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Two years ago we put up a list of 25 names Bush was being called at the time. Now, on the eve of the various anti-inauguration activities taking place throughout the country, we thought we'd expand the list to 100. Compiling such a list was easy, thanks to you, our loyal Bush Watchers who sent in suggestions. The most popular name was some variation of Dubya...Dumbya, Dudya, DAH-bya, DWI-bya, Duh? Bya, Dubius, D-Dubya-I, Double-Duh, Dubfus, Dubius Dubya, Flubya, etc. Then there were comments upon the fact that Bush didn't win the popular vote, nor did he win the electoral votes in Florida, the count having been stopped by the Scalia Court, which, as we know, is the court of last political resort in our country...Bogus W. Potus, Shrubus Illegitimus, Your Accidency, His Fraudulancy, Commander in Thief, Spurious George, George Putsch, "*", Mona Loser, The Thief Executive, President Select, etc. Then there were those that commented upon his abilities, personality, or character...The Lyin' King, Oaf of Office (one of our favorites), Drinky McDumbass, Whoosh Bush, Mini-Prez, Stumble-ya, Prince Snippy, Sock-Puppet-in Chief, [sic] Bush, Smirky the Chimp. There were also many plays on "President"...Resident, Pre$ident, Duh President, Presidunce, Presidump, Presidumb, ?President? with the first question mark upside-down for Spanish speakers, President Reject, UnPresident, President* Bush, ala Roger Maris, President Select, President Putsch. All told, there were a little over 100 suggestions, and the entire list is posted below in the order we received them. We're sure you'll find one that appeals to you. . But for now, let's talk about the "winner." We believe that there is no one winning name for Bush, since that depends upon your style, your typical audience, and your intentions. For us, we've usually just called him Bush, because that's what he is. But when we feel he needs to be given a more formal title, it will be Resident Bush, because, after all, he does live in the White House, if only for the time being. --Politex, 1/20/01

THE LIST (UNRANKED)...bush, Smirk, George of the Bungle, Dubious, The Lyin' King, Boy George, Junior, Commander-in-Thief, Spurious George, George W. Butcher, LoserBush, Dumbya, DUHbya, George Putsch, Scurrilous George, Bushwacker, Bush II, King George II, His Fraudulency, Bush Baby, Oaf of Office, Mini-Bush, "*", *, Mona Loser, Giggles the Clown, President Reject, UnPresident, Drinky McDumbass, Whoosh Bush, Prince Snippy, President Select, Duh?bya, Ersatz DumbShrub, Resident Putsch, President* Bush, Twiggy Bush, Resident Bush, StumbleYa, King George the Turd, Shrubus Illegitimus, Dubfus, Sniffy, ?President?, Bushware 2.0, Bushbrat, "President", Beelzebush, The Son King, His Royal Fraudulency, Embarrassment-in-Chief, The Perp, Flubya, Our Beerless Leader, Our Foundling Father, Quayle II, Duh President, [sic] Bush, DWIbya, Bushit, Bushwacker, Ambush, Bogus W. Potus, Rotus, George the Lesser, His illegitimacy, Humpty Dumbty, DoubleDay, Bush League, Great Pretender, Supreme Choice, G. Whizz George, Dead Brain Talking, D. Dubya I., The English Mauler, The English Patient, Our Encephalic Emperor, Pediatric President, Lyin' Scion, Pre$ident, Presidunce, Presidence, DoubleScrewed, Gridlock George, Your Accidency, George W. Gump, The Rain Man, Dubious Dubya, Smirky the Chimp, :Pretender-in-Thief, Poppy's Puppet ...1/20/01

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