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Recent Bush Watch Features

U.S. of Canada: Why America's Image Is In The Dumpster , Lisa Kadonaga
E-mails of Intolerance:  A Halloween Scare , Walter Brasch
Energy Bulletin: Peak Universe , James Howard Kunstler
Kids' Health: U.S. Rep. (CAL) Tells It Like It Is , Pete Stark
Campaign Trail: Our Man Goes Faulkner in Dearborn, Michigan , William Smith
Prez primary scam: Why and how the game is rigged , Michael Scherer
Bush Watch Exclusive: The Wacky World of William Smith , William Smith
Comment: Our Take On The News , politex
Ed/News: Ex-Prez of Mexico Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re "Cowboy" Bush , Politex
Ed/News: Greenspan Confirms Bush Watch Allegation Re Iraq Oil War , Politex
Dictatorship: Bush Restricting Travel Rights of Over 100,000 U.S. Citizens , Sherwood Ross
The New American Way: Greedy Not Needy Shape Shape Both Parties, Paul Krugman
The Party Line: Why A Republican Vote Is A Racist Vote, Paul Krugman
GOP Plot: Let's Dump The Undemocratic Electoral College, NYT Ed
Helping the Victims: The Bush Housing Bubble Bursts, Paul Krugman
Genocide As U.S. Foreign Policy: Bush Shares The Guilt For The Darfur Genocide?, 60 Minutes
The Bush Economy: The U.S. Economy Has Hit The Fan, Paul Krugman
Mailbag: on GOP Debates, Impeaching Bush, Losing Freedom, Bush Propaganda Museum, various
Quip: Inspecting the Bridge, Politex
Editorial: Are the Dems Fascist Lite? Bush Watch
Destroying the Constitution: Our Fascist Government, BW Editorial

News Roundup

Congress and the mortgage mess, Ed
Our bridge team, appalled by Bush, is in in total accord with the rest of the world, Ed
Don't turn on Ethiopia, Ed
7 coalition soldiers charged with unprovoked murder of Afghans, including women and children , AP
Inside job break-in at nuclear site baffles S. Africans, Wines
Chavez threatens to reconsider Venezuela's ties with Spain, Reuters
Britain plans to upgrade terror security: why didn't they do this during the far worse IRA years?, Lyall
Israelis press plan to block the division of Jersusalem, Kershner
Iraq to spend $19 billion on building projects, Rubin
Baghdad disabled children dying of cholera and other diseases, Mizher &Rubin
U.S. credibility is at stake as we serve up propaganda & character assassinations to support the lie in Iraq, Shanker
House approves some funds for the military, but demands troop withdrawal, bans torture, Herszenhorn
Vietnam War novel wins national book award, Rich
In eco-friendly factory, low-guilt potato chips, Martin
Governors join in creating regional pacts on climate change: who needs Washington?, Broder
Crew involved in Bay oil spill refuses to talk, Marshall
California police shelve repugnant Muslim mapping plan, AP

Politics-US: Dems Put War Costs at 3.5 Trillion Through 2017 , Lobe
Iran war would fulfill commitments Bushco made to weapons industry. Together, they've made billions, Daniel


News Bullets

  • UN’s Ban Says Global Warming Is “An Emergency”
  • Murder Trial Sniper Says US Used ‘Bait’ For Suspect Iraqis
  • Iraqi Fighters ‘Grilled for Evidence on Iran’
  • Protesters Arrested at Washington Port
  • Clinton Campaign Admits Planting Questions
  • Anti-War Veterans In Veterans Day Parade Jeered, Cheered
  • Norman Mailer Brawled With Bush to the Bitter End
  • 2007 Deadliest for US in Afghanistan
  • Copps, Adelstein Rip Into FCC, Chairman Martin at Media-Ownership Hearing

    Op-Ed Roundup

    Jonathan Schell:
    The Road from Washington to Karachi to Nuclear Anarchy
    Robert Shetterly:
    Fundamentalism Moves Mountains
    Amy Goodman:
    Studs Terkel: Curiosity Didn’t Kill This Cat
    Ted Rall:
    Pakistan’s Con Continues
    Elizabeth Holtzman:
    Beyond Mukasey’s Confirmation, White House Liability Issues Loom Large
    Robert Scheer:
    Bush Stands by His Dictator
    Shepherd Bliss:
    US Economy–Recession, Depression, or Collapse?
    Jeff Leys:
    Slip Sliding Away: House Votes on Iraq War Funding Today, November 14
    Laurie David/Gene Karpinski:
    Did Tim Russert Get the Memo?
    Christopher Hayes:
    The Coming Foreclosure Tsunami
    Joe Brewer:
    Beyond Extreme: The Illusion of a New Climate Centrism
    Joe Volk:
    The Story of Religion
    Christopher Hellman:
    Here’s What America Really Spends on Security
    Richard Gwyn:
    Pessimistic Fuel Report Too Bright
    Peter Schaufele:
    My Father — 30 Year Career U.S. Diplomat — Left Out To Dry
    Hamish McRae:
    These Are Perilous Days for the US

    Special: Dictator '08 (continued)

    Obama in orbit: if the world could vote in '08, he would be the one, Cohen
    What happens in Vegas...will Hillary be able to unwaffle and give us a little straight talk?, Collins
    Reaching into Dictator Bush's bag of tricks, Hillary aides plant lowball questions for her from audience, Healy
    A weekend of skirmishing for Obama and Clinton, Hauser
    Off-year elections in US show continued hostility to Bush, Republicans, Martin
    In stunner, Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani, James
    b>Pat Robertson's weird endorsement of Rudy 'sin is its own reward' Giuliani, Kirkpatrick &Cooper

    Mr Giuliani is essentially unhinged. , Baker
    Romney's tedious effort to channel Reagan through a rictus smile of artificial optimism , Luo
    Superdelegates for Clinton (undecided's No.1), Thee
    Right state, wrong town for Obama, Zeleny
    Iowa Republicans for...Obama, McCormick
    Obama and Edwards battle against the inevitable, Stephens

    Special: Bushonomics(continued)

    Markets and dollars sink as slowdown worry increases, Grynbaum &Goodman
    Homeowners feel pinch of lost equity , Goodman
    Foreclosure wave sweeps America, Steve Schifferes, BBC
    Unseasonably high gas prices stress U.S. consumers: Big Oil is taking us to the cleaners, Krauss
    Wall Street and dollar under more pressure- Fed Chief issue warning, Duncan
    World faces worst financial crisis in 30 years, Hutton
    US stocks slide amid credit fears, BBC
    US financial crisis to hit Bank of England, O'Grady
    Frenzy in the markets as oil heads for $100 a barrel, Seager
    Dollar at fresh low against euro, BBC

    Special: Dictatorship in Pakistan (continued)

    U.S. is looking past Musharraf in case he falls, Cooper, Mazzetti, Rohde
    Musharraf has top rival, Imran Khan carted off by the police, Masood &Gall
    Sweating in a blazer, Musharraf says dictatorship is all about 'democracy', Rohde &Perlez
    Dollar policy: don't ask, don't tell. Bush has hurt 'our way of life' more than any terrorist , Ed
    Pakistani officials order detention of Bhutto and block a march, Rohde &Perlez
    Bhutto calls on Musharraf to resign, AP

  • Musharraf Tightens His Grip on Pakistan After ‘Coup’
  • Musharraf Imposes Emergency Rule; Suspends Pakistani Constitution
    Only gloom in Pakistan now, Shamsie
    Bush warns Musharraf over Pakistan emergency, BBC
    Pakistan crisis tests US policy, Jonathan Beale, BBC
    Musharraf warned: hold elections and quit as army chief, Walsh
    Washington has no option except to back Musharraf , Editorial
    Pakistan on the brink of chaos, Preston
    Pakistan takes yet another step into the dark night, Tariq Ali
    West faces new Pakistan dilemma, Paul Reynolds, BBC
    Musharraf has lost his marbles as he attacks progressives, Jahangir
    US's hollow threat to withhold money to Pakistan, Buncombe
    Pakistan: The desperate act of a weak and rattled president, Editorial

    Today's Alternative Special: Editor and Publisher

    Columnists War Breaks Out at NYT - Over Reagan and Racism , Mitchell
    Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq? , Mitchell


    The Rest of Today's Bush Watch Daily Headlines Are Here:...mainstream ... united states ... canada ...england ...australia ...latin america ......europe ...middle east ... asia ... africa ... alternative...op-eds


    United States

    New York Times

    Bush did this: it will take $billions and many years to restore our shattered military , Ed
    Public works: when 'Big Gov' plays its role instead of acting as a treacherous,abusive parent, Cohen
    The Daily Show: newspapers may become extinct if not allowed a wider media root system, Martin
    Righting Reagan's wrongs: understand the man; his charm made his crafty racism more loathsome, Herbert
    Mistaking McCain's charm for character: Our litmus test? Did he enable Bush crimes? Many times., Brooks
    A torn up soldier home from the lie in Iraq: his mother fights for his recovery, Haberman
    A health plan for Wal-Mart: less mean-spirited stinginess, more benevolence, Barbaro & Albelson
    Voter anger may free up energy bills: what is blocking the politics of energy in this country? Or who?, Broder
    Time and again, Sen Feinstein, so-call Democrat, acts as the linchpin for Bush's vilest policies, Greenwald

    Boston Globe

    Afghans bury young victims as toll from bombing rises to 68 , Seir
    A legacy of peacemaking, Tamir

    Campaigning for dad is just one agenda item for Cate Edwards, Abelson
    The debate between Giuliani and Biden that you didn't see, Lehigh

    Chicago Tribune

    Turks plan limited Iraq incursion , Fang
    In Iowa, Edwards, Obama vie for anti-Clinton vote , Bombardieri
    Bush honors troops in Texas ceremony, Reichmann

    Chicago Sun Times

    Trade pacts have paved way for toxic toys , Jackson
    Anti-war, anti-Mukasey , Jordan

    Chicago Tribune

    Chairman Obey prepares for federal spending battle, Bendavid
    NH Republicans 'least likely' to vote for Thompson, Zuckman
    'Philosophers' make Iowa important, Keillor


    Embattled Baghdad Shows Signs of Hope, Fadel
    Senator: U.S. Has Become Haven for War Criminals, Schoof
    U.S. Forces Accused of Shooting Sunni Allies, Fadel+al Dulaimy
    Embattled State Dept. Official Quits Blackwater Probe Over Brother's Rrole, Strobel
    Out of Bounds! Clinton Shifts Position — Again, McClatchy


    Globe and Mail



    'Hidden costs raise' US war price, BBC
    Guantanamo detainees freedom fear, BBC
    US halts Iraq executions over legal dispute, BBC
    Iran gives IAEA nuclear designs, BBC Carnage on Wall Street as loans go bad, Steve Schifferes, BBC
    'Green light' for US asset rescue, BBC
    Iraq rocket fire 'falls sharply', BBC
    Is Iraq getting better?, Jim Muir, BBC
    Inquiry into California oil spill, BBC
    US most important UK ally says Gordon Brown, BBC
    How US and UK are pushing Musharraf to compromise, Paul Reynolds, BBC
    Iran president attacks 'traitors', BBC
    Afghan civilians die in US raid, BBC


    Iraq in the time of cholera: 3,000 deaths and spreading, Chelala
    Somalia's endless hell, Husarska
    I'm glad you asked: planted questions, staged meetings, Beutler
    Doctrine of revenge: The horror of the death penalty, Desmond Tutu
    Commonwealth threatens Pakistan with expulsion, Borger
    British PM distances himself from Blair's foreign policy, Wintour
    Britain must accept its role in the world is as a minor player, Ashley
    Fly Americans abroad to get cheaper medical care, Baker
    Hillary tries to prove her feminity and her hypermachismo, Younge
    Dead end to the Road Map in the Middle East, Williams

    Times Online

    Oil spill could pollute Black Sea for 15 years, Halpin
    DynCorp security guards shoot taxi driver dead in Baghdad, Haynes


    A revolution in teaching promises the solution to dyslexia, Garner
    US embarrassed as Putin honours spy who came in from the cornfields, Doyle
    Hidden costs of Bush's wars double his claim- $46,400 per US family, Doyle
    Collapse of the dollar: perilous days for the US, Mcrae


    ABC, news

    Latin America

    Upside-Down World


    Inter Press Service

    Rights-US: Rendition Victim Appeals Ruling Barring Suit , Fisher
    Climate Change: Global Consensus, Lingering Discrepancies , Drago
    Rights-Lebanon: Abolition Linked to Political Stability , Murray
    Rights: EU Makes New Commitments, In Words, Cronin
    Mideast: Annapolis Could Fail Before it Begins , Morrow+al Omrani
    Poland: It's Hard Saying Even Goodbye to Iraq , Dujisin
    Climate Change-EU: A Little Tax Proposed on a Lot of Emissions , Cronin
    Environment-Brazil: Clean-up Efforts, a Drop in the Ocean , Osava
    Politics-Pakistan: Civil Society Mounts Pressure on Musharraf , Sarwar
    Environment: Mekong River Commission Remiss - Activists , Macan-Markar
    Politics-Malaysia: 'Mass Rally Wake Up Call to Gov't' , Kuppusamy
    Economy-China: Jittery as Fuel Prices Surge , Bezlova
    Death Penalty-Japan: Embarassing Times Ahead for Retentionists , Murakami

    Der Spiegel

    International Herald Tribune

    Radio Paris (WNN)

    Middle East

    Daily Star



    Yahoo Settles Its China Lawsuit , BBC News
    Iran and China Vow to Boost Ties, Reuters
    China's October Inflation Matches Decade High of 6.5% , Bloomberg
    China Paying Dearly for Cleaner Rivers, Asia Times China

    Rio Tinto/BHP Tie-Up a Concern to Chinese Steel Industry, Financial Times
    China Returns Taiwan Mail Over UN Slogan, The Associated Press
    Iran Has Rright to Peaceful Nuclear Energy Use: China, AFP
    Fresh Inflation Spells Trouble for China , International Herald Tribune
    Dollar to Stay Anchor of China's Rreserves: Chinese Oofficial, AFP
    China Bites the Fuel Price Bullet, Asia Times

    Asia Times, opinion

    The Hindu, news


    Mail and Guardian


    Editor & Publisher

    Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq? , Mitchell
    Mother of Sailor Killed Says 'Needless Loss Of Life Must Stop' , E&P Staff

    World Socialist Web

    Stock market gyrations fueled by credit, housing market crises, Grey
    Democrats cave in on torture: Key senators back attorney general nominee, Van Auken


    US: Intel Official: Say Goodbye to Privacy, Hess
    DRC: Six Arrested in Congo Radioactive Dumping Scandal, Bavier
    US: Merck Agrees to Settle Vioxx Suits for $4.85 Billion, Barenson


    House Votes on Iraq War Funding Today , Leys
    Why No American President Will Stand Up to Israel , Roberts
    Venezuela Between Ballots and Bullets , Petras
    The Stories of the 14 Saudis Just Release from Guantánamo , Worthington
    Reducing US Casualties By Killing More Civilians , Lindorff
    Who Would You Believe? Revenging Bloodshed , Cloughley
    The Fraudulent War on Terror , Roberts
    Murdoch's Cuckoo's Nest , Whitney

    Drug Corp Watch

    FDA Seeks to Stem Conflicts of Interest , Hope Yen
    China Manufacturers Lace Children's Toys with Liquid Ecstasy, Mike Adams
    Chemotherapy Effective Against Cancer, But At What Cost?, Julie Reed
    Man, Drug Company Salesman Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges, AP
    Vioxx Deal May Cause Pain, Daniel Costello
    Four Patients Infected With AIDS by Organ Donor,
    US FDA Adds Heart Warning to Diabetes Drug Avandia, Julie Vorman and Maggie Fox
    FDA Official: Reviewers Under Pressure, Lisa Richwine and Kim Dixon
    FDA Puts Black Box On Avandia For Heart Attacks , Ed Silverman
    New CDC Numbers May Show Dramatic Increases in HIV Infections , The Advocate
    Gov’t to Report Alarming Spike in HIV, Lou Chibbaro Jr.
    Sleep Drugs Are Wildly Popular Despite Barely Working , Dr Mercola
    NYT Hearts CDC, Dan Olmsted
    MMR, Chicken Pox, Febrile Seizures, and Weighing the Potential Risks and Benefits of Vaccines, Twyla Ramos
    Diabetes Drug to Warn of Risk to Heart , Lauran Neergaard
    Medical Tyranny in Maryland: Parents Threatened With Jail Time for Not Vaccinating Children, Mike Adams
    FDA Drug Risk Evaluation Employee Reprimanded for Mentioning Dangers of Diabetes Drug, David Gutierrez
    Antibiotics Use Dramatically Raises Risk of Asthma in Infants, David Gutierrez
    Dissecting A Thimerosal Study, Heidi Stevenson
    Pharmaceutical Drugs And Human Guinea Pigs, Michael Cambray
    No Law Says Parents Have To Get Their Children Vaccinated, Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
    Did Gardasil Vaccine Cause a 12-yr-old Girl's Paralysis, Jane Akre
    FDA Hears Pros, Cons of Pharmacist-to-Patient Drug Sales, HealthDay News
    The Impossible Dream: FDA Panels Without Conflicts, Ed Silverman

    The Nation, opinion
    Raw Story, news
    Salon, opinion
    Information Clearing House, opinion
    Mother Jones, opinion
    Alternet, opinion
    Working For Change, opinion
    Tom Paine, opinion
    Democracy Now !, news
    Daily Kos, opinion
    In These Times, opinion
    Huffington Post, news
    Crooks and Liars, audio/video


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