abandon any effort to intercede and should help Mr. Sharon crush Mr. Arafat and terrorist groups allied with him...Some of the president's political advisers, have been keeping a wary eye on the rising price of crude oil, a place where Middle East politics and midterm-election politics meet." 04.04.02

CT ED With "Benign Neglect," Blaming Clinton, And Using A Last-Minute Envoy With Little "Diplomatic Heft," Bush Watched As ME Turned Into A "Festering Crisis" 04.04.02

CROSSFIRE TRANSCRIPT Bush "should be responsible for America's policy, not for the Middle East violence, but for our policy. His policy has been incoherent." 04.04.02

KAMYIA "The bumbling and arrogance of the administration has made the Middle East -- and the world -- a more dangerous place." 04.04.02

WP ED ISLAMIC NATIONS held a conference in Malaysia this week in an effort to refute the connection between the Muslim world and terrorism. Sadly, they managed to accomplish the opposite. 04.04.02

CNN Afghan Government Arrests Hundreds Of Islamic "Plotters" In Kabul 04.04.02

WP Judge rules that policy to close immigration hearings related to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is unconstitutional. 04.04.02

MENCIMER Conservatives thought Clinton-bashing Judge Royce Lamberth was on their team---until he went after the Bushies. 04.04.02

KUTTNER How Bush Puts Kids Last In His Marriage Welfare Plan 04.04.02

MSNBC Ken Starr's Chicago Law Firm Being Investigated By Congress Re Enron Connections 04.04.02

BAKER How Bush Stonewalled The Government's Good News About The State Of Social Security 04.04.02

KUTTNER "The Bush administration, much of Wall Street, and the privatization crusade need to portray a system in crisis in order to sell individual investment accounts as Social Security's salvation. But even with a healthier stock market, there's one huge fallacy in the argument." 04.04.02

NICHOLS "Makes Dick Cheney out to be a puppet of Enron. The company's full-service man in the White House, Cheney held exclusive meetings with Ken Lay and shaped energy policy to meet Enron demands. Now Cheney is refusing to cooperate with congressional investigators, and Democrats are too lily-livered to launch a full-scale inquiry." (Slate quote.) 04.04.02

BIVENS Renewable energy can actually be cheaper than oil when environmental and social costs are factored in. 04.04.02

HERBERT "The nuclear reactor known as Indian Point 2 has the worst safety rating of all 103 nuclear reactors in the United States and is located in the most densely populated region." 04.04.02

HUNTER How Can Drilling In Alaska Help Us If The Oil Corporations Want To Send The Stuff To Asia? 04.04.02

MEANS How Bush Is Botching An Energy Plan 04.04.02

NYT ED "Unchecked and unregulated, off-road vehicles present a huge threat to fragile landscapes and environmental values in general. " 04.04.02

SHILANDER Bush Is A Policy Plagerist. Gets His Words From His Corporate Backers 04.04.02

NYP Oprah Says White House Set Her Up 04.04.02

FRIEDMAN Osama's Sept. 11 Dream Of Clash Of Civilizations Now Achieved In ME War 04.03.02

NYT Bush's ME Leadership: "There's Less Here Than Meets The Eye." 04.03.02

Rabbi Michael Lerner Bush Wants To Sweep ME Conflict Under The Rug And "Have His War" Against Iraq 04.03.02

BALZ MILBANK Bush's Simplistic "Good Vs. Evil" Doesn't Work In The ME Conflict 04.03.02

WP ED Powell's Analysis Of ME Situation "Entirely At Odds" With What Bush Has Said This Past Week 04.03.02

SCHEER Bush Fiddled While Mideast Burned 04.03.02

HOAGLAND "Unless the Bush administration puts all its weight behind [the Abdullah peace plan] or some similar effort, Washington will be left with military force and homeland security as its only readily available tools to deal with the spreading rage against the U.S. government and "friendly" Arab leaders that the Sharon offensive is fueling." 04.03.02

FULLER "Events of recent weeks make absolutely clear that there will be no peace in the Middle East until the cost reaches truly massive proportions for either the Palestinians, Israel or the U.S. " 04.03.02

BROWNSTEIN Right Tells Bush To Drop ME "Peace Effort." Observers Ask "What Bush ME Peace Effort?" 04.03.02

KELLY Arafat Subverted The Palestinian "Experiment" From Day One 04.03.02

WILL Pugnacious Pundit Says Keep Arafat In Room Without Electricity Or Cell Phone. [Then Have Bush Castigate Him For Not Controlling The Terrorists.] 04.03.02

CHUCKMAN Of War, Israel, And Islam 04.03.02

AFP Speakers At UN Disarmament Conference Denounce Bush Unilateralism 04.03.02

LURIE Think Tanker Says "the earlier we attack Iraq, the less the chance of Israel or the United States being nuked." 04.03.02

LAT Iran Gives Al Qaeda Safe Passage --Rumsfeld 04.03.02

LAT ED FBI, Pakistanis Captured Top Al Qaeda Leader, But Is Cooperation Typical? 04.03.02

LAT Kandahar's Lightly Veiled Homosexual Habits 04.03.02

WP ED Supreme Court "decision offers a window on just how little the court majority cares about ensuring the most basic elements of fairness in criminal trials." 04.03.02

HUFFINGTON Supreme Court Says "it's OK to toss people who the court acknowledges are innocent out of their houses for crimes they didn't commit and didn't even know about" 04.03.02

LAT ED US Court Secrecy "Should Not Stand" 04.03.02

DOWD "At least the Clintonites were upfront about their addiction to polling. The Bush method is all denial and secrecy, just like its energy plan. " 04.03.02

WP Bush Takes Retirement Money To Pay For His Tax Cuts As Deficit Spending Begins 04.03.02

NYT ED Congress Has Caved To GOP Corporate Pressure To Provide Subsidies For Big Growers At The Expense Of Environment, Small Farmers 04.03.02

NYT Powell's Kid At FCC Now Wants To Extend Corporate Conglomerate Control Of Media Into Small Towns 04.03.02

AP Bush Anti-Free Trade Position On Beef Could Drive Imports For Fast Food Corporations Further Afield 04.03.02

BRODER Mel Martinez? Who's He? 04.03.02

NYT "Testy" Bush Cites Recent Phone Calls "To World Leaders" As Proof Of His Engagement In The Middle East, While Criticism Of Him Mounts 04.02.02

BLOOM "'We are monitoring the events very closely and assessing appropriate responses,' [White House spokesman] Johndroe said. That monitoring hasn't included phone calls by Bush himself to Arafat or Sharon, Johndroe said, adding that he knew of no plans for the president to phone the leaders." 04.02.02

AP Bush Admits Treatment Of Arafat Contradicts His War On Terrorism Policy, So He Spins His Policy 04.02.02

BLOOM Sharon Uses Bush's Terrorist Doctrine To Justify His War Position, So Bush Is Forced To Spin What He Said 04.02.02

NYT ED "Though he may not want to step up American involvement, Mr. Bush has no choice." 04.02.02

OLIPHANT "It is silly to expect [Bush] to confess his mistaken judgment [of disengagement in the ME] since taking office." 04.02.02

BW While Bush Talks Free Trade He Practices "High-Risk, Two-Faced Trade Policy" 04.02.02

GREENE Bush accused of politicizing war after promoting bipartisanship 04.02.02

GM ED Bush Contradicts Pledge Of Bipartisanship, Invites Gridlock 04.02.02

SHRIBMAN With Eyes On Midterm Elections, Bush Says Recession Is Over. Uh, Wait. With Eyes On His Next Election, He Says Recession Persists. Uh, But...Wait...Uh... 04.02.02

CORN In Bush's Orwellian "War Is Peace" Mind, Nuke Offense Is Termed "Defense" 04.02.02

GOTTEMOELLER Bush's Idea Of A Nuclear Battlefield Weapon Is Simply Not Practical, And He Should Know It From Past Discussions 04.02.02

WP Rumsfeld Links Iran, Iraq, And Syria To Attacks On Israel 04.02.02

WP Israel Widening War, Palestinian Bombing Continues 04.02.02

IND ED "Siege of Mr Arafat shows Mr Sharon's weakness " 04.02.02

BG ED Palestinian Suicide Bombing Is The Product Of "Delusional Thinking" 04.02.02

SHEHADEH "To justify Israeli actions, two deliberate distortions of reality are being employed " 04.02.02

ANDERSON "All Israel's genius has been compromised by the West Bank settlements and denying Palestinians rights " 04.02.02

BUNCOMBE "US ignores international mood and lays blame on Palestinians " 04.02.02

FISK "Watching from on high as Israeli guns keep firing " 04.02.02

NYT OPIC Says New Investigation Needed To Determine If Enron Bilked Taxpayers Out Of $1 Bil For International Projects 04.02.02

KRUGMAN If the facts say that Social Security is very much alive, the Bush administration doesn't want to hear about it. 04.02.02

LAW Members Of Bush's Dept. Of Interior, Including Sec. Norton, "Facing Possible Contempt Charges," Congress Told Some Have Taken Out Judicial Protection Insurance 04.02.02

AP Bush "Chuckled In Church." Baptist Minister Says Florida Election Result Was "Will Of God" (last paragraphs) 04.02.02

PALAST "How George W. Bush Stole The Election" 04.02.02

ARCHIVES Voting In Florida 04.02.02

DIONNE "Bush is going much further than McKinley ever did. He wants to reorder the world." 04.02.02

NYT Bush ME Policy Remains Incoherent As He Struggles To Gain Arab Support For Iraq Attack While Blunting The Logic Of His War On Terrorism 04.01.02

BG Sharon Declares Israel At War 04.01.02

BG ED Descent Into ME War Gives Terrorists The Victory 04.01.02

SAFIRE Sharon Says Arabs Refuse To Talk Peace With Him 04.01.02

CSM Many American Jews, Often Liberal, Rally Around Hawkish Sharon 04.01.02

ETZIONI For Now, The Saudi Peace Plan Is Just A Mirage 04.01.02

BG Likely Arafat Successor Accused Of Sheltering Terrorists 04.01.02

REUTERS Islamic Conference On Terrorism Calls Both Palestinian Bombers And Israeli Soldiers "Terrorists" 04.01.02

REUTERS Iran calls on Islamic countries to sever Israel ties 04.01.02

AP Muslim nations in new bid to improve image, but experts skeptical 04.01.02

LAT Taiwan Slush Fund Scandal Reported Without Providing Bush Administration Specifics 04.01.02

PA Two Assistant Secretaries In BushAdmin Mentioned In Taiwan Slush Fund Reporting (see links) 04.01.02

COOPER Bush Finds His Vietnam In Colombia 04.01.02

MALLABY Bush Says He Doesn't Want To Be An Afghan Peacekeeper, So Why Does He Want To Train An Army? Warkeeping? 04.01.02

RICHTER While Bush Plays Politics With Free Trade, The Europeans Look To Leading The Global Economy 04.01.02

NYT ED NRA Begins Legal Attack On New Campaign Finance Law. Will Bush Defend It With More Conviction Than He Signed It? 04.01.02

NYT ED Will Bush Do More Than Just Talk About Meeting The November Legal Deadline For Airport Security? 04.01.02

WP Defenders Of Bush Marriage Welfare Plan "Borrow The Arguments Of Conservative Researchers And Think-Tanks" 04.01.02

BG ED Bush Infectious Diseases Head Refuses To Commit Self And Family To Taking Smallpox Vaccine 04.01.02

MAC ARTHUR Orwell? You Can Have Him 04.01.02

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