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RUMER It's Not About Oil? Tell That To Our Leaders. "Giants of the American and Russian oil industries will come together in Houston this week for the first U.S.-Russia Commercial Energy Summit. The event will bring together Cabinet members, top corporate executives, legislators and financiers and could lead to a breakthrough. It will be an opportunity for the United States and Russia to lay the foundation for a genuine global energy partnership.As officials, executives and legislators discuss ways to bring more Russian oil to U.S. and global markets, they should not lose sight of oil as a strategic commodity and of the truly historic opportunity before the United States and Russia to form a partnership that could bring stability and security to the global oil market. That means they need to discuss the future of Iraq, the nature of U.S. and Russian interests there and the opportunity a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq would present to the U.S. and Russian oil industries." 09.30.02

RASPBERRY "What is the actual threat [by Iraq] to the United States -- the purpose of war? How many American lives will we expend to punish Saddam Hussein? How long will public support last when hundreds, possibly thousands, of body bags start arriving home? How many Iraqi citizens do you plan to kill in order to bestow democracy?" 09.30.02

BBC Tens Of Thousands Protest Bush Iraq Attack In London 09.30.02

WP Media Reports Of Hundreds Of Arrests, Aggressive D.C. Police Called Out To Battle 5-10,000 World Bank Demonstrators Friday And Saturday, Said To Have Kept Down Anti-War Numbers on Sunday 09.30.02

DP 2 Thousand Protest Bush War Plans In Denver 09.30.02

FREEP "Iraq war talk feeding peace efforts. Activists gather on Web as church leaders rally " 09.30.02

NYT "The number of Americans without health insurance rose to 41.2 million last year [under Bush], an increase of 1.4 million.." 09.30.02

WP ED Bush Continues To Leave Kids Behind. "THE ECONOMIC downturn is hurting many Americans but, as usual, the poor most of all. During the past year, for the first time in eight years, the number of Americans living below the poverty line increased, the Census Bureau reported last week. Median household income declined in most regions of the country. Children and working-age adults continue to lose private health insurance. From 2001 through the first quarter of this year, according to preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the proportion of children covered by private insurance dropped from 67.1 percent to 63.8 percent. " 09.30.02

NYT ED The Bush administration has been seeking to ignore or limit the reach of the National Environmental Policy Act, regarded as the Magna Carta of environmental protection." " 09.30.02

NYT "More than 10,000 chinook salmon have died in the Klamath River in northern California in recent days, leaving biologists stunned and Indian tribes and fishermen angered at the Bush administration, which they say caused the deaths by favoring [corporate] farmers in one of the most contentious water disputes in the West." 09.30.02

NYT ED "It is time for Congress and the Bush administration to stop playing games with Amtrak's future. " 09.30.02

SAFIRE "If current legislation being urged by the Bush administration passes, American executives would be encouraged to sell technology to foreign nationals who may not wish us well. " 09.30.02

WP ED "THE LATEST post-mortem from California's energy crisis points to a fundamental flaw in many of the nation's deregulatory schemes. In industries ranging from electricity to telecoms, the government has gone for competition, inviting private electricity generators or phone operators to go up against incumbent monopolies. The problem is that parts of these industries -- the electricity grid in one case, the local phone lines in the other -- are natural monopolies. The incumbent firms have therefore been able to muscle out opponents, minimizing competition in even the supposedly non-monopoly portion of each industry. " 09.30.02

FRANKEL New Bush Preemption Doctrine Irks Europeans. Decades of Coalition-Building Seen at Risk " 09.30.02

NYT Democratic Congressman Asserts Bush Would Mislead U.S. on Iraq. 09.30.02

HALPERIN Reporters Give Ari The Silent Treatment About Anti-Dem Bush Blurt 09.30.02

NYT "With control of the House riding on a handful of competitive races like Mr. Leach's [in Iowa], Tip O'Neill's famous dictum no longer holds; these days, all politics is national. " 09.30.02

WP GWP Hopes Brighten In Fight For Senate. "Democrats face an uphill battle to recapture control of the House in November's midterm elections, while Republicans have marginally improved their position in what remains a tense and wide-open fight for control of the Senate." 09.30.02

BENJAMIN Saddam And Al Qaeda Are Not Allies. "The Bush administration is sowing a dangerous confusion about the relationship between Al Qaeda and the regime of Saddam Hussein." 09.30.02

SANGER "Iraq's intransigence over the weekend about allowing unfettered inspection has given the White House new hope that allies that have been unwilling to sign up for the overthrow of a sovereign government may now rethink their position. " 09.30.02

AP U.N. weapons inspectors opened talks today with Iraq, saying they expected unlimited access in future inspections. 09.30.02

REUTERS "France reaffirmed its opposition to a tough US-sponsored UN Security Council resolution threatening Iraq and warned Washington on Monday that setting a "regime change" as a goal would violate international law. " 09.30.02

G+M Blair faces attack from Labour party over Iraq 09.30.02

IE "U.S. Forces Botched August Al Qaeda Hunt. The week-long sweep by US forces in August to hunt down al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders in eastern Afghanistan was a "disaster" rather than a resounding success as officially claimed " 09.30.02

NYT Is Osama Dead Or Alive? 09.30.02

SALON "American Jews are trying to brand criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic -- and even un-American. " 09.30.02

HA'ARETZ "Critics blast pro-Israel site for 'McCarthyism, intimidation' " 09.30.02

HA'ARETZ "The Anti-Defamation League has applauded New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey's call for the resignation of the state's poet laureate, saying Amiri Baraka had bought into "the big lie" that Jews were responsible for 9/11" 09.30.02

CNN "Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, still blamed by Democrats for costing them the 2000 presidential election, said he won't decide on another campaign until next year." 09.30.02

NYT Liability Of Gun Makers. "The central contention of the California cities is that the gun industry maintains a distribution system that allows many guns to fall into the hands of criminals and juveniles, creating a public nuisance and violating state law on unfair business practices. " 09.30.02

EHRENHALT Leaders Who Are Mackerels In The Moonlight 09.30.02

HA "Champion of the People," Congresswoman Patsy Mink, Dies at 74. 09.29.02

WP Bush Blurts Reveal Grave Limitations, Aides Fearful 09.29.02

WP ED "Senators should keep in mind the critical role federal judges play when they consider Michael McConnell, whose nomination for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit is now pending, with other Bush administration nominees to come. The Bush administration has ceded its Justice Department to the extreme conservative wing of the Republican Party and has made ideology the primary consideration in picking judges. Its goal is simple: to turn the federal courts into a force for a reactionary shift in society. " 09.29.02

ZAKARIA It's The Economy, Stupid. The Speech That Gore Should Have Given 09.29.02

HULSE "Sure, voters want to sound out the contenders on national defense. They then quickly move on to the pocketbook stuff - Social Security and prescription drug coverage, or jobs and the struggling economy, with the possibility of some specific local issue thrown in. " 09.29.02

NYT "32.9 million Americans - 11.7 million of them under 18 - who live in poverty, while untold others teeter on its edge....The number of Americans in poverty has risen again, for the first time in eight years, according to census figures reported last week. The gap between rich and poor is growing. The Census Bureau's report showed that the weakening economy had begun to affect large segments of the population, whatever their race, region or class." 09.29.02

LEONHARDT Out Of A Job And No Longer Looking 09.29.02

BOSHARA "When families don't have enough income, they can't buy enough food, shelter, clothing and other necessities. With 33 million Americans now classified as officially "poor," income poverty is a huge problem. But at least twice as many families don't have enough assets - and so they lose their economic security and their ability to plan, dream and pass on opportunities to future generations. Lack of income means you don't get by; lack of assets means you don't get ahead. " 09.29.02

MN "Scores of America's biggest companies are sitting on an accounting time bomb created by stock-market losses in their pension funds.Some observers -- including politicians, investment managers and Wall Street analysts -- are blaming the looming crisis on accounting rules that let companies overestimate their pension income to pump up corporate profits. These rules essentially allow companies to report paper profits from their pension fund investments based on what they expect to make in the stock market over the long run -- even if their pensions lose money in a given year. In other words, some corporations are reporting pension income that didn't materialize. Without such questionable pension income, for instance, General Motors, SBC Communications, International Business Machines, Lockheed Martin, PG&E, United Airlines, Safeway and scores of others would have reported lower profits, or deeper losses, in 2001. " 09.29.02

RICH "The "fuzzy math" of this White House's tax cut and budget projections, chronicled by my colleague Paul Krugman from the start, is compounded daily rather than corrected. When we poor shareholders worry too loudly about our growing economic pain, the administration's antidote to our woes is not more honesty in bookkeeping but Ken Lay-style cheerleading. This month Mr. Bush's S.E.C. chief, Harvey Pitt, went so far as to tell Americans it is "more than safe" to get back in the market - as the Dow plummeted for its sixth consecutive month. It's the same pitch Mr. Lay offered his employees in an e-mail - "I want to assure you that I have never felt better about the prospects for the company" - on the day Jeffrey Skilling resigned as chief executive in anticipation of Enron's collapse. But this administration no longer cooks the books merely on fiscal matters. Disinformation has become ubiquitous..." 09.29.02

MSNBC Wag The Economy. "Bush hopes talk of Iraq will help the GOP reverse the tides of history. But on the ground, the fight is as much about financial jitters and the country’s changing contours " 09.29.02

FIREMAN "A September blitz by administration officials on the need to confront Saddam Hussein has shored up President George W. Bush's approval ratings and eclipsed the Democrats' favorite issues of financial slump and corporate scandal, despite a continued run of bad economic news. As a result, congressional Democrats who once contemplated a campaign waged on the friendly terrain of domestic issues now face a difficult vote on a resolution authorizing military action in Iraq - and the fear that they will not have enough time left to turn public attention back to the deteriorating economy." 09.29.02

DOWD Why Pulp Iraq? Because We Can 09.29.02

WT Agency Says Report Bush Used To Explain Need For Iraq Attack Does Not Exist 09.29.02

NYT "Diplomats from Washington and London shuttled to Moscow and Beijing today after consulting in Paris, trying to overcome strong objections to the draft resolution among the other three permanent, veto-bearing members of the Security Council. The proposal gives Iraq 30 days to make full disclosure of its weapons of mass destruction and provides for intrusive inspections, authorizing a military attack if Baghdad does not comply. " 09.29.02

TYLER "If it stand's as Iraq's last word, the nation's rejection of any new arms inspection rules could mark the beginning of the transition from diplomacy to war in the Persian Gulf. " 09.29.02

FRIEDMAN "I just hope the Bush team doesn't really intend to implement its new pre-emption strategy alone because in the case of Iraq, most Americans would be very uneasy. Our national interest is best served now by taking on Saddam with as many allies, and as much U.N. cover, as possible — for four reasons " 09.29.02

HA'ARETZ "Refined uranium found in Turkey weighs grams, not kilograms. " 09.29.02

REUTERS Iraq says U.S. planes attack Basra civilian airport again. 09.29.02

WRIGHT "If you... insist on being chief law enforcer in such an age, you should at least try to make sure that the world believes the laws are fair and fairly enforced. Yet the Bush administration, with its limited regard for both international law and world opinion, is making America not just sheriff, but judge, jury and executioner. This strategy could lead to a number of outcomes, but national security isn't among the more likely." 09.29.02

NYT "The findings of a [Congressional] joint committee, especially revelations that the C.I.A. and F.B.I. had for years collected information that showed Islamic militants hoped to strike in the United States, have been far more damaging than most officials at either agency expected when the panel's [9/11] inquiry began early this year." 09.29.02

REUTERS Highlights Of Key Governor's Races 09.29.02

GUARDIAN "The Boston Globe announced Sunday that it will begin publishing announcements of same-sex commitment ceremonies and civil unions, adding another name to a growing list of newspapers opening their wedding pages to gays." 09.29.02

SO Espresso Tax In Seattle? Why Not An Additional Tax On Big Fat Cigars? 09.29.02

TT U.S Greatest Risk. "Despite near-daily news of economic strife in Brazil and Argen-tina, a growing number of econo-mists and governments around the world worry that the biggest risks to the global economy are emanating not from Latin America or Asia but from the US " 09.28.02

NP "Consumer confidence began to slip in the US this month as relentless stock market turmoil, a slow labour market and increasing worries about war with Iraq began to take their toll. " 09.28.02

RICH "The "fuzzy math" of this White House's tax cut and budget projections, chronicled by my colleague Paul Krugman from the start, is compounded daily rather than corrected. When we poor shareholders worry too loudly about our growing economic pain, the administration's antidote to our woes is not more honesty in bookkeeping but Ken Lay-style cheerleading. This month Mr. Bush's S.E.C. chief, Harvey Pitt, went so far as to tell Americans it is "more than safe" to get back in the market - as the Dow plummeted for its sixth consecutive month. It's the same pitch Mr. Lay offered his employees in an e-mail - "I want to assure you that I have never felt better about the prospects for the company" - on the day Jeffrey Skilling resigned as chief executive in anticipation of Enron's collapse. But this administration no longer cooks the books merely on fiscal matters. Disinformation has become ubiquitous..." 09.28.02

SFC "In an effort to counter what they label as a McCarthyesque hunt by a pro-Israel think tank, about 100 professors from across the country have asked to be added to a "Campus Watch" Web site that singled out eight professors because of their views " 09.28.02

FT Energy Records. "Lawyers for the General Accounting Office and Vice President Dick Cheney clashed today before a federal judge here over which branch of government's claim is paramount." 09.28.02

PPG "Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was published on Sept. 27, 1962, giving an impassioned, yet well-reasoned voice to the argument in favor of conservation over chemicals, and people over pollution. " 09.28.02

GOODMAN "Today one in every six patients already resists revealing facts to doctors out of privacy fears. Those fears are sure to get much worse under new regulations put out recently by the Bush administration that allow patient information to be shared with others in the huge health care industry -- from insurers to pharmacists -- without our consent. " 09.28.02

JACKSON "Bush tells us that Iraq is the crucial test. With a sagging economy and surrounded by ideologues, he is succumbing to the missionary impulse. If he cannot get Osama bin Laden's devil horns to hang over his mantle, Saddam Hussein's will do just fine, even though Hussein, regardless of his own evils, has not been tied to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. " 09.28.02

RICH "We are already on our way to Baghdad. It's our C.E.O.'s choice as the most profitable target for the next fiscal year, and we are assured that it will go better than some other C.E.O. pet projects, like Dick Cheney's "win-win" Halliburton-Dresser merger. What's more, it is cost free: the chief White House economic adviser, Lawrence Lindsey, said it won't even dent that fine economy the president keeps telling us he is so optimistic about. Maybe there will be some price in blood, but the battle plans leaked daily from the Pentagon never seem to offer any casualty projections, reassuringly enough. " 09.28.02

NYT Rumsfeld's Iraq-Al Qaeda "Proof." "In each case, [Bush] officials have offered no details to back up the assertions. Mr. Rumsfeld said today that doing so would jeopardize the lives of spies and dry up sources of other information. He also acknowledged that the information he described was probably not strong enough to hold up in an American court. " 09.28.02

NYT ED "The administration has...lately taken to saying that there are extensive ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda, a connection that Mr. Bush and other officials did not emphasize before. If the administration wants to make this case, it will have to produce better evidence than the imprecise assertions made in recent days by top officials like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld." 09.28.02

NYT "The Bush administration has drafted a [U.N.] plan for inspections that provides for immediate access to all sites in Iraq and authorizes the use of military force if Baghdad interferes " 09.28.02

REUTERS "Iraq said Saturday it would not accept the new rules that the United States wants to impose on UN weapons inspections. " 09.28.02

OLIPHANT "Where are the Democrats on Iraq? The question turns out to be not only misleading but borderline dishonest as well. People who oppose the use of force should frame it in terms of what they really mean: Why aren't most Democrats opposing the use of force? The answer is that most of them don't agree that the use of force should be opposed. Preliminary head counts in the House of Representatives suggest that perhaps three-dozen or so Democrats are preparing to vote against the force-authorizing resolution that seems headed for a vote within two weeks. The percentage likely to vote no in the Senate is even smaller." 09.28.02

NYT Liberals Object To Bush Iraq Policy. "While their objections could influence the wording, scope and timing of a Congressional resolution, those reservations are not likely to affect the outcome of any Congressional vote. It still appears likely that there will be at least 75 or 80 votes in the Senate to give the president the authority to attack Iraq. " 09.28.02

NYT ED "More and more Senate Democrats are unwilling to give Mr. Bush unlimited latitude in using force, and are nervous about unhinging American action from the United Nations.Mr. Bush must pay heed to these concerns if he wants the broadest possible support among Americans for a showdown with Iraq. Well aware that they already have enough votes in the House and Senate to support a resolution approving the use of force, the White House and some Republican leaders have been suggesting that further refinement is not needed. That kind of bullheaded thinking will weaken the president's hand at home and at the U.N." 09.28.02

DAYTON "This rush to vote is being driven more by political expediency than by military necessity. Gaining political advantage in a midterm election is a shameful reason to hurry decisions of this magnitude. If the president needs Congress to support his resolve never to let Saddam Hussein threaten our nation with weapons of mass destruction, we can pass such a resolution tomorrow. If the United Nations fails to exact Iraq's compliance with its previous restrictions, this Congress or its successor can convene at any time to authorize the appropriate U.S. military response. That is what the Constitution intends when it authorizes Congress, and only Congress, to declare war. This would be an especially good time for Congress to do it right." 09.28.02

BG Israeli bid to weaken Arafat does the reverse. 09.28.02

WS "Defying curfews, hundreds of Palestinians marched in West Bank cities yesterday, marking the second anniversary of their uprising against Israel and its increasingly tight grip on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. " 09.28.02

SB "Justice Department prosecutors formally recommended today that John Walker Lindh, the Californian who was accused of fighting alongside the Taliban, be sentenced to 20 years in prison. " 09.28.02

HSB "The condition of US Rep. Patsy Mink has taken a turn for the worse, according to a spokesman for the congresswoman. " 09.28.02

MH "Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his Democratic opponent Bill McBride focused on taxes and education in their first debate on Friday but neither appeared to land a knockout blow. " 09.28.02

G+M Ten ways to improve health around world. Group of 28 experts prioritizes advances in biotechnology for use in poor nations. 09.28.02

AP Gore: Bush ignored signs of al-Qaida threat. 09.27.02

KLEIN "The rush to open a new front in a complicated war, the tendency of conservatives (and their propagandists) to go berserk whenever legitimate questions are raised, the giddy moral certainty in the air, the fact that we are not talking about one quick war against an obvious psychopath but about actions-and a fundamental shift in American policy-that may well echo and shape the world for the next 50 years-all this should cause us to pause, slow down, talk this over. Al Gore's speech was a good start. And more, it was a gauntlet wisely thrown. Those politicians-Democrat and Republican-who neglect these crucial issues now, for whatever reasons, should be taken at face value: Apparently, they have nothing of interest to say. We should remember their silence the next time they ask for our votes." 09.27.02

GEPHARDT "Bush has decided to play politics with the safety and security of the American people." 09.27.02

NOAH "For Bush to say that...disagreement about a fairly abstruse personnel question shows that the Democrats don't care about U.S. security really is, to use Daschle's word, "outrageous." If Bush can't maintain a sense of proportion about the little stuff, what hope is there that he can maintain a sense of proportion about the big stuff?" 09.27.02

KRUGMAN "Across the [Bush] government, from the Interior Department and the Forest Service to the Environmental Protection Agency, former lobbyists for the regulated industries now hold key positions — and they show little inclination to make trouble for their once and future employers." 09.27.02

WP Bush-Backed "House Republicans yesterday revived a proposal to allow oil and gas drilling on 2,000 acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, but Democrats negotiating the most far-reaching energy legislation in a decade said they will continue to oppose it. " 09.27.02

WP "At a packed House Agriculture subcommittee hearing on the treatment of minority farmers this week, Lou Gallegos, assistant secretary for administration at the [Bush] Department of Agriculture, was asked to defend an agency that one panel member called "the last plantation for slavery. " 09.27.02

WP "Senate Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) yesterday raised the possibility of putting the [Homeland Security] debate on hold so the Senate can focus on a resolution on the use of force in Iraq. That would leave little time to settle the homeland security matter in time for a conference on the bill with the House and a vote on final approval before Congress recesses next month. The Republicans have a bill that would give the president expanded freedom to hire, fire, move and discipline employees and retain his right to move workers out of unions for national security reasons. The Democrats are willing to give Bush more personnel freedoms, but would require the administration to negotiate first with the unions. A review board appointed by Bush would have the final say on disputes. The Democrats' proposal also would require Bush to show that the job duties of workers coming into the department have changed to primarily involve intelligence or investigative work related to anti-terror cases." 09.27.02

WP "Democrats who control the Senate Judiciary Committee sharply questioned Miguel Estrada, President Bush's nominee to a key federal appeals court, at a hearing yesterday, suggesting that there is no quick end in sight for a 16-month-old confirmation battle.Democrats used the hearing to press for internal Justice Department memos Estrada wrote as a government attorney, a demand the White House has rejected. They also opened a new front, challenging Estrada's credibility in answering questions about whether he had tried to prevent Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy from hiring liberal law clerks." 09.27.02

WP ED "It seems that the Bush administration believes judging is an apolitical task only as long as judges do the right thing by administration lights. When the department disagrees with an opinion, it reserves the right to blast a judge in overtly political terms. " 09.27.02

WP ED "LAST YEAR the [Bush] Supreme Court narrowed the reach of the Clean Water Act, holding that it doesn't apply to "isolated" wetlands because it refers to navigable waters. The result has been confusion, and potential danger to natural habitats. Federal officials in different areas of the country have put the court's ruling into practice differently. States haven't made much progress in filling the gap. Two U.S. courts have reached opposite conclusions about how much connection to navigable water is enough to bring a wetland within the Clean Water Act's reach. And wetlands that play a critical environmental role are perilously vulnerable to pollution or destruction by dredging and filling. " 09.27.02

LITHWICK Ashcroft's Gun Crazy. "A trigger-happy AG takes out the courts and Constitution." 09.27.02

NYT Sluggish U.S. Economy a Global Concern 09.27.02

KRISTOF "Is America really prepared for [a Bush war with] hundreds of casualties, even thousands, in an invasion and subsequent occupation that could last many years?" 09.27.02

O'HANLON How Many Americans Would Die In An Iraqui War? 09.27.02

KINSLEY Bush's Dishonest Arguments. "Shouldn't Americans have some kind of role in deciding whether we go to war against Iraq? " 09.27.02

NYT ED "While the Bush administration has been pushing hard for military action to neutralize Iraq before it gets nuclear weapons, Washington has been moving much more slowly to eliminate an even more troubling nuclear threat — the vast array of bomb-grade materials that lie poorly protected around the world, waiting for some terrorist and rogue state to buy or steal them. Indeed, the only reason to fear that Saddam Hussein will have a nuclear arsenal any time soon is the possibility that he might get his hands on some of this loosely guarded material. Left to his own devices, he is years away from developing nuclear weapons, according to two authoritative assessments issued this month. The top priority in the fight against nuclear terrorism must be to safeguard all fissile materials that would make such terrorism possible." 09.27.02

WP Debate on Iraq-Al Qaeda Links Revived. "While [BushAdmin] comments appeared to announce new proof of such ties, administration officials offered no details to substantiate them, leaving what some officials acknowledged was a confusing picture of both the strength and the substance of the evidence" 09.27.02

WP Bush-Democrat Frictions Delaying Vote on Iraq War. Senators mull the president's motives as they debate the resolution's details. 09.27.02

DIONNE "Why did Washington explode this week in a partisan fury over the Republicans' exploitation of national security issues in the fall elections? Why are Democratic leaders so reluctant to press for a full debate over President Bush's Iraq policy? " 09.27.02


NYT G.O.P. Is Seen Ahead by Nose in House Races 09.27.02

WP Bush Says The Link Between Saddam And Al Qaeda Is He Fears A Future Link Between Saddam And Al Qaeda. Ari Says It Would Be A Mistake To Look For Actual Evidence. 09.26.02

FISK The "Dishonesty" Of The Blair Dossier 09.26.02

KAHN Iraq II: Who Cares About The People? 09.26.02

WP Bush And Blair Delay U.N. Resolution By "Haggling" Between Themselves Over Wording, Thus Giving Congress, Parliment More Time To Pass War Resolutions 09.26.02

NYT U.N.'s Iraq Resolution. "The drafting process is being slowed by the ideological divides within the Bush administration and between Washington and allied capitals over the United Nations' role in authorizing the use of force, some officials asserted today. " 09.26.02

COHEN "Bully for Gore. He has raised some important issues. This is the solemn obligation of the opposition party and its de facto leader. And the solemn obligation of the president and his supporters is not to shout appeasement but to provide some answers.We're waiting." 09.26.02

SAFIRE "In his speech attacking the Bush pre-emption doctrine, Al Gore opened his 2004 presidential campaign and crossed swords with Prime Minister Tony Blair. " 09.26.02

KUTTNER "Gore's Surprising Act of Leadership Against Iraq War " 09.26.02

WP ED "Bush is openly employing [an Iraq attack] as a partisan instrument on the campaign trail. Rather than respond to legitimate questions about his race toward a military confrontation with Saddam Hussein, he accuses the Democrats of being weak in defending national security. On the other side, the Democratic leadership in Congress is hurrying to get the issue off the table. Rather than press the administration about a campaign that could risk the lives of tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqis and cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars, it is moving toward quick acquiescence to a resolution giving Mr. Bush broad authority to wage war. Though many Democrats are uneasy, their doubts are being steamrolled by their leaders' zeal to return voters' focus to domestic economic issues.." 09.26.02

KETTLE "That Bush has been in trouble on the home front this year is not seriously open to doubt. If November's mid-term elections were fought on issues such as the economy or corporate governance, the Republicans would be on the defensive. The war against terrorism and Iraq, by contrast, is their issue. Every Washington commentator has been pointing out this week that the Republicans are trying to keep Congress focused on Iraq for as long as possible at the moment, in order to ensure a good result in November. " 09.26.02

NYT ED "The Bush administration has to recognize the legitimate concerns of lawmakers who do not want to give the president a blank check to wage war wherever he wants in the region and without any initial steps being taken to try to avoid a conflict. Casting slurs on the patriotism of anyone who raises a question is unfair and borders on un-American. " 09.26.02

NYT "Senator Tom Daschle demanded an apology from President Bush for saying that the Senate was "not interested in the security of the American people. " 09.26.02

AP "House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt implored the Bush administration Thursday to ``take security out of politics,'' saying a bitter partisan fight complicates efforts to find unity on Iraq. " 09.26.02

NYT Unions Lobby to Safeguard Proposed Homeland Security Agency's Workers 09.26.02

WP "Standoff on Homeland Security. Bill Stalled as Senators Can't Agree on Workers' Rights " 09.26.02

AP "Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday for a quick solution to the Iraqi crisis using political and diplomatic means, and suggested no new United Nations resolutions were necessary. " 09.26.02

HOAGLAND "Analyst Robert Kagan has written insightfully that Europeans and Americans have developed differing views of power that now make them ineffective allies. Germany's election campaign helps out Kagan's argument, which seems to me already to project Germany's ambivalent attitudes on military power onto Europe as a whole. " 09.26.02

NYT ED "It will be recalled that Vice President Dick Cheney put most of the blame on a natural gas shortage, which he then used as an argument for opening up vast areas of the West (including Alaska) to oil and gas exploration. It's now clear that the shortages were exacerbated by some of Mr. Cheney's old friends in the energy business who gamed the system. " 09.26.02

RIFKIN Oil Supply Will Peak By 2030. "The European Union and the United States are beginning to diverge in the most basic aspect of how a society is organized: its energy regime. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Johannesburg, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, when the EU pushed for a target of 15 percent renewable energy by 2010 for the whole world, while the United States fought the initiative. " 09.26.02

WP Charges Near In Probe of Enron Officer. Former CFO Fastow Is Task Force's Focus 09.26.02

HERBERT "The right has been relentless in its campaign to control the federal courts, and that campaign is getting awfully close to an absolute victory. " 09.26.02

AMPRO "As last week's hearings on September 11 intelligence failures unfolded, the Bush administration continued to play politics -- and stand in the way of a full public accounting. " 09.26.02

NYT ED "To date, both candidates in New Jersey's Senate race have treated voters badly by resorting to obfuscation and selective focus. " 09.26.02

TRAN "It's the economy, stupid. With George Bush directing all his energies towards foreign policy, the foundation of America's strength - its economy - is suffering, " 09.25.02

NYT "The Standard & Poor 500-stock index has fallen more than at any point since the deep recession of the 1970's. Pretax corporate profits have dropped more steeply than at any point since the double-dip recession of the early 1980's. The nation's overall employment level has not grown in two and a half years. " 09.25.02

NYT Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged. Market In Tumult 09.25.02

NYT Dems Defeat Bush's Attempt To Destroy Fed Workers' Protections Through Homeland Security Bill 09.25.02

NYT Number Of People Living In Poverty Increases Under Bush 09.25.02

COCCO How Bush Will Make The Poor Pay For The War. "It would be nice, though, if someone would say where the money for this war might be found. Right now there is only one source: Social Security....Bush does not intend to freeze or otherwise alter those parts of his tax cut that have not yet taken effect. That, he says, would be a tax "increase." Anyone who dares suggest that perhaps the money could be put to use eliminating the evildoers can expect a political blow from the presidential cudgel." 09.25.02

BRODER "The centerpiece of Bush's policy is his belief in the efficacy of tax cuts under any and all circumstances. It was hardly novel for a Republican president to push for lower tax rates early in his term, as Bush did last year. And the budget surpluses then accumulating caused opposition Democrats to agree that revenue reductions, slightly smaller in scope, were appropriate.What is different is Bush's insistence that tax cutting should continue, even with the return of budget deficits and even with the prospect of staggering, long-term additional spending on the military, homeland defense and the war on terrorism. Facing deficits in his second year, Ronald Reagan acquiesced in Congress's rollback of some 1981 tax cuts. In a similar situation in his second year, the president's father made the same concession to a Democratic Congress. This President Bush has broken the pattern." 09.25.02

ENS While Bush Policies Will Create More Pollution, "Fossil Fuel Burning Blamed for U.S. Parks Air Pollution . " 09.25.02

HUFFINGTON "Only a tone-deaf politician could fail to realize that there is much political hay to be made from the current bumper crop of corporate scandals. So, with control of the Senate at stake, candidates -- especially in tight races like Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas -- are slipping into the mantle of the reformer and doing all they can to squeeze their way into the crowded populist tent. " 09.25.02

WP Bush/Cheney Tell Voters, Forget Our Economic Problems, We're The War Party 09.25.02

SCHEER "Convenient oversights...are all part of that sleight of hand this administration specializes in to pursue its aims. Whether it's a giant tax cut or the dethroning of Saddam Hussein, Bush can always find a rationale in the day's headlines for what he wanted to do all along. " 09.25.02

WEISS Bush War is a Lousy Way to Win an Election 09.25.02

MUWAKKIL War Talk Helps Bush, Imperils Our Future 09.25.02

WP Dems In Congress Angry With Gebhardt, Daschle's Hawk Walk 09.25.02

DOWD "Heather" Bush Punishes German Democracy and Pacificism. "Germany is not Saudi Arabia — they have elections over there. And surely the Bushes have heard of candidates saying whatever it takes, and placating various special interests, to win an election — and then mending fences afterward. Three words: Bob Jones University. All pols know today's adversary is tomorrow's ally." 09.25.02

SCHNEIDER "If an American administration decides, without informing its European allies, that a second war is called for in order to unseat Saddam Hussein, then it should be prepared for international debate and even disagreement — unless it expects nothing less than blind obedience. Mr. Schröder's refusal to commit German troops even if the United Nations calls for military intervention in Iraq is a different matter." 09.25.02

DAALDER "From global warming to the Middle East, biological weapons to the International Criminal Court, the Bush administration has pursued policies that ignored German (and European) concerns. And it has often done so with little or no consultation. Such unilateralism has now convinced many that, on Iraq, the United States is more interested in getting rid of Hussein than enforcing Iraq's compliance with U.N. resolutions -- a policy few in Europe support. In Germany at least, the costs of Bush's unilateralism are evident. " 09.25.02

NYT Blair's dossier report appears aimed at making a strong case for the urgent return of inspectors to Iraq. 09.25.02

WATT/PALLISTER The Blair Dossier: Claims And Assessments 09.25.02

REUTERS "House Democrat Warns Against Iraq-Alaska Oil Link " 09.25.02

DP Carter Criticizes Bush for Policy Against Iraq 09.25.02

SCOOP ED "President Bush’s resolution to Congress is nothing less than an attempted coup-d’etat, against not only the constitution of the United States - which gives the US Congress the sole power to make war - but against the International Rule of Law and the UN Charter. If Congress approves Bush’s power to make “pre-emptive” war it will be in effect throwing away the founding principles of the United Nations which state - extremely clearly - that self-defence is the only ground for military action not sanctioned explicitly by a United Nations Security Council resolution. Moreover the UN Charter states that self-defence requires the existence of a “clear and present” danger to the nation planning on exercising its right. George Bush has made it extremely clear that he intends to make war against Iraq with or without the United Nations' authorisation." 09.25.02

FALLOWS Assume the US has won its war: that's when the nightmare begins 09.25.02

GONSALVES U.S. was a Key Supplier to Saddam 09.25.02

NIMMO Bush Senior: Hating Saddam, Selling Him Weapons 09.25.02

BN U.S. sent Iraq germs in mid-'80s 09.25.02

WP Senate Approves New 9/11 Inquiry. Independent Panel Gains Momentum 09.25.02

NYT Israel Resists New U.N. Measure to End Siege 09.25.02

WP ED "After two more suicide bombings by Muslim terrorists, Mr. Sharon has again responded by besieging Mr. Arafat. Because it is no longer possible for Mr. Sharon to argue that his purpose is to control terrorism, his aides are candid about an underlying aim: to drive Mr. Arafat and his closest collaborators back into exile. Instead, the prime minister has managed to restore Mr. Arafat's authority and support among Palestinians just as it was slipping away." 09.25.02

NYT Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments 09.25.02

SMITH Bush Is Leaving The People Behind. "No national consensus exists about when or how to do it or whether we should do it alone.War requires total national commitment. Yet the president has not asked us to make the sacrifices necessary to win. It is unconscionable to commit young Americans to combat without also pledging to provide whatever forces are necessary to win the war. And we must not commit our forces to combat in Iraq unless we are prepared for the terrible possibility of far higher American casualties than we saw in Desert Storm or Afghanistan." 09.24.02

NYT The El Paso Corporation (the nation's largest natural gas company,based in Houston, and a contributor to the Bush presidential campaign ) illegally helped to inflate prices for natural gas in California during the state's power crisis in 2000 and 2001. 09.24.02

PALAST El Paso Corporation Gave $750,000 To Bush Prez Campaign Through GOP Campaign Donation 09.24.02

DIONNE "Perhaps the White House and Congress might take just a little time away from war planning to consider what the economic downturn has been doing to poor Americans, especially the working poor. " 09.24.02

KRUGMAN "It's hard not to suspect that the proposed war is a diversion from the issues of dysfunctional security agencies, a sinking economy, a devastated budget and a tattered relationship with our allies. " 09.24.02

GUARDIAN Blair Defends Iraq Dossier As Back-Bencher Calls It "Damp Squid" 09.24.02

GUARDIAN The Dossier At A Glance 09.24.02

GUARDIAN Reaction To Blair Dossier Suggests Nothing New 09.24.02

U.K. Blair's Iraq Dossier (PDF) 09.24.02

PAUL "Since no one wants to hear anymore of morality and constitutionality and justice, possibly some will listen to the politics of war, since that is what drives so many. A token victory at the polls this fall by using a vote on the war as a lever will be to little avail. It may not even work in the short run. Surely, history shows that war is never a winner, especially when the people who have to pay, fight, and die for it come to realize that the war was not even necessary and had nothing to do with national security or fighting for freedom, but was promoted by special interests who stood to gain from taking over a sovereign country. " 09.24.02

NYT Arrogant Bush Says Screw You To The Germans 09.24.02

NYT ED "President Bush and his aides need to recognize the uneasiness of the Germans and many others over the prospect of a war. " 09.24.02

COHEN Condi Rice, Like Bush, Uses "Bad History" To Make Her Point. The Americans Did Not "Liberate" The Germans From Hitler, As She Would Have Us Believe To Make Her Questionable Case About Saddam And The Iraquis 09.24.02

DE LAUBENFELS "People like [The National Review's] Rich Lowry [who regularly appears on national TV] are dangerously insane. Let them by all means rant all they like in their little electronic playpens, but let us not make the mistake of following their advice, lest this nation share the fate of Nazi Germany in more ways than it already has....When a nation starts a war to effect a "regime change," it is engaging in murder on a massive scale. The morality, if anything, can only be worse than killing one's neighbor to prevent an alleged crime-to-be." 09.24.02

NYT Bush Calls For Toned Down Israeli Attack On Palestinians In Effort To Win Arab Votes For Iraq Attack 09.24.02

NYT Army Acting As Though Bush Has Made Decision For Iraq Attack, But Has Yet To Inform Congress Or The Nation 09.24.02

BG "Several members of Congress said yesterday that the administration's proposed resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq would allow President Bush to spread a conflict beyond that country. ''That's much too broad,'' said Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee. ''There's no limit at all on presidential powers. ... It's not even limited to Iraq." 09.24.02

SALETAN The Bush Doctrine: Shott First, Ask Questions Later 09.24.02

KRISTOF "Before we rush into Iraq, we need to think through what we will do the morning after Saddam is toppled. " 09.24.02

NYT Gore Calls Bush Foreign Policy A Faulure For Several Reasons 09.24.02

WP Bush Hits Dem Logjam On His Plan To Leave No Trees Behind 09.24.02

ISIKOFF Why The White House Said Yes To An Independent 9/11 Inquiry 09.24.02

WP A Widow Turns Her Sept. 11 Loss Into a Crusade for an Independent Commission 09.24.02

WP ED Congress Rushes To Declare War But Drags Feet On Preparing A Budget. What's Most Important To The People, Iraq Attack Or A Budget? 09.23.02

NYT ED "Consumed by a possible war with Iraq, Congress is ignoring several urgent domestic priorities. The federal budget is slipping further into the red...Budget battles are as inevitable as elections. But this year the framework is defined by a widespread refusal in Washington to accept the obvious. The United States cannot wage a war, cut taxes and pay for the programs that Americans want without throwing the federal budget into deeper deficit." 09.23.02

WEISS In The U.S. "Holy or Unholy, Jews And Right Are In An Alliance" 09.23.02

PILGER "The pro-Israel lobby intimidates journalists to ensure that most coverage remains biased in its favour. " 09.23.02

HA'ARETZ ""The explanation that the government is giving for the decision to demolish the Muqata - the Palestinian Authority official compound in Ramallah - and to isolate Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat in the wake of the murderous terror attacks last week is unconvincing, and it involves the government in contradictions. " 09.23.02

ANDERSON "We are a long way from even a distant prospect of peace. In the interim, threats abound, though in the very midst of tragedy there is farce. The lengths to which the Israelis will go to blast Yasser Arafat's house around him while not actually killing him is the theatre of the absurd enacted with tank rounds. But there could easily be an error. The whole area is beset by error and by terror. So it will continue." 09.23.02

NYT "Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his coalition partner, the Greens, held off conservative rivals in Sunday's elections, but with a tiny majority. " 09.23.02

SCHECHTER For Those Who Might Be Doubtful, Bush's Name Tag At Meetings Reads "The President." 09.23.02

GREIDER "I don't believe in empire. I think it always fails due to its own internal arrogance and blindness. I think the further we go down this road the more difficult it's going to be to turn it around. And the more dangerous it's going to be for us as Americans. So I would urge people to not just tolerate dissent, but to open their own thoughts to, "Is this really what we had in mind once we got the Cold War over?" I don't think that's what Americans want. I really don't. " 09.23.02

CG "I cannot believe the gall and the arrogance of the White House in requesting such a broad grant of war powers," Byrd said. "This is the worst kind of election-year politics." 09.23.02

TELEGRAPH "Gulf War General Says Iraq Invasion 'Totally Unjustified " 09.23.02

MARGOLIS "Just as the Texas Crusader, President George W. Bush, was about to invade Iraq, ostensibly for refusing to admit weapons inspectors, the slippery Iraqis agreed to inspection. How dare Saddam Hussein co-operate! Fight fair, you swine! So now Bush says he will block UN inspectors from going to Iraq. " 09.23.02

LEVI Putting The Cart Before The Horse. "Leading experts and many in the intelligence community agree that Saddam Hussein still needs several years to produce enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb. Thus, when Vice President Dick Cheney warned that Iraq could quickly obtain nuclear weapons, he could only have been referring to one thing: Iraq might acquire the crucial fissile material it needs abroad, through theft or on the black market. How much security can we buy by merely removing one customer for this supply? " 09.23.02

SENGUPTA "Iraq has accused the United States of spreading false propaganda by claiming Baghdad has links with al-Qa'ida, despite knowing that Saddam Hussein is helping in the fight against the Islamists." 09.23.02

HIATT "In seeking congressional authorization to wage war against Iraq, President Bush cited, among other justifications, the regime's "brutal repression of its civilian population." The implication was that such tyranny can be a legitimate cause for outside countries to intervene. " 09.23.02

NYT Congressional Approval Of Bush Iraq Attack Predicted To Be A Done Deal With Dem "Refinements," Will It Do So Before U.N. Acts? 09.23.02

CORNWELL "A spate of news stories in Washington at the weekend provided yet more details about what is surely the most heavily trailed, unprovoked military attack by one nation on another in modern history. "I am not saying there is no plan on the President's desk," Ari Fleischer, the White House spokesman declared, confirming a report in The New York Times that General Tommy Franks, head of Central Command and the man who would run the campaign, had submitted to Mr Bush a detailed set of options for war. " 09.23.02

WP "A few weeks ago, the secretary general of the 22-member Arab League, Amr Moussa, declared that war with Iraq "will open the gates of Hell in the Middle East." But the reality is that some Arab nations are cooperating with preparations for a U.S. military campaign, while others remain on the sidelines. " 09.23.02

IND "Tony Blair will appeal for cabinet unity today over Iraq as he presents his senior ministers with a dossier of evidence that Saddam Hussein is building up his arsenal of chemical and biological weapons... Clare Short, the Secretary of State for International Development, became the second cabinet minister yesterday to make public their fears that Britain is being dragged into US-led strikes on Baghdad." 09.23.02

LOACH "The US forfeited any claim to moral leadership long ago. It has a history of undermining international law, contempt for the human rights of others and promoting its own brand of international terrorism. There is no moral, legal or political reason for us to support this war." 09.23.02

NYT Bush Has Yet To Explain What "Regime Change Means 09.23.02

PRATT "Unveiled: the thugs Bush wants in place of Saddam. " 09.23.02

FALLOWS 51st State? "Going to war with Iraq would mean shouldering all the responsibilities of an occupying power the moment victory was achieved. These would include running the economy, keeping domestic peace, and protecting Iraq's borders—and doing it all for years, or perhaps decades. Are we ready for this long-term relationship? " 09.23.02

CORN Bush Stonewalls On Pre-9/11 Knowledge 09.23.02

NYT "The C.I.A. failed to adequately scrutinize information it received about a key Al Qaeda planner, Congressional investigators have concluded. " 09.23.02

COHEN "With all of the war talk today - the so-called war on terror and the prospect of a real one in Iraq - it may sound as if the chief justice is laying the groundwork for a drastic rollback in civil liberties. But these reflections come from a history book, "All the Laws but One: Civil Liberties in Wartime," that he wrote four years ago. When it came out, "All the Laws but One" seemed like an academic exercise. But with several major terrorism cases headed to the Supreme Court, court watchers are starting to pick it up as a possible guidebook.If Mr. Rehnquist the jurist sees the world as Mr. Rehnquist the historian does, there is cause for concern." 09.22.02

KELLER Meet The Darth Vader Of Bush's Foreign Policy 09.22.02

TIMES GOP WAR PARTY AGENDA. NO state will be allowed to challenge the military supremacy of the United States under a national security strategy for the 21st century revealed by President Bush yesterday. The document seeks to enshrine Mr Bush’s post- September 11 doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, fleshing out for the first time his assertion that the US must confront emerging threats before they materialize. The 33-page document, submitted to Congress yesterday, also reveals the previously unstated determination of the US to do everything possible to maintain its status as the world’s sole superpower." 09.22.02

SLEVIN "Just as Russia, India and Israel cited last year's U.S.-led assault on Afghanistan to justify aggressive measures against opponents they labeled terrorists, a preemptive attack by the United States on another country could prompt other governments to bypass the United Nations and launch a unilateral strike against a foe. " 09.22.02

DOWD Bush Continues To Lie To Us And The Media In General Bends Over. "Don't feel bad if you have the uneasy feeling that you're being steamrolled. You are not alone. As my girlfriend Dana said: "Bush is like the guy who reserves a hotel room and then asks you to the prom." As the Pentagon moves troops, carriers, covert agents and B-2 bombers into the Persian Gulf, the president, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld continue their pantomime of consultation." 09.22.02

SCOTT Drug Blowback. "It is true, as President Bush has insisted, that global terrorism is financed by the flow of illicit drugs. Yet by installing and rewarding a coalition of drug-financed warlords in Kabul, the United States has itself helped restore the flow of Afghan heroin to terrorist groups, from the Balkans and Chechnya to Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. Thanks to the U.S. intervention, Afghanistan will again supply up to 70 percent of the world's heroin this year, 90 percent of the heroin reaching Europe and even a part of the heroin reaching the United States. " 09.22.02

IND Bush-supported Global Warming Forces Inuits to Abandon Swamped Homes. 09.22.02

TALBOT "The Bush push to educate boys and girls separately rests on dubious science - and betrays a fear of social complexity." 09.22.02

FAIR "A study of ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News in the year 2001 shows that 92 percent of all U.S. sources interviewed were white, 85 percent were male and, where party affiliation was identifiable, 75 percent were Republican. " 09.22.02

MC FAUL "As the United States gears up to create new regimes with a democratic and Western orientation in the Middle East, it may be losing the gains of similar efforts of democratic promotion in the communist world during the Cold War. " 09.22.02

MILLER "War with Iraq, the ultimate wedge issue." 09.22.02

WP Congress Wants to Know Cost of War. Dissatisfied With Bush Pentagon Figures, Lawmakers Ask CBO for Estimates 09.22.02

SULLIVAN "Americans are ready for another war. As Edward Wheeler, a Democrat and retired Chrysler worker from Toledo, Ohio, said in the August 15 edition of the Los Angeles Times: “And I mean, it’s no big secret that we’re not very liked over there to begin with, so what’s a few bombs?” That’s the spirit! Bring on the bombs! They crash and glow and look good on TV. Let’s forget about that stupid old economy. Causes nothing but heartburn and head aches anyway. " 09.22.02

CG "Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., said President Bush’s plans to invade Iraq are a conscious effort to distract public attention from growing problems at home." 09.22.02

BYERS "Seen from the heartland of America, there are two incontrovertible truths about Iraq. First, Saddam Hussein is an evil man who brutally oppresses the Iraqi people and seeks to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Second, the Bush administration's frantic beating of the war drums this autumn has little to do with that threat and everything to do with domestic politics." " 09.22.02

NYT " Iraq's promise this week to readmit weapon's inspectors has put the Bush administration just where it hoped not to be: back to business as usual at the U.N." 09.22.02

REUTERS Iraqi Leaders Vow to Reject Any Changes in U.N. Stance. 09.22.02

NASSAR "In the wake of the 11 September attacks, US strategy has been to extend its hegemony in formerly Soviet Central Asia, with a view to controlling the region's vast petroleum reserves. " 09.22.02

HA'ARETZ "The siege on Arafat appears to be the government's attempt to divert attention away from its inability to prevent terrorism and its unwillingness to propose a political channel that would bring hope to Israelis and Palestinians alike." 09.22.02

NYT "In a major shift since the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that he plans to strike back if Iraq attacks his nation. " 09.22.02

BLADER Why Did Bush Insist On Telling A Fiction About His 9/11 Day In December and Again In January? (click "previous" button) 09.22.02

WP 9/11 Panel Asks What Briefers Told Bush 09.21.02

WP "FBI Agent Urged Search For Hijacker. Request Was Turned Down Before Attacks, Panel Is Told " 09.21.02

WP ED "The major failure the report hints at is not the specific inability to stop the attacks given what was known at the time. It is, rather, a lack of seriousness and intensity about responding to the problem of al Qaeda as it developed. " 09.21.02

NYT Congress Will Likely Condone Independent 9/11 Hearings Next Week; White House Agrees To Them Under Pressure. [Quid Pro Quo For War Resolution?] 09.21.02

WP Bush Shifts Strategy From Deterrence to Preemptive Strikes 09.21.02

CHANCELLOR "In Boston, Massachusetts, I read in the local newspaper that an "oxygen bar" has opened in nearby Cambridge. Those who have done this say it makes them feel very clear-headed, which suggests that Messrs Bush and Blair should be made to have the experience, so muddle-headed do they seem to be on the subject of Iraq. " 09.21.02

SANGER "Bush: how I'll rule the world " 09.21.02

ACKERMAN "The president has no power to pick and choose among the laws that bind him - unless Congress tells him otherwise. This is what makes the precise terms of any Congressional authorization for war against Iraq so important. " 09.21.02

NYT Bush Has Received Secret Pentagon Options on Attacking Iraq. 09.21.02

GUARDIAN Five Options For Ousting Saddam (July 30, 2002) 09.21.02

REUTERS Iraq Says It Will Accept Annan Agreement (?), But None Other. 09.21.02

INTERVIEW "Kamal Kharrazi, the foreign minister of Iran, was interviewed by Washington Post columnist Lally Weymouth this week while he was in the United States for an international conference. These are excerpts from the interview. " 09.21.02

NYT G.O.P. Gains From War Talk 09.21.02

WP ED "The burden of a bigger defense budget, an ambitious homeland security agenda and expanded commitments in areas such as intelligence and foreign aid imposes a clear strain on the budget; unlike the one-time cost of fighting an Iraq war, it represents new expenses that stretch out indefinitely. The administration ought to accept that this burden requires rethinking its promised but not yet implemented tax cuts. Instead it pretends that the nation can afford to fight terrorism and cut taxes at the same time; it is even proposing a new wave of cuts on top of the huge package it secured from Congress last year." 09.20.02

KRUGMAN "The economic similarity between our current difficulties and the slump under the first George Bush is stronger than most people realize. " 09.20.02

HILLARY "Congress must act quickly to extend unemployment insurance and disaster unemployment assistance, each for an additional 13 weeks. With more people losing their benefits every day, these extensions have to be passed before Congress adjourns. During the recession of the early 90's, Congress extended temporary benefits five times. This year, even in the wake of massive terrorist attacks on our own soil, we have extended benefits only once, and once is not enough. The economy was already in a recession on Sept. 10. It was devastated on Sept. 11, and is stalled now." 09.20.02

KONDRACKE Remember Clinton's Health Plan? "Rocketing costs and collapsing coverage are putting the health care system into crisis." Bush Is Doing Nothing, But Two Dem Leaders Want To Work On It, Now. " 09.20.02

NYT ED "The newly bellicose mood on Capitol Hill materialized almost overnight. Last week, Democrats wanted the Security Council to act first and were calling for measured consideration of the political and military issues involved in going to war. The haste is unfortunate, all the more so because it is clearly motivated by campaign politics. Republicans are already running attack ads against Democrats on Iraq. Democrats favor fast approval of a resolution so they can change the subject to domestic economic problems....but at this stage Congress and the American people deserve some time to ponder the matter and to give the Security Council a chance to act. " 09.20.02

DIONNE "It is absurd to say that the Bush administration's Iraq policy is driven largely by this November's elections. It is equally absurd to deny that President Bush and his party are playing this issue for political gain and that the buildup to war has come at an extremely convenient time for Republicans....It's also abundantly clear that pushing war to the center of the news shoves the Democrats' issues to the side. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's broad attack Wednesday on the administration's economic record might have been big news under other circumstances. It became a sideshow. " 09.20.02

NYT Daschle Sharply Attacks Bush's Economic Policies 09.20.02

WP Pollute Bush Must. "The Bush administration announced yesterday that it will consider new rules for enforcing the Clean Water Act, prompting concern among environmentalists that the government may sharply scale back protection for hundreds of thousands of miles of small streams, tributaries and wetlands.During a congressional hearing, officials of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers revealed plans to reconsider the extent to which the government can prevent unlawful industrial pollution in non-navigable waterways and wetlands. " 09.20.02

WP ED "IN JUNE the Environmental Protection Agency put on its Web site a report acknowledging that human activity is contributing to rising temperatures that could have serious effects on the United States. Hardly radical stuff, but the head-in-the-sand crowd sharply criticized the report, with President Bush deriding it as a document produced by "the bureaucracy." So it's sad but not surprising that the next time the agency faced the subject, it unhesitatingly decided to dodge. " 09.20.02

WP "The flare-up of violence in the Middle East yesterday put new pressure on the Bush administration's hope of relegating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the policy backburner as it concentrated its attention on the confrontation with Iraq. "The administration should have gotten the wake-up call today," said Martin S. Indyk, an assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration who directs the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. 'It underscores their lack of senior-level engagement on the ground to take the necessary steps to bring the president's vaulted vision to reality." 09.20.02

MECKLIN "Major news organizations need to snap out of 9/11 emotionalism and ask impolite financial questions about Saudi elites and President Bush " 09.20.02

AP "Just two months before the attacks, a briefing for senior government officials said that, based on a review of intelligence over five months, "we believe that (bin Laden) will launch a significant terrorist attack against U.S. and/or Israeli interests in the coming weeks....The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning," it said." 09.20.02

STERNBERG "Bush administration officials have employed obsessive secrecy and scare tactics for political gain, Hersh said Thursday at the Westminster Town Hall Forum. "They've got to keep us scared and they've got to keep us jacked up on Iraq" because national security and terrorism are the only issues where most Americans back " 09.20.02

NYT ""Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It's a classic tactic. It's one that Hitler also used." German Justice Minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin 09.20.02

SCHEER "We must go to war or voters might start focusing on the dismal state of the economy under George W. Bush's stewardship and return a Democratic Congress in the November elections, right? Fortunately for Bush, arguments over Iraq now dominate water-cooler talk, rather than group commiseration over our Incredible Shrinking 401Ks -- but that can change. What if people start asking about that miraculous tax cut that Bush made the centerpiece of his domestic program and that now has left the national accounts once again floating in red ink? The failure of inspectors to find weapons of mass destruction would make it appear that Bush has been using Iraq as a scapegoat for his own domestic problems. " 09.20.02

NIMMO "While Bush Junior declares he "will not allow... a nation such as Iraq to threaten our very future by developing weapons of mass destruction," the administration of his father and Reagan, as the Gonzalez revelations demonstrate, apparently didn't have the future of America in mind when they allowed biological and chemical weapons--as well as massive amounts of conventional military hardware--to be exported to Iraq. " 09.20.02

BIVENS "In his famous "axis of evil" speech, President George W. Bush said "North Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction while starving its citizens." Fair enough. So why is the United States hand-delivering to Great Leader Kim Jong Il a pair of nuclear power reactors capable of producing enough weapons-grade plutonium each year to make dozens of nuclear bombs?" 09.20.02

KINSLEY "If the great essential truth about terrorism is that some people just hate the United States, the obvious next question is: Why? But that is precisely the question that offends the All-About-Evil crowd, because it leads in two unacceptable directions. One is toward psychology, trying to understand how a human mind could plot the deaths of so many innocents and gladly die in carrying it out. "Root causes" is what this kind of thinking is called in the context of domestic social issues such as crime and welfare, and conservatives regard it as a major liberal disease, with symptoms that include coddling criminals and forgiving sloth. " 09.20.02

NYT "Bush made his most aggressive push yet for swift action by asking Congress for sweeping authority to disarm Iraq and dislodge Saddam Hussein. " 09.20.02

WOOLLACOTT "War is only feasible because Iraq isn't a threat to the US. The more overwhelming the evidence is that Saddam has usable weapons of mass destruction, the less of a case there is for going to war, because even the the fiercest hawks would presumably agree that nothing would be worth the damage their use would cause. War becomes possible, but less justifiable in strict terms, the less likely it is that he has such weapons or could acquire them in a very short time." 09.20.02

KRISTOL "The administration is too dismissive of inspections. The present structure is unworkable, but it just may be possible to put teeth in the inspections so that they really are meaningful, so that they could avert a war. Saddam's paramount aim is to survive, and if faced with tough "comply or die" inspections, he might choose his life over his Scuds." 09.20.02

YOUNGE "In the past few weeks Nelson Mandela has called America a 'threat to world peace' and lambasted Dick Cheney as a 'dinosaur'. That's not the sort of language you'd expect from the kindly old statesman who forgave his jailers. But he has always been misunderstood in the West. And now he's got something to be really angry about " 09.20.02

NYT ED "One of the great unanswered questions has been whether the [Bush] government had enough intelligence in the months before Sept. 11 to fear an imminent blow within the United States and to take aggressive steps to heighten security, especially at airports. The answer now appears to be affirmative." 09.19.02

CNN "U.S. intelligence officials had several warnings that terrorists might attack the United States on its home soil -- even using airplanes as weapons -- well before the September 11, 2001 attacks, two congressional committees said in a report released Wednesday. " 09.19.02

NYT U.S. Failed to Act on Warnings in '98 of a Plane Attack Into WTC. 09.19.02

WP "Lawmakers from both parties yesterday protested the Bush administration's lack of cooperation in the congressional inquiry into Sept. 11 intelligence failures and threatened to renew efforts to establish an independent commission. " 09.19.02

NYT "If Mr. Chafee [R-RI] decides to support a Republican plan to be unveiled on Thursday that would reduce job security protections for department workers, the Republicans would apparently have the bare minimum of votes necessary to push through the plan. Senator Zell Miller, a Georgia Democrat, supports the plan, which would give the Republicans 50 votes. Vice President Dick Cheney would then cast a tie-breaking vote, possibly early next week" 09.19.02

NYT Study Says Middle Class to Lose Much of Bush Tax Cut's Benefit. 09.19.02

NYT ED We Could Owe Native Americans Billions Of Dollars, And Bush's Norton Is In Contempt 09.19.02

WP "The Bush administration has abandoned an international effort to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention against germ warfare, advising its allies that the United States wants to delay further discussions until 2006. " 09.19.02

WP Administration Seeks Science Advice to Match Bush Christian Conservative, Pro-Business Views. 09.19.02

CORNWELL "The Bush administration appeared well on the way yesterday to bulldozing Congress into the swift passage of a resolution endorsing a possible military campaign against Iraq, irrespective of whatever emerges from the United Nations Security Council." 09.19.02

WP "Bush's proposed congressional resolution would give him "maximum flexibility" to carry out any war plans, regardless of U.N. actions, said a senior White House official. " 09.19.02

WP Democrats Face Dicey Choice in Campaign Debate on Iraq. 09.19.02

USBORNE "The United Nations is likely to throw into disarray America's war plans for Iraq by introducing a timetable for weapons inspections that could give Saddam Hussein a breathing space of almost 12 months. " 09.19.02

NORTH ""If it achieved nothing else, the offer of the Iraqi government to accept without conditions the return of United Nations weapons inspectors has exposed the most essential truth of contemporary international politics: the Bush administration wants war. The Bush administration has responded angrily to the diplomatic note of the Iraqi foreign minister - demanding that it be ignored by the UN- because it knows that Saddam Hussein's concession deprives the United States of the fig leaf of a pseudo-legal pretext for invading Iraq. " 09.19.02

CORN "'No sensible person wants to go to war if war can be avoided,' Colin Powell says. Next time he is at the White House, he should take a good look around." 09.19.02

COHEN " The true enemy of the Bush administration's war wing (Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) is not at the moment Saddam Hussein but time itself. The further we get from Sept 11, 2001 -- the more the clock ticks and passions cool -- the harder it gets to make a case for war. Speaking just for myself, time has taken a toll. I may just settle for peace. " 09.19.02

NICHOLS "Official Washington was caught by surprise when Rep. Nick Rahall spoke to the Iraqi Assembly in Baghdad this past Sunday "as a member of Congress concerned with peace. " 09.19.02

CT ED "When he addressed the United Nations, and in comments since, President Bush attempted to make the "moral" case for war with Iraq. At the same time, the Los Angeles Times reports that the president is preparing to bribe foreign governments in order to win support for this "moral" war. " 09.19.02

NYT Rumsfeld Says Other Nations Promise to Aid Attack on Iraq, But Who Are They? 09.19.02

BRANT Bush War PR Team. "How a young group of White House up-and-comers are selling the war in Iraq. " 09.19.02

MATHEWS/BOYD "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction pose a pressing threat but not an immediate one. There is time to do this right and no reason to choose war as a first resort. If the goal is Iraq's disarmament, there is a peaceful means to achieve it." Inspectors with military backup. 09.19.02

HA'ARETZ "The Bush administration informed Congress yesterday that it opposes legislation which would require the imposition of sanctions against Syria because it supports terror groups....David Satterfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, explained that U.S. officials are currently working hard to stabilize the situation in the Middle East and handle the Iraq issue, so the timing is not right for the proposed anti-Syria measure." 09.19.02

HA'ARETZ "5 killed as suicide bomber blows up on bus in downtown Tel Aviv " 09.19.02

HA'ARETZ ED "Of all the grave and ugly developments on the fringes of settler society, none is more frightening than acts of Jewish terror, whose perpetrators attack Palestinian targets, primarily schools in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, without hindrance. One or more cells, comprised of Israelis living either in the territories or west of the Green Line, has for the past two years succeeded in making a laughingstock of the Shin Bet security service and the police, and assaulting Arabs. " 09.19.02

NYT In Quietly Courting Africa, Bush Likes the Dowry: Oil. 09.19.02

NYT "Democrats Start Petition to Force Vote on Generic Drug Bill. " 09.19.02

WP Gore Blames the Bushes for Florida's Election Fiasco 09.19.02

HERBERT "This latest campaign to uphold the rights enshrined in the Constitution has not done the A.C.L.U. any harm. Memberships and contributions have gone way up since Sept. 11, 2001. My guess is that for most Americans the sorrow and the fear have not overwhelmed their devotion to freedom or their commitment to fairness. " 09.19.02

b>NYT Bush Supply Side Economists Working To Change Gvt. Reporting Rules To Create Glowing Report For Bush Tax Cuts 09.18.02

WP Bush Government Being Run By Wealthy CEO's. "When Vice President Cheney and the 14 other statutory members of President Bush's Cabinet meet, 10 of them have one thing in common: They are millionaires. In fact, one-third of the Cabinet members, according to their financial disclosure statements, are in the $10 million-plus range, while another third are in the $1 million to $5 million range. " 09.18.02

WP Rove Was Right, Repubs Are War Party. GOP Nominees Make Iraq a Political Weapon. 09.18.02

WP Looks Like Dems Will Back Repub War Party In Congress 09.18.02

NYT Moderate Dems Agree to Deny Worker Rights In Homeland Security Bill, Cave To Bush Demands With Eye On Elections 09.18.02

FRIEDMAN "It's not true that the public is solidly against taking on Saddam Hussein. What is true is that most Americans are perplexed. The most oft-asked question I heard was some variation of: 'How come all of a sudden we have to launch a war against Saddam? I realize that he's thumbed his nose at the U.N., and he has dangerous weapons, but he's never threatened us, and, if he does, couldn't we just vaporize him? What worries me are Osama and the terrorists still out there.'" 09.18.02

TISDALL "Saddam's concessions will never be enough for the US. Unless it can engineer a war, Bush's administration is political roadkill." 09.18.02

ENGEL Bush's "decision to go via the security council, which, until Monday, seemed like a masterstroke, means it is the UN and not the administration that must now decide the pace of events....The Republicans also appeared to have lost control of the domestic agenda, seven weeks before midterm elections that will resolve the balance of power on Capitol Hill for the rest of the president's first term." 09.18.02

ABC Blowback. U.S. Backed Saddam In WMD War Against Iran [Discussed on Nightline last night.] 09.18.02

NEWSWEEK "How Saddam Happened. America helped make a monster. What to do with him—and what happens after he’s gone—has haunted us for a quarter century." 09.18.02

CJR Nightline, 1992. ""It is becoming increasingly clear," said a grave Ted Koppel, "that George Bush, operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the aggressive power that the United States ultimately had to destroy. " 09.18.02

FISK "Justice is not what President Bush wants – unless it's a useful way of putting America's enemies out of the way, of effecting "regime change" or of providing a useful excuse for a military invasion which will leave US oil companies – including Mr Bush's own buddies – in control of one of the world's largest reserves of oil. Saddam Hussein's own cynicism – for he could have given UN inspectors free rein years ago – will be matched by Mr Bush's cynicism. Saddam's letter to Mr Annan was a smart move, as contemptuous as it was inevitable. Stand by, then, for an equally contemptible response from President Bush. " 09.18.02

NYT ED "The best hope of gaining Iraq's cooperation is for the Security Council to approve a tough new resolution reaffirming its disarmament demands, with a realistic deadline for compliance. The resolution should include a clear warning that military force is likely to follow if Iraq balks. If and when attempts at a full-scale weapons inspection fail, the Security Council should be prepared to give its explicit consent to the use of force. " 09.18.02

WP ED "Bush was right to take his cause to the United Nations; its support could galvanize a broad coalition to destroy Baghdad's weapons of mass destruction and replace Saddam Hussein with a stable and progressive government. The administration must now, with patience and determined diplomacy, push the Security Council to avoid Iraq's tactical traps and demand genuine enforcement. " 09.18.02

DOWD "Contain the wild man, the leader with the messianic and relentless glint who is scaring the world. Surround him, throw Lilliputian nets on him, tie him up with a lot of U.N. inspection demands, humor him long enough to stop him from using his weapons and blowing up the Middle East. But this time, the object of the containment strategy is not Saddam Hussein, but George W. Bush, the president with real bombs, not the predator with plans to make them. " 09.18.02

IND ED "The Bush administration's hostile response risks allowing Saddam to achieve the very disunity he seeks. They should, against their better instincts, take the offer at face value, and reserve their position, so that America keeps the moral high ground and widest possible support for any eventual military intervention. " 09.18.02

VANN "In the wake of Bush's ultimatum to the United Nation's General Assembly to back a US war against Iraq, Washington has launched a multi-sided campaign to bribe and threaten governments around the world. " 09.18.02

NYT "Since Iraq's sudden offer to readmit weapons inspectors, President Bush has had mixed success in convincing key nations that Saddam Hussein must be dislodged. " 09.18.02

HA'ARETZ "Israel ought to oppose an American attack on Iraq, Scott Ritter, the former head of the United Nations weapons inspection team in Iraq, said yesterday... In an interview with Ha'aretz, Ritter said an American strike against Iraq would be "a disaster for Israel," as it would have three negative side effects: It would open the door for an Iraqi attack on Israel, whether conventional or nonconventional; it would undermine regional stability and tilt Arab public opinion even further against the U.S. and Israel; and it would increase terrorism inside Israel. " 09.18.02

WP Rumsfeld, In An Unprecedented Move, Wants To Make Military War On Terrorism More Secretive 09.18.02

WP "Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton was ruled in contempt of court yesterday by a federal judge who issued a blistering attack on her and a senior aide, saying they deceived him about the agency's failure to reform a trust fund for Native Americans." 09.18.02

LAYCOCK "In the current political climate, appropriate judicial appointments should be to the right of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and to the left of the president, and certainly to the left of those elements in the Republican Party that care the most about remaking the judiciary. Confining nominees to the ideological range between the president and the Judiciary Committee would push the judiciary toward the center and exclude the extremes of both left and right. It would reduce the magnitude of periodic shifts in judicial views on constitutional issues and would reduce the number of judgeships left vacant while the president plays to his base and the Senate stalls. " [Bush's support of Scalia as the model judge is hardly what Laycock has in mind.] 09.18.02

ROBERTS Two Strikes and You're Sent To Congress. " Katherine Harris has become the poster girl for Florida's dysfunctional elections." 09.18.02

NYT California Power Failures Linked to Energy Companies. 09.18.02

NYT Defiant California City Hands Out Marijuana 09.18.02

LANDES "Elections In America - Assume Crooks Are In Control. " 09.17.02

AP PTA, NOW, ACLU Against Bush Move To Single-Sex American Education 09.17.02

WP "The Bush administration has begun a broad restructuring of the [250] scientific advisory committees that guide federal policy in areas such as patients' rights and public health, eliminating some committees that were coming to conclusions at odds with the president's views and in other cases replacing members with handpicked choices." Examples in the story suggest the Bush restructuring is pro-Christian Conservative." 09.17.02

KRUGMAN "The tide of corporate scandal is still rising, and lapping ever closer to Dick Cheney's feet. " 09.17.02

Khatchadourian "Worse than Enron: The Pentagon. Chaotic accounting systems have caused the military to lose track of more than a million chemical-protection suits -- and that's just the beginning. Why does the country continue to tolerate such disgraceful financial incompetence?" 09.17.02

NYT Bush Urges Fiscal Restraint On Domestic Needs So He Can Pay For War. His Economic Adviser Calls Estimated Iraq Attack Debt "Nothing. Last One Cost $60 Billion And Led To Recession. 09.17.02

WP While Bush Hawks Continue Iraq Attack, Bush Continues To Campaign And Collect Dough 09.17.02

GUARDIAN Saddam Capitulation Gets Mixed Reception 09.17.02

GUARDIAN Round-Up Of World Reaction To Saddam Capitulation 09.17.02

WALKON "Bush now has to refuse to take yes for an answer. " 09.17.02

WP ED "SINCE PRESIDENT BUSH'S speech to the United Nations, support for enforcing the Security Council's resolutions on Iraq has been growing steadily. Many countries now are prepared to support a new resolution setting a deadline for Iraq to allow weapons inspectors into the country -- so many that Iraq yesterday sought to preempt any such action by informing Secretary General Kofi Annan that it would allow the inspectors in. " 09.17.02

NYT ED "Iraq's offer to allow United Nations weapons inspectors back to Baghdad without conditions, if sincere, could open the way to resolving the crisis peacefully and should certainly be tested. " 09.17.02

BG Ongoing U.S. War In Iraq. "In the midst of the debate over war in Iraq, the United States has quietly changed its strategy in enforcing the ''no fly'' zones over northern and southern parts of that country, expanding the list of targets to include communications centers in an attempt to debilitate Iraqi air defenses, US officials confirmed yesterday. " 09.17.02

SULLENTROP Will Bush's Ambassador To The United States (Tony Blair) Be Able To Convince The American People? 09.17.02

OLIPHANT "The Bush administration has at last decided to challenge the UN rather than ignore it - the course advocated through a difficult summer by Secretary of State Colin Powell against the weak reasoning by the rest of the president's national security team (most prominently Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) that going to Baghdad via New York would tie the United States in diplomatic knots. " 09.17.02

MACINTYRE "Saddam should be given the chance to avoid a war that seems inevitable. To be credible, a UN ultimatum has to offer Saddam's regime a genuine way out if he chooses to take it." 09.17.02

PERRITT "My Party Must Say No To War. As a Democratic candidate for Congress in this season of war talk against Iraq, I deplore the failure of my party to raise its voice more clearly on issues of foreign policy and national security."09.17.02

GOUREVITCH A Cautious Opposition. Will Dems Block The Road Or Pave The Way To Baghdad? 09.17.02

GUARDIAN Brit Citizens Nearly Even On Going To War With Iraq 09.17.02

HATTERSLEY "The more that the president and the prime minister base their argument on the undoubted villainy of Saddam, the more we are entitled to believe that they cannot demonstrate, even to their own satisfaction, that he is likely to attack Israel or the west." 09.17.02

ZANGANA "Now the US is pushing for a massive assault on Iraq, and Blair is one of the few leaders willing to offer troops. Can it be true that the man I voted for is now preparing to "liberate" Iraq, in the same way he liberated Afghanistan, by ensuring the death of thousands of civilians? Is it true that he is relying on the Iraqi National Congress, a group set up in the early 90s with CIA help, and now funded by the State Department? Does he know that they are loathed by most Iraqis? " 09.17.02

KRISTOF "If we want to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, we have a target closer to home than Iraq: books that facilitate mass murder. " 09.17.02

BERTIN "Now They Check the Books You Read . " 09.17.02

HUFFINGTON "While Noelle (Bush) has been given every break in the book -- and then some -- her father (Jeb) has made it harder for others in her position to get the help they need by cutting the budgets of drug treatment and drug court programs in his state. He has also actively opposed a proposed ballot initiative that would send an estimated 10,000 non-violent drug offenders into treatment instead of jail. I guess what's good for the goose, gets the gander locked away... Of course, Jeb's wildly inconsistent attitude on the issue -- treatment and privacy for his daughter, incarceration and public humiliation for everyone else -- is part and parcel of the galling hypocrisy that infects America's insane drug war on every level " 09.17.02

PNAC Bush Blueprint For World Domination? "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (PNAC) 09.16.02

DIXON The Politics Behind The PNAC Study (Begins at paragraph 37.) 09.16.02

COCCO "No one has come right out and said forget about your standard of living, your retirement hopes, your ability to pay for drugs you need to stay alive. It is time to look clearly at this failure, and demand an explanation - or action." 09.16.02

GREIDER "The imperial ambitions of the Bush Administration, post-9/11, are founded on quicksand and are eventually sure to founder....The US financial position is rapidly deteriorating, due mainly to America's persistent and growing trade deficit. US ambitions to run the world, in other words, are heavily mortgaged. Like any debtor who borrows more year after year with no plausible way to reverse the trend, a nation sinking deeper into debt enters into an adverse power relationship with its creditors--greater and greater dependency. " 09.16.02

TRAN "A statement from the White House's top economic adviser that the conflict in Iraq would cost the US 'nothing' seems a little naive...That [remark] will be of small consolation to American taxpayers, who will find themselves footing most of the bill for the war, unlike in the Gulf war 10 years ago. On that occasion, America's allies chipped in $48bn out of the total cost of $58bn. This time, the coalition will likely consist of only the US and Britain." 09.16.02

GUARD ED "Iraq campaign may spark global recession.History is not always a reliable guide to the future. But the fact that every global recession in the past 30 years has been preceded first by a crisis in the Middle East and then a spike in the oil price does little to reassure those fretting over the economic consequences of a war on Iraq. It may explain why the International Monetary Fund, a body not given to exaggeration, warned last week that ousting Saddam Hussein would not be "a very healthy development", and one that could lead to the panic selling of shares. " 09.16.02

HERBERT "Paying People To Work, But Not Enough To Live. Barbara Ehrenreich, in her book "Nickel and Dimed," showed how difficult it is for a worker in the United States to survive on wages of $6 to $7 an hour. It's almost impossible. And if that worker has a family to support, forget about it. Which is why so many low-wage workers are toiling away at two jobs, or three, or even more. The plight of the American worker is easily overlooked when the nation is grappling with the threat of international terrorism and the possibility of war with Iraq. But ignoring the economic pressures faced by millions of struggling families carries its own long-term consequences." 09.16.02

GOODMAN It's Time For The U.S. To Join The United Nations 09.16.02

NYT "The evidence that [Saddam] is going after us is limited. The evidence that we are going after him is abundant. If I were him, I would certainly be thinking about how I can pre-position myself to strike back. To some degree, our emphasis on going in is not only an incentive but almost an imperative for him to do something," Mr. Sick said. "It is actually the reverse of deterrence; we are goading him to do more." 09.16.02

SCHNEIDER Cheney Wags The Bush. "Polls show that only one issue works in Bush's favor: terrorism.'Does Morris think the president is, as they say, ``wagging the dog'' to divert attention from other issues? 'He doesn't need to wag the dog,'' Morris writes. ``He just needs to talk about wagging it to make the impact to keep control of Congress.''' 09.16.02

WP Wag The Dog. "Democratic lawmakers and strategists are asking about President Bush's demand that Congress authorize war against Iraq before November's midterm elections. Though few doubt the merits of the case against Saddam Hussein, an increasing number are questioning whether the timing -- 60 days before an election -- was designed to benefit Republican candidates. " 09.16.02

MC QUAIG Media Frenzy Feeds US Delusions Over Attack 09.16.02

NYT TheTwo-Thirds Said To Want War With Iraq Not Found By Reporter 09.16.02

CD Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq 09.16.02

GOLDBERG American Jewish groups support war with Iraq, Causing Dem Disarray. "Usually allied with liberal causes, many American Jews support toppling Saddam Hussein. If there's a peace movement, it will have to get started without them.Observers on both sides say that trend translates into greater Democratic disarray on the question of whether and how to fight the Bush administration's invasion plans." 09.16.02

HA'ARETZ "The new president of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, writer Sami Michael, believes that the conflict with the Palestinians is poisoning Israeli democracy, that Israel's intellectuals are cowards, and that those who demolish Arabs' houses today will do the same tomorrow to Jewish human rights fighters. " 09.16.02

YOUNGE "As the military matériel stacks up in the Gulf, poised to bomb Iraqis into shreds, we need a rapid and radical change in thinking. Unlike the last Gulf war, the Kosovo war or the ongoing war in Afghanistan - in fact unlike any war in recent times - those who oppose Britain's participation in the western bombing of a poor country are part of a large majority. Between 52% and 72% of the public in Britain oppose Britain's involvement in the bombing of Iraq. " 09.16.02

BURLEIGH "This notion that the Iraqi leader is in cahoots with Osama will be easy to feed the American people. To the American people, one bad Arab is the same as the next, and Osama equals Saddam. People who wonder about the Bush war-urgency only need to think about this: There’s a blind spot that needs to be exploited now, before too many journalists get the idea to go inside Iraq and find out what’s really happening.... As much as they hate their dictator, Iraqis hate the Islamists even more." 09.16.02

MARGOLIS "Saddam's Nukes are a Western Myth " 09.16.02

DIEHL Bush Seen As Applying The Same "Relevance" Card To NATO As He Has To The U.N., And He Needs Both. 09.16.02

HATTERSLEY "To believe that Saddam is likely to attack the west - the only justification for war - is to believe he is a suicidal lunatic. That is an allegation that I have not heard even George Bush make against him. Indeed, the president is now barely even bothering to pretend that it is the fear of attack that prompts American action. Only two of the five requirements that he told the United Nations Saddam must meet had anything to do with the security of the United States. The other three concerned moral conduct not military capability. " 09.16.02

MALLABY "The Bush folk have been justly whacked for fighting a war in Afghanistan and then fumbling the reconstruction. But if they repeat this formula in Iraq, their mistake won't be equivalent. It will be worse, much worse. Indeed, it will undermine the whole argument for attacking Iraq in the first place. " 09.16.02

LANDES Americans... Leading the Way... Destroying The Planet. What's The World To Do? 09.16.02

WP "Republicans are using the prospect of federal grants from the Bush administration's "faith-based initiative" to boost support for GOP candidates, especially among black voters in states and districts with tight congressional races this fall. Top government officials overseeing the program, designed to funnel federal social service grants to religious groups, have appeared at Republican-sponsored events and with GOP candidates in at least six states." 09.15.02

NYT "With White House Approval, E.P.A. Pollution Report Omits Global Warming Section " 09.15.02

BRODER "The flight from politics, the mass refusal to participate in the most basic responsibility of a citizen of the republic, would be grounds for criticism at any time. It is particularly unworthy for citizens of a nation that claims before the world the right to judge the acceptability of leaders of other lands -- a nation that promotes "regime change" in Iraq and tells the Palestinians to replace Yasser Arafat. " 09.15.02

WP "Election workers in Janet Reno’s stronghold of Broward County have found uncounted votes from last week’s primary, though officials didn’t say how many. The votes were found Saturday in a precinct that first reported no votes....That precinct, with 832 registered voters, was among 247 that Reno has asked officials to review in her battle with Bill McBride for the Democratic nomination." 09.15.02

CHRISTOPHER " Congress should immediately put aside its partisan differences and pass legislation ensuring that every qualified American can vote and that all votes will be counted. There is no stronger answer to those who would attack democracy" 09.15.02

MURPHY "Just because civic virtues must be learned, does not mean they can be easily taught - and still less that they can be taught in schools. " 09.15.02

GUMBEL "Nobody could justifiably accuse the Bush administration of wanting to wage war on Iraq solely as a favour to its friends in the oil business and the military-industrial complex. But many of the companies that stand to gain most from a war enjoy remarkably close ties to senior figures in the administration. And some of the President's closest confidants have shown extraordinary elasticity down the years in their attitudes to President Saddam, America's on-again, off-again public enemy number one. " 09.15.02

WP "In Iraqi War Scenario, Oil Is Key Issue. U.S. Drillers Eye Huge Petroleum Pool " 09.15.02

WHITAKER "Iraq is unique: oil-rich, governed by fear and dangerous, yet militarily weak enough to contemplate defeating. That is what singles out Saddam Hussein for special treatment. " 09.15.02

INDEPENDENT "George Bush yesterday bluntly told the United Nations to "show some backbone" in obliging Saddam Hussein to comply with long-ignored resolutions on ridding itself of weapons of mass destruction. If the UN fails to deal with Iraq, the United States will, he said. It was the most forceful language yet used by" Bush. 09.15.02

MC GRORY "Consult with the United Nations? George W. Bush's speech sounded more like a pistol-whipping. Either the wimpy, no-account folks in the glass palace on the East River get with his Iraq program or else. " 09.15.02

WEISMAN "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld['s] article advocating a pre-emptive strike against Iraq was recently pulled from The Washington Post at the last minute because of fear at the White House that it might undermine the claim that Mr. Bush had not decided the issue." 09.15.02

STAR ED "The U. N. Security Council has undeniably let Saddam Hussein renege on every commitment he gave to disarm at the end of the Gulf War a decade ago, as Bush told the General Assembly. That the U.N. hasn't held Saddam to account is a scandal....Yet Bush's sincerity remains in doubt. He said the U.S. will work with the Security Council on a resolution demanding that Saddam open Iraq's doors to unfettered weapons inspections. However, he warned that "the purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The just demands of peace and security will be met, or action will be unavoidable ... We cannot stand by and do nothing while dangers gather." For "U.S. purposes," read regime change. But that will require a war which Bush failed to justify yesterday....When Bush spoke, though, he offered not a shred of fresh evidence that Saddam is more of a threat today than he was before U.N. inspectors left Iraq in 1998 ...Bush's strongest argument for war turned out to be purely hypothetical: If Saddam ever does manage to build a nightmare weapon despite relentless U.S. surveillance and U.N. sanctions, and if he is suicidal enough to hand it over to a terrorist, and if the terrorist manages to evade the global dragnet and use the weapon, then we'll regret it. That's an awful lot of 'ifs.'" 09.15.02

IND ED The case for attacking Iraq is still not made


FISK "America's case for war is built on blindness, hypocrisy and lies. George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are wilfully ignoring the realities of the Middle East." 09.15.02

BLAGOV "Russia is now presenting the same kind of logic that the US is using in support of an attack on Iraq. Ivanov told Russian lawmakers on September 11 that Georgia's support to terrorists had been proved far more conclusively than any support to terrorism by Iraq. " 09.15.02

DOWD "The Bush principle of pre-emption is already being adored and exploited by other world leaders who have their own devious uses for it. Pakistan is worried that India will pounce in the Bush manner. And Mr. Bush's soulmate, Vladimir Putin, just warned the U.N. that he might pre-empt rebels in Georgia. " 09.15.02

GUARDIAN "The United Nations fears that Iraq will become ungovernable if Saddam Hussein is deposed by military force because the United States will fail to make a long-term commitment to the country. " 09.15.02

BARTHOS "Washington pays lip service to the notion that America's long-term security can't be guaranteed only by the sword. Yet it has discouragingly little to say about the positive contribution ploughshares can make. America could become a beacon of hope for millions, not just a target for a few. And at less than the current cost of waging war, hiking defence spending and terror-proofing the continent." 09.15.02

GWYN "Bush, of course, has shown his true feelings toward internationalism and multilateralism by his dismissive attitude to everything from the Kyoto environmental accord to the International Criminal Court, to arms control agreements.Hypocrisy, though, has always been the highest tribute that vice (or whatever) can pay to virtue - besides being an essential tool of diplomacy...Without the U.N., the U.S. is exposed as a bully, shaping international events with no concern for anything except its national interests and the political interests of those in power (such as getting a lot more Republicans elected, as Bush's tough speech will do)." 09.15.02

TOYNBEE "Curiously, the louder Bush and Blair call for an end to this villain, the less convincing it sounds. Why now? That remains the perplexing question. Containment works well: few observers think Saddam can launch anything under present no-fly, daily bombing pressure. What is Bush's obsession? It remains a mystery.... It appears to spring from a new ideology, a neo-conservative dream which Charles Krauthammer, guru of the right, calls the US's "uniquely benign imperium"....A small cultish sect is battling for the "imperium" within this bizarre administration, resisted by mainstream Republicans." 09.15.02

GUARDIAN "Senior US officials have warned sceptics not to expect either Bush or Blair to produce a 'smoking Iraqi gun'. Instead, Bush administration officials have said, the case against Iraq will be constructed from a 'mosaic' of new reports underscoring warnings about Iraq's military ambitions.... [Sources] say that while the 'headlines' of the document may be familiar, describing Iraq's retention of hidden stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, while pursuing anew its efforts to acquire a nuclear bomb, it is the new detail produced by the intelligence community that will be persuasive. It is on this detail that the legitimacy of war against Iraq will be judged. " 09.15.02

O'FARRELL Bush's U.N. "message was that the only way to ensure UN policy was implemented was to change it to American policy. Some of the more subversive translators were having great fun. Bush said: "Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding or will it be irrelevant?" And into the headphones of one European minister came the translation: "Listen, suckers, I'm going to bomb who the bloody hell I like, so sod the lot of you!" 09.15.02

BLAGOV Russia's U.N. Vote. "Russia, Iraq's largest trading partner, fears that a war could hurt its economic interests in Iraq, which owes the Russian government more than US$7 billion. Russian oil companies have extensive investments in Iraq and are looking for substantial profits in the near future. Russia and Iraq are negotiating a ten-year trade agreement in oil, agriculture, transportation and energy worth $40 billion.... A leaked report in March that the Pentagon's nuclear policy continues to include Russia as a possible target provoked strong anti-US comments in the Russian media, and came as reminder that the Cold War is not entirely over. The US has been seen as disregarding Russian interests in withdrawing from the antiballistic missile treaty, in missile defenses, in tariffs on steel and in its military penetration into Central Asia. An opinion poll in May indicated that two-thirds of Russians do not see the US as a friendly nation." 09.15.02

CHANCELLOR "As war with Iraq looms, the lives of thousands may depend on the egos of leaders on both sides....It would be a pity if thousands of people had to die just to make these leaders look strong." 09.15.02

MC QUAIG "Criticizing Washington these days leaves one vulnerable to the charge of anti-Americanism. With its demands for blind, unquestioning loyalty, and talk of good and evil, the world's only superpower seems to be increasingly taking on the characteristics of a cult. Above all, the U.S. media have filtered out anything that could lead viewers to question why so many people around the world feel such bitterness toward Washington....The media pretty much accepted Bush's explanation that those who hate the U.S. are simply jealous of its freedoms - an explanation that might be satisfying but delusional, like a girl convincing herself other girls hate her because she's pretty, when it might be because they think she's a jerk. Even after a full year of media "analysis" of 9/11, Americans still have little knowledge of brutal U.S. foreign interventions...or the enormous power and wealth imbalances in the world.... How could Americans have such knowledge, when their media, following the White House script, consistently present U.S. actions abroad as well-meaning efforts to bring democracy to other parts of the world, rather than aggressive attempts to advance U.S. economic and political power." 09.15.02

RASPBERRY "What [Bush's U.N.] speech did not offer is any evidence that Hussein is amassing weapons of mass destruction for use against the United States. That, as far as I can understand it, is the charge on which the American-executed death penalty would be based. Without that evidence, the rationale seems to go something like this: Saddam Hussein has "dissed" the United Nations and menaced his neighbors, and if the United Nations is too chicken to do anything about it, then America will. " 09.14.02

NYT ED "Bush has outlined his strategy for dealing with Iraq, but he has not shown that immediate action is warranted. " 09.14.02

NYT Bush Publicly Badmouths Idea Of Iraq Meeting U.N. Demands. Possibly Looking At Dec. To Begin Bombing. 09.14.02

NYT U.S. Moves to Persuade Security Council to Confront Iraq on Arms Inspections. 09.14.02

WP Putin Hints at Cooperation in Return for Free Hand in Georgia 09.14.02

AP "Egypt's foreign minister said his government would support a U.S. strike on Iraq but only if it were permitted under a U.N. Security Council resolution. " 09.14.02

WP Baghdad indicates allowing arms inspectors back won't solve dispute. 09.14.02

RICH "If the Democrats can't challenge the president about taxes, they certainly won't about war. " 09.14.02

NYT Democrats, Wary of War in Iraq, Also Worry About Battling Bush On It. 09.14.02

WP Democratic Hopefuls Back Bush on Iraq. Gephardt, Lieberman, Edwards Support Launching Preemptive Strike 09.14.02

WP ED "MOST OF THREE months has passed since President Bush laid out his vision for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and still there has been next to no follow-up by his administration.... Despite the president's clarion call for Palestinian democracy, the administration has quietly joined Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in opposing the holding of Palestinian national elections anytime in the near future. In effect, what the president cast on June 24 as a major initiative for Middle East peace has all but vanished; in its place is a suddenly all-consuming campaign against Iraq that could soon lead to a new Middle East war." 09.14.02

SCHUMER "Installing devices that could detect nuclear weapons as terrorists attempt to smuggle them into the country would cost far less than an invasion of Iraq. " 09.14.02

WP ED "ONE CHALLENGE of homeland security is that most of the infrastructure that needs protecting is privately owned. How much protection do power plants, waterworks and pipelines need, and who should decide? The Senate may shortly face a subset of these questions in the form of a proposal to require tighter security for chemical plants and other facilities that handle or store hazardous materials. In this case, at least, the potential dangers are so frightening that voluntary measures by private interests are not enough. Congress should endorse federal standards and enforcement. " 09.14.02

WP "In an increasingly eerie replay of the 2000 presidential election in Florida, former attorney general Janet Reno Friday demanded a statewide, manual recount of the votes in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary. But state officials said that was not possible under Florida law. " 09.14.02

WP Dirty Little Secret. Demands For Fair Voting Threaten To Swamp Poorly Trained, Inept Poll Workers 09.14.02

WP Gov. Ventura Still Waiting For An Apology From The Bush Administration 09.14.02

WEISBROT "Today's "economic draft" continues a long tradition of having poor and working people fight and die for the ambitions of the rich and powerful. And it is perhaps more clear than ever that this is what our troops will be fighting and dying for. While the Bush Administration has (for now) given up on its attempts to link Saddam Hussein to September 11 or to terrorism, and has offered scant new evidence of a security threat from Iraq, there are other reasons for war. The economy is sputtering, and a number of scandals threaten to ruin this Presidency. The President himself profited from accounting scams very similar to those that brought down Enron while he was a director of Harken Energy Corporation. Cheney is under even more suspicion for his chairmanship at Halliburton, which includes -- among other things -- accounting irregularities and his own $18.5 million profit from selling stock not long before bad news about the company became public. Then there is the most massive intelligence failure in American history -- the ignored or unnoticed warning signals of September 11. Add in various corporate accountability scandals (including Enron) and voters' anger and disgust, and any of the likely domestic issues in the November elections -- for example, Medicare and prescription drugs, Social Security -- and it is easy to see why this administration is eager to embrace war. Without even a single shot being fired, the Bush Administration has managed to shove aside almost all the issues that could hurt them politically, and focus the media's attention on Iraq. " 09.13.02

NATION "The UN Gambit. It is a reasonable supposition that shooting will begin in some form sooner or later. And if Bush has his way on Capitol Hill, sooner than the November elections." 09.13.02

KESSLER Bush Has Now Decided to Preempt Potential Threats. "His speech underscores the emerging strategy to combat threats even before they fully materialize...The president's catalogue of charges against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein contained no new revelations, and in fact included complaints -- such as Hussein's gassing of Iranians -- that are more than a decade old....Yet the president left little doubt that the United States reserves the right to strike first against a potentially hostile government...He offered no proof that Hussein has supplied terrorists with weapons of mass destruction, or even considered taking such a step. But, he contended, the possibility is enough to warrant an immediate response." 09.13.02

PLESCH "Iraq first, Iran and China next . Weapons of mass destruction aren't the issue, it's about global control. President Bush's concern over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is a pretext for a global strategy of pre-emptive attack. He and his advisers intend to establish precedents with Iraq that can be used against other states that stand out against US global control. " 09.13.02

WP "Observers: Evidence For War Lacking. Report Against Iraq Holds Little That's New ." 09.13.02

DIONNE "When Bush laid out the six demands that Iraq must meet if it "wishes peace," he did not propose, as many of America's allies wish he would, one more try at tough and intrusive inspections....The administration has offered shifting rationales for going after Hussein and has not been able to draw a clear link between the Iraqi dictator and Sept. 11....It's now clear: President Bush is resting his case for war against Saddam Hussein on nukes....Congress should not be rushed into a vote on war before the administration has made clear why such a vote is required now. Like it or not, the suspicion would always exist that a war vote was being pushed for political purposes, to influence this fall's elections and to box Democrats into voting to give Bush what he wants or face charges of "softness. " 09.13.02

ALBRIGHT Bush Is Putting Cart Before The Horse. "I hope...that the president will not be pushed by his hard-line advisers into an unwise timetable for military action. We should pick this fight at a moment that best suits our interests. And right now, our primary interest remains the thorough destruction and disruption of Al Qaeda and related terrorist networks....Although the president's speech yesterday was persuasive in many respects, he was neither specific nor compelling in his effort to link Saddam Hussein to other, more urgent threats." 09.13.02

KRISTOF "War should be a last resort instead of the first tool that President Bush grabs off the shelf. " 09.13.02

ZUNES The Case Against War 09.13.02

NYT ED Bush "must demonstrate sincerity about working closely with the U.N. on Iraq, and developing a thoughtful and resourceful plan. He must not treat yesterday's speech as a symbolic gesture that can quickly be set aside to make way for an American attack....Mr. Bush spoke hopefully of a democratic Iraq one day joining a democratic Afghanistan and democratic Palestine, topics of two other of his eloquent speeches in recent months. But such places do not yet exist and there has been little progress in making them a reality." 09.13.02

WP ED "If the United Nations remains passive in the face of this long-standing and flagrant violation of its authority in a matter involving weapons of mass destruction, it certainly will risk the irrelevance of which Mr. Bush warned. " 09.13.02

FISK "The President insisted on telling us again. Saddam had repeatedly flouted UN Security Council resolutions; no mention here, of course, of Israel's flouting of resolutions 242 and 338 demanding an end to the occupation of Palestinian land.Mr Bush spoke of the tens of thousands of opponents of Saddam Hussein who had been arrested and imprisoned and summarily executed and tortured - "all of these horrors concealed from the world by the apparatus of a totalitarian state" But there was no mention, unfortunately, that all these beatings and burnings and electric shocks and mutilations and rapes were being merrily perpetrated when America was on very good terms with Iraq before 1990, when the Pentagon was sending intelligence information to Saddam to help him kill more Iranians. " 09.13.02

GUARD ED "But while Mr Bush is right to say that the UN's credibility will be undermined if its resolutions are ignored and its weapons inspectors remain excluded, the damage may be even greater if, faced ultimately by a UN that will not do its bidding, the US goes ahead and attacks Iraq anyway. The damage will be far-reaching if the US does not now apply the same standards of compliance to other states such as Israel, China, Russia and Turkey that have often and repeatedly defied the international community's will. The damage may be incalculable if, in the future, the US continues to veto or block UN actions it does not welcome simply because they do not serve the narrow US national interest. Support for the UN's integrity cannot be selective. For Mr Bush and the US, a la carte multilateralism is not an option. " 09.13.02

CORN "Bush presented no heretofore unknown information about the threat posed by Iraq. And he offered no specific proposals on how to deal with the threat--real or hyped. He was making a case for despising Hussein (as if that was needed). But his case for war against Iraq remained vague. His message [to the UN] was, either you do something, or I will. That is, Bush said nothing new. " 09.13.02

TOYNBEE "Even now, the drafters are working at a UN resolution to square (or fudge) the needs of the US war party with French and Russian hesitation. Deals are brokered, poor countries' arms are twisted with aid and trade while Russia may be allowed to kill a few more Chechens. But a deal there must be. The only ones who hope the UN fumbles are the Rumsfeld/Cheney warriors who want no straitjacket, no option for Saddam to avoid the war now sharpening its knives on his borders. Moving command headquarters from Florida to Qatar could hardly send a louder message: America wants war, America means war. " 09.13.02

TYLER "Bush made no case today that Mr. Hussein's government in Baghdad was connected in any way to the terrorists who plotted the hijackings and assault on the United States. Nor did he share any new intelligence that Iraq has made any significant strides in rebuilding its arsenal of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons....Instead, the president moved on to new ground, arguing that the credibility of the United Nations and a secure world order require that the international community respond to the intolerable threat Mr. Bush says is posed by Iraq's "weapons of mass murder," developed to brandish against America and its allies." 09.13.02

IGNATIUS "In arguing the case for going to war, the intelligence officials don't appear to be worried about the Iraqi military, its air defense, its nuclear program, its links to al Qaeda or its ability to mobilize global support. And they doubt there will be much instability in the Arab world, as long as the Iraqi people seem happy and other countries such as Syria, Jordan and Egypt share in the economic windfall that would come from rebuilding Iraq. So what frightens them? The very fact that Saddam Hussein will go down fighting as hard as he can. "He knows we're going for his throat," says one of the intelligence officials. 'That will focus his mind on the dark end of the spectrum.'" 09.13.02

HA'ARETZ "What Sharon wants is pretty clear. But if you're riding on the back of tiger, it's not a bad idea to think about what might happen tomorrow. What if Bush's plan to replace evil regimes with good regimes falls through? What if Saddam stays put, or a Shi'ite regime takes his place? What will we be up against then? What will the sheikh's son look like? What price will we pay for our lack of initiative and inaction when there is no longer anyone to fall back on, and we are surrounded on all sides by those who have scores to settle and hunger for revenge?" 09.13.02

NYT "The State Department site [has] been providing a link to a Web site run by the Republican National Committee despite federal laws prohibiting government resources from being used for partisan purposes.The link was not removed until late this afternoon, after a reporter asked about it. State Department officials said they were not sure how long the link had been operating. But one person who noticed it said it was operating as early as Sept. 5." 09.13.02

NYT Under Bush IRS Staff Shrinking, Probes Of Average Wage Earner Have Taken Heat Off The Wealthy. "Articles showed that the working poor are audited far more often than high-income taxpayers. " 09.13.02

KRUGMAN "It's foolish and dangerous to minimize the potential economic consequences of war, let alone claim that it will be good for the economy. " 09.13.02

WP House Republicans Hate Credit Card Bankruptacy, But They Hate Pro-Abortionists Even More, So Bankruptacy Bill Is Stalled 09.13.02

GRAY Ordered Into Debt. Pentagon Brass Force Credit Debt On Soldiers and Sailors. 09.13.02

NYT "As postal authorities scramble to strengthen security of the mail, they face a daunting realization: the process will take years, it will cost at least a billion dollars and until it is finished the nation is probably even more vulnerable than it was last fall, when anthrax-tainted letters killed five people, sickened at least 17 more and caused widespread disruption and fear." 09.13.02

AP "Sen. Patrick Leahy urged Thursday that the government explore the possibility of a terrorist link to an outbreak of West Nile virus that has killed 54 people this year....A report issued in July 2000 by the minority staff of the Senate Government Affairs Committee said "law enforcement, public health, and intelligence officials have investigated the possibility that West Nile virus resulted from a bioterrorist attack but believe that this is very unlikely." 09.13.02

SH "It is thought the information contained in the Senate committee reports is likely to make up much of the 'evidence of proof' that Bush and Blair will reveal in the coming days to justify the US and Britain going to war with Iraq. It is unlikely, however, that the two leaders will admit it was the Western powers that armed Saddam with these weapons of mass destruction [,which include the West Nile virus]. " 09.13.02

WP "The nightmare scenario that Florida spent nearly two years and millions of dollars trying to avert unspooled in surreal fashion Wednesday as stacks of uncounted votes and tales of ballot box foul-ups left one of the nation's most closely watched primary races unresolved. " "People Don't Trust Our Ability To Run An Election," Says Miami-Dade Mayor. 09.12.02

SPT Jocular Jeb Jokes About His New Florida Voting Screw-ups. "What is it with Democrats having a hard time voting -- I don't know." 09.12.02

IVINS "When corporations are fined for breaking the law, they can deduct the fine from their tax bill. This puts the rest of us taxpayers in the unhappy position of subsidizing corporate misbehavior." 09.12.02

NYT Bush Wants To Leave Kids Behind For Tax Cuts To Rich.. "Mr. Bush wants to continue child care spending at the current level, $4.8 billion a year. The House would increase that, to $5.2 billion a year, while the Senate Finance Committee bill would provide at least $5.9 billion a year. " 09.12.02

WP ED Bush Wants To Leave World Behind For Tax Cuts To Rich. "The battle against AIDS requires a huge commitment of resources. But even in a time of terrorist threats and budget stringency, it is a commitment that the United States must make. It's sad to see the president and Congress wavering even on the modest commitments already made." 09.12.02

SOLOMON "One Year After. A Meditation On Our Vanishing Liberties. " 09.12.02

LAT ED "We encourage Congress to stop asking questions and start telling the attorney general what the courts have said: that even in wartime, America is not a dictatorship. " 09.12.02

MC GRORY "A report from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights tells us of the liberties [Bush] has taken with our civil liberties since the war on terrorism began. The report is depressing reading. Attorney General John Ashcroft led the charge to ring down the curtain of secrecy on the unfortunate immigrants who made the authorities suspicious. The roundups, isolation and secret hearings held on these cases are rather conspicuous constitutional violations, but Ashcroft is adamant and reproaches federal judges who protest." 09.12.02

NYT "In the final days of her five years in office, Mary Robinson, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, has sharply criticized the United States for eroding civil liberties at home and human rights standards around the world since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. " 09.12.02

NYT ED "In a dark moment for the American legal system, a federal appeals court met behind closed doors earlier this week to hear the Justice Department argue for increased power to wiretap suspected spies and terrorists. The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, a special panel established to oversee such wiretaps, violated two cherished principles of American judicial process: it met in secret, and it allowed only one side in a controversy to be heard." 09.12.02

RALL "The Bush Administration's hard right turn after 9-11 forces all Americans to take firm stands on various issues. If you say that you support George W. Bush, many people will assume that you despise the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, working people and the middle class. "Isn't there some middle ground?" a friend asked me the other day. "Can't I be a moderate Republican?" Not any more. Neo-McCarthyism is at war with democracy, and it's time for every American to stand up and be counted. " 09.12.02

ARIANNA "On Sept. 12, 2001, we resolved not to stay sitting stunned in front of our TV screens but to get out and do something for our nation....Who on Sept. 12 would have imagined that one year later a vital Homeland Security bill would be bottled up in Congress -- stalled by partisan bickering? That the most talked about initiative of our new Homeland Security czar would be his laughably lame color-coded terror warnings? That our airports would still be as porous as the S.S. Minnow, with security screeners routinely failing to detect guns, knives, and simulated explosives smuggled on board by undercover investigators? That a grand total of one person would have been charged in connection with 9/11? Or that business leaders would be marking the anniversary of the attacks by lobbying the White House to back off on heightened security procedures at ports and border checkpoints implemented in the wake of 9/11 because of their negative effect on corporate America's bottom line? " 09.12.02

REEVES "The Financial Times concludes that around the world, "The initial outpouring of support for America from the most unlikely corners of the world (after Sept. 11) has been replaced by ... fear and loathing." And the people in charge here don't give a damn. You're for us or against us. " 09.12.02

RIDGEWAY "Behind the memorial candles and commercial remembrances lies one of the most astute marketing campaigns in American political history. This week, as the nation marks the first anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the Bush administration will twist voters' outpouring of raw emotion and patriotic fervor into a launching pad for the inevitable invasion of Iraq." 09.12.02

STEEL The Bush "line seems to be that if you oppose war with Iraq, you don't care about the victims in New York. How does this apply to the growing number of relatives of those who died in New York who are prepared to speak out against war? It must be because they didn't like their relatives. And it is a novel approach to grieving, that war helps you through a trauma. Perhaps this will catch on, and grief counsellors will advise: "You might consider easing the pain by bombing a random country. One of my clients thought he'd never get over the loss of his mother, but he fired a cruise missile at a Greek village and now he can begin the healing process. " 09.12.02

HOAGLAND Iraq Attacker Says Bush's Purpose Is To "Deal With" Iraq "While Putting Democrats On The Patriotic Hot Seat In A Close And Vital Election." [Recall, Rove has discussed war as a political plus for the GOP.]. 09.12.02

AP "President Bush is ready to make a fresh call on Iraq to admit weapons inspectors while his strategists consider setting a deadline with serious consequences if the appeal is rejected, even as old allies withhold support.The implicit warning of U.S. military action to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would be in a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have to avert veto by Russia, China and France to pass." 09.12.02

HA'ARETZ "Over the years, United Nations inspection teams in Iraq have notched several successes, but their ability to expose Saddam's potential for producing weapons of mass destruction turned out to be rather limited. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to suffice with less-than-perfect inspections, primarily the risk that an American attack could shake the stability of other Arab regimes, or even spawn a crop of new Saddam Husseins. " 09.12.02

RITTER "I know that inspections did work. We achieved a 90 to 95 percent level of verified, absolutely certain accountability for Iraq's weapons program, including all the factories and associated production equipment...I'm not giving Iraq a clean bill of health. But, again, we're talking about war here, Paula, not about a game of diplomatic chess. Let's get the inspectors back in, let's get them to find out what the ultimate disposition of these weapons programs are and if Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction program, thank goodness, we just diffused a war. And I think that's a good thing worth trying to do. " 09.12.02

CONASON "So should the consultations between the United Nations secretariat and the Iraqi foreign ministry bring forth a sufficiently stringent inspection proposal, then Mr. Bush could claim credit for that result. He’d be fairly entitled to do so, moreover, because four years of stalemate would at last have yielded to the threat of war. With that trademark sly smile, he could even hint that this less bloody outcome was exactly what he’d been seeking all along. And nobody would really be sure whether or not he was telling the truth, but that would hardly matter." 09.12.02

KAISER "We're still too close to these events to see them all clearly, but it's not too soon to see that the Bush administration's initial sure-footedness has given way to a stumbling clumsiness. This has been a bad summer for American diplomacy. It isn't easy for the world's leading power to alarm all of its allies in a matter of months, but this is what the United States has done, for purposes that remain mysterious. " 09.12.02

VIORST "In suggesting that our forces will dispose of Saddam Hussein in a war that is quick and painless, President Bush is clearly choosing not to consider the worst-case scenario. " 09.12.02

GORDON/SCHMITT Move to Gulf by Key Unit Could Set Staff for Iraq War. 09.12.02

WALTER "Now that Tony Blair's campaign to win the British public over to war has begun in earnest, he knows that he must convince on two fronts. First, he must convince us that Saddam Hussein poses a direct threat to our safety. Second, he must convince us that a war on Iraq would bring benefits to the Iraqi people and the entire region. " 09.12.02

KETTLE Blair "gets grief because there is a profound disjunction between what he wants to believe about [the Bush] administration and what is in fact the case. But this administration has trashed the [moral] rules that Blair wants to play by. Rather than face that reality head on, he pretends, in public at least, that it does not exist....Blair faces a choice between heart and head, and between loyalty and truth. He risks allowing excess loyalty and insufficient clarity to make the wrong call." 09.12.02

BRUNI "Across the world, people mourned what happened on Sept. 11 but were skeptical about the way America conducts itself. " 09.12.02

NYT Pakistan Wants No Part in an Attack on Iraq. 09.12.02

MARTIN "The best intelligence suggests that the next major military strike by the Bush administration, now drumming up support for an imminent war on Iraq, will draw in response an equally intense virtual assault. A report by Dartmouth College's Institute for Security Technology Studies examined cyberwar overseas—with particular attention to the conflicts in Serbia and the Middle East—and concluded that virtual onslaughts "immediately accompany physical attacks." By the logic of that analysis, if Bush moves on Saddam Hussein after the midterm elections, we would see the first full-on blitz before Christmas. " 09.12.02

SCHEER "Sept. 11 could have been avoided if our intelligence agencies had done their job. " 09.12.02

NR "With the help of the FBI, the Saudis and the bin Laden family chartered an aircraft to pick up family members in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Washington, D.C. The bin Laden plane then flew the relatives to Boston, where — one week after the attacks — the group left Logan Airport bound for Jeddah....[A phone call produced a response] that seemed a clear hint that the White House was involved, but the White House declined immediate comment, saying it would look into the matter." 09.12.02

BBC "The Palestinian cabinet has resigned en masse rather than face defeat in a vote of no confidence in parliament.... Correspondents said the cabinet had faced almost certain defeat in Wednesday's vote as most Palestine Legislative Council deputies believed that Mr Arafat had not done enough to meet internal and international calls for reform. " 09.12.02

NYT Smith Goes Down In N.H., Reno Trails In Florida, Florida Gay Rights Haters Defeated. 09.11.02

AP Nation on heightened alert for 9/11 anniversary. 09.11.02

DOWD "We liberated Afghanistan, which was good for Afghanistan. But what else had been accomplished? Oma et cetera remain unaccounted for. Al Qaeda has regrouped and is said to be plotting smaller attacks against American targets.It is still startling that not a single head has rolled at the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. George Tenet has escaped the fate of his counterparts at Enron and Arthur Andersen." .11.02

WP ED "Mr. Bush himself has contributed to the business-as-usual atmosphere. He has done so by devoting much time to political fundraising and by bringing the war into the political arena, thereby putting at risk the national cohesion needed to fight such a war. He has done so by dramatically increasing the budgets for the military and for homeland defense while refusing to find ways to pay for those increases. In defending his favored ideology of tax cuts as though the nation were not at war, as though nothing had changed, he has left himself poorly placed to counsel sacrifice and flexibility in others. And while he has embraced the notion that America must fight for a higher purpose, Mr. Bush has yet to act as though his rhetoric persuades him. It is right that the United States must be fighting for liberty and opportunity and not just against Islamic terrorists, as the president has said. But in practice he still balks at rebuilding Afghanistan, devoting sufficient money for schools in poor countries, and promoting democracy among U.S. allies. " 09.11.02

CHUCKMAN 9/11: The Day The Earth Stood Still 09.11.02

SCHAMA "The dead and the guilty. On the questions Americans should be asking on the anniversary of September 11. " 09.11.02

FISK "The September 11 attacks were an undoubted outrage. But, says The Independent's Middle East correspondent, they were an inevitable result of the great gulf between the Arabs and the US. " 09.11.02

DWYER Investigating 9/11: An Unimaginable Calamity, Still Largely Unexamined. Why? 09.11.02

HERTSGAARD "Why we still don't get it, one year on . Americans are badly served by semi-official media propaganda." 09.11.02

VARIOUS 9/11 thoughts from Mark Crispin Miller, David Thomson, Richard Stallman and more. 09.11.02

SALON Forbidden thoughts about 9/11 09.11.02

MARQUEZ Now we know what we've lost: Civil liberties 09.11.02

SHAPIRO The courts and even some of his allies have turned against John Ashcroft and his attack on civil rights -- and he has only his own bungling and overreaching to blame. 09.11.02

CARROLL "The cavalier belligerence with which President Bush and Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice speak of America's impending war against Iraq raises the key question: Do they know that death is about to become our nation's purpose? Deaths of soldiers. Deaths of old men, women, and children. Deaths of Arabs, Americans, perhaps Israelis. Deaths of the many who will die in consequential violence of legitimized ''preventive war. " 09.11.02

MARQUEZ "The public wants a smoking gun -- evidence to invade Iraq. No problem. The Bushies paint mushroom clouds of hysteria in this war against terrorism.. " 09.11.02

AP Iraq Challenges U.S. To Provide One Piece Of Evidence 09.11.02

WP Dems: Bush Has Failed To Make Case For Iraq Attack. Wait Until January For Senate Vote. 1.02

SOLOMON The Powell trap. Easing us into war. 09.11.02

KEANE "The American people don't believe - at least yet - that Saddam poses a clear and present danger to them. If Mr Bush goes to war without convincing the American people he is risking his presidency. The qualms of people in Moscow, London and Paris, not to mention the Arab capitals, may count for little in the reckonings of Cheney and Rumsfeld. But the growing voice of dissent in America itself is something they would be foolish to ignore. America's vibrant democracy is the best guarantee we have against the excesses of American power." 09.11.02

NYT Arab Anger at U.S. Said to Be at New High. 09.11.02

MANDELA In a rare interview, the South African demands that George W. Bush win United Nations support before attacking Iraq. 09.11.02

AARONOVITCH ""Within the Bush administration, those who read all the wrong lessons from the twin towers experience have been allowed to strut their stuff. Now we have the unilateral doctrine of pre-emption. There's a terrorist. Right, go in, wipe him out, give the good guys a hand for a bit, get out. End of story. After all, it worked in Afghanistan. The loudest voices this summer have belonged to men like the number three in the State Department, Dick Cheney's protégé, John R. Bolton who once said (as quoted by Frances Fitzgerald in this month's New York Review of Books): "There is no such thing as the United Nations. There is an international community that can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that is the United Sates, when it suits our interests and when we can get others to go along." 09.11.02

AFP Israel Authorizes US To Use Its Military Bases 09.11.02

AVNERY "The war plan of the Bushies makes sense only if the US leadership is ready - more than that, is actually longing for - the occupation of Iraq in order to remain there for many-many years. Such an occupation will necessitate a big investment of troops and resources. It will commit large military forces for a long time. That is why the plan is opposed by the American generals (including the Secretary of State, General Colin Powell). But in the eyes of Bush and his advisers, this is a very worthwhile investment that would yield immense benefits...People like Bush and Sharon do not march to the beat of history. They are listening to a different drummer." 09.11.02

HA'ARETZ "The purity of arms is our guiding principle," the brigade commander said, concluding his briefing after his soldiers opened fire on an innocent family with flechettes - shells that disperse nails to make them more lethal - and killed a mother, her two children and a cousin, and wounded several more youths and a toddler who were just about to settle down to sleep for the night in huts in their vineyard. " 09.11.02

HA'ARETZ "This is what Israeli policy has achieved: The creation of new soldiers and suicide bombers for disorganized armies that rise and fall, while everyone else grows more convinced than ever that what Israel really wants is a Palestinian surrender, and not peace with the Palestinians " 09.11.02

WP Senate Defies Bush on Drought Aid. Huge Bipartisan Majority Approves $6 Billion in Relief for Farmers, Ranchers 09.11.02

MST Ventura seeks White House apology for his wife and children. 09.11.02

AP Police: Noelle Bush caught with crack cocaine. 09.11.02

MSNBC Canadian Senate Panel backs legalizing pot in Canada. 09.11.02

CONASON Money Paying Readers React To Addition Of Another Rabid Conservative Voice (Andrew Sullivan) To Salon Staff 09.11.02

MANJOO "Netscape won't dislodge Internet Explorer from its hegemony over browser space. But its open-source sibling is aiming at even bigger game: Windows. " [Bush Watch readers sometimes report problems with Netscape.] 09.11.02

NYT "When most Americans sell stock they must pay taxes on their profits by the following April 15. But a few Americans are delaying taxes on their stock profits for years or decades - or, in some cases, never paying at all. It's all perfectly legal - but only if you have $5 million of stocks and bonds. And only if you promise to keep it secret. It's one example of how the tax laws currently grant certain favors only to the very wealthiest...A Treasury spokeswoman, Tara Bradshaw, said the Bush administration was not currently considering any action on exchange funds. " 09.10.02

LEAHY "The [Bush-Ashcroft] Department of Justice made some major mistakes. They did not pay attention to the so-called Phoenix memo, which told them that some of these people wanted were on the terrorist lookout (list) were out trying to take flying lessons. Then (FBI Agent) Coleen Rowley in Minneapolis testified before my committee that information that they developed was not being used. That was a problem at the Department of Justice. Ironically, a lot of that was coming in the weeks before Sept. 11 being shunted aside, not being followed-up on. then it turned out on Sept. 10, that Attorney General Ashcroft was recommending that they cut very substantially the courterterrorism budget that had been put in place by the Clinton administration. All that has been in the press and all that is accurate. " 09.10.02

FLOCCO "Nine hundred families of September 11 victims recently filed a trillion-dollar lawsuit against members of the royal Saudi family, businessmen worth a combined $5 billion, and banks and charities. The lawsuit accuses them of financing Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban government. And one of the defendants - Saudi Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz -- will likely draw increasing attention in coming months due to his past business relationships with President George W. Bush - the sweetheart deals he made during the elder Bush's presidency....Mahfouz's past also includes business dealings with George W. Bush, having invested $50,000 in the younger Bush's first company, Arbusto Energy, through his U.S. representative James R. Bath ,an aircraft broker and friend of Mr. Bush from their days together in the Texas Air National Guard." 09.10.02

CAMPBELL "A series of anti-war meetings in LA may represent a nascent peace movement mirroring the Vietnam protests." 09.10.02

SONTAG "Since last Sept. 11, the Bush administration has told the American people that America is at war. But this war is of a peculiar nature. It seems to be, given the nature of the enemy, a war with no foreseeable end. What kind of war is that?...This antiterror war can never end. That is one sign that it is not a war but, rather, a mandate for expanding the use of American power. When the government declares war on cancer or poverty or drugs it means the government is asking that new forces be mobilized to address the problem. It also means that the government cannot do a whole lot to solve it. When the government declares war on terrorism - terrorism being a multinational, largely clandestine network of enemies - it means that the government is giving itself permission to do what it wants. When it wants to intervene somewhere, it will. It will brook no limits on its power." 09.10.02

LITHWICK "In declaring this “war” the president and John Ashcroft have seized the executive authority of wartime and used it mainly to distort the domestic legal mechanisms of peacetime....In a recent Gallup Poll, 60 percent of Americans said that the president is “about right” in restricting our civil liberties to fight terrorism, and 25 percent say he hasn’t gone far enough. Why is the public willing to accept this secrecy and arrogation of power? Well, because we’re terrified, for one thing, but also because we have come to believe that increased security usually requires sacrificing civil liberties. While this is true, the converse is not. Giving up civil liberties - any and all of them, indiscriminately - does not necessarily bring security. We will not be safer from terrorism if the government restricts our right to vote. And we are not necessarily safer because the state has done away with the right to judicial review. " 09.10.02

NYT ED The Enemies Of Freedom Are Both Home And Abroad. "As the Bush administration continues down its path, the American people need to make clear that they have learned from history and will not allow their rights to be rolled back. The world has changed since Sept. 11, but the values this country was founded on have not. Fear is no guide to the Constitution. We must fight the enemies of freedom abroad without yielding to those at home. " 09.10.02

KRUGMAN "The challenge now is to find a way to cope with the threat of terrorism without losing the freedom and prosperity that make America the great nation it is." 09.10.02

BERKOWITZ ""The public is waking up to the futility and destructiveness of the so-called war on drugs," Mirken said. "This exhibit's dishonest, hypocritical attempt to hitch the DEA's wagon to the popular effort against terrorism is a sign of how desperate they've become. I wonder how Asa Hutchinson sleeps at night. " 09.10.02

NYT "U.S. intelligence officials say that Al Qaeda operatives who found refuge in Pakistan are starting to regroup and move back into Afghanistan. " 09.10.02

BBC "The Arab world risks trapping its growing and youthful population in poverty if it does not start modernising fast, a report suggests....Arab countries have squandered their mineral wealth....Rock-bottom educational standards, high tariffs, closed economies, rampant corruption - are all contributing to the stagnation of the 16 countries the 400-page report identifies as making up the Arab World....Combined with "exploding population growth" (as the report puts it), urgent change is needed, the report says. " 09.10.02

LEWIS "The reasons for {Muslim] hatred are known and historically attested; the hatred has been growing steadily for many years and has been intensified by the conduct of some of the rulers whom we call friends and allies and whom their own people see and resent as American puppets. A more important question, less frequently asked, is the reason for the contempt with which they regard us. The basic reason for this contempt is what they perceive as the rampant immorality and degeneracy of the American way -- contemptible but also dangerous, because of its corrupting influence on Muslim societies. " 09.10.02

NYT "Senator Bob Graham, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, calls the Bush administration's focus on Iraq a distraction from the campaign against terrorism and lists Syria and Iran as countries that should be the first targets of any aggressive effort against state sponsors of terrorist activity. " 09.10.02

MATTHEWS "I hate this war that’s coming in Iraq. I don’t think we’ll be proud of it. We Americans are reluctant warriors. We fight when attacked. We didn’t even invade Cuba when we learned the Russians had missiles there. We didn’t want to do to them what the Japanese had done to us. I’m afraid this crowd around President Bush would have. They also would have gone to an all-out war a generation later when those Iranian students grabbed our diplomats. I oppose this war because it will create a millennium of hatred and the suicidal terrorism that comes with it. You talk about Bush trying to avenge his father. What about the tens of millions of Arab sons who will want to finish a fight we start next spring in Bagdad?...I don’t think we win friends or - and this is more important - avoid making dangerous enemies in the Third World by making war against it." 09.10.02

YOUNG "Only by raising terrorism into this giant ogre, threatening the lives of innocents all over the world, would it ever have been possible to soup up war fever against Iraq, a country that has not been shown to have anything to do with what happened a year ago tomorrow. That's another count by some of the moderate left against, primarily, George Bush and Tony Blair." 09.10.02

MAGUIRE ""In life, you know, one must not confuse friends with sycophants... It's better to have only a few friends than to have a lot of sycophants. And I'm telling you that France considers itself one of the friends of the Americans, not necessarily one of its sycophants," he said. "It's not Schröder and I on one side, and Bush and Blair on the other; it's Bush and Blair on one side and all the others on the other side. " --Chirac 09.10.02

STAR "Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has all but ruled out any Canadian involvement in an American-led mission in Iraq. " 09.10.02

SENGUPTA Bush Chicken Hawks Distort Report. "Saddam weaker now than before Gulf War, says report. " 09.10.02

COHEN "But there is no -- that's no -- evidence that Iraq has nuclear weapons. Intelligence suggests, in fact, that Iraq is five or so years away from either securing or developing a bomb. The nuclear threat is not an imminent one, and it is not one, in any case, directed at the United States. We are a world away and have ample means to retaliate. Iraq would cease to exist. " 09.10.02

WP Bush Drops Idea Of Iraq-Terrorists Link. "As it makes its case against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration has for now dropped what had been one of the central arguments presented by supporters of a military campaign against Baghdad: Iraq's links to al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Although administration officials say they are still trying to develop a strong case tying Hussein to global terrorism, the CIA has yet to find convincing evidence despite having combed its files and redoubled its efforts to collect and analyze information related to Iraq." 09.10.02

WILLIAMS "Apart from the crushing blow to democracy and all that, one of the hardest things to accept about the imminent war against Iraq is the relentless dimwittedness of its fuglemen...It's astonishing, really, that these people are even making the effort to explain themselves, given the evident contempt in which they hold their voting public. The only real information that they are giving out about Saddam Hussein is that he is not yet in possession of a nuclear bomb. This doesn't seem like a watertight reason for going to war with him." 09.10.02

WALKOM "The bad news is that a more serious threat to the world has emerged. That threat, perhaps not so ironically, is the United States itself. America has become a rogue state, a danger to itself and others, a superpower on the verge of losing all self-control. This is not the analysis merely of those that my friends in the right-wing press like to call professional anti-Americans. It is one that, in different ways, is articulated by members of the U.S. power elite itself — including some whose patriotic and conservative credentials are impeccable. Inside the United States, this critique has crystallized over President George W. Bush's obsession with Iraq." 09.10.02

FISK "Bush is intent on painting allies and enemies in the Middle East as evil " 09.10.02

GWYN "Saddam is, of course, deceitful, unscrupulous, murderous, crazy. But North Korea's Kim Jong Il shares most of those attributes, together with a much more threatening nuclear weapons program that includes long-range missiles able to actually deliver the bombs. Yet attitudes towards North Korea are those of irritation and of exasperation while those towards Iraq are of fear and loathing. All of the societies in the world toward which there are, in the West and above all in the U.S., attitudes of fear and loathing today are Islamic ones — Iraq, Palestine, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya. Toward virtually all other societies, Western attitudes, above all American ones, are indifference and ignorance."09.10.02

HA'ARETZ ""In its "Notes from the Pentagon" column this past weekend, the Washington Times, a newspaper so trigger-happy that CIA is too soft for its taste, reported on a request issued to Pentagon planners by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He has asked his top special-operations officer, Gen. Charles Holland, to replicate Israel's systematic manhunt of the Black September terrorists who planned and executed the murder of 11 Israelis athletes at the Munich Olympics. According to the report, Rumsfeld "wants covert warriors to be able, at a moment's notice, to enter a foreign country, find the terrorists and then exit, without ruffling anybody's feathers." No mention was made of the Mossad's double bungle in Lillehammer - first the erroneous identification and assassination of an innocent man, and then the agents' amateurish escape, which ended in the arrest of several members of the hit team. " 09.10.02

WP "Phonics Pitch Irks Teachers. Federal government denies pushing schools to use commercial reading products. Bush has political ties to one publisher." 09.10.02

MSNBC Inside The Tomb Of The Skull And Bones 09.10.02

NYT Long-Term Joblessness Rose by 50 Percent Over the Last Year. 09.09.02

WP GOP CHAIR WARNS BUSH ABOUT SKIMPY SOCIAL SERVICES REQUEST. "Frustrated by White House intransigence on the budget, the committee's GOP chairman decided to introduce a $130 billion bill funding labor, education and health programs next year in the exact form of the request that the president sent to Congress. The chairman, Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-Fla.), and other appropriations "cardinals" doubt the Bush bill, undoctored by Congress, stands much chance of passing. But GOP officials say defeat of the bill in the closely divided House would be reality therapy for the White House. They say it appears to be the only way to convince the administration that the House needs more money and flexibility to get this year's crop of spending bills through Congress." 09.09.02

TRAUB "Black candidates and voters are moving away from narrow, race-conscious politics. So why are Republicans still so white? " 09.09.02

RISEN/JOHNSON Little Change In A System That Failed. The Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have proven remarkably resilient in defense of their own turf. And Bush Is Looking The Other Way. 09.09.02

GREENHOUSE "IN its aggressive conduct of the war on terrorism's domestic front, the Bush administration has encountered few obstacles from Congress or public opinion. Rather, it is federal judges, across the ideological spectrum, who have responded with skepticism, alarm or downright hostility in recent weeks to the administration's sweeping claims of unbridled executive authority to hold secret deportation hearings, label and incarcerate "enemy combatants" without access to lawyers or judges, and commingle activities of counterintelligence agents and criminal prosecutors. " 09.09.02

COLE "The Administration has yet to make the case that the terrorist threats justify compromising our fundamental principles of liberty and justice. " 09.09.02

NYT BIOTERRORISM. Many Worry That Nation Is Still Highly Vulnerable to Germ Attack 09.09.02

CHOMSKY ""As for a US attack against Iraq, no one, including Donald Rumsfeld, can realistically guess the possible costs and consequences. Radical Islamist extremists surely hope that an attack on Iraq will kill many people and destroy much of the country, providing recruits for terrorist actions. " 09.09.02

HOLMES "The Bush Administration didn't see 9/11 coming, and it should have....Invading Iraq isn't an extension of the war on terror, it's a distraction from it....A lot of us thought Sept. 11 would convince the Bushies that the U.S. ignored the rest of the world at our peril. But they have squandered the global goodwill that flowed our way after the attacks, and seem convinced the way to fight a menace that knows no borders is to alienate everyone outside our own." 09.09.02

PRESTON "How do you have a Campaign for the Destruction of Weapons of Mass Destruction? One problem is that there is no such campaign by our masters of awful warning. For the Camp David two, issuing their stirring injunctions, are pretty soft on all of these weapons. They rather cherish their nukes; and as for pills and poison potions, George W - like other presidents before him - imposes his own restrictions on homeland chemical and biological inspection. America's greatest ally in the Middle East, good old reliable Ariel Sharon, has capability under every heading, and attracts not a word of remonstration. Or even, most of the time, a mention." 09.09.02

HIATT Bush Talks But Does Not Walk. "After achieving a crushing military victory last fall, Americans said that they would not walk away again from Afghanistan. Bush invoked the Marshall Plan. Yet, incredibly, with not even a year gone, Washington's attention is drifting away. Administration officials say that they would not oppose broadening the inadequate peacekeeping force. But they wait for others to do the job."We have a greater objective than eliminating threats and containing resentment," President Bush said in his State of the Union speech. "We seek a just and peaceful world beyond the war on terror." That is the right aspiration. No lesser goal could provide a foundation for war. But no speeches on Iraq will carry the day, no matter how inspiring the rhetoric or solemn the promises to stay the course, if explosions in Afghanistan are the accompaniment." 09.09.02

NYT Sunday Talk Shows. "In almost identical language that signaled a coordinated campaign, the vice president and others cited Saddam Hussein's efforts to increase Iraq's arsenal. " 09.09.02

RASPBERRY Bush's "Insane Focus On Iraq. One sign of maturity is the ability to suffer outrage and gut-wrenching grief without going nuts. Days before America's saddest anniversary since Pearl Harbor, Americans remain clearly -- and justifiably -- outraged, and our grief is palpable. But must we go nuts? The administration's monomaniacal focus on Iraq's Saddam Hussein as the fount of all terrorism was starting to sound like a clinical case of transference." 09.09.02

WP Bush War Cabinet Argues for Iraq Attack. Cheney, others say Bush may ask for authorization to act within weeks. 09.09.02

GUARDIAN "President Bush is to throw down the gauntlet to the United Nations to enforce its own resolutions or drop objections to US-British military action against Iraq. A joint Bush-Blair initiative will demand that the UN imposes an urgent deadline on Iraq to cooperate over arms inspectors or face the military consequences. The challenge may be set out in a UN resolution tabled by Britain." 09.09.02

NYT "If Mr. Bush makes a strong, detailed case that Mr. Hussein has vigorously reactivated programs to make biological, chemical and especially nuclear weapons since United Nations inspectors were last in Iraq in December 1998, many nations will be willing to listen, diplomats said.But a number of countries, including some major allies of the United States, are balking at the way the administration has pitched its argument so far. They were taken by surprise by American officials' assertions in recent days that Mr. Hussein had suddenly become so dangerous that he must be quickly toppled. Security Council members bridled at Vice President Dick Cheney's suggestion that a return of United Nations weapons inspectors to Iraq would be a waste of precious time.In the background is the Bush administration's policy of "regime change." The notion is anathema to many at the United Nations, who see it as smacking of the American arrogance of the cold war, when Washington sponsored coups to unseat governments it did not like." 09.09.02

GUARDIAN IAEA Says Blair's "Evidence" Is Inconclusive 09.09.02

CORNWELL Going Through The Motions. "The process began on Friday morning, with one of those pieces of personal diplomacy whose practical execution defies the imagination. In the space of 30 minutes, according to the White House, President George Bush spoke to Presidents Jacques Chirac of France, Jiang Zemin of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia, to discuss the crisis over Iraq. Now Mr Bush, to use his own phrase, is not a "multinational kind of guy", so one presumes interpreters were employed, meaning that the actual exchanges may have lasted no more than five minutes apiece. Their exact contents have not been vouchsafed to the rest of us, but given the time restraints, they are unlikely to have been especially profound.Certainly, they do not appear to have greatly modified the objections of these three permanent United Nations Security Council members." 09.09.02

IND "Belgium led a chorus of European disapproval yesterday by claiming Tony Blair's "unquestioning" support for America was the main reason for the lack of a unified EU policy on tackling Saddam Hussein. " 09.09.02

NYT "President Jacques Chirac proposed a two-stage plan that could lead to United Nations authorization of military force. " 09.09.02

NYT Stance on Bush Policy Could Swing Election in Germany. 09.09.02

RITTER "Iraq is not a sponsor of the kind of terror perpetrated against the United States on September 11 and in fact is active in suppressing the sort of fundamental extremism that characterizes those who attacked the United States on that horrible day...If Iraq has weapons today, like President Bush says, clearly they would have had to reconstitute these capabilities since December 1998. And this is something that the Bush administration needs to make a better case for, especially before we talk about going to war. " 09.09.02

ISIKOFF FBI Informant Lived With the Hijackers 09.09.02

HOPSICKER "Mohamed Atta's American Girlfriend Is Missing." 09.09.02

IND "Revealed: The Taliban minister, the US envoy and the warning of September 11 that was ignored. " 09.09.02

SHATZ "Since the September 11 attacks, it's become a cliché to say that the left is divided over American foreign policy. But "divided" doesn't begin to capture the diversity of opinion about the war in Afghanistan and the war on terror--or, for that matter, the inner conflicts that have racked many people on the left." 09.09.02

NICHOLS The Ugly "Americanization" Of Politics. "The defeats of leftie Cynthia McKinney and rightwinger Bob Barr in Georgia Congressional primaries provide new evidence of how the discourse at the upper levels of American politics is being narrowed. " 09.09.02

ALTERMAN Ann Coulter's "very existence as a public figure is an insult to our collective intelligence. I should really be writing about the campaign by neocon chickenhawks to intimidate Howell Raines and the New York Times on Iraq." 09.09.02

KURTZ How The New York Times Changed Iraq Story To Appease Bush "Neocon Chickenhawks" (fourth item) 09.09.02

ARCHIVES Alterman Indicates Why Kurtz May Not Be The Best Source For Fairness To The NYT 09.09.02

NYT ED Bush Talks But Does Not Walk. "Most of us had expected the country to be in a different place by now. The fact that it is not can be attributed largely to President Bush's failure to leverage the political and moral capital Sept. 11 provided." 09.08.02

NYT Yesterday, Bush Presented "Evidence" Of Saddam Being "Six Months" Away From Having A Nuclear Device, But The Evidence Was Ten Years Old. 09.08.02

CSM Gulf War Lies In Previous Bush Administration And The Same Players In This Bush Administration Lead Informed Observers To Be Suspicious Of Any Evidence Bush Presents 09.08.02

NYT "The Central Intelligence Agency still says it would take Iraq five to seven years to make a nuclear weapon if it must produce its own supply of highly enriched uranium for a bomb, an administration official said. American intelligence officials believe that Iraq could assemble a nuclear device in a year or somewhat less if it obtained the nuclear material for a bomb on the black market. But they say there are no signs that Iraq has acquired such a supply." 09.08.02

WP Bush Begs Evidence Question, Says We Already Have All The Evidence We Need. 09.08.02

REUTERS 64% Of Americans Polled Say Bush Has Yet To Make A Clear Case For Iraq Attack, 67% Say We Must Have Allied Support 09.08.02

GUARDIAN Bush/Blair Money Connection Through Defense Contracts. Brit Ministers Want To Privatize Gvt. Defense Research Industry With Daddy's Carlyle. 09.08.02

RAWNSLEY "Deputy Blair is as enthusiastic a member of the White House War Posse as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Like them, he speaks in apocalyptic terms about the danger of leaving Saddam Hussein in place in Baghdad. Like them, he refers to regime change. Like them - in fact, going rather further than them - he talks about 'when the shooting starts'. So much for that tosh about no decisions having been made. War is not an if; it is a when. " 09.08.02

AHMED/VULLIAMY "They looked unlikely allies, but now Tony Blair is leading the support for the Bush agenda on military action against Iraq. But what drives this relationship, so crucial to peace? " 09.08.02

NYT Brit Opposition Is Growing to Blair's Stand on Iraq 09.08.02

GUARDIAN "US pours arms into Gulf region. Equipment and troops move in on a scale not seen since Desert Storm as planes strike Iraqi base." 09.08.02

MILLER Bush-Backing Senator Says, "Forgive my bluntness, but [my voters] want to hear the president and the vice president say that this war is not about oil." 09.08.02

WP Russia Sees U.S. As New Market For Oil Reserves. Deals Could Ease Washington's Reliance On Mideast, Create Windfall for Moscow 09.08.02

NYT Powell Defends a First Strike as Iraq Option 09.08.02

HIRSH "Most Republicans believe Bush will ultimately go to war. But some also think he has awakened to the idea that he needs broad consensus, not least because he doesn’t want to be blamed for an Iraq quagmire—one that may involve a long-term peacekeeping presence in an Arab country—when the 2004 election rolls around." 09.08.02

PINCUS Bush's Father Feared Expanded Role in Iraq. Advisers Agreed Not to Seek Regime Change09.08.02

LAWSON Is Bush On The Sauce Again? "With a president contemplating pre-emptive war in the world's least stable region, it's fair that there should be scrutiny and scepticism. A self-cured drinker at the highest level of politics must be regarded as a big risk." 09.08.02

CHANCELLOR "I still think an invasion won't take place, but no longer because of anything Bush has or hasn't said. He seems permanently befogged and befuddled. A couple of years ago, when he couldn't find an enemy to focus on, he declared, "When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were. It was us versus them, and it was clear who them was. Today, we are not so sure who they are, but we know they're there." Would there be any point in asking such a man if he's got a weapon of mass destruction in his suitcase? " 09.08.02

KAISER "The attacks of Sept. 11 announced a profound change in the world. They set us on a new course. But our politicians have let us down by failing to engage the country in a great discussion of the huge questions we face. On Wednesday, when we mark the anniversary of the horror of last Sept. 11, we still won't know where we are going, or why. " 09.08.02

G+M "Vast Majority" of Candaians thinks U.S. partly to blame for Sept. 11 09.08.02

WP "Altered Lives, Changing Attitudes. In Poll, Most Americans Say 9/11 Affected Them Permanently " 09.08.02

VARIOUS Reflections on an America Transformed

TYLER "Feeling Secure, U.S. Failed to Grasp bin Laden Threat. Americans had every reason, the experts say, to have seen it coming — and still, somehow, did not." 09.08.02

MARGOLIS "9/11 triggered a psychotic episode in the Bush administration, producing a futile invasion of Afghanistan; plans for war against Iraq, and possibly Iran, spurred by the embarrassing failure to find bin Laden or crush al-Qaida. A massive, $32-billion increase to a preposterous $396-billion defence budget - 36% of total world military spending - as the deficit soars towards $150 billion. And Bush's crass rejection of international accords on criminal justice, free trade, environmental protection, disarmament, and human rights has damaged America's good name abroad. The rest of the world, deeply dismayed, wonders when the Bush administration will recover its senses. " 09.08.02

BRODER "When President Bush appealed to leaders of Congress last week for a show of bipartisanship to end the prospect of gridlock on major bills, he likely was wasting his breath." 09.08.02

NYT Bush Aides Set Strategy to Sell Citizens Policy on Iraq 09.07.02

CSM Some US Assertions From First Iraq War Still Appear Dubious 09.07.02

REGAN "While war with Iraq may truly be inevitable, it serves us all well if we make sure the reasons we go are legitimate ones, and not ones cooked up by richly funded public relation firms. " 09.07.02

KINSLEY "Government By Op-Ed. The Bush administration will decide in the next few weeks that the cause is worth the blood, or that it isn't. In either case, shouldn't someone resign?" 09.07.02

WP "Bush plans to tell world leaders at the United Nations next week that unless they take quick, unequivocally strong action to disarm Iraq, the United States will be forced to act on its own, senior administration officials said yesterday." 09.07.02

GUARDIAN "Concerted efforts by George Bush and Tony Blair to round up international support for a military confrontation with Saddam Hussein hit a snag yesterday when President Vladimir Putin insisted there were 'no grounds for attack.' " 09.07.02

HOLBROOKE "I continue to believe that the United States can achieve the necessary Security Council resolution. But what if that judgment is wrong? What if Russia, for example, refuses to support a strong resolution?...Even an unsuccessful effort to obtain an airtight resolution will strengthen international support for Washington, which could then be based on earlier U.N. resolutions that Saddam Hussein has repeatedly violated." 09.07.02

RICH "What's been most remarkable about the Iraq project so far is how an administration as effectively secretive as this one could spring so many leaks of invasion scenarios to the press. It strains credulity to assert that this is all an ingenious conspiracy to fake out Saddam. The leaks fake us out instead, inuring us to the new war to come. The only mystery is when D-Day will be. Given the administration's history, I'd guess that it will put on the big show as soon as its political self-preservation is at stake. Certainly the White House's priorities are clear enough. It has guarded the records of Dick Cheney's energy task force and the S.E.C. investigation of Harken far more zealously than war plans that might endanger the lives of the so-called real Americans who will have to fight Saddam." 09.07.02

RICH Slouching Towards 9/11 09.07.02

NYT "The Bush administration is shifting its emphasis in seeking exemptions for Americans from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, telling European allies that a central reason is to protect the country's top leaders from being indicted, arrested or hauled before the court on war crimes charges, administration officials say....In most of their public utterances, administration officials have argued that they feared American soldiers might be subject to politically motivated charges. " 09.07.02

WP ED "THE CONSEQUENCES of the Bush administration's under-investment in Afghan security and reconstruction are now plainly apparent. The influence and prestige of the central government in Kabul are steadily shrinking rather than growing, the countryside has become more and more dangerous, and even the capital is no longer safe. " 09.07.02

WP "As corporate outrage loses steam in Congress, lobbyists regain their clout. Congress has all but abandoned legislative proposals to ensure that employee retirement funds are not concentrated in their employers' stock, after hearing from businesses that vigorously oppose such restrictions." 09.07.02

NYT Bill to Overhaul System of Voting Is Seen in Danger 09.07.02

FISHER "Power Over Principal. For more than a decade, Harvard Law School had resisted demands by military recruiters to interview students through the school's career placement office. Almost all American law schools - including Stanford, where I teach - took the same stance. They did so not because law professors or law students are unpatriotic, but because the military rejects qualified students who wish to serve if they are openly lesbian, gay or bisexual. For the last several years, however, the military has increased pressure on law schools to allow them to recruit on campus. Now that Harvard has succumbed, other schools are likely to follow." 09.07.02

AP Dems Hand Bush Second Defeat Of Judicial Nominee. "Critics branded Owen an anti-abortion, pro-business extremist who often imposed her own will from the bench rather than simply rule in accordance with the law." 09.06.02

REUTERS Senate Dems pass Wellstone bill to prohibit the proposed Department of Homeland Security from awarding contracts to American companies that reincorporate overseas to avoid U.S. taxes. Bush says he'll veto it. 09.06.02

KRUGMAN "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Colin Powell and Dick Cheney are in perfect agreement. And the Bush administration won't privatize Social Security. Ari Fleischer's insistence that Mr. Powell and Mr. Cheney have no differences over Iraq seems to have pushed some journalists into facing up, at least briefly, to the obvious. ABC's weblog The Note described it as a "chocolate-is-vanilla" claim, admitting that "The Bush team has always had a credibility problem with some reporters because of their insistence on saying 'up is down' and 'black is white.' But the administration needn't worry; if history is any guide, many reporters will soon return to their usual cringe. The next time the administration insists that chocolate is vanilla, much of the media - fearing accusations of liberal bias, trying to create the appearance of "balance" - won't report that the stuff is actually brown; at best they'll report that some Democrats claim that it's brown. The Bush team's Orwellian propensities have long been apparent to anyone following its pronouncements on economics. Even during campaign 2000 these pronouncements relied on doublethink, the ability to believe two contradictory things at the same time. For example, George W. Bush's plan to partially privatize Social Security always depended on the assertion that 2-1=4 - that we can divert payroll taxes into high-yielding personal accounts, yet still use the same money to pay benefits to retirees." 09.06.02

CSM "New face of hunger in US. As economy stalls, working poor help swell food banks from New York to New Mexico." 09.06.02

HUFFINGTON " Bush's Voodo Economics. Like a lung cancer patient reaching for a pack of smokes, the Bush administration has greeted the latest run of gloomy economic news -- Tuesday's stock market plunge, a ballooning federal deficit, flagging consumer confidence, mounting unemployment... -- with a nerve-settling puff of its favorite brand of economic relief: tax cuts for the rich. And considering the imprudence of that idea, maybe they're smoking something a little stronger than Marlboros." 09.06.02

NYT "In a move that could push a final vote until after the elections, Congressional leaders said they would hold weeks of hearings on military action against Iraq. " 09.06.02

NAGOURNEY "With Focus Shifting to Iraq, Domestic Issues Fade. The prospect of weeks of debate in Congress about granting President Bush the authority to oust Saddam Hussein means that events abroad, rather than the domestic issues pushed by Democrats this summer, could dominate the nation's political discussion for easily half of the general election campaign this fall.Several Republicans said today that the focus on Iraq would serve the political needs of their party going into the close Congressional elections. Democrats, in a clear sign of concern, have begun in recent days to speak out on the merits of an invasion, though some worried that they were playing into Republican hands by doing so." 09.06.02

GREENWAY "As the anniversary of that fateful September day approaches, new doctrines, strategies, and tactics are emerging from a secretive and partisan Bush administration, often hotly contested. Fiery penumbras of confidential deliberations flare up from the hot surfaces of policy debates in the form of astonishing news leaks. But so far, the Bush administration's record on foreign policy has been mixed to poor. " 09.06.02

CBS "CBS News has learned that barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq - even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks. " 09.06.02

BLOOM War Buildup Continues As "U.S., U.K. Use 100 Planes in Iraqi Air Defense Attack " 09.06.02

KRISTOF "Recently, in an elaborate war game, the American fleet confidently steamed off to war in the Persian Gulf - and promptly got creamed. " 09.06.02

WP ED "THE PROCESS of consultation on Iraq that President Bush has now promised faces an obstacle at the beginning: the fact that many leaders of Congress and allied foreign governments perceive the administration as having all but committed itself to military action against the regime of Saddam Hussein before inviting other opinions. " 09.06.02

DIONNE "An Italian journalist recently proffered a theory popular among his colleagues. They believe that the highly public debate over Iraq within the Republican Party in the past few weeks was contrived for political purposes. " 09.06.02

BALZ/MILBANK "Iraq Policy Shift Follows Pattern. Bush's Move to Consult Congress Seen as Damage Control. In this case, the administration's problems were partly of its own making. The internal divisions spilled into public view, and the president's hawkish statements alarmed European allies. Before administration officials were prepared to begin making their public case, public opinion was shifting away from them, and when Bush returned to Washington from Texas last weekend, he faced an entirely different political climate on Iraq than when he left." 09.06.02

NEAL "Bush Faces Daunting Task in Building Public Support. New Poll Shows Public Questioning Lack of War Rationale. " 09.06.02

IGNATIUS "It was George W. Bush's good luck that his laconic, underachiever style resonated with the world of the firefighters. It was his bad luck that his early career as a spendthrift Texas businessman exemplified some of the dubious ethics of the Enron crowd. When he talked about economics, the markets tended to go down -- as if they sensed he was winging it....What Bush and his advisers need to remember is that firefighters are brave, but they're not stupid....A president who plans to lead his country into war had better be sure people understand what they're being asked to sacrifice for. They'll climb that burning building, but only if they see the flames." 09.06.02

MILBANK " In a score of interviews, friends and family of the president and political advisers to two Bush administrations say the last year has publicly demonstrated, as they knew privately, that George W. Bush is his mother's son. Coverage of Bush since the terrorist strikes of Sept. 11 has often compared the president to his presidential father. More to the point, Bush friends and aides say, is how the crisis has brought out in the younger Bush traits he learned from his mother: a sharp tongue, a stubborn will, a reliance on instinct, a black-and-white morality, impatience." 09.06.02

REUTERS Bush Pre-Emptive Strike on Iraq? Count NATO Out. 09.06.02

BOEHLERT He's been beating the drums of war for a decade. Can Beltway hawk Richard Perle finally convince the U.S. to wage war with Iraq? 09.06.02

BG ED "The Constitution unambiguously vests the power to declare war in the legislative branch, and it would be political folly for the administration to plunge ahead with a military effort to liberate Iraqis from Saddam's ''Republic of Fear'' without a mandate from the elected representatives of the sovereign American people. " 09.06.02

BG ED "The world is far from meeting the goals set in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 for dealing with climate change, but the Rio Treaty still has value as a statement of the consensus on the threat of global warming. The Johannesburg summit has been a disappointment on this score. Delegates agreed on a minimum of targets...Iin an area like replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources, the failure to set targets reflects the aversion of the United States and others to any pressure that they wean their economies from oil and coal. Oil and coal combustion not only causes acid rain, smog, and other pollutants harmful to health; it is society's main contributor to the greenhouse gases causing global warming. As a candidate, President Bush said he would limit carbon dioxide emissions of US power plants, but since then he has reneged on that pledge and renounced the Kyoto Protocol for reducing global warming." 09.06.02

NYT ED "The 10-day World Summit on Sustainable Development was diminished by the unenthusiastic participation of the United States. President Bush, alone among major world leaders, decided not to go (although he did send Secretary of State Colin Powell for a brief stop and speech). The United States, which emits 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gases, joined the OPEC oil cartel (in what one critic called an "axis of oil") to oppose clear and binding targets to increase the use of solar and wind power. By acting as a spoiler on some issues, Washington missed an opportunity to display the kind of leadership that would help it in its other international pursuits." 09.06.02

JACKSON "Powell's Quest For Oil. HAVING DISPENSED with those annoying environmentalists in Johannesburg, Secretary of State Colin Powell rushed off to what could have been called the World Summit on Sustainable Drilling. His itinerary was Angola and Gabon. The surface reason was to encourage continued peace in Angola and to take a 10-minute photo-op walk in a rain forest in Gabon." 09.06.02

GREENWAY "It would be hard to contemplate a more confused and contradictory handling of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Bush allowed the hawks to cut the more sensible policies of Secretary of State Colin Powell off at the knees. Bush's capitulation to Ariel Sharon's view that only brute force can win the day will be seen in the future as one of the great wrong turns in a tragedy that has seen so many roads not taken. " 09.06.02

WP "In the past four months, Israeli authorities have encountered at least a half-dozen efforts to carry out large-scale attacks designed to kill hundreds, even thousands, of Israelis -- similar to the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States, officials said. In one case, military commandos discovered a pickup truck packed with 1 1/2 tons of explosives intended to blow up the landmark Azrieli Towers, gleaming side-by-side skyscrapers in downtown Tel Aviv not far from Israel's military headquarters." 09.06.02

COHEN ""What should I write about 9/11?" I asked a former New York City official. We were at a Labor Day weekend event and he was munching on a hot dog. He suggested I choose four people, firefighters or police officers, and tell their stories. I guess I had disappointment written all over my face, because the former official -- in office back when the World Trade Center collapsed -- looked down, paused for a moment, and then said, 'Write that the government let us down.'....The government should have known something was coming, he said. The government should have done something." 09.05.02

CARTER "Fundamental changes are taking place in the historical policies of the United States with regard to human rights, our role in the community of nations and the Middle East peace process -- largely without definitive debates (except, at times, within the administration). Some new approaches have understandably evolved from quick and well-advised reactions by President Bush to the tragedy of Sept. 11, but others seem to be developing from a core group of conservatives who are trying to realize long-pent-up ambitions under the cover of the proclaimed war against terrorism. " 09.05.02

GITLIN "Liberals should affirm that American power, working within coalitions, can advance democratic values, as in Bosnia and Kosovo - but they should oppose this administration's push toward war in Iraq, which is unlikely to work out that way. Against oil-based myopia, there are murmurs (they should be clamors) that we should phase out the oil dependency that overheats the earth and binds us to tyrants. On the domestic front, corporate chiefs have lost their new-economy charm - and the Bush administration's earlier efforts on their behalf have lost whatever political purchase they had. With the bursting of the stock market bubble, deregulation no longer looks like a cure-all." 09.05.02

WP "Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was repeatedly interrupted by heckling and boos today as he defended President Bush's record on aiding the poor and protecting the environment on the final day of a world development summit that disappointed many activists....The final accord, intended to ensure that pledges made 10 years ago at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro are fulfilled, makes few firm commitments on funding or timetables, and at this evening's closing session, several speakers complained that it did not do enough to address the worldwide scourge of AIDS, smokestack emissions or the uneven benefits of global trade. Environmentalists and representatives from many poor countries claimed the accord had been watered down by U.S. delegates pushing a pro-business agenda." 09.05.02

GUARDIAN Results, Pro And Con, Of The Earth Summit 09.05.02

GUARDIAN "Getting down to business. The failure of the world's governments to implement sustainable development is no surprise, says L Hunter Lovins. They no longer run the world ." 09.05.02

SAFIRE "Hedge funds, with their bank-backed leverage multiplied by investment in derivatives, ought to be required to disclose their operations. " 09.05.02

WP "Sharp divisions at the White House have delayed the release of a package of [new Bush-backed] tax cuts aimed at boosting the stock market, and new questions over its political wisdom may scuttle the plan altogether, congressional and White House officials said." 09.05.02

WP "While the Bush administration has waged its campaign to strengthen homeland security since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, many of the nation's largest and most influential businesses have quietly but persistently resisted new rules that would require them to make long-term security improvements...."In the end, the business of business is not to make the country secure," said Ivo H. Daalder, a Brookings Institution scholar who has analyzed terrorist risks. 'The business of business is to make the shareholders rich. That's the dilemma we face'. " 09.05.02

WP "Recognizing that promised airport security improvements are behind schedule, Transportation Security Administration chief James M. Loy and a key senator agreed to propose select delays in the Dec. 31 deadline to screen all passengers' checked luggage for explosives. " 09.05.02

SANGER "Bush's doctrine that perilous times give the United States the right to launch pre-emptive strikes is a fundamental change in national security strategy." 09.05.02

NYT Bush Says He Will "Seek" Congress' Approval For Iraq Attack, But Would Not Say Without It He Will Stop Plans For All-Out War 09.05.02

NYT ED "Mr. Bush seems to realize that he has a lot of work to do if he hopes to present a more coherent policy when he addresses the United Nations. Simply saying that Mr. Hussein is "stiffing the world" - Mr. Bush's photo-op phrase of the day yesterday - won't do. The time for teasing hints about Iraq's arsenal of unconventional weapons has passed. If Washington knows that Mr. Hussein is on the brink of developing nuclear weapons, Mr. Bush should provide evidence. If the president believes Mr. Hussein is in league with Al Qaeda and other terror groups, he must describe the links. " 09.05.02

STEEL "The warmongers failed to win public opinion, so they're suddenly cobbling together 'evidence.' So, they've got the evidence, about the weapons of mass destruction, but we can't see it just yet. Is it still at the printers? " 09.05.02

IND ED "It is significant that Mr Bush and Mr Blair have decided on a face-to-face meeting rather than extended telephone calls. It says much about the panicky mood in both capitals and suggests a recognition by both leaders that rumour and conjecture about Iraq are on the point of running out of control." 09.05.02

NYT "Gerhard Schröder, the German chancellor, believes that a new war in the Middle East would put at risk all that has been gained in the battle against Al Qaeda. " 09.05.02

MOWLAM "The real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil. Iraq is no threat. Bush wants war to keep US control of the region ." 09.05.02

HA'ARETZ "Nightmare of the generals - a Kurdish state Turks and Kurds jostle over who would benefit most from a U.S. assault on Iraq. " 09.05.02

GUARDIAN "The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, yesterday ordered all preparations being made by the military and emergency services for an Iraqi counterstrike in response to a US attack to be completed by November 1. " 09.05.02

BRONFMAN "Dissent is not disloyalty . Israel's supporters have a duty to warn that the country is marching towards a precipice." 09.05.02

NYT ED "The main loser in secret [court] settlements is the public. Consumers are deprived of information they need to protect themselves from unsafe products. Workers are kept in the dark about unsafe working conditions. And, as we now know, parishioners have been prevented from learning that their priest had been successfully sued for abuse. In 1933, the Johns Manville company settled a lawsuit by 11 employees who had been made sick by asbestos. If that settlement had not been kept secret for 45 years, thousands of other workers might not have contracted respiratory diseases." 09.05.02

WP "Ashcroft Appointments Assailed. The Bush administration plans to appoint to its domestic-violence advisory committee two representatives of a group vigorously opposed to the law the committee oversees. " 09.05.02

WP ED "The pious public presumption of Mr. Hatfill's innocence has apparently not prevented the Justice Department from going after his job. " 09.05.02

WP Ashcroft's Justice Dept. Held Financial Strings Related To LSU's Fireing Of Hatfill. 09.05.02

NYT Times Will Begin Reporting Gay Couples' Ceremonies In "Weddings/Celebrations" Section. 09.05.02

NYT Bush's Christian Conservatives Want To Take Away Gay Rights In Miami 09.05.02

RIMINGTON "Terrorism did not begin on September 11 2001 and it will not end there. Though the method of attack was new and the results particularly horrific, September 11 was just the latest stage in a phenomenon that has gripped the modern world since at least the 60s. The history of terrorism in the 20th century shows that a "war on terrorism" cannot be won, unless the causes of terrorism are eradicated by making the world a place free of grievances, something that will not happen. Terrorism has proved so effective in catching the world's attention and even, ultimately, in achieving the terrorists' objectives, that it will continue to appeal to extremists. " 09.04.02

GONSALVES War on Terrorism Has Oily Undercurrent. 09.04.02

WP ED ""Al Qaeda is by all accounts 'fit and well' and poised to strike again at its leisure," says the draft report of the U.N. panel. At a time when discussion of the war against terrorism has been all but overtaken in Washington by debate about a possible campaign against Iraq, that message is worth underlining. " 09.04.02

DOWD Who's Your Daddy? In Which We Learn That The "W" in George W. Bush Stands For "Wimp." 09.04.02

MORETTI "We all know that it's the big guys that talk of war, and the little guys that fight and eventually die for their rhetoric...The funny thing is that, much of the time, the young people that actually go over to places that they may not even be able to point to on a map, have absolutely no real idea why they're there! Yes, they read the same newspapers the rest of us do, perhaps, and they hear the same saber-toothed speeches given by the politicians du jour, but do they really know the history, politics, people, or culture of the region to which they are being sent to kill? More importantly, do they know what the foreign policy of the US has been with a given "enemy" over the course of, say, the last fifty years? " 09.04.02

HIRO Blolwback: "While Saddam Hussein was deploying chemical weapons, the United States supported his regime." 09.04.02

WP "Senators Wary About Striking Iraq. President Bush has yet to make a compelling case for military action against Iraq, senators of both parties said Tuesday as they returned to Washington with serious questions about the administration's war plans." 09.04.02

PEMBERTON Another Gulf War Threatens to Throw the World Into a Recession. 09.04.02

WEBB "Other than the flippant criticisms of our "failure" to take Baghdad during the Persian Gulf War, one sees little discussion of an occupation of Iraq, but it is the key element of the current debate. The issue before us is not simply whether the United States should end the regime of Saddam Hussein, but whether we as a nation are prepared to physically occupy territory in the Middle East for the next 30 to 50 years. " 09.04.02

SCHEER Dick Cheney's Nightmare of Peace. 09.04.02

NYT "Secretary of State Colin L. Powell acknowledged today that there are differences inside the Bush administration over how to eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, adding that President Bush would decide "in the very near future" what that action should be. " 09.04.02

AP "Secretary of State Colin Powell dismissed as "utter nonsense" Iraq's call Tuesday for talks on resuming weapons inspections.... Although Powell said he will try to keep his focus on summit issues, Iraq was destined to become a top item on the agenda." 09.04.02


FRIEDMAN "Because we want to drive big cars, we support repressive Arab dictators so they will sell us cheap oil. Because our presidents want to get votes, they readily tell the Palestinians how foolishly they are behaving, but they hesitate to tell Israelis how destructive their West Bank settlements are for the future of the Jewish state. Because we want to consume as much energy as we please, we tell the world's people they have to be with us in the war on terrorism but we don't have to be with them in the struggle against global warming and for a greener planet. " 09.04.02

EFP Earth Summit. World Leaders See Darkening Future for Planet, But Bush Didn't Care Enough To Attend. 09.04.02

GUARDIAN "Powell humiliated at earth summit . US secretary of state Colin Powell booed, heckled and jeered as he tries to defend America's environmental record." 09.04.02

KLEIN "Much of the blame for the "implementation gap" [at the Summit] has been placed at the doorstep of the US. It was George W Bush who abandoned the only significant environmental regulations that came out of the Rio conference: the Kyoto protocol on climate change. It was Bush who decided not to come to Johannesburg, signalling that the issues being discussed here - from basic sanitation to clean energy - are low priorities for his administration. And the US delegation has blocked all proposals that involve either directly regulating multinational corporations or dedicating significant new funds to sustainable development. " 09.04.02

GUARDIAN "Early analysis suggests that no new money has been pledged for aid or debt relief, two of the issues that have most exercised leaders of developing countries. "This summit has delivered absolutely nothing of any substance that will offer hope to the half of the planet that lives on less than $2 a day," said Barry Coates of the World Development Movement. However business, which has been promoted to a central position in world development by the UN, was cheerful about its new role. "Business and industry is determined to play its part in making the priorities for action and targets on sustainable development work," said a spokesman for Business Action for Sustainable Development, a grouping of the world's largest companies." 09.04.02

AP "Activists charged that much of the summit was a desperate fight to stop governments from weakening already existing agreements.``We're running on a treadmill. We are running just as fast as we can to prevent ourselves from moving backward,'' said Andrew Deutz, an official with the World Conservation Union." 09.04.02

NYT ED Bush Picks The Wrong Judge. "Justice Priscilla Owen, President Bush's latest nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, reflexively favors employers over workers and insurers over sick people. " 09.04.02

BRODER Bush Says He Wants A Volunteer Service Bill, But Why Won't He Put It On His "Must-Pass" List, As His Conservative Base Blocks It? 09.04.02

GREENHOUSE "To this new species of investor-worker, unions seemed irrelevant. Unions made little headway as they sought to lure workers by promising the basic protections coveted in decades past, like health coverage and defined-benefit pensions. Union membership remained flat even as the 1990's boom created more than 15 million jobs. For many workers, the collective approach seemed anachronistic because they were confident that management would protect them or they could protect themselves....Cara Alcantar, who accumulated 1,600 stock options in her four years at WorldCom, said she was naïve to identify with WorldCom's chief executive. "I felt on the same side as Bernie Ebbers, on the cutting edge of technology," she said. "I worked extremely hard, and I couldn't imagine layoffs would ever happen to me.' But on July 3, she was laid off. Now her stock options are worthless, WorldCom says it cannot pay her severance benefits, and the half of her retirement savings that were in WorldCom stock are virtually worthless. "Not only were they not looking out for our interests," Ms. Alcantar said, "they were so greedy they made sure the money went into their pockets." Before, she said, joining a union had never crossed her mind, but now she says she wishes WorldCom were unionized. With a union, she says, she might have had a defined-benefit pension that, unlike her vaporized 401(k) plan, would have guaranteed her benefits even after the stock market plunged. Labor leaders say that if Enron or WorldCom were unionized, unions would have won better pensions and severance benefits for the workers and, through their prying, might have forced the companies to be more honest about their books." 09.04.02

FRANCIS "Signs Point to Greater Rich-Poor Wage Gap. " 09.04.02

KUTTNER "WITH THE economy softening and corporate scandals continuing to unfold, November's elections should spell good news for the opposition party. But Democrats are making only marginal headway. " 09.04.02

WP "New Polls Show McBride, Reno in Dead Heat. McBride Completes Newspaper Endorsement Sweep." 09.04.02

KRUGMAN "Serious fiscal action is ruled out by the Bush administration's relentless opportunism; every proposal for short-run economic stimulus turns into an attempt to lock in permanent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. So if the recovery continues to lose momentum, it's up to the Fed to take matters in hand.Yet Mr. Greenspan's [recent] remarks reinforce a worry I've had for the past few months: that Fed officials will respond to continuing economic weakness not with action but with excuses. We've seen the process all too clearly in Japan." 09.03.02

WP Bush's Part-Time Job. "Bush has spent a whopping total of 250 days of his presidency at Camp David (123 days), Kennebunkport (12) and his Texas ranch (115). That means Bush has spent 42 percent of his term so far at one of his three leisure destinations. To date, the president has devoted far more time to golf (15 rounds) than to solo news conferences (six). The numbers also show that Bush, after holding three news conferences in his first four months, has had only three more in the last 15 months -- not counting the 37 Q&A sessions he has had with foreign leaders during his term." 09.03.02

POLITEX Do We Really Want A Part-Time President? 09.03.02

HIGHTOWER "There's been all this criticism flying around that George W has been vacationing at his Texas ranchette for the whole month of August, rather than being at his desk in the White House working away on all the problems that our Nation faces....Think about it. When W works, he tends to do bad things, such as gutting existing environmental laws so his polluting campaign contributors can put more of their toxic gunk into our air and water. When he works, he's trouble. Remember June and July when Bush was very focused on work? That's when we got the new Homeland Security Department, complete with its TIPS snitch squad to encourage Americans to spy on each other. That idea was so rotten that it even gagged right-wing Republican leader Dick Armey, who personally stepped in to try to kill it. No, no, people, we do not want this guy working. Let him relax, loaf, fish, look at picture books. He's been good at goofing-off all of his life, and we ought to encourage this core characteristic in his make-up." 09.03.02

NYT Junior Is Mum On Dad's Buddies, Iraq Attack, Fed Debt, Court Rebukes In A Month When Laughter Died 09.03.02

GUARDIAN "Tony Blair last night launched an unexpected broadside against George Bush over climate change and said the leader of the world's most polluting nation must be persuaded to change his ways. " 09.03.02

STAR Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien vowed yesterday to ask Parliament to ratify the Kyoto climate accord by the end of this year. 09.03.02

GUARDIAN Bush Succeeds In Watering Down Pollution Controls At World Summit. "Environmental and development groups were furious that what seemed an imminent deal to set firm targets and a timetable to encourage the spread of wind, solar and other renewable energies in developing countries suddenly was watered down in favour of fossil fuel energies. The two-day deadlock was broken at midnight after two days of negotiations which pitted the US, Japan and oil exporting countries against the EU, which was holding out for firm targets." 09.03.02

NYT As Alaska Melts, Bush Has Shifted From Saying There Is No Global Warming To Fighting Global Anti-Pollution Plans To Deal With It. 09.03.02

MALBIN Burned Again. Bush's forestry plan courts its own disaster 09.03.02

MONBIOT "It is hard to see why we should believe any of the promises made by big business in Johannesburg. Corporations will take what they can: when there is a conflict between profitability and the environment or human rights, the profits come first. Voluntary agreements, [the BP pipeline] case suggests, simply do not work. Big business will protect human rights and the environment only when it is forced to do so." 09.03.02

KRISTOF "President Bush signed a $180 billion farm bill this year...after a gutless surrender to lobbyists for wealthy farmers. But the program will actually aggravate rural distress. Subsidies do nothing to help hard-working ranchers here, because the money overwhelmingly goes to crop farmers rather than livestock owners. Worse, much of the money goes to the most prosperous families (47 percent of commodity payments go to farmers whose household income is more than $135,000), who use the cash to buy up more land. Subsidies thus accelerate the consolidation of farms that is already depopulating rural areas." 09.03.02

IVINS When You Can't Win The Debate, Impugn The Opposition. Bush Backers Are Doing This With Global Warming And Their Iraq Attack Plans 09.03.02

ENGEL "Leave aside the question of whether its Iraq policy - whatever it actually is this morning - might possibly be right. What is indisputable is that the US government has wrecked, possibly beyond repair, its hopes of persuading any other country to that effect by simple, arrogant incompetence. It is terrifying to watch. It could be the next bestseller: How to Lose Friends and Influence No One, by George W Bush. " 09.03.02

CORN "Bush has proceeded recklessly by foreclosing all options but war. Even if a misguided Congress or a spineless U.N. says no to Bush, how can Bush and Cheney justify respecting the decision? Doesn’t the sheriff and his deputy know best? Bush and Cheney are practicing no-way-out geopolitics. He’s not patient. He’s eager. His words and those of his underlings -- even if confusing at moments -- have set the course for war. " 09.03.02

FLOYD "Sham Debate. The war will come. The oligarchs of Kennebunkport, Wall Street and Texas will at last control the vast oil fields of Babylon. As usual, the hapless American people will pay for it all, with their blood, their money and the continuing degradation of their liberty, their land and their communities -- victims of the Bush family's firmly-held credo: 'Tough luck, suckers.'" 09.03.02

MARGOLIS "The results of public manipulation and fear are painfully clear. The U.S. media have convinced a majority of Americans they are totally innocent victims of evil forces, and that Iraq was behind 9/11, though there exists not a shred of evidence. So Americans clamour for war against Saddam. Over 75% of Europeans oppose attacking Iraq, in spite of efforts by right-wing British media to fan war fever. In fact, a common view here in Europe is that the Bush administration has run amok and is a greater threat than international terrorism, or Iraq. " 09.03.02

NYT Russia Backs Iraq Over U.S. Threat. 09.03.02

REEVES "Bush Is Losing It. Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, writing in The Washington Post last Thursday under the headline "On Invading Iraq: Less Talk, More Unity," warned the Bush administration that too many official voices are saying too many contradictory things about Iraq. "Loose lips sink ships," he said, and they could sink the administration's war plans, too." 09.03.02

WALSH/GREY "Cheney’s brief for war: a mass of lies and historical falsifications. " 09.03.02

DYER "IF YOU REALLY want to attack somebody and you can't come up with any convincing reasons, your best tactic is to accuse your opponents of being appeasers who are planning another Munich. Which is why U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has taken to comparing himself to Winston Churchill. " 09.03.02

REEVES "Does Bush Really Know What To Do In Iraq? The latest word from the White House, relayed to the rest of us last Tuesday by the president's counsel, Alberto Gonzales, is that President Bush does not have to and does not intend to ask anyone for permission to go to war against Iraq because of the 1991 congressional vote authorizing Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the operational names for his father's Iraq war." 09.03.02

BRODER Poli-Sci Profs Meet, Discuss Bush. "Because of its difficulties with Congress and the public, several scholars said, the administration has stretched executive powers to the point they may breach constitutional limits.If Bush asserts the authority to attack Iraq without a congressional declaration of war, it could prove the greatest crisis for his presidency, they said." 09.03.02

GUARDIAN "Iraq is prepared to work with UN to resolve crisis with US, Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz says after meeting Kofi Annan. " 09.03.02

WP "Financial officers of al Qaeda and the Taliban have quietly shipped large quantities of gold out of Pakistan to Sudan in recent weeks, transiting through the United Arab Emirates and Iran, according to European, Pakistani and U.S. investigators. " 09.03.02

LIEBERMAN "If granted, the president's pleas for additional "flexibility" [for Homeland Security] would give his administration unprecedented power to undercut the civil service system, rewrite laws by fiat and spend taxpayers' money without congressional checks and balances.I hope the Senate will resist those efforts." 09.03.02

WP ED The Senate Intelligence Committee "was the one that gave birth to misguided legislation, sponsored by ranking member Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), but vetoed by President Clinton, that would have criminalized all leaks of classified information. But the current inquiry actually highlights the reasons the legislation was a bad idea." 09.03.02

DIONNE The new political "game is simple. A candidate decides which of his or her potential adversaries would make the strongest general election foe and then dumps money on radio and TV attack ads against that rival before the opposition holds its primary. The hope is that the voters in the other party will reject the strong opponent and nominate someone who would be easier to beat. " 09.03.02

PRESTON "Consider (for those who haven't caught up with it yet) America's most popular 24-hour news channel: not CNN or NBC, but Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. There, it sometimes seems, the secret briefings have turned, through repetition, into uncontested fact. Terrorists, going about their appalling business, lurk behind every door. Those who question a bit - such as the New York Times - are enemies of the people. And slowly, insidiously, you begin to lose your own grip on reality. " 09.03.02

UNGER Coulter Fired By Penn State Paper. Reason? Her Hatred. 09.03.02

REUTERS Powell Plans Exit After Bush's First Term -Time 09.02.02

MANN "The Left and Right Have The Secretary All Wrong. The liberals delude themselves into believing that Powell is one of them. He's not. The conservatives delude themselves into thinking that they and the Bush administration don't need Powell. They do. And over the past year, Powell's defenders have sometimes seemed to delude themselves into believing that he has been winning many of the foreign-policy debates within the Bush administration. So far, at least, that's been more evident to them than to others." 09.02.02

BG ED Labor conundrum 09.02.02

ELLWOOD "Accounting scandals, CEO malfeasance and other corporate offenses dominate the headlines, but on this Labor Day, workers, businesses and policymakers have something far more serious to be concerned about. It is a creeping crisis in the workforce that threatens our growth, productivity and international competitiveness and that could set off a new burst of inequality. Three critical gaps: a worker gap, an education gap and a wage gap could put the brakes on the economy and return the nation to growing economic and social disparities that dominated the 1970s and '80s." 09.02.02

NYT Workers Are Angry and Fearful This Labor Day 09.02.02

NYT Laid-Off Workers Swelling the Cost of Disability Pay 09.02.02

BG Unemployed draining extension of benefits, face weak labor market. 09.02.02

WP For AFL-CIO and White House, The Great Divide Is Deepening. Administration Courts Teamsters, Other Labor Groups 09.02.02

YOUNG Unfair Attack On Teachers' Union: "AS THE FIRST anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack on America draws near, a controversy has erupted over the question of how the tragedy should be commemorated in our schools. The largest teachers' union in the United States, the National Education Association, has been accused of pushing lesson plans that promote anti-Americanism and maybe even blame America for the terrorist attack. Shocking, if true - but is it true? " 09.02.02

SWEENEY "THIS LABOR DAY an important debate continues over what to do about the Enron-WorldCom-Tyco scandals, and the more closely we listen, the sooner we restore confidence in business and in our economy. " 09.02.02

NYT ED Crony Capitalism. It's one thing to imagine how Wall Street works. It's another to see the actual numbers 09.02.02

ANNON "If there is one word that should be on everyone's lips at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, one idea that must animate the "plan of implementation" to be adopted there, one concept that embodies everything the United Nations hopes to achieve, it is responsibility -- responsibility for each other, for our planet and most of all, for the future security and well-being of succeeding generations. " 09.02.02

ROONEY A liberal's view of President Bush 09.02.02

WT Bush House Republicans Want To Bring Politics Into Church, Onto Pulpits 09.02.02

AP Bush Faces Full Fall Agenda in D.C. 09.02.02

AP GOP Chief Sees Uphill Fight 09.02.02

BG In Florida, more than governor's race at stake. GOP draws wagons around Bush brother09.02.02

FOURNIER Democrats Covet Texas Senate Seat 09.02.02

LANE Debate Forms on War, Rights. Courts struggle over fighting terror vs. defending liberties. 09.02.02

HERBERT "Judge Keith wrote an opinion, handed down last Monday by a three-judge panel in Cincinnati, that clarified and reaffirmed some crucially important democratic principles that have been in danger of being discarded since the terrorist attacks last Sept. 11. The opinion was a reflection of true patriotism, a 21st-century echo of a pair of comments made by John Adams nearly two centuries ago. "Liberty," said Adams, 'cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.'" 09.02.02

NYT "South Carolina's 10 active federal trial judges have unanimously voted to ban secret legal settlements, saying such agreements have made the courts complicit in hiding the truth about hazardous products, inept doctors and sexually abusive priests."09.02.02

REUTERS Bush Criticized for Policy Disarray on Iraq 09.02.02

SAFIRE What are we to make of the policy chasm that has apparently opened up between President George W. Bush and his father? 09.02.02

REUTERS U.S. Seen Disagreeing over Iraq Arms Moves 09.02.02

WT Sen. Chuck Hagel, Nebraska Republican, says he expects President Bush to lay out plans on invading Iraq in a U.N. speech this month. 09.02.02

DIONNE U.S. Should Seek an Alternative to War. 09.02.02

WP Powell Treads Carefully on Iraq Strategy. Weapons Inspection Urged Before Action 09.02.02

WT Powell contradicts Cheney on Iraq. 09.02.02

WP Powell Breaks Silence on Iraq. Position on U.N. weapons inspectors seems to be further evidence of split in Bush administration. 09.02.02

DIEHL "The Bush administration's largely symbolic slap at Hosni Mubarak for imprisoning Egypt's leading pro-democracy advocate was accompanied by a potentially more important step: a commitment to review U.S. democracy-building projects in Egypt. It's an audit that's long overdue -- and the results ought to shame the Agency for International Development. " 09.02.02

WP Surge of Killings Prompts Israel to Investigate Army. 14 Palestinians slain in controversial circumstances in the last four days. 09.02.02

BRODER "It will be very difficult to keep interest rates down as federal borrowing increases. That means that hard-pressed working families could well face even heavier debt service burdens in the years just ahead. For policymakers, this reality suggests at least two things. Tax cuts that further reduce government revenue and boost borrowing -- those already scheduled under President Bush's misguided 2001 bill, whose provisions he wants to make permanent, and those additional cuts he is reportedly ready to propose now -- should be viewed skeptically " 09.01.02

WP ED "THE CONGRESSIONAL Budget Office forecast of federal deficits for the next five years points out the folly of the tax cuts pushed by the Bush administration. The money lost to the government will prevent it from planning adequately for the baby boomers' retirement. " 09.01.02

NYT ED "Dancing With Dictators. If President Bush does not stop embracing tyrants, Washington will be mopping up for years from the inevitable foreign policy disasters." 09.01.02

JACOBY "IF SUCKING UP to the House of Saud were an Olympic event, George W. Bush would be a contender for the gold. " 09.01.02

KESSLER Diplomatic Gap Between U.S., Its Allies Widens. As diplomacy gap grows, flurry of empathy for the U.S. evaporates. 09.01.02

BRZEZINSKI "American involvement in the Middle East is clearly the main impulse of the hatred that has been directed at America. There is no escaping the fact that Arab political emotions have been shaped by the region's encounter with French and British colonialism, by the defeat of the Arab effort to prevent the existence of Israel and by the subsequent American support for Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians, as well as by the direct injection of American power into the region....Yet there has been a remarkable reluctance in America to confront the more complex historical dimensions of this hatred. The inclination instead has been to rely on abstract assertions like terrorists "hate freedom" or that their religious background makes them despise Western culture....The rather narrow, almost one-dimensional definition of the terrorist threat favored by the Bush administration poses the special risk that foreign powers will also seize upon the word "terrorism" to promote their own agendas, as President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India and President Jiang Zemin of China are doing. For each of them the disembodied American definition of the terrorist challenge has been both expedient and convenient....An isolated America is likely to face even more threats from vengeful terrorists who have decided to blame America for any outrages committed by its self-appointed allies." 09.01.02

WP Military: Iraq Could Drain Terror War. Diversion of Afghan Forces To Gulf Raises Concerns 09.01.02

MANN "The liberals delude themselves into believing that Powell is one of them. He's not. The conservatives delude themselves into thinking that they and the Bush administration don't need Powell. They do. And over the past year, Powell's defenders have sometimes seemed to delude themselves into believing that he has been winning many of the foreign-policy debates within the Bush administration. So far, at least, that's been more evident to them than to others. " 09.01.02

NYT World voices "more skepticism and disapproval than support " of Bush Iraq attack. 09.01.02

OLIPHANT "Understanding the power of information in a dawning information age, President Kennedy made sure that the American people saw and understood the spy plane photographs of intermediate-range missile base construction. Kennedy also made sure the world saw our evidence via Adlai Stevenson's dramatic presentation to the UN Security Council.....Something's missing today, even though the United States has the luxury of more time to think longer and harder about Iraq than we could about a far more direct threat 40 years ago. The Bush administration is using too much rhetoric and not enough evidence in its presentations....We should display all our evidence of Iraq's secret behavior. We should seek allies. We should seek additional resolutions from Congress and the UN. A solid presentation plus a legitimate trip-wire (Iraq's refusal to readmit inspectors and disarm) would constitute an unassailable case." 09.01.02

NYT Russia's Overtures to 'Axis of Evil' Nations Strain Its Ties With U.S. 09.01.02

SANGER An Actual Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection Is Predicted For The Future. "The administration is convinced that sooner or later Al Qaeda and Mr. Hussein will find a mutuality of interests, with Iraq providing chemical, biological or nuclear materials and Al Qaeda the bodies to deliver them. OF course Al Qaeda might look elsewhere for that material (Pakistan comes to mind, and the former Soviet states of Central Asia). But the way the Bush team sees the world, no one has more motive to strike the United States than Iraq, and no one has more opportunity than the graduates of Al Qaeda's training camps. " 09.01.02

FRIEDMAN "Is Iraq the way it is today because Saddam Hussein is the way he is? Or is Saddam Hussein the way he is because Iraq is the way it is? " 09.01.02

DOWD Saddam Insane. Fishing With Grenades. An Underground Airstrip? 09.01.02

NYT "Swedish authorities said today that a man arrested at a Swedish airport with a gun in his carry-on luggage as he tried to board a London-bound flight had studied at an aviation school in the United States and had a criminal record. " 09.01.02

WP ED "Mr. Padilla's case is...a real test of how easily the president may, by declaring someone an enemy combatant, deprive him of all the protections the Bill of Rights promises -- even after first subjecting that person to the normal criminal process. " 09.01.02

NYT "Protest for Poor at U.N. Forum in South Africa...The United States has balked at the target for sanitation and, along with officials of the European Union, has refused demands to specify reductions in agricultural subsidies....None of [their] commitments are groundbreaking; the commitment on poverty, for instance, was adopted two years ago at the Millennium Summit at the United Nations." 09.01.02

BG "Last night, in what amounted to a mild defeat for the Bush administration, ministers agreed to reaffirm the accord on global warming, which the United States has refused to endorse. Washington had sought to block any mention of the climate change accord from the document under negotiation in Johannesburg. " 09.01.02

GOTTLEIB "George W. Bush might like the great outdoors of the Texas plains, wear cowboy boots and proclaim himself a friend of the environment, but there isn't an environmental law or regulation he wouldn't mind abolishing or minimizing. " 09.01.02

BROCK House And Senate Candidates Will Not Have Fences And Secret Service To Keep Protesters At Bay 09.01.02

NYT "Candidates are battling over corporate abuses, prescription drug costs and Social Security rather than national security or the prospect of a war against Iraq. " 09.01.02

BERKE Bush Can Continue To Feed Red Meat To His Far Right Buddies If The Dems Keep Congress In November 09.01.02

BALZ "Voter anxiety over the economy, health care and financial security threatens to put Republican candidates on the defensive this fall, brightening Democratic hopes of gaining seats in a crucial round of midterm elections that could break the political stalemate in Congress. " 09.01.02

FIREMAN "Should Republicans maintain or expand their 12-seat majority in the House and reverse the Democrats' one-seat advantage in the Senate, Bush can tap into fresh support for the unrealized parts of his agenda, including new tax cuts, partial privatization of Social Security, school vouchers and federal support for religious groups' social programs. " 09.01.02

NYT 30 States Say Gun Makers Are Immune From Civil Law Suits 09.01.02

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