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JEFFORDS “I worry that the list of issues that dominated the election season was woefully incomplete. As we respond daily to the latest threats of terror highlighted by the administration, I believe other issues that bear directly on the security of our homeland are being dangerously obscured. Our slumping economy, our threatened environment, our underfunded schools, our corporate scandals - these are not issues that you will hear discussed by the White House, but they are being talked about by people who don't have the power to define the nation's agenda....If the new, razor-thin Republican majority abuses its power and moves forward with an extreme agenda that overlooks the concerns of the many and benefits only the privileged few, there will be repercussions.“ 11.30.02

TP Poll: Landrieu holding on to lead. But Bush visit could put Terrell in front . 11.30.02

BENSON Gore’s TV War. “Among the many problems facing the Democratic Party, according to former Vice President Al Gore, is the state of the American media. The media is kind of weird these days on politics, and there are some major institutional voices that are, truthfully speaking, part and parcel of the Republican Party," said Mr. Gore in an interview with The Observer. "Fox News Network, The Washington Times, Rush Limbaugh-there’s a bunch of them, and some of them are financed by wealthy ultra-conservative billionaires who make political deals with Republican administrations and the rest of the media …. Most of the media [has] been slow to recognize the pervasive impact of this fifth column in their ranks-that is, day after day, injecting the daily Republican talking points into the definition of what’s objective as stated by the news media as a whole. “ 11.30.02

CONASON “The legend of the liberal media is finally dead. When the mightiest voices of the mainstream gang up on Tom Daschle with Rush Limbaugh, who can believe in that old myth any more? “ 11.30.02

WP Friday Night Special: Bush Limits Federal Pay Hike. Citing a "national emergency," the president denies locality adjustments. 11.30.02

NYT “The Bush administration, in its fight against terrorism, is slowly chipping away at the wall that has existed for nearly three decades between domestic law enforcement and international intelligence gathering in an effort that senior officials said was vital to waging war against Al Qaeda and other terror networks. The barrier between domestic and overseas intelligence gathering was erected when the Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947. It was significantly hardened in the 1970's in response to Congressional investigations that produced revelations of widespread abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the intelligence agency.“ 11.30.02

KELLER Bush’s drug czar “is a veteran of the conservative political bunkers, where pot is viewed as a manifestation of moral degeneracy. "It's still about the war in Vietnam and growing your hair long," says Mark Kleiman, a drug law expert at U.C.L.A. and a thoughtful centrist in a debate monopolized by extremes. "It's the 60's being replayed again and again and again - the S.D.S. versus the football team." For this White House, to give ground on pot would be a moral surrender....The moralistic drug war has overstuffed our prisons, left communities fatherless, fed corruption, consumed vast quantities of law enforcement time and money, and led us into some cynical foreign ventures, all without making drugs scarcer or more expensive. Legalization, on the other hand, means less crime and inner-city misery, but more addicts....Drug reform requires not only money, creativity and patience, but also the political courage to face down ideologues. And political courage, you may have noticed, is a lot harder to come by than drugs. “ 11.30.02

O’FARRELL "So if I was a UN weapons inspector I'd go back to the hotel, empty the mini-bar and hope there were enough miniature Johnny Walker bottles to drown the realisation that I was a diplomatic patsy for the US Republican party. Only I wouldn't stay there too long because there'll definitely be plenty of weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq pretty soon. They'll be dropping from US bombers to mark the start of the American presidential campaign, to make sure there's certainly no "regime change" at the White House. If the inspectors can't see that, then frankly they're never going to spot anything." 11.30.02

MILBANK “In a score of speeches since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the president has called for tolerance of Muslims, describing Islam as "a faith based upon peace and love and compassion" and a religion committed to "morality and learning and tolerance." But a large number of foreign policy hawks -- some of them with advisory roles in the Bush administration -- have joined religious conservatives in taking issue with Bush's characterizations. While most of them understand the political rationale for Bush's statements -- there's no benefit in antagonizing Muslim allies such as Pakistan and Indonesia -- they say the claim is dishonest and destined to fail. For Bush and for the country, the outcome of the argument is crucial. The administration, and moderate governments in Arab and Muslim nations, are struggling to prevent the war on terrorism from becoming what Osama bin Laden wants: a war of civilization between the Judeo-Christian West and a resentful and impoverished Muslim world. “ 11.30.02

KEANE “Once again, Africa has become the battleground for somebody else's war. Bin Laden cares as much about the oppressed of Africa as other outsiders who fight wars there - he couldn't give a damn. “ 11.30.02

PBS Terrorist Attacks In Kenya. Old Missiles For Sale. 11.30.02

BBC The Threat From Portable Missiles 11.30.02

WP ED “THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION rushes headlong at some issues: It faces down rogue states, locks down swing states, locks up terrorist suspects. The Bush administration runs away from other issues: It ignores the coming baby bust; it fumbles the reforms that followed Enron's bust; it fiddles while AIDS burns. On trade, however, the administration is trying to shift from one category to the other. Having started out by caving in to farm and steel protectionists, the Bush team now reaches for trade glory. On Tuesday it proposed the worldwide elimination of tariffs on manufactured products by 2015. “ [But The Many Loopholes May Make The Entire Exercise Moot.] 11.30.02

NYT ED "As the head of a commission to investigate the government's failure to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks, Henry Kissinger may not be the staunchly independent figure needed. " 11.29.02

RIDGEWAY "How You Can Do What the Government Won’t: Arrest Henry Kissinger (Archives) " 11.29.02

BORGER "Like Liddy, Poindexter and North, Kissinger has been helped back from eternal obscurity by a deep desire on the part of the nation's conservatives to avenge past humiliations, when men they saw as heroes were forced to answer to the law, and sometimes go to jail... Kissinger's second act is sweeter than most - his murky past has not only gone unpunished, it now looks like the unsettling prologue for US policy in years to come." 11.29.02

BW Kissinger Conflict Of Interest With Kissinger Associates? 11.29.02

CONASON "Does Kissinger Have A Conflict Of Interest With Hicks, Muse? " 11.29.02

SHAPIRO "Rather than dwelling on Kissinger's controversial conduct three decades ago, it might be more useful to review the Bush administration's resistance to an independent 9/11 inquiry. Back in May, the White House learned the hard way that even the smallest detail about what the president knew when could produce a media firestorm. At issue was the belated revelation that a month before the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush was warned in his daily CIA briefing that al-Qaeda might try to hijack a passenger jet." 11.29.02

OLIPHANT Health Care Policy. "Bush is the easiest to dismiss. As usual, the right's approach to a major domestic problem is to focus on those least affected by it. Tax credits primarily help those already insured or able to pay for it up front; even if made refundable, they are a false promise because the majority of the 41 million uninsured work full time for incomes too low to generate the cash. Worse, the tax credits' proposed ''value'' wouldn't pay half the costs of a decent plan and ignores the reality of skyrocketing costs. Indeed, the president is so far out of step that his own secretary of health and human services, Tommy Thompson, requested a National Academy of Sciences report that recommended a series of state-level pilot projects to, among other things, test ways of actually achieving full coverage." 11.29.02

EDSALL "Major industries such as accounting, aerospace, commercial banking, defense, HMOs, and pharmaceuticals have abandoned their tradition of bipartisan campaign contributions in favor of a commitment to the GOP, a trend that could deepen the problems of a Democratic Party rocked by this month's elections.... The realignment is no accident. Republican leaders for years have been pressing corporate and trade groups to hire more GOP lobbyists and to support more GOP candidates. They have emphasized the GOP issues that favor the corporate world, such as regulatory relief, business tax cuts, and liability limits in civil cases. Their success could have far-reaching implications for US politics and elections. Democrats increasingly find themselves frozen out by deep-pocket industries and political action committees, making them more dependent than ever on a relatively small number of sources: organized labor, trial lawyers, the entertainment industry, environmentalists, educators, and the high-tech industry. A recent change in campaign finance laws will exacerbate the Democrats' problems, denying them the big checks they once received from loyalists in Hollywood and elsewhere, while Republicans use their corporate ties to collect hundreds of thousands of smaller checks from management employees and association members who now play a huge role in federal elections. " 11.29.02

WP "Former vice president Al Gore holds a substantial lead over his potential rivals for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, preferred by roughly half of the Democrats surveyed nationally in a new Washington Post poll.With Gore in the race, no other Democrat included in the survey topped 10 percent." 11.29.02

BG Senate campaign in Louisiana turns into an endurance test. 11.29.02

KRUGMAN "Will the economic interests of the media undermine objective news coverage? " 11.29.02

PFAFF "THE ATTITUDE of the George W. Bush administration and of the neoconservative policy community that supplies its ideas is condescending at best to those who question its actions.... Manicheism's...dualism was of eternal war between God and Satan, light and darkness. It held that evil was physical, not a moral thing. Believers fell into two classes: the elect, or perfect, bearers of light, and their followers, who could hope to merit rebirth as elect. All others were sinners, destined to hell.Manicheism had largely disappeared in Europe by the 6th century, although it influenced the medieval heresies of the Cathars, Albigenses, and the Bogomils. Its dualism is an interpretation of existence that has proven persistent and seductive. In the United States its religious expression has weakened, but its influence on the American mind, as it addresses foreign affairs, is stronger than ever." 11.29.02

FISK "The pathetic "clash of civilisations" predicted in Samuel Huntington's book of the same name is as important to Bin Laden's followers as it is to the right-wing American Christian fundamentalists who make the revolting claim that the Prophet Mohamed was a paedophile.[The attacks on Israeli sites in Kenya] yesterday was another step in that direction." 11.29.02

WOLLACOTT "Don't blame religion for the killings done in God's name. Political failure often paves the way for resurgent fundamentalism. " 11.29.02

IND The Quiet American. "It is simplistic to see [Graham] Greene as "anti-American". The book is an indictment rather of those Americans who dragged the country into the Vietnam War. What Greene castigates is the naive manner of American intervention abroad. America is no longer naive. But where the story remains entirely apposite is in identifying the instinct of Americans to believe that what they are doing is for the "greater good" of the world. Pyle, with his youthful idealism, is just that kind of American. But his eager convictions lead to bloodshed and war. For that reason alone, of course, it is important that Americans watch this film. It should almost be compulsory viewing, in fact. " 11.29.02

HABERMAS "What disturbed me most was the Administration's new National Security Strategy of the United States. With this provocative document, a superpower assumes the privilege of launching pre-emptive strikes against anyone who appears to be sufficiently suspicious; it declares, moreover, its determination to prevent any competitor from even approaching a status of equal power. Not long ago, a generation of young Germans who were liberated from the Nazi regime by American soldiers developed admiration for the political ideals of a nation that soon became the driving force in founding the United Nations and in carrying out the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals. As a consequence, classical international law was revolutionized by limiting the sovereignty of nation-states, by abolishing the immunity of state authorities from supranational prosecution and by incorporating unprecedented crimes into the penal code of international jurisdiction. Should this same nation now brush aside the civilizing achievement of legally domesticating the state of nature among belligerent nations? " 11.29.02

TISDALL "When it comes to Saudi Arabia - the Bush administration is fighting its "war on terror" with its right hand tied behind its back, its left eye closed, and shackles round its ankles. But those constraints are entirely self-imposed. It is for the American people to judge whether this is a wise or honourable policy and whether, in Bush's endlessly repeated phrase, it truly serves 'freedom's cause'." 11.29.02

GAMBLE "By dismissing gay service members, the military is losing qualified personnel it desperately needs. " 11.29.02

GUARDIAN "The Israeli leader Ariel Sharon completed a crushing victory over his arch-rival, Binyamin Netanyahu, in the Likud primary elections, but the vote for the ruling party's prime ministerial candidate was overshadowed by the attacks on Israelis in Kenya and at home in the northern town of Beit Shean." 11.29.02

NAHDI "Yesterday's attacks in Kenya were shocking, but hardly surprising. Like Bali in Indonesia, Mombasa was once an idyllic tropical island. Now it is simmering with anger, consumed by hatred and sucked into the global mayhem that is 'the war against terror'.11.29.02

IGNATIUS "The world received a bitter Thanksgiving present from terrorists in Kenya yesterday -- one suggesting that civilian jetliners may now be at greater risk around the globe. " 11.29.02

HA'ARETZ "If, after wasting two years, the winner of the primaries wants to go down in history with as broad a government as possible - i.e., in partnership with Labor headed by Mitzna - he will have to stand before the voters on January 28 and commit himself to one national issue: ending the conflict with the Palestinians and bringing the boys home." 11.29.02

HAMILTON "There are two fundamental truths about the Middle East that tend to get too easily submerged in the blood. One is that any Palestinian state - economically, if for no other reason - has to live in a symbiotic relationship with Israel. The other is that Israel over the long term only has a future if it is part of an Arab Middle East. It cannot survive as an embattled enclave in a sea of enemies. Not if it wishes any future for its grandchildren... On those two facts you can, and may yet, construct a peace. " 11.29.02

UPI Pro-Taliban alliance clinches key Pakistan province. 11.29.02

KRISTOF "If China continues to be more concerned with hiding the AIDS crisis than confronting it, millions could die over the next two decades. " 11.29.02

CORN "Asking Henry Kissinger to investigate government malfeasance or nonfeasance is akin to asking Slobodan Milosevic to investigate war crimes. Pretty damn akin, since Kissinger has been accused, with cause, of engaging in war crimes of his own. Moreover, he has been a poster-child for the worst excesses of secret government and secret warfare. Yet George W. Bush has named him to head a supposedly independent commission to investigate the nightmarish attacks of September 11, 2001, a commission intended to tell the public what went wrong on and before that day. This is a sick, black-is-white, war-is-peace joke--a cruel insult to the memory of those killed on 9/11 and a screw-you affront to any American who believes the public deserves a full accounting of government actions or lack thereof. It's as if Bush instructed his advisers to come up with the name of the person who literally would be the absolute worst choice for the post and, once they had, said, 'sign him up.' " 11.28.02

HITCHENS "Can Congress and the media be expected to swallow the appointment of a proven coverup artist, a discredited historian, a busted liar, and a man who is wanted in many jurisdictions for the vilest of offenses? The shame of this, and the open contempt for the families of our victims, ought to be the cause of a storm of protest " 11.28.02

DOWD "Prince Bandar, the representative of an oil kingdom, is so close to the Bushes, an oil dynasty, that they nicknamed him Bandar Bush. He contributed over $1 million to the Bush presidential library. The former president is affiliated with the Carlyle Group, which does extensive business with the Saudis. It was terribly inconvenient for all the friends of the bin Sultans when the trail of checks led to the Saudi Embassy. Many influential people in Washington were averting their eyes from the embarrassment. The prince and his panicky wife were defending themselves to The Times's Pat Tyler while Bandar anxiously flipped among seven television screens in their pool house to catch the latest news " 11.28.02

ZENGERIE "As any connoisseur of the Sunday shows knows, guests and discussion topics are determined days in advance of the actual shows. Usually by Friday afternoon, the weekend's lineups are set. But when news breaks, the shows must adjust accordingly. This weekend's report from Newsweek about possible Saudi government financing of two of the 9/11 terrorists certainly qualified as news--and the Sunday shows responded with alacrity, adding guests and shifting focus. The Bush administration, on the other hand, was not so agile--and their silence on the Saudi story spoke volumes. " 11.28.02

COHEN "How do you say après moi, le déluge in Arabic? I don't know, but that statement, reportedly uttered by the prescient Louis XV some years before the French Revolution deluged his successor's head off, surely is either being said or being thought by the rulers of Saudi Arabia. A little reform could cost them their heads. " 11.28.02

REUTERS Bush Asks Court To Hide Vaccine Records. "Attorneys for the Bush Administration asked a federal court on Monday to order that documents on hundreds of cases of autism allegedly caused by childhood vaccines be kept from the public. Department of Justice lawyers asked a special master in the US Court of Federal Claims to seal the documents, arguing that allowing their automatic disclosure would take away the right of federal agencies to decide when and how the material should be released.) " 11.28.02

WP A Homeland Security Whodunit In Massive Bill, Someone Buried a Clause to Benefit Drug Maker Eli Lilly 11.28.02

AP "The Bush administration is proposing to give managers of the nation's 155 national forests greater leeway to approve logging and commercial activities with less examination of potential environmental damages. " 11.28.02

MC QUAIG "It's often said that people just won't go into politics any more because of the intense media scrutiny one faces for even the smallest indiscretion in one's past. In fact, the media are temperamental beasts; fierce one day, gentle as lambs the next. Certainly the media showed its soft side last week. As George W. Bush piously observed Veterans Day, media pundits somehow restrained themselves from pointing to the irony that the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, who's sometimes referred to as a "former fighter pilot," has an embarrassing military past. His records show that for months at a time during the Vietnam War, Bush could be classified as, at best, "absent without leave" (AWOL) or, at worst, as an army deserter.)" 11.28.02

CHUCKMAN "But He IS A Moron. " 11.28.02

FLOYD "No foreign terrorist can strip the entire American system of its basic freedoms -- the inviolability of the citizen, the right to due process, the constitutional separation of powers, the people's right to know what their government is doing in their name. Only an American tyrant can do that. And he is doing it, day by day." 11.28.02

WP "Concerns are being raised among some former U.N. weapons inspectors that the current team lacks experience. The former inspectors, who worked for the United Nations Special Commission created after the Persian Gulf War, say the new inspectors have been selected in part to avoid offending Iraq. These critics say that Hans Blix, the executive chairman of the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), is bypassing some experienced inspectors because they were opposed by Iraq as too aggressive in the earlier inspections. Former inspectors also say that rules requiring applicants to quit their government jobs meant that some of the best-qualified experts did not apply, leaving many positions to be filled by applicants, such as McGeorge, from the private sector. The former inspectors also say the current inspection team lacks the size, mobility and equipment to do its job adequately, and that the new U.N. policy of not sharing information with intelligence agencies could further handicap the team's ability to find weapons sites. " 11.28.02

NYT ED "If Iraq continues to deny the existence of weapons programs, the Security Council will soon have to decide whether it is worth proceeding with further inspections. " 11.28.02

GALLOWAY "There will be only one winner of an Iraqi war - Osama bin Laden. " 11.28.02

HERBERT Dirty Dozen Toy List. "The building blocks of violent behavior are dehumanization and desensitization. The lessons begin at a very early age " with our Christmas toys. 11.28.02

DUNCAN "A continent on the edge of a volcano: Sick of poverty and corruption, Latin America is turning left." 11.28.02

SALON Dem Leader Admits Wellstone Memorial PR Disaster May Have Cost Dems Election Nationwide. "Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe recently told a group of editorial writers that the big-screen close-ups were the biggest mistake of the event, which he said could have cost Democrats nationwide. Afterward, the event's organizers were in shock, one person present said, and some immediately realized it was a public relations disaster. Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a political independent, said the very next morning that he was so disgusted he walked out. Republican challenger Norm Coleman was essentially given a fresh start. "Up until the event, the Coleman people were scared out of their minds," said GOP strategist Sarah Janecek. Mark Penn, who conducts polls for former President Clinton, told Time magazine he found 49 percent of voters thought the service made them less likely to vote for a Democrat. About 67 percent of independent voters felt that way, and overall 68 percent of voters had heard about the service." 11.28.02

KURTZ "At a time when Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and other wingers seem to be the loudest voices around, those on the left are rallying around a Princeton professor who rarely sets foot inside the Beltway and isn't even a fulltime journalist. Paul Krugman, in other words, is hot. Hot not just because he commands a choice chunk of real estate on the New York Times op-ed page, but because week after week he bashes the Bush administration for lying and worse. " 11.28.02

DEAN Brit TV Authority Tells Satire Show It Must Get Bush's Permission To Make Fun Of Him 11.28.02

NYT Bush Happy To Have Bill That Forces Taxpayers To Pay Up To 90% Of Loses Due To Terrorism. Bush Says Bill Will Benefit Taxpayers Through Jobs Covered By Their Own Tax Money. Meanwhile, Insurance Companies Still Plan To Charge High Preminums While Getting Terrorism Bailouts From Gvt. 11.27.02

NYT Now That Repubs Control Congress, They Must Come Up With A Viable Health Plan Or Suffer The Political Consequences, Say Dems. 11.27.02

NYT ED "You have to wonder whether Christie Whitman, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, is really enjoying her job. Last Friday the Bush administration announced the most important change in clean air rules in five years, easing regulations governing emissions from industrial sources and power plants. Mrs. Whitman was nowhere to be seen. The announcement was made by an assistant administrator on a Friday afternoon as the nation headed into a holiday week - a moment, in other words, of minimum media exposure. No cameras were allowed, and Mrs. Whitman spoke through a written press release....In short, industry has won the regulatory relief it wanted without having to swallow any new restrictions. And Mrs. Whitman, at least by the standards she set for herself, has lost. People are beginning to call on Mrs. Whitman to resign as a matter of principle. That might embarrass Mr. Bush, but only for a moment. The better course is for her to stay. We would urge her to fight harder." 11.27.02

PBP ED "Many statements out of Washington defy logic. Few make less sense, however, than the idea that freeing industrial plants from having to install anti-pollution equipment will make the air cleaner. " 11.27.02

NYT Bush Changes Rules Of Ed Game To Make Religious School Vouchers More Likely. "Children attending public schools deemed failing under a new federal law have to be offered transfers to better schools, regardless of whether those schools are already full, according to final regulations released today by the federal Education Department. The new regulations, which are more stringent than expected, could leave hundreds of districts scrambling to come up with alternative places for children who want to transfer out of poorly functioning schools. But critics suggested that the administration was quietly paving the way for vouchers to private schools [,most of which are religious,] as the answer when districts could come up with nothing else. In earlier discussions of the new law, known as No Child Left Behind, officials had said that there would be one acceptable reason for denying children transfers: a lack of capacity in good schools. But in today's regulations, federal officials eliminated that as an excuse." 11.27.02

NICHOLS "Former Iran-Contra player John Poindexter's new project is one thing which Congress should be focusing attention on. The Total Information Awareness program (TIA), which Poindexter devised, is an ambitious plan to use new software and computer-generated data collection that--in the words of the New York Times--seeks to "use the vast networking powers of the computer to 'mine' huge amounts of information about people." 11.27.02

INFOWORLD In 2001 Saffron Technology Was Hired By The Pentagon's Darpa To Create New Data Mining Programs. Saffron's Chairman Says, "Information Overload Isn't The Problem; It's the Solution. " 11.27.02

BW Poindexter Joined Saffron Technology's Board of Directors in 2000. Saffron's Vice-President had previously worked for DARPA. Saffron creates software that, in its words, forms "technology that learns what people do and shares what people know." Poindexter now works out of the Pentagon's DARPA agency. 11.27.02

SULLIVAN "Why we’re all at risk of ID theft. Identity fraud is rampant and protection options limited." 11.27.02

SAMUELSON "We don't know if there will be a war or, as this imagined story suggests, how it might unfold. But the fact that we don't know overhangs the economy. It weighs on confidence. Companies hesitate to make commitments. The uncertainties can't be dispelled by low interest rates or lofty reassurances. " 11.27.02

ROTHBERG Protesting an Attack on Iraq. The GOP landslide has done nothing to tamp down the enthusiasm of the antiwar movement. 11.27.02

SPILLANE Mass. Protesters Pledge to Resist March Toward War with Iraq 11.27.02

COLEMAN "The 9/11 movie Hollywood won't let you see. The "stridently anti-American" anthology film "11'09"01" is sometimes arty, sometimes preachy and sometimes brilliant. In Bush's America, it's also commercially untouchable." 11.27.02

NYT "Information on condom use, the relation between abortion and breast cancer and ways to reduce sex among teenagers has been removed from government Web sites, prompting critics to accuse the Department of Health and Human Services of censoring medical information in order to promote a philosophy of sexual abstinence.Over the last year, the department has quietly expunged information on how using condoms protects against AIDS, how abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer and how to run programs proven to reduce teenage sexual activity." 11.27.02

PIOT "A report published in the British medical journal the Lancet this summer from a group of experts convened by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization demonstrated that scaling up global spending on 12 proven prevention strategies to $4.8 billion per year by 2005 would save 29 million people from HIV infection by decade's end. When the immediate needs for HIV-related care and treatment are added, the required annual spending directly on AIDS in low- and middle-income countries is $10.5 billion. This year, spending will be less than $3 billion. And the more we delay making a proper investment in the AIDS fight, the more the eventual costs will escalate. Perhaps for the first time, southern Africa's famine brings the world face to face with the true scale of the consequences of AIDS. With 5 million new HIV infections globally this year alone, if we do not dramatically increase action against AIDS, we will be sowing the seeds of future humanitarian disasters -- and not only in southern Africa." 11.27.02

WP ED "THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION is starting to flesh out its promise to expand the nation's paltry foreign assistance. Measured as a share of the economy, the aid budget has fallen from 0.24 percent of GDP in the mid-1980s to 0.1 percent today, making the United States the least generous of the 22 advanced economies. The Bush administration proposes to increase the aid budget from $10 billion to $15 billion annually. That would probably still leave the United States last on the list of donors (it could tie with Italy). " 11.27.02

CORN An Un-Serious Congress. Dems and Repubs flee Washington without tending to real homeland security and other crucial matters. 11.27.02

EBAN Waiting for Bioterror Is our public health-care system ready? 11.27.02

GORDON Israel's Choice. Israelis on the left and right realize that the conflict cannot be resolved by military force. 11.27.02

GOLDSTEIN "Such is the myth of the gay-friendly GOP. They buy you a beer, call it champagne, and expect to get laid." 11.27.02

WP Louisiana's Dem Senator, Mary Landrieu, Didn't Lose on Election Day. But She Hasn't Won Yet. "With the post-election breakdown in the Senate at 51 Republicans, 48 Democrats (including Landrieu) and one independent, cash is pouring into Louisiana from both parties. Vice President Cheney campaigned with Terrell last week. Former president Bush will be here Monday. President Bush will be here Tuesday." 11.26.02

COBBLE "If Senate Democrats REALLY want to lure GOP moderates to become Independents, the Dems should promise to give the switchers control of the chamber. " 11.26.02

ASHCROFT In 1997 Aschcroft Condemned As "Big Brother" What The Gvt. Now Wants To Do. "The Clinton administration would like the Federal government to have the capability to read any international or domestic computer communications. The FBI wants access to decode, digest, and discuss financial transactions, personal e-mail, and proprietary information sent abroad -- all in the name of national security....The protections of the Fourth Amendment are clear. The right to protection from unlawful searches is an indivisible American value. Two hundred years of court decisions have stood in defense of this fundamental right. The state's interest in effective crime-fighting should never vitiate the citizens' Bill of Rights." 11.26.02

WP Is The Fix In? "While the Bush administration decides how much privacy Americans should have, John Bates is about to decide how much privacy the Bush White House should have. U.S. District Judge Bates is putting the final touches on his opinion regarding the White House request to shield the activities of Vice President Cheney's energy task force from the prying eyes of Congress. The ruling is expected to be released within days....Bates is an appointee of President Bush and has many friends in the administration, leading critics of the White House to assume that the fix is in for the Cheney lawsuit. " 11.26.02

NYT NYT Poll Suggests Most Americans Like Bush And His War But Not His Domestic Policies, Are Unhappy About Election Results, But Dems Failed To Offer A Reason Not To Vote GOP. 11.26.02

DIONNE "Prepare yourself for the latest cause of the political right: You are about to hear a great deal about how working Americans at the bottom of the economy are not paying enough in taxes. " 11.26.02

NYT Bush Domestic Policies Don't Work For States. "Plunging tax collections and soaring medical costs have created the worst fiscal problems for states since World War II, the National Governors Association said on Monday. " 11.26.02

KRUGMAN Every Breath You Take. "It's likely that last week's announcement of new rules on air pollution marks the beginning of a new era of environmental degradation. " 11.26.02

WP "Ridge Faces Daunting Task. Analysts question Homeland Dept. nominee's record, ability to win bureaucratic battles. " 11.26.02

NYT "Nearly a dozen years after the Persian Gulf war, when reliance on Saudi supplies prompted calls for the United States to diversify its sources of oil, America remains as dependent as ever on the Saudis, according to government and industry officials. " 11.26.02

HUFFINGTON "Once again, America is a nation divided. I'm not talking about the irreparable, brother-against-brother split between those who think the Bachelor should have proposed to Brooke instead of Helene. I'm talking about a contentious clash that is just beginning to rage. Call it the SUV war. As you read this, the opposing camps are staking out their turf." 11.26.02

BORGER "President's man? Ever since the Watergate scandal, reporter Bob Woodward has been a scourge of the White House. But critics say his latest book is soft on George W. Bush. Has he got too close to the president?" 11.26.02

GUARDIAN "Tony Blair last night faced a barrage of criticism from Labour MPs opposed to war with Iraq at the start of a commons debate in which 32 backbenchers defied a three line whip to vote against the government... Ministers were urged not to bow to US pressure to launch a military attack without explicit United Nations authority in the debate which lasted more than five hours."11.26.02

CUMINGS "It was inevitable that one of the "axis of evil" countries threatened with pre-emptive attack [North Korea] would pre-empt the center stage and call Bush's bluff. Now a country with a patent on grandiose braggadocio meets a foolish President just getting his toes wet in world affairs. A harsh and bitter realism formed in the caldron of a fifty-years' war meets a messianic idealism wanting to "rid the world of evil." The White House gang that can't shoot straight accumulates enemies by the day while dispersing our allies." 11.26.02

LYMAN+LEVENTHAL "Calamitous nuclear folly on a global scale can still be averted. Alternatives to explosive nuclear fuels are readily available. If we are to avoid a world awash in nuclear weapons, we must stop the folly and pursue the alternatives. " 11.26.02

HA'ARETZ "The dilemma of voters in the upcoming primaries for chairmanship of the Likud is that they know both candidates are failures. Both candidates are right when they say vile things about one another. But the object of the game is position and power, and Sharon has demonstrated that he is a virtuoso in building defensive shields - this time, to block Bibi... So who will win? The person who promised peace and security, and didn't keep his word? Well, who else?" 11.26.02

WP Israel Wants $14 Billion More From U.S. "Israel has asked the United States for $4 billion in new military assistance to defray the costs of fighting terrorism and the potential expense of preparing for a U.S. war in Iraq, along with $10 billion in loan guarantees to bolster its struggling economy, Bush administration officials said. " 11.26.02

NYT "Despite some improvements in workplace safety since the Sept. 11 attacks, the Capitol complex still has serious shortcomings that could threaten workers, the public and lawmakers in the event of another emergency, a new assessment said today. " 11.26.02

WP ED D.C. Privatized Health Care Under Fire. "THE QUESTION of the hour in the District is whether the D.C. Healthcare Alliance, the private health care network for the poor that replaced D.C. General Hospital and its affiliated clinics last year, can keep running. The alliance's flagship hospital, Greater Southeast Community Hospital, has been left stranded financially by its private owner, the heavily indebted and now bankrupt Doctors Community Healthcare Corp. of Scottsdale, Ariz. Mayor Anthony A. Williams, who reportedly has agreed that some restructuring of the alliance is needed, has nonetheless maintained that it is working effectively, delivering a higher level of care to low-income residents than they received when the city was in the health care delivery business. "Beyond our expectations, . . . a model public health program" is the way he put it during a news conference on Friday. But if that is true, why are other key health care providers in the city sounding the alarm? " 11.26.02

NYT Critics Say Government Deleted Web Site Material to Push Abstinence. 11.26.02

COHEN "The latest findings about dogs are really the latest findings about people. Those East Asians of yore shared what little meat they had with dogs because they valued what dogs brought them -- not something eminently practical, but unconditional love. For that reason, they took the pooches wherever they went, eventually crossing the land bridge to the Western Hemisphere. They wanted what we do. " 11.26.02

GOLDSBOROUGH "The administration has manipulated the media into accepting its assumptions about an unjustified war. A "coalition" will exist; war will be short; the Israelis won't shoot; the Turks will provide bases; the Kurds and Shiites promise not to break away; a U.S. military governor will take over; Iraq will become democratic; the Arab street will remain quiet; terrorism will be contained; oil will flow; etc.Don't swallow it. This is a manufactured war. Like the Spanish-American War, it will be forever stamped: "made in the USA." It fails the fundamental test of war, to improve the status quo ante. Americans will be far worse off after Bush makes his war, and the media will share in the blame." 11.25.02

NYT ED "Environmental War Clouds. The environmental community, already struggling with the Bush administration, is expecting the perfect storm when the 108th Congress convenes in January." 11.25.02

SCHEER "The Bushies hate unions because they are the steadiest opponents of corporate consolidation,the transfer of jobs overseas and the thievery of greedy accountants and CEOs. In other words, strong unions are still anathema on the corporate gravy train that fattened Bush, Dick Cheney and a historic number of fellow Administration honchos." 11.25.02

HERBERT "Last week the Senate approved legislation to establish a Department of Homeland Security and it will soon be signed into law by the president. Buried in this massive bill, snuck into it in the dark of night by persons unknown (actually, it's fair to say by Republican persons unknown), was a provision that - incredibly - will protect Eli Lilly and a few other big pharmaceutical outfits from lawsuits by parents who believe their children were harmed by thimerosal. Now this has nothing to do with homeland security. Nothing. This is not a provision that will in any way protect us from the ferocious evil of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. So why is it there? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the major drug companies have become a gigantic collective cash machine for politicians, and that the vast majority of that cash goes to Republicans. Or maybe it's related to the fact that Mitch Daniels, the White House budget director, is a former Eli Lilly big shot. Or the very convenient fact that just last June President Bush appointed Eli Lilly's chairman, president and C.E.O., Sidney Taurel, to a coveted seat on the president's Homeland Security Advisory Council." 11.25.02

MATHIASON "While marketing departments have been busy adding a green sheen to keep consumers on board, the concept of corporate social responsibility has rarely been paid more than lip service" 11.25.02

RASPBERRY Why Are We Embracing Big Brother? 11.25.02

BW "Every Step You Take, I'll Be Watching You." 11.25.02

G+M "Uncle Sam and Big Brother. 'It is much more than a proposal.' Pentagon's planned surveillance system goes much too far, privacy advocates say." 11.25.02

KCS ""Individuals whose personal data are shared, processed and stored by a mysterious, incalculable bureaucracy will be more likely to act as the government wishes them to behave," Schwartz wrote in 1992 in the Hastings Law Review. " 11.25.02

JACKSON "At best, a gargantuan database will make the government a wasteful busybody on the most benign of your transactions. At worst, if Americans know en masse that their unauthorized biographies are lurking in a Pentagon database, there is no telling what the effect will be on free speech, as people fear being tagged as un-American by surveillance officials who wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Too many would-be James Bonds in a computer room might blow up too many lives.The fact that Poindexter has already admitted keeping knowledge of illegal activities from the president should automatically disqualify him from having anything to do with the privacy of Americans. The fact that the White House cannot talk straight about his appointment should make Americans demand that the project be scrapped until secrecy becomes an open debate. Last week a reporter asked White House deputy spokesman Scott McClellan if President Bush public ly supports Poindexter's program. All McClellan said was: ''I've seen the reports, but I think you need to talk to the Pentagon. That is a question related to something that the Pentagon may be looking at, so I would refer you to the Pentagon.'' The obfuscation so well associated with Poindexter has begun. With him in charge of Total Information Awareness, you can be sure you will be the last to know if the government is breaking the law." 11.25.02

CONASON Disgraced Admiral Now a Super Spy. 11.25.02

USA ACLU Hires Barr And Armey For GOP Access. 11.25.02

Sen. Byrd "We have taken our eyes off of the terrorists and instead are playing bureaucratic shuffleboard. The result, I fear, leaves the nation vulnerable to attack." 11.25.02

WP GOP Planning Hill Push On Social Policy Agenda. White House and lawmakers plan to vigorously pursue abortion curbs and "faith-based" programs. 11.25.02

WP ED "ORGANIZATIONS THAT violate U.S. sanctions on Iraq cannot usually expect sympathy from the Bush administration. Nor can groups that collude with Russian mobsters or Colombian drug gangs. If the allegations recently filed by 10 European governments in a New York district court have merit, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc. (RJR) has run a smuggling conspiracy involving all three offenses. Even so, the Bush administration persists in siding with RJR and the other cigarette giants in international tobacco-control negotiations convened by the World Health Organization. " 11.25.02

AARON "Health insurance premiums are rising at double-digit rates. Drug prices are skyrocketing. Employers are curtailing health insurance benefits and boosting the share of costs employees must shoulder. Stunned by rising premiums, employees are forgoing coverage for themselves, their spouses and their children. As a result, the ranks of the uninsured rose to more than 41 million, a jump of 1.4 million in 2001 alone, and appear likely to continue expanding as rising costs hammer employers whose profits are depressed by a weak economy. No one should be surprised if 50 million people are uninsured by 2005....Only a plan that appeals to moderates of both political parties stands any chance of ending the political paralysis that currently prevents serious consideration of how to reverse a deadly trend toward denial of financial access to medical care for tens of millions of Americans. " 11.25.02

NYT "Problem of Lost Health Benefits Is Reaching Into the Middle Class. Once thought to be a problem of the poor and the unemployed, the health care crisis is spreading to those with full-time jobs." 11.25.02

OLIPHANT "EVEN A CONSERVATIVE person like Alan Greenspan understands the deal that lies underneath this country's commitment to market capitalism - a little less freedom in the interest of a little more stability and fairness. It is a deal, unfortunately, that is working fine for business and financial interests, but is in shreds for ordinary Americans. No better example could be found than last week's departure of Congress after enacting fresh guarantees and subsidies for capital and literally nothing for the long-term unemployed." 11.25.02

TISDALL "Obscured by the Iraq crisis, Bush administration plans to deploy a full range of advanced defensive missile systems around the globe are rapidly gathering pace. Speaking in London this week, John Bolton, George Bush's point man on international security, said "son of star wars" programmes - initially conceived as national missile defence (NMD) for the US mainland alone - would go ahead "as soon as possible" to 'protect the US, our deployed forces, as well as friends and allies against the growing missile threat.'" 11.25.02

MILNE "One year on, the crowing has long since faded away; reality has sunk in. After six months of multiplying Islamist attacks on US, Australian and European targets, civilian and military - in Tunisia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Russia, Jordan, Yemen, the US and Indonesia - western politicians are having to face the fact that they are losing their war on terror." 11.25.02

HA'ARETZ "In off-the-record talks, senior sources in the defense establishment say that the chances "of wiping out the terror infrastructure" are tantamount to those of drying out the Mediterranean Sea. Occupying ourselves with the terrorists and those who send them out on their missions, explosives laboratories and the deportation of Yasser Arafat is diverting attention from the real danger: Hundreds of gangs of armed young men who answer to no one are threatening to turn the territories into a second Vietnam. They do not need an organization and it is almost impossible to garner intelligence ("warnings") about their plans. " 11.25.02

MAYES How Reporters Distort What Folks Say, Then Put The Distortions In Quotes. 11.25.02

USN "Bush Daughters Turn 21. 'Become fair game to the country’s preoccupation with the private lives of public people.'" 11.25.02

WP "In a sign of President Bush's stronger hand in Congress, Senate Republican leaders have agreed to cut $10 billion from this year's batch of domestic spending bills and wind up work on the budget before his State of the Union address in January....While the White House has accused Congress of profligate spending, strong bipartisan support remains for programs ranging from Amtrak to rural education -- all of which could be subject to federal aid reductions under Bush's plan.... Speedy completion of the 11 long-stalled bills would enable the president to credit the GOP takeover of Congress with breaking a budget logjam that Bush has blamed mainly on Senate Democrats. If Congress goes along with his spending levels, he can also claim a victory in his campaign to restrain the growth of domestic programs." The Money Saved Will Be Used To Expand Bush's Tax Cuts To The Rich Program. 11.24.02

BRODER Bush Tax Cuts Reward Wealthy Backers, Punish Big Cities, Mostly Dem Voters. "If we continued to cut taxes, we might as well turn off the lights in American cities," said Harvey Robins, a top-ranking aide to two former New York mayors. " 11.24.02

WP "Republicans built their midterm election victories by winning the suburban vote, expanding support among Hispanics and holding down the Democrats' share of the union vote, but they must attract more support from suburban working women to hold their majorities in future elections, party strategists told GOP governors today. " 11.24.02

TRAUB Reagan, Clinton, And Bush Were Able To Achieve Party Synthesis. Why Can't The Dems Do It Today? 11.24.02

LIPTAK "On Monday, two federal appeals courts endorsed vastly expanded government intrusions into the private affairs of Americans, finding privacy interests less compelling than those of rooting out terrorists and child pornographers.The Pentagon also attracted considerable attention this month for a proposed database of unprecedented scale to help in government antiterrorism efforts. It would collect every sort of information imaginable, including student grades, Internet activity and medical histories. The USA Patriot Act, passed in October 2001, also altered the balance between privacy and government power in countless ways. Public opposition to greater government surveillance has been muted, even as many people continue to voice concerns about the commercial use of data about themselves. That dichotomy is a little hard to explain, given that intrusion by the government can be life-altering while most businesses can do little more than annoy people with phone calls at dinner time.The answer, it appears, is that many people believe the government will invade only someone else's privacy. Privacy for me, they seem to be saying, but not for thee." 11.24.02

MC GRORY "As far as I can make out, Adm. John M. Poindexter wants to know everything about me. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft is curious too, but he has limits: He draws the line at my gun purchases. " 11.24.02

WP "Many Jailed in Terror War Held in Limbo Indefinitely. Suspects detained without facing charges under an obscure federal law." 11.24.02

COHEN Hell Hath No Fury Like A Victorious Conservative. "What was the take-away, as meeting planners like to say, from the Federalist Society's big convention? First, if these are the folks choosing federal judges for the Bush administration - and they are - Senate Democrats and moderate Republicans need to be vigilant about investigating nominees' backgrounds, and using the filibuster, to prevent a far-right takeover of the courts. Second, Democrats and moderate Republicans in both houses will need to stand up for mainstream principles that are now under assault, like antitrust law and health and safety regulations. And finally, a point of sportsmanship: the only thing less appealing than a sore loser is a sore winner. " 11.24.02

WP ED "FOR MONTHS Senate Republicans and Democrats have been sparring over which side more severely abused the judicial confirmation process while in control. Democrats howl at the mistreatment of President Clinton's nominees by the Republican Senate. Republicans respond that President Bush's nominees have been victims of an unprecedented escalation. With the close of the 107th Congress, it is now possible to begin comparing the two. During Mr. Clinton's first two years as president he enjoyed a Democratic Senate keen to confirm his nominees, so the best period for comparison is the two years following his reelection in 1996. And for all the rhetoric, the performance of the Republican Senate in that 105th Congress was essentially identical to the Democratic Senate's performance in the Congress just past. " 11.24.02

NYT Bush Talks Iraq Attack While North Korea And Pakistan Engage In Nuke Barter. "It was part of the military force that President Pervez Musharraf had told President Bush last year would be devoted to hunting down the terrorists of Al Qaeda, one reason the administration was hailing its new cooperation with a country that only a year before it had labeled a rogue state.But several times since that new alliance was cemented, American intelligence agencies watched silently as Pakistan's air fleet conducted a deadly barter with North Korea. In transactions intelligence agencies are still unraveling, the North provided General Musharraf with missile parts he needs to build a nuclear arsenal capable of reaching every strategic site in India. In a perfect marriage of interests, Pakistan provided the North with many of the designs for gas centrifuges and much of the machinery it needs to make highly enriched uranium for the country's latest nuclear weapons project, one intended to put at risk South Korea, Japan and 100,000 American troops in Northeast Asia.The Central Intelligence Agency told members of Congress this week that North Korea's uranium enrichment program, which it discovered only this summer, will produce enough material to produce weapons in two to three years....So far, the White House has ignored federal statutes that require President Bush to impose stiff economic penalties on any country involved in nuclear proliferation or, alternatively, to issue a public waiver of those penalties in the interest of national security." 11.24.02

BEACH Woodward Book Has Cheney Considering Iraq Attack The Day After Destruction Of World Trade Towers 11.24.02

NYT "This week there was talk in Washington about whether a new book by Bob Woodward, "Bush at War," would weaken or strengthen Secretary Powell's standing. The book depicts the secretary as having won over the president with his plea to pursue diplomacy on Iraq and to seek war only as a last resort....The first President Bush mobilized the world against Iraq by invoking the principle that nothing justifies one nation's invading another.The current President Bush is trying to rally the world to act against Iraq, but around the principle that a pre-emptive invasion is sometimes justified - an admittedly hard sell for Secretary Powell. 'Colin Powell has defined for himself a very specific role as secretary of state," says a colleague from the first Bush administration. "That role will always be to press for diplomatic solutions. It's his mission. He won't change.'" 11.24.02

BAMFORD Intelligence? With CIA And FBI Out Of Homeland Security Dept., Look For Duplication And Competition, While The Pentagon Promises Further Complexity. 11.24.02

NYT ED "The concept for the new department is sensible, and was too long resisted by the White House after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. The work of federal agencies that play a role in ensuring domestic security needs to be better coordinated. Intelligence information about terrorism threats collected by a flock of spy organizations has to be collated and quickly supplied to federal law enforcement agencies and local police departments. Alerts about suspected terrorists need to be distributed to the I.N.S., Border Patrol, Customs Service and airport security forces. And effective defenses against bioterrorism require the cooperation of numerous federal, state and local agencies and health care institutions.It is all too easy, however, to imagine these and other organizations getting into a cat fight over money and turf as they maneuver to protect their own interests during the months of reorganization that will soon commence. " 11.24.02

NYT "A General Accounting Office audit published in September found that, even as agency officials spoke of change and reform, problems were actually worsening [in the Bush Energy Dept.]. Auditors examined a sample of 16 projects costing $200 million or more and said, "We found no indication of improved performance." The number of projects for which cost estimates had at least doubled in five years and completion deadlines had slipped by at least five years had increased to 38 percent." 11.24.02

CORNWELL "Money sent by the Saudi government to the United States may have found its way to two of the 11 September hijackers.The claims, outlined in a draft Congressional report and separate news reports, suggest that the two hijackers, Nawaq al-Hamzi and Khalid al-Midhar, both Saudi citizens, received several thousand dollars from two Saudi men they met in California in the 12 months before the terrorist attacks. The money may have originated with the government in Riyadh." 11.24.02

NYT "In a little over a year, the United States has done a startling diplomatic about-face on Russia, moving it from second-rate-power status to vital ally, thanks mostly to one thing: oil. Eager to develop sources of oil outside the Middle East, the Bush administration is pushing American oil companies to invest in Russia. " 11.24.02

KANELL "Thirst for oil driving U.S. policy? Iraq war could lead to years of more stable fuel prices." 11.24.02

AAS Weighing War Against Iraq (Collected Overview Stories And Maps) 11.24.02

WHITAKER "Behind public preparations for an invasion, British and American aircraft are destroying Iraq's air defences while covert groups of special forces are training Kurdish fighters and preparing equipment. " 11.24.02

SHANKER "Wage War, but Don't Start One. If war in Iraq has not begun, what's all the shooting about?" 11.24.02

BEARAK "Scott Ritter's Iraq Complex. One man's continuing war with Saddam, Washington — and himself." 11.24.02

FILKINS "Can Islamists Run a Democracy? New political parties in Turkey and Pakistan illustrate the fundamental philosophical rift in the Islamic world's response to the West. "11.24.02

WP ED "THE PROLIFERATION of sport utility vehicles and light trucks has a cost, and Washington officials have just gotten a partial bill: Tons more pollutants are being pumped into the air than local planners had anticipated. While they are not the sole culprit -- diesel truck emissions are also contributing -- the increased presence of SUVs on area roads is a major factor driving pollution levels far beyond the "budget" that local officials had constructed in order to bring the Washington area into compliance with federal clean air standards by 2005. " 11.24.02

HAKIM Now, Add God to the List of Enemies of the S.U.V. 11.24.02

AP "Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon, who describe the travails of President Clinton in trying, often unsuccessfully, to get the Pentagon and the FBI to pursue Osama bin Laden 's al-Qaida terrorist network. The two authors, both Clinton-era National Security Council experts on terrorism, share their thoughts in a new book, "The Age of Sacred Terror." 11.24.02

BEACH "Like Bush, Woodward never veers from the path he's chosen as a mere information conduit with a congenital aversion to analysis or -- perish the thought -- the reckless venturing of an opinion. As ever, he accumulates a huge number of trees and says it's not his job to make a meaningful forest out of them. If Woodward were to analyze, second-guess or ask hard questions (Um, Mr. President, why are we going after Saddam when bin Laden and the anthrax guy are still out there?), he'd lose the access he's cultivated and fiercely protected for decades. So he's the world's greatest stenographer, not to mention -- cough, cough -- a scrupulously fair and impartial journalist. Just like his dance partner, [Fox's] Roger Ailes. " 11.24.02

LIEVEN "The intense solipsism of [the American] people, its general ignorance of the world beyond America's shores, coupled with the effects of 11 September, have left tremendous political spaces in which groups possessed by the fantasies and ambitions sketched out here can seek their objectives. Or to put it another way: the great majority of the American people are not nearly as militarist, imperialist or aggressive as their German equivalents in 1914; but most German people in 1914 would at least have been able to find France on a map.The younger intelligentsia meanwhile has also been stripped of any real knowledge of the outside world by academic neglect of history and regional studies in favour of disciplines which are often no more than a crass projection of American assumptions and prejudices (Rational Choice Theory is the worst example). This has reduced still further their capacity for serious analysis of their own country and its actions. Together with the defection of its strongest internationalist elements, this leaves the intelligentsia vulnerable to the appeal of nationalist messianism dressed up in the supposedly benevolent clothing of 'democratisation'." 11.23.02

AP "American kids flunk geography, survey finds " 11.23.02

NYT Even Some Repubs Are Complaining About New Bush EPA Decision To Weaken Clean Air And Water Rules And Help Corporate Polluters 11.23.02

WT "The nation's largest union for federal employees moved this week to represent passenger and baggage screeners at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, marking the first labor challenge for the new Department of Homeland Security. " 11.23.02

WP Although Scalia's Kid Opposes Labor Unions, Bush Plans To Make Him #3 At Labor Department; Although Reich Was Involved In Iran-Contra Scandle, Bush Plans To Make Him Special Envoy To Western Hemisphere. 11.23.02

WP ED "FOR THE UNITED STATES to increase its cooperation with the thuggish rulers of Burma, on the grounds of mutual interest in fighting illegal drugs, would reflect a surprising gullibility and lack of judgment. This is a regime, after all, that shelters drug lords and reaps uncounted millions in the shadow of the drug trade. For Bush administration officials to consider such a move now, just as Burma's dictators are ratcheting up their defiance of U.N. mediators, would be almost unthinkable. And yet, according to The Post's Glenn Kessler, such an upgrading of relations is being promoted by midlevel State Department officials. Surely the White House will know better. " 11.23.02

NYT ED "The air in Washington is already thick with charges that the two main political parties are seeking creative ways to get around the new campaign finance reform law. " 11.23.02

NYT Senate Dems Could Lose Another Seat As Bush Pours Money Into La. and Blacks Given Little Reason To Vote 11.23.02

BALZ "Split Over Another Gore Campaign. Grass Roots More Enthusiastic Than Democratic Hierarchy " 11.23.02

RICH "In the aftermath of the election, I received hundreds of e-mails from readers suggesting what Democrats might stand for today after standing for nothing brought them their Nov. 5 debacle. "It need not be such a complicated question," wrote one correspondent, cutting to the chase for many others. "Stand up honestly and courageously for workers, consumers, voters, investors, people who breathe air and drink water and eat food. Do what's best for them. Big business can take care of itself." 11.23.02

NYT ED "Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and Amram Mitzna must show the wisdom and political courage necessary to keep Palestinian terrorists from hijacking Israeli democracy. " 11.23.02

WP Bush Resisting Dem Plan To Get Jobless Workers Unemployment Benefits Over Christmas Holidays 11.22.02

WP ED "The apparent outcome [of the GOP House standoff over unemployment benefits] will be hundreds of thousands of jobless workers losing compensation just after Christmas. In its concluding session today, the House has one last chance to avoid that sorry result by approving a Senate-passed measure that would extend benefits for three months. That would be a reasonable and humane response to a listless economic recovery that has left a growing percentage of laid-off workers unable to find new jobs for six months or more. It would provide assistance to people who need it and stimulus to the economy by putting cash in the hands of those most likely to spend it. If, as appears likely, the extended benefits are allowed to lapse, President Bush will share the blame with House leaders, who first proposed a narrow extension and then rejected bipartisan efforts at compromise. Mr. Bush wants credit for concern about working people, but, in marked contrast to his all-out push on the homeland security bill, the White House was not expending any of his famous political capital on the struggle over unemployment benefits." 11.22.02

DIONNE What Was That D.C. Tone That Bush Said He Would Set? "The debate over the Department of Homeland Security will long stand as one of the sorriest episodes in the history of partisanship....By turning domestic security into a divisive and partisan issue, President Bush helped win his party an election. But at what cost?...And just to make sure that the bitterness of the election was sustained, House Republicans larded the final bill with a list of special interest provisions, including one protecting the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly from lawsuits relating to a mercury-based vaccine additive that plaintiffs claim caused their children's autism. The shamelessness is breathtaking. The Democrats' worries over employee rights were characterized as a concern for "special interests." But the big contributions that the big drug companies make presumably give them immunity from the special interest change." 11.22.02

GROSS How Alan Greenspan has become a Bush puppet. 11.22.02

WP Bush Economic Team Looks Vulnerable As Midterm Cabinet Shakeup Is Discussed 11.22.02

NYT "Frank C. Carlucci, a former defense secretary, who will become chairman emeritus [will be stepping down as Chairman of Carlyle]. In the 1990's, Mr. Carlucci steered Carlyle, which was founded in 1987, toward military industries, where many of its most lucrative investments have been made. One of its biggest returns was on United Defense, a military contractor that went public a year ago, making Carlyle's initial investment of $130 million worth $900 million.Carlyle, based in Washington, has also stood out among investment firms for having several former senior government officials on its payroll in one capacity or another. Besides the senior Mr. Bush, they include James A. Baker III, a former secretary of state; John Major, the former British prime minister; Arthur Levitt, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; and William E. Kennard, a former F.C.C. chairman.The extent of Carlyle's government links, especially because President Bush [was once a member of the board of one of its companies and his] father is [a paid] adviser, has been a subject of scrutiny and criticism. " 11.22.02

WP "For Russia, It's All About Oil. U.S. wins Moscow's support for Iraq resolution with promise to protect Russian oil markets if there's war." 11.22.02

LIPMAN "President Bush has likened the Oct. 23 seizure of hostages in a Moscow theater to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. He couldn't have come up with a better present for his good friend Vladimir before their meeting in St. Petersburg. President Vladimir Putin, of course, will not admit that the terrorist attack was in any way related to the ferocious and bloody war the Russian army has waged on Chechnya for the past three years. " 11.22.02

NYT Bush Screws Texas. "The Bush administration has approved the drilling of two new natural gas wells in this national park, which lies along the nation's longest stretch of undeveloped beach." 11.22.02

NYT War On Drug Prices? "Having spent more than $30 million to help elect their allies to Congress, the major drug companies are devising ways to capitalize on their electoral success by securing favorable new legislation and countering the pressure that lawmakers in both parties feel to lower the cost of prescription drugs, industry officials say. " 11.22.02

NYT "Madison Ave. Plays Growing Role in Drug Research. The three largest ad agencies have spent tens of millions of dollars to buy or invest in companies that perform clinical trials of experimental drugs. " 11.22.02

NATION "Run-of-the-mill U.S. gun shops are unwittingly arming foreign terrorist groups. Weapons dealers buy hundreds of modified AK-47s and ship them in small planes to distant countries. John Aschroft has expressed little interest in closing the loopholes that make the gun smuggling possible." 11.22.02

PHOENIX ED Bush's "war against an open society continues." 11.22.02

NYT "The Pentagon research agency that is exploring how to create a vast database of electronic transactions and analyze them for potential terrorist activity considered but rejected another surveillance idea: tagging Internet data with unique personal markers to make anonymous use of some parts of the Internet impossible." 11.22.02

NYT ED "Anyone who worries that the war on terrorism will inspire an era of unprecedented government spying on Americans has new cause for concern today. The top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review handed the government broad new authority on Monday to wiretap phone calls, intercept mail and spy on Internet use of ordinary Americans. The Supreme Court and Congress should reverse this misguided ruling. " 11.22.02

FOX Pentagon to Track American Consumer Purchases

CASPIAN Is Big Brother Already In Your Shopping Cart? 11.22.02

BW Today's BW Big Brother Issue Includes Essay, Graphic, Poem, Links 11.22.02

NEWSWEEK "The Bush administration's sudden embrace of an independent commission to investigate 9/11 is to curb the effects of possibly damaging leaks to President Bush's re-election bid in 2004.." 11.22.02

NY "Kenneth Feinberg...heads the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund set up by Congress. He alone will decide the amount of money victims and their families will receive—or if they will get help at all. "[The law] gives me discretion to do whatever I want. So I will," Feinberg says." 11.22.02

G+M "During meetings on Wednesday in Prague, the National Post newspaper reported that a senior [Canadian] official criticized Mr. Bush for using the meetings to try to drum up support for military action on Iraq rather than discuss new NATO initiatives."What a moron," the official reportedly said." 11.22.02

HERTZBERG "The Bush and Windsor dynasties. Petty scandals have plagued both families, but because tabloids here are like "church newsletters" by British standards, the Bushies have escaped the scrutiny that now plagues Prince Charles and the gang." 11.22.02

KRUGMAN "America, we all know, is the land of opportunity. Your success in life depends on your ability and drive, not on who your father was.Just ask the Bush brothers. Talk to Elizabeth Cheney, who holds a specially created State Department job, or her husband, chief counsel of the Office of Management and Budget. Interview Eugene Scalia, the top lawyer at the Labor Department, and Janet Rehnquist, inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services." 11.22.02

NEWSWEEK "Law-enforcement agents are privately complaining that FBI terror warnings are "over the top" and drawing away from the agency's successes in fighting terrorism. Meanwhile, members of Congress are pushing for the creation of a domestic spy agency to monitor terrorism within the United States." 11.22.02

NATION "Ralph Nader [should] keep out of the 2004 presidential election. Greens realize they can't afford to once again be complicit in the election of a "crypto-fascist" who "threatens American democracy and the peace of the world." Instead, they must work internally to reform the Democratic Party." 11.22.02

NATION "If the Democrats are going to be a party with any soul, they'll have to let Nancy Pelosi be Nancy Pelosi. In other words, the new House minority leader should make no concessions on her progressive politics. Since the party is fated to get pummeled on most House votes for the next two years, the question will be how vigorously it can fight on the way down." 11.22.02

CORN "It didn't take long... That is, for Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, to run for cover. Days after her colleagues selected her to replace Dick "I'm Outta Here" Gephardt, Pelosi appeared on Meet The Press. Out of the box, Russert asked her about recent news reports on the increasing threat posed by a resurgent al Qaeda. Pelosi, the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee, confirmed the "threat is real" and added, "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the President in the fight against terrorism." Is a new attack inevitable? Russert wondered. "That certainly is a possibility," she replied, and added, "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the president." 11.22.02

TIME ""The new" Al Gore...attempts to make a political comeback in time for the 2004 presidential race. Gore no longer speaks as if every sentence has been preapproved by his pollsters, and though he won't announce his intentions until after the holidays, Gore is already vowing an "unvarnished approach" to the issues. "Those who like it, great. Those who don't—I'm sorry, I don't care," Gore says. " 11.22.02

CNN Spokesman Says Big Brother Data Snooper Project Will Eventually Go From Pentagon To Dept. Of Justice, Meaning Ashcroft, Not Poindexter, Will Run It. 11.21.02

COHEN "We are told that we will have to give up certain civil liberties if we are going to make this country safe from terrorists. Of course. But how are we going to be safe from the information-gatherers, the techno-snoops who want to reduce us all to computer databases? It may even be too late. The Orwellian-named USA Patriot Act and now the creation of the Homeland Security Department vest great, intrusive powers in the government. It will have its lists. It will use its lists....A so-called FBI watch list...was circulated to various businesses right after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It contained the names of people the bureau wanted to question. The list went out to hotels and rental car agencies, banks and even Las Vegas casino operators. These, in turn, made copies of the list and passed them on to others. Faxes were blurred. Names were misspelled, identities confused. The list was fed into databases, and when the FBI deleted a name, it informed no one. If you were on that list by mistake, you stayed in many databases no matter what. Some companies use the list to screen job applicants. Try getting a job if you're on the FBI watch list for . . . well, it's not clear for what." 11.21.02

CONASON ""War" is a political weapon that Republicans have been using against Democrats since Karl Rove openly declared this strategy last winter. Ideological enforcers like Horowitz are instruments of Rove's strategy, which succeeded brilliantly in the midterm election. Rove's aim is to destroy Democrats, not libertarians, whose support he will be seeking on domestic issues next year. That's why Novak, Bandow and Cato -- usually allies rather than adversaries of the White House -- get a free pass no matter what they say about foreign policy. And that's also why the "patriotic" bullies of the right will angrily assault any liberal or leftist who dares to say exactly the same things. " 11.21.02

AP "Senate majority leader Tom Daschle says threats have increased against him and his family and blames talk show host ''Rush Limbaugh and all of the Rush Limbaugh wannabes'' for an increasingly negative tone in politics. ''What happens when Rush Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life is that people aren't satisfied just to listen,'' Daschle, Democrat of South Dakota, told reporters yesterday. ''They want to act because they get emotionally invested. And so, you know, the threats to those of us in public life go up dramatically, on our families and on us, in a way that's very disconcerting.''...Limbaugh dismissed Daschle's comments yesterday. ''It's not just against me, but it's against you folks, the entire audience,'' Limbaugh said. ''You all now are being characterized as unsophisticated barbarians. You don't know the difference between politics and entertainment.''This is the continuation of a pattern. Every time the Democrats lose ... they blame me, they blame talk radio, and they blame you,'' Limbaugh said. " 11.21.02

RALL "A Fascist Fairy Tale, Circa 1938. It's hard to believe now, but the Leader had been something of a national laughingstock. The kind of politician who attracted attention with speeches ridiculed for their extremism, hokey sentimentality and tortured syntax, he was ridiculed by the press and the intelligentsia as an idiot and a buffoon. They underestimated him. " 11.21.02

GOLDSBOROUGH "The charge is made that Democrats lost the past election because they offered no alternative to Bush administration foreign policy. The charge begs the question of what an alternative policy might have been. As the Bush administration prepares for war with Iraq; as its recent performance at the U.N. Security Council proves to be more a charade than a good-faith negotiation, Democrats will have their chance." 11.21.02

WP Gore Says Bush Won 2002 Elections At Nation's Expense. "Former vice president Al Gore today accused President Bush of losing focus on the war against terrorism, saying Bush's two-month campaign to "beat the war drums" against Iraq may have helped Republicans win control of Congress this month but left the country less secure against possible future attacks. " 11.21.02

COCCO Dems 2004. "'Live from the most liberal state in the country, your host, Ted Kennedy!' cried one disbelieving Democrat.This is the tintype, re-issued regularly by the Republican attack machine. The Republicans are gleeful in declaring that Boston, birthplace of the Revolution, isn't really in America, but capital of some foreign land. Call it Taxachusetts, if you choose." 11.21.02

GOLDSBOROUGH "Why have Republicans taken total control in Washington at the very moment Democrats have total power in Sacramento?...The Republican Party's national strength today is rooted in Southern extremism. Outside the Bible Belt, the party thrives and influences events only by appealing to the center. In the Northeast and much of the Midwest, the GOP has learned the lesson. In California it has not." 11.21.02

PBP ED "The bill to create a Department of Homeland Security has as much pork as a truck-stop breakfast and does more in the short term for special interests than for the nation. " 11.21.02

WP ED "The new Department of Homeland Security will not cure all the ills of all the agencies it will absorb. On the contrary, as critics have pointed out, there is a risk that some of these agencies' traditional functions will suffer in the shuffle. This is true of the Coast Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Customs Service, among others, all of which deal with many issues other than homeland security. Of most concern is the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), an agency that has long been considered dysfunctional and that now, after being sharply criticized for its visa policies following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is demoralized as well." 11.21.02

LIGHTMAN "As senators Wednesday continued to praise each other for passing the homeland security bill overwhelmingly, and current Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge indicated he probably would head the new agency, the worries fell into two broad categories: Whether this new monster of an agency - the third largest in the federal system - could work in a streamlined, coordinated way. And whether the bill creating it had too many holes. Is it responsive enough to the concerns of state and local fire and law enforcement officials, many asked? Are there frightening clamps on freedom of information? Was it right to leave the FBI and CIA out of this agency?" 11.21.02

MANJOO Attention Mr. Lott. "The [Dept. of Homeland Security] merger is not an answer to short-term problems. The merger will not help the U.S. fight a better war against terrorism, as several politicians have said. It is maybe the most efficient way of organizing these separate departments, each of which is now at an efficient level of scale. Putting them together might make them more efficient, but that's over the long run. It's not going to have an impact in the short run." 11.21.02

REESE "What we need is a two-tier system of tariffs. There is no need to protect General Motors from Toyota or DaimlerChrysler. Japan and Germany are developed industrial countries with labor costs as high as or higher than ours. At the same time, there is no need to allow Nike to make shoes in an Asian sweatshop for $5 a pair and then import them duty-free to the United States to sell for $125. A $100-a-pair tariff might persuade Nike that Americans can make shoes just as well as the poor people in Asia. In other words, we should have free trade insofar as foreign-made, foreign-owned products are concerned, but also high tariffs on products once made in the United States but now made in cheap-labor countries. The present system is rationalized by claiming that it benefits the consumer, but the low cost of labor is not passed on to the consumer. It just adds to the profits of the greedy and unpatriotic corporation. Bluejeans are made in Central American sweatshops for $3 a pair. Have you seen any in the stores selling for, say, $6 a pair? Of course not. But even if lower costs were passed along to American consumers, that would be more than offset by the higher taxes necessary to support the unemployed American workers." 11.21.02

REESE "Saddam will have a greater problem if he doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction. If he has some, he can turn them in; if he doesn't, he's stuck with trying to prove a negative, which is impossible. How can anyone prove he does not have something to a person who won't take his word for it? No matter how much searching the arms inspectors do, if there is nothing to find, the Bush administration will likely claim it's still hidden somewhere." 11.21.02

MARGOLIS "A favorite terror technique of the Soviet secret police during the great purges of the 1930's was to arrest a suspect at 3am, and drag him into an interrogation room at the dreaded Lubyanka prison. A blank piece of paper and pencil were put on front of the trembling prisoner. 'Write down each and every one of your crimes, and names of all your fellow conspirators,' warned NKVD interrogators. 'We know everything you have done. If you omit even one crime in your confession, you and your entire family will be shot.' The Bush Administration - behind the fig-leaf of UN inspectors - is using the same old Soviet technique on Iraq: 'list all your hidden weapons of mass destruction (wmd's) and scientists who made them. Leave off even one site or name and we will immediately go to war against you.' " 11.21.02

MC GRORY "The official season of gratitude is upon us, and we must count our blessings. This year we have to settle for being grateful for small favors. For instance, we should be glad that Colin Powell is secretary of state. Were it not for him, our soldiers might even now be going door to door in downtown Baghdad conducting a lethal canvass. " 11.21.02

MARGOLIS "For all the propaganda about wicked Saddam Hussein, Iraq is not the main objective for the small but powerful coterie of Pentagon hardliners driving the Bush Administration's national security policy. Nor is it for their intellectual and emotional mentors in Israel's rightwing Likud Party. The real target of the coming war is Iran, which Israel views as its principal and most dangerous enemy. Iraq merely serves as a pretext to whip American into a war frenzy and to justify insertion of large numbers of US troops into Mesopotamia. " 11.21.02

HOAGLAND "Bush, an instinctual politician, makes quick judgments and then sticks with them. His feeling that he could trust Vladimir Putin after a single meeting led to a fresh start in U.S.-Russia relations. His lingering resentment at [Germany's] Schroeder also illustrates the importance Bush attaches to personal contact and to personal promises. " 11.21.02

COCCO "The citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia are Attorney General John Ashcroft's chosen people.Virginia is second only to Texas for the number of people it executes. Since Ashcroft is so fond of the place, and since the nation is supposed to be grateful for this jurisprudential marriage of convenience, it is worth examining some of Virginia's idiosyncrasies." 11.21.02

COCCO First A War On Drugs, Now A War On Condoms. "Bush has begun appointing critics of condoms to a presidential advisory panel on AIDS. They include social conservatives who question the international scientific consensus that condoms are highly effective in AIDS prevention. Instead, they emphasize failure rates from slippage, breakage and not using condoms every time." 11.21.02

WP Maryland Scientists Intend "to create a single-celled, partially man-made organism with the minimum number of genes necessary to sustain life. If the experiment works, the microscopic man-made cell will begin feeding and dividing to create a population of cells unlike any previously known to exist. " 11.21.02

WP Dept. Of Energy Closes Its Massive Research Site Under Pressure From BushAdmin And Commercial Interests Who Will Charge You For The Research. "Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association's Washington office, said the software group's philosophy will lead to more expensive access to information already paid for by taxpayers. Private companies are being allowed to "take information that has been created with tax dollars, they turn around, make some slight little change, and then they start selling it," Sheketoff said." Other Government Web Sites Are Being Looked At By Commercial Interests. 11.21.02

WP ED "ON HIS TRIP last week to India, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp. was treated like a cross between a rock star and a head of state. Politicians lined up to greet him at the airport. Bollywood stars fawned over him. Health Minister Shatrughan Sinha, himself a former film star, joined in the general adulation: "We admire you for your looks," he said. But Mr. Sinha, like many Indians, did not like everything about Mr. Gates's visit. He was delighted to hear Microsoft's founder gush about India's high-tech potential, but when Mr. Gates warned of the potential for an AIDS crisis, Mr. Sinha accused him of 'spreading panic.' " 11.21.02

BUSH ""I'm the commander, I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the President. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation. " 11.20.02

TAPSCOTT "Admittedly, insisting that the public's business be done in public isn't a popular cause these days. Recent surveys show that many Americans are willing to trade significant chunks of their First Amendment rights for the promise of greater security in the war on terrorism. Such surveys must gladden the hearts of Bush administration officials who...undermine measures such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)....There was a time when at least one senior Bush administration official thought the FOIA essential because "no matter what party has held the political power of government, there have been attempts to cover up mistakes and errors." That same official added that "disclosure of government information is particularly important today because government is becoming involved in more and more aspects of every citizen's personal and business life, and so access to information about how government is exercising its trust becomes increasingly important." So spoke a young Illinois Republican congressman named Donald Rumsfeld, in a floor speech on June 20, 1966, advocating passage of the FOIA, of which he was a co-sponsor." 11.20.02

ENGEL "With the Pentagon currently able to command as many billions of dollars as Donald Rumsfeld demands, this is the moment of opportunity for anyone with rightwing credentials and a half-baked idea. Poindexter has re-emerged as head of a new Pentagon operation - with a $200m annual budget - called the information awareness office. Its logo gives the flavour: an eye illuminating the world and the slogan "Scientia est potentia" (Knowledge is power). Its main programme is called Total Information Awareness, which means precisely what it says. The object is for the US to build the biggest data-surveillance system ever, to know everything about everyone, everywhere, just in case. " 11.20.02

AP "Internet providers such as America Online could give the government more information about subscribers and police would gain new Internet wiretap powers under legislation creating the new Department of Homeland Security.Provisions of the bill tucked into a section about ``cyber-security enhancements'' received scant attention during debate." 11.20.02

ABC Senate Passes House Pork Version Of Homeland Security Bill 90-9 11.20.02

NYT Establishing New Agency Is Expected to Take Years. 11.20.02

NYT Senator Robert C. Byrd has been virtually alone in asking why the Department of Homeland Security is necessary. 11.20.02

BYRD "This is a hoax. This is a hoax. To tell the American people they are going to be safer when we pass this is to hoax. We ought to tell the people the truth. They are not going to be any safer with that. That is not the truth. I was one of the first in the Senate to say we need a new Department of Homeland Security. I meant that. But I didn't mean this particular hoax that this administration is trying to pander off to the American people, telling them this is homeland security....This bill does nothing--not a thing--to make our citizens more secure today or tomorrow. This bill does not even go into effect for up to 12 months. It will be 12 months before this goes into effect. The bill just moves around on an organizational chart." 11.20.02

COCKBURN "Do we have an antiwar movement? We're getting there. We must be, because we're catching flak from the anti-anti war movement, Light Infantry division, staffed by Marc Cooper, Todd Gitlin, David Corn, and Christopher Hitchens." 11.20.02

GUARDIAN "The United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan, clashed with Washington yesterday over the enforcement of no-fly zones in Iraq by American and British warplanes. It is unusual for Mr Annan to rebuke Washington. Equally rarely, Britain distanced itself, at least in private, from the US to line up behind Mr Annan." 11.20.02

TYLER "The Sept. 11 attacks and the Bush administration's dramatic deployment of military forces to Southwest Asia — followed by the buildup now under way in the Persian Gulf near Iraq — present NATO with a... profound existential question: can a multinational alliance reach a consensus on when and how to attack terrorists or rogue states threatening Western security?" 11.20.02

WP ED "EVER SINCE Sept. 11, 2001, government officials have been complaining that a shortage of employees proficient in Arabic has hampered the fight against terrorists. The intelligence agencies have sought to recruit people with language skills so that documents and intercepts could be translated promptly. But in the military, at least, the desire to defeat al Qaeda has been preempted by an apparently more important priority: continuing the irrational discrimination against gay men and lesbians who would serve their country. According to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, at least seven Arabic linguists -- along with two Korean-language specialists and an expert in Mandarin Chinese -- have been discharged from the services since the attacks last year solely because of their sexual orientation. " 11.20.02

HIGHTOWER "While George W. wails about Saddam Hussein's supposed ties to terrorist cells, he's refusing to lift a finger to deal with cells here at home that not only are causing terror for American families, but are killing 14 innocent, unsuspecting Americans every day and hospitalizing nearly 900 more. " 11.20.02

NYT "The National Academy of Sciences said today that the United States health care system was in crisis and that the Bush administration should immediately test possible solutions, including [Clinton's idea of] universal insurance coverage and no-fault payment for medical malpractice, in a handful of states....Members of the panel acknowledged that health care was not a top priority in Washington at the moment." 11.20.02

WP ED "As Republican leaders look toward full control of Congress next year, an expensive agenda is already on the table, including economic stimulus, a prescription drug program and permanent enactment of last year's tax cuts. The cost of homeland security and the war on terrorism, not to mention possible military action in Iraq, will continue to mount. The federal budget has already flipped from surplus to red ink, and the congressional budget process is fraying, with the two houses unable to reach agreement this year on budget targets and the Senate able to extend some important budget-balancing rules only temporarily. As the new Senate leadership has taken shape, Sen. Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, for 22 years the leading Republican on the Budget Committee and a leader in the fight for balanced budgets, has taken the chair of another committee. Budget watchdogs fear that Republican Whip Don Nickles of Oklahoma, the incoming budget chairman, will be more inclined to push for the president's tax cut proposals even in the face of potential long-term deficits. " 11.20.02

WP "The Senate...voted, 55 to 44, to confirm the nomination of U.S. District Judge Dennis W. Shedd to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, in Richmond. Shedd, a former aide to retiring Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), was strongly opposed by civil rights and other advocacy groups. His nomination became a focal point in the continuing battle between the Bush administration and its critics over the shape of the federal judiciary....With Democrats in control of the Senate, the nomination appeared stalled. But with the Republican gains in the Nov. 5 general election, ensuring a GOP takeover of the Senate next year, the Democratic opposition crumbled." 11.20.02

GORE INTERVIEW ""I made a lot of mistakes. One thing I learned from the campaign was it's always a mistake to hold back in any way," he said, adding that he should have "just let it rip and let the chips fall where they may. At least, whether I'm a candidate again or not, that's what I intend to do the rest of my life." 11.20.02

RUSHKOFF "As Judaism focuses on its imminent demise, it grows less attractive to those looking for a living connection to something greater than the self....Many American Jews have come to understand their Jewishness as an obligation rather than a privilege. By the 1970's, reform Jewish schools and synagogues, like the ones I attended, had begun to emphasize Zionism and the benefits of marrying within the faith over religious education. Every Jewish institution that I encountered as a young man seemed more dedicated to safeguarding the Jewish race than than to teaching Judaism. This has led to a Jewish culture based not on faith or spiritual inquiry but on the mechanics of preservation." 11.20.02

CNN New Israeli Labor Party leader is long-time Sharon opponent and peace talk supporter. 11.20.02

FRIEDMAN "Many South Koreans seem to view North Korea more like a crazy aunt than a strategic threat. " 11.20.02

DOWD "Why would the boss of Al Qaeda want to reveal he's still alive when he could plot and scheme in ghostly obscurity while his landlord, General Musharraf, assures us he's dead? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Osama's jealous. He will not be ignored. He doesn't like playing second fiddle. Another anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American, megalomaniacal, sociopathic mass murderer is getting all the attention." 11.20.02

NYT Withh McCain's Help, Dems Mount Last Minute Attack On House Version Of Bush Homeland Security Bill 11.19.02

SAFIRE Passage Of Bush Version Of Homeland Security Bill Means "every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as 'a virtual, centralized grand database.'"11.19.02

SFC "The Senate plans to vote today on Democrats' last-ditch attempt to kill what they deride as favors for Republican donors and secrecy provisions tucked in the 484-page homeland security bill. " 11.19.02

BG Dem's Miller Backs Repubs As GOP Threatens Dems With Campaign Vs. Landrieu In Alabama 11.19.02

BG ED "THIS MORNING, the United States Senate is set to vote on a series of late, special-interest amendments to the Homeland Security bill. Democrats and right-thinking Republicans should not hesitate to reject these amendments, which undercut the legislation and are not in the long-term political interests of either party. " 11.19.02

WP ED "THERE IS ALWAYS something unseemly about the sight of legislators stuffing extraneous measures and pet projects into a bill just before passage, but the process has been particularly unattractive in the case of the homeland security bill. This is, after all, a historic piece of legislation, one that enables a broad restructuring of the federal government. The idea was to save lives, not to protect particular industries or lobbying groups. Nevertheless, the House-passed version contains several such provisions, some of which will never be publicly debated. The Senate will try to pass an amendment removing some of these this week -- possibly pushing final passage of the bill into the next Congress if the House refuses to return for a conference -- but much of the damage may be irreversible." 11.19.02

BRODER "During the truncated debate, Waxman twice challenged Armey -- or anyone else -- to explain and defend these special-interest add-ons. He was met by thundering silence. The Republicans just did it, and this time they escaped with almost no public notice. News coverage focused on the big win the new department represents for the president." 11.19.02

Sorenson This isn't a column about the Gestapo, the Brownshirts and the Blackshirts. It's about our new Homeland Security Department (due to be approved by the Senate today), government jobs and events in the state of Michigan. In Michigan last week, federal agents started to use roving checkpoints to seek illegal immigrants, drug runners, weapons and terrorists. Is this legal? Yes, according to the Detroit Free Press. "Under federal law," the newspaper reported last week," the Border Patrol can set up checkpoints up to 100 air miles from any international border, or from the shoreline. Within the first 25 miles, federal agents can stop drivers who seem suspicious, and they can search and conduct surveillance of private property." Who knew? Think of the places within those 100-mile or 25-mile limits. To name a few: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Savannah, Jacksonville, El Paso, San Diego, Portland, Sacramento, Bangor, Buffalo, Detroit, Tucson . . .11.19.02

MN Power to spy on citizens expanded by fed appeals court. "The special appeals court, which consisted of three federal appellate judges named by William Rehnquist, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, ruled Monday that the expanded powers sought in the Patriot Act are ``constitutional because the surveillances it authorizes are reasonable.'' Attorney General John Ashcroft called the decision 'a victory for liberty, safety and the security of the American people.'" 11.19.02

NYT ED "A Green Light to Spy. The Supreme Court and Congress should reverse the ruling permitting the government to wiretap phone calls, intercept mail and spy on Internet use of ordinary Americans." 11.19.02

WP ED "Chipping Away At Liberty...The unanimous decision by Judges Edward Leavy, Ralph Guy and Laurence Silberman presents a compelling reading of the law. The fault for the problem it creates lies not with the court but with Congress, for the carelessness and haste with which it passed the USA Patriot Act in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks and for its unwillingness to push back against Bush administration excesses." 11.19.02

BG ED "ALAN GREENSPAN, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is doing a disservice to future generations by supporting the permanent extension of President Bush's tax cut. The federal government will need the revenue to help defray the cost of the baby boomers' retirement. " 11.19.02

ANDREWS "Bush is currently campaigning to make permanent last year's $1.35 trillion in tax cuts, most of which are scheduled to expire around 2010. If they continue after that date, the Treasury will lose more than $200 billion in annual tax receipts, according to Congressional analysts, precisely at the time when Social Security and Medicare costs are expected to surge....Current forecasts by both the Congressional Budget Office and the Bush administration assume that discretionary spending - outlays separate from mandated entitlement programs and interest payments - will increase at the expected rate of inflation, 2 percent a year. But in the last four years, discretionary spending has grown about 8 percent a year. The Concord Coalition calculates that if that continues, and if the government extends all the tax cuts now scheduled to expire, the government will accumulate a 10-year deficit of $1.8 trillion by 2012. All those costs would kick in before the anticipated rise in retirement and health care costs associated with the aging of the population. "We are committing ourselves to a much more expensive government than what we are willing to pay for," Ms. Wait said. "We need a serious conversation with ourselves about what we are ready to pay for." When asked by lawmakers what investors believed the government's long-term fiscal framework might be, Mr. Greenspan responded, 'That there isn't one.'" 11.19.02

SLT Dem Blowback. Now That Senate Committee Dems Passed Hatch Judicial Choice As Good Will Gesture, Hatch Repays Them By Calling Their Block Of Another Choice "Shameful." 11.19.02

KRUGMAN Why Bush Wants To Bring Back The Spoils System. "A few months ago Mr. Rove compared his boss to Andrew Jackson. As some of us noted at the time, one of Jackson's key legacies was the "spoils system," under which federal jobs were reserved for political supporters. The federal civil service, with its careful protection of workers from political pressure, was created specifically to bring the spoils system to an end; but now the administration has found a way around those constraints. " 11.19.02

SFC Environmental Laws In GOP Crosshairs. "Bush's proposals to drill for oil in an Alaskan wilderness, boost energy exploration in the Rockies and consider changes to some major environmental laws are back in play. " 11.19.02

NYT "The U.S. said Iraq had breached the latest U.N. resolution by firing on allied planes but did not call it a reason to go to war. " 11.19.02

NYT Bin Laden Tape Is Genuine, U.S. Experts Conclude 11.19.02

KRISTOF "To consider the twisted state of Chinese politics, consider the very first phrase of this column — for it contains three lies. " 11.19.02

HA'ARETZ "Haifa Mayor Amram Mitzna is promising that if he forms the next government, no matter how many members of Knesset are in his coalition, and even if he has to rely on what's called "a non-Jewish majority," one of the first decisions of the new government would be to pull Israel out of Gaza. Mitzna said there is no need to wait for negotiations to evacuate all the settlements. Nor does he need the approval of Yasser Arafat, Hosni Mubarak, or even George W. Bush." 11.19.02

HA'ARETZ ED "Amram Mitzna's diplomatic-security message is clear. He is ready to resume negotiations immediately, with any Palestinian leader willing to do so. If there are no negotiations, he will strive for physical and political separation between Israel and the territories via a deep unilateral withdrawal and rapid construction of an effective security fence. This is a clear alternative to the right's policies." 11.19.02

IND "A former Israeli general who says that, if elected Prime Minister, he would go back to the negotiating table with Yasser Arafat looks almost certain to become leader of the opposition Labour Party in elections today. If he wins the vote, Amram Mitzna will lead Labour into January's national elections on a radical peace agenda." 11.19.02

ZERBISAIS "I almost fell off the sofa Thursday when I caught Julia Sweeney on MSNBC's left-lib Donahue. Her husband Brian died on one of the planes that struck the World Trade Center. But, rather than accepting the tax-free $1.7 million (U.S.) "government buyout," she's suing. "(T)his is the only way that I can get answers that I want," she said. "There have been many things swept under the carpet. And I think it's a shame in a government that you trust — I think it's a shame, the things that they choose to tell you and the things they choose not to tell you." Getting the truth about 9/11 has seemed impossible. The evasions, the obfuscations, the contradictions and, let's not put too fine a point on it, the lies have been overwhelming." 11.19.02

HERBERT "The cities' problems can only be solved in the context of national policies. And it is essential that those policies include a more equitable approach to taxation and the development of aggressive, coordinated strategies to spur stronger economic growth and increased employment. A [Bush] national economic policy that consists almost solely of tax cuts for the very rich will lead only to further disaster." 11.18.02

IND "The Bush administration has not prepared the public for the cost or the financing of what could prove to be an expensive venture,'' Professor Nordhaus said. "Perhaps the administration is fearful that a candid discussion of wartime economics will give ammunition to sceptics of the war; perhaps it worries acknowledging the costs will endanger the large future tax cuts, which are the centrepiece of its domestic policy. "None the less, the price must be paid, by raising taxes, by cutting expenditures, or by forcing the Federal Reserve do the job by raising interest rates. One way or another, Americans will pay for the war." 11.18.02

NYT ED "Washington's efforts to create sophisticated surveillance systems for identifying potential terrorists cannot be allowed to undermine civil liberties. " 11.18.02

WP Environmentalists Fear Bush Senate. "Suddenly, President Bush's proposals to drill for oil in an Alaskan wilderness, boost energy exploration in the Rockies and consider changes to some major environmental laws are back in play, following the Republicans' resounding success in the Nov. 5 congressional elections. " 11.18.02

KOLBERT "Many of the decisions likely to be made over the next two years will have consequences that far outlast either President Bush or the new Congress. Once a forest is cut down, or a stream is filled in with waste, or a wildlife refuge is opened up to oil drilling, it's virtually impossible to undo the damage-at least in our lifetime, or our children's, or our children's children's. By now, we have become practically inured to these sorts of losses and depredations, skimming past news about the hole in the ozone, or the latest mysterious fish die-off, or the recent study warning that as many as half the planet's plant species are in danger of extinction. In the end, this may be the best way to understand an election like last week's, and why the environment was not even an issue. " 11.18.02

NYT Bush Begins Working On Senate Rules To Make His More Egregious Bills Easier To Pass 11.18.02

DIEHL If Building Democracy Is Bush's Ultimate War Goal, Why Isn't He Providing More Administrative Help To That End? 11.18.02

NORTON-TAYLOR "The Nato summit in Prague this week will determine the security interests of European countries, including Britain, for decades to come. It will determine what strategic direction they should take. It could determine when European countries go to war and when to keep the peace. These decisions will be made not by sovereign nations but by the United States. " 11.18.02

USA "The announcement that Democrats will have their 2004 presidential nominating convention in Boston set the chattering classes in this town speculating anew on who might be the party's pick to run against President Bush. " 11.18.02

GUARDIAN "Gore hits PR circuit to push new books and unveil relaxed style in hope of political revival." 11.18.02

WP Dems Ponder Potential Leaders. "In the past two months, Gore has signaled two things about a run for the presidency in 2004. First, he will run farther to the left than he did in 2000 or in his first campaign in 1988, far enough left to make it difficult for any of his rivals to outflank him on issues that excite and energize the Democrats' base in organized labor and the minority community. " 11.17.02

NEWSWEEK "“The elites don’t want him to run again, but primary voters feel personally cheated and want him to run again,” says an adviser. The early contests are full of quicksand. " 11.18.02

CNN CNN Poll Has 66% Of Public Saying Gore Will Be Dem Candidate, 40% Saying He'll Win. 11.18.02

AP "Only about a third of Democratic Party insiders think former Vice President Al Gore should run for president again in 2004, according to an LAT poll published Sunday." Half Have No Preference. 11.18.02

MUNDY "A gavel stroke away from being the world's most powerful human, he becomes someone's suburban neighbor instead. What is that like? Al Gore wasn't telling...until now. " 11.18.02

MILLER "George W. Bush is president today because of Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate, whose liberal supporters almost certainly would have preferred Mr. Gore in a two-way race. In Florida, Mr. Nader attracted some 97,000 votes, dwarfing the 537-vote margin separating Mr. Bush from Mr. Gore. " '02. 11.18.02

GOLDBERG Why the Greens are also celebrating Election '02. 11.18.02

WALSH "Defeated Democrats are bickering over whether victory lies in embracing the center or the left. But a majority party needs to do both. " 11.18.02

WP ED "THE GROUPS challenging the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law in court call themselves champions of free speech and the First Amendment. Yet they are seeking to shroud in secrecy what may be key evidence -- evidence that reformers cite to establish their case of a connection between campaign cash, on the one hand, and access and influence on the other. " 11.18.02

RATAN "The Democrats' Election 2002 script was supposed to go something like this: Swallow misgivings about President Bush's Iraq plans; go along with a moderated war-powers resolution; turn the discussion to the economy and how it, well, sucks. There is now a raft of explanations for why that didn't work. " 11.18.02

HURLBURT " The issues that drive most contemporary Democrats into politics are reproductive rights, health care, fiscal policy, or poverty, not national security. Even those young Democrats who are interested in foreign affairs tend to be drawn to "soft" subjects such as debt relief and human rights. Aspiring foreign policy wonks will often get pulled into military affairs by way of, say, their work on demining. But when these young people visualize exciting jobs in the next Democratic administration, they think State Department, not Pentagon... Just as GOP operatives have little incentive to focus on race and inner-city issues because such activism seldom wins the party votes, Democrats feel little pressure from core supporters to think seriously about military issues. This doesn't mean that most Democrats are anti-military, any more than most Republicans are racist. But it does mean that Democrats have little institutional credibility on security issues--same with Republicans on race. Recognizing its vulnerability, each side gets truculent rather than sensibly responsive when confronted by the issues....But there's a difference. In a jittery post-9/11 world, national security will overshadow every other issue in the public consciousness--racial equality, healthcare, or a dozen others that Democrats consider their strength. A party that comes across as unserious about national security is permanently vulnerable, no matter how compelling its vision of domestic policy." 11.18.02

WOODWARD How CIA Gave Your Tax Dollars To Afghan Warlords To Secure Victory 11.18.02

NYT "The Bush administration is initiating a series of diplomatic and military steps that must be completed before the United States could go to war in Iraq. " 11.18.02

WAUGH Baghdad warns that a US strike will lead it to hit back at Israel.11.18.02

HA'ARETZ "With Benjamin Netanyahu on his right, Shaul Mofaz on his left and Effi Eitam breathing down his neck, Ariel Sharon has nobody to blame. The Labor Party, which supposedly prevented the unity government from expelling Yasser Arafat, is busy with its primaries. The "left," which prevented him from winning in Lebanon, is busy trying to decide whether to cast a blank ballot or vote for "Another Israel" (Yisrael Aheret). Nonetheless, the public is behaving like a battered wife who insists on going home to her violent husband. According to the polls, every terror attack strengthens Sharon and the right. " 11.18.02

HA'ARETZ ED "The bitter results of the battle that raged Friday night in Hebron between IDF soldiers and the Kiryat Arba emergency response squad and the Islamic Jihad cell, leaving 12 Israelis dead, are already rolling along under political wraps. It is a wave of reactions, reckless decisions and rash actions that are not unstained by the pending-elections mood and are likely to be catastrophic." 11.18.02

NYT ED "If the club that runs the Masters can brazenly discriminate against women, that means others can choose not to support Mr. Johnson's golfing fraternity. That includes more enlightened members of the club, CBS Sports, which televises the Masters, and the players, especially Tiger Woods. " 11.18.02

COHEN "The more unequal a society is, the more unhappy it becomes. If money is the measure of all things and merit is judged by salary, then the majority is made up of losers who deserve to be poor. Even if their incomes are rising, they suffer from an acute loss of status - and status means more to many than money. Social breakdown is an inevitable consequence. The United States, the most unequal society in the developed world, and Brazil, ditto for the semi-developed world, have appalling crime rates. All of this might be tolerable if meritocracy promoted genuine talent. Unfortunately for believers in free-market orthodoxy, no one has been able to discover a connection between executive pay and a company's performance. " 11.17.02

WP "The White House is interpreting Republican congressional victories in the Nov. 5 midterm elections as a mandate for changes to Social Security that President Bush has long sought. According to sources in the administration, Congress and conservative interest groups, White House officials have concluded from voters' choices that the changes -- which would for the first time tie a portion of the nation's retirement system to stock market investments -- can be a winning issue." 11.17.02

BRODER "It is perfectly plausible to argue, as many Democrats and some neutral observers are doing, that the midterm election results tell us no more than who will be running the government for the next two years. The obvious hazards to President Bush and the victorious Republicans range from a shaky economy to a possible war with Iraq. But one piece of history suggests that what happened on Nov. 5 could be a prelude to long-term Republican dominance. That history can be found in Texas, where George W. Bush started from a narrow win in his first race for governor and, step by step, converted it into a broader and more lasting victory for the Republican Party. Now he and his longtime political strategist, Karl Rove, are applying many of the same tools and techniques on a national scale." 11.17.02

WP Dems Ponder Potential Leaders. "In the past two months, Gore has signaled two things about a run for the presidency in 2004. First, he will run farther to the left than he did in 2000 or in his first campaign in 1988, far enough left to make it difficult for any of his rivals to outflank him on issues that excite and energize the Democrats' base in organized labor and the minority community. " 11.17.02

MUNDY The Gore Interview. Gore Considers New Election Bid. 11.17.02

NYT ED "The only thing recent vague warnings from the Bush administration are good for is providing political cover in case of disaster. " 11.17.02

FIRESTONE Are You Safer Today Than a Year Ago? "Little has been done to prevent a terrorist attack in two weeks or two months or two years....But Democrats say that raising people's expectations is exactly what Republicans did during the midterm elections. " 11.17.02

WOODWARD "To pitch his Iraq strategy, Powell had to top the clout Cheney and Rumsfeld had, plus overcome his own isolation. " 11.17.02

WP U.S. and U.N. in Rift Over Extent of Iraq Inspections. Bush aides want an aggressive stance; Blix eyes a more measured approach. 11.17.02

VULLIAMY "Last week State Department officials reaffirmed the comments of the hawkish US ambassador to the UN, John Negroponte, that 'any member state' on the Security Council could complain of a violation at any point. By this logic, the decision to launch a military attack can be made at any time after Iraq makes its declaration of its weapons programmes if that state believes Iraq has fallen short of the truth.And behind this is the belief held by US officials that there is 'no chance' of Saddam complying with UN resolution 1441. Washington's interpretation is that the unilateral use of force has already been sanctioned by the resolution. That in turn hides a more deeply embedded US agenda: that if the UN inspectors succeed in disarming Iraq, the Bush administration will find it hard to justify its aim of removing Saddam. And for Bush to fight the 2004 presidential election with Saddam still in office would constitute a political disaster." 11.17.02

TRAUB Who Needs the U.N. Security Council? "1) The Bush administration, seeking international cover to do what it wants, and 2) everybody else, seeking to rein in the United States. Welcome to the New World Order." 11.17.02

WP ED "It already ought to be pretty clear that Saddam Hussein does not intend to embrace the peaceful solution he has been offered. The statement his government submitted to the Security Council on Wednesday grudgingly conceded that inspectors would be allowed back into the country. But this nominal concession was accompanied by an outpouring of belligerent rhetoric, topped by a blatant lie: that "Iraq neither had produced nor was in possession of any weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical or biological, throughout the time of the inspectors' absence from Iraq." This assertion, contradicted by extensive evidence collected by Western intelligence agencies and the United Nations itself, sends the message that Saddam Hussein intends to return to the same tactical game of obstruction and deception he practiced in the past -- a game that President Bush has said will not be tolerated again. " 11.17.02

DODGE "The Iraqi army is tougher than the US believes. The US claims a war against Saddam would be quick. Wrong. The conflict could be long and bloody." 11.17.02

FRIEDMAN "I think of NATO now as "Autocrats Anonymous," a club where all these formerly autocratic nations of Eastern and Central Europe can share their problems as fledgling democracies and buck one another up. means that Club NATO will no longer be a serious fighting force, but don't worry, our Pentagon has known that for a while, which is why it never thought of going through NATO to fight in Afghanistan, and won't in Iraq either....The old NATO has been replaced as a military alliance - not by the expanded NATO but by a totally different NATO. The "new NATO" is made up of three like-minded English-speaking allies - America, Britain and Australia - with France as a partner for peace, depending on the war. What these four core countries all have in common is that they are sea powers, with a tradition of fighting abroad, with the ability to transport troops around the world and with mobile special forces that have an "attitude." That is what you need to deal with today's threats.Also, as one European official noted, all four of these countries play either rugby or American-style football - violent games where success depends on hurting the other team. This should be a prerequisite for joining the new NATO, which should henceforth be called "Nations Allied to Stop Tyrants," or NASTY." 11.17.02

NYT Defense Budget Indicates U.S. Moving Toward Program Creating New Nuclear Weapons 11.17.02

REUTERS Planned Terrorist Attack On Underground With Cyanide Gas Said To Be Behind Scotland Yard Arrests 11.17.02

KIRN "McVeigh, the sniper - the gulf-war vet seems ready to supplant his Vietnam counterpart. But then maybe the postmodern war has made unstable vets of us all. " 11.17.02

DOWD "Saudi Arabia is the Augusta National of Islam, a sand trap where men can hang out and be men. A suffocating, strict, monochromatic world of white-robed men and black-robed women. After the oil boom of the late 70's, orthodox Islamic clerics got so furious at the louche behavior of the royals - jetting off to Europe, buying bigger houses and cars, and spending less time on family - that they went "into overdrive," as one Saudi official put it. "That's when we should have put them into a box," he sighed. Instead, the royals tried to throw the fundamentalists sops - blocking little things like cultural freedom and women's rights....Americans are always saying they're concerned with freedom and the democratic will of people," said...a professor. 'But they didn't care about what was happening inside our country in 1990. And they still don't care.'" 11.17.02

ALSIDAR "People either overlook the fact that [I am] Iraqi-American or assume [I am] something short of the real thing." 11.17.02

NYT FBI Hands Out Punishment To Underlings, Slap On Wrist To Bosses For Similar Infractions 11.17.02

TONER Sugar Land vs. San Fran. Pelosi No More A Liberal Than DeLay Is A Conservative, As House Polarization Continues. 11.17.02

NYT Snowmobile Lobbyist Backed By BushAdmin Says Let's Eliminate Future Public Input Into Administration Decisions And Save Time. 11.17.02

WP ED "IN THE ABSENCE of a national policy, states are beginning to take steps to reduce America's contributions to global warming. President Bush shied away from requiring companies to report their emissions of atmosphere-warming greenhouse gases...Mr. Bush rejected the Kyoto protocol and broke a pledge to regulate power plants' carbon dioxide emissions...California ordered cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks, a measure now under court attack from both the auto industry and the Bush administration....States are demonstrating that it is possible to take meaningful steps now to lower emissions of the gases that scientists believe are contributing to a rise in global temperatures." 11.17.02

HA'ARETZ "A political advertisement published recently in The New York Times, several American Jewish newspapers, and an Internet site, indicates that two years of unwavering Jewish support for Israel has ended... The new campaign, sponsored by The New Israel Fund, calls on American Jews to promote democratic values in Israel - values it says have been eroded since the start of the intifada." 11.17.02

PERES Roads To Peace. "Efforts to reach a settlement aimed at ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will in all probability be postponed until after the Iraqi crisis. This delay -- together with the time needed to prepare for upcoming elections in Israel -- provides a political time span in which to lay the groundwork for the next stage of negotiations with the Palestinians. " 11.17.02

WT New "language tucked inside the Homeland Security bill will allow the federal government to track the e-mail, Internet use, travel, credit-card purchases, phone and bank records of foreigners and U.S. citizens in its hunt for terrorists. "In defense of members of Congress, many don't read the whole legislation and very few people read the fine print," said Mr. Barr. "You would think the Pentagon planning a system to peek at personal data would get a little more attention. "It's outrageous, it really is outrageous," Mr. Barr said." 11.16.02

WP ED "Everyone involved might also want to consider whether Adm. Poindexter is the best person to direct this extremely sensitive project. Though his criminal convictions were overturned on appeal, his record of lying to Congress hardly makes him an ideal protector of the legal system, and his conduct of Iran-contra hardly makes him an advertisement for government competence. Even his choice of logo calls into question his tact and taste. Adm. Poindexter's presence on this project, the lack of clear public information about it and the absence of any real oversight already indicate a serious lapse of judgment." 11.16.02

KING "It's time for African American Democratic leaders to muster the courage to go toe-to-toe with their party. If the elders, comfortable and satisfied with crumbs and pats on the head, lack the stomach for a fight, they should step aside and let the next generation take over. And if the elders won't move, then black Democratic voters should join their restive peers across the country and start looking for another home. " 11.16.02

MILLER "Tim Johnson's victory in South Dakota marks the third consecutive election cycle in which a Libertarian has cost the Republican Party a Senate seat. " 11.16.02

KELLER "To the trigger-happy, the United Nations resolution sending weapons inspectors back to Iraq looks like a dangerous trap for President Bush. " 11.16.02

WP ED "The National Park Service has maintain "the best possible air quality" in the parks and to preserve "to the greatest extent possible, the natural soundscapes of parks." In April the Environmental Protection Agency reviewed the information developed during this reconsideration and stuck by the conclusions of the original review: A ban on snowmobiles "would provide the best available protection to human health, wildlife, air quality, water quality, soundscapes, visitor experiences and visibility." Snow coaches could provide adequate access, while plenty of opportunities for snowmobiling remain outside the parks. Mr. Bush and Ms. Norton ought to be demanding the best protection for Yellowstone. Settling for something less falls short of their duty to the national treasures in their care." 11.16.02

WP ED "District and federal authorities have to take violence spawned here at home as seriously as they take threats launched from abroad. Terror on both fronts must be conquered. Until then, a lot of Washington area families will not feel as safe living here as the well-guarded president and mayor do. " 11.16.02

WSJ "The Department of Health and Human Services' inspector general is facing scrutiny for allegedly politicizing her nonpartisan office, forcing out longtime career civil servants and mishandling a government-issue gun. Complaints about the performance of Inspector General Janet Rehnquist, daughter of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, have attracted attention from other inspectors general and from Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, soon to be the powerful Finance Committee's chairman. " 11.16.02

BRANT "The untold secret of the White House briefings is this: reporters never ask a question that they really want to know the answer to....The reason is that if you get a real answer rather than spin, you’ll have to share it with the whole press corps. But, mostly, because you’ll never get a real answer." 11.16.02

CONNELLY "Conservatives have won great election victories (1980, 1984, 1994) in the past quarter-century. Inevitably, hard-liners have overreached, alarmed Americans and paved the way for Democrats to come back. It may not happen again: The opposition is in disarray. As well, this outfit knows what it's doing and how to sugarcoat its agenda," and it has the media in its pocket. 11.16.02

IGNATIUS Bush Does Nothing About Credit Derivatives. "So the derivatives bubble keeps growing. It's like Enron before the Enron scandal -- too complicated for anyone to understand, except the people who are profiting from it....This administration has been shamefully weak in financial expertise, fielding what many analysts say is the weakest team at Treasury and the White House in decades. " 11.15.02

WP "In his first interviews since conceding the presidency to George W. Bush almost two years ago, former vice president Al Gore calls the outcome of the 2000 election "a crushing disappointment" and criticizes the 5-4 Supreme Court decision that put Bush in the White House as "completely inconsistent" with the court's conservative philosophy. " 11.15.02

NICHOLS ""State by state, the Democrats have not been so weak going into a presidential contest in a half-century. White House political czar Karl Rove talks of 2004 as a "realigning election" that could give conservative Republicans control of the nation for a generation to come. Already, Rove is plotting the political offensive of 2004, a bold push to take seven Democratic Senate seats and secure a veto-proof Republican "supermajority." New House majority leader Tom DeLay is scanning the list of House contests narrowly won by Democrats in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia and Kansas, looking for opportunities to marginalize not just Democrats but GOP moderates whose influence dwindles as the partisan divide widens. " 11.15.02

DUGGER "Ralph, Don't Run. Given the GOP sweep in the midterm elections, progressives and populists must position themselves to play a pivotal role in the next presidential contest. As we demonstrated in 2000, we are a fragmented political force, divided between those who supported, however reluctantly, the Democratic choice, Al Gore, and those who backed the Green Party's Ralph Nader. But the Bush disaster, compounded now by the meltdown of the Democratic Party on November 5, is an emergency. We cannot afford another division in our ranks that will bring about the election of George W. Bush in 2004."11.15.02

NICHOLS "Word of Gephardt's departure and Pelosi's arrival may have been greeted with delight by grassroots activists who are ready to take on the GOP, but it was immediately met with a campaign to prevent the California Democrat from changing the ideological and strategic approaches that have rendered Democrats all but incapable of challenging a popular President and his party. That campaign was the work of a Republican White House that fears an aggressive Democratic Party; of forces within the Democratic Party that are too corrupted or too afraid to change course; and of media that have reduced political coverage to the parroting of official spin. " 11.15.02

HUFFINGTON "I'm still trying to figure out who had a more wretched Election Night 2002, the Democratic Party or America's pollsters. While Democrats lost control of the Senate, they will live to fight another election day. Pollsters, on the other hand, in losing what scraps of credibility they had, may -- with a little help from the public -- find their entire profession obsolete, gone the way of chimney sweeps, organ pumpers, and those guys who used to make buggy whips. " 11.15.02

NYT Dems On Senate Committe Hide Vote Record Of Free Pass To Bush Judicial Nominee Unacceptable To Civil Rights Groups. 11.15.02

UPI "Bush administration plans to open as many as 850,000 federal government jobs to private sector competition was greeted with dismay Thursday by the unions representing more than 500,000 federal workers. " 11.15.02

NYT "The administration was vague about how much money its initiative might save. The president's budget said savings were on the order of 20 percent, and other officials said 30 percent, enough to save many billions of dollars a year in a $2 trillion federal budget. But [one labor expert] said firm evidence of savings in the long run was sketchy, in part because private contractors sometimes won the business with low bids and then pushed their prices up after the government work force has been disbanded. Union officials also cited what they called horror stories of contractors who performed poorly or got into legal or financial trouble after taking over government jobs." 11.15.02

WP "Riding along on legislation to create a new federal Department of Homeland Security is a White House-backed provision that could head off dozens of potential lawsuits against Eli Lilly and Co. and other pharmaceutical giants...."The industry has seized the opportunity presented by a Republican House and Senate to immediately pass legislation to get the industry off the hook," said Dallas lawyer Andrew Waters. 'To me, it looks like payback for the fact that the industry spent millions bankrolling Republican campaigns.'" 11.15.02

NYT Little Headway in Terror War, Democrats Say 11.15.02

WP "The White House and key members of Congress agreed last night on legislation to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, breaking a monthlong deadlock that appeared to have doomed the proposal just a day earlier. " 11.15.02

DIONNE "If you're not happy with the Bush administration's policy toward Iraq at any given moment, just wait a week or two. A new policy, more to your liking, is bound to appear. " 11.15.02

KRISTOF "If it's appropriate to launch pre-emptive strikes on countries that sponsor terrorism and develop nuclear weapons, then we could invade Pakistan today. " 11.15.02

TISDALL "Go ahead Saddam, make Bush's day ... Despite the apparent success of the UN resolution on Iraq, the US will remain on the lookout for any excuse to go to war." 11.15.02

WOOLLACOTT White House Hawks And Doves Battle Over Shape Of Iraqi Fututure Without Saddam 11.15.02

BUNCOMBE "The Bush administration has been quietly training scores of civil servants to oversee the transformation of the Iraqi economy in the aftermath of military strikes. The effort is said to have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars." 11.15.02

HAMILTON "The reappearance of Osama bin Laden has, at least, answered one question: why the dramatic increase in communications traffic among al-Qa'ida ranks, which in turn has set off Tony Blair's warning earlier this week that "something big is about to happen"? The text of Bin Laden's message has also confirmed why the British, in particular, have become so nervous. Contained in it is the clear warning that it will be a European country that will be targeted as a "punishment" for supporting America." 11.15.02

BERGEN "Deprived of a physical base, Al Qaeda has morphed into something less centralized, more widely spread and more virtual than its previous incarnation. " 11.15.02

KAHN "With its leaders preoccupied by the most sweeping changing of the guard in two decades, China seems determined to improve ties with the United States even if it means accepting, for now, increased American assertiveness worldwide, Chinese and American analysts say. " 11.15.02

NYT Now That The Elections Are Over, Greenspan Says Let Bush Make Tax Cuts To The Rich Permanent, Even Though Greenspan Believes The Present Tax Cuts To The Rich Are Not Stimulating The Economy. To Do Otherwise, He Says, Would "Disappoint" The Rich. It's Generally Thought That Such Additional Tax Cuts To The Rich Would Kick In At About The Time The National Budget Would Be Under The Greatest Stress To Provide Needed Services To All Citizens Through Medicare And Social Security. Those Programs Would Most Likely Have To Be Cut To Provide The Rich With Peamanent Tax Cuts. Greenspan Did Not Address That Issue. 11.14.02

WP "Bush...yesterday...espoused a tax-cut theory his father once derided as "Voodoo Economics." After a meeting with his Cabinet, the president was asked about the federal budget deficit. "Well, we have a deficit because tax revenues are down," he said. "Make no mistake about it, the tax relief package that we passed -- that should be permanent, by the way -- has helped the economy, and that the deficit would have been bigger without the tax-relief package." That is orthodox supply-side theory: the notion that tax cuts, by stimulating the economy, actually increase the government's tax revenue. Such thinking, popularized by Arthur Laffer and his Laffer Curve, was the ideological fuel for Ronald Reagan's tax cuts. Most economists since then have reached a consensus that while tax cuts have an "economic effect" that partially offsets the lost revenue from tax cuts, the overall result is still lost revenue. That's the case for Bush's $1.35 trillion tax cut from last year. "I don't know anyone who has said that the makeup in revenue because of the economic effect is greater than the reduction, and I would concur with that," said Eric M. Engen, a former Federal Reserve economist with the American Enterprise Institute. Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), in his last days as Senate Budget Committee chairman, labeled Bush's statement as "dream-world economics." Said Conrad: "I don't know where he learned his math, but he didn't learn them in North Dakota schools, because we learned that if you subtract money, you have a bigger deficit." 11.14.02

WP "Iraq yesterday said it is ready to receive United Nations weapons inspectors in accordance with the Security Council resolution approved last week, bowing to intense international pressure two days before a U.N. deadline. " 11.14.02

HOAGLAND "The long, often bitter debate within the administration about going to the United Nations at all was part of a consuming battle over who controls policy in Washington. It was about the determination of Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and, I would guess, the president to get control over civilian and military bureaucracies that tilt, thwart or dismantle overarching policies they oppose, one day at a time.This is a recurring struggle in Washington. But it is particularly intense in this administration and on this issue. The battle now runs through the competing scenarios describing the day after, the months after and the decade after the fall of Saddam Hussein that are being written in at least four different offices within the administration.Most of these scenarios will tilt inevitably toward the clients and interests of the bureaucracies writing them. The future of the Iraqi people is secondary to career and institutional imperatives for many in Washington." 11.14.02

NYT Rove Says Nation Is Tilting Toward Republicans Because Citizens Like The Idea Of A War With Iraq, Tax Cuts To The Rich, And Greater Government Control Over Their Private Lives 11.14.02

WP "After 'New Democrats' Era, Party Set to Take Left Turn. Centrists Fear Alienating Swing Voters in 2004 Elections." 11.14.02

WP "Democrats Ignore Black Supporters, Activists Charge. Speakers Fault Party Leadership " 11.14.02

WP Dem Senator's Black Base In La. Questionable. "With the GOP on a roll, President Bush and Vice President Cheney headed to Louisiana to help Terrell and -- most ominously -- Landrieu's core base of African Americans shaky, what once looked like a safe Democratic seat is up for grabs. " 11.14.02

SAFIRE "If the Homeland Security Act is not amended before passage, here is what will happen to you: Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database." To this computerized dossier on your private life from commercial sources, add every piece of information that government has about you — passport application, driver's license and bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, complaints from nosy neighbors to the F.B.I., your lifetime paper trail plus the latest hidden camera surveillance — and you have the supersnoop's dream: a "Total Information Awareness" about every U.S. citizen.This is not some far-out Orwellian scenario. It is what will happen to your personal freedom in the next few weeks if John Poindexter gets the unprecedented power he seeks. Remember Poindexter?... He had this brilliant idea of secretly selling missiles to Iran to pay ransom for hostages, and with the illicit proceeds to illegally support contras in Nicaragua. A jury convicted Poindexter in 1990 on five felony counts of misleading Congress and making false statements....This...master of deceit is back again with a plan even more scandalous than Iran-contra. [This Bush appointee] heads the "Information Awareness Office" 11.14.02

WP "The current merit-based civil service system, which has long served as a safeguard against politicizing federal service, will not exist in the new department," said Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union. The Bush plan, she said, "will serve to strip away the civil service rights of those responsible for helping to protect the rights and freedom of all Americans. " 11.14.02

NYT House-Passed Homeland "Compromise" Bill Allows New Department To Give Government Contracts To American Offshore Tax-Avoidance Corporations. Also Includes Clause Against 9/11 Investigation And Protects Privatized Airport Screeners And Makers Of Smallpox Vaccines From Liability. Most Dems Voted Against Bill. 11.14.02

NYT ED "The crisis in the world's fisheries will not be solved without active government help. By endorsing and extending California's action, Mr. Bush could not only do the right thing but also set an enlightened example for the rest of the world....Bush... has been largely indifferent to marine issues." 11.14.02

ATWAN "The US war against terrorism has not achieved its objectives and does not seem capable of doing so in the near future. In fact, it has started to backfire. The world has become less safe. At the same time, the threat posed by al-Qaida is growing. Until recently al-Qaida used to carry out one attack a year; now it has carried out four attacks in less than the past month." 11.14.02

WP Jump in Terrorist 'Chatter' Heightens Fears of Attack. Believing the bin Laden tape is of him, U.S. intelligence officials see it as part of an alarming pattern in recent days. 11.14.02

FISK "It is him. The man on the tape is Bin Laden. He is alive. It took only a brief flurry of phone calls to the Middle East and south-west Asia for the most impeccable sources to confirm that Osama bin Laden is alive and that it was his gravelly voice that threatens the West in the short monologue first transmitted by the Arab Al-Jazeera television channel." 11.14.02

GUARDIAN ED "George Bush yesterday described an audiotaped message purportedly sent by Osama bin Laden as "timely". Quite what the US president meant by this remark is not clear. Yet if Bin Laden is proven by this sudden manifestation to be still alive and if the tape is authentic, then the timing is potentially troubling." 11.14.02

NYT ED "Wishfully written off as dead by some senior American officials months ago, Mr. bin Laden has re-emerged like a nearly forgotten nightmare. It's still possible that the tape is a doctored compilation of clips from his previous utterances. But either way, someone is working hard to frighten us. That should force us to face an undeniable reality: The battle with Islamist extremism is far from over and is not, as some administration officials asserted in recent months, merely a mop-up job. " 11.14.02

COHEN "The decision to de-emphasize the hunt for...bin Laden, seems "linked" -- that all-purpose Washington word -- to the fact that the United States has been unable to find him, either "dead or alive," in George Bush's unforgettable phrase. Specifically, it seems that bin Laden escaped from Tora Bora, where, U.S. intelligence now believes, he was present. It was a spectacular fiasco." 11.14.02

HA'ARETZ "Netanyahu is the darling of the neo-conservatives in Washington and their loyal follower, and they are the political forces maneuvering Bush toward war with Iraq. They won't like any move that could disturb their plans, even if it comes from their favorite Israeli." 11.14.02

YOUNG "Only in Washington does one get a true sense of the obsession of these Pentagon civilians. Conversationally, it is common talk that some of them, not including Rumsfeld, are as much Israeli as American nationalists. Behind nervous confiding hands come sardonic whispers of an American outpost of Likud. Most striking of all, however, is how unmentionable this is in the American liberal press." 11.14.02

WP What Bush And The GOP Have In Store For You 11.13.02

WP Homeland Security Dept. Nears Approval in Senate. Centrist Dems accept a Bush "compromise" on workers' rights."11.13.02

POLITEX "Dem Senate Leaders Screw Labor Movement, Give Up Fed Workers' Collective Bargaining Rights To Anti-Union Bush. " 11.13.02

CNET "Last week's congressional midterm election means that the Homeland Security Department will be assembled fast--and that's the best news the technology market has heard since Netscape went public. " 11.13.02

NYT DEMS Plan to Allow Confirmation of 2 Conservative Bush Judges As "Gesture Of Good Will." 11.13.02

BRODER "What some were (prematurely) calling "a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party" ended in barely 24 hours last week in a liberal victory. That outcome presages -- because of personalities, political geography and issues -- the larger fight for the future direction of the party. " 11.13.02

NYT Bush Stalls Global Warming Action By Calling For Discussion Slated To Take Years. Will Ignore "findings of a decade-long federal assessment of potential impacts of climate change around the United States that was published in 2000 by the Environmental Protection Agency." 11.13.02

FISK "FISK "A US Marines officer came up to me after I gave a lecture at the University of North Carolina last night to tell me he was departing from his young wife and child in three days' time to go to Central Command in Tampa for the start of a longer journey. It's the same all over America. Just down from here at Fort Bragg, elements of the 82nd Airborne are said to be on the move... A vast American armada is slowly taking shape – huge quantities of armour and ordnance are being moved around the world right now from the United States – and most of America doesn't even know it. "See you there,'' I said to the marine last night as we parted company. "Oh, are you coming to Central Command?'' he asked innocently. "No," I told him, 'You're going to Iraq.' " 11.13.02

MILBANK White House Propaganda Spokesman Placed In Army Command 11.13.02

TISDALL "Casualty lists are usually compiled after the battle. But since the coming war in Iraq has been so heavily trailed, it is possible to identify its victims in advance - or pre-emptively, to use one of George Bush's favourite words... The casualties of Desert Storm II, physical and figurative, will include Iraqi civilians and combatants on both sides; the people of Israel and of sidelined Palestine; Kurdish hopes of self-rule; Iran's pro-western civil reform movement; the entire region's security, living standards and environment if chemical or biological weapons are used; the Arab and Muslim world's already strained relationship with "Christendom"; state sovereignty as defined in international law; and democracy." 11.13.02

CORN Back to Iraq: Bush and His Pro-War Bias. Can a president who misrepresents intelligence be trusted to say if inspections are working? 11.13.02

ALTERMAN Bush Lies, Media Swallows 11.13.02

BIVINS Kucinich v. Bush.Does the president have the sole authority to tear up an international treaty? 11.13.02

PILKINGTON "Richard Perle, a leading Pentagon adviser on Iraq, last night launched an extraordinary tirade against Europe which he accused of losing its moral direction and providing succour to Saddam Hussein." 11.13.02

GARROW Burning Down The House "Judging from last week's elections, the House has become uncompetitive, sclerotic and immune to change. " 11.13.02

VEST Exit Jesse, Enter Saxby. A heretofore obscure figure, new Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss takes up where Jesse Helms leaves off. 11.13.02

USA "Webster Leaves Board In Turmoil. William Webster resigned Tuesday as chairman of {SEC's} new accounting oversight board, less than three weeks after [Pitt's} Securities and Exchange Commission tapped him for the job." 11.13.02

WP Cheney's Haliburton Claims SEC In Near-Total Disarray Is Still Probing Them 11.13.02

WP ED "IN THE SPACE of a week, the top three regulators of the audit profession have resigned. The first to go was Harvey L. Pitt, the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman. Next came Robert K. Herdman, the SEC's chief accountant. Yesterday William H. Webster, the head of the new audit oversight body, followed. These departures show that the problems in the audit profession, which have allowed hundreds of public companies to report phony numbers, are not confined to the professionals. They extend to government overseers. The auditing of auditors has been as unreliable as the auditors themselves. " 11.13.02

HA'ARETZ ""Netanyahu, the master of spin and backstabbing, praised himself for repeatedly calling for new elections, as he did when he was pushed out as prime minister... But he is coming into the new elections with the same characteristics that led to his downfall - uncollegial, synthetic, unreliable. All of his television talents, sometimes apparent in all its nakedness under the cosmetics, still did not teach him that the screen is cruel in exposing tricks. " 11.13.02

MC NEIL The War on Academic Freedom. Naming the names of academics critical of Israeli policy has a history spanning more than two decades.11.13.02

AP Iraqi Parliament Votes Down U.N. Resolution11.12.02

NYT "Iraq has ordered large quantities of a drug that can be used to counter the effects of nerve gas, mainly from suppliers in Turkey, which is being pressed to stop the sales, according to senior Bush administration officials. " 11.12.02

ROSS "Many have said that Hussein is homicidal, not suicidal, and that when faced with the alternatives of survival or acceptance of disarmament, he will accept disarmament.Maybe, but I doubt Hussein feels he is truly being faced with that choice." 11.12.02

IND US warns war on Iraq may start before Christmas 11.12.02

WP Officials: FBI Is Not Ready For More Attacks on U.S. Analysts say bureau is underprepared if terror attacks rise during Iraq war.11.12.02

WP ED "WHAT DOES it take for outside powers to rebuild a war-ruined and badly divided country? Bosnia offers a state-of-the-art -- and sobering -- example. Seven years after a U.S. intervention helped end its civil war and Western troops poured in to keep the peace, the Balkan nation of 3.5 million remains far from able to live on its own....The peace continues to depend on 12,000 foreign troops, including 2,000 Americans; the functioning of government relies in no small part on the interventions of a Western "high representative" with near-dictatorial powers; and, most discouraging of all, the victors in the recent elections were the same nationalist parties that tore the country apart a decade ago." 11.12.02

MARCUS ""The elections are scheduled, not by chance, for the eve of the American attack on Iraq, which will be followed by an aggressive campaign to end the conflict in this region. The Likud will win by default, as confused voters grope blindly in the leadership void. And Sharon, as father of the nation, will establish another emergency-unity government so that the people of Israel can fight to the last drop of blood in the second greatest operation of his career: Operation 'Peace in the Territories.' " 11.12.02

WP Lame Duck Session Opens. Negotiations over Homeland Security Dept. top agenda as Democrats retain control of Senate for now. 11.12.02

NYT Lawmakers Move Toward Compromise Curbing Worker Rights in New Department. 11.12.02

NYT Ventura Appointee Wants To Get Homeland Security Bill Passed 11.12.02

GILYARD "Ventura didn't pass the torch-he dropped it into a bucket of water and let it fizzle. He wasn't able to use the leverage of his office to broaden his party's political base, and he didn't work very hard to construct a party infrastructure. " 11.12.02

HUFFINGTON ""True to form, in speech after speech, the president has been asking very little of us. At one stop he recommended we "be a Boy Scout leader or a Girl Scout leader." At another he suggested that Americans "put their arm around somebody who hurts and say 'I love you. What can I do to help you? How can I make your life better?'" Unfortunately, he failed to mention what to do when the answer to that question is: 'Take you damn arm off of me and get me some affordable health insurance!' " 11.12.02

WP "The Bush administration plans to allow more snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks on average, while cutting numbers on the busiest days. The decision reverses one taken during the Clinton presidency that would have banned them by next winter. " 11.12.02

WP "I will call {an abortion ban] up, we will pass it, and the president will sign it. I'm making that commitment -- you can write it down." Trent Lott (R-Miss.), Nov.

WP "The budget mavens at the Heritage Foundation are hoping that last week's big win for Republicans will loosen the wallets of conservative donors enough to help the tank avoid a projected $1 million revenue shortfall this year. " 11.12.02

GREEN/SCHICKLER "The Republicans won the election but may have failed to create a new image for themselves. " 11.12.02

COHEN "Nov. 5 was a triumph for George Bush and Karl Rove and a clear defeat for the Democrats. But the GOP won with money and tactics -- a great get-out-the-vote effort and, yes, the lift provided by Bush's personal popularity. The victory, though, was no knockout -- just a match won on points. For the Democrats, there's no reason to act woozy and stumble to the left. The party has been in that corner before. It's where it usually loses. " 11.12.02

DIONNE "The Democrats are a center-left party. If the party's moderate and liberal wings don't fly together, the old bird will crash into a tree every time. But the Republicans showed that a party can hold itself together and still stand up and fight. The Democrats lost because Bush was much tougher than they were, much smarter in his choice of issues. The Democrats don't need to move left or right. They need to adjust to the new environment terrorism has created. " 11.12.02

MONBIOT ""What the Democrats lacked in last week's elections was the danger of a countervailing force. There was no threat to their left flank grave enough to distract them from their obsessive pursuit of the corporate buck. There was, in other words, no sufficiently focused fear of the electorate. The Democrats lost the mid-term elections because the Greens did not rattle their cage. " 11.12.02

WP ED "SOMEHOW -- we have yet to learn how -- the Bushmaster XM-15 assault rifle used in the sniper shootings vanished from the stockpile at Bull's Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma, Wash., without a sales receipt. It is bad enough that this one powerful weapon disappeared undocumented, but when agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms went through the store's records they reportedly found that more than 300 other weapons appear to have vanished from Bull's Eye inventories without sales slips. It was not the first time that Bull's Eye was unable to explain the disappearance of firearms; sources have noted that the store has been in trouble before with ATF, which discovered 150 guns missing during a compliance audit. " 11.12.02

WP Arab Diplomats Say Iraq to Abide By Resolution. Hussein Orders Assembly To Hold Special Session 11.11.02

NYT Iraq Inspections Receive Approval From Arab League. 11.11.02

NATION ED "The Bush triumph has its own vulnerabilities--campaign promises the Republicans do not intend to keep, the public's growing opposition to war in Iraq, the dangerous economic landscape ahead and, not least, the right-wing agenda, which, until 9/11's patriotism arose, Americans were not buying and still essentially oppose. The White House will try, as it did so successfully this year, to steer past its political contradictions with relentlessly cynical marketing. Very shortly, we expect Bush to address the economy's problems with a stimulus package that, however fraudulent, makes him look attentive. Democrats have the capacity to block the worst of Bush's plans, and their first test of purpose will be whether they have the backbone to do so. " 11.11.02

TEATHER ""Bush may have struck gold in mid-term elections but the struggling economy could ruin his party. " 11.11.02

NYT "With his party in control and his political standing solidified, President Bush has new freedom to confront the weakened economy on his terms and has put his advisers to work developing an ambitious agenda for the next two years.It is sure to include making permanent the 10-year tax cut passed last year, securing new tax cuts for investors, holding down spending in areas other than national security and moving slowly toward overhauling the tax code and Social Security...Even though the Democrats are sure to put up a fight, in Congress and in the presidential campaign, they are in disarray on economic policy - and deeply split over tax cuts in particular." 11.11.02

NYT Anxious Consumers Are Still Spending As Though They Don't Have A Clue 11.11.02

FARHI "The Nasdaq encouraged and enabled thousands of small, highly risky companies to list their shares on the market. Many of these -- primarily dot-coms, but representing other fields as well -- had few hard assets, irregular or nonexistent earnings and unproven management. With almost shocking frequency, they also had -- usually by their own admission -- questionable accounting." Now, its retired head is being considered for Pitt's SEC job." 11.11.02

WP ED "WHOEVER TAKES over from Harvey Pitt, the outgoing chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, will have to get tough with the accounting lobby. " (But Not Stock Analysts?) 11.11.02

RASPBERRY "The late election, says a friend of mine, was about money and mud. The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics supports at least the first half of that view. Its election analysis showed that three-quarters of the Senate races and more than 95 percent of the House contests were won by the candidate who spent the most money. " 11.11.02

BOEHLERT Did blacks stay home? The Democrats' devastating losses Tuesday may be linked to disenchantment among African-American voters. 11.11.02

HERBERT "The Republican Party wears a sunny mask, which conceals a reality that's far more ideological, far more extreme, than most Americans realize. " 11.11.02

NYT Ventura's Appointee Will Decide If Bush Gets His Way In The Senate This Session 11.11.02

NYT "At least for two weeks, the Republicans still lack a majority to push through the Bush administration's version of the [homelad security] department, which would eliminate many of the Civil Service protections that federal employees have in most other government agencies." 11.11.02

WP "At Odds With Bush's Rejection of Mandatory Cuts, Governors and Legislatures Enact Curbs on Greenhouse Gases " 11.11.02

TISDALL "The EU can check the actions of the rejuvenated Bush administration. It just needs the guts." 11.11.02

CP "When we think about protesters who are veterans, the stereotype of the Vietnam era--unruly hair, screaming at the barricades with an Apocalypse Now-look in his eye--is often the image that we reflexively conjure in our minds. Well, folks, it's time to toss that one out. If you want to get a good handle on the Armed Services member (retired or active)--or Defense Department employee--who is fed up with the Powers That Be and who isn't ashamed to make his or her feelings public, you best go read (are you sitting down?) Stars and Stripes! That's right, the official journal of the United States Armed Services. Since this Spring, their letters-to-the-editor feature has become so jammed with anti-Bush epistles that a few days ago a frantic "W" fan felt compelled to post the following..." 11.11.02

WP Hunting a Deadly Soviet Legacy. Concerns About 'Dirty Bomb' Drive Efforts to Find Radioactive Cesium 11.11.02

NYT "The American warning [about SE Asia travel] was relatively mild and general compared with advisories issued by Denmark, Germany, Britain and Australia. They not only issued a general warning but also specified popular tourist places in Thailand where the possibility of a terrorist attack was deemed high." 11.11.02

BAR'EL ""Anyone looking for the linchpin of the axis of evil in Iran is liable to become lost. Last week, for example, the commander of the fleet that patrols the Persian Gulf to prevent the smuggling out of Iraqi oil reported that thanks to cooperation with Iran - which for the past year and a half has not allowed Iraqi vessels carrying contraband to pass through its territorial waters - the volume of Iraqi smuggling efforts was reduced from 20 million barrels a year in 2000 to 11.5 million barrels last year. Another report last week noted that Iran had expelled Osama bin Laden's son and that it was ready to continue fighting any Qaida activists in its territory. " 11.11.02

HA'ARETZ Ten Years Ago " in the context of a coming conflict in the Gulf, the United States was especially keen on promoting a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. And then too, Israel's settlement policy stood in direct confrontation with that of the United States and its interests in the region....Today, not only is the United States not even bothering to voice discontent with the outposts, the Bush administration is speaking to the settlement government about an increase in financial aid." 11.11.02

CP "As Sharon's cabinet closes ranks around the right-wing Likud priorities, and with the entrance into that cabinet of Effi Eitam, head of the National Religious Party, the merger of Sharon's political agenda, the denial that the Palestinians have a right to a homeland, and the mythological beliefs of Eitam's expressed purpose for entering politics, the return of the Promised Land to God's chosen, Israeli policy toward the Palestinian people becomes mired in religious myths more than 2500 years old, myths that give the Jews authorization to destroy "... the experts of impurity, cursedness and evil.."...According to Eitam, the Palestinians are not ordinary people, but "uncircumcised," "little people," and "evil," by contrast with the Jews who are "the blessed," and who have "returned home for our rendezvous with the Lion of the World and the Lioness that is our nation." 11.11.02

NYT ED "A computerized national database of bullet and cartridge-case markings could help police track down criminals more quickly. " 11.11.02

SCHEER "Given that abortions are legal in the United States and are required to be medically sound, why would an American President seek to deny that standard of health-care protection to the rest of the world? Here's why: Women in other countries can't vote in US elections, but the members of the National Right to Life Committee not only vote but also donate to candidates and political action committees." 11.11.02

POLLITT Hitchens Post. "What kind of contrarian leaves a [Nation] column--called "Minority Report," no less--because too many of the readers disagree with him? Quite apart from the fact that some readers share your views on Iraq, the precipitating subject, aren't contrarians supposed to relish the combat? To enjoy stomping about the lonely platform and hectoring the resistant multitudes? Let's say you wanted to persuade those opposed to invading Iraq that the cause of Iraqi democracy and Kurdish self-determination require it. What better pulpit than here. " 11.11.02

HUTTON "The stranglehold the far Right has now taken on America will make it a more divided, reactionary and illiberal country.... The consolidation of America as an ultra conservative country is going to take place rapidly...There will be radical tax cuts for the rich and the corporations; a freezing of all efforts to stiffen regulation in the wake of America's corporate scandals; moves to privatise the social security system; and a roll-back of environmental protection." 11.10.02

CARVILLE "To be honest, but for Paul Wellstone’s funeral, we would have won in Minnesota and probably Missouri. That would have given us a tie (in the Senate). It’s not as shocking as it could have been, though. America is getting ready to learn a lesson, and that is that very minor shifts in voting can produce policy earthquakes. And, stand by, because the policy earthquakes are coming....You can see unbelievably rapid loosening of environmental regulations and fundamental restructuring or attempted restructuring of both the tax code and the Social Security system, and you’re going to see a PAC right-wing federal judiciary, and you’re going to see an administration and a Congress that is 100 percent representative of corporate interest. You’re going to see a diminution of any protection for workers or anything like that. You’re certainly going to see a huge legislation passed and signed to limit products’ liability, defects in products and medical malpractice. You name it. All of that is coming." 11.10.02

MOYERS "If you like God in government, get ready for the Rapture. These folks don't even mind you referring to the GOP as the party of God. Why else would the new House Majority Leader say that the Almighty is using him to promote 'a Biblical worldview' in American politics? So it is a heady time in Washington - a heady time for piety, profits, and military power, all joined at the hip by ideology and money." 11.10.02

FARRELL "It's time for Washington to abandon the tired, nasty politics of partisan gridlock. Forget ideas such as lowering the capital-gains tax rate, which would do little to stimulate the economy. The same goes for a business-investment tax credit. Instead, money should go toward supporting lower- and middle-income households that need some extra income to make ends meet in troubled times. " 11.10.02

REICH "Why didn't the Democrats break through on the economy? It was an easy target. The economy is still Number One in voters' minds, outpolling terrorism and Iraq. And it's still lousy. Unemployment is up, consumer confidence down, growth has slowed to a crawl. You don't have to be a high-rolling pollster to know Republicans are vulnerable on it. The question is worth asking because Democrats have to get their economic act together if they want to take back control of even one chamber in 2004 or have half a chance of recapturing the White House. The economy could still be a big problem then. This isn't your typical business cycle, and it hasn't responded to the Fed's usual medicine. The recovery could remain anemic for another two years, fall into a "double dip" or, worse, into a vicious cycle of deflation. Japan has been flat on its back for a decade.The Democrats' problem is that they don't have an economic message, only a gaggle of conflicting responses to Bush's big tax cut and his plan to make it permanent. "How can we have a consistent economic message?" one Democratic operative complained to me last week after the returns came in. "We're all over the map on the tax cut." What To Do. 11.10.02

CNN Poll Says Most Think More Will Get Done Under GOP Control, But Don't Like WHAT Will Get Done. 11.10.02

WRIGHT Journalist "Helen Thomas offered a very powerful indictment of the current behavior of the Bush presidency in her comments on the incoherence and inconsistency of Bush's policies and the danger to civil liberties of Bush's rhetoric. " 11.10.02

FRIEDMAN "The Democratic Party as a force for shaping U.S. foreign policy is out of business, until that party undergoes regime change. That's not healthy. You can't have a sound foreign policy without an intelligent domestic opposition keeping people honest.With the Dems out of business, the real opposition party on foreign policy will now be the "De Facto Democrats": Colin Powell, John McCain and the British prime minister, Tony Blair. They are the only voices that, if raised in opposition to any Bush foreign policy initiative, could restrain the president and sway the public. That is not true of any Democrat today." 11.10.02

NYT ED "The biggest fallout from last week's Republican capture of the Senate may be that it will now be harder to block ideologically extreme nominees to the federal courts. " 11.10.02

DEAN "DANGEROUS TIMES AHEAD. Despite the Nation's Deep Divisions and Bush v. Gore, The President Plans On Filling The Courts With Right Wing Judges." 11.10.02

SELIGMAN "The S.E.C. faces two other important problems. First, its budget is insufficient. Congress recognized as much in July when it authorized (but did not appropriate) a 77 percent increase in the commission's budget to expand its staff, improve its pay and update its information technology. Within the past few weeks, it became evident that the White House, after conferring with Mr. Pitt, was not inclined to support such a big increase. This is regrettable. The effectiveness of the commission depends on the availability of adequate resources. A top priority for any new chairman must be the securing of a budget on a par with that authorized last July by a 99-to-0 vote in the Senate and a 423-to-3 vote in the House." 11.10.02

CO Catching wealthy tax cheats. White House won't let IRS chief testify on agency's needs 11.10.02

NAGOURNEY "Mr. Bush and his delighted aides waited a day [after the elections] before planning an agenda for at least two years of all-Republican rule: Mr. Bush said he was likely to resubmit nominations of judges whom the Democratic Senate had blocked, and would push to make his tax cut permanent. " 11.10.02

PEAR "Republicans said that by taking the initiative on prescription drugs, they could neutralize the Democrats' historic advantage on health care issues and help the president in 2004 in Florida, Pennsylvania and other states with many elderly voters. But the return of federal budget deficits [partly caused by Bush's tax cuts to the rich], after four years of surpluses, could sharply limit the generosity of any drug benefits. " 11.10.02

SCHEMO "Republicans, in control of both houses of Congress after this week's elections, say they do not anticipate major shifts in educational policy, or a review of the signature No Child Left Behind Act adopted last year while Democrats controlled the Senate....Conservative groups have begun floating the idea informally in the hope of reintroducing school vouchers." 11.10.02

VANDE HEI/BALZ "The Bush White House certainly wasn't the only big factor in last week's surprising and dramatic elections. Local issues, Democratic mistakes, attack ads, pro-Republican efforts by lobbies such as the drug industry, Texas Rep. Tom DeLay's political machine and the intangibles of luck and fate all played key roles, too. " 11.10.02

BROOKS "It's hard to know whether the rising exurban and office park voters will cancel out the rising groups in the Democratic coalition Mr. Teixeira and Mr. Judis point to. One thing is for sure: politically detached suburban voters are the late-swinging voters in every election, and Democrats don't seem to know what makes them tick. " 11.10.02

WP ED Broken Democracy. "On Tuesday....voters went to the polls, and they cast ballots, and they did so without coercion. Yet somehow, at the end of the day, 98 percent of House incumbents seeking reelection won -- and by margins that suggest that many of the races were never serious. " 11.10.02

CLYMER "The younger Mr. Bush is much more of a Texan than his father, and less of a student, both in college and later. He is more comfortable in crowds and with small talk, and less at ease with reporters. Where his father was respected, the son is likable....Even the liberal Texas writer Molly Ivins, who last week called President Bush "shallow, spoiled and of mediocre intelligence," said, "I really think you would have to work at it to dislike him. " 11.10.02

MC GRORY "Gephardt's punishment will be self-administered. His campaign will go nowhere. His chances against Bush are as dim as those of other contenders. In fact, Democrats would be well advised to form a coalition against participation in the next election. Unless, of course, they can get Karl Rove to defect to the donkey. " 11.10.02

LEWIN "The most striking example of education's voter appeal was probably Florida, where Gov. Jeb Bush won a handy victory - but so did Amendment 9, the class-size reduction referendum he campaigned against. All fall, Governor Bush argued that the amendment, the most restrictive in the nation, would cost $27 billion over eight years, so much it would force tax increases and "blot out the sun." In October, he was even recorded, unawares, saying he had "devious plans" to block the plan if it passed. " 11.10.02

NYT War Plan in Iraq Sees Large Force and Quick Strikes. 11.10.02

O' HANLON "Of course, Hussein may still miscalculate, and war may still occur. But there is also now a real possibility that the president, together with his secretary of state, will achieve a peaceful outcome in Iraq that rewrites the books on coercive diplomacy -- as well as the early histories about who really calls the shots in this administration. " 11.10.02

BRONSON "Because it took the administration so long to realize the importance of the United Nations in disarming Iraq, Washington is facing an extremely rigid timeline for war that leaves no room for unanticipated complications. Yet the history of this conflict suggests that such complications always arise. Rather than building this reality into its plans, the administration is betting that everything will go according to script. It is a risky gamble and an unnecessary one. " 11.10.02

PARODI The Last Wave. 11.10.02

NYT Italians Wary as Opponents of War Stage a Huge March. 11.10.02

DOWD "Saudi Arabia is a thicket of unfathomable extremes, torn between secret police and secret undergarments. " 11.10.02

SCHEIBER Where the Oil Is.Is there enough of it elsewhere in the world to wean ourselves from the Persian Gulf? 11.10.02

KAHN "Dictatorship of the proletariat has failed in China. So the Communist Party is giving plutocracy a chance. " 11.10.02

GALLAGHER "How easy is it for the average Internet user to communicate with the world's least friendly regimes? " 11.10.02

NYT U.N. Security Council Votes, 15-0, for Tough Iraq Resolution11.09.02

RICH "The only truly shocking thing about Tuesday's election is that the Democrats didn't do far worse, or as badly as they deserved. Mr. Bush's high approval ratings notwithstanding, the election numbers reveal a vast opposition to where he is taking this country. But those numbers will not add up until there is an opposition party worthy of the name. " 11.09.02

NYT ED "The Democrats still believe that if voters were forced to study every bill and amendment proposed in Washington for the last two years, they'd realize that the Republicans were much too far to the right. If that's true, they're going to have to vote and speak in a disciplined way that communicates that message. And there are going to have to be core issues on which polls do not dictate positions, on which the party takes firm stands and tries to lead...It's not at all certain that Ms. Pelosi has all the leadership skills to make that happen." 11.09.02

NYT San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi To Take House Dem Post. Repubs Say They Love It. 11.09.02

VARIOUS DEMS "Defeat Happens" And Other Dem Bumper-Stickers. 11.09.02

SUNSTEIN "The most important consequence of the new Republican majority in the Senate might well be a remade and more conservative federal judiciary. " 11.09.02

WP Homeland Security Legislation Becomes Republican Priority. Leaders Tell Bush They Will Seek Passage Of Anti-Union Version Next Week. 11.09.02

AP GOP Looks Primed to Expand Tax Cuts. 11.09.02

BG Emboldened by Republicans' election triumph, advocates of partial privatization of Social Security are pressing for an overhaul of the retirement system as early as next year. 11.09.02

KING "When Maynard Jackson, Atlanta's first black mayor, sought the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee two years ago, "the Dems shoved him to the back of the bus so fast -- in favor of [Bill Clinton's top money-raiser, Terry] McAuliffe -- that the poor guy didn't even have a chance to put in a call to Johnnie Cochran." That dig came from an admittedly acerbic source this week. But it was close to the truth." 11.09.02

BG Low turnout by blacks found in Jeb Bush win. 11.09.02

MH "Democrats: Millions blown by McBride Party raised more in final days but spent badly, observers say. " 11.09.02

WP "A settlement was reached in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Sioux tribes that accuses South Dakota officials of ignoring a federal law that protects the voting rights of minorities." 11.09.02

CHART Five Election Races Still Undeclared 11.09.02

GATES Slowing the Spread of AIDS in India 11.09.02

KRISTOF "The reality is that this will be an excruciating economic climate in which to govern. war spending and tax cuts could easily push the federal deficit to between $200 billion and $400 billion in 2004, up to a precarious 4 percent of G.N.P. Services and school programs around the country will be cut, and voters will find someone to blame in two years' time. The Democrats, out of power, won't make a convenient whipping boy." 11.08.02

COCCO Bush Tax Cuts Spell Trouble Over The Long Run. 11.08.02

NYT "A large accounting firm released documents today that it said showed that [Harvey Pitt's SEC overseer] William H. Webster had fired it as the auditor of U.S. Technologies after the firm warned him about financial problems at the company. The accounting firm said the documents challenged Mr. Webster's description of his role at the company. " 11.08.02

IVINS "So the new guy in charge of reforming the accounting industry himself sat on the board of a company now being investigated for fraud, and when that company's outside auditors complained about accounting irregularities, he voted to fire them. This is just peachy. Why don't we add Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers to the new accounting oversight board, as well? It's not as though it weren't already painfully clear the Bush administration is both opposing and undermining all efforts to clean up corporate corruption, but do they really have to make a mockery of them, as well? " 11.08.02

KRUGMAN "Clearly, we're going to have an extended sojourn in the political wilderness. Even criticizing the Bush administration's policies will become far more difficult. It will be hard even to find out what it's up to; the most secretive administration in the nation's history will now be even less forthcoming. And anyone who criticizes the administration, even on purely domestic issues, will be accused of lacking patriotism. After all, that strategy worked even against Senator Max Cleland, a genuine war hero who lost three limbs in his country's service.What hasn't changed is the fundamental wrongness of this administration's direction. Too many pundits, confusing politics with policy - or engaging in sheer power worship - imagine that a party that wins a battle must be doing something right. But it ain't necessarily so. Political victory doesn't make a bad policy good; it doesn't make a lie the truth. " 11.08.02

JUDIS "Democrats will be back. Bush won this week because of one issue - security. When that fades, he will be vulnerable." 11.08.02

GOLDSBOROUGH "The election was Nov. 5, but the date to remember is Sept. 11. Republicans did well Tuesday because the president is a Republican who has mobilized national support behind the war against terrorism. " 11.08.02

HALSTEAD "Over the next several weeks, there will be much navel-gazing and finger-pointing among Democrats as they try to figure out how things went so wrong in this week's elections. There will be a lot of scapegoating and false blame -- for example, some will focus on the overzealous rally after Sen. Paul Wellstone's death, as if that could explain a major trend across the country. The real answer is more profound: Where Democrats lost is in the war of ideas. " 11.08.02

REESE "Most officeholders are just opportunists. They have no principles or philosophy, and every vote they take is calculated on the basis of their next re-election campaign. Some votes are to pay off campaign contributors. Some votes are swapped with other politicians for pork-barrel projects. Other votes are just to avoid riling active special interests. It's a poor way to run a country, of course, but it is also what you might call the dirty laundry of democracy. You find pretty much the same practices in all the countries where there are popular elections. And these practices are certainly not new." 11.08.02

HUFFINGTON The Democrats' historic defeat demands a bloodletting as ruthless as Pitt's meticulously timed ouster. That they laid down on all the key issues is now a threat to all our security. The General Custer who led his party into this rout should be busted down to buck private for his dismal leadership -- or, more accurately, the lack thereof. 11.08.02


BG Dem House Leader Choice Will Show Party Direction. Liberal Or Moderate? 11.08.02

FREEDMAN/KNAPP "In politics, at some point, the truth matters. Republicans used the insecurity and anxiety over terrorism to win the midterm election. Eventually, however, voters will focus on other issues as well. When they do, Democrats ought to be ready for them with a compelling, feasible and centrist approach to public policy. " 11.08.02

HAMILTON "You can blame the voters for this, or the politicians, or the culture of our times. But what you can't surely do is feel complacent about a political system that does so little to reflect the real concerns and tensions beginning to stir in the world." 11.08.02

NYT Bush Makes Anti-Union Homeland Security, More Tax Cuts To The Rich, And Conservative Judges His Priorities. 11.08.02

WP ED "WHEN PRESIDENT BUSH took office, he had a golden opportunity to begin repairing the broken judicial nomination system. Blessed with a Republican-controlled Senate, he could, as we urged at the time, behave with tact and an understanding of the legitimate Democratic anger at the way President Clinton's judicial nominees had been treated. Instead, with a few exceptions, he largely ignored Democratic concerns and tried to proceed with judicial nominations as though the mistreatment of the Clinton nominees had never happened. This course backfired when control of the Senate shifted a few months into his presidency. Mr. Bush now has a second chance: Once again, he can use his party's control over the Senate to force through his own nominees. But it would be better to seek an accord that would reestablish some comity in the process and strengthen the ability of presidents to win approval for nominees should divided government return. " 11.08.02

WP Bush Urges Bipartisan Relations. Democrats See Disconnect Between Rhetoric and GOP Actions 11.08.02

NYT Bush Payback Is At Hand For Jeffords. 11.08.02

WP Election Turnout Rose Slightly, to 39.3%. GOP Mobilization Credited; Participation Was Down in Some Democratic Areas. 11.08.02

KINSLEY "Now that VNS has blown it for the second time in a row, maybe some network will say: "Screw this. From now on we're going to find out the one thing people want to know, we're going to find it out as soon as we can, and we're going to tell people as soon as we find out." What did they used to call that? " 11.08.02

PBP Smooth Election? Florida's Broward County Didn't Count Over 100,000 Legal Votes. 11.08.02

OTTER Did Ballot Tampering Play A Part In This Election? 11.08.02

COHEN "I stayed up very late Tuesday night to see who won and who lost. I learned that George Bush won and Tom Daschle lost. The Republicans won the Senate and the Democrats lost it; and Karl Rove, the White House's political guru, has been anointed a genius -- which he very well may be. But not mentioned in anything I watched was the real winner of the 2002 campaign: the television industry. It came away about $1 billion richer. " 11.08.02

REUTERS U.N. Expected To Back Bush Iraq Resolution; Russia Still Has Concerns. 11.08.02

NYT "Bush gave notice to the United Nations and to the American people today that the political season is over and that the time has come to disarm Saddam Hussein — and that it may take war to accomplish that goal." 11.08.02

IND ED "The UN resolution by no means provides Mr Bush or Mr Blair with the moral cover needed to wage war. The outlook may be better than it was when the hawks had the upper hand in the White House, but the danger of the US launching a counter-productive war in Iraq remains worryingly high." 11.08.02

PENKETH "The resolution to be adopted by the UN Security Council will give an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein that will lead to his political emasculation if he complies or the crushing of his regime by military means if he does not." 11.08.02

WP "The U.S. military is losing momentum in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan because the remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban have proven more successful in adapting to U.S. tactics than the U.S. military has to theirs, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said this week. " 11.08.02

NYT Al Qaeda Meeting in Thailand Reportedly Plotted Attacks on Tourists.11.08.02

FISK ""How about a little journalistic freedom here? Like asking why this important al-Qa'ida leader could not have been arrested. Or tried before an open court. Or, at the least, taken to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation... Instead, the Americans release a clutch of Guantanamo "suspects", one of whom – having been held for 11 months in solitary confinement – turns out to be around 100 years old and so senile that he can't string a sentence together. And this is the "war on terror"? " 11.08.02


NORRIS Bush Facing 2 Challenges: S.E.C. Choice and Economy.11.07.02

NYT Harvey Pitt's "stewardship of the S.E.C., the key regulator of the stock market and of publicly traded companies, was nothing short of disastrous. The White House played a role in this debacle. It allowed Mr. Pitt to stay on the job just when the country most desperately needed strong leadership to restore investor confidence. In addition, the timing of the resignation was totally cynical. Not until the polls closed was Mr. Bush prepared to concede that he had put the wrong man in the job. " 11.07.02

WP Worried Fed Cuts Key Rates. Sensing a "soft spot" in the economy, policymakers trim another half-point. 11.07.02

NYT ED "On Tuesday the country continued to be split almost exactly down the middle. The Democrats' two most crippling losses occurred in Minnesota and Missouri, where the voting margins narrowed to practically nothing. Obviously, a narrow win is better than a narrow loss, but Mr. Bush has a habit of interpreting even the tiniest margins of victory as mandates for sweeping change. The last time around he seized on an election in which he lost the popular vote as justification for pressing forward with a lopsided tax plan and other programs beloved by business interests and the conservative G.O.P. base. Now, having run to the center in order to win their critical races, the Republicans will be tempted to embark on an aggressively conservative agenda - saddling the country with right-wing judges for the next 30 years or resurrecting some of their more repellent energy strategies, like opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling." 11.07.02

NYT "Republicans began setting plans yesterday to push forward a domestic agenda of tax cuts, a national energy policy, creation of a vast homeland security department and the confirmation of conservative judges as they savored a sweep of the midterm elections that gave them complete control of the Capitol. " 11.07.02

NYT Republicans Say Rove Was Mastermind of Big Victory 11.07.02

CORNWELL "For the liberal half of America this is a dark hour indeed. But for Bush, this is a liberation – and an anointing. Politics, of course, is a funny old business, and this Bush need only look to his father to remember how a war president with 80 per cent approval ratings can crash to defeat within 18 months. But short of catastrophe in the Gulf or an economic crash, it is hard this November morning to imagine a scenario, or a Democratic candidate, to upset this President's march towards a second term... Cast your mind back to early in the evening of 7 November 2000, when the television networks seemed to seal his fate by – wrongly, as it proved – giving Florida to Al Gore. This triumph would have been unthinkable. But, like it or not, it's happening." 11.07.02

BORGER "The White House's immediate to-do list is headed by the establishment of a new homeland security department, described yesterday by Mr Fleischer as a "vital priority"... It includes the effective privatisation of state pensions by investing social security funds in the stock market, the promotion of "faith-based" charity for the poor in place of government social welfare programmes, and the reintroduction of energy legislation incorporating plans to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic national wildlife refuge." 11.07.02

NYT Stalled Nominations to the Bench Suddenly Get a New Life.11.07.02

IND ED "Most dangerous of all, however, is what these elections mean for Mr Bush's foreign policy. This can be overstated, because few Democrats would in any case oppose the President at a time of war. But these results will undoubtedly embolden Mr Bush as he pushes the United Nations towards backing his plans for a war on Iraq. The incalculable damage that such a conflict would do to peace throughout the world, rather than the tally of governorships and Congressional seats, represents the true scale, and the real price, of the Democrats' failure." 11.07.02

GUARDIAN ED "The implications are vast, both at home and abroad, and anyone who ever pretended that the two parties are indistinguishable is about to receive a cruel lesson in political reality. Carried on a wave of post 9/11 patriotic approval, Mr Bush took on his demoralised opponents with total ruthlessness. He out-fundraised, out-spent, out-campaigned and out-worked the Democrats. His reward is a position from which he will launch a fresh round of tax cuts for the rich and welfare cuts for the poor, from which he will dismantle key parts of the federal government in favour of the states and corporations, and, most important of the lot, from which he will now make a raft of conservative judicial appointments, aimed at shifting power in America's courts conclusively to the right for decades to come." 11.07.02

HALBFINGER Vote Solidifies Shift of South to the G.O.P. 11.07.02

MC GRORY "The Republicans said that public indignation, led by yokel Gov. Jesse Ventura, at Wellstone's "politicized" memorial slowed Mondale's eleventh-hour momentum. Ventura claimed he felt "violated" -- although why a man who wore pink tights and a feather boa in the wrestling ring should suddenly be treated as an arbiter of good taste is a bizarre detail. It would seem that hardy Minnesotans could withstand a little rock music and cheering at a politician's funeral.What happened to Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia was less merciful. He was the target of a merchant of malice named C. Saxby Chambliss, who was chosen by Bush to oppose him. In his TV ads Chambliss charged Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam, with a failure of patriotism -- because he didn't support all provisions of Bush's homeland security bill. Even Lee Atwater, the famous South Carolina political cutthroat employed by the president's father, might have blanched at having a man who never wore the uniform trashing a war hero. Georgians bought it. They rejected Cleland 53 to 46. " 11.07.02

BRODER "Call it affirmation or reaffirmation, but the midterm election has given a powerful boost to President Bush, the conservative agenda and the long-term prospects of the Republican Party. By retaking the Senate, increasing their majority in the House and strengthening their grip on their electoral college base in the South, the Bush-led Republicans achieved substantially more than most observers -- myself included -- had thought likely. " 11.07.02

WP ED "Yesterday, as the president deliberately refrained from a public victory lap, his spokesman Ari Fleischer said the lesson drawn from the election "is for people to work together across the partisan aisle to get things done for the country." But similar pledges of pragmatism at the time of Mr. Bush's inauguration were, at best, only sporadically observed during his administration's first two years. " 11.07.02

NICHOLS "Democrats countered with an agenda that was so anemic that candidates were forced to fend for themselves. Some, like Maryland's Christopher Van Hollen, who defeated moderate Republican incumbent Constance Morella by making an issue of the extreme conservative bent of House Republican leaders like Tom DeLay, succeeded in nationalizing local contests. Most did not, however, and the list of narrow defeats in House contests that Democrats should have won in Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and South Dakota was depressingly long." 11.07.02

CORN "One reason the Dems couldn't compete yesterday was that they had no overarching theme that cut through the clutter of the campaign. Democrats did little to differentiate themselves from Bush and the GOP on war and tax cuts, and they made it easy for the Republicans to muddy the distinctions in areas where Democrats traditionally possess an advantage."11.07.02

HERBERT "The party of Roosevelt, Truman and the Kennedys has morphed into the party of timidity. " 11.07.02

DIONNE "The Democrats thought they could run against President Bush without actually running against him. They were wrong. They thought they could make the economy an issue without offering a coherent alternative to Bush's policies. They were wrong. They thought they could get their electoral base to turn out without explaining why it was urgent to stop Bush's program. They were wrong. " 11.07.02

NYT Dem Bloodletting. Gephardt Quits. 11.07.02

WP "Republican Win Puts Daschle at Crossroads. Senate Leader Accepts Blame and Ponders Options Including Presidential Bid and Retirement " 11.07.02

NAGOURNEY Democrats Catalog Mistakes. 11.07.02

MERIDA "The No-Pity Party. When They're Down, Democrats Kick Each Other Hard. " 11.07.02

KURTZ "It seems fair to observe that, in the first national election since 9/11, the Dems were hurt by a very popular president, at least in some of the red states.It seems fair to observe that the Democrats took a pass on two overriding issues - Iraq and the Bush tax cut - which made it hard for their supporters to get real excited. What exactly were they going to do if they won? It seems fair to observe that the party's moderate, nonoffensive, blur-the-differences strategy was a flop. Does that presage a move to the left and Al Gore-style populism? Not clear at the moment. But chances are we'll see a different approach in '04 " 11.07.02

YOUNG "Where America has elected to go, no one will follow. The mid-term results show the stark contrast between the US and Europe." 11.07.02

WP On Drug Measures, Grass Rooters Lost. Voters' Verdicts Mixed on Array of Propositions Covering Education, Animal Rights and Other Issues 11.07.02

GUARDIAN "Opinion is divided in the US, at the UN, in Europe, in the Arab world and within the British government as to whether this [new U.S.] resolution will lead to peace, the eventual lifting of sanctions and the return of Iraq to the international fold, or whether it simply offers a menu of excuses for war." 11.07.02

AGE Bush Loses. SEC's Pitt Resigns Under Cover Of Election News. Story Buried In Middle Of Evening Flurry . 11.06.02

SOBIERAJ "Exultant Republicans took control of the Senate and held onto the House, handing President Bush historic bragging rights and two years to push through an agenda starting with deeper tax cuts. Sweetening the prize, Republicans claimed a majority of the governors' races and left Democrats grumbling about a popular wartime president. " 11.06.02

CONASON Dems Have Only Themselves To Blame 11.06.02

SALETAN Dem "moaning isn't enough. Whether through lack of resolve, lack of agreement, or lack of imagination, a party that can't summarize its economic philosophy-and can't connect that philosophy to the boom that occurred on its watch-is in for a long decade." 11.06.02

WP White House Begins Preparing Ambitious Legislative Agenda To Turn Country Right 11.06.02

REUTERS Repub Victory Being Read As Mandate To Attack Iraq 11.06.02

SJMN Republicans Surge On Bush Popularity 11.06.02

VON DREHLE Leaderless Dems Couldn't Stir Voters, But Bush Bets Popularity And Wins 11.06.02

SHAPIRO True meaning of election can't be gleaned from polls. 11.06.02

BALZ GOP Control Of Both House Defies The Odds. 11.06.02

WP Senate Roundup. Repubs Take Majority 11.06.02

VAN DEHEI GOP Expands Its Majority In House. Midterm Gains Defy History. 11.06.02

ABC Face, Voice, And Soul Of Congress Will Change 11.06.02

KCS Missouri Win Gives Repubs Senate Control For Nov. Session. 11.06.02

MST Key Win. Coleman Defeats Mondale In Minnesota. 11.06.02

GANNETT S.D. Race Turned Into Nail-Biter As Bush, Daschle Shadowed 11.06.02

NEWS Computer Glitch Leaves Media Without Exit Polls To Report 11.06.02

USA Media Rely On "Real" Votes To Project Winners 11.06.02

SLT In Florida Machnines Register Votes For Bush When Dem Candidate Selected. 11.06.02

NYT Jeb Rides Late Surge To Florida Victory 11.06.02

SFC Davis Beats Simon In Cal Close Vote For Negative Candidates 11.06.02

BG Mass Votes For Repub Guv Again 11.06.02

DC Nasty And Very Expensive Texas Race Ends With Bush's Guy On Top 11.06.02

BLOOM Repubs, Dems In Tie For New Governors' Offices 11.06.02

WP Dems' State House Wins Set Stage For 2004. Jeb In Place To Run For Prez In 2008. 11.06.02

GRIER Data Indicates If Everyone Voted There Would Be A Visible Shift Left, Since Non-voters Are Not Randomly Distributed, Expert Says. 11.06.02

USA "Minor party, independents make impact. As many as 8 state legislatures could get minor party candidates. " 11.06.02

BG U.S. Offers U.N. A New "Final" Draft Of Iraq Attack Plans 11.06.02

WP ED "ANYONE WHO HAS watched Microsoft Corp.'s anti-competitive behavior in recent years is bound to feel some nervousness about U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's endorsement of the Justice Department's antitrust settlement with the software giant. Microsoft has a monopoly in the market for desktop operating systems, and, as demonstrated throughout this case, it has abused its power in that market. The Justice Department took a significant risk in settling the case as it did; the future restraints it has garnered on Microsoft's conduct could well prove inadequate to the task of ensuring a competitive software industry. A few years from now, Judge Kollar-Kotelly's rejection of pleas by state attorneys general to impose further sanctions will look like a foolishly missed opportunity if Microsoft proceeds to gobble up still more nascent markets -- as it did the market for Internet browsers -- that pose challenges to the dominance of Windows. " 11.06.02

NYT Ventura Appointment, Missouri Question Throws Political Control Of Lame Duck Nov. 12 Senate Into Question 11.05.02

WP "Ventura Choice Adds to Senate Uncertainty. Longtime Ally of Governor Is Uncommitted on Which Party He'll Align With." 11.05.02

MST Ventura Senate Appointment Is A Long-Time Political Pro With An Independent Streak. 11.05.02

DIONNE "The biggest worry for this Election Day? Not equipment failure, lousy ballot design or the odd hanging chad, but an ugly brawl over whether minority voters were discouraged from casting ballots, combined with charges of vote fraud. " 11.05.02

BBC Legal turmoil ahead as US votes.11.05.02

KRUGMAN "It's Election Day, and it's your duty as a citizen to be irrational. " 11.05.02

KRISTOF "Left Dumbs Down. The intelligent left is debasing and marginalizing itself by marshaling epithets rather than arguments. " 11.05.02

MILBANK "As Election Nears, Bush (and Senior Aides) Show Signs of Campaign Fatigue. " 11.05.02

BRODER "If there is one word that characterizes the just-finished midterm campaign, it is avoidance. It was notable for the races that were not contested and for the issues that were not seriously discussed." 11.05.02

HUFFINGTON "What an absolutely dreadful campaign season this has been -- an interminable Bataan death march of ruffle-no-feathers issues, sleazy, mud-slinging TV ads, and insipid poll-driven candidates. In fact, the only truly compelling aspect of Election 2002 has been trying to decide which campaign was the most inept" 11.05.02

COHEN "Today, my vote will be cast on the basis of negative advertising. I am determined to punish anyone who insults my intelligence. " 11.05.02

WP "Election Goes Down to Wire. Voters to decide most competitive midterm elections in 50 years. " 11.05.02

LIGHTMAN "Want to get a quick sense of who might control Congress? Watch the states whose polls close between 7 and 8 tonight. " 11.05.02

KURTZ Long Night Likely On TV, But "Keep Your Eye On Georgia." 11.05.02

BG Outside monitors to keep eye on Florida votes. 11.05.02

MH Christian Coalition Leader's Gay Bashing Phone Calls For Jeb Draws Charges Of Dirty Politics 11.05.02

PBP "The phone calls and mailer coincide with a heightened religious tone to Bush's campaign. For the past two Sundays, Bush has campaigned in predominantly white, Baptist churches, where he's expressed his unflagging support of protecting "innocent life" and traditional families. " 11.05.02

WP Cuban Vote In Miami House Race Holds Seeds of Democratic Hopes. 11.05.02

SAMPLES/BASHAM New Loopholes. "Tomorrow the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, otherwise known as McCain-Feingold, will go into effect. But it won't change much. " 11.05.02

WP ED Weaseling On Reform. "THE COMPOSITION of the next House and Senate may or may not be clear tonight. But one aspect of the political landscape was supposed to be clear on the morning after the election: a fundamental change in the rules for financing federal campaigns. The campaign finance reform law passed in March takes effect tomorrow. Its sponsors aimed to change a corrosive system with open and offensive links between donations and access to officeholders. But Democrats and Republicans, enabled by the spineless Federal Election Commission, have been working to undercut the reform even before it takes effect, in part by creating new vehicles for raising and spending soft money. Their efforts fly in the face of the reform's intent. " 11.05.02

ENGEL ""Finally, we are left with the most telling indictment of all: George Bush. Forget for a moment the trickery, ratified by the supreme court, that got him elected. Britain has also had governments that came second in the popular vote (Churchill, 1951; Wilson, 1974). But the parliamentary system forced them to govern consensually. Bush has been able to use executive authority to operate the most rightwing government since the 1920s. " 11.05.02

CORNWELL ""The fighting will be close, the spectacle exciting, the outcome meaningless. Today America goes to the polls, but the truth is that whoever wins there is a cultural deadlock at the heart of the nation's politics " 11.05.02

RUDMAN/HART We're Not Prepared. " The speed of our government's actions is a function of its priorities. There is no higher priority for a democratic government than the security of its citizens. Where the security of America's homeland is at stake -- and it is -- our government must get on with it. Given the complexity of our society, and the fact that we have not been attacked at home for 189 years, not everything can be done at once. But more than a year has passed since the 9/11 attacks, and basic security priorities have not been met. " 11.05.02

ZAKARIA Moral Clarity? "Thank goodness for moral clarity. President Bush's black-and-white picture of the war on terror has apparently made sense of Russia's complicated struggle with the Chechens. The White House offered its wholehearted support to President Vladimir Putin in the aftermath of the Moscow theater siege, despite accounts of a heavy-handed Russian operation that had little regard for the lives of the hostages or the terrorists. (The latter were shot dead despite being unconscious.) But that's all understandable. Russia is, after all, fighting terrorism. " 11.05.02

WP " Four Nations ThoughtTo Have Smallpox Virus. North Korea and Iraq are among the countries that have covert stocks of the pathogen, U.S. officials say." 11.05.02

WP ED "TURKEY'S VOTERS didn't necessarily intend to marry Islamic values with Western democracy when they gave a parliamentary majority to the upstart Justice and Development Party in Sunday's general elections. By most accounts, Turks mainly wanted to punish the entrenched political establishment for leading the country into a deep economic crisis, attended by seemingly endemic corruption. Yet the alternative the voters chose amounts to something of a political experiment. " 11.05.02

WP "Israel Sets Early Elections. Sharon is unable to save embattled government. Vote most likely Feb. 4. " 11.05.02

MONBIOT ""Tony Blair's loyalty to George Bush looks like slow political suicide. His preparedness to follow him over every precipice jeopardises Britain's relationships with its allies, conjures up enemies all over the world and infuriates voters of all political colours. And yet he never misses an opportunity to show what a trusting friend he is. " 11.05.02

FISK ""After the Taliban's chums enter the Pakistan parliament, the Islamists are back in Turkey. Who said that fundamentalism is dead? No, the victory of Turkey's Justice and Development Party (AKP) is not a specifically anti-American vote – corruption and economic collapse produced its 350 seats in the 540-seat Turkish parliament. But opposition to corruption and economic collapse lay behind the Pakistani vote, too. Indeed, it is the foundation for almost every Islamist opposition vote in the Middle East, the desire to destroy the cancer which infects almost every pro-American regime in the region. " 11.05.02

VULLIAMY US in Denial as Poverty Rises And People Prepare To Vote. 11.04.02

MALLABY "What isn't so the plutocrat-corporatist caricature of the president's domestic policy. Bush has used his campaign appearances during the past week to talk up millionaire-friendly tax cuts, and his appointees at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have jeopardized post-Enron reform under pressure from the accounting lobby. He still supports an energy bill that, despite some good electricity provisions, is packed with ridiculous giveaways for business. While Bush's foreign policy team has adapted, the domestic economic team is rigid. It started out trumpeting tax cuts on the argument that the nation could afford them. Now the budget surplus has vanished, but the trumpets carry on regardless. It started out with an SEC chairman who promised to be "kinder" to the accounting lobby. Now our 401K surpluses have vanished amid accounting scandals, yet the administration still sides with the accounting lobby." 11.04.02

BRYCE Life In Bush's Texas. "Its testosterone-fuelled traders were fixtures in Houston's strip clubs. One division of the company spent $2m a year on flowers alone. And its executives used the firm's corporate jets as taxis. In the first extract from his remarkable new book on the rise and fall of Enron, Robert Bryce describes the heady mix of greed, sex and arrogance that produced America's most spectacular financial scandal." 11.04.02

BRAUCHLI Can You Believe George W. Bush? (No.) 11.04.02

NYT Amid Doubts About Competency, Mentally Ill Man In Bush's Texas Faces Execution. 11.04.02

NYT Bush Rejects North Korean Offer for Talks About Nuke Program. 11.04.02

NYT "Consumer advocates and union officials called on [Bush's] Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman on Thursday to disavow instructions given to meat inspectors in Kansas that critics and inspectors said encouraged the relaxation of food-safety standards to keep production moving at slaughterhouses, even amid concerns about fecal contamination." 11.04.02

NYT "Although they conceded its importance, environmental campaigners said [the Bush] approach that focused on adapting to climate change rather than preventing it would inevitably fail, because the impact of unfettered emissions would eventually exceed people's ability to adjust. Moreover, many said, coral reefs, alpine forests and other fragile ecosystems - without the resiliency of human societies - would simply be unable to cope with fast-changing conditions." 11.04.02

NAGOURNEY Candidates Search for the Right Closing Themes. 11.04.02

WP Battle for Senate May Outlast Election Day11.04.02

NYT Control of House Expected to Stay in Hands of G.O.P. 11.04.02

WP Northeast Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP Mid-Atlantic Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP South Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP Midwest Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

NYT Dems For The Senate. Outdated Candidates or Elder Statesmen? 11.04.02

WP Plains Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP Southwest Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP Republicans Have Edge in Texas. Hope for Democrats' 'Dream Team' Rests on High Turnout Among Unlikely Voters. 11.04.02

WP Rocky Mountains Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WP Pacific Elections Handicapped 11.04.02

WALSH Voting procedures under scrutiny, but states do little to correct problems. 11.04.02

WP Cheney Most Visible on Campaign Trail. Spent 10 Months Raising $40 Million for GOP and Candidates 11.04.02

SAFIRE "It's time to get practical and solve the problem of poor voter turnout in America. Here are four different Swiftian ways. " 11.04.02

HERBERT "Mercifully, the New York governor's race ends tomorrow. And sadly, this race has embodied much of what's wrong with politics across the U.S. " 11.04.02

BEAUMONT "Carve-up of oil riches begins. US plans to ditch industry rivals and force end of Opec." 11.04.02

NYT "Voters in Turkey chose a party led by a former Islamicist who quickly sought to calm fears by emphasizing his support for a secular Turkey. " 11.04.02

NYT "Former [Conservative] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to become Israel's next foreign minister, provided that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon calls for new elections soon. " 11.04.02

HA'ARETZ "The loss of the support of the government's largest partner requires Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to choose between two main paths: replacing the national unity government with a narrow coalition, which will depend on the right-wing parties, the extreme right and the ultra-Orthodox, or advancing the Knesset elections to an agreed-upon date with Labor. Sharon's contacts with the leaders of the National Union-Israel Beiteinu, and his invitation to the former IDF chief of staff Shaul Mofaz and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to join the cabinet, indicate he has chosen the first option. " 11.04.02

DIEHL "Which foreign leader has had the maximum Oval Office access to George W. Bush? Yes, Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin have had plenty of face time, but when it comes to crossing the White House threshold, the undisputed champion is Ariel Sharon. In 17 months, Israel's prime minister has made the trip to Washington no fewer than seven times. " 11.04.02

HARRIS "That email attachment you just got from a friend may be hilarious, but the joke could be on you. " 11.04.02

NYT ED "Tuesday's elections are going to be both very close and very important. " 11.03.02

WP ED "THE MIDTERM ELECTION campaigns drawing to a close have not, according to most assessments, inspired many voters. Slanderous advertisements and an effort to dodge major issues have dominated many campaigns. One explanation for this dispiriting reality, as The Post's political reporters have made clear in an enlightening series of articles, is the 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans, who are, David Von Drehle and Dan Balz wrote recently, "more evenly divided . . . than at any time in over a century." This split was manifest in the 2000 presidential election, decided by a few hundred votes in one state; in the Senate, where the defection of one man cost the Republicans control; and in the House, where a half-dozen seats keep the Republicans in the majority. " 11.03.02

BERKE "Tuesday's midterm elections have a greater than usual sense of urgency and potential for chaos. Four scenarios for how the balance of power may shift. " 11.03.02

WP "Midterms Likely to Retain Congress' Divided Status. The odds of either party capturing the other chamber are steep, experts say. " 11.03.02

WP Thirteen Pundits Predict The Races. 11.03.02

ROTHENBERG "Handicapping the Hot Races for Congress. " 11.03.02

BRODER Negative Ads Are Killing Democracy. "If you are one of those Americans who are counting down the hours until the campaign of 2002 is over, one who feels that your patience has been taxed and your intelligence insulted by the barrage of TV spots, the experts have a message for you: Quit your bellyaching. " 11.03.02

NYT In Poll, Americans Say Both Parties Lack Clear Vision 11.03.02

NYT Still in Doubt, Fight for Senate Grows Feverish11.03.02

WP GOP Heavy Hitters Stump Against Mondale 11.03.02

MANJOO "Guns, lies and the Internet in South Carolina. Field & Stream's Web site was associated with a voter's guide accusing a Democratic Senate candidate of being anti-gun. One problem: He's a member of the NRA " 11.03.02

NYT "Bush raced down the East Coast today to campaign one last time for his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, on a weekend that revived the political blood feud for the White House in 2000 and foreshadowed the battles to come in 2004. " 11.03.02

PALAST "94,000 people on a voter "purge" list -- half of them African-American -- continue to be banned from voting in Florida, even though the state knows the list is wildly inaccurate. " 11.03.02

NYT Despite such a solemn election year, comedians are finding ways to get in quick one-liners about politicians. 11.03.02

NYT ED "The Smithsonian Institution is a lot more than a collection of museums in Washington, D.C. It incorporates some half dozen research centers that do outstanding scientific work. Last year, the future of that work was jeopardized when the Bush administration's budget managers proposed shifting much of the Smithsonian's research budget to the National Science Foundation, a federal granting agency." 11.03.02

WEINSTEIN "Why have liberals and conservatives switched [economic] positions? Political expediency. Republicans now embrace deficits so they can hand a tax holiday to a small sliver of very rich Americans. Democrats preach zero deficits to block the Republican tax-cutting frenzy. Democrats' motive may be noble. But their rhetoric — ridiculing deficits and exaggerating the financial threat posed by the modest deficits expected in Social Security — is bogus." 11.03.02

HUFFINGTON "America's legal drug pushers are free to offer kids their potent concoctions without having to prove they're safe or effective. " 11.03.02

ROSENBERG "Money talks, Microsoft walks: Bill Gates lets out a big "Whew!" as the court decides that what's good for Microsoft is good for America. " 11.03.02

WP "The Army is considering whether to [privatize] nearly 214,000 military and civilian employee positions in what would be the largest transfer of jobs to the private sector by a government agency, Pentagon officials said." 11.03.02

FLOYD "The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks." 11.03.02

USN "Shaw Pittman: DOD Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records " 11.03.02

BROAD Was Russia's Gassing An Example Of Use Of "Humane" Weapons? 11.03.02

USN "American Legion: Billions for Bahdad, Nothing for Veterans. " 11.03.02

NYT "U.S. Pilots in Gulf Use Southern Iraq for Practice Runs. Navy pilots are conducting mock strikes against airfields, towers and other military sites in Iraq in preparation for a possible military campaign." 11.03.02

SCHMEMANN Controlling Iraq's Oil: Not So Easy. 11.03.02

DOWD "As Bush hard-liners plot to sideline the Saudis by turning Iraq into a model democracy/gas pump, the Saudis are confused and defensive. " 11.03.02

FRIEDMAN " To win the war against the religious totalitarians, open societies must play to their strength — America's hard power and Europe's soft power." 11.03.02

BEILIN "If Mr. Sharon manages to form a narrow, right-wing government, he will no longer be able to claim that he is being held back by Labor's peace camp. He will then have to prove at last whether, after dictating the supposedly logical formula of "no negotiations under fire" and using that position to veto negotiations with any gun owner in the Middle East, he is actually capable of bringing peace and security to Israel. " 11.03.02

REUTERS Right Wing Netanyahu Sets Conditions for Accepting Israeli Post From Sharon. 11.03.02

VINCIGUERRA MAD Turns 50. "What, Me Worry About Insults?" 11.03.02

KELLER Congress "is a collection of the spineless led by the cynical, constantly lap-dancing for special-interest cash to finance the permanent campaign, deadlocked not over high principles but over petty partisan advantage and, as C-Span devotees know, incapable of mounting a debate worthy of a junior high school. It makes you heart-sore for the state of democracy. " 11.03.02

WP To Many Blacks, Democrats Miss the Big Issue: Jobs. Minority Turnout May Be Key to Senate Races 11.02.02

BG Republicans strive to top Democrats in getting voters to polls. 11.02.02

NYT ED Bush's Anti-Envoronment Agenda Is Not Influencing Voters Because Dems Refuse To Talk About It. 11.02.02

MILBANK The Virtual Candidate Bush Could Win or Lose for Next 2 Years on Nov. 5 11.02.02

AP Bush Puts Name on Line in Campaigns. 11.02.02

AFP "Mrs. Bush will barnstorm 5 states for GOP candidates." 11.02.02

NYT S. Dakota Campaign Razor Thin. 11.02.02

NYT Grudge Match. Cast Reassembled, Florida Revives a Drama From 2000. 11.02.02

NYT Parties Create Ways to Avoid Soft Money Ban 11.02.02

BG ED "INVESTORS WHO have been burned by Enron, WorldCom, and other corporate implosions are going to be skittish until they know that aggressive watchdogs are at both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the special accounting oversight board set up in reaction to the recent debacles on Wall Street. Harvey Pitt, [Bush's] SEC chairman, has made it abundantly clear he is not the person to provide that leadership, and it is equally evident that William Webster was an ill-considered choice by Pitt to lead the new accounting panel. Both should resign" 11.02.02

WP ED Unfortunately, it's not clear that Mr. Bush can be counted on to do the right thing, because his own advisers appear to have been complicitous in Mr. Pitt's awful performance. 11.02.02

DAO Christian Conservatives May Get Bush To Abandon U.S. Support of U.N. Population Accord. 11.02.02

AP "Prosecutors have submitted a report on their probe into how anti-terror investigators obtained a "false confession" from an Egyptian student detained in the Sept. 11 investigation but asked that it be kept secret, a judge said Friday." 11.02.02

TB ED "Nearly a year after President Bush signed an executive order to withhold papers of past presidents from the public, the question remains: What is there in the communiques between Ronald Reagan and his subordinates 20 years ago that Bush doesn't want Americans to see? " 11.02.02

WP Unemployment Rate at 5.7%. The economy lost jobs in October for the second month in a row.11.01.02

WP "Close Election May Hinge On Voter Turnout Efforts. Trench warfare in key states, not TV ads, likely to be the key on Tuesday." 11.01.02

MILBANK "To Johnson-Thune, Add Bush-Daschle. S.D. Race Has National Implications 11.01.02

WP Gore Invokes 2000 Vote to Help Maryland's Townsend. Celebrity Speakers Include Kennedys, King as Democrats Push Black Turnout. 11.01.02


NAGOURNEY "Mr. Gephardt, a Missouri Democrat, is on a complicated mission with perhaps competing objectives this fall.He is on a campaign to put the Democrats in the majority in the House of Representatives, and make himself the speaker. At the same time he has embarked on what his advisers described as an all-but-certain campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.But as his tentativeness at that rally suggested, he is far from certain that he will accomplish the first of those two goals - and that could certainly make it more difficult to accomplish the second. " 11.01.02

BEINART "If Iraq [issue] favors the Democrats, why aren't they doing better overall? One answer is that they are. During September and October, when the Iraq debate supposedly put the GOP on the offensive, Democratic prospects actually improved. The October 21 Greenberg-McInturff poll gave Democratic candidates a generic four-point advantage, the largest they've had all year. And conventional wisdom among political insiders-according to ABC's "The Note," which tracks it more closely than anyone-now holds that the Democrats will retain the Senate, something very much in doubt several weeks ago. " 11.01.02

IGNATIUS " Mobilizing the United States for war is hard enough, but it becomes truly difficult when the State Department, the Pentagon brass and the intelligence agencies are all, for somewhat different reasons, expressing doubts about the mission." 11.01.02

DIONNE "Just days before a closely contested election might seem a strange time for a president to offer a "plan" to speed up the confirmation of judicial nominees. But it's not strange at all when you consider that President Bush and his aides think judicial appointments are just the issue to fire up the conservative base. " 11.01.02

NYT ED "If the president really wants to speed up the process of confirming his judicial nominees, he should stop scapegoating the Senate and start choosing more worthy candidates. " 11.01.02

JUDIS The Bush-NRA's senseless opposition to ballistic fingerprinting. 11.01.02

NYT U.S. Tested a Nerve Gas (Sarin) in Hawaii. 11.01.02

NYT "We could not save everyone. Forgive us." --Putin 11.01.02

GESSEN "This was about Russian troops detaining hundreds, possibly thousands of Chechen civilians - taking them hostage, in effect, since they were usually not charged with anything - for indefinite periods of time. This was about young people disappearing from their villages after Russian raids and never returning. This was about using heavy artillery and bombs in densely populated areas, where the majority of those who suffered were civilians. " 11.01.02

WP Enron Officer Fastow (Second To Lay) Indicted. Obstruction added to fraud, money- laundering and conspiracy charges.11.01.02

NYT Bush's Pitt Under Fire for Not Telling All He Knew About Webster. "Democrats renewed calls for Harvey L. Pitt's resignation as three inquiries began into the S.E.C.'s selection of William H. Webster as the new audit overseer." 11.01.02

NYT ED "There appears to be no bottom to the hole Harvey Pitt keeps digging for himself and the S.E.C. " 11.01.02

KRUGMAN "William Webster was chosen to head a crucial new accounting oversight board precisely because industry lobbyists believed he would be ineffectual. " 11.01.02

NYT While Search For Clean Energy Must Begin Now, Say Scientists, Bush Gives Fed Money To The Rich Through Tax Cuts. "The Bush administration has resisted sharp shifts in energy policy while Europe and Japan have accepted a climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, that includes binding deadlines for modest cuts in gas emissions. At international climate talks that end today in New Delhi, leaders of developing countries rejected limits on their fast-growing use of fossil fuels, saying rich countries should act first. President Bush has called for more research, led by the Energy Department, on many of the technologies examined in the new analysis. But some energy and climate experts said the extent of the challenge would likely require far more focus and money than now exists." 11.01.02

NYT Bush's Approach To Greenhouse Gas Pollution Is Learn To Live With It, We Need To Produce It To Make Money. Draft Resolution At Conference Reflects This View. 11.01.02

WP ED "This week both Mr. Arafat and Mr. Sharon have undertaken cabinet reshuffles that moved the situation decisively in the wrong direction. That they felt free to do so is another sign of the Bush administration's lack of seriousness about what, on paper, is one of its most ambitious initiatives. " 11.01.02

NYT ED "As the Bush administration has realigned its priorities to combat terrorism, there has been an alarming deterioration in the relationship between the United States and Mexico. " 11.01.02

NYT Al Qaeda Uses Teeming Karachi as New Base, Pakistanis Say. 11.01.02

KRISTOF "After 60 years of common-law marriage between the United States and Saudi Arabia, it's time to arrange a separation. We'll both be better off if we pull U.S. troops out of the kingdom. " 11.01.02

KASSIN "Videotaped confessions that appear voluntary are often more like Hollywood dramas - scripted, rehearsed and directed. " 11.01.02

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