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WP Russian Government Admits Opiate-Based Gas Was Used On Hostages, Killing Over 100. Some Doctors Say They Were Not Told What The Gas Was Nor Were They Given The Antidote To It In Time To Save Hostages. Leading Russian Expert Says Gas Is "Deadly On Its Own." 10.31.02

NYT "A doctor who refused to be identified said physicians treating hostages had been ordered to state on hospital discharge certificates that their patients were "victims of terrorism and violence" rather than victims of a gas overdose. "We were told not to write words like `toxic' or `poisoning' in the diagnosis report - only symptoms," the doctor said. "It was completely stupid. I can't play these games. I have my doctor's reputation to protect." That same doctor said that when hostages arrived at the hospital on Saturday, there was no warning that they had suffered drug overdoses. The evacuation was so confused that one live but deeply sedated hostage was delivered with a load of the dead, he said. " 10.31.02

WH According To CNN, An American Was Gassed To Death. Previously, Responding To A Question About The Type Of Gas Used, Fleischer Said Bush Blames The Terrorists For "This Tragedy," Not The Russian Government. ("The President abhors the loss of all life. But he understands it is the terrorists with whom the blame lies. ") 10.31.02

NYT "The first round of Iraq negotiations including both permanent and rotating Security Council members ended today without threats from France, Russia or China to use their veto or moves to confront Washington with competing resolutions. " 10.31.02

REUTERS Bush Pushing To Get U.N. Vote Next Week. 10.31.02

AMALRIC "France is defending global order. Jacques Chirac is not concerned with Iraq, but US unilateralism." 10.31.02

HERBERT "Despite the terrible toll that guns in the wrong hands are taking, there is tremendous resistance [by Bush and the NRA] to even the most modest efforts to control the spread of guns among criminals. " 10.31.02

BG "The Environmental Protection Agency denied funds this year for ongoing cleanup work at seven high-priority toxic-waste sites despite warnings from regional EPA officials that the sites continue to pose serious environmental and health risks, according to a new government report," but Bush tax cuts to the rich go on. 10.31.02

GOLDENBERG "Economy overshadows Iraq for US voters. Support for attack ebbs, but polls suggest the electorate sees little difference between the parties on foreign affairs." 10.31.02

WP Polls Show Bush Slipping on Approval Ratings, Iraq Attack (second item) 10.31.02

WP ED Bush Trying To Turn Elections Into Manadate On More Tax Cutting Plans For The Rich. 10.31.02

NYT Both Parties Launch Last-Ditch Effort To Get Out The Vote. He Who Does Will Win Election. 10.31.02

BG Elections May Hinge On Vote Of Latinos 10.31.02

LIGHTMAN Senate Races: A Close And Ever-Shifting Tableau. 10.31.02

SAFIRE "I'll guess against the grain that the Senate will go Republican by two or three votes as the House goes Democratic by a dozen votes. My gut feeling has a 75 percent statistical probability of error, but that fazes only the fainthearted. Do I know something the pollsters don't know? Nope. Just a hunch generated by wishful thinking. The creative gridlock wouldn't be so bad for the country " 10.31.02

USA Mondale Will Run In Minn. 10.31.02

REUTERS Close Elections May Delay Voting Results 10.31.02

BRODER Democrats could capture a majority of governorships with 36 seats open.. 10.31.02

GUMBEL "The joke, during the endless presidential election recounts in Florida two years ago, was that Russia and Albania would send poll monitors to help the United States with its unexpected bump on the road to democracy. Now, the joke has become reality. " 10.31.02

SLT Jeb Caught Between Haitians And Cubans 10.31.02

SFC New Poll Shows Jeb Ahead, Clinton To Visit, Repubs Have 3X More Money 10.31.02

NYT Bush Wants Fast Vetting Of Judges, But Will Not Include Clinton's Stonewalled Appointees. (To Make It Fair, Let's Begin With Next Dem President.) 10.31.02

BENJAMIN "The debate about whether to confront Iraq has hinged to a large extent on how war against Iraq would affect the war on terror. The arguments on both sides, however, show little understanding of a world in which terrorists, not countries, represent the greatest security threat we face. Both sides have focused so heavily on the actions of governments that they have seriously underestimated the boon such a war would hand the radical Islamists of al Qaeda. " 10.31.02

FAIR NPR, New York Times Count Out Anti-War Activists. 10.31.02

GUARD Brit Anti-war protesters plan day of civil disobedience 10.31.02

CHUCKMAN ''Condoleezza's nonsense about [U.S.-engineered] democracy." 10.31.02

REUTERS Canada Warns Citizens About U.S. Travel. Protests To Washington. 10.31.02

NYT Party With Islamic Roots Likely To Win Turkish Vote 10.31.02

NYT "Recent attacks on girls' schools in Afghanistan, as well as an anonymous letter, appear to confirm that Islamic militants have begun a campaign against the education of girls. " 10.31.02

SHADID "The collapse of Israel's national unity government and the weeks of political wrangling it may unleash will slow down and could possibly derail the already shaky US efforts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mideast analysts say. " 10.31.02

MC GREAL "The Israeli Labour party chose well the issues that broke apart Ariel Sharon's coalition government yesterday: the ever expanding Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and money... The settlements are contentious at the best of times. An opinion poll this week showed that nearly four out of five Israelis are prepared to dismantle almost all of them as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians, and one in three believe that it should begin immediately." " 10.31.02

HA'ARETZ "Israel moved substantially to the right Wednesday. A year and eight months into Sharon's term, he found himself facing the reality of his failed leadership: There's no peace, no security, and no unity." 10.31.02

IND ED "Nothing could now be worse for Israel, let alone what remains of the Middle East peace process, than that Ariel Sharon, having lost the support of the Israeli Labour party in his unity government, should throw in his lot with the religious zealots and extremists on the far right of Israeli politics... Despite all the provocations of suicide bombers, threats from Iraq and the still vocal hostility from other Arab hardliners, the Israeli people must realise that such a coalition would prove the worst of all worlds. " 10.31.02

GUARDIAN ED "Last night's shattering of Israel's national unity government creates a new and potent source of instability in a region that can scarcely afford it. The immediate cause of the rupture - disagreement over the level of government funding for Jewish settlements in the occupied territories - will occasion some wry smiles in places such as Hebron and Jenin. But any pleasure Palestinians may take in Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's discomfiture is likely to be short-lived." 10.31.02

NYT ED "If early elections are called, Israel's Labor Party should keep to its current course and offer the electorate a real alternative to existing policy on Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. " 10.31.02

STOPWAR Make Your Own Bush Speech 10.31.02

NYT Wellstone Memorial Takes on Spirit of Rally 10.30.02 www,

NYT Rally in Washington Is Said to Invigorate the Antiwar Movement. 10.30.02 www,

IVINS "Election 2002: Rally time This Country, This System, This Election: All Fixable, and It's Up to You " 10.30.02 www,

NYT Consumer Confidence at 9-Year Low, a Warning on Economy. 10.30.02 www,

SAMUELSON "Let us contemplate and celebrate the true heroes of the U.S. and world economies: American consumers. Uncowed by terrorism and decimated stock prices, these stalwarts of the mall have combated economic stagnation here and, through imports, abroad. The question now is whether consumers have exhausted themselves and are about to fold. If they do, the economic outlook is dismal. " 10.30.02 www,

FREEDLAND "Next week already feels like a stalemate election, with some contests so close teams of lawyers are already preparing themselves for Florida 2000-style battles over recounts and, who knows, even the odd hanging chad. Bush will not get the Republican landslide that 9/11 once made seem probable. Nor do Democrats anticipate the knockout victory a bumpy economy would normally guarantee an opposition party. Each factor - war and the economy - cancels out the other. " 10.30.02 www,

WP "Parties Seek Bold Ideas . Tactics will matter more in races next Tuesday than issues or philosophy." 10.30.02 www,

LYONS "Now that Iraq's off the table as an issue, it may even turn out that Bush has succeeded in galvanizing the opposition. Since mid-term elections often hinge on voter turnout, Republicans may get an unpleasant surprise. " 10.30.02 www,

FOOT "A monstrous war looms in the Middle East for which there is not the slightest justification. Every single charge against Saddam Hussein - that he has nuclear weapons, repeatedly breaks international law by invading his neighbours, and is a constant threat to peace in the region - applies tenfold to the client state of the United States in the region, Israel... The war on Iraq proposed by President Bush is a classic imperialist invasion to safeguard oil supplies. " 10.30.02 www,

NYT U.S. And France Near Deal On Iraq Attack 10.30.02 www,

DOWD "Donald Rumsfeld has become redolent of Donald Regan, the forceful and brusque Reagan chief of staff who had trouble remembering who was president". 10.30.02 www,

AFP CIA Concerned US War on Terror is Missing Root Causes 10.30.02 www,

SOLOMON Branding New and Improved Wars 10.30.02 www,

CHYBA Russia's Poison Gases. "Press coverage has rightly emphasized grief and the question of why antidotes were not immediately available. It has then focused on whether the Russians' use of gas was a violation of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention. But this focus, while important, risks overlooking the big picture when it comes to Russian chemical weapons. " 10.30.02 www,

NYT ED "Russia's use of a dangerous gas to knock out terrorists has underscored the urgent need to develop safer methods to immobilize hostage takers without harming their hostages. " 10.30.02 www,

NYT "The American ambassador to Russia said today that Russian secrecy about the use of a powerful anesthetic gas may have needlessly raised the toll in Saturday's raid on Chechen terrorists in a Moscow theater. At least 116 hostages died during the raid; another was shot dead in the hours before it. " 10.30.02 www,

HA'ARETZ ED "As the moment of truth approaches, the Labor Party's eleventh-hour threat to leave the government after the budget vote have turned into a kind of promise... Even if anything is possible in politics including a last-minute reconciliation, and despite mediation and a search for a compromise, it appears the unity government is now on its last legs. A compromise would undoubtedly yield only a number of concessions on both sides that would leave Labor ministers sitting in their seats for another month or two." 10.30.02 www,

NYT Israel Coalition Nears Collapse 10.30.02 www,

HA'ARETZ "It would be a mistake to regard the settlers' robberies of Palestinian villagers' olive harvests as merely another serious crime. This collective theft signifies a change in the current military conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and is a revolution in the history of the settlements in general. For the first time in the current conflict, Israelis are stealing and confiscating Palestinian food. Even if they won't admit it, it can be seen as laying the groundwork for Transfer, not by the state but by a group of settlers. In Yanun, south of Nablus, most of the residents have already been forced to leave their homes. " 10.30.02 www,

HA'ARETZ "'In memory of Iyad Samoudi, producer in charge of `Jenin, Jenin,' who was killed by IDF bullets, after the completion of filming on 23.6.02, in the village of Al Yamoun." This is the opening caption of Mohammed Bakri's documentary film, "Jenin, Jenin." The film, to be screened tonight at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and tomorrow night at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, portrays Jenin residents' perspective on Operation Defensive Shield... This week, right-wing politicians called for the cancellation of the screenings. " 10.30.02 www,

MILBANK Calculating Bush's Travel Costs For Political Campaigning. Figure $16 Million This Year. Taxpayers Paid "Bulk" Of That Cost For Bush To Gather $66 Million For GOP 10.29.02

BRESLIN "As national defense begins at home, the sniper in the Washington suburbs was a threat from within. What, then, was George Bush doing in Atlanta, Daytona Beach, Fla., Rochester, Minn., Downingtown, Pa., Bangor, Maine, and other such places where he makes these cheap campaign tours? " 10.29.02

WP "Many Voters Wary as Crucial Election Nears. Uncertainty on a Wide Range of Issues." 10.29.02

SHAPIRO Is this a "Seinfeld election: a campaign about nothing?" 10.29.02

DIONNE "Seen from afar, this [South Dakota race] is an election about nothing in particular, a story without a theme that just goes on and on and on. But seen from the battlegrounds, this is a contest with clear stakes and real engagement over policy and ideology. It is also -- more so here, perhaps, than anywhere -- a real test for President Bush." 10.29.02

NEGOURNEY ""Democrats and Republicans are lamenting the prospect of another election with low voter turnout, but in truth, they have only themselves to blame. What initially had been seen as a clever, if perhaps cynical, gambit for political advantage has ended up giving voters a choice between beige and brown. " 10.29.02

WT "With the retirement of Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., the only black Republican in Congress, the Republican Party finds itself facing a void of top black elected officials despite its renewed commitment to minority outreach. " 10.29.02

NYT Campaigning On Iraq Attack, Not Economy, "Nearly Shouting" Bush Bullies U.N. 10.29.02

KRUGMAN "Talking tough doesn't make you a hero; you have to take personal risks. And I'm not just talking about physical risks - though it's striking how few of our biggest flag wavers have ever put themselves in harm's way. What we should demand of our representatives in Washington is the willingness to take political risks - to make a stand on principle, even if it means taking on powerful interest groups. Paul Wellstone took risks." 10.29.02

ENGEL "Within the past year, the corruption of American capitalism has been brutally exposed. Now Wellstone is dead, who dare mention it? The finances of millions of Americans have been shattered by the collapse of Wall Street. Hush now. US government is seen globally as an irresponsible warmonger. Don't tell the voters... Paradoxically, the death of Paul Wellstone may marginally assist the Democrats' electoral chances next week, in Minnesota and perhaps elsewhere. Tragedy creates its own short-term dynamic." 10.29.02

NYT Under Bush, Crime Rise Linked To Economy. "Over all, crime rose 2.1 percent across the nation, the report said. Experts and law enforcement officials said the overall increase, after a decade of drops in the crime rate, appeared to reflect several factors: a faltering economy, cuts in welfare and anticrime programs, as well as fewer jobs available, more inmates returning home from prison, an increase in the teenage population, and police resources diverted to antiterrorism efforts. " 10.29.02

EAGLE Journalist Cronkite warns against potention World War III started by Bush. 10.29.02

FLOYD "The [Bush] Regime lied about Korea because it couldn't risk losing the war resolution vote. For this measure was not aimed solely at Saddam Hussein. Its broader targets were the American people and the U.S. Constitution. The resolution was a major step in the Regime's systematic program to destroy the remaining checks and balances in the American system and institute a new form of presidential dictatorship, with all real power concentrated in the Executive Branch. " 10.29.02

KRISTOF "The Greatest Threat. The scariest place in the world right now is not Iraq, but rather the Korean peninsula. " 10.29.02

NYT North Korea Rejects Demands to Disarm Nuclear Weapons Program. 10.29.02

NYT Russian Gas Killed 116 Of Its Citizens. Opiate Suspoected. Putin Says, "We Could Not Save Everyone" 10.29.02

BORGER "Respected scientists on both sides of the Atlantic warned yesterday that the US is developing a new generation of weapons that undermine and possibly violate international treaties on biological and chemical warfare... The scientists, specialists in bio-warfare and chemical weapons, say the Pentagon, with the help of the British military, is also working on "non-lethal" weapons similar to the narcotic gas used by Russian forces to end last week's siege in Moscow. " 10.29.02

WP ED "Chechnya, a predominantly Muslim republic devastated by two wars in the past eight years, deserves a fair settlement with Moscow that would restore its right to self-rule. But the terrorists have all but eliminated the hope that any such solution will be achieved anytime soon, and they have probably condemned Chechnya's own civilians to a still greater measure of suffering. " 10.29.02

NYT Appeals Court Again Hears Case of American Held Without Charges or Counsel. 10.29.02

NYT "The Rights of 'Enemy Combatants'. The holding of Yasser Esam Hamdi in a naval brig, without formal charges or access to a lawyer, is unconstitutional. " 10.29.02

NYT U.N. Arms Inspectors Back Tough Terms to Pressure Iraq. 10.29.02

NYT With Allies Likely and Unlikely, U.S. Navy Stems Flow of Iraqi Oil. 10.29.02

LICHFIELD "Mr Chirac's principal obsession since the start of the Iraqi crisis has not been to save Saddam but to save the UN. If the UN is reduced to a meaningless sideshow, France's place as a permanent member of the Security Council, becomes worthless. Mr Chirac has no instinctive feel for Europe, but he does care greatly about France's position and prestige in the world. On Iraq and the UN, the old man has played his cards, constructively and well " 10.29.02

MONBIOT "Democracy in Brazil both won and lost on Sunday night. It won because, for the first time in its history, the nation chose a man of humble origins and radical views to be its president. It lost because that man is now forbidden to be radical. The strictures imposed by the capital markets and the International Monetary Fund prevent him from intervening in the economy or commissioning the new social spending so desperately needed by the poor. Instead, he must follow the economic model to which all governments must adhere: a model that subordinates democracy to the free market. " 10.29.02

HA'ARETZ "The feeling among the Palestinian public is that IDF operations in the territories have long since deviated from limited security purposes for chasing down terrorists and that the Israeli intention is to so embitter Palestinian lives that they'll leave of their own accord. Until Operation Defensive Shield in March 2002, Israeli spokesmen would explain their purpose was to force the suffering Palestinian population to pressure Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority to start chasing down the terrorists. " 10.29.02

HA'ARETZ "The assassination of American diplomat Laurence Foley outside his Amman home stirs some of Jordan's worse fears... While there is no immediate evidence of Iraqi agents behind the murder, Jordan does have fears that tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees living there could become restive in the runup to an American attack on Iraq." 10.29.02

WHITAKER In Iran "newspapers speak their minds and get closed down by the dozen - only to reappear under a different name. "The important matter is that issues surface, in the news media or in parliamentary debates," says Massoumeh Ebtekar, who is one of Iran's six vice-presidents and the highest-ranking woman in the country. "Nothing is being covered up." What is developing in Iran, she says, is "a novel form of democracy - a religious democracy. It has its own red lines, it has its own norms and values, but that doesn't mean it's not going to work out." Along with other Iranian officials, she dismisses the idea that the United States will seek "regime change" in Iran after dealing with Iraq. But she argues that efforts by foreigners - particularly the Americans - to force the pace of reform in Iran have had the opposite effect, strengthening the hand of the conservatives." 10.29.02

COHEN Letter To Ashcroft. "Sir, as the horror of the snipers' crimes fades, pressure will build on you to be reasonable, humane -- even civilized -- and not seek the death penalty. While it is true that death will not bring the 10 victims back to life, and life in prison is, really, an awful punishment, I recommend, sir, that you merely stick to your guns -- an unfortunate turn of phrase, maybe, but one that sums up our entire position. " 10.29.02

IVINS "[Bush's] New Ethic didn't last very long. Didn't even survive the election, and I think Bush deserves credit on this point. Any posturing politician could have stuck with corporate reform until after the election was over; it takes cojones to drop the whole thing two weeks before the election. That, or someone who thinks the American people are deeply stupid. " 10.28.02

NYT Hostage Toll in Russia Over 100; Nearly All Deaths Linked to Gas. 10.28.02

GUARDIAN "President Vladimir Putin's effort to rescue the hostages trapped in a Moscow theatre was threatening to turn from a military triumph into a political disaster last night as the authorities grudgingly admitted that up to 150 people may have been killed by Russia's own special forces... Clumsy use of a powerful and mysterious gas caused their deaths as well as disabling most of the 50 Chechen gunmen. " 10.28.02

NYT Official Silence on Gas Raises Vexing Questions. 10.28.02

NYT ED "The Russian government and Chechen rebels have reached a new low with their deadly showdown at a crowded Moscow theater. " 10.28.02

HERBERT "We don't know how to cover all the violence in America. We sensationalize it, glamorize it, eroticize it. " 10.28.02

MASSING "Hawks at the Washington Post.The house organ for America's political class is pushing Bush's case for war." 10.28.02

RIFKIN "Is Big Oil Lubricating War Drive? " 10.28.02

LOCKE "Bush White House Shows No Respect for 'Opinions of Mankind' " 10.28.02

HARTMANN "Madison’s Ghost on The Intoxicated Presidency - and its Corporate Support Group. " 10.28.02

NYT Reserve Call-Up for an Iraqi War May Equal 1991's. 10.28.02

RASPBERRY "It seems to me that people in Powell's position (being a prominent part of an administration that is about to make a huge policy blunder) have two choices. They can make a principled resignation and tell the world why they are doing so. Or they can make a principled behind-the-scenes effort, using their authority, their influence and their wit to effect change. After a string of policy-debate losses that had some of us urging principled resignation -- an interim state for Palestine, reengagement with North Korea, a containment approach to Iraq -- I'm thinking that Powell may finally have won one by getting the president to work through the United Nations." 10.28.02

BENNIS "{U.N.} thinking seems to be that being sidelined from an illegal pre-emptive war--which Congressman Jim McDermott called a war for "oil or power or the blandishments of empire"--is somehow more dangerous in the era of a sole superpower than signing on to such a war. " 10.28.02

NYT Mexico Tells Bush It Won't Support Iraq Resolution U.S. Favors. 10.28.02

NYT Turkey Grows More Worried Every Day About a U.S. Attack on Iraq. 10.28.02

SABOL "More than 100,000 Americans rallied together in Washington, D.C. Saturday to protest George Bush’s relentless desire to go to war with Iraq, although you wouldn’t know it if you watched network news or read most newspapers. A demonstration of equal size took place in San Francisco. Again, you wouldn’t know it if you weren’t there. " 10.28.02

MST Antiwar rally in St. Paul draws thousands. 10.28.02

SFC "S.F. peace march draws thousands. Huge rally joins protests across globe to decry U.S.' Iraq policy." 10.28.02

KING "More than 2,000 people gathered in (and beside, and outside) UT's LBJ Auditorium Sunday to hear writer, activist, and MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky deliver an address on the subject, 'Unending Wars: The U.S. and the Middle East.' " 10.28.02

AP Bush's 'Patronizing' Remarks on Wife Laura Draw Criticism .10.28.02

NYT Bush Juggles the Roles of Leader and Cheerleader Every Few Hours. 10.28.02

NYT Democrats Looking to Mondale in Minnesota Race. 10.28.02

NYT Looking for Answers, Workers Reconstruct Flight of Wellstone Plane. 10.28.02

WP "Iowa Could Tip Balance. Fierce races for House, Senate seats may decide control of Congress. " 10.28.02

NYT Election Officials Braced for Big Problems at the Polls.10.28.02

GREIDER ". For the greater good of the Democrats, Gephardt and Daschle should go. Win or lose, a graceful postelection exit would liberate both to pursue their presidential dreams while someone with more backbone manages the opposition politics. " 10.28.02

HA'ARETZ "According to The New York Times and other American publications, Bush does not make any foreign policy decisions without first consulting with Karl Rove, his GOP political adviser. Rove analyzed for Bush the electoral impact of an assault on Iraq in terms of both the upcoming congressional races and the presidential race two years from now... Matters concerning Israel, in other words, Jews, have never been considered purely foreign policy affairs in Washington. " 10.28.02

HA'ARETZ "The settlers of Itamar in the West Bank have taken upon themselves security powers and are violently chasing away the farmers from the adjacent villages of Yanoun and Akrabeh. According to reports from the villagers, armed settlers are riding into the villages on all-terrain vehicles and are threatening and beating the farmers who are going out to harvest the olive trees they own or lease, thereby undermining their principal source of income at this time of the year. " 10.28.02

HA'ARETZ "In Jordan's nightmare, the Palestinians arrive in waves. Jordanians are always asking American diplomats about their fear that Israel is planning a 'transfer operation. " 10.28.02

ENGEL "Meet the new Zionists. The members of the Christian Coalition of America are some of the most passionate defenders of Israel in the United States. There's just one catch: they want to convert all Jews to Christianity. " 10.28.02

WALSH Death Toll Of Hostages Nearing 100, Senior Russian Officials Refuse To Identify Toxic Gas Used In Siege By Putin's Special Troops. 10.27.02

TRAYNOR "The Alfa squads demolished a rear wall of the theatre to create a diversion and sent the sleeping gas through the ventilation system to knock out almost everyone in the auditorium....Some of the hostages relatively unaffected by the gas were shepherded to buses and ambulances. It appears that some of the 90 hostage deaths were caused in the crossfire.... [Journalist] Yakov, who got inside the theatre just after 7am, said some of the hostages also died after choking on vomit caused by the gassing. Doctors reported that others, unconscious, were bleeding from their noses and mouths." 10.27.02

OBSERVER "Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11. America's most controversial novelist calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks to happen " 10.27.02

NYT Wellstone, U.S. Senator, Dead At 58 10.27.02

MST A voice for the 'little fellers." 10.27.02

BRODER "When I found myself standing among the thousands of candle-carrying mourners, gathered in a cold drizzle on the steps of the state capitol Friday evening to memorialize Sen. Paul Wellstone, my mind turned back 10 years to an incident on the Senate subway. " 10.27.02

KRANISH Liberal conscience defined senator. 10.27.02

REUTERS "Short-dated U.S. Treasuries rose on Friday on news that Sen. Paul Wellstone, a liberal Democrat from Minnesota running for re-election next month, was killed in a plane crash. Analysts said his death raised the odds that the Republicans could take control of the Senate, which would strengthen President Bush's militant stance against Iraq. " 10.27.02

WP Mondale Leans Toward a Run. Minn. Democratic insiders say he'll answer call to step in for Wellstone.10.27.02

NYT Wellstone Death Brings New Focus To Senate Battles 10.27.02

NAGOURNEY " Paul Wellstone's death highlights what is wrong with what should be one of the most captivating nonpresidential campaigns in 20 years." 10.27.02

CORN A "Meaningless" Election Of Great Consequence 10.27.02

BAI "White House tours don't pass through Karl Rove's office, but most everything else around the presidency does. Rove determines which lobbyists and supporters get access to the White House, and he weighs in with Bush on every major domestic-policy decision, from stem cells to farm subsidies. At the same time, he has de facto control of the Republican Party and has made it his crusade to win back the Senate; at least two Senate candidates are running this fall just because Rove decided they should, and several others ran unopposed for their party's nomination -- or might as well have -- because Rove bullied potential competitors out of the race. " 10.27.02

BURKA The Real Lowdown On Texas Politics In This Election Campaign 10.27.02

BAI "Being the widow of Mel Carnahan got her into the Senate. But has Jean Carnahan learned enough to get elected on her own? " 10.27.02

OS Jeb Bush's praise of rival used against him.10.27.02

PBP ED "Get bullish on Florida; make McBride governor." 10.27.02

MC GRORY "Is the presidency of the United States a part-time job? You might think so, given the hours George W. Bush has been putting in lately." 10.27.02

OLIPHANT "Bush muffs a chance at justice for veterans. A FEW MONTHS ago, Senator John Kerry handed President Bush a golden opportunity to begin treating veterans decently and get credit for doing the right thing." 10.27.02

NYT "Thousands March in Washington Against Going to War in Iraq " 10.27.02

WP "100,000 Rally, March Against War in Iraq." 10.27.02

WP "U.S. Failing to Persuade Allies. Bush is frustrated by lack of support for action against Iraq and N. Korea."10.27.02

RICH "What Al Qaeda Learned in D.C. Certainly our enemies learned this month, as Warren Rudman puts it, 'how easy this kind of terrorism is to carry out.' Did we?" 10.27.02

GETTLEMAN "ATOMIZED cells. Leaderless revolutionaries. Soft targets. After Sept. 11, these were the dangers intelligence officials warned us about. The sniper case amplifies them all." 10.27.02

NYT U.S. Vulnerability to Terror Is Still High, Panel Concludes.10.27.02

BURNS "As American and British pressures mount, signs are accumulating that the Iraqi leader, like many a despot before him, may be ready to make further concessions in his domestic and international policies — concessions that would have seemed unimaginable only a few weeks or months ago — for the larger purpose of sustaining his power. " 10.27.02

CARTER "What is needed on the Korean peninsula is an end to the "armistice" and the consummation of a comprehensive and permanent peace agreement. " 10.27.02

NYT Bush and Jiang Vow to Cooperate on North Korea Issue 10.27.02

BOFFEY "As officials debate whether to offer smallpox vaccine to every American who wants it, they would do well to recall what happened a quarter-century ago. " 10.27.02

WP ED "THE SUPREME COURT heard oral arguments recently in the case of Miller-El v. Cockrell, the latest death penalty appeal from Texas's hyperactive execution factory. At issue in this case is how obviously discriminatory jury selection needs to be before the Constitution requires that a capital murder conviction be thrown out. Prospective jurors cannot constitutionally be struck from a jury pool because of their race. The question is how large a fig leaf prosecutors need to defend a capital trial at which African Americans were systematically excluded from jury service. " 10.27.02

FOUNTAIN Barbara S. Held, a psychologist and professor at Bowdoin College, argues that it’s time to end what she calls the "tyranny of the positive attitude in America. It’s gotten worse since 9/11," she said. "There’s less tolerance for the expression of negativity. You’re labeled unpatriotic, as if you’ve somehow given in to the enemy." 10.27.02

KRUGMAN "The Bush administration lies a lot." 10.25.02

ACKERMAN Bush Runs Government By Half-Truth 10.25.02

HOAGLAND "The Pentagon is now within eight weeks of being ready to launch a sustained military campaign to overthrow Iraq's Saddam Hussein and destroy his weapons of horror. The time has arrived for President Bush and his aides to cast in iron the war aims that will guide and justify this campaign and to state them clearly to the nation and the world. " 10.25.02

ABC ABC Begins Election Truth Squad 10.25.02

WP "The strategy for Republicans... is simple: Siphon off a small, but crucial segment of the black vote. And if that's not possible, at least neutralize the identifiable community leaders so they don't actively work against your campaign. " 10.25.02

AHMED In Missouri, Repub Senate Candidate's "centrist, straight-arrow image masks a right-wing, ethically challenged record.. " 10.25.02

DN Texas Touchscreens Fail In Early Voting In Dallas, Dem Senate Stronghold For Kirk 10.25.02

TOWERY Florida Poll Has McBride Leading Jeb 10.25.02

NYT Repub Plays Age Card In N.J. As Lautenberg Surges Into 9 Point Lead. 10.25.02

CNN Bush, Cheney Gather In $163 In Campaign Funds From Corporations, Etc. 10.25.02

NYT Bush Has Spent The $129 Billion Surplus And Now Is $159 Billion In The Hole 10.25.02

NYT SEC Repub Majority, Including Harvey Pitt, Selects 78 Year Old Man With No Recent Experience In Accounting To Head New Agency Regulating Accounting Practices. 10.25.02

WP Bush Talks Economy, Health Care "Right Quick." 10.25.02

DAO "Terrorism Panel Says U.S. Is Still Unready. " 10.25.02

WP Gore Says Bioterrorism Defense Needs A Boost 10.25.02

NYT "Dark Prince" Hawk Wolfowitz Opens Pentagon Shop To "Prove" Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection 10.25.02

HAMILTON "At this stage it doesn't really matter if Washington wants to go to war. What matters is looking tough. Hence the US administration's decision to play hardball with its draft resolution to the Security Council, threatening to go it alone if the council fails to fall into line. My guess is that Bush has no wish to go it alone (Britain's support is taken for granted), not before the elections on 5 November. After then, well it all depends on what the shape of Congress is and where the opinion polls lie. " 10.25.02

WEISMAN "U.S. and Its Asian Partners Strain to Form United Stand on North Korea. " 10.25.02

NYT ED "Beijing's cooperation in pressing North Korea and Iraq to dismantle weapons of mass destruction will be a crucial test of China's maturity as a global power. " 10.25.02

LIEBERTHAL "China has worked with the United States on the global counterterrorism effort, will not be the spoiler on a new United Nations resolution on Iraq, has recently adopted stringent regulations on dual-use missile technology exports and other proliferation issues, and is discussing cooperation with the United States on North Korea. " 10.25.02

RICHTER "The media are full of news these days about China embracing reform and emerging as a world player. But don't think for an instant that Beijing has stopped practicing what Thomas Jefferson called "tyranny over the minds of men. " 10.25.02

RWB U.S. Ranks 17th (Below Costa Rica) In Freedom Of The Press. 10.25.02

SCHIFF "The establishment of the illegal outposts is an attempt to forcibly prevent any reasonable territorial compromise: These outposts are intended to preclude any future Palestinian entity from possessing a territorial contiguity. No nation in the world could accept such terms and Israel is hardly likely to find any international support for such a position. Therefore, this is essentially a strategic battle; and what we are witnessing now is the dress rehearsal before the main event. " 10.25.02

BENN "Ariel Sharon was in no hurry to read the American "road map" for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - and he had good reason. The document handed to him in Washington is searing proof of the failure of Israeli diplomacy. Despite the close coordination, the secret envoys and the mutual flattery, the administration dropped an surprise on Israel. Jerusalem knew about the preparations for the map. But its content was a secret up to the last minute. " 10.25.02

KRISTOF "If most Saudi women want to wear a tent, if they don't want to drive, then that's fine. But why not give them the choice? " 10.25.02

WOOLLACOTT Drama With No End. "At the time of the apartment house bombings in 1999 in Moscow and other cities, Putin was a new leader and his resumption of the war against Chechnya was popular, in spite of doubts about whether the Chechens were really responsible for the bombings. But now he is open to the charge that after three years he has failed either to make war or to make peace effectively. In the longer term, therefore, Chechen terrorist attacks may not be as counter-productive as they have been so far. " 10.25.02

WP ED "Thousands of law enforcement officials have dedicated their careers to preventing Mexicans from getting here. Thousands of agricultural, industrial and service businesses depend upon their timely arrival.." 10.25.02

CNN Two arrested in sniper investigation. Former soldier named in federal firearms warrant. 10.24.02

COHEN Liar, Liar, Speech On Fire. "Appearing on the old "Dick Cavett Show" back in 1980, the writer Mary McCarthy said of her fellow writer Lillian Hellman: "Every word she writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.' " The same cannot yet be said about George W. Bush and his administration -- but it has not been around as long as Hellman was and is not nearly as creative. " 10.24.02

VANN "Bush employs lies and maneuvers to pave way for war against Iraq."10.24.02

WP ED "We have a financial system that allocates capital to the wrong companies. We have reformers who have proposed a remedy, and even gotten it enacted. And yet our political system is captive to anti-reform lobbyists who are intent on gutting the remedial legislation passed in July....Bush, who signed the reform law in July saying that "the era of low standards and false profits is over," should pick up the phone and [stop the gutting.]" 10.24.02

NYT Profit Reductions In Corporate Earnings Expected 10.24.02

MC GRORY "Canvassers in both Missouri and Iowa are bringing no surprises back to headquarters. The issues are what they were always going to be until the president began beating the drums of war: the economy, Social Security, prescription drugs. Voters are concerned about terrorism, but Saddam Hussein is not on their screens. As for North Korea, weekend walkers heard not a word about the new threat, which the president doesn't want to discuss either. Democrats disgraced themselves on the war issue, capitulating completely to Bush's demands and humbly asking him please just to let them know when he started dropping bombs. Their silence on the war is matched by Bush's on the economy. " 10.24.02

NYT Dem Money Going To Top Priorities, Jeb Defeat In Florida And Carnahan Win In Missouri. 10.24.02

POLLITT "Just in case the Dems might be tempted to show signs of independent life, the media are ready to stomp all over them with combat boots. " 10.24.02

BOROSAGE A Democratic House: Why It Matters. 10.24.02

WP "GOP Taps Federal Workforce. Bush has made Republican success on Nov. 5 a government- wide project, enlisting many officials." 10.24.02

NICHOLS "...But that doesn't mean Wellstone is sure to beat Bush, er, Coleman. After the poll results were released, a shadowy Virginia group that campaign finance analysts have linked to the Bush family and George W. Bush's 2000 campaign -- as well as to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and the Republican Party -- made a record-breaking $1 million purchase of television and radio advertising time to attack Wellstone. " 10.24.02

FELDMAN "The people of Wisconsin have only tainted elections and the diseased deer season to look forward to this fall - and the lingering question, in both cases: what to do with the carcasses? " 10.24.02

WP Russert Hosts Florida Debate Rancor While Iowa Turns "Downright Ugly." 10.24.02

YOUNG "It is better to accept low turnouts than to cheapen political discourse. " (How Much More Cheapened Can It Get?) 10.24.02

WP Bush Leaving Kids Behind Again By Wanting To Withhold Health Care Money From States In Need. 10.24.02

NYT ED "The Disgrace of Juvenile Executions" Caused By Bush Supreme Court Majority. 10.24.02

WP ED "SINCE 1994, no nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has been confirmed without a fight. Four of the five nominees, in fact, have not been confirmed at all. President Clinton's final two nominees to the court, Allen Snyder and Elena Kagan, never received a vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee. And President Bush's initial two, John Roberts Jr. and Miguel Estrada, have not moved either. The alarming politicization of the confirmation process threatens harm to federal appeals courts everywhere, and the D.C. Circuit is a particularly important appeals court -- and thus particularly vulnerable. " 10.24.02

NYT Mammogram Clinic's Flaws Highlight Gaps in U.S. Rules. 10.24.02

NYT "Without the United States, the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases, the Kyoto treaty is so weak, experts and government officials say, that it may have little effect. Others say the treaty has in any case been so watered down through years of negotiations that it is likely to be of limited benefit. The shift satisfies the Bush administration, which has fought to avoid mandatory cuts in emissions for fear it would harm the economy." 10.24.02

HOAGLAND "The discovery that North Korea has been secretly enriching uranium for the nuclear weapons program it promised to freeze in 1994 demonstrates the dangers of putting faith in a confirmed and practiced liar. So does the news that Pakistan provided the nuclear technology and perhaps uranium to Kim Jong Il's regime. " 10.24.02

NYT Security Council Gets Bush Proposal on Disarming Iraq.10.24.02

CASEY "If Saddam goes, bring back the king. Traditional rule would work better than imposed democracy. " 10.24.02

EVANS-MALLEY "The international community [must] demonstrate the will to promote a settlement plan that goes beyond the generalities offered by President Bush and shows how a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders can be achieved without threatening Israel's security. " 10.24.02

AGUIRRE "Palestine Activism Spammed. " 10.24.02

WP Denial Of Services. "Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever. " 10.23.02

WP ED Bush Majority On Supreme Court Decides To Leave "the states free to continue killing kids. " 10.23.02

ORENSTEIN "The Bush administration is stalling a new law that would "fingerprint" guns by requiring manufacturers to record the distinct markings each gun leaves on bullets. Such fingerprinting, which lets police trace crime-scene slugs back to the weapon that fired them, would obviously be useful in future investigations like the current hunt for the sniper terrorizing this region." 10.23.02

WP "Drug Industry Fuels Pro-GOP Ads. With strong backing from the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses, pro-Republican "independent" television advertising is overwhelming such traditional big-spending liberal interest groups in key House and Senate races." 10.23.02

NYT Bush Plans To Campaign Almost Non-Stop Between Now And Elections 10.23.02

DOWD Voting In La La Land. "Guided by General Rove, the Republicans have the Democrats on the run most everywhere except here, where they fear that the disaster area of Bill Simon Jr. will leave the state party even more weak and divided. "The Liberal Party in New York is a stronger political party than the California Republicans," says a Democratic strategist, Bill Carrick. " 10.23.02

JENSEN Why Bush Wants Us All To Be Soldiers. "Soldiers follow orders given by commanders; citizens engage in discussions about what the policy should be. I won't give up my right to be part of policy formation -- even in a political process that is dominated by money and power -- and simply accept policies determined by others. That's not democracy but authoritarianism, coming not from the barrel of a gun but through propaganda from the tip of a speechwriter's pen. " 10.23.02

NYT ED "For an administration that has prided itself on a disciplined approach to public pronouncements, the Bush team has offered confused and scattered assertions about Iraq. " 10.23.02

HILL Hill's "become accustomed to George W Bush's use of the word evil until he told the nation this last spring, 'The evil one is among us.' Anyone with a passing understanding of the evangelical world of Bush's faith knows he was referring to the Antichrist. The implications of this are grave beyond telling and yet scarcely ever noted in the public discourse. On the eve of a misguided war [Bush has put] American foreign policy within a Biblical narrative that leads inexorably towards the plains of Megiddo, roughly fifty five miles northwest of Jerusalem: the battle of Armageddon. [Even Brent Scowcroft] declared that Bush's plans could unleash 'an Armageddon in the Middle East.' [Significant] figures in the Republican party are attempting to rein in a rogue president before American men and women begin coming home in body bags... The religious underpinnings of Bush's war against evil are evident as is the absolutist theology he shares with Radical Islam. " 10.23.02

FRASER Bush Lives In Western Movies. "Never trust a Christian cowboy. To rally support for war on Iraq, George Bush presents himself as both lone ranger and good samaritan . " 10.23.02

MONBIOT "Much of what we do see of the rest of the world on television could fairly be described as counter-informative. Such local people as the travel programmes permit us to watch appear to have been put upon the earth only to entertain us. " 10.23.02

CORN "I was indeed one of several journalists--and members of Congress--who considered it significant that [CIA director George] Tenet, in an October 8 letter to the Senate intelligence committee, reported the CIA had concluded that...Saddam is not likely to hit the United States or collaborate with al Qaeda, unless the United States assaults Iraq. As I noted, this is not the picture George W. Bush and his lieutenants have been presenting the public." 10.23.02

AFIS Army And Marine Corps To Deploy Under Franks' Qatar Command By Next Month 10.23.02

WP "Delay in War Timetable Seen. The U.N. inspection process in Iraq is likely to slow the U.S. deployment." 10.23.02

WP ED "Bush has risked the indefinite delay or evisceration of his campaign to eliminate the Iraqi threat in order to build a broad international coalition and preserve the authority of the United Nations. We believe the risk was worth taking. Yet the U.S. resolution is being resisted, still, by France and Russia, two permanent Security Council members that appear determined to block or fatally weaken any American-led initiative. It is time to call their bluff and ask the Security Council to vote. " 10.23.02

YOUNG Good Cop, Bad Cop. "Together, Blair's cheerleading and Chirac's criticism are taming Bush. " 10.23.02

IND ED "Inch by inch, or rather centimetre by centimetre, the members of the Security Council of the United Nations appear to be moving towards a compromise resolution on Iraq... The United States, having talked as if nothing else than a threat of all-out war was acceptable if Saddam Hussein did not comply, has now moderated its stance to accept a resolution promising much vaguer threats of action. " 10.23.02

CORNWELL "The Bush administration's patience with the UN Security Council was tangibly running short last night, as France and Russia raised renewed objections to a draft resolution on the Iraq crisis that the US has presented to its fellow council members. " 10.23.02

REUTERS Turkey calls on U.S. to make up its mind on Iraq. 10.23.02

FRIEDMAN "Small groups of super-empowered angry men have slipped away from the Arab street into underground cells. " 10.23.02

PRASHAD "The NYT's Thomas Friedman A Columnist of Awesome Vulgarity. " 10.23.02

CHRISTISON "Israel's Justification for Killing Palestinians. " 10.23.02

BENN "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon blasted the "road map" peace plan draft presented to him in Washington last week, in his first public reference to it, telling a group of American Jews visiting in Jerusalem, "It's not credible that Israel takes irreversible steps while the other side only makes statements. " 10.23.02

HA'ARETZ "Ten years after 1967, there were still only 31 settlements with 4,400 inhabitants. Now there are more than 120 "legal" settlements with almost 50 times as many settlers. There are also some 90 illegal outposts containing 700 to 1,000 zealots obsessed with rocks. The battle against the removal of these outposts has become one of the most dangerous of all the settlement tactics. The threat they constitute is far greater than one weekend's rioting. " 10.23.02

NYT "Even as Attorney General John Ashcroft said the sniper investigation was proceeding effectively, senior officials on the case described the inquiry as an increasingly chaotic effort hobbled by turf battles and a fear of leaks that has kept important information from street-level investigators. " 10.23.02

WP Police Cite Probe Problems. Some say not all information shared and complain process is unwieldy. 10.23.02

WP "Angry missive believed to be from sniper seeks $10M, threatens more killing. " 10.23.02

NYT Pataki Wants Gay And Lesbian Vote. "The Republican-led New York State Senate will vote for the first time on landmark gay-rights legislation in December after having blocked its passage for decades, the Senate leader said today. The decision makes it likely that the bill will become law and hands Gov. George E. Pataki a vital victory two weeks from Election Day to help him win over gay and lesbian voters. " 10.23.02

COTTLE With Bush, We're In "a nasty moment in history when some powerful types, their rhetoric notwithstanding, have lost their respect for all these pickup drivers in their baseball hats and have chosen to ride more comfortably on other roads." 10.23.02

MILBANK "For Bush, Facts Are Malleable. On the campaign trail and in the Iraq debate, his recent rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy. " 10.22.02

IPA Bush Distortions: Detailed Analysis of October 7 Speech by Bush on Iraq.10.22.02

COHEN "The smug spirit of Enron pervades the Bush administration. When it learned that North Korea had a secret nuclear arms program, it moved the disclosure off the books lest it complicate the confrontation with Iraq. The information that Congress needed as it held another one of its self-proclaimed "historic" debates was withheld -- a footnote known to only a few key members who, as with Enron's board, passively kept their mouths shut. " 10.22.02

KRUGMAN "The mood among business lobbyists, according to a jubilant official at the Heritage Foundation, is one of "optimism, bordering on giddiness." They expect the elections on Nov. 5 to put Republicans in control of all three branches of government, and have their wish lists ready. "It's the domestic equivalent of planning for postwar Iraq," says the official.The White House also apparently expects Christmas in November. In fact, it is so confident that it has already given business lobbyists the gift they want most: an end to all this nonsense about corporate reform. " 10.22.02

WP "The Democratic National Committee said yesterday it plans to follow Bush on the campaign trail -- beginning today in Maine and Pennsylvania -- with a pair of television ads blasting the GOP's handling of the economy and the rash of corporate scandals. " 10.22.02

GUARDIAN "Ariel Sharon is pressing Washington for billions of dollars of emergency aid to revitalise the Israeli economy, driven deep into recession by the two years of Palestinian uprising. Already the biggest recipient of US foreign aid - $2.1bn a year, most of it spent on military equipment from America - Israel is putting together a proposal for up to $10bn (£6.5bn). " 10.22.02

WP "No Key Issue in a House Divided. Two weeks remain until Election Day, but the key races that will decide which party will control Congress apparently remain largely uninfluenced by broad national issues. " 10.22.02

O'HANLON Iraq Occupation "costs will be substantial and higher than anything publicly acknowledged by the administration so far. Until we face up to the very real possibility that a multiyear occupation will be needed, we have not yet accepted the reality of what war to overthrow Saddam Hussein could entail." 10.22.02

WP "Bush Plan to Increase Generic Drugs Draws Flak. Lawmakers Say Proposed Changes Are Inadequate, Politically Timed and Might Take Years to Happen." 10.22.02

WP " A dozen House Democrats have written to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson expressing concern that "scientific decisionmaking is being subverted by ideology" on issues ranging from cancer policy to lead safety standards." 10.22.02

NYT ED The BushAdmin "has legalized the dumping of mountaintop mining wastes into valleys and streams and accepted without protest the incremental weakening of wetlands protections by the Army Corps of Engineers. And it has done little to close what Christie Whitman, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, concedes is a huge "investment gap" between the need for new waste treatment facilities and available resources.Even more worrisome is the possibility of new regulations that would remove federal protection from waterways now explicitly covered by the law." 10.22.02

CNN While Hindered Communication Between Law Forces In Two States And District Has Been Reported In Sniper Investigation, Ashcroft Says He Has No Plans To Call For FBI Coordination 10.22.02

NYT Corporate Projections Suggest Our Sources Of Oil Will Not Change Much 10.22.02

FRIEDMAN Reduce Oil Dependency, See a Gusher of Freedom in Middle East. 10.22.02

HUFFINGTON "The Bush team's ridiculous and wildly inflammatory anti-drug ads are still running in heavy rotation. You know the ads I'm talking about -- the ones where innocent-looking, middle-class teens admit their culpability for the consequences of the drug trade. "I helped blow up buildings," says one doe-eyed youth... So if that is legitimate logic, and our president says that it is, I wonder if we might turn the tables on him by starting a little ad campaign of our own to sabotage another misguided Bush campaign: the War on Conservation. " 10.22.02

NYT BushAdmin "officials said privately that they suspected that Mr. Bush was toning down his talk of removing the Iraqi leader, by force if necessary, to mollify nervous allies on the day that the United States and Britain began circulating a revised resolution in the Security Council demanding Iraq's disarmament." 10.22.02

NYT Bush Bending To U.N. Security Council Terms In Order To Get Resolution Passed. 10.22.02

MARSHALL "Regime change-the phrase sounds so cool and antiseptic. But before Congress bought President Bush's prescription for curing the world’s ills, it should have reviewed some medical history on the disastrous side-effects of this quack remedy... The first patient in line for this harsh medicine-Iraq-has already taken it twice before. The results turned a minor regional irritant into a wound of worldwide concern. " 10.22.02

KRISTOF "The Saudi royals can fairly be criticized for fecklessly looking the other way as clerics commandeered schools and preached poisonous nonsense about foreigners. More broadly, America and the kingdom have almost no values in common; Saudi Arabia is a corrupt monarchy that stands for religious intolerance and the repression of women. " 10.22.02

HA'ARETZ "Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer yesterday called for the head of the Yesha rabbinical council, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, to stand trial for issuing a religious edict forbidding settlers and soldiers to evacuate the illegal West Bank outpost of Havat Gilad. " 10.22.02

SHIRK "How should the United States handle the North Korean nuclear problem? We should not treat North Korea like Iraq (that is, threaten to use military force to disarm it and change its regime) or like Pakistan and India (give the nuclear program a pass because the country is strategically important).Instead we should treat North Korea like North Korea: Build on its desire to reform its economy by pursuing a negotiated approach to closing down completely and finally, and under international verification, its programs for weapons of mass destruction and missiles." 10.22.02

HAMMONTREE Mr. Bush, "you're expending all your energy on eliminating a two-bit despot who poses no immediate threat to us. While doing this, you've let a fabulously wealthy madman with an insatiable thirst for American blood slip through your fingers. When he strikes again, Americans will go apoplectic, wondering why our time was squandered on make-believe evils in Baghdad, and not on the real-life evils of bin Laden. " 10.22.02

CORNWELL Bush And Kennedy. "As a threat to US national security, Saddam hardly rates; as a menace to the American way of life, he is not a patch on the Washington sniper. Back in 1962, Kennedy's stand against the Soviet Union had broad international support. Bush's militaristic designs on Iraq, by contrast have little backing beyond Britain." 10.22.02

ZAKARIA "The war on terror has had an effect. The destruction of al Qaeda's base camps in Afghanistan, the detention of suspects around the world, the scrutiny of bank accounts -- all this has made mass terror more difficult. But while the Bush administration has a coherent military strategy in place, it does not have a similar political one. And on that crucial front, the war on terror is failing. " 10.22.02

YOUNG "Blair has every reason to fear Bush climbing back up again. However compliant his rhetoric, the prime minister knows as well as anyone that attacking Iraq is more likely to increase than diminish the threat from al-Qaida. He talks a moral game, but is aware of the political costs it will entail when he loses control of it. He would intensely prefer Iraq not to happen, at least not yet. So would Chirac. The difference is that Chirac can afford to make that clear, whereas Blair has left no retreat from participating in an all-out invasion that could lead to several catastrophes. " 10.22.02

Brzezinski-Eizenstat "The long-delayed and much deserved Nobel Peace Prize for Jimmy Carter is the right occasion to review his presidency. It is often said that second-term presidents -- no longer concerned about reelection -- tend to be bolder and more innovative. Carter acted from the start as if he was a second-term president, tackling issues where other presidents had feared to tread while remaining indifferent to the political calculus. " 10.22.02

b>IND ED Last year's anthrax attacks highlighted the growing threat posed by bioweapons. Can next month's crucial meeting of governments in Geneva make the world a safer place in the face of Bush opposition? 10.21.02

NYT Bush's Texas Ranks Last In Government Protection Of Citizen Privacy 10.21.02

NICHOLS Five Ways To Help The Dems Win The House 10.21.02

NYT LETTERS "Greens...are willing to ignore the plight of those who would suffer under a Republican agenda." 10.21.02

WP D.C.-Based Election Monitor Takes On Another Troubled Democracy: Miami, But Only After Pressure On Politicized Officials. 10.21.02

WP Oregon Republican Men Key Group Against State's Universal Health Care Initiative, First In Nation 10.21.02

CORN Bush Exploits Bali. "Bush keeps talking up a Saddam-Al Qaeda link. Why doesn't he prove it already? Ask the CIA. " 10.21.02

NYT "The Czech president told the White House that there is no evidence to confirm reports that Mohamed Atta, a Sept. 11 hijacker, met with an Iraqi offical in Prague. " 10.21.02

HERBERT "Questions about the profound implications of a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq deserve much more in the way of answers than we have now. " 10.21.02

TISDALL "Americans have, for the most part, a good opinion of Tony Blair. They think him a sensible man. So it is with a sense of puzzlement, if not dismay, that many of the 76% of Americans who did not vote for George Bush and oppose his Iraq war plans observe Blair's apparently unquestioning support for US policy. Blair's backing, they worry, makes Bush appear more credible. " 10.21.02

SCHEER "Mr. Bush, Heed Carter and Learn. " 10.21.02

FRENCH "North Korea's Confession: Why? " 10.21.02

AP "North Korea said today that it was willing to negotiate over its nuclear weapons program if the United States withdraws its "hostile policy" toward the communist country. " 10.21.02

NYT Sunday Talk Shows Cleared Chairs For BushAdmin Spin On North Korea Shocker 10.21.02

DIEHL "Turkey's vote for a new government in two weeks could be crucial to the Bush administration's emerging effort to transform the Middle East. Turkey's next administration will take power just weeks before the opening of the winter window for a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and it will be a central player in any war and in the postwar construction of a new Iraqi order....And, if the polls hold up, all this will be mixed with the latest attempt by moderate Muslims to democratically acquire and exercise power in a NATO country that borders Europe and Iraq, where the Bush administration promises to install a representative government that would begin a regional makeover. Can Islam and democracy be safely combined? Another failure in moderate, pro-Western Turkey would not be a good start." 10.21.02

FISK "Thank God, I often say, for the Israeli press. For where else will you find the sort of courageous condemnation of Israel's cruel and brutal treatment of the Palestinians?... You will have to read all this in Ma'ariv, Ha'aretz or Yediot Ahronot because in much of the Western world, a vicious campaign of slander is being waged against any journalist or activist who dares to criticise Israeli policies or those that shape them. The all-purpose slander of "anti- Semitism" is now used with ever-increasing promiscuity against anyone -- people who condemn the wickedness of Palestinian suicide bombings every bit as much as they do the cruelty of Israel's repeated killing of children -- in an attempt to shut them up." 10.21.02

HA'ARETZ "The U.S., they say, is trying now to buy some time and recruit support among its friends in Europe and the Arab world who are demanding that Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat be taken care of along with Saddam Hussein. In a bid to win some time, the Bush administration drew up the detailed plan for establishing a Palestinian state and an end to Israel's occupation of the territories." 10.21.02

NYT "The zeal of the younger generation of settlers, born and reared in conflict, was on display several miles west of here today, where about 1,000 Jewish youths fought soldiers and police officers who came to evict them from an illegal settlement outpost known as Gilad Farm - one of scores of encampments built in recent years on West Bank hills. "10.21.02

HA'ARETZ "The ongoing clashes show that the settlers will not hesitate to rebel against the laws of the state. They do it with the backing of the Yesha Council of Settlements, their elected representatives who urge them to fight the evacuations, and with typical self-righteousness, urge that the fight be conducted without harm to soldiers or policemen. " 10.21.02

NYT Bush To Talk Commerce, Nukes With China Head At Crawford Farm. (Will Uncle Jonathan Be There?) 10.21.02

NATION ED "If domestic politics is the true subtext of Bush's imperial adventure, then an aggressive politics of public opposition can stop it. The targets now are bipartisan--every Democrat and Republican who supports war--and the pressure must not cease after the election. A vocal citizenry can put the chickenhawks to flight. " (Start With The Republicans Because There Are More Of Them.) 10.21.02

NICHOLS More Dems Opposed Bush War Resolution. "A majority of House Democrats opposed handing Bush a blank check to wage war. " 10.21.02

ROTHBERG "Support legislators who voted no to war. March for peace on October 26." (That means the Dem majority, 1 Repub Senator, and 6 House Repubs.) 10.21.02

BIVINS "Street medics make protest possible at a time when expressing dissent is unusually risky. " 10.21.02

PRESTON "Tory peers say gay couples make bad parents. Shame on them. " 10.21.02

HUTTON "The Lords say no gay or unmarried couples should adopt. They are wrong... it's care that matters, not genes. " 10.21.02

RASPBERRY "My problem with Noelle Bush, I am saying, is not that she should be treated the way so many other drug abusers are treated but that these luckless others should be treated after her example. " 10.21.02

NYT Change In Lit Gatekeeper At New Yorker Promises More Experimentation 10.21.02

KRUGMAN "Kevin Phillips concludes his book ''Wealth and Democracy'' with a grim warning: ''Either democracy must be renewed, with politics brought back to life, or wealth is likely to cement a new and less democratic regime -- plutocracy by some other name.'' It's a pretty extreme line, but we live in extreme times. Even if the forms of democracy remain, they may become meaningless. It's all too easy to see how we may become a country in which the big rewards are reserved for people with the right connections; in which ordinary people see little hope of advancement; in which political involvement seems pointless, because in the end the interests of the elite always get served. " 10.20.02

NYT ED "For all of this year's accounting scandals, one of the most perilous financial minefields may still lie ahead - corporate America's management of traditional pension plans covering some 45 million Americans. The fate of these funds in the boom-to-bust financial cycle is at once a glaring accounting scandal and a looming threat to the economy." 10.20.02

WP GOP Eyes Full Takeover Of Congress.Optimistic GOP is planning agenda in case the party wins House and Senate control. 10.20.02

BAI "Karl Rove's methods are credited with keeping George Bush's ratings aloft. But will they work for the Republican Party in November? " 10.20.02

NYT Democrats See a Stealthy Drive by Drug Industry to Help Republicans In Congressional Races.10.20.02

WP ED "The House Republican leadership was too busy pursuing a partisan agenda weighed down with tax cut proposals... to attend to the appropriations process that contained roughly $40 billion for various homeland security programs and improvements. Of course, none of this will get out to the voters back home, not if the members have anything to say about it." 10.20.02

WP "Democratic Party officials have decided to rush additional staff and resources to Florida to bolster the campaign of gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride after an on-the-ground assessment found the challenger's get-out-the-vote operation badly in need of assistance. " 10.20.02

WP "The nation's electorate is rapidly graying, with the cadre of older Americans who plan to take part in the Nov. 5 elections outnumbering people younger than 30 by more than 2 to 1, creating a distorted national politics in which the issues that dominate campaigns and Capitol Hill reflect an ever-smaller slice of the country. This underrepresentation of young voters is becoming more acute: If current trends continue, the number of people 65 and older who vote in midterm elections is likely to exceed that of young adults by a 4 to 1 ratio by 2022." 10.20.02

SULLIVAN "It is now clear that our gun laws not only inadvertently fuel foreign conflicts but also enable terrorists to launch attacks on American soil. " 10.20.02

NYT "National Ballistics Database. The White House initially came out against the database, with Ari Fleischer, the spokesman, saying that it did not work. He later said it should be studied. {The NRA's] LaPierre said he thought that perhaps the White House realized that the public needed to be "educated" about ballistics fingerprinting before it would accept President Bush's [pro-gun] position." 10.20.02

FRIEDMAN "To hasten the transition from autocracy to democracy in places like Iraq or Iran, bring down the price of oil — through conservation and alternative energies. " (Right.) 10.20.02

JUDT Wrong War, Wrong Time. "We are seeking a fight we can win instead of concentrating on the war that we must win. " 10.20.02

SANGER "This week, the U.S. pushed toward confronting Iraq, Al Qaeda emerged from the mist and the Koreas slipped into nuclear relapse. Can the U.S. fight all three at once? " 10.20.02

IND ED "Within hours of last weekend's attack in Bali, President Bush and Tony Blair declared that it was possible to fight a war on two fronts, against terrorism and possibly against Iraq as well. A few days later it emerged that another "rogue state", North Korea, was already in possession of nuclear weapons. How should the US and Britain respond? Is there not a case for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea as well? " 10.20.02

MC GRORY "But as we barrel down the road to war with Iraq, maybe we ought to quiz our unilateralist president about why it is necessary for us to bomb, invade and occupy Iraq while North Korea gets the striped-pants treatment. Is it because North Korea has a million men under arms? Is it because Kim Jong Il never threatened to kill Bush's father, or because he has no oil, or is not a Muslim? Maybe we should ask the advocates who dreamed for 10 years of invading Iraq. Do Richard Perle, Richard Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz believe in equal opportunity for tyrants?" 10.20.02

DOWD "Feeling bamboozled by his war tutors, The Boy Emperor reached out to the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, for advice. " 10.20.02

VULLIAMY "The most dramatic intervention comes from President George Bush's own United Methodist church which launched a scathing attack on his plans for war... Jim Winkler, responsible for the application of the church's teachings to social policy, said war against Iraq was 'without any justification according to the teachings of Christ'. " 10.20.02

NYT BushAdmin to Withdraw From Arms Accord With North Korea 10.20.02

WP The BushAdmin "decision to nullify the 1994 agreement could prompt the North Koreans to restart a shuttered nuclear reactor and begin to reprocess spent fuel rods for plutonium. The Bush administration intends to strongly warn North Korea not to take such a step. " 10.20.02

FRANTZ "So what is the current Al Qaeda? An organization? A movement? An ideology? Answering the question is a key to figuring out how to fight it. " 10.20.02

SHAWCROSS "There will be more attacks. And they will get worse. In its fragmented state al-Qa'ida has become more dangerous, not less. " 10.20.02

NYT Possibility of Using Trucks for Terror Remains Concern.10.20.02

HA'ARETZ ED "Indiscriminate killing will not bring an end to the conflict - this simple truth is clear to all even in the absence of censure from the United States and the European Union. The killing of innocents violates Israel's morality, cheapens human life and deters neither Hamas, Islamic Jihad nor Tanzim. " 10.20.02

HA'ARETZ "The behavior of those among the settlers dubbed "the hill youth" is reminiscent of the skinheads in Europe and the United States: They are loutish, violent and uninhibited brawl-mongers. The various groups of skinheads have all kinds of excuses for unloading their aggression - from racist ideology to frustration at a soccer game result - and in Israel of 2002, hundreds of knitted-skullcap-wearing punks do it for the love of the motherland. " 10.20.02

NYT MacDonald's Arches Are Sagging. 10.20.02

REESE "Million-dollar missiles fired from billion-dollar airplanes don't seem to faze us, but devoting the proper amount of money to child-welfare services and to health care seems to require constant battles." 10.19.02

NYT Now That Bush Has Signed Anti-Fraud Legislation, He's Trying to Limit Funding To Take The Teeth Out Of the Program 10.19.02

COLE "The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, passed in 1996, makes it a crime to provide "material support" to any group designated as "terrorist" — without regard to whether the support was actually intended to further terrorist activity....The law's popularity with prosecutors is not hard to understand. It allows the government to obtain convictions for so-called terrorist crimes without proving any intent to engage in or further terrorism....The law is written so broadly that it would make it a crime to write a column or to file a lawsuit on behalf of a proscribed organization, or even to send a book on Gandhi's theory of nonviolence to the leader of a terrorist group in an attempt to persuade him to forego violence." 10.19.02

WP "Bush Secrecy Irks Congress. N. Korea's nuclear efforts were kept from Dems until after Iraq war vote." 10.19.02

WIT "Just as the crisis with Iraq is heating up, the United States is on the verge of a serious confrontation with another member of the "axis of evil," North Korea....Unfortunately, the Bush administration's policy toward [North Korea] has left it with very few options to solve this [Nuke] problem." 10.19.02

WP Future Blowback Between Rival Groups? "Bush authorizes $92 million to teach combat skills to exiled Hussein foes. " 10.19.02

RUBIN "Despite a controversial history in Somalia and Vietnam, the idea of the United States as nation-builder is back in vogue. What a change from a few years ago, when the Clinton administration refused to use the term in public, and critics, including candidate George W. Bush, attacked it as international social work....Nation-building has now become a key foreign policy mission for the United States. But it won't work without high-level attention and a budget to match " 10.19.02

GOODMAN TIME described Bush's nominee to the Food and Drug Administration's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee as "a 'scantily credentialed' abortion opponent who treated PMS with prayer."...There are 258 outside boards and panels in the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's office appoints about 450 people a year to these policymaking and advisory groups. And increasingly, the folks who are picked to fill these jobs are true believers . . . of industry or ideology. Hager isn't a victim of religious profiling. He was picked because of his profile." 10.19.02

LETTER TO WP "Your criticism of Jimmy Carter for his opposition to President Bush's swashbuckling foreign policy as it pertains to Iraq might be in conformity with your newfound war-mongering perspective [editorial, Oct. 12], but your reference to Carter's "willingness to engage with any dictator, no matter how odious" is amusing.Since when did America stop consorting with dictators? Not only have we been coddling them when it suited our purposes since time immemorial, we have also managed to put one or two tyrants in power at the expense of democratically elected governments. " 10.19.02

ELLIS "Israeli sympathizers' arrogance knows no bounds " 10.19.02

KRUGMAN "Springtime for Hitler....The strategy used to sell the Bush tax cut was simply to deny the facts - and to lash out at anyone who tried to point them out. " 10.18.02

HUFFINGTON "Pity the poor Democrats. They just can't get a break. At a time when the public is calling for the heads of corporate miscreants, you would have thought that the latest Census Bureau report on poverty and income would be great campaign fodder for Democrats... "For the first time in eight years, the poverty rate rose," said Dick Gephardt on the floor of the House, but it fell upon the deaf ears of a public preoccupied with sniper attacks and rumors of war. But the statistics to come out of the report are staggering: The number of Americans living in poverty grew 1.3 million last year to 32.9 million, while the most affluent fifth of the population received half of all household income and the poorest fifth 3.5 percent. " 10.18.02


ABC With Jeb In Tie With Dem In Florida, Dubya And Bro Campaign For Bucks. 10.18.02

FALK-KRIEGER "As a healthy response to the Bush Administration's war policies, the number of people taking to the streets in protest is increasing with each step toward war. These protesters realize that they do not want the United States to initiate a pre-emptive and illegal war, but perhaps they do not yet realize that they are also fighting to retain an international order based on multilateralism, the rule of law and the United Nations itself. " 10.18.02

CHAPMAN "Among those inclined to liberal, secular and intellectual frames of mind -- people common in college towns and large cities -- the future is looking frighteningly bleak. It's not just the prospect of war in Iraq, although that is the central focus now. It's the entire gestalt of the country and particularly the policies of the Bush administration, which are backed by an increasingly radical and aggressive conservative base. Beyond the proposed attack on Iraq are the all too real attacks on the environment, civil liberties, gun control, abortion rights, Social Security, affirmative action, arms control, etc., which all add up to an attempted rollback of everything liberalism has achieved in the past 30 or 40 years. " 10.18.02

NYT Bush Takes NRA Position On Gun Fingerprinting: Let's Study It To Death. 10.18.02

DIONNE "We're in a war on terrorism and there's a chilling shooting spree in the Washington suburbs. Shouldn't that be enough to encourage our leaders -- and especially our president -- to overcome the power of ideology and political interest groups? Apparently not. Where money, guns and the religious right are concerned, the interest groups hold the trump cards and ideology triumphs over realism." 10.18.02

NYT Enron California Trader Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy. Info Provided Spurs On Investigation Of Corporation. 10.18.02

WP Judge Orders White House Papers' Release. Cheney Lawyers to Ask Appeals Court to Keep Energy Task Force Records Secret. 10.18.02

BORGER "The US bowed to almost unanimous international opposition yesterday and offered to soften its stance on UN weapons inspections by removing language specifically threatening Iraq with invasion. " 10.18.02

HOAGLAND "A few words now separate France and the United States from a major triumph or a great disaster in diplomacy at the United Nations. Both nations must bend slightly to achieve the time-honored solution to differences between competing allies: There should be no clear winner and no clear loser in this diplomatic tiff. " 10.18.02

NORTON-TAYLOR "An attack on Iraq would be a "unique and high-risk military assault" and if the US and its allies were to reap any long-term strategic benefits they would have to stay there a long time, the International Institute of Strategic Studies said yesterday. " 10.18.02

SENGUPTA "The United States already has a force of 60,000 within striking range of Iraq, and would be in a position to launch a land war as early as December, a military think-tank reported yesterday. " 10.18.02

KRISTOF Idea Of A Democratic Iraq Is "a pipe dream, a marketing ploy to sell a war...."There will not be a democracy in Iraq, not a real democracy," said Mohammed Al-Jassem, editor of the newspaper Al-Watan in Kuwait. "That would mean allowing a Shiite state. America and the gulf countries cannot afford that." The rise of a Shiite state in Iraq could strengthen Iran and lead to clashes with Shiite minorities in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries, he warned." 10.18.02

WP ED "So far, Mr. Bush has shrunk from publicly denouncing the Saudi monarchy for tolerating money flows to al Qaeda, even though the kingdom remains al Qaeda's biggest source of funds. No doubt this is because Saudi cooperation is needed on other issues, from the Iraq war to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Yet Mr. Bush has shown that you can talk tough to the Russians on missile defense while still cooperating with them on other issues. There is no reason the Saudis should be spared a similar approach. " 10.18.02

NYT C.I.A. Puts Risk of Terror Strike at 9/11 Levels. 10.18.02

KETTLE "Lessons of the sniper in the suburbs: If they can't catch their own killer, how can the US beat terror abroad?...Making the connection is not, in my view, a reason to wallow in total despair at the impossibility of ever doing anything about fighting terror. But it is, or should be, a reality check as to both the delicacy and complexity of the immediate task, and of the delusion and folly that pretends the fight against terrorism is anything but a long, grinding and frequently unrewarding project. " 10.18.02

WP ED "THE MOST optimistic explanation for North Korea's shocking confession that it has been conducting a secret nuclear weapons program is that it was made as a way of inducing a reluctant Bush administration to engage in serious political negotiations. " 10.18.02

WP Bush Plans Diplomacy on N. Korea's Nuke Arms Program, Chose Not To Release Newly Discovered Info While Asking Congress For Permission To Attack Iraq. 10.18.02

NYT "U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that Pakistan was a major supplier of critical equipment for North Korea's newly revealed nuclear weapons program. " 10.18.02

IND ED "The logic of George Bush's campaign against the axis of evil, never persuasive, is coming apart in his hands. After months of heavyweight war rhetoric directed at Iraq, the US State Department has casually claimed that North Korea has admitted it has a nuclear weapons programme. Given that the justification for using military force against Saddam Hussein is to prevent his developing weapons of mass destruction, and particularly nuclear weapons, the inconsistencies of US policy are exposed." (But Only After Congress Approved Of An Iraq Attack.) 10.18.02

WEISMAN We Talk To North Korea And Bomb Iraq. Why? Because We Can. Bush Aides Give Different Reasons. 10.18.02

SCHEER "Oblivious to the daily slaughter of Palestinians and Israelis, whose televised mayhem fuels evil passions throughout the Islamic world, Bush focuses instead on the irrelevant sideshow of Iraq. Bush seems unaware that the Gordian knot of global terrorism pulled tightly in years past by our allies in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia--in ugly evidence again this weekend in peaceful Bali--will not be cut unless the quest for peace initiated by Carter at Camp David nearly a quarter-century ago is finally completed. " 10.18.02

HA'ARETZ ED "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon left his meeting with President George Bush at the White House on Wednesday with a sense of satisfaction. Bush may have equipped him with a "road map" for progress toward the establishment of a Palestinian state, but navigating according to that map will only begin after the military campaign Bush plans against the Iraqi ruler, Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi issue therefore was the focus of Sharon's discussions with Bush and his administration's officials. " 10.18.02

WP U.S. Would Send Troops To Hit Scuds. Pledge Given Sharon to Keep Israel Out of War . 10.18.02

AP Jeb Not In Court To See Daughter Sentenced To Prison 10.18.02

WP "Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) has released documents outlining a sustained lobbying campaign by his office on behalf of a major Republican donor, which included efforts to get political appointees of President Bush to overrule career employees at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. " 10.18.02

CORNWELL The Sniper Next Door. 10.18.02

AP No Difference? Dems Have $5 Million For Elections, But Repubs Have $30 Million 10.17.02

MC GRORY "Democrats know exactly how they feel about prescription drugs and the privatization of Social Security, but when it comes to war and peace, people dying and all that, they really have no comment. They just salute the commander if chief and hope voters mistake them for patriots." 10.17.02

MSNBC Why Only Six House Repubs Voted No On Bush War 10.17.02

NYT ED Former Felons Have a Right to Vote, Even In Florida. 10.17.02

WP Congress passes measure to improve voting procedures and technology 10.17.02

NYT ED "Nervous citizens can only hope that the Bush administration is serious about exploring a system for tracing bullets and cartridge casings to the guns that fired them." (Can NRA-Backed Bush Be Trusted?) 10.17.02

COHEN "Ever since the sniper first struck in the Washington area, the police -- not to mention every quasi-expert on early-morning television -- have been trying to come up with a profile of him. A more productive exercise might be to come up with a profile of a nation that is awash in guns and refuses to keep track of who has them. That's the profile of an idiot. " 10.17.02

OC I'll act alone, Bush warns, Iraq, UN10.17.02

WP Bali Bombing Fuels Debate on Iraq War. Bush Aides Worry That Attacks Will Erode Public Support for Confronting Hussein. 10.17.02

NYT Bush Garners Little Support at U.N. for an Attack on Iraq. 10.17.02

NYT U.S. Is Putting Heavy Pressure on France and Others for a U.N. Resolution. 10.17.02

STAR Russia Urges Restraint In U.N. Resolution 10.17.02

HA'ARETZ "President George W. Bush said Wednesday night (Israel time) he expected that Israel would respond if attacked by Iraq. Bush made his comments to reporters following a meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the White House. " 10.17.02

WP ED "PRESIDENT BUSH promised the United Nations last month that in the event of military action to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein, the United States would work to create a postwar regime "based on respect for human rights, economic liberty and internationally supervised elections." Since then, despite prodding from Congress, he and his administration have offered virtually no public elaboration of how that would be accomplished -- feeding concern in Washington and abroad that no coherent plan exists. " 10.17.02

MACINTYRE "From the discreet group of army officers, protocol officials and crew-cut American secret servicemen outside the VIP suite at Amman's Arka airport on Tuesday afternoon, it was obvious that the incoming USAF Boeing 707 was carrying a passenger as heavy duty as he was unannounced. But the Jordanian Army colonel organising the welcoming party did not hesitate when he was asked who it was. "General Tommy Franks," he said. 'The next President of Iraq.' " 10.17.02

AP Saudis seen funding AL Qaeda.10.17.02

MSNBC "The report was especially harsh on the Bush administration’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. The administration “appears to have made a policy decision not to use the full power of U.S. influence and legal authorities to pressure or compel other governments to combat terrorist financing more effectively. " 10.17.02

GUARDIAN "Labour critics of Tony Blair's anti-terrorism strategy yesterday made common cause with the Liberal Democrats in warning the prime minister that the global coalition arraigned against al Qaida - and the Bali bombers - could "fracture" if Britain and the United States launch a unilateral attack on Iraq. " 10.17.02

IND "Tony Blair angered Labour MPs yesterday by refusing to rule out military action by the United States and Britain alone against Iraq. At the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), the Prime Minister was pressed to promise Britain would not endorse action unless it was specifically authorised by a new United Nations resolution. " 10.17.02

HARRELSON "This is a racist and imperialist war. The warmongers who stole the White House (you call them "hawks", but I would never disparage such a fine bird) have hijacked a nation's grief and turned it into a perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist. " 10.17.02

HA'ARETZ "Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Ariel Sharon won't be in the country, he won't take part in the state memorial ceremony at Mt. Herzl - and it's best that way. Hypocrisy also has to have its limits. Some of us will not forget - and will never forget - that Sharon was one of those who stood on the incitement stage in Jerusalem's Zion Square when the crowd raised signs showing Rabin dressed in an SS uniform, and those on the platform did not protest. He took an active part in the incitement against Rabin, and called the Oslo agreements - a courageous and important act of statesmanship that could have brought peace and security and economic prosperity - 'an act of treason.' " 10.17.02

STAR N. Korea admits nuclear program. Weapons project violates 1994 deal with the U.S. 10.17.02

NYT "While businesses claim to give customers more control over the use of their personal information, critics say attempts to exercise that control are often frustrated." 10.17.02

REESE It's The Economy, Stupid.10.16.02

VANN "A US war against Iraq is “probably the most bullish thing I can think of,” William Seidman, a senior economic adviser under four US presidents, told his audience at the posh Peninsula Club.Seidman, a commentator for CNBC, was an adviser to presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush senior. He is the former chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and also headed the Resolution Trust Company, the federal agency created to bail out the scandal-ridden savings and loans industry in the 1980s. He served as a consultant on the junior Bush’s transition team, and maintains close ties with top administration officials. According to the Grand Rapids Press, which was alone in reporting the remarks, Seidman told the meeting that he had just come from a State Department briefing in which US plans for a military occupation of Iraq were outlined.Removing the Iraqi government and installing a US military regime that would control the country’s oil fields is “at least as important as eliminating weapons of mass destruction,” he said. 'Getting control of that oil will make a vast difference in all sorts of things, but particularly the price of oil.'" 10.16.02

FUERTH U.S. Occupation Of Iraq. "There may be a dangerous intoxication with American power, and a serious loss of judgment as to its limits, among the most senior persons in our government....Much of the time the administration's overall approach to policy breathes impatience with the opinion of others, eagerness for military action despite protestations to the contrary and an ideologically driven indifference to consequences that could prove devastating to fundamental American security needs." 10.16.02

NYT ED Is Bush Making Us Sick? "Under industry influence the Bush administration has declined to adopt meat safety regulations readied for action at the end of the Clinton era. " 10.16.02

BORGER "The US constitution is a uniquely powerful document, but whether it has really done anything for the cause of freedom is open to debate. It accommodated slavery for longer than European states, turned a blind eye to the Jim Crow segregation laws for decades, and did nothing to stop McCarthyism. Nowadays it is being used as a vehicle for the proliferation of guns and a shelter for racists. It clearly takes more than a document to negotiate the treacherous currents and eddies of human liberty. " 10.16.02

GUARDIAN Everything you need to know about gun control in the US. 10.16.02

NYT Bush, NRA Oppose "system [that] would have been of great use in tracking down sniper now terrorizing Washington, DC, area." 10.16.02

NYT "Fleischer said Mr. Bush had questions about the accuracy of ballistic fingerprinting, even though officials at the firearms bureau have previously voiced support for it. The National Rifle Association and other gun lobbies, an important part of Mr. Bush's political base, have not. Asked tonight about the change in tone at the White House, Mr. McClellan said the administration had not reversed course." 10.16.02

DOWD "Ari Fleischer leaped from abstruse to absurd, explaining why the president opposes an urgently needed proposal for a computerized system of tracing bullets to gun owners: "Certainly, in the case of the sniper, the real issue is values." Certainly, in the case of the president, the real issue is N.R.A. cash for the G.O.P. " 10.16.02

GUARDIAN "The fact that the president speaks only about Iraq, while his neighbours down the street speak only about the shooter, reinforces the sense that this administration is so obsessed with Saddam it has lost touch with the real anxieties of many Americans," the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote at the weekend...."It has also revived the campaign for gun control and put the White House on the defensive as President Bush has already declared his opposition to gun fingerprinting, which would allow the rapid tracing of firearms." 10.16.02

MARTIN Washington Sniper. "At least one newspaper, the Raleigh News & Observer, has reported that police are seeking a man “affiliated with militia and white supremacist groups” for questioning. But the media as a whole has been virtually silent over this aspect of the investigation. " 10.16.02

FEATHERSTONE "Despite a media blackout, a nascent US peace movement has gradually been gathering momentum. In September, at least 300 peace events were being held weekly in cities from Pensacola to Fairbanks. Organizers say they're attracting many who oppose the war in Iraq but were ambivalent about, or supported, war in Afghanistan. Reecha Sen, a volunteer for New York Not in Our Name, observes, "People who wouldn't have come out last year are joining us. They say, 'This is ridiculous; we have no support from the world.'" Church leaders--including many from conservative institutions, like the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as well as the outspoken National Council of Churches--are against this war. Some mainstream politicians and many liberal Democrats have expressed doubt or outright dissent. An early October Gallup poll found 38 percent of Americans opposed to the war." (Opposition to war reaches over 60% when the question contains a reference to American war casualties.) 10.16.02

ABC "'America speaks with one voice,' says President Bush. In Washington, Bush, having been empowered by both houses of Congress to use force, seems to face very little opposition on Iraq. On the streets of America, nothing could be further from the truth. " 10.16.02

NYT The U.S. repeatedly warned the Indonesian government before a deadly bomb blast in Bali that a group linked to Al Qaeda was planning attacks, officials said. 10.16.02

JONES "The reaction in Indonesia to the Bali bombings shows the lack of faith that Indonesians have in their own government. " 10.16.02

WITOELAR Terror has deep roots in Indonesia. 10.16.02

CORN "Two days after a horrific bomb blast in Bali, Indonesia, killed over 180 people--including at least two Americans--Bush, appearing at a Republican campaign rally in Michigan, cited the assault as yet another reason for vigorous prosecution of the war on terrorism. But as he rallied the GOP loyalists, he focused less on al Qaeda (which, naturally, is suspected of being associated with the Bali attack) and more on Saddam Hussein. Bush maintained that the Iraqi dictator hopes to deploy al Qaeda as his own "forward army" against the West, that "we need to think about Saddam Hussein using al Qaeda to do his dirty work, to not leave fingerprints behind," and that "this is a man who we know has had connections with al Qaeda..." Bush and his administration have offered no proof of any of this." 10.16.02

REUTERS "Australia said today that the Jemaah Islamiyah group, which has been linked to Al Qaeda and is now suspected in the Bali bombing that killed more than 180 people, should be listed as a terrorist group by the United Nations. " 10.16.02

GUARDIAN "This has happened because Australia has followed George Bush, otherwise they would have attacked a target in another country. This is why the love of our daughter's life has been killed," said Maggi Luke. "The majority of people here do not want to follow Bush. They don't want to put their children at risk. " 10.16.02

JAMES "Before last weekend, liberal Australia felt the US had brought September 11 upon itself. But, says Clive James, the bombing in Bali has smashed that argument - and thrown his country in to the war against terror. " 10.16.02

IND "Labour MPs warned Tony Blair yesterday that launching military action against Iraq could provoke more terrorist outrages similar to Saturday's Bali bombing... In exchanges following a Commons statement on the attack that killed up to 30 Britons, the Prime Minister came under pressure to give assurances that the war on global terrorism would not be undermined by the campaign by the United States and Britain to disarm Saddam Hussein. " 10.16.02

REUTERS "Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit was quoted on Wednesday as saying the United States would be unable to carry out an attack on Iraq without Turkish support and that he was advising Washington to abandon the idea. " 10.16.02

GUARD ED "Mr Bush's attempt to liken Iraq to the Cuban missile crisis, and his transparently fatuous claim that it might send unmanned aircraft to attack US cities with biological and chemical weapons, will only add to this public unease, to a burgeoning wariness about the president's motives and judgment. Such hyperbole simply scares the children. It is not leadership in the Churchillian style so admired by Mr Bush. It is mere demagoguery. As Americans bring their innate common sense to bear, Mr Bush would do well to talk less and listen more. " 10.16.02

FRIEDMAN "Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vile. " 10.16.02

WP Novice Closes on Jeb Bush. Polls show down-home Democrat Bill McBride nearly even with the Florida governor. 10.16.02

BROWNSTEIN "Election 2002 is becoming the Campaign From Hell. " 10.15.02

KURTZ "But are you getting the impression that the '02 edition of American politics is especially lame?...You'd hardly guess that control of both houses of Congress is at stake. " 10.15.02

LYONS With a Bush Congress, "you name it, and President Junior could get it done: withdraw the U.S. from all international arms control and environmental treaties, grant "regulatory relief" to pollu-ters, "tort reform" to corporations whose products kill people, render workplace safety rules inoperable, drill for oil in national wildlife refuges, harvest timber in national forest wilderness areas, "privatize" Social Security with sharp benefit cuts, bankrupt Medicare through permanent tax cuts for the rich, exchange federal education aid for private school "vouchers," stuff the federal courts full of right-wing apparatchiks, reverse Roe v Wade, tell the United Nations to pound sand, and wage "pre-emptive" war against the entire Islamic world. Sounds alarmist, I know. And yes, there's another election scheduled in 2004. But combine the GOP platform with the relentlessly partisan first months of the Bush administration--i.e. before Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords quit the Republicans in protest - and it's not so far-fetched." 10.15.02

DIONNE Are Moderate Republicans Obsolete? 10.15.02

MONBIOT "There are many of us who have come to see that the only way forward now is a global democratic revolution, which war and a mismanaged US economy could hasten. " 10.15.02

NYT While Bush Focuses On Promoting Marriage And Cutting Off Noncitizens, Dems Focus On Extending Welfare Law, Getting Money To Poor Children. 10.15.02

REICH "Three weeks before Election Day, most American households are still mired in recession. The American economy lost 43,000 jobs in September, the biggest drop since last February. Many people who were looking for jobs last year have given up. The ratio of jobs to potential workers continues to drop. Meanwhile, take-home pay is going nowhere; last year median household income dropped for the first time in a decade. Workers dependent on overtime, commissions or bonuses are watching paychecks shrivel. And ever-bigger portions of their paychecks are going for health insurance - single coverage is up an average of 27 percent from last year, family coverage up 16 percent....The only way to revive the economy is to get more money into the pockets of average working people," not more tax cuts into the pockets of the rich through Bush's "unfair" plan. 10.15.02

NYT ED "In the few days remaining before Congress goes home to campaign, Democratic leaders should push as hard as they can for two measures that will bring economic benefits to the country and credit to those who secure their passage. " 10.15.02

NYT Consumer And Environmental Groups Accuse BushAdmin of Negligence on Food Safety. 10.15.02

NYT Bush Ignored. "Less than a year after passage of No Child Left Behind, the sweeping overhaul that promised a new era of accountability in public education, federal, state and local officials are taking steps that threaten to weaken crucial elements of the law. " 10.15.02

AP Ohio Ed Board Wants To Teach Both Evolution And Religious View In Science Classes. "Current Guidelines Don't Even Mention Evolution." 10.15.02

NYT Indonesian Defense Minister Ties Bali Attack To Al Qaeda 10.15.02

WP ""U.S. intelligence officials said they intercepted communications in late September signaling a strike on a Western tourist site. Bali was mentioned in the U.S. intelligence report." Late September would mean that the intercepts came after the one that resulted in the closure of the U.S. embassy in Indonesia. So, is this the first time that this information has been made public? --Slate " 10.15.02

THOMAS "Several commentators [have] fretted that tourists in Bali had become targets because of the Australian government's robust support for Washington's war on terrorism. " 10.15.02

WP ED "THE DEVASTATING terrorist bombing on the Indonesian island of Bali has tragically underscored the failure of that Muslim country to act aggressively against local extremist organizations. It has also demonstrated the Bush administration's lack of success in exercising influence over a conflicted but mostly friendly democratic government." 10.15.02

KRUGMAN "Saturday's bombing in Bali reinforces the sinking feeling that our leaders, who seem determined to have themselves a conventional war, are playing right into the terrorists' hands. " 10.15.02

IND ED "Bali Bomb Proves Need For War On Terror, Not Iraq." 10.15.02

FREEDLAND "Bali proves that America's war on terror isn't working. The US made the mistake of taking its eye off the main target. " 10.15.02

NYT ED World War, Not Iraq War? "Even as the Bush administration readies for confrontation with Iraq, it must take new steps to combat a resurgent international terrorist threat with no single address or state sponsor. " 10.15.02

PERLSTEIN "The absence of marching bodies does not indicate enthusiasm for war. Protest is occurring by other means. " 10.15.02

ARIANNA "The fact is the number of Americans in favor of going to war with Iraq plummets -- down to only 39 percent in the latest Zogby poll -- when the prospect of "thousands of American casualties" is added to the question. " 10.15.02

REEVES Future Blowback? Bush Believes Might Makes Right 10.15.02

COCCO Bush War Talk Carves New Credibility Gap. 10.15.02

CORN CIA Talk Refutes Bush Rhetoric 10.15.02

MARGOLIS "If Miss Rice truly believes the US will bring democracy to the Mideast, she must also believe in the tooth fairy. Such naivet is unacceptable in a senior policy maker. " 10.15.02

SCHEER Truth On Iraq Seeps Through. 10.15.02

NEWSWEEK Will The Sons of Saddam And Poppy's Kid Re-Fight The Gulf War? 10.15.02

NYT U.S.-French Split On Iraq Deepens 10.15.02

NYT Saddam Wins One-Man Iraqi Election 10.15.02

KRISTOF "A gulf of mutual suspicion and anger between Americans and overseas Muslims seems to have widened dangerously since 9/11, and it will yawn even more explosively in a war and occupation of Iraq. " 10.15.02

HA'ARETZ ED "The survey that the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories presented to the cabinet Sunday makes disturbing and depressing reading for anyone who cares about Israel's welfare - and not just for those who care about the Palestinians' well-being and rights. Major General Amos Gilad paints a chilling portrait of Palestinian society, whose three million people, after two years of intifada, are wallowing in a hopeless midden of poverty, unemployment and economic dependency. Everything there is collapsing and decaying; only hatred for Israel is rising. " 10.15.02

WP Gore in '04? Democratic strategists wonder if he can mount a viable presidential bid. 10.15.02

NYT Bush Privatizes The Military. "With the war on terror already a year old and the possibility of war against Iraq growing by the day, a modern version of an ancient practice - one as old as warfare itself - is reasserting itself at the Pentagon. Mercenaries, as they were once known, are thriving - only this time they are called private military contractors, and some are even subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies." 10.14.02

NYT Bush Begins To Give Away Nation's Water. "Environmentalists said the policies would give the states more latitude to transfer water to their cities and away from national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other federal lands. " 10.14.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration has taken another step backward in the fight against air pollution. " 10.14.02

NYT "Weak Growth Means Few Jobs, and Pain Is Felt Far and Wide. " 10.14.02

OLIPHANT "At the last minute, the White House broke its word and is trying to sandbag the kind of broad commission inquiry into the events of last Sept. 11 that has always followed major catastrophes. Those who suspect someone is trying to hide something are free to speculate. [As for Iraq,] we have no idea how to pay for the war if it comes, not to mention the equally demanding aftermath. " 10.14.02

BRODER ". In orchestrated speeches over the past few weeks, former vice president Al Gore, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt laid down the Democratic indictment of the Bush administration's economic record. The speeches did not have the impact Democrats had hoped for; the war drums on Iraq and the hunt for the Washington area sniper drowned them out. But the Democrats had a lengthy bill of particulars, which in other times might have carried some political weight. " 10.14.02

GROSS Bush League Economics. Can’t Anyone In The White House Learn The Game? Send Supply Side Economics To The Showers. 10.13.02

NYT With Few Jobs Being Created, Pain Is Felt Far and Wide. 10.13.02

WP ED Bush The Wall Street Reformer? "The events of the past two weeks raise serious questions about whether Mr. Pitt and the president really meant what they said. " 10.14.02

REUTERS "President Bush's moves toward possible war against Iraq are a ruse to distract attention from corporate scandals, former U.S. presidential candidate Ralph Nader was quoted as saying on Sunday. 'All this war talk is destabilizing and depressing the markets and pushing up unemployment.'" 10.14.02

WP "Jitters about a new U.S. attack on Iraq have driven oil prices up nearly 50 percent this year, an indication of the possible effects of a war on Middle East supplies and international commerce." 10.14.02

MARSHALL "During the 2000 election, on issue after issue, Democratic positions outpolled Republican ones, just as they had in 1998. George W. Bush won the presidency in spite of that. But he still faced the difficult task of governing with an agenda that most Americans simply didn't support. With their trademark bravado, the Bush administration recast warmed-over or failed initiatives as sure bets. And for a while, the media, the public, and even some Democrats bought in. Today, however, its signature domestic accomplishment--the 2001 tax cut--seems destined to yield dividends of deficits and political fallout for years to come." 10.14.02

TRAUB "With an election only three weeks away, there may be no better way to be heard above the din of war preparations than with a populist rallying cry. The United States has the most unequal distribution of wealth in the Western world. In a recent book, ''Wealth and Democracy,'' Kevin Phillips argues that America is now approaching the historic levels of inequality reached before the adoption of the federal income tax in 1913, when the top 1 percent of citizens owned more than half the nation's wealth. (The figure is now 40 percent.) And the 10-year, $1.35 trillion tax cut passed by the Bush administration will transfer more wealth to the top 1 percent than virtually any act of fiscal policy in history. Yet as we approach the midterm election, inequality is a nonissue." Why? 10.14.02

NYT Early Voting Puts Many Candidates in Early Overdrive. 10.14.02

PAYNE "The presidential war drums... seem calculated to hold the Democrats in Congress and elsewhere in check patriotically. Just as disturbing is the White House plan for Iraq, post Hussein, as printed in The New York Times. Modeled on the occupation of Japan, this nifty piece of neo-colonialism would occupy the land, dominate the people and shape Iraq in America's image, a horrible idea." 10.14.02

WP "Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris and other French cities today to protest any American-led military strike on Iraq, underscoring the difficult choices facing French President Jacques Chirac and his center-right government as they try to find a compromise with the Bush administration on how to deal with Saddam Hussein. " 10.14.02

AP Estimated 30,000 In Australia March In Protest Of Bush War Plans 10.14.02

WP Calif. Anti-War Protests Grow Contradicting polls, thousands in Bay Area rally against attacking Iraq. 10.14.02

TISDALL "Each time Bush ups the ante, makes another, ever more far-fetched, fearsome claim about the Baghdad bogeyman, domestic support wavers or slips. It certainly does not rise, as this week's Pew Center survey confirms. " 10.14.02

SPT Bush Unable To Bear The Sight Or Sound Of Dissent 10.14.02

NYT Tongue-Tied Bush. "Where Mr. Clinton had given 73 news conferences at this point in his presidency...Mr. Bush has given 36, said Martha Joynt Kumar, a professor at Towson University who tracks the White House communications operation. George Herbert Walker Bush had given 61 in his first 21 months." 10.14.02

SHEIDLOWER Nu-cle-ur Wordsmiths Say Bush Is Wrong, 99-1. 10.14.02

NORTON-TAYLOR "America's obsession with Iraq leaves others free to kill. Bali's victims are testament to Bush's flawed war on terror. " 10.14.02

BORGER ""Bush aiming at wrong target, US critics fear. Terrorist groups are not yet defeated, says senior Republican " 10.14.02

FISK "This [Bali] crime proves none of us are safe - and Britons may well be the next targets." 10.14.02

WP Cheney Is The Master Hawk of Foreign Policy. In Interagency Fights, His Views Often Prevail. 10.14.02


HEINBERG Behold Bush As Caesar 10.14.02

NYT Congress Has Given Up Its War Rights Re Iraq To Bush. Period. "'We are giving the president extraordinary authority,' [Daschle] said on the Senate floor. And he admonished the president not to use the resolution to ignore Congress. Whether or not he does, the power to wage war has now passed clearly from Congress to the White House." 10.14.02

GRAHAM "Congress has granted President Bush the authority to use all necessary force against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. I voted against the resolution -- not because our nation has nothing to fear from Hussein but because I am convinced that the resolution misstates our national priorities in a dangerous way. " 10.14.02

MC NEIL "The Nobel Peace Prize has often been used to send messages - but they are usually directed at totalitarian states [not the United States], and are most often sent through internal dissidents, [not ex-Presidents]." 10.14.02

PURDUM "Some of Mr. Bush's advisers have pointed to the Kennedy decision to impose a naval blockade on Cuba — and to threaten drastic action if the missiles were not removed — as an example of pre-emptive military action. But Kennedy loyalists say the point was precisely the opposite. " 10.14.02

MC GRORY "Italians, who are with us on the war against terrorism, are two-thirds opposed to Bush's war against Iraq, even though Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is trying to give Britain's Tony Blair a run for his money as Bush's best friend in Europe. " 10.14.02

WP ED "In Mr. Freeh's testimony last week before the joint committee investigating intelligence failures preceding the attacks, the man who led the FBI did not concede any failings in the bureau's institutional culture, its priorities or its ability to share information. His attitude reflects an institutional obduracy that makes reform of the FBI as daunting as it is crucial to fighting terrorism. " 10.14.02

ROSEN "The real threat to civil liberties after Sept. 11 doesn't come in cases like the Lackawanna six, where the strength of the circumstantial evidence will be examined in a trial. Rather, it comes where suspects are detained for months or longer, waiting for the evidence against them to be tested in court. " 10.14.02

GROSS Bush League Economics. Can’t Anyone In The White House Learn The Game? Send Supply Side Economics To The Showers. 10.13.02

NYT With Few Jobs Being Created, Pain Is Felt Far and Wide. 10.13.02

ANGELL The nation's health care system is at the brink of collapse. War or no war, Bush will not be able to avoid it much longer. 10.13.02

WM “Democrats are mistakenly shying away from the most important issue of the November elections: the prospect of GOP control of all three branches of government. At the helm of an undivided government, Bush could push through an agenda that can't be undone for at least a generation. But the Democrats are too hung up on nonpartisan discussion of "the issues" to campaign on this scary threat.” 0.13.02

BRODER South To Tip Political Balance. “Close Senate, House and other races hinge on turnout of blacks and whites. “ 10.13.02

NYT G.O.P. Candidate's Antiwar Vote Against Bush Proves Popular in Iowa Dem District. 10.13.02

SUELLENTROP Jersey Loves Lautenberg, Warts And All. 10.13.02

HERTZBERG “The Bush vision is in the end a profoundly pessimistic one, and, as such, more than a little un-American. It is, among other things, a vision of perpetual war. "World peace" used to be such an uncontroversially good thing that Miss America contestants, even at the height of the Cold War, could safely say that they were in favor of it. Now they'll have to say, "As Miss America, I hope to help little children and work on behalf of United States world domination." It's a dismal dream, and an ignoble guide for American foreign policy. “ 10.13.02

RORTY “Tt is in the Republican Party's "interest to bring about the permanent militarization of the state described in Orwell's 1984." To protect our democracy, citizens must speak out against America becoming a perpetual national security state.” 10.13.02

ZAKARIA Bush Wants To Have The U.s. Feared, Not Loved. “But countries will obstruct American purposes whenever and in whatever way they can, and the pursuit of American interests will have to be undertaken through coercion rather than consensus. Anti-Americanism will become the global language of political protest-the default ideology of opposition-unifying the world's discontents and malcontents, some of whom, as we have discovered, can be very dangerous. “ 10.13.02

KLARE The Iraq invasion is being used as a pretense for a more insidious permanent buildup of American forces abroad.10.13.02

ECONOMIST It’s The Oil, Stupid. “If there were ever any truth in the talk outside America that Mr Bush's secret motive for an invasion was black gold, Mr Hussein is raising the stakes....American oilmen insist that any new regime would tear up existing contracts....The head of the Iraqi National Congress, an umbrella opposition group, has openly declared that “American companies will have a big shot at Iraqi oil”—if he gets to run the show. Assorted other opposition leaders have been touring Texas making similar promises to the oil giants. “ 10.13.02

DOWD “George Bush, the failed Harken oil executive, and Dick Cheney, the inept Halliburton chairman, will finally get their gusher.One day, the prez was shootin' at a dictator bein' rude, and up from the ground came a bubblin' crude. Oil, that is. Black gold. Baghdad tea.“ 10.13.02

SALETAN Now That Congress Has Spent The Night With Bush, Senators Are Pretending That The Result Is Not Their Baby. 10.13.02

FRIEDMAN “Bush wants to rally the nation to impose gun control on Baghdad, but he won't lift a finger to impose gun control six miles from the White House. “ 10.13.02

USN “Why War? President Bush says Saddam Hussein is too dangerous to leave in power, but many question the rush to attack.“ 10.13.02

POSEN “While the Iraqi military is less than half as capable as it was in 1991, when it suffered a devastating defeat, this will be a different kind of war with different military objectives. These objectives will give Iraq the opportunity to impose significant costs on the United States. “ 10.13.02

KAPLAN “Iraq's pursuit of weaponry, including nuclear technology, knows no bounds or boundaries “ 10.13.02

ECONOMIST Double Standards? “Israel ignores the United Nations and has weapons of mass destruction. So why all the fuss about Iraq? “ 10.13.02

NYT Al Qaeda Revived. “U.S. officials say they fear that recent small-scale attacks and messages signal the beginning of a new wave of terrorist activity and possibly a large-scale attack. “ 10.13.02

MOWBRAY “The Applitcations Of The 9/11 Hijackers Should Have Been Denied On Their Face. But The State Department Approved Them. Why?” 10.13.02

FINNEGAN Bush’s Man In Latin America Is “an anti-Castro fanatic with a shadowy past.­­.” 10.13.02

WM Our “National Mall [is]a sober desert of tourists without restaurants or bathrooms or much fun of any kind to be had. The Mall is "not a symbol of America so much as of the average American congressman—stately, aloof, and not much fun after 6 p.m." If Washington were a European capital, there would be cafes and things to do (maybe even a moon bounce for the kids): The Mall would be alive.” 10.13.02

WASSERMAN "The reality is simple: the right wing of the Republican Party controls three of the four branches of government, and is just a single vote away from taking the fourth. The Executive, the Judiciary, the media and the House of Representatives are all in Republican hands. The Senate teeters on the edge. And the USA Patriot Act, passed in the wake of September 11, has obliterated most of the Constitutional guarantees that made this country a democracy in the first place.Should Congress go Republican in November, there will be no institutional check or balance left to guarantee that the democracy born here two centuries ago will survive." 10.12.02

IRELAND The Suddenly Sizable NO Vote. Media Said "Yes" To War With Iraq, While The People Are Still Saying "No." 10.12.02

NYT White House Blocks Deal by Congress on 9/11 Panel. 10.12.02

NYT What's Bush Hiding? 2 Senators Say White House Is "Deliberately Sabotaging" 9/11 Inquiry. 10.12.02

BOOKMAN "Benevolent hegemony' is a contradiction in terms," McDougall warned. "Such a self-conscious, self-righteous bid for global hegemony is bound to drive foreign rivals into open hostility to the U.S. and make our allies resentful and nervous. If you go abroad in search of monsters, you will inevitably find them even if you have to create them," McDougall wrote. "You will then fight them, whether or not you need to, and you will either come home defeated, or else so bloodied that the American people will lose their tolerance for engagement altogether, or else so victorious and full of yourself that the rest of the world will hate you and fear that you'll name them the next monster." 10.12.02

REEVES "The president and his folk, particularly his most hawkish advisers -- that group would include National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and man of war Richard Perle -- see this as a window of opportunity to re-create the Middle East in our image and interests. Saddam, who is a monster, but a regional and contained one, is just an excuse. The real goal is stability. The Bush administration wants stable oil prices, stable Arab governments and a secure Israel. This, they think, is the right time, and Iraq is the place to start....I find myself thinking of Nov. 1, 1963, the day we changed the regime in South Vietnam. " 10.12.02

NYT Democrats Try to Refocus on a Domestic Agenda. 10.12.02

RICH "The dirty secret of the Democrats is that they have no more of an economic plan than they had an Iraq plan. " 10.12.02

NYT ED Nobel In Economics. "It turns out that money would behave logically, just the way theory predicts, if humans weren't the ones responsible for handling it. " 10.12.02

WP Pentagon Orders Marine, Army Staffs Sent to Kuwait. 10.12.02

WP Bush Bids to End Impasse at U.N., Outlines Iraq Plan. 10.12.02

NYT Seeds of Protest Growing on College Campuses. 10.12.02

WP Campus Collision on Israel Campaign for Divestiture of Investments Stirs Debate on Bias, Academic Freedom. 10.12.02

NYT Bush Caught In Judicial Ethics Case In Texas 10.12.02

NYT Dem Jimmy Carter Gets Nobel Peace Prize 10.11.02

DIONNE Citizens Want Info On Economy, Not Iraq. "Is there a disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country over what's at stake in the November elections? Is there a difference between the news agenda and the voters' agenda? Consider the conventional take on what's happening: By moving Iraq to political center stage, Republicans have derailed Democratic efforts to make the campaign about the economy, the falling stock market and corporate irresponsibility. Democrats are split and unhappy. Republicans are joyous in the knowledge that when elections are about foreign policy, Democrats usually lose. " 10.11.02

KRUGMAN Undermining The Economy. "Michael Oxley, Harvey Pitt and George W. Bush may simply be constitutionally incapable of doing what has to be done " 10.11.02

WP States Slash Medicaid Funds As the economy creates more poor, the health care plan they need is cut, but Bush Tax Cuts To the Rich Remain. 10.11.02

HINDU U.S. plans war to control Iraq's oil wealth: experts 10.11.02

NYT Republicans In House And Senate Give Bush His War Bill. While Repuplicans Voted Overwhelmingly For The Bill, 60% of Dems In House and 40% in Senate Say No. 10.11.02

MILBANK For Many, a Resigned Endorsement. Attack Authorized With Little Drama 10.11.02

KINSLEY War For Dummies. "According to the Bush administration, the threat posed by Iraq is serious enough to risk the lives of American soldiers, to end the lives of what would undoubtedly be thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, and to risk a chemical or biological attack on the American homeland, but not serious enough to interrupt prime-time television. None of the big three broadcast networks carried President Bush's case-for-war speech Monday night because, they say, the White House didn't ask. Preempting Saddam Hussein is one thing, apparently, but preempting Drew Carey is another. " 10.11.02

NYT ED Bush Must Consider The Dangers That Lie Ahead 10.11.02

KRISTOF Blowback. "Public Enemy No. 1 today is a government that Vice President Dick Cheney was in effect helping shore up just a couple of years ago. " 10.11.02

NYT U.S. Has Plan To Occupy Iraq, Officials Report 10.11.02

WP Welcome for U.S. in Gulf No Longer Quite So Hearty. Perceived Bias in Mideast Feeds Resentment 10.11.02

GREENBERG "Israeli and Jewish interests are better served by keeping a polite distance from the Christian right.. " 10.11.02

BG Enron-Type Limited Partnerships That Hide Debt Linked To Bush Company. "Harvard role in Harken called deeper. Group says partnership kept Bush firm afloat." 10.10.02

WP "When President Bush served as a director of an energy company 12 years ago, he approved the creation of an off-balance-sheet partnership that reduced the company's debts and improved earnings in a transaction similar to those that led to the collapse of Enron Corp. " 10.10.02

BG Mass. "Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney and his venture capital firm made large profits from the 1993 sale of a Needham medical testing company whose robust revenues were generated in part from a criminal scheme to fraudulently bill the federal Medicare system for unnecessary blood tests." 10.10.02

ABC "A group that accused [California's] Gov. Gray Davis of illegal fund-raising has retracted the allegation, which Republican opponent Bill Simon briefly made an issue in his campaign then conceded was incorrect." 10.10.02

SFC 'Really ugly' market hits 5-year low. Bleak outlook on earnings tightens downward pressure. 10.10.02

NYT Dems Call For Pitt Removal, Say Accounting Vampires Have Gotten Their Fangs Into Him 10.10.02

NYT ED "After a summer in which it seemed as if Harvey Pitt might be getting religion on accounting reforms, he has now reverted to form. " 10.10.02

SFC "In a move that could affect the allocation of millions of dollars in federal funding, a federal appeals court in San Francisco has ordered [Bush's] US Census Bureau to release the adjusted census numbers it calculated but did not use for the 2000 census. " 10.10.02

SWEET "Today's charlatans and environmental polluters are far more sophisticated, bigger and more ominous than their counterparts in the 1960s. And now Bush is weakening the HHS by replacing competent and highly principled scientific advisors with those smiled upon by his radical religious right and corporate supporters. Unless we soon have a "regime change" of our own in the forthcoming elections, we are bound to be dragged by the Bush administration into a new Dark Age. " 10.10.02

BORGER "Ashcroft fails to produce arresting developments. The US attorney general has not made one significant breakthrough in America's domestic 'war on terror'." 10.10.02

NYT "Congressional officials said the indictment of a major figure in the Islamic charitable community could give momentum to the Bush administration's financial war on terrorism, an effort bogged down by international roadblocks and bureaucratic infighting. " 10.10.02

WP ED "EXACTLY WHAT kind of weapon was used in the sniper attacks that killed six people and wounded two others in this area since last Wednesday -- and how easy is it to get one? Authorities have yet to report any specifics on the model of firearm used, but the bullets recovered in all the shootings came from the same type of high-powered rifle; and despite various federal, state and local laws, obtaining such a deadly and consistently accurate weapon is appallingly easy " 10.10.02

COWAN "With more than 500,000 gun-related crimes each year, America cannot focus exclusively on punishing people once they commit gun-related crimes. It must also attempt to stop guns from falling into the wrong hands in the first place -- which means breaking up the black market in illegal guns. According to data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), this market -- a chain of crooked dealers and petty street traffickers -- supplies most of the guns used in crime. Congress and the Bush administration must design a real national strategy aimed at waging a war against this mostly American illegal gun cartel. " 10.10.02

NORTON-TAYLOR "Whatever the outcome of the intense diplomatic manoeuvres at the UN, whatever cover the UN might give to an American attack on Iraq, they cannot hide a fundamental truth. It has profound implications for future relations between states. A new doctrine of war has been laid down by the Bush administration that casts aside all the traditional tenets of international law as well as the UN and Nato charters. It abandons the concept of deterrence, considered the bedrock of stability throughout the cold war and cited by successive British governments as justification for their nuclear arsenal. It was spelt out most clearly by Bush himself in June. The US, he said, would no longer rely on "deterrence" and "containment"; it had to be "ready for pre-emptive action....Bush's new doctrine kills the principle of state sovereignty." 10.10.02

WP Dem Backers Unhappy Over Spineless Leaders As Bush Iraq Plans Deal Blow To Dem Domestic Issues, Campaign Operations 10.10.02

BYRD "We must not allow any president to unleash the dogs of war at his own discretion and for an unlimited period of time. " 10.10.02

NYT While Byrd Fights Bush Resolution And Dashcle Vows To Muzzle Him, Kerry Hops The Bush War Cart With An Eye On 2004. 10.10.02

TALION Bush Military Record And Recent Behavior Pertaining To Military Records 10.10.02

SUGG "Chicken hawks believe that you should be willing, even grateful, to make the supreme sacrifice in spite of a crumbling economy, mega-billion-dollar thievery in corporate boardrooms and the gang-rape of the environment....A grand and spectacular war is something for which you should be willing to lay down your life -- or that of your children. But among those whom chicken hawks exclude from the holy privilege of horrible death on the battlefield are, well, themselves. " 10.10.02

GUARDIAN CIA in blow to Bush attack plans.US invasion could push Saddam Hussein into retaliating with chemical or biological weapons, warns CIA.10.10.02

RIDGEWAY The Spoils of War: Be the First on Your Block to Make a Buck off Iraq. 10.10.02

JEFFORDS "I am very disturbed by President Bush's determination that the threat from Iraq is so severe and so immediate that we must rush to a military solution. I do not see it that way. I have been briefed several times by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, CIA Director Tenet and other top Administration officials. I have discussed this issue with the President. I have heard nothing that convinces me that an immediate preemptive military strike is necessary or that it would further our interests in the long term. " 10.10.02

GOODMAN "''That is not the America I know,'' Bush said, lowering his voice, ''That is not the America I serve.'' And then he added: ''We refuse to live in fear.'' Were you surprised that he identified fear as the motive? This was not the first time in the last weeks that the president cited fear as the justification for preemptive war against Iraq. By now it seems that he has framed this rush to conflict, this forced political march, as a war to end all fear....When I listen to the rationale of fear, I wonder two things. Does this president believe that we can simply refuse to live in fear? Doesn't this commander-in-chief even suspect that war is equally - or perhaps more - fearful?" 10.10.02

SFC ED "An Iraq strategy full of holes LIKE A tough-minded prosecutor, President Bush made his case against Saddam Hussein in measured, forceful terms. But doubters were left with important questions unanswered . " 10.10.02

ZUNES United Nations Security Council Resolutions Currently Being Violated by Iraq Total "A Dozen Or So," While Israel, Turkey Have More. 10.10.02

SALETAN "Whom do you trust? Bush or the United Nations? " (Or Neither.) 10.10.02

TISDALL "America's great misleader. Bush's arguments strain the limits of plausibility to justify war on Iraq." 10.10.02

BG "As United Nations diplomats wrangle over the terms of a new, tough Security Council resolution aimed at forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm, it will be the behind-the-scenes horsetrading - as much as the mandate's fine print - that will make or break any final UN deal. " 10.10.02

PLESCH "Why Nato should call Bush's bluff .The Americans need Europe at least as much as we need them ." 10.10.02

BG "Having resigned themselves to the likelihood of a US attack on Iraq, Arab leaders from Egypt to the Persian Gulf have quietly moved from outright opposition to elaborate diplomatic deals that seek promises from Washington for assistance during a war and a say in what comes next for the region. " 10.10.02

HA'ARETZ "Hating Bush, disliking Saddam, fearing Sharon Israeli Arabs know that a war on Iraq can only be bad for them. " 10.10.02

WP ED "TODAY, SENATE Democrats and Republicans will be presented with an opportunity to stand up for democracy in the nation's capital. Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) of the Governmental Affairs Committee has scheduled a markup of a revised version of the No Taxation Without Representation Act, which would end the second-class status of District residents by giving them full representation in the House and the Senate. A "yes" vote would constitute a powerful statement in support of more than a half-million Americans who carry all the burdens of citizenship without enjoying, as do their fellow citizens, the right to full civic participation. " 10.09.02

DOWD When Bush Appoints Someone To Oversee Women's Health Policy, He Chooses Someone More Interested In Theology Than Gynecology 10.09.02

IVINS "All of you who were shafted by Enron, shucked by Worldcom, jived by Global Crossing, everyone whose 401(k) is now a 201(k)..., you just got screwed again. They're not going to fix it." 10.09.02

WP ED "WHILE THE NATION waits for the economic recovery to pick up steam, the struggle to find work drags on for many Americans. Unemployment figures released last week showed a tiny reduction in the overall jobless rate, from 5.7 percent in August to 5.6 percent in September, but behind those numbers was the worrisome news that a growing percentage of the unemployed are going for extended periods without being able to find jobs. " 10.09.02

MH "It was 1991, dad was in the White House, and Jeb Bush was hopscotching through Nigeria in a corporate jet, on his way to meet government officials he hoped would buy $74 million worth of water pumps from his South Florida business partner.On the jet with Bush was a Nigerian associate in the deal, Al-Haji Mohammed Indimi, who carried several heavy Hartmann suitcases. At least one of the bags, the airplane's pilot says, was packed with cash to bribe the Nigerian officials.Did Jeb Bush know about the cash in the suitcase? Did he understand what the money was for? Bush declined to be interviewed for this story. His campaign emphatically denied that he knew anything about suitcases full of bribe money." 10.09.02

HARRIS Who Makes The Voting Machines? 10.09.02

NYT Bush Invokes Taft=Hartley Against Labor To Put Off Another Grave Economic Threat Prior To Election 10.09.02

NYT While Bush Speech Threatened Iraqi Officers With War Crimes Justice, "U.S. Presses for Total Exemption From War Crimes Court. " 10.09.02

WP ED "The government wants to lock up people whom it refuses to identify and throw them out of the country using proceedings whose existence it refuses to acknowledge or let the public monitor. As a matter of civics, this is an easy call; the government's position is unacceptable. As a matter of law, it is a closer case. " 10.09.02

FRIEDMAN "If we invade Iraq alone, we own Iraq alone - we own the responsibility of rebuilding it into a more progressive Arab state alone. As worthwhile a project as I believe that is, I don't think Americans are up for doing it alone, without U.N. cover or NATO allies to help pay. " 10.09.02

DANNER "For America, the great risk of this new crusade is that the political will might be lacking to carry it out - that the public, unprepared for the imperial ambitions about to play out in the Middle East, will quickly lose heart if the project comes to grief; that after the inevitable setbacks and perhaps after further attacks at home, the occupation will grow unpopular and that even those in the administration whose vision is not so ambitious will want to cut and run, leaving ruin once more in America's wake. " 10.09.02

GUARDIAN Bush Is Cooking The Books Re Iraq Evidence. "Bush's televised address attacked by US intelligence. " 10.09.02

NYT Although Intelligence Official Says Possibility Of Saddam Attack On U.S. Is "Low," C.I.A. Warns That a U.S. Attack On Iraq May Ignite Terror 10.09.02

NYT No Debate In Congress. "With few spectators in the [House] gallery, little passion in the arguments and an outcome that has been practically preordained for weeks, the reach toward grandeur occasionally fell flat. Democrats and Republicans took the floor to repeat, with little variation, the precise arguments for invasion that President Bush made on Monday. A few dissenters struggled to raise their voices above the consensus but were reduced to unsuccessfully pleading for floor time. Away from the microphones, members admitted that the three-day deliberation, which continued today in the Senate, as well, was not a true contest of ideas in which anyone expected to change a mind or a vote." 10.09.02

BRODER "While some significant Republicans -- such as Sens. Richard Lugar and Chuck Hagel -- have offered modulated and intelligent criticism of President Bush's approach, most in the GOP have fallen quickly into line behind Bush's determination to force the issue with Iraq, even if it means war.By contrast, the Democrats' most prominent leaders and spokesmen have taken wildly opposing positions, leaving the public with no clear idea where the opposition party stands. " 10.09.02

FISK "In all of Bush's 30 minutes of anti-Iraq war talk yesterday - pleasantly leavened with just two minutes of how "I hope this will not require military action" - there wasn't a single reference to the fact that Iraq may hold oil reserves larger than those of Saudi Arabia, that American oil companies stand to gain billions of dollars in the event of a US invasion, that, once out of power, Bush and his friends could become multi-billionaires on the spoils of this war. We must ignore all this before we go to war. We must forget. " 10.09.02

HILL "The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee declared Tuesday that President Bush has overemphasized the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and warned that foreign terrorist organizations now operating in the United States may pose an even greater threat to the nation’s security. " 10.09.02

HC Some administration officials expressing misgivings on Iraq. 10.09.02

AP Sen. Byrd Will Delay War Vote 10.09.02

ST U.S. Rep. "McDermott accuses Bush of plotting to be emperor. " 10.09.02

HIGGS "Now President George W. Bush is telling the American people that we stand in mortal peril of imminent attack by Iraqis or their agents armed with weapons of mass destruction. Having presented no credible evidence or compelling argument for his characterization of the alleged threat, he simply invites us to trust him, and therefore to support him as he undertakes what once would have been called naked aggression. Well, David Hume long ago argued that just because every swan we've seen was white, we cannot be certain that no black swan exists. So Bush may be telling the truth. In the light of history, however, we would be making a long-odds bet to believe him. " 10.09.02

IND ED "Is America determined to "get Saddam" whatever; or is it now prepared to see the international community handle the affair through the United Nations? If it is bent on war, then the Middle East regimes have reason to tremble, for few, especially in Egypt and Jordan, could expect to survive the consequent upheaval. " 10.09.02

BBC "The American intelligence agency, the CIA, could have prevented the 11 September attacks if it were not for systematic failures, according to the German newspaper Die Zeit." 10.09.02

NYT 60's U.S. Troops Subjected To Toxic Testing "With Deadly Substances Like VX And Sarin," With Protections "primitive compared with what is available today. " 10.09.02

VINZANT While Republican Presidents Are Not Good For The Stock Market Or The GDP, They Do Create Bigger Fed Deficits, Higher Interest Rates, More Tax Cuts Focused On The Rich, And More Defense Spending 10.08.02

KRUGMAN "George W. Bush, whose business career consisted of a series of murky insider dealings, declared himself outraged at corporate evildoers. Fortunately, Dick Cheney didn't make any speeches about business honesty; that would really have made our heads explode...Cynics questioned the sincerity of these sudden conversions. They warned that it would be business as usual after the midterm election. But the cynics were wrong: the bad guys didn't even wait for the election. As soon as the public was distracted by the threatened war with Iraq, they began backsliding in earnest." 10.08.02

RIDGEWAY "George Bush, Failed Corporate Crook. Nitwit Scion Turns Avenger" 10.08.02

MONBIOT "For the past eight years the US, with Britain's help, appears to have been seeking to prevent a resolution of the crisis in Iraq. It is almost as if Iraq has been kept on ice, as a necessary enemy to be warmed up whenever the occasion demands. Today, as the economy slides and Bin Laden's latest mocking message suggests that the war on terrorism has so far failed, an enemy which can be located and bombed is more necessary than ever. A just war can be pursued only when all peaceful means have been exhausted. In this case, the peaceful means have been averted. " 10.08.02

SLATE Did We Create Growing Cancer Rate In Iraq With Uranium-Tipped Shells? 10.08.02

MILBANK "The White House billed last night's speech by President Bush as a chance for him to explain to average Americans why it is necessary to disarm and replace Iraqi President Saddam Hussein....Even as Bush in recent days has become assured of lopsided votes in Congress that would authorize military action, a series of opinion polls have indicated that the public's enthusiasm for such action is tepid and declining." 10.08.02

NYT ED 9/11 "has not translated into support for an American invasion of Iraq absent the endorsement of the U.N. Security Council. Most Americans fear that such a move could lead to more terror and a wider war in the Middle East. " 10.08.02

PURDUM Bush Admits That It's Regime Change Or War: "Speech set a very tough standard for avoiding war. Mr. Bush acknowledged that meetig such demands would 'change the nature of the Iraqi regime itself.' " 10.08.02

SALETAN Last Night Bush Attempted To Tie Iraq To Sept. 11 And Al Qaeda. And Failed. (Again.) 10.08.02

NYT In Speech, Bush "never described how long the United States would be willing to occupy Iraq or hold together a country that has long been divided by rival tribes and rival religions, and where the riches will go to those who sit atop Iraq's oilfields. " 10.08.02

WP In Speech, Bush said, "'We have learned that Iraq has trained al Qaeda members in bomb-making, poisons and deadly gases,' Intelligence officials have played down the reliability of such reports." 10.08.02

SLATE "The papers highlight, without critical commentary, Bush's contention that "Iraq is exploring ways of using unmanned aerial vehicles for missions targeting the United States." According to previous reports, Iraq's one UAV is a radio-controlled version of old, slow-moving Czech plane called an L-29." 10.08.02

SORENSEN "I'd like to play poker with George W Bush. I'd get rich. Any poker player worth his salt knows you always call when the other guy is bluffing ... If anybody else had been president (except maybe Papa Bush) arms inspectors would have been on the next flight to Baghdad. If Saddam was bluffing, there was one sure way to prove it: Call his bluff ... But Bush is not as stupid as he pretends to be ... when [he] does something that appears not to make sense, as in this case, look for the hidden agenda. In this case, the hidden agenda is Bush's burning desire to invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein, the man who tried to kill his father. " 10.08.02

GERGES "The United States should have no illusion about either the costs of urban warfare, particularly on Iraqi civilians, or the herculean task of reconstructing a post-Hussein Iraq. A likely scenario is that a U.S. military invasion would result in a civilian massacre. Tribal revenge would probably be exacted, complicating the process of reconciliation and healing. A slaughter in Baghdad would surely deepen mistrust between the ruling Sunni community on the one hand and the Shiites and Kurds on the other.Initially, a military liberation of Baghdad could unleash joy in the streets of Iraq. But unless the United States is willing to forcefully police the new order for many years to come, Iraq will fracture and descend into chaos, destabilizing its neighbors and giving rise to new jihad groups that will attack Americans. Not only will there be no democracy in Iraq but U.S. vital interests will be endangered." 10.08.02

SALETAN Why The Senate Debate Over Iraq Is A Sham 10.08.02

ROTHSCHILD "October 2, 2002, was a low water mark for Dick Gephardt, the leading Democrat in the House of Representatives. Throwing his support behind Bush's warmaking plans against Iraq, Gephardt undermined those in his party who are resisting the rush to war. He helped draft a "compromise" resolution on the use of force that is no compromise at all on the substance. " 10.08.02

NICHOLS Byrd Chastises Bush, Dems. "The White House's push for action on Iraq is "clearly motivated by campaign politics," says the senior senator. So too, he argues, is the Democratic response. " 10.08.02

DIONNE "Ambivalence, not outright opposition, is the greatest obstacle President Bush faces in moving the nation to war against Iraq. Ambivalence also explains the fracturing of the Democratic Party into so many foreign policy factions that its voice can barely be heard. " 10.08.02

ZINN "What [Bush] is missing is what an American war on Iraq will do to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of ordinary human beings who are not concerned with geopolitics and military strategy, and who just want their children to live, to grow up. They are not concerned with "national security" but with personal security, with food and shelter and medical care and peace. " 10.08.02

EHRENREICH "9/11 awakened us briefly from our fantasies of sex and murder and weight loss to the existence of an implacably hostile Other. But like the partying teens in the movies, the people in charge can't seem to figure out a way of responding that doesn't recklessly escalate the danger. " 10.08.02

GUARDIAN "Support for military action against Iraq among British voters has fallen to 32%, the lowest level recorded." 10.08.02

IND ED "With his tone of unremitting belligerence, and his administration's scarcely masked contempt for the views of many of America's traditional friends and allies, Mr Bush is perceived across much of the planet not as the benign and righteous American he perceives himself to be, but as the Ugly American. " 10.08.02

HA'ARETZ Israel Tells Bush It Will Invade Gaza. "Israel has told the U.S. that an IDF invasion of Gaza "is a matter of statistics and time," because as terror attacks mount in the Strip - mostly against settlements - "Israel will be forced to act." The message was delivered by a senior defense establishment official during recent talks with his American counterpart. " 10.08.02

Bioterrorism. "Leading medical groups are urging caution in the use of smallpox vaccine, particularly if no cases of the disease occur.Their concerns stem from the risks of the vaccine, which is significantly more likely than any other vaccine to cause serious side effects. On Friday, government health officials said for the first time that they favored offering smallpox vaccine to the public even if there was no bioterror attack." 10.08.02

NYT Senate Race in New Jersey Is On as Courts Reject G.O.P. Appeals 10.08.02

NYT "Public Says Bush Needs to Pay Heed to Weak Economy. " 10.07.02

WP Bush Threatens Veto of Defense Bill. Does Not Want To Trade Tax Cuts To The Rich For Disabled Military Pension Benefits. 10.07.02

COTTLE "These days, I spend much of my time fuming over the Bush administration's arrogant, nasty dismissal of anyone who dares express even the teensiest reservation about the rush to war. But a piece on page A6 of Tuesday's Washington Post reminded me that, even as we prepare to send American troops marching into Baghdad, there are still important domestic issues over which this White House should be thoroughly and repeatedly slapped. " 10.07.02

NYT A Neighborhood Clinic Helps Fill the Gap for Latinos Without Health Care. 10.07.02

NYT "Health Plans Are Offering Fewer Choices and Higher Costs. " 10.07.02

NYT While Reporter's "Bosses" Want Wellstone To Talk About War, Not Health Care, In Tight Minnesota Race, The Greens "No-Traction" Spoiler Role Could Help Bush Take Back Senate 10.07.02

NYT As Bush Politicizes War, Enthusiasm by Democrats Over Elections Is on the Wane. 10.07.02

NYT Winning One For The Gepper. Daschle Says He Will Probably Give Bush The Blank Check To Conduct War Pretty Much As He Pleases 10.07.02

BALZ Edwards to Criticize Bush Foreign Policy. N.C. Senator Decries Unilateralism 10.07.02

JUDIS "New Jersey, which voted for Republican presidential candidates from 1968 through 1988, is part of a nationwide swing - particularly strong in the Northeast, Far West and parts of the Midwest -toward the Democratic Party. " 10.07.02

NATION ED Letter To Congress: "In the Senate, Robert Byrd has mounted a campaign against the version of the resolution already proposed by the Bush Administration. He has said that the resolution's unconstitutionality will prevent him from voting for it. "But I am finding," he adds, "that the Constitution is irrelevant to people of this Administration." The Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to the Washington Post, oppose the war. Telephone calls and the mail to your offices run strongly against it. Polls and news stories reveal a divided and uncertain public. Yet debate in your chambers is restricted to peripheral questions, such as the timing of the vote, or the resolution's precise scope. You are a deliberative body, but you do not deliberate. You are representatives, but you do not represent. " 10.07.02

SH Iraqui Oil. "'Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century' describes how America is facing the biggest energy crisis in its history. It targets Saddam as a threat to American interests because of his control of Iraqi oilfields and recommends the use of 'military intervention' as a means to fix the US energy crisis.The report is linked to a veritable who's who of US hawks, oilmen and corporate bigwigs. It was commissioned by James Baker, the former US Secretary of State under George Bush Snr, and submitted to Vice-President Dick Cheney in April 2001 -- a full five months before September 11. Yet it advocates a policy of using military force against an enemy such as Iraq to secure US access to, and control of, Middle Eastern oil fields." 10.07.02

RITTER "This new Bush doctrine of American unilateralism reeks of imperial power, the very power against which Ameri cans fought a revolution more than 200 years ago. The streets of Washington DC are empty of demonstrators protesting at this frontal assault on American democracy. Will the streets of London be filled again with protesters against this assault on the rule of international law? I certainly hope so, because the people of Britain could lead by example, sending a clear signal to fellow practitioners of democracy in America that when it comes to determining what actions a government takes in the name of the people, the will of the people cannot, and will not, be ignored. " 10.07.02

RMN Bush Apology Demanded. "Democrat Mike Feeley vowed Wednesday night to single out "every chicken-hawk Republican running for office" if President Bush doesn't apologize for making political remarks about the possible war on Iraq. " 10.07.02

HARTUNG, ETC. "The war with Iraq is part of a larger plan for global military dominance. " 10.07.02

WP Debate Over Iraq Focuses On Outcome. Multiple Scenarios Drive Questions About War 10.07.02

TELHAMI "War with Iraq would likely render the Middle East more repressive and unstable than it is today. " 10.07.02

MORSE Bush Is Another "Little Corporal" 10.07.02

SUTHERLAND "So a US website wants students to target professors who question the war on Saddam. Oh, grow up... " 10.07.02

PRESTON "The most pessimistic view, bulwarked by too many assassination plots already, is that Karzai can't last for long - and won't the moment the White House ceases to care. He has neither the forces on the ground, nor the force of personality, to make his writ run. He is a noble accident waiting to happen. " 10.07.02

GUARDIAN "The links between al-Qaida and Yemen are strong. The Yemeni government, anxious to avoid retribution in the wake of September 11, swiftly aligned itself with the US in its "war against terrorism" and has arrested at least 89 al-Qaida suspects. But the government has little control over the extensive tribal areas, wild, lawless territory into which strangers venture at their peril. These areas are believed by US intelligence to be providing a safe haven for al-Qaida.Apart from Saudi Arabia, Yemen has proved to be the biggest source of members for al-Qaida: Yemenis make up the second biggest contingent of alleged al-Qaida being held by the US at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. " 10.07.02

TT Jeb's Arrogance. "The state got a glimpse of a different Jeb Bush this week. And the unscripted revelations of an agenda he had not publicly shared with voters could haunt him for the remaining weeks of the campaign." 10.07.02

DYCKMAN Florida Prof Spills The Beans On Jeb And The Repugs 10.07.02

BRODER Trivializing The Issues Turns Off Many Citizens, Leaving Political Hacks And Trivialized Voters To Run The Country 10.06.02

WP Wall Street Seals Sixth Weekly Loss In a Row 10.06.02

OBSERVER "Stockbrokers around the world are braced for a potentially calamitous week as alarm mounts over a looming, Thirties-style global financial crisis. " 10.06.02

AP Ralph Nader leads Wall Street protest. 10.06.02

HILL "Republican conservatives in the House, who are holding up the appropriations process to fulfill a public vow to curb the growth of federal spending, have privately asked for hundreds of so-called pork projects for their own districts, staff and lawmakers on the Appropriations Committee say. " 10.06.02

WP ED "Some key leaders of the religious right in America... are counted among President Bush's closest political allies. And on their noxious mix of religious bigotry and anti-Muslim demagoguery, Mr. Bush's silence is deafening." 10.06.02

CBS ADL demands Falwell apologize for calling Prophet Mohammed a terrorist. 10.06.02

NYT Bush Democracy Doubletalk. "While America is preparing to fight a war in Iraq, it is doing little to address undemocratic practices elsewhere in the region. " 10.06.02

RALL "Bush's biggest cribbing from the Hitler playbook is 'permanent revolution.'" 10.06.02

NYT Bush Says Saddam Could Strike At Any Time 10.06.02

NYT Bush Has Always Said He Wants To Run The Country Like A CEO. Is This One His Model? 10.06.02

JACQUES "Our public services are characterised by deprivation and squalor because for decades society has chosen personal consumption above investment in social goods. Public spaces have become increasingly scarred by anti-social behaviour. There has been a general decline in manners and courtesy, the public demonstration of respect towards other members of society. Street crime has risen dramatically, bespeaking a lack of respect for others; anything goes in the pursuit of one's own avaricious needs." 10.06.02

MORRIS Bush Is Not Going to War With Iraq, But He Wants A Blank Check From Congress To Win Elections. "After the election we will stand down. The administration will argue and most parties will agree, that without our saber rattling the United Nations would never have acted so decisively and inspectors would not have been given free rein in Iraq. We will argue that we have actually strengthened the United Nations. Peace with honor. And George W. Bush, besides laughing all the way to the polls, will have in hand a blank check from the Democratic Senate as well as the Republican House for using force against Saddam Hussein in the future. Which means if the President ever needs to again distract the country from debating the real problems that bedevil us, he can start rattling those sabers all over again. " 10.06.02

STRONG In 41's War With Iraq "the American people were provided the tearful pleas of elected officials of Kuwait imploring us to restore democratic government and free their people from the tyranny of Saddam. All of this was heart wrenching, and all of this was a lie. All of this was a product of a Washington D.C. public relations firm with close ties to the Bush administration....We can do business with dictators, we always have in the Middle East, and we would find it harder to do business with a free people. No matter what the Bush administrations tells us we have to remember it is really about oil and money. The rest is nonsense." 10.06.02

NICHOLS "The British people seem to agree that Blair bumbled when it came to making the case for action. After Blair delivered his speech, a scientific survey of 1,000 Brits, conducted by the prestigious NOP Research Group, found that nearly 80 percent were still opposed to a U.S.-British attack on Iraq that lacked an explicit endorsement from the United Nations. Asked to name the greatest threat to world peace at the moment, 43 percent of Brits surveyed said Saddam Hussein, but 37 percent said George W. Bush. 22 percent of those surveyed said they thought Bush was calling for action against Iraq because the U.S. president perceives Saddam as a serious threat to world peace; but 21 percent said Bush was promoting war against Iraq because he was interested in gaining control over that country's oil reserves." 10.06.02

GUARDIAN Bush veto on Middle East talks. Humiliating rebuff for Blair initiative 10.06.02

FRIEDMAN "Iraq is winning control of the agenda by Democratic default, not by Republican design. " 10.06.02

DOWD "Democrats fear that President Bush may be able to use a victory over Iraq to realign Jewish voters from liberalism to conservatism. " 10.06.02

HC "No More Blood For Oil." Estimated 2,000 Austin Marchers Protest. 10.06.02

CNN Estimated 5,000 Portland Marchers Protest Bush Iraq War Plans 10.06.02

HA'ARETZ "The automatic way Israeli opinion is formulated as if the public follows the government blindly should be a source of worry to everyone. It turns out that Israel no longer has a meaningful left, as do all other Western countries. There is no popular opposition and no one is speaking out. And that may prove more dangerous for Israel than the looming war against Iraq." 10.06.02

GUARDIAN "Bin Laden still alive, reveals spy satellite. " 10.06.02

NYT How To Write A Story About Bush's Manic Interest In The Texas Senate Race Without Mentioning Karen Hughes 10.06.02

WP Other Than Republicans, Few in N.J. Feel Outraged. As for 'Switcheroo,' Voters Cite Scandals in Both Parties 10.06.02

REUTERS President's Brother Neil Bush Seeks Divorce. 10.06.02

MN President Bush's niece investigated over cocaine 10.06.02

CNN Noelle Bush's lawyers request closed hearings10.06.02

SALON Jeb Bush's "lesbian joke about the women arrested in the Rilya Wilson case is the latest example of his mean sense of humor -- when he thinks the media isn't listening." 10.06.02

WOLMAN "Is the President Nuts? Diagnosing Dubya." 10.05.02

NYT ED "Negotiators from the House and Senate have been struggling to reconcile two different versions of a multibillion-dollar energy bill. They would do themselves and the nation a tremendous favor by junking the whole thing and agreeing to start all over again next year. Though the Senate bill is preferable to the [Bush-backed] House's, neither version would measurably improve the nation's energy security or lessen its dependence on Mideast oil now or in the future - which is what the whole exercise was supposed to be about. Both are also suspect on environmental grounds. " 10.05.02

ST. CLAIR Bush Adm.: "Fish Don't Need Water" Something Rotten In Oregon And California.10.05.02

BYRD "Bush War Plan: 'Blind and Improviden't" 10.05.02

VANN "US media begins preparing the public for mass slaughter in Iraq" 10.05.02

NYT "The chief U.N. weapons inspector endorsed the main demand of the U.S. that Iraq make a full declaration of its weapons programs before inspections resume. " 10.05.02

KELLER "A decent regard for the opinion of places like Russia would make it easier for leaders like Mr. Putin to be with us. Arrogance and pettiness isolate our friends, build resentment and ultimately undermine our campaign against terror. It is possible to get Iraq right and get the rest of the world wrong. " 10.05.02

HULSE "Candidates in Tough Races Seem Mindful of Political Repercussions of Stance on Iraq. " 10.05.02

OBAID "Saudi Arabia has joined the chorus of nations supporting strong U.N. action against Iraq. The kingdom -- which has spent many years in Saddam Hussein's cross hairs -- has as much cause as any country to fear Iraq's ability to wreak havoc on its neighbors. What's more, eliminating this threat would bring another important prize: the removal of U.S. troops from Saudi soil. " 10.05.02

JACOBS "Seeking expiation instead of universal justice means ignoring the sufferings of these victims of non-Western aggression and making relatively more of the suffering of those caught in confrontation with people like ''us.'' If the Israelis are being ''profiled'' because they are like ''us,'' the slaves of Sudan are ignored because their masters' behavior has nothing to do with us. " 10.05.02

BG "Senate minority leader Trent Lott conceded yesterday that President Bush's judicial nomination of Miguel Estrada, an attorney seen by critics as too conservative, appears virtually dead. " 10.05.02

WP Most Hispanics Say They're Democrats. Bush Making Inroads 10.05.02

NYT House and Senate Negotiators Agree on an Election Bill, But Will Bush Spend The Money On It, Rather Than Tax Cuts For The Rich?10.05.02

NYT Thursday Night D.C. Death Added To Sniper MD. Total, While Friday VA. Wounding May Be Connected [Update: It is.] 10.05.02

KRUGMAN "Although other news has been drowned out by the barking of the dogs of war, something ominous is happening on the economic front. It's not dramatic, but month by month the numbers keep coming in worse than expected. Let's put politics completely aside for once, and review where we are and what should be done....Cancel tax cuts scheduled for the future. The economy needs stimulus now; it doesn't need tax cuts for the very affluent five years from now.This isn't rocket science. It's straightforward textbook economics, applied to our actual situation. It's also, I'm well aware, politically out of the question. But I think we're entitled to ask why. " 10.04.02

ROY "Power has a shelf life. When the time comes, maybe this mighty empire will, like others before it, overreach itself and implode from within. It looks as though structural cracks have already appeared. As the war against terror casts its net wider and wider, America's corporate heart is haemorrhaging. A world run by a handful of greedy bankers and CEOs whom nobody elected can't possibly last. Soviet-style communism failed, not because it was intrinsically evil but because it was flawed. It allowed too few people to usurp too much power: 21st-century market-capitalism, American-style, will fail for the same reasons." 10.04.02

REESE "The neoconservatives around George Bush are crazy. They actually believe the United States can run about the world, overthrowing governments by force and establishing democracies in their place.This group of maniacs not only wants war with Iraq, but after that, war with Syria, Iran and North Korea. Any government that doesn't meet their standards of a modern, Western-style democracy is a target for America's military might in their warped minds.This is a prescription for the decline and fall of the American Empire. Overextension — urged on by a bunch of rabid intellectuals who wouldn't know one end of a gun from another — has doomed many an empire." 10.04.02

RORTY "It is in the interest of the Republican Party both to have a blanket war-powers resolution passed, and to make sure that the country thinks of itself as "at war" for as long as possible. Those who control that party--an amazingly greedy and cynical oligarchy, with no interest whatever in either the rights of the citizen or the welfare of the poor--would like nothing better than to re-create, and continue indefinitely, the state of mind that led to Roosevelt's re-election to an unprecedented fourth term in 1944. That election was swayed by the slogan "Never Change Horses in Midstream." It is in their interest to bring about the permanent militarization of the state described in Orwell's 1984, and suggested by the title of Gore Vidal's latest book: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. " 10.04.02

SCHEER "It sure smells like imperialism. That's the word historians use when powerful nations grab control of desired resources, be it the gold of the New World or the oil of the Middle East. Imperialist greed is what "regime change" in Iraq and "anticipatory self-defense" are all about, and all of the rest of the Bush Administration's talk about security and democracy is a bunch of malarkey. In the laundry list of reasons the Bush team has been trotting out in defense of a unilateral invasion of Iraq, oil is never mentioned. Is the fact that Iraq holds a huge pool of oil a piddling footnote to this debate? Is that Gulf War protest sign, "No Blood for Oil," too cynical, even passe? Perhaps we should ask National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, who served as a Chevron director and had an oil tanker named after her." 10.04.02

NYT China's Oil Need May Push Them Into Bush Iraq Attack Camp 10.04.02

KLARE "As the United States gears up for an invasion of Iraq, the great unanswered question continues to be: Why is the Bush Administration so determined to topple a government that has been effectively contained by American power for eleven years? The White House has offered several reasons to justify an attack on Iraq--Saddam Hussein is on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons; an invasion is needed to prevent the transfer of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to international terrorists, and so on. Another factor, however, may be of equal importance--oil. Two key concerns underlie the Administration's thinking: First, the United States is becoming dangerously dependent on imported petroleum to meet its daily energy requirements, and, second, Iraq possesses the world's largest reserves of untapped petroleum after Saudi Arabia." 10.04.02

AP Tens Of Thousands In France Protest Privatized Government, While We Appear To Welcome It. 10.04.02

GREENHOUSE Echoes of Bush v. Gore as U.S. Supreme Court Justices Are Asked By Grand War Party to Intervene In N.J. 10.04.02

CORN "Now, It's Gephardt's War, Too. " 10.04.02

ALTERMAN "Personally, I never really liked Gore, and he's not my choice for 2004. But he sure galvanized Tom Daschle and other Democrats to face up to a frightening juggernaut for war they would have preferred to duck for the sake of re-election. Naderites take note. It was not "smart" in the Washington sense. It was not strategic. But damn it, it was brave. The victim of a stolen presidency demonstrated why democracy matters. The more media chicken hawks sink their tiny beaks into his ass, the more--just this once--I admire his courage. " 10.04.02

KLEIN Personally, I have never really liked Al Gore, but... "Al Gore has been vilified for attacking the rush to war. But for once he was right. " 10.04.02

WOLLACOTT "Nothing and no one will stop this drift towards war . The debate about Iraq is phoney - the decision has been made. " 10.04.02

KRISTOF "If...Bush thinks our invasion and occupation will go smoothly because Iraqis will welcome us, he is deluding himself." 10.04.02

BG ED "PRESIDENT BUSH has wisely agreed to modify his original version of a congressional resolution authorizing him to use force if Saddam Hussein flouts UN requirements that he dismantle his chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons programs and the missiles to deliver those weapons. Still, more modifications are needed. " 10.04.02

NYT Senator Insists C.I.A. Is Harboring Iraq Reports And Won't Provide Them To Congress.10.04.02

IND Britain and US block return of inspectors as UN split deepens. 10.04.02

FISK "It's the same old trap. Nato used exactly the same trick to ensure that it could have a war with Slobodan Milosevic. Now the Americans are demanding the same of Saddam Hussein – buried well down in their list of demands, of course. Tell your enemy that you're going to need his roads and airspace – with your troops on the highways – and you destroy his sovereignty. That's what Nato demanded of Serbia in 1999. That's what the new UN resolution touted by Messrs Bush and Blair demands of Saddam Hussein. It's a declaration of war. " 10.04.02

BAKER "Despite the hysterical shuffling of chairs formally known as instituting Homeland Security, the sprawling intelligence-gathering apparatus that existed pre-9/11 likely will survive the restructuring largely unscathed. This does not bode well for averting future attacks. With the existence of terrorist "sleeper cells" in the American heartland apparently confirmed and the color-coded alert system ratcheted up recently to the second-highest level, the need for accurate, well-analyzed information has never been higher, but confidence in the quality of intelligence work never lower." 10.04.02

NYT "If the homeland security bill goes down [due to Bush union-busting tactics], it will kill not only a vital consolidation of federal agencies but also such measures as an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks." 10.04.02

NEWFIELD "The ambition of this article is larger than just [Sen.] Schumer's point about ideology. It is also about the President's determination to keep nominating extremists to pack the federal bench. It is about the Senate Judiciary Committee's constitutional responsibility to advise and consent on judges, and not be a rubber stamp. It is about the hypocrisy of Republican senators who blocked some superb nominees during the Clinton years because they didn't approve of their ideas--and who now cry foul when the same scrutiny is applied to their choices. And it is about the coming war over the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, and the emerging opposition--from former co-workers as well as Latinos--to this clone of Clarence Thomas. " 10.04.02

CAREY "It was twenty years ago--September 16-18, 1982, to be precise--that Lebanese Phalangist militiamen, under the watchful tutelage of their Israeli army overlords, raped, hacked and shot to death some 1,000-3,000 Palestinian civilians in the Beirut refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. No one has ever been tried for the massacre, but an official Israeli commission of inquiry found that Israel's defense minister at the time, Ariel Sharon, "bears personal responsibility" as well as "indirect responsibility." It was Sharon, after all, who had ordered the Israel Defense Forces to invade Beirut and surround the camps. This was in direct violation of a US-brokered agreement, in which American diplomats had guaranteed the safety of Palestinian civilians in return for the PLO's agreement to withdraw its armed forces from the country. And it was Sharon who arranged for the Phalangists--who had already carried out massacres against Palestinians in Lebanon's bloody civil war, and were now maddened with rage after the recent assassination of their leader, Bashir Gemayel-to enter the camps. Over the next forty-odd hours the Phalangists, aided by IDF [Israeli army] flares and observed by IDF officers from nearby rooftops, carried out the killings. " 10.04.02

BG "Divestment petition is not anti-Semitic. " 10.04.02

NYT Jewish Petition Calls For Intimidation Free Campuses, But Only For Jews 10.04.02

NYT ED Well, Dah. "When you name a man known for ferocious political opinions as your poet laureate, you had better be prepared for poems that offend. " 10.04.02

WP While Bush Feds Tell "Faith-Based" Groups To Drop Religious Words In Project Titles, Bush Gets Pat Robertson $500,000 In Fed Money To Carry On Religious Work. Critics remember Robertson's Statement "on the 700 Club that sinful activities led to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks." 10.03.02

TT N.J. Court Ok's Lautenberg. 10.03.02

NYT ED "New Jersey's Supreme Court made the right call when it ruled that the State Democratic Party could substitute Frank Lautenberg as its candidate in November's election. " 10.03.02

SAFIRE Pundit Complains About Jersey Bounce, Has Amnesia On Bush Supreme Court Selection. 10.03.02

NYT ED More Economic Troubles Under Bush. "If it weren't for the debate over a war with Iraq, the economy would probably be the leading topic on the campaign trail." 10.03.02

USA Gore wants same emphasis put on "Big Trouble" economy as Iraq. 10.03.02

AP "Gore Says Bush Has Mismanaged the Economy " 10.03.02

AP Stocks Take Another Major Dive. 10.03.02

CBSM "Anybody who expects Andy Fastow to take the fall for the Enron scandal has been watching "The Sopranos" too long. " 10.03.02

REGISTER "Two US Congress representatives are this week raising the standard of rebellion against the entertainment business' use of DRM and the DMCA to erode consumer rights, and hence to enhance their own revenues." 10.03.02

WP " Bush and top [house] leaders yesterday agreed on a revised resolution that would allow the use of military force against Iraq, a compromise that appeared headed for congressional approval next week, despite continuing criticism from some lawmakers that Bush would have too much leeway to wage a preventive war." Senate still divided. 10.03.02

WP Bush Wins One With The Gepper. Gephardt Sold Out To Bush On Iraq With An Eye On 2004. 10.03.02

HART Note To Dems. Get A Defense Policy 10.03.02

NYT ED "The likely consequences of war in Iraq extend far beyond November's elections. The [upcoming] Congressional debate must be equally farsighted. " 10.03.02

NYT CIA Stonwalls Congress On Its Role In Iraq Attack 10.03.02

GOODMAN "OF ALL THE WORDS used in the run-up-to-war rhetoric, what stays in my mind is the time the president got personal. At a Houston fund-raiser he described Saddam Hussein as ''a guy that tried to kill my dad. " 10.03.02

ANANOVA "French President Jacques Chirac says he is "totally hostile" to any UN resolution that makes military intervention in Iraq automatic from the start, while Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder says his country remains fully opposed to intervention. " 10.03.02

BBC China Urges Political Solution On Iraq 10.03.02

WP "Russian officials appeared to soften their opposition to a new U.N. weapons-inspections resolution on Iraq yesterday, saying they were prepared to consider one after hearing a report to the Security Council today by the chief U.N. weapons inspector. " 10.03.02

ABC "From competely opposite points of view, Israel and Iraq have started talking up the regional fallout from a US strike on Baghdad. " 10.03.02

WP ED "ATTORNEY GENERAL John D. Ashcroft, in a sharp speech to a conference of U.S. attorneys, responded this week to those who have criticized him for showing inadequate respect for civil liberties since Sept. 11, 2001. The attorney general lamented that while "our actions are firmly rooted in the Constitution," they have "nevertheless . . . been met in some quarters with disdain and ridicule." He expressed dismay that secret detentions and "military detentions of unlawful enemy combatants" -- which is to say locking up American citizens without trial or access to lawyers -- might be controversial. And he made clear that criticism will not deter him: "History instructs us that caution and complacency are not defenses of freedom: caution and complacency are a capitulation before freedom's enemies -- the terrorists. " 10.03.02

NYT Unlike Scientists, Bush Feds See No Connection In California Between Massive Salmon Death And Fed Divergence Of Water To Corporate Farms. 10.03.02

AP Idea of Internet in the sky not taking off 10.03.02

VNUNET "Oh, How I Wish Again That I Were In Michigan." Your Homeland Security Tax Dollars At Work. 10.03.02

JACKSON Crusade For Christ? "INVADING Iraq is not a faith-based initiative. This is shocking, considering the self-proclaimed piety of President Bush. For months now, he has tried to rewrite the commandments so religious groups can get more federal manna to help the wayward and the downtrodden. Congress has been so slow to rubber-stamp the new testament that the president has resorted to divine intervention. He is going behind Capitol Hill's back, trying to tweak regulations and educating religious groups on how to fool government regulators by applying for funds under nonreligious names. The first commandment, according to the president's own words, is, ''Government must expedite and stand on the side of faith-based programs.''... As the president itches to rain bombs on Baghdad, never in his reign has the church been so separated from the state. Indiscernible is his moral anchor. Is it truly because he has irrefutable proof that Saddam Hussein is going to pump poisons into our subways, air ducts, and aquifers? Or is he driven by more primitive desires of revenge?" 10.02.02

SCHEER "The Sun Can't Set on This Empire Too Soon The U.S. has no right to indulge in imperialism." 10.02.02


ISIKOFF "Ashcroft’s Baghdad Connection. Why the attorney general and others in Washington have backed a terror group with ties to Iraq." 10.02.02

LITHWICK "Ashcroft’s call to arms. How the AG wants to rewrite decades worth of gun laws " 10.02.02

AP Prosecutors to bring criminal charges against ex-Enron official Fastow. Hope To Work Their Way Up To Bush Buddy Ken Lay. 10.02.02

WP Agencies Struggle as Year Begins Without Budget. Impasse on Hill May Spark Layoffs, Hamper Performance. 10.02.02

SAMUELSON "We are at a loss for words. If nothing else, this baffling economy has defeated the vocabulary of economics. We are supposed to be in a "recovery," but it doesn't feel like one. As of Friday the stock market was down 25 percent this year and had lost $3.2 trillion in value, reports Wilshire Associates. The weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance, after receding earlier this year, have climbed again above 400,000. Consumer confidence has declined for four consecutive months. " 10.02.02

AP Demos Peg Lautenberg . 78-year-old former senator will replace Torricelli on the New Jersey ballot. Demos currently hold Senate by one seat10.02.02

STEARNS "Torricelli's troubles complicate Democrats' chances of holding Senate. " 10.02.02

COLLIER With Iraq, It IS The Oil, Stupid. 10.02.02

BG UN, Iraq reach a deal on inspections; US objects. 10.02.02

WP "Iraq-U.N. Inspection Deal Complicates Bush Plan . Hussein stays a step ahead, cutting U.S. efforts to persuade allies." 10.02.02

BRODER What Will It Take To Get The American People To Back Bush's Plan To Get Saddam? Clearly Having No Respect For Words, He'll Say Whatever It Takes. 10.02.02

G+M "Assassination of Hussein OK with White House. " 10.02.02

BG Congress Split. Bush insists on plan to use force without UN backing. 10.02.02

REUTERS "Iraq said Wednesday it would not accept any new U.N. resolution to cover the operations of arms inspectors on its soil and vowed it would hit back hard against any U.S. attack on Baghdad. " 10.02.02

NYT U.S. Faulted Over Its Efforts to Unite Iraqi Dissidents 10.02.02

NYT Democrats Vow to Pass New Security Agency Bill Despite GWP Filibuster.10.02.02

NYT ED "Visa screening procedure based on nationality alone reinforces the notion that America is hostile to Islam in general, not just protecting itself against terrorism. " 10.02.02

FRIEDMAN Bush HAS Changed The Tone In D.C., For The Worse. "Good will and popularity are underrated strategic assets. With a few small adjustments in tone or policy, we could buy so much more of both today. " 10.02.02

JP "Syria on Wednesday blasted US legislation signed by President George W. Bush that encourages recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, calling it a provocative step that further damages Arab-US relations. " 10.02.02

MST "A July 2001 FBI memo warning that al-Qaida may be training terrorist pilots in the United States was not turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration until well after the Sept. 11 attacks, a congressional investigator said Tuesday. " 10.02.02

USA "The FBI never completed a written assessment of the terrorist risk to the United States, despite promising Congress more than a year before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that it would do so, a Justice Department review said Tuesday. " 10.02.02

WP Some Good News for Democrats Recent Polls in a Few Key States Offer Party Encouragement. 10.02.02

MH Jeb, Noelle, And The Bush War On Drugs. "In a case that has captured the attention of legal scholars across the nation, a judge ruled Monday that Noelle Bush's drug therapists won't have to testify in court about the crack cocaine found in her shoe. Prosecutors pledged Monday to appeal the ruling by Orlando Circuit Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who wrote that federal confidentiality laws protect Bush as long as she resides in a drug-treatment center and remains under the supervision of a drug-court judge.Lawyers on both sides and national drug-treatment advocates say the case is a critical test for the often tense relationship between law-enforcement officials who want to prosecute drug offenders and the therapists who treat them.The tension is even greater in this case because Bush, 25, is the daughter of Gov. Jeb Bush and the niece of President George W. Bush, two politicians who have made drug policy a prominent part of their agendas and who campaign as advocates for law enforcement.What's more, the governor is in the midst of a reelection campaign in which he speaks often about his record of reducing drug abuse and cracking down on crime as he faces questions about whether his daughter is receiving special treatment." 10.02.02

GFN Marth Stewart Assistant To Talk As Part Of Plea Bargain 10.02.02

NYT White House Spokesman Says Making Tax Cuts To The Rich Permanent Would Help The Poor. Says No Economic Turnaround This Year. Dismisses Concerns About Growing Budget Deficit. 10.01.02

KRUGMAN "Last fall's debate over economic stimulus suggested that our political leadership cannot make a rational response to economic problems. Where economists saw danger, the White House and its Congressional allies saw opportunity - an opportunity to ram through more tax cuts for corporations and the affluent, measures that suited their political agenda but had almost no relevance to the economy's problems....The Bush administration is nickel-and-diming public spending wherever it can, shaving a billion here, a billion there off everything from veterans' benefits and homeland security to Medicare payments. More important, the federal government is doing nothing to help as state and local governments, their revenues savaged by recession, make deep cuts in spending on everything that isn't urgently necessary, and many things that are." And Bush Wants To Spend A Billion More Each Day To Get Saddam. 10.01.02

WP ED "A dozen states have passed election-reform plans that will be implemented only if federal funding is available; if these plans are left to languish, more disputed elections lie in the future. " 10.01.02

NYT Sen. Torricelli Quits Campaign, Citing Risks to His Party. 10.01.02

NYT Democrats Scramble for a New Contender After Torricelli Quits. 10.01.02

NYT Can The Dems Substitute Candidate In N.J.? Election Statute Offers No Clear Answers. 10.01.02

CONFESSORE One Vote Away. "Republicans could win control of the entire federal government in November. Why won't Democrats talk about it? " 10.01.02

PMI Ministry Site Notes Bush White House Religion Initiative In Atlanta On The 10th As Funding Source. Reports White House Recommendation That Program Names Be Changed To Hide Religious Connections. 10.01.02

FRIEDMAN-NUSBAUMER Chosen By God To Lead America "Having received the green light from “above,” Christian George is about to unleash a holiness that just might Armageddon all of us. " 10.01.02

KREPON "The Bush administration's new national security strategy reflects an extraordinarily unbalanced approach to dealing with the threats posed by terrorism, asymmetric warfare and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.The value of deterrence is downgraded, while preemption is elevated from a military option to a doctrine. Little help is expected from diplomacy, treaties, cooperative threat-reduction initiatives such as the Nunn-Lugar program, export controls and international institutions.... This skewed approach is unwise, dangerous and extremely burdensome on the U.S. armed forces." 10.01.02

SORENSEN Hawk battle plan linked to Bush hints "broadly that only the conservative members of our government can be trusted to lead the world safely to an American-dominated planet. The plan is very dry reading and 90 pages long, but I suggest you scan it if you have the time. If you read between the lines, you'll conclude -- as I have -- that we're going to invade Iraq no matter what. Our leaders believe it's our destiny to control the world. " 10.01.02

AF ARCHIVES "With the Soviet Union defunct, the [NYT version of Cheney's '92 Pentagon defense paper] said, "our first objective is to prevent the reemergence of a new rival" posing a similar military threat. The US must provide leadership to convince 'potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests.'" 10.01.02

WP ARCHIVES Later Pentagon Defense Draft Reported With Some Of The More Aggressive Language Deleted 10.01.02

CLARK "George Bush Is Leading the United States and Taking the UN and All Nations Toward a Lawless World of Endless Wars....As governor of Texas, George Bush presided over scores of executions, more than any governor in the United States since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976....He revealed the same zeal he has shown for “regime change” for Iraq when he oversaw the executions of minors, women, retarded persons and aliens whose rights under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of notification of their arrest to a foreign mission of their nationality were violated. The Supreme Court of the U.S. held that executions of a mentally retarded person constitute cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the U.S. Constitution. George Bush addresses the United Nations with these same values and willfulness." 10.01.02

SCHLESINGER The Immorality of Preventive War "After the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyone thanked heaven that the preventive-war loonies had never got into power in any major country. Today, alas, they appear to be in power in the United States. Rebaptizing preventive war as preemptive war doesn't change its character. Preventive war is based on the proposition that it is possible to foretell with certainty what is to come." 10.01.02

REUTERS "Former President Jimmy Carter said on Wednesday it would be a tragic and costly error for the United States to attack Iraq without the support of the United Nations. " 10.01.02

NYT "The administration's apparent goal has been to make the most comprehensive possible case against Mr. Hussein, advancing many arguments at once. But in Congress, skeptical Democrats and some Republicans are complaining that the administration has not made a clear and consistent case. " 10.01.02

HUFFINGTON "We all know who attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001, don't we? No, not Osama bin Laden. God, that is so last year. It never turns out to be the person you first suspect. It was Saddam Hussein. For some reason we couldn't find him when we went after him in Afghanistan, bringing that magic elixir of regime change along with us. But now we've got a better idea: track him down where he actually lives, in Baghdad, and punish him right in his own backyard. It's the only way to obtain justice for the thousands he killed on 9/11. " 10.01.02

CONASON "The Bush White House is so worked up over Iraq that it’s discarding our long relationship with Germany, a powerful partner, in a tantrum. This is infantile behavior, not grown-up diplomacy -and it can’t be explained by the urgency of the Iraqi threat. Even a cursory examination of the evidence delivered so far concerning Iraqi capabilities and intentions should cool the politically inspired war hysteria. Consider the dossier just presented by the British government. It was preceded by publicity that this comprehensive survey by Tony Blair’s spy agencies would prove the case for immediate military action against Baghdad. It doesn’t." 10.01.02

SABOL "Senators and House members admit that phone calls from constituents are running roughly 2-1 against giving George Bush his blank check. It’s time they listened. " 10.01.02

RIDGEWAY "In a desperate effort to monkey-wrench President Bush’s drive to win congressional backing for attacking Iraq, 74 Democratic members of the House are calling for Minority Leader Dick Gephardt to convene the full Democratic caucus to discuss the issue. The caucus is set to meet on Wednesday. Ohio's Dennis Kucinich and California's Bob Filner are leading the charge, in an effort to delay any vote and buy time for anti-war momentum to build. " 10.01.02

HERSH One More Questionable Reason For Iraq Attack. "The confrontation between the United States and Iraq has revived interest in a decade-old charge—that Saddam Hussein ordered the assassination of President George H. W. Bush. This alleged plot has been cited in recent days by the current President Bush as one of the U.S.'s grievances against Hussein. In this article, from 1993, Seymour M. Hersh investigates the assassination story. " 10.01.02

NYT "The Bush administration brushed aside criticism from Russia that American and British airstrikes in Iraq were interfering with the diplomacy aimed at averting war. " 10.01.02

KRISTOF "As we invade Iraq for its barbaric and repressive ways, our allies in the Muslim world should feel deeply embarrassed that a rogue state offers women more equality than they do." 10.01.02

GROSSMAN "A dangerous and deceptive plot line has become superimposed on the story that Israeli society tells itself about its conflict with the Palestinians. Since the outbreak of the current intifada two years ago, it is as if the Israeli mind has turned to a new page in the chronicle of the conflict and, at the same time, erased many of the pages that preceded it. " 10.01.02

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